Next Step: libhw

Working WiFi
Working WiFi - MrDead Locked

Current Status: WiFi Working (needs further testing to call it “stable”).

Next Step: libhw (sensors works on kernel level right now, next is to get them working on Android level. After libhw step port will be shareable at least for beta testing).

This image has special meaning for us. MrDead Locked took this image from hospital where he is looking after his Dad, who just had successful heart surgery! All our wishes for speedy recovery and great respect for MrDead Locked’s perseverance.

Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

22 thoughts on “Next Step: libhw

  1. Good to hear such past progress,Rohan wow! regular posts. My wishes for speedy recovery
    of MrDeadlocked’s father.Dude wish you all the best

  2. This gives great spirit to Adam followers.We pray for quick recovery for MrDead Locked’s dad.

  3. great work MrDeadlocked and best wishes for your dad, I hope he is back home soon.

    where is this libhw thing? I doubt you are talking about, I can’t find any android_external_libhw repo nor related references beyond this post.

    Is this libhw a closed source project made by NI?

    looking forward to get the beta image (and so the drivers). go TR go! 🙂

  4. Great progress RayMan, Mr.D and NI. Beta for Christmas sounds possible with these updates. Wifi and sensors working at the kernel elvel and then at the Android level. That would leave camera and GPS for beta stage.

    Mr.D, our prayers are for your Dad.

  5. What a dedication man. I cant wait to see ICS on my Adam but the at the same time feel selfish to push on for the ICS release considering MrD’s situation.
    To me family comes first and I really appreciate what MrD is doing. My wishes for a speedy recovery….


  6. Best wishes for Mr. Dead Locked’s father and his family.

    I have faith in all of these guys. Collaboration is what’s it’s all about! We’re going places! Great things are in sight!

  7. What a dedication! My wishes and prayers for speedy recovery
    of MrDeadlocked’s father.

    wishing you more successes in all your endeavours, MrDeadlocked!

  8. Looks like MrDL rom work is being handed off to rayman TR Elite Team.

    Which to me means rayman + MRLD + NI = ICS is on its way.

  9. hwlib: would the compass driver be a part of this, I assume? And is it working correctly?

    Also, if then the compass in my Adam still is not pointing north, can I send it back to have it replaced, since it apparantly is not working?

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