In honor of the man who revolutionized everything he touched!

Source: Engadget

26 thoughts on “In honor of the man who revolutionized everything he touched!

  1. Its only because of ieverything that we now have so many good quality non-i/open source phones/netbooks/tablets. Competition drives innovation.
    Thanks for your vision stevie

  2. Great Innovator of present times! Wonder if any one will be able to fill his shoes!???

  3. While I don’t wish death on anyone. I DO NOT have the same respect for this man. His character is not what I would consider respectable. If you’ve ever read about his earlier years and how he swindled/stole $5,000 from his ‘Good Friend’ at the time. Steve Wozniak. Just Google “Steve Jobs Wozniak Breakout”. Also, a direct quote of Jobs “It’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy.” ALSO ” We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas”. missing but should also include….”Always have the best lawyers on staff”

    Apple is currently the MOST restrictive company IMO, as they require ALL to use their portals/software (Itunes, etc.) for ANY content to be placed on any of their products. I’m wondering why hasn’t’ Apple been sued for such controlling and anti-competitive practices? MS was sued just for having IE integrated in to their OS, but everyone still had a choice of which browsers they used. Apple does not ALLOW you a choice.

    I just feel Apple is like a big church and Jobs was the leader….and most followers are naive simpletons blindly following….Just don’t drink the cool-aid.

    Don’t take this as kicking a man when He’s down. It’s a sad time for his family, but I don’t respect the man.

  4. gotthumbs — I think Woz himself would say he has done well out of his association with Apple/Jobs (he continues to be an employee despite not having contributed since the Apple II). As for your other claims — yes, I too dislike their control-freakiness, but the point is they built incredible products. That’s why they could get away with it.

  5. As I read in newspaper the other day, you were there with Adam & Newton with the 3 apples that changed the world.

    RIP Steve – May there be more like you.

  6. Gotta agree with gotthumbs. I’m not sure what innovation they did. Nothing they did was new and sometimes not even improved.

    Let’s see:
    – Market / Application: May cell companies offered web pages to download and install, sites like existed since 2004.
    – Multitasking: Effectively followed Android’s stop-unless-necessary. 3 years after except their tweak was “stop-always” instead of “send-stop-commad-to-app” when backgrounded. This, of course, precludes a large swath of applications.
    – Consistency: Uh, hello? Windows is consistent. Most cell handsets had two soft keys and a navigation rocker, so it’s still consistent in how you interact.
    – Video editing: My old Sony Ericsson V710i FEATURE PHONE was capable of doing this back in 2006. Nobody clamoured over it.
    – Video chat: Really? The algorithm / protocol is too stupid to even bother throttling itself to allow over 3G… sorta like what everyone else is doing.
    – Natural language voice commands: Go see Voice Actions by Pannous (available first on Android since last year).
    – Touch screen: LG Prada, released earlier that 2006.

    – Almost made everything 30% more expensive, even if you weren’t on their products. They had a clause in their developer agreement that in-app payments MUST NOT be more expensive than where you could get it anywhere else (website, etc). If a company wasn’t large enough (i.e. Amazon or Google size), they’d have to increase their entire product range if they wanted to allow in-application purchases on the i-device. They revoked this clause last minute, but am I suppose to be thankful for this?

    So remind me again how he was innovative or visionary?

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