New Update!

Hello there!

There is a new update awaiting for you all! Click on “Update Adam” and you will see version: 20030611 waiting for you!

Some (A8-9) users reporting sleep/wake up issue which is fixed in this one along with a new build for Kindle App.

Warm Regards
Rohan Shravan

129 thoughts on “New Update!

  1. Yes i had the sleep wake up issue. Downloading the latest update as i am making this post. Thanks Rohan !!

  2. Does the update also address the back button on the side not bringing the adam back from sleep ?

  3. Rohan, a working compass and market are two things that will complete the Adam experince. Please fix the compass issue. I am hoping that it is not a hardware issue.

  4. rahul, I didn’t know that the back button was supposed to bring the adam back from sleep. I’ve always used a short flick of the power button to do this…

  5. I admit GPS is working better now, but driver still doesn’t control Notification in bar correctly. Can this indicator be fixed, so we can see what is the real state of GPS – whether searching for gps and locking (while blinking) or locked (when there is lock done).
    Also it will be great if after process kill of app or apps square around icon dissappear from all places – desktop and two app bars.

  6. I don’t know if it was meant to do that, but it used to work in previous versions on Eden. I am kind of not comfortable using the small power to revive the Adam every time it went to sleep.

    Kind of worried that i might break it πŸ™‚


  7. at last HASSSSSS ….. Gone crazy with this sleeping bug …Good to hear this ..downloading now πŸ˜‰

  8. I hope this update will solve my following problems

    GPS: My GPS says “Your Position is temporarily unavailable” even though i am connected to Internet(This problem persists since day one). I thought update will resolve this but was of no gain.

    Video Player: Whenever pressed “Recently Played” it asks for ‘Force Close’

  9. I have NIP920300511 and it’s telling me l have the latest update.

    What’s going on????

    PQI, 3G

    Still telling me l have the latest update…………………………..

  10. second update in couple of days!! this is really great! keep it up NI.
    thanks to Rohan and team.

    I did PO3 and I just can wait to get my ADAM.
    “God, send me the adam soon…don’t wait for the 7th day” πŸ˜€

  11. Yes the GPS issue still exists with WIFI. It does not exist on the Honeycomb alpha release.

  12. Updated to the latest build successfully. Let me see if the sleepwake up issue is resolved.

  13. Rohan,
    Keep going. Can we upgrade directly to HC with out previous and current update? I am currently on Beast v2.1.4 (and happy with it for now).

    Can you please let us know whether we can upgrade to HC directly.

    (Only if you prefer to answer the below – I know you are open πŸ™‚ )
    Also in your last post you said Google is not officially supporting NI (as of now), does that mean we still get all HC updates along with others. Is the HC kernel/source provided to NI by NVidia?

  14. Why aren’t you using a custom ROM ? Than you will have a faster, stable ADAM with working GPS, no standby issue and, and, and πŸ˜‰

  15. Browser looks better. Long press in the URL bar does not bring up anything. Cant copy paste URL 😦

  16. Updating πŸ™‚
    Thanx Rohan and Team, it’s getting better and better.
    Can we count on a weekend update tomorrow?

    BTW, I noticed my Facebook app isn’t making connection while on 3G, perfectly fine working on wifi though.

  17. i am unable to update!!! it still shows that my adam is up to date!!

  18. Rohan I am going to spain in a few weeks will roaming work or will i need to do something else to use 3G while i am there?

  19. Update over the air went smoothly, I have the right build number. But when I turn Browser on full size, I still have a completely empty screen (need a tap on the Menu button to show the page, along with the menu). And the sleep issue is still there: when the screen is off, it wakes up every few minutes for a few seconds. New update tomorrow? πŸ˜‰

  20. Me waiting for HC to come on Jun 27. Looking forward to see what NI has done with their panels, Eden on HC.

    Till that time, it is HC14 from tabletroms.

  21. @dwarf4242 : Even i used to use the short press on the power button until my 2 yr daughter showed me how to used the back button. Looks like back button is supposed to bring Adam back from sleep πŸ™‚

  22. @Udayan U has mentioned in the comments that waking up using the Back button is working now. Nice πŸ˜€

  23. levpius, Children are just the most wonderful things! Mine are both grown and I miss them πŸ˜‰

  24. and home key is not working as well 😦 checked the by extracting and checking….nothing wrong with it. Then there should be something wrong with it to screw my 2g/3g radio and home key:( i should have waited before applying his update…..

  25. You seem to be right.
    Hmm, after setting up a new APN, it keeps searching for available networks.

    My wifi was better on beast btw.
    I am 5 meters from our sitecom router, one single glass window between the router and my adam and receipt is minimal.

  26. @karen, both of us should have waited…. It is not a stable/proper build. And guys…. Those who have not updated…. Standby/autowake seems nothing in front of screwed network(3g/2g and Wifi). So wait! Gonna hit bed now…. will check back tomorrow.

  27. we look forward to a new upgrade, the Chords and when ‘full screen by changing the tracks, the three tracks crashes, and you can not’ listen to music. and not ‘has more’ sidebar scroll.
    I await your response Thanks

  28. I jumped the gun in thinking this was all ok .I now have no 3g and no option to enter any APN settings as that screen is blank no input boxes at all.

    An one else have this problem?

  29. push the third from the top on the left to set up a new APN and after finshing all the boxes, push it again to save.
    Won’t do any good though, cos it will keep on searching for a network afterwards.

  30. “I have NIP920300511 and when l try to update it’s telling me l have the latest update.”

    Now that l see all the problems with the new update, l have to tell myself, how lucky can l be.

    PQI, 3G

  31. I have a question about the OS. Am I remembering incorrectly, or did NI say that we will have choice on the OS?

    I did not see OS choices when I ordered mine… Maybe the choice will come in the future, anyone have any ideas about that?

    I have biz trip to India, hope my Adam goes travelling with me πŸ™‚ Trip starts last week of June. I hope Rohan/someone reads this and expedites my order πŸ˜‰ hahaha

  32. Rohan,
    I haven’t t received an invite to order even though i send my e-mail to store.notionink…
    Am I missing anything?

  33. Hope it fixes all the other instability problems of 300511. As an example, I find the NI browser totally unusable with that update.

    on to update my Adam.

  34. They may be too busy correcting the problems in the latest update.

    Hope you get an invite soon, you are old pal Family.


  35. Hi Elmelao,
    did you try to subscribe for an invite with a gmail account?
    Mine got blocked by my private provider at first, and received it from my gmail account in the end.
    Good luck, and good to see you back here btw πŸ˜‰

  36. At first, I did not receive mail. I think they lost some of us, but if you register once again you will receive it !

    note: they have changed smthg monday (add location/country) maybe it’s that…

    Lets try

  37. My download of the latest update got stuck at 16% and the error message was “image missing” (~3.45PM IST). When I abandoned it and check for update, the message says “the system is up to date.” Earleir the ystem used to ask whether to resume or start afresh.

    Weird! πŸ™‚

  38. Me thinks its an issue with wordpress. When you subscribe for comments via any mobile device, it does not work. It only works when you sbscribe on a computer. I had the same issue but I started getting emails when I subscribed through computer

  39. I think so too. The last build did not have the cell sttanby issue in a wi-fi only build. But this build has it…

    Also the auto wake is still an issue. Adam just wakes up when in the sleep mode. I wonder how the testing team missed it

  40. deleted cell standby consumption, lcd wifi using “adam.CellStandby.Removal.100”

  41. with sleep problems persist, Model 3421-A01 ni NIA020030611 lcd wifi

  42. solved the problem with app 0.9 chords, full screen freezes Tracks.
    Go to the new app manager and kill the process chords. Then go to settings -> apps -> manage apps. Then kill the music and chords app and delete the cache.
    problem solved

  43. you since the last update I have problems with sleep, and you and ‘presented the functioning of the cell CellStandby. I have the model wifi lcd, I refreshed to fix a

  44. Dont apply this update. There are many bugs. My LCD adam has loaded Pixel version i guess, sometimes the LCD goes dim without backlight. There was some WIFI error and i had to factory reset to restore to normal. From the pnels view video player does not open up. Animations are slow. Sleep wake up issue still exists, the back button does not wakeup adam from sleep. Intermittently Adam wakes up and goes to sleep.

  45. I dont get it Rohan..This update was mainly released to solve sleep bug ..but it has worsen the situation … 😦
    whether it was released in hurry ..just to calm down many adam user .
    Please make conclave LIVE in true sense,because when we share bug on forum we hardly hear anything on those issues from NI ,Making conclave more LIVE will help you to listen many users thereby reaching the depth of the problem..

  46. Rohan and NI – I strongly agree with the others here that it is time you open-sourced Eden.

    1. You are building on open-source software. It is fair, even if not required, that you return your contributions to the pool. (WIth the kernel, however, it IS required. You need to publish the source of the kernel as and when you release updates — not four months after!)

    2. I think you are out of your depths, in terms of both design and efficiency. Eden is clunky and unusable, even with the recent improvements. Main peeves — the ribbon launcher which is unusable if you have more than about 20 apps installed; the random ordering of apps in both the ribbon and the tiled views; the inability to configure/customise the main panel; the inability to add quick launchers for frequently used apps; etc, etc.

    The plus side is, it is very nice hardware and the people at tabletroms have made it very usable. I am running Beast 2.2.1 (after a brief experiment with Eden 1.5). I am happy with it but I would not recommend it to non-techie people. But the tabletroms folks too are borrowing and mix-matching various other closed-source ROMs, and the legality of this is dubious, They can’t improve Eden, either, unless you release the source.

    As it stands, I’m sorry to say this, but Eden is a turkey. Open-source it, and (1) you open up a legal and potentially very attractive codebase for the hackers to experiment on, (2) you gain goodwill, (3) Adam gets better for everyone. Or at least it can’t get worse.

  47. @sid

    1. Agreed on this point of opensourcing…. Especially the kernel.

    2. I thing we are climbing the wrong tree by attacking eden. It is more of an user education issue . For example; you should almost always use the search field under ribbon launcher to find an app. In most cases all you have to do is type the starting alphabet and you have the right app in front of you. Sure there is scope for improvement here too… Like the instant search doesn’t works if you start somewhere in the middle of the name.
    look at the some of the NI apps like sniffer, keyboard,maild and the new calendar. you find them very usefull & Having unique take on user experience. Agreed that some of the apps like the browser are dissapointments. Iam sure they will be replaced with better option as in case with dolphin hd.there are also some lingering stability issues.
    But I am confident saying two things-
    –the current iteration of eden is very much usable and even preferable over the stock gb
    –eden is fresh andhas long term potential. lets not be blinded by current minor bugs. Sure NI has execute to taste any success

  48. β€œI have NIP920300511 and when l try to update it’s telling me l have the latest update.”

    My GPS must be self learning. At my home, turned on the adam, then hit GPS Status, lo and behold, it showed 4 of 10 then 6 of 10 locked Sat’s. opened the GPS Osmand it found my home without using “Where am l”.

    Does anyone have voice working on their GPS?, l can’t get it to work. I want to demo direction using voice while in my home.

    PQI, 3G

  49. Install the voice data on OSMAND. Go to settings, offline data and voice(en). With Adam intially connected to WIFI or 3G it calculates route and gives voice instuction about the distance. Once route is calculated, you dont need any network, Adam will guide with voice instructions as you navigate.

  50. @Udayan U:
    >> Once route is calculated, you dont need any network..
    You make it sound like we need internet for initial calculation of route. Not true. I have had Adam GPS workiing out the route even without internet. Having said that; Adam GPS experience is very patchy(sometimes not usable πŸ™‚ ). Also I would add OSMAND is not a so user friendly app.

  51. through their email attached to the support link on notion ink dot com. Also, try notion ink addicts dot com for unofficial support from Tina. if you still need help, u can pm me. i just went through support for battery issues and it was absolutely superb.

  52. I have cleared my data and have reinstall 511 via the zip file,But i can still not set up APN settings the screen is still blank.Any help?

  53. Levpius, i am quite certain that you need internet to calculate route. I have read through osmand user guide . Its a open source project and the website says the route is calculated by downloading a file which is about 30kb. I have videos of the same on my blog.

    Yes i agree osmand is not user friendly. Google navigation is.

  54. @Udayan U: . Guess you may be right. But, thats ridiculous. My initial tests on Osmand may have had internet. I dont “Osmand” anymore. I use Copilot and it once you download maps, it never needs internet anymore. Always recalculates … and all…

  55. tafilad: when you select APN setting and get a blank screen, press the menu button and you will get the dialog you need for entering the data.

  56. Same here. I’m at 511 and up-to-date, at least according to the OTA “Update Adam.” With all the negative comments here and at Conclave, I’m not sure being told we’re up-to-date with 511 is a bad thing. (My Adam is PO1, PQi/WiFi/3G.)

  57. joyfication — For example; you should almost always use the search field under ribbon launcher to find an app.

    That is OK on a laptop (on my linux laptop, I often launch things by pressing alt-f2 and typing the name of the program). But I think it is a terrible idea on a tablet, because typing on a touchscreen is very tedious and error-prone. Shortcuts for frequently-used programs are hardly a revolutionary idea. Why should NI assume I want facebook on my front panel (it is perhaps ok to assume it but they should at least let me remove it), and if I install firefox and use it often, why should I not be able to launch it at a single touch?

  58. Ok I have temporarily fixed my problems by going back to 310511 update. 2/g, 3g now works and also the buttons which stopped working. But had to do a factory reset. Did a titanium backup before the same so that I could restore apps.

  59. @mehdi,
    download and put the 310511 update. You can find the links in the mail you would have got from NI a week back. It will fix your issues. If you still have problems, do a factory reset.

  60. tafilad: Welcome πŸ˜‰
    I wish there was either a more detailed user manual, or an FAQ somewhere with these kinds of questions could be answered.
    I heard about this process before I even got my Adam! So I guess I still have a pretty good memory, even though I’m an old guy πŸ˜‰

  61. Suresh: I have a PixelQi WiFi only machine that is updated to 511 and does not have the sleep issue. When I put it to sleep it stays that way until I tell it to wake up.
    Don’t know how they do their testing, but these machines seem to vary in behavior even amongst the same version.
    My WiFi only machine has a flakey compass that doesn’t point north and jumps around, as well as a GPS that can’t find its location. Other folks report that their WiFi only machines work just fine with GPS always finding their location. I’ve even seen a video of turn-by-turn instructions on such a machine.
    I hope that they get their manufacturing situation under control so we all get the same hardware when we order the same machine type…

  62. Suresh: That probably explains why I AM getting email on the postings here. I set the flag on a desktop machine.

  63. Free Software to track the culprit who stole your phone.

    For PC, Mac, Ubunto, and the Android phone.

    In case your Android Phone (2.2+) is stolen.

    Might work on a 3G Tablet, don’t know for sure.


  64. …then suddenly – a notification and a new update, and now 3g is working again. – Thanks, whoever πŸ™‚

  65. dunno. there was a blinking ‘!’ near the battery ikon, and then I entered ‘update adam’ and then there was a notification – ‘a new update is awailable for you’ (…or what it says…) and then —BING!!!

  66. Yes you are right good bit of hardware but NI are still not learning to communicate,

    They have the conclave forum, now they need to fill it with How-tos and when there is a problem like with the 611 release it only takes a line to say we know there is a problem and are fixing it.

  67. Looks like another update being released. Adam started downloading a new version. I had successfully updated NI**20030611 previously.

  68. everything works fine, but still problems with sleep talking of updating NIA 020060611, wifi lcd model

  69. I have a PQi but got NIA920060611 OTA and it has disabled my PQi 😦 What’s up with OTA configuration?

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