Moving On!

Greetings Everyone!

First an announcement:

Beansoft is a young, innovative software company. It’s main purpose is to make applications which optimizes the usability of mobile phones and tablets. Their goal is to meet the individual needs and wishes of as many customers as possible.

Last year, Beansoft launched a phone and tablet keyboard with a revolutionary new layout; a split keyboard which makes typing much easier on tablets and phones. By listening to its users Thumb Keyboard was further improved, leading to a complete, multifunctional and very flexible keyboard. Beansofts successful keyboard concept has rapidly become the example for other software and hardware companies and is becoming a new standard for the tablet.

Today Notion Ink is proud to announce its collaboration with Beansoft to release a Notion Ink Adam SE Thumb Keyboard. All users who upgrade their devices to next version will be able to use the trial version of the Thumb Keyboard.

Now some news on the sales:

  • We are opening sales now for our Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Russian customers. There will be one extra step for the Russians, since it is really complicated to ship anything to Russia.  We would like to know what your preferred shipment mode is, and then calculate and inform you the time required to ship the products (The 2 widest parts in Russia are 5000 miles apart!) before you can click on the button “buy”.
  • Operations at Australian and German Service Centers have begun. Germany will also look after other European Countries from now on.
  • Indian customs fared better this time by releasing products faster. (If you have any issue in tracking your shipment, please write to support immediately).
Now let’s take a look at our new boot screen:
      Honestly, the HC work is heavily inspired and built upon what the folks at TabletRoms have done. You will also find elements of BeastRom. What we know is that Honeycomb will not be released to the public. There is some work required before they can share it, and that is going to happen only when Ice-Cream Sandwich is out.
      This means, that like theirs, even our work is in beta. What you will get is a fast and stable OS, and you should be able to enjoy all the apps. On Conclave, along with the image, we will also upload simple tips so that you can run your devices faster. However, those who want to enjoy pure GPS and the Camera, will have to be a little patient.
      If you compare any Android tablet out there (doesn’t matter quad-core or even hexa-core if it exists) with the rival iPad, specially when you move stuff on the home screen (icons on iPad and widgets on HC), you will always find HC lagging. As the number of elements increase, or if you come back to the home screen after running even moderately memory intensive applications, you can see the shutters/lags in the movement. We have tried to delve deeper to understand why this happens, and it looks like as long as Garbage Collectors exists, this is going to be an issue (not touching the controversial topic of using the GPU for the UI). Garbage Collector’s can take anywhere between 7-500ms to do its work. We are expecting at-least 20 frames per second which means, you can loose upto 10 frames when we move things. This was one of the reason you could see the lag in the Eden UI Panels.
      Today I hate Android (for its conflicting free nature) as much as I love it (again for its conflicting free nature). But if you have seen documentaries like Objectified you’d know that designing a good product involves doing extremely large number of simple things the right way, or simply put, in the details. Lets consider a case where you want to  buy a  DSLR. You would probably do a search for say “Canon vs Nikon”. However, in the tablet world today, there exist no 2 right comparisons, with one company or product leading everyone else combined. This must be changed. We are on it, we know what to do, but we also know that its going to be an extremely tough and brutal fight. We thank you for your support and hope that you enjoy this wonderful journey with us.
With Warm Regards,
Rohan Shravan.

100 thoughts on “Moving On!

  1. and by the way, That NI will have a support center in Germany is also not new. But no one knows where it is and how to contact. That is the interessting think !!

  2. I’m running HC16 from TabletRoms with the overclocked Clemsyn Beast kernel and everything is as smooth as one could hope. I was hoping that camera and gps were going to be working after this weekend but now I think I revert back to EdenX until these things get sorted out. I use the camera too much to be without it.

  3. So impressed with the Adam bootscreen that I replayed it 9-10 times in a row. 🙂
    And good to know you are working in tandem with the guys from TabletRom. Thats a great step.

    Btw, towards the end of the post, do you mean to say that we shouldn’t expect any HC update by the 27th of this month? 😦

  4. check this out

  5. Thanks for the update Rohan !!!

    I hope you don’t make us wait long for the camera and GPS to work.

    You gotta try and get your partnership with Google going. Just barge into their Banglore offices, man !!!


  6. I already use Thumb on my Adam, it’s very good. Looking forward to Monday!

  7. Thank you for the update,I think I will stand back a few days on the next update.
    I will let people more technical than me advise me on this one as I have a very fast and stable Adam on 611.

  8. Rohan, first of all, great job with the PO3 shipping on time!!

    Loved the eternally “engineer fraternity” feel that continues with the Adam boot screen. The first “engineering drawing” boot screen reminded me of First year and this one reminds me of Second Year with an electronics feel. 🙂

    Comparing Adam and iPad and other tablets out there actually can be a futile effort, considering the true value of a Tablet depends on its use. While DSLRs are used for one purpose, the leading manufacturers are easy to identify and compare. For multipurpose devices like computers, comparisons should be made in the context of their use. What category the Adam falls into, its hard to say right now. But the merger of multiple capabilities into the device makes it truly multipurpose.

    Keep up the good work and all the best.

  9. Rohan i was hoping to see 3.1 on adam, mainly due to the open accessories protocol and usb host and device modes supported by 3.1 . I am really dissappointed on this honeycomb venture. I was expecting notion ink to come up with their version of honeycomb. Tabletroms guys are doing it as a hobby and with passion. As a company notion ink should provide a product not a hobby product. Atleast provide me a way to use all the hardware on adam. The two usb ports , they are meant for more than just mass storage or hid devices like mouse and keyboard.

  10. I am really dissappointed rohan. Ice cream sandwich release is abt 3 months from now and honeycomb will be obsolete by then.

  11. Ok, I love the Adam welcome screen. Its simply visually superb!

    But, I AM DISAPPOINTED! Truly……but let me hasten to add controllably disappointed! I am disappointed to know that the Honeycomb update is not the genuine HC that we all were expecting. Its a beta version worked upon by tabletrom and NI as Project “Honeyed-and-Conned” (HC). 🙂

    Its even more disappointing to know that the HC update coming up on 27th, which is a beta version (first), will not have up-to-the-mark GPS and Camera (second)??

    Currently, on build 080611, I am very happy with everything working. And I am really really still looking forward to the HC update, and I sure will take my chances and install it to check out HC’s features. Whether, I would want to retain HC looks highly unlikely, with the way Rohan has approached the whole HC episode here in his post.

    Whatever is it, I would like somethings clarified:
    1. Is HC beta, still scheduled for 27th June?
    2. To what extent will GPS and camera be affected? Rohan said “………be a little patient”……….whats the ETA for that?
    3. Any screenshots of Adam’s HC to toast our eyes with? (Doesn’t make much of a difference with only 2 days to go!)

    IMHO, I don’t like to blame NI for this. The original HC itself is synonymous with problems, Motorola’s Xoom is an example. Has many software issues. So, NI’s attempting at fixing most of them, and was able to fix some of them, and this is what we all will be trying out on 27th june hopefully?!

    To all Adamites, cheer up because we have a ‘Rohan’ who’s honest and accepts that he’s trying his best, and this is what they can currently present to us.

    Waiting for 27th June to happen!


  12. Thank you for answering some questions , Rohan 😉
    And Pratik for the links!
    Good to know the support centers are making progress.
    I love the new boot screen, it’s promissing…
    And a 45 day trial for the thumb keyboard?
    🙂 Me happy so far.

  13. Thanks Rohan boot screens awesome. 🙂 hoping for a better HC experience,.and hmmm can we expect ICE CREAM on our ADAMS??also if Android is so pertinent not solving its prob’s could you think of moving out to WINDOWS 8?

  14. Wow, Rohan. Its like everything has been uphill for you.

    Mind you, I think you enjoy working with impossible scenarios, you probably wouldn’t get as much satisfaction if it were easy.

    As for using TabletROMS work, that is just plain smart. Also I see you being very responsive with things like using thumbkeyboard. Its great that you aren’t so proud that you cannot use other peoples work.

    You are goal oriented, not ego driven, and that bodes well for a great future.

    Love the new boot animation also, I produced a few of my own and for a while had one in particular that I kept on my adam, but in the end they weren’t good enough to share. Nice work.

  15. I as a engineer would love to unleash the power of usb hardware on adam. I woul love to stream out usb audio. Connect android adk board and develop peripherals. I wanted to convert adam into gaming console flying UAVs. Control robots, quadcopter and so on. What about an ecg machine on the adam?

    There plenty of such possibilities and i am on to it. Never mind i will port the usb drivers, get them working and send you a video.

    Have you seen the galaxy tab. It comes with IO board cnnected to the usb port. anybody can now send commands to this board from the tab and controo some devicew. This is just the beginninf. Android is gonna flood everybodys house with automation devices, personal devics such as heartbeat monitor, glucose meter and so on. You better get on board soon.

  16. Nice ! Really, boot screen is cool.
    I had a bookmark on that thumb kb long time ago, and I’m waiting for my adam to put it on.
    About HC I’m not disappointed like many, I’m very glad to see NI working with fanboys and developers, if I would not to see this, I should have bought an Ipad ! Don’t be upset guys !
    Then: COOL ! Keep going NI !

  17. Thanks Rohan.
    The boot screen is awesome, much better than the current one.
    It’s sad to hear that Google/NVidia haven’t provided you the kernel source even under a OEM. So as HC is based on Transformer’s kernel, would it have any effect on Adams usability?

    Also any chance of getting 3.1 update ?

  18. Google is digging its own grave with its process of managing Honeycomb. I don’t see that changing as all the big players have got their hands in the HC pie. Only the lesser known players get impacted.

    The HC16New ROM from is based on the beast kernel (thanks to rsidd) and is very smooth and stable. And some users who want more speed have swapped it with Clemsyn kernel which overclocks up to 1.5 GHZ. Eden1.5 is a good, stable release.

    And Rohan honestly says that NI’s work is heavily “inspired” by the TR ROM and also has some elements of beast.

    Also there’s a ROM from WonderGold that is based on NI’s original kernel (which is very sluggish) that has drivers for 3G USB modem. Given this how difficult it is to compile the drivers of GPS and camera? there are some developers with decent to good knowledge of kernel at NI can work with them to bring out this and much more and make this HC ROM more productive than the vanilla version.

    And only a trial version of Thumbs keyboard? Is this a special version built for Adam?

    Garbage collection: I’ve only a limited understanding of Dalvik VM, but it is my understanding that each android app runs on its own VM. And understandably all these VMs take a chunk of available memory on the tablet.

    7-500 ms to garbage collect is very impressive and that’s a time that humans won’t even notice. Then how come it is a cause for lag? Also how efficiently the apps are releasing memory on their own? The developers shouldn’t wait for garbage collection to kick in and do the cleaning and should make it easy and fast for the GC to work efficiently.

  19. Rohan, could you please add other log in methods to conclave?

    @others, could you +1 or something if you agree. I have a facebook account but I don’t like giving out permissions, especially in facebook. Thanks!

  20. I am incredibly impressed with you Rohan. We may have had our difficulties, but what other startup would deliberately go against google, and make their own kernel, with the community in the process?

  21. Maybe we can fill one of those online petitions for google to notice that we are a whole lot of user out there and perhaps we are a great target as critical users with important insights to give.

  22. You could create a dummy FB account and once registered, there’s an option to disassociate your FB account and start using username/password combo to log onto conclave.

  23. Keep up the great work.

    I love, love, love to hear that elements of the Beast are going to be incorporated. I hope a lot of elements are used.

    So far, from my experience, the Beast seems to bring the most out of my PQ/3G Adam. It is responsive, fast, and has a lot of UI customization options that make it work well for my needs. The ability to customize the UI is the most important feature to me; it makes the Adam more of the machine I need it to be. Often, I feel like I’m struggling against the stock NI ROM, which I think is the opposite of your intention. I do enjoy the ribbon and leaves, but it’s going take a while until that catches on (developing the leaves for various programs, mainstream acceptance, standardization, etc.). Everything else about the Beast seems to work well – especially when you also get access to Market.

    I love my Adam hardware (tons of excellent design decisions), but the Beast software seems to help it shine brighter.

  24. “those who want to enjoy pure GPS and the Camera” …This gives hope that GPS and the Camera (two of the big spec embarrassments) will finally work well.

  25. [i]Also there’s a ROM from WonderGold that is based on NI’s original kernel (which is very sluggish) that has drivers for 3G USB modem. Given this how difficult it is to compile the drivers of GPS and camera? [/i]

    Since the Beast kernel has working camera and GPS, the drivers are not the problem. The problem is the userspace framework. With HC16New, if you do “cat /dev/ttyHS3” from a terminal, you see the NMEA strings from the GPS. So the GPS is working, but the framework to read it and pass it on to userspace programs is not working. Ditto with the camera (though I haven’t looked at it very much). I suspect that, until HC source is released, there will be no fix — unless someone can port the Froyo versions of the framework without affecting the rest of HC.

  26. Love getting your updates NI. Keep up the good fight and being open about issues and the community will be happy to support you guys! Looking forward to the 27th! 🙂

  27. Thanks for the update, I too have grown tired of Android. Not only is the performance sub par but the quality of apps is quite bad. It looks like nvidia is working on linux again and I request that Notion Ink look into Ubuntu with the new Untiy interface. I remember when the adam was being being introduced there was talk about ubuntu. Just want to put it out there.

  28. Why we want one more link? My Google a/c is more important than my FB a/c as I have many services linked to it. I either don’t prefer FB or any a/c to be linked to conclave. I never give permission to any FB apps. After registering in conclave I get more FB requests and password reset requests. Hope they will let us change display name.

  29. HC is optimized for tablets and sandwich is optimized for phones/tablets/TVs….
    Google doesn’t want developers to write same app twice or thrice for different screens. Apple is already making fun of no. Of apps available on tablet. Once sandwich is released Google can claim we have 200,000 apps that run seemlessly on all devices. I like Google’s intentions on this but they should have released HC to manufacturers like NI.

  30. No, no way. The reason why he’s having so much trouble is because Android is closing its source. Microsoft’s entire business model relies on closed source, and strongarming the hardware manufacturers into doing what Microsoft wants. Mail’d would be tossed in favor of Outlook, Canvas tossed for paint, Eden tossed for Windows UI, and the overall price of the venture would be jacked up to pay for the licensing fees.

    Not to mention that Microsoft has been having a rather tough time converting it’s 32-bit extension of a 16-bit OS to ARM processors anyway…. 😀

  31. Well working in the IT industry since the past one and a half decade, its always the desi clients and vendors who are the most troublesome.

    I didn’t expect Google India to be the same. But looks like you cannot take culture out of a civilization.. 🙂

    Keep up the good work..


  32. yup 🙂
    My efforts to get in touch with you directly.
    Please PM me in Conclave or in TR?
    Highly appreciated…

  33. appreciate the honesty rohan and the boot screen looks super…what about service centers in india though??…do we just barge into the Bangalore office 😉

  34. love the way you are posting now…as it used to be few months between you just seem to be lost somewhere..:) honestly google stand on HC or on android is really frustrating … not only for coming up company like NI but also for users … i remember once you said in your post future computing will merge into having only browser how about NI THINKING seriously on these line.. 🙂
    also seriously is it possible too port LINUX on ADAM …any hint ….:D

  35. Can we buy the app after the trial period through the android market?
    Please allow access to the forum to people who don’t use facebook
    Any news about genesis?

  36. @Udayan U,
    Hey I find that you are interested in UAV, quadcoptors etc. I am too interested. I have been reading a lot on this for the last two months but not able to start. Needless to say I am just a beginner.

    Will you please guide me? My email id is rajasekaran[dot]th[at]

  37. So what your saying is this a hacked version of HoneyComb, with most of the functionality not working, thrown together by some hackers after some contest on tablet roms. Rather than the official version which lot of the other tablets are offering right out of the box.

  38. Looks like Notion Ink is going thru some tough situations with all the Honeycomb mess….looks like we wanted to suck honey, but got stuck in the comb without getting any honey.
    The new boot screen looks cool, but I dont understand the value add. I liked the simple black& white adam loading screen better…less clutter.

    Not an encouraging sentence in the post when the USP of the device was the GPS. “However, those who want to enjoy pure GPS and the Camera, will have to be a little patient.”

    well, with 2 machines, I’m still holding my guns. Getting tempted to root, but still have not done it, waiting for the new ROM update from you guys!

  39. Thanks, Udayan. I am really sorry that you are selling you Adam. Can you please write to me to my email id or share your email?

  40. I think a lot of people are being to hard on Rohan.
    Google is the one who changed the game,He seems to be doing his best to get around them.

  41. Have you folks who are looking to buy a different brand looked at the Toshiba Thrive — 3.1, full usb and sd, plus removable battery. Only thing missing for me is pixel q. I plan to take a good look at it.

  42. Hi Karen, couldn’t PM you on conclave and can’t find you on TR 😦
    You can reach me on conclave (Alexander Holzinger).

  43. @Rohan

    Can you answer the question to the problem we’re having?

    So what happens if we get the OTA update to HC beta without having 080611 installed?
    Does the HC update include the 080611 portion of the code?

    How many adam owners still have 300511 and are told we have the latest update?

    Someone suggested l download the 080611 from Conclave which l have done but have not installed it.

  44. Well since you seem to have a better idea besides buying another tablet please let us know

    although i do agree that they shouldnt have tried to copy HC and just went with something else

  45. Rohan,

    my impression is, that you started the Adam project to create a product, which was going to inspire its users, while the giants were still sleeping.

    You tried very, very hard and you made incredible progress.

    But now your headstart is gone and the giants are using their size stake out their claims, while they deliver products of vastly superior quality (I now also have an Asus Transformer with keyboard that I simply bought walking into a shop!).

    You won’t be able to survive by making a commodity item: Inspiration, guts, talented and relatively cheap manpower alone won’t suffice.

    But since that market of smart, mobile devices with the power of a ’80 super computer, a ’90 graphics workstation and a ’00 gamer’s desktop is *huge*, you can still aim at providing the best and only open platform for all these inspired enthusiasts out there, who want to use Adam (and it’s future brothers and sisters) to do things, the giants cannot or do not want to support.

    The tablet is replacing the PC, but the PC isn’t a single thing. I believe it to be a multiverse of use cases and Adam may be the platform best suited to cover a large range of those.

    Technically, the first thing I believe you should aim for is the ability to *multi-boot*.

    We should be able to go forth and back between, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honey Comb, Ice Cream or even Ubuntu/GNOME QnX whatever by either choosing at boot time, or by putting in a different µSD card or even a USB stick.

    Today switching from one to another is hours of work, even with Titanium Backup etc. And since none of the environment supports all my typical use cases and since it’s now more clear than ever that HC won’t be feature complete on the Adam, being able to make a quick choice at boot time is the minimum required to make the Adam useful. And by the time Ice cream is out, the Tegra 2 will be outdated.

    Multi-boot is a great enabler for the Adam as the universal niche platform. Making the Adam modular (e.g. Tegra 3 MB replacement or the ability to swap the display with a high-res PQ or Liquivista panel, USB Ethernet and general device control) would add life, diversity and inspiration to the platform.

    So Rohan, please stop reading, get to work on multi-boot!

    (Got it done? Ok, so here is the rest of the story…)

    I use HC 3.1 on my Transformer, I’ve HC14 on the Adam and went back to Eden-X with Launcher EX because I really wanted 3G network and GPS back. I use Gingerbread today on my Galaxy phone with TouchWiz, having faithfully followed the path from Eclair and Froyo. With only 384MB of RAM left after boot, I’m afraid my Galaxy S1 won’t make the transition to Ice Cream ever. I had this wonderful SPB 3D shell on it, which gives quite a bit of GPU assisted eye candy, but leaves little room for apps on top of the launcher.

    So when it comes to the UI, I don’t really care that much about Android 2 vs 3: I can live with both, as long as the applications can mange the screen real estate properly (unfortunately many seem to only look at the major version). The Tegra 2 games don’t seem to care one way or another: They just use the OS as boot strap loader.

    What’s more important are things like battery efficiency, device support and the ability to support my use cases.

    The I really want Adam to deliver 16 hours of continuous e-reader use, while it should last at least for a week on stand-by.

    Problems: The extra mono resolution isn’t used and turning into reflective mode doesn’t seem to add hours or days of use to a battery charge. It also eats through a fully charged battery in less than 24 hours while in stand-by, only. Air-plane mode, or not.

    So display and battery are perhaps the most important: I really went for the PQ, because of the 3000×600 monochrome resolution and the extremely low energy consumption. I wanted a perfect e-book reader, that could also do many other things. I really want Adam to deliver 16 hours of continuous e-reader use, while it should last at least for a week on stand-by.

    Problems: The extra mono resolution isn’t used and turning into reflective mode doesn’t seem to add hours or days of use to a battery charge. It also eats through a fully charged battery in less than 24 hours while in stand-by, only. Air-plane mode, or not.

    The camera, on the other hand, has never impressed me and I tire easily filming with tablets. Extensive video conferencing might change that, but for me it’s not that hot at the moment.

    GPS is difficult to judge: I won’t use Adam for navigation, but I do like using it for orientation, planning etc. If I could use my mobile phones sensor remotely just I use it on the Transformer for 3G tethering, loosing GPS with HC would be less of an issue. I could probably live best with having to switch the OS on the fly.

    USB and HDMI: USB as storage interface works well enough. But there are two important stationary (rather than mobile) use cases that I want to be supported perfectly via these interfaces, and oddly enough they have nothing to do with the PQ display or with battery life 😉

    Desktop replacement and multi-media player:
    For desktop replacement, I spend hours in front of the Adams, so I plug keyboard, mouse and an external big screen as well as the power supply. Perhaps a dock would be nice in the future, fewer plugs and a stable position of the Adam between the keyboard and the big screen would be nice.

    The adam’s touch screen could add as an additional screen (active screen and touch pad, mouse only for big screen) or as a touch pad for the big screen (touch pad enabled, but scaled to big screen, screen off). Screen mirror isn’t an attractive desktop replacement scenario and already supported.

    What I disliked with HC there is, that I can’t really have the full physical screen. What may turn out to be tricky with both versions of Android is full support of all mouse keys and wheels, as well as special keys and USB pass through. I also have no idea, how easy it will be for Citrix to support HDX with hardware accelleration (or whether CPU power might suffice). It’s both sad and irritating that Splashtop remote seems to be easier to use for playing video on the tablet than pass-through media.

    For surfing, mailing and some productivity apps, the Adam on its own might go a long way, but I really want it to support Citrix/RDP/Nomachine NX/VNC perfectly so I can keep my desktop completely free of anything that produces heat, noise or has moving parts (apart from myself). Ethernet support either directly or via USB would really help cutting down on latencies and WIFI overcrowding.

    At the moment I am having huge problems getting anything useful from the HDMI connector. I don’t have a native HDMI screen, only DVI screens reaching from 1920×1200 to 1280×1024 (and 1680×1050 in between). I can’t get anything but a 1024×600 mirror on any of them and apart from resolution underuse I am having funny effects with mouse cursors being scaled wrong on the big screen (need to look at the Adam to point and click correctly).

    When it comes to multi-media all Androids are currently a huge disappointment.

    Whether that’s a problem with the OS, the applications or both is difficult to tell for me. And I don’t quite know, how it would best be cured.

    From what I understand Android delivers a multi-media base, as does Nvidia for the Tegra. And then there are applications like the Mobo Player, which fix quite a few problems, but at the CPU level, without GPU support.

    I have plenty of problems regarding file containers. MP3 files that won’t play on any Android devices, while that have been running for ages on MP3 players, DVD players, PCs, Symbian phones and everything else. After months of on and off searching I found tags indicating a WAV format in the MP3 header to be the problem that only Android had. With AVIs, MP4, M4V, MKV etc. again there is tons of different problems and then codec and performance issues beyond that.

    While Google is to be applauded for trying to provide the richest functional base, deficits in that base make it very difficult to make it work

    With Android 2.x development effectively stopping and Android 3.x reduced to hacking Tegra cousins I simply don’t know, which way to lean. Again, the ability to multi-boot very different ROMs may help and I don’t mind to plug the multi-media USB root into the Adam, when I hook it up to external power, the big screen and the stereo for watching a movie.

    When I look at what Archos (a very interesting French company pushing the multi-media angle of Android) is doing, it’s quite clear that supporting 1920x1080p at high profiles may require a little more CPU power than the Tegra 2 can deliver at 1 GHz (they use a dual core TI OMAP @ 1.5GHz, put perhaps no GPU accelleration). But overclocking Tegra’s seems to be more of a battery than a reliability issue, so either that or some a native GPU accellerated app could do the job, but require to implement all file container handling at the application level.

    I have never looked deeply, but from the comments I keep seeing, this whole business of multi-media and graphics stack in Android and lacking GPU accelleration interfaces is a big problem, that will take longer to sort out, than it takes to push new hardware generations out the door. So while we have all that wonderful GPU power, everybody resorts to plain old CPU power, because that’s the only thing that works and is soon to be had in abundance (quad cores in summer, octo-cores in winter, 80 cores in 2014?).

    Since CIFS/SMB hacks seem to be common place, all the current issues of MP4 (and others) being “streamable” or having to be “cached”(copied over) would go away. And while I never had the patience to wait for “caching” to complete, I still fail to see how it would fit a 10GB file into a FAT32 file system.

  46. well to be honest, if i spend lots of my hard earned money on a tablet, i want the OS to be proper from day one, not jump through hoops of fire trying to install hacked stuff and then on top of that having to hunt down apps that I want. That too HC with features not working. What about 3.1 3.2 updates and will icecream actually come. The way I see it this is a way Google is unfragmenting it’s fragmentation problem with android and unifying everything with quality products. I guess ill have to go in for the Samsung or the Transformer. Especially if I plan on being a serious app/game developer in the future for honeycomb.

  47. @tafilad: I think so as well. However it is difficult to see the realization of a dream postponed, so we expect miracles from the IIT-brains :mrgreen:

  48. @bikramdas: I am in the same boat: tempted to root, but still have not done it.
    Expecting guide-lines from NI on how to get the most out of their device in a secure way.

  49. @luis: +1 on the forum. That would also move some of the comments and questions from the blog to the forum where they can be better dealt with.

    Genesis??? Wasn’t that something from before Adam was created :lol:?

  50. @levpius: so nice to see that for you a glass is never half empty, it is always half full 😆

    Nevertheless, I do agree with you. Rohan’s remark seems to indicate that the hardware is ok, it is just the software that needs to (and can) be improved

  51. Thanks Udayan U for the many examples you are giving. They gives strong reasons to stick with Android and with Adam, as I expect that NI will be faster to adapt strategies and software to new options then the large companies can do (that is, if they can get access to the relevant Android sources).

    Success with all your developments.

  52. @Pratik: worthwhile reads, particularly the information-week one, indicating that many developers might wait for Ice Cream Sandwich. So we have the tablet, and will now have to wait for the right dressing to go with it.
    Except for the release date (which might be many months ahead 😦 ) it looks like Ice Cream Sandwich will be the future of our tablets, with HC just being a (closed) interim step.

  53. Umm *cough* Rohan?

    Its the 27th over here in Australia.

    In fact, its already the afternoon.

    Waitin for some of that sweet sweet honeycomb.

  54. well i completely understand your frustration but i say just make the best of it and wait or buy into another tablet…im looking into some others but to be honest im enjoying this experience of watching the Adam grow…while others are not as optimistic but i do understand some people are just tired of waiting

  55. Its been a long time since i posted anything here….
    But that doesnt mean i stopped following it
    I really appreciate everything Rohan and his team has managed to do
    There were some occasions where i found Adam to lag behind others but with better software updates its working quite well now.
    I am currently off to home on a vacation and with my HDMI cable, watching movies and playing games has been a delight.
    I wish Adam has a better and superior screen in its next version, something like the super clear LCDs.
    I have Samsung Wave II and i am really amazed by the in-built video player it has. Though it plays only avi, mkv, divx, mp4 and 3gp files, the most promising feature i found was its ability to play hi-def Blu-ray ripped videos without any lag which any player on android isnt capable of!!!
    Also i really hope HC to work smooth. Lagging graphics doesnt look good even though you have the best software.
    Getting ready for the update….Cheers!!

  56. Yes Philip, it’s even later in Auckland, New Zealand. No updates at 7pm. But at 7.20 it’s streaming right in. Updates are great, however, being a layman I don’t expect miracles. I mean I can’t much work done without a keyboard dock. (I guess I have the world’s most expensive e-reader). As Shritosh said, the display has to be better, and no amount of software can do that. Right now, the saving grace, if you can call it that, is privacy, for even someone hugging you cannot see what you are seeing because of the limited viewing angles.
    Today, I read a killer review of the Asus Transformer on My Next Thing. But all things aside, I like Rohan’s aggro and desire to take on Ping Guo (hehe showing off my limited Mandarin). It’s quite amazing what such a small team has achieved. Adam 2 has to come soon.

  57. why not go for meego,its open source and the community is very good and aslo since nokia showed their harmattan concept i am sure you can port your UI to meego,and because its not using any vm over the linux kernel the performance would be very good too.
    but i dont think we’d be able to experience the nvidia monster if you do it but still seems a much better OS than android

  58. Funny that Notion Ink is finally saying what I have known for years. Garbage Collection (GC) causes latency issues, and latency matters to the user. 500 ms of GC is already unacceptable. 7 seconds is horrid. The current Dalivk GC is not appropriate for a tablet. The best Java GC I know of is made by where they have spent tons of time and money getting GC right for these sorts of devices. There is a reason that iPhone does not use the objective-c garbage collection technology and this is it. Apple knows this and got it right. Google? Not so much.

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