Shipping Starts

Hello Everyone!

Quick update for our new customers, shipping has started right on time. All of you should receive emails within next 3-4 hours on confirmation.

The beta update on time and you should be able to play with it soon.

Will soon update with more information, so stay tuned!

Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan



99 thoughts on “Shipping Starts

  1. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. How long does it take to get to the U.S.? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Congratulations all you new adamites!

    Welcome to a very special club!!!

    peaceout adamfreaks

  3. I am sure it took lot of efforts, to get it in time. Good going keep it up. I guess it is HC beta update. Once HC is ready, I can recommend Adam confidently to my friends.

  4. Rohan one question is still unanswered, is it 3.0 or 3.1? I would love to see 3.1 on my adam due to the open accessories protocol and usb apis provided in the latest sdk APIs.

  5. Rohan one question is still unanswered, is it 3.0 or 3.1? I would love to see 3.1 on my adam due to the open accessories protocol and usb apis provided in the latest sdk APIs.
    It would be really awesome if adam can have peripheral devices built around usb. The @home initiative by google is going to begin soon. We better get onboard.

  6. When the Adam started shipping in February, there was hardly any other player in the market other than the iPad. Now suddenly there are over a dozen. In such a short time, the tablet arena has become a buyer’s market. After touching (tablets are all about touching and feeling isn’t it) and testing out most of these new tablets, I feel the Adam can hold its ground but only just. In fact, if Notion Ink doesn’t make improvements soon… get the picture. The pace of obsolescence in the personal computing segment is frightening. Just four months after I got the Adam, I already feel I need more features. Many of these features are nowhere to be found in the Adam.
    These are what I want.
    1. The ability to use a stylus to write notes. I’m a journalist/reporter so this is very important for me. With the Adam, I can take notes only if the person I’m interviewing is sitting across a table. If it’s a walkabout interview, then it’s useless and I have to use my paper notebook. So I’m basically switching between the 2011 and 1600 technologies. The HTC Flyer has some limited ability in this area. If the Adam can enable regular fast writing, that would be a killer feature.
    2. A much better camera. Currently, most photos are passable, some are great and many are horrible. Quality videos are not possible as the focusing is rudimentary.
    3. Lighter. The weight, that is. Women and kids will never like an Adam because of the weight.
    4. Dock. Offer a battery/keypad dock, and you’ll be amazed by the response. Writing on the Adam is the easiest compared with all the other tablets (bar the Asus Transformer) because of the wedge shape. However, it’ll take me a year to type as fast as people speak. A dock like the Asus would be awesome although a neat design work is required because of the unusual shape.
    5. Better quality screen. The Adam was the poorest screen. Ipad has the best.

    An Adam 2 is sorely needed to keep up interest in the company. The number of posts is coming down massively. There was a time when Rohan’s posts would attract 500 responses a day and now you have 100 a week.
    I personally won’t go for another tablet (or any other computing device for that matter) because my Toshiba Satellite and the Adam will keep going. The Toshiba’s batteries are dead and now I only use it as a desktop. The Adam is being used mainly for ready my vast library of books on PDF. Basically it’s underutilized because of the lack of a keypad dock. I have never used Nimbuz, OSM, Mail’d, Solario because they never connect when I want them.
    Virtually everyone I know is buying a tablet for whatever reason they can come up with. Since I mostly meet small business owners, they want an iPad or something similar. Some want it as a present for their kids. New Zealand is a small country and incomes are rather low and yet I see people buying gadgets beyond their means or even needs. Which I suppose demonstrates the power of marketing. A lot of these people are wowed by the Adam. Of course, those who already own iPads are interested but not wide-eyed as the non-tablet owners. Many observe that the display isn’t bright. Dead right.
    I flaunt the Adam as a piece of Indian engineering started by a handful of college kids. Of course, being Indian it’s good for my ego.

  7. I agree. The primary reason i bought my adam was to support this bunch of vibrant young indian engineers. Howevr they have not provided what they claimed to. Yes adam is a great piece of hardware, but it has got many flaws and there are many tableta our there which are far ahead of adam. Notion ink can pull off possibly with adam 2. And i know that rohan is working on adam 2 already.

    They have just informed me that my order of the Third Season of Fringe (made around the same time as I ordered my Adam in PO2, and used as an example of how good the big companies can be at customer service) will be shipped to me in September of this year (Their first estimate was January 26, 2011)
    So, now the race is between Tactus labs getting my Adam repaired/replaced and Amazon resolving the cliff hanger of the Season Two ending with the Agent swap by the Evil Empire of the alternate universe. He just has to realize she is the alternate…
    Waiting is,

  9. I agree with most of what you say but differ a bit on the weight issue. While it would be good to be lighter I believe the Adam form factor mitigates weight to a degree. The battery bulge makes a great handle. My hope is they keep the bulge but make the battery truly easy to replace that would, I believe, be huge.

    I do not see the need for a keyboard dock when I can attach a usb keyboard, now a dockable second battery that perhaps includes a keyboard would be okay but why would I spend $150 for a battery and keyboard, $100 maybe, $75 for sure

  10. Tim: Truly replaceable batteries, maybe with an add on additional bulge with more batteries would be huge. I got more batteries in my Dell laptop some years ago and they just got added to the back of the battery pack and extended out the back hinge of the laptop. I tend to use this as a handle to carry it with…
    I have currently tried several bluetooth keyboards and only the USB type have worked for me so far. I’m still fiddling with the new Logitech keyboard, just because it looks so cool along side the Adam…
    Waiting is,

  11. It took mine 3 months, although it was PO1 of the 5% waiting at the end of the line. LOL

    Since then they’ve become more humane.

  12. rohan
    please resolve the update issue. nothing working beyond first update. 30511. the OTA not working. the file from conclave is not recognised by the adam. helpless.

  13. Shipping time once actually shipped is about three days to the coasts. Add a day or two to inland.
    (In my case the shipping time was 44 days of being told it was shipped and three days when it actually moved out of China.)

  14. I think it went unnoticed how NI has kept its time with shipping dates.(Final verdict only once it gets into owners hand in next 5-7 days) .Going by the comments , the whole Ordering phase was also a smooth sail. These are some good International business,trade & Customer relationship lessons that NI went through & there are every reason to show that they have improved. Now the last mile would be SUPPORT ( I think all agree here). And I am sure they will get past this hurdle too , cos the intend is very much there.

    As for the HC , I don’t expect a truly finished product. Heck , even google couldn’t do that with a tightly integrated product like Xoom. What I want to see is evidences of the potential of HC on Adam. Look at how some of the subsystems are behaving.
    – how smooth is the vertical scrolling on heavy pages .
    – how much improved is the Screen
    – How well some of the heavy-weight games (optimized for tablet perform)?
    – How well & independently Eden sits on top of HC .
    – How well the capacitive buttons responds .
    – Has the touch response become more uniform ? Are the screen edges better now ?

    Don’t make a fuss if OTA doesn’t work , certain functionality is missing , certain Apps Force Closes.

  15. “(Final verdict only once it gets into owners hand in next 5-7 days”

    I read again the confirmation mail, I noticed that Adam will be delivered within 5-10 days AFTER logistics partners’ mail.
    I didn’t get any mail from GATI yet… Hope soon ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Rajan: The file needs to be renamed “” before you put it on your SD card (Or Adam’s internal SD card) That is the only file name that is recognized for updates/installs Then volume up plus power switch should kick off the update. There should be a reboot somewhere in the process and then the starting of the newly updated system. Let me know if you have any further problems. (

  17. This keeps going into moderation, possibly because of an email address, so I “coded” it and hope this one gets through

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Megathenes: The newly released Logitech keyboard, with its case/stand will be a great addition to my Adam once I can make it work. I have tried everything, including Blueinput app, and still canโ€™t quite get it to interface for typing. The case unfolds into a nice stand for the Adam, and the physical style of the keyboard compliments the large rounded top edge of the Tablet with similar white trim that makes it look like it was designed as a companion piece.
    Adamโ€™s bluetooth interface can get the keyboard paired with the tablet, but does not connect. Even using blueinput, which says it is connected, and provides it as an input method, still doesnโ€™t get me typing with the keyboard. Iโ€™m still trying, as Iโ€™m not convinced that I havenโ€™t missed some sequencing issues, but it is very frustrating, and Iโ€™m not without technical skills.
    I agree with everything you say, with the possible exception of the screen. While I agree that it isnโ€™t the bright vibrant color of the Asus Transformer, or the iPad, the Pixel Qi screen is exactly what it says it is, and provides exceptional visibility under lighting conditions that simply make most laptops unusable. Some of my satisfaction comes from the fact that I grew up with 600 X 450 devices as the maximum resolution available, so Iโ€™m not as put off by the low resolution as folks who see 1024 X 800 as a low resolution device
    I still find most of the Adamโ€™s hardware still holding up as โ€œrevolutionaryโ€, but the software, which is the most adjustable part of the machine, still has a long way to go to get the full functionality of the machine to the end user.
    BTW, you need to contact me at dwarf42 at to discuss some pro-bono journalism work I have for youโ€ฆ
    Waiting is

  18. LOL, being one of that 5% group, I share your sentiments.

    Congratulations to Notion Ink for improving the process!

  19. Dwarf,

    Agreed, anything to extend battery life a bit. With cell standby back in play on my WiFi only Adam battery life is pretty dismal. Seemed better a build or two ago when cell standby went away. Hopefully HC will not have this issue ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Tim, One of the disappointments I had with the Adam is that it doesn’t make use of the USB ports as a method of charging the battery. That was one of the many great features of the Asus Transformer. Being stuck with a 19 volt power adapter plug (which isn’t provided by any of the “universal” adapters that I have looked at) has been quite a disappointment for me…

  21. Can somebody please help me, here? Ihave a Microsoft Arc Keyboard, which I think fits fine in size, look etc. – but it’s only reacting on Vol down/up. Is there a solution??? Hope so….

  22. We keep seeing those updates but interest in the Adam, while they are great at showing the continued interest for the device im like the rest. Would like to see
    1. Better batery life.. What was advertised
    2. USB charging
    3. Ability to read “external”SD card when i connect Adam to my laptop
    4. Better internal memory…come on my Samsung Galaxy has 13Gb vs 8 for Adam
    5. Better camera & add a mic on top as well so it be easy to record meeting
    6. HC

  23. calle60: I’m sorry but I don’t see the problem. What does a keyboard have to do with volume? A solution requires a problem which you have not specified. Can you clarify your need?
    Waiting is,

  24. Good news to all and eagerly waiting for 27th.

    As ususal Rohan made it complicated by saying BETA UPDATE. Now most of us (including me) are in doubt whether we will be getting the TABLETROMS version of HC or Licensed version of HC. I remember a statement made by Rohan in one of the previous blogs ” While Google gets to choose who they support officially, there is little we can do.” and he mentioned the famous Tabletroms team. To me this is going to get very interesting on which version of HC will we be getting!

    Rohan any comments? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. I am also curious what beta update means? Please can someone talk about this. Is this just going to be like the tabletroms honeycomb where it is still running on the older kernel? Rohan please update us.


  26. I assume @calle60’s problem may be that his bluetooth keyboard is not talking to his Adam well enough. Seems consistent with what people are experiencing except for the “volume” thing.

  27. Wahaha, triple boot on Adam 2! Quad core kal el with Windows 8, fast switching with Honeycomb as it is open source! Oye, there is also eden ui + all the to be developed goodies! Add the 16 hrs battery life like the asus transformer, a good 5mp camera!

    Who can stop Adam 2!

  28. well… I received a email from TNT telling me that my ADAM is comming ! great news BUT, my number shows that my shipment has been delivered April 29th in China… WTF ?! O_o

  29. Nothing to worry about, they re-use the tracking numbers. What you saw is actually the previous shipment tracking information, yours will be updated soon :-).

  30. I’m not to concern about the battery life because once some devs start working on the HC kernal they will figure out away to improve on the battery. heck my HTC EVO use to get 5-6 hrs. but now I get 18-23hrs on a single charge.

    I’m very disappointed with the ADAM screen and with all of these thinner and lighter tablets. I wish ours was the same. I know if it was to thin they couldn’t do the usb/hdmi but i’m sure they can get it thinner than it is and still keep those on.

  31. [conspiracy mode ON]
    I noticed something else ^^:

    PO1 & 2 shipment were “WEIGHT: 1.800 KG” right ?!
    Mine is 1500Kg… Strange ๐Ÿ™‚
    [conspiracy mode OFF]

  32. I got the same results when I put in my shipment details in tnt or following the link in the email.
    Can’t f’ing wait! I hope Mehdi is right (seems plausible).

  33. He was Right ! Mouhahahah:
    TNT website:
    xxxxxxxxxx Details
    Reference NI67662856xxxxx
    Pick up date 21 Jun 2011
    Destination ANTONY (FR)

  34. I just got my shipping details this morning! I am excited to finally hold the Adam in my hands. Despite all of the issues I am looking forward to working with the Adam now and into the future until the ‘Adam 2’ comes along. Many thanks to NI for their innovative work, and I look forward to seeing them move into the future. Remember everyone, we are on the cutting edge of this groundbreaking idea. I’ve waited for almost 2 years to finally work with an Adam, from concept Ipad kicker to present tablet heavyweight. Software needs improvement, sure, but that’s comparatively easy compared to how far NI has moved since those first concept stages. Let’s not forget how far they’ve come in so little time. Thank you NI Team!

  35. adpich said, on June 21, 2011 at 17:24
    [conspiracy mode ON]
    I noticed something else ^^:

    PO1 & 2 shipment were โ€œWEIGHT: 1.800 KGโ€ right ?!
    Mine is 1500Kgโ€ฆ Strange
    [conspiracy mode OFF]

    They filled the packaging with helium ๐Ÿ˜‰

  36. tjah…the Microsoft Arc Keyboard is via USB – and of cource it was supposed to be used for typing words rather han controllin Vol up/down). but Adam apparentliy misses driver or so…?

  37. WTF? My Adam tablet has been out of service/ inoperable for over a month now. It would close any app I attempted to open and crash back to the home screen. After many customer service reboots and reinstalls a RMA was issued. I shipped the tablet to Tactus Labs and they have had it for 17 days. The last message from the Notion supportless was that Tactus Labs will only need 3 or 4 days and shipping will be 3 or 4 days. I have sent (4) messages to both Notion and Tactus this past week without response. WTF ?

  38. Craig: Don’t know about yours. Mine has been at Tactus almost 2 weeks and support just sent me an email this morning saying they would have it repaired in 5 to 6 days. (nonfunctional GPS and compass) I was sort of hoping for a replacement out of this current batch of production, but if they can make it work that is what I need. I have a second hand machine with the same functional problems and I’ve been thinking for trying to repair it on my own…

  39. yep hardware-wise, pretty much the same, i don’t see the big 7 inch to 10 inch 3d screens on tablets till late 2012. Screen is okay, should be IPS minimum (Huawei mediapad) or pixel qi refined edition, If 8 gb is on the soc no problem, but new boards should have more like 16 gb min

    10 hours and up should be the minimum for a tablet (16 should be as promised), else one should just go buy a netbook, simples. Camera autofocus minimum 5mp with good video experience. Eden ui is cool and will be developed further on the ever changing android landscapes, so what is important is dual booting windows 8 with android (with eden ui incorporated).

    Kal el quad core (already displayed by microsoft 8 running on it), then couple with the software. The speakers on Adam are good, no problem, just add dolby mobile. That’s it, Adam 2 rulzzz. Fantasy moment, are u kidding about the next thing!!!! lolzzzzzz

    Adam 2 rulzzzzz!

  40. Hey there Adamites!!

    Anybody from Kolkata (erstwhile Calcutta), West Bengal, INDIA, who have already bought the NI Adam in PO1 / have ordered for it in PO2??

    Received the e-mail stating my Adam is en route to INDIA as we speak!! Eagerly waiting for my first tablet. Did a lot of research before going for this; here’s hoping for the Adam to meet up to the set standards, and fulfil my requirements of it!! Cheers!!

  41. Who told you to ship it to Tactus Labs? I’d like to get my cracked screen repaired (although I’d prefer to do it myself) and I have been left out in the cold by NI… I hate to put it this bluntly, but shipping it to the US (from Germany) seems almost preferable than shipping it to India or China, given the customs nightmares we have heard about.

    Please keep posting about turn-around times and total shiping costs.

    The crack on the screen of my Adam is well aligned with the 90ยฐC position, which is the only viewing angle that works with the PQ display in backlight mode.

    It’s only in reflective mode (where you have far wider viewing angle) that the crack really is bothering me, because it throws a wide shadow all across the screen. Unfortunately it’s also the only thing which still somewhat sets the Adam apart.

    So before I am desperate enough to send it out to a Texan garage shop, I’d need a little feedback/experience to gauge expenses and waiting time against increases in usability.

    I’ve only bought the Asus Transformer last week or so, but spent already far more screen time in front of it than the Adam, that I received in March: What a wonderful display, touch screen, battery life, keyboard, touch screen, form, finish, software….

    Whenever I pick up the Adam, it’s either run out down the battery again (in stand-by!) or I must first search for a stack of books etc. to bring it to the 90ยฐC viewing angle. Just putting it on the table, lap etc. results in a display that pains the eye.

    My Adam has four potential future uses:
    1. Outdoor tablet: (need a padded case with integrated stand like those you find for iPads and (keyboardless) Transformers everywhere and *acceptable* battery life to make it work
    2. Thin client: Needs working 1920×1080 Android display for RDP/NX/Citrix/VNC clients
    3. ARM hacking/development machine: Needs USB/SD boot facilities, full HDMI display support and USB Ethernet/keyboard/mouse suppport, perhaps Tegra 3 replacement MB or swapable panels 1280×800 PQ or Liquivista
    4. dead weight: Current career path, but slightly overpriced at >$800 after taxes and shipping

  42. The raw battery capacity of the Adam and the Asus Transformer (without the keyboard battery) seem to be the same and they both use very similar Tegra 2 hardware underneath. I can currently get three days of work (certainly not non-stop but quite a bit of stand-by travelling time) out of my Tranformer (including the keyboard battery) with the charge dropping from 100% to 75%.
    Counter the keyboard battery with the Adam’s PQ display in reflective mode and I’d expect similar figures from the Adam.

    Today’s reality is the Adam sucking it’s battery dry within a couple of hours in air-plane stand-by mode….

    I sure hope they’ll get it fixed

  43. Boot of SD or USB is what I want: Ubuntu/Fedora 15/Windows 8/TabeltROMs/Eden X/Whatnot is then only a matter of finding the right card (and not dropping that case with the 20 some ยตSDs on the whet sand of your favorite beach resort).

    HC seriously needs better PQ skinning: All that dark glow stuff looks wonderful on IPS panels in your living room at night, but is seriously unusable in PQ reflective mode on the beach: That’s what Eden was optimized for (even if it was largely unusable because of the bugs).

    I did photos and filming of my son’s Judo championship the other day and felt downright stupid (and tired) after holding up a Transformer for more than a moment: Mobile phones are both better equipped and a lot lighter than your average tablet.

    BTW: While I took the Transformer along to break off the typical Judo-Dad boredom, I had no chance against the girls (and boys): I had everybody between the ages of 4 and 14 clustered around the Transformer (and my Galaxy S1) playing Angry Birds and Pinball HD (for Tegra).

    What I love best about Android is how my four-year old daughter keeps telling me: “Stop fuzzying daddy, I can do it myself!”
    And she does, just like her GrandMa, who’d never touch a computer with a stick but just loves her tablet!

    I see video conferencing as the main use of a tablets camera and the Adams swivel seems ideally suited for a bunch of people sitting around a table.

    Today and in practice it’s pretty much unusable, but not a major concern for me.

    And while I’d love to see an Adam 2 use a far sleeker physical design, I also would love to see a Tegra 3 DIY (do it yourself) motherboard upgrade to the Adam 1, costing less than $100, including shipping to those who invested into the Notion Ink dream (PQ 2.0 1280×800 or Liquivista swap-out panels as another option).

    Let the Adam be forever the most hackable Android tablet of all!

  44. I have a Freedom Pro foldable Blue Tooth keyboard which I bought for my Galaxy S1: Worked on the original Eclair quite well, but never on Gingerbread (for the Galaxy) or Adam. Does the job on Windows (it can be switched to HID mode), but doesn’t come close to the Asus Tranformer keyboard, which has all these wounderful Android keys…

    Every USB keyboard and mouse I tried on Adam just worked fine, through….

  45. It was the OLPC (one laptop per child) and the $10 tablet story that sold me on the Adam: I wanted to support an Indian startup that circumvented the entire FAT client, Microsoft dominated world of Windows.

    Given the intellectual head-start that Rohan demonstrated on CES 2010, I wasn’t quite ready to accept the Indian pace that he has demonstrated since.

    I’ve never been a stylus fan myself, because while my handwriting has always been terrible, I’ve been a very proficient keyboard user since I learned to touch type on an IBM Selectric at 18 (30 years ago). However I was a tad disappointed, when my USB Wacom tablet didn’t work out of the box on the Adam: When it comes to doing artist work I agree that a pressure sensitive tablet is a must (while on a capacitive touch screen that is a no-go).

    Personally I don’t see why a capacitive touch screen at native Adam PQ 1024×600 resolution and a pressure sensitive Wacom tablet with an HD 1920×1024 display should not work on the same Adam/Android device, used natively or as a thin client.

    But it sure doesn’t seem to match the current Android APIs nor the Google mindset. Tooo baaaad!!!! Because users would just love it!!!!

    My thinking is that if tablets and smart phones are replacing PCs, that is a *huge* playing field. When I look at an Asus Transformer and a Notion Ink Adam 1 side-by-side, it’s obvious that an Indian start-up can’t hold a candle against a Taiwanese manufacturing giant.

    But I *do* believe, that an Indian long-range but slow moving perspective does hold value! And that the elitist-few to grass-roots-many Indian approach does have a huge and humane appeal!

    The Apple iPad/iPhone/iCloud is all about maximum control: Giving a totally consistant user experience at the price of total device, network and IPR control. India is all about giving maximum ability, even to the poorest and those lacking in in infrastructure. Google and Android is somewhat undecided: While the “genetic roots” allow for hardware and infrastructure divergance, the appeal of a consistant user experiance seems to rule all things HoneyComb. NI is caught right in the middle: While it originally wanted to support the divergance and OLPC goals and values, it still needs the Google Uni- or Multiverse to flourish.

    From what I’ve seen and Indian start-up cannot compete with the Korean/Taiwanese/Chinese manufacturing giants. So continue to use your unique Indian OLPC perspective to support and grow the emerging markets and niches!

    I am not Indian gut German, but if you go back far enough, that is supposed to be the same ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I have plenty of Indian colleages and when I compare American, Chinese and Indian values, Europeans and Germans seem to be caught in the middle anyway.

  46. Maybe I’m just lucky, but I got this reply in this morning’s email:

    “Dear Dale,

    Greetings from Notion Ink!

    We would like to inform you that the replacement Adam is preparing to be shipped. You can visit the USPS site to know the status of the Adam your tracking # is 940###################.”

    abufrejoval: Being in Germany may be the problem. NI has “self admittedly” focused on their US market more than any of the rest of the world. I have heard rumors that they are working on a European solution to their Tech Support problems and you could potentially be of some assistance to them if you can find a vendor in your country with the skills necessary to do diagnostics and repair (and a willingness to work with NI people). I know from my own experience getting money into and out of Germany that the tariffs on financial transactions make it difficult to maintain profit margins, so another local country might work better. This is a non-trivial problem to outsiders.

    Craig Allind: My experience with NI’s support is that you have to be persistent. If you want to contact me via email (dwarf42 at gmail dot com) I may be able to suggest some strategies that might help.

    Best of luck to everyone waiting on their new Adams. I have high hopes that we will all get fully functional hardware from this round, but then I’m one of those “eternal optimists” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Waiting is,

  47. My Adam has finally set sail (just about). It was picked up by TNT at 2054 local time in Xiamen, China. Their estimated delivery time is June 28, 3 days after I would have left the shores of the US on an extended business trip ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Oh well!

  48. Hey Dwarf,

    What is it, 4 months with your Adams? What are your impressions thus far. A lot of people over at TabletRoms disappointed by the real product vs what has been delivered. I was especially brought down by some comments Albert made, which are objective as Alber tends to be. I picked up mine in May, and thus far I’m happy. It’s not a productivity/gaming replacement device but I enjoy my time with it.


  49. @Luis

    Hope you don’t mind if I answer, my wife and I love our adams, especially after the last update NIP920080611.

    They’re both 3GPixelQi.

    We both use Kindle a lot, and we both play angry birds, but I’ve recently got into Galaxy on Fire II

    I think the RSSreader “RSSDemon” is great, and use TweetCaster, and Dolphin HD 5.1.0 currently.

    Both of ours have root+market mod but otherwise stock Eden.

    Our battery lasts from early morning to night unless I’m flat out on it so I’ve really got no complaints.
    I’ve not regreted buying these, and am looking forward to the next installment of joy when HoneyComb comes along.

    Overall a very positive experience for us.

    Peaceout adamfreaks

  50. Luis: I have to agree with Phillip about most of what he said. I’m somewhere in the middle on battery life issues, not at good as some and better than others. Like everyone, I wish it were lots better, but that is true for all the devices I own ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Albert is, as you say, an objective observer, although he seems to be a bit on the critical side (He has not been as pleased with his Transformer as I have for instance) but he is a very sharp and fairly tech savvy individual with high expectations for himself, so the fact that he also has very high expectations for his tools as well probably explains most of what I see. He has commented that the machine he would be satisfied with is probably not yet in existence.
    My Adam came with some faulty hardware, as several other people on the list have also experienced. I seem to have had better luck than some with tech support on these issues, but that may have more to do with me than with NI Support. I tend to be fairly tenacious and insistent when I know I’m right, so while it has taken some time to convince Support that I did, indeed, have faulty hardware, they are currently in the process of mailing me a new machine, which I hope will have a more functional compass and GPS chipset than the one I returned to them.
    My second hand test machine is up-to-date with the latest NI release and is anxiously waiting for the Honeycomb release on Monday. It still has trouble connecting to the Trendnet wireless router, but I’m beginning to think that may have as much to do with the router as it does with the Adam.
    Overall, I am very satisfied with the Pixel Qi screen and don’t find its relatively low resolution to be a crippling as some folks here do. The “washed out colors” seem to me to be more natural than the bright crisp “vibrant” LCD colors on many of the comparison machines and since the only two games I have any time for are Tank Hero and PewPew (I mostly play cards) the speed and responsiveness of the machine are very nice.
    If only my Logitech keyboard would work I would be a completely happy camper!
    Waiting is,

  51. Wow, Phillip, happy to read all the good news from you and your wife. I join the folks who are satisfied with their Adam, but I use it less then I had expected. The main reason for this is the size of these tablets. I find the iPad, Adam etc too bulky. As I am used to carrying around a Windows tablet already for 8 years, that tablet offers more functionality that an Android or Apple device.

    The BIG pre for me is the fact that a tablet immediately works when you turn it on. So terrific for presentations, showing pics etc. Unfortunately i therefore now often find myself carrying both Adam and my Windows Tablet when I go for business visits.

    I hope to have the money soon to buy a PQ version, and am happy with your positive remarks on that. But I do think that my ‘perfect’ tablet at this moment will be a 7 inch one, and in the future a narrow tube with a screen that you can roll-out to 10 inch ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I do hope that HoneyComb will give me access to Google Books even though I am in China. It is such a pity that I can’t get access to books and magazines. I tried the Nook software, but that didn’t give me access either.

  52. @Tim: “the battery truly easy to replace” that is indeed a key factor. One of the reasons to buy Adam because the battery was promised to be ‘customer replaceable ‘, rather then having to return it to the factory as happens with an iPad. Well, NI did that. But I envisioned myself traveling with three fully charged battery packs and replace them when needed, just as with my phone. So “truly easy to replace” is high on the wishlist.

    @Dwarf4242: yeah, fully agree on the USB charging. I was very surprised that that was not a standard feature. I can borrow a USB cable everywhere, but now I have to travel with this AC adapter, just adding to the mess in my backpack.

  53. Dale,
    I got very persistant in the last 48 hrs. and finally recieved a response with a tracking number for my REPAIRED Adam. hope its fixed.

  54. konabeanman: Congratulations!
    Best of luck with your repair!
    Let us know how it all turns out…as always
    Waiting is,

  55. Phillip don’t mind your comments at all nor Paul’s. I guess we haven’t chatted much before, so I thought I’d find out how Dale is doing.

    I’m also pleased with my Adam, I too though must say had greater hopes for the device and I’m also a bit disappointed at the lack of Genesis, and the secret sensor on the back of the Adam. It seems it was conveniently forgotten, rather than simply explain that they had to opt out of installing it or enabling it. I also realized that the Adam is not accessory friendly which this day and age should be a must on any device out there. Granted there is huge demand for iPad accessories but even in the Adams design you can see that designing say a case for it isn’t an easy task. I hope we get some sort of a buy back program for the Adam 2.

    I also hope they would add google login or some other login at Conclave. I’m not a big Facebook fan, and I don’t like opening up more permissions into it!

  56. @Luis: I really agree with your remark about Conclave. I am in China and I can’t even get to Facebook (nor would I want to). NI said that they would provide alternative logon id’s for people without Facebook account, but they never followed up.

    Google account would make MUCH MORE SENSE then Facebook. NI is selling an Android device. In order to fully use the device most people will create a Google account, so that would be the logical choice for a support forum.

  57. @lilonexf
    If you try TNT’s estimator, it provides you an estimate of shipping times for 3 levels of service. That is what I did…

    btw, consignment has been exported…

  58. That means NI is pulling devices from the PO3 lot to replace the RMA & this tells two things .

    1. NI hadn’t considered extra devices for Warranty Replacement when they made factory orders for PO1 & PO2. I hope they now know the defect rate and would add that to their stock keeping .

    2. The whole Warranty/RMA process (which is part of the Support System) is not tuned. They should have a simple way to determine if a case is eligible for RMA & then communicate the dates precisely. Pulling & Pushing is NOT the way to go.

    I am optimistic that NI will resolve this soon like the umpteen number of other issues they have addressed progressively. Meanwhile some of us has to bear the pain. Some cry & bicker and some remain graceful like dwarf4242 ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. I dropped out for a few months…but I had to answer this as well. My wife stole my Adam. She is getting about 4 hours of sleep at night because of those Angry Birds. Sooner or later I will get my Adam back.
    What did I learn?? Never brag to your wife or S.O. about the new tablet you buy. She just might like it better.

    Also, If I had the chance to do it all over again, I wouldn’t buy the PQ..just not as vibrant.


  60. I’d like to share something that IMHO gives NI streetcreds.

    If you open up Kindle and check More, Info, About you find that we have version
    If you go to the Android Market and check Kindle you find the rest of the world has

    This isn’t anything earth-shattering, but it impressed me anyway.

    In other news my wife keeps dropping her adam on her face when she falls asleep reading at night. Rohan, she asked me to tell you to make an adam with a padded edge. LOL

  61. Aaargh!! Almost got mine today! But TNT delivery people didn’t show! I live in Canberra and I watched as my status changed from “Out for Delivery” to “Receiver Not Home. Follow Up Action Underway”. But I was home!!! Really dodgy TNT delivery men!

  62. Congratulations on a very smooth PO3 process, Rohan! I ordered one Adam in PO1: Dec 12th, delivered March 3rd (I was among the unlucky ones, but got the great universal plug adaptor). I orderered two Adams in PO2: Feb 9th and 11th, delivered April 1st. I ordered three Adams in PO3 (this time with my own MasterCard, thanks!): one to London on May 30th, two to Geneva on June 1st, and all three were delivered this morning (June 27th, really a big day!).

    I see a pattern here… but I don’t think I’ll order six Adams in PO6, though;-)

  63. Arghh!!! I ordered my Adam on May 31st via Mastercard and the TNT status indicates it’s still in Hong Kong undergoing processing. Final destination is Vancouver and I would figure it would get here before London or Geneva. I am so jealous. When will I get my hands on my Adam??!!!?

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