Adam Beta (Tomorrow) Today!

Update(18 Feb):

We have 2 links here:

  • LINK 1 : Update Recovery ZIPPED
  • LINK 2: Adam Beta ICS ZIPPED
This is how to use these files:
  1. Download above 2 files.
  2. Rename to
  3. Copy and to the external sdcard
  4. Start the device in recovery mode (Volume Up Key + Power Down on Eden OS/AlphaICS, check for beast ROM)
  5. Select “Apply External SDcard”  (Use Volume Up down keys for navigation, second capacitive button for selection) You are installing recovery image right now. 
  6. Once Complete, reboot to recovery mode again (Volume Up Key + Power Down on Eden OS/AlphaICS, check for beast ROM)
  7. Wipe the data and select the option – “install zip from SD card”
  8. Select second option “choose zip from SD Card”
  9. Select Install.
  10. Wipe the data and cache
  11. Reboot the device
  12. Enjoy!

[17th Feb Post:

Hello there,

Tomorrow you will see release of Adam Beta. List of fixed things working excludes Camera, disabling notifications, compass, light sensor and Microphone.

3G, sleep issue, YouTube HD, graphics acceleration, better wi-fi, better sound and USB working now. Check this link for more. Jump in to report bugs and other issues.

More coming tomorrow.

Warm Regards ]

Rohan Shravan

188 thoughts on “Adam Beta (Tomorrow) Today!

  1. Rohan,

    Sorry, did you mean ‘excludes’ or ‘includes’? Because if it is ‘excludes’ then I think this is same as the alpha release.


  2. This is awesome news. But why would you call it Adam beta. Are you saying that this is how Adam was intended to be ?

  3. He means excludes.
    this stuff still doesn’t quite work right: Camera, disabling notifications, compass, light sensor and Microphone

    However: 3G, sleep issue, YouTube HD, graphics acceleration, better wi-fi, better sound and USB working now

    Also, thanks Nirmal for putting down the huge amount of work that has gone into fixing sleep and youtube hq in particular and the rest too!

  4. Got excited about the microphone (Skype, VoIP) for a second there :’-(

    Nonetheless, thank you for your work ICS Team!

  5. Great going Rohan!! This is an awesome news. Cant wait till tomorrow. I wish I could fly to world’s edge to where there is tomorrow already and get the Beta on my Adam 🙂

    Peace out!!

  6. Does this beta version OTA update?
    Does the wifi connection can connect to hidden SSID?
    Does it work through the vpn connection?

  7. Next week I’m traveling and would be very useful to use the vpn connection, if still not available then I will update in two weeks when I get home 🙂

  8. I believe excludes means excludes.

    I am really disappointed with NotionInk’s release schedule – I am sure they did all they could, but I had to save for quite a while to buy the tablet. Constant crashes, sleep issues and lack of working camera has made my tablet practically useless to my purpose.

    The last post about looking forward to ADAM2 than the ADAMs out in the market was not so nice. I at least want my tablet to be 100% functional till it reaches the end of it’s serviceable life – this includes not loosing 40% of my battery power overnight.

  9. Looking forward to try this beta. Hope you also can bring back the camera function. Thanks to all you guys keeping the Adam up to date.

  10. Rohan! Sounds great! Now I just have to get my Adam to start booting again, but the weekend is here, so I’ll have some time to work on it.
    Thanks to TR for all the great work!

  11. Don’t know when my 3G stopped working, but it was already on Adamcomb 0.3, I guess.

    I had gone to Alpha1/DeadCream and then Alpha2 without wipes, but there started having all these issues with sleeps and reboots (DeadCream seemed perfect by comparison).

    So I went back all the way to Froyo stock and let the current OTA go through.

    It was like travelling back one year in time: All those memories of me droling over ever blog entry here and anticipating my Adam over weeks and then months came back…

    That latest Foyo incarnation certainly didn’t look all that bad especially on the PQ, where all those dark honeycomb and ICS themes just look awful… But with so few Notion ink applications supporting panels (and those so buggy) the UI wasn’t worth the trouble. It was those 3D scrolling panels that you got from the home button of the original ROM that had won me over and those were already gone in this release (back then the video didn’t show, that for this animation the panel manager first had to create a screen shot for animiation and that the animation wasn’t don on the orignal panels themselves): It was just a fake like it is on those fancy Compiz cubes!

    But the camera only gave me green noise and 3G still didn’t work on Froyo, so ICS beta won’t be able to fix them either.

    I’m guessing that the drop that cracked my touch screen might have also taken out the camera (which never gave any pictures worth keeping anyway) and losened the 3G card, which might have disconnected later: It did work for some time after the drop, but I stopped taking my Adam on trips after I got me my Transformer.

    Adam will be my first ICS machine, but once the Transfomer and the Galaxy Note have their’s ready Adam will probably just gather dust because getting it fixed seems hardly worth the trouble when 7″ Tegra3 tablets are to be sold for $250 in spring.

    Without PQ native and reflective 3000×600 grey scale and 16 hours of e-reading to match even the last use case will be taken over by some Mirasol device soon.

    — Thomas

  12. Great work Rohan and ICS Team!!!.
    @RaYmAn :
    Nirmal is just saying he is pines for a lot more; thats all. I am sure he appreciates your efforts very much. 🙂

    Will we be able to write to internal SD also?
    And will new installations stop creating folders in external SD card?
    Astro samba shares are not usable from Adam(cannot navigate to shared folders on network like before). Is this addressed?

  13. Tomorrow is here already …… when can we expect to see a download link ? Either from here, Conclave or TabletRoms ?

  14. Link 1 is incorrectly hyper-linked. (“”)

    It should be –

    Anyways thanks for the links. Downloading 🙂

  15. Thanks for all the hard work.

    Just installed it and I’m a bit disappointed that there is no market access. I thought Rohan said a few posts back that it would be rooted by default. Let’s wait for the version from tabletroms, because like this it’s a lot less usefull.

  16. What does “random offset: 0x2be” mean?
    The line was displayed before completion of ICS installation.

    Anyways Beta is very much smooth as compared to alpha. Downloading Gapps from MDL’s post. hope the smoothness is maintained after installing gapps.

    Thanks, NI and TR.

  17. Rohan, do you know when the Pixel Qi Adam will be back in stock? I didn’t get to much info from the customer support…

    Thanks 🙂

  18. i did :
    no reboots midway…

  19. @ordzo :What you may have installed(apps) from, you may have undone some of it by applying gapps-ics later. It may not be a problem, as the updates may be same, but i wish NI clarifies this.

    I wish NI puts up complete working steps. As before, the on this blog never worked for me.,, but luckily this time I know where to get it from ..

  20. So far so good….Thanks TR team for the ICS
    . I only hope the remaining bits of non working components could be fixed soon

  21. i have the same issue as with AdamICS Alpha, it repeatedly complains about has stopped. Can’t get to do anything with it. Only Airplane mode works, so no 3G 😦

  22. I’ve installed this rom 4 times now (clearing data/ wiping cache etc.) but when I try and get a wi-fi connection it says “Connecting…” then “Secured with WPA/WPA2” then immediately back to “Connecting…” round and round in a loop.

    Clicking on my wi-fi connection shows the signal strength as poor. However when I re-install DeadCreme the connection to the internet is already made before I’ve unlocked the main screen.

    In DeadCreme the wi-fi shows signal strength as “Excellent” and has never been a problem.

    So with no internet connection I’ll stay on DeadCreme until MrDeadLocked bring out his CM9 rom and hope that has no connection problems.

  23. after following Ordzo’s idea I rooted my Adam and it has been workin fine without hanging or rebooting even once.

    I am able to download apps from the market in quick time.

    the speed of the machine is really good and the system is generally moe responsive.

    so well done to the TR NI guys for a very good rom.

    my best wishes to Rahan & team.


  24. Maybe a newb question. But I don’t have an external SD card, can I just put it on the internal? Will that work, or will it be formatting that leaving me with a bricked adam?

  25. says i have a battery life – full of 2%, unplug it and it freaks out….anyone else have this? I am going to put the stock rom back on and see if my battery is indeed going out or of it was the rom update.

  26. Download the google apps zip from here and flash it, //!&jsonp=vglnk_jsonp_13296311501871

  27. There are 2 methods for this.

    1) Install CM9 ROM from tabletroms
    2) Install gapps from tabletroms with superuser rights.

  28. hello,

    I was on ADAMCOMB 0.3 and tried to install this ICS update. It has gone through the first part ( which probably had clockwork recovery. Now I’m not able to go through the second part. Clockwork recovery just doesn’t move. It shows a hat and that’s it! Can somebody help please?

  29. In CWM, the homescreen button(second capacitive button) is for selecting a particular action. Volume rocker is for navigation.

  30. Hi, a newbie question possibly … i have vanilla eden os that i got when i bought adam. Do i need to root it before applying the ICS beta shared above?

  31. hi!
    thank You for the update!
    whats the difference between this update (update over sd-card) and tabletrom update (update via usb)? will be microphone and camera ever working?
    thank you for the correct answer!
    have a nice day

  32. even i had the same problem…but i got it right when i restarted my wifi modem again.

  33. Udayan, now the ADAM seems to have got bricked! It is not even turning on. Just the first blank bluish screen. How do I unbrick it?

  34. Yippee ! got it working … awesome OS, fiddling around to see how everything works. Screen resolution with the default wallpaper is bad (reveals the weakness!) .. change it and looks much better. Also had initial hiccup in wifi connection, but resolved post another reboot. The biggest change observed initially – performace! Has improved drastically ! seems like squeezing the best out of Tegra2 now !

    .. Great work TR and NI folks .. thanks a ton.

  35. Adam is standard able to flash. If the ROM is Root you’re Adam is Root so just follow the 12 steps and enjoy a reborn machine!

  36. When sim card in sim slot tablet says phone . Android .com stopped working again and again and no 3g if i remove sim every thing is ok plz help

  37. .. a noob question, post installing ICS I need to start adam in recovery mode and apply this .zip, correct?

  38. Upgraded to Beta and following are some of the observations:

    – WiFi is pretty damn slow, not sure if its due to Beta update. Alpha was much better in terms of speed. It took me almost the whole day yesterday to install my apps (at the max 20 odd apps).
    – Every time I open an app first thing I see on screen is: is not responding! Wait/Ok. I hit wait button and it opens up fine. Initially I thought its something to do with particular app but its happening with every app. Little frustrating but i can live with it
    – The bottom indicator light keeps glowing red all the time. Not sure why is that or what does it mean. I also did not see the CPU light(yellow one) blinking at all.

    Let me know if this curable by any means. I don’t mind going back to square one if it needs to be. But on a positive note, the Beta build looks much smoother and responsive. Great job!!

  39. awnyrvan: I’m having the same problem after an apparently clean install of AdamComb. On reboot, the screen backlight comes on but no boot up, and I can’t get into recovery mode. I have an Eden NVFlash brick recovery on my laptop that I intend to try this afternoon if I can find some time. I’ll let you know how that goes.

  40. What’s the sniffer equivalent in ICS? How to access and browse files on sd card or usb device?

  41. Does anyone know how to unbrick the Adam after applying ICS. I don’t have a recovery mode and have the same symptoms as others on the forum just a bluish black screen. And where do you get the Eden NVFlash Brick Recovery.

  42. When I read a few posts about, adams getting bricked – I decided not to jump in this yet. But could not resist the excitement for long 🙂

    I initially followed the flashing steps listed on TR site with rooting and Gpps zip. Though the upgrade was smooth, my wifi wasn’t working and 3G wasn’t firing. After a fair deal of struggle, I then decided to scrap it and follow the upgrade steps given in this post. This update was with out troubles (i guess I now developed enough intuition and skill around doing this, since I first bricked my adam). WIFI now worked to sign into google for the startup wizard but was really really feeble. 3G issue self corrected it self after a couple of reboots several attempts of network search ( yes I did these, when I tried the initial Flashing too).

    Barring this unreliable WIFI connectivity issue, I enjoy this change of guard from Beast now (Beast is great!).

    Any one else with Wifi troubles?

    Thanks to you “ordzo”, many like me would have found your post useful.

  43. And hearty gratitude to TR’S ICS team, (RaYmAn, Mrdeadlocked, Kushiel and MrGuy) you are an amazing team ! Sending you some beers shortly….

  44. @saha,

    Not sure if you got it working…but I had the same issue…. if you are on ADAMCOMB 3.0 to install the update for ICS you need to use the 3rd capacitive button from the top…not the second. The second button does nothing and the screen will show the hat and just stay there. Looks like the ADAMCOMB 3.0 recovery file use the 3 button. but once you complete the (the first step ) for ICS….the control…jumps to the second capacitive button and you can then install the ICS beta…by hitting the second one.

    Hope this helps


  45. @dwarf: mine is bricked till now. Only the bluish screen.
    @srinivas: I need to unbrick my adam first. let me know if you have a way out for that.

  46. If you have “Bricked” your Adam, the NVFlash method (i.e. over usb) will still work for you.
    Check out the tabletroms thread for instructions on that.

  47. thanks Ordzo, but for applying it I need Android market. How do I enable that ? I had a base Eden version and have applied the two updates mentioned above by Rohan ( and, now my Adam is running fine, minus Android market. Should I restart in recovery mode and apply ?

  48. Upgrade seems to work just fine. Only one thing is bothering me. I have this continues noise out of my speakers again. It starts from startup and after i stopped with any sound out of my adam. It is not loud, but just a continues beep that is not nice to listen too.

    anyone else with this problem?

  49. The update was very smooth for me. Infact, I started to feel really good about the new update. Congrats to the entire NI-ICS team for letting this update smoothly.

    However, honestly I might go back to AdamComb, I so much prefer that than this. Maybe, its just too early to talk negative, but then this is what I felt after playing with ICS a little. Its no different than HC. The only positive I noticed was smooth interface (over Adamcomb). Thats probably because there are currently zero apps installed.

    Anyway, for now I will go back to Adamcomb,wait for a month to see if there are some more additions to ICS, especially Camera (its been hibernating for too long now!). Otherwise, I think I would stick to AC.


  50. Go to in browser, search filemanager – download and it should automaticaly install…

  51. For all those having problems with ICS beta
    Just use Tabletroms links/steps. They have nvflash method. So I guess it will work even on a bricked Adam. Their nvflash is the best so you dont have to go through steps of cleanup(format data, cache ….)

  52. levpius: I can only find references to the update files. Can you give a link to the nvflash file?

  53. Never mind, I found it. I had to change my search criteria a bit. For others it is the “Android 4.0.X for ADAM [WIP][AOSP/CM]” thread. There is both the update and the nvflash files.

  54. Thanks ordzo, but the site has very limited apps registered … any way to enable android market now? Do I need to repeat all steps or can simply apply the gapps by entering recovery mode on current ICS OS?

  55. Hi,

    Basic question: how does my laptop detect a bricked adam? I have connected the bricked adam with the bluish screen on to my laptop with a USB cable. But laptop is not detecting it. I have downloaded Tabletrom, unzipped the same, and was running download.bat, but it stopped saying usbdevice not found. Please help.

  56. @dward: here is the link:


    You just need the link for “CM9-ADAM-BETA-AIO ” Once the nvflash is done, you will be all set in a few minutes:). Even market.
    Wifi is a little patchy initially. But looks good for me now.

  57. @dwarf: Dint see you already had it. After finishing it you will wonder why so many people are working so hard to get things working when TR/NI has already done the effort !!

  58. @awnyrvan:
    I am assuming you are not able shutdown your adam. You have to somehow mange shutting it down first.

    With the power cord connected, just follow steps in tabletroms via the APX mode….

  59. @levipus: I’m able to shut the adam down easily. After that, I connect it through USB to my laptop, connect the power chord, hold the volume – key (and not the + key) down and pull the power slider in order to turn it on into ‘APX’ mode. But it just pops up the same bluish screen and soon that bluish screen also goes away (I guess it just gets turned off thouch the cpu light stays on). ANd my laptop does not show any new device detected.

  60. @neeleshdesh
    Would you try something for me?
    Log onto, go to your digital library, and initiate the download from there.
    When you go back to Kindle tell it to resync and see if that works.
    I think there may be something messed up on amazon’s side, because my fresh install of adamcomb3 is giving exactly the same result from kindle, but initiating the delivery from worked fine.

  61. Been using this since Sunday.

    after loading the google apps and a few more the tablets is reduced to a crawl. The wifi is painfully slow to download apps from market. Video playbook of files on the tablets is pretty bad, looks like video played on a very bad windows 95 machine. startup time for apps takes for ever. It smooth as long we dont add anything to it. the reduction in the number of background process seemed to help response times but the video playback quality is still bad. hdmi output onto tv is a bit blurry with only full screen video output.

    Are there any fixes for the following problems?

  62. @awnyrvan:
    While you still have bluish screen, just press the reset pinhole and then immediately to recover mode. Do factory reset and reboot and then shutdown. Then try the nvflash

  63. awnyrvan: I run Mint Linux on my laptop. When I set up the Adam for NVFlash (volume – and power) I get the backlight for a bit and then it goes to a blank screen. The laptop doesn’t see any usb device (like it does when I plug a pen drive in) but executing runs correctly and does all the copying needed to flash the machine. If you are running Windows your mileage may vary 😉 (but I suspect that the download.bat file will run correctly if you have installed the necessary drivers. I’ve never done this in Windows)

  64. Phillip: I just got the beta installed and used the google market to install the Kindle app. The app appears to be very different from previous versions (doesn’t have the kid sitting under the tree) and requires a browser to go to the Kindle store, when before the store interface was part of the app. I can see all the books in my archive, but when I try to open one, the app closes. I’m not sure I understood your comment to neeleshdesh…
    Waiting is,

  65. At a recommendation from Levpius, because I got a bricked Adam from installing AC3, I went with NVFlash for the ICS beta install. The flash went smoothly, but when the machine rebooted I got the flashing colored chord pie pieces flash screen that just cycled forever. After waiting about half an hour (I got distracted by friends dropping by) it was still flashing the colorful bits round and round the square center of the screen, so I shut it down and was able to get into recovery mode (this hadn’t been working before I flashed). I installed the recovery update and then the ICS beta update did the factory reset and cache flush and rebooted the machine. Realizing I didn’t have market, I went back into recovery mode (the upgrade makes everything orange now) and installed the google apps update. On reboot, wireless was a little tricky to set up, but bluetooth still works with my keyboard, and I was able to install the Kindle app and Dolphin HD browser, although it seemed to take forever for the browser download to complete, and while it was running everything else was SSLLOOOWWW. The browser works fine, but the Kindle app will not open any books and needs the browser to access the store. In the Alpha ICS the app worked fine and had the store as part of the app interface. Has google changed the Kindle app? I guess I can try to get it from Amazon and see if it behaves the same way.
    So, that is my install report. So far things are working OK and haven’t had an unannounced reboot or lockup yet, but its still early 😉

  66. @awnyrvan:
    As you can see from dwarf’s comments on his experience. it looks like every one seems to have a different experience when it comes to installing a rom on Adam. So it may be good to read all comments … and keep your patience handy !! just saying. 🙂

  67. Loving ICS. I first installed ICS from notion ink link everything went smoothly but internet was awful and terribly slow so I decided to check the Tabletroms ICS link and to my astonishment its smoother, brisker and the best part internet is fast and wifi reception is also better.

    Thanks TR and NI team …

  68. @Kindle, so its not me then. Looks like an actual bug. The get the prompt as I try ti download the books, thats where is craps out.
    Totally second the slow WiFi as well.

  69. @Dale

    Kindle app has definitely upgraded, coincidental with our ICS installs, requiring a reload of books from archive.

    There are two ways to re-download books from archive.

    The first way is via the kindle app and currently causes a crash. I believe this is a kindle problem, not an UCS problem as the identical problem is now occuring on my fresh install of adamcomb3 on one adam and my ICS install on my other adam.

    The good news is that
    1- purchase and download of new books works fine
    2- there is a workaround for the archive-download crash (the second method)

    So the second method for getting books out of your archive (typically required when you have re-registered a device) is this:

    On the website you go to “my account” / “manage my kindle”. There is a list of devices regestered to you. Each time you re-register via the kindle app it creates a new one, typically called things like “my 2nd android” “my 3rd android” “my 4th android”. Click on deregister for each one associated with your adam, possibly all of them. Then bsck on your adam rerun kindle and re-register. Go back to and click another menu option and come back to the device list to refresh it. You now should have just one device newly listed. Note that you may have also had other devices, like an asus or mobile phone listed. The goal is to have just one entry for your adam. Next to its “my 6th android” or the like it says “edit”. Click this and change it to say “My wonderful ICS adam” or whatever.

    Now, still on, go to “digital library” and you should see a list of all the books you’ve bought from anazon. On the right side there’s a button or link for each book, and it will show you the option to “deliver this to…” When you click this it will give you a dropdown list which includes your newly named “wonderful adam blah whatever”. When you click this it initiates a download to your adam from the amazon server.

    So, when you request a book from adam it fails, but when you push a book via this method it works. Thus we have a kindle workaround until the kindle app gets an update.


  70. @awnyrvan,
    I had unbricked Adam…long time ago. It was during the initial ROM(s) changes that I making a few months after buying Adam. I had somehow corrupted the Adam boot so had to do it. I think you might still find the instructions to unbrick on one of the thread on

  71. I was able to install ICS….tried both the TR nvflash and the NI versions. Did not really like the flashing screen during boot in the TR version. So settled with the NI version although it does not come in one complete package with market and superuser in it. I ran the and the after ICS install to get access to market and other basis files. With the new recovery/boot file…(part of the first step in the ICS update) running the zip files has become really eazy…..just point them on the external sd drive and select the required zip file. Really smooth.

    I have so far not experienced any issues … the wifi is great and the interface is nice and smooth.

    Thanks NI and TR for all the hard work.


  72. I am seeing a strange issue. After installing NI’s recovery update and ICS files, I can boot into ICS, but am not able to unlock the home screen. Dragging the lock to the right does not do anything, and the lock sign comes back at the center of the circle. Anyone experienced this? What is the resolution? TIA.

  73. My bad. I had forgotten to wipe data and cache after the install. Boots and unlocks fine now. The wi-fi is a bit bursty. Need to play with a bit more, but loving the experience so far. Thanks to TR and NI teams.

  74. Srini,

    I’ve installed ICS following NI instructions and version .. now need to get Android Market. Can you confirm steps for that – just flash and then from a ICS running device ? or I need to follow the entire sequence of going to recovery mode, get and and then and then ?

    TIA ..

  75. Just now updated my adam to this beta version. Everything went off very smoothly. Looking forward to exploring the new interface…:))

  76. Where do I get these and How do I install them? (I have installed the ICS beta version).

    Thanks, Sankar

  77. Pleasantly surprised to see that ICS supports Tamil fonts. I was looking for such a support from android for a long time and here it is atlast…. 🙂


  78. I left the system idle for about 10 minutes and it went into sleep mode ( I think). Now I am not able to do anything – not even shut down. The red & yellow light is glowing constantly on the right bottom side. What does it indicate? How do I resolve this problem?

    I would highly appreciate any quick advice….:(


  79. Phillip, Thanks for the workaround! Although it looks like a lot of work there are other reasons to clean up the account, so I really appreciate the clear detailed instructions. Now, where did I put all the “free time” I used to have 😉

  80. Shelia: Yes, you will need another computer, either Windows or Linux. In the same place you got the beta ICS update, there is an NVFlash update called Unzip this file on your computer, take a look at the readme for instructions specific to your OS. Connect the Adam via USB cable (to the mini-jack on the Adam) and boot the Adam holding both volume buttons down (you can press the middle space to do this) and hold down the power switch until the screen highlight comes on. Release all buttons and the screen will go dark. You can now follow the NVFlash instructions. There used to be a README file in the NVFlash folder, but I don’t see one in this one. Go to TabletROMs and you should be able to find the instructions. For windows you have to install some drivers before you run the Download.bat file. In Linux, as a non-root user, just execute and it should run the script and download the system.
    I had some trouble getting it to boot at first, but this will recover the recovery mode. From recovery mode you will be able to install the two update files (recovery update and adam ICS beta). I had not problems getting these to work. For marketplace just install the google apps update and you should have everything you need.
    Be sure to read Phillip’s instructions about Kindle update if you are going to use that app 😉

  81. BTW, this is the ICS recovery. If you want to go back to the last Eden version, I think that NVFlash file is in the support page at the NI site…
    Anyone else know better, now is the time to speak up 😉

  82. I have a new issue. Like @Hema Venkatesh Ramasamy reported, my adam is painfully slow. Opening applications, downloads over wifi, switching applications. Additionally, I do not see the flashing yellow activity light like I used to with Adamcomb 2/3. I have installed the gapps and superuser zip files on top of the NI recovery and ICS files. Anyone else seen the same problem and resolved it?

  83. lxne, This appears to only be for phones, but I guess you might force it onto a tablet.
    Anyone tried this?

  84. Followed the instructions explicitly and everything installed fine – thank you. My touch screen is more responsive and switches between windows and pre-installed apps a lot faster than on the previous version. The only issue I’m having is with the wireless – I can see the available networks, I can select the one I want to connect to, however I do not see any bars nor do I get internet access. I did see one user have trouble setting up the wireless upon reboot, but it does not appear to be a common problem.

    Any advice is of course welcome and thank you again to the team for putting so much effort in to this!


  85. Didn’t see an edit option so I’m replying to my own comment… As for my wireless problem. I let the Adam sit from the last post until about now (~one hour) and the wireless has now connected and I’m able to browse the Internet.


  86. Hi, this is my situation too. But I’m unable to run download.bat sucessfully. It is saying “no usb device found”. U mentioned installing some drivers before running download.bat. But how does one uinstall drivers (the drivers are not exe files) without the device getting detected by the laptop?

  87. hi, i’m seeing exactly same sequence as you hv described. I’m stuck at driver installation now (it is wondiws). How do I install drivers without having the device detected?

  88. @dwarf: i’m seeing exactly same sequence as you hv described. I’m stuck at driver installation now (it is wondiws). How do I install drivers without having the device detected?

  89. Awnyrvan: the drivers are Windows drivers that allow your laptop to see the Adam at the end of the USB cable. They install on the laptop (probably as DLLs) not on the Adam. You should take a closer look at the NVFlash instructions either at NI support or on TabletROMs forum. I’m a Linux guy and haven’t ever done this job on a Windows machine. I’ve just seen the note while reading the instructions…

  90. awnyrvan: Don’t know how to install drivers on Windows laptop, but instructions should be available from TRs. The same instructions for flashing suggest the drive, I would suppose(but didn’t need to read that part) that there are links and dlls available deeper in the windows instructions…

  91. For issues regarding Windows not recognizing Adam, please see if these instructions in NI’s NVFLASH method:may come in handy:
    Most of us dont have this issue probably because we had done this long ago.

  92. OMG

    My adam is not rebooting… never reached to the point where I can apply ICS_alpa update.

    I never tried any other ROM. I was always been to NI’s original ROM.

    did I make biggest mistake ? What should I DO ?

    Please help.

  93. I’ve been corresponding on GITHUB regarding this issue and MrGuy very helpfully added this comment regarding the workaround and the Kindle problem and I thought it was worth repeating here.

    MyGuy wrote:

    “You can also long-press on the books in the archive menu and press “Download”. The issue occurs because the Kindle app calls a system routine to resize a bitmap to create a thumbnail – however it gives the function an invalid location for where it’s supposed to find the bitmap to resize, so it crashes.

    Either downloading via the website, or long-pressing in the archive menu bypasses the window that requires the scaled bitmap – avoiding the issue. I’m really not sure if it’s the app’s issue or ours at this point, but because you say it happens on AC 0.3 as well, I’m leaning towards it being a kindle issue.”

  94. @yaarji

    You need to use a standard unbrick procedure, which will put you on Eden 1.5 and you can restart from there.

    follow ALL of the instructions reading ALL of the info here “”

    Anyone who is experiencing the APX drivers problem in Windows should go to the same place and look at steps 6,7 & 8


  95. Not sure if this will help MyGuy but I had Kindle running on AC3v just fine. I could download the books from Kindle interface without any issues as such. I did it quite often as I reloaded the ROM at least thrice.

  96. @Philip

    Unfortunately, the link tells me to start with pressing Volume button and Power Button.

    I did that exercise Several times since yesterday, and nothing happens. I know Adam boots up ( I had it fully charged) but screen remains blank.

    did I loose my Adam forever ?

  97. To Sum up all I did:

    1. Tried Volume / Power Button – Adam is not booting up.
    2. Tried Factory Reset – Adam is not booting up

    In both the cases, all I am seeing is blank screen. Although it does show all the lights working.

  98. @yaarji : lets word it correctly.
    People are telling you about”Volume Down Button and Power button”.
    You are promising us about “Volume Button and Power button”.
    Bolo yaarji !!

  99. @levpius

    I apologies for reading too fast. Please understand, I am not Advance User, who tries lot of new things. I stick to basic. In moment of panic, I didn’t read correctly.

    Ok, this is what I tried just now.

    While ”Volume Down Button and Power button” , Adam is on but nothing on the screen, I see two lights Orange and Red.

    Let me wait another 15 minutes to see if something happens. I will keep you posted.

    Just Sweating profusely. I have never ever done all this before.

  100. It should also be made clear that it will appear that nothing has happened. The backlight will come on for a few seconds and then the screen will go dark. This is not recovery mode, but with the Adam connected to the computer you are going to flash from, with a USB cable connected to the mini USB port on the Adam, it should be ready to receive the NVFlash download.


  101. @ Philip, @levpius, @dwarf4242

    Thank you SO MUCH. All your suggestion helps me to do whats call NVFLASH.

    I am able to get back to Normal Start up. I feel relieved. My wife told me this morning, we should have got iPAD in first place, and I myself started having second thoughts.

    Sometime Patience, and right guidance makes things easier than it looks.


    should I take another shot, installing ICS ?

  102. After updating Adam with the NI files, has anyone seen this symptom where only the red light above the yellow activity light is on all the time, and the activity light is always off? TIA.

  103. @Sid,

    I flashed the and then after I install ICS. You do not have to redo the entire sequence.
    To install these two file after your ICS install… go to the recovery mode – ( I have the ClockworkMod Recovery v3.0.0.5)

    1. Power and volume +
    2. select – install zip from sdcard (using the volume jogger)
    3. hit the second capacitive button from the top to go to the next selection set
    4. select – choose zip from sdcard (using the volume jogger)
    5. hit the second capacitive button from the top to go to the next selection set
    6. select the (using the volume jogger)
    7. hit the second capacitive button from the top to install

    same process for the gapps… file. hope this helps

    @sankar60, I googled for these two file and download them… not remember the links…but they are eazy to find.

  104. Friends,

    I want to share gr8 news. My Adam born again ! I was able to install ICS successfully.

    Internet is working fine. I can access Market ! Big deal fro someone who never had one (yes, I was always on basic ROM that came from NI ) year back.

    I am open to suggestion, if there are cool apps I can download or fascinating things I can do.

    Thank you everyone and anyone who are doing this.

    My donation will come soon to ICS Team.

  105. congrats .. how did u get Market to work ? all .zip files applied in one go ?

    I have applied the two files (update and betaICS) and now need to enable Market .. what sequence should be followed ? any suggestions ?


  106. Congratulations Yaarji!

    I like Epistle for taking notes because it automatically saves the files in DropBox, where I have free 1 gig storage.


  107. Sid: you can get the google market by installing google apps from the same place you got ICS.

  108. @adhyayanam ,

    I will let you know soon. My wife has taken Adam with her.


    I am not sure if I have Dropbox. Although, how you save all your apps ? on Adam or on SD Card? I have 4 GB card, thinking of getting cloud based HD (1 TB) so I always have plenty of space to save apps and documents.


    I had Google apps installed.

    cheers fellows, U will surely feel you are on different planet with ICS.

  109. yaarji: to back up your apps and data, try something like Titanium backup. However the Amazon appstore keeps an archive of all the apps you have bought and pretty painlessly lets you re-install them even when you move to a different tablet, just download the appstore app from Amason and re-register and it gives you the list of all the apps you have gotten from them and lets you re-install them. It takes a while, but you can press all the install buttons, one after the other and it will download and install them one at a time.

  110. @sdhati – thanks a lot for helping with the instructions, Got Android market now !! playing with multiple apps that I can have … woohoo .. buh-bye searching for apks on unknown sites and using sideload wonder ….

  111. Soooo… I finally went for ICS (using the latest TR build which was CM9…bla) and installation worked like a charm. Everything worked the first instant and ICS appeared to be pretty stable and yes, everything seems to be a bit “fluffier”. So why am I back on my previous Eden/ADW ROM? Adam has found it’s spot in everydays work and the Beta still lacks a few things I missed – although one can feel the improvemen, it takes too much time at present to get mydelf accustomed to new ways of usage. Yet it was an amazing glimpse into what could be possible. I don’t know how it is done, but WiFi range is definitely better, touch screen response has improved.
    I am still going to wait a bit until a few more issues get fixed and then I shall try again. Keep up the work, TR & NI!

  112. I’m having an odd poblem post ICS install… my battery is i charged only to 64% and no further!

    Even after keeping it for charge overnight, it moves upto only to 64%…

    Anyone else has observed similar problem? Or can point to any possible resolution ?

  113. Repost alert. If someone has similar symptoms they see on their Adam, pl let me know. After updating Adam with the NI files, has anyone seen this symptom where only the red light above the yellow activity light is on all the time, and the activity/heartbeat light is always off? TIA.

  114. Mine is like that… Red light always on, yellow light off. In addition my battery shows 83% and charging even after an overnight charge.


  115. yup @adhyayanam, a known bug I guess .. same with my Adam

    i’m also facing the same problem as @dphahn – my battery is stuck at 64% peak, and doesn’t go any further in spite of overnight charge …

  116. I have the exact same problem. The red light stays on all the time. Has anybody given you any suggestions on how to solve this problem?

  117. I have a question on Data tethering and I have asked this early on to the NI support and to folks here on the blog :

    Has anyone tried tethering data FROM a non-smart phone to Adam/Android(data is in the non-smart phone). … or does anyone have ideas on this ?? Tethering via bluetooth is what I am trying to do.

  118. May be NI has dropped their Eden concept … or NI implements Eden apps when ICS for Adam is done… just a thought.

  119. Hmmm… google market (web version) has “my library” where all installed apps are :), you can use this to install apps to new ROM/tablet.

  120. @ordzo
    Rohan has previously stated that eden will be more like a launcher, and there are now at least 2 apps that only use part of the screen – aircalc and stickit, both of of which I highly recommend


  121. Hi,

    I have HC on my Adam, I tried to install ICS, using Volume + & Power button, to access the recovery mode, but after selecting from Extrenal SD card, nothing happens. What is the problem ?

  122. I can tell you for sure your recovery mod is bad. I believe, you have to download it from the links from Tabletroms,. The links i get from this blog sometimes gives me this issue

  123. Hello all,
    I don’t know if this post will appear or not, yet I am asking this question:
    when I select “apply external”, the screen just shows the green android “organism” photo in perpetuity. And when I select wipe data after shutting it down again, it shows the same thing.

    Can anyone kindly help.

  124. Hi apurvasharma!

    I haven’t had this exact problem, but I think I can help you troubleshoot it…

    First: for this update to work, you must have a file named “” on the external SD card.
    Next: you may have a broken update. I got into this state with one of the CWM updates (don’t remember exactly which one. There have been so many 😉 If this is the case, the only way I got out of it was to use the NVFlash process and the beta ICS nvflash file called This requires another computer and a USB cable. I think the process is described in several places (conclave, TabletROMs, and maybe even NI support…) There used to be a description on The Tablet Post, but that is now gone…
    Finally: If you have CWM installed, you may be able to get the “choose a zip file to update” option (that’s not exactly what it is called, but it is the other one, not the “update from sdcard” option.

    Although it is a bit more complex than a simple update, the NVFlash method will “always” recover your machine, no matter how “bricked” it becomes. (At least it always has for me, and I’ve gotten pretty bricked a couple of times 😉


  125. Missing Market !
    I dont know if this is the right place to post this, but does anyone have a solution to the Market no longer working after Google replaced Market with Play Store. I have an Adam running Android 3.0.1.
    On my other android devices the new Play Store works fine.

  126. I have tried several times to install this, but it just won’t work. Keeps getting hung up at wiping the data, or installing ICS… very frustrating!

  127. JJ: You should try the files provided by TabletROMs. They seem to install better. You should also start with the inital release before you try the second update. I had to start with the NVFlash install in order to get something that would work. The TabletROMs instructions are pretty easy to follow, but if you need more help, just ask 😉

  128. Has NI abandoned the Genesis market?
    Has NI abandoned its own ROM?

    Waiting for Superman… 😦

  129. how can apply the apn key. the ics adam quite crash every now and then. usb doesnt recognized also. does ni abandoned adam1? i hope.not

  130. Hi,

    I have installed icsBeta (the first beta) but I see no file manager app. How are you guys getting that? I also installed gapps package along with icsBeta, but market does not connect. It is continuosly giving me the same message “connection timed out”. Appreciate any help.

    And when i install beta2/3, my internal memory is not getting installed. Anybody facing same problem?

  131. I got exactly the same problem! Did you try dwarf4242’s suggestions? Plz let me know if something worked for you. I’ll find time later/tomorrow to try something different…besides can’t locate my USB cable right now :/

    – M.

  132. I’m tired of Notion ink, I am having the adam pixel qi 3g for more than a year with my ipad 2 and i hardly used it, it’s totally useless…… bugs and feature not working… and so on. The most usable ROM so far was Beast. Almost all the features were working except 3g. Now im eagerly waiting for ICS stable update and i have been checking the site everyday…almost a month now and no update.
    This is getting boring… I feel that I haven’t use my Adam the way it is supposed to be till date. Come on Rohan you are giving a bad name to IIT…

  133. It DOES seem like quite a while since the last update.

    Rohan: what is holding things back from getting some more issues resolved. In particular what is the hold up with the camera? Is it just a drivers issue? Since it worked in the original releases, it isn’t real clear to me why this feature is still broken after all this time. After all, you DO have detailed spec on the device, so it shouldn’t be all that hard to make it work.

    What can we do to help?

  134. If you see the little background icon and nothing else, it’s because the button you pressed was the wrong one. (I did the same thing)

    The button you should press is the menu key, if I recall.

  135. Hi, anybody knows how to install any software on Adam with Ice Cream Sandwich ? I download .apk file and when I clicked it double I get message “cannot open file”. Any idea what to do?

  136. Every time I go to buy one, it’s out of stock! Every time. This is my fourth try… Should I just give up and buy something else? I don’t want to, I really want this one, but I can’t buy what’s not available for sale… I’m starting to think that I’ll never be able to get one… I really need something for school and I can’t keep delaying… I know this isn’t relevant to the post, I just wanted it out there.

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