We are live again!

[Update: Many users are experiencing some issues in update and on conclave, as we are experiencing extremely heavy traffic on the store. We have stopped the update servers for a while and will go live again at 3PM IST  with new build IDs and different servers for smoother downloads and installs. 

There will be alternative server addresses as well for those who want to install manually

Thanks for being patient]

Hello Everyone!

Sales are live again! Those who have received emails can log in and select the variants they want! And for those who haven’t got any email, here is the link to subscribe! http://store.notionink.com/subscribe.php Indians can expect to see integrated prices (inclusive of shipping, taxes, customs and handling charges (and yet cheaper than earlier end prices)). Australians can expect local technical support, and so can Europeans!

Also in the evening today, all can update to the new Eden 1.5 with more apps. We have kept our energies focused at Honeycomb rather than fixing everything on 2.3, but still those who want to test, can test the 2.3 variant on Wednesday!

As for a fixed date on Honeycomb, expect 27th of June with acceleration and more!

Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

275 thoughts on “We are live again!

  1. I got am email that said “The not so good news is that we are completely sold out…”

    You could have at least changed the content of the email, you know… It is the same as the last time when the devices were sold out.

  2. I’ve been registered for several months, but I didn’t get an e-mail =/
    I also re-registered a number of days ago, and I’ve just re-registered with a second e-mail address.
    I’m very eager to get my very own Adam, as I missed out in the past due to NotionInk not accepting MasterCard payments. Hopefully this can be resolved quickly 🙂

  3. Was hoping for the update this morning my time which is evening IST time but apparently this evening means some other time zone. Ah well, I can wait but I was looking forward to having the time to play with it on my day off. Maybe tomorrow will not be too busy and I an enjoy it then 🙂

  4. I can’t imagine it not being official but then I cant imagine what clock and calendar is being used either so I suppose you raise a legitimate concern.

  5. Yes, which is why I’m eager to find out why I didn’t receive an e-mail. I have everything ready and waiting to order, just need that invite.

  6. I didn’t even read it completely…

    European support!!? wtf… Really?

    This is indeed quite a surprise!

  7. @pred just go to the link and submit your mail id : you will get the link 🙂

  8. exactly, still think they are in discussion with Google(or asking their permission, however you want to put it), because I see Rohan responding to others and not to my question….

    And one more thing, Rohan once told me that NTFS support is coming, I am not sure that is included in this update. And also, what happened to FM Radio – the supposed bonus feature?

  9. Ah, it looks like it might have been because shipping is currently unavailable to Australian customers. A shame, but I guess that’s the price we pay for getting an island to ourselves, heheh

  10. yeah, I’m still thinking about the back trackpad… and radio of course !

  11. ….Still awaiting my updates.

    Touching my adams so much on the same spot (Update adam) I’m sure the poor tablets must feel violated.

    @Dwarf Waiting is…… just not human!!
    @Karen… Hello
    @Phillip… Any joy?
    @Rohan… Is the update being done by zone or as a planet?

  12. does this update fix the standby proble from last fixm that i still have

  13. @Doja, in less than one hour from now I will be drifting off into my much needed beauty sleep, and my adam will have to wait for another time to be updated.

    Damn you, time zones.

  14. Nice to see PO3 being done. I figure by mid Aug, a major retailer will be on line to sell them as well. cough Amazon cough.

    I like that the system updates are tonight, PO3 is currently being done, Rohan is making more notices and Honeycomb is on tract for a June deployment.

    Adam 1 is surviving, Bella is being designed and things are looking good.

    btw, Bella is my take on the next Adam name. Its Latin for beautiful and what the next Adam will be as well as epitomizes the collaboration between the developers at tabletroms and NI.


  15. Nice night Phillip.

    I shall keep the Update adam on cue. My bedtime is 8 hours from now.

    If only we had a bigger sun or maybe more suns then we could get rid of the time zones.

    Until then, we have to guess which timezone the evening falls into.

  16. My guess is that to avoid peak time server/network congestion it will be after 10pmIST, which is about 3am for me, so much as I’d like this update I guess I couldn’t really appreciate it right now anyway, so one more check …

    And no…

    Good night all 😉

  17. Guys, how are your battery performance on adam?Come back after a long time.

  18. @Doja Notion Ink is an India company hence it would use Indian Standard Time, that’s GMT+5.5

  19. I have not received the username and password. I had registered a long time ago and did it again today. Pls. do not leave me without my ADAM again. Am really tired of waiting for so long.

  20. invite received a moment ago, very excited now :):D:)

    One more post once my order goes through…

  21. If you fill in the form on the order-site again, you get an email instantly 🙂

  22. Very disappointed with below message :

    “We are currently working on ironing out a few shipping and customs issues in delivering to the country that you have chosen. Due to this, we are sorry to inform you that we will be unable to ship to this country at the moment.”

    It can not get any worse. Hope they had told me this, the last time I registered. Now how long do I wait? At least give a time frame.

  23. Hi Rohan, these are exciting news but my question is with the hardware, will the new adams have an improved PQ screen? and will this be the screen for the Adam 2? With all of the developments being announced on Quad 4 processors it’s good to see the evolution of the software and NI operations. For the release of A2 will we have dependability on both those fronts? This is the perfect opportunity to start showcasing what A1 has evolved into and NI as an accomplished fact and not a question mark. Ni can be a unique company with a game changing mission and a product way ahead of the competition. Show us, we want to believe that dreams can come true, that the future is ours to make.

  24. Yay!!!

    PQ+3G order successful!!!

    Can I delete or modify previous post?

  25. Rohan nice to see your comment on the blog. I am glad that many issues are fixed. You have not told anything about the GPS issue, the support team promised that GPS library will be fixed during this update. Could you throw some light on this one. Its been such a longtime since i got my adam. I am loving it except for two things, GPS and viewing angle of LCD.

  26. I have also been promoting Adam everywhere i go and with everyone i speak including kids! A fully functional Adam is going to be a boost.

  27. And I am hoping this would include the complete Android bluetooth stack.

  28. Rohan what about the bangalore wide campaign that you had talked about. Has it kicked off. No signs of it yet. I am quite keen to see how that goes and i would like to be a part of it(possibly). If you could make a post about the same it would be great. Thanks again.

  29. @adpich

    I got an email saying shipping date is anticipated to be between June 15 and June 20 (PQi+WiFi/3G)

    Now I hope the hardware update doesn’t come in 3 months 😀 😉

  30. Hey Rohan,

    Its well past the evening andwe are still waiting…. what’s up with the update?

  31. I was in such a hurry to get back home, I forgot my charger for Adam in the office.
    Back to the office right after dinner to get it…
    Can’t wait, can’t wait….

  32. Yay! Finally ordered my Adam!
    PQi+3G. Can’t wait to get it!!
    Thanks Rohan, Been waiting a year for it.
    Can’t wait to show it off to my collegues- especially my boss who is an IIT grad too.
    When are you going into real mass production?
    I’m sure to convert some of the apple fanboys.

  33. yes I saw that in my email.
    I bought a PQi Wifi, because my smartphone can be used as modem.
    Now I just want to get it before holydays !

  34. Congratulations, you finally made it back. (:
    I just ordered my adam to Germany. The main difficulty turned out to be finding someone with a credit card: I know others that would have ordered if they did.

  35. Think there will be no update today… Its well in the night in India and maybe another of those …..wich we have got used to seeing this… When will NI learn…

  36. Phillip’s in bed.

    Karen’s back from work and heading back to get her charger.

    I’ve been pressing update adam all day.

    We have all been eagerly anticipating.

    ….but no update!! 😦

    @Dwarf… Waiting is ….. ridiculously a damned idea!!

  37. Back 🙂
    Think i got flashed for a speeding ticket, but who cares…

    Going back to stock eden first now, and the day ain’t over in India yet Doja.
    Come on, play a lil Angry birds while you wait?

  38. @karen, OMG, LOL, a speeding ticket? You are fully excited, like all of us, who are already tired of pressing the update button.

    Missing deadlines again and again is a disease that NI is infected with for a long time now. This is simply because of either of three reasons:
    1. Rohan gives the team deadlines they could not meet
    2. There is a huge miscommunication between him and his team.
    3. They don’t even stick to internal deadlines in the first place, so forget public deadlines!

  39. Sorry… was unable to follow the blog for the whole day and saved all my excitement for now 😉
    I NEED my Adam fully working again tomorrow, you know.
    Even my bosses are counting on me having my Adam with me every moment now for publishing press releases, updating the site, taking and uploading pics real time, or checking mail and pdf files.

    Loads of work to do now: backing up, going back to stock eden again, waiting for the update and getting everything set again.
    And then finally… Playing Time.

    Who needs sleep??

  40. To ease the pain of the adamites, IMO @greg should post the link for the update (as he got it earlier)…..so this also can be still “crowd sourced”…lol

    Pester @Greg……lol instead of the update button 🙂

  41. @Rohan,
    Mate, I beat you to inform about the update by 30 secs! Already downloaded 10% as we speak. Please ope registrations at conclave, I would have posted there too, if I was registered in the first place!
    And please post the changelog link!

  42. Hey Karen looks like the speeding ticket was not worth it. Another missed deadline from notion ink. I don’t know what else to say. People get impatient only if someone missed ddeadlines.
    Rohan, if you don’t release the update today just say it else you will be hit with warranty requests for touchscreen losing sensitivity where the update option is located on the screen

  43. Quite an eventful day for NI folks….

    the anxiety of new and imp release.
    Oh so much happening on honeycomb front. Did the gps driver build passed …
    Have an occational peep at the cash counter. 50 sold … Now 100….

    … And its rains lashing outside. Most of the roads are flooded. Not that any of you are going home today 😉

  44. Tap “Update Adam”, says an update is available, tap Start Download, get an error stating “System image is not available, please try again later”. What’s up with that?

    I’ve got the PQ/WiFi ADAM, running the 411 update. Did the full factory reset/clear cache/format SD card first.

  45. Um… it already is. Re-selecting it has no effect.

    I also notice the Conclave site is very very slow today. Maybe their systems cannot handle all the extra traffic?

  46. @Suresh,

    Badluck for me man, my 3G connection dropped suddenly, and it is also raining in my area in Bangalore, so dont know if there is a power problem with the nearest tower 😦 it was showing 19 % before the connection dropped.

  47. 22% only in 20 mins on my absolutely crappy internet connection…. 😦

    waiting…. is….. 🙂

  48. @Veera sam here mate. It’s about to rain at my place. No power. I am at a place where 3G is just starting so no 3G. Wifi signal on adam is very week. Can’t go to the router’s room as my parents are sleeping there and they will scold me for sure for doing all these hooplah at night :). Damn!!!

  49. @Rohan. Thanks got the update. My PQi is downloading (version 311) but my Lcd 3G isn’t.

    Keeps saying there is no boot.img and now it says my adam is upto date so not downloading any updates.

  50. installation complete. System restarted andworking fine…. now where is the change log?

  51. Hi,
    Hold on! Extremely heavy load on store is screwing up the servers again. Pushing the updates on another server so might take some time.

  52. @veer,
    Sorrry to hear about that… mine updated successfully… just waiting for the change log..already seeing some nice improvements… Thank you Rohan….

  53. Thanks 🙂

    Although weirdly enough, my PQi has stopped updating.

    I’ll wait until the other servers are ready.

  54. Worser, now I restarted Adam, forced 3G and now when I click update adam – I get your Adam is up to date!!!

    Is it that the update program is confused with the 19 % download completed, do I have to clear some files before I check update adam again? Anybody knows what to do? Rohan you know?

  55. Tap on it to pause it and then resume it. worked for me earlier.

  56. Change log is fair.
    Mine is on 99% for quite sometime(15 minutes or more)

  57. Rohan mentioned that there js extremely heavy load on the servers… they are trying to use additional/extra servers

  58. No! That caused t to say system image nt available!?? will it now start over?

  59. Hi,

    Might happen because we are moving our servers. Wipe your data and try again, though we will share updated zip files tomorrow.
    Will send special instructions tomorrow for everyone (wifi users have a special update, so they need instructions).


  60. Um… kick me if this is a dumb question…

    Do I have to go back to stock in order to get the update (how? I mean – where?) Or is it possible to download the whole 1.5 image (where?)…

  61. Never did that to me! jeez sorry man. maybe it will restart from where it left off…but i honestly dont know… 😦

  62. Yes Suresh, think the Update server or servers have gone bonkers by a few hundred or few thousand users connecting to it. Now my connection is back, but the Update app is acting really weird 😦

  63. Hi Burt,
    use the SECOND POST in this to get back to stock eden first and make sure you set date and time again before pushing ‘update adam’:

  64. wifi users have a special update, so they need instructions

    Nothing is ever simply

  65. @Rohan, Thanks man, but just 2 mins back, it said update available again but was stuck there – so I force closed. May be it is just the load, I waited for so long to not wipe the data. I am not gonna give up on that just yet….

  66. Dan u well, Karen. Been so busy the last weeks, I couldn’t keep up with all the posts…
    But I see, the procedure is still the same 🙂 *shame on me*

    but thanks for get me past searching for hours 😉

  67. hey… even better 😀

    Thanks Rohan!

    (what an honour… *gulp*)

  68. people here are going crazy trying to update their Adam and am here going crazy over payment option doubts here for my purchase..!! weird..

  69. Thanks Rohan.

    Pqi is fully updated, in the middle of a reboot now.

    3G, either totally hates being updated or don’t understand what it means.

  70. yeah karen, you know now when i have decided to go for adam, i am having some payment issues and you know what i am feeling left out here coz i have got nothing to discuss here and post here.. i so wanna be in the league.. 😦

  71. I like what I am seeing… however I need the changelog. And there is a lot of testing to be done

  72. Think the problem is only with the server. Now when I click on Start downloan, I get a message:
    System image is not available. Please try again later.

  73. no card available or other payment probems?
    I was very lucky to find a friend here, who happened to live nearby and was willing to back me up. Thanks again, Carlo!

  74. I have got a card here in India but its not a credit card, its a debit card and i mailed NI to tell me if they accept payments via debit card but they wont reply me..

  75. Rohan,
    Read your update on the post. please do post with another update when the adam update is back up!..i know that’s too many “updates” in this post by me….but can’t help it..i need to stay “updated”. 😀


  76. Well, didn’t go quite as expected. Downloaded the update, rebooted, but it seemed to error out on installing the update. After the reboot, still at 411. Ran Sniffer, saw the Update.zip file in place. Rebooted into recovery mode, told it to run the update.zip on the internal sdram card, and it successfully updated. Now I’m at build 511. Hrm.

  77. @Rohan, well done mate.

    I don’t know what you did but whatever you did has just made my adam download at crazy speeds.

    I have downloaded 62% of the update in 4 minutes and it’s still racing. 😉


  78. I tried tapping pause and what happened was like @chicoroy said: “system image not available!”
    Now it says Your Adam is up-to-date. So no update for me, i guess!!

  79. Rohan is that 3pm a mistake (should it be 3am?) or are you stopping the update for about 15 hours? 😦

  80. Uh-Oh…..frozen at 82%.

    Now that the update servers have stopped, what happens to those of us in the middle of downloading an update?

  81. When I log in on Notion Ink website, it keeps saying “Sorry. Your invitation has expired”.

    I have subscribed too but I didn’t receive any emails.

    How can I get an Adam?

  82. gone again! i think i will stop for today…download it tomorrow when things are stable

  83. Rohan mentioned that Indian Customers will receive products with all duties pre-paid but when i am was making my payment, it adds INR 2999 more for Shipping , Customs, Taxes & Handling Charges.

    May i ask what the heck is this?

  84. @Shailu they will for sure. Last time I ordered through NEt banking. CC avenue for Indian customers has this option(net banking, debit card etc), when u put your country code name in the payment option. Please check it

  85. Shailu,
    Its ok, during PO2, we paid 2500 for shipping and handling and 1600 minimum for taxes & customs. so you are getting a good deal there…

  86. All,

    I had been on Eden 1.5 for the last 1. Hour. So far, Eden looks more sophisticated than theoriginal version. All I can say is impressed and wow.


  87. Ordered mine PQ+3G now wait with fingers crossed. 😛

    Is this really the most sensible thing to do with redundancy money after losing my job 3 weeks ago !

  88. To cut a long story short: I’m back on Beast… To be honest: I don’t like Eden, just wanted to give it a chance. Seems to be more responsive than Eden 1.0, Facebook works eventually, no leaves anymore. I didn’t manage to get to the Android homescreen. Can’t say anything about battery life, GPS didn’t come on at all but I didn’t spend much time to resolve this. The NI browser seems to have been replaced completely by Dolphin HD, Amazon Kindle is pre-installed.

  89. Hi Guys,
    Updated to Eden 1.5. Stability seems to have improved. Have not checked other things. Chords looks like a good music player, but still wonder why the ones designed by Andre and team did not make the cut. Nothing much changed in settings, just the look and feel of application has changed. Still, I prefer to use Opera and Dolphin over the NI Stock browser, somehow I never managed to master the tab switching with that. But I must note pinch to zoom in this has improved. Video Player crashed when I clicked Recently played in that app.
    Still No froyo default Wifi Hotspot and “Always on Mobile Data” and “WCDMA Only” options in settings.
    Flash Player is pre loaded. BTW, 720P videos from youtube still stutter, think will smoothen with Honeycomb only/rather more to do with flash player than hardware.
    And still no sign of the weather panel, and facebook panel does not connect in 3G still.
    Lot more to check, but first impression is good. Gonna leave it on standby and check drain of battery.

  90. Update took less than 4 minutes, install less than 1 minute, boot is a little slow but to be expected on a reflash. Booted right back into LauncherPro, all my programs seem to be there, that is a little suprising but much appreciated. I checked the version number and I am now on 511 with kernel 2.6.32 so all looks good. I go now to play. Have a great day or night wherever on the globe you are.

  91. so far i’m really impressed with this update. eden’s design comes off alot more polished and refined (still found a few bugs though) and looks great.

    some cool stuff –

    – working with the panel/leaves seems smoother

    – LOTS of UI improvements, some extra tapping to get places is no longer needed now

    – gps satellites lock for real now (see http://img541.imageshack.us/img541/8646/img1029p.jpg)

    – my wireless strength has been at 75-98% since the update and is usually at 35-70 or so.

    – Chords (the new music player) fits really well into the new UI look and seems to work nicely, the panel mode is very nice

    – camera focus still seems to drift but maybe not as bad as before, i’m not sure

    if anyone still needs the PQ/3G update i have posted it in my dropbox here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/28563040/update.zip

    all in all a really nice effort so far.

  92. Wow, glad I slept through all that, so 3pmIST eh?
    Ok, see how we go then.

  93. No success in getting to the home screen!…
    EDEN is much more responsive but still not something to switch on to… It has a 2-D look and nothing more to offer….;(
    Honeycomb!… that what we want!

  94. No success in getting to the home screen!…
    EDEN is much more responsive but still not something to switch on to… It has a 2-D look and nothing more to offer….;(
    Honeycomb!… thats what we want!

  95. ok so after update i cant get into recovery (volume- and power , hardware back button does not work, cant get to apps screen (tap on clock), google search on browser leaf dose not work

  96. Same here..stuck exactly at 82%…don’t know how many times i tried… I think there is an issue with the LCD 3G update here..many people on conclave reporting the same thing..ROHAN, are you listening?!! 😦

  97. yup, same here…
    What are the odds it stops at 82% four times in a row?
    Ok, let’s see what Conclave has to say about it!

  98. @Karen
    Seems someone has posted links on Tabletrom for OTA

    No LCd+3G but I am going with LCD +wifi as I am not using 3G feature as of now

  99. @Himanshu: So they have links on tabletroms. But mine is LCD 3G like yours. So did you do the update? I am just downloading the LCD wifi ..

    King on conclave had also said that NI will put some update links. looks like tabletroms have done it faster !!

  100. Couldn’t update yes’day…..have a LCD/3G version……can sum1 put up d 13 page pdf?

  101. I am uploading it(LCD-Wifi) to to my google docs in case you want it.
    For my update, I was thinking of giving one more day of wait to see if we get the LCD 3G. It is past midnight anyway here … gotta catch some sleep

  102. I’ve read dat d hardware back button does’nt work after the update! Can anyone confirm? I hope its only a bug which NI will fix nd not permanent!

  103. @PM:
    >> can sum1 put up d 13 page pdf
    That sum1 has to be Greg or the NI members 🙂 It not just another public document.

  104. @jlusco: So you we one of those lucky guys who finished your update !!

  105. I was able to update using EMRL’s link as I’m PixelQi+3G, thanks dude!

    I am planning to run the OTA again just to be sure to be sure but at least this way I was able to answer my own question about root & market.

    The answer is that update ran fine but market had problems. Maybe clearing cache or the like would have avoided them. Anyway, it wanted me to create the google account link but refused to actually let me do it, so using TitaniumBackup (da da daaaar) I restored the entries called “account” and “accounts and sync” or similar. Then following a reboot and a few false starts from the market it finally relented and I won.

    So now I’m on the new release and the market is back and I am having quite a lovely time rediscovering panels.

    But, why the heck is mail still at version 0.9?

    Anyway, great job Rohan, hopefully everyone will be up and running in the next few hours.

    Peaceout adamfreaks

  106. I dont know about lucky it was 7pm EST for me when i did it also PQ/wifi/3G adam but lucky not so much i lost the ability to get to recovery

  107. @Phillip: With your update you will already be on the new version. So will you be able to run the OTA update ? I am guessing your talking about the second Adam you have 🙂

  108. Hey Rohan,
    Do you not think it is time we had Genesis store up and running?

    What happened to those developers in EAP1 who developed interesting apps that you were talking about earlier?

    And what will be your policy on Ads?

  109. @levpius thanks a lot 🙂 but the link is not working for me saying document not found

  110. @levpius

    Well, because Rohan mentioned new build numbers I am guessing that the OTA will still function, and I thought just maybe I should do it “the proper” way, just so my adam reflects the latest official build, but I don’t expect it to function any differently, and considering the stuffing around with Market I am undecided.

    However you are correct regarding my other adam, which, while also a PixelQi + 3G, can wait for the updates to work. It’s my wife’s and she doesn’t care as much.

    What I would really like to see is the PDF of changes put into this update. Surely that’s something we could have now?

  111. @udayan download it from here “http://tabletroms.com/forums/showthread.php?793-Eden-1.5-update-available-through-OTA-Update-Links-to-available-versions-now-added”

  112. Finally updated. Installed the LCD+wifi for the time being on my LCD+3g . It’s refreshing in looks. I like the new ribbon colour and the general HC theme(color wise). Folders icon are also really refreshing and music is loud than before. I am kinda liking this Eden for the first time inspite of being handicapped a bit. Hope the next updates of Beast Eden come in such a way that eden unique look, panel etc are saved in them. Otherwise I may stick to this Eden till official HC.

  113. Nice update, now I have not experienced a forced closed yet and the nterface has definitely been improved in my opinion. Looking forward using Honeycomb on my adam.

    I have a hotmail account so i’m not using Mail’d, instead I set my account in accounts settings. Now i get push mail (not POP3) via m.hotmail.com (exchange). Problem is, I can not go into my mail account, theres no link. Although when I receive a mail I can enter into my account trough the notification bar. I like to have my mails/contacts/agenda sync like this as then everyhing is in the cloud.

    Why can we not make/receive calls? Is this disabled or is there a hardware limitation? I can send text messages and am using Whatsapp. With a blu-tooth headset connected it should be a feature on the adam. Even without the headset I am making Skype calls.

  114. Wasn’t this suppose to be Gingerbread update? its a 2.2 android and no market still… I will have to wait for some one to release a package for root+market for this release.. duh
    Lets see what wednesday gets for me. Oh! by the looks of this update I would say what thursday gets for me

  115. GB is the Wendsday update and as he said its for those who want to see it so there may be bugs cause they abandoned it for HC

  116. @yogi market hack is already there on NIH. And gingerbread is for wednesday

  117. And guys, it is time to start testing the battery life in this build. I have rebooted my Adam with 100% battery and manually put it on standby by pulling the power key. Will check after 5-6 hrs to see the % of battery drain.

    I will do one more test with flight mode on in a few days. Others doing similar test post reply to my comment with your results. I would have loved to have a thread of my own in conclave, but it has not allowed me to register till now.

  118. Hi All,

    I feel pretty stupid with everybody mentioning their percentages of download, and I don’t even get a percentage indicator.

    So the question is: How do I download?

    The is what I do:

    1) go to Settings
    2) click on update Adam
    it gives me the message “connecting to server”
    3) A dialog box appears: “An update has been partially downloaded”
    I get 3 options: “Resume’, ‘Discard’, ‘Cancel’
    I press on ‘Resume’
    4) I get the ‘Settings’ menu again
    no percentages, after a while Adam goes into sleep again,
    and I can start from step 1 again.

    I have an LCD/3G/Wifi variant, and my build is 411.

    On Tabletroms the update for the LCD/3g variant is not posted yet.

    I can’t post in Conclave because I am in China without access to Facebook, so I can’t log-in.

    So where do you all see your percentages?

  119. @Paul,

    Why dont you discard the partial file and then try again.
    Another reason could be your variant’s file has been pulled from the push servers and System Update is unable to resume the update.

  120. Hi Veeraraagavan,

    Thanks for the response.

    Did that (the ‘discard’), then when I click on ‘Update Adam’ again
    – I get the message that an Update is available
    with 2 options: ‘Start Download’ and ‘Cancel’
    – when I click on ‘Start Download’ I get simply returned to the ‘Settings menu’ without percentage indicator.

  121. Im doing that put into standby at 7:30pm EST (Florida) its sitting in its bag next to me at work was at 100% when i did it ill post my results after the 9hr standby and let you all know

  122. This update is brilliant, I’m loving panels all over again.

    Great work guys.

  123. Thanks jlusco,

    I had minimized the status bar, so i didn’t see that anything was coming up. (That is what I meant with feeling stupid, everybody knows the status bar, and i don’t 😉 )
    Now we’ll see if I can get beyond the famous 82%.


  124. My update found the file, downloaded it but wouldn’t mount! Finally, I had to go tot tabletroms and download the update.zip for my PQi 3G. Working quite well but now I’ve lost market! I wonder if the market rooting works.

  125. Your percentage will appear as a specially marked download in the notification area. If that is not the case, just try to back out of your setting’s menu, if you get a force close, it either means that there is connectivity problem with server or that the respective update image is not available at the moment at the server.

  126. Yeah, market root is ok, just check the details on my comment below.

  127. when we bought we paid duties to freight forwarder, now it is included in billing.
    check this for price details

  128. I just came back from vacation. in 10 days 3 people asked me if they could buy my Adam, wich of course I didn’t. I just love it!!! I tried other tablets, they have better screen but that’s about it, they have zero personality.
    Anyways, I gave this people this website, I hope they can get one.

  129. Downloaded 97% and stopped……Its says “System Image not available”……LCD 3G/Wifi

  130. Praise whatever supernatural superstition one believes in! I was finally able to complete my order of FEB 10th…

  131. Still unable to download from server. Its 4 pm IST. Download failed twice after it was half way through.

  132. Samethng happened to me. Stopped exactly at 97 percent and said system image not available. LCD 3G WIFI.

  133. Notionink gives out everything the hardway. Its not easy being an adamite. Lol 🙂

  134. Market can’t authenticate for some reason. I’m online – browsers both working perfectly. Wonder what the problem is.

  135. @ Amit, Wonder why…. I just logged into my google account once again with market and evrything went of well. I also kept it running for sometime, to recognize the already installed apps from market, and it did that too. Only Flash got removed from list as it was bundled.

  136. Strange. Hope you are doing it the normal way, by putting the recover and update.zip in the external card and then installing it in recovery mode (Volume+ and Power key boot). After doing that, you will have to login to your google account using the market app.

  137. Will try again Veera but it says that my data isn’t working – which is odd given that the browser is online and working fine.

  138. The update worked like a charm. Did not find any annoying problems. Well done. The lessons learned from previous update are implemented 🙂
    Next lesson learmed : there are a lot of enthusiastic Adam users wanting to see what has changed.

  139. Pushed the button (update) and the magic happened. Well done, especially as I had expected build 511 to be a manual update as stated previously. Checking out the new features. Overall, I like the new look.

  140. problem solved, leaving the launcher by holding down the app Thanks Rohan Shravan

  141. The back button no longer activates my Adam from standby. I hope NI reactivates the back button in a future build as I’ve developed a habit of using it. I find it much easier to use than the power button. (PiQ+WiFi+3G)

  142. Dude, so I got the update.zip file from Tabletrom. On the external SD. Recovery mode. But when I try running it, it errors!

    Any other source to get the file? Is this the right one?

    I’m really tired of seeing build 311.

  143. aaah, glad to see your messages. Same for me: stopped at 97%.

    Because of your messages, i am not trying again today. LCD 3G WIFI seems to have a problem (it is also not at tabletroms). I try again later this week.

  144. I saw one comment that wifi was improved, and Rohan said it was fixed. Has anyone else who had weak wifi find that it has been fixed? Thanks

  145. I was at an Apple authorised store today to do an interview for an Auckland, New Zealand newspaper. While taking photos, I saw a white Ipad on the counter and I started testing it out. Like all Apple products it looked good and felt good in my hands. Like a platinum blonde, an iPad never fails to attract loads of attention.
    But I was underwhelmed by it. Can’t explain why.
    Anyway, I told the manager that much as I appreciated the virus-free Apple environment and the cool looks and brilliant resolution, I won’t ever buy one, because Apple products are priced to gouge your bank account. They are product that have become overly aspirational. Now everyone wants an Apple PC or laptop when they can’t afford it. For instance, you pay NZ$1600 for a mid-sized Apple notebook and then pay another $300 for the software.
    But he said that things have changed, now Apple bundles everything for one price. But I said I’m happy with my two Toshiba’s because they have never ever crashed in 5 years. The gap between Apple and rest is nearly closed.
    After inspecting my Adam he said, “For just NZ$300 (around US$250) more, you could have bought an iPad.” He said this as if I had picked up some crap. But then he’s paid to trash other tablets.
    The Adam is like the Merc. You don’t buy a Merc for its looks.
    One of the best things I like about the Adam is the shape. It’s just unique and it helps you told it in several positions, and I do fidget a lot when I’m sitting on a chair or laying on the bed. So with each twist of my body I change the position of the Adam. The round rubberised grip makes it so easy to hold it.
    On the other hand, the iPad is squarish and slippery. (I do like the ipad’s white bezel and I hope NI introduces new colours). I would never feel comfy with it. I’m also clumsy and I drop things every day.
    I could go on. The Adam is a great product, it just needs a better bezel, more colours, a bit lighter so the femmes and kids will feel comfy holding it.

  146. So I had a weird day at work due to adam’s absence. Couldn’t get my 3G past 82% so just abandoned it.

    Done the OTA 3 hours ago, restored my root + market from the old hack then full restore with Titanium Backup.

    Panels are much better although going back on NI browser causes blank pages so sticking with dolphin.

    Could not log into any google services on both my adams until I enabled ‘sync background data’. Then I logged into google in add account and all google services became accessible.

    I have read that a lot of folks can’t use the hardware back button. On my PQi wifi it’s no longer functional but on my Lcd 3G it’s working…….yay! 🙂

  147. Rohan, this is definitlly not the right time, but I noticed that Mary Lou Jepsen has announced new Pq screens for release later this year, is it possible to start a thread on the new Adam2? The software side of the equation is coming along and by year end should be polished but the hardware we have is what it is. I am interested in what we can expect in the next evolution of the Adam and NI. It would be exciting to see some of what we can expect to see and how that will impact on software development. I know that you have taken a beating todate but the future waits for no one, the past is the past and quickly forgotten. .

  148. I’ve been registered too. No invite yet. I sent it again. It says an e-mail has been sent, but nothing received.

  149. Welcome Back elmelao after such a long gap. Have you check your spam folder.? Gmail worked for me instantly

  150. Thank you Philip. I’ve been following your comments for a long time.
    Just hope NI stops being a one-product company. Only a passel of products will keep the company appealing in clients’ eyes. Right now I’d like to buy a keyboard dock and carrying case for the Adam. Sometimes I can’t use the Adam when I’m interviewing someone and there’s no table or flat surface. I have to go back to my sPad (reporter’s scribble pad)! Now that’s really low tech and defeats the whole purpose why i bought the Adam – to zap people into submission. Of course, when I’m able to use the Adam I can sense serious envy!
    Anyway, NI could easily earn US$100 from such value addition as offering a case with inbuilt keyboard. This is how Apple churns the market. There are some customers who have more money than smart and they buy all sorts of accessories. These are the people NI should target. I do get iPad envy because these fellow have millions of accessories and apps to choose from. There’s a company called Goliath which is coming out with a case but god knows when.

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