Pre-Alpha ICS for Adam with Source!

Hello All,

How are we doing? First let’s take a look here:

This is the ICS Pre-Alpha demo (we think Alpha at least need sound working,  should be easier to install) and is available as we speak on Conclave for download (not for faint hearted). It’s a developer release for the community so we can further push the development and get the remaining things working. Here is the conclave post link: LINK

As of now we have accelerated graphics, GPS, Wi-Fi, Accelerometer, SD Card and ADB working. Major things which are left are Camera, Sound, Sleep Bug, 3G, Bluetooth and remaining sensors.

We plan to fix these issues one by one, and you can also track the progress on Git-Hub. Source is also released on the GIT, so those interested in getting hands dirty can jump in. Not to mention special efforts from MrDead Locked, RaYmAn, Ankit and TR. Here is the GIT Link: LINK and here is the Kernel Link: LINK

Before ending post here, a special announcement. Last “small” round of sales are currently underway. This stock was reserved to be released with ICS. You can also avail New Year special discounts. Head over to this link:

Stay tuned for more information.

Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

59 thoughts on “Pre-Alpha ICS for Adam with Source!

  1. Does the sleep Bug include the annoying connection loss of the WiFi after waking up? This is such a major drawback…

    Also – 3G often would not reconnect and/or flight mode fails.

  2. Rohan I was angry that I had wait until ICS is released fr the Adam, since I had to wait for 4 months to test out some USB stuff. Thanks for the update !

  3. Great initial step. Kudos to the wntire team that worked on this!

    And the source code release will come in handy 🙂

  4. Superb job NI team and TabletRoms team.. Though I will wait for the alpha release but its really good to see the progress.. Finally I hope I will be able to use my Adam properly…

  5. In the major things left: would the 90 degree shift in camera with Skype Video call, be included ?

  6. When I try and download, I get the following error:
    “Error: blob is too big”

    The file downloads just fine.

    Please fix so I can download and help test.

  7. If l can get anything close to what’s on my Samsumg Galaxy Nexus l’ll be more than pleasantly pleased.

    Looking forward to an interesting January from NI, Tabletrom and team.

    At the moment, just using it to read e-books on my adam.

    Happy New Year to all.

  8. Good beginning…hope we get audio and Bluetooth very soon, too!
    A fully working ICS on adam should earn NI some interest when they show off the new stuff at ECS

  9. FM radio will be included in the alpha version or will we have to wait for the beta version
    The video shows adam move much more agile than the honeycomb version 🙂

  10. Yes. We are looking forward to see that fixed. Otherwise either we’ll look with our heads 90degrees or people who video chat has to turn their heads 90 degrees:) This is serious, wish it was possible to get a special NI version of Skype. Probably we are the only ones with a swivel cam, and Sype Co. probably won’t release a different just for us:(

  11. @twospirits
    at around 29 sec you can see the ADAM name in the top right, and its capitalised, which makes me think this is quite an old video. the tablet also has the two small buttons in the top left which were part of a very early design, and I expect that all the function buttons would be software touch buttons on screen, plus its playing Iron man 2, not a very modern selection.

    You probably noticed all this, but its worth mentioning, I don’t know where this video came from, but it didn’t come from 2011.


  12. It sure is running smoothly! Great work guys.



    P.S. Hope your dad is recovering well MrDeadlocked

  13. Last “small” round of sales are currently underway ….

    Rohan does that mean ADAM2 is coming?

    Just curious … I am waiting for it ….

  14. cannot download form the link at conclave, did anyone have any luck?
    here is what I get “Error: blob is too big”

  15. @merupula – you are probably trying to download things from the Files tab. Navigate to the Downloads tab. You should see a couple of buttons to initiate the download. Hope this helps….

  16. Thanks but if I download using the download as zip under download tab, the file name is “” which wasn’t in the instructions. “” worked fine when I downloaded it from file tab-> raw.

  17. With the 2 ADAMs, I must say at times I was a bit disheartened to see the other tabs in terms of touch sensitivity and picture clarity, but the recent updates are rejuvenated my strong belief in the NI team. Hopefully “we” will be able to match the galaxies and Transformers of the world 😉

    BTW, are we getting the much awaited Weather app too 😀 ?

  18. Correct, just found out this morning that its an old video, but its being passed as a new one. Man I hate when the media does crap like that.

    Thanks for confirming it.


  19. There is definitely something up with the screen. I am trying to reproduce the bug on my end but did not find a specific pattern. Just making sure the right feedback goes out. The widget/app icons tend to stay in the boundary line and some part of it is chipped away.

  20. Few points:

    1. No browser in this update. At least browser should be included.
    2. Also a file manager is missing.
    3. The storage settings seems to have changed. I can only see 2GB of Internal storage.

    I know this is pre-pre-alpha but having these in the initial update will help in some amount of usage but as it is except seeing you can’t do much.

  21. Great news Rohan! Keep it going! I’ll take a look as soon as I have a minute free 😉

  22. I have got ICS running on my Adam (Pixel Qi and Wifi). Hopefully, we will see the next updates soon. As someone said, there is not much to use right now unless the other sensors are also fixed. Also, I am hoping the next updates will include Market app etc. I wasn’t able to install it.

    Thank you NI and TR for getting us ICS so soon.

  23. Hiya all!

    Enjoy this excellent article on android, I did!

    Read past the first few paragraphs that criticise certain apple bloggers, that’s not the main point, “”

    Peaceout adamfreaks

  24. Hi,
    Great going! You guys are really progressing with the ICS Rom and thanks for keeping us informed! 🙂 However let us all not get carried away.
    A lot is still left. Camera, bluetooth are no way optional and if Adam has to earn the respect which it deserves, then these things cannot be overlooked.
    Once again great going guys!!! and hope to have a ICS Rom complete in all aspects soon!

  25. ICS- tried the following and got stuck:
    1. first udpated the –, went thru,
    2. second while re-seting the data, went into a loop.
    3. from then onwards, the system would’nt boot beyond the blue light, tried to press re-set button , nothing happened, it would nt go beyond the blue lights screen.
    4. getting stuck while trying to do a nv flash boot, my com says cannot find apx, windows 7), even after i tell him to find and install.

    5. on the conclave, when i click on f connect- nothing happens. looks like its disabled.

    kindly help me
    tx a lot

  26. Hi post first ICS –, adam is not giong past the basic screen- with blue light in background. need help please. also tried to do the NV flash thing, but apx driver could nto be installed. any other way to do this.

  27. Hi philip need help pls, i am unable to boot adam beyond the blue light screen. was trying to put the ics update.
    tried NV flash, but APX could not be installed. tx for your help

  28. @manthars
    The failure to get APX running is a common problem, do not fear.

    In these instructions “” it includes the solution to a failed APX installation.

    I suggest going back to Eden 1.5 and then moving forward from there. I have not yet put ICS on my adam as its a necessary tool I use everyday. I am running adamcomb until ICS reaches beta as I am not in a position to help those excellent chaps who are porting it.

    However, if you go back to Eden 1.5 you should be able to move on. The great news is once you have your APX going and NVFLASH doing its job, you won’t have this problem again.

    I trust this helps.


  29. Hi Folks!
    I was pretty sure that I saw the posting about the $35 computer running Linux on this blog, but can’t fine the posting now (why am I not surprised). It was being produced by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. I was having trouble finding out how to buy one, and the reply from the Foundation was that they were auctioning a limited release of 10 on Ebay. When I went to see how that was going I was astounded! People are willing to spend as more than $1,000 for one of the first 10 numbered boards! Since all this money is going to the Foundation, I guess they will take it as a charitable contribution on their taxes, but WOW! I wish I could afford to bid on one!
    Anyway, you might want to check it out. They are very interesting machines!

  30. Wishing you all a very happy new year! Tried the ICS update on the Adam, works fine. Touch-screen response is much better than Froyo or Gingerbread! Most importantly, tried the Adam Market hack for Eden market app, and now I have market access also, and can download and install and run apps too, though all do not work. Nevertheless, a step ahead…… God Bless……

  31. How about fixing the battery life time, getting the Adam access to the Android market and developing a really easy to use tool for wifi and secure ftp file transfer so I can transfer my ebooks and documents to it securely? Do that and I’ll buy 2 in order to replace these nasty Kindles.

    Also and e-ink mode would help where everything is disabled except for the minimum tools to read PDFs and other document formats so battery is saved.

  32. OFF TOPIC:
    People of the us:

  33. I’m having even more problems. The file hangs in the middle of the update process. I’ll take a look at the contents tonight after work, but is this supposed to be an update file, or an NVFlash? I’ll try to find the time tonight to try the tar file and see if there is more success there. I was able to get back to the HC release, so I can still use the tablet…

  34. @dwarf @Ravishankar Mantha :I think it must be the update file that caused the problem. So Mrdeadlocked suggested me to use the links from tabletroms and everything worked fine for me when I had the same issues like you guys.
    So make sure you download the is the clockwork mod) from tabletroms instead of using the links in the blog. That should do it for you guys.

    Also make sure you dont miss doing wipe data/cahe as mentioned in the steps in tabletroms
    (@dwarf: you r still looking at an NI blog two blogs old ?? 🙂 )

  35. Thanks Lev! I’ve downloaded everything and will take a crack at it when I get home from work.
    Yes, I respond to stuff that shows up in my email, rather than looking at the most recent blog 😉

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