What’s 3.0 got to do right now with us?

Hi All,

I think the last post made you all think that we are considering 3.0 for the first version.

Well the answer is NO. We were discussing not on the software but on the hardware. We want to ensure that it can be upgraded. But here is exactly where the issue might come, since the HW requirements are not fixed.

But after the meeting we have concluded, that jumping even on HW would not be an issue for us (rest is to be seen).

So, cheers!


55 thoughts on “What’s 3.0 got to do right now with us?

  1. Hi Rohan,

    nice to read that you don’t want waiting for Gingerbread.
    See all the post and you know want we want … a release date of ADAM. Because we all want to own a device with Pixel Qi.
    Please be the first with such a device and you will be the winner.
    The iPad is a toy, nothing for the geeks we are. But as longer you are waiting with the launch more and more people will buy a iPad or something else, because the really need a tablet for work, school or other business.

    As soon as I can, I will place a order for a Pixel Qi and I hope, I can place my order for the ADAM.

    regards, Harvey

  2. btw, nice to hear that HW can also be upgraded in future along with SW(unlike anyother devices available on the market right now).

  3. I would like to see the possibility to pre-order. I’m checking your blog every day, just like a lot of other people probably do as well.



  4. Hi Rohan,

    Please don’t wait, there is a big need of tablet pcs. Apple felt that but didn’t finish IPad.
    Adam will be the first serious product in this domain. HW requierement can be studied for ADAM2. Lots of people like me wait and are ready to buy Adam.

    Good Luck

  5. Glad to hear you’ll be compatible with Gingerbread!

    If your hardware specs are accurate, you should easily beat out all the projected Q4 android tablets on that front.

    The only thing I worry about with Adam is the apps. One of the iPad’s problems is that so many of its apps are really just iPhone apps and don’t take advantage of the system’s potential. Although I think it would be a good idea to have the Android marketplace available on the Adam (gotta be able to get stuff like Nook on the Adam), it isn’t enough. Your Adam-specific apps are really going to be where you can put yourself head and shoulders above the tablet competition. But I’m sure you guys are hard at work on this stuff already!

    Would love to see some updates on Genesis and your custom interface!

    Best of luck, ptf237

  6. Whew! I think you scared many of us with that post =)
    Hopefully the HW requirements will be met by the Adam.
    If the rumors are true it will, plus to its advantage in that respect it’s not the only Tegra 2 tablet coming out, it’s dual core, and I don’t think Cortex A9 is out yet so it will hopefully meet the requirements and Google won’t go overboard with them.

  7. Rohan,
    With these frequent updates you are changing my mind about your company. Thanks for keeping your most loyal, potential customers in the loop. And of course like the others I’m dieing to hear a release date.

  8. .
    Same thinking as the rest, I bet you’ll meet HW requirements with easy. In the end, is a mobile OS still ;]

    Now… I’m just fearing for the price. Sounds like you’re getting very hi-tech for considering even more HW on the tablet… and thinking how far I live… not a good combo for the wallet.

    But whatever, keep it up, and is nice to hear from you all this often ;]

  9. Thanks for clarifying that.. but i see your point.. it make perfect sense to have the right hardware that can support 3.0 and maybe a few more minor upgrades…

    Good to know jumping on hardware would not be an issue…
    Great news!!! Thanks again..

    Ps:- Need a dose of date to control my pocket spirits along with harvey, No pressure :).

  10. Please please please, give us the release date!! Its really getting hard to keep on guessing when Adam will reach my hands :-). Every morning, first thing i do is to check your blog hoping you give us the release date that day. You have kept up your promise by blogging frequently, but we are still sailing the same boat and under a tunnel hoping to meet Adam soon :-). Please give us the date even if it is 2 months from today!!

  11. The urgency in the US (with students and instructors) is that the Fall School semesters are about to begin and many of us have been required to purchase a PDA and/or Laptop. The ADAM would fit the requirements for both items. If this product does not release until late September or October, many students will have to wait until Christmas to consider your product after they have already purchased something else from someone else. I am also positive that every other manufacturer has a Christmas release in mind and the ADAM with have massive competition by then from Google, HP, and any other.

    I am a student Doctor and I am in the above situation. Many medical schools are beginning to require Iphones and items like that for medical school. I think that your product would receive such wide acceptance that it could be required by schools in the US as well. My father is a physician and has resisted purchasing a PC or former tablet for use in the hospital because of their bulkyness and limitations. He is also anticipating the release of the ADAM. I have spoken to many of my fellow students about the ADAM and about 1 in 10 that I have run across have heard of your product and they too are eager to get their hands on it.

    Keep pressing forward. Thank you for showing that you are listening to our concerns and are starting to blog more frequently, but we still desire more information. I am checking these blogs daily for an update and look forward to your next. I am sure you don’t want to release a timeline because of the competition, but could you at least tell us your initial route of distribution? will you sell directly to the public through the net? in what countries? will you use a major chain to distribute? will there be any way for those of us who have been interested in your product from conception to get our hands on your product before anyone else so that we can promote it to our colleges?

    Thanks again for your innovation.

  12. Rohan,

    Time is running out really fast. if Adam launch date is not released pretty soon, there will be loads of tablets out there in market and people (like me) who have been waiting patiently to buy Adam will have to re-think about the options. and an improved iPad 2 also will be upcoming and intersting…..

    so work hard and fast to reap the benifits of early launch…..


  13. Hi Rohan,

    A very warm welcome to Bangalore (Bangaluru)!.. Knowing that Notion Ink’s shifted to bangalore makes us all feel great out here. Since, there’s another reason to notch up to the city’s Boost & charm Globally, as envisaged exceptional contributor to Innovation, Quality, Performance. Being a startup company it reminds me of the same great feel/exitement/vision that we share…toward the common zeal of Revolution in Technology by Innovation.
    I/We by large gladly await to avail with the Excellent handy “ADAM” in our hand. With excitement which i cannot express in words. All in all lets count on ADAM if so he’s able to Eat the Apple πŸ˜‰
    Lastly, All the best & have a Good Luck!

  14. as far as I’ve seen, Adam meets the requirements for gingerbread (and hopefully gingerbread will give tablets like this app store access)

  15. Thanks for the clarification. I’m barely holding out not buying an iPad. I really want to see some good competition!

  16. Thank you for the update.

    Hoping the release in India goes well and really looking forward to your product hitting the U.S. market. If you had pre-orders, I would put money down on it today.

    Here’s to a smooth launch!

  17. A lot of articles are cropping up today, saying that the minimum HW requirements are a 1ghz processor, 512mb ram, and a 3.5″ screen.

  18. So, you’re not planning on waiting for Gingerbread…glad to hear it.
    Unfortunately, this whole discussion makes me curious about where the Adam is in terms of development. I’d much rather hear a release date than talk of upgrading the OS.

    I know we all appreciate the recent updates, but how about something more substantial! 8^)

  19. I see where you are coming from. It would be a shame to release a product and find that some 3.0 features require some part that you were not aware of (like a gyroscope, or photo sensor, or EM sensor). As an end user and promoter of your product, I am very happy you making an attempt at future proofing your products. As I have seen time and time again, manufactures would release something that is out dated by the time it hits the shelves, then they release what they should have released in the first place about six months latter!

    Enjoying the updates lately πŸ˜€

  20. Great news. Will you have Adam on any market during 2010? Just say when and where and I will be there.

  21. Whose going to buy this when your communication is so lacking and your deadlines are constantly getting pushed back. Who is going to trust you to provide good customer service and timely updates with the track record you’ve been establishing? Just a cautionary question…


  22. @tarwinia:
    Tegra 2 has two cores, each of em is a Cortex a9…..

  23. I agree with Harvey,
    Thank you for showing us the progress you are making. It is nice.
    We are looking forward to a release and purchase date.

  24. Sounds like the Adam is not gonna get released for another year or so. You didn’t even start producing them… did you?

  25. Guess what, you just don’t seem to get the message. No release date = no use of any update that you post here.

    Samsung Galaxy tab will be releasing soon to kick adam’s A** while you are busy travelling around the world and giving us pics of “POOJA at Notion INK”.

  26. Hi Rohan
    Hope is turning to ‘desperation’! Release date in India please?

  27. Tegra 2 will definitely be enough. I don’t think they will require a gyroscope. What they might make mandatory is a 1280×768 resolution. That’s what will probably stop you from upgrading to 3.0.

    The biggest issue will Adam will be that it needs its own apps, and you will have a few dozen apps at best, considering Android 3.0 is launching soon with access to the market.

    This means you have only the months between launch and first Android 3.0 tablet is announced, to sell the most units. After that I don’t think Adam will sell too well until you launch Adam 2, at least not in USA. You can still probably sell well in the rest of the world.

  28. Why don’t you want my money? It has been waiting over half a year for the Adam, but every day that passes I am more afraid that someone else might get it. I really want to support your start-up but alternative tablets are popping out left and right and my patience is running out.

  29. OK… Please let us pre-order… pre-order in Canada… I want it… I want it NOW!!! πŸ™‚

    I can’t wait! Very excited… but earlier I saw the statement that the Adam should come out before school starts.

    In Canada and the US, all schools start in September… You NEED/MUST get it out by mid-August at the latest as students will buy.

    If not, you will only get the leftover demand until December and then the next surge is September 2011.

    I think that this is the thing that everyone is looking for in both business and school.

    Please get it out ASAP, I want to see the Adam make Apple-sauce.

  30. Lucian, What on earth make you think 3.0 will require 1280×768?!
    The news was that it is going to support that resolution, not require it; after all 3.0 should support phones, not just tablets.
    Requiring a resolution that was not supported in 2.2 would mean no upgrades to 3.0 will be possible on any device, and that’s very unlikely.

  31. Just to clarify… The supposed Android 3.0 HW requirements were “leaked” by a Russian blogger about a month ago. I don’t see any reason to lend credibility to his post, but OK, time will tell.

    Even if we assume, for the sake of discussion, that there is some truth in that leak, it is my understanding that what his post stated is that the new resolution will be supported (not required) on devices with screens 4” and higher. Can you imagine a mobile OS *requiring* 1280Γ—768 on every 4” screen device? I am not buying that. Besides, Android has to support many different resolutions and form factors, otherwise it will wither and die.

  32. I have been following the Adam for months and months now but unfortunately, with no release date STILL, I decided to get an iPad. It is amazing but I am sure the Adam would have been much better. Maybe down the track, if the Adam ever gets released, I’ll get one. My company was very interested in distributing the Adam in Australia but it’s hard to find the time to deal upstarts that don’t know where they’re going. Best of luck!

  33. Hi Rohan,
    nice new Webpage.
    Now we only need a link where we can make our preorder πŸ™‚

    I hope, I can place my preorder this week, because on friday I will start a holiday trip without internet access.

    Or are you able the get in touch with me by mail for ordering the ADAM ? My adress is
    harvey186 (at) googlemail.com.


  34. Hi rohan ,

    Just seen new Website design . My Comment on that ,AWESOME.

    Hope to listen more soon , about product availability timing, price etc.

    waiting for ADAM……….


  35. Congrats on the new home-page design! Looks very snappy!
    However the pop-ups are a bitt hard to read.
    Miss the pictures of the connections/sides of the Adam, will that be posted on a later date. Seems to me the final production design is ready, looks FAB!!
    Now all we need to know is price and availability.
    Wonder when it is available in the Netherlands, are you planning to release it with cooperation of a carrier (KPN, Vodafone, T-Mobile, e.g.)?

  36. Team@NotionInk,

    First off, congratulations on the conception of the idea of the ADAM and the consequent development effort.

    Congratulations also on the new look website.

    In theory, the product appears to hold much promise. In reality, to validate the theory, ADAM has to be used for which it must first be made commercially available. In other words, it has to be released!!!

    I’ve been checking your site every single day for sometime now and in a sense, evangelizing about the ADAM to ppl I know. However, I have no answer when they ask – when is it being released and what is the cost?

    The tablet mkt is already flooded with products and as is common knowledge, iPAD rules! Why – Olive telecom has already announced India’s first 3G ready tablet in August! (http://www.olivetelecom.in/laptop/olivepad/)

    This only means, the competition is increasing. Which brings me to the most apparent question – WHEN IS THE ADAM BEING RELEASED?

    I am disappointed at the absence of any concrete effort from NotionInk at answering this question with a definite timeline. This is now seeding the following thoughts:
    – what is going on?
    – is this ever going to see the light of day – commercially?
    – why are there no updates that matter?
    – if this is the state of things pre-launch, what happens to customer support post launch?
    – In the industry/business you are in, Software and Hardware changes are the fastest thing/whatever on earth! In comparison, the speed of light comes a distant second! Given this, how is it that we are still deliberating s/w or h/w specs?

    Surely, you more than anyone else know that in this consumer driven mkt, consumers have only so much patience.

    I am sure, the team is working very hard and there are tons of things to do and unfortunately, a day has only 24 hours! But unless the questions listed above are answered, I am afraid, potential consumers are being rubbed the wrong way!

    Personally, I am still holding the faith. Pls don’t disappoint me – I’ve held off against buying the iPAD just for you guys! Just don’t know how long I can hang on.

    You have a killer product at hand – show the world you can!

    Best wishes,

  37. Adam-specific apps would be nice to have, but… if it is only possible…. Android Market is a must!
    BTW, a low-end and cheap Augen Android tablet seems to include Android Market http://goo.gl/HdVu. This is strange and may be not true.

  38. i only know ADAM supports 802.11b/g.
    but 802.11n is widely used now and it is much faster than b/g, would ADAM supports this standard??

  39. From the recently posted specs, it appears the Pixel Qi display will not have touch capability.

  40. One thing I would strongly recommend is SDXC slot instead of SDHC. That would mean it wont be space constrained.

    Even more than that I would look at releasing the product(may be just the LCD version if Pixel QI is delaying it). I think samsung galaxy tab with super amoled will overshadow ADAM if it comes before adam(it looks increasingly likely).

  41. It does, but they got in trouble with Google for including it. The ones already at K-Mart are allowed but future products have to have it removed.

  42. First off, I must say that I have been following your progress for some time, and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Adam. I have a few of questions, please forgive me if they’ve already been address in a post that I’ve missed.

    I am wondering if there is any further information on the “upgrade-ability” of the Adam to Gingerbread, when it become available? The rumor mill is running at high speed that 3.0 will actually be release as soon as the coming weeks, which coincidently is the same time frame as the Adam release.

    Are you planning on releasing accessories for the Adam? I’m personally interested in dock to hold the tablet upright when I’m using it as a replacement for a laptop, although I would personally prefer that the dock *not* be a keyboard dock as I like the flexibility provided by a bluetooth or even USB keyboard.

    I am also curious if there what kind of distribution channels (purely via the internet or brick and mortar shops) you are planning and if there will be any kind of pre-order option available. I am also wondering if there is any further information available regard which countries Adam will be available in first (I’m in the US).

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