The Final 10

Dear All,

So here we are with the final 10 logos. In general the original work always looks better (as you might see in lots of entries here). I have noticed the comments as well and have tried to add those here. No wild card entries even though we received more logos after the deadline. No more words from me now, lets start voting (I will have to keep the voting secret as else it will hint the new voters, remember you get tracked, so can’t vote more than once!)

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  • You can vote only once
  • Voting ends on 30th 11:00AM IST

Happy Voting!

With Warm Regards

521 thoughts on “The Final 10

  1. Rohan – just out of curiosity, will the screen get all foggy underneath if the adam is left in a steamy room? I know many electronics with a glass screen, including water resistant watches, tend to capture moisture underneath.

    I guess this kind of question is part of a broader question: “What kind of physical QA Testing have you been putting the adam thru?”

  2. letting us rank the logo’s (e.g. chosing number 1, 2 and 3) would have been a bit better imho, but thanks for giving us this opport

  3. Strange sequence: broken vote file ? ….7,8,10,9

    #1 and #5 looks quite gamerish 🙂 and to-righ logo at

  4. 5 looks like the Barnes and Noble Nook logo. I guess both run Android and have books to read…

  5. Agree with Adam above.

    Voted for 2 because I like to see a symbol along with the name.

  6. Thanks for putting a name on that logo. I knew it looked familiar, and I liked it a lot, but I couldn’t place where I had seen it before

  7. It would be interesting to see which one is selected. Some good entries here. I don’t think people should mention which one they voted for or which ones they liked, it might defeat the purpose of secret ballot 😛

  8. Ooops,
    I sent the last one to Eric to late (10 minutes ago), sorry.
    And sorry they didn’t choose the other one i sent to him.

    I like most the no. 1.

  9. Mine isn’t in the Top 10 =(

    I haven’t received any confirmation that Notion Ink had received my mail, is it normal ?…

    Here are my revisions :

    Let me know what you think about it. Thanks.

  10. I like 1 and 7 more. But the problem that in 1st I like only the logo – the text/font is not catchy. The 7th has more harmony in it.

  11. like i said before, the letters n and i are specific to english, so a logo incorporating them is a bad idea. therefore, #1 wins.

  12. Is it the new logo for the recently released nookcolor of barnes and nobles? People will confuse it with the nook.

  13. #9 is really too similar to the old novell icon and a bit similar to the old adobe logo as well. I’m really torn between #1 and #2…both really solid.

  14. This one is a last-time idea of a friend of mine for the logo, it was too late for the contest, but we would like to share it anyway….he took the notion ink initials to shape a bird, and we like to think of it as the notion ink spirit…

  15. It seems like the wrong list as I can´t find the sometimes much needed revisions. Is there a mistake somewhere as I can hardly imagine these logos to be the final 10???

  16. TO LOGO DESIGNERS: I think it would help everyone if you posted links to your highest quality design (especially the final design you submitted). You could also post a composite with the logo on the adam. We’ve seen a lot of versions of these logos posted and so not only will this clear confusion about your final version but also I don’t think the slideshow photos are high enough quality to do equal justice to the designs. You can post in reply here if you want. Thanks.

  17. How did 10 get into this? it looks a bit…. simple. I don’t like the font, either! (sorry to the designer!)

    I love 7, 5 (without the horrible text font), 4, 3 and 2. Can’t really decide between them, but I still think something’s missing from all of these.

  18. What about the discount for the final contestants that you mentioned in previous post? FYI– i dont have an entry but just curious..

    Please post some good pics of ADAM..

  19. Sorry, 5 looks nothing like the nook logo. Unless you are saying the n is the same, but then that n is the same in many many typefaces. I like 5, but without the ‘enlightening expectations. I like the way the TI work together.

    None of the rest are even close.

  20. Congratulations to all those that made the top 10…

    I’ve seen so many great logos contributed by a lot of very talented people. Many of them deserve to win, though we know only one can be chosen.

    It was difficult to decide on just one, but I cast my vote and there is no looking back. I’m anxious to see if my choice falls in with the majority. Good luck to everyone!

  21. It seems as if we have to congratulate the designers.

    As expected, all of the logos look wonderful.

    First of all: I’m no designer, I couldn’t have done better and I didn’t send in any of my designs. The following just describes how the logos

    However, it wasn’t a hard decision for me: To me, number 1 appears to be the only truly unique logo. It has a great contrast, low colour count and a memorable shape.

    2 reminds me of several chat protocol icons
    3 doesn’t call for my interest, being grayscale.
    4 is almost as wonderful as 1, however, the bulb droplet doesn’t show me that NI produces high-quality productivity equipment
    5’s background grid irritates me. It’s almost like a red rag… can’t tell, why exactly. It’s like staring at a huge repetitive hexagonal pattern.
    6 is great as well, but the shadow might irritate some people as well due to the virtual elevation. It’s not something I’d love to look at
    7 reminds me of a lot of similar logos: stylised logos of a circle of persons holding hands. I see it every time I’m using ubuntu, so hundreds of times every day.
    8 is (compared to 1) a bit boring, although the dot over the I and the colours as well as the vertical transition in “notion” bring some excitement.
    9: Two monochrome triangles in front of a uniform background always remind me of failed OpenGL shader tests, waking the memories of frustration and failure. Although most people don’t (or at least shouldn’t) think that way, it’s too ambiguous.
    10 Isn’t what I consider a logo (like some of the above mentioned). It takes time to identify and isn’t truly unique in its looks.

    As mentioned above, it’s just my opinion on the ten logos. They are much better than anyone I know could have done, though only few actually tried.

    However, we’re not looking for better logos, we’re looking the the best one. In my opinion, it’s number 1.

  22. Nelson, I don’t think it’s a good idea to start asking people who have submissions in the final 10 to submit links to final submissions. The point Rohan made was that some of the revisions didn’t improve the designs for some of the logos and they have chosen the original submission as being the best.

    In other words, we vote on the 10 we see, not some conjured list via links in the comments. Surely?

  23. I voted. I would like to say good luck to all the designers and may the best one win. I think in general we should abstain from comments so as not to influence voters. It should be impartial and just what strikes you as good. I think that this is why Rohan said so little as not to influence us. I think it’s also why explanations of concepts and such are not included. It’s a question of first impressions. Once more. Good luck all 🙂

  24. Hi,

    There are a number of problems with “simple” voting, and analyzing this gave Ken Arrow a Nobel Prize (Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem).

    The main practical problem is this doesn’t tell more about preferences, e.g., how much more one prefers A to B, or how D, E, F etc. fare if only one can be picked. Solutions to this problem range from range voting (where you give a score to each candidate, allowing one to have strong likes/dislikes or indifference) to rank order voting.

    Both the above are complex, SO I have a parallel, simple rating poll set up which I hope people will go to:

    It will just take a few seconds, and one can then pick your favorite one, or list your 2 (or 3, etc.) favorite IN ORDER (as you wish, number of scores given is your choice).

    This way, one could later on make decisions such as:
    If A wins the straight up vote, but B and D are closely ranked as 2nd and 3rd (splitting votes), then one can go for a consensus winner (least regrets options).
    Or, one could shoot for a combination of score plus variance ratings

    It’s not official, and I am not verifying if you vote more than once, so let’s use the honor system, boys and girls.

    Rahul Tongia

  25. @Rohan

    “Voting ends on 30th 11:00AM IST” What time will you be posting the results? And will you also be posting the next weekend special at that time?

    It would be nice to know an approximate time so I don’t keep myself awake all night with my finger on the refresh button. 😉


  26. Here’s the link to my final logo. I also included again the explanation for others who might not have read what it means before.

    congratulations to the ten. Thanks Mike.

    Name: Notion Ink!
    Inspiration: The mathematical function n factorial

    Trying to make it as simple as possible. It stands of course for notion ink. The dot on the exclamation mark is a spherical ink drop due to surface tension. It is simple enough to be recognizable. Layman can read it as n exclamation or n exclamation mark or simply N ( as in exclaiming). The exclamation mark is a deconstruction of the letter ‘i’ (a different notion).
    And for the mathematically inclined, to the mathematical function n factorial. Exclamation mark is used to make a bold statement and I believe Notion Ink does make one. Just 70! surpasses the googol ( about 1.2 times a googol). You are only limited by the value of n, so as people are only limited by the loftiness of their dreams, if you choose a bigger value, you’ll have a bigger dream. When different values of n are written (definition of factorial for positive integers), the number 1, will always be there. The Genesis-the beginning, the ADAM-the first creation.

    Two of the designs were from Mike (Ganzio). Thanks Mike!

  27. Sorry, I did not read your post very well its only for the ten. Anyways Congrats to the lucky!!!

  28. I agree #1 is best symbolically, although I’d like to see more “Leonardo da Vinci” Like, maybe incorporating the Golden Ration, nice thing is a logo can be changed 🙂

  29. I will share the results after the “official” poll closes 🙂 Rahul Tongia

  30. Nice job Rahul. But it may not be necessary if Rohan posts the results after the voting is closed. We will see how many votes each logo received and therefore know which ones came in second, third, etc and how close it was…

  31. Ok some people are going to hate me, yell at me but…

    Here’s MY thoughts :

    1. not a bad idea, but bad execution (it’s no for a wallpaper, it’s for a brand logo), too gamer oriented. Wrong identity, no subtile at all (are we talking about bulb manufacturing or pen selling?).

    2. my favorite here, but sill common.

    3. absolutely amateur, ultra common, 0 identity.

    4. not bad, too childish and obvious and confusing(like #1).

    5. same as #3

    6. same as #3 & 5

    7. usable, but what’s the message ? where’s notion ink identity ?

    8. same as #7

    9. honestly i’ve tons of logos looking just like this one for everything and nothing, transport, furniture store… etc. No identity.

    10. same as #3 5 & 6

  32. Greg,

    The official poll and my attempt will provide quite different information. Pl. do try the surveymonkey poll if you have 2nd, or even 3rd rank options.

    One of the reasons for this type of vote was to help voters differentiate in elections not only which candidate they liked best but also which ones were palatable, so having a 2nd/3rd rank person win an election could be a superior outcome than one that a slight majority voted as #1 but others, perhaps, loathed.

    Rahul Tongia

  33. Some really nice work – tough to choose only one!
    I had to go with #1
    It’s very striking and everything comes together so well aesthetically. Plus, as some others mentioned, it’s the only one that doesn’t rely on text and therefore has that universal communicability. A bit of designing genius in that one I’d say.

  34. The incandacent bulbs are dying
    The fountain pens are dying
    So 1 and 4 are definite no-no. They look so 1970-ish

    Only 3,6 and 7 have “modern” feel

  35. I dislike your idea of parallel poll. No point in having parallel voting system. Send your suggestions to Rohan and team by email for changes.

    I am sticking to this site.

  36. But did none improve then? I have seen much improved versions already. A lot of these are still unusable as a logo and people worked hard to improve on the original ones. Some were shown on the other other thread and afaik none made it to this list. Even number ten which is just the typed out version of the name is still there, but also the ones with potential are not shown in a workable version.

    Voting on this old set of images is impossible. At least for me and I guess for all professionals as none fulfills the criteria of a workable corporate image.

    This is not to a critique to the designers as some of them in the original 43 set worked hard to improve and they made great progress, but criticism of NI choice and presentation.

    I can predict now that my comment will be followed by repetitions of it by all professionals who bothered to look at the contest.

    (and to repeat myself: I didn´t contribute at all so I´m not disappointed about a personal loss, but to notion inks professional image.)

  37. Voting for logo is not a good idea. Are you guys doing any focus groups in all the markets ?
    That may be really-really worthwhile.

    The logo conveys a brand image.
    A fountain pen or a bulb reminds me of something very old.

  38. +1

    I think you should just look and vote for the one you like best. Which ever makes the best first impression or catches your eye when you see it. Don’t try to over analyze it.

  39. Mine must have been sent a minute late.

    I’m not sure if the design was declined or ignored due to time limits? Here’s a link to it anyway. If the design was not what Notion Ink was looking for, I respect that decision.

    Good luck participants!


  40. Here are my thoughts. My first impression is that the battle is between 1,3,5, and 6. Simple is good, but 10 is too simple. it has no meaning. 9 has a similar problem and it seems like an outdated style to me. 8 doesn’t have any obvious meaning and appears jumbled. 7 is trendy, and eye catching but I’m not sure how it relates to the company. what is the significance of the arrows? 6 doesn’t really have any meaning but it was eye catching. 5 does not have a lot of meaning but I picked it because it is very attractive and well made. the black dot for the eye also makes me think of ink somewhat. The graph paper bg is interesting. I would experiment with lettering for “Notion Ink” at the bottom. would it be better to use lower case letters for the “n” and the “i” since you used them in th logo? Of course, the slogan may or may not be good depending on what the company wants. 4 was to cluttered for me. I didn’t really like the background. 3 is attractive but, once again, it doesn’t really portray much meaning, and it reminds me too much of Planned Parenthood’s logo. 2 looks cool! But not really sure what it means. 1. has a very clear meaning. It wasn’t as eye catching as some of the others, and the honeycomb pattern might be a little too much, but over all I liked it. So, after writing this out, I think that 1 and 5 are the best. I think that 1 could be the best after a little tweaking.

  41. +1

    agree! less comments, specially negative ones. Everyone deserves a little respect for their effort.

  42. PLEASE!! Do not put ANY of these logos on the beatiful ADAM :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
    All of them are totally amateur!!

    I am going to buy and ADAM and I DON’T want any of these logos. It would be better with just the name NOTION INK in Helvetcia Neue.

    This must be a prank!!!!

  43. @ rahul,

    you suggestion is good if its the Olympics and. we need to choose the gold, silver, bronze. but here we only need to choose 1, so it doesn’t matter.

  44. -1 (go ahead and influence them if you can)
    We are all constantly influencing each other, and if done so with honest intentions, this should ultimately bring us closer to truth.
    After all, we are not talking about controlling/restricting communications here in any way as to favor one persons view or another (as is often the case in many so called democratic processes).
    It may be a different matter for Rohan to comment on his preferences here because of his position – although I wouldn’t be particularly opposed to him doing so.

  45. Don,

    I respect your decision, and the parallel system is exactly that – optional, to be ignored unless it provides insights/value.

    As for suggestions, I had earlier suggested they should offer each short-listed logo in different sizes and in B&W. That will void several of the logos which won’t scale or de-color well.

    The other need, down the road, is to separate the logo from the canvas (typically square “colored” portion, even if white.

    My three votes are 3, 5, 6 (not necessarily in that order!) I won’t share which one I clicked on. 😉 As for rationale, I look for SIMPLICITY. Second, what is the image being conveyed. For a good discussion of that (imagery, senses, etc.) one could examine the discussions (forgot where) that compared the 2008 logos of the democratic and republican party.

  46. and so is mine. and i think everybody thinks the same. but reality is it’s not what they like so let;s face it.

  47. Thanks Mindview, the ones you posted earlier should have been on the list as well, imo.

  48. I love my fountain pen. That said, what better way to pay homage eh? There aren’t many in that list that could stand up on their own as a logo without committing to the whole line of text. My vote goes to #1 since it would look great in plain black and white with no text.

  49. Eric, I agree. When declined, you should face the facts. But in my case I’m afraid my design was simply too late to be considered. 😦

  50. @ Nikos : Thanks. =)

    Damn i thought it wasn’t visible, stuck awaiting for moderation because too much link… I doubled post them below… My bad -_-“

  51. I just like the 1 and 3,in my opinion the others simply don’ t make sense,they are completely without identy.

  52. hmmm, interesting point. I agree those things have become outdated technologically, but I’m not sure that is relevant to their symbolic value – and that is how they are used in these logos, symbolically.
    I mean, do you think that potential consumers will get the impression that Adam’s technology is outdated when they see those logos?

  53. @ Nikos
    Yes, I agree that your design is better than some others that made the top 10.
    I quite like it!

  54. I really like this one. However, I would like to see it with an actual exclamation mark instead of the inverted “i” in “ink”. Having two things inverted in one logo is pushing it in my opinion – gives a slight feeling of discordance.

  55. Poor logos, and two of then the people see the Nook logo, and the old Adobe logo, like the people said. Anyone is like Apple logo, or even microsoft logo, that uses the windows symbol, that is good. But that’s not all for me, I really want an Adam, with good usability, with good price, I don’t want to buy a symbol like in apple products, they are good, but have the price of the symbol too. Never a bitte apple cost so much.
    Instead of worrying about it, should be concerned with the realese, the symbol, it makes alone, one day, they will see and think, this is your logo.

  56. I will vote in 1, but like the people said, buld lamps is not so used anymore, the children in the near future will know what it is? Don’t know, but the idea for know, and with what we have, is good.

  57. I think you’re right about voting. If I were making a logo for someone, I would have to sit down with them and brainstorm/pry their brains to figure out what they wanted. Then I would make something and discuss it with them. You can’t just have everyone come up with something and have everyone vote on it.

    As far as the fountain and pen, at least it has meaning! None of the others really had any relation to the name. But of course this all comes back to what the company wants. What meaning do they want to portray? Do they want any at all?

  58. The way the image of the person holding up the “floating” tablet comes out was the real seller for me. It seems reminiscent of the Zelda video games or something – when link would hold some found, treasured item up over his head and it would just hover there for a second. (am I remembering this correctly? ha)

  59. this all logos are copies… plz check in google images for orginals logos…..

  60. @ Eric,

    The parallel poll ( isn’t about gold, bronze, silver. The academic literature on alternative voting schemes was for elections, which also only have one winner.

    The reason I brought this alternative up, and the limited responses I have follow the below pattern:
    The winning vote has a small minority of the vote (nowhere near majority) – common with many candidates. Do you care or want to know if the second rank came in with, say, 80% of the vote for 2nd rank? I certainly would – that may be a better choice than the winner of the first place vote who only got 22% of the vote. ???

    Rahul Tongia

  61. I agree with you at all.. I don’t believe to what I see.. None is for corporate identity.. D’oh!
    I am not angry because that mine is not here. But than i thought that here will be better logos. I can’t imagine that one will be chosen.

  62. It doesnt matter. because only 1 needs to be selected. let’s keep it simple. This is all just the mode. the most number wins. it doesn’t matter if the difference is only 1 ( to exaggerate)

  63. I appreciate your critique! That’s what helps us get that little bit of gold out of the mountain of rubble.
    Let me know where the gold is when you see it.

  64. it’s a pity that i didn’t thought ‘this is it’ after flicking through all 10 and i miss the descriptions of the concept behind the drafts…

    but having to choose one i prefer #2 🙂

    it looks crisp and progressive; and for me it looks like ink drops shaping a lotus-flower.
    but it would be really interesting to read the description.

  65. Absolutely true …. how can some of these logos become NI’s brand identity… huh feel very sorry !!

  66. I have an opinion about the selection and some of these so cald “logo’s” but its not important anymore. There’s only on design that is good enough te be on a adam.

    I love number 2.

    Kind regards Bas

  67. Logo 4 has to be the one!!! The o with the bulb should be the main logo of your company! Realy Awesome Logo

  68. +1 I completely agree with u.. #2 my favorite too.. its just too good to be Unique.

    With that stylized angled connected ink drops. Incorporating Clean & Perfect splash or kinda looks like a blue flower also represents collaborate/connect . Accompanied with “Neat, Stylish Chiseled” Text. Looks Elegant. Perfectly suits & makes sense for the requirement. Modern, Sophisticated & Connects to people round the globe.

    The Rest are good, but just don’t make it up-to this!

  69. Good job, all! And congrats to the top 10!

    Personally, I liked #3, but you know what they say about opinions and…. Every body’s got one. 😉

    Good luck to the top 10!

  70. I’m going to post my submission as well, so that at least others can enjoy it, since it wasn’t chosen.

    The logo consists of a light bulb which reflects the ideas and
    dynamics that one encounters as a young start-up. The ideas were incorporated into sketches, from where you transformed vague ideas into solid forms.
    This is symbolized by the pencil inside the light bulb. The 2nd part
    of the name is symbolized by the black drop inside the bulb.

  71. I thought for a while, if I even should bother writing something to this, because as I just realized this topic is a waste of a lot of peoples precious time.

    Here is my last comment to this.

    After a not too well organized competition with, let’s say an interesting output, which lacked the ability to give a proper result and after a lot of work from probably all the 41 finalists to bring their work closer to a workable logo, I am amazed.

    4 Days to rethink the decision made, a lot of communication between the community (at the moment 884comments) showed that it is an important topic (definitely for the community), really good comments about what needs to be changed (I’m not talking about my own ones), also from professionals.

    And now we have the poll, which looks like nothing has been changed. 10 choices, but only two logos.
    With all the potential in this community (regarding all the good ideas from the designers here) I was expecting a better result than that. Sorry but I won’t vote on that and I’m surprised that none of the chosen designers is saying anything to that, after they wasted so much time on revising.

    Disclaimer: i don’t want to attack anyone with this, I just don’t understand the decisions behind it, it would be great if anyone could enlighten me.

  72. Nikos, yours is a neat logo which could be professionally used without changes. It would scale well, uses typeface the way i expect from a corporate profile, is usable in all kinds of media from carton box to flashy ad with all kind of color variations and creative usage. It would have been a very good contender.

    It was one of the 43 which I thought were promising enough to make the cut to the top ten after refinement. However you didn´t present to Notion Ink it in a flashy way liike f.i. 1 and 6 which were again presented in their original unusable version.

    Number 4 which was not fit as a corporate image in the original version is one of the few who is now shown in the ´upgraded´ version but that didn´t make it more usable at all. To the contrary. The illustration was improved at the cost of usability.

    No. 5 which showed good promise showed us all on this blog his improved versions, but was not presented that way.

    So I can only repeat myself and say that the procedure and presentation hasn´t been professional and will hamper adam´s market introduction. The current selection as presented won´t survive a real life test and as a result won´t work well with consumers worldwide and won´t communicate the image notion inks deserves.

    If the images are chosen in this form by notion ink than everybody who worked hard to get a workable logo will have lost a lot of time and notion ink a chance to get some results out this contest.

    Anyway, I just don´t understand it and don´t expect one of these presentations to be really used in these forms. I feel sorry for the people who spend so much time improving their designs.

    Like I said I won´t vote because of this but I do hope the winner gets his price and notion ink will afterwards just go through the serious contributions and do a test with focus groups and actual production in different forms.

  73. 2, 7, and 4 all have symbols that could still be recognizable even if the language changed.

  74. As such we customers shouldn’t be polling because we have no idea what is Notion Ink’s direction and aspirations as a company.

  75. Gotta lump in with the 6 and 3 crowd (insteresting how we always use the same number pairings lol).

    I just like 3 as it’s so simple and elegant. 6 isn’t bad either, but 3 can basically stand on it’s own (with just the ni logo and nothing else).

    Great job everyone who participated.

  76. Still no release date, when pretty much every other competitor is out there, and here we are, “liking” logos. To be perfectly honest, it feels like circus entertainment for the gullible.
    I was expecting the Adam like nothing else, but since by the time we can buy this thing Oak Trail will be pretty much out there, solving 90% of the problems Windows tablets used to have, I see no reason to go with this machine any more, no matter how “cool” it is, since Windows with no heat and no fan and a much better battery is a 1000 times more useful than any Android machine. And that includes the possibility of being my sole computer if I need to, allowing me to use my main desktop apps, which any Android computer cannot do. Why would I like closed “markets” when I have every software I need in my PC-tablet.
    Anyway, I just got tired of waiting and waiting. I wish you the best of lucks with your brave project, but to me this made sense months ago, when Intel was way behind, not any more.
    Be well, and good luck.

  77. +1 Agree

    #2 Wins! Victory!

    Hey! everybody..i got a big news too. I’m from the city of Bangalore right where the NI’s belly resides. And i have a leaked news locally acquired… It has that NI likes #2 & wants us all fans to vote for it! Well!.. then lets just get on to it! quick!
    he!..he!.. 😉 Kidding!
    But, i surly do like #2, #10, #6 & #3 respectively.

  78. See my comment under max3d said, on October 28, 2010 at 03:23

    The same goes for you with the difference that your original contribution didn´t even seem promising to me while some of your revisions are in the serious league which should have a great contribution.

    I don´t know if you send all off these to notion ink (if you did: try to avoid that in the future as clients want you to be able to chose and stand behind your design). I would have taken you completely serious with some of these which are highly stylized and have a real concept like the ´out of the box´with N and I hidden into it version.

  79. I voted 2 as well but for the overall effect: blue on black with the casual typeface looks great, the flower at an angle gives it 3-Dish dynamic feel (daisy chain connection?), kinda reminded me of the Fringe intermission screens for some reason.

  80. I feel the same way. Most of these are really quite generic and don’t say anything about the company. Of this list, #1 is my favorite but even there the symbolism is a little unclear. It would be neat if an ink drop could be incorporated into the light bulb instead of a circle, but I’m not sure if it would look good.

  81. I really think there were better ones in the top 40 list than here. But the final decision can be taken only by the person in charge who must have thought really hard while choosing this list.
    Most probably he has already made a final choice and this poll is just to see how close readers are to his choice. I still voted though.

  82. Thanks anyways. I really like your improved logo. I am okay with the non top 10 posting there designs if they want to as well (since they spent so much time making them). Thanks everyone.

    BTW I am not going to vote now until I am more certain what I’m voting on (I just got back on and still need to read all post to make sure this isn’t resolved). I will wait a little longer to be more certain I pick the designer/logo I like the most.

  83. None of them blew me away. So it came down to 2, 4, and 6 for me and a hard choice cause of my first sentence. But something about the 3D effect in 6 intrigued me more than 2 and 4. It was really basic, but I kept coming back for a second look.

  84. Nice…but i wonder how well would it go when printed on adam! Certainly would not give a impression of a innovation/technology company/corpration/enterprise. Corporate look.

  85. This is a suggestion to Rohan:

    Once the final logo is selected, please write a blog (you will be able to fill in one more weekend with this “contest” stuff) about how the 4500 odd logos were filtered and what criteria were used to make that decision. It will enlighten us all “without work” visitors of this blog. I am just extremely curious to understand this whole Logo selection process.

  86. Thanks, explanations are on the right.

    “trophy” symbolize the Adam Tablet fo course.

    I tried to symbolize every aspect of notion ink, suggest them, not too obvious to avoid misunderstanding from people, but still there because they make sense TOGETHER.

  87. +1 I completely agree with u.. #2 my favorite too.. its just too good to be Unique.

    With that stylized angled connected ink drops. Incorporating Clean & Perfect splash or kinda looks like a blue lotus-flower also represents collaborate/connect . Accompanied with “Neat, Stylish Chiseled” Text. Looks Elegant. As freemind said crisp & progressive. Perfectly suits & makes sense for the requirement. Modern, Sophisticated & Connects to people round the globe.

    The Rest are good, but just don’t make it up-to this!

  88. i really like No 5.
    i think there is much potential for animation adds on this logo! 🙂


  89. Number three has the and most sophisticated display. A logo any company would be proud to represent them. They are all quite well done but number 3 has my vote.

  90. +1

    #2 Wins! Victory!

    And by the way i ran through this entire current post. It already seems to me as per the openion out here #2 wins. So, let it win ppl ! Make this will a strong desire.

    Vote for #2 make it win!

  91. hey, rohan and NI.
    guessing #1 isn’t #1 for no good reason, right?
    it’s my favorite too! simplistic design yet captures the essence, doesn’t it?
    really hope it wins… looks very professional.
    regards from israel.

  92. #3 is very classy and ultra modern in design. a logo for new products must be simple and easy to remember and recognize. Quality will stand out.

  93. Personally I don’t understand the excitement. It is the logo with the cleanest, best execution yes, but what is it besides the name? A 3d drawing that represents what? How does this come close to the IDEA of notion ink? How is it more than just a pretty desktop icon? I think there are other, much more creative logos to choose from. (as a disclaimer, I did not participate in this contest)

  94. Nice actually. A little tweaking with the fountain pen as the birds head/beak and the ‘N’ and ‘I’ nested in the body. That could have been a very subtle and very nice logo.


    LOGO CONTEST! Great work to all you guys! But, read this..addressing to all participants. Even better “Notion” resolution->

    ———————— @ “RESOLUTION AMONGST THE FAN-BOYS vs NI” @ ————————

    U all said u want all the works to be displayed, apart from those 43 or now 10 selected.
    Many who aren’t up there, have also put quite an effort, few of those very Impressive Works.

    I say what if we fans pursue team NI with the Best Resolution below:-

    Apart from the finalized Official Logo on 28th Oct/Today.
    What if we pursue NI to come out with a scheme of “Special Limited Edition Adam” buy outs especially for all those fan’s who have participated & contributed for the ‘LOGO CONTEST’. If not the discounts, which is left only for those 40’s.

    The fans won’t mind spending some extra BucK’s for those “Limited Editions”. Give them all (participating fans) at-least a choice, to choose from some 100 logo’s filtered out of those 4500’s by NI team when Displayed. And get their choice of Logo(s) printed on the ‘ADAM’ (Maybe a choice to select even their own) to be placed
    (along/side-by-side like a theme) with the ‘VOTE SELECTED OFFICIAL LOGO OF NI’.

    This way it’s a WIN-WIN situation 4 all those fans who are not-selected/selected & NI.
    Every 1 goes happy! Notion Ink is hailed by its fans! And the word spreads even faster in the Tablet’s market, of the Cool looking limited Adams! Notion Ink gets even more famous with such marketing plans & the word spread like fire outside, through fan’s.

    Plz! Vote +1 if you Agree with this. And make your point heard to Rohan! 🙂

  96. My vote for 2.

    1 is visually good, but not sure if it communicates to all ages the same way (both the incandescent bulb and fountain pen went out of vogue 20 years back).

    Some must haves for the logo:
    1. Visual cue
    2. Lettering for the name – it is a new company after all

  97. It feels like a joke. And i think all real graphic designers who will see this will agree… Sadly.

    I didn’t say anything regarding the global lack of quality of the Top 43, because i thought it was great to let people improve their concept, and some really did !!

    But man seeing this final Top 10 make me sad and angry i admit, not because my revision did’nt make it (although i am disapointed of course), if this Top 10 was full of high end professional brand logos i would be the first to congratulate de designers !

    It’s a shame.

    Good luck Notion Ink to sell the Adam branded like a cheap chinese toy.

  98. I choose #6.

    I think NI should choose #6,#9, or #10 for right now and then hire an actual logo designer when you bring out the 2nd iteration of the Adam or when you release the Eden. Stick to just the name and find a symbol for the company you want, when it comes to you. Pushing a symbol to the front that you aren’t comfortable with or doesn’t necessarily represent the company just doesn’t seem to be the best choice right now.

    A lightbulb with a pen nib just doesn’t seem finished enough for a logo. A butterfly doesn’t seem to fit for the company (but it could be me.) Having a logo very similar to the Nook logo not a good idea if you want to be remembered. Just find a font that you think represents the company right now, and go find something in a year or two.

  99. …………………………………MUST READ BELOW VERY IMPORTANT !!………………….

    ——————————- @ “RESOLUTION AMONGST THE FAN-BOYS vs NI” @ ——————————-

    Apart from those 43 or now 10 selected.
    Many who aren’t up there, have also put quite an effort, few of those very Impressive Works. But, just aren’t there for a strange reason.

    I say what if we fans pursue team NI with the Best Resolution below:-

    Apart from the finalized Official Logo on 28th Oct/Today.
    What if we pursue NI to come out with a scheme of “Special Limited Edition Adam” buy outs especially for all those fan’s who have participated & contributed for the ‘LOGO CONTEST’. If not the discounts, which is left only for those 40′s.

    The fans won’t mind spending some extra BucK’s for those “Limited Editions”. Give them all (participating fans) at-least a choice, to choose from some 100 logo’s filtered out of those 4500′s by NI team when Displayed. And get their choice of Logo(s) printed on the ‘ADAM’ (Maybe a choice to select even their own) to be placed
    (along/side-by-side like a theme) with the ‘VOTE SELECTED OFFICIAL LOGO OF NI’.

    This way it’s a WIN-WIN situation 4 all those fans who are not-selected/selected & NI.
    Every 1 goes happy! Notion Ink is hailed by its fans! And the word spreads even faster in the Tablet’s market, of the Cool looking limited Adams! Notion Ink gets even more famous with such marketing plans & the word spread like fire outside, through fan’s.

    Plz! Vote +1 if you Agree with this. And make your point heard to Rohan! 🙂

  100. ……………………………. MUST READ BELOW VERY VERY IMPORTANT !! ……………

    ——————————- @ “RESOLUTION AMONGST THE FAN-BOYS vs NI” @ ——————————-

    Apart from those 43 or now 10 selected.
    Many who aren’t up there, have also put quite an effort, few of those very Impressive Works. But, just aren’t there for a strange reason.

    I say what if we fans pursue team NI with the Best Resolution below:-

    Apart from the finalized Official Logo on 28th Oct/Today.
    What if we pursue NI to come out with a scheme of “Special Limited Edition Adam” buy outs especially for all those fan’s who have participated & contributed for the ‘LOGO CONTEST’. If not the discounts, which is left only for those 40′s.

    The fans won’t mind spending some extra BucK’s for those “Limited Editions”. Give them all (participating fans) at-least a choice, to choose from some 100 logo’s filtered out of those 4500′s by NI team when Displayed. And get their choice of Logo(s) printed on the ‘ADAM’ (Maybe a choice to select even their own) to be placed
    (along/side-by-side like a theme) with the ‘VOTE SELECTED OFFICIAL LOGO OF NI’.

    This way it’s a WIN-WIN situation 4 all those fans who are not-selected/selected & NI.
    Every 1 goes happy! Notion Ink is hailed by its fans! And the word spreads even faster in the Tablet’s market, of the Cool looking limited Adams! Notion Ink gets even more famous with such marketing plans & the word spread like fire outside, through fan’s.

    Plz! Vote +1 if you Agree with this. And make your point heard to Rohan! 🙂

  101. Out of curiousity, how do you feel about this logo? Honest opinion prefered. I’d enjoy feedback on the semi-custom font as well if you have any noteworthy comments.

    I’m not participating in this contest anymore, my entry was e-mailed about a minute too late to be considered.

    Good luck.

  102. …………………………… MUST READ BELOW TOO VERY IMPORTANT !! ……………..

    ——————————- @ “RESOLUTION AMONGST THE FAN-BOYS vs NI” @ ——————————-

    Apart from those 43 or now 10 selected.
    Many who aren’t up there, have also put quite an effort, few of those very Impressive Works. But, just aren’t there for a strange reason.

    I say what if we fans pursue team NI with the Best Resolution below:-

    Apart from the finalized Official Logo on 28th Oct/Today.
    What if we pursue NI to come out with a scheme of “Special Limited Edition Adam” buy outs especially for all those fan’s who have participated & contributed for the ‘LOGO CONTEST’. If not the discounts, which is left only for those 40′s.

    The fans won’t mind spending some extra BucK’s for those “Limited Editions”. Give them all (participating fans) at-least a choice, to choose from some 100 logo’s filtered out of those 4500′s by NI team when Displayed. And get their choice of Logo(s) printed on the ‘ADAM’ (Maybe a choice to select even their own) to be placed
    (along/side-by-side like a theme) with the ‘VOTE SELECTED OFFICIAL LOGO OF NI’.

    This way it’s a WIN-WIN situation 4 all those fans who are not-selected/selected & NI.
    Every 1 goes happy! Notion Ink is hailed by its fans! And the word spreads even faster in the Tablet’s market, of the Cool looking limited Adams! Notion Ink gets even more famous with such marketing plans & the word spread like fire outside, through fan’s.

    Plz! Vote +1 if you Agree with this. And make your point heard to Rohan! 🙂

  103. +1

    #2 Wins! Victory!

    And by the way i ran through this entire current post. It already seems to me as per the openion out here #2 wins. So, let it win ppl ! Make this will a strong desire.

    Vote for #2 make it win!

  104. I totally agree with you. No wonder the comments from other websites about vaporware (although I don’t support them). I understand the start up glitches but these should have been overcome now.
    The only source of information is Rohan’s blog (website hasn’t been updated for ages). If they are so near to production why are they not posting an “adam in Action” video on their website. Why are they hiding it for long? Are there any issues with the products stability/usability?
    I wonder if RIM’s playbook is still in design phase they already have posted a good video (playbook in action) on their website and displayed it to engadget.

    I think Rohan does read all the comments here but is putting deaf ear (the requests for pics/videos), is there some major issue that they are not disclosing. I can assure that all people who have been following this blog wouldn’t all go with adam(they may choose other due to delays/no visible information). Half the users would get an alternative this christmas/thanksgiving holidays. Apple does something similar (classified until it is disclosed) but NI can’t afford it that way as it is not as established and rich as Apple. They have to prove themselves in terms of quality/support like Apple.

    We can’t keep on waiting for his posts and posting a pic or so once a week (its like giving kids a candy once in a while). I am loosing hope and thinking if they are waiting for Gingerbird/having some issues. I don’t think we should expect adam before march/april 2011 based on what I see. That could be reason why they are not updating as many may go for an alternative immediately. Keeping all waiting may win some hearts when they release.

    I would not be convinced unless I see it in action like GalaxyTab/Playbook.
    GalaxyTab has put the video almost 6 months before it came into the market. Based on it I presume ‘adam’ would wait till summer next yr by which all major players would be already there.

    Why are they not confident to put a video their website (do they even have a prototype ready), if its ready for production soon?
    Is Apple putting pressure 😦 ?

    No more blog posts would convince me unless a real action video of 5-10 min. is put on their website (can’t adam work continuously for a 5-10 min. video?)

    I see people are getting impatient now (including me) and its high time now to put something credible instead of engaging them with blog posts.

    However, still I feel you may come with the best based on the trust you have received so far. Wish NI all the best and not sure I can wait for it beyond christamas.

  105. I think the problem here is that none of the logos are instantly recognisable by silhouette alone. How many of us could sit, without reference, and draw the Apple logo or the Microsoft logo or the McDonalds logo or the Google logo…

    I can’t picture a kid doodling any of these logos in their sketchbook while they eagerly wait for Christmas, you know?

  106. I think they don’t want to have video footage of it because the group of tablets they have out right now have a large bezel, as they aren’t the final production model (that one will start being made early November when developers get access to them I believe). I don’t think they want to associate large bezel with the Adam, hence the small/darn images where the bezel is apparent.

  107. I like the orange ones though it seems difficult to imprint that in a way that shows its true potential

  108. Does no one get the fact that 9 is an implicit “N”? I thought that was quite clever.

  109. Also, the rest are crap apart from 5 which could be ok if it didn’t have the same colours as office clip art and the generic sounding slogan.

  110. Actually,he did make a simple one, without the background, but I guess the NI guys loves a lot of background and details just like logo no.4.

  111. These were my entries. They are all simple with no effects or graphic treatments as a logo should be

    31 Expressa EF

    Not one made it 😦 All in black and white so it can be used anywhere. They can be used in any media, be it a small icon for a web link to the Notion Ink website, a fancy illustration on a business card or an aluminum cutout on a device.

  112. people in the US would have a second thought buying a product which has almost the same font style with B&N Nook’s

  113. #1 Is the best, you can see it printed in black and silver as well. The round lightbulb will take years to be replaced, that bulb will be phased out in the USA in about 6 years, you have whole generations who know what that means. The lightbulb as a idea symbol will be still alive as long as their are old cartoons, and comics. The fountain pen still hasn’t gone out of style, once we are paperless truly. Then that fountain pen won’t be recognizable anymore. So if this becomes affordable and a viable product to 3rd world countries as well which is a big chunk of the population they should take additional time to phase out that light bulb, and fountain pen. And if they’ve used the same symbols in cartoons, then another reason for that symbol too last and be recognizable, even though the letters change in languages these don’t.

  114. Out of curiousity, how do you feel about this logo? Honest opinion prefered. I’d enjoy feedback on the semi-custom font as well if you have any noteworthy comments.

    I’m not participating in this contest anymore, my entry was e-mailed about a minute too late to be considered.

    Good luck.

  115. wow you got some real good ones here, these are actual logos, not like some of the garbage I saw on the top 41. good job, NI focked up on this whole logo think.

  116. -10000000
    stupid idea, how bout we let the team focus on releasing the tablet instead of clogging up their agenda with retarded things.

  117. absolutely agree, they messed up PERIOD. I do like maybe 2 of them up there (if you get rid of all the letters and just leave the actual logo) but thats it. so gay!

  118. Nice – I think these 10 are for the most part the best of the 42 we saw – overall good choices. Now I have to decide between 1 and 7 – this is gonna be tough!

  119. Wow, well the final images are up.

    They are “final” in that there will be no more input and no more debate.

    Which makes me wonder why there is so much input and debate. One person puts up their entry which didn’t get selected, someone else wants a different poll running, someone else thinks this is all silly or unfair.

    The final images are up.

    That means they’re final.

    Even if your logo was better.
    Even if you hate them all.
    Even if they’re “amateurish”, or they “suck”, or they “are just like so-and-so”.
    This is the 10.

    Anyway, who here didn’t get their image selected? (rhetorical question) Answer: Heaps and heaps of people. None of my six submissions were even selected for the final 41! Am I disappointed? YEP! Am I uploading my selections for you all to see? NOPE. Were they crap? I didn’t think so.

    So what. These are the final selections.

    So, lets take a breath, figure out that these are the final selections, and realise that here is a company that didn’t have to ask us for our opinion. Here’s a company that has given us the privilege of having even a say in their look and feel. Here is a company that has taken feedback and input from the world community like no other startup in history. If I was Rohan I wouldn’t want people picking my logo for me, but Rohan is not like that. He’s an “open source” kind of guy.

    So, even though this post will arouse some emotions (even though its not intended to) lets all please focus on the task at hand. These are the final 10, lets just pick the one we want to see or not vote at all. We’ll see the results soon. And when it comes down to it, the logo isn’t going to put me off the product, nor is it going to make me buy it more. I’m here for adam. I’m just thankful that Rohan has brought us along for the ride.

    I am proud to stand with all of you as a fellow passionate adam fan, and Congratulations to the final 10! One of you will be holding the very first release production run adam, and I am insanely envious.


    peace out

  120. Placed my vote; good luck to all participants, with thanks for all the hard work by these ten and all entrants. There’s been ample time and opportunity for comments and critique; best to let everyone vote now and see what the community likes.

  121. I think you’re entirely right to be upset and frustrated. That said, you have to realize that Adam is not made especially for us, the ones who follow this blog. It is a product, like any other, that will come to the market, and regardless of the initial ~1000 pieces sold to us, the followers the fate will be decided later: be it a Joojoo, an iPad, or (most likely) something in between. While we may not agree with the NI plans for release of information, … who cares? If you didn’t know about Adam you would just be surprised and consider it whenever it came out, rather than being impatient now.

    The fact that we ARE here, and that we DO check this blog more than daily, points to the fact that NI is doing something well. It will come out with a product that we WANT. Not to say that frustration is not appropriate, I myself can’t wait to get one, but try to be a little more understanding with your own behavior, and relax…

  122. I really liked most of the logos on the top ten ranking, but identity is missing I think.
    I had seen almost every logo on the comments of the contest and there was some extremely creative logos around. understanding simplicity, appeal (is right appeal?), and of course the idea or identity. My recommendation is keep searching for a logo.
    Im very proud of companies that keeps the consumer close enough to allow them put is commercial logo but is important to the future of notion ink to find something that symbolises the real revolution that it is

    Pd: (Why I didn’t send my logo!!!!! (glossy octopus with bulb-head ^_^))

  123. I still feel as though the current images are missing something like the original post Rohan made about the internal options for the logos. Either way congrats to the winner.

  124. I haven’t voted and i’m not sure which one I should select. I thought Rohan told the designers to make revisions? I don’t see it in any one of them. In fact I think they should have revised their logos by placing it on the Adam as some have done and it should have been shown that way for the top 10. Anyway, here are my comments on the final 10:

    1. I actually prefer his other logo that did not make the top 10, this one as somebody said, looks like Kenny of South Park. Other than that I like it but it reminds me of that character too much.

    2. Stylized ink splatter of varying sizes made to look like in perspective view. The five ink droplets form a pentagram in the negative space. It works. It symbolizes community as it forms in a circle. I don’t like the typeface at all, it needs to be revised.

    3. I think Bas’ version is better than this one. The company name is so tiny I wonder why it was even placed there if the logo can speak for itself. But it’s simple and still looks elegant. I’m not big on the back ground, I think a simple circle will do.

    4. I like the logo and the juxtaposed notion and ink but the the font reminds me of Astro Boy. Maybe a little revision will get me to vote on this. I think the original was subtler and I would have preferred it.

    5. He made revisions of this logo but he still ended up with the original which is a pity because the greyscale version with the corrected corners on the area surrounding the dot is so much better. It resembles the Nook logo a little bit.

    6. Speaking of Nook, finalist #6 is the exact copy of the Nook. It’s a very nice font and I think Notion Ink should use it but it will remind people more of the Nook being associated with the Notion Ink.

    7. Thought bubbles forming humans holding hands and arrows in the negative space. Very clever but it seems there are too many bubbles. I kinda like the concept though.

    8. I’m not sure what is being conveyed in this logo. I guess it’s just a simple company name with the INK on a different level to emphasize it and direct your eye to the word. I think it’s my least favorite

    9. I like the implied N of this logo. It is very minimalistic and it gives it elegance. This is one of my favorites. It’s understated but if there is a nitpick…maybe the typeface and it doesn’t say what the company is all about though, just an N to show.

    10. This probably would look nice on an Adam just like the other logos that just has the company name on it. However, I do think that an icon/emblem is need just in case you don’t need the company name to put a mark on something.

  125. #2 is nice but my eyes keep coming baack to #1 which gives the appearence of depth, multidimensionality.
    I vote for #1

  126. I must say, my favourite up until now had been #1, since it just has a unique look it, and it incorporates a very similar concept to the logo I submitted. However, now I am completely torn between #1 and #2 (the rest are honestly just different fonts writing “Notion Ink”, so I call them amateur). #2 is just so nice, I don’t know if it conveys anything about Notion Ink at all (other than the fact that it has a five pedal flower, perhaps implying an international company), but it is just very well done.

    I say, USE BOTH! The second one for the corporate website, and the first one for the back of Adam…

  127. 43 semifinal pool had better logos, than the final logos posted up for voting.
    Disappointed with logo choices. Some of them are not even qualify for logos, like writing “notion ink” in different font and with borders.
    I agree with Gigantor point #10.

  128. =( Sorry to say this but these logos are actually worse than the top 43 ones.

    None of them scream “I AM A LOGO OF A MAJOR COMPANY”.

    But in the end the choice is with Rohan and I respect his choice either way.


  130. First reaction after seeing your sign was it looks like a religious symbol very familiar to Hindus from South India.

    It also has a negative connotation that might remind users of “fraud”. It will take several lines for me to explain it. But one has got be very careful about symbols especially if you want to transcend many cultures…

  131. I like #1, #3 was pretty good too, but I think it really comes down to 2 things. Will it look good in mono-tone (or etched into something). And is it Iconic?

    I feel like it could use another revision but I think in a very simple and elegant way it’s touched on the elements in the name that’s trying to be highlighted. It’s also distinct enough to last a long time, and would still be recognized easily enough if given major updates for any re-branding efforts that might come up years down the line. In other words, the logo is theme-able which is a major plus for it.

  132. @Giganator

    Some of these are very very good and much better than any of these ‘top’ 10.

    Feel sorry for you.

  133. In the end, it will still be a logo – a symbol. There is no magic formula to create a perfect logo. If there was, it would not be an orignal logo. Something will always be missing.

    The winning logo will be the one that has inspired many of us. As for those who will see it as a cup half empty, hopefully in due time you will associate the logo with a company delivering creativity and quality.

  134. > I see people are getting impatient now

    Typical for people. Mammals in general, in fact. Reptiles are so much more patient.

  135. This sounds good but you have to see the big picture here. This is not a WIN-WIN for Notion Ink because, it costs a lot to do custom made logos plus it detracts from their other efforts, when their resources are better put to use focusing on more important details of the Adam. This benefits us but not Notion Ink. As much as I would like one of my logos to be on my Adam, I’ll accept whatever Notion Ink decides for their logo and will stick to it. It doesn’t make sense to have varying logos for limited editions because the company is trying to define an identity. I really don’t see this being feasible…sorry.

    What’s workable is having a different color for a limited edition and/or being able to select a logo that would first show when you startup the Adam.

  136. I just can’t wait any more. The Archos 101 just gave it’s release date for sometime at the end of this month. If there is not a release date set for 2010 by the end of this month I’ll have to say I’m going to jump to jump ship and get the Archos 101.

  137. I am not a designer but how about a slanted N so that the slant line in N is vertical with a dot on the top?

  138. Hey…really liked the 3rd and the 4th ones..but..are they any different?? I didn’t see any differences really…but liked them…cheers!!!

  139. Out of these 10 only 1 is somewhat unique. Votes for it. Let’s wait for the results

  140. @Nikos:

    Hey…Awsome logo..I took a look at yours after I finished voting..and am really disappointed that yours is not a part of the final 10..I definitely would’ve chosen that..its clean, crisp and conveys the right things in the right way. Kudos to the design…cheers!!!

  141. my revised entries sent for indian style logo

    my revised entries sent for sitting person logo

    goodluck guys.. sad to know they were not good enough.

    but glad to know many liked them… thanx for ur comments in previous posts


  142. Hi All,

    I am biased as mine is one of the ten. But I want to say one thing:

    You can vote for the prettiest graphic, and the nicest looking picture on this page, but if you want the Adam to succeed in the marketplace then the logo needs to work on a “SMALL SCALE”.
    I personally think number 2 is the best, but imagine that flower in a 5mm logo size on the Adam, it will just look like a circle, and impossible to tell internal detail. Same with most of the designs.

    Not trying to make you vote for mine, but it is a fact, that some will just not work on the medium. (Unless Rohan is prepared to have a 4cm logo overlapping the border onto the screen.

    That all being said, please vote for mine 🙂 (number 10) I really want the Adam!!

  143. Did apples, logo say that, no way, it took a long time before it became recognizable.

    No ones logo screams I am a logo of a Major Company, the company grows and the logo gets solidified. the logo does nothing to make the company, it is always the other way around.

    adam and then the as yet unknown eve will make the logo something. if the products fail, the logo will be forgotten, it they take off, as I suspect, the logo will become known around the world

  144. this is mine (No: 10) on the actual adam.

    Try and picture the details of some designs on this size. They probably wont work.

  145. +1 good idea..usually no one neglects the family members……at the same time we can’t force NI to mind us first….it is just a suggestion nothing wrong in it…..y to miss the fans support..those are ready to buy should be encouraged.

  146. I like the look of 2 but the logo looks similar to the Uninor mobile service provider logo, unfortunately.

  147. But its not attractive. Some how I liked #5 out of the all but out of whole I liked to indian script logo (not in top 10) though.

  148. instead of communicating the lauch date and product updates, they are kinda keeping a bunch of people distracted with all this nonsense. Tell us clearly when the product is hitting the shelves.

  149. I have been following the progress of “Adam” for about eight months. I will be excited to own one. I’ve messed with an Ipad, my father in laws, and I think it is an overpriced joke. Designed to keep you paying through the nose. Having a tablet that is truly useful will go a long way to making it a success, even if it never comes close to selling like the ipad.
    As to Notion Ink’s logo I liked 8 and 2. I just can’t grab the light bulb thing. Today’s modern light bulbs are not really looking like the old fashioned light bulb. Plus it seems too old school to equate ideas with light bulbs. I’m turning 64 and bulbs as ideas have been around since before I was born. I would think Notion Ink would want be “NEW” not old like me. Please forgive me, those who submitted light bulb logos.

    If a light bulb logo wins I’ll still proudly purchase an Adam.

  150. below was my final post at ‘the top 43’ about 6 hrs b4 the deadline 11pm, though it showed up after 10 pm. Said Awaitin moderation 😦

  151. The colors and dots of 7 remind me too much of livescribe’s logo.
    I don’t like the light bulb ones (they’re sooooo 20th century).
    Nor the nook-like n of #5.
    #9 is just a diving flag in black and white.
    I guess I’ll have to vote of #6 or #3, just not vote 😦

    I find it sad that a company from India will end up with one of these colorless logos.
    They should at least have told the contest participants that they wanted black and white (or bland) logos; they might have received more original designs based on shape rather than on color.

    I preferred by far some of the rejected logos, including mine:
    At least my entries suggested that the company is from India…

  152. Honey, I would not pass judgment on Adam’s touch sensitivity based on utube videos. Your going to have to put one in your hands and in front of your eyes to know what it is really going to be like. If the Adam’s Sensitivity lags a little compared to the I pad that won’t undo all the features on Adam that Apple wants you to buy two or three more I pads to get.

    I agree the logos at first blush don’t seem all that important. However, putting a lousy logo on the Adam would not be helpful. Effort should be made to have a decent one. My wife sells promo products for a living. Her customers worry about the quality of logos. They see it as a reflection on the quality of their company.

  153. A lot of good original ideas and well executed designs.
    I can see why none of mine were selected, but I don’t understand why not of yours were.

  154. This is all interesting, but I see it more of a delay tactic. When is the product going to be rolled out? Tell us more of where you are in the production of this item. Where to you stand on getting FCC approval? What other issues are there? Is the factory ready? How many units per day do you expect to make? Will the unit be on the shelves this year or are we talking sometime next year?

  155. The light bulb as an idea is just like old cartoons and comics. Old!!! Adam as a name is old as well. Two old’s do not make a new. Adam and Eve did take a bite out of an “Apple” so I can accept that old idea, but please don’t put a light bulb on this awesome “new” device. Oh well I guess I can put a sticker over it…….. that was just a notion…..

  156. @ Rohan,

    Unfortunately my modifications or variations on my first logo (#1) aren’t showed!?

    So see here for variations on my first design…

    So there are more possibilities with the design 😉

  157. I am just amazed to see the negativity on this board. Did Apple ask your opinion while designing their logo, did any ABC/XYZ company (Novell, B&N etc) asked for customer opinion while designing their logo? Instead of appreciating efforts of a start up to connect directly to the customers, here we are criticizing the logos that they dont appear professional, wont provide a unique brand identity, that it will look like a cheap chinese toy, blah blah blah. Guys, identity of a company is mainly due to the product and logo is the last thing one bothers about if the quality is good.

    How many of you would have gone and bought an Apple product just cos its logo looked ‘cool’, had it been of crap quality. Yes I understand that a logo is associated with the company and defines the identity but that identity is first created by means of developing a high quality product that meets the demands and requirements of the customer. Logo and tag lines are stuff that comes secondary.

    Instead of undue and harsh criticism, appreciate the effort that here is a company that is making all of us a part of their identity.

  158. I’ll need to choose at some other time

    I’m liking 1,6,8
    However, i’m trying to envision 1 on the tablet / behind and it just isnt good enough.

    I’d strongly suggest 6 or 8

  159. please, show us a grid with the 10 proposition. I’d like to compare, side by side, the differents proposition.

  160. I agree totally with everything you just said. No one need feel bad if their Logo isn’t picked. No matter how you slice it there can only be one winner. That makes a whole bunch of losers. Once you get the device in your hands and you start enjoying what it can do the last thing your going to worry about is the logo. Now if that light bulb had a little annoying led in it……..

  161. All the ones that I liked didn’t make it to the final 10.
    Oh well – at least that saves me having to vote again.

  162. I also picked 5, but I do hope Notion Ink makes the decision based on something like 40-60 split (site voting-our preference).

    Someone above mentioned something very similar to this: The logo shouldn’t be just the one that you think is the prettiest/coolest/whateverest. You/we/they should take into account corporate branding, marketing, positioning, current design trends and a dozen other things that I personally don’t know much about.

    I think 5 would look the best on the side of a building, on letterhead and in email footers, and then just the logo for the corner of machines, swag, and tattoos. 😉 Sorry about that last one, but how usable, instantly recognizable and likable are all features that need to be addressed.

    Good work designers! I like most of them for one reason or another.

  163. *(site voting-Notion Ink’s preference).

    Also, could we please stop asking when it will hit the shelves. These guys have keep us pretty well informed and when they know a release date is 100%, I’m sure they’ll let us know.

  164. 2 of my favorites didn’t make the top 10 and probably because they cannot provide Rohan a graphic treatment of their design which is sad because the finalists where able to convey how their logos would look like to full realization. I think all the finalists should have been required to present in just grey scale (the logo in its simplest form) but Rohan and company seem to prefer something with more fluff and eye candy. Below are two of my top 10 favorites from the list of 43 (the N factorial and the Hindu font) of which I spent the freedom to make a few modifications as requested by their authors.

    Rohan so loved the concept of the N! that he should have just made a logo contest based on it!

  165. Thanks, rapids79.

    It’s a shame we won’t get to see if my design would have gotten enough votes. Don’t get me wrong – I would not have complained if I was simply declined. This way we will never know.

  166. but a composite is definitely needed…. to see how it looks on the product… many of them may look good on websites or posters.. but in the product.. unless we have a composite it wouldn’t do us any good,,, eyes can trick us…

  167. its still a grt logo.. good revisions… the concept is brilliant… and the fact is many ppl think that non mathematicians wont relate with the logo.. but the moment someone starts explaining..may be a short caption in the website or the blog can actually may it popular like a wild fire.. people at least for curiosity would understand what the product is… i can see it being asked in quizzes and being very popular among masses.

  168. [OT] but it’s an App Idea:

    You know how difficult it is to read text (whether on a book or a screen) in a moving vehicle, especially on India’s bad road surfaces. Cameras have a similar problem in capturing images due to such reasons, as well as shaky hands. These days, almost all cameras incorporate optical and electronic image stabilizers, achieved through active prisms and/or accelerometers.

    So, I am wondering if it would be possible to get readings from the Adam’s accelerometer about how much it is being shaken at least vertically (either orientation), and then stabilize the image on the screen by compensating that movement in the other direction.

    I know it would require instantaneous reading of the accelerometer’s output, and then immediate rendering of the compensating offset on the screen, so would it be possible for the hardware to accomplish this?

    Another factor to consider is whether the tablet is held in the reader’s hand, i.e. at an approximate distance of 12-16 inches, or mounted on a dashboard, or say, the car’s roof (another commercially exploitable idea), and adjust the compensation according to the parallax and content (text, graphics, video etc.) being viewed. There could also be a user-selectable option for this function.

    This ‘app’ could also be a system utility, so that it can be used by all running applications.

    So, what do you think?

  169. We were asked to vote on a logo. The fact that people are critiquing logos is a totally natural human occurrence after such a request. One persons blah blah blah is an others way of dealing with not be picked or someone “like myself” just passing and wasting time.

    There is a lot of frustrated anticipation on this blog. Many of us are used to and want instant gratification. Many or most of us have held off buying another product because we see Adam as something worth waiting for. I see something very positive about that. It is almost like waiting for that over due baby to be born. Is he going to be alright? Could he be born with a light bulb tattoo? Will he grow and make it in this world? I would not worry about critiquing the critique-rs. I for one will purchase an Adam, “good lord willin’ and the creeks don’t rise”. I am hoping in the end 100’s of thousands will end up being sold, and that Notion Ink will have all the success they could ever imagine!! No matter what logo they choose to use.

  170. No, seriously, it looks more like an oil company’s logo. Droplets are usually associated with oil. It is visually very nice, but somehow, it does not bring the right connotation. Further, I think placing the droplets above the name takes up too much vertical space and wastes empty space on its side.

    I hope I have not been overly critical.

  171. Hi Rohan,

    I hope you will find timeto read this post. I like the way your are going with us, but we are missing some information about the timelime of the ADAM. You invest a lot of time for this new Logo contest and you are very bussy on working for the ADAM.
    What I adn all other’s I think want to know if the ADAM is in the timeline. Taht means, is the ADAM out for FCC certification ?? Or is some thing out of timeline ??

    Please send us an update where you (we) stand.

    Many thanks

  172. Too bad I already voted for 8. Your logo on the Adam looks great. The Adam looks awesome!

  173. + liked the N! logo a lot… a grt concept.. would have loved to see it on the top 10…

  174. PLEASE NOTE… My logo is +8 and I would like to point out that that logo is not the final revision i sent to notion ink. I simply don’t know what happened.


  175. A predictive and introspective algorithm could also be applied, say after capturing a few seconds worth of accelerometer data. I think cameras must be doing this all the time.

  176. A repeat what i said in last post but please, stop this masacre !
    You loose your credibility. A logo is not something just “pretty” or for “decoration”, it’s communication and identity.

    How can you let people choose your brand identity for you with argument as :
    “Ho, number #3 is so cool but i love number #6 …”

    Work with professionnal logo designer.

    If you build your tablett with the same method, i’m not sure to buy it anymore …

  177. multiple logos of a company out in the market !!!!!!!!! bad idea.. logos are not designed to the whims and fancies of every consumer…. may be logos can be made into official screen savers…

  178. @ Bresh

    I think it gives coherence, a continuity (with the fact that they share the same color) backing up each other.

    Plus the reversed i allow to use the logo in monochrome, even in version 1 & 2 without outlines, because it make a visual “separation” between the 2 words even if there’s is no space and the color difference is gone.

    You remember absolutly correct, and that’s what i had in mine, Link holding the Tri Force in Zelda. This notion of trophy, in my opinion it says everything (see the message), and still it’s not out of nowhere as explained.

  179. Even better, make a fan-boy site selling stickers of all your logo’s that can fit on the adam. That way you can get what you want without bogging down NI with costly details. Your site could give qualified googleworthy links and extra marketing for NI. It’s a WIN-WIN situation.

  180. Have an oil spill? Everyone knows what BP are called, and they only have a flower 😮

  181. Well…my efforts were very much like yours, only much more crude. Nice work, but aesthetics is not (yet) quantifiable or objective.

  182. Gilles, even though I think you have a point (that though crossed my mind as well), we don’t know whether Notion Ink has a professional marketeer behind them or not, advising them on which logo’s should be chosen.
    Secondly, the quality of some of the logo’s is surely at the same level (if not better) of many giants: think of ASUS, Acer, MS, Samsung, etc. Are they better? More professional? I don’t think so.
    Moreover, professional logo designers also rely on focus groups to test their creations and ask for feedback on their logo’s (I have worked with Marketing people in leading global companies, therefore I know a bit how this works): honestly, I can’t think of a better focus group than the people visiting this blog when it comes to choosing the best logo to represent a tablet maker company! Or not?

  183. I didn’t get the feeling that these were both clever and beautiful logos. But I am sure that the people behind the logos are very creative and given enough time and inputs could come out with that WOW logo. A logo isn’t something that you design and pick in a week. It is not even the product logo, but the company logo, which is going to be around for years. Anyways I just picked the one that I felt would not spoil the look of the tablet.

  184. @Gigantor some of your drafts really have potential *tipsHat* but:
    why do you present so many different versions? it’s our (the designers) job to select the best alternative and present this to the client.

    our experience has shown, that clients want to say ‘yes, i feel it’ or say ‘please change this and that’. therefore we always try to come up with one unique concept and work with the feedback we get.

    this was our favorite (though we didn’t get any feedback; maybe it was submitted too late or didn’t hit the spot):

    in general: i respect the decisions of the client; read: let’s give our feedback which of the selected ones seems to be appropriate.

    nevertheless: if you have feedback on our design, i would love to hear it here in the comments 😉

  185. In general I agree with your specific notes although I´m more negative but I have stated that earlier.

    a few notes as an additition to your.
    1) in it´s current form unuasble. Get rid of blue texture. Overall dimensions are not in harmony. Bulb has been used zillion times so won´t give a corporate identity.

    2) typeface should be done again. Furthermore you can buy this logo at

    3) same as yours + I wonder why suddenly the grey background and frame. Seems meaningless and weak.

    4) drop shadow and background can´t be used in a logo. The ever returning light bulb looks like a bomb here. From a distance you think it say ´Oink´.

    5) same as yours. I have commented earlier on his revisions which went the right way, but even in the last posted version were not open enough to symbolize an escaping thought. This could well be remade. Maybe I post a version of how it could be.

    6) nook with drop shadows. Never do an existing logo and never use a drop shadow. Would be difficult to use on a white background especially without the drop shadow.

    7) in the current form badly presented way already used a lot in variations on the net. Designer made however great progress in his revisions but that´s apparently not accepted by notion ink. A pity as his progress looked good.

    8) same comment as you have

    9) disagree. Seen too many times in my long life in this industry. No image. Notion Ink is not big enough to associate this complete and overused abstract with it´s brand. Nobody will ever remember this unless notion ink is prepared for a billion dollar campaign. Even if that money was available why not use it to associate with a strong brand image instead of an off the shelf abstract.

    10) if a word mark would be the solution then there are zillions of better fonts. Better would be a custom font in that case. Like one of the late entries in this blog

    Again this is no criticism of the designers, but of notion inks pick and presentatiion choice. In the 43 there were some stronger concepts which have been left out. I would have liked to see all 43 with the latest revised versions.

    I will be happy if whoever gets the price as that´s the way the contest has been organized, but present all 43 with their latest revision to a professional and have him or her select a few candidates and present their final entries on different media to a few focus groups.

  186. i feel it will be nice if some one could place these logos on pics of adam and upload them, it will be nice and it will be easy to see which one looks better……..

  187. dear Maz can u place above selected logos on adam and upload to see how they would look…just like as u did with no 10

  188. else what???

    Just forget about this blog and keep reading Engadget or Slashgear or some site like that, which you normally do for other gadgets, for their release dates.
    This blog is an informal way in which Rohan wants to communicate to us. I don’t think its appropriate to use rude language to them.

  189. agree… it should not be done in a weeks time… i believe they could have put this contest long back…and now they dont have enough time to look into these stuff….

    and there were some good logos in the bottom 33… that (i felt) are far better than the top 10…

  190. Hello Carlo,

    I do not criticize the quality of these 10 logos (some are good) but the method to build the NotionInk Identity. You need to think before drawing.

    Where is the creative brief ? what is the concept ? What must the logo communicate ?

    Groups choose without argument, they just like or not like. Brand identity has nothing to do with “like”, Brand identity must communicate a concept.

  191. Indeed, as they were focused on the most important things concerning the tablet itself. Still, I don’t believe a logo makes such a big difference. A couple of those left are good enough IMHO.

  192. I am surprised by the selection of the top ten logos because there are some
    among them that I totally dislike.

    My favorites happen to be 1,3 and 5.

    I hope that NotionInk doesn’t plan to take the winner logo as is but will rather
    consider taking good aspects from several submissions and compose their final
    logo from it.
    For example, there are submissions that have a very nice logo but would look
    even nicer if the font used would be switched with one from a different
    submission. Likewise, someone said that the background of image #5 is
    distracting. In my vote, I did not take into account such things and only
    conentrated on how much I liked the idea of the logo itself, hoping that
    NotionInk would then optimize the parts of it (modifying colors, background,
    font type, slogan etc…)

  193. *** Proposal for a logo modification ***

    Concerning image 1: I liked the logo that was among the top 40 which has a brain
    inside of a lightbulb. I believe this brain-bulb should be combined with the
    logo from image 1.

  194. *** Proposal for a logo modification of #9 submission ***

    I did a GazoPa reverse image search on some of the logos in order to find out
    whether they are too close to existing ones but couldn’t find any existing
    company logos that might pose legal issues.

    While searching for images similar to #9, the GazoPa enginge came across this

    and I realized that it might be a good idea to modify the #9 logo so that it’s
    shape appears as the natural reflection of a glass surface!!

  195. Just testing as I can see that another post is still awaiting moderation. I wonder why some posts are kept in hold and others go through automatically.

  196. I voted…. after reviewing all first and had a short list of 4…. slept over them… woke up fresh and reviewed all again and arrived at same short list and then re-reviewed the 4 and recorded my vote for the one… which I realise now may not be liked by many 🙂

    lets get cracking NI… pick the winner and lets put that stamp on all those babies sitting in the factory and put them in the eager laps of moms and dads and uncles and aunts and bros and sisters…. and granddads and grandmoms too at least the 2 or 3 who showed up here … we owe them the Adam

  197. All these days, I have been keeping from friends from buying other tablets. For me, the Pixel Qi (which will help me in doubling this as e-book reader) has been one of the key points in looking forward to this one. Sadly, as with all of you here, I am also still in the dark about the release dates and support issues.

    Now, I am unable to hold my friends from going for other ones since other products have started hitting the market. 😦

    I was planning to go for a kindle last month, but thought of waiting till end of the year. With due respect to Rohan and his team for their dedication and hardwork, I think NI will lose out to market sooner or later, if results are not delivered fast.

    I am eagerly looking forward to this weekend update in the hope that we will have something concrete at least this time!

  198. #1 is perfect!
    Within one simple logo you can find a drop and nib (symbolizing the “ink”) and a bulb (symbolizing the “notion”).

    It is self-explanatory. Well done!!

  199. Hm, the post above just worked so only my specific reply is kept in hold. It was a detailed technical response to the analysis in ´Gigantor said, on October 28, 2010 at 07:48´ but I won´t repeat it here as there will be a reason it´s blocked.

  200. Nishit,

    This is a fair and substantiated opinion. Not overly critical at all. However, I feel different about it.

    On the vertical note: the logo is presented in an attractive way, i chose a vertical presentation but the logo would look just as good horizontally.

    I agree, the droplet could be associated with oil. But then again, Apple could be associated with a fruit store. Apple’s logo translates TO ‘apple’ which is why it works. The same theory applies here.

    It’s clear to me that you’ve based your opinion on how the logo is presentated, instead of looking at the logo itself and it’s potential. Your theorycrafting tells me your opinion (however a respectable opinion) is not a professional opinion.

    Thanks for your comment!

  201. OMG!! This is an important post; thanks max3d!!!! I hope Notion Ink has read your post and is now aware of the prior art.

  202. I need some feedback on this logo of mine (my other username is silv) :

    The logo consists of a light bulb which reflects the ideas and
    dynamics that one encounters as a young start-up. The ideas were incorporated into sketches, from where you transformed vague ideas into solid forms.
    This is symbolized by the pencil inside the light bulb. The 2nd part
    of the name is symbolized by the black drop inside the bulb.

  203. First.

    Nice work to all of you guys.

    But: Come on Rohan, give us all something to gaze upon.. More pictures, video of the adam running the UI and a timeframe for preordering.
    Reading everyday about other tab`s coming out i the near future and i would reeaaaallllly love to have something to keep me amped up, this constant waiting drives me crazy..He he..
    But keep up the good work.

  204. I voted #3. But with a VERY close runner-uo for #9.

    All designs are quite good and I hope all 10 designers get rewarded in some way.

  205. damm voted 4 but actually meant to vote for 2

    so yeah my favs are in order 2 and 4

  206. KShu i’m sure u never participated. So this isn’t for you anyway. And, how about you stop talking retarded things.
    Mine was just my view or suggestion. After all it is about paying more for what you want (Limited Edition), you aren’t taking it for free either. If you are not up for the idea don’t take it! Buy a regular model & be happy, as simple as tat. And there is no question of clogging agenda as they are, already on sechedule with the official logo declaration & this idea was just an extra add-on idea to keep up with all the “participating” fans!

  207. Vishesh, very few people were displeased with not having their logo selected. It’s a matter of artistic opinion – how Notion Ink want to brand themselves is up to them.

    The team are on a tight schedule on releasing this and they don’t need any extra things distracting them.

    Let them do their job.

  208. First one is best but not perfect. It fits just 4 a simple InkReader but not 4 such an allrounder..

  209. oh and I did a logo design myself and it didn’t get in. whoop-di-doo, it doesn’t bother me. This idea of yours won’t get the adam out any quicker.

  210. whatever logo is chosen we need to render *ADAM* logo again to create ambiance . all logos r good, 1&3 r looks better to me. all the best.

  211. I like #1– the blue reminds me of namaste, or the shape of a diya in addition to the bulb. But the text is ghastly.

  212. Thanks, max3d.

    Alas… This isn’t suddenly going to be added to the top 10, my effort goes in vain. I regret contending so vigorously with these MS Paint amateurs. Sincerely hope Notion Ink sorts this out and hires a professional to save their brand.

    Best of luck to them.

  213. He posted them in the original post with the logo competition 🙂
    and if he changes direction, he’ll get a new logo/brand identity.

  214. a composite ISN’T needed as the first place you’re likely to see the notion ink logo will be on a website or on a billboard – not on the adam itself!

  215. pretty sweet, but he did as for one final submission – not loads. Also, the first thing I saw when I looked at it was a sad face, and then a chat program’s icon.

  216. So true! I wish someone had crossposted the contest to reddit/design, or someplace where designers hang out. Apologies to the creators, but these are too “geeks with a woody for design” for my taste. Also, I would have liked seeing a subtle nod to India in the design– and no I don’t mean those godawful faux devanagari-English typefaces! I mean something like the elegant design of the new Rupee symbol.

  217. Did Rohan ever implicitly say that this would be the company logo? Or did he state that the logo that wins this contest would be etched on millions of Adams?

    I thought all he said was you get $1000 and a free adam, no? There was no mention of what they were going to do with the wiinning logo, was there?

    Not 100% sure the logo chosen will be the logo the company decides on.

  218. @ Shirley : No offense (really) but obviously you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Very classy ? Badly executed, not even a logo.

    Not even readable, take out the shadings & co, what’s the result ? “ri”, what’s ri ?

    Tons of logo looks just like this too, it could be for ANYTHING just called “Nsomething Isomething” there is no identity at all !

    No offense to the designers, but that’s amateur work, it should not be here sorry.

  219. (if you are one of the designer’s of the 10 final logos, please don’t read this)
    I’m really disappointed about the kind of poll you choose for something of such an importance. It isn’t protected in a really good way (no captcha, no autification or something similar). You could easily influence the final number of votes for your logo by voting from different proxies. You just need a macro for mouse recording(or something similar, maybe even a browser extension) and a good proxy list to cheat the whole voting.
    I think you forget that each of the 10 finalists here is able to win about $1500. Therefore it would be worth to let the computer run about 10 hours a day (while you are at work…) to make 1000 votes for you. When we a expect a total of 10000 votes (26000 in the color poll, divided by 2 cause you could choose 2, minus the double votes cause you where able to vote the next day again) this would have a really big influence. Please correct me if I am wrong or I oversee any protection. Otherwise is this voting a farce.
    I frankly hope that the best will win and NOT the (owner of the) best proxy list

  220. Yes, I agree with what you say =) hopefully the chosen one looks good though. So far, most of the top 10 look worse than some top 43 ones.

    I like the poke at apple too (its an apple… creative much)

  221. 6, 10, 3
    In that order.

    Vishesh – lame – but understand – anxious like the rest of us to wrap your hands around an Adam.

  222. why only my url,s await moderation for a long time.

    -is it bcuz of photo buckt?
    -large image file?
    Or anything else

    i’m runnin outa patience!
    I can c many of them postin urls in the comnts,

    stil mine takes half a day!

    Is there anything i can do?

  223. To be clear as not everybody is aware of how it works. These logos can be bought from a lot of shops with just ´put in your company name´. This one could have been had for 99$ but I don´t know of course what the policy of that shop is. I´m not affiliated to them in any way.

    It´s just a regular check which is always wise. As you can see on the above link there are loads of social networking like logo´s which you will recognize as lots of companies use these. Paid or not I don´t know.

    For a brand image it´s however extremely important that as a company you are properly covered. The same goes by the way for a contract with the winner of this competition!

  224. iamapirate is the dumbest vegetable ever! …a logo is a visual identity and may or may not have any text.
    its NOT supposed to be the company’s office address!

  225. I´m in the same boat with my main post. It contains two urls so I now restrain myself to one at a time which immediately go through. Not sure if that´s the reason. It´s very annoying as it´s the post I put by far the most time in.

  226. 2 is passe… not all original

    Checkout these already existing so very similar feeling logos…

  227. wow those ten are terrific!!!!
    most of them are by far better than they were at the first round.

    hope my choice will be the winner (hehe),
    great job all of you who have proposed your logo.

    we are at le final track before the release (i hope ;-)).

    can’t to see how the tablet will look like with the winning logo.

    maybe another week-end special this soon ?

  228. after my cry above, i cud see my commnt without those annoying words. pstd At 11:14 2day. After 7 hrs.

    Wud they hav read mine? 🙂

  229. totally agree, although i did expect to receive some type of email acknowledging that they got my logo and thanking me for participating. As far as i know I wasted my time on something no one ever saw.

  230. The first that merges a lightbulb with a pen is a BRILLIANT design. Not only is it simple, well designed and pretty but most importantly it sticks in you mind. The other logos are nice and very business to business looking but the first one screams of a consumer based company with a focus on being clean and straight forward. It’s the winner hands down.

    You’ll have to include a couple stickers when I buy my adam so I can put that one on the back window of my car.

  231. assalam alaikkum.. Var.

    Ya, thats mine. what else will make me to add the no. to my name?

    VOTE FOR #5!

  232. yes – what does a fountain pen remind me of – lp, black-and-white tv
    I don’t want to have Adam to remind me of those.

    A logo – rather than “liked by most” – should be “disliked by least”

  233. I would like to see some of those logos combined, for example the image on #1 with the letters of #6.

  234. I think its a question of what’s the dominating feature: the logo or the text? somehow the ones where text is dominating are looking too ‘banner’ like and less of logo… in a way thats the crux of the problem for Rohan and hence the flood of ‘images’ ranging from bulbs, liquids, dots to try and ‘convey’ notion ink and the same time somehow relate to the letters N & I…. I dont think the logo itself will drive the company or product(s) its the other way round eventually… so Rohan is trying to get a reasonably unique logo to kick start the marketing and then let his baby – our baby! – adam itself do the talking and hard work

    dont know if I answered your question friend… I think we are all so ‘attached’ to adam and by extension NI and if some evil force were to come in between the product launch we are all ready to volunteer to chip in with anything we could…. the logo designs and the work put in by everyone like you is testimony to that sentiment




  236. we never know… assuming NI reserves exclusive rights on all submissions and irrespective of the winning logo, they might as well play around with some to mix-n-match and/or fine tune to adopt to all media including ofcourse on the products like adam, eve…

  237. @ Mindview,

    You maybe have a point with your comment on my design #1 (therefor I made some modifications on it – more abstract), but your logo design have great similarity with my design, or am I wrong? Besides; you can’t have the light bulb “hanging” –> having an IDEA (or NOTION) is with upstanding lightbulb…


  238. Ultimately I voted for 4.

    It’s very important for a company to have logos with recognizable fonts and something text based, but also have a an emblem which can be separated from the font entirely, and stand on its own to represent the brand.

    The logo creator made enough of an argument by:

    + using/creating a stylish font
    + making the logo compact but differentiating words via color
    + integrating the emblem into the text logo to save space
    + creating a patterned background of the logo to showcase its ability to stand alone
    + overstylizing the logo as to not make the inclusion of a light bulb look trashy.
    + realizing that the last “O” in NotionInk lands right in the middle of the 9 character name, and exploiting that.

  239. Actually they ate grapes. Just an FYI from somebody who knows what they are talking about instead of just listening to what EVERYONE thinks but never actually read the story themselves. It is quite obvious they ate grapes.

    I think that numbers 1, 2, and 7 are the best. I chose 7 for my vote because 2’s logo seems a little generic and 1 seems a little too cartoonish and not as professional as 2 or 7.

  240. Hi. Rohan here is what i think:
    Logo-1– please don’t go with it as it looks like a potty, no joking.
    Logo 2–Too dark background and lots of sharp edges.
    Logo 3–Perfect
    Logo 4–Again a very dark background and too many colors.
    Logo 5–Too much writing and lack of style in writing.
    Logo 6–Perfect, but less than number 3.
    Logo 7–Again lack of style in writing and too many sharp edges. and too big.
    Logo 8-Very gark background, lack of style in writing and too many sharp edges.
    Logo 9–Good but again the alphabets need to be written in style.
    Logo 10–Good but too many rectangles even though the alphabets have a nice style.

    I wish you all the best.

  241. I just want to make one thing clear, i did not take part in the logo contest and the list i mentioned is an honest opinion on my part.
    Best of luck to everyone.

  242. Strictly speaking, the results of your poll will be skewed since the order of the slides is not randomized.

  243. AWESOME WORK! I LOOOVE it !!!
    I bet the logo would look even nicer if it were combined with a font in lowercase, similar to the #10 proposal.

  244. Thanks for showing me Harun! I remember my suggestions to you in the earlier stage.

    If you get the chance I would take the fatness out of the N and thicken the circle a bit. Just to make it scaleable to a small size which would be difficult now.

  245. Thanks for sharing these. Could you scale the simplified black and whites down to see what would happen on a product f.i.

  246. Sorry I forgot that these revisions were already rejected. Too bad as the old one was not scalable enough and had the impossible background to reproduce. Yet it´s the chosen one, so forget about my request.

  247. Great similarities i don’t think so, but you’re right about the fact that our logos and others share the idea about mixing a bulb and a drop.

    But treatment, execution, orientation, target and message aren’t the same at all in my opinion.

    Yeah idea notion is commonly symbolized with an upstanding bulb, as well as a drop isn’t turned upside down. That’s part of my concept, the logo just suggest this things, it doesn’t show them of obviously because it would cause a misunderstanding from people.

    You draw clearly an ink pen, or a bulb they won’t see the true identity, they’ll see a a bulb and will say “hey yeah ok cool” only if they already know the name and the product, those who knows nothing about this project will be lost.

    By the way i’ve seen your others revision, and that’s a shame NI seleted your first version, new ones were way better !

  248. A lot of work you spent gigantor :). But you did not send it to me. I just almost felt that NI should have N! as google to the googol. It’s a simple mathematical concept to explain ( choose a number and countdown to 1 , then multiply all the digits.) It is taught at the secondary level. or even in some country at the elementary level ( of course you can go geek if you want to involve the gamma function). And most text write the factorial as n!, not a! or B! or some other letters. I dont known though in some culture who doesnt not use the alphabet system.It needs though a graphic treatment of some professional graphic artist. I tried to give it the simplest I can and also the help of others and had 2-day crash course with illustrator. But I know it woudn’t give justice to the concept. Someone better who understand the principles of logo and the design, and understands its effect on the psychology of the people would do a great job than I do. Honestly, I just want the first adam, not the $1000. Because I wouldn’t want notion ink to have a logo designed done by someone who dabbled with illustrator in just 2 days. But of course I still give it a shot. Hopefully, in the future NI would know when to solicit ideas from the community and know when to stop, and seek advice of the PRO’s.

  249. I had an even easier suggestion to completely ruin the poll. It has been removed apparently so I won´t repeat it.

    It was not my intention to do so (I´m not a contestant) nor a suggestion that people would or should do so but the chances are reasonably high that someone will. In my example it would have been an expense of 50$ to buy the 1500$ price.

    I would hate the idea that the final brand image of notion ink would have been prior art or chosen by bought votes and both are serious possibilities.

  250. The above NOTION is supposed to be centered over the INK. And then centered over Build On It.

    I guess you have visualize a bit.

  251. Where are the REAL LOGOS (Shell/AUDI/MERCEDES)
    I voted two cause It was the one I disliked the least as combination (logo+ letters)
    logo= flower power?

    I Liked the Sitting MAN (NI) as LOGO (needed some finetuning).

  252. @ darshan – the fountain pen of #1 is good, because I use fountain pens, at least when I’m away from my desk or home. Otherwise I use dip pens (with inkwells). (These are good for people w/carpal tunnel syndrome, sicne they writewith almost no pressure, plus they’re way fun.) I have lots of lps, and am continuously buying more; admittedly that’s a niche market (and they usually come w/download codes). I’m not old enough to remember b&w tv.

    #1 also looks, sort of, like a penguin, which brings to mind Linux and maybe Android, so that’s in there, too.

    I’m voting for #9, though, since I really don’t like the light bulb (cliché), and anyway the vote is for a logo and not a cluster of semiotic obscurities.

  253. Wish it were possible to vote for none of those. Seriously. Sorry, if anyone got offended, but as many others seem to be… I am not impressed!

  254. All these recent steps are showing that the project is gaining traction.
    But the Million Dollar Question remains: What is the Launch date and Pricing structure?!?

    Hope this is available by Holiday season (preferably before Thanksgiving) and in reasonable price range.

    Eagerly waiting for this device to show up at stores/online.

    – Atul

  255. This is the one that should have been shown in the final 10. Looks great on the adam. Maybe even better if black and white.

  256. Rohan mentioned they are going to print all the logos they got on the wall of their company. that is to me much better appreciation than sending a acknowledgment email.

  257. Also voted for 2, with hope that Rohan’s team will further improve it by simplifying the lines as well as detach symbol from name. This will make it flexible to use the name with other world languages.

  258. I think they’ll launch it just prior to ‘Thanksgiving’ and the ‘Black Friday’ to boost sales in the U.S. and some other parts of the world. Besides, people will start shopping for Christmas by that time. India will get its first 3G services from a local player in the first week of November, people will be interested in 3G devices, so even better for the local markets. Considering these, we might be looking at the 3rd week of November for an official launch, though it is just pure speculation for now.

  259. Here are my entries. Simple, thoughtful, elegant, symbolic and optimized for two color prints.

    They were late submissions. 😦

    Would love to know what people think… please.

  260. I’ve done that in one of my submissions but I guess they will not accept low-res versions with no special graphic effects.

    08 Avenir

    06 Houschka

    07 Houschka Resolute NF

  261. If nothing else, you could get graphics work from this! Amazing logos compared to the top 10. Would like to have your contact. We need to design a logo for business. Best work.

  262. #1 kind of reminds me of a conehead. I think if you looked at that logo for a year, you’d tire of it quickly.

  263. Why is everyone so hung up on having an ink drop or pen or some simliar image in the logo. I realize it’s in the name but isn’t the product all about getting away from that image?

  264. Clear: * 1 *

    It just hits the spot. If you think back of what Rohan told about the meaning of “Notion ink” this clearly fullfills all of the requirements. Very big respect to the designer, you did a great job. If you win: You deserved it. If you don´t: Anyway, very clever, nice and warm design!

    If * I * need a logo one day, I will email you! (^__^)

    BR, payce

  265. I agree entirely with you comments RE: #2… the strongest ‘iconic’-yet-not-literal logo in the group, but as a creative director, I’d send it back for multiple revs on the text/font treatment.

  266. In all seriousness, I am very excited for this tablet to come out, but the first thing I saw with the first slide was a vagina. Please, please, please don’t put that on your tablet!

  267. Wow Gigantor, some of them are really good! As many have mentioned already, I can’t figure out how they didnt make the top 10.

    Whatever it is, I hope it wont be a light bulb or a drop or flowers…

  268. Does it sustain drops ( my iPhone has fell too many times from 4-5ft but w/o any damages) and is it scratch resistant like Apple products?

  269. Sorry Mohan, can’t do that for 2 reasons.

    1) No 10 is my entry so touching the other entries to show how they wont work on the adam is a bit of a low blow and not fair to the other 9. So I won’t do that.

    2) Even if I wanted to, i don’t have the original image for flawless resizing, and they would only end up looking worse, and that is also not fair on the other designs.

  270. I agree with @KShu. Release the release date atleast and stick to it 🙂
    Enough with this perfection ideology. Samsung galaxy Tab is releasing in Nov and may be one of the best buys in Thanksgiving.I would love to see Notion ink Adam make it into the market before Christmas, can u imagine Adam being popularized as one of the best Xmas gifts.

    I have bragged to my friends, about how cool this tablet will be ever since it came out but 2 years is an eternity in tablet age. Now, I am thinking that I will wait until Nov 15th to see if there is any statement of a release date or pre-order date (and no more delays please). Galaxy Tab seems to have good specs except the Pixel Qi screen and the Gensis UI, so people will be really tempted.

    Also ,it is unclear to me whether the pricing is before or after carrier subsidy. 450 with Pixel Qi screen and no data plan agreement seems like a good deal. Hopefully stays that way

    Lets c what happens… delays or release 🙂 ne takers 😀

  271. Finalists 1, 2, 5, and 9 are the clear favorites among the top 10 (I think 8 is last place and frankly there are better logos in the top 43). One of these will be the winner.

    Logo #1: The least informal of the 4 but this catches everyone’s eye the most. I prefer Bjorn’s other logo because this has a weird shape formed by the tail of a droplet (which actually to me looks like a flame and someone said a bird beak…eek!) The logo is easily recognizable and there are 3 concepts merged into a single icon. It needs a little work, and among them is to change the blue color to black. It reminds some people of…

    State Bank of India

    Logo #2: I like the concept of a splattering of ink droplets. I’d like to see this in greyscale. The detal inside the droplets (to show depth) will disappear when applied to other forms of media or other treatments (like a cutout). A similar stockphoto is available for this as someone posted. This is less similar logo by…

    Dawn Pure Essentals

    than his other entry in the top 43 which is very close to the logo above and i’m glad the perpective view was selected over it.

    Logo #5: This logo needs a revision of the font for the company name. The dot on the eye catches attention because it is off and it looks like it is moving around the N. I prefer the improvements that he made but surprisingly this one is posted for voting. It’s a pity. Still resembles the Nook font a little bit but not an exact copy of the font as what logo #6 did (I actually like the font but not for Notion Ink).

    Logo #9: This is one of my favorites. It’s subtle and sophisticated yet it’s easy and cheap to make. It doesn’t say much about the concept behind Notion Ink but it will be more recognizable when the company becomes succcessful like Atari or However, some people think the style of using negative space to imply a letter is old school and cliched. It also reminds them of the following logos.


    NextPrint (I don’t even think this company exists)

  272. 3 just looks so much better than the others. It makes me feel happy and warm inside. Ok, that was probably a little creepy…

  273. So true … the logo is and will be missing something … until Notion Ink company delivers real products demonstrating quality, innovation and inspiration.

  274. I have been trying to get this on the blog for the past few days. I dont know why i am being censored. NI- please open up a forum!

    I think the winner should get the $1000 & get the Notion Ink tablet. But the Logo that finally ends up on the Tablet should be professionally designed.

    Take a look at some of the logos on the site below They blow the ones submitted out of the water!

    If NI insists on using the submissions, we can help weed out any potential copy right infringement.

    For example Logo 2 looks like or a combination of

    This is a small sampling there could be others that are similar in design. I would not want NI to end up with a lawsuit.

  275. I think it’s not true, unfortunately. We are until voting for the logo, the product until doesn’t have FCC. The luck of Notion Ink is that it will have pixel qi and that Apple iPad is too expensive. In the other hand I was thinking, the product it will be more expensive then they are saying. Why? It will finish fast, and we will only could buy in ebay, for 100, 200, more.

  276. I feel Rohan has only considered logos which can fit on the “top left corner of ADAM”.

    So logos like this, even though much better than top 10, were not considered. But I think if this was the case then Rohan should have mentioned these conditions in the beginning of competition.

  277. Is it better to just write the name or the initials of the company in a nice font? … Hmm, much more original… 😉

  278. I dont think logos are really that important. Several top companies (microsoft, google, etc) have lousy logos. But their brand names are strong.

  279. I have been watching this post since February 2010 and I have to say it seems like things are coming along well. I can’t wait for it to be released.

    Cheers from the USA

  280. I think the voting should have been based on ranking. Choose your best 3 and rank them accordingly or rate the top 10 with 5 stars as the best and 1 star as the worst. I think that will be a better barometer of who should be the winner.

  281. These are my entries. Simple, thoughtful, elegant, symbolic and optimized for two color prints.

    Submitted them late.

    Please take a look, would like to know what people think about it.

    This is my first design project, so even criticisms are welcome.

  282. I like number 2. I sometimes feel this is just some way to divert the focus from the launch preparations. I have waited long time, and I’m now tempted to get the HP Slate. Hopefully NI will not let us down, with whatever logo the company selects!

  283. @Vishesh Doshi – wht for u posting this crap everywhere? nobody interested to join you! if you dont like the logo on ur adam, just take it off, and paint with ur design…!

  284. I prefer the first one. I can see that the screw treads represent fingers of a man holding a tablet but at first glance it looks like a thimble or a screw. I’m not big on the concept of a lightbulb pointing downwards as it defeats the interpretation of the IDEA. OTOH, the upside down ink is interesting because it symbolizes defying gravity which I prefer because a black droplet in the right orientation would easily remind people of an oil company.

  285. @ gleakart You’re right, you shouldn’t have to explain what it means. To the ordinary consumer the N! is just like and N with and exclamation mark that represents the !. That is good enough to define the company. But to us who are in the industry, we interpret it as an N Factorial. What Eric tried to convey is to expound on the concept of his logo for his client. That there is more to it than meets the eye.

    It’s too bad he is not a graphic artist because he could have done some graphic treatments to it and it would have made the top 10 and win.

  286. This is not one of my favorite logos and this revision looks like a man with a turban, like a Sikh, sorry. I understand why it was not chosen for the top 10.

  287. Between 5 & 9, I am torn. Should I go with the trendy more dynamic logo of Harun or should I go with the simple and conservative yet sophisticated logo of Pratik? Harun’s logo needs a little work but he did show the potential improvements he can do although the font for the company needs major work. Pratik’s logo can stand on its own with very minimal editing….oh where is Tim Gunn when you need him?!

    In the end, I chose what I think in which direction should Notion Ink go. In that case. the WINNER IS >>>>>>>>>>>………………………

    HARUN! LOGO #5

    Congratulations….You Got my Vote! Notion Ink should go with the radical , the whimsical, the different. I think it speaks of them.

  288. All are great. But 7, 6, 5, 1 are best.
    #7 can improve, definitelly. but 1 is my choice

  289. logo is okay.. but the font is kinda like a distraction to it..

    i voted for #4…
    All the best man….!

  290. I think Rahul is perfectly right with his criticism of the voting system. Whether or not it is a good approach to offer a parallel ballot is a different animal, but I too find myself in the position that I CANNOT express my INTENTION by means of the voting system provided by NotionInk. For example, I like option 1, 3 and 5 more or less equally well and prefer them over the rest. Aside from that I am heavily opposed to option 7.
    Now, the current poll doesn’t allow me to express my preferences, my intention, my taste, my opinion or call it whatever you like and therefore it can be argued that it makes no sense to cast my vote at all. In short: if you like green eggs for breakfast it doesn’t do you any good if someone offers you to only choose between having ham for lunch or spam for supper.
    -> the current vote is too restrictive and therefore doesn’t actually measure correctly the communities’ actual preference.

    I therefore applaud Rahul’s comment’s for one and don’t see how his parallel vote can be of any harm for another.
    We need more people who identify shortcomings in voting systems. If people are unaware of how inappropriate a given voting system for a company logo is for representing their actual opinion, then chances are that these people also happen to be unaware of how incapable their country’s electoral system actually is letting them represent their actual opinion profile. So, for the sake of creating the right awareness in the context of more important polls it is wholesome to train one’s awereness in contexts as this one where the objective is to “only” select a company’s logo.

  291. Hi,

    My logo was out of race in first round itself, so I used a component of it in my book cover, it is Ok, right?

  292. holy moly!! Five stars and two thumbs up for the SHEER DILIGENCE! You actually created FORTY different designs! Now I’m interested in whether other participants can match or even surpass that number. _taking my hat off_ 😀

  293. Hmm…perhaps you should also consider that the usual form of the idol for the Vedic deity Shiva, the third part of the Trinity, is a Lingam or phallus that is placed in a Yoni, or Vagina. Indians, at least, should get a ‘divine’ connotation out of logo #1.

    I, for one, prefer the 6th logo – signifying an emergent notion that is gradually filled up with ink.

  294. I voted #1 as it has the best concept, best execution, is not overly complicated, easy to remember… attractive… and could be easily printed on a device (the same way the black (or white in some cases) Apple logo is on all their products).

  295. I think it would be cool to use the first logo and incorporate the light bulb with two brains!

  296. Notion Ink doesn’t own your design til they register it. Heck, they didn’t even display it so I say it’s fair game.

  297. Rohan, the poll would be better if everyone was allowed to vote on multiple logos. Here is an explanation why

    Lets say there are four people and three logos
    Person 1 likes Logo1 (so he votes for logo1)
    Person 2 likes Logo2 but can live with logo 1 (so he votes for logo2)
    Person 3 likes logo3 but can live with logo 1 (so he votes for logo3)
    Person 4 likes logo3 but can live with logo1 (so he votes for logo3)

    Now votes tally is as follows
    Logo1 – 1 vote
    Logo2 – 1 vote
    Logo3 – 2 votes

    Now you would pick logo3 (it makes 2 people happy). Instead if you allowed for multiple voting, the votes tally would have been
    Logo1 – 4 votes
    Logo2 – 1 vote
    Logo3 – 2 votes

    In this case 4 people would be happy with their votes. I know it is a bit late to change this poll, but maybe next time you can keep this in mind.


    P.S.: Is there a way I be a part of Notion Ink?

  298. I’m not sure blind “unbiased” voting was necessarily the best thing in this case. I obviously understand Rohan’s reasoning, but say for instance I like logo A the best, but also really loved logo B, and hated logo Z. In a blind poll I’d vote for logo A. But say in an open poll I saw that logo A only had 1% of the votes, and logo B and Z were tied for first. In this case I’d obviously vote for logo B, so as to vote for the logo that I liked that actually had a chance of winning.

  299. Your reasoning is good but that’s why Rohan kept the voting results secret to avoid the case you exampled. Unless, you have read though all the posts here, you’ll never have a notion (pun intended) that logo this and that are leading the votes.

  300. You have a wild imagination. The black light bulb looks like a bomb don’t you think?

  301. I really like #2 the best by far. In fact I like it so much, that if you picked it, I’d get a tattoo of it on my shoulder it for you, like that guy with the Zune logo.

  302. I am very anxious for this to come out. Hope it comes out before Christmas. I been holding off on buying the iPad for this tablet hehehe. I also anxious to see what the new logo will look like because that person not only get the very first Adam but also the logo that will be put on all of them. I am wondering though if the very first Adam will be signed and numbered by the CEO and Corporate Team that would be awesome.

  303. And even if you kept track you can´t know how many people voted without posting. It would be completely impossible in case someone mobilized a cheap ´vote 50.000´s from different IP´s as offered on world´s largest freelance service located in India.

  304. In addition to that, there’s that it’d save them a lot of time disputing which logo won when they decide they specifically like another – it’s basically like verifying your hypothesis through a trial group.

  305. I never use but I hear that´s not a bad website to get reviews on a concept. If there is someone with some credits there he/she could post nr. 1 there as that´s recurring choice.

    It would enormously broaden the focus group and I believe most of the people there are knowledgeable in graphic design. The reactions on 2: an for sale logo which is often used and the current nook like as presented are predictable. The same goes for 9. So that leaves 3 if someone else has some credits there. The rest can of course be done as well.

  306. No I did not send it to you because it was too late. I wish I was able to 😦 Maybe they could have selected it….. then we would have shared the fame! 🙂

    I wish they not use the winning logo then they can come back to the community and say…we are actually using the N! logo and we will do another contest based on that logo. That would be sweet! This time the prize will be a penny for every Adam sold including all future versions of Adam! Check given every month.

  307. I had another idea for the logo (ok, I know this is too late but when I have an unfinished idea in my mind… 😉 )
    Because the screen background light of the Adam can be turned on or off, I used black text on white surface and white text on black surface in my previous logo attempt ( )
    I now used the same technique but using some kind of a book as background ( )

  308. Logo #1 should have the typeface of Brandon Grotesque Bold. I think the company name should be larger and it shouldn’t be condensed.

    Logo #2 should have the typeface called Sone. Very elegant and yet still modern.

    Logo #3 should have had Platform One typeface for the company name and should be bigger. I can’t believe that was not even revised. I wonder if the author even bothered.

    or a little variation of it which is the ArchiType Bayer font.

    Logo #5 A little difficult because I do not like the frankfurter style of typeface for the company name as it will look too informal since the logo itself is already playful. Something that’s not too casual is Martin Gothic (in small case)

    Logo #9 I’m ok with the typeface but the Notion should be in regular as it depicts an intangible connection to the implicit N while the Ink should be in bold as it is a tangible object.

  309. 2 of my favorites didn’t make it to the top 10. The Sanskrit font NI and the N Factorial concept. I made modifications of these at the request of the authors. Please check them out and tell me what you think.

  310. The positive space is suppposed to be an “I” correct? This is also one of my many concepts in a few of my submissions but I guess they like yours better. Check them out, ok. In the very first one, I thought about getting rid of the grey tops. the N will look more implicit.

    03 Structura

  311. @freemind I’m no graphic artist but when Rohan came out with this logo contest it got me very excited to work on something for a product that I covet so much, the Adam. I had several concepts and variations of my logo but could not make up my mind as to what to submit. Also, I was able to submit many samples since I avoided any graphic treatments and effects like gradients, drop shadows and what-have-you which I think are unnecessary anyway if you want to convey just the concept.

    I went for the shotgun approach thinking that Rohan would at least pick one. But i’m surprise not one was selected. I would have been happier if at least one was in the top 43. I enjoyed working on my logos just the same. Please keep in mind that I (and all of us who submitted entries) do not have the benefit of facing the client and getting instant feedback so my approach would make sense because once you submit them then you just hope that they like it enough to pick it among the thousands that were submitted. I am impressed though that some of the guys here have two or three of their few submissions selected for the top 43. In case of Pratik, all three of his designs were selected out of the 4500!

    My strategy may have backfired because I didn’t explain my concepts but I thought a logo would not need any explanation. Also they may be looking for more polished and fluffed versions. It may have been some of my entries were submitted too late just like perhaps yours because I sent some of them in the last hour so it may have arrived a little late.

    As for your logo. It reminds many people of a very popular brand of American car that has been around since 1925. By that, i’m referring to Chrysler. I think when designing something for a startup like Notion Ink, it is best that at least the shape of the logo be unique to that company in order for them to standout. I will avoid shapes like the apple (Apple), the swoosh (Nike) and in this case, the pentagon with a star (Chrysler) because they are too recognizable to the specific company that the company name itself has became superfluous.

  312. It was my mistake due to using the wrong site for Indian time. Afaik the poll is still open. I said I wouldn´t vote so it´s not that I tried to do so.

  313. Thanks to all those who responded on my early posts regarding my logo designs. I appreciated the nice comments. I would like to know which one are your favorites and perhaps I would make a poll and create a screensaver of the top 10 favorites, this time with some graphic treatements. Here is a slideshow.

  314. WTF…it is 10.45pm Central time on 10/29 – i.e. 9.15 am IST on 10/30 but I can’t vote even though it says polls close at 11am IST on 10/30.

    If you care to add my vote (in good desi estyle) – #9

  315. Oh! din’t notice tat. Guess! din’t notice it in tat way… maybe only a woman would know/notice it at all. theirr mind works only on this. Adriana plz! get it right its just harmless ink incorporating a notion. or the entire thing is a upside down nib of a pen.

  316. thanks! iamapirate ….agreed completely!
    And as for the commentor- Dreamharvest…thanks to you too. My message is through whether u like it or not. Ppl read it no matter what. And i don’t ask any1 to join in to cause some sort of fiasco! And espically not u. I’m no union here. So lets leave all this grumbling aside & concentrate on Adam’s & its launch A.S.A.P

    Then u can do wat u want & i will what i want. And then no more bloggin & comments from ppl like u. Todays crap is tommorows gold! so i’l keep my idea & u keep u’r hyper comments to yourself.

  317. Now that the poll is closed I can safely say that I voted for 2. It’s a nice design and it reminds of ink droplets or pen nibs coming together in a cooperative manner. Now to wait and see who won 🙂

  318. Woah, easy there Vinu! i think Rohan knows what a logo is meant to be – and he didn’t say he wanted no text – actually the majority of them he selected have text alongside. Think of apple’s logo – you sometimes see it with the ‘apple’ text alongside it. Doesn’t make the logo any inferior, it just means that it compliments the text!

  319. Actually when it closed I saw that there was actually 8 hours still available before closing, unless i’m looking at the wrong clock that was posted here (for India’s time) by someone, I don’t get it too. Why Rohan hasn’t explained the reason for doing it just escapes me.

    Rohan said he’s going to use the winning logo for their company. That means he really likes the winner. I just hope that he will make revisions to the logo since it will become their sole property. Like for example, logo #5 looks similar to the Nook logo. If that won, then I would make the N in the logo a little different. Maybe something like the UNicod Sans Bold font:

  320. Mikos….I would have voted for your logo over anything from the top 10. I would like to see how the icon would look like next to the company name since it is how it would be displayed on the Adam…perhaps even make a composite just like some did. Show us what it would look like.

  321. You know I thought there’s something wrong with logo #4 (other than that it’s Astro Boy-ish) and you nailed it! It’s the light bulb. It definitely looks like a bomb..LOL.

    I’d like to see your version of logo #5.

    Yes, I do prefer Niko’s logo over any of these. And your comment to replace #10’s font with what Niko used I think it’s funny because that means #10 should be out and Nikos should be in in his place because not only that Niko has a better font, he has an actual icon. This brings as to logos #8 and #6. Both do not have an icon to speak of and rely on the typeface and special effects. #6 however lacks originality (NOOK) and if not for the graphic treatments I don’t think it would have even made the top 43.

    We disgareed on #9 however. I like the implicit N. I have very similar designs that I submitted to NI but were not chosen. The author also tries to tell us that there is an I there which I think is pushing it a little too far. In my logos, the I is actually more explicit.

    I like the simplicity and minimalistic design. It may have been used many times before and it is too conservative for a company like Notion Ink which prefers to define their company to be innovative and revolutionary. I agree that NI should be big and well known first to sport such a logo. It’s too formal rigid and uptight (like IBM). In that case, logo #9 fails. Thanks for pointing that out. I voted for #5 (with needed revisions) and good thing I made it in time because the poll closed much earlier than expected.

    BTW, how did you find out that my comment is #9269?

  322. Both #1 and your design has a strange shape for some reason. I think it’s because the N is shaped like a helmet for the exclamation mark. But I do like the explanation of your concept. The concept alone should have qualified you for the top 43. I didn’t know that there are 7 original founders of Notion Ink.

    The light rays seem to make the bulb look like the sun, but it may be because the color is yellow. I like the idea of color being faint toward the middle and get more saturated/intense as it travels to the outer edges. This is good if it’s printed on a business card but not on a simple cutout for a device or if the logo is photocopied.

    On another angle I think the light rays should be in uniform lengths because the bulb to me is looking like an eye with eyelashes. I think they shouldn’t be all on the top like that. They should be farther apart encircling at least half the bulb.

    Combining the letters with the icon does’t work for me because the kerning (spacing between the letters) are too far apart. There’s too much negative space. It’s better to just have them separated. The icon can stand on its own without the company name and vice versa. NOTION word will become almost unreadable in the smallest scale for the logo.

    I’m not big on the typeface. I think there’s too many curves. I’m not a fan of the letters K and T.

    Better to do a greyscale or b&w version alongside the colored version.

  323. for ‘example’ u chose mine! ^ ^
    loads of Pleasure.

    i didnt receive any mail till the night of 31st.

    May be i’m not the lucky one ;(

    howevr, wishes to the winner

  324. LOL! You have a wild imagination! If that logo 1 wins it will not remind me of a vagina! This is all your fault…that would suck! Now I hope Rohan makes a revision of the winner.

  325. Hey Harun, I made logos based on yours. It’s the first 4. I thought I play around with them. I had fun. I hope you like them. I appreciate comments from everyone.

  326. Hi Santosh. What do you have in mind? If you like to contact me…you can send email to my esquire415 account on AOL.

  327. dart missed the vote

    I would have voted 2

    but as corporate logo especially for the business market i can see a lot in 9.

    it took me a moment to understand it but very corporate

  328. I quite like your designs. I’m no designer – but these look fresh to me. Nice work!

  329. I would think Notion Ink will make revisions of the winning logo. I thought Logo #5 was going to be the winner but Harun said he didn’t receive an email on Halloween’s Eve. Be that as it may, in case he won, I made revisions of his logo because I’m not big on the almost Nook look-a-like of it (the logo will remind people more of the Nook than Notion Ink company). Please check it out and I hope you guys like them. They are the first 5 slides.

    I also made changes on Logo #1 which may be the winner. I think the shape is weird so I thought I could improve or refine it. I hope Bjorn, the author likes them. They are slides 7,8,9, & 10. I would appreciate comments from everybody.

  330. Good job. Yeah i dont like the nook ones and the omni group N that is the current #9. I also find that the N! and NI ones remind me and too many people of Monty Python’s ‘The Knights Who Say Ni!” sketch.

  331. If #2 won, I think it needs to be modified too since it is a generic illustration of stock photos on the internet. I made my own mod. Please check it out and comment.

    63 Armchair Modern 2

    64 Chogolisa 2

    I’m partial to the 2nd one I did and I hope NI revises it to something like that. However, I kinda prefer the font of the 1st one because the 2nd O is right smack in the center of the logo which gives it a more neat and balanced look.

  332. I hope it’s ok. I put in my comments here on Rohan’s blog about your logo design. I thought it has potential and I like your concept. I’m not big on the typeface and the shape and proportion of the logo itself is a little off to me. So I made my own mod and I hope you like it. Would like to know your feedback.

    59 Nouville 2

  333. I vote for number 3. Please let me know when this is on sale so I can buy this instead of the iPad.

  334. Check my mod of it. I made two for the indian syle logo. Optimized for black and white printing. I wish it made the top 10.



    Sorry, I don’t get the sitting person logo concept. Not my favorite.

  335. Hi Kumar S, I made a revision of the mod I made of your logo design. It’s even better. I got Photoshop happy (learning as I go along) and I really like the results. I sure wish now that this is Notion Ink’s logo. Check it out:

    [gigya src="" width="320" flashvars="offsite=true&lang=en-us&page_show_url=/photos/7642865@N02/sets/72157625303946679/show/&page_show_back_url=/photos/7642865@N02/sets/72157625303946679/&set_id=72157625303946679&jump_to=" allowFullScreen="true" ]

  336. love the idea encapsulated by the nib of a fountain pen…..very strong…..even in icon 16 by 16

    vagina????? I’m female and I don’t see it……perspective?

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