Here we are!

Greetings everyone!

Been silent for a while. Well, that’s the silence before a lot of things come to all of us!

First quick updates:

  • We are pushing the Eden 1.5 update on Monday, so click that update buttons on your Adams! It comes with more than 150 changes as compared to Eden 1.0 (you can check out the documentation on Conclave on Monday).
  • We are pushing one more update on Wednesday, specially for those who want to test rich features of 2.3 Gingerbread!
  • We discussed about Kindle and Dolphin Browser coming bundled on Adam, well, there are more apps coming in (some in this update like Chords (with Panel), To-Do (Panel) and some around next week)! Some for the 2.2-2.3 clients, and more for Honeycomb!
  • The kernel update is on its way. The reason this update took little longer than expected end of third week was to dis-associate it from the kernel up-gradation which is required for Honeycomb. Right now you can see the images on Tabletroms working pretty well, but there are lots of errors and broken pieces.
  • Last 6 weeks we were integrating all support pieces to an advanced online system, which you will soon see go live on This system is used by right from FedEx to Samsung, and we are expecting it will cut the time to response further down, get you one system to track all your issues, get live support and get to scan through a large documentation of past issues.
  • @Home (from Google) announcement is a very good news for Adam users. We have a team here working on automation systems, and after their study we will release few DIY system using which you can do interesting things!
  • Adam is going live again! We are going to open sales coming Monday (evening to be precise)! Those who have subscribed at will receive an email invitation.
  • Good News for Indian customers. Now they will receive products with all duties pre-paid.
  • We have moved all our resources from current Eden 1.5 and Gingerbread to Honeycomb, and near the end of next month, you all should have Honeycomb on your devices!
Last line actually reminds me a sudden burst of criticism we had seen earlier from some people on Harmony and Ventana matters. I think now we can put it to rest. Images which you download are 120MB in size and you can see 1GB space alotted for your OS, also one more things you can notice is the 1GB RAM. It will take you a lot of effort to cross 512MB RAM usage on Adam right now. If you try to run heavy games, the load is then shared by the GPU, and still healthy amount is left un-utilized. Even the bus supports up-to 400MHz of bandwidth.
While Google gets to choose who they support officially, there is little we can do. But when we get friends like Andy, Stephen, and rest (I think like you I also know them with their nicks: Reobeet, Rothnic, Dougie187, IntuitiveNipple, TwoSpirits, MyGuy, AlbertWertz (same as his name), josh4trunks, jerryaycock, gamepro, newbe5, RaYmAn, red_herringx, Covrus and blazingwolf) we can do much more than the Bilderberg Group!
I think there is one area where you can agree with me. When it comes to fluidity of the User Interface, there is no other OS than iOS. I have failed to see any missing frame on it when I see moving images, icons or lists or even motion animations. The reason is the missing GPU support for UI on Android. You can follow this conversation here: This conversation is 14 months long and is still continuing!
Currently I am in love with PowerVR architecture. Probably because there is a lot to read about it, and little less on the Tegra’s internal GPU (GeForce). iOS accelerates a lot of their UI using PoverVR SGX GPU, specially using their PVRTC format for textures. PVRTC is also an interesting lossy, fixed rate texture compression format and has a native support on SGX and has far greater implementation potential. iOS is bound to get faster and smoother, and that’s what you can do is you have control over the hardware and software. Lack of NEON, CUDA and OpenCL on Tegra also concerns me (as of now though, as roadmaps can be surprising). It’s high time we start developing for GPGPU. Currently even on Tegra, if you have 2 threads it doesnt mean they are running on 2 different cores. First it is decided to use one or two based on the processing requirement (e.g. if more than 500MHz is required then use 2 cores else one), and second you can’t program it to handle 2 threads. Even in OMAP you get to choose if you want 2 cores for an app or one, but not on Tegra (having said that, you can find instances when running an app on one core is better than on two when bench-marked against performance and power consumed).
Again, apologies for little silence here, but I did told you, busy weeks are coming ahead! 🙂
With Warm Regards
Rohan Shravan

151 thoughts on “Here we are!

  1. Well enjoy the new update for some time. And if feel so switch to HC (one of the images of Tabletroms) for some day before the official HC. And then also keep in mind dates are dates until things are delivered(not skeptical but just speaking from past experience 🙂 )

  2. Looks like lot happening.. Waiting to lay my hands on one as soon as I can save for it 🙂
    yippee… first time in the top 5

  3. I agree with Himanshu. But still this is great news. I know my comment will still go in to moderation. Thanks for the update Rohan !!!

  4. good to hear :).
    Man just week ago moved from edenx to Beast now..once again will have to back up many apps (112 in number :D) and do the installation..Hmm but not complaining ..

    Will try eden 1.5 as soon as it releases..

  5. Roahan what is happening at LONGBOX end ? no official word for comics reader aand what about promised E-book reader? will Eden 1.5 will have any reader?

  6. Rohan what is happening at LONGBOX end ? no official word for comics reader aand what about promised E-book reader? will Eden 1.5 will have any reader?

  7. Yes, the update should be good. Although now that I’ve loaded tabletroms’ Honeycomb, I don’t know how I will be able to get the update. Any ideas fellas?

  8. The ereader is the kindal and longbox digital “” look there and see its comeing dureing the holadays. So this all sounds promiosing but i understand how some people got upset Rohan if you have to push an update back just drop a note about it so people dont get angry cant wait to see updates and try the new stuff

  9. Wonder if the next round of orders will ship with the GPS and compass finally working properly. Wonder if the camera and software will actually function, and if all (ANY??) of the other lingering BASIC problems have been addressed. Are the batteries user replaceable yet? Just curious…

  10. @Amit Tambe ::

    (1) Forced recovery :: power +volume down

    (2) nvflash with the zip provided by adam(check it is the latest)

    (3) apply the updated zip provided by NI(i hope they must be providing it as all cant use the option update as most of the guys are on other roms 🙂 )

    I hope this is the procedure. other experts can correct it 🙂

  11. Rohan, what about GPS, I have tried so many things and i have conveyed my inferences and efforts to the support team and they promised that this update will include the GPS fix. Could you throw some light on this.

  12. I also posted on my blog on how i got the GPS to work with GPS Tester App provided by Notion Ink, why don’t you bundle it with Adam? Alos there are a bunch of design flaws in hardware which i have highlighted, the support team said that the design has taken a look it. I would appreciate if you guys can see if those inferences and conclusions are valid.

  13. Hi Himanshu and Amit,
    Cannot wait any longer, wanna have some playtime with HC, awaiting the eden 1.5 update 😉
    Would like to know that should be working in advance, before I make the switch to tabletroms HC today 😉

  14. Looking forward to new Eden update.
    I hope that the leaves become practical. They’re such a great idea in regards to multi tasking. At the same time, Eden can’t go without proper widget support on the home screen.

  15. @Rohan

    Looking forward to the HC update (I will skip the intermediates!!! having tasted honey, there’s no going back…lol). I sincerely hope that this time your words hold true!!!!

    With the little maturation Android is going in to, we as a consumer, are expecting further refinement of the UI and “ease of usage”. Kindly work out “meticulously” the most irritant issues – both of hardware and software and QA. Although some things are not under your control, this doesnt give you an excuse to be “lax”. Having understood the hunger for success, here’s a wish again for you guys – let you prevail.

    AND please dont MISS an opportunity for us “early supporters” to upgrade our Adams to “what was promised” with as much painless process, as it could. Frankly speaking I hate my “real” Adam……..because I so wanted the “dream” Adam. I want my matte screen, my better quality PQ screen with 1200*800 resolution, my 3D gesture, my handwriting recognition…….my adam device to substitute all…….

    I am still holding on because I wanted to see you guys succeed……so that I have my device which we all nurtured in our hearts…..I still laugh at myself – what got into me to follow your blog for more than one and half years…..why, being a very busy man, I wasted my precious time for the Adam…. You shared a common dream…..frankly I hope you pull the resources to enable us the zing again.!!!

    I had posted before:
    Your greatest enemy/competitor is TIME: it is the only one to test you and your performance.
    I am still hoping Adam stand the test of time and market ……even though I am observing a weakening defense line.

    Lastly I will formally contact NI support, but I am posting this question here :
    When can I expect to upgrade to a better, newer device without additional cost (or minimal cost) as a token of “support” from NI? ….cos I want to flaunt my device. (which is a shortcoming of my current Adam).

  16. Well, I think Windows mobile 7 is at least as smooth as iOS even though it has not get the popularity.

  17. Thank you, Rohan!

    The delay in communication was agony, so fantastic to hear about all the developments.

    Great post. Really great post! Read it twice, gotta go back and reread it again.

    Hey also, while not appropriate for me, that’s great news about your brothers in India, the wrought that threatened to stop them receiving adams was so wrong.

    My adam is holding his breath till Monday.

    Peaceout adamfreaks


  18. yeah, like control your AV system, even your lights

    Here’s an idea, set your adam to turn on your coffee before waking you 15 mins later!

  19. I would like to get more information on @Home as in my University we also have a team working on LinuxMCE + ZWave, currently the NI team is working with which wireless standard? Any insights of what standard will be the Android@Home?

  20. I want to join in the official notion ink forum but don’t want to join Facebook. Can this be done?

  21. Hello @all ;),
    so the Adams will reach then next level. Can’t wait to get the update. I hope the OTA update will work.

  22. I must say it took some time but we finally got a post with content well worth it. Just hope the actions follow the words now (especially concerning the update to HC at the end of next month).

  23. wow.. so amazing to hear all this from rohan.. here i was yesterday cursing rohan and NI but now i am in love with it all over again.. and monday the sales will begin..woohoo.. i am gonna get one now.. superb.. so happy to hear this..

  24. Here we are… There you go …
    Honeycomb release date in a month is more exciting. Delay is the biggest enemy for NI. Almost all the reported issues/concerns are due to delay. Hope there wont be any more delay in dealing with delay.

  25. Hummm ! Great ! Thx Rohan !

    Monday ?! Ok

    Agenda > Check
    Visa card > Check
    Enjoy > Check


  26. Looking better! Will next shipment have any hardware updates? Since I live in campgrounds, adequate wifi is very important.

  27. I too would like to see something for the early adopters when it comes to the dream adam (adam 2) as it were

  28. @bruce,

    well said! I agree with all you said except “I will skip the intermediates!!! having tasted honey”. I am waiting for every update that makes Adam better!

    How right you are when you say “Your greatest enemy/competitor is TIME: it is the only one to test you and your performance.”?

    I feel sad to see so many of Adam’s supporters disappearing from here……

  29. Thanks for the update. Forgive my ignorance, but in HC 3.x developers could use renderscript for utilizing platform independent hardware acceleration. Is it so that the underlying implementationf for renderscript on tegra is missing? Or my I talking about a different thing all together.

    Fluidity of iOS
    I agree about the fluidity of iOS (and Mac) and I find it better in more ways than just that, but that is mainly to the fact that there is one vendor using that OS and for just a 3 (or 4) grades devices. So they have control of everything that goes on with those. Having said that I am not defending Android or iOS, so peace.

    Android on the other hand has to support/adapt to many hardware platforms and configuration (CPU time, instruction set, RAM, Clock speed, Keyboard, Keypad, Touchscreen, non-touchscreen, no UI at all (project tungston), etc.). With whatever little I have seen of honeycomb, I see it getting there. I just saw an Intel atom based tablet with android, also I bought a netbook for a relative 1 week ago that has android preloaded on it, though a very old version.

  30. Well said @bruce. Even I wasted much of my precious time during the last one and half year on this blog. Tired of advertising Adam to my friends. Now they tease me in return.

    Time is NIs major competitor. That’s the very reason iPad is popular. Every one in the world knows that Apple was planning iPad a year before but no one came to take that risk. Apple grabbed becoz of no competition at that time.

    If you notice Apple creates it’s own space where there exists no competitors iPhone, IPod, iPad, Apple Tv name it all.

    Although wait for HC is too long (2 months), I am waiting (assuming they already have HC on Adam internally and it’s only product testing they are doing now, else I question on dates).

  31. Lets just hope this works

    We are pushing the Eden 1.5 update on Monday, so click that update buttons on your Adams! It comes with more than 150 changes as compared to Eden 1.0 (you can check out the documentation on Conclave on Monday).

  32. Yaa Phillip I do the same 😀

    without titanium backup adam lover might have gone crazy.. while switching from eden—edenx—beast…

    Does titanium pro support restore ALL apps at once instead of restoring one app at time ?(free version ask ‘instal’l option for every single app 😦

  33. I am cautious this time….

    However, one thing I did not understand when Rohan mentioned about HC and the tablet roms team….is he intending that HC support will come from tabletroms?

  34. No not at all. If you had observed Notion Ink just let us have some fun with developments at tablet roms. Infact Rohan and Rohit had made some donations as well for the Honeycomb ROM contest.

    Notion Ink will have its own official release and it will be a stable release since they know how the hardware is and what drivers are to be added and how the structures and class objects in the kernel file should be defined.

  35. The wifi issue is more likely a software/driver issue. Atleast my signal went 1 to 2 level up after putting beast rom. So may be you can wait for the eden & then the kernel update and see the user reviews. I thing the same holds good for gps and other function. Some of the expert users have commented positively on these hw components on seeing the tear-down images.
    But thats not to say that Adam doesn’t need hw upgrade. It is seriously begging for better screen (and silly but imp things like baclights for the buttons)

  36. All good things come to those who wait! Remember, read in a how to do business with India that indians are polysnchronous by culture, meaning they commit to multiple things and people at the same time and then move things up according to priority. They don’t want to be early so they are often late, they don’t want to say no so they are stuck with multiple engagements with faith in a miracle such that some get axed only at the nth hour. All generalisations but funny to read the discourse spelt out. Finally of course, interest in the hereafter attenuates focus on the here 😉

  37. @manish, I don’t think so, but in my experience I’ve never felt safe about telling some program “you go right ahead and overwrite everything, I’m sure you won’t do anything wrong”.

  38. I went ahead and ordered the Nook touch as my everyday reader and will stay with my present Netbook/ laptop setup until I make my next tablet or netbook selection. I appreciate all the work and progress that Rohan, Ni and the developers are making on Adam & Eve and I fully intend to hold on to my PQ Adam. But it’s hard to stay enthusiastic over such a long period of time and developmens on other fronts seem to be accelerating while we continue to wait and waiting becomes

  39. Congrats Rohan:
    i really hope the software updates in the future will make Adam UI “flow’ in the same way as they talk about iOS. I hope NI has already invested heavily on the UI experience for a novice user, so that everything may tend to start working in a “flow” out of the box.
    And this is just one aspect which may gloss over other important aspects .. I pray NI works on making its customer service “world class” as promised by Rohan

  40. Thanks Roahn. All great news. I’m especially excited for the Honeycomb release. I hope it also brings market access with it so that rooting and roms aren’t necessary for those who simply want market access. Thanks to everyone at NI for all the a hard work! 😉

  41. Udayan both of your statements are contradicting…. well for one. If NI had official honeycomb, why would they use donations…as I heard last time, both notion ink and tabletros were struggling for the kernel support…

    Rohan mentioned that its upto google who decides to support companies officially… that sure is a interesting statement

  42. @Amit Tambe
    the other option is to install original NI roms 402or 403 and do OTA updates..
    havn’t tried With HC roms but it works with edenx and beast.
    for NI original stock roms check Tablet roms..

  43. I have been doing well, but very busy. Thanks for asking… I hope things have been good for you too.

    BTW: Rohit just sent me the list of changes made in the update to be released on Monday and I’m impressed by all the work NI has been doing to improve Eden and the apps. I won’t share the specifics, but I can tell you they have been working hard to fix and improve tons of stuff across the board.

    Rohit also sent me the update to try out but I have to leave right now and wont be able to load it up until later today. It seems like the timing is always like that… I almost always get the updates right when I have somewhere else to be. LOL

  44. Window Mobile7 Plus BlueStacks will be an amazing Tablet.

    “BlueStacks” for Windows comparable to “Parralles” for Mac ios.

    Would like to see NI deliver as least 50% of their dream as l have to deal with my son’s household who have switched from Windows PC’s to MacPro’s and PowerBooks, not fun.

    So please Rohan, begin by keeping your promise and don’t promise more than you can deliver. And in a timely fashion.

  45. I join the chorus of comments saying, “Well said Bruce.” I look forward to the updates as each brings my Adam closer to the originally envisioned device.

  46. Greg: Thanks for sharing with us the tip on the update. Hope all the updates bring back some of the smiles here among Adam doters.
    Have a great memorial weekend !!

  47. Rohan! Great news! We have all been waiting, some more patiently than others. I hope the nvflash file will be posted so that folks that are no longer stock can return to the fold. I’m running Support’s last update, so I am expecting the OTA update to work. Can’t wait!!!
    Thanks for all the work to get us here!
    Waiting is…

  48. Great news about Honeycomb, but I hope it is with Google’s permission, even if without their assistance! Keep in mind that Android is owned by Google. The kernel is GPL’d so there is no issue there. But as for the rest, Google has chosen not to release it except to selected manufacturers. Unless they release it under an appropriately permissive licence, you have no legal right to copy it and distribute it. The folks on tabletroms are, technically, indulging in piracy. Google is unlikely to come after them, but a manufacturer is another matter — so I hope you have done your homework on the legalities.

    Gingerbread is released under the Apache licence, and Google says Ice Cream Sandwich will be, too — so there are no issues there.

  49. Thanks for news … will you modifiy touch screen drivers to add more than 2 touchs ?

    Could you modify login policy for conclave because i don’t need Facebook account ?

  50. Little to late Rohan, I wish that you have been fluid with your communications and promises. I had to jump ship and shold my Adam and now the proud owner of an ASUS Transformer. Better build quality, no Force Closures and has Good Support. Hopefully NI will grow into what you promised, but until then I will watch from my Transformer. 🙂

  51. @bruce,
    couldnt agree more with u on the time we have spent here…. And i am not sure NI can financially support their long term followers, because there are quite a few hundreds at least who are long term followers. Remember there were only a few thousand devices sold….

    and i dont think Rohan will be replying to your post here. Will be surprised if he does.

  52. @Veera I dont think there will be few hundred long term followers. Many have left long time back courtesy NI’s clueless and step-brotherly behavior.
    They left many of the followers in Limbo with so many half truths that I now read the blog with so much skepticism .
    I have not see Cathy, Sowmya, Pratik and many other replying here for months. Though as a customer they may not be so attractable to Ni. But losing fervent supporters and that too for a startup which is struggling to stand on it’s feet is not a good sign.
    I still remember the first pre-order fiasco post by Rohan where he claimed that they will provide the best support comparable to any other company. It’s 160 days and we are still listening about that it will be done in the next few week.
    Same about Genesis,books,comics and I can go ahead with the list. I never found a post where Rohan has honestly agreed that he has uttered many half truths in the past or if they were true facts indeed then he has never shown the courage to explain the reasons for them and the current situation.

    And frankly we as a buyer were as good as Beta testers and without TabletROm(previously NIH), adam would have died a natural death months ago.
    But better late than never. Hope Ni has woken up from it’s deep slumber and working assiduously for the tasks promised

  53. @Himanshu, @Veera I dont think there will be few hundred long term followers. Many have left long time back courtesy NI’s clueless and step-brotherly behavior.
    They left many of the followers in Limbo with so many half truths that I now read the blog with so much skepticism,

  54. FYI: I just posted this on my notioninkfan website…

    Just a quick note about the new update being released on Monday…

    So I installed the update Rohit sent me this morning (NIA920270511), which is the update being released on Monday…

    I’ve only started to play with it and I can tell you already that there is a lot to be excited about! It is awesome to see how much NI has done in this update. Eden has really been improved a great deal.

    Getting to the home screen is a lot more intuitive, as are other functions within the interface. It is so much easier to do things like close all panels or close all apps. The look of the interface is so much more appealing (though I realize that is subjective). System info (battery/cpu/memory/storage usage) is much more readily available in several places. There are new apps and several existing apps have been improved. Lots of bug fixes… As mentioned earlier, there is a 13 page pdf file listing all the changes that were made.

    Anyway, like I said, I just started to play with it. And I wish I could tell you more. But at least you only have to wait until Monday to play with it yourself. The update is definitely worth applying while waiting for Honeycomb.

    I know things are coming out of NI slower than most of us would like. But everyone there deserves a big thank you for their hard work and diligence towards ever improving our Adam tablets.

    Thanks Rohan, Rohit, Varun, Adarsh, and everyone else at Notion Ink!


    PS: I hope to be able to start making time for this blog again. I apologize for my absence due to circumstances beyond my control. It has been frustrating not to have time for this and many other things lately. I do still have my Adam and I am still a big fan. In fact I have two Adam tablets now; a Pixel Qi and an LCD. I squeezed out a few minutes for this simple post but probably won’t have time to respond to many questions, etc for a little while longer. Thanks to those who have offered support and to those that have remained patient.

  55. Good to see you here again Greg. Glad to hear your situational time resraints will be easing a bit. Always appreciate your insights.

  56. Well, I am a little late to the party but let me say THANKS! You brought a little glow to my weekend that too much work and rainy weather had taken away. I look forward to pushing update.

  57. I guess I will stick to Beast Rom till the solid Honeycomb update comes out. Or in the mean time, I might just play with the Honeycomb port from tabletrom.

    Either way will be fine, but as for now, Not looking forward to Eden. Sorry bro.

  58. Superb response, bruce. Agree with each and every line you said, especially regarding the ‘wasting a lot of time from our busy schedules’.

    Its kinda sad that things have turned out to be like this.

  59. Good to read all the updates….read it too quickly….couldn’t hold my patience 🙂
    have to read it agn….bt frm wht i see all gud news. Hoping tht the updates go smoothly without any issues like the frst one.

    greg already is playing wth it….i guess its goin smooth thn….bring it on NI is wht my adams typing 😉

  60. Rohan,
    Idea …. Stock froyo and hc seem well liked because of customizations via widgets such as on my htc inspire running coredroid rom. I am actually learning to like eden better, but like the widgets too. Why dont you create a “Widget” panel for eden so we can have best of both worlds? so i would be able to run a widget or 2 or 3 within a panel (pandora, shazam, powerAmp, scanner radio) … Until a panel app is built for those apps. This panel would act like a “Widget Wrapper”. – Mark

    Adam pq wifi running stock – rooted

  61. All Android OS’s fall under the Apache licence and are open source so anyone is free to alter and distibute it as they see fit the only parts that they can not tuch are the propriatary parts such as gapps wich belong to google

  62. @Himanshu – I know the process. I was wondering whether NI will release the separately or it’s only available through that automatic update. I am not savy enough to be able to pulll the NIA920270511 ( file from NI servers unless they’re offering it as a separate downloadable file – you know what I mean?

    Of course, if I can’t do it, I’m sure the folks at Tabletroms are good enough to manage that. Guys, you listening?

    Now for Eden 1.5!!!

  63. Oh well, it is but another day and half’s wait…
    I had been advertising Adam to my friends before iPad came out… They bought the iPad and then the iPad2 and I feel like a chump waiting… Let’s see what Monday brings our way 🙂

  64. Suresh, I don’t think Notion Ink is dependent on tabletroms for honeycomb update. See this thread, stablising honeycomb bounty on tabletroms. Rohit and Varun have made personal donations just keep the community more vibrant.

    Well as you have pointed it’s intersting statement that Rohan has made.

    But i got to tell you that the honeycomb update at tabletroms has come to a frozen state. It will tough to get an update after the latest update that is 14th update. This mat be attributed to the fact that the tabletroms guys do not have honeycomb source code and they are trying their best to use the 2.6 kernel available on github to stabilise honeycomb.

    If you need a stable honeycomb release it has to come from Notion Ink as far as i know. The tabletroms guys are trying their best but its only going to be for funsake.

  65. Will Rohan change the Tegra platform for the next generation of Adam ?!

    I was reading the last message posted by Rohan on his blog and at the end, kind of suddenly and unrelated with the post subject, he starts discussing about how good is the GPU hardware acceleration on iOS products and how good, especially PowerVR architecture is.

    Now that they are announcing a new wave of pre-orders (PO3) I don’t think they will say anything official about the second generation of Notion Ink tablets , but it seems that the successor of the Adam is under work and it seems also that it may not use Tegra platform!

    I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, we have to take into account that the new generation of Tegra chipsets (Kal El) that will be used even by almighty Amazon in their tablets will be very powerful and will have a wide industry support after the relative big success and adoption of the Tegra 2 as a de-facto standard for Android tablets.

    From another point of view there are other platforms available for android with very good GPUs. Samsung with the new generation of processors (Cortex-A9 CPU, Mali-400MP GPU, Exynos chipset) is blazing fast, Samsung Galaxy S II (with all its glorious reviews) is at this moment arguable the best smartphone and offers the most fluid experience, even smother then iOs, if that is even possible .

    Also HTC Sensation with 1.2 GHz Snapdragon dual-core processor, Adreno 220 GPU, Qualcomm MSM 8260 , that is similar with PowerVR can not be neglected, the reviews
    are showing also an huge power for small mobile device.

    In this moment the mobile chipset market is still young and the actors and the hierarchy is not yet defined and is not yet well established, and this is adding a lot of fragmentation for android hardware support. Maybe they should have a more driver oriented aproch like for desktop operating systems. Otherwise… with NVIDIA, Samsung, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm and even AMD and Intel entering in this new El Dorado and doing mobile processors with comparable performance we will see a huge “battle”.The market is dynamic in a good and in a bad sense in the same time, and we have to see if the Darwin lows will apply soon and only one or two competitors will survive and will become dominant.

  66. @Manish.

    Titanium backup Pro is a life saver. It reinstalls all apps with data and system data with one click.

    That’s what I use and get it to backup to my dropbox also just in case adam’s memory or microsd gets fried.

    @Rohan. About time, it’s hard working with people who use everything with an i….
    They still laugh at me regarding fluidity but I know HC will start to curb their laughter.

    Oh by the way adam just took off and left me a note. Something about 150 things he’s going to get from india and how he would bring me a honeycomb in June……weird!!

    I think my adam’s on the blue pill.

  67. I think the pace of change is accelerating so fast that predictions are becoming obsolete as fast as hardware. I am reminded of Alvin Tofflers “Future Shock” but somehow this all seems more exhilerating than disorienting. Fun time to be alive.

  68. Well, as Himanshu mentioned my name … yes, I’m still here. As I was never able to order an Adam, I’ve remained quiet in the background, with nothing positive to contribute to the community. Even if I were able to order, for now the product available, from the hardware and software side demands more of me than my time and money budget would allow. However, I do read this blog, the conclave site (no, I won’t join due to the Facebook issue), Greg’s blog (SO GOOD to see you back, Greg!), Dr. Philip’s wise and reasonable counsel, Karen’s cheer and music, Andy and TabletRoms commendable HARD WORK, etc. Some part of me still believes in Rohan’s dreams, and hopes something more positive will come out of all this, and result in a stable, dependable product I can finally purchase. Miss all my friends here, and will keep reading.

  69. And of course, our dear friend Himanshu, who has been so dependable and faithful 🙂

  70. @Cathy 🙂 welcome back or you never left so there is no question of welcoming back :). good to see u posting again

  71. Hi Cathy, really fine to see you again 🙂
    Please, I liked your presence here. Don’t wait so long for the next time to show up, ok?

    Get ready for some comments on the update this time tomorrow then and enjoy…

  72. @Manish

    Silly me, I have had titanium pro for a while now, but could never find how to restore all apps and data in one go.

    Wow, feel so dumb, just found all these great restore options under “batch”.

    wot a noob


  73. Actually King on conclave said it would be Monday evening IST time.

    As we can see its morning in India (good morning Rohan, its going to be a great day) and so we’ve got a little while yet – although IMHO it would be good to have the updates enabled from now so that if (God forbid) there’s a problem the NI staff will be in the office to fix ’em.


  74. I second that, Phillip.

    Besides, I am running beast now. Will I be able to switch to Eden 1.5 without problems, in a single switch?
    Oh well, first a day in the office ahead here in the Netherlands. That will keep my mind of anything else for now.
    Have a great day all!
    Waiting is…

  75. good point Mark.
    My thought … Widgets are already a “panellized” version of app. Neither does the Eden Panels have the real estate to hold multiple widgets in meaningful way.
    Now that the switch to home screen is smoother(as per Andy) , I think enabling widgets on home screen may be a better approach.

  76. If Monday evening IST is for real than by the time I wake up here in Western Canada the update will be ready.

  77. @Karen, I think you have to revert to good old eden 1 for the OTA to work, but NI may provide a link so that it can be downloaded and applied using recovery mode.

  78. Ok all, is anyone else already sick of “You Adam is up-to-date”?


    I am SO addicted. I need help.

  79. And in other news, here’s the next generation of NVidia’s SOC’s,

    I give you, Nvidia’s Quadcore Kal-El. (hey, wasn’t that Superman’s father?)

    Check out this very cool demo. “”

    Maybe adam2?

  80. I saw the video this morning, it is indeed pretty cool :-). The rendering is really impressive, so is the difference between quad-core and dual-core is.

    Kal-El is actually Superman himself, his father is Jor-El. And the next Nvidia chips will be named Bruce (Wayne aka Batman), Logan (aka Wolverine) and Stark (Tony aka Iron Man) :-).

  81. I interpret Rohan’s references differently.What he is saying is …..

    ” I agree Adam UI is not smooth. So is most of the Android devices out there unless you power it with over-the-top specs. Hence NI will next focus on coding for the GPU to offload as much functions to GPU as possible. But then the Tegra GPU is not all that supportive & PowerVR has better architecture. So before we commit our Dev resources for GPU integration task , we’ll have a good look at the landscape with long-term goals.”

    Now that’s called putting words in Rohan’s mouth !

  82. Hmmmm….. Where’s the update?

    @Phillip Yes I’m tired of seeing your adam is up to date.

    And slowly but surely, today is slowly ebbing away.

    Tick-tock NotionInk tick-tock.

  83. Well nice to see Cathy is still here. But, yes some of the earlier followers (who did not buy in the first place), have left, but even then, some how I still feel at least 50 -100 long termers will be here. What I expect from NI is to first deliver on things. And then talk about doing something for the early adopters as a courtesy.

    I agree with their pathetic clueless behaviour. There are many things too, like for example the trumpeted for long bonus feature fizzing out into nothing (Don’t know whether they have enabled the FM Radio in the new expected update).

    And what is this Gingerbread thing on Wednesday, does this mean, Vanilla Gingerbread? Why 2 separate updates? And what about 3.1? is it gonna be the official Google allowed update?

    Questions…. the list will go on…. and as usual, many things from NI continue to be vague.

  84. Yeah, agree, my estimation was a very gross amount… think it will be between 50-100 long termers in reality…. those still holding on expecting light at the end of the very dark tunnel.

  85. Aaaaarg.


    Give da updatezzzzzz.


  86. Neither is mine. Patience is a virtue I don’t have and waiting is a luxury I can’t afford.


  87. Well Phillip, It is early morning on the East coast of US, so we have about 10 hours to wait before the update is late. Talk about anxious 😉
    Waiting is

  88. It’s midday in the Uk and 17:30 Ist.

    Adam: Your adam is up to date
    Me: No you’re not, stop lying!!
    (So I click update adam again)
    Adam: Your adam is up to date
    Me: He said Monday, today. Today is monday.
    Help, give us the update already plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  89. Why this un-warranted pressure on self & NI ?

    It is not 17:30 IST .. my watch reads 16:30 , so does your comment timestamp. PPl like Andy has already got the update , so it is for real & is freezed. They may me doing this somewhere at end-of-day .

    Now going by the experience so far , no one can vouch for NI . But one thing is sure , they have always missed the schedule … but that also means they have always delivered.

  90. Just got the email from Notion Ink to order my Adam.. Don’t know why i’m having thoughts about it??

    The email goes like this:

    “Dear Notion Ink Enthusiast


    Here`s an opportunity for you to own one of the hottest tablets around –
    The Notion Ink Adam!

    First off, we have some really exciting news for you – Gingerbread 2.3, Eden 1.5, Amazon Kindle and Dolphin Browser HD!

    We are proud to announce that the Adam now supports Gingerbread 2.3!

    We have also gone ahead and given the entire UI a facelift and are proud to present to you Eden 1.5 – with a cleaner and fresher user experience along with some major tweaks for performance improvement.

    We have also bundled a couple of new apps we developed just for you. Chords – our very own music player and a brand new To-Do app.

    Love reading? Well, your reading experience just got better with the Amazon Kindle eBook Reader for the Adam! Thats right! The Adam now comes with the Amazon Kindle eBook Reader for you to enjoy your reading on. You will also have access to the vast ebook collection available on the Amazon Kindle Store.

    We are also pleased to announce that the Adam will now have Dolphin Browser HD preinstalled along with the improved and re-skinned Notion Ink browser.

    You can now buy an Adam by visiting the Notion Ink Store and logging in using the credentials below. “

  91. Today is surely passing slooooowwwwly…
    I am @ work in the office, expected to find solace there in this agony of waiting, but focus seems to be a problem today 😉

    A long weekend is coming up with Ascencion Day, so more than enough time on our hands to discover that long list of improvements.

    It’s 17.00 in India now btw. Doja.
    And Phillip: peace out, Adamite 🙂

  92. Thoughts as in, considering it or having second thoughts?

    My take on it is, the Adam is worth it for the Pixel Qi screen and the hackability. (It seems lots of people dislike the Pixel Qi screen. It is certainly not as vivid as an LCD screen, but it can be read outdoors easily and requires minimal backlighting indoors, and therefore is very easy on the eyes. To me it’s worth it.)

    But if you are not the type who is willing to mess with your device, root it, flash alternative roms on it, and so on, it is probably not for you. Out of the box it is a poor experience. Perhaps the Eden 1.5 update improves things. I will give it a try but I expect I will return to Beast, which I have been happy with.

  93. It seems my previous attempt at a reply is in moderation limbo because of a couple of links I included. So here it is without the links — it’s all googleable easily anyway.

    No, Honeycomb is not open source and Google has made it clear that they will not release it as open source (other than the kernel,which they are required to do). The Apache licence allows this. You can yourself take the Apache-licenced Froyo or Gingerbread and bulid your own proprietary OS on top of it (which, more or less, is what Notion Ink has done with Eden). The other point is that, if Google owns the code copyright (which they do for large parts of the Android stack), they can relicense it whichever way they like — take it permanently proprietary, if they want — regardless of the previous licence. Of course, they cannot revoke the existing Gingerbread licence to people who have already received that code. But if they decided to replace the Linux kernel with a BSD-derived kernel and make a future Android release entirely proprietary (like iOS), we could not stop them.

    Meanwhile, copying and distributing Honeycomb binaries without Google’s permission is illegal. Copying and distributing ANYTHING that is covered by copyright, without the copyright owner’s permission, is illegal. The GPL and Apache licences are permissions to copy and distribute, under certain conditions; if you reject those conditions (which are very simple for Apache, more stringent for GPL), you have no right to distribute at all.

    I really hope Notion Ink’s legal department has a clue about all this.

    On a related note, Notion Ink is REQUIRED to release the kernel source to everyone who receives a kernel binary from them (whether on a new Adam or via an update). It was unconscionable to delay the release till April, but better late than never. I really hope NI releases the source for the updates punctually this time, and stays on the good side of Matthew Garrett’s GPL compliance list. Failure to do so is not just bad behaviour: it makes their distribution of the Linux kernel illegal.

  94. I am back on stock adam. (Needless to say, the joy of being on beast ROM:) )
    Can someone please validate if I am on the right build and version to be able to get the updates from NI.

    My current build number – NIA920080411
    Kernel – 2.6.32 (2.2)

  95. I like my pixelqi, and my adam, I just want my update to go with it.

    I backed everything up again, so I would be ready.

    But now I’ve been ready for about 8 hours.

  96. I don’t know, I am confused..!!

    I am considering LCD screen and i am pretty much the type who messes with the device..

    I really want it but then don’t know why I am little skeptical..

    Why the hell am i like this..!!??

  97. This post has alot of stuff init. Personally I like Eden, and like the concept of the leaves. I’m looking forward to see what the new updates do. But At the moment I have Honeycomb on the Adam. And do see that as the real deal, so when NI gets that done the Adam will be way way better.


  98. Murali, Yes, that is the latest supported NI release. You should be able to do an update with that using the Setup path to updates. Once the server issues are resolved you should be able to update.

  99. Thanks dwaf4242.
    I tried to update adam this morning. Download stops at 82% on every single run.
    Looks like some issue with the image.

  100. Hi Diviash,

    NI claimed that users that have no Facebook account (that are in countries that have no access to Facebook) can ask for a log-in id.

    However I have asked twice but received no log-on info yet, so I am not sure of that is still their policy.

  101. Welcome Murali, I to am having problems with the update completing. Rohan has said that there will be a manual download available soon, so I think I will wait for that…

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