Breaking the Silence

Hello All,

Long time since we all spoke.

Let me start with apologizing for taking so much time to come back to you and write to discuss with you. I took this time to do 3 things. First, to make sure that before you read this blog, every single product ever ordered is shipped. Second, to make sure that the set up works perfectly on the assembly line plus changes which can allow for the screen guards to be applied for you while in production (only the last batch will have it though) and third, to share with you a complete analysis on what is preventing us to deliver on time.

Speaking as of now, every single product has been shipped  from the factory and is with the shipping partner. You all SHOULD receive an email from them between today and EOD tomorrow with your tracking numbers. I shared this information with Andy from Notion Ink Hacks: we had to call back many of the devices (packed and on the way to their owner’s addresses) to re-install the OS with the Sleep-Wake bug fixed. (Let’s dig into this for a while. Once we, as OEM, finalize the OS, we share it with the Manufacturer. It is their job to compile the OS again with the BSP and install it on the device. This time, they took the wrong BSP with the Sleep-Wake issue, compiled our OS and installed it. What we received from them is an apology on this, but that is not enough. The measure we have taken to resolve this is to first get a current instruction set from them with build numbers of the BSP, etc. and then the compiled image. The same steps are implemented at our end and the last builds on both the sides are checked for any differentials.). Interestingly, when you ship back your own products, they are classified as imports! Imports in China are TOUGH. This was resolved by using a bonded warehouse, but then products cannot be taken out from this warehouse. So instead of the normal 3-4 minutes time for OS image installation, it took us 15-20 minutes per installation.

Pre-installing the screen guards was also a request from most of the customers. Installing screen guards is simple, but the environment needs to be dust-free. We weren’t able to finalize where this must be done, as after the device is assembled, it is checked for touch screen quality and calibration is done. This cannot be done with a screen guard over the screen. Soon after this process, the device is packed,  again in a dust prone area. For the last batch we were able to get one more stop on the assembly line, clean the device and apply the screen guard.

Let’s come to the analysis on current delays.

Notion Ink pushes for an order based on the lead times of the components to the manufacturer. When the order is confirmed, the money transfer is initiated. RBI (Reserve Bank of India) is involved as it is a BIG transfer and  in dollars, takes around 3-4 days to process and complete the transfer. According to us, the swift copy (the proof of transfer) is the second confirmation of the order placed with the manufacturer. But according to the manufacturer, it is not. They wait for their bank’s confirmation (which can take an extra 2-3 days) on receipt. This would mean that there is an increase of 1 week in the lead time. For the last round of orders (from 9-18 Feb), the shipment date was 10 March, a duration of about 3-4 weeks. The order was pushed to our Manufacturer on 5th January as the lead time is 7 weeks. And adding a week of buffer, 10 March was a safe date. A Few customers had issues with the camera quality, and the vendor was reported. The QA was strict for the camera and 40% of the modules failed to pass this test. (By the way, the camera and the touch screen are the longest lead time components for us). But the worst part was on the delivery dates of Pixel Qi screens (arriving on 8th and 14th or March, well after 2 weeks of delay). The reason we were given for this is  confusion about  payment terms between the manufacturer and PQ. Though production could only start after we have the screens, it is very important for us to understand the chain of events as they are more important being hidden. And the last part is on the customs. Indian customs has made it clear to us that we will not be shipping to India anymore unless we enter into retail, or have a partner there. It doesn’t make sense on business grounds either as there is added Octroi, Sales Tax, inter-state tax and VAT on Notion Ink for every product sold.

All in all there is a heavy vendor mis-management. The support team has most of the answers but internal details (like those mentioned over here), are some things they hadn’t been told. The time between PQ release to the manufacturer and the delivery must be tight with no deviations at all. But we have faced continuous delays on this.

Steps taken to avert these:

●       Change the manufacturer. This was the 3rd delay on their part and too much to handle for us. This is something which has already been initiated on the 14th of March, and in about a week, the transfer would be completed. This would need the complete transfer of tools, inventory and associated documents and IP.

●       Stricter terms on defaults. Being a start-up (in August last year), the terms were mostly manufacturer friendly. But this time this isn’t the case.

●       Maintain inventory of the long lead components. This would need a lot of capital, but the risk can be reduced by ensuring that the design and components match generations yet to come.

Also, this blog is acting as your last point of discussion. We will be changing this. In a couple of days, Notion Ink will go live with its forum and next, live chats with the moderators and support staff will start. The plan is to integrate the total customer and support system. So using your login, you can check your order status, log into the forum, discuss live with the support staff, check your shipping status, etc. This one end solution will help us to track the requests and make sure the ticketing system is optimized.

Also, from this Saturday, we will be starting the week-end specials. I have a few updates on the technology front.

There is one special assurance for  Adam owners. their devices will never get obsolete. The OS will get continuous updates (recently we pushed one more) and UPGRADES. You might have read online that Google has decided not to make Honeycomb open now. That would mean that not every manufacturer will have its access. But on the official part, we have sent a special request for the access and are waiting for their answers. This would mean that we will have much more than simple ROMS. Current Adam owners will be a continuous part of Eden’s evolution, and they can apply for the latest access, to see whats going on, and be a part of its development.

Something on Eden 2 before we say goodbye. Xerox invented User Interface in 1975. That was 36 years ago. 1990 saw the rise of the Internet. Xerox designed that user interface based on the static nature of the content. You have files, folders and applications, everything is local (or at max over the network) and everything is static. Today, everything is dynamic. We are more interested in the content outside our memory disks, like on Facebook, Google search results, videos on YouTube, Wikipedia for information and knowledge, and emails for files shared. The UI should have evolved to take these new developments into considerations, but it has not. Instead it has given way to a special application (without which we would go mad) called the browser. Today we spend our time on the browser, and not on the OS. If your browser can get you access to your file system in a better way (it does give you access, but in a sad textual form today), you will forget which OS you are on!

But browsers were good till recently, before our needs exploded. I count the number of tabs opened around my browser (chrome), and  I have at least 3 instances with at least 8-9 tabs opened on each (with one in incognito). So indeed we are looking for more and more instances of one application, where we can open a different page! Well that’s exactly what Eden is.

We will continue our conversations in the week-end specials from now on.

Till then, take good care!

With Warm Regards,

Rohan Shravan

1,681 thoughts on “Breaking the Silence

  1. first??:D

    finally we see u again 🙂

    btw i received my tracking order yesterday 28march2011 for PiQi wifi only..

    thanks… cant wait to hold it.

  2. Thank you for posting something! It feels like you are listening to us! Great post and very informative. My growing frustration from not receiving any tracking information is defiantly alleviated by this post.

  3. Thanks for such detailed explanation Rohan. I look forward to the changes in next few days and hold my adam earler than that in my hands

  4. Wow welcome back rohan,.the news is good,its good to hear back from you!alot o development in terms o both hardware and software we shall expect then,patiently waiting we are,for our ADAM:)

  5. Good to hear from you after all this time. Hear you’ve been having an interesting time. Saw you at lunch a few days back showing off your Adam to a friend 🙂

  6. I’m sorry to hear there has been so many obstacles NI has had to deal with. But it is great to hear NI is getting them under control and that all orders have been shipped!

    I’m also very excited about the forum and live chat, etc!!! 😀

    I can’t believe what Google is doing with Honeycomb. 😦 I hope that gets straightened out soon.

    Thanks Rohan. I look forward to your next update. Hopefully they become a lot more frequent again.

  7. Thanks for posting. I have received word that TNT has my tablet and I am excited to receive my long awaited tablet. I know the road for you has been bumpy, but I am sure the wait is worthwhile. Thank you again for keeping us informed.

  8. Nice to hear from you Rohan

    I hope you are successful with your request to google for Honeycomb access.

    Best of luck to you all 🙂

  9. Rohan,

    From your comments, it looks like people in India will not be able to order an Adam due to the customs restrictions. Do you have plans to address this?

  10. @Rohan, Has Google decided not to ever make Hooeycomb open? I thought I read that they were just delaying it until they modified it to work with phones too…

    Please keep us informed on any progress made towards Honeycomb on Adam. Thanks! 🙂

  11. I suppose that I will be waiting moderation, but I di want to say welcome back, Rohan! My Adam is among the 700 or so on the move now. I am so happy there are so many Adams on the move, congratulations. Dee

  12. Very good to get an update again and good luck getting Honeycomb!! Very excited and glad to have the week-end specials back. Hope to see some Honeycomb in the following weeks.

  13. I received my Adam on Friday and I’m in love! For those still waiting, it’s almost here! Your wait and frustrations will be worth it, trust me…I’m technically not an Adam expert but rest assured, I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!

  14. A Post! Whew Hooo! Great for the update and so glad to finally have an explanation. Excited to get my ADAM in my hands in the next few coming days. Also, the weekly posts sound promising!


  15. Nice. Yes long overdue, but it is nice to finally be making a comment on my adam. Love the device, while there are issues software wise. Hopefully you guys can get honeycomb working and looking forward to a better eden experience. Keep up the good work.

  16. What we know is that they want to choose partner, specially the big ones. Interestingly for the next version of Honeycomb, Tegra might not be the preference! They are really experimenting and slowly engaging everyone, but from top.

  17. Some good points were discussed and the news of a forum soon going active is noteworthy but… much of what you said Rohan, is extremely difficult for the average user to understand. Please, in the future…keep it simple.

  18. Hi Rohan, Appreciate the long-delayed and much awaited post and inputs. Hope all the inventory stuff gets sorted out quickly.

    I was thinking (knowing full well that NI is still in “startup” mode) – perhaps this is good opportunity and time to internalize (as far as possible) industry best practices (in all areas – manufacturing, supply-chain, communication etc) as part of NI processes. It might seem to be a pain initially – but, will hold you in good stead in the time to come.

    Finally, could you pls clarify abt India orders and what actions are being taken to comply with the Custom’s diktat? Also, now that all existing orders have been shipped, when are the next round of orders opening?


  19. Finally the post. (Posting from adam 😉 )
    Couple of issues;
    1. We are still having the GPS fix issue 0/12. Not sure if it is being worked out. No update on this.
    2. Does adam only support 2-point multi touch unlike iPad 10 point touch. The latest version of Tegra 2 supports 10 point multi-touch, is adsm powered by pre-lstest tegra 2?

    Although its not the right place to post,can we get some answers on this?

  20. Rohan, you have not addressed about the faint buzzing noise coming out of ADAM. Support is telling its not an issue at all and they are suggesting software fixes that never solve the problem. Hope you will clear it atleast in your next post. Sound/Video recording is very crappy

  21. This update WAS long overdue. And it seems that I am stuck with Adam for a bit longer, as my cancellation was denied.
    Dear Sir,

    Greetings from Notion Ink!

    We are sorry for the miscommunication from our end in the previous mail.

    We regret to inform you that we’ll not be able to cancel the order at the moment.

    As we have already mentioned, your device has already been handed over to our shipping partners and they will be contacting you with your tracking details very soon.

    Your patience and cooperation in this matter is truly appreciated.

    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink Support Team
    So I’m in limbo for months, they have my money, no sign of any tracking number or proof that it was shipped, but it can’t be canceled either. *sigh*.

    At least he says (again) that we will get word in a few days. Maybe this time it will actually happen.

    If it does, I’m buying lottery tickets.

  22. Thank you for your post Rohan and your explanation. I also want to thank you for your apology. I look forward to more improved forms of communication from NI.

  23. Welcome back Rohan! It is clear you are taking every action to heart, and working to make the process better. My Adam is on its way and I’m excited to hear it won’t be going obsolete.

  24. Rohan, any word on who the new manufacturer will be? Will this be a new one or will you be going with someone who also manufactures other products?

    Can you discuss how NI is going to improve handling of defective devices? is NI producing back stock to compensate for this so people dont have to wait for a replacement to be built? You know what your average defect rate is, are you over producing stock to compensate?

    You mention Eden2, from the sound of it, you are taking a windows approach to the operating system and integrating the browser into the Launcher for the adam, is this correct?

    Do you have any plans on making the device more multi task friendly? The main thing preventing the adam tablet from replacing my laptop was the multitasking capability. I personally need to be able to switch back and forth between multiple programs without them losing data or force closing like they currently do on android. Any thoughts on this?

    Thank you for your time Rohan…

  25. Just one complaint. I was one of the first to order and among the last to ship. I even turned to cursing NI. Now that my order has shipped, the anger has gone. Can you make sure this doesn’t happen again? Probably have production start before you start taking orders.

    Can’t wait for your next tablet. A thin tablet with a pen would be amazing!

  26. I have my Adam for more than a week now and boy…..what can i say!!!
    Had few issues that resolved with the update, had some more and was resolved by the notion ink team within hours of my mail and that too a full 2 page mail explaining what to do and how to do it!
    Looks like notionink is taking all efforts now…
    Waiting for the Honeycomb update!

  27. @Rohan

    “I have at least 3 instances with at least 8-9 tabs opened on each (with one in incognito).” I am a tad curious as to what the incognito instance was for 😛

  28. Also… every time I look at the Tech spec’s page I see this “Bonus mystery feature ;)”

    I feel like it is ridiculing me because I still have no idea what it is and when to expect the mystery to be revealed… You seemed to joke about it with some random camera guy at CES but have yet to make any official statements…

  29. When you are “incognito” nothing gets saved on your computer. No history, nothing. It’s like you never even looked at the sites you were NOT looking at 😀

  30. This may have been the most important post in notion ink history

    If it had been general promises of something good to come it would have fallen flat. But it is specific. And we will be able to see if things are being done a’s stated.

    New formun. Weekend updates. All Adams shipped in notices in a day or so. Very good post

    If honeycomb is not coming shortly. Then updating the current build becomes even more important. Eden has great potential. And Adam can be a great tablet without honeycomb. Even just using Eden-x is very good. Just think what it could be with an app store and none beta versions of the applications. It has so much potential now we just need to see steady improvements.

  31. I agree on that. Google is doing away with its Open Source available to all policy it seems. And this is gonna hurt Notion Ink for sure. Motorola, LG, Samsung will all clearly have an edge.

    I remember Rohan mention a few times about how excited he was to have partnership with some big folks – carriers and retailers. And also that Google has a hand in something that NI was doing. And that he can’t wait to disclose their names etc.
    What happened to all that?

    And what about Genesis, weather app, map app and the books/comic books store?

    I am not being harsh or critical here, but I am seeking answers to this questions, which NI have yet to answer (I emailed them, but no reply in weeks now).

    Update: I just finished reading Rohan’s new post today. Glad to know that he is back in action. Nice post Rohan, and hope Google gives access to Honeycomb.

  32. Thanks for your update. Overall the Hardware built is good except the camera image quality. It is grainy and bad . Is it because of camera software?. I have removed the two layers from camera. Will the Eden update covers the gps issue and other system crash.

  33. Good to hear from you again, but still waiting for the tracking number. I really hope to finally receive Adam.

  34. “Indian customs has made it clear to us that we will not be shipping to India anymore unless we enter into retail, or have a partner there.”
    I’m from India……..this is for future orders, right? I still haven’t received tracking information……

  35. Thanks for this long overdue post!

    I have one request- Please change the blog settings to allow for more comments per page… 10 is too little… It becomes impossible to follow conversations… Comments have already reached page 9… Also, comment order- Newest first, please.

    Forum, CHat, Support- good news! Hopefully “soon” is not your normal soon… 🙂 because we have been hearing about the support infrastructure being set up for quite some time now.

    Thank you for listening to us and taking a decision to factory apply the screen guards… Great decision.

    Change the manufacturer? At this stage? Although at this stage, it only means some delay in manufacturing the next batch of “ORDERS” (no more pre-orders, please); I am still excited for the prospect of a bigger and better manufacturer. I was jsut wondering- do you not have contracts or the like to stick to a manufacturer for a while before you can change? If not, then great!

    Sad to hear you will not be continuing shipping to India… If you must, then please start with looking at retail options first in India. It will help you a lot to understand the quirks of the retail process. I have one question- Even if you go into retail, you will still need to import the ADAMs into the country, right? So, how are you safe from customs, octroi, interstate taxes etc? Is it not the same as now, just in bulk?

    I am hopeful for a saturday special on saturday and hope you make a more frequent appearance on this blog (It is yours, after all 😀 )

    Cheers for a brighter future for Notion Ink!

  36. Nice to see you again Rohan.
    And really looking forward to the weekend specials – those I missed heaps.


  37. Good to hear from you Rohan.

    I just want to share with you that I’ve been enjoying my Adam for over a month now and it has been absolutely wonderful.

    However, I am not sure if anyone will get to see this post as I don’t think anyone has seen/cleared the moderators queue for a long time.

  38. Dear Rohan,

    If google falls on it’s collective butt and decides to play keepers, will you be looking into allowing us to use others roms? Right now I believe you have it set up that rooting adam voids warranty.

    I also am wondering is there a way to record video and write at the same time?

    Can you do something about fixing this blog so newer comments show up first? And maybe porting the comments to notion ink sure for future reference?

  39. I couldn’t wait any longer so I purchased an Adam from a friend who needed the extra cash. My question is what kind of support can I expect from NI on a previously owned Adam?
    By the way, good to hear from you again Rohan. Your posts always give me a sense of excitement.

  40. Hey Albert,

    Rohan did mention in one of his communications a few months ago that the Mystery feature was the FM Radio.
    However, we are yet to see it in the form of an app. Lets hope its in the next update/upgrade.

  41. Your comment about shipping to India – does it mean that the people who were a part of the February pre order, from India, will NOT be getting their ADAMs?

    Could you please help clarify?

  42. Happy to finally read something from @Rohan
    I was a little surprised by Google’s honeycomb decision as well, and i could gather that tegra may not be something they initially jump onto. (aside: it seems that someone with truly open source tablet os might have some role to play here.)

    @Rohan thanks for the updates. You have no idea how useful your communication to us is. You might *think* you have some idea, but you trust me… it’s more useful/important than you think! And that’s a good thing, I’d say.

    I can’t wait to try out Eden2. In my opinion, the current Android is crippled on Adam. It just is.. and it takes less than a day of use to realize. From your comments and projections, I can see that you realize this and you are trying hard to change that. I admire that. Growing up, I went to a Gujarati school and learned that “nishaan chook maaf, nahi maaf nichu nishaan”, roughly translated as “It is ok to miss your aim, but you can’t be forgiven for aiming low”. I am a sucker for grandios dreams and vision. Please keep at it, and keep us all motivated through it. And who knows… if we end up at right place and at right time, we’d have changed the course of technology for the better 🙂

    I’ll be looking forward to the April 2nd update.

  43. Simple or difficult, the fact that Rohan posted is good enough :)! And what a post! I think its Rohan’s genes, he’s such a natural techie that such techno-stuff is obvious and comes like his mother tongue! 🙂

  44. Well, I guess nevermind! I just got an email with my consignment number!

    29 Mar 2011 10:54:13 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    29 Mar 2011 05:27:11 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    28 Mar 2011 21:53:58 Hong Kong Connection Delay. Recovery Actions Underway.
    28 Mar 2011 17:38:37 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    26 Mar 2011 19:33:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    25 Mar 2011 20:10:46 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    25 Mar 2011 20:01:45 Xiamen Shipment Received At Origin Depot.

    Don’t have a delivery date, but at least it’s something!

    Time for those lottery tickets…

  45. Pre installed screen protectors? wow, very nice 😀 :).

    And a question here. Are you working on the battery issue ? Read many times in forums about that, only 4-5 hours of battery life because of cell standby etc.

  46. Good to hear from you Rohan!! I’m waiting for my Adam…. after following this blog for over 1.5 yrs….I should have the adam this week!!!

    Look forward to hearing form you more often.

  47. a well written and seemingly well thought out post. Thank you for addressing our many concerns and doing what is necessary to insure the best product and processes moving forward. As a six sigma engineer I can appreciate the struggles you are having with quality issues. How will you control the manufacturing process better so that the new manufacturer can be a better partner to you? Also, are there any updates to the brick and mortar stores for th US and Europe?
    I am extremely excited about the return of the weekend update and the open lines of communication about to be implemented. One last thought, it is amazing to me how this community had some precognition as to what the struggles NI might be facing and was able to hold one another up during the silence. Rohan, I hope you appreciate this group who has believed in you and your dreams even when the naysayers were spewing their venom. Thank you family for being there for all and helping one another keep the faith, resolve software issues, and provide videos photos and tracing updates to show the Adams on the March. Best of luck to you NI onward and upwards.

  48. I don’t think we should underestimate the average user… especially the average Adam user. Nothing really THAT difficult to understand is there? And anyway, at this stage a full explaination was the only way to go – without EVERYONE shooting him down.

    Here’s to the full production ramp-up – and especially to the evolution of the UI and indeed Honeycomb – and more tablet apps.

  49. …”You mention Eden2, from the sound of it, you are taking a windows approach to the operating system and integrating the browser into the Launcher for the adam, is this correct?”…

    I understood it to be the other way around, the “Launcher” would be integrated into the browser is what he was saying – the all encompassing browser will be the launchpad for everything.

  50. Is anybody getting battery life of more than 10 hours ? I heard people should be ideally getting 15 hours of batter life on wifi browsing .

    can anybody confirm this ?

  51. ++++++++++++++++1 – get the blog sorted out – and stop changing the settings over comments – latest first a please and more comments per page.

  52. Just a off topic question::
    I will be receiving my adam today. So what should i do first:: Check for the updates from Notion Ink or they will be pushed automatically?
    I am planning to install Eden X as soon as I receive my adam 🙂

  53. Thank you Rohan and Team, for your explanation and for sharing your progress with us.

    Still wondering about gps not funcioning, so looking forward again to your weekend specials for techy updates.

    BTW: read this post on my Adam, at work 🙂
    Hellloooooo new world!

    @Himanshu: good luck today! Have fun!
    You will be able to watch the match on your Adam tomorrow 😉

  54. even though i don’t have my Adam yet(or email from TNT) I’d like to know this as well!

  55. I bought an Adam for my brother as a gift. He is a doc and absolutely not into gadgets or anything. I bought it for him and yet have to give it in his hands (I am waiting for mine to arrive before I give him). Anyway I told his as starters check the NI website and the sign in to this blog. He mails me back in couple hours asking just one thing…. “What is the bonus mystery feature”…. Now what do I say?

  56. Awesome to finally hear something and with such detail. Was losing interest and faith, but still can’t resist checking the blog! Will be one of the first to sign up the forum despite not even ordering an Adam yet. I really REALLY hope the new forum has nothing to do with wordpress whatsoever! By the time I get an Adam everything will be great, I’m sure. (I’ve been following NI.Hacks and XDA with something approaching awe at how fast crowd-sourced problem-solving can move. Freaking geniuses. Can’t wait to see their code trickling into NI’s official releases 😉 )

    Any Aussies out there want to tell how awesome their Adams are? I’ve been glad to see (via the spreadsheet – congrats all involved) that Australians seem to be immune from most delivery woes. Excitement is back- keep it up!

  57. Ah….. information!!

    I, for one, really appreciate that Rohan is sharing so much information about the manufacturing process is going and the problems they are facing and solving. Thanks for being that open. While I do understand the poster (way, way above) who requested simpler updates I just wanted to voice my praise for the peeks into what most consumers don’t ever get to see.

    I’m also glad to see NI working hard to get these new aspects of bringing the Adam to market under control. I have an Adam (broke down and paid too much for one on eBay… since all I have is MasterCard and thus missed the pre-orders) and I can say that this device and the innovations in represents are well worth the effort (and the waiting) on everyone’s part.

    Wisihing NI the very best in becoming the company that it wants to be. 🙂 And thanks for letting us watch and participate in the process.


  58. Someone, please let me in!!! I’ve been dying to post here, especially after Rohan’s blog!!! But, to no avail! I have ghost posted some 10 posts in the past 3 months, and all are lost in oblivion! 😦

  59. If you browse though one of Rohans January posts, you will read somewhere that all ADAM’s after PO1.5 will be pre-updated! Means, you don’t need an update. I may be wrong…this something that I read that I am conveying to you.

    Don’t have an ADAM yet, but I know today or tomorrow max I should be receiving my MAIL!! 🙂

  60. Karen is right… actually, I noticed that a lot of recent ADAM receivers are finding their ADAM’s far more stable than previous ones! So, take Karen’s advice! 🙂

  61. Battery life seems to be literally half of what was promised! Most users are getting some 4-5-6 hours max with normal use! Yes, some changes on this front would be nice!

  62. Good to hear so much, after a very long time. All the info that Rohan has put so far on this blog is very valuable, can be compiled into a something called “NI’s guide for gadget StartUp – Dream Big”.

    Also I have my tracking # from PO2.

  63. Truly, not shipping to India means losing out on millions of potential customers! Indians are increasingly becoming gadget-savvy (not that they weren’t in the first place!), so the need for a PC replacing tablet would be on their mind! ADAM was one great device Indians would love to buy, especially bcoz its an ‘Indian’ device on an international platform.

    Rohan, try to find a solution to this. I mean if the customs are asking to have an agent in India, so whats the issue! You already have a huge base here in Bangalore! Don’t kinda get it!

  64. Hi Himanshu, been following your post now for some time..

    i am totally new to Adam and Android, though still waiting for my adam can u guide me some read to know adam more.

    Whats EDEN and EDEN-X ? how do i get apps on Adam if genesis is not yet ready

  65. Thank you very much for clearing the confusion.
    Its sad not to be able to sell in India.
    But you will fix this someday.
    I really hope you do.

  66. Okai 🙂 .Karen be ready to face barrage of mails from my side to solve my problems 🙂
    ANd It’s a nice idea. is live streaming world cup matches live for India and I will definitely watch it on my adam :). Though I am superstitious and at pressure situations I dont see match at all as i believe it helps India to win matches 🙂

  67. Hi Rohan
    got mine ADAM on this Sunday.Updated to latest OS.
    still I’m facing Airplane mode BUG.I cant switch on bluetooth(it says airplane mode is on) but I can connect to WIFI and check box in airplane mode is UNCHECKED 😦
    I’m using EDEN ONLY, please release small patch to solve this problem as many people are facing this problem.

  68. I don’t understand what’s wrong with me, read Rohan’s latest post three times, and going to read it the fourth time after posting this message!

    Its like I want to memorize everything he said! He said so much (it was needed after such a looooong break!) that I feel ‘all clogged pipelines’ have started to overflow! No more mishaps, no more delays, more technology, more updates/upgrades, more connection!

    The last strong emotional connection I remember having was with my HTC Touch HD2! ADAM has made me overflow with emotions, and it keeps on with it! 🙂

    (PixelQi +wifi + 3G hopeful)

  69. @rhattangdi: +1
    – The development of Adam takes place in India.
    – The comments on this blog from the Indian community are often very worthwhile
    – For a designer it helps greatly if his product is used around the place where he lives (one of the resons of the success fo Silicon Valley) and when he gets comments that are based in the same background, surroundings and culture as where he is from. otherwise it is like designing something that is used on another planet rather then by your own neighbours, colleagues, community.

    It will be very helpful for NI if they can find some kind of solution for (limited) distribution in India. So even when it is shipping only a limited number to their own office, and then only accept orders from this site, it will benefit the development team. Few things work as good in development as seeing people use your product or software.

  70. Mate even I am new to android. Adam will be my first android device. So members of this forum will be much more capable then me to help you on this front.

    Saying that let me put my two cents here::

    EDEN is the NI’s propriety UI over stock android OS.

    Eden X is a custom ROM over which gives you experience of both stock android and modified android(@Expert members::Correct me in case I am wrong ) + provide you market access(to download thousands of android apps which is not there with EDEN currently) + solve some of the instability issues persisting with Eden.

    for apps you can download .apk files and then out in your ad card and install them on your adam.
    this is the link for it ::””

    user majja on NotionInk addicts has also shared many important files which you can download.
    This is one more thread for suggested apps to try on adam::


    This is one more thread to get more from you adam::


    I have just bookmarked these threads and will read them carefully once I receive my adam.
    I hope this will help you

  71. OMG! Rohan, you’re back. Today is a good dawn.
    All these new implementations sound great, they will be an important addition to the stewing commentary found on all the blogs dedicated to your wonderful product.
    I still have a few questions tho…
    What happened to Genesis?
    What are the sales numbers for total orders?
    Can Saturday come faster with my adam in hand?
    Good job to your PR team, this was an excellent post, timed to beat back the tides of doubt and competition.

  72. @nepoc: +1

    I hope that NI will keep us updated on access to Honeycomb as much as possible.

    I wonder:
    a) if Rohan has sent Google an Adam :mrgreen:
    b) if Rohan supports the initiative from NotionInk Hacks to get a Honeycomb port

  73. Recieved my adam 🙂 🙂 yipeeeee . Taking break Will try to post pics till evening and that’s promise :). I am happy

  74. I see it now, an entire novel full of intrigue and manufacturing battles and customs troubles:
    Inking Rohan’s Story: How a dream grew into a sensation
    The Notion Ink Adam and its Chrorus of Slightly Obsessive Fans conquer Apple… muahah

    I think I’m one of them, been sitting here grading papers for 4 hours hitting the refresh button, and bam! a miracle.

  75. @Rohan: I wish you success with this tough negotiation battle.
    I hope that Google sees and appreciates the value and break-through developments of Adam and Eden. You might be lucky. Google was also a start-up not too long ago.

    Have you visited them already?
    Seeing is believing, particularly when we talk about a) vision and b) real manufactured products.

  76. Looking forward to the official forum. Thanks for the update Rohan. Looking for a comment in

    the last post was like running through a giant maze blindfolded.

    @Rohan: When you say recent update could you be expansive please? What’s the build

    number? My adam keeps saying it’s upto date.

    King regards


  77. Glad to see you back here, Rohan. Interesting to read about all the hurdles you and your team had to conquer to get the production on track.

    Regarding Honeycomb: good luck on getting the okay from Google and getting access to the source-code. I read somewhere that Google is working with LG on their own (Nexus) tablet, which will probably be running Android 3.1. Just hope that Google will decide favourably towards NotionInk and accept NI as a genuine tablet manufacturer!

    Looking forward to reading your regular saturday’s blog updates again!


    29 Mar 2011 13:56:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    28 Mar 2011 16:33:56 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

  79. If we don’t see you commenting here for next 48 hours… we’ll know why. It’s ok… we understand! 😀

  80. @themave: +1
    But it should be an Eden-x that comes from NI, otherwise users (including me) will worry too much about compatibility.

  81. Regarding the ‘Changing the Manufacturer’, was this the reason Rohan had visited Taiwan for finding the right candidate? Having our future devices ‘Made in Taiwan’ sounds so much more quality-compliant if this is true! 🙂

  82. @Joshua Price: and then win enough money to buy everybody in your family an Adam because they are so jealous of you having one 😆

  83. @Greg and anybody else who can answer this:
    I have NIP201402111 update currently. Is there a later update available for Pixel Qi models? when i check with Update Adam frm settings I get message that my system is up to date

  84. Hi Rohan,
    I was thrilled to see your post. I am desparately waiting for your next pre-order as I don’t want to lose out on that. The news about Honeycomb is, i hope, just a temporary one.

  85. When is the next batch orders? This time I’ll definitely order a PixelQi, as the problems seem to be solved.

  86. Rohan, i think we all appreciate your dedication to getting things right. Though i have been unable (as of yet) to purchase an Adam, i am very excited for this streamlining that has been done. I am hopeful that the new pre-orders begin soon!

  87. @sameerchougle: one good thing about Adam is that Rohan promises continuous updates so that our Adam will never become obsolete.

    So we will always have to update, but in exchange our Adam will get better and better.

  88. +1 krozwest

    I think adam rocks…. I was at home last night with my adam rooted and looking all over the android market for apps. I really envy the buyers (whose adams were shipped in the past few days) who are having their screen guards put on by the manufacturer. You are lucky indeed. With the screen guard over the LCD screen, one doesn’t need to worry about, (1) glare and (2) scratching the surface.

  89. hi Rohan,

    Glad to note that finally my Adam has been shipped.
    You are just undergoing the pangs of a ‘startup’ and its a part of the learning curve.
    Hope you just keep moving forward toward your goal !

    For shipping to India, one of the way out is to appoint a Importer / Distributor (if you dont want to do it yourself), who would import Adams into india in bulk and service the retailers and others from a central warehouse in india.

  90. One wonders if there is a way for a team of trusted Americans that could accept the orders shipped from China to the USA; then turn around and Wrap the Adams up and send them as “gifts” to our “friends” in India who want them, and who have paid NI.

    I used to have a client in Hyderabad, Webtoons Media and sriven Multitech. We sent him special computers and video equipment used in the producing animation and visual effects; and sometimes a few Americans came along to demonstrate to the staff how it is used. We had few problems taking stuff to India, especially if we did not plan to return with the equipment. Maybe we could do something like that.

    I’m just thinking…

  91. nice post .Needs a few reads more.

    Really happy to see that Rohan said NI will keep pushing out updates and upgrades.
    Had my adam for 2 days now really loving it.

    Rohan an offical manual will help I still dont know what those 4 bottons on top left do
    I just keep pressing them till something happens.

    Planning to buy a micro SD card today and soem more accessories.
    What the max size of the micro sd card that we can buy to put on the adam

  92. Initial impression::
    Adam Rocks. I found it really solid while handling and looks wise too it’s a beauty. Took lots of pics, trying to take lots of videos. Liked the colors of LCD. Now playing with it.Setting my date,keyboad settings. my logitech mouse worked like acharm on it. Trying to attach my logitech bluetooth mouse too. pen drive detected without any problems. Sound is good but as I always play all songs loud on my ipod touch, it did not impressed me much but that’s me as i listen music too loud and been scolded by my parents everytime 🙂 :). Will post the pics in the evening. This is time to play with my adam and btw even my mother was impressed with this peace of beauty :).

  93. corrections :: my loitech keyboard worked like a charm, trying to attach my mouse. ANd not trying to take lots of videos. Tried one video but light setting was not bright so may be try later and post some videos too.

  94. okay ,
    I am not sure if this is the right moment to check into this aspect as everyone is happy because of their Adams are moving to them pretty quickly .

    What I liked/loved in Rohan’s dream is the tablet which has all those features that no other tablet did have(march 10) .
    1) 15 hours of continuous HD video — not yet fulfilled
    2) 5 days of continuous audio playback capability — not yet fulfilled
    3) Pixel Qi mode – yes, you have done it
    4) USB supporting features — is there

    Battery backup is still undelivered promise .

    Ipad 2 is being released in 28 countries at reasonable price, great build quality(i believe)and good support .Also other tablets has arrived which were not there at the time your dream .

    So what can make Adam special than some other tablets which are currently in market with similar specs ?

    I could not buy one at PO2 , but I am tentative of buying next time .

    I want the Adam to go longer , faster and smoother when play/watch/browse than others . Can this be delivered sooner ?


  95. try “” that should halp if you haven’t read it.
    wich would also tell you this “25. microSD Slot: This is the microSD slot, where microSD cards upto 64GB can be placed to store and access data.”

  96. Thanks for the update. I have been very patient and supportive of NI here in the blog… all the while because I felt like I was being involved in something special, something that is going to go on to be a big player in the tech-industry, a game-changer… and I want to be a part of it. I hope I do get that tracking number by tomorrow, otherwise, I will have no choice but to start throwing tantrums on here like many other 😉 hehe.

  97. You are not alone, but you can see from the spreadsheet that a lot has been accomplished in the last 4-5 days. The amount of movement happening among over 1,500 people should give you hope and optimism that you will have your Adam!

    You can see everything at these OFFICIAL Mirrors:
    1: “”
    2: “”
    3: “”

    To make changes to your entry, please fill out the Form at: “”

  98. I think its the cost factor.
    I just checked in my country and to gte a table that even comes closed to Adam ( hardwaress specs wise ) I will have to shell out 3 times more than what i paid to NI

    So seriously in India if you have sales tax and octroi and inter state tax + agent commission just think the price will hit the roof.

    that way it will cost you double to own the ADAM.

  99. Hang on Burt, we all are probably in the last ‘special few’ batch of ADAM’s, with the Screen guard pre-installed! Good for us… 🙂

    So the wait will all be well worth it! And Im not talking about the screen guard! 🙂

  100. Iqbal2403 are you the same person as gre8balz? I changed the name on the spreadsheet at your request, i think!



  101. what is the possibility that hackers/modders will be able to port Honeycomb from xoom to Adam

    Is it possible. ( new to android so might be obivious to many but not me)

  102. I think all Indian ADAMiites should send a collective request to Rohan to get Adam in India officially! By hook and not by crook!

    Huge fan base, millions of potential customers, news will spread like wildfire especially since most in India follow the ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing strategy to buy and sell stuff!

    Also, I wonder if Rohan ever considered India as the initial ADAM manufacturing base. Lots of my friends are asking why NI didnt manufacture in India itself (Labor is cheap here too, and probably more skillful!) rather than going to China!

  103. many thanks –

    dont get cricket channels put no worries adam comes to the rescue
    Just going to use online live cricket links on the Adam and via HDMI watch the match on the TV

    I just love teh plug and play HDMI port …reeally good performance

  104. One quick and dumb question:: I am currently downloading update for my adam on my adam. Are there any instructions fro how to install updates. Any link will be appreciated. Thanks

  105. Hallelujah! I really admire your dedication in resolving all those issues. It is really great to hear that you finally got all devices shipped out. Also, I’m definitely looking forward to those forums!

  106. But, Rohan, what does that mean for you and Adam?

    They have been changing the rules, while knowing that manufacturers were relying to their detriment on having Honeycomb in their tablets. You ensured that the tegra 250 would be in the internals. You’ve done your part; Google is breaking its agreement to make it available. Bottom link, there is a case here.

    Have you actually spoken with them? Do you want a lawyer to talk to them?

    Let me know.

    (You have my email address.)


  107. Great news, thanks Rohan! I love my LCD WiFi Adam from December order (despite the bugs, hopefully solved in next update!), waiting for my Pixel Qi 3G February order… And I have some friends who want an Adam! How and when can we buy some again (if only the ones of impatient or defiant people who cancelled their order)?

  108. Power down

    Keep Pressed volume + rocker button and now power up .It will bring you to kernel.

    Thats the 1st thing I did when i unboxed my adam by mistake entered the kernel screeen

  109. I have to agree with most Adam really does rock.
    Sadly i’m amazed that it took so long for silence to be broken. That length of time was not necessary, and did untold damage to NI’s reputation with its customers and the banking system. As we all were warned when we purchased our Adams ccavenue told us to clear the payment with the bank first- Indian companies have a poor reputation already!
    I didnt read anything in Rohans comment that couldnt have been shared with his support staff or us who put our faith (and money) into his company.
    I hope the new blog is moderated by NI staff and not the self appointed commentators of this blog. I read back over previous comments and one person – commented on just about every other post – and at that time they didnt even possess an Adam! So I say manage it in-house and treat EVERY owner the same and moderate out the unhelpful comments so that we all feel able to use the blog!!!

  110. Let’s indeed hope honeycomb will soon come to the adam. Even though I understand it’s not exactly perfect, it’s surely a good step in the right direction.

  111. Nirav, honestly forget the ‘Shipment under process’ when you log in NI website. Instead, wait for the courier company email that will give you the first thunderbolt! And then on, its smooth sailing!

    Btw, surname ‘Lulla’, Sindhi or Gujarati? Sounds Punjabi though!

  112. Pm:

    Keep checking your email – and check your spam filter. That’s where my email from TNT was found.

  113. So some more impressions::

    Found touch screen a bit sluggish(may be a hangover from my ipod touch but this can be fixed woth software I think)

    Overall liked it very much

    Before update It crashed twice or thrice. Download the update clicked on it. It automatically went to the kernel mode and within seconds it was installed. I hope I did not do anything wrong as the process was too fast.

    I will be playing with it for some time before switching to any other ROM.

    My mother loved the canvas software.

    Have to check my SD card yet. Will moving to watch the Newzeland -South Africa match.

    @All :: guys you gonna love your adam once it arrives. It’s a beauty and a piece of hardware to flaunt off 🙂

  114. @wjwjwjwj

    Are you in the spreadsheet? I don’t recognise the name (and I’ve gotten pretty familiar with the names.) Please enter your data into the form and you can see how it is going:

    We have three OFFICIAL Mirrors:
    1: “”
    2: “”
    3: “”

    To eter your information – or to make changes to your entry, please fill out the Form at:

  115. Even if it might sound silly: when I read the post I had a teardrop in my eye. They DO really still live and chances are we all will get our Adams soon.
    Thank you so much Rohan, you once more made my day.

  116. I know your pain Rohan. We just started production on a new product for the agri-tech field and had quite a few problems with some component’s long lead times and teething problems with production.

    All the best – can’t wait to have my Adam in my hands!

  117. The love in before the storm… what page does the rage start? 🙂

  118. This WordPress-thing is really weird…

    Am I the only one who gets the first page first? There was a time when the last commets are on top… Is there a way to do it? Or is it just me…

  119. it is likely a setting for the log’s owner.

    it’s now better then it was imho.
    (more comments per page+ latest comments on top)

  120. well i’d expect it’ll pick up a bit IF after tomorrow @ +- 19:00 in china people still don’t have a tracking email from TNT
    we might still have to give that 2-3 workking days…

    I’ll be keeping an eye on my mailbox 🙂

  121. @Veeraragavan
    I tried the NIP920220311 update. It seemed to work fine. Didn’t notice much differences. If you are interested you could try it from here. “”

  122. But when I open the blog’s “main page”, I get to page 1 of the comments – and not to the last one.

  123. Hi Rohan,
    Good to hear ya.
    Any chance of a Preorder-3 coming around anytime soon, esp since it looks that the entire process is getting streamlined!

  124. If you are downloading update through Settings->Update Adam then u dont have to do much than tap the screen whenever you are asked to. 🙂
    It’s a different story if you are downloading from NI site and then want to update.

  125. yeah I don’t get that page either, funny that we can reply multiple levels now as well 😛

  126. @Rohan. Thanks for the update Rohan. Good thing you did not give up with all the setbacks you encountered. I think you will really make it big time. All the best from Norway !

  127. heres my info as of right now

    29 Mar 2011 10:49:51 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    29 Mar 2011 05:23:04 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    28 Mar 2011 21:53:51 Hong Kong Connection Delay. Recovery Actions Underway.
    28 Mar 2011 17:39:35 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    26 Mar 2011 19:33:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    25 Mar 2011 19:16:36 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

  128. Will take some time to accustom to ANdroid. Btw Installed Dolphin,angry birds and flash. Liked the Dolphin browser very much.
    Need one more info: Dolphin by default open the mobile version of the website. Can we set the default as the normal website so that mobile version does not open up by default until asked for.

  129. Thank you for the post Rohan. Its been long overdue!

    Regarding the updates/upgrades to the OS,it would be great if you could let us know what new features were added so that we are aware of whats coming. I am personally looking forward to the much touted weather app and the music player whivh you guys hve designed. Also I am sensing that you guys have lost hope with getting honeycomb,although you are doing what is needed to get honeycomb

  130. @ROHAN, will there be another round of pre orders or straight open to all? Since I showed my Adam, lot of people are asking the same question “how do we order it”?

  131. Hi Prantha: indeed an uncommon problem may require a creative solution. However I am afraid that the volumes will create a problem. So we might be able to do it on an individual basis (for example via this blog or via one of the fansites) but as a system the numbers will be simply too high. Plus the Indian fans will have to pay double shipping costs as well as the VAT/TAX of the country of their friend.

    I can’t believe that it will be so difficult to set up a limited retail system in India where one party (NI?) buys a full container and uses it for the relative limited sales (as there will be no marketing done in India).

    If NI feels that they can’t do it, then maybe there is an entrepreneur in the fan-base who can open discussions with NI to buy a full container for an attractive price and all Indian sales on the NI website are channelled through to that person or that website with no further Indian marketing allowed.

    I do believe that even a small local customer base, will help with product development.

  132. @ Suresh

    Maybe this Multimedia page at “Android Freeware” will hold you over until you find get one from NI.

    Go to think link and see if anything is to your liking.


    All the Best 😀

  133. TNT is pleased to advise you that GATI (ON BEHALF OF NOTION INK) has arranged for a shipment to be collected from them on 29-Mar-2011 and delivered to blah blah blah…

    It’s coming! It’s coming! My baby is on it’s way! LOL

  134. @sameerchougle: yes, you are just dreaming 🙂

    But Rohan said earlier that he is already busy with Eve so maybe by the end of the year, you can give your Adam a companion as a Christmas gift 😆

  135. Good question and looks like there is no immediate plan to handle this issue, may be the demand is not great from India?

    I am little puzzled on the Rohan’s remark “It doesn’t make sense on business grounds either as there is added Octroi, Sales Tax, inter-state tax and VAT on Notion Ink for every product sold.”

    Typically, VAT, Octroi taxes are borne by the customer and not by the manufacturer, similar to the way the custom duty is paid by the end customer. On top of that, once Notion Ink has a retail presence in India, there is a good chance that shipping cost will be much less than the current $50.

    Overall, I think, once there is a retail presence, the final cost to the consumer including all taxes may be same or cheaper than current import cost.

    May be we should just look forward for Adam 2 instead Adam 1.

  136. OMG!!!!!!!!!!

    Just received this email from TNTTTTTTT!!!!! Im so excited my fingers are sticking to the keyboard buttonssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    TNT is pleased to advise you that GATI (ON BEHALF OF NOTION INK) has arranged for a shipment to be collected from them on 29-Mar-2011 and delivered to SAMEER BADRUDDIN CHOUGLE.
    The Shipment has a TNT CONSIGNMENT NOTE NUMBER: 2*********7
    To be able to check the status of the shipment simply click here >> Track my Shipment and more detailed information on the consignment will be available.
    If GATI (ON BEHALF OF NOTION INK) has provided a reference, this reference can be used to track the consignment.


    ‘NO. 284
    BOX 4819 SAFAT 13049



    PIECES: 1
    WEIGHT: 1.800 KG
    SHIPMENT REFERENCE: 88*******88

  137. @ Himanshu jain
    When you visit a site, it sees Android and assumes you want to display in mobile. Some sites have a link on the top or bottom of page and ask you to select Mobile or Full Site. If it is there select one. Just remember to be on a full web page when you leave that site, and it will most times remember your choice. For example the NY Times site @ “” has that option, I think at the bottom of the main page. A fair number of the major sites do this. The ones that do not look for mobile browsers always come up in normal full screen, with tiny fonts.
    This issue will not change until they start designing for tablets, like what happened with the iPad.

    Hope this helps 😀

  138. @Randomatoms: +1 😉

    They don’t even have to moderate comments out. I like a system where people can like or dislike comments with just one click. When a comment receives more the x dislikes, it is not removed but you have to click on it before you can read it.

    This is a very easy and useful self-monitoring system by the community, where nobody can start complaining about censorship etc. by NI.

  139. thanks for the update, Rohan – looking forward to the evolution of both NI and the site support systems/ forums, as well as receiving my adam (in transit from HK as we speak)…

    keep the dream alive!

  140. Paul i agree completely. That is what I ment. If Eden-x can work so well then notion ink should be able to make Eden even better

  141. I got a email from tnt !
    in the “TNT Consignment Tracker” under status it says “Exception” though is that normal?
    //me updating the spreadsheet now.

  142. rhattangdi says:
    March 29, 2011 at 10:31
    Hey Albert,

    Rohan did mention in one of his communications a few months ago that the Mystery feature was the FM Radio.
    However, we are yet to see it in the form of an app. Lets hope its in the next update/upgrade.

    Actualy he has never said in the blog or anywhere else in writing that it is an fm radio. It was only in the ces interview with crunchgear that he said it was s radio. He didn’t even say it was an fm radio. He just said radio

  143. @Himanshu,
    You will have the option to disable mobile view in setting . And if a site has mobile layout design , then the site design generally provides a link(might be a the bottom of page) which changes to standard layout .


  144. FJG,
    Thank you for the link, the site as well as majjj’s compilation of apps are my go to sites for the apps. However after so much of hoopla around the weather app and the less advertised music app, I wanted to see the apps devoloped by NI as they put in a lot of time in developing those apps. Also with the growing feeling of not getting Honeycomb, I think it’s time to see what NI apps can do and let the Adams perform better than the devices with HC

  145. Had sent 3 or 4 issues in my LCD/3G adam to notionInk support. Nothing new, the same battery, GPS kind issue which people have reported earlier. Within an hour ‘support’ replied with clear instructions to solve them. Each issue was bulleted and solution given. I am impressed, specially since all the crying and whining on this blog for last month, ur expectations have come down so much…. its nice to see NI prove otherwise.
    Now lets see whether the solutions work well too! I have a feeling it will! 🙂 Will report tonight!
    P.S: Still awaiting shipping info for my second Adam (PQi 3G)

  146. Good to hear that all PO’s have been shipped. I got my tracking details also just now and updated the sheet for Prantha (and all that uses it) accordingly.

    On my login on its still stated Shipment under process, so for others just keep checking your inbox (and maybe spamfolder).

    @Rohan, Glad you took the time to sort out PO shipments and keeping us updated about our PO is really what Support [at] NotionInk [dot] com is for. And for me they did whenever I send them an e-mail.

  147. Great to hear freom you again, Rohan! I sincerely hope operation Honeycomb succeeds. I got my Adam yesterday and it’s a fine piece of work. We had a few disagreements at first, but now we’ve become best buddies 🙂 I can’t wait to see what more there is to come for Adam in the future!

  148. Good blog! Finally some real news again and a truthful explanation of what is going on. Much appreciated that the communication is getting more open again, like it used to be. Let’s hope it stays this way this time!

  149. Can’t belive…received email from TNT….

    Count down has just started…Now I hope it all comes in 1 peice safe and sound

    If patience is worth anything, it must endure to the end of time. And a living faith will last in the midst of the blackest storm.
    Mohandas Gandhi

  150. I have had the Adam for few days now, downloaded bunch of apps from freeware and majjj… still working on Eden OS the Adam came with. No Amazon as I am in the UAE, of course no marketplace either!
    I am going to update with latest update tonight (NISupport sent an email with a latest build, I think they are sending this only to people who have certain issues, and will probably make it available for all as Rohan mentioned, soon).
    I personally think if apps are tailored to NI leaves and Eden in general, Adam is going to rock the Honeycomb boat. I know the Adam market is not as huge to have all app developers create Eden-centric apps soon. But I just have the feeling, like many such stories, one big company becomes close door types and tries to keep “others” out, and suddenly one of these “others” having being shoved away from the party, takes matters in their own hands…. and then one fine day becomes the nightmare for this big -close door company!
    Maybe I am dreaming!!! but I am hoping, that by shutting down Honeycomb to smaller companies, Google has just created the ‘David’! Cummmon NI, take Eden to a level where honeycomb can just hope to be! You are ahead, just take it far enough! Between NI and the NIHacks and other developers, more apps and overall a solid Eden can be developed! Take the goliath down! Beleive in yourself and the power of community!

  151. @ Himanshu:

    How do u like the color of Adam? Especially the white borderline?

    I was toying with the idea of buying the side strips from Amazon, but just want to know if the white color looks not-so-good.

  152. Great Post Rohan!

    We all know how long overdue this posting is, but the detailed nature of your reply should help to explain why that took so long. While you were a bit vague about the new factory, I can also understand why that is, as new arrangements are always in a bit of flux.

    I look forward to receiving my new Pixel Qi WiFi 3G Adam. I have already talked with AT&T about hooking it up to the Cell network, and the costs aren’t too terrible 😉

    I’m also looking forward to Eden development. What you describe is very interesting. If there is any way that users can help move that forward, you have but to ask.

    Waiting is,

  153. Thanks for the LONG over due update.
    At this point the proof is in the pudding. So I guess I’ll say all your points and efforts are well taken and appreciated. But I’ll keep my money in my wallet until I see if things improve.

    Unfortuneately the negotiations with Google MHO will be made all the more difficult by the history of failures to deliver a product efficiently to your customer base. Until you demonstrate that why should Google believe your device will be a winner in the market.

    I wish you the best of luck. But luck isn’t what you need. You need to deliver and build a history of good cusotmer service. Cusotmer service that is as good as the product you are brining to market.

  154. Rohan/NI,
    You guys have built a great product and a good customer base.
    Hope you guys continue to build on eden and adam in general.

    Thanks for giving me an oppurtunity to be one of the early adapters.

    Ps -posting fro m adam

  155. It all comes toghether, Rohan is back, just received the email that my pixelqi 3g is on it’s way and the weatherforecast is sunshine 🙂

    Bring it on.

  156. Even the address is right! Wow.

    Thus begins another stress test for my F5 key…

  157. I don’t think it is going to hurt Ni in the long run. In fact, it might be a blessing in disguise. NI adopted a revolutionary path right from the beginning and then given the momentum with Honeycomb, it was expected to go along that path. In this post, Rohan is clearly alluding to new ways of working with our tablets (my apologies if i over-interpreted the post as i have just managed to eye-ball it). Makes it all the more important for NI to focus on key apps. Overall, very satisfied with what NI is doing and is going to achieve in the future

  158. Rohan, thanks for the update, great to see you back and I can’t wait for the next couple of days to see if you really fulfill what you said about a forum at least, looking forward to the rest of the support IE: live chat.

    I have the BEAST rom installed, and it’s awesome. I think you guys should check out button savior for those of you who use your ADAM at night/dark I reported in the last thread that the home/search etc I wish it had a back light but since it don’t and you can use that.

    I wish the camera had a flash, maybe that can be for ADAM 2, flash for cam, usb charger, replaceable battery, thinner tablet.

  159. @ Rohan,,,Do you really mean are we going to get the tracking numbers by tomorrow?
    Need to wait & see…

  160. Great to have you back on-line. Looking forward to hearing more.

    Thank you

  161. did just that, thanx 4 all the effort
    hey! Rohan’s post coincided with the GATI mail for me! what a nice day!! (whether fits in smoothly with this description!)

  162. robinmdh: Check through your NI account. They provided me with a different path to TNT tracking that was a bit more informative.


  163. Superb post bro. Hope to see more about the forums and live chat. That’s going to be a great option.

    Btw, i messed up my matte screen protector. Any way I can find an alternative in the market? I am still using the same even though its messed up. No other option at the moment. 😦

  164. I agree. I have seen that in use and love it. No ingress comments are deleted but they are not available to plug up the lines. They are just in place holders.

    I suggest that Rohan implement that in the notionink blog.

  165. @Arif,

    Jake (Tactus Labs) has now put these up on Amazon. Here is the link

    He also has these cool Carbon Fiber strips

  166. People who are waiting for their TNT email:
    I didnt receive a TNT email and the NI status check page still shows “Shipment Under Process”… out of curiosity I tried the link that NI Order page shows when it ships your Adams (I got the link when they had sent me my first Adam)… the link is “” put in your reference number and make sure you click on the Reference number radio button not the Consignment number, and put your Order Number from NI, without the NI or the part after “-” is you still have that part in your order number that is….. and voila! I get my tracking info… saying picked up 29th March… heading to Abu Dhabi…. hope everybody gets the same result, I mean not to Abu Dhabi (Which would mean 100s of Adams for me), but to your own addresses! good luckl! I am elated! 🙂

  167. It may be more steps and a pain in the butt, has anyone else been paying attention to know that the android market can be accessed and apps downloaded from a pc? Who nerds market access on their tablet or honeycomb or warranty voiding rooting when you can do it on the pc? In fact (i don’t have my adam yet to check it out) could someone navigate to the app market online and check to see if they can workload and install from online?

  168. Thanks for Open Communication and Honest Answers.

    Past few weeks may be or still is pain for many of us but hope this will blog will bring some relief.

  169. yes prantha..just change it.. thank you.. btw how to get notification for each replay to what I post in wordpress? sorry out of topic.. n noob question..

  170. @sameerchougle,
    Given the problems NI is having importing the entire unit into India, I can’t imagine the problems they would have trying to get individual components into India. When we make intra-company shipments into India, we allow for up to one month for shipping and customs clearance, at least as of a couple of years ago when I last had to do that. Manufacturing lives on logistics, and that requires being able to pre-clear customs even before the shipment arrives.

  171. @Sameer personally I liked it. For me it was in contrast with black and was giving a nice look. I will also upload the pics for all of u to see. I will advise you to spend that money in sd card or some other accessories .

  172. Now why cant I get emails when someone replies. I tried checking the check box and i still dont get the email

  173. Who has got google calendar working with the adam. The user manual says that it is possible. I entered in the email address and password then it looks for domain details. The user Manual indicated that it would obtain these automatically. It comes back with a “\username” and for the server but I just don’t seam to be able to connect. Any ideas?

  174. I recommend the RSS Feed and a newsreader (e.g. Thunderbird).

    This is best to keep track and directly jump to comments.

    Also, check your WP-Settings. I once had this feature enabled but it busted my Mailbox 🙂
    RSS is no annoyance as I don’t get popups…

  175. Erm… a qustion to Prantha or anyone of the spreedsheeters:

    The form is manually processed by you, isn’t it? So – what is the minimum information I’d have to enter if I want to update my tracking status? Is my nickname sufficient? Although FF helps a lot with automatically filling out the same form again, entering all information thoroughly is quite a bit of time (not that it matters compared to the time spent here :D)

  176. Have one more question::

    For EdenX ROM:: will the Adam screen responsiveness increase? Presently I finding it a tad sluggish

  177. Great blog, Rohan. Good to hear from you. I am no longer depressed at having to downgrade from PQi Wifi 3G to just Wifi. I’m just very happy to have gotten 3 emails in 3 days from NI, and truly believe that my Adam is on the move. Oh Bliss!

  178. @Rohan, Thanks for the update, now let’s keep them going on a regular basis. Again thank you.

  179. Paul: NIH still needs the source to produce a.hack. If NI can’t get it then NIH sure can’t…

  180. raised a query about wi fi and gps and got a reply within 30 mionutes with detailed explanation what to do and how to check.

    I know why wi fi internet connection was not working exactly every 20-30 minutes.
    Now, set the WiFi SLEEP POLICY option to NEVER. This should resolve the issue

  181. there are a lot of things in this post that must be recognized and appreciated:

    – CUSTOMERS FIRST: the fact that you took the decision to recall the devices and ensure they were perfect before sending them to us proves, beyond doubt, that you do place customers first. You did this despite knowing that many folks were talking so negatively on various blogs. It was a risk, but you stood by your values – awesome. Now, there is an irony to this: the customers who were delayed more than the others and were ranting the most on blogs may have actually benefitted the most. No wonder suddenly every single one of that community has gone completely silent. Our friend 80apes has probably taken off to the woods to show off his adam to the ape community 🙂 hopefully he has taken enough stock of his meds with him

    – LISTENING TO CUSTOMERS: In the past few days, many said you were not listening. The fact that you decided to pre-install the screen-guards due to customer demand, makes it obvious that you did listen, although there was no obligation on your part to do that. Kudos. And the fact that you have agreed to continue the weekly discussions is a great relief.

    – TRANSPARENCY: clearly, there is no obligation on your part to provide such detailed explanation for the delays. You could have provided sanitized/limited information, but you have laid out all details. That’s much appreciated by everyone.

  182. If you are going to eden-x, then there is no point in updating first,

    Eden-x has the lastest updates, and it replaces the stock rom, so even it you did update, once you installed eden-x you would lose any of that anyways,

    Go straight to eden-x, that is were you need to be to have a stable usable tablet. There are still just too many bugs in stock adam to consider it usable in the stock state.

    But there is a word of caution, if you go to eden-x and Notion Ink releases an update, don’t try to install it. wait for eden-x to be updated, otherwise if you return your adam to stock, install the notion ink update, you will loose all your eden-x stuff.

    Not that I have voided my warranty, but this is a story of my friend,

    He had a completely useless adam tablet, it crashed constantly, forced closed applications constantly, had the stand by issue, pretty much anything that could go wrong did. He installed Eden-x and got a usable stable tablet, went to the google marketplace, purchased games and apps, was general content. then after three weeks of silience from noiton ink support, he got an email with an update that was supposed to fix all his problems. to apply the update he had to return his adam to stock, wipe all the user data, etc, and install the update, the update seemed to fix a lot of the problems, but there are still forced closes, and crashes, just not near as many. But what also happened, was he decided that he should try and stay with stock eden, so he could update to honeycomb later, this ment his marketplace access was gone, and he couldn’t reinstall or play any of his already PAID for games or apps.

    you need to decide to either go stock or go custom ROM, but it is not really an option to go the custom ROM route and then go back to stock without losing a lot of stuff.

  183. Will that drain the battery? –
    If you can get on the market there’s a wifi hotfix app for blade phones that works with froyo. This may fix your problem in a more dynamic way?
    It basically restarts my wifi when I bring my fone out of sleep. HTH

  184. I used the browser on Adam to go to the amazon site and downloaded their market app with no problems. I cant see why that would not work whether your adam was rooted or not.

  185. Guys as promised these are the pics of my Adam. Took a video also to showcase adam’s speaker quality but that is very naive one. Will upload videos at a later date. Hope you like the pics 🙂


  186. Excellent post Rohan, thank you. I am loving my Adam, Just waiting for ………………….. the next OS release. 🙂

  187. Really clean pics! Ooops, the finger prints are pretty nasty…. the website says otherwise…(tongue in cheek!)!

    And the speakers sound good!

    Thanks for the effort dude! Appreciated. 🙂

  188. Yupa… thats what the majority at NIH have said! EdenX is pretty fast and without the sluggishness as u say. But I thought that NI had pushed an update to solve this issue!?

  189. Hmmmm. I’m thinking that it might help if everyone contacted Google and told them we want Honeycomb on the Adam.

    Adam’s hardware is very similar to Xoom’s so they can’t say honeycomb wont; perform well on Adam.

    What do you guys think?

    @Roahn, who should we contact at Google (email address) to voice our desire to have Hioneycomb on Adam?

  190. Goto the android market through your chosen browser. It works on a pc and mac so why not on adam?

  191. I have had my Adam well over a month now and have used all the Rom’s out there. My preference is the Beast Rom by Josh For Trunks. So far the bugs in Eden are more then I have felt like dealing with. On top of that I just could not connect with the current layout of Eden. This may have something to do with having spent a lot of time with the standard Android platform. I have not entirely given up on Notion Ink getting their software for Adam working well. I’ll have another look at it when they get a Honeycomb release. I’m afraid that is likely to be a long way off. My suggestion for anyone who just can’t get the hang of Eden, or just does not like it’s layout would be to give the Beast Rom a try. It’s fast, force closures are almost non existent, and it is using the latest Notion Ink kernel. One of the great things about Adam is you have the ability to flash back to stock easily.

    I took the white side decals off my Adam and applied some red ones I got from a guy on Ebay. I think the stock one were of a better quality though and am considering giving the carbon fiber ones from tactus labs a shot.

    Glad to see Rohan finally broke the long silence. It was good to get a inside perspective on all the things he and his team are dealing with. Hopefully mistakes will be learned from and Notion Ink will move forward in a positive way

  192. I meant google app market that every one seems to think they don’t have access to. Can you confirm that it can be done through a browser just like on a pc?

  193. @prantha
    could you please change my status to received im “Pratik Bhatu”…
    And for evryone who alreay have their adam and are interested in games i recommend:
    Canknockdown 2.
    airattack hd (1+2)
    angrybirds rio
    Backbreaker thd
    Monster madness
    dungeon defenders
    Samurai vengenace
    Gun bros and
    Turbofly 3d….dats wat ihave but i want more so anyone any suggestions?

  194. You have to have the android market app already installed on your tablet before the browser market can find your device to install the apps on.

    so, if you don’t have a rooted adam with the market installed, the web-markplace won’t work for you.

  195. Thanks for the long due update, Rohan. Reassuring and great info. And good to hear from Greg ( on this blog after a while 🙂

  196. In addition to those listed, here are some more you may want to try:

    FYI: Some of these are games for younger kids…

    Fruit Ninja HD (or regular non-HD verison)
    Raging Thunder II
    Paper Toss
    Poppies (Lite)
    Spaghetti and Marshmallows
    Stupid Zombies (This is one of my favs) 😉
    Bubble Blast
    Doodle Jump (need to use screen input rather than accelerometer)
    Airport Mania
    Klondike (by Softick)
    Kid Mode (aka Zoodles)

  197. The article I read stated that google is only porting honeycomb to tablets not smart phones. I did not know NI didn’t have access to honeycomb. Most everything read states that google will eventually release honeycomb to the smaller developers, i.e. NI.

  198. The article I read stated that google is only porting honeycomb to tablets not smart phones. I did not know NI didn’t have access to honeycomb. Most everything I read states that google will eventually release honeycomb to the smaller developers, i.e. NI.

  199. I like the statement, but the truth can easily be different.

    Google has in the license with LG, a clause that says, Honeycomb can not be installed on a device that already had android 2.x. they are specifically saying it can only go on a new device, and not upgrade an existing device.

    Our likely option is that we will have to root our adams, and install a custom rom, put out by Notion Ink Hacks, and forever move away from Notion Ink support and there upgrade path.

    Everybody should make a donation to them, to help support their work.

  200. @Iqbal2403:

    I dunno if there is a way, but I think some people get RSS and search for stuff that says “@XXXX” with XXXX being their names.

  201. I am happy for you, but before you put down the people that have complained on the blog, realize the support you got is not the norm, we hope it will become the norm, but it is not right now.

    I sent in a support request, on February 23rd, and didn’t hear back till March 14th.

    I am going to try another support request because the march 14th answer only partially helped.

    I have pretty much given up on my current tablet working until honeycomb. but now maybe there is hope they will fix the problems. It is sad, I have had my tablet for 1 month now, and rather then use it everyday, it sits on a shelf, waiting for honeycomb.

    I pull it out every few days, and browse the web a little, but it soon crashes and I put it away, really until this post, I had completely given up on Notion Ink support, but I will give it another chance.

  202. chaipau said, on March 29, 2011 at 17:52 Had sent 3 or 4 issues in my LCD/3G adam to notionInk support. Nothing new, the same battery, GPS kind issue which people have reported earlier. Within an hour ‘support’ replied with clear instructions to solve them. Each issue was bulleted and solution given

    The more I think about your statement, the more disappointed I am with Notion Ink Support, if these known issued have been solved, why is it not out to everyone ?
    Every few days when I pull out the adam, I do have it check for updates and there has been nothing, so why does support give them to some, while other emails go un-answered ? Shouldn’t they be pushing these updates out to everyone ?

  203. @froyongadget!!!

    You ARE real!!! Would you mind putting in an UPDATE on the spreadsheet? It will take you LESS THAN 30 SECONDS, I promise! (You have the dubious honor of being the first person with an ADMIN Notice Requesting that you provide an update!)

    The Form is at: “”

    You can see everything at these OFFICIAL Mirrors:
    1: “”
    2: “”
    3: “”

  204. It can not, you have to have the marketplace app on your tablet first,

    then you can go to the PC and browse the web market place and it sill send the file to your tablet, but you have to have marketplace app on the tablet first, and you can not do that without rooting the tablet.

  205. Some people are working on a “living user manual” where the Adam users have written it – and Adam users update it. I think it is discussed in NA, but could be NIH.

  206. I believe you have to enter in the *required info. since the update is handled manually only the changes are adjusted (at least that was how mine was handled.) However, if you do not fill in the *required info the page is redisplayed with errors to be corrected.
    It would be nice if the data for the form was populated from the spreadsheet after entering your id but certainly not a necessity and since I don’t use google docs, I’m not even sure if it is possible.
    I usually have both the sheet and the form open so I copy and paste the date info so I don’t make a mistake.

  207. How about the good people of India actually working on their politicians to CHANGE the way they do business????

  208. Nothing’s wrong. That will be replaced with “Shipment in transit” within 12 hours.

  209. That’s not what the spreadsheet says! Why are you not updating it???

    Form’s at: “”

  210. Anyone please tell me what this means :

    Go to “” and it says that honeycomb is here. Does that mean that Honeycomb is released inspite of everyone saying that honeycomb will not be released.

    I got this link from the comments section on the Engadget site where some one says ” 4 days later…..”

  211. Hi Rohan,
    I am looking forward to EDEN and i am kinda liking it now, we need it more stable and hope the massive development is in process. We also need a update on OS soon and hopefully with few more apps. (Mystery feature still is mystery)
    Truly appreciate your work and keep going.

  212. @Himanshu jain:
    I have not rooted my Adam. But have installed many apks and through Amazon App Store. Dont see too many crashes even with GPS, wifi and all … quite happy with Adam except for battery time I guess … However I stopped using Browser.
    I want to remove my matte screen(it has many air bubbles). Make sure you see some videos on the installing the matte screen. It is supposed to quite an easy job. 🙂

  213. Huh.. NotionInk lives 🙂

    I guess you better to end the post with apologies… because you haven’t given any update for next order 😦

    1) Forum !! gr8.
    2) One thing I hate with the online content is – browsers won’t allow to save the content. Mostly I want to save the videos in YouTube or Facebook. (Except IE, in IE I can go to temp folder and take the flash file). So that I don’t need to wait for content again. (you know the EDGE speed in India right?)
    3) This would be the first question I ask in the forum – What is the video playback time for ADAM? (a basic test you could find in a review article from tech blogs – 65% screen brightness, WiFi on, running video continuously until the device dies). Answer from any Adam owners ?

    Karthikeyan R

  214. @@Himanshu jain:And maybe you Adam may come with matte screen installed 🙂

  215. Hey!

    (Am I one of those self-appointed commenters???)

    To make changes to your entry, please fill out the Form at: “”
    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  216. @KS is correct. Just fill in the stuff that has a “*” on it. We need the order date all the time, cuz we have about 30 “anonymous,” 12 “Davids,” etc. The order date makes sure we are entering the information in the correct spots.

    But, really, it will only take you a few seconds. 🙂

  217. @levpius no it has not. But dont feel like putting it. WIll it affect the brightness? I am finding the touch response a tad sluggish. Other than that liked Dolphin browser. Sniffer also creating problems at some of the instances. Canvas is a piece of beauty. my mother liked it the most.
    Oh and thanks for reminding me that we can install amazon app store. Any recommended apps? 🙂

  218. Greg:

    Agreed. And we should send emails to everyone who has an “” email address – OR who posts here: “”

  219. I have the same problem, I have temporarily resolved (reset to factory settings), of course if you put it in airplane mode and ‘point-to-head. (erases all data to backup) hello

  220. do not put on a plane, after you no longer have ‘a possibility’ of using the bluetooth

  221. Oops, almost bought QuickOffice Pro HD (special version for tablets) in advance. But just before I clicked “buy” I read that it needs Honeycomb…

    Yesss, I got a tracking # as well, but my Adam is still out and about in Xiamen. Not too long, I hope!

  222. @themave

    I don’t have the app market installed on my pc yet it still allows me to download the apps to install or move where I want to. Can’t you download to adam like any other site, then install with a different app that allows installing apk’s??

    Have you actually ‘tried’ to do this or are you just saying it can’t be done??

    With the amount of variance people seem to have as to what works and what doesn’t, it would be nice to know if more than just THEMAVE can’t do this. When I get my adam I will be trying it myself until then I’d like more than just 1 person’s opinion/experience in this.

    I will test this out hopefully this weekend when I’m supposed to receive this and post my findings then. Perhaps on NIH?? is it that allows you to have your own page?

  223. @Himanshu jain: My wife gets to use Adam while I slog out at work. She has installed Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio and Angrey Birds season of course. Swifttkey is a huge plus. Thats the best keyboard so far. She got it when it was free in Amazon, else it is 1.99$. NI keyboard is a beauty but has issues.
    Evernote or something where you can write and do free hand sketching(similar to Canvas)
    Kindle for Android by
    Adobe Reader
    Talking Tom Cat, Talking Santa and Bubbles are the best according my daughter
    ES File Explorer looks nice for File browsing

    Compass is not so good
    Barcode scanner doe snot work
    Tic Tac Toe s dont work

    A good GPS software is a must. My friend gave me his Garmin software, so I have something for now. But I think when I try to update maps, I will not be able to use it any more. Else, if you have a data plan, Google Maps is very good.
    Urbanspoon does not install

  224. ROHAN!!!! unfortunately i am a massive fan of NI, but dont have an adam! 😦

    I follow this blog like every day and whenever i post it never works so didnt get any invitations to buy an adam. Then tried to buy a code off ebay and got scammed. My luck is dreadful with buying this tablet, but i’m determined!
    I hope adam does get honeycome because from proof shown on other tablets, its an awesome OS! (to suit an awesome tablet :D)

    does anyone, or rohan, know if, and if so, when there willl be another round of pre-orders, i hope this post comes through :(!!!!

  225. Good pics Himanshu… I have the same adam holder… same colour..ooooo.. lemme check if i have one or u toook mine….;)
    TNT email has knocked my Inbox and it feels great….

    Enjoy Adaming….

  226. philly0128 said ..I wish the camera had a flash, maybe that can be for ADAM 2, flash for cam, usb charger, replaceable battery, thinner tablet…

    Philly, all great ideas, not sure how the flash would work with the swivel, but it would be really nice to have a flash.

  227. you had it right, “Adapters” is appropriate, as all the early adopters, have had to learn to adapt pretty well, just to get by with the crazy blog, the buggy tablet, the lack of comminication, a half dozen sites to visit to get answers. Custom Roms, updates that brick the machine. gps that locates you half way around the world. they have all been fun, and required a lot of adapting.

  228. dwarf, care to share the att findings, I haven’t looked into it yet, but as soon as my tablet is stable, I want to use the 3g, just right now, I wouldn’t spend the money to even try to connect over 3g, since the tablet still crashes so much. But hopefull soon.

  229. I read on one site, I think notion ink hacks, that the adam has an intentinal delay on some of the touchs, like when you touch the notification bar, it delays about a second to respond, they said a lot of it is just getting used to android also.

    they said people were getting frustrated, but once you realized it was supposed to act that way, it was much easier. don’t know if that is what you are experiencing.

  230. no, it doesnt mean it is released. I read enough to know it is basically an overview of what Honeycomb is and info developers would be interested in. I remain convinced someone will hack it eventually and then if NI does not get it for us if we are still interested I would think we could obtain it at some site of other, NIH comes to mind.

  231. some people get 18h (but with PixelQi only, I mention) with custom roms. But I wanna have the stock rom as long as i can, and not losing my warranty after 2 days when I get my Adam 😉

  232. @philly0128

    I have a family member who’s a design engineer for a Silicon Valley Chip Company. He designed some of the first chips that let cellphone batteries create enough juice to trigger a camera flash.

  233. Hello to Everybody!

    I have been following this blog since August last year. This is my first post on any blog site ever.

    I a just recieved my Adam yesterday. It is really beautiful!.

    I have the northern most Adam in the world. 😉 (200 miles south of arctic circle).

    Planning to take it with me next month to the arctic ocean on my field trip!

    I have not yet changed my ROM. Stock ROM is working fine till now. I have downloaded the amazon app store and it works fine.

    Does anybody have any idea how to check the battery status on stock rom? I have been trying to check the amount of battery but had no luck. Checked it in settings as well.

    How to play MPEG-4 audio files? I have a few songs from itunes, but they do not play on my Adam.

    I have a 32GB micro sd card. Somehow I am not able to see a few music files and documents on Adam, but I can see them on my laptop when I insert my micro sd in it.

    Otherwise installed angry birds. I am new to android. the first experience has been good so far.

    @Prantha: I have updated my entry on the spreadsheet twice last week, but my model always shows PiQi-Wifi-3g. I have LCD Wifi 3g. My name is Dhaval from AK, USA


  234. Hi Himanshu,
    I am a total android newbie also and found turning on the audible selection feature found in sound settings to be helpful. It gave me just enough of a sound to assure me my touch had been accepted. I don’t remember my screen being sluggish before I went to EdenX but it may be a bit quicker now that I did. I did find, as someone who had never used a touch screen before, that a tap was much more effective than a touch. You might say I was a bit heavy fingered at first but quickly found that quick taps were much more effective. I am tickled that you and so many others are finally getting a chance to experience adam. The biggest change I noticed going to EdenX beyond the obvious access to market was a huge drop off in forced closes. I still get them occasionally but I think most times that is me not understanding how to proceed correctly. Enjoy!

  235. Tim Said “The biggest change I noticed going to EdenX beyond the obvious access to market was a huge drop off in forced closes. I still get them occasionally but I think most times that is me not understanding how to proceed correctly. ”

    Tim, force closes are not related to anything you did incorrectly, they are bugs that are causing a problem. that is why eden-x has fewer forced closes, because he went through and fixed many problems he found, and continues to fix issues that come up.

    Notion Ink, on the other hand, up to this point has been silent on fixing errors, except for a select few people they have responded to.

    It does appear they are going to now release fixes to many more people. As reports are coming in that Notion Ink support is now answering emails with fixes. Which until the last few days hasn’t really happened.

    I know Greg had a dedicated tech support guy working with him at the beginning. Maybe now the rest of us will also get support, it sounds promissing

  236. @ themave
    You can always test out the 3g by using your phone Sim in your Adam if you have a data plan for your mobile phone from AT&T. The caveat is that when you put the Sim back in your mobile phone you can use the data, but not the phone.
    A simple solution was provided by Albert Wertz, and explains how below in a reply to my question to him when he tried to use the Sim in his Adam a while back.

    by Albert Wertz

    yes, the problem is that something in the adam changes something in the sim and the phone will no longer recognize it as the sim that was just in it. The fix for this is to turn the phone on while there is no sim in it, so it knows it needs to calibrate a new sim that is placed back into it. Then turn it back off, put sim in and turn back on. It will recalibrate sim. Adam calibrated sim to what it needed. You can swap back and forth all you want, you just have to turn on the device in between, without the sim in it, so it knows it needs to recalibrate when it gets it back…. I may not be using the right terminology but the procedure is the same.

  237. Well, to be frank I am too android ignorant to argue with you but I can state that in the apps that I now understand how to navigate around in I am simply not getting force closes. when I am do “hands on research” in an app I do not yet really grasp they still happen occasionally. Perhaps these are all bugs, I simply can’t say, all I can say is that when I feel I have a grasp on an application the forced closes seem to go away. I use to get them by the bushel with Maild, so much so that I picked up gmail, however, I like the layout of MailD better than gmail so kept going back and lately have simply not had any forced closes and the only thing that has changed has been my comfort level.

    Having said that I again plead near total ignorance in android so I could just be blowing hot air. I don’t really exercise adam much, I browse, I read, I watch videos, I play games and in those venues I am totally happy and he performs wonderfully. I will of course be happy to get any and all updates fixing any and all issues but for the most part I have no real problems but then I am not trying to use GPS although it seems to locate me fine, I really never put him to sleep as I am either using him or I turn him off but even there I have tested my sleep function and it seems fine even without the latest update and apparently fixed that. Sometimes ignorance is bliss and perhaps that is what is going on with me but I am really, really happy with adam.

  238. Rohan thank you for the update. I am very excited and am willing to help out in any matter needed.


  239. Yippiee!!! PO2 PQWifi3G

    29 Mar 2011 17:45:56 Los Angeles Shipment In Transit.
    29 Mar 2011 17:26:46 Los Angeles Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    29 Mar 2011 10:58:23 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    29 Mar 2011 05:21:53 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    28 Mar 2011 21:55:39 Hong Kong Connection Delay. Recovery Actions Underway.
    28 Mar 2011 17:41:22 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    26 Mar 2011 19:33:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    25 Mar 2011 16:52:06 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

  240. what you guys are all missing is that they cannot SHIP the units into the country. It doesn’t matter WHO they are going to, it is WHERE they are going to. as being manufactured in China, they are IMPORTS no matter how else you spell it. India has declared that the Adam will NOT be allowed into the country unless to a RETAIL store. Someone will need to get a business license and import them under the business name classified as a retail electronics store, and it will most likely be investigated as this is a current issue and if they have half a brain they will be looking for NI to be trying to circumvent the process

  241. Hi all,

    havent been posting here for a long time (my post are on moderation). will try this one more time.

    have my adam ~ 3 weeks and loving it. it is a great piece of work. Thanks NI.

    been really busy with work, deadlines one after another. will try to write some review on my experiences with it. likely post it on NIH though.

    anyway, thanks Rohan.

  242. 29 Mar 2011 17:41:36 Vancouver Shipment In Transit.
    29 Mar 2011 17:38:59 Vancouver Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    29 Mar 2011 12:26:46 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    28 Mar 2011 17:40:21 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    26 Mar 2011 19:33:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    25 Mar 2011 17:28:37 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

    Soo close I can taste it 😛

  243. Thanks a lot levpius. Have saved your post to download those apps 🙂

  244. @Hamirur123 lol :). DO let us inform as and whn you receive you adam with lots of pics 🙂

  245. @finndo: this is exactly what I mean. i can imagine that in the fan base, there is somebody with a business license who can sell the products. We do not need a large company, as it is not for national promotion. Just a small company, that is interested in earning some money by taking care of the Indian customers from this blog.

    If you are an Indian business person with a retail license, and think that you can earn money by importing one container with tablets, I assume that you can buy and import one container of tablets. Can you not?

  246. Done! In all honesty, I don’t think I will ever deal with this company again after seeing it’s incompetence and failure to deliver on promises.

  247. Reference 129xxxxxx2
    Pick up date 25 Mar 2011
    Destination SOUTHSIDE
    Delivery Date
    Date Time Location Status
    29 Mar 2011 17:54:03 Los Angeles Shipment In Transit.
    29 Mar 2011 17:39:13 Los Angeles Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    29 Mar 2011 10:48:34 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    29 Mar 2011 05:23:16 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    28 Mar 2011 21:53:46 Hong Kong Connection Delay. Recovery Actions Underway.
    28 Mar 2011 17:39:31 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    26 Mar 2011 19:33:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    25 Mar 2011 17:09:31 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

  248. @sassoonss: I am very happy to hear about the quick response.
    If NI can keep that up, then they will get a very satisfied customer base.
    The new forum should help a lot with that.

  249. Joshua – it’s worth the wait. I know it’s easy for me to say since I already have my device – but you won’t regret it.

  250. @John Thanks mate i am enjoying it. Will play with the Eden for some days and then will movie to one of the ROM.

  251. its 10:09 pm in Victoria Mar 29 right now. I hope that the package clears customs and is heading over on the ferry tomorrow.
    Fingers crossed.

    29 Mar 2011 18:34:00 Canada Others Shipment Held In Warehouse. Follow Up Actions Underway.
    29 Mar 2011 18:33:00 Canada Others Onforwarded For Delivery
    29 Mar 2011 17:41:46 Vancouver Shipment In Transit.
    29 Mar 2011 17:38:34 Vancouver Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    29 Mar 2011 12:26:46 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    28 Mar 2011 17:40:21 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    26 Mar 2011 19:33:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    25 Mar 2011 19:14:40 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

  252. Mine better be on the same boat!

    29 Mar 2011 18:32:00 Canada Others Onforwarded For Delivery
    29 Mar 2011 17:41:36 Vancouver Shipment In Transit.
    29 Mar 2011 17:38:59 Vancouver Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    29 Mar 2011 12:26:46 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    28 Mar 2011 17:40:21 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    26 Mar 2011 19:33:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    25 Mar 2011 17:28:37 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

  253. Looks like yours went through the line a minute before mine and then mine must have got sent for a full body search. I hate it when that happens. I always pick the wrong line.

  254. Himanshu mate… nice pics u posted 😀

    can u just tell me what is this ROM which everyone is talking about ?
    I guess EDENX / BEAST / EDEN are different version of the ROMS… and if my guess is correct they are different UI which u can use on your Adam.

    Does installing any one of these voids the warranty ?

    Where i can get more info about these… on the links you gave earlier ?

  255. levpius has given the right method- if you want to save few key strokes, please download any app for battery display – I use ‘battery widget’ -this can be placed in the home page and it always shows the battery status – if you keep it presse, you can see the status of wifi, 3g etc.

  256. But I think he should select moderators who have the power to delete posts that are (objectively) offensive, accuse someone of a crime of moral turpitude, are nasty lies, or insult other members.

    I’m a moderator on Huffington Post and I have had to delete many posts that cross the line from being discussions to outright flame wars.

  257. Do i have to remind you to enter your information on the spreadsheet? It’ll take you less than a minute – and it will contribute to a mass of statistical data that will help everyone in the Adam community.

    The Form is at: “”

    And you can see the results of many volunteers’ dedication, world-wide, who have worked hard to keep it current, right at these OFFICIAL Mirrors:

    __1: “”
    __2: “”
    __3: “”

  258. call up our courier companies and do pre clearance that will help to speed up the delivery

  259. @Kapil Thanks a lot.
    Yeah apparently It will void the warranty if we install the ROM. as per NIH i think we can anytime revert back to Eden so I dont think technically it will void the warranty but other members can tell you much better on this.

    Yeah they are different versions of ROM, available at NIH.

    NIH is the place to know more about them(from technical point of view) and NIA and this blog is a place to know about these ROMS from end user point of view :).
    The links I shared are the starting point. At least I will be reading them before doing something adventrous on my adam.

    In fact many memebrs here in this blog too share many useful links and information and I tend to save them for future use(eg Today levpius shared many useful apps which he is using on his adam )

  260. @Dhaval:

    Fixed! We had a few errors with yours because there is another Dhaval in India who bought two different Adams and we always have to be careful not to put your information in the wrong place. (The “anonymous” people are the worst cuz we have so many. Lots of Davids, Tims, Sami/Samys.)

    There are a couple of volunteers who take the time to clean it up while I am sleeping. And they make sure the information is accurate.

  261. So no shipments to India… does it mean Indian customers cannot order anymore in the next round of ordering??

    Saw this comment from Rohan ” It doesn’t make sense on business grounds either as there is added Octroi, Sales Tax, inter-state tax and VAT on Notion Ink for every product sold”. But I think every company in India does that; and by the way this is anyways always passed on to the customer. Which even NI is doing now. So not sure what’s the big issue to sell to Indian customers.

    I guess it is the same old illness every business in the world has… everyone wants to make profit but no one wants to pay taxes!! 🙂 That’s the world we live in!!

  262. Rohan, any idea when we can expect an Adam with Honeycomb? With the delay some of us had, it now seems it is better to wait for Adam with Honeycomb.

  263. @ Prantha

    A moderator, who owns the forum yes. They set the rules, if you want to be a participant. Break the rules, and you get the boot. I got the boot from NIH, because the moderator did not like what I said in 2 posts about Rohan’s interview. I did not think I should have been banned, because of what I posted, but I do not have a problem with the decision of the moderator. After we exchanged emails, and I explained my reason for my comments, he wanted to reinstate my account. I indicated to him to “Keep me banned”, because I knew I would pass that threshold again. In other words we have different interpretations of what can or cannot be said on his forum. I’m OK with that.

    I like what @ Paul Schoe had to say above, or a variation of that.

    Selecting moderators, I am not so comfortable with that. What we find nasty, is subjective.
    If a person(s) or company is libeled or slandered then the offended party usually has recourse. Different countries have different thresholds, that are influenced by their laws, and/or customs.

    But as you indicated, something has to be done, because right now there are no rules, and some real nasty stuff has gone down in the last couple of weeks. Some have tested and/or crossed the boundaries of decency.

    It is up to Rohan to come up with a solution that we can live with. It’s his baby.

    All the Best 😀

  264. This is what even I fail to understand! And why give it to a third party, NI already has a strong base in Bangalore, they can do it themselves!!! Its an Indian product, designed in India, only outsourced for manufacturing.

    I am sure if Rohan approaches the right channel, he can easily make this happen! And if he’s already done that then the crappy Indian customs and the whole system sucks!

    Personally, I would love to see ADAM’s (rather than iPADs) in my fellow indian’s hands, rather than any other device! Rohan, are you listening? Make this happen, even if its at the least profit!

    I reiterate, lets us all Indians put in a collective petition to Rohan, and if required even to the Indian officials (government/customs/whatever) to get ADAM to India! Apun ki malai, apun ko hi nahi milegi??? Not fair!

  265. @sassoonss
    Please write to support. I too had a problem – it works now. Since there is an attachment (.apk) and also instructions to follow, I am not giving here. If you want please write to my email id rajasekaran[dot]th[at]gmail[dot]com

  266. 30 Mar 2011 16:29:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    29 Mar 2011 17:46:02 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

    come on baby… come to daddy….get movin

  267. I wrote into support about this and recd a confirmation that ALL the ADAMs for India are in India and are awaiting custom clearance 🙂
    Hope to receive instructions from the local shipper Friday onwards 🙂 🙂 🙂


  268. 30 Mar 2011 11:35:03 Amsterdam Shipment In Transit.
    30 Mar 2011 11:30:17 Amsterdam Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    29 Mar 2011 19:53:11 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    29 Mar 2011 18:59:07 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    28 Mar 2011 19:08:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    26 Mar 2011 15:50:09 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

    Now just a little plane-hop to Oslo and then I can take delivery of my Adam.

  269. 30 Mar 2011 02:56:00 Usa Others Shipment Received At Destination Depot.
    29 Mar 2011 17:53:55 Los Angeles Shipment In Transit.
    29 Mar 2011 17:39:13 Los Angeles Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    29 Mar 2011 10:48:34 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    29 Mar 2011 05:23:16 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    28 Mar 2011 21:53:46 Hong Kong Connection Delay. Recovery Actions Underway.
    28 Mar 2011 17:39:31 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    26 Mar 2011 19:33:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    25 Mar 2011 17:10:02 Xiamen Shipment In Transit

    I may very well receive on Friday..April first..which is aptly named..April Fools Day…AHHAHA

  270. 30 Mar 2011 16:34:09 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    30 Mar 2011 13:07:28 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    29 Mar 2011 13:56:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    28 Mar 2011 16:33:56 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

    hahahaha 😉

  271. @drshashankb

    today’s mail from Notion ink support team

    “Welcome back to Notion Ink Support.

    We do understand your concern, but, we are extremely sorry for the delay in the delivery and any inconvenience caused. We would like to inform you that all the devices have been shipped from our Warehouse in China. But, they were stuck in India Customs due to some unprecedented circumstances. However, the Custom Clearance has started now and you will surely get the Tracking number by Friday definitely.

    We hope that your faith on Notion Ink will restore as soon as you get the Tracking Number by Friday.

    We apologize for the inconvenience that the delay might have caused and would like to thank you for your patience.”

  272. I have the same “Usa Others” listing. Does that mean that they are handing it off to someone like Fedex or UPS?

  273. You can use Battery Monitor widget, it will show you what you need, it will help you keep track of from when you unplug your Adam to when the battery start to discharge and it can be broken down by mins. so you will see time wise how long the battery last and it gives and estimate on how long it should last.

    you can use MSPOT to upload your audio files or the new just release yesterday AMAZON cloud to uplad your audio and this way you can listen to your music from a pc/phone/tablet without having it stored on the devices so more space goes towards other things you want. Also did you format your micro SD to Fat32? I don’t have 1 that large to check but I know if it’s not formatted right, sometimes it doesn’t show you everything.

  274. Oooh progress.
    Called tnt and got the forwarding numbers. Seems mine is being continued by ups. Their website says it’s shipped from ontario, ca 1 day so I should have it tomorrow as thats what it says their estimated delivery date is.

  275. I have HULU working on the Adam, there’s a thread on NIA and XDA about the modified Flash 10.2 and then you have to do the about:debug in the browser. but I didn’t do that part. I had the hulu app on my evo, so I use appbackup to extract the .apk file then put it on the dropbox and installed it on the ADAM. works PERFECT

  276. @Havyekmani : wow,seriously they so much piss me off ,if it was with the customs wouldn the GATI ppl inform me bout it?i mean they track from xiamen rite??how’d it reach indian custom’s without us knowing bout it,.hmmm i’l trust them again,and again. . so friday it is huh. .keepin all my fingers crossed;)

  277. Yes it does. Call tnt with your tracking/consignment number and they’ll give you the new tracking number and if ii ask they’ll even tell you when to expect it.

  278. Hi everybody, is a wiki for adam already being built?
    It would be very helpful before the adams are delivered in big numbers!

  279. Finally got my adam, and im loving it. It is heavier than ithought, but solid 😉 and its updated. Facebook leaf dont work, but the rest is good. The bad thing is that the charger dosnt fit in the outlet, have to buy a converter ;(
    written on adam 😉

  280. @ALL: I just checked my tracking information this morning and my Adam is OUT FOR DELIVERY!!!!
    It’s one the truck and I should have it before lunch time!!!
    You can’t believe how excited I am!!! Well, maybe you can 😉

    Best of luck to everyone else waiting on their new toy! And for me, for just a little bit longer…

    Waiting is

  281. Got the below mail from NI support:

    Greetings from Notion Ink!

    As you will be aware from our blog that the orders were awaiting clearance in India, as such; there was a delay.

    However, Custom Clearance has started and you should be getting the Tracking Number by Friday.

    We’re sorry for the delay and any inconvenience caused.

    Thank you for contacting Notion Ink!

  282. @burdei: thanks for the link.

    @dwarf: Are you referencing burdei’s link “” or another wiki?

  283. I am surprised if i get this comment on the blog after so many tries ( either god or the moderators know the reason why ? ) . i am only trying to ” rant ” 🙂 that i still have no reliable news of my 10-02-2011 LCD 3g adam . thank you .

  284. and i never receive the comments on my inbox ( nor the spam folder ) though i have subscribed to instantly receive the same ?

  285. Shipment in transit……

    they sure have huge warehouses. I imagine one poor forklift driver who carries those pallets around all the time until the next ship arrives 🙂

    Some work-creation program – and TNT has some status to report

  286. Does android/edenx/any image support multiple profile.

    In windows at present I have 2 user profiles (me & wifey). Just so as to keep emails,favorites,files all apart. Just wondering if this is possible within any of Adam OS’s.

    If not , may be if DUAL BOOT ?

    If not, any other option anyone?

    excuse my ignorance with android OS, as will be using it first time when my adam arrives.

    This is 1st time ever I have convinced myself to work with a non-microsoft SO purely on the basis of HARDWARE(adam) device.

  287. The code/SDK needed to write Honeycomb applications is available. The platform code to perform the actions application need is not generally available, but only to Open Handset Alliance members, and possible exception for tablet manufacturers. Rohan is attempting to get the code through the latter path. Google does not plan to release Honeycomb in it’s current state for devices, as it is a bad option for phones, and they are afraid of getting a bad name for Android if every generic phone manufacturer puts out Honeycomb phones. Or, so they say. PR and reality don’t always agree, the underlying, messy details sometimes come out later.

  288. I am one of those who wimped out and didn’t order yet. I’m still paying attention, and I think I’ll be ready to order soon. This was a very informative and detailed post, and I am impressed with the energy and commitment to problem-solve of this company.

    My one remaining question is about 4G. I have it all around me where I am, but wouldn’t be able to take advantage of it with Adam right now. Are there any imminent plans to offer a 4G model or an upgrade of some sort?

  289. It went zero communications to within 5 days to getting my Adam. I’m hoping that it will show up at my door any time soon.

    Date Time Location Status
    30 Mar 2011 09:07:51 Toronto Out For Delivery.
    30 Mar 2011 08:36:40 Toronto Shipment Received At Destination Depot.
    30 Mar 2011 06:51:21 Toronto Shipment Received At Destination Depot.
    29 Mar 2011 05:53:31 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    28 Mar 2011 17:38:13 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    26 Mar 2011 19:33:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    25 Mar 2011 17:24:03 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

  290. @Himanshu jain : To use the ROMs you will have to root. Technically rooting can void your warranty(I know Notion Ink is more considerate 🙂 ). Just saying this coz you seem to indicate otherwise. Even if you go back to Eden, root will remain. Just make sure you dont find anything wrong with your Adam before you start on this. Thats all. Otherwise I usually dont care much for warranty.

  291. Rohan,

    Great to hear from you after so long. Best of luck getting your supplier and manufacturer issues resolved.

    Glad to hear you guys are focusing on bringing software updates to the Adam- I love the hardware, but the software leaves a lot to be desired. Eden is a cool idea, but it needs Honeycomb and more apps to be really worthwhile. I’m using AWD.launcher on my Adam instead of Eden b/c your interface isn’t customizable and does not support wigits. Honeycomb can’t come soon enough if Adam wants to stay relevant. Full built in market access is also a must have, yet another reason for Honeycomb.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and progress in the weekend specials and to seeing Notion Ink continue to grow and mature as a company.

    Best of luck,


  292. An anonymous survey has been created to provide input on what roms people are using and the reason for their choice. All Inputs are anonymous, so no worries about divulging anything that may null a warranty. Please be honest. We ask that you follow the below link and fill out the survey. This will help members of NIH make better roms, will help NI understand what customers want in a rom and the reason they have chosen to change or stick with their stock rom… again, please be honest and only fill it out once for each adam you have. Please do not attempt to skew the results.


    We ask that you spread this link to as many other adam sites as possible. we need as many adam owners as we can to fill this out to get a complete opinion on the device.

  293. I agree dwarf, NIH has already said they can’t get it, and they have tried.

    it will either come from Notion Ink, or another manufacturer that is authorized by google to produce a tablet with very similar specs to the adam. if view sonic can come out with a g-tab with honeycomb, then the guys at NIH could probably port that to adam.

  294. burdei said, on March 30, 2011 at 01:47 @themave

    I don’t have the app market installed on my pc yet it still allows me to download the apps to install or move where I want to. Can’t you download to adam like any other site, then install with a different app that allows installing apk’s??

    Have you actually ‘tried’ to do this or are you just saying it can’t be done??

    Burdei, are you talking about the google android marketplace

    because you can’t download apps from that to your pc, you have to be logged into your google account, and click the install button, which then sends the program to your authorized devices, it see your devices by the marketplace app that is installed on the device. Which you can not install on a stock adam, and yes I have tried it.

    Now you must be talking about a different marketplace, like the freelovers site, or similar, but you can not get the google android marketplace on the adam without rooting, and the google webmarketplace, does not let you download apk files that you can then side load on your tablet.

  295. +1000

    This is the only long term solution, the corruption has to end, India is a major power in the world, and yet, a small india startup company, can’t even import a tablet with bribes. If India wants to ever become a true superpower, then they need to do a lot of house cleaning, and the people have to force the politicians to do it.

  296. girishramarao said, on March 29, 2011 at 12:52 very encouraging statement that says our Adams will never become obsolete. Thanks a ton Rohan!!!

    The more I think about this statement, the more I believe Rohan is saying, that if google doesn’t play ball, then Notion Ink will support (unofficially support) the custom ROMS.

    if google flat out says, Honeycomb can not be used to upgrade an android 2.x device, then the only way current adams can get honeycomb would be a custom ROM.

  297. Wohoo INDIA won:) kudos to the splendid team effort,.a step closer to clinching the WORLD CUP 🙂 Go INDIA Go:) BLEED BLUE:):):)

  298. norsedakotan asked that I post this cuz he cannot post here:

    I got a call today from Notion Ink directly, letting me know my Adam is stuck in Chinese customs. I’ve posted on both NIH and NA about it. I’d post on the blog but all my comments get stuck in moderation. Feel free to post on the blog comment for me. They said there were about a dozen total with my order in customs.

    I am REALLY glad they took the time to call me. I am going to be patient and continue to wait for my Adam!

  299. what he means by going back to eden, is to wipe user data, and flash the tablet back to the stock eden rom, which is posted on NIH, so your tablet goes back to stock as if it was never rooted or had a custom rom on it.

    There are draw backs and there may be work arounds, but one draw back it, since you no longer have the marketplace on the tablet, and you wiped everything back to stock, you no longer have your applications you installed when you had it rooted, so if you paid for apps, or even had free ones, they are all gone at that point. and you can’t go back to the marketplace and re-install them.

    But your tablet will be back to stock and should pass inspections to qualify for warranty service.

  300. @Yeah Misbah did again … Gave his wicket for a catch to finish the win for India ..

  301. I would not think 4g would be coming very soon to adam, you would be better off, going the personal hotspot route, that the carriers are offering, sprint just introduced a usb 4g hotspot modem, and version has the same options. That is probably your best option for the near term.

  302. >> ” …….back to stock as if it was never rooted or had a custom rom on it. ”
    usually that may be a little difficult from my experience with Android. The root stays on. So you are saying NIH has the way to “unroot” ?

  303. @Prantha

    Received my adam at 10:00am PT March 30th. Ontrack was the carrier.

    Would you update my data for me, pretty please?

    AKA LeoP

  304. @all ADAM-RECEIVERS: Please help each other and the soon to be receivers.
    Lovers, checkers and critics please go to the adam-usage-guide-WIKI and contribute.

  305. Thank you, Prantha! 😀 I was just about to fill in the update form for the spreadsheet.
    I would have done it sooner, but I had to play with my Adam first 🙂

  306. There may be only one man in the audience!

    Did you hear that all the scalpers and other sleazy types bought up ALL of the tickets? They thought they’d make a fortune selling the tickets at marked up prices, but – alas – no one is buying!



  308. well done Rohan and all NI teams. I am sure lesson learnt will help to improve in future. Just by the way i have visited site of Nvidia and tegra processor. They have shown many tablets with the lnk of super tablets. They have also shown many tablets coming in future. Unfortunately they did not bother to mention Notion ink Adam. Imho it needed to be corrected if notion ink is still not purchasing tegra 2 in hundreds. 😉


    I am so happy and excited!!

    He’s sitting in the charger, but I think I will take him off in a few minutes. (I cannot tell whether the indicator light is “blue” or “purple.”) It’s a bit heavier than I thought it would be, and it is definitely heavier than my husband’s iPad2. But it is fine!

    The screen protector is NOT on my baby, but I am a PO1.5 and did not expect it to be there. Since I am too klutzy to attach such things, the hubby will put it on when he gets home from work.

    We have no PCs. We have Macs. I gotta connect up with someone here in Los Angeles to let me install stuff thru his PC.

  310. Delivered! Will let you know how it goes tonight! Prantha – can you update me?

  311. congrats! It was about time, wasn’t it?

    btw… do not forget to update the spreadshe…. :mrgreen:

    Have fun!

  312. I updated your entry.
    As a new adam-owner you could contribute here:

  313. I’m waiting for the hubby to install the screen protector too! I’m just leaving the packaging on until then. I can’t decide if Adam is heavy or dense? I really like the curve, though. It makes it much easier to hold.

    Can you update me on the spreadsheet? I can’t get it all filled out from where I’m at.


  314. Getting Started with Your Notion Ink Adam:

  315. First of all: you won’t regret having bought an Android device. This OS is so perfectly nice that I would be happy to have it on my desktop PC. Everything works hand in hand, though at the expense that this isn’t possible without a Google account.

    But as far as I know (I’m working with Android for 15 months now) it’s not possible to have more than one user within Android. Dual boot is not possible on devices which aren’t prepared for that by the manufacturer. Android is – like iOS – an OS for personal devices, for smartphones or tablets which are normally used by only one person and thus don’t offer a multi user option.

  316. It’s here! I was in the middle of watching “how to put a screen protector on” by Rohan, and the doorbell rang!… weird thing is Purloator did give me any extra charges (I’ll probably get billed latter as that has happened before).

  317. And for me just another hop up to Trondheim !
    Mine is in Hong Kong (Shipment in Transit)
    Waiting for my Pixel QI LCD.

  318. I did get my tracking#. i already cancelled it thorugh Amex though.
    but, having read this, is contemplating whether i should change my mind 🙂
    sounds ‘honest’ and not much fluff in this post, i think.

  319. I did get my tracking#. i already cancelled it through Amex though.
    but, having read this, is contemplating whether i should change my mind 🙂
    sounds ‘honest’ and not much fluff in this post, i think.

  320. Google has recently launched a web based market for tablets. you can access it from pc. I was able to open the webpage . but what I an not sure is can you download apk files or not….


  321. Congrats!
    Enjoy and please don’t forget to update your … personal page in 😉

    Btw, my screen protector is still not on.

  322. There is a big down side to the Amazon Cloud Music service,

    to listen to your music you need to be connected to the internet and you use your data bandwith, which is metered for most carriers now.

    I listen to music on my iphone on an airplane, in the airport, many places without an internet connection. The idea is nice, I have to see if you can selectivly download to the tablet songs for offline play, haven’t looked at that yet.

    But then you could do the same thing by just loading them from your PC

  323. That is what it says, on the first day that the first users received their adam tablets, people like greg, etc, Notion Ink had an over the air update, that bricked the machines.

    the fix they released was through Notion Ink Hacks, and it was the orginal boot images or what ever else was needed, (not a hacker so don’t really know what was neccessary) so that peeple could unbrick there adams, so they have the files needed to return your adam to stock status. The files came from Notion Ink, and they are the same files that allowed Notion Ink Hacks to so quickly come out with custom ROM, since they were given the original ROM from Notion Ink.

  324. In fact at lunch today, I was ready a story about AT&T they are selling 4G phones and service, but they haven’t actualy turned on the 4G speeds yet. A guy would got the service noticed his speeds were no were close to the stated 4g speed, he file a complaint and AT&T official response was the network wasn’t turned on yet, but would be soon. they offered him a refund.

  325. 30 Mar 2011 10:06:00 Canada Others Shipment Delivered In Good Condition.

    I’m @ work so I won’t know for sure until I get home.

    Keeping my fingers crossed.

  326. Albert, thanks for the link,

    my basic response on what I want out of a ROM, was a stable tablet that didn’t void my warranty. With access to apps, not neccessarily the android marketplace, genesis would be fine. a few tablet specific apps, access to freelovers apps, and I would be happly.

    right now I pull the adam out every few days and check for updates, and browse a few websites, till it crashes and then put it away for a few more days, it so far has been a huge disappointment, but I remain hopeful.

    I am really hopefull that support seems to be responding to people, it took over three weeks to get my one and only response. so I had completely given up on Notion Ink support. I am now going to try again to get support.

  327. @themave:
    We need an RUU ROM to bring android device back to unrooted. The from NI with factory reset may not do the trick. Guess NIH may have a ROM for that.

  328. I’m doing the same – checking out the stock rom and deciding whether to go and use EdenX. I think I will try it in a few days.

  329. Mine is pretty stable. I only have a bit of an issue with sound; if I open Winamp and try to play Shoutcast online radios and leave the application I don’t hear any output through speskers. Same with Skype. If I plug my headphones in I hear the sound, if I plug them out I get back output to speakers. A bit annoying, but manageable. Other than that no FCs or similar. All in all I am satisfied, but I will at least try EdenX to see what the fuss is all about 🙂

  330. @themave:
    We need an RUU ROM to bring android device back to unrooted. The from NI with factory reset may not do the trick. Guess NIH may have a ROM for that.


    Thanks for the info, I actually am just trusting what Notion Ink Hacks is saying, they have the instructions for it, and suggest that anybody sending a tablet to support needs to do it.

    I believe Albert Wentz had to return his to stock before he returned his defective tablet to support.

    I am keeping mine stock and waiting for Honeycomb or other updates from Notion Ink to make the tablet more stable.

  331. Hey Prantha – great news. Did you update the Spreadsheet? 😉

    Have you considered VMFusion for you Mac – always very useful in these circumstances. – Or free – load Ubuntu with Boot Camp – and you can do stuff through the Linux OS. Anyway – enjoy your Adam, and make your husband jealous!

  332. 30 Mar 2011 16:29:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    29 Mar 2011 19:03:30 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

    my adma is not that far then……

  333. I need to update and correct myself. I am not on EdenX, I used the Root+Market+Adhoc found on NIH. I really wanted the Market and that solved that problem. I have no idea what else this does but that is my lack of understanding. I am also trying out different launchers so when I start Adam I am offered a screen asking which launcher I want to use and I have 4 options. I have ADW launcher, Launcher Pro and a third one whose name eludes me along with an option that is called home at the moment. The home option gives me a pure Eden screen. The other launcher options each seem to offer features the other do not have and I have just been goofing around customizing different looks on each as far as widgets, and what applications I pull to which screen and how many screens I want to have going. I have also tried the 3D option in Launcher Pro which is sort of fun. I have no idea if this is a good or bad idea but everything seems to work fine. Sadly, they all pull the same wallpaper as I thought it would be fun to have different ones for each option but that is apparently a universal setting. Since this setup is working for me I feel no need to try the other roms although the improved battery performance claimed for the Perf Tweaks rom is appealing but I assume NI will come through with these tweaks eventually and to be honest adam and I stay at home the vast majority of time so lasting power on the battery is not a real problem for me. I see people talk about the speed of the other roms also but I am not sure what is being referred to. With my current set up applications open quickly and everything seems pretty responsive and my screen literally at times seem too responsive, I have to be careful not to inadvertently touch it. Anyway, just wanted to set the record straight, apparently I am still on Eden and my forced closes simply seldom happen but again as stated I am only using mail, browsing, a little misic, videos and reading books so perhaps that is why I am not having many problems.

  334. Niravlulla,
    I am an android newby and cant vouch for this but someone commented over on NIF that there is a program in the market called “setting profiles for Android” I have not looked for it nor can I say it would do what you want but it might be just the ticket for what you are looking for.

  335. @Andromeda:

    About your skype issue, if you read the manual over at notionink dot com slash support you will see that it says specifically that when u put in any 3.5mm headphone jack into the headphone slot, the sound gets routed to there and the speakers are cancelled out. so its supposed to be that way. There is no defect on your Adam as far as that is concerned so you can strike that off as a possible defect. :)..
    Enjoy your Adam (that sounds a bit perverted)..


  336. ditto on the rohan/gati simultaneous communication, my tracking info worked from day one, AND it was updated today! still in china, but at least it’s moving

  337. I got my machine today! Yes I have updated my spreadsheet information.

    The screen protector was NOT installed as the posting by Rohan suggests it would be, and I mistakenly tried to install the cover sheet (it had adhesive on it) but eventually realized that the screen protector was still on the other side of the pack and has an additional sheet covering its adhesive side. Remarkably it installed pretty easily considering I had done it backwards.

    As you may remember I bought a Pixel Qi WiFi only machine from Bluealien. The new machine has a much more responsive and crisp screen. I now understand why different folks report different quality in the Pixel Qi machines. There is quite a bit of variance in them.

    The new machines camera has software that now understands which position the camera is in and displays its output correctly in each position. The machine from Bluealien doesn’t do that. When pointed at the holder, the picture is right side up. When pointed the other direction the picture is upside down. (I guess I should remove the EdenX software and return it to the factory defaults and then upgrade it to bet the camera software that works…maybe…after I have tested each of the other available ROMs.

    The WiFi receiver is much stronger in the new machine than it is in the Bluealien machine. It connects and stays connected in my home wireless,while the Ba machine is constantly reconnecting and sometimes can’t connect at all, if I am across the room. I will take it to my neighbors tomorrow and see how it hooks up on his porch. The Ba machine doesn’t find the network at all.

    The current installed software is very stable and I will soon install the Amazon appstore and load it up with games and stuff.

    I;’m really glad I bought the Ba machine. Not only did I get an early look at the machine, but I have two now to compare, and can check out the various ROMs without missing out on having a functioning machine.

    Unlike some who have disappeared, I expect to remain in contact through this blog and keep posting my experiences. Depending upon how the Google release of Honeycomb goes, I may have some ideas to share here on how to advance the Adam and the rest of the tablet marketplace without any help from Google.

    More soon, so still:

    Waiting is

  338. 30 Mar 2011 17:54:11 Los Angeles Shipment In Transit.
    30 Mar 2011 13:17:20 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    30 Mar 2011 13:09:57 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    29 Mar 2011 13:56:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    28 Mar 2011 15:49:07 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

    On the move baby. I’m soo pumped I wake up every hour at night to check if the status has been updated. Can anyone stateside tell me what company has been delivering e.g., FedEx UPS DHL, and are you able to continue tracking with that contracted company once it is in their possession?

  339. Mine was UPS flyguyismi.

    Hand in there, mid day is more likely than mid night 😉


  340. Prantha: Start with on the Adam. Get Dolphin HD and put the apk file on your microSD card, then use sniffer to install it. You will like Dolphin HD a lot better than the default browser, and you can download more stuff from freewarelovers. I think you can go to and find their appstore from there. They have lots of cool apps as well.


  341. You might consider Firefox as well. I’ve for the last week with much success.

  342. Congrats Prantha. ont forget to update spreadsheet 🙂 🙂 jus kididng enjoy wid your adam

  343. SOme days back someone I think it was @fjg who posted link to most updated adam manual. Can somebody please post the link again. Thanks

  344. I can’t get android apps from the Amazon store in Canada.
    Anyone know how to get these if I don’t have another android device?

  345. I installed EdenX and that solved most of my issues. I’m still suffering with the crappy camera not reading QR codes. What model Adam did you get?

  346. siv25 said, on March 31, 2011 at 01:27 Google has recently launched a web based market for tablets. you can access it from pc. I was able to open the webpage . but what I an not sure is can you download apk files or not….


    Siv, you don’t download the apk files, on the webpage, you login to your google account, and then find the program you want, the option is to click install, this sends the install file to your tablet or phone, you have the option to select which device, (which has to already be registered with the google marketplace) once you pick the device, the app is sent to your tablet and installed, if it is connected to the internet, it will start loading right away.

  347. Cool cool, check out my website if you like. I’m keeping a blog about my Adam there. Shoot me an email if you have any questions.

  348. I am curious how the handling fees are determined. It seems that the fee varies. I have just browsed through the spreadsheet and saw afew of the guys who have received in my country paying an extra NZD150 -180. A reasonable affordable tablet like adam could easily be unaffordable at the doorstep when the couriers deliver them to the doorstep. I wonder what happens if the customer is not willing to pay the amount. Does the courier send it back?? I have also seen somewhere on NotionInk that the handling fees can easily be from nothing to the maximum amount of the stated invoice which in lay man terms could mean that customers could be even paying double for their tablet from a startup company. Potential customers wanting to purchase the Adam must understand that the one time amount they are paying to NotionInk is not actually the final story. =/

  349. dwarf, looking forward to what you have to say, I may seem negative some times, and but I am hanging around and sticking with Adam, I beleive it has great potential, in fact if it can perform like the early videos from December and leading up to CES, add in the genesis app store, the longbox comic books, and other eden specific apps, it will be a great tablet even without honeycomb. It already appears to be more stable then when it was first released, even much more stable then when I got my tablet on Feb 23. If Rohan came keep moving on his vision, without worring too much about honeycomb, adam can succeed all on its own.

    Honeycomb will just be icing on the cake.

  350. @ dwarf:

    Congratulations on receiving your second ADAM. Lucky you!

    I haven’t received my ADAM yet…..on the way though! PixelQi + wifi + 3G

    I have some queries, if you can help me get an answer….

    Q1 – One of the most visible issues related to the ADAM is the difference between the PixelQI and the LCD only screens! And I have read extensively here and at NIH that most prefer the LCD over Pixel Qi. Ofcourse, I know and understand that the whole idea and function of PixelQi is for low power consumption and clear readability in sunlight, however, in the PixelQi model, is there a function where you can toggle between switchingto and from PixelQi to LCD only modes?

    I mean it may be a very silly question, because why would NI build two different models if both can be included in the same machine! But, I am hopeful and presuming that the PixelQi version has both the modes i.e, the Pixel Qi (obviously!) and the LCD only modes!

    Q2 – Did you find a noticeable difference in the overall functioning of the new tablet you received against the BA tablet? I mean, have you gone through all the checks, hardware, wifi, GPS, Mail’d, force closing, sleep function, browser, etc etc.? Can you give a review from a functional point of view?

    Thanks a lot for being around and I hope that you continue your journey with NI and enjoy your device like thousands (when will the millions come in!!)of others here!

  351. Consignment 2XXXXXXXXXX7
    Pick up date 29 Mar 2011
    Destination KUWAIT CITY – DASMAN
    Delivery Date
    Date Time Location Status
    30 Mar 2011 16:29:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    29 Mar 2011 18:52:53 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

  352. @TLCQUEST : i think it solely depends on the country and its tax policy towards electronic items on how much they wish to charge for it,besides adam bein a new item ,unknown to most would be charged differently by diff persons,IPAD However will have a fixed tax rate,this you would have to discuss with your customs .

  353. @All : Read’s the blog 3times,.aND i got the feeling that HONEYCOMB IS NOT GONNA MAKE IT TO THE ADAM,Rohan assured us that the OS will never be obsolete,just befo bringing up the topic of HONEYCOMB,either way i hope Rohan does a better UI than the google folks and we can always use some NIH to make our ADAM the best. 🙂

  354. March 31, 2011
    Time: 10:45 here in India
    Have not received any email from Gati or Notion Ink about the status of my order. My shipping status still reads “Shipment under process”. Received an email last Thursday assuring me that I’ll receive my tracking number by Monday……..but have yet to receive any communication from NI after that. Then Rohan in his post said that we should be receiving our tracking numbers by Wednesday. Now, someone from India wrote on the blog that they received an email saying that they would receive the tracking number by Friday! This is the 5th time they have given a new date!!! They’ve ruined my all my excitement about ordering. Some delay is acceptable since they are a new company. But as a customer whose already paid, I have a right to know where my product is and when I’ll be receiving it. I’m really disappointed with NI. 😦

  355. relax buddy if you get your adam by next Friday (8/4/11) you will be the lucky, do not have any hopes of getting it earlier.
    am in the same boat 🙂

    PO2 – PQiwifi3g Bengaluru

  356. Well, it’s March 31 already – and still no change in shipment status, no mail from NI support. Perhaps, ADAM is brilliant device, but NI attitude to its customers kills me. 😦
    No info from support team about overdue (only shifting delivery dates in response to MY emails), breaking promises, what else? I’m afraid to assume what will happen if I get broken device… 😦

  357. Are you sure there are 3 layers. Even my camera performance is crappy. But I cant risk removing 3rs layer which in turn make my camera non functioning 🙂

  358. Setting Profiles name is misleading. It’s a quasi-scripting application for automating things on your device.

    For example, if you want to: Set your wallpaper to a different one when you get home, silence your device after a certain time, send an SMS if you get close / leave a certain location.

    This may be possible by rooting the device and copying the user related files (the application’s storage) but this would be not recommended as most apps won’t like you pulling the figurative rug out from underneath them. =P

    That said, at the very least, you can download Angry Aviary for multiple Angry Bird user profiles. =)

  359. Received my PQi 3G Wifi adam today at 9:30am in Los Angeles. Never got an email and they had only changed my status on the NI site the night before

    Posted the info to the tracker but it hasn’t made it to any of the tabs yet…

  360. I feel like I am rare here, but actually really like the Eden interface.

    The only thing I’ve done is load NIH’s excellent root+market.

    Absolutely love titanium backup which comes free from the market, and almost everything else is just peachy!

    I had trouble with the facebook panel, and NI support responded in a few hours with an update that fixed it.

    Considering we don’t have honeycomb yet, I am looking forward to seeing what Rohan’s got in store for us.

    Anyway, only two more days till the return of the weekend special!

    Peaceout adamfreaks!


  361. 31 Mar 2011 14:25:00 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    30 Mar 2011 16:29:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    29 Mar 2011 15:55:20 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

    made HK now off to Amsterdam hopefully.

  362. guys a quick question:: whcih is the best comic reader for Android? is it the Droid one?
    Moreover which is the best video player for adam

  363. Joke:
    Knock Knoc
    Who’s There?
    Misbah Who
    Misbah 29 Runs 🙂

    Hows the the night after the party?

  364. Hi dwarf,

    congrats for receiving your second adam!

    All soon to be receivers, me included, appreciate your postings about your user experiences. You are the perfect man for helping to build the wiki “first steps with your adam and possible usage options” at “”.

    There your insights won’t get lost between thousands of comments.


  365. @Himanshu jain: Take a look at “” and please contribute if you want to.
    The manual should be under “”

    best wishes,

  366. Still moving 🙂

    31 Mar 2011 14:18:25 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    30 Mar 2011 16:29:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    29 Mar 2011 17:20:36 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

  367. Mine is 7 minutes before yours,….

    Also on it’s way to Amsterdam…

    31 Mar 2011 14:18:25 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.

  368. Mine seems to be 3 minutes behind you. On it journey to the UK. Where is yours going?

  369. mine’s moving on though 😛 yours probably too.
    31 Mar 2011 16:54:40 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.

  370. 31 Mar 2011 14:21:03 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    30 Mar 2011 16:29:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    29 Mar 2011 17:46:02 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

  371. That is very much true

    Each person is supposed to check before hand what will the costs be to get it in hand
    I was aware so I didn’t have any problem in shelling out 15.5% VAT of the deal amount.

    I received my Adam yesterday and can’t wait to play with it some more.
    I too am having issue with the GPS…
    No the screen protector was not installed.
    There was only one piece of plastic over the camera lens.
    She is a bit sluggish.
    Agreed that the navigation bar is hidden.
    I am actually surprised how heavy it seems.
    I need to install Flash

  373. looks like big G got a little tricky …….


  374. Is there anyone who has not yet heard, AT ALL, regarding their order status? Still reads “Shipping” or “Shipment under process” or something like that?

  375. My status still reads “Shipment under process”. Just checked with NI for the 3rd time and this is their reply:

    Greetings from Notion Ink!

    As stated on our blog, every single product has been shipped from the factory and is with the shipping partner. Most of the people have received their tracking numbers too.

    We have personally checked the information for you that your Adam has already reached India and waiting for the customs clearance.

    Hence, an email will be sent from our shipping partners as soon as this process is completed successfully.

    It is expected that you will receive the tracking details between Friday and Monday evening with your tracking details.

    We request your patience in this regard.

    We apologize for all the inconvenience caused and wish you an exciting experience with the Adam.

    Thank you for your continued support to Notion Ink!

    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink Support Team

    But now I have lost faith in anything they say……..this is the 5th time they’ve given me an estimated date…..but can’t do anything except wait.

  376. Like dwarf says should be ups. You can call tnt and they’ll give you the new tracking info. Yes you can them track it from ups web site.
    Hope that helps.

  377. @PM : Looks like none of we INDIANs have got it,. i got the same reply too,besides i mailed gati and they don have it too,.also tell me wat works between friday evenin to monday?yeah rite only NI’s lies . .

  378. @Rohan…. Where are the tracking numbers???… always lies… providing one or other form of the story to escape from the situation… How long will you think these tricks will work out…

  379. @dwarf & burdei, Thanks to both of you. I contacted TNT as advised and got my UPS tracking number. TNT told me that they expected delivery to be next Monday. I went to UPS to set up tracking alerts and got my first one:
    Tracking Detail
    Your package is on time with a scheduled delivery date of 03/31/2011
    Tracking Number: 1ZGETMEMYADAMPLEASE
    Type: Package
    Status: In Transit: On Time
    Scheduled Delivery: 03/31/2011
    Shipped To: MISHAWAKA,IN,US,
    Shipped/Billed On: 03/30/2011
    Service: UPS Next Day Air Saver®
    Weight: 4.00 Lbs

    Shipment Progress
    Location Date Local Time Activity
    Fort Wayne,
    IN, United States
    03/31/2011 6:05 A.M. Departure Scan
    03/31/2011 5:32 A.M. Arrival Scan
    KY, United States
    03/31/2011 4:47 A.M. Departure Scan
    03/31/2011 2:15 A.M. Arrival Scan
    Los Angeles,
    CA, United States
    03/30/2011 7:21 P.M. Departure Scan
    03/30/2011 6:01 P.M. Origin Scan
    United States
    03/30/2011 10:09 P.M. Order Processed: Ready for UPS

    My official status: Ecstatic

  380. 31 Mar 2011 18:20:22 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    31 Mar 2011 14:21:06 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.

    on the move again so excited

  381. Well as predicted, my adam looks like it will be in the Netherlands on April fools day….
    Should I be worried ?

    31 Mar 2011 16:52:34 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    31 Mar 2011 14:18:25 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    30 Mar 2011 16:29:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    29 Mar 2011 17:20:36 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

  382. On it’s way to Holland, Almelo

    31 Mar 2011 16:52:34 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    31 Mar 2011 14:18:25 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    30 Mar 2011 16:29:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    29 Mar 2011 17:20:36 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

  383. This is my first post with my Adam. Not quite sure if i will change it, although i so need my market apps.Unfortunately the keyboard covers halfbthis post so i am not sure ifbthis looks right

  384. I know google has stated recently that they are trying to have more control over the android OS, but I just had a thought; they are notorious pranksters and tomorrow is april fools day. Maybe this is just some wishful thinking on my part, but I hope a company that prides itself on open source software wouldn’t dramatically change their position seemingly overnight like google appears to have done. Even if they do decide to withhold honeycomb from NI, I know there are some brilliant minds working to port it to the Adam.

  385. Respected Sir ,

    Greetings of the day !

    I hereby acknowledge your mail .

    is to kindly inform you to please coordinate with NOTION INK for further
    details, Gati has not been handed over this material.

    Thankyou for writing us ,

    Warm Regards
    Customer Service Executive
    This is wat i got today mornin by 9,dunno who’s lying and who’s not now?

  386. 31 Mar 2011 18:18:20 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    31 Mar 2011 14:21:03 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    30 Mar 2011 16:29:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    29 Mar 2011 17:46:02 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

    Lets See if mine reaches UK on the same day.

  387. “Shipment under process”

    I was told that everything is shipped from China.. then why is that status has not changed for some of us ?.

  388. @Harold,
    Can you please provide the link to the latest Firefox (I love Firefox) for android tablet? I am not able to locate it.

  389. I do agree..long over due but glad to hear it. I was close to canceling but I know from experince how being a start-up is tough when you try to go agains the big dogs in the industry.
    My Adam on its way, it will get home before I get in tomorrow … can’t wait and glad to hear our Product wont be aboslete if it can be upgraded…maybe form factor will with second generation Adam (which if this one is a hit with me, count me in for second round)
    Thank you

    31 Mar 2011 05:53:00 Usa Others Out For Delivery. (Live in Evansville, IN)
    31 Mar 2011 02:50:00 Usa Others Shipment Received At Destination Depot.
    30 Mar 2011 17:58:54 Los Angeles Shipment In Transit.
    30 Mar 2011 17:57:57 Los Angeles Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    30 Mar 2011 13:17:17 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    30 Mar 2011 13:09:54 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    29 Mar 2011 13:56:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    28 Mar 2011 16:00:51 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

  390. That is great. I have family from evansville and live at the northern end of Indiana in South Bend. Mine is out for delivery today as well. TNT does not show this, but I contacted them and got the UPS tracking number.

  391. Received another mail from support saying that I will be receiving the tracking numbers by monday evening.. the same drama has been continuing for the last 3 weeks… It really sucks like this… No crisp updates from support team also… Also Rohan mentioned.. live forums, new support blog.. blah..blah.. everything is only in words but not in reality… Even the promises.. I guess..

  392. @4r4nd0mninj4 — check out the THUMB Keyboard APP on the market, it is a great keyboard and has a feature to correct for that.

  393. @raja52: you can download firefox from
    Take a look at the apps section at “” for more infos.

  394. hello people, I talked to my classmate that I will be receiving my adam, oh ya,..before that I told them about the NI adam..they never heard.. after show some pictures and videos about it, they were so enthusiasm..gonna show off to them soon and compare it to ipad side by side :p

    Date Time Location Status
    31 Mar 2011 20:08:09 Kuala Lumpur Shipment Released From Customs.
    31 Mar 2011 18:11:24 Kuala Lumpur Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    31 Mar 2011 13:06:00 Kuala Lumpur Customs Clearance In Progress.
    31 Mar 2011 01:04:31 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    30 Mar 2011 13:11:29 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    29 Mar 2011 13:56:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    28 Mar 2011 19:22:38 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

    hopefully tomorrow tnt guy will knock my house door and say, “helo sir this is ur package” LOL 😀

  395. update

    Date Time Location Status
    31 Mar 2011 22:01:12 Kuala Lumpur Shipment In Transit.
    31 Mar 2011 20:08:09 Kuala Lumpur Shipment Released From Customs.
    31 Mar 2011 18:11:24 Kuala Lumpur Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    31 Mar 2011 13:06:00 Kuala Lumpur Customs Clearance In Progress.
    31 Mar 2011 01:04:31 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    30 Mar 2011 13:11:29 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    29 Mar 2011 13:56:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    28 Mar 2011 19:22:38 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

  396. relax princedepu, I knew how ur feels.. 🙂 I think every batch prepared every weekend like friday saturday and monday.. I was dissapointed last friday n saturday also because not received any mail.. but monday afternoon i received.. 🙂 so they are working on it.. and you need more be patienly..

  397. It was kind of neat the other day. I was sitting by the pool watching amy kids swim. I was doing differant things on my adam when i saw this poor fellow sitting under the shelter trying to read with his iPad. He finelly got so frustrated he had to put it away.
    As you can tell im vacationing in florida.
    It was a bit of a challege getting the sim card set up with ATT. The troube is, they do not have things set up yet for “unlocked” devices like the Adam. They don’t know how to assign the IME number to their system.
    Sam from Wisconsin

  398. I got my Adam yesterday – YEAH! But now I am curious, where are the ebook reader and the weather app?

  399. Really?! All tablets have been shipped?! Could it be true? I haven’t received any shipping information yet (PO2, Feb 18), but dare I believe? Also, does someone have to be home to sign? I’d happily take the day off if I know it’s coming. Any advice?

  400. >>forced to downgrade to Wifi only
    Based on availability at a certain you always have the choice to buy or say no 🙂 There is no “forced”. You could always wait.

  401. ok, my adrenaline is lowering again…

    Still, next round must be near now?
    Hubby Marco is going to order PQ/3G model, so hopefully we’ll have a nice comparison with my LCD/3G Adam and my friends iPad2 soon.

    Got another friend to be ready to order his PQ/3G Adam too.
    Gimme some NI shares and I’ll sell them all 😉

  402. Nice to hear, but this is directed at Notion Ink support,

    Everybody needs the facebook app fixed, wouldn’t it be better to release and update to everyone, rather then have people have to send individual emails to support.

    Same with the GPS fix, etc.

    why do we have to send idividual emails to support ?

  403. I am just ahead of you.
    Guess it’s already somewhere in Europe… ):
    consignment 2XXXXXXXX
    reference 1XXXXXXXXX
    pick up date 28 Mar 2011
    destination TRONDHEIM
    status In Transit
    Details:- 30 Mar 2011, 16:33, Hong Kong, SHIPMENT IN TRANSIT.
    Details:- 30 Mar 2011, 13:06, Hong Kong, SHIPMENT RECEIVED AT TRANSIT POINT.
    Details:- 29 Mar 2011, 13:56, Xiamen, SHIPMENT IN TRANSIT.
    Details:- 28 Mar 2011, 16:49, Xiamen, SHIPMENT IN TRANSIT.

  404. “Start by doing what is necessary (register), then do what is possible (waiting is), and suddenly you are doing the impossible (holding an Adam).”
    – St. Francis of Assisi

  405. Rohan amigo, where’s the live forum? Im not being desperate, just inquisitive and reiterating fellow Adamiites’ sentiments! Please, dont let anyone down this time.

  406. This was the mail we received:
    Dear Notion Ink Enthusiast


    We are currently gearing up to begin our next round of orders shortly and we noticed that you have registered for an invite. Hence, we are contacting you to better understand which variant of the Adam you wish to purchase and also how you wish to pay for it.

    Please click on the link below and let us know your choice on the page that opens. After you have submitted your choice, if you change your mind, do not worry! You can change your variant at the time of placing your order.


    If you currently do not wish to purchase an Adam for yourself, kindly choose that option on the page.

    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink

  407. was already gasping! Freaky! 🙂

    Btw… now that my adam is on its way – I could imagine joining you at notioninkspot. I am already registered there, but how do I get my own spot?

    I ain’t got time this week and the next to do anything great. But I still would like to join you. Although notioninkspot iiiiss slllooooooowwww

  408. Finally Burt… waiting was a long breath… Made me a happy gal now 🙂

    Slow loading of the site it due to heavy pics, i’m afraid. Sorry for that, we’re trying to fix that.

    It will only take 5 minutes to apply.
    After registering (you done that already), just mail your personal text and picture to notioninkspot at gmail.
    From then on you’ll be able to edit your own page.

    You are all welcome to show your face and your life with your Adam at notioninkspot dot com

  409. I wasn’t given the option to wait. I would have chosen that. I was told I had two options: Downgrade to wifi only or cancel my order for a refund. I would have happily waited a couple of more weeks if it was a third option.

    I don’t want to whine – I’m sure I’ll love my wifi Adam just like I love my rescued mutts – not exactly what I had ordered but just try to pry them out of my cold dead fingers.

  410. @Rohan.. first deliver the orders till PO2 & then go for next round of orders which makes sense…. Welcome PO3 guys.. join the poolll of $%$%$%…. wait for adams indefinitely… 🙂

  411. My adam has just arrived!! All intact and unopened.

    The UPS driver was curious where the package had originated from and was surprised to hear China. He stated that the shipper insured the package for $5000.00.

    I’ll post my initial thoughts in a day or so.

    PO1, Pixel Qi screen, wifi and 3G

  412. Great Tim!
    Enjoy the first day 🙂
    Get to know eachother first.
    You know where your reviews are expected right after that 😉

  413. @ixne,
    Thanks a lot for the link. Have downloaded firefox, installed and sync is going on between my Adam and my desktop.

  414. 01 Apr 2011 01:40:20 Singapore Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    31 Mar 2011 23:56:04 Singapore Held Hub-spec. Forwarding Need
    31 Mar 2011 22:19:36 Singapore Pre Arrival Clearance Started
    31 Mar 2011 15:04:03 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    31 Mar 2011 14:23:06 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    30 Mar 2011 16:29:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    29 Mar 2011 18:56:17 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

  415. sameerchougle: The Pixel Qi screen and the LCD screen are completely different designs. While the Pixel Qi screen does have a backlight, you can turn it completely off by holding down the top button for the long press, then the screen is only lit by the ambient light. The brightness of the backlight is also controlled in the Settings app, where you can let the light sensor set the back light’s brightness by how much light is striking the screen.

    I haven’t seen an LCD model, except in videos. It looks like the colors are a bit brighter, so if most of what you plan to do is watch video, then you probably want the LCD screen, but for almost everything else (and I do a lot of reading) the Pixel Qi screen is ideal

    The tablet I bought from Bluealien (what I have called my Ba Adam) is the same model as the one I bought from NI except it is WiFi only. There is actually a noticeable difference between the two machines. The new machine from NI has a crisper screen and is more responsive, although with the screen protector, the status bar (that annoying, but useful bar across the top of the screen) is harder to get to go away. The corners and edges of the screen seems to be less sensitive in general, and with the screen protector in place it is really noticeable.

    I haven’t gotten the GPS to locate me yet with either machine, and the newest NI software is as stable as the EdenX ROM I’m running on the Ba machine.

    I will point out that today I have loaded a bunch of apps through Amazon, and I got to the point that several apps would not install. Even after pulling several off the machine, it still behaves as though it were full, almost choked. The desktop is exhibiting some strange behavior, where several app icons display clearly and the rest of the desktop and apps are overlaid with a white haze, sort of like fog, and nothing works until you pull the panels up and put them back again.

    I still haven’t gotten the leaves to work as in the demo videos, but that must be an ID 10 T User error 😉 So I need to investigate that a bit more before I can give a good report.

    I don’t seem to get any choice about where an app installs. I would like to install apps on the micro SD card that is installed, rather than the internal SD card that comes in the machine, and I can’t see any way to do that. Any pointers about that would be wonderful.

    The camera in the NI machine shows the picture right side up in each of the three camera positions, while on the Ba machine, it is upside down when the camera points away from the screen and right side up when it points toward you as you look at the screen. I’m still annoyed by the auto focus feature. A coworker showed me his droid phone’s camera and it would focus on the area of the picture that you tapped, and stay focused there. The Adam camera seems to run its autofocus maneuver on a regular basis, making it hard to compose and setup a shot. All suggestions welcome.

    That’s about it for now. I’m sure I’l have more later.


  416. Hi lxne! The link you post is different from the one you find if you search I was thinking about editing that site to explain that all of the difficulties have pretty much been resolved. That page playes up the controversy and the difficulties more than the usefulness of the device, sort of like CNN reporting the reactors in Japan…all doom and gloom.
    My time is really tied up right now in several things Adam related and several that are not, but I would really like to find some time to contribute something to both sites. Keep poking me and I’ll do my best 😉


  417. themave: you have always appeared to be a thoughtful person, even when you were raving mad 😉 I have always appreciated your comments.

    About Honeycomb…while it is an attempt to move from phone to tablet, it IS a phone OS converted to a tablet. The tablets are much more like laptops than phones and while the touchscreen generalizes the GUI in a different direction I have been thinking that the better way to get a great tablet OS would be to work down from Linux instead of up from the phone OS. While the phone OS IS Linux based, it has been stripped down and directed toward the needs of a phone. The tablet doesn’t have these needs, with the exception of the touch screen and a smaller form factor that a desktop, neither of which is unique to a device used for voice communication between two individuals over global distances. Linux, which is a specification constrained OS for computer communication over a data network is both broader and more focused than voice communication. The other problem with Android as a base for developing tablet software has been made clear by the way that Google is handling the Honeycomb release. By licensing it to one (or even several) big hitters they have made themselves commercially successful while keeping the user and the rest of the market shut out of their success. I’m not a lawyer, and folks like Prantha may be better able to explain the ramifications of these licenses, but the Apache license is not as “free” as the GPL under which Linux is released and thus, folks like myself are not able to take any advantage of the software “released” under the Apache license, like I can from GPL’d software.
    To bring this longish rant to the point, I believe that a Linux based approach to tablet software would have larger penetration of the market than the android software developed by Google is having and therefore be more beneficial to the end users than this has been. I have been developing a plan in the back of my head over the past several days that I hope to be able to announce shortly (maybe in Rohan’s idea of short, but hopefully sooner than that 😉

    Waiting is


    Its currently at home and im at school…so sad. but im happy i get to play with it when i get home.

    31 Mar 2011 10:19:00 California Outer Area Shipment Delivered In Good Condition.
    31 Mar 2011 06:18:00 California Outer Area Out For Delivery.
    31 Mar 2011 05:39:00 California Outer Area Shipment In Transit.
    30 Mar 2011 21:12:00 California Outer Area Shipment Received At Destination Depot.
    30 Mar 2011 18:51:00 California Outer Area Onforwarded For Delivery
    30 Mar 2011 18:11:07 Los Angeles Shipment In Transit.
    30 Mar 2011 17:57:54 Los Angeles Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    30 Mar 2011 13:17:17 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    30 Mar 2011 13:09:54 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    29 Mar 2011 13:56:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    28 Mar 2011 16:00:38 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

  419. COngratulations 🙂 I got mine opened by the customs department at the airport – had a large customs seal on it, they even left a few fingerprints on the screen (greedy bastards, getting to touch my Adam before I did.. 😉 ), but all was well with the device.
    Hope it lives up to your expectations!

  420. dunebuddydave: Yes, you get a sim card from a provider (Mine will be AT&T even though it is a bit more expensive) and the card, plus a transponder in the machine gives you access to the phone network for data transfer. You are then free from needing to find a wireless hotspot. Now you only need to find some bars (and not the dimly lit sort where drinking takes place, but the stair step image like on your phone)


  421. @ themave
    I downloaded Facebook from: “”, because the Adam one doesn’t work.

    Use this link:


  422. Had to cancel because LCD variant is held up at customs. Canceled the order, tired of this bullshit.

  423. Almost the same times as mine which is for London. I don’t believe that I will get it on Saturday but let’s hope so!

  424. Mine also have still this status but I’m getting tracking info from TNT so I don’t care at all. Have you searched your spam mails?

  425. 01 Apr 2011 04:00:00 Sydney Customs Clearance In Progress. Delivery When Cleared.
    31 Mar 2011 21:06:43 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    31 Mar 2011 16:31:36 Hong Kong Connection Delay. Recovery Actions Underway.
    31 Mar 2011 14:23:15 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    30 Mar 2011 16:29:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    29 Mar 2011 19:03:30 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

  426. I just submitted this to support and Tina


    Thank you, I received my replacement adam yesterday. But I would like to help NI troubleshoot these GPS issues and why we are all not receiving GPS locking and tracking… Please see my video and let me know your response…

    “”- youtube video

    I have sent this to support, and it seems like this is a very troubling issue for many people according to this thread: “”…… and others ar NIH

    Also, you mention the adam tablet has a full GPS in it, yet it requires an internet connection to calculate a route… how is that a full gps? What if you travel off route and you are not within data’s reach? it will not recalculate the route… My magellan calculates everything just fine without data and I consider that a full standalone GPS… Please advise Tina…

    -Albert Wertz

  427. 01 Apr 2011 08:11:13 Sydney Shipment Released From Customs.
    01 Apr 2011 04:00:00 Sydney Customs Clearance In Progress. Delivery When Cleared.
    31 Mar 2011 21:06:43 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    31 Mar 2011 16:31:36 Hong Kong Connection Delay. Recovery Actions Underway.
    31 Mar 2011 14:23:15 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    30 Mar 2011 16:29:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    29 Mar 2011 19:03:30 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

  428. Phillip, exactly what I feel and exactly what I have done. Root+ market opened up the market which was really needed and after that I have been fine. My facebook app has always seemed to me to work so I am curious what issue you were having. I am able to get notifications working and I can sign in fully when I want to. I am not a heavy facebook user though so maybe I have a lack of functionality that I am not aware of. My GPS found me originally but no longer does although it displays an accurate map of my neighborhood. I pretty much know where I am though so that has not been much of a problem 😀

  429. Glad to hear you got your replacement. Good to have you digging into the issues again.

  430. This GPS issue is really bothering me. From what I can tell my Adam can’t even see the satellites. This coupled with the lack of 3G calling on Line2 is very troublesome.

  431. You are going to need to get a reader app from one of the many markets, I would imagine you could go to Amazon using your browser and get their market app and then you are good to go. You can also get weather widgets but the NI weather app is not yet available that I am aware of.

  432. @Tim,

    I had tried edenx, then went back to stock NI, then upgraded using normal settings Upgrade path, and after that Facebook panel didn’t work anymore (it used to work fine).

    I sent an email to NI and they responded in about 2 hours with a few links (four in fact, one for each model) and I downloaded and installed the new version. Since then no probs with facebook panel. Just out of interest, my PixelQi Wifi/3g is now on version NIP920240311, what’s yours?

  433. Also, my GPS works really well, although it reports that I’m in Australia, oh wait…

  434. So very happy, got adam today! Posting now from it. Tnt handed it off to a local carrier and they left it outside. Wanted to play with it all day but was at work. I was good and only opened it to check it and charge it.. it sat beside me all day.

  435. Phllip: can you point me to the path back to stock NI? I thought I knew how, but haven’t been able to get back from EdenX…

    Thanks In Advance

  436. I had to pay Duties/Taxes on my Adam – NZD$188 and will only get it on Monday 😦

    It’s ok, what this experience had taught me is how to be patient. I work in a high tech manufacturing company as well and I know the unforseen issues that can jump out and bite you on the backend.

    Details:- 1 Apr 2011, 09:23, Auckland, SHIPMENT HELD IN WAREHOUSE. FOLLOW UP ACTIONS UNDERWAY.
    Details:- 31 Mar 2011, 17:07, Auckland, SHIPMENT RECEIVED AT DESTINATION DEPOT.
    Details:- 31 Mar 2011, 15:55, Auckland, SHIPMENT RELEASED FROM CUSTOMS.
    Details:- 31 Mar 2011, 12:16, Auckland, CUSTOMS CLEARANCE IN PROGRESS.
    Details:- 31 Mar 2011, 04:32, Auckland, CUSTOMS CLEARANCE IN PROGRESS. DELIVERY WHEN CLEARED.
    Details:- 30 Mar 2011, 14:39, Hong Kong, SHIPMENT IN TRANSIT.
    Details:- 30 Mar 2011, 13:11, Hong Kong, SHIPMENT RECEIVED AT TRANSIT POINT.
    Details:- 29 Mar 2011, 13:56, Xiamen, SHIPMENT IN TRANSIT.
    Details:- 28 Mar 2011, 19:16, Xiamen, SHIPMENT IN TRANSIT.

  437. Hey Dwarf,

    It may be that the new links sent by NotionInk support will do the job for you.

    I downloaded the correct one for my model (basically its just an file) in each case.

    I moved it onto the internal adam memory and did the old “power and Vol +”, cleared Cache, Cleared UserData, Run Internal Update.

    For my money, I keep NIH market+root and also flash.apk on my external SD. So for me after I run the internal update I then straight away run the external update and it puts me back. Next I load titanium backup from market and then restore all the stuff I’ve just lost by clearing userdata.

    So, sharing the love now, here are the links (which I assume will become standard from update soon – hope no one from NI Support gets cranky with me)

    Model – download link – resultant build number
    LCD Wifi 3G – -“” – – NIA920240311
    LCD Wifi – – – – “” – NIA020240311
    PQi Wifi – – – – -“” – – NIP020240311
    PQi Wifi 3G – – “” – – – NIP920240311


  438. Okay I just had something really weird happen.

    I was at work and my Adam started ringing! A call was being routed through to my Bluetooth headset! (Now I do have Line2 installed but it is not working as far as I can tell). It looks like the call was trying to come through on my cell number. When I slid the slider to pick up the call it disconnected and went to voice mail. I pressed the “missed call” notifier and it asked me if I wanted to use dialer to complete the action. I pressed dialer and the call dialed and then failed….very interesting. As soon as I’m off work I will test this further. 😀

  439. Was walking out the door to rugby practice and wouldn’t you know it. the UPS man pulls up right then. I had to take Adam to his room and then leave him right away. We are making up for lost time right now. Trying to figure out the UI. It is not as intuitive as I expected, but I am enjoying it. The screen protector was not on, and yes I did update the spreadsheet- thanks for that btw. Took some photos, but now I’m going to work on customizing my baby.

  440. My PQ-Wifi Adam was shipped on Mar 28 and it should be delivered tomorrow (Washington dc metro area, usa) tomorrow. Yes on Fools day.

    I’ve been thinking whether to keep it or sell it as I’m hard pressed for money. It is unopened package and anybody interested please drop me an email at jjrk.rps [AT] gmail [dot] com

    The first best offer will get it. We can discuss the shipping cost, etc offline.

  441. I have been enjoying my adam for a day now. I am running Eden, but with NIH Root and Market access. The UI out of the box is not the most intuitive, but I have figured it out for the most part. I have the Pixel Qi 3G version and the screen is very responsive. I will see if this remains to be true after I install the screen protector. My GPS appears to work well. The main gripe, and it is a major one for me, is the lack of Microsoft Exchange support. You can tell it is in the code since you can go to the calendar settings and add the exchange support. The problem is you don’t have an email app icon. The only way I see my email is when I get a notification of a new email in the notification bar, otherwise I can’t get there. Can anyone help in that area? Anyway, I am happy for the most part except for the corporate email, which is a big deal for me since I bought it to use at work.

  442. @Dennis,

    I recall someone else with a similar Exchange problem, and that they had received support from NI in making it work. You should email “” and ask them.


  443. @dwarf: Thanks Dwarf, How is Gainseville?
    I have T-mobile and unlimited data, so I can try with that Sim card.
    Many many more questions headed your way…I lived in Starke a lifetime or rwo ago.
    Thanks for now. I love my Adam…i think i would like a LCD too…

  444. Just received this email from GATI:

    Greetings from GATI India!

    Your Adam has been picked from the factory in China. We will update you once the shipment reaches India.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    With warm regards
    GATI India
    Ahead In Reach

    Finally some news….. 🙂

  445. “”
    Ebay listing has images

    You are bidding on a Hacked Notion Ink Adam Tablet.
    This bid also comes with the following:
    Original packaging(black and brown box plus paperwork) with matte screen cover (unused)
    Skinomi screen cover (Unused, $20 value)
    US Power charger
    Audio, USB port covers in both black and white. (to protect dust from getting on the inside of the screen, $10 value)
    Adesso Keyboard/ touchpad mouse ($50 value)
    Cygnett Stand ($20 value)

    As a member of Notion Ink Hacks, I have installed EdenX, the most coveted hacked rom on this tablet. I have also installed several bonus apps, which I can not legally mention here… Lets just say there are some games and stuff on there 😉

    This device arrived to me yesterday and I have performed a very strict defect evaluation and have concluded it is free of defects. I know what I am doing as I wrote much of these instructions. See for yourself. Check my FAQ’s on the tablet. I practically wrote a users manual before Notion Ink released theirs. “” This link goes to my defect evaluation pages and my signatures link you to my user FAQ’s on the tablet.

    I guarantee this device is defect free. I claim it to be new as it arrived in my possession yesterday. I opened it to verify it is defect free, your welcome, and to install hacks on it to increase its value.
    I will be shipping the device in priority mail within one business day of receiving payment. US customers only please.

    You may be wondering why I am selling this device when I have poured my heart and soul into the Notion Ink Community? Well, it doesn’t actually suite my needs. It turns out that nothing will for now. What I need something to do has not been invented yet. Maybe in the near future, but you will be able to take advantage of this and all the walk-throughs and instructions I have created at “” are now available to you. Enjoy! and happy bidding!

  446. So I take it this is also a goodbye?

    As I’m still waiting for my adam I can’t comment but your checklist is definitly on my todo list once I get it!
    Thank you!
    And I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for elsewhere.

  447. Hey Albert…. Does this mean you will be leaving Notion Ink Hacks and the Blog? Can you share what you were hoping Adam would do that it can’t do?

    I’ve had my Adam for over a month now and have realized that the tablets of today are more media consumption devices then real “working tools”. I think many of us were hoping for more then what is in this medium. I was disappointed that Adam would not be cellular calling capable. The fact that it can’t be a true GPS (lacks the ability to recalculate routes unless your in range of wifi or 3g) was a bummer too. It does not make a great notepad either. This type of device can’t come close to competing with your standard desktop PC for doing real work. So why have we been so enchanted with it?

    I’m still happy with my Adam though. It really is a fun toy. It’s a great internet surfer, although not in the league with a desktop. The bottom line is that it is a gadget. A fun little guy to spend some time with. You can get this young lad to do a few odd jobs and chores for you, but you have to take the heavy load to something designed to handle it. Can anybody say over sized cell phone without calling ability? If you want a true tablet, one that you can write and draw on and run real big boy programs then you would need to look at company’s like Motion and pay the big bucks for something a bit closer to the real deal. Tablets like Adam Ipad Xoom and all the rest coming out soon are more about fun, games, music, and lite communication,rather then much else. And what is wrong with that!!

  448. Thank you dwarf for the details. When I read all this stuff, although its greatly helping me to understand ADAM better, I definitely do need to re-read all when I have my ADAM in my hands! That’ll help me understand ADAM much better.

    So, mine being the PixelQi version will be having slightly less defined colors and saturation. Hmm, I think I should be happy with that as I too am a regular reader and I do carry my books and magazines wherever an opportunity arise! I only hope the gaming and video watching on PQi doesn’t disappoint me. That remains to be seen.

    I am extremely happy to know that the original stock ROM is behaving itself and also equally comparable to EdenX. I am one of those who doesn’t like to mess with the original software although I did make up my mind to try EdenX, until your reply! 🙂 So, hopefully I will stick with my stock ROM and just try some applications from freewarelovers and amazon! Ofcourse, the rooting + market would help, which I read works on the stock ROM itself.

    Camera does have issues so it seems from so many customers complaining, especially the autofocus issue. Thankfully, the obviously missed QC inspection on the upside down picture is fixed in the newer version.

    Regarding installing apps on external SD card, I have read many people here doing that, so there definitely is a solution to your problem and I hope you find it soon.

    Looking forward to more on your experience 🙂

  449. If you are moving on Albert I’m wishing you the best. I would wish you the best even if your going to stick around. Thanks for the effort you put into helping folks understand their Adam and getting it to function in half way decent manner. I know you were fairly excited about the possibilities in the beginning. Hopefully the future will be a very long road with many new and wonderful things to discover. May you find what your looking for. For me it is tough enough just deciding what it is that I am looking for!


    Okay I think I pinned down what was going on.

    When I installed Line2 it unlocked part of the cellular calling feature in the Adam tablet. When someone calls the phone number associated with the sim card the tablet will ring and prompt me to slide a slider to pick up the call. When I do, the screen kinda holds for a few seconds and then the call goes to my voice mail.

    (No Line2 does not work yet, nothing happens when I call that number. Some reason it can not access the 3G connection on the tablet and Toktumi will be looking into that in the morning)

    So does this mean the tablet can in fact make cell calls? I don’t know, but getting it to ring is a good start 🙂

  451. How long will it take Gati to ship the device to India from china after receiving the mail from Gati?

  452. after all the wait, Adam shows up when i am not home.
    TNT didnt leave it at door step as they require a signature.

    hoping to get it tomorrow.

    finally. hope, i wont be disappointed by the product 🙂

  453. Just received the Pixel Qi Adam from PO1. It was delivered on Mar 30. Apparently it is a new piece that is fully updated. That was good. Month/Yr of manufacturing is Mar2011, which means that the old product was either taken back into inventory,or is still with the chinese customs.


  454. I find it very surprising! Now, I wonder whether the ‘mystery feature’ on the NI website has anything to do with this….:) 🙂 🙂

  455. Reference 8XXXXXXXXX88
    Pick up date 29 Mar 2011
    Destination KUWAIT CITY – DASMAN
    Delivery Date
    Date Time Location Status
    01 Apr 2011 08:01:43 Dubai Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    01 Apr 2011 06:10:00 Dubai Delay. Recovery Action Underway
    31 Mar 2011 16:12:03 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    31 Mar 2011 14:23:53 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    30 Mar 2011 16:29:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    29 Mar 2011 18:52:53 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

  456. That is a good start. I was out for 2 weeks, and this is the 2nd best news, after getting my PO1 Adam. Please keep us updated.

  457. Well from what I know about the wireless card in the Adam it apparently does not support celular calls…..It kinda makes me want to pull my Adam apart and check to see what card is really in there.

  458. I got it worse.. I had to pay 209.88NZD!!! Just do not understand why we New Zealanders have to pay such money and different from each other!!!! Will get on Monday too. The location Auckland does not even mean the tablet is in Auckland. It actually is the “documents” containing the duties/taxes!!! The tablet is still in Hong Kong awaiting the amoun to be paid before it will take the 6.30 plane to NZ and will reach on Saturday. As TNT does not do deliveries on weekends. Monday is the earliest.

  459. @Princedeepu: think it’l reach india customs by monday max,later a day or 2 for customs clearance,.then 2days to reach your place so by next weekend ul have it in ur hand.:)

  460. I want to wait a bit longer… looks like i am addicted to the wait… have been waiting so long addiction is obvious……

  461. 01 Apr 2011 08:08:04 London Heathrow Hub Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    01 Apr 2011 07:55:00 London Heathrow Hub Shipment Released From Customs.
    31 Mar 2011 18:18:20 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    31 Mar 2011 14:21:03 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    30 Mar 2011 16:29:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    29 Mar 2011 17:46:02 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

    Nearly There….Not sure if tnt delivers on saturdays

  462. There have been some issues reported regarding the “entrails” of the adam – and differences between “identical” devices. Perhaps this is a different card?

    But if “it starts to ring” – then the software is apparently aware of something happening. Perhaps it really is a hidden feature.

    Is this the original software, 4r4nd0mninj4?

  463. If they ported Gingerbread over, there’s no reason why you couldn’t use SIP (Google Voice, etc) to configure a voice line to an Adam

  464. 01 Apr 2011 08:32:27 Toulouse Customs Clearance In Progress.
    01 Apr 2011 07:12:19 Toulouse Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    01 Apr 2011 00:30:04 Liege Euro Hub Shipment In Transit.
    31 Mar 2011 22:57:50 Liege Euro Hub Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    30 Mar 2011 16:34:09 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    30 Mar 2011 13:07:28 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    29 Mar 2011 13:56:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    28 Mar 2011 16:33:56 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

    Ha Ha HA !

    getting closer !!
    So impatient !!!


  465. not
    31 Mar 2011 16:54:40 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    because that might mean it’s on it’s way somewhere, otherwise it’d possibly say recovery actions underway…

    at least believing that gives me hope of seeing my adam a little bit sooner 😛
    I might be able to annoy a couple of people greatly if I get it tomorrow, >:)
    As monday I’m going to visit the “” to view the “” 3d printer, and potentially buy one.

  466. Does anybody have a full list of step by step guide or list of all must do/must have/must install
    To setup adam

    As I am very new to android and don’t want to waist lot of time researching so many of you have already done and learned while setting up your adams.

    Any pointers greatly appreciated.

  467. please check out “”
    It is not perfect, but a good start.

    May be you can contribute.

  468. Yes, in transit. But it said the same yesterday (01.50 AM / Hong Kong time) so it was still dangling around and not on a plane… Perhaps it’s on it’s way to amsterdam now. So I’d expect an update in 12+ hours…

  469. My thoughts on ADAM (LCD WIFI, EDEN)after using for 7 days 🙂

    Good part :
    1. solid hardware ,it really feel so guys..except camera rotating part( one need to handle this with care for a longer life ,as pointed by others it has 2 layer of thin cover ,btw i found easiest way of removing these layer ,just keep rolling your finger on the lens slowly, 1st layer loosen up making its corner visible )
    2. Battery life: still have not checked by running continuously one Application but on an average I’m getting around 6-7 hours with moderate use of wifi and video playing .
    3.Multimedia: Inbuilt pictures app and audio-video apps are generic in nature but they do without any problem what they supposed to do :).And much hyped speaker is definitely BETTER than speakers of most of the mobile and portable devices but say cant beat Sony Ericsson portable speaker MBS 100 in terms of bass.
    4.EBOOK: no Inbuilt app, but I’m using other apps. BOY… must tell you reading COMICS on ADAM is real fun its look awesome waiting for LONGBOX APP (Rohan o please ).LCD model is quite good to read even in night It produces less strain on eyes as compared to laptop.As my major use is going to be reading so it matter a lot to me.
    5.GAMES: angry bird ,samurai,ninja HD runs quite well.still checking others app.
    6.USB: it recognizes Portable hard disk up 320 GB without any problem at times it quite slow but read most of the files.
    7.Browsing : Use DOLPHIN HD instead of default one.I’m checking looks fine & load fast.
    NOW comes the HARD part 😦

    Bad: Buggy in one word.lots of work need to be put in before EDEN can stand in front of IOS.It seems to me they have actually not tested every aspect of the software
    before putting it on ADAM hardware.I would say 70% prepared OS.very next day I encounter ‘airplane mode bug’ where u cant switch on Bluetooth as it says airplane mode is on even though you have unchecked the ‘airplane mode’ box. funny part is that you can still connect to WIFI even though airplane mode is on 😉 i did sorted out this problem using factory reset .
    2. Accelerometer and viewing angle: Portrait mode viewing angle is very poor.You cant enjoy racing game due to this.Accelerometer fails at time to detect.
    3. Bluetooth : I’m still unable to stream audio from ADAM to my sony MW600 bluetooth stereo headset.I just get it connect but no audio either from ADAM or Headset(any body can help 😦 ). bluetooth file transfer between mobile and adam works fine.

    So final thought ;is it worth to wait and go through all the pains of ordering ,shipping ?
    I have been part of this family since very beginning; I would say Wait it is worth than most of the PADs around.
    So at last I would say ;
    THANK YOU ROHAN allowing us to walk with you on a “Journey called ADAM”
    Though I don’t think it has ended now.I feel its new beginning 🙂

  470. Hi,
    please visit for review, lists and links, and how to get started.
    Welcome to contribute there as well.

    Have fun!

  471. Received following mail from Gati, looks like last consignment for India is moving

    “Greetings from GATI India!

    Your Adam (Order No.1297xxxxxx) has been picked from the factory in China. We will update you once the shipment reaches India.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    With warm regards
    GATI India
    Ahead In Reach”

    Bengaluru – PO2-PQi-wif+i3g

  472. Congrats!
    I updated your entry in the spreadsheet.

    Please visit “” for a start
    and maybe you could contribute.

  473. He just arrived here with me in London City and sits still in its box. I will first charge the battery and then go home early and play around until late 😀

  474. @paulikxp: Congrats!
    If you want to make a kind of coordinated approach visit “”.
    Your contribution off course would be appreciated.

  475. Thanks for your reply dwarf.

    At the ni-adam wiki we want to help adam users to get the best experience out of there adams.

    One thing that really needs some attendance right now is the GPS subject.
    If you know any resources or informations that could help new adam users please share them 🙂


  476. Hi surveysan
    You said befor that you have canceled adam over cc how you change it again ? only by cc company or you make new order by NI?
    Thanks and have fun with your adam

  477. hi all . My question to all adamites in mumbai is ‘ how many days after getting the email from gati ( telling you that your adam has been picked up by them from china ) did you actually receive the adam in your hand ? .

  478. After first night I am still working on customizing the Adam. I am having issues with titanium backup and bringing my apks over from my phone. They are both running android 2.2 and it works between my two phones, but for some reason adam can’t find the files. I can find them in sniffer so I know they are there, but I want to transfer more than just the applications. I would like the data and widgets that are already setup to come with. Anyone have similar issues or suggestions? I only had about 3 hours last night to test the waters, but I am already considering a new keyboard. I like the size if the NI keyboard much better than the stock android, but I want a longpress of the key to bring up the alternate keystroke i.e., quick press of Q is the letter, and a long press is “1”. If I can’t do that is there at least a way to have it stay on the numbers with NI keyboard as opposed to having to press fn everytime?
    Played some music and movies, loaded kindle and started a book, killed some pigs in angry birds. Love the weight and balance of it all. The speakers are wonderful for their size. Going to take some time to get used to the UI and button functions, but overall I am extremely happy.

  479. The video above says ‘EdenX’! Did the software change something? Im thinking the Line2 application that 4r4nd0mninj4 installed!?

    Whatever it is, it sure is interesting and probably with some software modification, this could be activated. Any geek listening? 🙂

  480. My PQ-Wifi Adam was shipped on Mar 28 and it should be delivered Apr 1 (Washington dc metro area, usa). Yes on Fools day. But that’s very quick and fast in terms of shipping.

    I’m planning to put it out for sale. This is not April 1 joke.

    It is unopened package, brand new. Anybody interested please drop me an email at jjrk.rps [AT] gmail [dot] com

  481. Hello all,

    my Adam is closed to my door :-).
    Ordered at: 12.2. ; shiped at 26.3. ; now in Transit from Airport to my home.

    The shipment needs only 8 day’s 😉

  482. The best morning …. my inbox has email from TNT on confirmed ship process starting!

    Now this is killing factor for me 🙂
    Final wait ………..TNT site is going to get million hits from me 🙂

    And ofcourse Yeaaaaaah – my Adam on its way!

  483. It is so sad people have to deal with delays. It is also sad that NI has to deal with these issue of cancellations when they already have their hands full on many fronts …

  484. A sexy man named Adam has finally arrived at my door!!!! I love it. One question, I would like to download and read books on my Adam…what is the best way to do this?

  485. Cool, please be sure to make battery life at least 10 hrs minimum, i mean those 200 pounds netbooks have 6 cell battery with 1.2 kgs, adam has less weight, but should have minimum of 10 grs battery period!

    Camera should be improved for autofocus, a quick comparison of Ipad 2 crap 0.7 camera vs 3.2 of Adam shows that ipad 2 video beats Adam! No way, we don’t want that!!

    We need dual boot, why we should be stuck on only one os, we are new generation, not closed at iPad one, so Ubuntu and Honeycomb at least with Eden on it.

    Even if afterwards we’ll get honeycomb for Adam, no problem, just put the Ubuntu netbook in it!

    Big respect Notion Ink team, fans and Rohan. Keep up the good job.

  486. Albert: I will repeat Wally West’s comment.

    What hasn’t been invented yet that you are looking for.

    To Wally West: it is only the OS and available apps that limit the device for what you want it to do. The processor is hefty enough and the internal SD card is big enough, and there is enough memory for it to run a fairly bulky OS. (My home machine has the same specs, without the dual core, and I run a development Linux system on it just fine, although Flash can eat the processor pretty quickly)

    So, would you be interested in running a “real” OS on this machine? I have been thinking of a development project in that vein…

    Waiting is

  487. 4R4: It should only depend upon how the sim card is set up, and possibly an app for the Adam tablet itself. All the hardware is there. You should be able to Skipe on it now with the app as you have speakers, a camera and a mic…

    Keep us posted. This is exciting!


  488. tlcquest: Mine came with almost 50% charge, and was fully charged after about an hour on the power connection.


  489. Karen: His name is listed as the seller on a machine selling on EBay…don’t think he is joking

  490. Albert: for some reason my last posting was put into moderation, so I’ll give links in code.
    Please drop me an email to “dwarf43 at gmail dot com” or come by “notioninkspot dot com” where I’ll be in the chat room this evening 5:30 EDT.


  491. Hello dwarf4242,

    I would be interested in running a real Os on Adam. It least giving it a go. Some guys at XDA are currently trying to get Ubuntu running on Adam, it doesn’t appear this will happen soon. I know windows is out of the question because it can’t function with Adam’s processor. I have heard Microsoft is working on a form of windows 8 that is likely to work with the tegra chips. The future is so bright you have to wear shades.

    Albert’s Adam really is on ebay. I wish he would share more with us about the direction he is going. I think he’s passionate about technology to not have some kind of plan.

  492. lxne: I just got an email reply from support with a lot of detail about using the GPS. I’m not really interested in getting directions until it can give me my current location. So far the wheel just spins and nothing more happens.
    Support suggested at least 3 satellites need to be visible, and I need to be outside in sunlight. It isn’t clear what sunlight has to do with it except that maybe the satellites can “see” you with their radio signals easier…
    I have yet to follow their step by step, but the “several minutes” to get a fix from the satellites suggests that tracking your movements might be problematic.
    I’ll give a more detailed report once I’ve tried to follow support’s directions.
    On the wiki you pointed to, there is a numbered list, but it doesn’t seem to link to anything. It would be good for those sections to be links to actual information. I’ll see what I can do to contribute this weekend…ITS FRIDAY!!!

  493. Is the version of QuickOffice for the Adam a Full version?
    How do you create new files without opening an existing one and doing a save as?
    How do you access usb from within the app for opening and saving.

  494. I was curious to hear what you guys have to say.

    I know it is customary for customer support people in countries in Asia to switch their names to more Western names so people can pronounce them and such. I think that this should be avoided. We live in a world with a plethora of ethnicities and even more languages, and we, in a some way or another, are our names.

    The other day I received and email from Shahid and it was a welcome change from Steve, Sam, or which ever name was signed on previous emails. Perhaps those are their real names, and if they are, great. If they aren’t I think that as a community we are ready and global enough to handle different names, especially in e-mails. I can understand that when you are talking on the phone people don’t appreciate their names getting butchered, but most customer service with NI is done through e-mail and soon through live chat and forums.

    Perhaps these customer service reps like to change their names and/or appreciate the anonymity from pseudonyms, but, if they feel forced to do it to simplify our lives, I think we should be working with their real names. In my opinion, diversity is richness.


  495. after much deliberation whether to install market or not i decided to do and i am glad i did

    The adam is far more responsive and less sluggish than the original stock ROM.

    Lot of apps from Market which makes the ADAM more lively
    HAd some wifi auto sleep and gps issues which support promptly sent some solutions and fixed which helped

    Not that happy about camera quality but manageable.

    Its the shame though that most apps downt open in leaves ( panels) and have to be full screeen launched beats the purpose of Eden actually

  496. That’s alright. I live in Seattle, WA (US), the land of mucho wifi towers, so I should be just fine with the wifi only version. It’s just the gadget freak in me that wanted all the choices.

  497. My last commetn is awaiting moderation.

    I’m running Beast ROM now, but I was able to create a new document.
    Open QuickOffice and select the type of file you wish to create.
    On the file selection pane press the little + sign at the bottom right corner of the pane.
    Select File.

    As for opening from USB, I have not got that far yet.

  498. 01 Apr 2011 12:30:14 Bordeaux Shipment Released From Customs.
    01 Apr 2011 12:28:06 Toulouse Shipment Released From Customs.
    01 Apr 2011 08:32:27 Toulouse Customs Clearance In Progress.
    01 Apr 2011 07:12:19 Toulouse Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    01 Apr 2011 00:30:04 Liege Euro Hub Shipment In Transit.
    31 Mar 2011 22:57:50 Liege Euro Hub Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    30 Mar 2011 16:34:09 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    30 Mar 2011 13:07:28 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    29 Mar 2011 13:56:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    28 Mar 2011 16:33:56 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

    it’ll be there Monday or tuesday 😉
    gooood point !

  499. Howdy all!

    So if you want to see the results of the EDEN v ROMs survey this is the link:


    Please spread the word for the survey as well:



  500. Not sure what you like, but the kindle app from amazon work very well.

    I haven’t been able to get google books to work, I believe you have to root your adam before it will work.

    There are several other ereaders out there, Adam doesn’t come with one, so you have to download it yourself.

  501. Please update the spreadsheet! (You must have a different handle, cuz I couldn’t find ya.)

    The Form is at: “”

    You can see everything already entered at these OFFICIAL Mirrors:
    1: “”
    2: “”
    3: “”


  502. Hello guys,

    The weekend is rolling in and Rohan mentioned that he will start the weekend specials this weekend. So what are you expecting Rohan to mention??

  503. Plz, nevertheless, update the spreadsheet by going to “” (it’ll take you less than a minute.)

  504. I wait for it. It stay in the hub closed to my home, at the moment.
    Maybe it will deliver, tomorrow (2.April), i hope.
    If it deliver on Monday i must wait for the next weekend to unpack my Adam. 😦
    (In the week i am on business travel)

    I going to place more information here, if I resived my Adam.

    =Esteban in German 😉

  505. memphiscop: I also use the Kindle app as themave mentioned, but then I bought a Kindle before I got the Adam. If you don’t have a Kindle account with Amazon you might want to try Stanza, although I’m not sure they have an android app, they do have one for the PC, and that version provides conversion from other book formats to other book formats including Kindle. There is also Kobo which is pretty good. I’m not sure if you need an account to use Google books or not, I haven’t tried it, but there is another choice. There are several free book sites, like Gutenberg, Mobi, and Freebooks, but you may also have your own sources of ebooks. I’ll do a search of the Amazon appstore when I get home and see what else they can provide.


  506. For Titanium, the /mnt/sdcard location is where titanium backup looks – so you need to ensure that you backup is stored on the INTERNAL SD card. Had some issues to start with, but all resolved now.

  507. (heavy sigh!) Four days after the 72 hour promise and still no email or change in delivery status. It’s gonna be a looooooooooong weekend.

  508. Expect Rohan to post more when the Cricket World Cup is finished this weekend, especially if India win – good luck to them.

    I’m sure the guys at NI will be glued to their TVs (or at the match) all the time! India is obsessive about cricket, more so than us English are! 🙂

  509. some people here wont let you sell it as this will be bad for their business. They are trying to force Albert to cancel his sale on E bay. Well Guys we live in a free country, i hope that people should respect a persons decision, especially people from notioninkspot, please for the sake of few dollars don’t drag notion ink and rohan with you.

  510. I mean yes Shahid send me a gps tester apk file and told me to give it a cold start.
    and there was a whole lost of instruction to check the settings

    I took it out 1st tried the gps tester and gave it a cold start i found the satellites
    teh went to google maps , found the location where am i and tested driving around for few minutes

    although its worth mentioning Shahih kept mentioning to try it in direct sunlight and today i actually tried it in sunlight

    last few days i was trying the same thing in night and it was not working .Strange as the gps on my nokia n97 works day or night

  511. Albert, best of luck with your sale. I see some people are getting nervous as their chance of making a few bucks will be over. I can understand your decision. i salute your honesty and integrity and am sure one day you will be a very successful doctor.

  512. Karen, Pratha, and Dwarf, please don’t force people to visit your site so that you can make money from the ads.

  513. Day 44 of ADAM watch 2011.

    Guess what?
    No emails from TNT. Doesn’t matter, ADAM is home!!!! 🙂

    Mar 2011 build. PQ 3G model. So far it appears to be working. I now know what to work on for the WIKI. Mine did not have the screen protector installed and also did not come with any “promised” gift as one of the “original 50”.

    I looked through all the materials on what not to do and discovered not one thing on what to do. Fortunately I have an android phone so I hit the basics.
    This is going to be fun.

    I’ll keep in touch.

    Yes Prantha I already updated the spreadsheet…

  514. @boybarbados,
    With respect I haven’t found any ads on their site, I don’t think that is their intention.

  515. Okay I give up. How do you safely remove an attached USB drive?
    I don’t see any settings for dismounting the drive.

  516. Hi boybarbados,
    I hope you visited our site notioninkspot. Its was created for us and by us. I invite you to join us, currently in return what we get is only appreciation from all and this is what Rohan say’s for our work..

    “We are working on more! 🙂 And because of your support, we feel energized even if things are not going our way.

    And real thanks for your support!

    With Warm Regards

    Rohan Shravan
    Founding Director, CEO
    Notion Ink Design Labs”



  517. As long as you’re not accessing any of the files, you can pull it out. I personally point sniffer back to the adam memory first, count to 5 and then extract. Should be fine, its not windows lol

  518. Thanks, I spent ages trying to figure it out.
    Still can’t see any device other than SD Card in the QuickOffice Browser.

  519. I am sorry, where are you getting this information? I have seen no evidence of anyone trying to force me not to sell my adam tablet. I even checked out the notioninkspot site and I have not seen anything like this. If you know something I dont, please quote it and provide a link.

  520. I replied to your post. It showed up and is now missing. I had basically said that I wanted to load Ubuntu Linux to run some windows app under WINE. But that is taking a while and much as i dislike it, i think I’ve to use a win7 tablet.

    And given my situation and financial conditions, I can’t afford two new tablets even though I love NI adam. At least one in my family has got it.

    Having decided to sell it, I didn’t want to open and touch it. Let the buyer have that fun of a new one.

    Mine cleared JFK customs on Mar 31 morning and TNT told me that it would be delivered Apr 1. But it wasn’t and when I called them in the evening, they said the scheduled delivery date is Mon (Apr 4).

    I asked them as to why I was told Mar 31 that it would be delivered Apr 1. They apologized. Also asked them why it takes that long to come from New York to Washington DC, they said that it was scheduled for Mon.

    I was half expecting given today is the fool’s day. So Monday it is.

  521. It’s here! 😀 Now I have to figure out which firmware to use…

    Also, I see there’s forums now! Too bad I can’t register yet.

  522. @Phillip,

    I have a PixelQi WiFi only model currently on version NIP20140211. Since I am not having any particular issues I am just waiting for the next over the air update.
    I have to admit I have never used any GPS before so I don’t really know if I have a problem or not as it does correctly see my neighborhood but it seems to say it is not finding me. To be honest I have put no effort into it because I don’t care about that feature 😆 all that much. I assume that when the bugs are worked out or I take the time to figure out what the heck I need to do with it that it will only be of use to me on rare occasions anyway. Good to hear you got yours working as you wish with the latest update.

  523. Link in forums to official NI forum


  524. @memphiscop
    I have been using Aldiko, FBReader, Cool reader, Nook for android, Sony for Android and Google books and Kindle and all have worked fine. Sony, Nook, Kindle have all worked for me when buying direct from their stores from Adam.

    Having said that I found that FBReader and Cool reader see books on my external SD card so I was able to load my already existing supply of books waiting to be read onto the SD card. It avoids tying up internal memory also. It could be I just have not figured out how to get them to see the external card though. Since all the apps are free I figure what the heck.

    I did notice that when I buy DRM protected books in epub format the Adobe Digital edition on my PC sees Adam as the Aldiko reader and I am able to transfer the books in easily, not sure if it would see one of the other readers if I did not have Aldiko on Adam. The one thing I did notice is I cant get the Sony app to see books in the Sony format unless they were bought from the Sony store which is really weird since my wife’s Sony reader accepts those same books without a problem, again perhaps something I simply have not figured out yet. There are some good comments over at NIH on reader apps.

    I use Calibre on my PC to swith formats on unprotected books to whatever format I want to read them in and I think the Stanza program Dwarf 42 mentioned does the same.
    Good reading!

  525. This is the second complete BS comment from you about Notion Ink Spot. I don’t know what has gotten your undies in a knot but as Albert said please provide a link to even vaguely substantiate this nonsense or knock it off.

  526. just got my adam… will chk it out sooon …. comments to follow up
    @prantha pls update my status in sheet

  527. Thanks, works much better now. It is still causing some issues as a few of the backups are causing adam to restart. I fixed this by installing just the known good apps then wiping the backup and creating a new one.

  528. Some few quick questions::

    (1) Which is the best comic reader for adam? I am waiting to read my Amar Chitra katha Collections over it

    (2) I am having some issues. Can some one also having these: many times Whn I am copying data from USB pendrive to my SD card, It stop in between. This has happened to me 3-4 times

    (3) So we need to install all application through SD cards only?

    (4) Can someone explain the usage of Titanium? DO we need to root adam for using it?

    (5) I am facing problems installing twitter from majj website. Is anyone facing the same issue?

    (6) Suggest me some more games for adam. Specially some car racing where i can use it’s 3 dimensional accrelerometer. And some mind games like bejeweled 3

    I have installed angry birds,winamp, pro launcher and many other applications and enjoying my adam. Admitted software is buggy and give me many crashes during usage. I am using Dolphin browser and impressed by it . Screen responsiveness is still sluggish for me. But brightness of LCD screen is really great. Watching videos over them is a treat.
    Will love to know more recommendations about other applications which are must for adam 🙂

  529. @ cx650t
    To dismount drive go to:

    Tap “Adam Storage”
    Tap “Unmount Adam Internal Memory”
    (Unmount SD card for safe Removal)


  530. @flyguyismi

    Take a look at the thumb keyboard apk. A friend had it on his adam, liked it very much and l intend to install it tomorrow. The numbers are on the right side.

  531. I saw this when I was looking through everything. I thought it was awfully strange to put this function in such an obscure place.
    If this actually needs to be done to safely remove a device it needs to be placed in an easily accessible place or it won’t get used.

  532. “” see this url , it says tablets running 2.x android will not be allowed to upgrade to Honeycomb , is it true ? Rohan expecting an answer from you on this !

  533. 24 hours since receiving my Adam and I am a very happy customer (PixelQi 3G).

    Having seen some of the images of Adam screens without the screen protector I made the effort to install it first – my shaking hands didn’t help but I put it on with only 4 small air bubbles near the edges, and I’m happy to keep it that way!

    Time and date were the first to be set, followed by finding my wireless network – all without issues. The default browser is pretty good, but if anyone can let me know how to make the browser respond to a new URL I’d be grateful (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t). The bookmarking system it nice, and the NI keyboard feels more like a real keyboard than a touch-pad, with the arrow keys and fn buttons being a nice touch; best bit is ctrl-c and ctrl-v working without fail.

    On additional recommendations I powered down the unit in order to start the GPS unit and it finds my location very quickly. The compass is a nice touch, but it seems to be a little jittery.

    My first stop for apps was on Rohan’s recommendation with freewarelovers. Flash and Adobe Reader were the first on my list, along with Angry Birds and Dolphin HD (just in case). As for Mail’d, my gmail account syncs properly, but I’d like to know if a Lotus Notes account can also be used (for work).

    Sniffer is pretty clever, and while I haven’t tested the USB or SD card yet I’m fairly confident it will work. It doesn’t seem to detect my networked drive, but ES File Explorer did and the Adam played the files rather well. I hope one of them will see the drives at work – that would be brilliant!

    The PixelQi gives the screen a more metallic appearance, and with the brightness set to automatic it seems to make it look more like the pages of a magazine than a bright screen, something I personally prefer. I don’t see it being used in the sunlight too often (as I burn easily) but the office lights should offer it a challenge.

    The Kobo app may become my favourite app, especially with the free classics!

    Haven’t tested the 3G yet as I don’t have access to a reliable data plan. I hope to change this with a prepaid sim. I’d love to hear something on the radio, but it doesn’t seem to be unlocked yet.

    On a side note, I work in a very iOS friendly workplace, and while I have no problem with that personally* it will be interesting to see some of the reactions, especially with the USB, HDMI output and Flash capability. I believe that devices like Adam and Xoom (and BlackBerry, WebOS, Samsung…) will fulfill different needs than what the iPad currently offers, especially with it not needing a desktop or laptop to manage stored content – a massive plus for me.

    Now, I need to find the right tool to remove the plastic coating from the camera before Monday. Wish me luck :S

    * Sometimes I work with a runtime that’s not supported by iOS, so Adam has been a relief for me professionally.

  534. Hi boybarbados,
    I (personally and as a moderator for totally respect every one’s opinion and decisions. Nobody is forcing anyone. I appreciate Albert, and am confident he knows my and notioninkspot’s intentions.

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  535. Hi boybarbados,
    I (personally and as a moderator for totally respect every one’s opinion and decisions. Nobody is forcing anyone. I appreciate Albert, and am confident he knows my and notioninkspot’s intentions.

    Notioninkspot is a growing site from the family, for the family. Adam owners (people who have been commenting here for some time) showing their face, sharing their life with their Adam and serving others.
    No commercial targets, no advertising and no money is being made there.
    What’s your grunge, boybarbados?
    If you hold anything against us, please come in direct contact with us.
    If you care visiting you will find many ways to do so.

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  536. If you find out about GPS… please contribute at “”.

    Good luck!

  537. Hi Rory,
    thank you for your review. You too are welcome to have your own free place in the non-commercial and share this review with any pics or vids, and more reviews in future. 😉

    About the protective coating on the camera lens: rub it with your finger, or try to scratch lightly with your finger nail. Nail is softer than the lens, so that would be alright.
    There might be several layers on it, although mine came with only one.