A new window to the future!


What exactly are we up to?

Tablet market is flooded with literally thousands of products, so much so that very similar looking products might have very different specifications. Phones have become phablets and tablets are becoming convertibles.

So, where do we stand? We get this question a lot, but we never started Notion Ink to work on a single product, it was a vision. A Vision where simple computing devices help us be more productive. What the market has now is a large display good for playing games or at most reaching out to the web? The very reason we started out, has not been achieved on tablets by anyone as of yet. We’ve met several consumers using the best product on the market asking them, what exactly are they doing with their device, and most of the times the answer is, that either their kids are playing games on it, or it is neatly kept in the drawer.

By November this year we will fix this.

Our roadmap is simple and clear. If you want a hint on the long-term goal, check this link till the end: LINK

Best wishes!
Rohan Shravan

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