Dear All,

(This post is especially for the existing customers)

Last 4 days we have spent extensively on the support and RMA issues. Our current statistics says that either most of the cases are under category “Resolved” or “Awaiting Customer’s Response” to change the status to “Resolved”.

If you do not fall into this category, please email asap with subject line as “NOT RESOLVED” to support at notionink dot com.

For the next 3 days, I will personally be overseeing at this account.

Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

31 thoughts on “Important

  1. I bought the legendary Vespa LML Italian produced in india so ‘I can carry around my adam (this is’ the ‘year of’ india)

  2. I think they’ve been very much alive, but we’ve not been able to see any of it.

    I agree its great the signs of life have returned however πŸ™‚

  3. Thank you, thank you, great!
    I find the great hope, if only I could pass this time moderation!

  4. hi all,
    Adam is realy good product. I think notion ink have much more to offer us, i am waiting for that day when notion ink will luanch the product which will be made for india.

  5. Stupid moderation,

    Your question is not stupid, but the first thing to do is google something like “what is RMA” and choose one of the first few suggested links. Here is the wikipedia entry, which appeared second in the list returned by the google search…



  6. Hi rajesh,

    similar issue here – with WiFi AND 3G – but it as far as I can tell, connections remain active in screen-off/standby but are interrupted / re-initialized as soon as I wake Adam up. There is always an interruption.

    But here have been new mails while in standby (incl. notification sound) and once I moved out of my WiFi range and when I turned back on, it was in 3G for a second, then interrupting as described above. So I would say it is not switched off.

    There is, however, a setting concerning WiFi (or 3G?) status with respect to standby – should be in the WiFi-settings. But I guess you checked that out already.

    Btw – after waking up from standby/screen off (there is no difference, is there?) the infobar is update veeeeeery slowly. It takes up to 20 secounds until I see the correct battery & network settings.

  7. Well, can anyone help me the gps? i was told earlier that adam has a true gps, which means if i understand correctly, is not a telecon infrastructure dependent gps. How to make the gps work i’m not on any wifi ntk, or donot have any sim card connected. I have not modified rom. I have a post in conclave, but that did not draw any attention.

  8. I believe Adam ( or Android) is still not ready for a true GPS without wireless data. (you may have to do the ritual of restarting adam with GPS switched on outside … something on those lines. … or sometimes Adam just does not like it being demoted to a GPS)
    But just for the “joy” of seeing your GPS work without wireless data, you will have to use a “working” software. Like others here I have tested Copilot which works very well for US. All you have to do is buy and install it. The one that costs 4.99 shud work: “”.
    I would say u had better wait for a stable OS, unless the customer support that NI has promised does something magical to help you out … You must email to the NI support also

  9. By default it comes with OSM (Open Street Maps). You need to connect to internet and download any country map you want (its free and you can modify it too) and then you can use the GPS without any internet connection.


  10. hey burt, thanks for the reply.
    i have raised a ticket , i suggest you do it to by going to link given by rohan in his latest post.
    also have you raised this problem in tabletrom forum? got any solution there?

    i have written this in my complaint ticket, lets see what happens.

    sub: internet 3g/edge/wifi disconnects in sleep or screen off mode

    1. using latest updated software from notion ink.
    2. checked the wifi sleep mode setting , no solution in any option.
    3. make device useless for downloading any file, as i cant keep it’s screen on all the while.

    hope i will get solution

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