Calling All Ice Cream Sandwich Lovers

Finally! 🙂


Rohan Shravan

50 thoughts on “Calling All Ice Cream Sandwich Lovers

  1. Rohan, will you make another batch of pixel qi adams or those of us who couldn’t buy one will have to wait for the next generation?

  2. Guys,

    Imagine a very technologically challenged person (that’s me). Now, imagine we trying to do all those funny things you geeks have been doing (I think you were mostly talking about food – gingerbread & ice creams for example, or talking elfin about rooting & how fonts are rendered & ad infinitum).

    Now, the big question is whether should buy Adam? If yes, do we need to do ANY gymnastics to get things going our way or should we wait? :-). Ideally, I would like to take the device out, plug in & start using it (make calls, find places instead of burning precious fuel, take photos of lovely ladies & such without any hassle).

    I have been a lurker here for ~10 months so pardon my ignorance (bliss!).

  3. good news for indian folks –
    all four variants of adam are now available for purchase on–&_r=nhU8nkmgMykqwjTeuTv+Yw–&ref=5cae9bf7-e385-4420-ab17-5ae06ec4e38d

    you can also choose cash-on-delivery.
    kinda big news i guess but don’t know why this wasn’t communicated here.

  4. wondering the same thing…it is a big step because now it’ll be much easier to purchase one..hope they get eve also

  5. Patience is about to be rewarded. Still using Adam every day and really looking forward to the ICS experience.

  6. Big day for ICS is Oct. 19th in Hong Kong.


    Probably demo of Nexus Prime Phone

  7. Honestly, while I have my Adam and love it, setting it up out of the box took a long time and still requires keeping up with the releases and patching features. So honestly, there are tablets almost as good or better for less money like the Acer Tab or the Galaxy TAb. For you, I’d recommend you get those. Thanks for asking.

  8. this is what made me wonder if notionink will sell more Adams. it smells like they are liquidating their factory stock in that shop

  9. @jaymalagi: Well said jaymalagi
    I think it is time Notion Ink tries to answer these questions, as it has been quite a while NI has attracted so many “hopefulls” to its fold 🙂

  10. What is it for Adam Tablet – will it have ICS pre installed in next version of Adams

  11. looks like my hyperlink is being blocked

    isoodlee dot wordpress dot com

    pls check it

  12. Sonorus, Levpius,
    Thanks for the feedback :).

    On other notes, I am looking forward for a day when tablets can run CAD files & visualizations (at least small files) .

    I think some PLM companies like Autodesk & PTC already have apps for iphone/ipad for CAD visualization; guess NotionInk look into these as well ( & the wishlist grows…)

  13. I still wonder if Adam is a viable product in the tablet space. What is happening with Eden how are users finding the hardware itself. Also when will Adam be available in the open market.

    check isoodlee dot wordpress dot com

  14. “” Haven’t been on here for so long I forgot about moderation!


  15. Wow I want to believe in the Adam but mine has been down for 5 months. It has been back to support twice now and only works for a day. I wish ICS could fix it but I think they still need much work on their support model.

  16. December, before the source code is released.
    Next: Will nvidia update their stuff for the old dev-kits?
    Next: How long, how much can NI invest into updating the installed base?

    Prove me wrong!
    I ordered December 18th, 2010.
    NI never delivered an OS that was usable.
    I get by with AndyComb 0.3: I call it Karma

  17. really when will next pixel qi tablets come out.
    I can’t wait anymore
    or check

    isoodlee dot wordpress dot com

  18. If you’re going to limit yourself to basic functionality: light word processing, internet, basic drawing, it’s not so bad.

    If you want to add a market to it without fancy hoops (like rooting and such), you’ll have to see if Amazon or GetJar is available in your region. Those are relatively easy to set up / install. They don’t have the complete Android Marketplace applications, but a large number of good ones are there.

    For GetJar:
    In browser, go to GetJar actually has a Notion Ink Adam selection =) Pick something to download and instructions should follow.

    For Amazon: (Available only to the States right now)
    In browser, go to Click on Appstore for Android. Pick an app, and there’s a box on the right. Pop in your email in there, and instruction will be sent to your email.

    Both methods will install something to your Adam. Remember what the permission screen looks like: if you ever get a prompt like that without you initiating, REFUSE IT. Make sure you read over the permissions before you install if you care about your privacy (i.e. apps accessing logs). Most are in plain english, and the others you can google if you’re concerned.

    Remember, you have to trust where you get the software from (which is why I suggest GetJar and Amazon).

  19. Is there any probable ETA, like year end 2011, on the release of the ICS based Adam ROM? Also will it be most likely an over the air update?

  20. Its sad I sold my Adam on eBay for only $260 after paying $550 for it. But I couldnt wait anymore for ICS with hardware that becoming old with ever changing technology. I so want NI to be the underdog that beats those big firms, just wish they kept us posted with what’s going on and not stay quite. I’m waiting for ICS tablets with all new HW. Afraid NI will miss the boat. Unless Adam2 has super features that no on else has and stable OS then I can see myself paying premium for it like last to.e. every other Android Tablets has HDMi, USB with working OS. I can live with PQ.
    Wish NI luck

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