Sales and Updates

[Update: a conclave post will be made for the 2.3 version nvflash within an hour. Those who want to test it can download it from the links provided conclave or here as well. Word of caution in advance, only advanced users should test it out!

Dear All,

As most of you can see, updates are getting smoother. Please check if you have the version number NIxx310511 installed. It is quite possible that you have installed something even today, but will strongly suggest to update to this version. All the customers should get email instructions as well for manual downloads. There are different servers for sales, updates and conclave now. You can find the log (changes) file on the conclave. Some of the major changes are video player, new Panel Manager, Chords, general stability, Multi tasking menu and UI changes. (Here is the link to the log: NIxx203105011)

We have got an extremely impressive response on this round of order as well! US seems to have beaten Europe this time as compared to last order. Thanks for your patience and constant support.

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

187 thoughts on “Sales and Updates

  1. Then let’s wait for an email.

    Thanks, Rohan. But watch out for those bugs 😉

  2. m waiting till tomorrow morning to update then….jst to make sure tht i get everything. So make al the changes u want to rohan.

    Good luck on the sales 😉

  3. Wow for being in the top ten! 😀 For the first time. And I am impressed the posts are coming on faster.
    And what is more impressive is that the sales is also on par to the last cycle. 🙂 So people are sticking to the Adam. Great going! 🙂

  4. How many of you have shifted to custom ROMS? I am on Beast at the moment.

    Are you guys planning to shift back to stock for checking this update?

  5. I ordered mine yesterday, finally. After waiting a year and a half, I’m thrilled about this. 🙂 I hope it lives up to my expectations.

  6. But still unable download from server. Hope to see an email soon for manual update.

  7. So, to see the damn change log, one should be registered on the conclave, and at the same time it is not possible to register right now because that option was disabled. So where exactly can I read these change log Rohan?

  8. The one thing I don’t like about the current update is that thebattery is draining super fast… I started off with 100. % yesterday at 3.45 pm, listened to a couple of songs, browsed for a couple of hours. Thismorning whn I woke up, the battery was at 22%.

  9. I am also unable to complete the update via wireless. Anxiously awaiting manual download instructions.
    Waiting is/am

  10. Rohan that, if I am reading the issue right, is a problem associated witha particular build of Gingerbread, but our update is still Froyo right?

  11. Thanks Rohan.
    Over the air update looks good now for 3g/LCD variant. No more getting stuck @82%.
    I was able to update successfully.

  12. Update not working for me. I flashed to NI’s 18 April update and thereafter clicked on update in Settings. The image downloaded and when I clicked install, it rebooted but didn’t load – it gave the triangle with an exclamation mark in it. Back to old Eden! Help!

  13. I’ve separately got the file now (since the image was loaded, I just copied from Adam Memory root). I’ve flashed it with the new update file and I have the latest update. Rooting for market now.

    If anyone needs the file separately (for PQi 3G variant), let me know and I’ll upload it on megauploads.

  14. what build number is it is it the 300511 or the 310511 if its the 310511 then i need it support said it would fix the hardware back button issue the google search on the panel issue my recovery issue so yeah if its the 310511 build please upload it and share the link i have the PQ/WiFi/3G

  15. Rohan,

    The issue you have mentioned is with Gingerbread. As Veer said, we are still on Froyo….
    I do not have latitude or Dont have GPS enabled and still see the battery drain.. I also noticed that CPU is being utilized at 50% even when no apps are running..

    Can you comment?

  16. jlusco, it’s build 310511. I don’t know if it will fix the issue but I’ll post it nonetheless. Give me some time.

  17. Its consistent from Froyo. You can check other threads talking about that. There are some apps mentioned in the thread mentioned. Try installing those and check your logs.
    The major issue here is that Android want to keep running telephony stack. Average devices are draining by 6-7% per hour in sleep (theoretically not sleep), and we were only able to reduce it to 2.5-3% per hour. Best is to work on Honeycomb, and fix there.

  18. Finally managed to update (LCD + 3G) in the morning .. just before starting to office . Have kept the Adam in stanby @75% battery to check how much it drains before i get to home . Lets see.

  19. Sorry jlusco, but my upload is going really slow (probably because I am not a premium member). Any other place I can upload it to? People?

  20. Rohan,
    I admire the perseverance NI is displaying in face of so much criticism (mine included). Keep it up. Perseverance often pays off.
    I feel sorry for you folks w.r.t Google Honeycomb getting onto adam. Too bad its hardly Open Source anymore.

  21. Rohan,

    So much you have done, so much more you are doing and still you not getting any appreciation. Dude, I really appreciate your work and I being an India, I am really proud of you..

    Take a breath and work on HC, and I am sure people will stop complaining once you come out with HC.

    People please stop complaining so much and start giving little appreciation to Rohan’s work.

    All the best


  22. 99% update download without any problem, after that at says “System Image not available, please try later”

  23. @Rohan,

    Thank you, I will dig deeper into the thread and work through it.

    @ Shailu: We are not complaining about anything… We are just letting Rohan know what issues we find in the latest update. As I said in my previous comments, I am really impressed by what NI did to overhaul the EDEN UI except for the battery drain.

  24. @Suresh

    I ain’t trying to offend anyone here man..!! I know how much we all love NI and Rohan and Adam, I am just asking for little appreciation from everyone for Rohan..

  25. Ok updated and checked for few hours..much improved from eden 1.0 😀
    but still have some persistent issues.
    1.home screen still Fc many times.
    2. chord is showing unique problem..getting pause as well stop at times simply by it switching from panel to full view 2-3 times.

  26. I did update the new push and guess what? I liked it.

    The change in color, panel manager and the smoothness. I liked the new UI. It is getting better.

  27. To clarify, people is the 310511 build of Eden 1.5 for PQi 3G “”

  28. With Honeycomb, the battery performance is pretty good. I have experienced this with HC14 update from tablet roms. I also went through the kernel source code at github, it is not only with the apps and software, i found that the GPIO configuration of TEGRA is also a possible reason for battery drain. There is lot of leakage current due to improper SOC configuration. Same is the case with viewsonic GTAB. I would really appreciate if Notion Ink could figure out the actual issue and fix it themselves. The stock ROM had underclocking and the second core was being fired only when necessary, this is innovative. Why would you need a dual core to read or edit a document. There are many such inticate things that can be done to improve battery performance. It is possible to put the GPS module to sleep mode and bring it out of sleep when necessary via UART. These are the kind of improvements that are to be done at hardware level. Unfortunately i do not have enough time to investigate deep in to these things.

    Anyways i am glad Honeycomb is gonna come to Adam soon.Good luck Notion Ink !

  29. try again @om. I had the same issue. But now the update worked fine.

  30. Thank you Rohan. The new update is great. Starting to use more of Eden.

  31. I had a very smooth upgrade of my LCD/3G/WIFI to build number 310511.
    Using the Wifi connection, I passed the 78% without problem, then I got passed the 97% hurdle without problem. I used the music player to ensure that Adam would not fall asleep half way the download.

    After the full download, the notification bar had a message asking me me if I wanted to Install and after the install (less then a minute, which included a scary ‘BYE’ message from Android’s mascot) Adam came up with the correct date and time 🙂

    All the apps that i had installed were still there as well as all the data. The new user interface is very nice, I just don’t know if I can replace the Facebook shortcut by something else as it is of no use to me here in China. Maybe we can get a leaf for linkedin?

    In all: a perfect upgrade process and a much improved Adam.
    Adam is definitely learning to walk by himself.

    5 more weeks and we have Honeycomb with access to the Market on stock Adam :mrgreen:

  32. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Hello Eden 1.5!
    what a pleasant surprise to come home to, and all eve to discover all of it…

  33. I have just installed the update.All i can is WOW.Great job more than i expected everything looks and works so much better.
    Well done to Rohan and the team you have restored my faith in you.Not sure i even want honeycomb,except for the market.:)

  34. I had the May 30 update installed. I rooted it and while I was trying to download Titanium Backup, it just froze — the download arrow animation remained but touchscreen and buttons were totally unresponsive. So I restored Beast. But now I am giving the May 31 version a try — managed to install Titanium and back up all apps, so far so good, but it’s only half an hour so far. I want to believe that this one will be stable.

    One hitch is Android Market isn’t letting me log in (others seem to be seeing this too). This is both before and after restoring it from Titanium backup. For the moment I’m ok since all the software I need is installed. Hopefully a fix is found soon.

    To repeat what I have said here earlier — it’s great hardware, but requires third-party software. But I’m hoping this is changing now.

  35. Yep, really neat.
    Thanx Rohan Team!
    I updated two hours ago and my adam already has the required build number.
    How do i getmy titanium back upped pps a data restored now? (yes, i dare to ask so)

  36. Hey Greg!
    How have you been? I missed notioninkfan, but now you’re back. +100000000000000

    +1 to Rohan as well. Getting my Adam back from support today and a nice shiny update.

  37. Hey guys, can someone post a video of the new update that is Eden 1.5?
    I really wanna see the new changes?? please someone..

  38. Guys, I am on 30052011, downloaded 31052011 build, but not ready to update until I hear that people are able to get market back.

    Also, I am gonna post here about the battery test that I did with 3g Switched on on standby. 8hrs -30% drain, meaning with WiFi off and 3G On, you will get one full day on standby if you do not touch the device.

    I should mention that background data was enabled. But we all know that Adam does not have “Always on Mobile Data” meaning there is almost no use of data during standby, so there should have been no or minimal actual data usage during this time.

    Feel free to correct me if I am wrong

  39. @Veeraraagavan
    No problem 😀 just do basic market+root ..working fine for me….though market is working fine and I can download apps but unable to see my earlier apps in ‘my apps list’…

  40. Eden 1.5. Browser does not seem to have a panel, i would have loved that. Chords is amazing. Facebook panel works. To do panel is awesome. NI Keyboard is bit of concern to me. Not so easybto use with thumbs. No autofill and learning option. The ribbon seems to not so smooth. Browser looks great. Rohan awesome stuff, now i believe eden more powerful than what it was.

  41. market not working for me. Any helps? do I have to wipe my cache again?

  42. using the old system, delete data on settings app, and then try to register again, I had the same problem, then everything ok

  43. I am able to login through browser to market but not through market app

  44. Gps is working better . Gps test app shows that i get a fix and lock. Yet to test navigation.

  45. can you elaborate? I went to market pp setting cleared data. but problem persisting

  46. Finally got this on TabletRom for my login problem
    “Seems that I fixed it by enabling “Background Data” in the “Account & Sync” section in Settings. At least, it let me log in after this.”
    I was able to login. But just login nothing going on after that 😦

  47. Compass is completely erratic. Even in the gps tst app the heading is jumping like crazy. Withbosmand and maverick gps works like a charm.Unable to install google maps. So cant test google navigation. Unable to open market.

  48. In fact, I wanted to tell you to try this, but I went to dinner,
    I am happy that everything works

  49. Thanks a lot zenaaro for your prompt help :).
    @Udayan I posted the solution also on the blog some time back please check it

  50. @Udayan this is the solution for market app
    ” enable “Background Data” in the “Account & Sync” section in Settings. “

  51. Thanks Manish, think it was just a scare, because of background data not enabled for some people. I was actually confused, as I had market working like a charm on 30052011 build and if I am not wrong, nothing but the build number changed to ensure everybody gets the update.

  52. @WNETO;
    Thought the same thing. Can’t log into conclave because I refuse to get a FB account.
    Click on the link in CC and it tells me to log in to view it.

    HOWEVER, the change log is listed in this posting above and you can view it here.

  53. check if you have installed update 310511, this update with the back button works

  54. My quick review.

    The Good:
    – So far, things are pretty smooth. I love the new UI enhancements. They feel a lot better than the original. It feels fresher. I am also happy with the clock no longer forcing 24h (at least from when I used Eden a while back)
    – GPS works great for me. It quickly connected and it has been working nicely.
    – Overall performance seems better, and I love the idea that I can kill unwanted processes and panels a lot easier.
    – My battery continues to stay great. I know a lot of people complain but I have had no problems with my battery.
    – Camera clicking appears less
    – The sound from my Adam appears better in this version.

    The Okay: (not really to the fault of notion ink, but lack of market access mostly)
    – Dolphin HD is a great browser. The UI is feels a little ‘outdated’. I installed over the one that comes with eden 1.5 so I could get the new beta of Dolphin HD 5. The UI is so much better and I hope that it comes preinstalled with upcoming updates once it HD5 is released.
    – Dolphin HD addons do not work because they require market access to install. A temporary way around this is, infact, to root and give yourself market access, though you should be aware of the risks prior to doing that.

    The Bad: (but not really)
    – Nothing?
    – I have no major complaints, other than market, but we are still running Froyo so that argument is void.
    – I somewhat wish for the ability to remove some of the iintegrated apps that come with the Adam, like Solaro (no use for it myself), or Nimbuzz/Osmand (I grabbed myself Google Maps/Navigator/etc, which I prefer).

    Other Notes:
    – Everyone should google Dolphin HD 5 Beta. The UI looks quite nice and I can’t wait for the final release.
    – For the 3d Panels, people seem to think they are gone forever. You can access them still. On your homescreen, tap the details button (3rd button from the top). There is a “View All” which brings your 3d panels back.
    – For those who miss the 2d desktop, its not gone either. You long hold the ribbon button. So short press = ribbon menu. Long press = Desktop Mode.
    – For those who are looking for a QR scanner that works with the Adam, google I-nigma. (need market/root access for it, to my knowledge, unless you find the apk)

  55. My apologies. With further testing I did find something. My compass is still pretty off, unless the Adam is completely flat (I think). If I lift it even slightly it starts freaking out.

    In a GPS situation, the Adam would be propped up in a car at various positions, so this would not quite work. It seems like an axis is off, or something. Sigh.

    Regardless, Eden 1.5 is still a great update. 🙂

  56. I was on VeganTab for a bit, then switched to HC 13 (never switched to HC 14 when it came out…heard their might be some Wifi problems.) I just switched to the new update, and the wall paper is great!

    Great Improvement NI

  57. Great update! So glad the speaker volume control was changed. Now I can listen to headphones without the lowest volume killing me!

    Thanks so much NI and keep up the good work!

  58. loved the new UI, it was cool. I was getting late to office, so could not probe more. will do it in the evening 😀

  59. Quick Shutdown and Sleep Apps

    Hello again!
    First of all , a Heartfelt congratulations to NI and the team there for putting up a great update. Its gone pretty flawlessly for me once they posted the download links.
    Cheers to you guys and its only going to get better!

    Now to business :
    For all those who are picky like me about using the power button everytime to switch off adam or to put it to sleep, here are 2 apps which will make the power button so redundant that you will only use it to switch the adam ON. The Sleep app took a long time to find but its there and it works very well. so here goes

    1) Quick Shutdown : An app to quickly switch off your adam completely. you can put it in the dock bar of your preferred launcher or wherever you like..just one touch and presto..adam will shut down. It needs root and superuser though. I am sure most of you have it.

    2) Screen off and lock : A nifty and small app which can put your adam to sleep anytime u like just by a touch on the screen. Initial settings are easy to follow once you install the app. you can have it in the notification bar or you can dock it or you can put it on your home screen…whatever your heart can tell it to put the adam to sleep instantly or if that does not work, then put it to sleep after a short and quick animation like fade out, zoom out, etc.

    Both these apps will be emailed to interested parties. Levpius, himanshu, atul, i will mail it to you even before you ask! others please do let me know. I am not posting links here to the downloads as someone correctly pointed out that it might cause headaches and lawsuits for notion ink.

    Cheers and have a good day.

  60. PS : you are free to share these with all your friends! so Karen, you needn’t worry either! himanshu will take care of it. 😉

  61. Edit : Oh did i forget to mention that you can use the hard back button or a long press on the soft touch back button to bring it out of sleep mode too! 😀

  62. The Rename Functionality in the Sniffer app is broken. Instead of renaming it, it creates a new folder. Has anyone noticed it?

  63. @Hinmanshu,

    Did you use TitaniumBackup?
    If so, restore accounts, data only.

    Then reboot, then goto settings, accounts and enable background sync.
    Then reboot, wait a few mins, then run market.

    Note, market is slow on updates/downloads etc the first time you use it.

  64. I don’t know if anyone else faced this problem – any help will be appreciated

    I have a Pixel Qi WIFI notion ink adam.
    I updated both kernel image & system image from Settings — Update Adam.

    After updating the system I ran into a problem – the tablet doesn’t let me login from the locked screen.
    When I unlock the screen, the screen goes blank & then shows me the start screen where it prints “adam” & again shows me the locked screen.

    I rebooted the tablet many times, but every time it is the same.

  65. Looks like NI finally came up with good work.
    I am awaiting HC as I don’t want to loose market access comfort :).
    Counting down for June 27th for HC. My guess was correct on conclave forum about NI working on HC when Rohan said he was having 1280*800 screen on his Adam.
    Hope HC release info is true and not a PO3 sales gimmick (sorry but previous experience brings me the doubt, hope our trust wouldn’t be broken this time)

  66. @Udayan U

    Yeah it does, browser panel is activated by dragging the “browser” icon from the ribbon onto the panel area.

  67. Himanshu, I figured that out as well but the fact that market wasn’t working was killing me. Wasted a good 2 to 3 hours on that!!

  68. Akimol, you just reminded me – Rohan was talking a lot about the whether app and how he’s caught NI developers just staring at it (cause it’s so good) – but I don’t see the app anywhere!

  69. Uptill now I like all in the new UI.
    One thingy I would love to see in next update: an option to lock the screen when i powered it off, so my leafs and apps are there again straight away at the next start-up. A Resume at start-up.

    Let me play a bit more now, before a full day @ work 🙂
    Have a great day all…

  70. Did some tests with battey endurance. Active power, when adam is working normally battery enduraneis really good. I get 8 hours with wifi and gps on. But in standby, battey drains at approximately 3 percent per hour. On the honeycomb alph rom it was 2 percent per hour. The processor seems to berunning even in standby, effectively standby is only display off. If NI can fix this issue it will be awesone.

    The compass is still eratic with few apps. However with osmand and giigle maps heqding is clean.

  71. The change log said that pressing on music in the clock app would launch Chords. After the update, mine still loads the old music app.

    @ThinkDevoid, any feedback on this?

  72. exactly ThinkDevoid :). I thanked you on the Tablet Forum. Here I forget your avatar name but then did not change the quoted words as if were not mine 🙂 THanks again , really appreciated

  73. Did some tests with battey endurance. Active power, when adam is working normally battery enduraneis really good. I get 8 hours with wifi and gps on. But in standby, battey drains at approximately 3 percent per hour. On the honeycomb alph rom it was 2 percent per hour. The processor seems to berunning even in standby, effectively standby is only display off. If NI can fix this issue it will be awesone.

    The compass is still eratic with few apps. However with osmand and giigle maps heqding is clean.

  74. Sorry about the typo. That i typed using NI keypad. NI please update the keypad. I like it very mcuh except for the fact that keys are far too insensitive and triggers wrong key if there is small offset.

  75. @Rajendra use market hack do get the access. It’s there on both tabletrom and NIH.

  76. Weird, couple of comments i made have dissapeared. Rajendra i agree with you. It has happened in the past. WIth all due respects Rohan, i admire your effort and hats off. But it has been the case where in the blog becomes very active just before the sales begins and then the rythm dies down. Well you are a shrewd business man. And look at the irony, we are doing what the developers ans test team and NI is supposed to do for free!!!

    NI pushed out lot of their first gen devices without full fledged operation. And we reported bugs and are getting them fixed one after the other. Ideally the test team in NI should be doing this. However tema NI itself is quite small we cant really expect this from them.

  77. updated finally….
    now its much more snappy than before.
    also did market + root fix.
    i dont know how, but the clock on the lock screen has disappeared 😦

  78. After the update on 05302011 zero inprovement with GPS. This morning l opened Google Earth first and it found my location near Yosmity Valley. Then l opened Osmand GPS and GPS staus and it was the first time it fixed on 3 – 4 Sat’s showing in Green and showed my location with a large blue arrow.

    I’m not certain l’ll update to 2.3 Gingerbread after this good news….

    Thanks NI for 1.5. PXQI with 3G.

  79. Rohan thank you so much 🙂 Will keep exploring the functions of current Eden and wait for the next updates.

    Still no info on market or Genesis though ? It will be good if you can share what’s happening in that area

  80. Rohan Shravan
    with the ‘last update 310511, when it goes into standby after a couple of minutes then turn back and standby time.
    everything else ok super

  81. I will do even better… Sent you the programs itself in your mail. have fun

  82. Anybody help….
    Before I updated the Adam with EDEN 1.5, the previous day, the battery ran out while I was playing with it. I just plugged it back and didnt use it. Then basically I just got the update email, copied that to a SD card and updated Adam. Update seems to have goone smooth, I can see the new colors, panels etc, but my touchscreen would not respond. except to a very small zone somewhere in the centre, rest of it does not respond. I think this is due to the battery draining out, cause this happened once before like a month ago, but then after couple reboots and full charging it was back to normal.
    This time, It was already fully charged before I updated, redrained battery, charged again, many rebvoots, clear cache etc… but to no avail. I have already mailed support, but I guess with all the preorder and Eden 1.5, it would be a miracle to see a response from NI support.
    I am thinking whether I should try the ‘Calibrate touchscreen’ option in the recovery mode, but am not sure how it will work, so didnt do it.
    Has anybody else seen this problem before, any solutions? Calibrate touchscreen – anybody done that? safe to do?

    Pls help…. its frustrating to finally read such good things of Eden, can see the new color and play with the hard buttons as well, but cant use it or explore it! 😦

  83. Well my over the air update went well moving to build 300511 but now I see build 310511 is available but when I push update I get either an error or it tells me adam is up to date. where might one find the 310511 build?

  84. Nevermind, Guess I should read all my e-mail once in awhile. Downloaded the proper file and installed the update without issue. Now on build 310511. Backbutton is working. Now to go play some more before more work shows up. 🙂

  85. Ditto here . . . love the update! I’m getting might attached to my Adam. So much fun to play with. Now if the darned sun would come out in Seattle I could take my PiQi outside and really show it off!

  86. I was able to recreate it… I copied the file onto my Laptop’s hard drive, renamed it as Eden 3.5 and copied to the Adam’s internal SD card and Tried to to rename it back to and it does not do that.. It creates a new folder named Update

  87. @Udayan U: That worries me, as my compass is still all weird unless completely flat. I even tested a 3d compass out and its not working properly.

    @chicoroy: I have half of your problem. In the main panel, when I click on the music note icon, it indeed loads up chords. However, when going through sniffer, or astro, and click on a song… it loads up the original music app. I may try a clear cache to see if that does anything. Then again, I may wait for the upcoming update.

  88. @ zennaro same here ..will try manual update now ..and also now to awake adam from sleep only power button seems to be working
    Adam is not listening to any touch button or back button to awake 🙂

    any body else with same problem

  89. Ahhh, no worries. I wasn’t trying to mean anything by it. I am just happy to contribute in any small way I can 🙂

  90. If you grab a 3d compass app off of market, do you notice any problems with heading?

  91. this is my first post…the update for my PQi 3G wifi was smooth though slow…great going Rohan and team…

    Battery performance has definitely improved. After the update at 3.00AM last night, i put adam to sleep. battery was 97% at this time. checked around 10.30 in the morning it was 80%….earlier it used to be 20%… definite improvement
    wifi seems to have improved as well..UI is better.. but i am not able to see the complete desktop as i used to see it earlier by tapping on the top portion (on the clock)…now we get the panel screen, but i got to scroll through the apps to get to the one i want…

    RAM utilization seems to be on the higher side…default utilization is around 45-55% not sure if this is normal…

    recently traveled to the States with my adam- for a month…it was a Saviour…be it browsing, ebook reading (i got kindle side loaded) it was great with Pixel Qi.. in fact quite a few people were curious when i was reading a book using adam in the sun…have passed on notionink information to them…

    also i checked all the tablets available in the market while i was in the States…acer iconia, zoom, ipad, blackberry play book, view sonic etc., you know what…i definitely feel Adam is much better…especially with the HC update coming, i think it is really worth it…probably other tabs have better screen, but i couldn’t read on ipad for more than 10 mins…my eyes started to ache…i like my Pixel Qi though it is still far from perfection…

    now i am travelling to Belgium with my adam….any adam users in Belgium…we can probably form a user group !!

    Good Luck Rohan and team..


  92. Advanced only can test GingerBread?? It would not break Adam totally, would it ?

  93. Advanced users only can test GingerBread?? It would not break Adam totally, would it ?

  94. Spoke early problem reappeared …Guys please report whether any body else is also facing same problem…After Eden 1.5 update sleep-awake issue seems to be reappeared.:(
    i did Manual update after OTA update as suggested by Rohan..The only thing it has change is to increase the intervel.Once I leave adam on sleep mode it comes out of the mode every after 10-15 mins on an average:(

  95. Rohan, the Adams that are being sold now, which version of OS will it bring? Eden 1.5 or GB? I presume that HC is out of question at this time.

  96. Anyone trying GB? IS it stable? ROhan can you please elaborate on it?

  97. Himanshu. I will updating to GB once download is complete. My bad, i have a 256kbps connection and its about 30% complete.

  98. Himanshu. I will be updating to GB once download is complete. My bad, i have a 256kbps connection and its about 30% complete.

  99. if someone can throw light on how to install this (GB nvflash) , That will be great.

    If i look into the zip file, i could only see .sh files . No .bat files . It means only from linux i can run this ?

    Or can i simply rename the as and place it on sdcard and update ?


  100. @kannantheconan:
    >>but i am not able to see the complete desktop as i used to see it earlier by tapping on the top portion (on the clock)…now we get the panel screen, but i got to scroll through the apps to get to the one

    “Desktop can now be launched by tapping and holding the launcher button; same to return to panel view”

    Check the link to changelog provided by Rohon on the top

  101. Suresh, I have also had this problem with Sniffer. Other file managers seem to work fine but Sniffer creates folders instead of renaming the file

  102. Think Rohan is not gonna reply to my questions. Its tough I know, to follow the hell lot of posts here… but until I get a user account on conclave I dont have a choice. Better, until these many users here who dont have a conclave id, dont get one id, our questions are going to be here.

    BTW, downloaded the GB update, but not yet made my mind to try it… SOmebody out there who tried, just tell me how it is. Couple of screenshots or video wont be bad either 🙂

  103. Rohan Shravan
    did as you said, but after 15 minutes and then wakes up in standby tona
    Fi model LCD (I never had this problem)

  104. great job, the update was very smooth.
    Everything looks fresh and stable. Only thing I did not like is the size of the desktop.
    Is there a valid reason to waste so much space and limiting to a tiny square?

  105. yes indeed…great effort and a job well done…nearing iOS touch responsiveness…will get there hopefully…with Rohan blogs and oldies reappearing…is quite a welcome respite…i wih adam reachs to many more hands….regs

  106. Jacob has put up a video of the same in conclave/youtube, u can check that. BTW, I am pissed off with the standby auto wake bug – I never had this before Eden 1.5 😦

  107. @Rohan,

    I got a mail from Michelle, that I can login using my Facebook account. But then once I connect the conclave website to my account, I am taken to a register.php, where it says registration disabled by administrator. I dont have a publicly visible FB profile, think that may be the issue or something else with the conclave server….

    I have already responded back to michelle with he symptoms.

  108. Well done NI! Was able to buy smoothly (and with a MasterCard) two more Adams, it seems that not all registered addresses for PO3 have got their email yet?

    And the update is now great! I did it first on Monday (300511) via Settings/Update Adam, it didn’t offer to wipe data, I got the new stuff but had still bugs (including new ones: I couldn’t check the battery level in Status anymore!). Thankfully, at the second trial and using the file provided, the updated update 310511 left me with a brand new and clean (if streamlined) Adam which is working fine. I like the new panels, give us more!

  109. Veera i could not find the video on Conclave, i always get some server error problem, Could you post the link here?

  110. Rohan

    When are we going to get the false digitizer feature on ADAM which you demoed in a video just before the CES 2011 ??

  111. @Francois Brutsch; wow you bought two more. 🙂
    >>And the update is now great!
    I thought you had some problem with your Adam. Dot remember it clearly though. ..

  112. I just ordered Adam but a bit concerned about shipping (going by last 2 Pre-orders) hope it arrives on time.

    Also on other note, I don’t understand as to why cant NI make a better website with integrated e-commerce/order page more pictures and simpler way to update the system.
    It should be easy breezy for any naive user as well. The QA team and testers have to work harder at NI to ensure fewer glitches for end user and better user experience.

    It would also be good to put some info on the company on the website. Current website doesn’t do any good. I hope they understand the need for it to reach out to people apart from blogs.

    Not everyone needs to know all the tech jargon and other techie details.
    Most people just like to see the product and would like to see it work just as its suppose to work.

  113. from Amazon, Yoo Ninja, , PAC-MAN, Plants vs. Zombies, Chalk Ball, Majesty, Angry Birds … work good. But they are all are quite basic games.
    Drift Mania looked and sounded like a great car race game, but Adam’s accelerometer does not seem responsive to steering controls.

  114. Rohan,this update makes all the difference and I can hardly put my Pq Adam down. One of the articles I was reading was on Endgaget and the new Nvidia Kal-El Quad chip ( which reminded me of an interview where you were discussing this chip and the possibilities. I am now looking forward to putting in some time with my A1 and enjoyng this summer. Many thanks to you and the guys at NI and Tabletroms forall the hard work and the evolution that is taking place.
    LOL JMNsnow

  115. One of the two is for my niece (the other to replace one which was stolen on holiday)! Before I had the usual bugs of unexpected closures, and some trouble using Google Docs which is my favorite tool (it’s getting better everyday).

  116. Well Eden 1.5 *is* am improvment, but I still find myself switching to Launcher Pro EX very soon, because it allows my to arrange my apps sensibly. I also try to keep things somewhat consistent between the Adam and my Galaxy S phone. That was easier with Honey Comb as well (I dropped Alpha 14 in favour for Adam 1.5 for time being.)
    Once things are running, switching between apps on Eden *is* fun, unfortunately too few support the Panel interface.
    I can’t find the equalizer, that was mentioned before. And I find that most higher resolution videos still do not work. Anything 1080p doesn’t play, 1080i and 720p stop and stutter or miss audio. Matroshka container format isn’t understood, I need to resort to ES File Explorer to open them.
    What I am really missing is a list of codecs, maximum bit rates, container formats etc. which are guaranteed to work.
    When I leave my Adam on the charger in standby, I can see it turning on the screen for a second every other minute or so. Tried deactivating all networks (up to airplane mode) to get it to “sleep better”, but no luck.
    I am pretty sure that flashing the screen every minute or so won’t let it survive a night on batteries, and I believe the only solution is to turn it off, when I don’t use it.
    With the boot times I am getting, that’s really, really uncool.
    One of the main reasons for keeping a tablet around is to be able to look up something on the internet within seconds of thinking about it.
    My desktops activate faster and they never drain their batteries (ain’t got none, after all).
    Interesting that Rohan should have the new 1280×800 PQ display installed: I have always thought, that 1024×600 was somewhat on the low side.
    What’s a shame is that the potentially higher monochome resolution on the PQ doesn’t seem to get used at all. I guess there is no way to do that with Android, unless you go to a native interface.
    The current PQ display is really a rather terrible LCD display in color and the only reason I give it any credit is the reflective mode in the sun (where the Adam with all that black border frame get’s quite hot even in the relative cool of a German early spring: Dunno how it would last in your average Indian hot season). Now if the e-readers were to render books at 3000×600, I’m sure that would look a *lot* better.
    What about supporting external screens for Android at native resolutions?
    I quite like using a USB keyboard and mouse on the Adam and if I could use the external monitor (or beamer) at native resolutions the Adam would be a credible (and feature rich) thin client. I just love the Wyse Pocket Cloud RDP client on Android and I am dying to see the Citrix variant with HDX.
    The current Adam started early but has now pretty much lost the race. I see Notion Ink working on successors, which may not even be Tegra based, if I hear right. It cannot compete on design, speed, screen size, thinness or price with all these other devices popping up everywhere. The biggest advantage it retains is lots of ports and hackability. Make it the most universal Android developer and hacker device for the rest of its life time and it might be remembered foundly. Enable multi-boot, let people upgrade to the 1280×800 display if they want. Perhaps it could be the only tablet where you can upgrade to Tegra 3 with an easy do-it-yourself motherboard swap. Or perhaps it could be the one tablet, where you can easily multiboot any variant of Android, MeeGo, Ubuntu or Fedora from USB, by swapping the SD or even partitioning the internal flash.

    The Adam won’t ever kill any iPad, nor will it easily win against Samsung’s Tabs. But even with Tablets there is a need and a niche for diversity. Let Adam continue to inspire and break new ground by being the most open and hackable tablet out there!

  117. All the Tegra Zone games I’ve tried work just like they had been developed on the Adam. No technical problems whatsoever, just not every game a winner and not too many to choose from yet.

    Of the ordinary Android games, most everything works just fine. Some older games look a little weird, because they can’t handle the Adam’s screen real estate. The worst I got was games that wouldn’t work with the Adam held horizontally: They’d only support upright mode and stangely enough that often meant with the batteries on the right (which should suit lefties just right). Some might only use half the screen, but that’s about it. No downright failure as far as I remember.

    My four-year old daughter having lots of fun with some of the coloring and alphabet games made up for my general feeling about the Adam being a total waste of money.

    I come from the pre-mouse era in Computers and still feel very comfortable with a keyboard and a CLI (command line interface). My first set of kids (teens) are certainly mouse-natives, because they were house-broken on laptops. My daughter is a “touch-native” with mouse and keyboard being “foreign languages”.

  118. @Veeraraagavan: you are among the lucky ones that at least can have a Facebook account. NI said that they will create a conclave user-id for people who can’t (e.g. China), but until now they haven’t been able to do that.

  119. @Paul, actually not that lucky, Michelle has replied saying they dont support conclave, and that it is supported by the site admin. I have reported to the site admin through the contact us link- I am still unable to login to conclave.

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