Head over to Conclave at 9PM IST

[Update: All PQ devices are sold out now! Thanks for your awesome support! πŸ™‚

Update 2: Check the first page of the conclave post again.]

Hello there!

Head-over to Conclave at 9PM IST. Update is ready, we are just waiting for Beansoft to push their app (that’s why 9).

We are also proud to announce that MathPac+ Notion Ink Adam Custom Edition is now available as a trial version exclusively for Notion Ink Adam Users!

Designed by MobileCaltronics, MathPac+ Notion Ink Adam Custom Edition is a comprehensive, accurate and precise mathematics/statistics package, complete with graphing, that provides all of theΒ functionalitiesΒ one expects from their required grapher.

It offers on-screen help, formulas, definitions, video tutorials, and every function needed for your class. The design is β€œStudent Centric” because it was designed specifically with the student in mind! It even has built in intuitive navigation similar to the best known graphing calculator so the user can readily adapt common instructions found in today’s text-books (or given in the classroom) directly to the APP.

On conclave you will find steps to improve the speed of the device as well. Also with the help of TabletRoms team, GPS should be available to all of you faster than we thought. Special thanks to Andy and MrGuy! Actually GPS is still working at the Kernel level, you can check the NEMA data from /dev/ttyHS3, but the Android framework is not able to load the GPS library. Google has not exposed the GPS handling part in Android, rather have given the interface defined in gps.h and all ODMs has to develop drivers according to this interface, plus the added difference in 2.2 and 3.0.

We will continue to push the updates so you all get the best out of your Adam!

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

264 thoughts on “Head over to Conclave at 9PM IST

  1. Excited.
    I will test HC and hope to have time for updating “http://ni-adam-guide.wikispaces.com/”
    Thanks and cheers.

  2. My feelings from what i hv read into the whole Honeycomb saga. Google did somewhat the right thing by keeping Honeycomb to themselves, but totally wrong by not sharing it with specifically tablet manufacturers like Notionink. Was it personal vengeance on Google’s part for NI’s hacking on 2.2 – 2.3? Because if it is otherwise( meaning honeycomb is not ready for primetime), then why the hell are devices with so many manufacturers having honeycomb in the first place?

    By the way, Rohan, NI is not part of OHA? Or should that be renamed OTA or OMA(M-Mobile)?

  3. hey ! I Just get my ADAM from TNT !

    I open it right now, and I’ll push the update after ^^
    Thx NI for being quick

  4. This is an update to honeycomb.. So you will have market access.. So that’s how you will get the full versions..

  5. @Rohan

    For those of us with the 511 version, telling us we have the latest version, What process do we take with the HC update?

    The question has been asked many times, so would you please clear up any misunderstanding with the HC update.

  6. Sorry by asking it again and again … Why must i create an account in Facebook to access Support Forum ?

    I can’t download file from forum and ask for support directly, i must send email …. it’s very difficult to accept.

  7. you might want to take a look at “http://ni-adam-guide.wikispaces.com/”
    have fun with your adam!

  8. πŸ™‚
    … this feels like being 9 years old on christmas eve waiting for my parents to sound the christmas bell… when is it 9pm in India at last? cant wait much longer!!

  9. Thx,
    Everything seems to be fine, I did a checklist from Navin Quadros on Conclave.
    Protective screen was already on it: that’s perfect thx Rohan !

  10. Yeeeehaaaa….!!!! Honey is out there in conclave!
    guys, try it and post how good it tastes πŸ™‚

    Rohan, you are ahead of time! you said 9pm and the post came on 8.22 πŸ˜€
    this is pretty impressive! I cant wait for my adam now. send it to me soooooon…. πŸ˜€

  11. downloading 10% completed…the download link is on 4shared.com – hopefully this would provide better load management. Nice thought NI team..

  12. So we once again have to do a full data wipe out to upgrade… I’ve seen the gentle advice to save one’s data, but how? Could someone direct me to a detailed procedure: apps, I can manage, but what about settings, passwords etc. Thanks for any advice.

  13. Well I think that is for “if Google comes chasing”, but how in the world that makes sense with all the blog and conclave updates, has gone over my head πŸ˜‰

  14. Finally my comment makes it to Notion Ink blog πŸ™‚ Thanks Rohan !

  15. There is a new rom on tablet roms from Borkata, which says compass is fixed. May be Notion Ink should look in to. How about the guys at tabletroms joining Notion Ink. Would’nt it be awesome πŸ™‚

  16. No facebook or conclave account, just went to their site found the info and file and downloaded it to my usb flash card.

  17. Downloaded the update, but waiting for more impressions to make the switch. Also, think it does not have Market (according to comments on conclave), but why doesn’t it have? when this is not an official google supported version, and a lot of it is based on hacker/dev work, why not market?

  18. BTW, it has become really quiet for an update day. Many regular people are also not here…. Only I see levpius now and may be Phillip and Paul Schoe will drop in tomorrow.

    Karen, Himanshu, Greg, Cathy you guys there?

  19. Oh Thanks Rohan, now the thread is open – intially it was a closed one. But anyways, though I have an FB account, I am not able to login to post there on conclave, as I get a “Registration disabled by administrator” after I login to FB, by clicking on Connect.

    Also Rohan, though it is advised to wipe data / factory reset, will the device be bricked if we don’t wipe the data? Has anybody tried without wiping?

    And @ Paul, sorry for the typo in your name.

  20. Rohan,

    Apparently this is Tabletrom’s HC with a few minor changes. Why go ahead and release it thru conclave. Rather you could have just endorsed Tabletrom’s HC.

    I do not understand the logic.


  21. Well, I think it is because of NI’s additional work done to TR’s version. @Rohan, A log of additional work would be a great help to avoid redundant questions on the same.

  22. Rohan, Is hardware acceleration working ? Anybody who has installed, do you see any lag ?

  23. Market available in the ZIP but sadly force when trying to install 😦

  24. Yeah. Videos working.

    Some points of this rom:

    – Android 3.0.1
    – No market access
    – Dolphin V4.6.1 installed (newest one is dolphin 5.1)
    – No Video player
    – No music player
    – no gallery
    – no quickoffice (neither android 2.2 nor HC version)
    – standard browser isn’t working after setting up an google account
    – Volume issues. You only get 0% or 100% volume. Nothing else.
    – no h.264 codec (is a problem from honeycomb… wtf google !? )
    – no honeycomb filemanager (only sniffer. When you click on the ‘folder open’ option from notification bar, it’s not working because there is no android filemanager)
    – ThumbKeyboard App is a 2 month trial version.

    – The standard HC Keyboard is the best! responsiveness is much improved! Very nice to type (comparable to iPad)

  25. Hi, I’m here…
    Downloaded and reading first now.
    Thanx Rohan + Team, Andy and MrGuy!

    Don’t know about you peepz, but daily – 3D – life is demanding some attention as well.
    Me personally working on a pretty promissing project. So is Dale.
    Himanshu is busy with his studies, so his focus is not on his Adam these days.
    Greg’s professional job is keeping him from replying I guess (same for Boeltwit) and Paul Schoe might be living a completely different time zone (China) these days.
    But we will all catch up some day πŸ˜‰
    Let’s explore and play with our Adams tonight! Have fun all!

  26. All true but I do not have the Volume issues.. it works perfectly on mine

    Textcolor of the input bar in Messages is same color as the background (white).. so you can’t see what you are writing if you are trying to send a sms (with your SIM card ofc.

    I noticed that there is no Update option in settings and also Acer is one of the bookmarks in the default browser.

  27. Thanks for the tip, Gkar3. I had a look, but it doesn’t seem to be for unrooted devices…

  28. Honeycomb on Adam, the good and the bad:

    + Nice boot up logo and background from Notion Ink.
    + Honeycomb, with all it’s benefits like widgets etc.
    + Great and smooth interface. Takes full advantage of the bigger screen.
    + Great bottom bar, always shows time whatever you are doing and the back, home and options button move when you rotate the device. (Also making the buttons on the right top of the adam obsolete).
    + E-mail works great (exchange m.hotmail.com)
    + Thumb keyboard is great, keyboard response well
    + Fast UI, no problems with animations or whatever.
    + Wifi, 3G, PixelQi all works fine.

    – Force closes of the thumb keyboard (while trying to type is really annoying), standard keyboard should be a bit smaller on landscape view.
    – Can’t read PDF’s and documents
    – Can’t play or record audio and video
    – No Kindle app installed
    – No market access or Genesis.
    – USB connection does not share the Storage anymore.
    – No settings for the compass or application to check it out.
    – The ability to make or receive phone calls.

    These are clean install problems, you can install a few things yourself but setting up your adam to your personal liking and fixing the issues every update is really a waste of time.

    Still I’m real happy with Honeycomb on my adam!

  29. Fiddled around with Market, too. Couldn’t make it work either.
    BTW: Why are there two variants? Neither one seems to do the job.
    Tried using 3.1 version from Transformer, but there’s version checking.
    Tried using an 2.x version, but that complained about an already exsting account.
    I’m putting my faith into an updated apps.zip…

    Volume works fine with musik, but is binary with some Tegra Zone games (e.g. Pinball HD)
    USB mouse is better, USB keyboard has layout issues in German, thumbs keyboard keeps force closing, now that I’ve installed standard Android as well (I like being given a choice, not being led on through trial editions: If I wanted to be treated like that, I’d buy an iPad!).

    HC colors are terrible on PQ. Eden looked just great on PQ, but was hardly usable because of the bugs.

    I am afraid I’ll have to repeat myself: Support multi-boot! It’s the only way to have a usable device and play around, too until Ice Cream solves all problems!

    I’m all torn between going back ,using HC pre 3.0.1 pre-beta or trying Red Aurora

    GPS isn’t working for me in any application I could copy via USB.
    Compass app is FC, accellerometers are fine.

    External HDMI mirror is super ugly, 1:1 only and reduced color depth (looks something like 4 bits per RGB channel to me) and perhaps some dithering on top.

    Video format support is pretty bad, not even the Mobo player seems to help.

    I also have some random reboots for things like switching WLAN from static IPs to DHCP.

    If you want a production quality tablet, I recomend you stay away from this Honey Comb release.
    But then, since you bought an Adam, you must like being on the bleeding edge πŸ˜‰

    I have no idea yet on battery life, but the Adam does get noticibly warm, even if CPU Master attests it always scaling back to around 200 MHz after a few secs. I am especially worried, because I can’t track battery consumption by the various components and tasks in Settings. It might mean, that the Adam can’t really track or control battery usage itsself, which won’t help it save battery charge.

    I would bet a case of beer that it won’t go near the 3 days of casual use I can get out of my Asus transformer, because I can just watch it drain the battery (again!).

    Rohan: If I wanted a battery sucking monster, I could have bought an x-86 tablet without PQ! Give me battery life!!!

    Quadrant standard benchmark shows 1874 (unchanged from Eden-X if I remember correctly).

    Firefox seems to work quite a bit better with HC, I still like Opera 10 best. I don’t trust Google enough to run Chrome and Dolphin is best on some sites.

    Aldiko survived the HC transplant via Titanium including all books, but of course PQ reflective mode still isn’t PQ optimized for beach side e-book reader use.

    Splashtop remote runs pretty cool and fluid including hi-res movies, but I’d still rather run Citrix HDX.

    Please keep working on making the Adam a useful device!
    Plenty of room for improvment left!

  30. Now this is what i call ‘User-Interface’, a product developed and jointly improved by developer and users, and it is also everything about ‘open source’. Keep up the good work!

  31. Downloaded the update and installed with no problems. Went really smoothly and runs nice for Beta. I’m really impressed.

  32. Installing all my apps with amazon isn’t really very hard either πŸ˜‰

  33. Rohan i got my adam finally lol everything is checking out so far thanks for the good service keep it coming best of luck

  34. Interesting interview with Rohan over on “thetabletpost.com” clarified for me some Rohan-thinking on current development and release path for honeycomb. Thanks Karen and Dale.

  35. Francois; i am totally in your camp. But we seem to be surrounded by wise kids (of every age) who understand all about rooting, multi-booting etc and who enjoy doing that.

    I have limited the work on my Adam until I feel comfortable that I have an environment that will stick with me for a while. So I wait for a couple of days for the reviews on this update that is provided by NI, and then I’ll just re install the apps and re-enter passwords. I have stored all docs in one directory so I can easily make a backup to USB and restore.

  36. @topspnr, I have the same question, except going with 511 to 611. My Adam kept saying I had the latest version at 511. Now I have the same response from my Adam when trying to update to HC.

    So NI, what process do we use to get the HC update?

  37. Hi Veeraraagavan , we all seem to be there, but just a bit later then you πŸ˜‰
    It must have been very late for you last night with your assumed typos :mrgreen:

    As for the HC release, you might have read my comment to Francois: Do not expect any quick impressions from me on that. I am currently time-bound and afraid for losing too much time when I jump in too quickly. That is also why I follow NI’s lead in upgrading and didn’t try the (apparantly awesome) versions on Tabletroms (great work from them, without them we would not have HC now). I miss the market though, so I am going to to read the conclave comment that Rohan refers to.

    From reading the articles that Pratik referred to below the previous post of Rohan, I get the impression that it will be Ice Cream Sandwich that we all have to wait for. But as this version of HC is endorsed by NI, I think that I upgrade and start creating a fully productive environment. Ice Cream Sandwich might well be another 6 months away. And this version of HC should give access to Titanium Backup, so I won’t have that much to do when upgrading to new releases πŸ™‚

  38. Thanks RaptorX for the clear overview. it helps the many of us who have not yet upgraded.

    It does indeed seem to be a copy of Tabletrom, rather then a full version of the ROM the NI usually provides with all the right apps etc. I mean no Gallery? No Music Player? No Video Player?

    I hope that Honeycomb is really worth the upgrade, but no Market takes away a lot of the incentive to upgrade to this version.

  39. @jlsuarez: Wow, so you can make and receive phone-calls in the HC release? Big step forwards in traveling with only one device. With a good headset, and Adam in a backpack, and Google’s voice controlled calling, we might be set πŸ™‚

    Now I am going to see if here in China I can get two sim-cards for the same telephone number. I also need to buy a powerful Android phone. My G1 died. I need one with a keyboard (I am still an old-fashioned guy), but at least I am allowed to go gadget hunting again πŸ™‚

  40. @Philip: thanks for the link. The interview is worthwhile as it gives a better idea in layman’s terms, of where NI currently is with Honeycomb.

    And indeed +1 to Dale and Karen for this initiative.

  41. Absolutely love honeycomb. . super smooth UI ,working market,wifi .,only camera and gps doesn seem to work. . thank u rohan,love my adam now. . for al those who didn get market access just uninstall this one and install the one from the apps.zip it works. . and hey rohan there is no update button in here,.how are we goin to get quick office,.and others we had by default??

  42. Hiiiiiii….

    Finally, HC is here! But, not yet on my Adam! 😦 At office, downloaded the zip files (both update and apps)

    Just waiting to leave office in the evening, race home to do what everyone has been doing since yesterday! There is so much excitement, its like school children huddling together to go picnic on a school bus!! πŸ™‚

    Thanks Dr. Shashank for the info, I think a lot of people will be happier after reading your post and actually going and downloading the apps.zip given just below the first HC post.

    Thank you NI and TabletROMs! Awesome job….!

  43. After reading not so encouraging posts by many, I had almost decided to wait for the next update. But my curiosity took over me and I have installed the HC version. My first impression I am very happy and satisfied. Some quick findings:
    I could access Market and I updated Maps. The system said ‘FC WAIT’. I opted for WAIT and the update went through. I downloaded Lookout and Angry Bird from the market.
    When I selected the Headphone Icon (audio player) and played my favourite song, the sound level and quality were much better than earler. In fact if I play at Max volume I could not bear it.
    Similarly when I selected GPS, I could already see my location on the map even though I was indoor. Earlier I had to stand in my balcony and wait for five minutes to get my location on the map.
    The screen has pages on the left add right, which show up when you tap on the right and left of the screen.
    With just ten minutes of use I can recommend this to any one!

  44. Which of the 2 market apps did you try? Finsky.apk or Vending.apk?
    Did you manage to get the Calender* apps to install?

    I didn’t really get the option to try waiting: “Force close” was the only option…

  45. Phillip: Thank you for your very kind words. This site is still in the early phases of development, but we wanted to get something online for the Beta release of Honeycomb.
    I hope to have a review posted there before the end of the week, and the Index page will soon point to questions and answers about Adam and Transformer tablets.
    I am not a web developer, and everything on the site so far has been built with a simple text editor. I would love to hear for a true web developer who would be willing to help support this effort by putting some professional touches to our efforts, but I intend to keep slogging ahead with the html I know so that we can at least get the content out there. As you all know I have no problem writing content πŸ˜‰
    Waiting is,

  46. Market is working for me but sadly most applications (which I previously loaded on Adam) are now showing as being not compatible! The scope of what I can purchase off Android Market has gone down substantially.

  47. YES!!! A hearty thank you to Rohan and crew for this wonderful effort. While the install went very smoothly and the system comes up in the very nice standard window spread of Honeycomb, just like my Transformer, I was only a bit disappointed to not find the Kindle app installed as a default app, but since I have the Amazon store app as the first thing I install after having to wipe everything, it is a simple button click to get apps back that I have already “purchased” from Amazon
    If you go to “My Apps” in the Amazon store, you get a full list of all the apps you have “purchased” and an install button for each so you can re-install them all with ease. (Although I only got about half of mine done before I had to go to bed last night. I’ve been burning the midnight oil over The Tablet Post and really need to catch up on my sleep)
    Thanks again to Rohan and his merry band of developers for all their fine efforts at improving one of the best tablets in the world. But I have to say I’m still disappointed that I can’t get my Logitech Bluetooth keyboard to work. Now it hangs in the “Connecting” phase after passing the ID code so I still can’t use that new device. However the default “Thumb” keyboard is awesome!!!

  48. Amit: That is very interesting because all of the apps I have downloaded from Amazon have worked fine. (At least they have all installed πŸ˜‰
    On my Transformer (which has never been anything but Honeycomb πŸ˜‰ the market provided there seems to have everything I could ask for.
    So, which “Android Market” are you using?

  49. I am in Nepal on a business cum pleasure trip & my Adam is at home in Bangalore. Waiting eagerly to dress is it up with HC .
    Initial comments( Market not working, Force Closures, Pathetic PQ colors, Volume not working) sank my heart. But like every other past release , the wrong & bad experience gets reported first . In most case its a user error . Now I am pleased to note that only GPS & Camera are the major issues which where already shared by Rohan. May be I didn’t expect the audio & video apps to go missing.

    So my sincere request to all. If something doesn’t work, hold your journalistic urge to be the scoop provider. Look around , ask at conclave , wait for a day & then write about it. There are still people like me who take your comments seriously.

  50. Guys, I updated to the first honeycomb build as well as the one with gapps included. The good news is that, everything went smooth. For people having problems with the standard apps especially the market, if they are not Functioning as expected, just do a clear data of that. Also I advice you to skip setting up your google account at the beginning and do it after setting up your apn and or wifi.

    Also, today, got a chance to meet Varun, one of the founders. Had a small nice chat with him, but couldn’t do a detailed chat as I had a meeting to catch up to.

    He gifted me couple of scratch guards, which I was enquiring him about to buy if possible ( really nice of him πŸ™‚ ).

    Discussed some things, most of which I may not be able to pen down here. But there is one good thing that I can mention here. That is, NI as a company is doing its best to give products which are not copy cats of the current numero uno. But choosing that, as a startup, is not a ride in the park.

    They are having their fair share of good things and a whole lot of challenges. Hence some of their decisions though debateable, were steps they had to take to reach more important goals as a company and for consumers.

    All in all they are a bunch of guys trying to do their best. Sometimes they might not have answers to our questions and in some they might not be in a position to answer.

    At the end of the day, hacked or not, they delivered Honeycomb, with unlocked bootloader/ root and are not rejecting warranty for rooting. This, they have done much before the biggies who are now supporting homebrew with unlocked bootloaders.

    As a sign off for this post, please send your mails for any of your support requests to only the central support id (support at notionink dot com) and don’t send/copy it to other notionink email ids for best results.

  51. By the way, you will have to install flash from market and only audio part works. This was one of the things I could not discuss with Varun in detail. We will have to wait for subsequent updates when TR guys or NI’s kernel developers sort the other things out.

  52. According to Chief there will be a new update tomorrow (29th of June)…wait & see.

  53. @karen, thanks for the updates from your side about yourself and our other friends πŸ™‚ @paul, yes it was a bit late and also after a long day. One of the users has given his first impressions as a good and bad list on which agree to as I have made the switch. This build of HC is the NI packaged ersion of TR HC 16 new. Whether they did similar steps to get things in HC working, or whether it is just a repack of TR work is unclear. I have also posted about my F2F chat with Varun too… you can check that out.

    And yes this version indeed supports Titanium as it comes with root πŸ™‚ with which I restored all my apps. But somehow the market links didn’t come up.

  54. Hidden WLAN SID not working for me either: Simply no connect!

    But Market finnally does download *and* install. Seems that Finsky, Vending and MarketUpdate are all parts of the package (my feeling is that the split between Finsky and Vending is new and that the old 2.x Vending had a less fancy “Finsky” built in).

    Don’t know which permutation of wipe and install of the various apk files finally did it, but it works now.

    Now the battery is dead and I didn’t bring the charger into the office, assuming a full charge would get me through a working day…

    It didn’t and it’s not like I had been going at it non-stop.

  55. Since I do quite a bit of SSD evaluation professionally I keep wondering about that 1GB of SLC inside the Adam. It’s conspicuously missing in the Ventana eval boards, while 512MB is part of the Tegra 250 (Harmony?) specs.

    Could somebody comment on my wild guesses here?

    Wild guesses:

    Android 2.x runs code of ROMs, SLC ROM more specifically. I can’t think it’s SLC to allow self modifying code without wearing down the chip, so I wonder wether apart from offering more erasure cycles it also offers higher read speed or smaller erase pages than MLC?

    Android 3.x copies ROM code into RAM for execution and the (expensive?) SLC portion is no longer used. Makes for cheaper hardware, but gives the current Adam design a cost disadvantage.

    Does that impact the ability to dual boot? Is there anything useful one could make of the SLC storage when running Android >3?

    Is any of that SLC and DRAM actually part of the Tegra2 chip (as per typical SoC designs) or is it all external?

    Couldn’t find any of these answers in the time I could afford to spend on it…

  56. @abufrejoval,

    I did not use the app.zip file at all and Market was accessible to me. However only a few applications are downloadable!
    At the time of configuring it took a lot of time for Wi-Fi set-up, so i skipped and went for Google account setup. At that time since my Wi-fI was not connected, it prompted me to connect Wi-Fi which I could in a couple of seconds.
    The default calendar application was there. I did not do anything special.

  57. Francois,

    I am rooted so am using Titanium but I did find a file manager that makes backing up all your apps very easy. It is called File Expert. I am not sure if it requires rooting or not but I do not think so and it has a very simple process for selecting all your apps and backing them up to one directory. All your passwords and settings? well that is a different story indeed.

  58. Did your DRM protected rights make it with Aldiko? I think the people at Adobe are tired of me having to authorize my adam every time an update comes along.

  59. Kudos to Karen and Dwarf. Nice interview and it gives me more patience to wait for an ota version although I did grab the file in case impatience sets in πŸ™‚

    I actually like the 80611 build and am comfortable staying there until changing gives me more that I would actually use. I have been playing with the free Honeycomb launcher just to dabble a bit with a honeycomb feel and to tell the truth I went back to 80611. I don’t really use the panels much but with Wave Launcher on board I am able to move from app to app at my wish and that is really enough for me at this stage. I would rather put my time into reading on Adam than working on Adam πŸ™‚

  60. Hello Rohan,
    Thanks for the timely update, is ADAM 2 coming? You have supported “open source” software, would you also like to support “open source” hardware design? I created few designs of Adam 2, ( taking cues of current Adam, but redesigning it for the current age of tablets) If interested I want to share with all.

    BTW: Hope, atleast this post makes it through your moderation ;-P

  61. No Flash!
    That I had forgotten about the earlier honeycomb beta I had tried…
    How long is that going to take?
    For me without flash it’s a no-go (turn back)

    First ever post using the Adam, though…
    And no thumbs keyboard: Guess my fingers are too fat for that

  62. Well a day later I am am SOOOOOOO glad I upgraded to honeycomb. Wanted to wait till the dust settled.

    A few points to clarify.

    1) This device is already “rooted”, so effectively all you have to do is install superuser.apk from the additional download. This info is for Francois Brutsch and Paul Schoe who mentioned hesitancy in rooting. Any apps that grant access or require access to the whole device (such as “Root Explorer” or “Titanium Backup”) ask permission first to the app called superuser and superuser asks you if they are allowed.

    2) Android market works fine, however it did not work at first – got “failed to download”. I tried two things and don’t know which one fixed it but I have a sneaking suspicion it was point B, not A
    A) installed marketupdater.apk, finsky.apk, and vending.apk, restarted
    B) waited 30 minutes and tried again

    3) Titanium Backup is your best friend and always will be but don’t do a batch restore, just select the apps you want

    4) GPS still not working for me – yes, I set “mock locations” on.

    5) gmail, quickoffice, ezpdf, maps, WiFI & 3G, googledocs, google calendar, rssdemon, tweetcaster, music, gallery, kindle (reinstalled by Titanium) all great and work without issue. Note: in regards to 3G, when I specified to use my network provider (in my case Optus) it already had the correct settings for APN built in. I don’t know whether this was Google, Asus, NotionInk, or TabletROMS that did this, but THANK YOU!!!

    6) I’m now enjoying live wallpapers and I’m not sure but I think that’s killing my battery but I don’t care because I love em.

    In short, it took me a little over an hour (including all backups and overly protective measures) to go from Eden 1.5 on Android 2.2/2.3 to the wonderful joy of Honeycomb (including customising my home screens, wallpaper, testing games etc), and ignoring the fact that my timezone put me into the 28th before I could do it, Rohan delivered ON TIME and all without ALMIGHTY GOOGLE’s help.

    Thanks to hacks at TabletROMS, thanks to NI dev team, thanks Rohan!

    Anyone know when VLC player for android is coming out?

    Now if we could just get GPS, Camera, Flash, and Longer Battery Life…

    Peaceout adamfreaks

  63. @vijairaj: that is what i thought as well, but i got confused by jlsuarez’s remark: “The ability to make or receive phone calls.“. I guess that he was listing the missing items and i misunderstood πŸ˜‰

  64. Wow Philip, you got me intrigued. Maybe I’ll be enjoying honey sooner than I thought. Thanks for the extensieve write up.

  65. @Philip,

    I have downloaded Titanium backup. When I open it, it gives an error message that ‘the ROM is not rooted’ and also needs ‘Busybox’. I installed Busybox from the market (which says the device is ‘rooted’) even though it says older version of Busybox was found.

    Even after this Titanium still gives the same error message. Any clue??

  66. I updated yesterday, Roma hc ni (update_HC27062011) 120 MB (126,651,003 bytes)
    everything works well on the market, installed by the market games.
    Camera does not work (well known)
    Not funzionaza the market with the first Roma (update_2) 101 MB (106,293,656 bytes)
    When the two versions were available for PQ and LCD

  67. hi rohan!!!just wanted to thnk u!!! my adam just got delivered 2 hours ago!!!!
    by the way.i wanted to ask u did u do any changes to the screen of adam this time??/because there is very less glare(nearly no glare ) on my adam.please reply.
    as to other adamites.
    HI.can anyone advice me to install the new update or not?/

  68. @raja52
    My first thought would be have you installed superuser.apk? It acts like a gatekeeper for root access.
    Let me know if that helps.

  69. dwarf4242: I’m using that custom market that NI is providing with this release of HC. Most the apps I used to use I am now finding not compatible with my adam. I don’t know if it is factor of my service provider being Vodafone as I’ve put in a Vodafone 3G card in it. Actually I didn’t think of it until I started typing this msg. Will check and revert.

    Separately, I’m having a problem where some apps don’t load since I don’t have “my apps” open – when factually this is not the case. Anyone else having the same problem?

  70. Great review Phillip. BTW, My camera’s busted (isn’t working – gives a forced error). Anyone else having this problem?

  71. Amit Tambe: Rohan mentioned this as one of the things that makes this release Beta. The camera app isn’t working. I even downloaded one of the other camera apps, and it doesn’t work either…
    Waiting is,

  72. Took the HC adam to the office again today, left home with 100% charge.
    20 Minutes later, when I put it on my desk, it was hot and down to 89%: Somehow I must have manged to keep it busy with something inside my notebook bag. Display was off and screen was locked after I toggled the power button, so I really don’t know what it had been doing (other than trying to get the notebook out of hibernation).

    Put it on proper standby, left it lying around (worked on the desktop): Not much of a drop until hours later.

    Tried to read some private mail, tried to get it use 3G, but it wouldn’t. Fiddled with APN settings, which couldn’t be saved nor changed. And it can’t see the hidden SID WLAN we run in the office.

    Did what I do with Windows in these cases and after a reboot 3G works out of the box, but battery dropped to 69%: Quite a bit of a gulp out the battery bottle for a reboot!

    Minimum battery for a tablet for me is more or less like that for a mobile phone:
    They recharge their batteries when I do (sleeping), they have to suffer casual use during the 16 hour day without falling into a koma (more or less like I run my brain).

    I don’t want to bring a bed (charger) along for my digital companions unless I am allowed to sleep in the office, too πŸ˜‰

    Waiting for Flash!

  73. Now i just need the camera to work and longbox comics to release there app and my adam will be complete. Of course other stuff would be cool too

  74. Hey Rohan,
    First of all our heartful thanks from all of us, for delivering such a wonderful product and update (on time as well).

    Is it possible to order the comments in reverse chronological order, it is pain to navigate to the last to know abt new comments. or some pagination.


  75. How is the battery life on the Adam after HoneyComb. The battery was draining pretty fast for me atleast. From 11 Am – 3 PM for a couple of reboots, it went from 100-50% and I wasnt even using it all the time. The screen timeout was set at 10 min. I know Rohan mentioned that they were trying to fix teh batterylife in HC and am not so sure that was done!

  76. Finally got HC on my Adam.overall a great experience. Market worked without any dramas. Installed thumb keyboard to replace the NI one.for videos |~downloaded moboplayer and then installed the codec pack…videos playing well now.camera not working, ,,, but who cares,,, Adam is entirely at a different level now and I don’t feel left out anymore. πŸ™‚

  77. @Phillip,
    Thanks for your quick response. I have installed superuser.apk as you mentioned in your post. I remember for some apps (do not remember which ones), it prompted whether to allow or not and I allowed whenever prompted.
    ‘Titanium backup free’ is the one I am referring to. For the paid Pro version, the free version has to be installed. Where am I going wrong?

  78. @raja52
    Strange… Ok as a test, try some other app that needs root access like rootexplorer for example.
    If you install and run this one superuser should prompt you to allow access, then see if you can find a folder called \data\app (just to prove you can really see the whole device) but be very careful using rootexplorer.

    Also, run the superuser app. It should list titaniumbackup and rootexplorer in its app list. Then go into settings and at the bootom of the options it should list SU binary and say “tap to check for updates”. Mine states it is at version “2.3.1-ef”

    Another option is to uninstall and reinstall titaniumbackup, but I expect you’ve tried that.

    Failing all that I guess we’re expecting a new update from NI soon that should combine all these things.

    I’m really sorry that its not just working straight up like it should.

    So what did you find after that process above?

  79. topspnr and others: as you may know by now, the update file can be downloaded from conclave and gets installed like any other update. (volume plus button while pulling power on, then return factory defaults, clear cache and update from either internal or external SD depending on where you put the update.zip file)

  80. YEA!!!!!
    My replacement Adam just arrived! Thank you Varun, Support, and Tactus Labs!!!!
    I’m currently charging it, and getting updated from 320511, but I set up Kindle and got “Swarm” from my archives, having just bought it yesterday (aimed it at my “Android Tablet” and was disappointed it didn’t show up yesterday after my order, so I was very happy to see it in my archives this morning.)
    Haven’t tried out the GPS yet, as I’m waiting on the upgrade to download, but the screen protector went on with only a single bit of grit behind it (Its on the edge, so I’m not going to fight with it right now)
    Can’t wait to get off work and go home and install my microSD card and…and…and etc…
    Since I have honeycomb installed on my “second hand” machine, I may wait a while and test out all the hardware before I move on up to the bleeding edge.
    Hope everyone else is having as much fun as I am!!!

  81. I desperately want eden on adam or adam will be like anyother honeycomb tablet on the market and there will be nothing special about it…eden!!!!

  82. @Phillip,
    First of all a million thanks for being so helpful and sorry I could not try your tips till now as I was too busy (10.45 pm IST – about to hit the bed)!

    I just booted my Adam to try what you have asked me! Even before I tried the ‘Rootexplorer’, I tried Titaniumbackup straight away and it worked without any problem and it showed Busybox. Since Rootexplorer is not free, I next tried superuser and found in the settings exactly what you have “Su binary v2.3.1-ef” and ‘Tap to check for updates’.

    So it worked as it should even though a bit puzzling – it did not work first time – the reboot seems to have done the trick. Now I have to configure for backup and other functionalities of Titanium.


  83. Got my Adam today, wow…

    These are my view in the two hours I had Adam, HC is downloading so jotting down what I thought

    The Support has improved leaps and bound, and getting nearly quick replies. ( Good job guyz)

    What I liked:
    1. Nice packaging πŸ™‚
    2. Rubber grip
    3. Non reflective screen
    4. Got slightly shocked to see a very very dim screen on startup, but things got little better when moved the brightness to highest level (mine is PQ version, guess the LCD will be much more brighter)
    The matte screen too has to be blamed for the the loss in brightness I guess.
    5.Various indicator light colors to tell the state of the battery (blue-full, violet- charging, read-drained)
    6. 2 USB (host support), connect my mouse worked like a charm, aaah if only could get my NTFS based HDD get recognized( Yeah formatting it to FAT32 now)
    7.Nice Canvas app. Liked it, quite responsive and accurate.
    8. Recognized my sim and n/w provider without a problem. (it is expected right! might be my expectations are low)
    9. Tegra responsiveness is good.

    What I din’t like:
    1. Overall bulky machine, thought I know that through ample number of videos, photos and reviews… I think the outer shell covering the adam itself is of 2 mm thickness. (There is lot of scope, to make is slightly slimmer, might be 10 mm is the sweet spot. from currently 14mm. (I know hard and sturdy vs slim and sexy, hard to decide.)
    2. This is strictly my personal opinion, instead of white color bezel should have retained gray or black.
    3. Have switched it on, and played for 2 hrs and boom, the battery is dead (gosh! it was 100% when I switched it on… donno what did I do to manage it to get it empty pretty fast) no net, not played videos, just was looking around thats it.
    4. Camera, seems to be slightly grainy (Yes I removed the protective cover on the camera lens)
    5. Volume of the speakers is quite low( no complains as it is better than having none) but should have been a tad louder, my flimsy nokia has a louder speaker.
    6. Now coming to sw side, can’t complain as it is not the latest and greatest update. Can only comment once I update my adam,
    7. There is no content, not even sample music, image or video even to test. not a real problem, though.
    8. I guess though the battery rating is good, the Chinese manufacturers are using low quality batteries.
    9. The screen orientation change is having quite a amount of lag.
    10. Donno what to think after looking both motorola xoom, and Adam. Unless they update pretty fast (High priority on screen and slimming down the device) on HW side(component quality and overall design), I guess they will be far behind.

    My two cents for the future:

    Please make the process of parts. service, replacement hastle free.
    Increase the quality of material as well as battery
    Screen is the first component which makes or breaks the deal, PQ is great but it is a heavy compromise when compared to screens these days (IPS, AMOLED etc. Guys do something pretty quick.)
    Two years without upgrade in this electronics world is like a generation, hate to compare but the ipad had two iteration.

    old statement though “If you are not updated, you will be outdated”

    I an desperately waiting for my adam to charge and update with HC, I can comment on SW only then.

    PS: I will be the first in queue if the ADAM 2 comes, I want it to change the Game not just the rules.

  84. Opps… updated Adam to new HC version and it ended up in unending loops of the boot screen, I love the boot screen but not so much so that I see only that…..

    Can anyone tell me how to undo it…

    [update] (for the benefit of who is facing similar issue) cleared everything again and it seems to boot properly….

    WOW………….HC interface rocks…. Great work TabletRom and NI guys. Great to see that you guyz have crossed all odds.


  85. I have observed that after HC it takes longer to get past the boot up screen almost 3 times more time than earlier. Are you sure you are waiting long enough….
    Otherwise repeating the update process shall surely help you!

  86. Hi guys…I have to question and need help if you guys can….I have installed Titanium backup on my Adam and when I tried to do a backup, it saved the backup folder on Adam internal memory and not on the external card as I hoped, I tried to look for it and changed so that I can save it on SD card but I couldn’t find it, can you guys help with that? and the next question I have is about Bluetooth, It says that my headset is paired and connected, but when I try to use it, the sound comes out through Adams speakers,…any ideas…


  87. @topspnr and others stuck on 300511 with Adam thinking it’s up-to-date:
    I manually updated to 080611 and did NOT wipe user or cache. It appears to have worked!

  88. Well after two months with Adam this latest update is great. The camera being inop is not a big deal, the gps works, the thumb keyboard is neat but takes some getting used to. The other issues are relatively mlnor and should be easily corrected with updates, kudos to the NI and Tablet Roms teams.

  89. I always update without wiping. Only if I encounter issues will I reset / reinstall. Why fix something that hasn’t broken yet?

  90. I’m not feeding adam any more meals. Putting him on a diet for the duration.
    When l think it’s time for a meal, i’ll be ordering dessert only – plain vanilla ice cream.

  91. topspnr: while this appears to be true for the HC release, it is not true for conclave in general. Requiring the signup for conclave be thru facebook is even more obnoxious than having facebook (and several other apps) be an Eden default app with no configuration option to change it to Twitter, or simply remove it from the list. I would also like to replace Mail’d with the Gmail app. Chords is nice, but we are all still waiting on a weather app, like the one on the Honeycomb desktop on the Asus Transformer, for instance…
    Waiting is

  92. i am also very satisfied with honeycomp and market access. I think, it’s all going to be better and better (incl camera & musicplayer). After update I have re-entered ‘patience-mode’ and I have trust, that NI will improve

  93. Hey,
    There were news articles all around yesterday that Adam 2 was coming by December? Could you let me know if you allow existing users to upgrade their screens (Ready to pay what ever amount).

    I don’t want any other fancy stuff talked about (Tegra 3, dual camera etc)….


  94. it will be good for all if adam2 is coming out. waited long time but buggy software reported makes me jump to ipad2. still waiting smother adam.

  95. Don’t know about Adam 2, but speaking of screens (I don’t know how you might get an upgrade of just your screen) The washing machine vibrated my test machine off of its perch on the shelf. It landed face down on the floor and shattered the screen. The screen protector held it together, but it doesn’t boot now, so more than the glass was broken. (the back of the battery pack popped off as well, and several of the hook rings broke.
    I’ve been negotiating with NI for access to parts so I can help others like Levpius with similar problems, so I’ve just upped the ante with the need for another screen. Looks like I may need a swivel camera as well. Maybe I can just wait for the new ones to come out and buy them for parts! He He He.
    Glad Srikanth is willing to pay any amount to get new screen πŸ˜‰
    Waiting is,

  96. For those who have not tried HC yet

    It will totally change your experiance with adam, and will turn it into a worth buying product .
    its awesome..
    CAMERA however does not work at all for me.
    GPS is fine
    Market is also working fine.
    Somebody had said that stocked browser is not ok but i really like it. No force close yet.
    Gtalk, live wallpaper, thumb keyboard, MULTI DESKTOP, voice search, are all good enough to excite you.
    Ever sience iam on HC using adam more tham usual.

  97. Guys. the new update released on 5th july works with just a wipe of the cache partition. No need for a wipe of data.

    So enjoy. Those who can post on conclave … feel free to quote me πŸ™‚

  98. Veeraraagavan: This is an OTA update? My test machine got broken over weekend. I guess I have to update my other machine?
    Just need a few more details.

  99. no, it is not an ota update, the links are there at conclave, with the updated instructions. If you have the first honeycomb beta from NI installed, then you would just need to wipe cache instead of wipe data. I did a backup of all user apps through titanium backup though, just to be on the safer side πŸ˜‰

  100. you would see that NI recommends a data wipe, but I did not, and am letting all of you guys know the same, since restoring everything back, every few days is gonna be a pain.

  101. Thanks for all the replies Veeraraagavan! Given the way that WordPress is behaving lately I would have thought you were talking to yourself if I hadn/t known better (my email notification says you were responding to Veeraraagavan) πŸ˜‰
    I have minor problems with conclave, but it seems to be behaving for these update files and not requiring a login (which I do not have since I refuse to join facebook)
    It has become hard to do any real testing since I broke my testing machine…

  102. Very strange experience. The first time I tried the link today I got offered download managers twice, and one it even downloaded one without my asking and when I finally did get a download it was the update.zip file of June 27. After fiddling around a bit, I went back to conclave and tried the link again. Again I got offered a download manager, but more easily actually got to start a download of updates.zip (note the “s” that was not in the name before) and it looks like this is actually the July 5 updates file. So now I’m still a bit concerned, having seen the first release on my test machine, with it now broken I must either install it on my only machine, or wait for it to go out of Beta. So before I do anything my question is: “Do I have to update with the 27 June update before I can update with the 5 July one?

  103. I’m considering trying HC, but I have yet to root my machine. I understand HC doesn’t come with Quickoffice and other apps. So best option is to backup apps and data with titanium backup first but that requires rooting. I assume there’s no way I can make a backup without rooting so I have to pick a good time to lose everything…

    I noticed Eden X has a version that includes 080611 but instructions are very vague for one who’s never rooted before. Beast seems to not have a version since the 080611 and I don’t want to go backwards. I may stay on the rooted version awhile before jumping into HC tar pit. Are there good detailed instructions for rooting to get to the latest Eden X? Part of my confusion is when do I wipe data and or cache. Two reboots are mentioned, do I hold volume for both reboots or just first one …?

  104. Before rooting, some backup questions:
    1) how do I save dolphin bookmarks?
    2) any other backup suggestions for non-rooted adam?

  105. @dwarf4242

    Have not updated to HC yet.

    My understanding the June 27 is the HC ver 3.0.1 and the July 5th is the update to 3.0.1.
    So the logical answer to your question would be yes.

  106. Agree with Topspnr and Marklmullins, but the positive comments on Honeycomb are becoming very tempting to get a taste of the flavor. I hope that NI will soon come with an updated release that includes the apps, Eden and camera, so HC will become a full Adam version. Otherwise; I am always in favor of having a good dessert and I use the rest of the meal to look forward to that finish.

    Thanks to all the others who already upgraded and share their experiences over here. Your effort and time is well appreciated ❗

  107. There is a Dolphin add-on for backing-up bookmarks called “bookmark to SD”.Since its a browser add-on , you can seamlessly use it across ROM updates

    For your ROM journey to android :
    1. Either just apply the root+market patch or install EdenX2.7.1. This doesn’t require you to do “factory reset”. The steps are simple & mentioned in tabletroms.com forum.
    2. Install titanium backup from market & backup the user apps to SD card.
    3. You can choose to keep the eden-X for a while ‘OR’ upgrade to July-5th version of NI HC. This steps needs factory reset
    4. Now restore the apps individually so that you can isolate the ones that cause unforseen issues on HC.

    I took this same path & right now very Happy with Honey Comb. Super fast UI, Not a single force closure , WiFi range has definitely improved by atleast 25% & the battery drain is less.

  108. @dwarf4242

    The June 27th & July05 are independent updates. You can chose to directly apply July05.

    Both these updates contain a ROM file & a patch file. both have to applied in that order. The patch gives you NI verified APPs & is not mandatory. It also doesn’t need a factory-reset, so no reason why you shouldn’t apply that.

    My experience with HC is very good. Apart from the tablet optimized task-flow that HC gives, there are some very noticeable improvement. I can vouch for snappier UI & noticeable WiFi range . The battery seems to have improved , but not sure about it.

    The main issue is absence of Eden UI & some of the NI Apps like calender,Maild, quickOffice. So if you have heavily invested on them , then better wait.

  109. Found this amusing in the light of a conversation with my friend the apple lover who informed me apple devices are safe, immune and protected.


  110. A belated thank you to Paul and Tim! I use Astro to backup the apps, that’s the easy part… It’s the reinstalling, re-tuning the settings each time that I find cumbersome.

  111. Mark: Please take a look a http colon slash slash www dot thetabletpost dot com and follow the links from the “index” menu option at the top of the page. There is a general discussion about updates. Take a look at that and then tell me what parts of the process are not addressed for you.
    You have obviously looked at TabletROMs site to get the hacks they provide. I’m not sure, so I would love to hear reports from those who have successfully updated to honeycomb from other than the latest Notion Ink release. I have only done it from there, but it should be possible from any of the TR custom hacks. At least I hope it is.
    I will do what I can to incorporate all the information I receive into the index answers for Adam tablets. I certainly hope I don’t have to do separate answers for each OS version. That could become an organizational nightmare, and I’m already over my head managing the few HTML pages I’ve created so far.
    Let me know if this is any help at all.

  112. Mark: I’m not sure, but I don’t think you have to be rooted if you supply a network storage location like “Drop Box”. I believe Titanium Backup is set up to use a Drop Box account as a place to put the backup. It isn’t clear to me that you need to be rooted to get there. However, if you do, there is a simple Root hack on TabletROMs that works for any system and only adds Root and Marketplace without additional system updates. If you have trouble finding it, I may be able to go find the update file on my microSD card…

  113. Latest HC update has nothing new compared to the first HC release… other than some issues resolved which were anyway not biggies and had workarounds…. where is EDEN?

  114. Phillip: Thanks! As an iPhone user, this is good to know about. Apple does security by obfuscation, not by protection…

  115. hamirpur: can you be more specific about the changes? I broke my test machine while it still had the first HC release by NI, however, from all I could tell, it looks like the TR release, so I’d like to know what exactly has changed in the second release. I’m in the process of getting the test machine repaired, so I can’t move forward on my own without loosing capability on my main Adam machine. Any pointers will be appreciated by us all.

  116. Petition to Google…
    Dear Adam Owners,

    I would like to propose we start a petition to send to Google so that they may release the source code out to Notion Ink. Notion Ink isn’t only a legitimate device (though many complain, there are actual Adams around the world and there have already been 3 pre-orders! not perfect in logistics, but they have happened) but we are also the ideal focus group for Google to work with, most of us are at least some what tech savvy, curious and critical. We are commited to Android it seems, and we want good devices and good os’! Let’s try to rally up the troops and try to be heard by Google. There is a saying in spanish: There is no worse deed than that which is not done!

    Give me the thumbs up and I’ll start one through iPetitions or some other service tonight and try to spread to spread it on Conclave and WordPress tonight!


    Here is the petition link:


    Please let me know if you have any comments on the petition text. Also, please keep this real, no duplicates as filler, hopefully we can have as many signatures as Adams sold!

    Also, if you perhaps know someone working at google, please send them the link once we start gathering steam!

  117. “”topspnr said, on July 10, 2011 at 21:21
    There’s a Pony for that.””

    It must be the pain killers I’m on, because I’m not getting any jokes lately…

    Can someone explain this one?


  118. signatures trickling slowly… 145 signatures thus far. How many adam owners? Any ideas how to get the word out?

    Thank to those of you who have already signed… I know our petition has been tweeted to Google’s CEO

  119. My Little Pony Ad Parodies β€˜There’s an App for That’


  120. Changes:
    1. Adam is booting up faster
    2. Thumb keyboard app works properly
    3. wifi does not stop working after a while which was happening in the first release.
    other than this nothing more available, GPS and Camera are still dead….

  121. The new edition of “The Tablet Post” is up. I made reference to the petition and gave the link in “One Editor’s Report”
    I have no idea if anyone is reading www dot thetabletpost dot com. It is still very small but growing. Paul Neutenboom has been writing great “new user” experiences about him and his Adam, so even though I’m challenged to get more Q&A written, there is always new stuff each week.
    Everyone with an Adam tablet should go and sign the petition. It doesn’t cost anything but a few minutes of your time! (you could also read “The Tablet Post” but that may take a bit more time πŸ˜‰

  122. Hi Rohan, is there a timetable for new updates?
    In some parts honeycomb is really great, in some it sucks (e.g. camera).

    @all: I added an new section to the ni-adam-guide called “Moving on to Honeycomb”.
    It is about moving on to the official notion ink honeycomb releases – cons and pros, issues aso..
    Please let us help each other by adding knowledge.


  123. lxne: I’ll see where I can add a link to this wiki in “The Tablet Post”. I need to figure out where to put “The Absolute Best Links For Tablets” somewhere prominent in TTP. πŸ˜‰
    My last review was pretty negative, but I have yet to install the latest update, and will try to include something by next weeks issue. I shattered the glass on my test machine’s screen, but it still boots…

  124. hamirpur: Yes, I had the same problem with the WiFi dropping and attributed it to my cheap wireless router. I’ll try to install the new update this evening and see if I like it better.

  125. topspnr: had some trouble following the link. Google got in the way, but I finally figured my way past it and saw the video. Very cute! I want one πŸ˜‰

  126. @all: Please visit “http://ni-adam-guide.wikispaces.com/3%29+Moving+on+to+Honeycomb”
    and add your wishes to the honeycomb-wish-list. What should be improved, what should be added?

    When there is a reasonable list, I will start a poll to find out which wishes are most important for the participating adam owners.

    Please contribute!


  127. Prior to HC update, l had the Kindle Reader installed with a number of e-books from Amazon.

    After the HC update, the New Kindle Reader requires you to Register but without a place/pointer to Sign-In.

    That’s my dilemma. Am l not seeing the sign-in?

    I’m already registered at Amazon.

  128. @joyfication, dwarf4242: Thanks for rooting info. I’m enjoying my 080611 Adam and fear I’ll lose something by rooting. My favorite app is Overdrive (library epub reader) and I haven’t heard anyone else mention it. I have noticed this app is very delicate so I only try updates when I have no books checked out.

    @dwarf4242: I like your new tablet magazine and heading there now for new issue.

  129. With HC, I registered once(first login) using my Amazon login id pwd and all my books were back on Adam…
    Try hitting the Sync button again…

  130. @hamirpur123

    It’s syncing to my Google UI and PW instead of my Amazon UI and PW.
    Unchecked the Google sync (it came up with a red error) and tried it several times with same result.

    Makes no sense that NI would assume that no one had an account with amazon Kindle and is forcing
    all to register.

  131. That is strange.
    On my adam, kindle simply asks me to log in and afterwards I can download all my books.

  132. Hooray…

    I’ve been in holidays for two weeks and before that rather busy with whatever… I couldn’t figure out all Rohan referred in his previous posts. Would someone consider to give me a quick two-liner-update where we are or where I could start reading on? Is there a HC available now or what is the current status of the device?

    Thanks in advance

  133. Hi Burt O’ Stage,

    yes indeed there is an official honeycomb for adam (but beta).
    You could start reading at β€œhttp://ni-adam-guide.wikispaces.com/3)+Moving+on+to+Honeycomb”
    or in the forum (conclave) but the previous link will guide you there too.


  134. Cool, thank you.

    If I should not want to try HC – what is the last official OS build?

  135. Eden 1.5 (build-number NIxx20080611) or Honeycomb 3.0.1 (build-number NIHCxx20270611)
    as I am aware of.

  136. lxne: That looks right from here. I just upgraded my test machine to the last NI HC release, plus Patch and several things have improved!
    I can now log into my Trendnet router just fine, and even got into the protected network here at work, although the WiFi on the Adam still says that signals are much weaker than reported by other devices. I can browse the net just fine. (At least The Tablet Post comes up just fine πŸ˜‰
    I did note that applications seem to take a long time to start up, but once they do they run just fine…or maybe it was just Kindle…Dolphin HD came right up. On the Kindle issues, I used my Google signin to set up Honeycomb and have had no problems loading or reading books from my archives. The interface seems nice and clean I’m not sure what’s giving topspnr all the trouble he’s having, so YMMV.
    Overall, I have seen significant improvement with this new update. I didn’t have quite the same results as previously reported regarding boot loops. I tried must doing the update and got a boot loop, so I went back and reset cache and reinstalled and it worked just fine, so I didn’t have to do a factory reset and got to keep all my installed apps. As I had no bookmarks saved yet, I can’t tell if clearing cache took anything important…

  137. @lxne and hamirpur123

    Found my Kindle problem:
    Had my sim card installed without setup. Removed the sim card, restarted. Typed in my amazon identifiers and all my purchased ebooks returned.

    Thanks for the help.

  138. topspnr: Woa! Just one more way to lock yourself out of the house πŸ˜‰

  139. Mark,

    I have been using Overdrive also but have had a few problems with my registration as an epub reader. Seemed like everytime I updated Adam I would lose my registration through Adobe. I actually had to call Adobe and get my record reset because I had run out of registrations. I have not moved to HC for that reason. I am tempted though πŸ™‚ What I would like to do is find the pertinent files on Adam related to the registration and simply make a copy of them so I could restore them if they are lost without going through the registration process again. I seem to see the files with some file managers but have not figured out a way to copy and store them elsewhere yet. Sniffer does not even see them. I am thinking of hooking Adam up to my PC and seeing if I can do it that way but have simply not had the time yet. Hard to beat free books so the library is a must have option. Do my issues sound similar to what you have been experiencing?

  140. Very cool, although I guess I need to read the directions. I got from outside to ribs and lost all the rest. Searching for “heart” gives nothing…
    But definitely a cool app!

  141. Believe Google Body for Android is still in Beta. However, the windows version is more advanced. This is what l got for heart on my windows 7 PC.


  142. Pratik: As far as I know, this can’t happen until NI has source code for Honeycomb, and as of now I don’t think that is the case.
    I know that Asus released their Kernel source code. Does anyone know if Google has released a copy of the kernel source. The GPL requires that they do this, but they have been violating this license on a regular basis. Only the license holders can object to their behavior, and they have chosen not to. This has become a major problem for the Free Software community.
    Can anyone tell me if and where Google has released the Honeycomb Kernel Source?

  143. @dwarf,

    I might be wrong but from what I’ve read on the net (I think there is a thread on TabletRoms) regarding the HC source code release (to everyone and not only tablets manufacturers within their alliance)…this is never going to happen. Google is just keeping it to avoid seeing ports of HC on phones (or something like that). They will get back to their open source policy with the release of Ice Cream Sandwich (a few months from now) as it is intended to be both phone and tablet compatible.

  144. Say… is this a normal issue, that starting the NI-Browser (I still like it, besides a few lacking features) shows a white screen after startup?

    It starts, loads google but doesn’t show anything until I tap on the options button. Then, suddenly, it’s there and works fine.

    Somehow I didn’t get along with the dolphin, hell knows why πŸ™‚

    And regarding HC… Flash is still not working properly?

  145. Yes, the white screen is an issues that didn’t get fixed.
    You should try firefox 5.
    In mobile opera flash kind of works on HC.


  146. Well, I’ve been running the second NI HC release (with Patch…what’s that all about anyway πŸ˜‰ and it is considerably better than the first Bets release. The wireless works a lot lot better and I didn’t have to ditch any of my installed apps (did have to clear cache). Freedi Youtube works fine…don’t know where I got that one!
    But, in the default browser (I got a message about automatic logging into my google account that seemed to last forever, but the back button got me out of it and to the google search screen…) so I went to the NI home page and pressed the play button and got the dialog about Cannot play video, blue underline, Sorry, this video cannot be played. OK. Well, of course it isn’t OK!!! Always hate those messages. (Remember when the original Apple machines would say: “System bomb, OK”)
    Anyway, as usual, some things work and others don’t… and some things work some places and not others, so:

    Waiting is

  147. Android 3.2

    Android 3.2 GPL source code published, update should follow soon [Update: It’s pushing out now for Wifi Xooms]


  148. To those who think that the NI community is not well & alive I would say that you are mistaken. We are all busy with our Adams and enjoying it so very much. I have allready promised this one to a nephew as soon as I have the Adam 2 in my hands. My netbook has develope problems and aI am happy to say that my aadam has grown on me so much that I will not be replacing it. I have decided to stay with Eve for the time being and am so happy to have stuck with my 1st love and confident that as a community we will overcome all future obstacles. Best regards to everyone

  149. primarycloud: Good to hear from you. I think also that many of us have day jobs and are waiting for the next release of HC from NI. I’ve been really enjoying some of the improvements to the second release, and I’m anxiously awaiting the next one.
    Luck, to all, and sorry for shouting πŸ˜‰

  150. I gave up!!! sold my tablet 😦 my short honeymoon is over and taken a big hit… on my pride and my money. Adios my dear fellas.. It has been one of the most memorable days… 16 to be precise… and I gave up! Cant spend my time depressed every day. but the people are such sweet and always helpful.. Thanks everyone and for tabletrom guys for making Adam more worthy. Thanks all.

    Wish good luck to Notionink, and believe that they will comeup with better tablets and devices in future.

    Comparitively, I guess they need to ramp up to be in the game.

  151. I am not sure, this could be discussed earlier in this blog but I am unable to found any link. So this post.

    Could some one shed light on the use of iphone 3g sim on Adam to access 3g network lead to any issue with the service provider?

    I used the iphone 3g sim on Adam few times successfully but not aware of service provider’s reaction on it.


  152. I guess someone who has used iPhone 3g sim with Adam will answer you. But why should the service provider react as long as you are still paying for the data πŸ™‚ beats me ..

  153. @levpius. Thanks. I thought same but you never know the ways of service providers. I got unlimited data plan. On checking my data usage on service provider’s web site, the usage on Adam could be identified separate from usage on phone.

  154. Something about my experience with Adam LCD screen resolution :

    Eden 1.0 –> Poor, washed out

    Eden 1.5 –> Suddenly the screen looked so much better. Just compare the Sniffer screen between 1.0 & 1.5 & you’ll make out the difference. So the screen moved from Bad to Good enough.

    ADAM HC -> Went back to Poor . The touch response jumped up a couple of notch but the color & screen went back to Eden1.0 age.

    Adamcomb 0.2 -> Again the display improved. Specially for PQi folks. The LCD looks at par with Eden1.5 . Added with the Touch response , this is one of the best user experience on Adam .

    Beast other ROMS -> Screen is Somewhere in between Eden1.0 & 1.5

    So the bottom line is that the screen crispness was best on Eden1.5. The quality has varied a lot wit different roms. So my gut feeling is that when NI puts out a official ICS release with HW acceleration, the screen will be drastically improved & at least bearable.

  155. Haven’t been able to get a data plan on my 3G device. Verison doesn’t do sim cards as they are CDMA. AT&T couldn’t find my IMEI number in their list, TMobile wanted way too much money for a minimal plan. So I ended up with a WiFi tether plan for my iPhone at $20 per month. Anybody want a Pixel Qi 3G Adam? πŸ˜‰

  156. Whoops…

    just read about an interview with Rohan – the adam2 is about to be released in december.


    Hm.. I’d rather see my adam1 improved…

  157. @Burt O’ Stage I hear you but Adam 1 is tops in hardware and will be for awhile; the software will continue to evolve for both A1 and A2. Software wise the A1 will be able to handle any developments that come along for awhile but I am looking for a lightness and and the improved PQ screen.and it will be intersting to see the diff beteen a duo and quad processor.

  158. @dwarf4242:
    >> AT&T couldn’t find my IMEI number in their list.
    What does that mean for you? You cannot use 3G? Just wanted to know.

    I have used AT&t with my non-US 3G Adam. It worked as expected (on 2G speeds) and slow. Apparently, it did recognize Adam to be in the “smart” category (I assume it did not find Adam on its IMEI list).
    I have a theory which may be wrong : If we take an AT&T data plan on a “non-smart” phone and use the sim card in Adam, you would get unlimited data for just 15$ πŸ™‚

  159. correction :

    “Apparently, it did NOT recognize Adam to be in the β€œsmart” category …”

  160. Levpius: Well, I can plug the sim card from my old AT&T iPhone into the Adam, but I have no idea how to set the APN so it will go to a network (I can get the data entry page up just fine, but I have no idea what to put in the blanks…) So I still don’t have a network. The sim card was set up with an unlimited data plan, so if I knew how to set it up…
    Oh, Well, at least I have a new screen coming for my other machine.

  161. @primarycloud +1

    The comments from joyfication on the brightness are very worthwhile. it is one of the reasons why I purchased an Adam: i expected that with OTA updates, they could improve the system continuously as the hardware specs are good.

    Happy that NI is getting so much support in moving to HC and improving the engine πŸ™‚

  162. Thanks Burt for the link.

    I expect that the improvement of Adam1 is more or less implicit as improvement is now all about the OS and Eden, and I expect that they will be the same for both version 1 and 2.

  163. @dwarf4242:
    I dont know if you have already tried this, if not this link should give some idea…read the first comment and then go to the first page and at the end you will find the setting for AT&T…


  164. This may not the place to ask those questions, but…

    After a complete wipe I tried to reinstall everything from scratch (Build …6011), but upon entering my google account it accepts but says “sync is off” and I do not find a way to turn it on.

    Even the web does not deliver precise answers. Is this dependent on the order of account entering, root & co? I am in a fix…

  165. Installed free comics which included a lot of old cartoons and strips from old newpapers.

    I am highly impressed with the brightness and colors of the comics. Yet, when l view my high resolution photos and images: jpg, tif, and png they all seem washed out. Stark differences between the two.

    One would believe the comics were viewed on an LCD screen where as the images are actually viewed on my PQI screen.

    I’m really disappointed with the PQI screen other than when reading books.

  166. topspnr: Mind letting us in on which app you installed to get the “free comics”? Your post is just a bit too cryptic πŸ˜‰

  167. Too cryptic! It’s just my chamalien personality and my reptilian brain.

    Comic Strips Awesome Dev – Tell them topspnr sent you.

  168. topspnr: Thanks for the specificity. There are quite a few comic strip apps and it was very useful to have the complete, correct, description/name.
    I installed the app you named and it IS very cool. The list of comics is quite long, but I noted that some of the more book like comics, like “Heavy Metal” were not in the list. Any idea if those types of “comic books” are available anywhere?
    I have a second question about screen use that I am going to ask in a separate post. Here I only want to ask if you have tried your PQI screen with the brightness set to maximum?

    My question is for everyone who has a Pixel Qi screen on their Adam.
    One of the first things I have done after an upgrade, is to go into Settings under Display in the Brightness section, and turned off the Automatic brightness check box and set the intensity bar to its maximum setting. This makes the screen much more usable under interior lighting situations and the back light does not conflict with outside sunlight conditions. So my questions are:

    1. Have those of you who are unsatisfied with you Pixel Qi screens left the brightness settings at their default?

    2. If you go into Settings and reset them as described above, is the screen more acceptable?

    When I compare my machine at these settings with my partner’s iPad 1, my screen is only a little less bright than hers.

    Please let me know how you have done this in the past, and whether changing to my setting has improved things for you?


    the blog was one of the reason why i bought adam…i felt like i was apart of something big
    plss Mr.Rohan new blog post

  171. Rohan is what your promise with
    “We will continue to push the updates so you all get the best out of your Adam”

  172. 2 is far better than 1 but…. c there is a butt….
    Having used my screen at default settings all the time , this setting(2) seems uncomfortable to my eyes. Shall be setting it to default after posting this message,.
    I have b een using adam to watch tv series on public transport for some time now and default settings work for me

  173. Thanks for your report hamirpur!
    Very interesting, so full brightness is TOO bright! I guess there could be a useful middle ground. On my machine the Automatic brightness setting is just too dim…
    Different strokes πŸ˜‰

  174. Hi everybody, after the last post by Rohan I decided to set the adam OS wishlist poll free. Please participate and help the community and notion ink. It won’t take you much more than 2 minutes!
    “http://tiny.cc/aOSw-form” (this link will take you to a google docs form).

    Thanks for your time!

  175. thanks for the scoop @Sachin. My fear is Sony may even be lauded for its design. πŸ™‚

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