Hello there!

Hello there,

Long time since we communicated! This was supposed to be the Saturday special (wrote this on friday actually, but was down with fever and food poisoning, that too on my b’day. Seems to be street food, anyways).

Had some tweaking to do before I could take some time off . Deliveries have been on time and the new manufacturer team did a good job as new customers can see. Yesterday (read Friday) we went out of stock for all the variants. Had some 100+ interviews in last 2 weeks, tons of development and ODM meetings.  The content project which we brushed earlier is also going in full pace. I will cover it soon.

We are back to our technical discussions here on the blog. I want to cover 2 topics today, first is the font rendering and other is GPGPU.

Most of you are probably reading this on your computers with Windows, Mac, Linux or Adam (or other tablets). People not viewing on the tablets can see foreseeable quality difference as far as the font rendering is concerned. Computer OSes are pretty mature when it comes to fonts, and investment in it clearly shows. Anti-aliasing and sub pixel rendering are some of the key words you might have heard before. Android natively uses Freetype and images below shows the quality when compared to Cleartype technology used on your Windows OS

First is the word “considerable” on Adam running Android and next is the word “Minh” on Windows 7 on Dell screen. Few immediate things you can notice (along with the rendering quality) is:

  • in “Minh” letters always have blue pixel on start and end. This deepens  the font and make it look better
  • dpi of Adam is more as compared to the Dell screen, but still gets beaten by the later
  • you can see sharp red lines at the end of character “i” and “d” in the upper image, this makes text look real bad
  • sub-pixels are handled in a better way on the latter as compared to the former
Look at the image below taken from msdn site (link):
Now, what you see here is interesting. Sub-pixel rendering is supposed to make things better, but in the first column, character formations are better, but the readability has reduced (I think most of you will agree on this). Designers would love the technology used in the first one, cos there is no scaling or zooming on production, but it’s definitely not good on the eye. It’s definitely a personal choice.
Apple has stopped using sub-pixel rendering, (check this blog) mostly cos their devices don’t use sub-pixel rendering.  As written on this blog “With subpixel rendering the text is stronger, yet crisper. The lines are sharp and defined, and there are much fewer blurry edges. Not only is it more readable, it just looks better“.
But then there is a contradiction on what we see above. Text in first column is definitely not strong.  The answer actually lies somewhere in the algorithm, contrast ratio, color of the text, font type, vertical versus horizontal, screen dpi and lot more. Frankly, I like font rendering on Windows far better than on Macs or iPad. In the phone category I will rate both the iPhone 4 (extremely high dpi and contrast) and HTC HD7 with Windows 7 (ClearType implementation) the same. Right now, we are experimenting on what the best combination is. If you have proven ideas, please do share.
Now let’s cover the GPGPU part. As you know it stands for “General Purpose computation on Graphic Processing Units”. Currently available SoCs on the market are know for their graphic performance. In Linpack tests Tegra offered 36.8Mflops and iPad 41.0Mflops (iPad 2 is 160.8Mflops cos of NEON). Tegra 3 should see better score as it has NEON implementation. But that’s when you use the CPU. When you use Tegra’s GPU (I wish they would allow everyone to use the GPU  the same way you can using CUDA, but there’s a work around) it can give upto 4.8GFLOPS.  (PowerVR is 19.2GFLOPS by the way and that’s one reason our love for OMAP 5 is increasing).
FLOPS – floating point operations. Programmers are generally instructed not to use floating points but integers and this practice has led to algorithms which are based on integral mind-set. When we realize that such amazing floating point operations can be performed on mobile devices, algorithms need to be refined in a newer format. GPUs along with FLOPS offer you multiple threads (cores) and that just multiplies everything. A simple algorithm I have written using floating concepts can theoretically find a string in a database at the same rate as on Intel i7 series. Experienced programmers can definitely get better than that.
The important thing here is to start looking at fractional values in a very different way. GPUs are going to get better (soon on tablets you will see someone clocking teraFLOPS) and so far we haven’t been able to do any ground breaking innovation for General Purpose computing. GPUs will also assist AI which will be a very large element in future OSes.
If you have ideas on GPGPU or on improving font rendering, do leave a comment or best, post it on the “Ideas” section at the conclave.
This is the best time to comment, and give your feedback on what you’d like to see. I have been collecting comments and thoughts from Conclave and majority of them want us to focus on the screen quality, camera, battery life and wi-fi strength. We have done extensive research on these fields and will share it with you in coming weeks.
Bye for know, will keep you posted!
With Warm Regards
Rohan Shravan

198 thoughts on “Hello there!

  1. Technobabbel is fine with me – and heeding suggestions concerning “focus on the screen quality, camera, battery life and wi-fi strength” is fine.

    But I bet many of us would after all wish for a quicker software development. It’s not about being impatient or ungrateful – but it’s rather about feeling cared for: A weekly bugfix-Update would be sufficient to know that you guys are still alive and working 😉

  2. Rohan! Nice to hear from you, and sorry you got some bad food. Been there, done that 😉
    I’m not sure I agree with everything you say about the two rendered strings. Comparison would be more reasonable if they were both presented in the same pixel size. I see leading red edge (trailing blue edge) to every pixel in each rendering, so don’t quite follow what you see as the difference.
    Are we going to see any of this research in future releases of Honeycomb? For that matter, are we going to see future releases of Honeycomb?
    Waiting is

  3. It’s true, I’m glad to hear from you as well, if only, because I started to get a little worried about the company as such.

    I would have been much, much happier, however, had you taken the time to address the battery issues (in particular, battery life), everyone – and I mean *everyone* – is complaining about.

    Battery life is the main reason why I am currently disappointed in my Adam (OS in development, I can live with – that’s what you get when you’re an early adopter), and even more so, because not a single Notion Ink reprisentative has deemed the subject worthy of their attention. And conversely, the subject you have broached here seems oddly disconnected from what lives in the community.

    Please visit conclave yourself and see what subjects people are interested in…

  4. So Adam2 will have Tegra3?. We need some more info about next gen Adam.

  5. I read this on adam and there would apear to be a difference in text.
    Good to hear from you Rohan. Let’s not wait a month for the next update.

  6. Happy birthday belatedly Rohan.

    I think there are some other important updates pending besides camera, screen and battery.
    As mentioned formerly software needs to run more flawlessly (there are quite a view force closures right now).
    The battery-life-problem is more of a standby issue I think. A hibernation mode would be great, with adam almost draining no battery but being ready for use much faster than having to boot it.


  7. @all: Hi everybody, after I red this post by Rohan I decided to set free an adam-OS-wishlist-poll.

    Please participate and help the community and notion ink. It won’t take you much more than 2 minutes!
    “http://tiny.cc/aOSw-form” (this link will take you to a google docs form with more infos).

    Thanks for your time!

  8. Thanks Rohan,
    Always great to hear from you.
    While I agree with those priorities you mentioned, screen, wifi, battery, but I have been wondering what headway you’ve been able to make along the lines of Rayman who’s got the new kernel onto adam so unmodified honeycomb can run.

  9. I’ve reply to your form because i can’t post on Conclave sorry Rohan …. i don’t use FaceBook.

    For me subject to be improve Battery life, More precise touchscreen (responsive and more finger), ability to use in apps Google Network localization (GSM Antenna) and For Honeycomb ability to hidden notification bar has you have done for 2.2.

  10. That’s a strange issue with all the Android devices. Hibernation is a part of .39 kernel for ARM, but we should look into it. I am very interested in this mode till Android improves its power management in sleep mode.


  11. Hey Rohan, good to have you back! Belated happy birthday… all the bhel-puri, paani-puri, pav-bhaji must have taken its toll on your stomach! I hope you are hale and hearty by now.

    All the techie stuff was understandable, though it was not something I am looking forward to in terms of reading and waiting for. Only the first two paragraphs and the last paragraph had my interest.

    My Adam was never short of a single functionality until non-virgin HC came in! Now, camera (one of my liked functions on Adam), GPS (works on and off), some applications, have stopped working. The reason I am still on HC is because of its awesome interface! I simply love it!

    Yes, Adam 2 needs cent percent improvements in the following areas:
    – Screen resolution
    – Camera
    – Body design
    – Battery life
    – Screen Responsiveness

    I definitely am looking forward to Adam 2, yes!


  12. Hi Rohan
    I have been a fan since December 2009. With all the delays and promises I have finally came to a conclusion that the Adam will always be behind the curve. I should not have to constantly rig my device to make it work and than when it’s done it’s half baked.

    There are other devices on the market that work properly and have access to the google market. What is the point of having an android device when you can’t get to the market? You need to focus on a tablet form that works without a consumer hacking it. If you don’t focus on this your company and dreams will not be a reality.

  13. Rohan,
    Also the last time a spoke my opinion my post disappeared. Why did it?

  14. Hi guys just to give you a heads up. Please do visit tantrajnaan [dot]com if you are a techie. We are a unique community dedicated for technical stuff. We cover wide variety of topics. Visit our website and let us know what you think.

  15. Rohan,

    One advice –

    Please make sure all of us guinea pigs with the original ADAM, get some kind of a huge discount on the ADAM 2.

    Try and not make any money on us ADAM 1 buyers, for buying ADAM 2.

    Think of that as one way you can redeem yourself for hoisting the seriously flawed ADAM 1 on us.


  16. Rohan,
    Instead of wasting time on making a phone based OS work on a non-phone device,
    How about getting Linux working so that we can actually use ADAM as a laptop replacement
    and not just a fancy etch-a-sketch?

    Also as one of the many who have a Pq 3g model that no longer charges, any way to purchase
    a replacement battery pack? I’m not going to mail my unit to Texas for months when with a
    replacement pack I could repair ADAM in less than an hour.

    Nothing wrong with the cells, the charging circuitry is not working.

    I have voltage on the P+ and P- test spots and also have voltage on the B+ and B- spots when connected to external power. However when I remove the external supply I only show voltage at B+ and B- and nothing at the P+ and P-.

    ADAM stopped charging after a fall of 29″ (less than one meter) while in a padded case onto a carpeted floor.
    I don’t have or use facebook so I post here…

  17. In my mind a weekly update would cost too much resources on NI side because there’s a lot of work for every patch distribution. I’m a software engineer and therefore I understand that it cannot be weekly. But nevertheless, it should be one or two times a month.

    We waited nearly one month for this blog. And Rohan didn’t even mention the word “Honeycomb”. Are you sure that he understands our problems (just a little bit) ?

  18. adamjuly2010: I’m not sure I understand what you are saying. Most build processes are automated and most development shops do a “nightly build” as a part of the development testing process, so QA has something to work with each morning. Packaging that build into the update.zip file for delivery is also most likely an automated process. The only part of that cycle that takes developer effort is the creation of code “patches” to make tonight’s build different than last nights build so that in a few build cycles there is something to show that was better than the last release. Yes there is “a lot of work for every patch distribution”, but if that work isn’t being done, then what are the developers doing? I have done development. I have done testing. I also know what goes into this kind of work and mostly it is all about priorities. Who sets them and who works through them. A month is a long time to go with no progress to show the community. There was good progress made between release one and release two. The camera works in the 2.x code stream. What is keeping it from working in the 3.x code stream? Each of the other functionality stalls also have 2.x working versions. If steps are not being made to get to a better working release, then what IS happening. I’m pretty sure that work on the pixel level isn’t what any of us expected to be the next phase of Honeycomb…

  19. dwarf4242: I said every 2 or 4 weeks, depending on the size of the work packages they have to complete. Don’t get me wrong, I’m also impatiently waiting for a usable honeycomb with all major bugs fixed.
    But want I don’t want is to install a so called “nightly build” every week with all the negative impact you get from partly tested software. In my mind we should give them enough time that they can do at least a reasonable integration test.
    Rohan: Why don’t you tell us the software development status any more? No progress? Problems you don’t want to discus in public? Or are you just hacked off because of those stupid customers?

  20. nyce to see a post…didn’t understand most of it….way too technical for me….but it’s good to see that you still passionately share intricate details like such….belated wishes for your bday….hope ur duin fyn 🙂

    i’m sure most of u mite hav heard of “TabCo”……if not then you can visit “www.whoistabco.com”….does anybody has any solid leads on who they are (nokia seems to be evrybody’s fav guess as of now)….they hav come up with some interesting ways of promoting thmselves (not to mention ballsy, whn you consider wht thy did at apple’s wwdc 😉 )

  21. Sweet!!!!

    Did the rest of you catch Rohan’s reply?
    2.6.36 kernel!
    Native Honeycomb!
    Massive props to NI, Rayman, and TRcrew.
    Go team adam.

    Loving my HC adam!

    Send from a dumb Windows XP pc using a normal keyboard cause my adam wasn’t nearby 😦

    Peaceout adamfreaks

  22. HI Rohan

    Two Things:

    1. As an Indian I am extremely proud of what you have created.You have raised the flag of the country on the Tech World. As India is always seen as a service provider in tech biz, but with your Adam , you have taken that to next level- Created a world class product.thank you very much for this. This was my main reason of buying Adam and don’t regret it till now.using with its shortcomings etc, force closure is my favorite-happens often, have learnt to live with it!!!.

    2. just prove your critics, pears competitors wrong & show them what you can do- You can do , done it so far so please go ahead

    We are waiting & watching with baited breath!!.

    on your latest blog- honestly , would be happy if you can keep things flying ,will help us all , as you can see, nobody wants to feel stranded. Adam has become like you nagging wife- you cant leave her, but really want her!!

    all the best NI- do you best.

  23. I don’t get it… This post is like a classroom and I see that majority of the class bunked after the first 2 para’s itself. You know why? ‘cuz “that’s not what we are here for!!!….”


    This is disappointing. You are not clearing or appearing to clear (at least claim it) the existing problems when you are talking about further technical development? Not the way to go forward with the crowd, Rohan. Clear the roadblocks first, so others can join and get to what you are talking about.

    One of these days, I might just get tired of this device. (But thanks to TabletRoms, temporary satisfaction).. or am I tired already? 😦 Damn!

  24. I agree with you on that.
    And I hope I get to see ADAM 2 on a closer date… at least before the thought of selling the ADAM 1 becomes stronger. And I don’t think I can hold on much longer….

  25. Glad to see the priorities that have been listed. I would also vote for the following two:
    o A better external HDMI display support
    – Support a 1080p or atleast a 720p UI (Not scaling of the LCD UI).
    – Wider support of HDMI formats.
    – Cursor on external HDMI display.
    o Improved readability of the Pixel Qi transreflective mode.

    These hardware features are core to the differentiation that Adam brings to the market. But with the software missing, these features are as good as absent.

    Instead of focusing on designing a good-looking file browsing system (sniffer)/Email/Calendar app etc NI should focus on software which helps it differentiate. All these regular apps would one day be available through the Google app market, once Google does come embracing all tablets. Also the UI and widgets would get active developmental support from Google because it is at the core of use experience. No point re-inventing the wheel there.

    Focus should be stuff like a note taking app while recording the lecture/meeting(remember the swivel camera?).
    Or a customization to maps so that they can be read easily using the transreflective mode.
    Little things like:
    Support NTFS drives/reliably support all external wireless keyboard mice. (utilize those full-sized USB ports)

  26. There are already 46 submissions for the adam-OS-wishes-poll.
    Thanks so far.

    It seems the hibernation mode would definitely be welcome.

  27. Rohan,

    Thanks for the update and the technical stuff… However Adam1 is still out.. Sice we bought the devices, we would like to know what kind of development is going on from Notion Ink’s side. Now that you have released unofficial HC for Adam with some of the functionality missing (totally understandable because of the lack of HC source code), i believe that there are people like me who are still on stock Froyo roms. I would lilke to know what kind of development is going on in that field? or Have you stopped supporting Froyo and GB versions of Eden and fully concentrating on Adam2.

    Can you please clarify those details ?


  28. @Suresh: agree with your points. The future is nice and it is promising that NI pays attention to so much detail so their products will get better and better. But we live in the here and now. What are the implications and developments for the beloved Adam that we have in our hands?

    But it seems (see Rohan’s answer to Phillip on the previous page) that development for our current Adam will soon result in a stable HC release 🙂

  29. @Paul,

    My issue is this: The Stable HC version which Rohan is talking about is from the Tabletroms team. Unless NotionInk company hired the team, it cannot be called official HC version….

    I want to know what is Notion ink is working on currently. There were many bugs that were reported in the EDEN version: Especially Battery life and Cell Standby issue. When Eden 1.5 was released, Rohan mentioned that that would be fixed in HC. Now that HC is released by NI, the battery life there is almost same as what is in EDEN. Now I understand that Kernel might be the same, so is NI working on fixing it? Will we see a comparable battery life if not with IPAD but other Android devices?

    Now the Cell standby issue was reported, and I was told that the team was working on fixing it in EDEN 1.5. But that was in June. Its almost one or two months and nothing has been done.

    I want to know where NI is focussing on, not that I have the right to know. If they have started working on Adam2 and stopped focussing on current version of Adam except for relying on Tablet roms, it is very clear that NI hasn’t learned anything yet……

    Sorry for the long rant 🙂

  30. Hi everybody,
    in the last 3 days there have been 57 submissions to the adam-OS-wishes-poll.

    Please take a look at the live results “http://tiny.cc/aOSw-results” (it’s a google docs spreadsheet).
    If you haven’t submitted your opinion yet please do so!


  31. Phone-OS on Tablet …….. and the answer is HoneyComb/ICS.
    Why complicate with the whole Linux argument. How come a Desktop OS do justification on tablet? ( yeah , I know that HC uses linux kernel. so what )

  32. Joyfication: The “so what” is that it is free software. Honeycomb is no longer free. (The free means freedom of use/access/development, not free beer)
    For a good start on tablet Linux check out “Damn Small Linux”. Regrettably it is no longer in development, but there are several approaches like this that are in development and would be a great start (Linux From Scratch is another that comes to mind).
    The other so what is that Linux would be easily able to run all the current apps that are on the market.
    But having access to thousands of interested developers is what makes Linux so responsive to change.
    Waiting is,

  33. Below are my guess on the current activities within NI

    1. Original GB + Eden based ROM is end-of-development.
    2. A HC kernel is being worked on based on .36 kernel. This may be stable & official but not an ideal release.
    3. ICS may be the release when NI will put up a ROM with all the drivers working to satisfaction
    4. The GAP between HC & ICS will be used by NI to develop Content & apps.
    5. The work on A2 design would go in parallel.
    6. NI will not ever release A1 for general purchase. But it will continue to get the update for years , as long as Rohan can afford to.
    7. Genesis may be released on A1 first before A2 , so that NI gets an experience of the whole appstore game before releasing A2 with genesis.
    8. A1 guys may get a discounted upgrade path to A2.
    9. Eden will not make into A2 in its current form. It may either take the form of a Launcher or NI switcher app.

    I love my money . I spend it with responsibility . I knew what I am buying. I don’t rant & curse others for my decisions.

  34. hmm….adobe in the tablet market….dats an interesting thought…they are going to announce the tablet on the 15th of august….lets c

  35. so there’s some new tablet coming on august 15
    (could very much be joojoo2)
    they have a viral marketing team running the whoistabco campaign.

    anyway i saw one of their videos. keep your ears open at 2:00 mark –

  36. Pratik: Very funny. Specially the dig at NI. But you notice we saw no tablet, or even a screen. Just looks like more imaginary wow 😉
    Waiting is

  37. Pratik: Very funny. Specially the dig at NI. But you notice we saw no tablet, or even a screen. Just looks like more imaginary wow 😉
    Waiting is
    Somehow this first got posted in the wrong place…

  38. +1

    We need to get the device to work smoothly, right out of the box. Make it more of a consumer device with simpler accessibility.

    Also, please focus on the service and distribution channels.

    The entire process of ordering it online, waiting, tracking, getting it cleared with the customs, finally receiving the package only find that it requires a software update before one can use it, getting a firmware update online and all the other string of actions required by the user before one actually has a working device in his/her hands only adds up to a bad customer experience.

    Wouldn’t you prefer swiping the plastic at you nearby tech shop and walking away happily with your iPad2 (which works wonderfully right out of the box). Besides, you’d even get a hands-on demo of the device before you actually decide to buy it. All this leaves you a happy customer.

    I’ve been following you guys right from the start of this blog, and I think that Adam is a superb device, but you really need to overhaul the consumer experience of your buyers, right from device-acquisition to device usage to post-sales.

    So, better consumer experience please!

  39. People will pay more if they get a higher brand reliability.

    I bought a Dell even when I could have saved a pocketful if I chose Acer.

    Quality, reliability and consumer experience counts. Adam needs just these.

  40. The tablet game is not like the PC or laptop game any more… an awesome tablet has a limited “shelf life” hardly 1 year. with new tabs coming every other month, its becoming more like the mobile handset market… unless things get fixed or updated pretty rapidly, its easy to lose but hard to gain back… is the dwindling comments any hint of it… I love the work you guyz are doing, but would like to see quick updates and fixes every now and often, for the existing people to be engaged and their tablets being more productive…

  41. I would be most happy if Rohan posted a blog post once every 7-10 days and said

    “This cycle we are focusing on resolving the HoneyComb camera issue. Conclave will have download patches posted friday noon UTC time of our progress in the format of ‘HoneyComb-Camera-0.#’. Note that these may not be final or fully resolved patches, only our current status on the update. When resolved, the final patch will be labeled as ‘HoneyComb-Camera-Final.zip’. Thank you, this post will not replace my regular update posts, it is only to let you know what we are working on for you at this time.”

    Then if not resolved by the next 7-10 post, the new post would say either that work will continue on the Camera issue, or that it has been put on hold as someone had a break-through on “Battery Life” or whatever, and that this cycle will be devoted to “Battery Life improvements” and that we will get back to the Camera later.

    This is what I expected to have been going on from this blog, letting the loyal Adam users know what is being worked on to resolve current issues, in addition to showing the advancements in Rohan’s dream.

    If it doesn’t work on Adam, why would you expect making a new device would suddenly make the current issues go away? (fwiw I still believe the next gen Adam will be “Eve”)

  42. Is there anyway we could get a post about what kinds of video play nice with the adam?
    ideally, what I’d like is a Handbrake profile that I can throw anything at and have it come out playable, but I realise that’s unlikely.

    So, maybe a rundown of packages, codecs, and other settings that run well on the stock player? I’ve been looking on a few sites but can’t come up with very much


  43. I have noticed that not much plays in the browser, but apps like YouTube downloader seems to play everything it gets, although I haven’t done a very extensive review.
    Note: the Notion Ink main web page has a video that doesn’t play in either the default browser or Dolphin HD. Seems like they might want to have that working at the very least…

  44. @Suresh, the rant is no problem, and it is even welcome as it is the only way that NI knows what we as customers think/want.

    When we joined the Rohan (ad)venture, most of us had the impression that we were dealing with a group of unique gifted IIT techs who would be able to get more out of Android then that a standard main stream company could do. Eden was a good example of that.

    It is then very disappointing when on a main user item such as battery life, these gifted people produce a lower result then that is provided by the main stream companies.

    i still expect that any developments for Adam 2, will implicitly also be available on our Adams, but I do hope very much that we do not have to wait for Adam 2 before our Adam is not only competitive on hardware specs, but also on software, camera, compass, and battery life (for me the ‘user-replaceable’ battery was an important reason to choose for Adam so I hope that Adam 2, will have a battery that is as easy replaceable as a phone’s battery).

    We want to show our Adam off to other people, but now we are passed left, right and center by tablets that have lower tech specs then ours. HC + a full working Eden, that would be very, very nice.

  45. @Paul,

    No matter what we say, I am not totally sure that our comments are taken seriously by the Notion Ink Team. I am not sure where NI priorities are currently. I think they are in a situation where they cannot afford to support Adam1 as they could fall behind and they have to work on Adam2 leaving people like us who fell in the trap of Rohan to be relying on the Developer/hacker community. Infact NI itself is relying on Tabletroms( NI released TR version of HC with very minimal changes)

  46. lxne: Please contact me (dwarf42 at gmail dot com) I seem to have become an organizer at ni-adam-guide at Wikispaces, and have no idea how that came about, or what responsibilities I have there. I’m getting registration requests. Please drop me a line so we can “talk”.

  47. Rohan & NI team, I’ve also noticed that the video on the home page is not running which I attribute to a misfiring update; not very good PR. Many of us are waiting for A2 but as has been mentioned before, you can have the best specs but if it does’t function it’s wasted potential. I wait because of my belief that the mistery prize will be a workingn Adam Eve Genesis and the waiting is not a nig deal as I haven’t seen anything that is all that better. I think that when A2 comes out there might be something that might tempt. I await as allways, patiently and wishing you the best.

  48. Perhaps not all Adam owners or potential buyers are techno geeks. Most of this post, however profound, was beyond me. As a writer I often have to translate from Greek into plain English but NI blogs are a minefield. How am I supposed to make sense of all this. I don’t know if I’m going to buy Adam 2 or any tablet at all but keeping me interested and in the loop would be one way. Like a blogger above said, it’s like a nagging wife. I say, Adam is in a dysfunctional marriage and you have to help turn it around.
    Keeping your posts more layman-like will induce the fence-sitters to jump in. Watch out for for my next story – this time I’ll be less parochial/nationalist!

  49. I finally took the dive and rooted my Adam after enjoying the stock Eden 1 & 1.5 since end of March. I didn’t jump all the way to HC, but started with Beast. It was scary – afraid I would brick the device or something.

    I think I like it a little better after a few hours and it wasn’t too bad to set up. I think I’ll enjoy Beast for awhile and wait on newer HC or sandwich.

    I think I like VTL launcher better than ADW because it provides room on desktop for my favorite apps.

    As to Adam vs. other tablets. 1) I don’t want Apple; 2) Adam is only one with anything like PQi. In the future I expect an Amazon tablet will fill this need.

    @Tim: Even Overdrive (library reader) worked with no issues.

  50. mobo player plays a lot on adam (set to software decoding). DivX, wmv, mov (h.264), …
    If you convert your clips/movies for adam pixel width should be 1024. Then adam can play it fullscreen without resizing.

  51. Yes!
    Enable the typical notebook flexibility of using the external HDMI port:
    swap display internal/external
    dual display with choice of primary

    With those full size ports I’d like to use the Adam as thin client while stationary with the adam stuck between my 1986 PS/2 keyboard and the 24″ desktop screen.

    Perhaps impossible to do with the current Anroid OS, although the NVidia hardware is supposed to support all that.

    I wouldn’t mind booting a thin client image off a USB connector in that case.

    A native API thin client should also be able to deliver all of the above.

  52. That’s exactly where I see a chance for NI: Be the one company that offers a tablet where you can swap out all parts and upgrade any way you want.

    The CPU portion of the tablet is tiny and will cost $30 tops. $30 for Tegra 2 and $30 for Tegra 3 one year later.
    With the Adam being so spacey, swapping the MB should be fairly easy and a DIY option.

    Let’s face it: I’d rather risk breaking it while trying to upgrade than simply putting it into the trash, because in its current form it will never live up to its promises.

    There is room for a extra batteries inside and with little more than a replacement backside you should be able to add tons of battery.

    And yeah, I’d like the hi-res PQ display for $100 or even the Liquivista for $150 when they come.

    Because when it comes to buying a completely new tablet, I doubt I’ll ever put my faith into Notion Ink again.

    Don’t aim for an iPad, aim for the tablet equivalent of an Apple ][ the micro computer that defined extendability!

  53. I don’t just want to support the Adam, but my Galaxy S I-9000 phone and my Asus transformer as well.
    And it’s not just about codecs, but also about container formats, the trouble of pre-converting for all types of resolutions, language tracks etc.

    And then all those nice 1080p movies reach 10GB file size and copying those onto a FAT32 formatted flash chip creates at least three problems at once.

    Android typically takes care of containers and video decode and all those players just call a service to play the file. I have had huge problems with my MP3 collection, which played fine for more than a decade on just about any piece of hardware I owned. But it failed on *all* Androids with *all* players because they all used the same framework. After week-ends of digging, I found it was that a file header in the MP3 files defined the file to contain WAV, while in the section header it correctly defined it as MP3 (together with all the MP3 specifics). Yes the files were malformed, but nobody but Android ever cared. Bug for bug compatibility is the name of the game 😉

    Android also handles the codecs available and the hardware accelleration. Works great, except on the Adam, where on HC the hardware accelleration is not available. Typically that means files simply don’t play. The Mobo Player allows you to get around that to a degree, by loading the proper codec and enabling “soft conversion”. But the Tegra 2 runs out of steam with material that exceeds the physical dimension of the screen. Earlier when you also stream the material over the network, rather than playing it off local media.

    I’ve given up on Handbrake, because it was just a little too Apple centric (the French!) in terms of profiles and all that manual experimentation was driving me nuts. And while it has a nice batch queue it ran with 60 frames/sec tops on my 6 core Phenom and that machine turns quite a bit of electricity into heat.

    And since I got this nice new Sandy Bridge system with a well advertised VPU (video processing unit) in there, I tried the various QuickSync transcoders intead. With Badaboom 2.0 I get up to 400 frames/sec of transcoding speed for DVD material, as well as some well tested device profiles and default options.

    For all things tablet and as well as the Galaxy S I have used the iPad profile for DVD transcoding, which looks good and works while streamed via the TVsersity DLNA interface and allows real-time FLASH transcoding without bringing my notebook technology (Intel GM45) based home server to its knees.

    So here is what I did to deal with the issue: (the *solution* finally)
    I got TVersity (www.tversity.com) Pro. That will deal with all those vagarities and transform all media files into either Adobe FLASH, Window Media or some DLNA compatible format.

    All DVDs I’ve ripped into ISO images, which I store on the home server for long-time preservation (the disks were starting to become unreadable after a few years of handling by my kids).

    I am transcoding all DVDs via Badaboom into MP4 using the iPad profile, which is 1024xY, normal profile H.264 and stereo AAC. Unfortunately Badaboom only supports one language track, but I still have the ISOs.

    These MP4s are the base for TVersity delivery and transcoding.

    With the Adam I simply use the FLASH interface, which isn’t the best quality and typically involves a run-time decode on the home server (takes some CPU power). But since the PQ display is kinda murky anyway, the quality doesn’t matter all that much and it’s just such a relief to have something that *works*! At least with Opera, because that’s the only way to get FLASH at all on Adam HC.

    With the Transformer I use the MyNet DLNA client, which avoids the transcoding for DVD media into Flash, but will attempt real-time transcoding for 1080p media down to something that the Transformer can handle. Because even the Transformer has issues at 1080p, unless it is overclocked.

    I also use the DLNA interface for an old single-core HP Banias notebook, which happens to have a nice big screen, but lacks hardware accelleration and CPU power. Again real-time transcoding happens on the server, as soon as media exceeds the threshold of 1280×800 (or any other you configure, including network bandwidth).

    With the Galaxy S I also tend to use FLASH via the Dolphin browser, which simply works full screen and great at the 800×480 resolution of the device.

    For the various notebooks and desktops I can either use the DLNA interface via the Windows media player or simpy play the files off the CIFS share via VLC.

    What an adventure! But without the ability to demonstrate some end-user value, my wife will start raising eye-brows at tablet spending and I’d rather avoid that 😉

  54. Dear Rohan!
    I’m glad you survived, but I’m not sure you’re fully recovered.

    First, when it comes to font rendering, there is a very obvious issue right today on existing hardware: Lack of support for the 3072×600 PQ black & white resolution in reflective (e-reader) mode.

    I wouldn’t care about about GPU accelleration there, because I take many seconds to read a page and animating it, doesn’t make that easier. Animated page turns are eye candy, but I’d much rather have the best static rendering physically possible on the screen I bought (not exclusively) for e-book reading in sunlight.

    So please solve that first: I believe you can make some real friends here, by playing on the only strength the Adam has left today (and not used).

    Behind GPU the font rendering question is the realization that in an era of 3D graphics hardware rendering very complex objects in megapixel resolution with sophisticated shading and anti-aliasing, the still prevailing bit-map oriented 2D text and GUI rendering code is 2 decades outdated and shows few signs of catching up, even on the newest platforms.

    The industries heavy-weights have realized this long ago, without being able to deliver a proper answer beyond some desktop animation effects, which all just a 3D bitmap and shading transform of stuff pre-rendered in ancient 2D bitmap pipelines. Compiz and others typically mange to put Windows and Macs to shame, at least in terms of creativity, while the effect on usability is questionable.

    I can understand you envy the iPad on how much better they use GPU power to both deliver eye-candy and save on CPU juice. But NI is in no position to close any gaps there.

    It would have to be Google’s job, or it could be a Wayland job, because it would require a huge company or a huge community to sustain the development effort.

    But worst of all, I can easily see how this GPU GUI accelleration is a playing field which Apple has planted with patent mines so numerous and encompassing, it has the Berlin wall look like a playground.

    Should you find anything that Apple hasn’t covered, all you could do would be selling it to them (while they’d just rather bleed you to death in the courts). Using it to gain some foothold on the eye-candy front against them, just won’t happen as long as the US patent system rules the global IT universe.

    If you look for places to innovate, look elsewhere. Look into use cases, niches, flexibility, modularity, places an Adam can be slid-into, bolted-on, strapped. It’s a tablet Swiss-army knife. And a Swiss army knife is the *worst* knife, the worst scissor, the worst flash-light, the worst screw driver etc. The only reason it does so well and still exists isn’t that it is better than all those other tools at anything, but because it can be all of them at once.

    Similarly you could think of the Adam as the Lego tablet (I am part of the Lego generation, and boy do we have modularization in our blood!) or my cherished Apple ][.

    Kind regards, Thomas Hoberg

  55. @abufrejoval: valuable and interesting read. Worthwhile for many that have the same problems and also try to search among a myriad of potential solutions. Thanks.

  56. hi rohan,
    i got invitation for first round of bookings. But couldn’t buy.
    Can i have adam now. I’m from visakhapatnam. I can come and pick up from bangalore
    belated birthday wishes.
    Try some probiotics in add to antibiotics

  57. Yes! Thomas! A great read and I agree 1000%. The only thing my Adam has that the Transformer doesn’t is the ability to read in direct sunlight. (See my review in The Tablet Post this week) and it is disappointing because the Pixel Qi screen is capable of sooo much more.
    The patent thing has gotten ridiculous. A patent used to require a “working model” which made software impossible to patent. The court decision allowing software patents was the single biggest legal mistake the court system has ever made. (IMHO)
    Thanks for the read!

  58. Agree every bit on the modularity part. NI just have to make sure that the bolt-in works & adds value to customer.
    I think HW virtualization on tablets is another big thing. Virtualization is far more than multiboot , it would mean switching between ROMs on the fly. It would also mean emulating the HW drivers & hence not getting bound by OEM HW policies & refresh cycles. It may be daunting but not impossible if NI works with partners who have already made some progress here. Remember that when VMware created the 25mb ESX kernel they were still a small niche company.

  59. I went ahead and bought the HP touchpad at the 200$ discount as a distraction and it just makes me more attached to the Adam. It just makes me more aware of why I continue with a dysfunctional relationship. Rohan, any new info on the A2?

  60. So, primarycloud, what did you think of the touchpad? It looks a bit iPadish, but it has a strange processor in it. Is the WiFi ok?

  61. @primarycloud : It would be helpful to many adam users if you could put your opinion on touchpad on some of the fan-websites and let us know here. (“http://www.thetabletpost.com/” “http://ni-adam-guide.wikispaces.com/” or others …)

  62. YES! The Tablet Post would love to get a review from you. We are always looking for material. Either send it to: help at thetabletpost dot com, or dale at thetabletpost dot com or thetabletpost at gmail dot com or dwarf42 at gmail dot com. Any of those would work!

  63. Hello NI User and Mr.Rohan Shravan,
    Greetings from Germany,
    I would like to display my suffering here today.
    it occurred to 10.12.2010
    I orders an Adam Tablet PC
    12 weeks later I got the Adam dispatched, but the display was broken.
    After some weeks I got a RMA number of Notion Ink, in order to send the tray again to India.
    To 01.04.2011 I sent the Adam to India.
    To 26.07.2011, 16 weeks later!!! I got the following mail of Notion Ink:

    Greetings from Notion Ink!
    We are glad to inform you that all the processes required from our end has been completed and the documents have been submitted to the shipping company DHL.
    They informed us that they would inform us of the proceedings shortly.
    Kindly wait for another 2-3 days to update you on the developments.
    Thanks for your continued support to Notion Ink.

    Now do not wait I are 2 weeks for a response, either from Notion Ink or from DHL, it anything occurred.
    In India, does give is it normal the Notion Ink support still????
    in the between time, 4 months later I bought another tray, am it no Adam.
    I have Notion Ink asked me the cash out to pay, but there was in addition no response.
    Hello Rohan, if you these lines is, is what you and your coworkers want??
    Unfortunate, I am very very sad.
    Order No.NIO9405280

  64. @Dwarf, I will send something as soon as I become more familiar with the HTTP as I gifted my Adam to a relative. The wifi was easy to se up as are most functions that I have accessed. I can also say that this is only a temporary fix until I decide what will be my final purchase; something with a quad processor. The webos seems to be more “finished” than android, more refined, but still a work in progress. As Dwarf aptly said the big guns have a lot barrels and bullets to waste but webos appears to be a contender. My 1st love is still Eden so it’s disconcerting that Alphakunst is still having that kind of problem that is so easily resolvable.

  65. @Primarycloud, thanks for the post. I am very interested in your Touchpad experiences. Really curious how Adam and HP Touchpad compare from a user perspective.

  66. @alphakunst: really sorry to read all this. You are clearly one of the people who suffer from the mess that NI had in the 2010 pre-ordering. A real bummer that NI is still not able to effectively answer your questions and that you still do not have an Adam. I doubt if this is what Rohan wants, but it is definitely something that customers do not want.

    Come on NI, give Alphakunst a break. He was already a customer in December. Make him a very happy guy, he suffered longer than almost anybody else among us.

  67. Paul, let me start by saying that there is no comparison between the Adam & the TP. The Adam is an inspired design and if it had performed as initially showcased would have been the best. The TP even though 91/2×71/2 seems small, cramped and after awhile, heavy. In the 1st day it slipped out of my hands twice whereas I never dropped the Adam or developed eye strain. after an hour in a dark room and holding it with my left hand I not only had strained eyes but shoulder fatigue. The PQ Adam with its handle seems to be better balanced and could easily, if it performed as we all expected, would have been the one & only. That design and pq screen are game changers. The WebOS, as is Android, IOS and MSF7, is a work in progress; they all have issues.

  68. Don’t need HTML. Plain text would be just fine. Take what you have here and just expand it a bit. The whole world seems to be a work in progress at the moment 😉

  69. Went to Fry’s yesterday and stopped by the 7″ and 10″ Tablet display.

    What caught my eye was the Toshiba Thrive 10″ Android 3.1 tablet.
    It has an LED screen with back and front cameras.

    Played with the 2 MP front camera and l was very surprised at the color depth on the screen.
    It really is a standout in beautiful color for a 2 meg camera. Can’t imagine what the 5 MP back camera photos
    would look like.

    If the rest of the tablet is anywhere near the quality of the 2 MP camera, they have a winner.

  70. Thanks primarycloud. The grass at the neighbor’s always seems greener, so it is good to hear that there it isn’t as green as the advertisements show. Nevertheless it is impressive that HP dared to purchase and introduces WebOS.

    I keep having faith in the NI team, or maybe hope is a better word ;-). The hardware of Adam is good, we all had expected Google to release Honeycomb months ago, so we can’t blame NI for that delay, but I hope that NI will try to keep Adam in the forefront of developments, at this moment it is a bit silent on OTA improvements to the software.

  71. Hi everyone, now that I have used the HPTP for 2 days, I hav4e a better perspective to talk from and can definitly say that this will work as my temporary fix until something comes around that can replace that PQA1 experience. Like many XAdamites this is a qualified parting. Like any I believe the Adam is an inspired design and that with the A1 experience, Rohan will have evolved Eve so that the PQA2 will live up to his dreams. Best and warmest regards until we reunite around the Adam2

    Is NotionInk & Adam tablet out of business ????

    Anyhow it was very interesting to be a part in Rohan Shravan’s dream, unfortunately it propably also was only a DREAM… I paid US$ 783,52 for this tablet computer. The money went to a very good purpose, part of it surely was used by Rohan and his partners for their own computers, travelling expenses to the computer fairs in USA and Europe, to these students adventures in the real business world… It goes without saying that without the fine Adam tablet dreams, design and ideas Rohan’s life would not have been so exciting !

    What I was expecting when I bought my Adam tablet ? I wanted to get a LIGHT portable “EDITORIAL DESK” and CAMERA for my publishing hobby, I wanted to be able to read worldwide newspapers, watch international tv, edit my web pages in html, send the pages to web servers using ftp, use external keyboard with the Scandinavian alphabets – the soft keyboard or thumb keyboard are useless for serious writing…

    Something worked fine with the original software and with the first update.zip. After the unofficial HC update the camera stopped functioning, no more photos or videos, the swivel camera became obsolate. Luckily I still can watch the photos and videos taken earlier… Now youtube and other videos are not in full screen size, there is one inch of black space on the left and right, the size can not be enlarged with two fingers.

    I used to watch some Indian tv stations, in English, now they no longer open at all, Finnish tv stations (areena.yle.fi and mtv3.fi) videos do not open – they need JavaScript support ??? CNN videos can not be watched… Earlier they were just fine, before the HoneyComb update.

    MY DREAM is that Rohan Shravan would design a few improvements for my Adam tablet:
    the possibility to EXCHANGE the operation system from the external microSD card. If I prefer the original user’s interface (UI or ROM???) it would be possible, if I prefer the blue UI that could be selected, or if I want to use the HoneyComb that would be possible. Just by selecting it from the microSD card. All of us users are NOT interested in flashing the ROM every day, or in installing again the same applications to be able to do anything sensible with the tablet computer.

    I want to take photos and videos with the swivel camera again, I want to read local and foreign newspapers, I want to watch videos in full screen size, I want to watch tv news from Finland and India and worldwide, I want to edit my web pages and ftp them to web servers, everything is possible with any desktop or laptop computer.

    Is it NOT possible with my “DREAM” tablet computer, US$ 783,52 ???? If not I feel a bit disappointed with my Adam tablet and Rohan’s dream… And surely there is NO reason for any of us to dream about buying also the Adam 2 tablet !

    Raimo Kaarna – signalpenpals.net

  73. I believe that the NI team is currently dreaming about Adam2. I agree with Raimo 100%. At this rate, I dont see how NI will be able to sell Adam 2.

    Here are the other issues: Customer service is appaling. These days, I pray everyday that my adam should not die. Coz if something happens to it, the my hard earned money is gone down the drain. If you look at conclave, there are a lot of people who sent their adams in for repair, only to be ignored by NI team. Looks like the warranty service is a BIG joke. So much for a world class service

    Next is the software: ROHAN: Can you tell me if you can do all things that you dreamed before creating this device. I request you to be truthful…. Battery life is pretty bad on this device. It was mentioned that it would be fixed in HC, however its the same…. No official updates as promised….. .NI took almost 4 months to fix the GPS issue. Compass is not fixed yet… Dont know if it will ever be fixed….

    I can go on on these issues… Looks like its not worth it….

    At this stage, I started believing that NI has folded its tents for good. NI has always been good at dreams… However when th e dream is over the reality begins… I started to get a feel that now that NI has seen the reality , NI wouldnt want to come out of the dreams…..


  74. Suresh: Can you tell me how many people “sent their adams in for repair, only to be ignored by NI team”? I got an RMA number from support, sent my Adam to the address they supplied, and got a replacement machine the actually had a working GPS! I would surely like to hear from anyone who has sent their machines in using the RMA number supplied by support, who has not gotten any reply or repair from NI. You can let me know here on this blog (then Rohan would hear about it too), or you can send me a message either at: dwarf at gmail dot com, or dale at thetabletpost dot com. The Tablet Post would love to do a story, if there really is one there. Can you give me more details?
    P.S. If what you want is a working Adam, you should stick with the stock Adam release. The Honeycomb release is still being advertised as Beta. That means it is still under development, and some things don’t work. For the most part, the stock Adam software is quite stable now, and if you want something different that really works, go to TabletROMs dot com and ask the great folks there for help and guidance. You don’t have to suffer with a limited Honeycomb release.

  75. @dwarf,

    Regarding the warranty service, please go to conclave and see what people are saying…. Some people have been waiting for their adam to come back since 2 months. Would I want my device to be at a warranty service for more than 2 months after I pay heck no…You wouldnt want either…

    Now coming to the development for adam.. Please tell me what was fixed on froyo till now… Heck I received my adam on Feb 23rd, March 1st I sent in an email that the microphone was picking some weird noise when recording stuff.. The answer till date is unknown….Just changing the UI doesnt fix all that stuff.. I also sent in another compliant about a buzzing noise.. was that fixed.. no… the support stopped responding to emails even…Once in a while they ask, is that issue fixed… I reply No and thats where it ends….

    Ok now coming to HC and Gingerbread, Gingerbread source code was available to NI for a long time. Now we all know what happened to GINGERBREAD upgrade on Adam…. Half baked…never worked… They moved on to HC even though they didnt have access to Sourcecode.. Well Not NI, it was Tabletroms and the fine dev community… So if NI knew that it was gonna be a Beta at best.. why did they not work on Gingerbread…to give us an official release?

    There are unconfirmed reports that Ice cream sandwich is a combination of Gingerbread on HC, I wonder how could NI work on ICS when it could not even get GB right…

    oh by the way, i am still on the stock version of Eden. but the way i see it, adam is becoming obsolete faster and Rohan did mention that in the earlier posts, YOUR DEVICE WILL NEVER BECOME OBSOLETE..

  76. @Pratikbhatu, yes, if no new info, just to say “I and family am alive, well and fully recovered” or ” not fully recovered but busy with planning, software development and evolving Adam, Eve & Genesis, very busy, best regards

  77. someone reply me when will next round of ordering adam 1 begins or will ni launch adam 2 soon?

  78. Suresh: First of all, I have no Facebook account, and apparently even if I did I couldn’t log into Conclave. The forum is a waste of time…sort of like waiting for Rohan here 😉
    I can only report my experience on the replacement/repair issue. I’m doing my own repair beyond warranty.
    Second, my experience with the latest release is that it is pretty stable. The camera is still pretty screwed up, but since I got my replacement machine, the GPS works fine. The compass in the new machine isn’t as jittery as the older one, but still doesn’t point North very reliably.
    I have no control over what NI does for development. Personally I would work on Linux if I had any time at all.
    The semantics of obsolete are pretty broad. At one level, all products become obsolete. As a carpenter, I use a pencil quite a lot, but as a computer technician, I don’t use it at all, so in one case it is obsolete, while in the other case it is not.
    I suspect my tablets will quit working before I quit using them 😉

  79. Regd: ADAM Touch screen not responding​, Battery Indicator shows question mark

    Dear Rohan,
    I had the issue with my Adam device earlier with “Touch screen not responding​, Battery Indicator shows question mark” on July 1 2011. After discussion with your Support team through various emails, I have sent my Adam for servicing on July 12 2011 at the US address provided by your support team earlier. However when DHL tried to deliver the package two times, the consignee premises was closed. Finally after i once again tracked the shipment, It was delivered on July 19 2011. But i got a email from your support team on Aug 8 2011, that they will inform the service center personnel to immediately contact DHL and retrieve the package. I am now really worried, since DHL has already delivered to the service center address earlier.

    Notion Ink Support team also promised me about the developments in next 2 days without any delays. So far its almost weeks time, still no response. I would like to know, When is the expected date of receiving the Adam. Be specific. I dont want to see a automated email from ur side. So far its a very pathetic service from Notion Ink in updating the customer.

    I dont know how many of Notion Ink supporters are still facing problems. I am still hoping for the best service from Notion Ink, including the best hardware and software for Adam.


  80. Hi everyone, by now you may have heard that HP is terminating the Touchpad and WebOs. Having purchased and used it for a couple of weeks, I have to admit that I have become very fond and attached to the tablet and OS. I now find that the size to weight works well and that WebOs has a lot of positive aspects and potential. It is so easy and smooth to use and seems to flow. There are 2 things, besides more apps, that need work; it sill occasionally lockup or freeze and will occasionally announce that too many cards are open. There is also the inconvenience of only having a micro USB port and speaker port as the only means of input and outlet. But at the right discount this would still be a great backup and carry about. I am still going for a PQ A2 and am confident that that will be the subject of Rohans next post. I am once again becoming excited about the possibilities and hope that it will be sooner than later. But getting back to the TouchPad and WebOs, someone is bound to buy as they are too finished a product to fall y the wayside.
    Best regards

  81. Hi PC 😉
    Actually, I just heard this morning, HP is selling their tablet and smartphone divisions! The news piece didn’t say to whom they were selling. Want to start a partnership and buy it? Not actually kidding, but have no resources…
    You have some interesting things to say about “the touch”. You still owe me a review 😉 Send me a ping to dwarf42 at gmail dot com.

  82. Hi Primarycloud: compared to your experience with HP, the people who purchased an Adam can be very happy. The purchase that they did from a very small innovator, is proving to be more safe then a purchase of a tablet from an IT giant as HP (unless of course the HP TouchPad is going to become a collector’s item as an example of the rise and fall of well-known company (Palm) after it was taken over).

    I read your remark about how finished Web-OS is and how smooth the operation. But do you really think that anybody dares to take it over after HP has now publicly burned it to the ground? Which company will now be able to “proudly” release their own operating system and succeed? After HP has now publicly denounced their involvement and apparently ‘see no future’, it will be very hard to convince customers to try the OS. This particularly as pricing for tablets is now more and more determined by the hardware so a new OS can’t really become price competitive.

    On another note: September is coming, time to enjoy ice cream on my tablet :mrgreen:

  83. @Paul S, you are right in much of what you say as the hardware on the touchpad is outdated. I read where they loaded the webos onto an Iipad2 and it doubled the speed, they don.t say wether that clears up the other problems. Even so at the right discount it might be a worth while purchase. I do not like Google or Android and am waiting for the PQ Adam2 with Eve and Genesis.

  84. Hi primarycloud: Waiting for Eve? What do you know about Eve that we don’t?
    (or do you think that Eve will be more attractive then Adam?

  85. You can buy the HP Touchpad 16GB for the paltry sum of $99.00 or $149.00 for the 32GB.
    Going out of business sale.

    Maybe Rohan can replace the non-working adams with one of the Touchpad. LOL


  86. @Paul S, as per Rohan, she should be polished & accomplished; covered in ever changing panels of many brilliant colors. A perfect partner for a powerful Adam and worthy of carrying Genesis.

  87. @primarycloud: hmmm, missed that description. But a perfect partner will indeed be attractive and worth waiting for. I am still a bit disappointed with the size of Adam (and iPad). Too bulky to take with me full time. Hopefully Eve is ‘petite’ and has a PQ-screen so we can admire her looks all the time.

    But I do hope that she is not only accomplished but also versatile, with connectors to feed her with more info or to publish her knowledge on a TV or projector. Too many tablets out there who limit their hardware and I like to be proud of my versatile companion.

  88. Hi all…
    I have been pretty much offline for the last two weeks, but this time it’s easy to catch up here ;0(

  89. +2

    Totally agree with you and Kumar S. I had great expectations on the Adam but it has waned. I just wish it’s sold on Amazon, Best Buy or other well known online and B&M stores here in US because I am not comfortable buying it direct from India. At this stage of the business, service and distribution should be the top priority.

  90. Everyone is always talking dreams. Well check out this one…

    Too cool…

  91. @cs650t: Beyond kool, many thanks and I can see this concept worked into the A3; by then the technology might be a rea lity. I hope that Rohan uses this as an inspiration towards some kind of breaktrough as he hasn’t been very forthcoming for awhile.

  92. cx650t: I agree this is truly awesome. The big question is where to I place my pre-order!!!
    On the other hand, the OLED transparent screen is closer to real and almost as cool.
    Who is globalspec anyway!

  93. Here’s some more info on the “rolltop”. They are on version 2 and are looking for backers / designers/ programmers, etc.

    Just a thought on this though. When Sony first premiered their OLED 11″ TV it carried a pricetag of $11,000!
    By the time they started selling them it has dropped to $4000. That’s for an eleven inch model. The rolltop is 17″. (BTW Sony appears to have dropped the OLED TV from their site.)

    The site also doesn’t mention what CPU, memory, or OS they plan on implementing. It also doesn’t mention whether it can run on batteries or just when tethered to its power supply.

  94. cx650t: Thank you for pointing this out! This is the most remarkable concept I’ve seen in quite a while! I went ahead and donated some small change just to get on their order list, and will, of course, recommend that they use Linux as the foundation OS which will support android as well (as a side effect 😉
    Again I am drooling over hardware 😉

  95. Wow, innovative design over there. But the description on the site is really bad. I twice read the introduction on “What is roll top” and it only gave me an impression that ‘maybe this is interesting’. Until I saw the video and then I joined Dwarf in his drooling over hardware. Really cool.

    It is a tough time for people from IIT to stay ahead in technology 😉

  96. Hi Rohan,

    what is going on?
    If you don’t know what to do or what to write about take a look at “http://tiny.cc/aOSw-results”.

    Sorry, I had to post something.


  97. Hi Alex!
    First I must apologize for not contributing to this survey, but even after seeing it, I’m not sure what the method of voting is all about…
    Of all the things I saw that weren’t “of course that should be fixed” I feel really stupid for not thinking of the ability to disable the 4 buttons. That would certainly make the machine easier to handle in landscape mode, where your left hand is always pushing buttons you didn’t mean to push. I’ve gotten in the habit of just not holding it that way!!
    Thanks for the effort. I wish more of us had contributed, including myself 😉

  98. Request to our Adam tablet friends in BANGALORE, INDIA – – Anirban, Prasanna, Vivek, Srikanta, Binu, Deepu and Punya

    You were having the meeting of Bangalore Adamites one month ago, on the 16th of July and Binu seemed to have taken a few photos of your six Adam tablets, too. The next meeting soon ?
    Your own comments: “The first meet was really successful and useful too. I think we should meet once a month. I also encourage other city Adamites to meet and post their experiences and learning.“

    What about helping us, the foreign Adam users, to get rid of vain fears and disappointments ? You can do it easily if you want. Binu, just take your digi camera and go to Notion Ink Design Labs Pvt. Ltd., Subramanya Arcade, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560029, India and take a few photos outside Notion Ink office, and more inside if possible. Tell us what is going on, any kind of activity over there… No blogs, no news after July 26th, 2011 05:26 PM.

    The Times of India wrote on Feb 14, 2010, 12.49am about the ‘iPad killer’ Adam and Notion Ink, its founders are six IITans and an MBA grad, average age of 24: Rohan Shravan, Rohit Rathi, Sachin Ralhan, and other five. Who of these persons are still working for Notion Ink ? How many have abandoned the ‘sinking’ ship ? If so, why ? Or are they all still studying or working for other computer firms to earn their living, to get some bread to the table, to pay their rents etc.

    Here is how Rohan sold the Adam dream: “nVidia’s Tegra 2 chip and a PixelQi screen, together, they help it achieve twice the battery life and performance of the iPad”, “The chip provides an edge over the iPad with its ability to play full high definition videos and Flash on the web browser. It can offer the performance of a computer with the power consumption of a cellphone”.
    Really ? What about HoneyComb – doesn’t it consume more power than a simple cellphone???

    A few photos from Notion Ink office in Bangalore and Rohan & Co’s current ideas and dreams would give some us reliance and peace of mind, make our doubts about the future of the Adam tablet go away. My aim is to use my Adam tablet actively, preferably for years…

    A few questions, can anyone help ?
    1) how to watch the youtube / old adam sviwel camera videos / other videos / tv in 10” size instead of 7” size, I’ve got MoBoPlayer;
    2) how to select the SWEDISH keyboard for EXTERNAL keyboard on android;
    3) how to get external webcam to work with Adam, or the sviwel camera back;
    4) any new useful updates for HC lately, after HC-2011-07-adam – where ?
    5) any good applications, web editors for html and ftp, useable for writing 100’s of web pages

    Raimo Kaarna – signalpenpals.net – Finland – PixelQi+WiFi+3G

  99. Hi Raimo Kaarna, you provided quite an eye-opener with “Here is how Rohan sold the Adam dream:“: “twice the battery life of an iPad“, “hd video, flash“. I hope that Ice Cream Sandwich delivers it all.

    There is a lot of work for our IIT guys anyway. Myrolltop, which was introduced by cx650t (see above), shows some mind blowing design. They can be seen as a real competitor for Adam. Choosing between a new version of Adam and a working Rolltop (they don’t have a prototype yet) would imply that the new Adam has a lot to offer. For the moment I give Notion Ink the benefit of the doubt as they now have real production experience, but it will be tough task for them to stay ahead of the pack.

  100. I was very proud of you guys when you started your company. Proud because of unique approach you adopted, and unique features you showed us in your device. It is still unique.

    But, whatever your constraints are, unless you catch up with competition in the market you are doomed in the long term. Customers are your saviours.

    My friend refused to sell his Adam to me – because he did not want me to ‘suffer’ the same frustration he had suffered.

    I am afraid soon people will be writing obituary to your company. Brilliant people, brilliant idea, brilliant strategy but that was in 2009-10; now you are invisible, not in the news (even for bad reasons), and not in the business.

    You should have moved to Silicon Valley and become billionaires.

  101. @vinay, a lot of what you say is valid and has been an issue that NI has been dealing with since day one. Unfortunatly the situation has evolved and changed as Rohan pointed out in one of his first blogs, they would. So Rohan is very much aware of what you are saying as he is dealing with these obstacles on a daily basis. For A1 he was the 1st tu use a 2 core processor, today he would have trouble acquiring the quad core for A2 as Amazon has announced a quad Kindle 10 inch tablet with a reputed price of 399 for Nov release and a new quad core Asus Transformer is rumored for Nov release. The only part that he may be able to acquire is the new, thin PQ screen, even though as ussual one hears nothing from that source either. With all of the best of intentions and effort, NI may have been caugh up by the same dynamics that HP stumbled upon; events in tech hardware development have moved very rapidly and future evolution will be in software. Which is why Google seems to be locking up Android and HP centering around WebOs. Yes we will hear from Rohan but as allways we have to consider what he is dealing with and give him room and time to operate.

  102. Looking better for the Google Nexus Prime 4.5″ handset with Ice Cream for an October Surprise.

    All things considered, a 4.5″ AMOLED HD screen would be a nice replacement for the adam, especially if subsidized by Google and working flawlessly.


  103. Been quite some time since i visited here.

    I think I am now pretty much out of the tablet fever and I guess most of us are. For consuming media and doing etch-a-sketch activities, iPad seriously has no competition and I really do not see ICS making much of a difference.

    The last few months using the Adam makes me realize that there is a need of a full fledged operating system which works out of the box. I dont care whether its open source or closed as long as it works as publicized.

    I think Ultrabook and Windows 8 or a flavor of Linux shall be something to look forward to.

    Of course people will still buy tablets as consumption devices but not me for sure unless they have a full fledged OS in it.


  104. I just gave up on NI, posted my Adam on Craiglist for sale for $350. Technology changing fast. I waited so long for NI Adam it was cutting edge, wish they had OS all ironed out. Now I’m hearing Adam2 in work, so our original Adams will be in limbo.

  105. sjwadi: Let us know if you are able to sell it. How close is that price to what you paid for it?

  106. Since there is no news on developments on the Adam, it seems that we have to provide our own news in order to keep this blog interesting 😉

    After cx650t introduced us to Myrolltop (see above). Sony is now coming with another challenge for our IIT guys: the Sony Tablet P. A fold-able tablet with two screens (“http://www.ubergizmo.com/2011/08/sony-tablet-p/”). As I have always had a problem with the large size of Adam and that of similar sized tablets such as the iPad, this is a real contender for my interest. This will be easier to carry around, while you still have the full real estate when you use the 2 screens as 1 and in landscape you can open it as a book, with a page on the left screen and a page on the right screen.. It will be running Honeycomb because it is released soon, but upgrading to Icream Sandwich will most likely be no problem ( just as with Adam).

    I am still giving Notion Ink the benefit of the doubt, so I am eagerly waiting for news on software upgrades on Adam, or even on new enticing hardware, but the world outside India moves fast, very fast.

  107. @sjwadi: i don’t see why our Adams are in Limbo. The hardware is good and I guess that all the software that is available for a new Adam, will also be available for ours. That is one of the reasons why I bought an Adam. I had expected updates would become available on a more frequent basis 😦 😦 but I do not feel that our Adam will be left behind. I fully expect it to run Icecream Sandwich.

  108. Interesting, if you look at the Aug 31 Slashgear you will see info on the Sony, Msf 8, htc, and samsung tablet offerings coming up, along with Kindle updates. I agree that the Adam 1, with tegra 2 processor, and as mentioned by Rohan, is plenty for for today and future software updates. The tegra3 is really in many ways overkill and will really depend on hardware upgradedability to be a long term option. As mentioned in the article Sony is using the Adam design in its tablet offering and it is really slick and the HTC?Puccini has what appears to be a serious Windows8 Operating system. So for me, it’s like , hold on to A1 (counting on tabletrom to stay software competitive) until things clear up and the A2, if Rohan can meet the design and operating challenges presented by todays new competitive market, for those who have money to burn. I can’t wait for the new PQ sreen and Rohans design work for the A2; Rohan, I can only wish you success in your future plans.

  109. HP TouchPad will make one more manufacturing run of the TouchPad because their vendors are sitting on shelf-loads of components, which will also be priced at $99.99.

    HP will also release an OTA update of WebOS for the TouchPad very soon.

    Samsung appears to be interested in purchasing WebOS from HP seeing how fast WebOS runs.

    I turned down the offer to buy one at $99.99 however, next time it’s offered l won’t make that mistake again.

    WebOS has too much potential to remain in limbo. With another great OS in the mix, Google will have to put more effort in Android to just stay current. Hopefully, Google will add more resources to fast track Ice Cream so
    they don’t fall too far behind. Makes for better competition.

    Furthermore, Rohan/NI can’t stay silent much longer, as the tech. world is moving too fast.

    My story…..and am sticking to it……………..for now.

  110. where the hell is a new post?? over a month and new update?? is everyone dead at NI? come on man this is killing me.. what is NI and Rohan upto??

  111. @Shailu,

    Please navigate to tabletroms as Zerofeel posted an email from Rohan on what Notion Ink is upto. Zerofeel reached out to Rohan via email.

  112. “We have done extensive research on these fields and will share it with you in coming weeks.
    Bye for know, will keep you posted!”


  113. I see that a few die-hards (very few) are still hanging around with hopes that something may yet happen with Notion Ink. Good for you!! I’m a PO1 still using my adam (Beast) on a daily basis. Happy where I’m at with no desire to try new versions of whatever. Got my mail, my news, my music and a few other things that interest me. When I read that there were updates to one or another ROM, including HC, almost immediately there were so many problems that it scared me to even attempt to try upgrading. No…even though adam is moons away from being what it should be, what it can be…I’m satisfied with what I have.

    Hey Dwarf…glad to see you still around. Hope you don’t get too wet this weekend!!

  114. Come on Notion ink tell us whats up? its been more than one month….its things like these that causes your loyal fans to turn into haters…at least keep us updated of what is going on…i personally don’t think any of us are going to even think of buying adam 2 if u continue to leave us in the dark.. 😦

  115. @Harvey186, no, I don’t think so. Checkout tabletroms as he is incontact with them. Rohan is just being Rohan and when anything you say immediatly starts an opinion storm you really can’t be faulted. I mean, people are still talk about the mystery feature?

  116. 🙂 Adam is my personal video player and has been with me while i watch tv series on it.. its all good..But may be Rohan got a defective Adam and is sorting it out with NI support…
    Occasional word from Rohan is most welcome


  117. It is really sad that Rohan has chosen to be silent for more than a month- letting all of us, (supporters) down!

    Hope he will surprise us soon with some great news! 🙂

  118. I tried to list it on Craiglist but I got Spam instead so its on ebay for $320 i paid $499 +$50shipping. I bought my Adam knowing its a starup company and user community is great. But lack of Roham updates & lack of Notion Ink software update driving me to unload. Wish it all worked smoothly, but the way i see, tablets are moving fast and lack of company support scares me while other known companies like Samsung Motorola Ausus etc have HC tablets and soon same features like Adam.

  119. Rohan, “I’m not sure that word means what you think it means”. Soon should refer to something like several weeks at the most not several months, but then some things mean different things to different people. Could you give us a better definition of soon besides “waiting is”?

  120. hey guys….where are you….m missing all the notion’s ink.
    Please communicate the silence is killing out here dont forget we need to go a long way…..communication is important…..

    still will be besides u guys…..all the best….hope to see some air flowing soon…..


  121. Hi all,
    it has been SEVEN weeks of waiting now. An embarrassing wait.
    I can be naive now and then, alright. But Notion Ink has deliberately set our expectations high.

    About battery life for instance.My hubby and me are going for a USA road trip in two weeks, and we need entertainment in a 11 hours flight to get there. Want my Adam to take pics and make vids there for instant upload. And I need a tab to keep in touch, to point us in the right direction or to find us a place to sleep.
    But the battery of my Adam won’t last for a single day. Now, we have two Adams, one for me and one for my hubby, and one iPad2 to share.
    We could use my Adam in the morning during our trip, and his at noon (and charge both at night), but that would be luny, right?
    Cannot even run AC or NI’s ‘official’ HC to have a functional camera.

    My Adam and me, we haven’t been separated for one day since it arrived. Now I need to make a tough decision; should I take the iPad2 with me, and keep both Adams at home?
    I’m having this awkward feeling that, if I do, I won’t bother dusting off and picking up my Adam again once we get back home.

    In short; I don’t want more promisses, no more expectations. I need an Adam to meet the expectations that were set by NI when I bought mine.

    And my final point for Rohan Ji: This blog, the Official NI site, should be the place to bring important news in the first place. What if I were a new costumer? I would visit the NI site for info, and it’s not up-to-date. It’s closer to starvation, to be frank.

    Please proof my gut feeling to be wrong, by act and not by words this time. I truelly hope I’m wrong.

  122. Hi Karen!!!

    I wish you the best times possible on your trip. I’m sure you will have fun even if you take no tablet with you, but one positive note is that the charger that came with your Adam will plug into any wall socket in the US 😉
    I agree we all have/had great expectations (isn’t that a book by Dickens?) for our Adams, and very few of them have been met so far. It is pretty lame that the major feature of my Adam is that I can read it in the bright sunshine, but only for 3 to 4 hours…
    Look forward to hearing about your trip. Sorry you aren’t coming near Tallahassee, but I’m sure you will find something to do anyway 🙂

  123. ya, have a nice & safe journey (with or without adam)

    Concerning “not separated” – I too found a few good uses for my adam (no, not paperweight) and use it almost daily – though it fails me often in the exact moment when I need it! You are right, Dwarf – pixelQi alone does not win the prize – but this is truly one of its best features. But I truly wish it were more reliable… stable. I am still on stock (with ADW launcher) and there are so many little annoying bugs that could be fixed in a wink if someone just *cared* for them. This is the worst – to be abandoned. Family – HA!

    I stopped defending NI and the adam somehow. Many people ask me what kind of device it is – I answer something like “concept and hardware are still nice, BUT…”

    It is a real pity, but I still won’t go for an iPad 🙂

    Somebody cares to look into my bug-list to compare? I could post a top-ten of the most annoying issues – perhaps I am doing something wrong. At least, it would make me feel less lonely …

    Alright, Karen – once again: enjoy your trip!

  124. Burt O’ Stage said, on September 14, 2011 at 02:52

    Somebody cares to look into my bug-list to compare? I could post a top-ten of the most annoying issues – perhaps I am doing something wrong. At least, it would make me feel less lonely …

    Burt, I would love to have your list for an article in The Tablet Post. Can you send me 200 words on the subject? I will certainly publish it. (dwarf42 at gmail dot com)

  125. “http://androidcommunity.com/git-media-announces-duo-of-honeycomb-tablets-with-250gb-hds-for-479-20110913/”

    A relatively unknown company is selling tablets with honeycomb. Now according to Rohan, Google wanted to give honeycomb to companies who have the marketing capacity against Apple. If that is the case, how is thos company getting its hands on honeycomb??? Either Rohan is bullsh***** us or google is bullsh***** Rohan.

  126. Hi Karen,

    happy to see that you took the effort about your experiences and complaints. As long as we do that, we still care, isn’t it?

    The battery is also my main sour point. An important reason for to buy Adam, was that contrary to an iPad, it had a user replaceable battery, so I already saw myself traveling with three batteries, swapping one for the other, just as I do with my mobile phone. Unfortunately NI’s vision wasn’t there yet 😦

    We’ll see what they come up with next.

  127. Suresh, interesting news. We always expected that NI would be in the front of technology and now GIT ‘announced’ the HC tablets. As we all know, there is a difference between announcing and actually delivering, but with the lack of news from NI, GIT is clearly stealing the show of being a worthwhile alternative to the big names out there.

    What I found more interesting was this remark: “The same company previously made some Android 2.1 tablets that you can find at a bunch of major retailers.“. So despite being a small company, these people have been able to tap into a distribution channel and, I assume, remain price competitive.

  128. @Paul,

    I am not worried about GIT stealing the show. So far a lot of companies have stolen the show from notion ink. The thing that bothers me is that when small companies like GIT can get access to HC (at least that’s what they say), why can’t notion ink. This is what I think that notion ink did not ask for bc from google. They expected it go be open sourced and could pick it up and tu with it. However google threw a curveball and did not open source it. Ll this talk about google wanting to give bc go companies that could take business away from apple anothercreatikn of Rohan

  129. Hi Suresh, it is all speculation, (but that is what Rohan invites us to, we have to make our own news) but I would not be surprised when you are right. The question is now becoming: do we jump on the bandwagon of another innovator or will Notion Ink continue its path of coming with an enticing platform?

  130. @Paul Schoe I say jump on another bandwagon and keep notion ink on your radar until they get their shit together. This devotion to a company that suddenly ignores its core fans is like chasing a girl that just broke up with you. They had their opportunity, and failed. Its time to give another innovative company a chance.

    I used to be one of those hardcore fans that checked the blog religiously and did my share of word of mouth publicity. I had ordered the LCD variant during PO2. But they ran out and told me that I can either get a full refund or pay more for a more expensive variant. With all the frustrations and disappointments that were coming out at the time from adam owners, and the increasing shadiness on Rohan’s part, I decided not to gamble away $425.33 + whatever it would cost to get a better one, and to instead go for a a company that had a great product without the bullshit. Thus began my drama free life with the Asus Transformer. I’m not saying that in the future NI can’t be great, but until that day comes (if it does) I’m sticking with something more reliable.

  131. Just saw this from Vizio. A small tablet with IR blaster and built-in Universal IR Remote control.
    Not bad for the price…

    Similar complaints to other Android devices. Limited battery life. No macros for the IR program. etc.

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