Development Blog is up!

Dear All,

The Adam II development blog is up and we already have 3 posts on it!

First one is just introduction, second one is on OMAP and third on one of the Infographics Project in progress here at Notion Ink.

The aim of the development blog is to take you deeper into the hardware, software and design, it also aims at providing material so we can learn a bit while reading them. First blog on OMAP covers some of its interface right now and if you follow it till the end, you should be close to making your own device/peripheral or write a driver!

The second blog will not change anything on this blog, which will keep its focus on the Firm, Adam 1 and any other issues you might have.

Also notice that all Adam I information, specially on ICS will be posted here on this main blog.

Head over to this LINK if you want to learn more.

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

6 thoughts on “Development Blog is up!

  1. Good… TFS 🙂

    “The Adam II development blog is up and we already have 3 blogs up!” – i think you mean 3 posts not blogs 😛
    or else someone tell me which one is the 3rd blog ?

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