Harmony weds Ventana

Hello there!

First on the Update which is now available since last 2 days.

We are glad to inform you that an update for your Adam is now available.

In order to update your Adam, you would have to follow a few simple steps detailed below.

Your Adam will need to be connected to a wi-fi network in order to download your update.

CHECK! Navigate to Settings > About Adam, and check the ‘Build Number. Is it NIA20270111 / NIA20040211 / NIP20270111 / NIP20040211?

If yes, then proceed.

If no, please install the previous update we had made available.

IMPORTANT! Please back up all your data on the Adam before attempting this update. We also recommend that you connect your Adam to the mains power supply during the update process.

CHECK! Please make sure that you have set the correct date and time on your Adam before your proceed with this update. (Settings > Set Date & Time)

Please follow these steps to update your Adam.

1. Restart your Adam.

2. Navigate to Settings > Update Adam and tap on it.

3. Now, a dialog box will open saying there is an update available for download. You can choose whether to start the download or cancel it.

4. Once you tap on ‘Start’ in the dialog box, your Adam will start downloading the update file. You can view the progress of this download in the notification bar.

5. Once the download is finished, a message will appear in the notification bar saying that your update is ready for installation. You can either choose to apply this update or choose to install it at a later time, in which case you can do so following the same steps above.

6. The update will now install and your Adam will restart.

You can also pause / resume your download by tapping on the download progress bar under notifications.

In case you need any assistance, please contact us at support@notionink.com

Now to the rest of the updates:

  • You can see that the shipments are in Progress now, that means your device has been shipped from China to Hong Kong. As soon as it reaches there, your status will be updated with the tracking numbers.
  • Sales this time has been extremely good and now you will find more Adamites there! ๐Ÿ™‚ We went out of stock on LCD pretty quickly because we focused on PQ this time. We are about to go out of stock again on PQ in couple of days.
  • Do you want books? ๐Ÿ˜›

Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

2,963 thoughts on “Harmony weds Ventana

  1. wow i was actually 4th, please have a beautiful ebook (epub) reader installed on my new adam

  2. Why not ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait for my Adam to arrive. Yeah! I hope for a shipment before march.

    Any detailed changelog for the update?

  3. Thanx Rohan, I just checked again what the status was…working on it.

    I’m happy to see it’s on its way.

    I know you get this question a lot, but let us in on some info about SDK availability and so on. Will EAP 1/2 continue or maybe there will be DAP, because its not Early anymore? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Hey, Rohan, just a suggestion-
    Keep a log of all th eupdates and what they do (I am sure, you do this, duh) and PUBLISH them on the home page.

    And puh-leez, start an official support forum- Email support is plain ugly and inefficient. The only complaints one gets to hear these days is how the support team simply chose to ignore their support queries…

    On more question- Just like the logo size and position on the back has been changed, have you standardised the no. of lens covers (0/1/2) and whether or not the screen protectors will be factory applied…

  5. Seems like…

    Our first estimation was correct about the shipping status “IN PROCESS” means China to HKG…

  6. For any who are concerned, as mentioned in a previous post this works very, very well.

    I love that adam can do these updates.

    Is it the first android device to allow updates in this fashion?

  7. Yes, books! Books! Books! Yummmm.
    Seriously, I want to compliment NI on one definite thing:
    As I was ordering (and I thank Rohan for paying attention to comments for that), after the last stage and right before being sent back to NI store, my SPA died on me and I had to reset the connection, obviously, I could not complete the transaction as was intended by the developers, but the money went out and I received the invoice saying โ€œPaidโ€. Yet, the status on my order in store remained โ€œUnpaidโ€. I wrote to support and attached the invoice, and some thirty hours later I received an answer with just one single letter: โ€œDโ€ and it was all fixed. Some impressive support there, guys. I’m thrilled.

  8. Books, yes, please!
    Maybe comic books as well?

    Has anyone who has an adam tested /made a cbz/cbr reader?
    Or other comic book reading program?

  9. cool Rohan… am on PO2, so hoping I just need to turn on Adam and he will start jumping and singing and all the good stuff… but reading the comments from the folks who followed the update instructions seems all is well allround…

    3 cheers to team NI again and all the extended family and the partners in the revolution…

  10. I guess not the first android device, but may be first commercially successful android tablet in market to do so probably. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Many android phones have OTA updates like this. For Ex: HTC phones Desire series already have updates this way for a long time.)

  11. Philip, OTA updates have been around for a long time with android, this is nice but from the looks of it is an extension to OTA.
    Also hope after the first update fiasco NI has implemented CRC checks on the Adam to make sure it doesn’t try to flash a bad ROM from their updTe site.

  12. I want a cool ebook reader that I can download via GENESIS ๐Ÿ™‚ (had to throw it out there)…actually I’d much prefer to get my adam sooner before I leave the country, but I get the odd feeling that it will ship and not reach here before I leave ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  13. This morning I had a most wonderful dream:
    I was already holding my very own beautiful adam and playing with it! Unfortunately then I woke up and realised I haven’t even been able to make an order yet for the adam I want, which is a LCD & Wifi-only version. *sad*

    Please please please make sure there are enough LCD version adams available for the next round, and please also include me in the first batch of invitation emails and not in the last batch! *grin*

    Anyway, glad to hear how well Notion Ink is doing. Wonderful to hear about the software updates that keep coming and keep improving the adam. Looking forward to read news about content updates, ebooks, comics, Genesis…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. @ Rohan. What is the gift that is shipping along with Adam for batch 2 of pre-order 1? I am holding off on accessory purchase for that reason.

  15. I really like the latest update! The black box in the corner always FRUSTRATED ME! the translucent battery icon is quite well done.

    Books? I’d also like to have a better media player! The built in one is…… uhm….. unfit for big screens (that’s being generous too)

  16. @Rohan,
    and thanks to Sachin and you for helping me change the model to PQi 3G. I am loving reading in this screen in bright lit areas or under the sun!

  17. Rohan had actually mentioned that in some comment someone back that the first step is shipment from china to HK after which the tracking is updated…

  18. hi Phillip – howdie! long time… been busy this end with lot of things… but been quietly following the comments over here and the other blogs… may be will have a bunch of comments/questions once I get a chance to play with my Adam (assuming my kids allow me)… am on PO2…

  19. I think they have the updates from 5th Feb but the latest one needs to be applied by users. The latest one was too late to be put in the adams being shipped right now. If they have the latest I would be surprised.

  20. Video please….

    I hope not just reading but everything i mean working on online websites, emails and so on…

  21. They can’t if the update came after the 14th, if they do then either the update was available before the 14th or the Adams didn’t ship till after the update was available.

  22. i remember checking out the longbox site when rohan mentioned their collaboration and it seemed very cool…..so yes…i need books, comics…..eveythinggggggggg

    but first off….i need my adam :)….how long does it take to ship from china to hongkong?

  23. Every new posting from Rohan feels like a new book btw.
    He and his team have done very well this last round indeed.
    One happy and proud family.
    Enjoy your achievements, Rohan!

    Can’t wait for mine to go ‘In progress’.
    At least ten more days of waiting ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. @techlemonade
    Thanks guys, haven’t owned an android device before this one

    BTW, know what’s cool? RSSDemon for android, that’s what.

  25. It’s by design. This is the reason that on well designed Android devices, the recovery rom is seperate from the system rom. In this way you can flash your OS from recovery mode. In normal running mode, after downloading to SD, it just ask you if it can continue to boot to recovery mode and do the flashing.

  26. @MS,
    This morning I was doing a lot of stuff – with the morning sun light hitting me and my adam – through my window :). I will post Videos, Snaps when I get time. Been really busy for the last two weeks and need to rest a little too.

  27. I’m ready for the February 25-March 5th shipments to be released! We are all patiently waiting:)

  28. My pleasure Karen. Wanted to write many more things but was too late and had to get some sleep to reach office today. Will post more information today or tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Books, Yes please!
    Both “proper” books and comic books, that’s half the reason I ordered an Adam.

    Either with an App that can read Amazon, Sony and other ebooks, or apps from each of them.

  30. I agree. Though I’d like the option to have the battery hidden completely and only appear when the battery drains down to a certain percentage (that I would also like to be able to set myself – some may want it to appear at 50%, others may want 10%, etc).

  31. Yeah Rohan, I am wondering the same thing. I need to know if it is safe to buy acessories as well. According to the support email, we should have been contacted about this by now: “However, we currently do not have further details about this gift. You will be contacted about the same at a date that is closer to your shipping date.” Can you please let us know?

  32. my first message to Greg. Happy to see you here again. guess you are messaging from your adam. please suggest a leather case with bluetooth keyboard suitable for adam. if its available in India, i would definitely buy it right away, while waiting for lcd+3g adam.

  33. @Rohan
    Thanks for the info on updating our device. But first comes first…I need to have my device at hand. And yes books, comics, APPS and what not would be greatly appreciated.

  34. @techlemonade – I have tried to update with the new update available from 14/15 February. After downloading the file, it asks if I want to update the Adam. Upon clicking yes, it powers down the device and goes into “Booting Recovery Kernel Image” mode. Thereafter a small android icon appears and a triangle with an Exclamation mark (!) (I assume this means that the update didn’t take place). Thereafter the triangle goes away and the text above the android icon says “Bye!”. The Adam reboots in the previous version (NIP20040211)

    Even if I go back to Update Adam, it says “You have a new image to Install” and if I click Install, it powers down and the same steps mentioned above are repeated. All the while my Adam remains un-updated.

  35. It’s probably going to remain yet another of the Rohan unanswered mysteries. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    BTW, I am really happy my adam has just been shipped!

  36. books reading on the ADAM is what I have ordered for.

    I hope I can read ebooks with DRM security on the ADAM !!!!!!

  37. Thanks for the update now just need the device to put it on. Maybe won’t have too as by the time PO2 ships this will already have been taken care of?

    Books? Yes please. Love them


  38. @mrzeal. Good Luck! If your kids are link mine, they will constantly be using your Adam. My Adam has more games and animated kids books installed on it than anything else.

    BTW: The Dr. Seuss and Little Critter books by Oceanhouse Media are awesome for young kids. (Though you will need Android market to access them. It is a simple install via the update from notioninkhacks.)


    And Oceanhouse Media keeps adding books for Android. There are a lot more available on iPad, but I think we will see them all on Android too soon.


  39. For now shooting in the dark, but may be you can check the update.zip that was downloaded to your Adam storage in the root.

    If possible delete the file and then try to download again.

  40. Ah, when it comes to books…

    Did anyone of the german-speaking followers notice, that there is already a book *about* the adam scheduled for April 2011?

    It’s there on amazon: “Adam kompakt”. The subtitle is quite ‘german’ but one might read it as “All you need to know for working with the best Tablet-PC”.

    It may be pre-ordered for ~20โ‚ฌ; to be released in April by “Brain-media.de”

    It’s actually been there for some time.

  41. Hey Greg, i heard rumors that you bought a stylus for your adam? I was wondering about buying one for myself. Got any tips?

  42. on my Galaxy tab I use texr for reading DRM secured ebooks. I hope I can use it on m ADAM (when it arrives somethime).

  43. If 991 ain’t the build number of the update – it is perhaps another hint to some mysterious whatever? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  44. Also a question to All Indian Adamits:(@Amit,Nishit ):: have anyone of you bought a sleeve for adam? if yes can you share the link if it’s available online.

  45. Wonder what is 991…
    It was there first, nd now the title is missing from the post…. IT still reads “991” on the recent posts..

    Is that the number of ADAMs that were ordered this time? (I think not…)

  46. Seems like just the post count of Rohan (Which probably includes his comment posts as well. Thats why the difference between posts is varying. Checked source of previous posts which had (972,945,941,…).

    I hope I am wrong. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  47. for the telephone #s… Area Code 991 is in Urumqi,Sweden

    doesnot connect the dots for me… also found this… on wiki

    International Telecommunications Personal Correspondence Service (ITPCS) is an obscure ITU proposal regarding the allocation of country code +991 for use in some form of individual-based international numbering plan. It may have been intended as a space for ENUM trials, as the ITU allocated the range +991 001 to Neustar for use in an ENUM trial in 2002. However, the most recent approved ENUM trial, with Telesoft’s Sentiro, was allocated space in the UPT range (country code +878). No other allocations have been reported in the +991 space.

  48. maybe 991 is how many adam that is missing from PO1. eg. the 5.31 %

    Is that is the case, then PO1 was 18663.

    Just guessing

  49. Books …Great …KOBO? Longbox Digital? or any other provider….content through Genesis would be even better…
    Very glad to see that this is coming together now….I hope the next step is media through genesis …

    Rohan, Is the Calendar app on its way soon? Can’t wait to show off my screen saver calendar to people…


  50. Books, yes! Of course we want books. Also will Notion Ink ever have a store offering accessories?

  51. @Greg,

    What reader are your kids using? I am assuming all of the android readers will work, Kindle, Sony, Barnes and Noble, Kobo etc but I am in waiting mode (shipping in progress) so can’t check for myself. Thanks.

  52. as per wiki –

    “Year 991 (CMXCI) was a common year starting on Thursday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.”

    announcement on Thursday??

  53. @Rohan and team
    Awesome!! Looks like semblance sanity is returning to NI offices!!
    Do you want to read books?
    Hmm…. comics? Genesis bookstore? There is a clue there somewhere ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. great to see continuous updates and improvements.

    @Rohan, pls let us PO2 Adamites know what updates will be already pre-loaded? Thanks

  55. Books – yes. You really like to kepp us on our toes Rohan eh? Also, I really want the e-book reader that shows 2 pages as I saw in a video / photo of the adam somewhere. What was that software and will it be available when I receive my adam?

  56. @Greg, @theredherring – So the OTA update worked this time after the last manual patch?

    Also Greg, stop ignoring me already! post that Galaxy tab I sent on notioninkfan!!

  57. thanks Phillip,

    cool Greg, I will try those… I wouldnt mind if my dau would like to take ownership of Adam … may well gift it to her on her b’day if it arrives before March 2, provided she wont tease my son too much and make him show his anger on poor Adam!

  58. I’ve consulted Google – only found a refference to “Common year starting on thursday” and that the year 991 was a common year. Looking at the calendar I can see the year 2010 was a common year starting on thursday (only by Julian calendar, not Gregorian calendar). Maybe something to do with the book “Adam kompakt” Burt O’ Stage mentioned before and the year 2010 being the year Adam’s been most worked on and released to pre-orders? Nothing else comes to mind right now..
    But I’ll do some more brainstorming when I come home (got work related stuff on my mind right now ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  59. Hi Himanshu, you need to go to croma my friend, i have seen many sleeves starting from 399/- and i know you will like all. I hope you liked the site ๐Ÿ˜‰

  60. dont know if its relevant but is there a way you can do a ‘checksum’ of the downloaded installable? assuming NI provided the details of the file… you can compare and ensure you do have the full/valid file

    for whatever it is worth… do try it from a different network /wi-fi etc. from what you’ve tried initially…

    knowing NI and the wider community we have now, I wont be surprised if there is a proper P2P collaboration for such updates in the future… i.e., Amit from Mumbai may be helping Alan from Manchester’s Adam and vice-versa! and that would be true begining of ‘the eco-system’ Rohan/NI dreams of…

  61. My first adam was estimated to be shipped today but tghe statgus hasn’t changed yet. It just states today’s date ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  62. Rohan,

    I would very much to order an Adam… Actually I want to buy one for more than a year now… But alas you make it near impossible for ‘us’ Europeans without Amex or Visa cards…

    when are you going to enable mastercard… paypal… ideal… there are more possibilities

    Still waiting…

  63. Thanks Biswajit. I really liked the site :).

    Btw I have searched and found these sleeves for adam available on ebay.
    @All if possible dogive some reviews ๐Ÿ™‚







  64. +1 for books ๐Ÿ™‚ and Genesis and and Accessories and and and . . . . . . .

    All will come to those who wait.

    Mine is in Hong Kong by now? Can’t wait to get my Adam and trying out new roms etc.

    For those new to Android, being able to change the way the Adam will, work, look and behave is unbelieveably satisfying.

    Thanks for the update Rohan, Take care now.

  65. Nice choice my friend. dont spend over 1000/- for sleeves.
    i like this one “http://cgi.ebay.in/NEW-BELKIN-10-2-MAX-SLEEVE-CASE-NETBOOK-LAPTOP-/300525424105?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_203&hash=item45f8b60de9” at croma 1000/-
    close you eyes and buy it. its the best you can have. I have seen it and it feels very good in hand. I think it will perfectly fit adam.

  66. @Stevesilk51
    Thanks for the post.
    I know what i need, thats why I’m looking for a stylus, if not I guess could just use a stick or something =)
    Got any ideas about a good stylus? I heard griffin has a good one?

  67. BTW just wanted to give a big “Heads Up” to ALAN at NI support and to the rest of the unsung heroes behind the scenes at NI.

    Here’s to a long and happy relationship.

  68. @Himanshu jain

    Like your choices but only as a temporary item. Purpose made cases for Adam will be far better if the price is ok! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  69. @Himanshu jain

    Like your choices but only as a temporary measure. Purpose made cases for Adam will be far better if the price is ok! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  70. Greetings to you, enthusiastic fellow! I am in splendid form, thank you for enquiring. And what, pray tell, is “up” with your good self on this fine February day?

    (apologies to those of you relying on translation software to decode this baffling exchange of words)

  71. @Himanshu Targus one fits adam well. I am using it. “http://twitpic.com/404a2v”

    After I saw Biswajit’s comment checked out the New Belkin one. Seems good as well. Can hold some accessories when compared to Targus which can’t hold any.

  72. My preference will be to have a slim case that as not big accessory pouch – maybe just a zipper to hold a SD card or 2. I really fancy the iPad leather folio case.. not sure if the design will fit the Adams design. Maybe something like a binder (imagine the rings on the binder as the Adams curved edge.)

  73. @Biswajit and Ganesh Thanks a lot. I liked it too. Will order it for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. Rohan,
    Please ask someone from your support team to respond to my queries. i have sent them mails from kirtan dot doshi at yahoo dot com and now i am unable to login to see my order update.
    i will confess i used someone else’s email id to order my adam but that was only because he had only a mastercard and couldnt use it himself….please please don’t tell me my order is cancelled….

    warm regards
    Kirtan Doshi

  75. I think “Planet Adam” would be a massive book if it were printed on paper as it appears here! I would like to see it compact formatted without the gravatars and the huge spacing and line breaks between each post, though – endless scrolling is another downfall of the utter mess that is WordPress. Do all WordPress blogs look like this?

    I seriously hope someone out there is privately archiving this blog in some way, it’s a goldmine for academic studies on social media, marketing psychology and modern language. It’s also a great snapshot of the current state of technology (in the historical sense).

    I would love to read all this in another 50 years, to remember the emotional rollercoaster that it was, and laugh at how quaint and pitiful the technology was back then…

    (Hi there, future me! Dude, you are soo old. How the hell did you survive WWIII?)

  76. I was thinking it would be great if it would be some of the color additions that you can add, the ones you can add to the sides and top of your Adam to give it some flare. That, would be something unique that you couldn’t buy anywhere, versus like a memory stick or case.

  77. 991 = Beginning (of Julian calendar). Genesis = Beginning (of creation). Wouldn’t that be nice, if it was a hint about Genesis!

  78. far too simple!

    okay… let’s add all the build numbers mentioned in the post…

    20270111 + 20040211 + 20270111 + 20040211 = 80 620 644

    …then divide by 991…

    80 620 644 / 991 = 81352

    …digit number…

    8 + 1 + 3 + 5 + 2 = 19

    And 19 is also the digit number of 991 !!! We’re onto something here!

    Then, the golden ratio has to come in somehow…

    …uh… lost my thread… but it’s been close, I’m sure…! ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. I watched the meego in tablet. They use the same eden (panel concept) and it is getting popularity. I liked the tap on the panel that rings settings. When you tap the panel it turns and give settings. It is very good. Hope Rohan will think something like that. It is very simple. Even panels are good to look. Check this


  80. Now titles” Harmony weds Ventana”. SOOO, maybe we are looking at an announcement regarding Honeycomb for adam. More discussion on the Harmony and Ventana platforms for Tegra chips here:

  81. I too am hoping Genisis will be there soon. But I have a feeling they will release that when they release the honeycomb upgrade. Just my 2cents
    @Rohan, any thoughts on this?

  82. uh… those are names of nvidia platforms

    “Harmony and Ventana are two Tegra platforms and in September we made few hardware changes to make Adam Ventana compatible. That was done cos we sensed only Ventana devices will be able to run Honeycomb and we were right.”

    That was a statement of Rohan, wasn’t it?

  83. 991 Hmmmmm !!!

    Porsche 991 – Probably this one i think . Rohan made enough money from the orders and can now afford the hefty priced Porsche 991 car.

  84. There you have it. Post title is Harmony Weds Ventana.

    I think 991 (as someone said earlier) is the number of posts/comments made by Rohan on this blog.

  85. 991 is the real number of folks that got bumped from Jan 9 -> Jan 22 -> Feb 14 and is also the 5.31% that were delayed due to the “damaged” touchscreens.

  86. Ok Rohan, enough of this teasing ๐Ÿ˜‰ Please let us know what is the meaning of title of the post!

  87. Oh by the way, did anyone start receiving the tracking numbers. I know the email mentioned that 3days, however in the past it took like 36 hours!

    I am just checking!!!

  88. I am freaking out.
    My exams are almost over and i can hardly wait!

    I found a more sleek stand for Adam:

  89. We would definitely love reading Amar Chtira Katha Books on Adam !!!

    Missed ordering Adam Variant: PixelQi LCD, Wifi + 3G (UMTS 900/2100 MHz) in PO1 but managed it this time around.

    Our family looks forward to the receipt of Adam hopefully in the first week of March.

  90. I haven’t got my tracking number.

    My mail didn’t say anything about 3 days.

    It should only take 36 hours or else our gift is slower shipping ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think the “shipping in progress” is a gimmick. I think they are behind schedule but instead of saying that, they say “shipping in progress” and say that it will take 3 days from factory to hong kong.

    I hope i’m wrong ๐Ÿ™‚

  91. I bought this case: “http://cgi.ebay.in/Case-Logic-7-10-Laptop-Sleeve-Case-Bag-PLS9-Black-/310294597298?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_203&hash=item483effceb2″
    Except I bought it in Slovenia and it was a bit cheaper than on the eBay site here (it was on sale) – got it for cca. 920 INR. Oh and mine is red ๐Ÿ™‚

    The New Belkin one that Biswajit suggested seems nice ๐Ÿ™‚ Haven’t seen any of the above mentioned in person so I can’t really say how they’d perform, but I think that if you’re buying a nice 10.2” sleeve it should have at least one extra pocket for saving USB keys or other small accessories. At least that was my standpoint when I bought the case ๐Ÿ™‚

  92. I don’t know about you, but they now are shipping the second orders, isn’t is time for genesis to just be open and ready to go.

    Even NotionInkFan Greg, said more apps

    once the newness wares off, we need it to be a full featured tablet. and that calls for lots of apps.

    and I am not talking about rooting it and getting the marketplace, I am talking about tablet specific apps, and eden specific apps at that.

    I want the weather app, please.

  93. Yes I want books!!! But first I want my Adam- will have to wait for a month for that I guess!!!!

  94. Perhaps the new update changed the chipset bios from harmony to ventana – can anyone confirm? It is my understanding that ADAM previously listed itself as a Harmony based tablet.

    Also – any news on preorder 1.5? =/

  95. Its hard to answer that while studying Medicine!
    But i think I will do fine. ๐Ÿ™‚

  96. Was so looking forward to 15th feb and it’s just another disappointment.
    Now that’s another major dud added to this date for me. 2 disappointments in my life. Oh well, it’s just adam afterall.
    Don’t cry because it happened….. smile because it did!!

  97. Last I heard, no. Apparently held up on Mastercard’s end.

    Deal breaker for me, though, as I have only MC and Discover cards. :shrug:

    Looks like I continue to wait. Oh, well.

  98. MS said, on February 15, 2011 at 19:31 โ€œcapacitiveโ€ stylus?

    What is the diff.?

    Here is wikipedia short answer

    Capacitive stylus is a special type of stylus that works on capacitive touchscreens primarily designed for fingers, such as iPhone and most Android devices screens. They are different from standard styli designed for resistive touchscreens.

    Since capacitive screens only respond to materials which are conductive (human finger used most commonly), they can be cleaned with cloths without accidental command input. Capacitive touchscreens are more responsive than resistive touchscreens.[7]

    A standard stylus cannot be used for capacitive sensing unless it is tipped with some form of conductive material, such as anti-static conductive foam. However, capacitive styliโ€”different from standard styliโ€”can be used as well as finger input on capacitive screens. Capacitive touchscreens are more expensive to manufacture and offer a significantly lesser degree of accuracy than resistive touchscreens.[7] They cannot be used with gloves, and can fail to sense correctly with even a small amount of water on the screen.

  99. vote guys vote ” hxxp://www.engadget.com/2011/02/11/vote-for-the-2010-engadget-awards/ ”
    (2010 Engadget Awards – Most Anticipated Gadget of 2011)


  100. vote guys vote โ€ hxxp://www.engadget.com/2011/02/11/vote-for-the-2010-engadget-awards/ โ€
    (2010 Engadget Awards โ€“ Most Anticipated Gadget of 2011)

  101. Yes, we want books, the much awaited weather app (unless it’s already delivered – I am awaiting my Adam in Feb 11th batch).
    Is 991: 91 is india code, 9 for making call out from epabx(some way trying bluntly to get to this combination, although I know it’s wrong ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

  102. I think genesis is gone completely,

    Rohan said the updates coming out would mostly be for the partners,

    I think, instead of genesis, they are going to roll out partner programs and once honeycomb is out, release the software developement kit, and let the future programs come through the regular marketplace.

    Just a guess, but genesis is dead, long live the Android Marketplace on Honeycomb.

  103. I’ll go for the books, plz. That’s all I can afford at the time ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
    When is next round? I’ll have to save up till then ๐Ÿ˜€

  104. why are you trying to get support ont he blog, rather then direct from Notion Ink support?

    Does support respond, are they helpfull, do you feel you need the blog instead or notioninkhacks,

    just wondering how actually support is ?

  105. I must have taken Rohan’s comment about do you want to see books in a total different way, because ppl are questioning how many Adams have been sold I thought he was being funny asking us if we wanted to see NI’s financial books. ๐Ÿ™‚

  106. You could try to find a friend with a VISA card, you can also use VISA electron. Thats like Maestro (from MasterCard) wich ofcourse is just a debit card. Make sure you can trust the person from wich your loaning his card details.

    Had to do the same as I don’t have VISA either and now I ordered one using a friends VISA ๐Ÿ™‚

  107. @doja – its not that bad. (was this comment in reference to some other post?) life’s too big for 2 things related to the Adam to get on the list ๐Ÿ™‚

  108. Can we use Reliance NETCOMM, BSNL EVDO or TATA PHOTON and similar Data/Net Cards on ADAM?

    Though I ordered ADAM PQi 3G, but right now none of the 3G plans in Punjab suits my usage. I already have TATA PHOTON that i use on my ACER D250. Which shall be replaced by ADAM March 15 onwards…

    Please advise.

  109. @andromeda –
    >>I bought this case: โ€œhttp://cgi.ebay.in/Case-Logic-7-10-Laptop-Sleeve-Case-Bag-PLS9-Black-/310294597298?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_203&hash=item483effceb2

    I think thats a nice sleek case.. has a bulgeout bad for the power adapter – but Ideally you should not need to carry it around . right ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Talking of power adapters – that’s the next thing I would love to see NI working on.. something sleek and revolutionary like the Adam curve. Fundamentally different.

  110. @packetloss – on a side note – You probably do realize that people are not paying too much attention to these statistics of “misses” any more .

  111. Thanks Cheddinator, no it wasn’t. It’s just that the greatest disappointment I ever had is strongly attached to this date 15th feb and NI decided this should be my non-existent shipping date.
    It’s just one adam issue though

  112. I am completely at loss as to why I have never received an email to order. I have been stalking Adam for well over a year and have been reading the blog for about the same. Some times I have input but for the most I read others input. When I was skipped during the first round thought maybe I had used an old email so I updated my info to ensure I didn’t get left out on the second round. Now I learned I have been passed up once again. What gives?

  113. For a moment I read it as Harmony weds Vedanta . Was wondering when did we go from Genesis to Vedanta!

    I think now the software/firmware is all aligned with the new one . earlier it was probably written for the old one and was running on the new one in a backward compatibility mode… the full power unleashed!!

  114. are these shipments the delayed december orders or are you starting to ship february orders already?!

  115. @Burt: yes that was so surprising and cool, that there are already books on Adam that scheduled for release. So I hope that by April, Adam is widely available.

  116. @back2front
    You are probably right. It appears in the section where he is writing about adam shipping and numbers. Books here may as well mean Financial books. Well spotted.

  117. Just curious if we will receive a delayed email from NI regarding shipping. Especially when the shipping date has almost become yesterday’s date. Although in china it’s the 16th already.
    According to what I learnt; when you estimate a value, you round up to the nearest end/highest value you have.
    Still…… Warm regards ๐Ÿ˜‰

  118. Please, please, please Rohan…

    talk to the MasterCard guys and try to clarify why there are still problems
    MasterCard is kind of “standard” card for example in Germany and i think in other european countries as well.

    I did try to find someone who would let be buy with his/her Amex/VISA but i found none. I m willing to wait a bit more, but please talk to them and give us a little update

  119. I too am anxiously awaiting shipment of my Adam tablet!
    My Class 4 Kingston 16 Gig Micro SD card arrived today, and Sears just sent an e-mail saying my case is being shipped today, so all I need now is an Adam!
    Can’t wait! But…
    Waiting is

  120. Sorry to hear about that and I an understand your pain as I was in the same boat. Did you register on that special link for those who didn’t get the latest round of invites. Please do and you might still get an invite and get one from the remaining PQ models.

  121. I’m not entirely sure how much space is there overall in this case. I think the pocket is big enough to hold the power adapter, but I’m not entirely sure since I ordered it online and I should get it tomorrow. I don’t really need to save the power adapter there because I usually have my mini backpack with me wherever I go and it has enough free space to fit bigger parts I’d need for Adam. Ideally I should not carry the power adapter with me; that’s correct. I’ll see once I get my Adam ๐Ÿ™‚

  122. last time the 5.31% of PO1 was delayed we were told the following.

    “We are glad to inform you that the management has decided to include a special gift with your shipment.
    However, we currently do not have further details about this gift. You will be contacted about the same at a date that is closer to your shipping date.

    The date mentioned in the order status page is the ship date from the factory.

    Depending on your location, you would be receiving your Adam within 5 working days of the shipping date.”

    As you can read from the above text over adam should arrive around the 19th.

    What is also said in the mail is “You will be contacted about the same at a date that is closer to your shipping date”.
    When is a date closer to my shipping date ? My shipping date is 14th and i should receive me adam around the 19th. SO the conclusion is that we all (the 5.31 of PO1) should be contacted by Notion ink before the 19th.

    NI you better start contacting us ๐Ÿ™‚

  123. Still waiting on tracking numbers as well. It has been about 36 hours since it changed to shipping in progress.

  124. may be some confusion whether you are really part of that 5.31%…. as i see on various blogs no one has been contacted for any gifts etc.

    or may be the gift would be sent digitally on your respective ADAMs

    and you might be right in saying they will contact before 19 (between 14-19)….

    I am worried some people still have not got updated STATUS… i hope these are all from 1.5 and not 1…

    For 1.5 i guess they are clubbed with 2 only for the matter of shipping…

  125. I was wondering where 991 was in the first place. Looks like the title was “991” and now it has changed to “Harmony Weds Ventana”.

    Is this assumption correct?

  126. Harmony and Ventana as per specs are ARM 9

    9 9

    1 is ADAM

    Because 9 9 becomes 1 @ NI i.e. ADAM

  127. 991 logic
    Harmony and Ventana as per specs are ARM 9
    so H V :: 9 9
    ADAM combines the both into 1
    so 9 9 1…

  128. Rohan said: “โ€ขHarmony and Ventana are two Tegra platforms and in September we made few hardware changes to make Adam Ventana compatible. That was done cos we sensed only Ventana devices will be able to run Honeycomb and we were right.”

    As I read it Adam was Harmony but needed Ventana to run honeycomb so now they married so adam can run on honeycomb ๐Ÿ™‚

  129. Friends,

    I apologize for my ignorance, but if some of you can shed light, I appreciate ?

    1. Today’s post, is that applicable to those who ordered Adam last week, or for those who already have it ? I ordered just past weekend.

    2. How will I be able to upgrade from 2.2 to Honeycomb ? Will it be part of updates or I need to buy some license ?

  130. Hey Yaar ji

    take a chill pill

    To check whether you need to update or not simply TAP UPDATE icon. THE ADAM will verify itself.

    Moreover, by the time you receive ur ADAM, there will be TWO more updates.

    For 2.2 to HC and further…
    Hence no license, however GPL etc might be there but no BUYING for sure.
    I know that in APPLE regime is always like BUY BUY BUY… not here….

    and HC is still another 3-4 weeks away… and by then the UPDATE system would be more robust…

    hence no need to worry… just enjoy

    and search ACCESSORIES for your ADAM…

    learn EDEN ANDROID…

  131. Feeling great about the progress Rohan and the NI Team have been making. This is truly a great event to be involved in and I look forward to getting my hands on my ADAM and what 2011 will bring for NI.

    Have a great day and Hope you get your ADAM soon.

  132. The books he read studied and got idea courage to innovate to DEVELOP ADAM and build NI ๐Ÿ™‚

  133. Can anyone comment on information regarding increases in the internal storage cabability for ADAM, or is 8GB the only option till ADAM2?


  134. This is Notion INK – ADAM not APPLE IPAD…. where everything is restricted…

    Moreover, 8 GB and expandable upto 128 is better then onboard 64 GB not expandable, not changeable…

    ADAM2 will support larger formats
    USB 3.0
    SATA EXT HDDs and so on…

  135. Feb 14th date (for shipment from factory to Hong Kong) was with buffer…and they ate into the buffer and barely meeting the deadline. And now once it reaches Hong Kong, it will be shipped to respective destinations…which will take time. I won’t be surprised if teh unit reaches before the tracking numbers are posted on the site:(

  136. @Lakshmanmv

    That would be quite annoying. Especially with FedEx leaving them on the porch,it’d be nice to either be there or make arrangements for it to be picked up.

    I would hope they’d give us a tracking # so that we can prepare appropriately.


  137. Haha ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m so happy i wont have to use books anymore and I can just view the text from them off my Adam, I cant wait tell it gets here. Notion Ink, you have made me so happy, and I am only one of a huge handful of grateful customers ๐Ÿ™‚
    keep up the great work and helpful customer service ๐Ÿ™‚


    Stoney Rose
    PSU student studying
    Computer Embedded System

  138. Did anyone every pay attention to them? Still I find it amazing that folks care what 991 means when most number that Rohan throws are way don’t really mean anything.

  139. Yes, Rohan and NI Team is there reading these.

    We have strong faith in Rohan and NI…

    To me ADAM is far far better then iPAD

    iPAD is just bigger IPOD

  140. oh yes mine was pretty good, had Adam on my mind of course lol but i made the best of it with my Valentine, i made her a vase of origami roses ๐Ÿ˜€ she loved um.

  141. You all know what??
    I’ll wait for my Adam to arrive and take it out shopping ๐Ÿ™‚
    Showing off to geeky guys in stores and fitting in the same time will work for me…

  142. @KAREN – I agree.

    PlaySAFE approach.

    Moreover it’s matter of choice and comfort for both ADAM and ADAMIAN ๐Ÿ˜‰

  143. @MS

    Thanks for the info. I didn’t know whether someone will response me. So, I appreciate this. I am diggin all the sites I can find to learn abt the ADAM and its UI.

    By the way, do you know if I can use Bluetooth Keyboard with ADAM ? Also, with the SIM Card reader , does it mean I can use ADAM as my Cellphone ?

  144. No one knows what ADAM2 Will have,

    I would even day Rohan only knows what he would like it to include.

    but the final version often changes for the initial desired specs. Just look at ADAM 1
    it is quite a bit different, then even the web site described as recently as November, when it was going to the FCC for Certification

    Extrenal Matt glass is now a matt screen protector
    internal memory was 16 – 32 gig, not 8
    Backside trackpad – now gone completely
    Mystery feature – possibly a radio, but still a mystery feature

  145. Dear Yaarji,


    Yes you can use BLUETOOTH keyboard and mouse. Rohan himself and few others have shown this on videos.

    I am sorry ADAM (with Android 2.2, Harmony) and EDEN didn’t have PHONE app as yet.

    However some ROOTing have managed to do something.

    Officially, no CELL PHONE for now, but expected soon. As this was on feature list of Rohan very long ago.

    Also the mystery feature is FM Radio, though h/w is already there in ADAM however the s/w app is expected sometime soon.

    HAve you already ordered one or making up mind.

  146. Assuming that we use the Wifi and upgrade… what should be the final build # to have the most up to date sync with NI ?

  147. Good Question.

    However it should be different from ABOVE and the one prior to update.

    Did it change for you?

    May be we can track on that and update everyone via BLOG and FORUMS

  148. I agree, however i never saw 16 or 32 GB at least in NOV, it was in talks in Jan 2010.

    Matte – change was explained with full technical details.

    Trackpad – Too was explained why dropped and it would be back with improvements… Things take time. If APPLE can foll every one with IPAD aka Bigger IPOD then NI has been quite transparent. Remeber Antenna issue in iPhone 4

    I would again like to clarify it’s not just what ROHAN wants, it also what ADAMians like, want and above all business restrictions and so on.

  149. @karen Sounds like a grand idea – taking Adam out shopping and showing off to geeky guys! ๐Ÿ˜€ Too bad the stores here don’t have any nice cases or sleeves on stock so I had to order online otherwise I’d do the same ๐Ÿ™‚

  150. I have already order one. LCD – 3G Variant.

    Although this is gift for my wife. I had to convince her that this is better deal than iPad1 (in terms of features) and forthcoming iPad2 (in terms of prices). I still had to discuss all the possible compettitors (XOOM, Playbook, Touchpad) but not sure of their release date.

    Her only reservation is that this is Start-Up and won’t deliver on HW or SW.

    I seriously hope – I don’t end up getting Buggy issue that requires some complicated fixes , like I read for Pre-Order 1 Adams.

  151. @yaarji – Though i could not agree more on this. You are absolutely right. But the updates too are not really an issue.

    H/W much better then competition.

    S/W is ANDROID with EDEN – not really an issue

    Though the user interface is new hence would require some learning both at USER and DEVELOPER end.

    I am sure, you followed GREG’s Videos for simple issue of double tap, etc…

  152. Hi
    Can any body tells me how much taxes i have to pay fรผr adam PixelQi , Wifi + 3G
    in Germany

  153. @karen You’ve just reminded me of a funny thing that happened to me in a store. I was paying for the item I bought and there, at the cash register, was a (or so I thought) Chihuahua doggy puppet. Then its head moved and I realized it was a real dog ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Never imagined they’d be so small and this one was really calm and stationary so it was very easy to mistake for a life-like puppet ๐Ÿ™‚
    Offtopic, sorry. ๐Ÿ™‚

  154. @cx650t

    Thanks – I find the link you sent me too colorful and looks like SPAM. So, I avoid visiting it. But nonetheless, I guess for more information , I should ignore other stuff.

  155. Hey Amego Didn’t Rim (Blackberry) stop the development of Meego.

    Understand they are going to use Android apps.

  156. @Andromeda: good one lolz ๐Ÿ™‚

    It good have a break here as well with such small gigs to laugh about.

  157. @karen – Adam and the license place frame will go hand in hand ๐Ÿ™‚


  158. I have not received mine yet…

    however, the question is important in the sense… for people who do update… what is the final build for verification purposes…

    and if i receive mine in a couple of days… based on the final build # as of now… i can decide… whether I should go through the update procedure… or would it come pre-updated ?

    just a check and balance… to complete the circle…

  159. Is the current Tegra2 processor in adam capable of using honeycomb. More specific, if NI comes out with a honeycomb update can I update the adam purchased?

  160. @Tim, I am using Kindle, its works very well and I was able to simply reload all my current books across to adam.

    I think that being such a great open device we’re not going to be limited, so what I can’t find in kindle I can load from elsewhere, and there’s a pretty good reader called FBReader which handles multiple formats.

    And I must say reading on the pixel qi screen is beautiful!

  161. I am convinced from what Rohan has said on previous posts that “Shipping in progress” means the bulk order from China to Hong Kong. China is the factory, Hong Kong is the distribution warehouse. From Hong Kong the adams are individually shipped and have an individual shipping number. Just give it another day and I reckon you’ll see them being shipped out of Hong Kong and you’ll get a tracking number.

    P.S. Previously I made this statement but said Korea instead of Hong Kong – my bad

    P.P.S. I suspect the damage happened in one of these bulk shipments from China to Hong Kong – before it left the factory ( apprentice driving forklift maybe ๐Ÿ™‚ ). This would explain why one batch was damaged and why the factory in China had to pull out all stops to rebuild a new batch.

  162. Howdy elmelao,

    Isn’t the blog a great place to be at the moment!

    Have you ordered an adam? I can’t remember

  163. It should be just the VAT (19%).
    But MS is right there look here:

  164. Phillip, if you follow lots of feeds, best in my view is the combination of Google Reader and Android NewsRob.

  165. @Rohan,

    Books would be great!!, Comic books, Magazines, Newspapers. Ohhh yeah and Market or even better Genisis. Where is it? I need apps and I don’t like voiding my warranty to do so. Otherwise I love my Adam :), ETA on Genisis please

  166. Thanks for the update Rohan. This kind of s/w update is really appreciated. Do we have an email required during registration of the product. If we have that, we can use that to send them an email every-time a patch is released to PROD. Since my Adam has not yet arrived, I do not know whether we already have that mechanism.

    On your questions do we want to see the books, i don’t think anyone here wants to know how much you are making…of course that would be required when you become public. For now a ballpark number would be awesome …above 5k, 10k something like that, and countries where Adam is being shipped.

  167. Hi MS,

    Got a 16 gb class 10 M-SD at Newegg on line. Sorry, dont have the link handy but brand is Wintec, cost was $30.00. Shipping, at least in the US, turned out to be free. I found out about it on Greg’s blog, Notion Ink Fan. I am waiting on a case to be designed for Adam, probably the one in the works at Notion Ink Hacks. By the way, found the slick HDMI cable with a swivel end at Newegg also, again Greg showcased this on his blog. Highly recommend a visit there.

    Have a great day and lets hope the wait will finally be over

  168. Ventana: The Tegra 2 “Ventana” development kit is targeted at developers creating software for Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” and above. The development kit is a quasi-tablet design and includes many devices and sensors found in Android based tablets.

    Harmony: Remote App for Android/iPhone Controls Google TV by Logitech

    Rest they say is elementary, Dear Watson.

  169. Can the calendar be synced with the Gmail calendar? or can anyone recommend a good calendar app which does?

    There is still reference to a “Bonus mystery feature”, I have the adam and really enjoying the experience but what and where is this feature???

    And what is a good podcast app to download, manage and play podcasts?

  170. On the same lines (off topic)
    Ventana board:

    10.1″ LCD panel with 1366×768 resolution

    Can adam provide resolutions upto 1366×768 as resolution is based on the graphic card but not the LCD panel.

    Any suggestions? (If so xoom resolution achieved)

  171. somehow I like xoom’s leather case better than Notioninkhacks.com hard case. You can use it as a stand (at multiple angles) and protect adam both front and back side.

    Any similar cases specially designed for adam?
    Would I be able to use the xoom case comfortable for adam, as it doesn’t has any side protection layers?

  172. This was due to the bad reviews on pixelQi (not NI’s fault though). PixelQi would have been the adam’s most success factor compared to others hadn’t they disappointed us (although later versions of pixel Qi may be able to live up).

    Even I ordered LCD although I planned to get pixelQi initially (probably missing pre-order 1 had helped that way)

  173. Rohan,

    Very happy with the rate of updates, keep up the good work and get Honeycomb for the adam soon! Hope “books” refers to the eBook reader app + Genesis store!

    Best wishes,


  174. @Karen Bought mine :). What Biswajit suggested, i bought the same. Will be ordering Class 4 SD card today and USB drive. Selected some Bluetooth keyboards too but then not sure whether to take them or not.

  175. It’s a very slow world today in Notion Ink land – WordPress, Hacks, and Addicts. Oh yeah, and then there’s my shipping status. That’s quiet too. Shhhh….don’t wake the sleeping adamites ๐Ÿ˜‰

  176. @ Rajendra. checked out xoom leather case. looks good. i would prefer a keyboard along with that case though. looks like we can use it for adam. but i doubt about cylindrical edge of adam sitting on top protection. anyone from India bought any sleeve or case? get the details please.

  177. We are hitting 100k comments sometime soon. current comments 99,847 (I think wordpress assigns sequential numbers for comments to a blog across blog posts).

    How to find? Hit on the feed link (right most corner of your address bar and mouse hover the top most comment link).
    Keep going… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  178. Thats right. The cylindrical edge is the problematic part to fit into generalized cases.
    Hope to get something similar for adam.

  179. @techlemonade – deleting and downloading the file again didn’t help as it did the same thing. I ran the Adam in recovery mode and updated the update.zip file, and it’s worked! I’m now on NIP20140211!!!!

    Thanks everyone for the help.

  180. @bikramdas , Rohan is not asking about the books with strange numbers and all ๐Ÿ˜‰
    its just the general ebooks and comics.
    and yes, if the financial statement is made available as an ebook ๐Ÿ™‚

  181. @Himanshu,

    You can safely buy 16gb class 4 micro card from the link I had given earlier. In fact the seller clarified about the negative feedback of one customer (which you had commented upon) by forwarding his email to that customer. His photos showed that the manufacturer had put a class 2 card in the sealed pack meant for class 4.
    The seller was very prompt to my queries and in fact he is giving me class 4 even though his spec says clearly it is for class 2 for 8gb card I had ordered (this is in addition to 16gb for Adam)

  182. BTW, radio could also mean facility to make phone calls also using Adam. The term ‘radio’ is used by the hacking community for that portion of the sw which controls phone, 2g, 3g, gprs, edge, etc.

    Yesterday only I flashed my HTC Touch Dual (three years old -in my effort to convert my phone running on Windows to Android (Froyo) with at least 5 different radios to select the best.

  183. You are from a world I used to know
    Things moved at the speed of light
    In that place there was no slow
    For those like us it was just right

    Now here we are on planet Earth
    Where everything takes so long
    We even wait nine months for birth
    I wish I knew where we went wrong

    How did we get in such a state
    Always waiting in some line
    What have we done to bring such fate
    I know it’s not a choice of mine

    Waiting for food, service and men
    Waiting for red lights to turn green
    Here we are now waiting again
    I really don’t think it’s our scene

    Do we slow down just like the rest
    Living life at a slower pace?
    No! I Think I’ll give it my best
    And be ahead of the Human Race

    P.S. This is not my creation. Please dont sue me if anyone has a copyright for this.
    I am trying to save that money for my next Adam. ๐Ÿ™‚

  184. Hi Himanshu,
    i really like the looks of a sleeve like this:
    Dunno if it offers a stand/flip over. Don’t think so.

    This one is nice too (red or blue), has pockets for accessoiries, but not sure if Adam will fit:

  185. Done with my accessories shopping


    (1) Belkin Sleeve
    (2) 16gb Sandisk Class 4 Card
    (3) Transcend jetFlash 600 16gb USb

    Contemplating whether to get a Logitech mk320 wireless keyboard and mouse or not(?)

    Btw Shipping date still says 15th Feb hope it updates soon

  186. mmh… No Status updates from ‘Shipping in progress’. Would have expected a tracking id by now.

    Anybody else get a tracking number yet?

  187. @aprasath

    my first priority was to ensure that the product I am ordering is a genuine one.So no matter if the rates are a bit high but if the seller’s rating is high, I am willing to sell off few hundred bucks .
    Moreover for USB Drive I went for JetFLash 600 because it was offering 18 MByte/s data rate transfer in the writing process.(Therefore went for the Transcend Offical Online Store Available in India )

    Hence The links are ::
    (1)For Sleeve “http://cgi.ebay.in/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180624501654#ht_1056wt_905”

    This is the same Sleeve that Bisawajit has bought and advised me to take it. Better go to Belkin India they have 4 options look forthe details and can then can buy any of them.

    (2) For SDHC Card “http://cgi.ebay.in/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200576429577#ht_4627wt_905”

    though @raja52 has Provided a link in which the seller was selling that card for 1270 but he does not cater to my state.

    (3) For USB Jet FLash 600 “http://www.supertrontranscend.com/product/ItemDetail.asp?ItemID=TS16GJF600”

    (4) Stand for Adam: “http://cgi.ebay.in/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280621706659#ht_10358wt_989”

    Last thing in the list is Wireless Keyboard and mouse: I am not sure whether to take one or not(IS there aneed to take one???),I have found some over the net but they were without mouse and one with touch pad were excessively expensive ::

    Putting some links so that ppl can comment and can advise ๐Ÿ™‚




  188. For Dutch gals:
    this is the sleeve mentioned, in purple, mini optical mouse included:
    I love it, and I’m gonna get this one!

  189. Moin together,

    after 60 hours, my pre order status page show always: shipping in progress.

    Does anyone has gotten his tracking number in the meantime ??

  190. Hey guys, just to let you know – one of the support reps working the notion ink adam forum (name is tina0909) mentioned that the feb 4th/5th orders have an estimated ship date of Feb 15th-20th window and are being shipped out in BATCHES and they are currently on schedule.

  191. hmm.. we guys ordered in December and still waiting for shipped out message. i think both batches will be shipped out together. you guys are lucky. ๐Ÿ™‚

  192. Nice! Even I just ordered following three accessories. Will post a review once the Adam is delivered. (Shipping in progress as of yet.)

    (i) Stylus: BoxWave Capacitive (“http://amzn.to/ekRVYg”)
    ** My only concern with stylus is that it may not be heavy enough, but we’ll see.

    (ii) Stand: Arkon Fold-Up (“http://amzn.to/egRCe1”)
    ** looks fine. Not too shabby. Let’s see how well it holds up. One of the review stated that the stand holds his/her HP laptop tablet quite well.

    (iii) Memory: Patriot 8gb class 4 card. (“http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820220340”)
    ** Nothing too fancy. Just needed a little extra. I usually carry <4GB of data, so thought 8gb would be 'nuf.

  193. I went for the PQi after seeing Greg’s video. The screen is good enough for me. I often use my Android phone outside and cannot see much, so I am really excited to use my Adam outside.

  194. Many visitors to this blog evinced a serious interest in using a PDF viewer with annotation capability…

    Well I think i have found one of the possibilities….


    it is open source… GPL licenced… but with the FlexPaper logo… and it is downloadable to a webserver… and embeddable…

    and runs on any website that supports flash…

    let me know of your thoughts…

  195. Harvey, just a try. You could give your NI order number NIXXXXXXX as the reference number on TNT and check. You never know, it might just work. I emphasize – it’s just a try – something to do pending the time you’re waiting for your tracking number.

  196. Just recvd my advanced tracking number from TNT (for USA). Too bad the destination address does not include my apt number!!! Have written to NI support in hopes that this gets addressed asap. Now to wait out the final lap.

  197. Himanshu,

    I am using a Cocoon Ipad slingbag. See “http://www.cocooninnovations.com/product_info.php?cat_id=65&product_id=194”

    The Adam fits perfectly in this, with space for the charger and also for my portable Wifi device! I bought it from Chroma (the Tata electronics store) for Rs 1,600.

  198. Mmmmh.. Just got sent the consignment number from TNT. Apparently its ‘Not found’ (using the link in the email).

    Any idea how long before it shows up on the TNT site?

  199. another PQ tablet: smaller at 7-inch, does size matter?

  200. @Atul Still showing 15th February. But someone commented that as per Tina they will be shipped as per schedule so fingers crossed :).

  201. @Himanshu,

    The seller referred by me supplies in India. Are you sure he does not supply to your state?
    You may contact him by email if you want “ajay[dot]ag[at]gmail[dot]com”. I got both 8and 16gb class 4 today sealed units- already using 8 gb without any problem. His mobile number is 8000511511.

  202. The status just changed to “Shipped”, but no mail with tracking number.

    I will try it at TNT, but I thought it will shipped by DHL ??

  203. Yippie, status says Shipped. Found an e-mail with a tracking number. Gonna have him soon. ๐Ÿ˜€

  204. At last my adam has shipped, cant wait for it to arrive, does anybody know what the free gift
    we were promised is

  205. The status just changed to โ€œShippedโ€ too, but also no mail with tracking number…
    maybe later the day i will get one !?

  206. Mine is marked also as Shipped. Just to wait now for the tracing number.

    Few days for wait and my Adam will be in France ๐Ÿ™‚

  207. My 14th Feb. order went from In Process to In Progress to Shipped.

    Now l wait for the notification from the shipper.

    Hot Dog!!!!!

    From beautiful and rainy Contra Costa County CA.

  208. @Mistry: I am very interested in your Stylus review.

    I want to use it for Chinese character input.
    (but I am still searching for Chinese character recognition software for Android so you can enter characters with a stylus)

  209. Hi @All

    My order status has changed from “shipping in progress” to “shipping”?

    I am guessing that this means it has now left Hong Kong?

    So shouldn’t be long now! ๐Ÿ™‚

  210. A stylus for capacitive screens from HTC.

    HTC Flyer: A Tablet With a Pressure Sensitive Pen.


  211. I’m using Repligo reader. Its about $5 and lets you freehand draw or underline, highlight, or write comments.

  212. Has there been any official comment on blotchy on the pixel qi screen? Is this just down to the initial manufacturing or a pixel qi flaw?

  213. how to build a pen capacitive for Adam


  214. Interesting, when I went to track my number, it shows a package was delivered to someone back in Nov. 2010. Looks like I need to forward this NI pre-order support.
    Maybe it is a number being re-used and haven’t been updated yet.

  215. For those luck folks who already have an Adam; what application are you using for reading? I just discovered Project Gutenburg, free books galore, and am using kindle on my android phone.

  216. 14 Feb–‘Shipping in progress’
    16 Feb–‘Shipped’

    My happiness just reached a new level! ๐Ÿ™‚

  217. This is what the PixelQi team has to say on their screens:

    Dear Shritosh:

    I apologize for the delayed response, and I hope you like your Adam.
    1. Color โ€œwashed offโ€: the screen is highly reflective but the reflection is not colorful. So, if the room is dark, the screen will be bright and colorful; if the ambient light is bright, the image will be much more visible than on a normal screen, but the color will be less saturated.
    2. Pixel Qi designed / developed the display screen; NotionInk has a touch screen on top of this, with its own impact on screen performance.

    Best regards,

    John Ryan
    COO and VP, Marketing & Sales
    Pixel Qi Corp.
    1001 Bayhill Avenue, San Bruno, Calif. 94066, USA
    3A-6, No. 58 Zhouzi St., Neihu, Taipei 114, Taiwan

  218. These sleeves are fantastic if you’re not going out for long – a walk to the cafe or whatever.


    There’s one in there with a strap, it’s a little hard to find

  219. Phillip:
    I also use the Kindle. It is good to hear that their format is readable on the Adam. I can’t wait!
    This is the primary reason I ordered the Pixel Qi version.
    Did you have any luck with the matte screen protector?
    Waiting is

  220. Looks like I’m back to waiting moderation, or it has something to do with the weird way my posting of a link got delivered. I put it in quotes, but it seems to have executed the link…sort of.
    BTW, I was unable to find the posting I saw in e-mail. What is the best way to search this blog for a specific posting?
    Waiting is…

  221. @raja to your query, that particular buyer on ebay does not ships to Uttar Pradesh(U.P.)

  222. My shipping status now reads shipped. Just received email with a tracking number. Adam is finally on his way!

  223. MS:
    Tried to post a link to the 16 gig SD card for you and it went to “waiting Moderation”, probably because the link didn’t insert the way I wanted, and got executed…sort of.

    I’ll try again when I get home (at work firewall behaves badly)

    BTW, can’t find your post asking me for info. How is best to search this blog for specific posting?

    Waiting is…

  224. @rogerdelta, Good call. Just read the article myself and it sounds VERY promising. The idea of a quad-core tablet capable of the video decoding at 2560×1600 is just an awesome concept. To carry around more processing power than many desktops out today. It will be an exciting year.


  225. @dwarf4242 – the best way is to use firefox, install greasemonkey and then a script from notioninkhacks rodneydraaisma. ๐Ÿ˜€ Very convenient little thing he wrote there! Check it out: “www.notioninkhacks.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=5806”

  226. @LeoP – I’ve read that “in process” might mean it’s going from china to HKG, once it leaves from HKG the status will change to “shipped” and you should receive a tracking number by email. Don’t get mad at me if this isn’t correct, it’s just what I’ve read elsewhere as response to the same question you just asked. ๐Ÿ™‚

  227. Apparently the Design of the ADAM is being recognized as a one that makes sense ergonomics-wise. Apparently,Sony is working on a tablet with a very similar design- with battery and other components tucked into a bulbous portion on one edge of the tablet.

    Read this for the details:

  228. Have you guys thought about getting a pre-paid visa? I know for some visa’s aren’t big in their country but if you google these pre-paid visa’s you can get 1 of those sent to you and then just trans some money into it from your MC or some other source.

  229. @LeoP: You ordered on 14th Feb and the the status alraedy changed?

    i orderd on the 10th feb and the status don’t change.

    Did anybody got same problems l?


  230. From tracking my Adam using TNT my destination only had my city listed, it didn’t have my street or house number listed and I got it with no problem. Maybe this is just the way it shows up on their form? But better be safe than sorry.

  231. Don’t worry about it, mine was the same way and I got the Adam with no problem, apparently they reuse the same numbers. It will soon show both deliveries.

  232. The APP isn’t there as yet.

    This will activated soon, may be with HC Update somewhere in March or April.

    Also expected is the CELL PHONE i.e. normal CALLING APP. Though it might not be really practical phone calling in normal routine, however i wud really LOVE this feature along with generic SMS (as in mobile)…. AS i do not use MOBILE ph as in extensive calling hence this wud COOL feature….

    Otherwise for routine calling one can have a simple basic cell phone…

    Let’s see….

  233. Really NI? Now my status is “Shipped” no tracking number, ergo no means of knowing when it will arrive. So I wouldn’t even know if it’s been stolen off my porch.

    Common Support work with me here!

    Really a bit unhappy right now.


  234. where is my tracking number ?!?!?!?!?!!!? Since hours the status is “shipped”, but no tracking number ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  235. but only on the “store.notionink.com” link and not on the the “notionink.com/store” link. It looks like they may have abandoned that one once they did PO2.

  236. @ joeysnackpants
    What a great name!
    Where the hell did you come up with a name like that!

  237. @Himanshu: If you are taking anything that is not Bluetooth, that would mean one more thing to into you Adam-USB. Well, Adam does have a lot of room for USB and all, but bluetooth would be better to consider wherever feasible just to avoid one more thing hanging out from your Adam. (I have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse)

  238. check the “store.notionink.com” link, I am not showing up to date on the “notionink.com/store” link that came in my e-mail.

  239. How long it takes from “shipped” status to have the tracking number? usually, i mean..
    It took 48 hours from shipping in progress to Shipped and now is about 12 hours in that state…

  240. Hi Harvey

    Same with me but not concerned. Apparently others have been getting numbers that were previously used so the system is probably screwed.

    Hopefully it will be sorted and let’s face it it’s hiccups all the way with NI – kinda makes it exciting! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  241. My PO1 shipping status says – ‘Shipped’ and PO2 status says – ‘Shipping in Progress’, but still no tracking number….waiting for DHL/TNT to send me the tracking email. I’ll post updates on the shipping on my rather insignificant blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  242. Hey Ganesh or anyone else from Holland. How long did it take for you Adam to arive?
    Can’t wait….
    What about custums?
    Ganesh got lucky but did anyone els had to pay duties?

  243. Don’t know if someone has said this yet but for those who are still waiting for a tracking number. Try going to the TNT website and look up your reference number. You can track it that way as well. Your reference number is the Notion Ink number. Example: NIOxxxxxx. Hope this helps.

  244. @Paul Well, the adam and the stylus both have shipped. So, as soon as I get ’em! Let me know if there’s any specific app you want me to try it out on. I mostly need it for pdf annotations, so if you want me to test on something else, send over the app name (hopefully a cheap app ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

  245. The website still shows “Shipped” for me, but got an email with tracking info. Make sure to check any filters/spam folders. The mail may have snuck in there.

  246. Just checked the TNT site, and the shipment arrival should be expected Feb 22nd (if NI used “Express Shipping”) or Feb 25th (if used “Economy Express Shipping”). Those were the only two options, so I guess my Adam should arrive late next week. Counting down days!

  247. Hey thanks a lot for that info. Just to confirm, this was the address that they sent me in the advanced tracking email. The destination address there has the apt number missing.

    The one on the tracking site, however, shows only the city.

    Can you please confirm if we are talking about the same address here, i.e. the one in the email?

  248. Also checked the TNT site and I should expect arrival also Feb. 22, It gave the same date for Express or economy express to Ventura California USA

    Hopefully by mid next week I will see Adam and have him in my hands for the first time.

  249. OK I checked my advanced tracking email and it did have my complete address so yes you probably should contact someone. Did your status have your apt. number?

  250. What does “Shipping in Progress” actually mean?? Did you get a tracking number?

    (I noticed that my Order No changed at the end – from “-1” to “-2” . . . Does that mean something?)

  251. Hi Karen,
    Can’t figure out what’s going on. I get e-mail of new comments on this blog, and one came in from you posted at 23:46 in response to dentalchick that says:

    Mine will be shipped Feb 25-March 10, so canโ€™t yell you yet, sorry.
    Would like to know thoughโ€ฆ

    And the posting I’m replying to is the last one listed for you at 11:47.

    Is this a wordpress problem or what?

    (I know that you probably don’t have any better idea than I do, but it was your original posting that I was trying to reply to ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m in the same boat: Nothing but proposed shipping dates when I log in.

    I’m so jealous of those folks who can complain about having a shipped date ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Waiting is…

  252. @dwarf,

    are you serious? We have been waiting since december, we got postpone like 4 times and finally ours is shipped. Consider yourself lucky as yours will be shipped between Feb25th- March 10th

  253. To anyone who has gone through this before:

    Is the tracking number ever put on the pre-order status page at any point during the process? My order is shipped but I do not have a tracking number yet.

  254. Suresh,
    From what you say about December order dates just shipping, those of us who ordered in February can expect shippment around April!

    Hope my math is wrong ๐Ÿ˜‰


  255. Still having weird experiences with wordpress and this blog. Some postings here that I get in my email box are visible and some aren’t.

    Anyone have any idea what the deal is?

    I’m just bored ๐Ÿ˜‰

  256. me too…….changed into shipped, but no tracking number……
    I think, they collect this batch, and when ready with shipping all togehter we get our tracking numbers

  257. @back2front, Thanks once again for your response.

    Funny thing is NI had my initial address wrong (a different error) and I sent them a mail early on correcting it…. they confirmed the correction, and now this…. I have sent them a mail yesterday and waiting for an update from their end.

    Just to be safe, shot a mail to TNT, but no response there yet. Hoping something gives.

  258. Adam leaves eden and visits Utopia Beta1. Check out video

  259. Brian in the last batch when I got mine, I never received a tracking number only a consignment number that was on the advance tracking email. NI had put a link on the pre order status site that allowed you to use your NIO number and that went directly to your shipping information.

  260. Hi dwarf4242, i made several comments during the day, on different pages.
    If anyones timeline is messed up these days, it’s mine already ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Been through some long and rough days.

    My period for shipping is what is was when i ordered, nothing new.
    Rohan said they are on a tight schedule now, so am expecting it will stay this way and even shipment will be early is the given time period, than late.
    No complaints for me, waiting patiently…

  261. Same here but no additional updates on TNT site…no dates/estimates from them. And no mails from NI on the “surprise gift”!!

  262. going through the comments it seems that no one from india has received a tracking number yet including me….correct me if i’m wrong by posting confirmation of tracking number receipt.

    finally when the wait seemed over…it seems to have stated again…..:(


  263. received tracking number today ,now my adam is in Hong Kong and soon to be on the way to Wisconsin expect 4-5 days cant wait


  264. no email with tracking number. I have searched all folders, no mail.

    NI always forgott me with email notifactions since pre order 1

  265. Has anyone been able to use VPN and/or remoting to desktops from Adam ? I am sure someone would be able to do this ..

  266. Alright thanks guys. I got no email, hopefully I will tomorrow. In the mean time I will watch my order number on TNT’s site.

  267. My IT guy has recommended logmein. I have not tried it yet, but you should be able to do remote desktop with it, even with a cisco vpn, which is what we have.

  268. I think it means that it is on its way to Hong Kong. Once there and out the door, TNT should provide some form of tracking number and status changes to shipped, then if they don’t deliver to your home town, they should let you know when they hand it off, to FedEx for example.

    I am still shipping in progress. It sounds like maybe another two days before there is a tracking number. I just really want it by next Friday. My (un) birthday is next weekend, so that would be super exciting – “un” because I was born on the 29th, and that doesn’t happen this year – I celebrate anyway! ๐Ÿ˜€

  269. I dont have an Adam YET but I do have a galaxy tab and it works really well on it. They just optimized it for tablets. Only draw back is the price of the app. It is 29.95 USD in the market. you can setup a free account but still need the app. Teamviewer just released their android app but I have not had time to use it as of yet. Teamviewer is a free download and it is free for personal use.

  270. OK, this is all very nice, but some more news on when we will be able to order the adam would be nice. Both pre-order windows have gone by without the version I want still being available by the time I got to order.

  271. India is playing their word cup first match on 19th (ICC cricket wc). So lets stick to 19th if Rohan is a cricket fan beyond adam ๐Ÿ˜‰

  272. Thanks for the video Albert. After seeing this my Adam can’t get here fast enough. Due around the 22nd Feb. This shows how much we have to forward to. I love the fact that Notion Ink has made so easy to customize.

  273. Awesome Albert, as always. Hooray for the A-Team and all the folks at XDA, really great stuff. Your videos on all of this open it up to a android novice like myself.

  274. My status on pre-order page changed to shipped yesterday and at 2:59 this morning I got an e-mail from EngsupportAHE at TNT dot com. I didnt realize what I had at first because the address threw me off but it had my fulling shipping address in the body as well as a link to check for shipping.

  275. Ok so peeps in the U.S. do you have tracking numbers for a U.S. Carrier? I think they use fedex when it hits here.

    TNT called me possibly because of my email into support if so, thanks support. And think it should arrive around the 23rd, but have no further data stating that they wouldn’t have a tracking number from the third party vendor until it hits the states.

    Just curious if we are getting the same message.


  276. I called TNT to find out about my shipping. First I asked about my address because it only said the town. They have the address correct on their end so that was fine. Then I asked about how long will the shipment take and they said to expect it around Tuesday or Wednesday. Hope this helps.

  277. The e-mail will be from TNT not Notion Ink and it looks something like Engsupport.AHE at TNT dot com

  278. The shipping info will never mention a US carrier it only says “USA others” but mine was Fed X because it had their stamp on the box.

    Date Time Location Status
    03 Feb 2011 10:48:00 Usa Others Shipment Delivered In Good Condition.
    03 Feb 2011 09:12:00 Usa Others Out For Delivery.
    02 Feb 2011 15:27:01 Los Angeles Shipment In Transit.
    01 Feb 2011 18:10:33 Los Angeles Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    01 Feb 2011 00:03:23 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    31 Jan 2011 23:54:19 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    31 Jan 2011 16:34:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    31 Jan 2011 16:26:11 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    30 Jan 2011 21:34:28 Xiamen Shipment Collected From Sender.

  279. @ Back

    Thanks back, I finally have a tracking # the lady who called me gave it to me, and emailed me. So not sure why I didn’t get one. Good to know what the deal is, it’d be nice if they gave you the FedEx tracking number tho..


  280. Does TNT know something we don’t? Are numbers in fact finite? My tracking number was last used in August of 2010, the good news the package was delivered in good condition to my Swedish tracking number brother and or sister, Olofsson.

    I am glad that TNT is green though, conserving numbers is a good thing! Maybe we can stop drilling for numbers and recycle more people!

  281. Thanks for the news on logmein and TeamViewer. If it was good on galaxy tab it should be fine with Adam also with their android versions.
    We use logmein, TeamViwer and windows RDP via Windows VPN. Logmein and TeamViwer are no match to RDP via VPN in terms of experience. So I wish we do have some way to VPN also to our windows network at work. The Cisco VPN client still does not have any android version. I thought I saw Greg mentioning about it.

  282. I haven’t got a tracking number either but the status is Shipped. Wondering how soon they send out emails. I’m located @ St Louis BTW

  283. Cisco VPN will be internally tested sometime in March. Cisco is also planning the launch of its own tablet on the Android. So they have invested hours making a version for Android. Hopefully their will some good news in April/May if the March-Apr testing is successful.

  284. Does anyone know if you can stream netflix to the adam. I know it’s not an android app but the browser is full capacity right?

  285. @levpius all the thee links of keyboard that I have provided are bluetooth ones, it’s only I am not to decide which one to go for ๐Ÿ™‚

  286. Thanks a ton … or rather million of tons :). It works . Status Shipping in Progress . Yahoooooooo!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  287. Shipping in progress :). Thanks to Boris for suggesting to check alternative link. I am happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  288. Yeah they look nice. Targus one was available in India I think. But Ordered Belkin one already. I hope that someone will come up with a custom adam sleeve that will also be available in India.

  289. @borismedia: Thank you.
    Just checked on the alternative link. Didn’t go through initially as I have 2 orders on that email address. Had to reset the log-in.

  290. My tracking has just posted it’s first entry:

    16 Feb 2011 19:31:30 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

    Come to me little Adam…….come Adam…..I’ve been Waiting 2 months……hurry little Adam….hurry to your new home…

    Boy do Ihave a touch of Adamitus or what?

  291. Good for you!!

    Waiting for mine now.

    It’s 20 mins to 4 and still haven’t slept properly since PO1.

    My doctor reckons it’s adamylogia and cure is a dosage of the adam tablet.


  292. @Himanshu:
    if you are talking about these links, only the last is bluetooth :



    I do hope you buy what you want ๐Ÿ™‚ The first 2 links will have a wireless receiver that needs to be connected.

  293. @ people already received adam in india. how long it took for you to receive adam, after shipped from factory. I assume that delivery from factory to shipping company just happened on 16th. so it will take a day or 2 to receive tracking numbers after it reaches Hongkong. i don’t think it will reach this weekend to anyone. we can hope for mid of next week. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  294. I heard that a batch of numbers were damaged in shipping so we have to wait till some new ones are made to replace these. Too bad that the batch happened to be positive integers. It would have been fine if they had been anything else.

  295. I wrote to support as well but didn’t hear back from them. The idea of writing on the blog is to get ideas (just as techlemonade did). It works!

  296. some one interested in this? @guys who have their adam already. will this be useful with adam? comment please.


  297. @Rohan

    When are we goting to migrate to a forum?

    The blog format is making it really difficult to read all the posts. Often reply contain interesting information that is missed unless you’re willing to go back and reread everything.

  298. My wife has something similar to this from Kensington
    KeyFolio bluetooth wireless keyboard with case.

    Its too small for the Adam but she really like it for the IPad

  299. At least you live at the port of entry. Some of us will have a day or two longer to wait.

  300. same here..
    first waiting for PO1….
    then MASTERCARD …..
    then waiting for PO2…
    successfull after some trying…
    now waiting for it to change status…
    then shipping status…
    track the shipment…
    delivery person to call….
    wait at the doorstep for delivery guy…
    give him a hug….
    get the ADAM…
    get well ๐Ÿ˜‰

  301. Hi fellow Missourian! I’ll be watching to see how long it takes to get all the way inland. I think I am 2 days behind on delivery.

  302. Thank you everyone for all the options. Sounds like the next set of testing videos…

  303. LOL because I called my mom to borrow Visa or AmEx and she was sleeping. I guess all she heard was tablet. Called later and asked if I got my medicine ordered! Haha

  304. If you search “etsy.com” for iPad case there is a huge variety for the choosing – almost too many. It looks like a lot of people will customize to the device as well. I’ve narrowed on a few to have a soft shell, though I am looking forward to what TactusTexas will be offering – “http://notioninkhacks.com/index.php/2011/01/30/notion-ink-hacks-code-name-stealth-hard-ca/”

    He’s also designing some new side strips – “http://notioninkhacks.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=879”

  305. Himanshu,

    hey there, when did you order? i ordered on the 5th of feb and it is still saying 15 Feb est shipping date… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  306. OK never-mind, I checked the Feb 11 order link and it says shipping in progress…YEAH BABY…too funny I already had the Gtab and didn’t think I would be this excited to get such a similar device haha.


  307. @Harv

    It took more than 36 to 48 hours to get anything for most of us.. be sure you’re checking spam filters alternate email addresses etc. presumably it’d be the one you ordered with though.

    Good Luck.


  308. “http://www.20north.com/Genuine-Leather-Hard-Cover-Folder-Netbook-Case-to-Protect-the-Asu/product/?mid=1&pid=B$@!00$@!2YFYRHQ$@!&src=search”

    how about this. with lot of space for charger and accessories

  309. Adam owners are posting new videos –


  310. I bought it for adam but I don’t have my adam yet ๐Ÿ™‚
    I think the top of adam will stick out so you put it for use but don’t keep it there I guess

  311. Are you sure It will fit adam? I hope someone will come with the same case for adam too

  312. @dentalchick. which one you bought? how about pricing? i wanted a leather case with blue tooth keyboard for adam. i could find cases for ipad, but it doesn’t fit adam ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  313. bought this one “http://cgi.ebay.com/New-Case-Keyboard-10-2-Android-Tablet-PC-APAD-EPAD-/190503001135?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item2c5add1c2f”

  314. It (almost) fits perfectly (the adam is 0,1 mm too large):

    Size+Weight Adam

    Thickness: ~14 mm
    Width: 191 mm
    Length: 269 mm

    Size case: 28mmร—19mmร—3mm(Lร— Wร— H)

  315. hi Rohan,

    Yes we want books and lots of them!

    Do you plan any NI recommended list of accessories?

  316. width is measured from outerside it wil stick out 0.8mm I measured it…
    meabee I”l buy another leather case for a netbook and glue the keybord in…

  317. Thanks Mistry. PDF notations will be fine, although the real proof of the pudding will be a character recognition app that converts your writing into typed text. Once I have the Adam, I’ll start searching for those.

  318. Shipped for over 24 hours and still no tracking number and unable to find be reference number on TNT-homepage.

    This shipment were to be a very small shipment and still it’s like you can trust the status on NI-order page.

    The first shipment which were a big shipment, as i recall almost all got a tracking number after about 36-48 after “shipping in progress”.

    Now 60 hours “shipping in progress”, still no real information that leads me to believe that my adam has been shipped from the factory ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    it’s now about 18.00 hong kong and probably my shipment will start tomorrow. As always very late.

  319. Like this (in the US)?


  320. Hm… I may have missed that…

    …but with those updates – is there an *official* changelog or a listing of all fixes?
    There should be one! – and available for anyone on NI’s homepage, of course.

    It would also serve as a documentation to the continuous improvements achieved by software updates.

    It is nice to have a strong community working that out, but you guys at NI really shouldn’t get too accustomed to that or rely too much on them. I bet there are some people ordering who are not rooted in the community and they will look for information and start cursing. You might at least add something like “please refer to…” or “RTFB” (‘B’ stands for Blog) or something similar on the official page.

    Ah, that’s what made me think of it: is the GPS-localization fixed by now?

  321. You are so lucky, my friend!

    Mine still says “Shipping in Progress” . . .

    I am in Los Angeles, California.

  322. @zennaro: funny; two totally different solutions to the same problem.
    I assume that if you use the gadgetblog approach, and you use a metal pen, then you don’t even need the metal wire, so your stylus will look real stylish ๐Ÿ˜€

  323. I wonder if NI can release Stock Android(honeycomb) for Adam users right away(if Eden is not ready for honeycomb at this point)? that way Adam would be the first tablet in the market with honeycomb installed in it.

  324. I still not having any tracking number. I’ve tried to use the preorder ID as track id but TNT page is asking for the “sender code” (i guess is the client ID of notion ink on TNT).
    Is there anyone with such info? Maybe on the track infos there is someting usefull. Any help is appreciate.

  325. is there any other number related to nonion ink (a client id, for instance). When i try to use NIXXXXX as tracking number as reference number TNT asks for a TNT Client Code (in the form XXXXXXXXX/YYYY). I don’t even know if XXXX are all numbers and their length as well as per YYYY.

  326. Time in Asia moves slower compared to western culture.Wishing no more delay for you guys!

  327. Maybe a silly question…. but why wouldn’t you just buy a laptop if you want a keyboard constantly on it.

    For me the whole idea of a tablet is….. to be a tablet.

  328. I wouldn’t keep it in all the time but when I have some typing to do it’s much faster with keyboard. My laptop is outdated and the 2 computers are always occupid so I got me my own toy ๐Ÿ™‚
    Most of the time a tablet will do so that’s why I choose tablet over netbook.

  329. Albert:

    You make me so happy that I got a PQi! It’s beautiful. And, since I am often in my car, I cannot wait to get my Adam.


  330. I’ve contacted NI and they say that “shipped” means it’s on loaded on some truck i china and should be on the way to hong kong.

    “Shipping in progress” means nothing.
    “Shipped” onroute to hong kong.

  331. I ordered on 6 Feb also. I guess My order will switch from “Shipping in Progress” soon.


  332. I had hoped that being one of the 200+, sorry 53, initially moved from the 9th of Jan.that they would have made some effort to ensure that the tracking info was sent asap. No such luck, having been told that it was ‘shipping in progress’ then ‘shipped’ now more than 48 hours later I still haven’t got my tracking details nor have they answered my e-mail. I do seriously worry about their ability to offer any form of customer service

  333. I haven’t ordered yet but this slow and delay (seems lack of respect of exactness of time) is really pain.It will not be good for NI either.I am distracted by xoom and Galaxy.And, right now buggy software stops me from ordering.I will see till mid April.My purpose is to use from 2nd May, for classroom lecture.

  334. From Back2Front earlier:
    Date Time Location Status
    03 Feb 2011 10:48:00 Usa Others Shipment Delivered In Good Condition.
    03 Feb 2011 09:12:00 Usa Others Out For Delivery.
    02 Feb 2011 15:27:01 Los Angeles Shipment In Transit.
    01 Feb 2011 18:10:33 Los Angeles Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    01 Feb 2011 00:03:23 Hong Kong Shipment In Transit.
    31 Jan 2011 23:54:19 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    31 Jan 2011 16:34:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    31 Jan 2011 16:26:11 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    30 Jan 2011 21:34:28 Xiamen Shipment Collected From Sender.

    Based on this previous shipment, I suspect that a new status from Hong Kong should occur today.

  335. @ Paul Schoe
    I’ve seen sites that use the capacitive screen with gloves on (this is not possible) used the leitmotif of cloth and sewed on the fingertips of the gloves, nice idea and it worked. ๐Ÿ™‚

  336. you are kidding right? i know our adams are just out of factory. but don’t tell me that they are loaded in a truck to Hongkong. its like ages since valentines day. anyone from India has received tracking numbers?

  337. My status is “shipped”
    And when i ask NI where my adam were they said
    “We would like to inform you that the shipments are in Progress now, that means your device has been shipped from China to Hong Kong. As soon as it reaches there, your status will be updated with the tracking number. Your tracking number will be emailed to you shortly. Thank you for your time and patience.”

  338. +1 ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    My status has been “shipping in progress” for 48 hours now. The time in china/hongkong is 8:50pm. So just wondering why it’s taking soooooo loooooooooooong for anything to update.

    |It is quite frustrating. How can you say shipping in progress for so long? Probably the guys processing a certain batch of adams for shipping has gone out for an extended lunch ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway, I want my adam!!! Can’t stand all the i-crap owners at work and home.

    Adamylogia – pronounced adam/e/lodge/ia

    def…. the emotional drainage and attachment to an unseen but foreseen item which is cured by only physical association with the specified item.

    Example: I have been having sleepless nights, random mumblings, staying up all hours, refreshing a certain NI order page and stalking a certain blog.
    Cure= adam tablet


  339. looks like adams are shipped in carts from china to Hongkong. ๐Ÿ™‚ lets hope we will get our adams before this weekend. i know. i know. wishing too much.

  340. Levpius:
    I own the Wireless-Mini-Keyboard-Touchpad-and-Laser-Point you listed as item 2 on your list of 3 choices. It is very small and very nicely built. However it has no F9 or F10 key (and no function key to provide it) So I had some trouble getting into the BIOS at boot as it requires pressing F10 to open. Luckily the failure mode of the machine I’m using it on, automatically opens the BIOS editor, so I was still able to use it. (I also figured out how to edit the bios to stop the longstanding boot error that machine had been giving me, so it is now no longer an issue.
    Having the toughpad and the keyboard all in one is very nice, and it charges from the USB cable (which is the only time you need the cable)

  341. Once again it looks like NI took liberties with the truth. It seems the shipment just left Xiamen for Hong Kong today and not Monday. I guess the status of Shipping in progress didn’t really mean anything. I guess if they add a few more statuses there they could have shipping take a full month.

  342. Hi NI,
    You would have us who were shifted constantly with the delivery should prefer,
    I still have no Tracking number, I see darinn only one next verzรถgerung. Shit Shitting SERVICE. You are off sick me and prepare sleepless Nรคcht for me. Slowly I lose lust to my ADAM

  343. the earliest ship date for PO2 is Feb 25th… I think LeoP just meant order due for shipping on ‘Feb 14th’ which were the PO1.5 orders..

  344. ……… And now we wait!!

    I have just been told by my boss that the adam had better be worth my loss of concentration at work and random checking of emails.

    Oh dear ๐Ÿ™‚

  345. Hi Doja,
    a quote for you:
    “You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”
    – James Allen

  346. Yes, read that on the feed earlier. Apparently it’s jammed short wave communications and satellite signals too….

  347. Hi Rohan, Karen’s just made my day brighter so I’ve got a quote for you

    “If we begin with certainties, we shall end in doubts; but if we begin with doubts, and we are patient in them, we shall end in certainties.” – Sir Francis Bacon ๐Ÿ˜‰

  348. I’m here reading frequently Doja, now and then commenting.
    Having a few irregular days, sorry.

    everything to make you smile ๐Ÿ˜‰

  349. There’s no need to be sorry Karen.

    I’m sure the lack of adam is enough to give anyone odd days.

    Hope you’re keeping well. Take care ๐Ÿ™‚

  350. @Himanshu,

    I am not sure the Belkin case is gonna be a fit, since Adam’s length is 10.59 inches – whereas Belkin’s is 10.2″. Correct me if I am wrong. Has somebody actually checked physically putting an Adam inside one?

  351. You are not alone. I have emailed Notion Ink two times in 4 days and have yet to receive an email.

  352. @Veeraraagavan,

    +1. I actually like the Belkin case but was also concerned about the dimensions. I don’t think Bis nor Himanshu have tried to fit their ADAM in the case yet, but I too would like to know their feeling once they have ๐Ÿ™‚

  353. So this is the neverending story I (but not only me) had:
    I’ve put the order on 2010-12-09 23:29:21 (copied from preorder page).
    First it state 15-20 weeks to delivery, then 9th of January, then a generic February 2011, then back to 31 January 2011, then 15th February 2011…
    Then on 14th of february (was early mornig here in rome) status chaged to “Shipping in Progress” … WOW
    14th pssed, then 15th passed, then on 16th morning status changed once more into a more confortable “Shipped” and a mail stated the baby had leaved the factory and was travelling to hongkong.
    16th passed, i sent an email to preordersupport asking news on the tracking number with no answer but an automatic one…
    17th is quite over and nothing changed…
    I tried using the order number in the tracking system of TNT but without the TNT Client code (the code TNT assigned to Notion INk as client) I cannot search for the shipment.
    I’m very INCAZZATO (said in italian because I can’t properly translate it in english) and this would be my first and last time I would buy NI stuff.
    Chinese wholesale sellers are far more serious than NI (and I’m not talking of apple, or others… I’m talking of the last wholesale seller from china!!!!!!).

    Rohan, wake up and DO something. You are no longer credible! You lost me as buyer. I’ve been following NI from the very beginning and I feel betrayed from this unequal treatment. This is not “fate” or “sfiga2 (as we say in Italy) this is a real shame!

  354. haha for completeness may be ‘child proof’ your home too! although with magnallium and all Adam should be fine on hard floors too…..

    that begs the question… anyone from India who managed to mishandle Adam and seen how he copes with the hard marble or granite? and if relevant how he copes when 2 rampaging kids try to pull him from all directions!

  355. No matter how good this tablet is it won’t amount to anything if they don’t improve their customer service “support” I sent them an email several days ago and just received the answer below. notice what they advised me to do and also notice the first line of my email. It seems no matter what issues your having, your going to get a form letter in return:

    Greetings form Notion Ink!

    We request you to install the latest update we have made available and contact us in case these issues still persist.

    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink Support Team

    My email:

    I have the latest update and here are a few problems I have encountered:

    1. Sometimes when I hit the settings icon my keyboard pops up.
    2. When I long press a bookmark I get a screen with different options I tried the one save to home I assumed it would save to the home screen which it doesn t.
    3. If I m playing music from say Pandora it stops whenever I do anything else with the tablet, isn t this supposed to multi task?

  356. Ahh and I forgot to mention the support team wrote me a couple of days after the last postponing assuring that a special gift would be sent with my Adam. Unfortually at that time they didn’t know what it would be but another mail would explain that a copule of days before the shipment… I received NOTHING (e-mails are so immaterial that can evanesce in the peta bits of the Internet….)

    Bluff Bluff Bluff Bluff Bluff Bluff Bluff Bluff Bluff Bluff Bluff Bluff Bluff Bluff Bluff Bluff Bluff and Bluff again….

  357. Is this all the best you can do… Activate an automatic reply????

    Dear Customer

    Greetings from Notion Ink!

    We have received your query and will respond to you as soon as possible.

    In the meanwhile, please visit our blog / website for any updates and information.

    Thank You for your continued support to Notion Ink!

    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink Support Team

  358. This is how my shipment progress reads so far:

    Pick up date 16 Feb 2011
    Destination VENTURA
    Delivery Date
    Date Time Location Status
    17 Feb 2011 14:09:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    16 Feb 2011 19:31:30 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

    I think it is on the truck (Cart) heading to Honk Kong.

    I guess shipments are leaving the factory in batches. Maybe you don’t receive your track number until it actually leaves the factory?

  359. @Veera and Mehdi, Prolly the Sleeve will be delivered tomorrow. I think Biswajit has both bag and the adam, He will be posting his review in a day or two ๐Ÿ™‚

  360. when did you order Peter? You do realise that this is a “Pre-Order”? You are like a Guinea Pig for Notion Ink to iron out their logistics, shipping, customer service etc before the full go-live. You probably should have been aware of that when ordering.

    Anyway, I hope you get your Tracking Number / Adam soon!

  361. I don’t agree, a pre-order should include customer support. Without it what good is it being a Guinea Pig?

  362. Another channel to try would be notion ink hacks…check with them, as they have multiple geeks trying different things. It is a sorry state of affairs in NI. BTW, did your problem get resolved after installing the “last update”?

  363. Attention all NI customers waiting for their Adam. I just had a “dream”. Because of certain issues, some the Feb 15 batch Adams are being transferred from the assembly plant to Hong Kong on ‘hand carts’. Hence it is taking long for the shipping company to get hold of the shipment and generate additional tracking numbers.

    Also there “may be” an issue with the transport co. with their tracking num generation functionality, or their integration with NI system…thats why we have the pre order sessions…to resolve issues before allowing others to use.

  364. wally, was your tracking number emailed to you without you asking for it, or u had to go from pillar to post for that. I’m in Woodland Hills, and waiting for the tracking email.

  365. @LeoP: the link asks me for an email / password….why such high security…r u afraid that someone will steal your adam that is being transported?

  366. The more you send the longer it takes…
    My last email to NI to correct my birthdate took 4 days for a reply, but Allen finally slogged through enough mail to get to me and I not only got a reply but the date is also fixed.
    Now if he could move the date forward on my expected shipping date…….
    Waiting is

  367. So here we are again. It’s the 18th of February 2011. My status has been showing as

    “shipping in progress” for exactly 72 hours now and the only reply I get from NI is a generic


    I’m wondering how it takes 72 hours to transport anything from the chinese factory to

    hongkong when royalmail back here deliver a parcel in 24hours.

    I know we need to be patient and it’s going to be alright at the end but please just tell it

    the way it is.

  368. 72 hours later ๐Ÿ˜ฆ again

    As we say in denmark

    I’m not mad, i’m disappointed

    (Far er ikke vred, far er skuffet ๐Ÿ™‚ aka Lars L.)

  369. Please head over to NotionInkHacks and register yourself for a preorder of their case. the model images look good. when will it come out and how it will be remains to be seen.

  370. @Wally West

    My understanding is tracking # after on the ground in Hong Kong and on the final leg to Destination. Or better yet the way mine is being sent “https://www.dropbox.com/home#/Photos:::”

  371. And the most witty is this cut out to an email of Notion Ink:

    Depending on your location, you would be receiving your Adam within
    5 working days of the shipping date. Until then, we request your kind
    patience and cooperation in this matter.

    HAHAHA what I have laughed ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  372. I think NIH is great, but I bought the Adam from NI and they should be responsible for fixing the device, I would hate to imagine if NIH didn’t exist. These problems were after the update as my email indicated.

  373. I did receive an email from : “EngSupport.AHE@tnt.com”

    It was titled: Advanced Shipping Notification for Consignment Number 184540XXX

    TNT is pleased to advise you that GATI (ON BEHALF OF NOTION INK) has arranged for a shipment to be collected from them on 16-Feb-2011 and delivered to WALTER LINN WESTOVER.

    The Shipment has a TNT CONSIGNMENT NOTE NUMBER: 184540XXX

    To be able to check the status of the shipment simply click here >> Track my Shipment and more detailed information on the consignment will be available.

    If GATI (ON BEHALF OF NOTION INK) has provided a reference, this reference can be used to track the consignment.





    PIECES: 1
    WEIGHT: 1.800 KG

    If you would like to find out about the many ways TNT helps you to track your shipment, or if you would like to know more about the services provided by TNT, simply connect to “http://www.tnt.com” and select your country at any time.

  374. @Nirav,

    Windows has pre-dominantly created for Intel & AMD x86 processors…

    Adam uses the NVidia tegra processor… so at this point both linux & windows do not run on NVidia Tegra.

    Linux (ubuntu, fedora, suse, debian) most likely will be the first full OS candidate to potentially run on it… but it will need some real committed OS maintainers to pull it through…

    At this point, you will have more success in converting your application to android via the NDK (Android Native Development Kit)… to run on android…

    that said… you can surely use applications, that would RDP / VNC to a windows machine..

  375. Also ordered mine on Feb.6. Lots of issues (posted my story on 16, but it’s still waiting moderation). Card charged, but no conf from CC Venue. Support didn’t response since 14th.

    How do you guys check your status, at store notionink com? Same email/password that you’ve placed order with? All I get is “Sorry! Your invitation has been expired.”

  376. It seems things are getting ugly again fro a few people! I hope the whole shipping thing gets fixed. It would not bode well for those who have Feb. 25 – Mar 10 shipping dates.

  377. Reply from NI when i asked if the gift was the the delivery was delayed ๐Ÿ™‚

    “We would like to inform you that the shipment has not been delayed. The gift is a surprise which you will receive along with your device.”

    As my adam hasn’t been sent and others has, it wont be much of a surprise when i finally my adam… long live the cyberspace ๐Ÿ™‚

  378. You are right. Logistics is always a nightmare. but we are only talking about 5.31 %. NI has already delivered 94,69 %, much faster then this 5.31 %.

    It’s sort of comical ๐Ÿ™‚

  379. Yours says shipped??? Mine was bought on the 5th and still says shipping in progress ๐Ÿ˜ฆ im going to cry ๐Ÿ™‚

    I can’t wait to get it


  380. Yep 5.31% of people extremely unlucky. Think about a bad accident can happen to’ an Adam and it will fit into this 5.31%… Funny isn’t it?

  381. Darn could not see any picture at that address. I know it had to be funny.

    The last bit of waiting is crazy. We paid for these Adams two months ago. It does feel like they are stacked on a rick-shaw and one very tired soul is pulling them all along with the last bit of his strength…….

  382. My Adam order status has been set to shipped since 36 hours and more but no tracking number…

  383. I can’t believe you are all still waiting for the February 14th shipment…

    nook color + honeycomb 3.0 + mifi > notion ink.

  384. You all know what?
    You need a little surprise here to keep the spirit alive…

    Coming up in a while ๐Ÿ™‚
    Jit, are you ready?

  385. Did you ever get your TWO adams? How do you like them? I still remember picking on you for buying them with your debit card ๐Ÿ™‚


  386. Its interesting how wordpress decides who gets to post a message like yours. I tried to post yesterday an email I received about shipping with Xs in all the right places like yours and the moderator deleted it.

  387. 2010 Engadget Awards – Most Anticipated Gadget of 2011
    BlackBerry PlayBook 1785 (8.2%)
    Notion Ink Adam 2112 (9.7%)
    Motorola Xoom 5354 (24.6%)
    Sony PSP2 / NGP 3588 (16.5%)
    Motorola Atrix 4G 2144 (9.8%)
    Nintendo 3DS 2538 (11.7%)
    HP TouchPad 2951 (13.6%)
    Sony Ericsson Xperia Play 1295 (5.9%)

    Get to Engadget and vote

  388. I suggest you take a deep breath, and listen to this:

  389. ti rispondo in italiano, abbi fede po li hai il Papa ,io invece ho i Dogi .
    E’ da una vita che aspetto ,guardiamo a chi arriva prima .
    Rispetto alla distanza dall’ india noi siamo a due passi. ciao Gianluca

  390. My current fb status –
    Loved the Adams’s inbuilt browser.
    The way it loads fb and its chat..thank you ni for such a nice product.

    Bt i wana ask here whr can i suggest the problems i m facing or the suggestions i wana give.
    i dropped a mail to support team few days ago..but no reply.. Probably it was missed.

    Posting from my Adam ๐Ÿ™‚

  391. They said you are on your way..
    and my poor heart skipped a beat

    They said you rush in a plane
    I jumped up and down for joy

    Now they say you’r in a cart ??
    Oh No! I don’t wanna know ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Waiting for that whiff of wind
    to blow you homeward , my sweet thing?

    Some one promised you’d be home
    by this weekend , ease my pain!

    From what I know I see and hear
    I can tell you this much dear-

    If they can’t track you or your cart
    and they can’t find out where you are

    How on earth, now would they know
    that you’d be home by weekend soon?

  392. Dear Friends,

    Finlay the wait is over and my Adam is in my hand. The feeling is such an amazing which made me to built a site to share my experiences with you. When my Adam reached my home i was away for a business trip and finally i am home and did the unboxing. Uploaded few pictures and videos coming soon. Special thanks to karen for all the support and encouragement.
    So… you’re invited to my site to be a part of my journey with Adam and wishing me luck. “http://myadam.moonfruit.com”


    Biswajit saha.

  393. Has anyone yet seen a video of the adam opening a big, annoying PDF? If there are any Pathfinder players out there who have an adam, opening the Core Rulebook would be my suggestion. Every time I open that thing on my current tablet, it tries to run away.

  394. Mine says “shipped” and then I got an email from a company called TNT (interesting name).
    I clicked on their website and it does have what they call a “consignment number”.

    However, for the past two days it says the same thing “In Transit” and that the location is Xiamen.

    Rather cryptic I’d say.

    I thought Adam was being shipped using DHL which does have a decent web based package tracking system.

    Ah another frustration…all while waiting for Mr Adam.

    Good luck to us all. Can’t wait to get mine but I know they will require a signature and that is why most of us want a reliable tracking system.

    C’est la vive.

  395. @zaghir

    Haven’t received my Adam yet, but received this yesterday:


    Very good reviews – nice rubber tip (not foam) – works great on my wife’s iPhone 4, just like a finger. Good, but not so great on my HTC Hero – needs a much firmer touch than with a finger – guess this is either due to the screen on the Hero or the invisible shield that I have applied

  396. Rohan promised a lot of update activities on NI site starting with 14th of February. Did anybody recognize some changes?

  397. ‘Shipping in progress’ means they can get the money from the credit card company.

    Just another example of being economical with the truth

  398. If any Aussies are interested in a case – here’s one I ordered:

    Should be large enough for various accessories ๐Ÿ™‚

  399. Dwarf4242,
    I think you hit the nail on the head. What point is there in burying NI support with e-maols asking where your tracking number is? They do not supply the tracking number, TNT does. Would we all like to have our Adam by now? Of course! Will behaving churlishly make it happen sooner? Not a chance! I have waited 2+ months, a few more days simply do not matter.

  400. Tablet startups bet on digital classroom:


    No mention of adam though. Hope NI comes with classroom based apps to help students take notes/annotate. Also the price of mySpark seems to be a attractive price for students.

    NI start putting your legs into educational institutes (may be can start from India and progress world over)

  401. Karen: This is truly a wonderful piece. I would be pleased to receive this as a gift on my new Adam tablet!
    Thank you!

  402. Of course, a tablet is just a tablet (except for when you need a laptop, except that an Adam can be a laptop when you need it – with the attachable keyboard.)


  403. Great Video Albert, but do the customer “ROM”s not void the warranty?

    Also does the live wallpaper not decrease battery life as it does on the phone?

    Thanks for the Vids,


  404. @Spindlethin,

    /high five on Pathfinder.. that’s one of the reasons I am getting a tablet. The damned core rule book weighs more than my GF.

    I’d like to know that answer, if no one answers then I will when I get mine next week.


  405. @ Wally, LOL on the cart.. my tracking is the same two days in Xiamen.

    @bikramdas, I actually sent an email to support and of course whined here, but i received my tracking info and a call from TNT the day after.

    TNT also told me that as soon as it hits the states I can call them and get the FedEx tracking number for faster updates on it being out for delivery and delivered notifications.


  406. I have it from a reliable source that it’s mules, not donkeys. He goes on to report:

    “The porters, they speak darkly of ill omens and the mules are restless and sullen, and refuse to move.The river is in full spate, the night is dark and I still have to get these tablets to Hong Kong. Guojie and I have decided to postpone the expedition until Friday when the stars will be more favorably aligned, and the porters plied with extra booze rations”.

  407. @back2front,

    Absolutely, as I said before a company is only as good as its service. If NI doesn’t get the service / support act together they can kiss it goodbye in the states anyway.

    I do customer satisfaction management, and believe me when I deal with a customer that hasn’t received satisfactory service we make sure they are taken care of, and that we make improvements whether it’s coaching the individual or changing a process.

    But without the service / support being at a high level you’re in trouble.


  408. @Gianluca,

    you have every right to be upset. I hope that Rohan and company are working out their service and support bugs along with their other manifold issues.

    However; It’s a tough thing to be a start up your best intentions can get caught up in the reality of your limitations.

    They are small, and I don’t have any idea how much stress and pressure they are under with the limited orders right now. Hopefully that translates into improvements in all areas of their company.

    I think we all want to see NI succeed, and it’s very difficult to be patient. I am not terribly patient when it comes to service and support that lacks. At the same time, I try to realize the difficulties they are going through right now, from logistics, to financial.

    @Karen, nice music, is that Yes? The slide guitar reminds me of Brian May of Queen’s playing. There a few songs where he has that sad, sliding sound going on.


  409. I don’t know. It’d be tres cool, I loved watching the Honeycomb demo by google. It looks very good and sleek.

    I am afraid the default honeycomb UI will be my preferred UI once we get it for the Adam.


  410. @Rohan and NI support. I am tired of emailing you and receiving generic emails that make me look stupid. I’m not sending you emails for the fun of it.
    Why does my status still show shipping for 3 and a half days (84hours)??
    If it hasn’t left the factory then just change my status to delayed.
    I have no tracking number or change of status in 84hours which is really ticking me off.
    Wny frustrate me and mislead me with incomplete/irrelevant info?
    You say to check on the website or forum for help?
    Well you tell me who o here is going to change my status or send me a tracking number.
    I need to know when my parcel’s going to be here so I can get it signed for because believe it or not, that is the whole reason for a signed for/recorded delivery.
    I didn’t want to complain on here but too late now.
    Saying I’m irritated is understating my emotional feeling of frustration and anger.
    Also thanks a lot NOT for informing us that the link we were reviewing for our status has been obsolete for a while and there was now a new link.
    Even the simplest bits of info seem so hard to pass on.
    Customer service is about giving the hard facts whether it’s good news or not, just tell me the truth about what’s going on.
    I’m pissed off and going for a walk along the beach.
    Hopefully you will have sorted out your communication skills by the time I get back.

    Talk is cheap and communication is a great tool.
    Somebody sort it out. If my customer service manager ever let this happen in my place of work she knows she would have been replaced quicker than a broken headset.

    A word is enough for the wise.


    Kind regards

  411. Please just go to NIH and “http://www.notionaddicts.com/forums/forum.php” for a while. Tech support WILL happen, but (right now) you are a VERY early adopter – and you have EXCELLENT places from which to get help.

    I hope I don’t sound too snippy at you. I really don’t mean to. I am one of the nicest people I know (and I know lots of people!!)

    ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†

  412. have you not gotten an e-mail from TNT? may not say TNT, check junk mail. Do you live in US? If they hand off to second carrier like Fedex, they will just leave it.

  413. Hi Albert,
    I haven’t received any emails from anyone. I live in the UK. It’s just my status just says “shipping in progress”.
    It would be ideal if they just communicated.

  414. I have been in your situation before. it has been my experience that notion ink can take 3-5 days to respond to an e-mail. I got so annoyed with the lack of communication at one point that I called Rohit, using google voice, on his personal cell phone. I am not recommending you do this… just that I understand your situation.

    Dont give up, keep trying. I am sure everyone is emailing them too. They count their e-mails now and you get a number. I think last time I emailed them my numbers were to where it said they were getting atleast 1000 emails a day to the support account alone.

  415. Thanks Albert,
    Just got in from my walk and I do understand your point although they would receive less emails if they communicated to their customers.

    Funny enough I just checked my order status and it says “processed”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    That’s really good but I didn’t want to complain the way I did to effect a change.

    Although I do appreciate the quick response.

    Kind regards ๐Ÿ™‚

  416. My PO1.5 just changed from Shipping in Progress to Processed! Does anyone know what that means?

  417. Nice Work Bisawjit and Karen.
    Waiting for your videos mate.
    Some suggestions: The section where you have uploaded pics, try to include a tool wit hthe help of which we can go from one pic to another by a click . Right now we have to close the pic and go back to the gallery to check another one.

    Carry on the good work.

  418. Motoroal xoom is almost here and it comes with honey comb. Even the User Manual is released, Which notionink adam lacks. A good User Manual which describes all the features and give a walkthrough of all apps. Rohan please release a good User manual before the HoneyComb release, which will help the everybody to have a feel about the new OS

  419. @Prantha
    No snippiness received ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess I’m like a lot of posters here, not very familiar with the pre-order thing. I’m used to buying from an established company and getting results within a limited amount of time. Your correct we have a lot of sites that are very beneficial to us and I will use them until NI comes around.
    Thanks for bringing me back to earth.
    And I have followed this blog for sometime and you do seem nice…:)

  420. Finally, my adam is shipping. Got a TNT notification that the adam is in transit at Xiamen. Very unfortunate, I am leaving to go to China and my adam will arrive the day after I leave. Almost want to change the schedule, but I guess I just have to wait. Hmm, what are the chances that it will be CA tomorrow?? Tired of this wait, I hope it is worth it. The recent screw ups have left a very sour test.

  421. Still waiting for a tracking number for PO1… The status changed to Shipped about 2 days back… Why don’t NI add the tracking number in the pre-order status page! Wouldn’t that be simpler and quicker than sending email to each and everyone with the tracking numbers

  422. @dwarf4242 & @JD:
    Yes, this is YES.
    ‘Soon’ is from the Relayer album (1974). You will prob like ‘Gates of Delirium’ too then.
    We have quite a selection of old vinyl at home, and this helps me to keep my calmness. Thanks to youtube you can all try the same.

    Or check “http://myadam.moonfruit.com/#” for a small selection of ‘energizing songs’ to make your wait bearable ๐Ÿ˜‰

  423. Hi Biswajit saha,
    Your website looks great.Very clean, and it doesn’t produce any distraction factor.Looking forward to hearing tons of information.

  424. One year ago Rohan showed an early prototype at ces. It was amazing mostly because of the thin borders it had and for the dual mode display. Then things changed a lot and too often in a different way with respect to Rohan words (remember the matte screen? the trackpad? The borders?) now I know this would be desiderata not requirements and less more specs and we all believed was specs!!! I’m into this phantomatic 5.31% of po1 (that is very noisy or is a far huge portion of the customer base) that is viewing this by a window such a tv show (on a pay per view show) with no remote…. Personally I’m frustrated and this would sing in a very deep way the judgment I give to ni and to Rohan. This is not a matter of starting up this is a matter of reality against dreams. We confused dreams with reality because of the mouth who was saying those words… But now I realize that Rohan ones was a child words. I hope I can change my mind in the next future but mostly depends on how Rohan will be able to gain points in reputation

  425. Hey Doja – I feel your pain.

    My understanding is that both pre-order 1 and pre-order 2 were put in place to allow Notion Ink to learn about where logistics, customer service and other issues lie for them in order that they sort it out for the full blown go live.

    My guess is that the shipping status means it’s on it’s way to the distribution center in hong kong from the factory in China. So it is shipping (along with a bunch of other adams) to the distribution center. Only when it leaves there will you get a tracking number with an indication of delivery date.

    I, too have been frustrated by the delays, like many others, but I feel we must all understand why NI has called our orders PRE orders.

    We are the guinea pigs to help NI get it’s shipping / customer service sorted out.

    Rohan & co : heed the warning. When you go into full ordering for the general public, your communication and customer service has got to be spot on… if you don’t want to set yourselves up for a fall.

    Until then let’s cut them some slack.

  426. Hi Rohan, you around still? guess we are getting a new post now. but before that please make sure that all our pre-orders got tracking numbers. its about 84 hours since we get the “shipped” mail from NI. we all wanted to have our adam this weekend. does not look so.

  427. Hi,
    Rohan replied an hour ago:
    “Itโ€™s already shipped and TNT should update you on your tracking numbers ASAP. “

  428. Ah ha – Hot update – 12**7**55*-* .

    update on Order page – Processed (P.S. Your Order no. is also your Tracking no.)

    but this does not do anything on TNT site ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  429. sigh. how many more days. i am tired of waiting. from 9th to 15-22nd to 29th to 14th and still nothing in sight. may be i should concentrate on something else. or else i will lose my interest by the time adam reaches me.

  430. Shipping Status for P.O. 1.5
    Processed (P.S. Your Order no. is also your Tracking no.)

  431. lameduck replie from Notion Ink customer service….

    Dear Customer

    Greetings from Notion Ink!

    We have received your query and will respond to you as soon as possible.

    In the meanwhile, please visit our blog / website for any updates and information.

    Thank You for your continued support to Notion Ink!

    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink Support Team

  432. all seem either tired of waiting… or already got ADAMs so busy unboxing and writing reviews n shooting videos…

  433. Getting closer. Here is my latest status update. I hope Adam will fly the 19th, be in US 20th, possible delivery 21st, probable delivery 22nd.

    18 Feb 2011 16:15:10 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    17 Feb 2011 14:09:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    16 Feb 2011 16:31:07 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

    What fun anticipation is.

  434. I’m here.
    My adam does not ship before 25th, so I’m still going to read/write on this blog. (Even though i should focus on my bachelor assignment ๐Ÿ˜› )
    And even after i get my adam I’m still going to be here making noise. =)

  435. I think that NI has changed the way the Adams are shipped since the first preorder batch.
    They upped the priority on the first batch to get it out as fast as possible.

    The prioriorty (cost) is less on the delayed preorder batch and the new orders. If this is the way then we can not expect to receive it as quick as the “first ones”. It is understandable they have to look on it from a business perspective. NI is still delivering at there normal priority not the upped one.

    We will get the Adam at the normal pace that everyone in the future will get it. But i would expect it to be stated in your blog Rohan, instead of letting people get frustrated due to unfulfilled expectations or assumed ones.

    I’m still a fan of NI and the Adam but a little bit frustrated.



    Keep the light and the dream alive.

  436. same here….status still shows shipped……wats dat supposed to mean?….still in china….hongkong…in transit….dnt have a clue wat it means. everyday i get up and check my mailbox and the status. its kinda getting annoying now. was so hoping to have my adam this weekend.

  437. @apscomp : Thanks for your response. It would have been ideal if adam was able to run both adroid & windows mobile. But eh..may be adam2 will. By that time may be Microsoft Mobile Version may end up with new varient , as it already runs on lot of HTC devices.

    cheers anyway

  438. Hi all,

    I am back and see now for the first time:
    Estimated Shipping Date Processed (P.S. Your Order no. is also your Tracking no.)
    But where to look and use the tracking nr. I don’t have no idea…
    But its good to see that everything is working here in the blog in a normal way.

    Namaste, Bert

  439. @Rohan / Rohit…someone….please help Mr Anthony Martins….seems to be disgruntled customer.

    As per him in a website, “Well I have been trying to use my Adam outdoors and its really difficult. The matte screen protector does little to help the glare. Feels really bad to have paid extra for the Pixel QI screen, its useless for me outdoors and in a lot of indoor light settings. Not to mention the awful bugs and lag this think has. Its really getting on my nerves that I paid so much for this unfinished product.

    I dont understand how anyone can give the Adam a good review when they are all experiencing these major issues. I would not have paid for this tablet if I knew I would be getting a tablet with so many problems. Notion Ink has been given too much slack, they should not have released the Adam if it wasnt going to work properly. Right now I feel like I purchased some cheap chinese ipad knockoff”

  440. glad to know that it is normal for you to seem everything is normal when u get a message from NI team but cannot comprehend what to do.

  441. 48 hours are passed since the status changed into shipped… No mail from TNT I even searched into spam….. Two e-mails sent to support with nothing but a couple of automatic junk emails

  442. @ Tim, considering recent comments in addicts, guess shipment is delayed in hongkong and recovery action underway. god knows what it is. but worser for people from india. we don’t even have any tracking number yet. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  443. it is 3 am in California….3 hrs waiting since midnight for the tracking number…me too received only idiotic junk emails from cust serv…

  444. Completely off topic

    Come on Crawley Town!! Beat the Manchester United overpaid superstars

    Just love to see the underdog win.

    In some ways just as much as I would love to see Notion Ink do the same to some of the larger players in this market.

    For those of you still wondering this is about the FA Cup game on Saturday. Football or soccer for some of you.

  445. Hi, I am from dehradun, India, my status is “Shipped”, nothing to track, do somebody know the courier company name who handles Adam in India for NI

  446. My status was changed today to:

    18 Feb 2011 16:19:00 Hong Kong Delay. Recovery Action Underway
    18 Feb 2011 16:07:42 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point

    DELAY???? DELAY??????????? DELAY??????????????????


  447. for all you guys waiting (including me) remember there is a big wide world of exciting things to do, stop obsessing, you’ll end up like Cartman ๐Ÿ˜€

  448. CALLED TNT and found out that there is a “LINE HAUL” delay in Hong Kong for the plane coming to the United States. Apparently, the plane did not/could not take off…..

    My head is about to burst!

  449. @Rohan:
    Thank you for replying. I just checked my status again and there’s another update.

    I’m still awaiting an email from TNT and I’ll let you guys know when it’s here.

    In the meantime, my staff need a leader so I shall return to my meeting with the adam firmly still in mind.

    Kind regards


  450. @ John. so how many more days added to delivery? i feel better now. ๐Ÿ™‚ i have one more stage to crib about. still mine shows just “shipped”. later i can start complaining about tracking. ๐Ÿ™‚ i know i know. trying make myself comfortable now. nothing else i can do.

  451. Good work Rohan and NI team. if any one or any site has compared pixel qi and lcd model by putting side by side ? . video will be better. @Greg? . Btw it was review at your site dear Greg, quiet balanced.

  452. It is surprising to read that the Anthony Martins didn’t realise what he was getting into being an early adopter. There is no point in whinging and whining after making the purchase. It is always prudent to do sufficient research before purchasing anything on the internet. For anyone out there who is risk averse, my advise is do not buy unless you read a lots of reviews from known reviewers.

    I know what I am getting into. I wouldn’t whinge and whine unless there is a physical defect in my adam and NI customer support do not respond. No point in making a song and dance of a product you know is work in progress atleast on the UI front. Coming to the hardware, touchscreens overlaid over Pixel Qi screen would affect the display, which has been confirmed by Pixel Qi customer support. Pixel Qi is not a universal solution for everyone’s needs.

    My two cents on the subject.

  453. Thanks Bikramdas,

    Yes I know what you mean, but shipments are always a terrible thing, its not anything Rohan or NI can do about ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
    It should be nice when they say your ordernr. is also your track nr. that they also say where to look etc. but I don’t mind its coming now and its not getting quicker when I follow it and after a week I want to know where its is than I go search for it.
    But I am glad that all runs, and of course everything could be better, but this makes it also charming, the way how all goes… ๐Ÿ˜• and I learned from the Indian ppl’s to be calm and wait without complain…. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

    Namaste, Bert

  454. Friday morning in N. California and now another delay (18 Feb 2011 16:19:00 Hong Kong Delay. Recovery Action Underway). What else can go wrong? You can only laugh…. Hoping we could have received ours by the end of the week. I guess if you are not Apple, you can’t afford to offer free shipping, where they fly it right out of China by UPS or FedEx and you get it in 3-5 days.

  455. Not so fast. I think they fell out of the plane or something:

    18 Feb 2011 16:19:00 Hong Kong Delay. Recovery Action Underway
    18 Feb 2011 16:09:07 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    17 Feb 2011 14:09:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    16 Feb 2011 16:22:32 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

  456. ok guys. i am off. its 6.30pm here in bangalore/india. i am not going to check my mail/ NI blog till tomorrow morning. lets see whats in store for me.

  457. Same delay for me. On both my orders. I guess the cart most have lost a wheel. And they are trying to recover, probably have to wait for the blacksmith to forge a new peice to repair it

    So sad. I thought I may have it today. Since it was supposed to be shipped 5 days ago but it looks like it only made it from the factory to hong kong in 5 days

    I hope I get it by my birthday in late march

  458. At least 72 hours after “Shipped” now and apparently, (I had to read the posts on here), yet more delays. I’m in the UK but probably “Line Haul”, whatever that is, in our problem too.

    Until I actually have the thing in my hands, I’ll just be expecting more of the same, it’s easier to stomach that way ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have no tracking number so have no idea what is happening. Would definitely be appropriate for NI to let us know, out of curtesy, what is happening.

  459. At least 72 hours after โ€œShippedโ€ now and apparently, (I had to read the posts on here), yet more delays. Iโ€™m in the UK but probably โ€œLine Haulโ€, whatever that is, in our problem too. Patience, Patience……. it’s just difficult after delays since 9th December

    Until I actually have the thing in my hands, Iโ€™ll just be expecting more of the same, itโ€™s easier to stomach that way ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have no tracking number so have no idea what is happening. Would definitely be appropriate for NI to let us know, out of curtesy, what is happening.

  460. It looks like my shipment made it Hong Kong. The apparently the wheel came off the cart, or the poor exhausted soul pulling it collapsed, as the statement says: Delay Recovery Action Underway. Maybe someone manage to take my Adam package and now the poor soul is attempting to recover it. At any rate my hopes of having Adam by the 22nd seems to be slipping away………..:

    Reference NIO16050XXX
    Pick up date 16 Feb 2011
    Destination VENTURA
    Delivery Date
    Date Time Location Status
    18 Feb 2011 16:19:00 Hong Kong Delay. Recovery Action Underway
    18 Feb 2011 16:10:50 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    17 Feb 2011 14:09:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    16 Feb 2011 19:31:30 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

  461. Wally
    It appears that you and hundred others are the unluckiest souls on the planet right now. Do not mention the name adam anywhere, it will bring ill luck to you. Just kidding. This particular saga has no precedence in the annals of history, since the time man has walked on this planet.

  462. For those who got a Line Haul delay, this post was from Notion Addicts:

    Ok. I just talked with a lady at TNT and found out what happened.

    “Exception-Line Haul” in the status means the flight arrived late so it pushed the departure (with Adams, of course) was delayed. But, the lady said the expected delivery date would not change. In my case, they will be delivered on Tues.

    Isn’t it nice to have a phone number to call (esp. 1-800)?

  463. I asked TNT about it. I was told the plane arrived late and the departure flight was delayed but the delivery date (in my case, Tue) would not change. I have more faith in TNT so intedn to enjoy this weekend.

    Isnt’ it nice to have an 1-800 number, is it?

  464. “Dear Friends,

    Finlay the wait is over and my Adam is in my hand. The feeling is such an amazing which made me to built a site to share my experiences with you. When my Adam reached my home i was away for a business trip and finally i am home and did the unboxing. Uploaded few pictures and videos coming soon. Special thanks to karen for all the support and encouragement.
    Soโ€ฆ youโ€™re invited to my site to be a part of my journey with Adam and wishing me luck. โ€œhttp://myadam.moonfruit.comโ€


    Biswajit saha.

    Reply “

  465. @Wally, Just called TNT and he mentioned the package will be delivered on time. My adam is enroute currently and will land in LAX at 6pm today! I also read somewhere that the TNT tracking site will be updated only once per day. So dont expect any updates on the tracker till tomorrow!

  466. Murphy’s Law

    If anything can go wrong it will.

    From beautiful and foggy Consta Costa County in CA

  467. Hey back2,

    Good job !!!! Just pick up the phone. Ah those 1 800 numbers. My fingers are crossed that Adam will appear next week. Since I already prepared myself for another delay, if it doesn’t happen that will be a bonus.

    All these ups and downs, Adam should have to end up as something very special, to have gone through two months of waiting. Which by the way, waiting has never been a great strength for me!

  468. Addition to PO1.5 Status (may prove useful for PO1 people wanting tracking numbers:

    Processed (P.S. Your Order no. is also your Tracking no.)
    Please check your tracking status here by providing your order number as reference number.


    I don’t think my information is in the system quite yet, so I am not sure how the dash in the order number fits in.

  469. Hey Tim…

    Spoke to TNT, they said that it should only delay by a day. So, west coast should get their Adams on the 22nd, East Coast (otherwise known as “us poor, miserable b@st@rds”) will probably get ours on the 23rd. It’s fun being special, isn’t it?

  470. thereis an old song with the line if it wasn’t for bad luck I would have no luck at all, first delays at NI now delays from tnt the plane couldn take off. well waiting is but can be frustating will wait a little longer


  471. so I just got off the phone with tnt. the plan to hong kong arrived delayed today…. interesting how long that took since we reportedly “shipped” on the 14th. Anyway as of 12 noon EST in the USA there is NO SCHEDULED DEPARTURE of a plane leaving to the US today. Which means that atleast the delivery to the east coast as of now will be after the 23rd…. I forgot to ask which month or they were referring to but given the history maybe I should’ve asked which year… wondering what the “books” on the delay number look like now 5% man am I lucky!!!

  472. OK,

    Now my status is changed:
    Estimated Shipping Date Processed (P.S. Your Order no. is also your Tracking no.)
    Please check your tracking status here by providing your order number as reference number.
    But I checked and nothing happened ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    reference consignment dest pick up date status
    1296906xxx-1 Not Found

    So I have to wait, I see tomorrow again ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    Namaste, Bert

  473. Has anyone in the middle of the US (say around Missouri) received an Adam? Which port of entry was used?

  474. I was the 14th and have a tracking number. I am in the US. This is what my tracking looks like.
    18 Feb 2011 16:19:00 Hong Kong Delay. Recovery Action Underway
    18 Feb 2011 16:15:10 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    17 Feb 2011 14:09:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    16 Feb 2011 16:31:07 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    If I understand other folks note here correctly the recovery action has already happened and the bird is in flight. I am still guessing Tuesday delivery but I refuse to feel angst over it. When it gets here it gets here and I will enjoy it. Until then I have other stuff to do, more work than I want and no where near enough time for reading.

    Keep the faith.

  475. Has anyone in the UK, who placed their order on the 9th Dec.2010 yet received a tracking number?

  476. Don’t have a tracking number either…just shiped
    “Line haul” had to google it to know what it was ๐Ÿ™‚ Well as long as the truck didn’t ride of a cliff or the plane crasches all is well. First of all for the driver/pilot ofcourse ๐Ÿ˜‰

  477. I’m from UE (Italy) and I ordered 9th Dec.2010. My order page status is shipped since 16th morning but received nothing.
    Notion ink replied to my e-mails (three), only a couple of hours ago with this:
    Dear Gianluca,

    Greetings from Notion Ink!

    We regret the inconvenience caused to you.

    Your shipment has been dispatched from our warehouse and our shipping partner (TNT) would be soon sending you your tracking number.

    For any further assistance please write back to us.

    Thank you for your time and patience.

    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink Support Team

  478. Hi friends

    I am loving my Adam more and more. the Quick office is the best app for me and i could see NI’s touch on it. I can view and edit almost every thing, QuickPDF is amazing fast while opening a 60+ page file, Quickword is good and Quickpoint did a fair job too. I completly agree with Rohan when he said good device for business people and i am going to give a big presentation on my Adam. Also enjoying Market and thanks to our Ganesh.
    @Bikram, I got you mail my friend and i did my schooling from chennai, you from agt or silchar?
    @Rama, I have put my matte screen guard and it is perfect. took some pic and will upload today. just took 5 mins.
    @Himanshu, I hope you done with shopping ๐Ÿ˜‰

    To all, Visit my site “www.myadam.moonfruit.com”

  479. bikramdas, I got an email from TNT on the 16th
    arprasath, I just checked and I have the recovery underway status also but I understand that is a delayed plane so ๐Ÿ˜‰ what you going to do.
    Packetloss, thanks, you made me laugh.
    John, I’m in the middle in Minnesota and close to a main hub for the upper midwest so hopefully……
    Anish, someone up above was told the plane was now in flight, who knows:?: I am just glad it is finally on the way and if this last part of the journey has issues I plan on taking the point of view that it simply enriched my story of Adam

  480. thanks Ravi & Gianluca for your reply. It would nice if NI would send a reply to my emails.

  481. Has anyone seen tracking like this, or am I still paranoid about my beloved Adam?
    Pick up date 16 Feb 2011
    Destination CAPTAIN COOK
    Delivery Date
    Date Time Location Status
    18 Feb 2011 16:19:00 Hong Kong Delay. Recovery Action Underway
    18 Feb 2011 16:06:30 Hong Kong Shipment Received At Transit Point.
    17 Feb 2011 14:09:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    16 Feb 2011 19:58:25 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.

  482. hey peter we can understand how egarly you are waiting for your Adam and we all did. Mostly you will find many ppl who waited for months to get but you are lucky enough to get it early. We all are mature enough to understand the reason for delay.

    Biswajit saha.

  483. Hi guys,
    you keep commenting the same over and over again, madding each other.
    Please take a step back, fetch a beer and enjoy yourselves while you wait.
    Its out of NI’s hands now, and into TNT’s.

    @Rohan, maybe it’s better to delete the whole online tracking thingy ๐Ÿ˜‰

  484. @karen:or maybe is better to delete all the 5.31% people… if something is hidden it doesn’t exists.. first marketing rule!!

  485. Disabling the online tracking option would be my loss too, since mine is leaving factory later than the Adams of you guys (Feb 25-March 10).

  486. Hey Karen!

    Can anyone please tell me how I enter the reference number to check for my delivery please?

    Kind regards ๐Ÿ™‚

  487. @Gianluca: earning my money with marketing for quite some years now, but never heard of this rule.
    There’s no reason in being suspicious here. All is out in the open, more then you have ever experienced with any other company. Now it’s up to us all to value info to it’s value.

    Transport is in the hands of TNT now.

  488. Got the link to track my adam and lo’ and behold, search returns….”Not Found”.

    Can anyone tell me how they’re tracking the flying adams please.

    I have no email from TNT even though I got the link about 8hours ago!!!!!



  489. @Doja, take a deep breath first…
    I’ve been doing a lot of online business over the years. Tracking number means nothing with TNT.
    Happened more than often that TNT didn’t update the online info and the courier was at my front door…

  490. Same here. I hope NI really work on keeping us posted with the status. This will really help them cut down the support emails/posts/rants by a lot!

  491. I am also waiting on Feb 25 – March 10 so I’m just anxious, not REALLY ANXIOUS!!!!

    Seems to me that the main reason for this blog is to have a save place for NI’s potential customers to vent and scream and rant and all those other useless activities, in a way that will not impact their day to day business activities.

    The only people we impact here are ourselves, so how about an intellectual discussion about freedom and choice, or some other existential moot point ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Waiting is

    BTW, this is a quote of Martian Philosophy as expressed by the lead character (Valentine Michael Smith) in Robert Heinlein’s book “Stranger in a Strange Land”. And seems to express the ordering philosophy at Notion Ink ๐Ÿ˜‰


  492. To all fellow adamites in the UK:

    Could you stop ringing TNT please so that I can get through and find out where my adam is!!

    Thank you

  493. It was ‘wish you were here’ from Pink FLoyd.
    Enjoy the Roger Water concert April 8th.
    I’ll be there next day, on saturday ๐Ÿ™‚

  494. After 10 mins of waiting on the phone, finally got through to a lovely lady from TNT but they can’t track my shipment by reference/order number.

    Duh!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    @dwarf4242: Was it you on the phone?

  495. karen said, ……….All is out in the open, more then you have ever experienced with any other company. Now itโ€™s up to us all to value info to itโ€™s value.

    Transport is in the hands of TNT now.

    I agree, we shouldn’t over re-act, but many companies keep their customers very well informed, take amazon for example, I get a comfirmation email of my order in a few seconds of ordering, and complete status updates every step of the way.

    I have ordered two tablets from Notion Ink, one on the 9th and the other on the 10th of December, I recieved a notice from CCAvenue that my card was charged, but nothing from Notion Ink ever. No update, no status change emails.

    Now, the shipping was supposed to be on schedule and take 5 days, that is what was posted by Notion Ink. so the notion ink web site says 5 days ago, my status has changed to shipping in process, so what do I think, well I think then in 5 short days I should be getting my adam tablet (two actually). I haven’t got any notice from Notion Ink off any problems, but when I check with TNT I get delayed notice.

    So excuse me if I am not happy, and vent on the blog, it is the only place, where notion ink, may actually notice. not likely, but still there is no other place I can do anything. Notion Ink doesn’t respond to emails, there is no contact info. nothing, there is just this blog and a steady stream of disappointment.

  496. Woo-HOOOOOO! Finally got the link and got my order in. I wish I had read about contacting your bank first BEFORE getting turned down 9 times . . . but I guess 10 times a charm! I am going to do my best to be patient and look forward to this little beauty coming to Seattle, WA.

  497. Mine is delayed in Hong Kong too. At this point, I am not counting on getting it on any particular day. I figure that way it’ll be a happy surprise the day it arrives, instead of multiple days of frustration as it continues to be delayed… ๐Ÿ™‚

  498. Woww.. You learnt the most difficult thing on the earth :).. How to livee happily

    Drop an thank you email to NI support immediatlyyy ๐Ÿ˜›

  499. Anyone know if you can run shockwave on the Adam. Sorry I asked earlier but no reply.

  500. It’s almost like expecting parents deciding on not finding out the gender of their baby!

  501. I understand the extreme anticipation, but I don’t think anyone will be completely happy with shipping system until each individual ADAM can be tagged with a GPS device. This way everyone can track the path of their individual ADAM and know exactly where it is, at any point in time. ๐Ÿ™‚ sounds crazy, but it would also be pretty cool if the onboard GPS signature could be sent to you with your order. Anyone have the know how to make it happen. :->

  502. The guy swimming it over from Xiamen got a cramp and dropped a few Adams in the ocean. They are now fishing them out one by one and will be strapping them back on in a few days. Then he will commence his swim to whichever continent it’s going to.

  503. Not sure what the deal is but haven’t got the tracking number after being “shipped” for days now ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Come on guys, let’s be better with this.

  504. @karen….Went here in US back in October and had a blast. Love Roger Waters the Wall concert ๐Ÿ™‚ also great song….!!

  505. Like a maniac logging everyday just to see the ESD coming closer every day.

    (Estimated Shipping Date: 25th February to 10th March 2011)

    Just one week from now!

  506. @packetlosss

    Now, they decided to use sea turtles. Strapped each fished out Adam on its back. But, you know, it’s hard to control these guys. One heads for this way, the other one goes for that way.

  507. I’m in the same boat…thanks to NI and its shipping partners. Let it come whenever. One thing for sure…i’m not going to recommend NI and Adam to any of my friends even if it is the best hardware (which I don’t think it is, yet).

  508. What makes you think that our Adams are “flying”? From what I see it took them 2 long days to move the units from Xiamen to Hong Kong…somebody carting the units using wheelbarrow, I guess…and from Hong Kong to wherever we are, it will coming via Sea.

    I don’t know what happened to DHL and why we are stuck with this TNT company…these guys don’t even have a freaking clue on what the delivery date will be. Bunch of imbeciles.

  509. I got the same update when I tracked my shipment on the TNT site…sent an email to NI support and am waiting for a response from them.

  510. @friendbis “mature enough to understand the reason for delay”? We know there is a delay but neither TNT nor NI has explained the reason for delay. So, cut us some slack.

  511. The delay sucks!!
    The silence from Noiton Ink about the shipping delay sucks even more!
    An email to NI gets an automated response asking to refer to blog and website for more information.
    I really don’t see any info on the website or the blog which explains the dealy.
    This is PR Don’t 101 !!!

  512. basic customer service will do…remember there are 50 or 5.31% of those who got delayed at every freaking stage of the manufacturing process…and are getting delayed in shipping…And Adam has been touted as the product for the impatient generation by none other than Rohan.

  513. It’d be awesome if we got a count down email.. but if they miss the mark then that would just point out that they did!

    Imagine, I’m counting the days, and my picking up my Adam hinges on a trip to the US that may or may not happen between now and the summer!

  514. Hey maybe we can ask google to do something like it did with the tracking santa on google maps!