The week ahead

Hello there!

This post is for our current customers.

Most of the issues which we see right now is for camera not working on Honeycomb installation. This is true and will be fixed with the release of our next update (ICS). Next update also provide better battery performance, especially in the sleep mode. The big news is for those people who have issues related to RMA. Our internal deadline is to close all RMA related issues within next 3 days. If you have any questions, please write asap to Support at notionink dot com.

Also expect to seeย troubleshooters, and whole knowledge base of Adam on the site. See below:

Along with UI changes, we are adding more content to theย knowledge-baseย (till now we have covered 90% of all the queries people have sent to the support team). As you can see you can generate the tickets which will make the following a lot easier. The support system will be online before end of this month.

Focus this week is clearing all pending issues, and you can leave messages for me over the conclave.

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

99 thoughts on “The week ahead

  1. Thanks!
    According to 64 customers, there are more issues as important as the camera problem.
    Please take a look at “”.

    cogitandi serveritati assuetus

  2. When Rohan says:

    “Also expect to see troubleshooters, and whole knowledge base of Adam on the site. See below:”

    which site is he referring to? There doesn’t seem to be a knowledge base on the Conclave site.and I don’t know of any other site apart from this one.


  3. Rohan, there are many tools available for companies, like the Oracle CRM(Customer Relationship Management) which are used to track customer issues and resolve them. Each request is considered a unique customer case. You can give it a shot. Just my two cents ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Our system is also used by DHL, Vodafone, Acer, Nasdaq and other companies for customer support. ๐Ÿ™‚ In fact after studying all best industry solution we opted for this one (Kayako).


  5. Finally, there’s some development! And looks and sounds good to me… I hope the camera gets back to work.. I missed badly during my recent trip to India for lectures on my Masters program.

    Good to hear from you Rohan bhai! I see the remaining months of this year will be eventful, with ICS coming up, Camera working, Notion Ink website getting a face lift including the Knowledge base… So… I see light..!

  6. Hi Rohan, thanks for your comments. Reading something from you is really important for many notion ink customers I think. Just a view lines here and there helps everyone with keeping the faith.

    I hope the poll is somehow helpful!

  7. WOW! Rohan, with just 1 message you have rectified everything that has left so many to feel disapointed, ignored and betrayed. I feel vindicated in believing in you and your aspirations and look forward to the future developments. My very best regards.

  8. I am following Adam for a year and half now……last couple of months made me little upset as there was no update from Rohan and conclave had all disappointed comments. But after these 2 posts, I feeling little relaxed now.

    Rohan all Adam lovers wait for your updated and we need this communication channel keep going.

  9. There are many issues on the software front other than hardware related issues customers reported. Bluetooth, wifi signal, FCs, compass that never worked, HD videos on YouTube, audio/video sync (over) HDMI (software issues). Screen .
    we understand most of them are due to HC rom but even with Eden we have Bluetooth, compass issues. We are ready to wait for 2 more months as we already waited for an yr now. Please give a workable build this time.

    I think as you are preparing for Adam 2, you are trying to resolve the existing issues so that Adam 2 sales wouldn’t get effected. This time people would be more cautious before ordering Adam 2, so take care of it. Try putting a Toll free no. and see if the complaints go high before Adam 2, it would give a better gauge of Adam 1. Increase the confidence and loyalty of customers this time. Every one gets only a single chance but we gave you many and are willing to wait for 2 more months.

  10. Did anybody face similar problem as mine, mentioned below?

    HDMI port of my Adam does not seems to be working properly (checked first time). I can only hear audio coming from TV but not video, instead of video multiple vertical coloured lines are appearing. Same HDMI cable is working fine with laptop

    After that i have performed NV Flash as recommended by NI Support, but it was of use, still the problem is exectly the same

  11. Thanks Rohan! This is a much better post, and SOON too!!!
    I am truly looking forward to the new releases for both HC and Stock Adam. I actually Need both!
    Great news all around!

  12. One things that seriously limits my use of Adam while on the go ( to and from work) is the lack of any good Adam Cases with keyboard. I have tried many available in UK market, but have failed to identify one that works. (Feel jealous when i see those ipad or samsung users with so many choices of cases+keyboard sets). Because Adam is a bit rounded at the top and little wider then other tablets, there doesn’t seem to be much choice.

    Rohan is there any chance you guys can some up with 1 that fits adam perfecly as you made a great device but nothing to protect it.

  13. The excellent hackers at TabletRoms were considering it. I recall putting my name on a list of interested people. Not sure where that’s up to currently…

  14. Here’s a relevant link

  15. Good to hear about ICS coming in November.

    Also good to hear Pixel Qi got some financing from 3M. Hope this and Notion Ink’s changes will help Adam 2’s with Pixel Qi to be produced in much larger quantities.

    Now I want to hear that Adam 2 will be available at Best Buy in US.

  16. I am wondering why all my comments are being placed under moderation and then being blocked out.There was nothing in them that merited removal and only suggestions regarding customer care

  17. i heard kindle dx cases might fit…there is one on amazon right now
    ” but i have no idea whether it works or not

  18. Only thing worries about PQ is their viewing angle. With IPS we have 178 degrees on normal LCD but PQ variant will be 120 degrees, again washouts. They have said that they will improve, but how much is the question. Also they have not yet reached the earlier 200mW target and still at 600mW. There is still sometime though, lets see ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. The kindle one looks nice, and the one Francois has looks funky, but I kind of like the unbreakableness of the goliath one. In fact, if I could just get them to recognise the existence of Australia I would buy one.

    Hmm, might have to lean on some American friends I could pay to ship it for me.

    Come to think of it, hey levpius you there?

  20. Good to see a positive post.Still using my Adam everyday running with ADW launcher Root access and market access.Does all i want it to do

  21. I hope your right as I have had a issues into support for almost 3 months now and still not resolved. It is not the camera but 3 months is to long.

  22. Happy to see ICS is coming soon. I am running the latest Eden and am pretty happy with it but would be happy to try ICS. Saw no reason to go to HC with so many things not working.

    Phillip, if you need someone to reship a Goliath case for you, let me know, would be happy to do so.

  23. Hi all,

    Still reading, watching and hoping Adam and Notion Ink come closer all to the super tablet we all dreamed of together. No, old friends and pals, I do not have a tablet yet; went shopping again and not one offers what I’d like … yet. So I continue to read and follow in the background and see what happens here … Great communication is what built this dream into a community, and what holds it together or causes it to fall apart. Good to see Rohan returning to more frequent presence here, with improved health; WELCOME BACK Rohan!

    Phillip, I can and would be happy to ship to Australia; send me the info to my email address if you’d like me to order the Goliath and send to you. Hi Karen ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cathy in PA

  24. Take a look at the Wenger (Swiss) cases for the ipad. I bought one from Walmart for 14 dollars and jury-rigged a handle for it. My adam fits perfectly in it. It has a pocket for the power adapter also a tight fit.

    It’s a great case and l stopped looking for a better case.

    The newer ones come with a handle for the same price.

  25. niravlulla: Logitech makes a nice Bluetooth keyboard. Even has a bulge at the back to match the Adam. Only problem is that it doesn’t complete the connection, and I haven’t been able to get it to work, even with the bluetooth app that seems to complete the connection but doesn’t offer the keyboard as an input method.
    I have gotten several cases; the one from Sears has a handle and outer pouch for the power supply, and one from Belkin seems to fit nice but no side pouch, so I would also like to see some other case/keyboard choices. So far all the blue tooth keyboards I have bought don’t work with the Adam…

  26. Hi Rohan, nice to hear from you, I just hope we get really ICS because until now we only empty promises has gotten

  27. I am finding that all comments that I make are placed under moderation and deleted.None of the comments have been offensive and are only related to points regarding customer care issues like having a call center facility to enable a human touch to interactions which could reduce confusion wrt customers.

  28. Phillip: I just ordered a Goliath case. Just looks too good, even though the price is a bit steep ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Can’t wait to see how it hold my Adam. The Sears case I bought originally is now holding my Transformer. My test Adam is apart on the workbench, and my stock Adam is with a neighbor who is hopefully writing something for me for The Tablet Post, so when the Goliath case comes in I will have to talk to my neighbor about getting my Adam back…

  29. Rohan: I must have gotten a particulary good Pixel Qi screen, or maybe I’m just not as bothered by viewing angles as others are, but I find my Adam PQ to have very nice screen qualities and viewing angles. Showing pictures to others is not a problem at all sharing the screen. I understand the concerns about color vibrancy, but it’s sort of like Kodachrome versus Technicolor (PQ vs LCD) and the less vibrant appears more lifelike…
    Overall, Adam’s hardware is great, just needs better software ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. Prasanna: This one didn’t get blocked out. I still get tripped up by putting links into the text. For some reason this system puts those into moderation unless you “fake” them with dot for . and at for @…

  31. I actually find the PixelQi screen very workable when I sit in my car and read while being driven to work. Bright sunlight does not wash out the screen as it does on my laptop. In our Bangalore adamite meet people had actually viewing problems with the plain LCD version. My main grouse is related to customer service. There really needs to be a call center to hear a human voice to quickly resolve issues and this can prevent a lot of heart burn.If you look at most sites the commonest problem seems to be related to customer care issues.

  32. Alex: I tried adding this in the comments Please add Bluetooth support profiles for HID (many have been asking this) and others like for audio streaming(A2DP)

  33. @Tim @Cathy
    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
    Levpius offered, so that’s covered, but what a great community!
    Don’t know why goliath can’t just ship it here, its through Amazon. They’re not a small company, and Australia is a pretty big island…
    I emailed them and with a bit of cheekiness informed them that I’d seen ships and planes arrive here all the time so I was sure it was technically feasible to send things here.

    Anyway, thanks again guys!

  34. @Phillip: Hope you like your Goliath case after all that; anytime you need something shipped to that tiny little sandbar, just let us know ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Karen: Off topic but, wow, that’s quite a circle of the U.S. you’re making; vacation, I hope? We were to leave tomorrow for ferry boat cruise around Norway, till it caught fire and exploded last week. Thinking of packing up the camper and driving to New Mexico to visit family; it looks SO different from Netherlands; what area are you going to in NM?

  35. Well, this one got through, as well as the next one. If you have a new account with wordpress it takes several postings before they let them go without moderation. I remember having the same frustrations when I first started posting. Also if you put a link or email address in the posting it will be held. I’m told that quoting the link will get through, and I’ve seen postings like that, but I’ve never been able to get a link past moderation even when I use quotes. YMMV ๐Ÿ˜‰

  36. Hi Cathy!
    Yes! A great tour, but only gets as close as TX/LA to Tallahassee. I’ve very she couldn’t get just a bit closer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. Hi Cathy,
    the northern area; taking the I40 to Amarillo, TX.

    Hi Dale
    everything is negotiable ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And nature plus music (merely sixties and early seventies) is the tour theme. If any wants to share ideas of places to visit…?

  38. @Karen: Lots of ideas for New Mexico; scenery and the food, oh, the food … it’s chili harvest and roasting season there now; heavenly; in my sleep I think I can smell all the way out here in PA! When and how long in NM? Do you want ideas to email; if so, what address?

    Cathy in PA

  39. huh? I completely missed the new post! Shoot…

    as to pixel Qi… my viewing angle IS bad. Contrast ratio (and hue) changes strongly with a vertical gradient. This not so big of an issue in landscape mode, but in portrait I’ve had even trouble reading a normal pdf, as each eye gets a different contrast ratio and thus the looks are all weird. It depends on the brightness setting, as far as I can tell…

  40. @Dwarf: Hi back. Hope you get to meet Karen as she goes through. I’m still trying to talk my husband into a bit of time in New Mexico …

    @Karen: Sent you a short email; let me know if you get it okay; then I’ll send longer post with ideas and tips.

    Cathy in PA

  41. Hey Rohan,

    kudos to you working on the communication part. I have a question… Are you trying to close all the tickets? Because i have one ticket open since march 1st and I haven’t seen any responses regarding that, other than occasional email whether my issue has been resolved? Any insight would be appreciated.

  42. Yes we are,

    I just posted a blog entry on the same. Can you email us back at “support at notionink dot com” with Subject : “NOT RESOLVED”?

    I will go through the case and work on it asap.


  43. Actually, he said that there will be support for the camera in ICS, which, according to the previous message, will be released “in November after Googleโ€™s launch in late Oct”. I sincerely hope that’s true.

  44. The challenge is always with customer service, not so much with the product. Concord was a technological marvel, way ahead of its time- but could’nt service well ( various reasons) so it had to shut down. Now if you take case of INDIGO- no frills, it gets you to do what a plane is supposed to- fly on time. Great to see so much effort to on enhancing customer service- excellent guys keep it up. only one wish- DONT BECOME A CONCORD PLEASE.!!!!

  45. Hiya…I bought a superb cover for Adam at Newcastle airport.its called Case Logic and sits pretty well on Adam. Also a three position stand at Heathrow..make is Cygnett. For keyboard I found a very thin keyboard in China and works well with USB. Cheers.

  46. Phillip: I now see from you link that the case and skin are associated. That was not clear when I made my order and I ordered the Adamite Case by itself, only to find when I received it that it was useless without the skin, which comes separately at an additional price. The two pieces of plastic I received as a case were very flimsy for the $30 price, so I was unwilling to bring the total price of the case to $50 and still have such a flimsy protective cover. The explanation by the company was very prompt, but also very unconvincing, and I will be returning the case for a refund. I do not believe that this case is worth the $50 price tag. The soft rubber skin coupled with the flimsy plastic case just doesn’t seem like adequate protection for the price.
    Even though the case for my cell phone is composed of a combination of rubber shock absorber and plastic case, neither component felt inadequate and both were sold as a single product at a reasonable price. I did not feel like the Goliath product was sold in either an honest fashion or an appropriate price and I do not recommend that anyone else purchase this product.

  47. goldysan: Can you give me more information about the Chinese keyboard. I’m still looking for a usb keyboard myself and haven’t found one I like. Have you got a link to the one you got?

  48. Was using my Kindle reader on adam last night and received and update from Google Maps. Installed it and low and behold my GPS using Latitude allowed me to see my house on street view. The graphics and color were realistic, the grass and vegetation were suprisingly accurate. Wow what a suprise.

    Rohan pay attention, that’s the kind of OTA updates we want from NI.

  49. @Rohan,

    You know what, This morning once I read your message, I just rolled of the bed shocked. My case was about the microphone and Jim from your support responded back to me last week asking me to NV flash, I replied to him that I was on the same build. This is what his LAST reply was

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for getting back to us.
    I certainly understand your situation and sorry for the frustration this issue has caused.
    I have already escalated your case to supervisors. Please be assured that they will look into it and see what best we can do for you.
    We appreciate your great patience and cooperation in this matter.
    Thank you for contacting Notion Ink Support team!
    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink Support Team

    They told me that they escalated my case to the supervisors and the support went silent after that. I asked for an update and no one responded back to me and I had to ask you on the blog.

  50. @Rohan,

    By the way, the cell standby is still an issue, as it was an issue with the latest EDEN 1.5 build and there were no builds released after that. So there was no way it would have been fixed. You need to fire the person who said that Cell Standby issue was fixed.

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