Yet another update and Order Rounds

[Update: By Last Round of Order, we didn’t mean that this is these are the last orders. We have certain phases in ordering, and we are nearing the end of this phase, hence the word last. Apologies for confusion


Hello Everyone,

Seems people faced some issues in the last image (broken 3G). Please update your Adams to the latest images (pushed today) which has resolved 3 major issues (3G, Bluetooth Mac Address and N support).

Also we have entered into the last round of sales. All those who have registered with us earlier should have received emails from NotionInk. After waiting for them to finish up ordering, Adam is now available for new registrations: at:Β

Waiting for 27th June like me? πŸ™‚

Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

143 thoughts on “Yet another update and Order Rounds

  1. Hi everybody, I sent a feedback/request to notionink support on sunday.
    Maybe someone here is interested or can help.
    I will post the support reply if I get one.

    Hi support team,

    I bought my adam while preorder 2 and have been quite patient since then.
    Now, after the 030611 update, please let me adress some issues I have.

    1) Gallery only recognizes pictures taken with the adam. Sideloaded pictures (internal sd) don’t show up in galley no matter how often I restart.

    2) I want to change some Network settings (e.g. incoming server settings) in mail’d for an already existing account, but am not able to save them. There is no save button and if I just go back the changes are discarded.

    3) soundissues
    – I only get sound in skype via the headphone jack (internal speakers and my paired bluetooth headset don’t work).
    – paired bluetooth headset doesn’t work with soundrecorder either
    – usb speakers won’t work too

    4) Why can’t I rotate in google earth with two finger spin (that works with the same gearth version on a galaxy tab)?

    5) In calendar I can only see my main google calendar but not the calendars I subscribed to with my google account. This is quite frustrating, because I only see about a third of my data. Is there a solution?

    6) adam’s screen turns on quite often while the screen is locked (just for a second).

    7) the compass acts a little crazy. Can it be used reasonabely somehow?

    8) Why do I have to restart my adam to get gps working after I turned it of? Why can’t I just turn it on again?

    Has anybody any clues?

  2. m feeling very bad that i would have to miss this round of order as well coz of being short of funds…..!!! 😦 πŸ˜₯

  3. 3G is fixed. but the screen is turning on by itself again, every few mins. so it’s back to how it was before the last update…

  4. Sweet, keep them coming…..

    Last round of sales is confusing… does that mean you are going retail??

  5. last round i suppose means the last round of sale to people who have already registered.
    after that, new people can register to be invited to buy the adam.

  6. Google earth works for me that way. Try the apk from majjj.
    I have the same problem with google calendar. Even though I am on the Beasty Rom!!

  7. I hope on the 27th the HC version will have less bugs as the updates since last week.

  8. I will be pushing this new update soon after reaching home. But, can someone help me with this?

    I rolled back to the 0511 update due to the many issues in 0611. If I push this new update of today, will I be getting the 0611 updates as well automatically? Or do I need to first get to the 0611 update and then this one?

    Please help.

  9. This update (60611?) went smoothly once battery is charged (plug accidentally disconnected and Adam dropped dead). Been having strange wireless problem. I have two wireless access points available now. One next door at neighbor’s house (linksys) always says signal is poor. One in living room (Trendnet) says signal good to excelent, but when trying to connect to Trendnet it hangs on “Obtaining IP address” and eventually quits. If I try the linksys connection it usually connects (sometimes takes 2 tries). Trendnet never connects no matter how many times I try. I have an Asus eee laptop that has problems hooking up to some kinds of hardware (not the Trendnet), so it could be some kind of protocol problems, but none of my other machines have any problems hooking up to the Trendnet wireless router. Neither the linksys nor the Trendnet are secure. They are both open…
    Other than that everything but the GPS and compass seems to work fine.
    Does anyone have a compass that actually works, points north and doesn’t jitter?

  10. I got 60611 on this last update. I was at 0511 before that.

  11. Well, at least no new issues πŸ˜‰
    The same things that didn’t work before still don’t work.
    I haven’t had any of the sleep issues that everyone else is talking about, but the compass still doesn’t point north ( unless I point the Adam just right) and the GPS will not locate me on the map, and the wireless is really wimpy, but other than that everything works fine!
    I’m still hanging…

  12. Isn’t it something regarding the WiFi ? See here : “”.

  13. Thanks Mehdi! I’ll take a look when I get home and see if it has helped the problem with the Trendnet wireless router…

  14. What’s is awsome and unexpected on this news ?? Or was it a joke from you ?

  15. @Ixne, I face most of the issues.
    Please update if and when you get an answer.

    I have noticed the “two finger rotate/spin” works well on other roms (atleast on beast).

  16. I’m glad I’ve no idea what the issues mentioned by Rohan are πŸ™‚ But I can report that at least I don’t have the Cellphone anymore in my Battery usage (on a Wifi only Adam): good! Two bugs are still there: 1) When going full screen in Browser, the page is entirely empty, white; the work around is a tap on the Menu button, then the page shows up with the menu. 2) When the display is off, the Adam still wakes up randomly for no reason; not a big problem as only for a few seconds. Anyway still much better than until May already, and looking forward 27 June!

  17. We are willing to wait till 27th for HC. But we cannot wait for posts till 27th. Frequent posts like ” On track” , will keep us happy

  18. Unfortunately the answer is not very explaining/helpfull.

    Dear Sir,

    Greetings! This is Jim from Notion Ink Support team and I would be happy to assist you.

    I apologize for the delayed response. I understand that your device experienced several issues after installing the last update. I am sorry for the frustration this may have caused.

    We are glad to inform you that another over the air (OTA) update has been released. You can tap on Update Adam under Settings. It will check for the available update and prompt to download the same. Once, the update is downloaded, you can scroll down the notification bar and tap on it to start the installation.

    The Adam will restart after the Update is installed successfully. The new Build Number will be NIXX20060611(XX-stands for the Variant). You can verify the Build Number under SETTINGS>>ABOUT ADAM. This will ensure that the update has been installed successfully.

    Please get back to us if you require further assistance and we will be glad to assist you further.

    Thank you for contacting Notion Ink Support team!

    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink Support Team

  19. Does anyone who’s updated to 611 (revised release) feel it’s worth taking the intermediate update until HC shows up?

    My Adam seems to be happy in its 511 configuration as selecting the OTA “Update Adam” continues to respond with “Your Adam is up-to-date.” I’ve considered sending a support request to NI to get the manual install file, if for no other reason than curiosity. PQi/WiFi/3G, but not using 3G at this time.

  20. nice progress. keep it going, NI.
    waiting for my adam and waiting for 27 πŸ™‚

    couple of newbie questions here:
    1. does new version support 10 point multi touch?
    2. will HC run on same hardware? or any hardware changes required for HC?

  21. Its awesome because notion ink is starting another round of order and the final one. This means, now we can expect notionink to provide us better support. We ca see some progress with honeycomb eden and this blog itself.

    And i have 3G issue and it is quite annoying. I have had other issues as well with wifi. Hopefully this update fixes them. I never expected notion ink to comeback with another update fixing the bug soon. Hence the word “awesome”.

  22. I recorded a video with adam today on my way to the office . It recorded pretty well. The video was recorded from a closed space, meaning there was not much disturbace from outside, but the sound recorded was pathetic. Its only noise and nothing else. However when i record the video at home its good. Also note that thecamera kept on trying to get focus ad tha was annoying as well. I am surprised that nobody has tried the mic recording and nobody is bothered about it as well. Has anybody tried video chat over adam, how about skype, gtalk? The ipad has facetime which is pretty good, how does adam fare compared to that ?

    Compass and mic are two things which still dont work as expected. Browsers are still lacking some features and still unuusable fully, be it stock browser or dolphin hd or xscope.

    GPS works perfectly fine.

  23. I had the same sort of problem, unable to connect through my own wifi connection.
    “Optaining IP address…….” and nothing happened.

    I was able to connect through my neighbours wifi (he kindly let me use his password…)

    I was also able to connect via my android cell phone set up as a router.

    The solution was to reset my D-Link router a couple of times, and I was back in business.

  24. lxne: Interesting, I have not had the problem you describe with Gallery. I have a bunch of pictures on my microSD card and Gallery not only find them all but also organizes them by folder. I have PixelQi machines, and they both behave the same.

  25. Last round of sales??
    Genesis isn’t even working yet, we haven’t been able to get the promissed weather app and every fortnight a next piece would be posted to discover the full potential of our Adams f.i.?
    Keeping the mystery feature a mystery to unveil in Eve?

    And duh… Yes, of course awaiting June 27th πŸ™‚
    Sorry, really appreciating your work on fixing the gps problem Rohan and Team, but am sticking with beast now untill HC.

  26. Good update, I had to downgrade to make my 3G work and just updated to latest version. No problems so far.
    When I use update, I notice that the device doesn’t wipe data and do factory reset. Do I have to do this manually? And is there away to backup my userdata and programdata (like AngryBirds)?

    27th is getting closer.

  27. I was bout to try update but it says it’s up-to-date.

    Regarding comment about last round of ordering – I think he’s referring to last group within 3rd round.

  28. You have to give the last 6-digits of ROM version to make things clear.

    * Solely my opinion.
    So I hope you are on 310511 . That is a good enough version to stay with till HC , if you don’t want the trouble of going thru a manual update( Since OTA is not working for you) . There is no marked improvement in UI or any other features.(yet to see the cange log) .However you can update to 060611 to address sleep-wake issue, Back-button wakeup & to get wireless N support . Wireless N will hardly make a difference connecting to internet . However you should see a marked difference if you connect to your home-nas/windows-share using wifi.

    For me , the OTA worked (was on edenX 2.5) on first attempt and after a reboot (that takes 2-3 minutes) I was running the latest version. No App , cache or user data is lost.

  29. Hi all,

    Just out of interest, I complied a list of “Rohan quotes” about Honeycomb and thought I would share them here:
    Note that for obvious reasons some of the older quotes are not absolutely accurate because of external issues like Google’s reticence to share, for example. It is nonetheless interesting to me:
    Note also, all quotes are from 2011 and are sometimes paraphrased quotes instead of verbatim, but if you check the originals I think you’ll agree I’ve kept the sentiment,.

    Thanks Rohan, for not allowing the many obstacles you’ve encountered from stopping you in this shared journey!

    Anyway, enjoy.

    Jan 8th
    disappointment that Xoom showed video of the UI instead of the real Honeycomb

    Jan 12th
    For Motorola to have Honeycomb, NVidia must have it first, they will then provide to OEM’s the BSP.
    Eden’s panel system has required things that Honeycomb should already have inbuilt.

    Jan 28th
    We’ve started working on Honeycomb, K9 and Mail’d will collaborate for its development onto Honeycomb.
    The SDK for Adam development will be available when the Honeycomb platform is stable

    Feb 8th
    We’ve hired a new team just for Honeycomb development.
    Fragments in Honeycomb are what NI-developed Panels are in Froyo.
    We’ve made Adam Ventana compliant to make it Honeycomb compatible.
    Applications are on time for their port to Honeycomb.
    The EAP developers have not kicked off because the SDK is awaiting Honeycomb upgrade from Froyo-Gingerbread.

    Feb 9th
    Notion Ink will NOT be updating to Gingerbread, but directly migrating to Honeycomb

    Feb 13th
    Our developers are loving Honeycomb while porting the apps (but hating the emulator)

    March 3rd
    Books are coming from our partner but we are soon moving to Honeycomb and their apps need face-lifts.
    Eden apps have been ported to Honeycomb!

    March 29th
    Google have decided not to make Honeycomb open now. We have sent a special request for access.

    April 30th
    The movement to Gingerbread is to get all apps and kernel closer to Honeycomb.
    The final issue which still needs to be resolved in supporting Honeycomb is converting the ROM OS to eMMC OS.
    Today’s Eden is not what we started to build but was an off-shoot to create an OS on top of Android (there was no Honeycomb back in 2008)

    May 6th
    Soon more good and importantly official news on Adobe Products, Honeycomb, More App and projects

    May 28th
    We discussed about Kindle and Dolphin, there are more apps coming, some for 2.2-2.3 clients, and more for Honeycomb.
    The kernel update is on its way. The reason this update took little longer than expected end of third week was to dis-associate it from the kernel up-gradation which is required for Honeycomb. Right now you can see the images on Tabletroms working pretty well, but there are lots of errors and broken pieces.
    We have moved all our resources from current Eden 1.5 and Gingerbread to Honeycomb, and near the end of next month, you all should have Honeycomb on your devices!
    Last line actually reminds me a sudden burst of criticism we had seen earlier from some people on Harmony and Ventana matters. I think now we can put it to rest. Images which you download are 120MB in size and you can see 1GB space alotted for your OS, also one more things you can notice is the 1GB RAM. It will take you a lot of effort to cross 512MB RAM usage on Adam right now. If you try to run heavy games, the load is then shared by the GPU, and still healthy amount is left un-utilized. Even the bus supports up-to 400MHz of bandwidth.
    While Google gets to choose who they support officially, there is little we can do. But when we get friends like Andy, Stephen, and rest (I think like you I also know them with their nicks: Reobeet, Rothnic, Dougie187, IntuitiveNipple, TwoSpirits, MyGuy, AlbertWertz (same as his name), josh4trunks, jerryaycock, gamepro, newbe5, RaYmAn, red_herringx, Covrus and blazingwolf) we can do much more than the Bilderberg Group!

    May 30th
    We have kept our energies focused at Honeycomb rather than fixing everything on 2.3.
    As for a fixed date on Honeycomb, expect 27th of June with acceleration and more!

    June 7th
    Waiting for 27th June like me?

    My response…
    Are you kidding? Too right we’re waiting for June 27th.
    Here’s hoping:
    a) June 27th is really a fixed date
    b) Sufficient testing is done before the rollout

    BTW, There’s this guy I know in Australia who’d be happy to be a tester for the NI release version of Eden Honeycomb, you know, just to make sure it works in the Southern Hemisphere, purely for unselfish reasons, you know, for the good of the project and all that…

    Peaceout adamfreaks

  30. Udayan,
    i use adam regularly for skype and locaphone for voip calls. also i have recorded video in a classroom covering a lecture for about 10-15 seconds.. i have had no problems at all using the microphone. the audio quality is pretty good and clarity is great. dunno if you got a defective mic or some software bug. i have tried video calls on yahoo messenger too and except for the fact that the my video comes out 90 degrees out on the other side ( this is an issue with yahoo messenger, not adam) it works great.


  31. @philip
    beautiful & very relevant thesis on HC.

    NI should release the update for end user testing for select few who are capable & worthy of it. They can avoid scenes like the 030611 update which broke everyones 3g . Give the testers some 3-4 days to evaluate .
    They cannot assume that the larger adamite community is Beta .( I see them to be more demanding than any other user base )

  32. @hamirpur123: I had the same problem. After turning my Adam really off and back on again, he recognized that a new version was available and i updated without problem (lcd/3g)

  33. Joyfication: Major difference for me with the new update (60611)!!! Previous to this update I could not gain access to my wireless network. I have a Trendnet router that all my other machines see just fine (it’s in the living room) and they all connect just fine, with the exception of my Adam on build 511. Since the update it took three tries “Obtaining IP address” before it got a connection, but finally connected and works just fine. Before that it would continue to cycle between “Obtaining…” and “Searching…” and never connect to the Trendnet, while I had little trouble connecting to the neighbor’s Linksys router.
    So, for me there was a critical improvement with the latest upgrade. Still only sees the signal strength as “Good” while all my other machines see it as “Excellent”…

  34. @Phillip: Nice compile Phillip. NI must be already be studying their course so far to get better at their learning curve. You have given them one more dashboard to look at πŸ™‚

  35. Please record the video under different conditions and test it out. Record a video with little air blowing on adam’s mic and see what happens. It is the ac inside a bus which caused adams mic to pick up noise. Also compare adams sound recirding with other tablets. Forget tablets, compare it with your phone, you will realise what i am saying. And i am talking about the built in mic and not external mic.

  36. I went looking for NotionInkSpot today, and it appears that the site has been taken down. Did I miss something? When did this happen?

  37. This is a great update.

    My GPS has always worked, but for the first time ever it displayed relative signal strengths in colour. (I use GPS Test by chartcross, version 1.2.1)

    I lost my 3G for a while, and had to re-establish the APN info, and my market account had to be restored by Titanium, but other than those two its all been fun and party balloons.

    Gee I hate that I can’t send attachments, but that;s been a Mail’d problem for a long time now, hoping the HoneyComb version is fully functional.

    Anyway, if you’re hanging back on this update because the whole world was destroyed by the last one I just wanted to reassure you that this one is ok.

    Peaceout adamfreaks

    BTW, anyone know how to transfer files between a Windows 7 pc and Adam using bluetooth?

  38. Re-establishing the APN info solved also my 3G problems… Can again watch foreign tv-stations ( and read worldwide nespapers ( – even translate them ( – finland

  39. even with the ‘last update I always sleep problems, when it goes into standby after 5 minutes and then back on again in standby, so’ repeatedly. NI Model 3421-A01 NIA020060611 wifi lcd
    someone has the same problem?

  40. Just my guess.

    If l was looking for that connection l would start by:

    Basic requirement would be USB Bluetooth Dongle plus MS Bluetooth Driver from MS.

  41. @zennaro: I had a similar problem on an LCD/3G. Even though I put Adam on standby, the screen kept on coming up frequently for less then a second. Because of this, I turned my Adam off last night as I did not want to drain the battery. Today it seems as if this problem has disappeared.

  42. is down since a month now, due to unknown reasons.
    On behalf of the moderation team all members will receive an e-mail with further explanation end apologies shortly (in western terms of β€˜shortly’) and I would like to thank all visitors for their concern and apologies for any inconvenience to them as well.

  43. zennaro: I suspect you have some kind of notification set up on one or more of your apps. I have just for the first time seen the behavior you report on my Adam, and haven’t seen it before. I’ll take a look this evening when I get home, but there is somewhere in setup where the notification issue is set up.
    My transformer doesn’t wake up, but gives a little honk every time an email comes in while its sleeping. I suspect that is what is happening with the Adam, but you don’t have a sound setup with the notification.
    I’ll let you know what I find this evening…

  44. What you say makes a great deal of sense dwarf.

    I will observe this flash-on behaviour and note the frequency carefully, as I have emails, rss feeds, and tweets all running and checking things on a regular basis also.

  45. I had not looked at Gallery in awhile and after reading Ixne’s comment opened it to find that not only does it display all my pictures but now displays all my book covers also which is pretty funny.
    I am on build 60611. Since the updates in May and through this update I have had problems with keeping Aldiko reader authorized for DRM protected books. I am currently reading a couple of borrowed books from the library on my PC because evertime I register Adam Aldiko disappears, comes back on reboot and then says it is not registered. I have a message in to support and they responded saying they are testing and will get back to me. I am wondering if anyone else is having this problem?

  46. From your answers, I tried to disable the wireless connection, kill all Anvendelser, and data synchronization in the background. But nothing keeps waking up

  47. Problem of sleep and waking up constantly having installed OTA update NIA020060611


    1 – Formatted memory
    2 – Factory Reset
    3 – Installed flash_wifiAUO-W
    4 – Update OTA NIA020060611

    now all OK

  48. Zennaro: Well, the factory reset blew away all your side loaded apps, so it was one of them that was probably waking up the Adam with a notification. Keep track as you install new apps. It will start waking up again once you install the app that was causing the problems.
    I have a bunch of additional apps loaded and don’t want to go back through that process again, so I’ll just put up with the machine waking up for each notification…Yes it was doing it all night long. Flashing the screen for a couple seconds and then going back to sleep. I tend to turn it off when I’m not using it so that saves the battery real well πŸ˜‰

  49. NOOK APK download available

    I am not a fan of the Amazon Kindle because Amazon is capable (and has done so!) to remove or replace books from your Kindle after you have bought them and without notifying you (they do credit your credit card though). In addition they record any remarks that you make on the Kindle and make them publicly available for reference to other people who might be interested in that book (I couldn’t believe that when I read their announcement of that). I guess that we must be grateful to them that our own personal remarks, in our own, paid for, books, will be published ‘anonimized’.

    So I decided to try the Nook APK from Barnes & Noble. They have a large collection of books and magazines. If you are interested, then you can find the 2.6.1 version at: “”.

    It didn’t help a lot though as Barnes & Nobles has increased their requirements. My credit card in the Netherlands expired, so I had to enter a new one. And the new requirement is that the Billing address of the credit card has to be in the United States. So you can install the app, but you can’t even get the free books, or try-out magazines, unless you give them a credit card with a US Billing address.

    The world will get smaller, but it only gets there one step at a time.

  50. I have tried button saviour but i do not think it allows me shut down my Adam.I don’t like using the flip switch all the time.Is there a way to use a softkey to power down the Adam?

  51. tafilad: I’m not sure I understand why you don’t wish to use the switch provided and designated as the power on/off switch? Do you have similar difficulties with the volume control? I’m sorry if I’m being dense, I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to use the switch designed for the purpose?

  52. You can message me(Leo Pius) or Kirtan Doshi or Himanshu in conclave . I have the “Quick Sgutdown” app apk shared by Kirtan, ,,, if you want to try. It needs root, so if you have root it should work. It has been tried by others(i dont have root) and works great according to them. Let me know if need it ..

  53. imfreesk: I just find this sort of strange, like asking for an alternate way to make my bike go, rather than use the peddles because I don’t want to wear out the chain. Yes moving parts eventually break, and a switch is the easiest thing to replace. The touch sensitive parts of the Adam are much more complicated to repair/replace and yet they get much more use. Even if you never turn the device on, the switch will eventual become non functional, but then, how would you ever know? πŸ˜‰
    Other than the GPS and compass, which have not worked since I got the Adam, the first thing to fail was the charger/power supply, and there was no way to avoid using that. (I bought several backups because they were cheap, but that is no guarantee that they will work when I need them)
    Everything eventually fails to work, I’m not sure the solution is to stop using it. Even if you get some way to shut the machine down, you still need to use the switch to start it up again, unless you leave it on all the time, and then you only need to use the switch once, but eventually something else will fail…
    Sorry for being so dense πŸ˜‰

  54. Or possibly it was Adam. Sometimes it is hard to believe I type for a living.

  55. Waiting for Honey? Enjoy while you do as waiting is more exciting (anticipation, anxiety, promise) than arrival which is resolution and reality.

  56. fundazoflife, this has become a longer wait than all the others, “so close yet so far”. The dispersal of those involved and the loss of interest by those who followed developmens has left a vacuum into which one can read a lot of portents. As for me, I have also drifted into search mode. Waiting, after awhile, becomes ———–.

  57. I know what you mean.

    For me I guess I am carrying on with life while the Notion Ink engine hopefully churns over.

    When it spits out some honey I will buzz back. At the moment Eden 1.5 is doing much of what I want it to do.

    I somtimes miss the heady days, but I think they will return.

    Any progress updates, Rohan??????

  58. After starting early (ordered my Adam in December 2010), and receiving a machine in March (which I managed to crack within two weeks) I was left with a device, that was hardly usable for anything. And not just because of the crack right across the entire screen (have been trying in vain for months now to get it fixed: Notion Ink plays dead). It was terrible to look at, even before it broke (PQ just can’t go near IPS panels, except in the bright sun. But Android can’t use the higher monochrome resolution of PQ to any advantage and the Adam still burns battery even with the back-light off).

    My Adam drains the battery in a few hours of idleness, the software is buggy, updates are often worse. After playing extensively with custom kernels I was able to get a glimps of what an Android tablet could be like.

    In sheer frustration I went into a shop the other day and tried an Asus Transformer. Pretty much the same hardware inside, but a sleek package by the looks and feel of it. A display you can actually read and software that actually works.

    So I went and paid far less than what I had to pay for my Adam (3G+PQ+shipping+taxes), to get a device which is far better in any way imaginable. I got an OTA update to HoneyComb 3.1, pretty much while I was setting up and I then just went and installed everything I could lay my hands on.

    And it just worked! Got the keyboard, too, with the extra battery! Not that it needs it, because even after a full day in the office, the battery is still at 99%. Had it run benchmark and movies for hours before I ever noticed a slightly dropping charge. The Adam won’t last a night in standby, because it has apnoe (wakes up every other minute or so). When the Transformer is in stand-by it leaves the battery alone.

    No, even the Transformer still can’t beat the iPad in terms of ergonomics and usability. But I can’t do Apple any more, ever since they sealed the hood: My last Apple was an Apple ][ and I loved it because I could swap and change pretty much everything in there. I am an IT professional: You can’t lock me out of a computer I bought! Android being Android the Tranformer still demonstrates very clearly the distinction between a product and a home-grown prototype.

    I’d love to get my Adam repaired and I’d love to see it run Honeycomb before it comes to rest in a landfill later this year. I’ve dreamt of at least using it as a thin client or media-player, but I can’t get 1080p out of it and it chokes on most of my MP3 files (doesn’t seem to like some of my VBR settings). I hoped, that with this soldering-iron friendly hardware and complete open sources it might at least become a hacker’s dream platform. But after the last couple of months I’ve come to believe that the landfill is more likely to happen.

    I very much doubt the Adam will ever become a product nor do I believe that Notion Ink will ever be able to deliver products. Visions they were able to sell, products, no. Like a very famous German politician once said: If you have visions you should see a doctor!

    Too bad this comment, like all my others won’t ever make it to the blog!

  59. abufrejoval, Thank you for sharing your pain and frustration. I do believe that your sentiments have been expressed in varying degrees of anguish by many others on this blog so you can understand that when I say that there are many who empathize with you, I am not kidding. None the less I think that the tablet field is still very fluid and we are all waiting for something like what Rohan was aiming for when he first announced the Adam. I am starting to look at the MSF 8 OS for tablets coming out at end of year but the Adam 2 is still my ???

  60. Hmm,..yeah, the notion ink team has been censoring a lot of legitimate concerns. This behaviour really makes me distrust notionink and am reconsidering my recent order!

  61. Sadly have to agree with the OP.

    The expectation for Adam was quite high…….and the blog posts did help a lot…lol
    However the reality of the device at hand was a “cold shower”. Personally, the initial impression of Adam was “okay” because I was an android noobie. Then after playing with acer iconia and ipad 2, the dream “really” fizzled. NI guys must have really tried hard, but the the accumulated flaws (H/w, S/w, services) are little “too late to be a dream contender”. I may deviate towards Asus transformer, when it is available in India.

    Sad again to acknowledge this : my adam is a paperweight currently. Maybe it will have an antique value – It was the first Indian Adam!!! of PO1.

    Well, like they say – life goes on.
    Currently I own a Samsung Galaxy SII – and its Imo the tablet maturation will take some time. Maybe its the superphones that will rule the world!!! (irony is paid the same price for Adam….lol)

    PS: I was shock to see the Xda Samsung galaxy S forums—- so much activities. In comparison our TR is ………..
    Anyway adieu from my side. Pixel Qi has lost its lustre with me. Super amoled is much better – fantastic color production, excellent contrast and…..sunlight readability!!!!

    I will suggest that you include a large APN list, and work out the battery issues of android in HC update. What I have learnt from XDA is there is always workarounds……only the device should be “enticing”. Make adam more premium in design/feel commensurate with the price…..currently it feels sadly “cheap”. This is spoken without a feeling of “ranting” only this – one gets a big letdown when one compares adam to other products. eg. Iconia cost less then my Adam but it feels more expensive!!!!

  62. @bruce: you comment is a complete turnabout from what it used to be say 10 months back. πŸ™‚ Having said that I do understand and am appreciative your comments.

  63. Well perhaps it’s as simple as having to post five times, before your comments get to skip the moderation step (which was a variant of /dev/null).

    And given the logistic record of NI, I’d rather prefer fixing it myself. That is perhaps the most lasting advantage of the Adam: The hackability of its home grown design.

    There is reports of Rohan using the 1280×800 PQ display in his Adam: Well wouldn’t mind trying that myself! And I’d be more ready to pay an extra €100 to have that delivered to me, than I am to ship off my broken (but working) Adam off into the NI twilight.

    If I remember correctly, Rohan has expressed somewhere, that he doesn’t want to compete with the likes of an Apple iPad (fat chance πŸ˜‰ so perhaps he should compete with the Apple ][ in the tablet multiverse. Most of the people who ordered an Adam, decided against an iPad (or gave those to their wives) and perhaps many of those reasons remain still valid. There is always people who will prefer the odd choice, even though it’s demonstratably a sub-optimal choice *on average* (of course they bet, that it will turn out better than average somehow).

    Adam could become the equivalent of a British sports car maker: Those could never compete on functionality, but there were always enthusiasts willing to pay for sticking out.

    Note that quite a few of these car manufacturers were eventually bought up by the big German manufacturers, who could turn out products rather well, but were short on appeal.

    There is this thirst and drive for innovation in these NI people. Rohan has certainly shown the ability to inspire a small crowd. If they chose to follow that specialty track, perhaps quite a few would follow, just because there is nobody else doing that.

    I know I would pay €100 for a Tegra 3 replacement of the MB. Same to have a liquivista display or the equivalent of an Intel thunderbolt like interface.

    If they manage to run the various versions of the OS boot and run of an SD card or USB the whole enthusiast development crown might buy up used Adams, just it because it saves them days, weeks or even months of fuzzing around with Nvidia development boards or production tablets, where manufacturers want to save users from *bad experiences* and therefore lock down their tablets.

    Smart phones and tablets are replacing PCs in many places: That is a huge space that does allow for diversity and many niches. Use it or risk loosing everything, including your self esteem, because you failed to turn out a product.

  64. Well when it comes to sunlight readability I have to give the PQ display its due: On those one or two occasions, when I did take the Adam out into the sun to read an e-book, it was very readable and actually quite a bit better (far wider viewing angle) then in back-light mode. Had the sub-pixel optimization worked (in reflection mode the red, green and blue sub-pixel turn all into black and white), the physical 3072×600 resolution would have given quite a boost to readabiilty and fully fulfilled the PQ promise (but it would require a separate font hinting engine, which would also need to consider the device orientation so most likely it won’t ever happen (=prove me wrong, please!!)). An e-ink reader might have been better still, but contrary to the ten or twenty computing devices I have laying around in my home, I still like the notion of carrying around as few devices as possible (or not to have one distinct physical device per activity).

    At that point my Super AMOLED Samsung Galaxy S(1) had no chance (even my corporate BlackBerry Torch 9800 did better (as would have my 10 year old Compaq iPaq, for which even today there is quite a niche, because of the reflective display). Can’t really beat the sun, when it comes to light emissions, so it is better to use it (=reflection) rather than fight it with your own light (OLED). Even as the biggest OLED manufacturer Samsung bought Liquivista exactly for that and while I do like to read my books in plain old black and white, full color reflection mode does have some appeal (if it doesn’t sacrifice too much in transmission mode, like the current Adam PQ display does). I haven’t tried the Transformer in sunlight yet, but I am fully prepared to regard that as an indoor device. The lack of 3G therefore wasn’t an issue (and tethering will work where hotels lack WLAN).

    However, the Adam turned quite hot in bright sunlight, perhaps because of all that black border around the display, perhaps because it was wasting CPU cycles. Certainly the battery was draining far more rapidly than I was given to believe. That might have worried me, especially because somewhere in the carton there is a leaflet that warns against using the device in direct sunlight (PQ for what?), had it not been for the fact that the Adam was made to survive the Indian climate with -10 to 50 Centigrade, if I remember correctly a post Rohan once made.

    I can’t really believe the transformer packs far more battery capacity into its small space (without the extra battery in the keyboard, which *had* to be added just to keep it from falling over). Therefore the fact that it can run for a day with light use and still show 100% battery demonstates that the Tegra 2 platform and Android can indeed deliver incredible energy efficiency.

    Again my Samsung Galaxy loses almost 20% charge after a 20 minutes of bathroom surfing and wouldn’t survive 2 hours of phone conversation on top (which has my BlackBerry drop to 97%).

    When I went into the shop and came out with the Transformer, I was still undecided whether I should vent my Adam frustration on a Galaxy S2 or “another tablet”. My S1 is quite good for many things, but I find 370MB of DRAM (the rest is inaccessible to the OS) somewhat limiting and more cores and more RAM continue to appeal to me, as I try to transition from desktops to mobile devices. Basically the S2 has enough number chrunching power to drive a big screen (or the thin client software when it doesn’t), but the HDMI connector wasn’t available for testing and may support movie playback only. It’s not sure it could be used for Citrix/RDP remote desktop or OnLive cloud gaming. I’ve dreamed of something like the PadPhone (where you slide your mobile into a tablet frame which is reduced into a screen expander), but isn’t available just yet and lacks the keyboard.

    And it’s the keyboard on the Transformer (apart from the production quality and feel of the device) which tilted the scales for me: It offers a nice viewing stand while watching a movie, additional battery power when necessary (my previous experiences with Android devices suggested it would matter, even if with the Transfomer it may not) and a clamshell design to protect it from harm while my children convert my living room into a battle field.

    I would perhaps prefer a mixture again of a padphone and the transformer or simply a set of devices, that could act as screen (and 3D computing power?) expanders to my smart phone sized PC. It shouldn’t involve cables, though (Thunderbolt!) and it should perhaps provide charging (inductive?) and cooling (all 4/8/16 CPU cores and zillions of GPU pipelines potentially lighting up during stationary use) to the phone sized device which would slide in for connectivity, cooling and easier carrying of the setup.

    Size doesn’t compromise computing power these days, screen dimensions and energy consumption do, with mobility going the other way. I have legitimate use cases for 2″ (wrist watch), 5″ (smart phone), 7″ (walk around tablet), 10-13″ (sit down tablet), 20-30″ (desktop) and wall sized (home entertainment). I wouldn’t mind using the same Tegra 3 CPU for all, I’d prefer addition of a proper keyboard and mouse for desktop and I’d propably prefer Kinect over the touch screen on the wall sized display.

    I don’t want separate devices for all use cases and I really don’t like sharing sit-down tablets with nosy mother-in-laws. I want a personal device that follows me everwhere yet fulfills all these use cases.

    The Adam with its multitude of connectors could have covered quite a few of these use cases through manual cabling and I was ready to compromise on display quality, computing power and the need to plug and un-plug, while moving forward to my personal pervasive personal computing vision.

    But 1080 resolution never worked even for movies, when I wanted to run dual screen Citrix and RDP clients on Adam for the desktop and battery life destroyed the unconnected use cases. Walk around tablet cracked the screen and sit-down tablet doesn’t work with the terrible viewing angle of the PQ panel.

    The transformer covers somewhat less range (outdoor sunshine may not work), but fills everything in-between with convincing quality and far less compromise.

  65. Yea i agree i dont like apple products and this caught my eye but im seeing now that its not going to be as great as i expected it but i still bought one because of being able to tinker with it and maybe HC will shed some light as far as the software goes for the adam but it does not kill the ipad like so money hoped it would but its still growin and we can only hope for the best

  66. Hey Rohan, don’t get me wrong. Still waiting very impatiently for my Adam. Delivery from 15th to 20th,…aaargh!!! I check the website everyday! C’mon, be early for once!

  67. And also whether the Honeycomb is gonna be vanilla or Eden on top of Honeycomb? Most of us would want a stable Vanilla build (including “Always On Mobile Data” and “WiFi Hotspot” built in with some Eden Apps thrown in. We could try an Eden Home Screen alternative at a later date if you plan to extend it to Honeycomb.

  68. “The estimated shipping dates for your order is 15 June 2011 to 20 June 2011”

    It is the “shipping dates”


  69. OK Folks! I’m pretty sure I remember this problem being discussed before, but please refresh my memory.

    I just received the new Logitech bluetooth keyboard. Yes, the one with the Adam lines to its body. It is really nice and easy to type on. When I turn on bluetooth on the Adam, the keyboard is detected, and I can get it to pair up with the Adam by entering the same code in each device. But the Adam reports “Paired but not connected”. I’m sure I’ve heard of other folks getting bluetooth keyboards to work, but it could be purely wishful thinking.
    Can someone tell me whether this can be made to work, or have I bought another great attachment that I will never be able to use with my Adam?
    Any help appreciated!!!
    Waiting is

  70. Stock adam Build # is 920300511

    And no matter how many times l try to update, it tells me l’m up to date.

    Perhaps because my adam is one of the 5% last received on Mar 30th 2011 of PO1 and l’m shackled with this build forever…LOL

  71. @dwarf4242: Have you tried the BlueInput driver for bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse? Somebody on the blog had recommended this sometime back. Here’s the link:

  72. Hey all,

    Just updated to build NIP920080611, repatched with root+market and TitaniumBackup restored accounts, rebooted and WOOT.

    Everything’s working fine. In fact, while I’ve not tested everything, Adam seems to come back much healthier from sleep.

    Sleeping now stops the flashing lights (real sleep) and when awoken the wifi is still up and things just keep going.

    If an app is actually active, like Kindle book open for example, then sleep doesn’t stop the little CPU busy flashing, but by simply returning to home screen and then sleeping it goes bye-bye just fine.

    Great job, NI

    By the way,

    Galaxy on Fire 2 is now available in the market, just started playing it. Sweet.

  73. update 080611 and the ‘for several days and’ out, solves all the problems of sleep and waking, and it ‘more’ stable (for the area around dinuovo lcd wifi cell standby, just remove the old system)

  74. Zennaro: I updated last night, and it seems to get to my Trendnet router with more ease than before. So we got several things fixed. Go NI!

  75. PM: very interesting. The app finds the keyboard just like setup does, bit it says that it has connected to the keyboard which setup does not. However, I get no keyboard action when it comes time to type something. It is not provided in input methods and I still get the screen keyboard for all input.
    Not sure what my next step is. This Logitech keyboard is very nice looking, and just the right size for my hands. It even has the same architecture as the Adam (with the slight bulge at one edge for the battery, and the white trim around otherwise black plastic case. They go together very will. Now if they would only work together πŸ˜‰
    Waiting is

  76. Suresh, just got a new update last night so that now the build number is: NIP020080611. Not sure what changed. The WiFi will simply not hookup to my office public wifi, but now hooks up to my trendnet router at home just fine. As Rafael says: “If its not one think, its a whole bunch of things…”

  77. @dwarf: Did you enable the blueinput input method in the Settings, just like your other soft keyboards. This should then let you choose blueinput as the input method just like you do for the other “input” methods.
    Donno if it works. But thats what was told here before. Hope this helps.
    Also, I believe this blueinput is not not a “true” keyboard bluetooth implementation ….. it is a third party implementation.
    I think we should get an update from NI on this or maybe Honeycomb is where we will get it. πŸ™‚

  78. @dwarf,

    I updated the adam with that build about 4 days ago. I am on LCD Wifi and the cell standby is killing the battery…


  79. I have to say since the last update my Adam as been rock solid and i am using it more and more.That’s hope that i do not make a mistake on the 27 by putting honeycomb on

  80. I’d like one, Karen, but here’s hoping that Rohan is so busy celebrating the sucessful port of a very stable and functional eden-on-a-honeycomb-biscuit that he forgot.

    Actually Rohan you did promise more of the technical weekend specials.

    @tafilad, me too!

  81. And estimated too… I am expecting mine and I have to leave on a 2 month business trip on June 25. It would’ve been nice if they’d expedited mine as I requested them to, oh well… I will be overseas and my Adam will be sitting in my apartment’s management office 😦 And I won’t get to show my Adam off around the world, at least not yet 😦

  82. @hitchkay: Yeah, I know what you mean, I’ll leave on July 1st… Last time I ordered sthg in China it took 5 days (I’m in France). I hope Rohan will send Adam on 20th as promise… πŸ™‚ !

    Rohan, what do you think about update today πŸ˜‰ ?!

  83. FYI, I wrote to NI today with the following questions:

    I writing to put 3 fast questions, counting with similar fast answers:

    1) What is the Android HC that will be released on the 27th June, 3.0 or 3.1?
    2) The devices from the ongoing round of orders come already with HC?
    3) Is there any change in the hardware from the previous batch of Adam to this new round of orders?

    Best regards
    the answer:

    Welcome back to Notion Ink Support. This is Michelle again.

    Let me answer to your questions one by one.
    1. We will not be able to comment on the version of Honeycomb which is going to be released soon.
    2. The devices which we already started dispatching from our warehouse will have Eden 1.5 installed in it.
    3. There is no hardware change from the previous batch of Adam to this new round of orders.

    Thank you for your continued support to Notion Ink!

    Notion Ink Support Team


    So I guess we will have to wait to find out about the HC version.

  84. I think Rohan will start the weekend special again when the topic shifts to Product Development of next Ni device.

    The blogs on Operational topics ( SW updates , Order , Shipping ) should be limited to within a section in conclave. The Saturday’s special should be a forward looking , constructive dialog completely untouched by the da-to-day issues/news .

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