GPS and Accelerometer Done; Compass and Ambient Light Sensor Next

Accelerometer and GPS working now. Next targets: Ambient Light Sensor and Digital Compass.

Thanks RaYmAn and MrDead Locked!

Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

65 thoughts on “GPS and Accelerometer Done; Compass and Ambient Light Sensor Next

  1. You guys are doing a fantastic job ! Much as I would like to see a beta really soon, I think you deserve a break over Christmas ! 😉

  2. oooohh… could there be an update under the christmas tree?

    Good to see the progress!

    I’d be interested in how the collaboration between NI and the TR-Folks is… um… organised. All in all I’m glad that the SW is advancing, but it’d be fine to know how (and to what extent) NI is actually contributing.

    Sorry for the nag 😉

  3. btw… WiFi strength is a hardware issue, isn’t it? Or is there some way to boost it a little to increase the range?

  4. I think these frequent updates are fantastic as they show continuous progress. However, one of the things I would like to vote against is the temptation to release an untested and incomplete version just to meet a deadline like ‘Christmas’ or ‘new year’. I would prefer a stable and fast system that can be improved with regular OTA updates. The work will not be finished with just the ICS release since NI has to port all those applications that it promised earlier.

    I wish all the best to Rohan and the team at NI and Tabletroms and look forward to then next update.

  5. Hi all!
    Rohan stated once: ‘We do not recommend to install any other OS on the Adam. However, the warranty will not void if you do so, provided there is no hard ware issue due to it.’
    Sooo… Will this already highly appreciated ICS OS be issued by Notion Ink officially?

  6. Ray man I am curious to know the technical aspects of it. One thing about tableteroms community is the fact that there are no tutorials or a beginners place for people to learn and help contribute to the cause.

  7. hmmm….good progress … but looks like honeycomb, not like ICS beta I am running on my HTC inspire …what’s up with that? either way …thank you to the TR devs

  8. It’s ICS 🙂
    Icecream Sandwich is built for both phones and tablets, and there are various differences in the interface depending on that.
    What exactly are you getting confused about? The default background image that looks very honeycomb-like?
    Or is it something else that makes you think it looks like honeycomb? (the bottom status bar is tablet-only)

  9. What kind of technical aspects are you looking for?
    Almost everything is going to be opensourced, so you can look through it all and learn 🙂

    TR does have a forum for tutorials and learning stuff though.

  10. @rohan will we have access to android market or will genesis be ready? I’m okay with either but please do not leave out both…

  11. Rayman, if you search through the entire tabletroms website, there are not too many tutorail pages. Rather there are not many pages that describes what was done to make something work. Yes you guys are doing a great job. We buy you beers. In addition to that we would also like to learn and participate. When I was on the IRC node during HoneyComb development, nobody responded my queries.
    XDA developers every damn thing documented. This is something that is missing at tabletroms.

    With lot of struggle I set up my machine for Adam ROM development. I proceeded to certain extent, then gave up. You guys always post about fixing something and releasing something, but geeks like me would certainly like to know what was the difficulty involved and what is that you guys did.

  12. This collaborative effort (between NI and TR) has allowed NI to continue to work on the things Rohan wants to focus on, which is specific hardware and specialised software.

    Often I am reading that such-and-such a company has pushed a build that breaks root. How shortsighted and small minded. In contrast Rohan has always encoraged hackers. NI understand that the device is made for the people, not the people made for the device.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that I think we can have great confidence that our “hopes and dreams through all the years” (bonus Christmas carol reference) will yet be realised.


    P.S. @merupula, there’s no way a build would come out of TR without market access

    Posted from my honeycomb adam – soon to be ice-cream-sandwiched

  13. RaYmAn …. no disrespect meant to you and others working on this … it is basically the bottom status bar …ICS on the phone seems more user friendly than the honeycomb like status bar .. either way, i am looking forward to putting this on the adam. i for one, have been using my adam pretty regularly for travelling — reading books and PDFs, Quick Office for work etc … using the latest stock software from NI. if any alpha or beta testing needed i have the 3g pq … thanks again for all the work towards bringing this forward!

  14. Yes, you did. Blog post of September 17 (not linking since that sends my comment into moderation limbo). You wrote: “Kernel Update with November built with working camera”. Since Froyo already has working camera, if you did not mean ICS, what did you mean?

  15. Sorry, perhaps you were replying to levpius and not Prema — so by “never” you mean “never forget the camera”. If so, good to hear that.

  16. @Rahul Yeah, pretty sure Rohan’s reply was to levpius, but it took me a minute to see that also, the nesting gives it away though.

  17. Dear NotionInk, please dare to be the first tablet vendor to give your users official ROOT fearure. We are almost all techies, we will need it and we will root our devices anyway. So please make it easier to do, don’t pretend that there is no such mode of operation for Android. I’d personally prefer some password protected settings menu item for this feature btw.

  18. Cool ! But Rohan, I have a suggestion. I am making a guess that you guys don’t have a very strong kernel mod/dev team at NI, why don’t you hire the TR team ?

  19. Appreciating the community doesn’t mean we don’t have expertise inside 🙂 Everyone at Notion Ink is supposed to do all the work, any outside help must be appreciated and promoted. Lot of code and IP is shared to get things working. Also validation is the trickiest of the jobs don’t you think?
    Having said that, TR team is going to play far major role we are seeing here. I want to take the whole group past just making ROMs, and change the way tablet works. They have been very forthcoming and lot of their ideas are going into next generation products already!

  20. Just got an email from Notion ink, let me just quote a part of it here as I don’t want to miss anything:

    “Yep that’s right, Notion Ink is proud to announce the alpha release of Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich in the first week of January 2012.

    You can expect the beta version to be out by the end of January 2012!”

    Sounds very promising and looking forward to Jan first week 🙂


  21. Here’s a next-gen idea that I’d love to see (Motorola has done something like this, with the Atrix, but it’s not available in India). A tablet/laptop that is basically a dock for a mobile phone. A mobile phone is as powerful as computers from a few years ago. You can run a full linux environment inside Android. Why not a “laptop dock” that is basically only a screen, keyboard, touchpad and battery, that powers on when you dock your phone and gives you a big screen to work with? That’s basically what the Atrix is. I haven’t used it but apparently, when you dock it, it has a linux-based desktop environment, including the desktop version of firefox; and the battery lasts all day.

    Even better, why not a detachable touchscreen (eee pad transformer style), so that you can use the thing as a mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop, as you please? In terms of cost, I would say Rs 20,000 for the phone, 8,000 for the screen and 2,000 for the keyboard would be reasonable — it would be similar to what the Adam cost, but much more useful.

    Even if that doesn’t seem a great idea, I think you should explore the usability of the Adam (or your next tablet) as a laptop — like the transformer. And also explore the software side of things. I bought a cheap keyboard-case and have linux running in a chroot (including the desktop versions of firefox, libreoffice, etc), and it works reasonably well. It uses VNC for display — a real X server would make it much better. Ideally, the user presses an icon and gets the Linux desktop, which looks like one of the “apps” from the Android point of view.

  22. Wishing the NI team, RaYmAn, MrDead Locked, and all others, a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

    Truly appreciate the hard work that you guys are putting in the ADAM. Good luck!

  23. Can we expect convergence of features of tablet and phone from these developments / achievements? Also, handwriting recognition for taking down notes quickly using stylus!

  24. Happy New Year … Just got a like new Adam wifi pixel qi could not tell it was used even box perfect ! works fantastic pixel qi scren is what i was really after as i work in bright sun. BETTER THAN EVER IMAGINED and the rest does everything I need. Thank you so much for all the work that has been put into it.

  25. Off topic:
    Dear NI, For new year, do you have another hardware update for Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to be held in Las Vegas in January second week, 2012? It was so noise this time last year, but it is very quiet this year. We want to see a new wave of excitement from hardware as well.

  26. Off topic: guys here is credit card size pc running on Linux. Two versions- 25$ and 35$. Here is the link “”

  27. @morningching Thanks for that link, its a cool idea, $35 linux computer in your pocket.

  28. Hi Karen! Happy Holidays!
    I have been out of touch because I have been visiting my Daughter Robin in Panama City, Florida to see my new Granddaughter! Amelia Ellene Dial was born December 19, 2011 at 10:30 PM. She was 9 pounds 12 ounces and 21 inches long! Mother and baby are doing just fine. I may be a bit biased, but Amelia is beautiful 😉
    I’ll try to get some pictures up on my Google + account today so folks can decide for themselves, but first I need to get caught up on the postings here. NI has been very busy while I was AFT. Looks like everyone has been doing exciting things!

  29. Hey Dale, congrats with the little princess! Wow! That is so cool. Our crown heir princess is called Amalia 🙂
    And yeah, a lot is going on here. NI + TR are working their ***es off and the results are very promissing so far.
    Will check your pics for sure,

  30. Yes! Very nice, but can’t figure out how to order one. Their store only seems to have stickers!

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