Little deeper into the factory

Hello there,

This is for those who were delayed. You can see the work in progress here (got these images yesterday).

This is little deeper into the factory. In one of the images you can see the HDMI and GPS test being done as well.

  • We will be releasing one more Major update soon.
  • This round of order seems to be going fine, we had 20 times more devices to share with you and most of them were Pixel Qi
  • [Unusual update] Our developers are loving Honeycomb while porting their apps on it (but hated the emulator)! πŸ™‚

Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan


582 thoughts on “Little deeper into the factory

  1. Is there any chance someone at NI support to reply back to my email that I sent a few days ago please?

  2. Wouhou! Soon, I’ll have mine!! πŸ™‚

    This being said, I know you’re busy guys, but don’t forget to take care of those who had issues with their Adam…

  3. Wow! look at all of them. I wonder how many are for PO1 people (like me)? and for the next group?

  4. Seems everyone is enjoying their ADAMS… no one here today…

    Rohan, can you please please please do a PQi DEMO in SUN LIGHT like the one you did at start for ET NOW. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  5. Thanks for the photo post Rohan.

    Is there a QC section in the assembly line to spot check the devices immediately after they roll out. Please include some battery test if possible. I know the battery is fully charged when shipped, but few have complained of shorter battery life than expected. I hope you don’t have to exchange majority of our devices due to hardware issues.

    Can wait till Feb last week….I’m expecting mine to arrive by then.

  6. Hi rohan, We had no doubt that our Adam is manufactured in world class facility and the image proven it. Right now i am in bangalore and if you are free tomorow i would like to invite you on dinner. also my Adam reached my home.
    biswajit saha.

  7. Is it possible to get any spare screen protectors? I ruined mine trying to get it done without bubbles or dust 😦

    I want to give the screen protector a second chance, because I hate all the fingerprints on my adam. But where do we get them?

    Also, the screen protector will not last forever, how do I replace it after a while of usage?

  8. Can’t wait to get my hands on honeycomb.. love the behind the scenes stuff. Of course I’d like to get my hands on “MYAadam” soon soon, waiting for Santa.

    @ Rohan ; You should post some pics of your design staff meetings! Get to know the team!


  9. thanks for the post rohan.
    I just love my adam and enzoying it a lot.

    Posted from my ADAM πŸ™‚

  10. Regarding the update: Will the battery problem be solved (cell phone idle process is killing the battery life, also in standby mode)???

  11. I guess that this time you have to few lcd adams available.
    When can we expect next preorder for lcd adams or maybe already retail sales?

  12. Rohan, I know your design time is working on revamping your site. But I would say its high time to put more videos (HDMI output quality) on your website for each version (pixel Qi and LCD versions).This has been promised a long time ago by you :). I am trying to convince my best an Apple fanboy for adam ;). Lets see how it goes.

  13. Thanks.

    How much total did you pay for LCD 3G WIFI?
    All inclusive Base Cost + Shipping + Customs + Octroi + ETC ETC ETC
    breakup if possible.

  14. APPLE is no way near ADAM… IPAD 2 is somewhat near ADAM but we have ADAM again leaps and bounds ahead of IPAD….

  15. Can a pie chart be released showing all the different countries where shipping is done. No numbers required. only the scr shot would be sufficient. Please combine pre order 1 and pre order 2.

    It would be interesting to know which are the countries where the Adam is making waves!

    US, India, Australia, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Canada….i think there was some countries from South America too. Are there any from South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia? They are also good markets of CE goods.

  16. I would like to know as well, Especially since im sure a lot of people will have a hard time putting on the screen protector and might damage it in the process. Is there a online store that we can purchase a spare from that is also a matte finish?

  17. Look for “Skinomi TechSkin – Screen Protector Shield for Notion Ink Adam + LIFETIME REPLACEMENTS” on Amazon.

  18. I can’t wait to see mine! It sounds like the second round of orders went (relatively) smoother than the first. I’m gonna be sitting out on my front lawn waiting for the delivery guy on the expected day. πŸ˜€

  19. Can we take this to mean no more delay for the ones who are still waiting? I’m very ready to finally see my status changed to “shipped”!

  20. Yep. Lets see how it goes and with xoom. Few of my friends who were convinced to buy adam dropped out at the last minute to see how xoom fares.
    Support/replacement has been their main reason for taking a step backwards. They are in wait and watch mode. And I am there to show off adam at its best (and worst) to give them a clear picture. Holding on breathe till March 10th

  21. Good job Notion Ink!
    As for the developers… ur right, the emulator stinks!
    Cant wait to get my Adam and be able to debug on it directly!


  22. With so many first gen adams still rolling out, looks like we won’t see an increase in flash storage. Should have had at least 32 GB. Wish he would give us an update on hardware.

  23. +1. Some people complained about battery draining in 6hrs of normal usage. Have to see Rohan’s comments on both LCD/pixelQi on it or some info from NIhacks/addicts/fan sites.

  24. Great pictures.

    So refreshing to find a company willing to share so much with their flock.

    The ordering process seems to have gone relatively well with so many being able to order. Time will tell if pre-order 2 went well or not…

    Rohan is so cryptic…I think this makes matters so much more interesting.

    Well done and keep it up.


  25. I have seen photographs of heaven. Only problem is I’d have to die to go there… and I not prepared to die before playing with my adam πŸ˜‰

  26. I did but these do not have the same matte coating i believe, like the screen protector that comes with the adam. I want to cut down on the glare and reflection. Here is the link to the skinomi site if anyone is interested.



    I read somewhere it is RADIO…. h/w already there s/w will be there with update…

  28. They must hate the design of that slanting box! (At least it keeps the stacking to a safe height). Floors look nice and clean. πŸ™‚ Thank you for letting us watch!

  29. Looks great. Too bad for me that the majority are PixelQi screen this round, while I wanted to order a LCD-Wifi version, only to find out they were already sold out by the time I could try to order.

    Now I have to wait till the LCD versions are available again, which could be end of March…

    Anyway, I wish everyone who managed to order the adam of their choice all the best and fun with their very own adam!

  30. seems many pepole are interested in indian prices.
    So i m telling some info of mine one
    its lcd+3g

    preorder price = rs. 23766 ( including rs 2500 courier charges)
    Custom charge = rs 3745
    state (rajasthan) service charge = rs 189

    no octrai charge applicable in my state. Though in maharastra its abt rs 1700.
    Hope it helps to some extent

    Posted from my ADAM.

  31. Hey it seems someone is searching for me.
    m here.
    well i just posted the reply.
    Search it wid my name, pls.

    Posted from my ADAM.

  32. Yes, the emulator is so slow, but Honeycomb looks so promising! Thanks for the update! Which movie is that, Inception?

    Also, Rohan does listen, i.e. new placement of details on back of Adam.

  33. @Rajendra
    Why do you say supporters of Rohan or adam are fanboys? What you see on this blog is people from various countries, continents and cultures coming together and talking passionately about a dream. It may sound silly to some, when someone refers adam as one’s dream. Liking a person (like Rohan) or a tablet or a company doesn’t really mean fanboism. I can only see Biswajit invitation to Rohan as a gesture of wanting to share his inner happiness with Rohan. Words cannot adequately express what Biswajit is feeling in his mind.

    I can very well say that I found some very good human beings on this blog and it is quite difficult to find them in this day and age. You are certainly one of them. Comments from people like you, Greg, Himanshu, Wally West, Bert, Albert, Karen, Paul, Gecko, Nishit, Amit, …. makes me visit this blog ever so often. I can say from the time Rohan announced PO1, not a single day passed without me visiting this blog.

  34. I’ve got this feeling that support might be absolutely swamped with emails right now due to pre-order 2… Might be wrong of course. πŸ™‚

    Maybe they’re prioritizing their responses? Replying first to ppl with ordering issues, then replying to customers that are having product issues, then the rest ? πŸ™‚

    Anyway, try sending the mail again I guess, or just wait it out. πŸ™‚

  35. Wow, soooo many adams!!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for a fast shipping. ‘t Would be awesome to show the adam off to my hubby on his birthday (march 9 πŸ˜‰ ), but I think that may be just a little tooooo optimistic. πŸ˜€

  36. Maybe that is the special gift for us that had to wait for new screens. Small or professional looking logo.

  37. Yeah, Rohan said on CES thats a radio, but i think this was a joke (because they were so insistent at CES. Make a joke (for the haters: make lie no. xx) to get them out of the way).

    My opinion: It could be a phone/sms feature because of the Messenger App on Adam (I don’t know what “Messaging” on Android does, just my thoughts).

  38. Speaking of hot cocoa and cold winters, is there an app that controls the motorola HDPVR?
    A multifunction remote control on the Adam would be great.

  39. Congrats, 3700 for the wifi 3g is a bit high… Also means I should keep more cast in my wallet in case they deci to deliver it soon!

  40. We use xbmc here ( as remote control app on our android devices. Works really well. Hope it’ll work well on the adam too.

    Btw, regarding that hot cocoa, we always have a pot of this cocoa mix standing around. We β€œmeant” to only make it to take it along on hiking/camping trips to mix with water, but it’s soooooooooooo good with milk.

    Look for “hot cocoa mix in a jar” on google, first link is the one, I’ll try the url again, but I might up going back “into moderation”. πŸ˜‰

    ” “

  41. I’m seriously envious of you guys, I think I was one of the first people to see the Adam and yet one of the last to get it 😦
    Want 14th to come really soon!
    Don’t forget 13th is MWC, excited πŸ™‚

  42. Does anyone expect the next major update to be honeycomb? If you think about it, not having honeycomb is the only major road block in the way of Adam reigning as to android tablet. Most consumers don’t understand the products that they purchase. As long as it has the newest software and best specs consumers are happy. If motorola and samsung have a functioning honeycomb rom don’t underestimate NI’s power. I’m sure they still have some Aces in their deck.


  43. Hi Biswajit :). I have ordered the same. Hope you remember your pics/videos promise :). I will be posting pics for my adam for sure

  44. ARGH, ignore that recipe!!!! The previous recipe didn’t cut it at all, it was a failed-attempt-one. Sorry about that.

    The one we always have standing around in a pot is actually the one you can find by typing this into google (can’t get the url posted without going into moderation πŸ™‚ ): best-ever hot cocoa mix cook’s country (first link is the one you want)

    Very jummie, but we do add about 1/3rd MORE white chocolate, very finely grated (don’t touch with your fingers, it’ll melt instantlly).

  45. there are about 500 adams in that batch there…assuming this is for PO1, and 20x for PO2 suggests about 10,000 in PO2 (unless i got my math wrong :-))

    btw, i ordered using my US Amex card while i am here in Brazil and it was an incredibly smooth experience…amazing job Rohan & team for learning so quickly from PO1…this bodes well for your and our future

    – Proud owner of an adam LCD Wi-Fi 3G and possibly the first in Brazil to own one (unless someone from Brazil on this blog can challenge me on that ;-))….

  46. The main problem for Adam still is missing PR. Motorola is a well known and established company from the US, Notionik is only known to geeks and some more normal people who read about it somewhere only by chance and got stuck to it. And it’s from India, a country which doesn’t have the best reputation in quality in the western world. The Xoom will probably be produced next door to Adam (as well as the iPad) so nobody should worry about Made in China (and not in India!).

  47. Very nice indeed. Let’s cross the fingers for everybody at NI that everything will go nice and sound from now on. I hope you guys can get into full throttle production ASAP.

  48. @paulikxp even some geeks don’t know about Adam. Hopefully all us adamites can do our part to help. πŸ™‚

  49. @buzyahazz: Yes, honeycomb on Adam, and then Adam will rule with Eden.

    I expect that they are working hard to make Eden VERY smooth on Honeycomb.

    When people then go to a shop, they see 10 tablets that all look alike plus a well designed Adam. When the salesperson then shows them Adam, (s)he shows them all the unique gimmicks in Eden apps that the standard Android machines don’t have.

    Notion Ink will have a problem with their 100.000 units per month ceiling πŸ˜†

  50. @Rama Maganti: You are correct, taken my words in a wrong way ;(. What I meant is that the adam lovers are so huge here and if each of us (in thousands) invite Rohan for a dinner I wonder where his appetite would go ;).

  51. Just out of curiousity, for those in the US and UK.
    How long did it take for your adam to get to you from HongKong and when did you get your tracking numbers?
    I can’t wait to start tracking my adams!!!!

  52. I have just been on HP’s website and Rohan please you need to create EVE asap and I hope she communicates with adam in this way.
    I don’t know what to say about what I just saw but guys you need to check this out!!!
    This might be the greatest threat to adam.


  53. I tried emulator but never could run beyond 5 min (it requires patience beyond any).
    Honeycomb is promising let’s see if it will force ios4 out

  54. Posting again (shame, my comments with the new e-mail address are still in moderation..):

    πŸ˜€ Yeah, that’s a lot of Adams waiting for their rightful owners. Hope everyone gets theirs as soon as possible πŸ™‚

  55. I ordered the LCD. I contemplated the PQi, but after reading the reviews with it’s lower contrast ratio and viewing angles, i decided to go with the LCD. To me, the PQi is a great idea, but truly, i’m going to use this for fantasy football, crusing while i’m on my couch or at the airport:)

  56. With this much Adams assembled and in the making it would be really hard to delay again. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and all the rest who are still waiting for their Adam to be delivered! πŸ™‚

  57. It’s always about being first here…
    Who cares? You’ll have yours soon, Sid.
    We will all have, and enjoy every minute with in from then on.
    Hopefully we’ll all forget the hours, days, weeks, months of waiting and frustration, just remembering the creation of the Adam Family πŸ˜‰
    And hopefully keep supporting the ones who weren’t able, for what ever reason, to order yet. Making them wanting one even harder!

  58. Is it possible to write an app which recieves video streams from two usb-cams connected to adam and does some openCV manipulation to these image data?

  59. Rohan, one small request πŸ™‚ is is possible to apply the matte screen on the factory itself? if we dont want it, we can easily remove it. most of us would otherwise spoil the screen and throw it in the garbage.

  60. Great to see all these pics. But does this mean that the shipments are going to be on time?

    By the way, did you notice the FCC sticker on the back has been changed. I mean the position of the sticker!

  61. do we know if PO2 recepients will have the major update suggested by Rohan…hopefully no more update-and-brick-it πŸ™‚

  62. Good to see so many Adams! Things are heating up quickly now. If you get Honeycomb on them fairly soon, there is a good chance you’ll sell out of every single unit you can make for the next few months! All the best.

    I’m a little annoyed at having to register with WordPress (my only experience with it is coming here – and wordpress has been frickin’ broken EVERY TIME) but I have to agree the tone has definitely improved.

    Probably doomed to a long moderation since I’m a “new” profile. (been commenting for months, but never got any pre-order email link – sigh) Happy Valentines Day to all – hope you get lucky!

  63. Thanks for the latest ‘Weekend Special’ … its been a while.

    Also great to hear about progress on Honeycomb…. looking forward to it – hopefully your new team will be able to blend Eden and Honeycomb to take the best of both.

    The only real weekend special I’m now waiting for is to see ‘Shipped’ on my pre-order … scheduled to ship by Monday.

  64. That would be awesome! We already feel part of the family, lets bring the site to have a staff section.

    Cannot wait to see the updates to the website also. I hope the support forum and all up.

    Keep up the good work team.


  65. Just picked up this compact keyboard. Would have like to find an affordable one with a touchpad or trackball in it that would have been nice.


    15 dollars on though is nice


  66. A think part of the website to have a ticketing system in place would be so awesome!

    So you can at least open a support ticket and then it can be handled through their site. There are allot of nice free php support options to include live chat. I know things are small but if your presence is going to be totally online this would be a HUGE benefit and I am sure there would be tons of support even from myself to help you guys out πŸ™‚

    We support you guys!


  67. Yes & the saturday update will say “Good news – Now adam mates with eve :-)” and god forbid if there are some probs, expect Slashgear to come up with a write-up: “adam and eve are not getting along together”

    On a serious note, i can never expect HP to come up with stable products/software. Their printers are junk, and never liked their laptops. Now i would imagine it should not be difficult for team NI to build some interface to enable syncing between adam and an android smartphone or iphone…ok, i defer to the more tech-savvy family members despite my software services (selling) background…

  68. to the point made earlier by @doja, regardless of what we will eventually see from HP touchpad, it is a fact that they have done a great job of communicating what their tablet will do and Rohan & team (and all supporters here) need to help make the NI website more exciting; the current gray shade theme is not too exciting

  69. While I was looking at these pictures, one of my friend showed up and asked.. “What are you looking at?” and I replied that I was looking at the pictures of Adam. Then he asked – “Is that the Android thingy you recently ordered?” and I replied yes. I asked him if he was interested in buying one too, then he asked me to tell about it.

    When I showed him the Promo and this video: “”

    He was like – “Oh my god, it’s friggin amazing, I surely want to try it”. Then I made him subscribe to the mailing list. He is just another Adam fan now and constantly searching “Notion Ink Adam” on google and started reading things, watching videos from like 4 hours now. He loves the Adam. πŸ™‚

  70. All I can say is if thats only 5.31% of the Adams from the 2nd batch, then there must be over 200,000 Adams that shipped already.

  71. @ Doja,

    Reading over the specs and the unknown HP Web OS it doesn’t seem likely that this is going to be the storm. The Xoom looks much better and with Honeycomb it will be the primary Android device to beat when the WiFi only version hits the streets. Since that just passed FCC it shouldn’t be long.

    Palm could surprise everyone but they are fairly irrelevant these days.


  72. I just posted a new update and short video on “”.

    It includes a little more info on some of the things you can expect in the next update and provides a quick explanation/demonstration of application switching. πŸ˜‰

  73. On the back below the large “adam” logo, it says in very small print…

    “Created with Love by Notion Ink in India Assembled in China”


  74. When I wanted to order the Pixel Qi wifi, they were sold out (Pre-order1). I got the pre-order 2 email a day late but this time I wanted the LCD Wifi instead of the Pixel Qi. Guess what? The LCD Wifi units are now sold out!!!! What the!!! IS there a pre-order 3 coming with more LCD wifi?

  75. I just ordered the Black/Green STM Bags XS Jacket (dp-2140-1), it seems to have gotten good reviews. Was also considering the UltimateAddons Netbook sling which seems to be a steal of a deal (with free shipping worldwide), but since I already have a laptop bag, I just wanted something slim enough that I could throw into my laptop bag like a sleeve and/or carry independent of it.

  76. A little hard to believe all those boxes are for just the last 5% of pre-order 1. I sure wish Rohan would come out and give us total sales numbers for pre-order 1. Estimates from Notion Ink followers, are all over the place.

    I’m now about 2 days for my scheduled shipment and starting to get excited again. Hopeful that there will be no further delays. Bring On the Adams!!!

  77. Rohan,

    Love the pics, can’t wait to see my adam in person! When are we going to hear about the gift us delayed customers are getting? When is Genesis going to debut?

    Best wishes,


  78. @Rohan/NI,

    I placed an order for an LCD/3G /WiFi Adam on the 9th Feb.

    The status of the order now says ‘Not Paid’ and the Shipping date is gone.

    I called up the bank – and they confirmed the transaction has been approved and nothing is on hold from their side.
    Whats worrying – the store link now says β€˜Not Paid’ and gives me an option to cancel and start all over again. I am not quite sure what needs to be done.

    I’ve dropped a mail to the support and waiting for their confirmation.

    I hope this wouldn’t delay my shipping.

    Please help me in getting the issue resolved.

  79. Hey Vector66 this is the one I ordered for a media player last year, has a trackpad built into it with some nice features (wireless, illuminated keyboard, laser pointer for presentations):

    It is called the “Rii 2.4Ghz Wireless Mini PC Keyboard with Touchpad”, but it is a generic product you may be able to find under other names for cheaper. I bought this off of ebay for $40, but I’m sure you can do better now.

  80. Hey don’t panic Its enough you have dropped a mail to support@notionink dot com.Most probably your transaction would hav e been complete Have a little patience

  81. cool bahut acha!
    may be they should also add ‘not inspired by fruits!’ lol

    I’ve a long wait for my adam… am in PO2 … hoping all the PO1.5 queues get cleared soon so that we can have lots and lots of happy faces around the world

    btw, quick request: could you add a dummies section on your site? in the lines of whats the full list of software kit we get by default from NI and the ‘bare minimum’ tweaks we could do without losing warranty, while we wait for Honeycomb/Genesis etc..

  82. @Doja, that application is already available in the Android Market, it is called “Bump”, and instead of bumping devices together and risking scratching/denting lol you just bump your fists together, (I’m sure it would work if you bump the devices together as well). Granted it doesn’t share the same stuff that the PalmOS’ version of the app will do, but it is basically nothing new.

    I do agree it would be a nice feature to be implemented by default on the Eden though

  83. Hmm I wonder if any manufacturer will have Honeycomb (official release) running on their tablet before Google’s officially ordained Honeycomb flagship tablet Motorola Xoom is released…

  84. @Greg I am not able to open your website? ANy reasons for it. It fives me a timeout failure

  85. Good mornin folks, Great news to start your day with,plus i have my passes for AERO INDIA 2011 so its gonna be awesome. .wish MY ADAM reaches me sooner.really cant wait!Also does the adam have 2G?can i utilise GPRS on it?

  86. Yes. The ADAM (both the 3G variants) support quad band GSM/EDGE/GPRS. Your service provider more than likely uses one of these four frequencies.850/900/1800/1900MHz. This is for 2G service only (GPRS, in your case)

  87. @mrzeal bahut atcha!

    Sometimes the most obvious messages are lost. Finally, had a good laugh when I understood your comment ‘not inspired by fruits!’ I second your suggestion.

  88. great info @Rohan, thanks for the update.

    you need to quickly fix the battery drain on ” cell standby” mode and few other things/applications eating battery in background unnecessarily; before adam reaches to major tech sites for a review..

  89. nice vid, I can’t wait to get my hands on this thing!

    I do find it funny that her CES “production” model has the weather app on it, while our “production” models do not LOL…

    I am also shocked at such a fair video that was in comparison to the “Adam” bashing that has been done in the past by engadget. I like how they compared it to the ipad in direct sunlight and how she was having absolutely no issues with reading the Adam’s screen!

  90. Great post This !! I am super excited !!!.

    Rohan , one request, plz ensure that the shipment is dispatched from HK on 14th. I am getting impatient now. Hopefully I will have my adam by next weekend.

    This is my fourth hop of hope , from 9th jan, to 22nd jan to 29 th jan to 14th feb.

  91. Neo said, “I do find it funny that her CES β€œproduction” model has the weather app on it, while our β€œproduction” models do not LOL”

    @Neo – Rohan has said on the blog multiple times that the developers loved the weather app so much that they used to just look at it. Seems that some testing was pending in that process, and so now i think it will be released in the near future if not released so far.

  92. Hello again…
    I was wondering if
    1. The screen protectors will come factory applied?
    2. The camera lens protective film- Is it there? Is there one or 2 layers of protective film?

  93. great pics.
    it seems they have changed the logo placement.
    it’s now centered and looks a bit compact than seen on PO1.
    oh.. just some 20+ days to go….

    The BIG update must be awesome πŸ˜‰

  94. Folks, here is my user review of the Adam. “”

    Himanshu, Greg and others, thanks for the encouragement in getting me to do this. A bit of a disclaimer: I haven’t spent as much time on the Adam as I would have liked so do keep in mind that this is a very preliminary review.

  95. Little note about the lens protection: not all have protection, and some have one layer, some have two.
    Please read what Greg had to say about it a while back at

  96. hi Rohan,

    Gr8 to see the photos – keep up the speed.

    What language support is available on the Adam? Russian?

  97. Thanks Amit for your detailed review. Will look forward if you happen to upload some of the videos. Just one thing: The pic you attached with post could not be enlarged so was not able to see the error which you were referring. btw Greg has also posted a video about going to the home and switch from one app to another. May be it will solve your problems.

  98. +1, That will be a great motivation for your team also! I am sure Rohit would have felt happy when you introduced him to the family. Motivation like this to your staff is much more than money/promotion! πŸ™‚

  99. Rohan!

    Thanks for the post !

    I really hope to see some activity in my order status now !

    Keep coming the updates ! I am waiting for the weather app ! and the genesis store.

  100. And i like it!

    Hey, the first batch has a distinctive feature now.
    Having an Adam with off centre logo is ‘core’ πŸ™‚

  101. More adamites joining the community, it can only get better by the day. Realy enjoying the notion keyboard. Have tried a numberbof differnt keyboards. Would really be good if we could get the wiindow to move to the top of the keyboard when scrolling wont move any further. But all in all its the best of all the keyboards I have tried.

  102. so happy!! ordered my Adam on Friday, 2nd pre-order and cant wait for it!!!! πŸ˜€ i love you notion ink!! id kiss you if you were human lol

  103. @Vimal: ah, the great Johanna Stern video. Good reference to let your friend see that video.
    I love how she just waves the Adam around in her hand. With how smooth she then uses the Adam, it really presents the Adam as a tablet that for everybody: at home, at work or on the go.

  104. Hello all! Has anyone from Spain received their Adam yet? Just wanted to know if there were any extra payment and how did the shipment come?

  105. My comment was posted at the wrong place. Hopefully this one comes at the right place.

    Is anyone willing to challenge my estimate of Adam crossing 100000 with PO2 ???? πŸ™‚

  106. Hey Murali,

    Don’t worry the exact same thing happened to me 3 days ago. I had paid, then my payment page was reactivated and it did not show my payment anymore. I sent a few mails to support and they solved it within the en of the day :D.

  107. The LCD versions are already sold out. Was thinking of ordering one; and now my invite also expired !!

    With all the comments on the blogs and forums, don’t think PixelQi is for me. I don’t plan to use the adam much out of the house, so looking forward to the LCD version being available again…

  108. force for 50 or 5%, missing a few hours for shipping, and time to celebrate with a toast, we had our trapoco adam

  109. Can’t imagine that the 20 times more devices are enough. I hope that it is not πŸ˜‰

    In the mean time I got the email, that I might get an email for the ordering tomorrow. Let’s see whether it works.
    Since time of my order seems to approach I’m a bit puzzled whether to choose a PixelQI or a LCD display. Readability and battery time is most important here.
    I don’t want to sacrifice readability for a long battery time. On the other side a battery time of 10 hours does not seem to be not enough.
    Any thoughts on this?

  110. @Neo: you might be right, on the other hand Google has now released Honeycomb to the general market, so it might be up to the developers and chip manufacturers how fast they can adapt their devises and software and can roll out.
    I guess Motorola had its time before the official release by Google.

  111. @samadhan raut: hmmm, that signals bad news for Chinese language.
    But Chinese is supported by older Android versions, so I would be surprised.
    Are Indian fonts not supported on older (phone-)versions of Android?

  112. Hi all,

    I am glad to belong to this family and again , while I read the blog, I heard my favorite song, it belongs , for me, to the Adam period, I love this man, he has the best voice there is: “”

    For me he will always be connected with you all here, India, Adam, Rohan

    Thanks for this period here in the blog you all did this…

    Namaste, Bert

  113. @Himanshu, @RK

    I have just ordered the 16gb class 4 micro sd card through the ebay link I had given in the previous blog. (Rs1270+55shipping)! Before ordering I contacted the seller and he confirmed that it is class 4 only. (I had an ebay gift voucher which was expiring tomorrow).

    Today being Sunday, he may not ship today. I am expecting mine on Tuesday/Wednesday. You can order or wait till I get mine.

  114. You may try Google transliteration! I found this much simpler than tying in the Indian language. Please try this link.

  115. Yep Karen,

    But at the moment I have visitors from Holland and Tuesday I go to Holland for 3 days and Thursday I come back, so than I am back again in this blog and start to wait for my Adam, thanks for your comment.

    Namaste, bert

  116. Thanks Neo for this reference to the Rii keyboard. It seems to be a really nice keyboard/track-pad for presentations when Adam is connected to a beamer (projector).

  117. Thanks Amit for a fair and frank review. Eden UI is still work in progress. It will take time for it to mature to a level people will feel good about it. Reading from the reviews it appears that there is a bit of quirkiness in Eden UI, which doesn’t make it very intuitive to use. Come to think about it, tablets are quite new on the scene and we only have Apple’s iPad for comparison so far. In terms of user friendliness Apple has set the bar quite high. Let us hope Honeycomb will be right up with OSX.

  118. Thanks. Thats reassuring.
    Anyways, I realised the status was incorrect on Saturday – and to expect any action from NI support it would not be before Monday.

    Just concerned if I need to start all over – and hate loosing 5 days to get closer to my adam πŸ™‚

  119. SO MANY ADAMS!!!
    I did a little calculation… in a previous post, Rohan said that 5.31% of the orders were affected by the screen-damage issue. That figure is only possible if at least 531 devices were damaged, which means 10,000 Adams were sold in the first round of orders! that’s not too bad at all… but it also means at least 10,000 people have the Adam before me! **cry**
    This time around, he said he had 20 times as many Adams… so 200,000!
    That is not including EAP1 and EAP2.
    Rohan, is there any chance we can get some sales figures from you?!

  120. I went for this one.. “”

    easy to carry around…collapsible full size keyboard and a boon for ppl like me with stubby fingers!

  121. Bad Luck ,Pre Oder 1 i thought i should go for PQi in no time pre-oder closed \.Pre Order 2 wanted LCD by the time i could decide again sold out. Waiting for pre-order 3 now

  122. I am still waiting for my Adam! It is getting shipped tomorrow (14th). I think yours also has same date. Anyway I will test and let you know.

  123. @Friendbis: I only just had time to watch your post of β€œAkshay Kumar best dialogue ever. (β€œβ€œ)

    Beautiful video, great dialogue

    (the first post went into moderation, so maybe a double post)

  124. Mine is 15ht Feb. I am also buying accessors these days. Bought HDD,Stand till now. Looking for a keyboard and SD card.

  125. Does anyone know what are the best options for below additons.
    1) Adam Cover….i.e. foldable book with keyboard on one side and adam on the other. Does anyone know if an Ipad cover will fit adam.
    2) SD cards that work best with Adam.

    Would have been very easy if NI also designed/partnered with 3rd party supplier and provided option to add these on their website along with the product as additions. That way all comes in same delivery.

    As I will be a lot of reading while standing like a cattle in london’s tube network, a very good book cover will be worth buying for me.

  126. has anyone done a comparison of adam pixel Qi VS LCD? i would really like to see how much difference there is between the two, obviously with Pixel Qi in full colour. We have seem comparisons between pixel qi in trans mode against e-ink but no lcd. Anyone care to do a review?

  127. I think quite a lot of people are deciding to go for LCD after the reviews. And to be fair NI reacted to the pre order 1 with lack of pixel qi.

  128. Talking about XOOM, I don’t know if anybody’ mentionned this:


    Yep, it seems, according to this article, that it’ll cost 1199$ !! Oh, and the one month subscription for WiFi activation is fo’ real !

    Now if that’s not the perfect argument for choosing ADAM over XOOM…

  129. be careful wjwjwjwj I said the same thing with a pic from the last set of factory pics ….. and mine still hasn’t arrived…..

  130. @MS I bought Transcend 500GB HD costed me around 2900 rs. (was a special offer so no link for that right now)
    Veeraraghavan shared a website link which has 1TB HDD with an excitiing price but have lost the link.
    @Veera can you please share the website again?

    Stand same as Greg’s one
    I must say i am doubly impressed by this ebay seller. Bought 3-4 items. Service is swift and products are genuine. THe only thing was that the stand delivered was of white color while the pics shown is of black color. So just give him a call before ordering one.

    Or you can also search for some other stand on Ebay.

  131. 10 hours I don’t know about that. Last night for the heck of it I watched 2 hours of You Tube videos. I started at 100% charge and at the end of 2 hours I was at 53% charge, that was with GPS off and the screen brightness at 50%. You might get 10 hours if you turn it on and let it lie on your desk without touching it, something is draining the heck out of the battery.

  132. Thankyou @Rohan

    Now this is more like it!

    I wonder which one is mine in the pics!

    Shipping tomorrow, it’s been a long wait, character building to say the least but I am glad I came back into the fold. The Adam will really take off when this lot get into our hands and the roms begin appearing.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone on the forums that will inevitably be alive and brimming with ideas.

    Take care now.

  133. @Back2Front Have you checked Notionaddicts forum? there one of the member found a process(standby i think) which is draining the battery. Check the thread, may be the same problem with you.

  134. Will the current generation of adams be upgradeable to Honeycomb and does anyone know when NI will start to ship adams with honeycomb already installed? Thanks for any info you can provide.

    Great pics Rohan and thanks for continuing the updates.

  135. As i read at various reviews and videos, the hardware is HoneyComb ready.

    NI is working on HoneyComb and expected to be available soon like April or May 2011.

  136. @Himanshu
    Yea I saw something about that but wasn’t sure what cell standby is, I’m sure there is a way to improve battery life but I have to let the more knowledgeable figure it out so I can clone their fix. πŸ™‚

  137. John Biggs just seems very jealous of the Adam , he probably had a lot to do with their crappy joojoo project and since they failed so badly expected NI to do the same.

  138. @Mehdi
    Some people on this blog were commenting that they are considering XOOM instead of adam because of the delays, lack of support and what not. Come to think about it, it equals the cost of two (Pixel Qi + 3G) adams. I would rather buy Adam1 (which I already did) and save the remaining for Adam2, rather than buy a XOOM. What a collossal waste of money.

  139. hey guys,
    anyone has seen this

    (2010 Engadget Awards – Most Anticipated Gadget of 2011)

    Considering the Adam is most useful and value for money gadget, it got my vote! πŸ™‚

  140. hey guys,
    anyone saw this
    ” hxxp:// ”
    (2010 Engadget Awards – Most Anticipated Gadget of 2011)

    Considering the Adam is most useful and value for money gadget, it got my vote! πŸ™‚

  141. Hi mike, I just got the same but diff make also bought 16 gig micro SDHC and 16 gig HP mini usb pendrive. Liked your video too. keep going my friend.

  142. Unfortunately Adam is not intended to make cellular phone calls. There are some that feel that the hardware on the 3g Adam is there make cellular calls, but Notion Ink has no plans to implement it. If the hardware is able to make those calls it would likely take software hacking to do so. At least one member from Notions Hacks has stated he would attempt to hack the software to accomplish this. We have to wait and see if this can actually be done.

    At this point, this lacking of cellular calling ability, is the only thing that I have found disappointing with Adam. I love everything else. Nothing out here beats Adam, on bang for your dollar spent!

  143. Since Engadget hit us wth so many rants about the Adam (positive and negagtive rants), they are probably hoping our Adam wins by a mile.
    I would go there and vote. Give them some traffic, it is all for the good this time.

  144. wouldn’t say it was a ‘colossal’ waste of money, after all you do get a good product from the outlay with a manufacturer that has good standing in a traditional consumer sense. value for money is not good but neither is the ipad for what it is, and yet it sells very well.

  145. By the time PO3 is done, I’m sure you will have that software upgraded. Remember that Rohan has mentioned the importance of bringing tablets to the school population in India. So, if I were living in India, I would not worry about about it now. Wait a year, then raise your voice.

  146. Is this round of orders finished? I never received an email after posting and registering with the link.

  147. Hola yo soy de los que se retrasΓ³ el envio hasta el 14 de febrero por lo que no puedo decirte todavΓ­a pero en este hilo del foro notionaddicts puedes leer lo que le cobraron en la aduana a algunos espaΓ±oles que ya lo recibieron πŸ˜‰

  148. @ks – for your roomba, try to look for the “roomba touch drive” application or look for “Roomba Touch Drive app for Android” on youtube for a demonstration. πŸ™‚

    And for all your other “home device” controlling needs, perhaps looking for “openremote” in google or youtube might help you out as well. πŸ™‚

    I can’t vouch for these programs, but after you asked I wanted to see if it were possible. And apparently, it is. πŸ™‚ I’m sure you’ll be able to find other apps as well if you look around. Good luck!

  149. The consumer market driven by the big players is driven to make huge profits. If you give less value to the dollar your profits will be higher. If you can impress the consumer, with a little glitz and flash, you can get him to forget value vs money spent. With artful advertising you can turn your product into something it really isn’t. Then you set the buyer up, for the next little bit of innovation, to keep him hungry. I pad 1 could have easily had a camera, micro sd slot, bit Apple wants to keep you coming back for the next round of goodies.

    Also you might realize Adam, coming from small small start up company, has to use it’s pre orders to the loyal followers, for testing and perfecting the product. Offering a value laden product, that is bucking the accepted system, is the only way you could attract people willing to do this. It is a totally different, and interesting concept. How it plays out over the long run remains to be seen. Actually encouraging folks like Notion Hacks is a very unconventional approach. I’m very intrigued by it all, and therefore have become an Avid supporter. I can honestly say I have never been as interested in any new device as I am the Adam.

  150. @MS.I have bought HDD for generic purposes and adam was one of them. But as I have not receive adam so not sure whether it will accept that mush HDD or not.

  151. “β€’[Unusual update] Our developers are loving Honeycomb while porting their apps on it (but hated the emulator)! ”

    So they just put Honycomb on adam so they woudn’t have to use the emulator anymore πŸ˜‰

  152. @Atul Mine was 3.5 inches(Because I got a deal and went with it thoguh initially was going for 2.5 inches).
    This is Transcend’s Online store in India.

  153. This is wonderful update. At least those who think and that small start-up in different continent is NOT fraud b/c it had run into logistic and shipping issues during First Pre-Order.

    This is REAL deal and that NI is going to be around for eons.

  154. @Himanshu – please let me know if your hdd works with Adam. I think I’ve heard someone saying that Adam can not only detect hdd upto 128 gigs. has anyone else who got their adam tried connecting external hdd??

    I bought toshiba hdd(1TB) 3 months back from newegg for $135 (with shipping)

  155. I dont know whether somebody has posted this link earlier or not but seems to have good collection of adam’s video
    Xda-devloper-forum : ADAM video data base
    enjoy πŸ™‚

  156. That is a good set of videos. I have not quite organized this list in the same, but here I have collected them all in chronological order:


  157. So now comes the real question, so many have been able to order, though some have been left out due to variant availability and MasterCard. What is the remaining demand for Adam? How many more people can new Adam owners turn to Notion Ink?

  158. Rohan has previously stated that Notion Ink can only produce 100,000 Adams a month so I’m not so sure 200,000 would be correct. The figures could just as well been 1000 Adams sold and 53 unable to be shipped because of damaged screens with 947 people already having their Adams shipped, and 20000 available on this new round. I would really love to see Rohan reveal the true numbers though. Since Rohan has only given percentages and not “actual sales” numbers there really isn’t an accurate way to know.

    I do think it’s likely Adams themselves were not likely damaged, just the screens that were supposed to go on them. Yet, that is an assumption more then a fact.

  159. Plus all the boxes you see in the factory might not be just for the final 5.3 percent and could also be part of the ramp up the round of orders that have been taken. Some of that round will start shipping in just another 10 or 11 days. This isn’t even taking in to account all the canceled orders that were resold just before the offical beginning of round two.

  160. NI wrote to me on the 31th of january.

    “We are glad to inform you that the management has decided to include a special gift with your shipment.
    However, we currently do not have further details about this gift. You will be contacted about the same at a date that is closer to your shipping date.”

    When is it a date closer to my shipping date ?

    I not feel like NI is on track and will be sending the remaining 5.31% of the PO1.

    And I don’t think NI is going to give us a gift, since they havn’t told us what the gift is.

    It’s properly a 25$ discount on Adam 2.
    Or maybe a Notion Ink KeyChain.

    I hope my adam gets shipped tomorrow, but i feel that i’m going to be disappointed.

  161. I had bad luck, too. I didnΒ΄t have time and nerves to spend with the computer the last days. My father is in hospital and did have a major surgery 😦 Hopefully IΒ΄ll get a chance in the next round of order. On the good side, now IΒ΄ll have more time to decide on the display πŸ˜‰

  162. I ordered one of each. Expect to ship on the 14 th
    I am not sure if I will keep both. One was for my son. But he says he is happy with his notebook and iPod touch combo for school
    So I may sell one. If I don’t I will post some side by side videos

    Hopefully will have them in hand by next weekend

  163. @bis – ya – the logo looks so much more nicer – with the words ADAM prominent and the rest o the stuff small. I guess they were in a hurry when PO-1 happened o print them and get them out to the owners.

  164. Hey Rohan I have a random question for you. If I remember seeing some where that said the Adam was being made in Xiamen China is that true? If so that is awesome I was there for an internship a couple of years ago and loved the area. Plus I can say that workers in that area were treated very well. If anyone like to see some pictures of the area where their Adam is being built I could share some.

  165. @Luis,
    Muchisimas gracias por la informaciΓ³n. El mio tambien se retrasΓ³ hasta el dΓ­a 14 de feb. A ver cuando lo tendrΓ© en la mano con la aduana por medio!!!!! Espero que haya mucho pega ni leche. Bueno ya comentarΓ© devuelto por aquΓ­ cuando reciba el mio.

  166. @doja – I think you are right . Its got a iPad-in-black ish feel – and the Web OS. WebOs is based on linux and has come from the Palm stable – I have respect for them.

    But the real wild card is the execution ability of HP in software. They have 100% track record of screwing up software every time. I do enterprise software – and I now about enterprise software. About commercial software – they did not do much good with Palm either. So a shaky track record – but the promise of Palm rebounding back does make it formidable.

  167. @neo – You are right – Since Moto and google had a nexus – they will be probably out in market 1st. But the last time I checked (last week) Honeycomb is still not a stable production release. Adams hardware specs are best aligned with honeycomb as best can get.

    But might not be before official launch of Xoom. But Adam has a leg up since the Hardware is already shipping and is being field tested by paying owners. Thats the real test and barring a few hiccups – Adam seems to be cruising along. Honeycomb is hopefully just a major version upgrade. If there are hiccups I’m sure NIHacks will step in to make it happen πŸ˜‰

  168. @moni – First things first – Hope your father is recovering at full speed. Looking at these pictures – I don’t see a problem of availability πŸ™‚

  169. Has anyone tried a VidaBox Keyboard? The one with the little ball in the upper right corner.

  170. Still no word back from support. My order says I have one, but I can’t pay o_O

    Hope to hear from you guys soon!

  171. On Feb. 13th at 10:00 PM this evening US Pacific time, shouldn’t shipping begin from China? China being 22 hours ahead?

    Should we start demanding that be the case, especially for the ones that were delayed four times? anybody…….do l hear crickets…..

  172. @LeoP

    First off they aren’t 22hours ahead of US time anyway. About 15, as I write this it’s 2pm Pac Time, and 6am in Hong Kong.

    So we might start getting some notifications later this evening that they’ve shipped from the factory. I don’t know what the process is, they go from the Factory to Hong Kong where they are picked up by various carriers. FedEx seems to be what is delivering to the US.

    So making demands and crying here really isn’t going to get you anywhere. Just wait they are coming.


  173. Hey Karen, hey Cathy.

    In our bright Aussie sun the pixel qi is fantastic. Like Greg said somewhere, I keep the backlight on full and its as good as a standard LCD, IMO, but as soon as you get into the light its like Wow, its greyscale but So readable. Rohan mentioned that its rated -2 to 50 c and thats got Australia covered. I was using Google maps with the GPS and it was hot in my non-aircond car (41 outside, 46 inside) and I had adam on the seat next to me in the full sun (just to see how he goes) and he just kept on, didn’t even blink.

    Then there was that wedding I officiated in the 40 degrees and used Quickoffice (comes with adam) Pdf reader to scroll through, again in the daylight. So great!

    Email me at phillip @ and I’ll send you the wedding pic.

    Peace out

  174. @ leop
    How about this Cricket:

  175. My demands in shipping trumps Ni demands in delaying.

    Bet my money on a bob-tail nag, somebody bet on the bay.

  176. Hello Notion Ink Friends

    Well the day has arrived that I’m somewhere around 24 hours from my stated shipping date of Feb 15th. I don’t expect to get any tracking information until perhaps another 36 hours after the 15th arrives. It seems like this wait has been an eternity. I’m very hopeful that you folks that have just finished placing your orders for round 2 do not have a two month wait. It looks like Notion Ink has got things somewhat sorted out and your orders will come through in very timely fashion!

    With honeycomb and other exciting updates on the horizon we should all be looking towards a very fun and interesting rest of 2011!!!

  177. Thanks for the list of videos. I have been gone all weekend and now I have something to keep me busy for a while while I wait for Adam.

  178. Who is waiting for Mastercard for ordering? I wonder how many only have a MC since Visa is by far more popular, at least in my business in the US, at least 3 to 1.

  179. Nice production video.

    What is the name of the song? A nice modern salsa beat, very danceable.
    My kind of music.


  180. Leo said. “Should we start demanding that be the case, especially for the ones that were delayed four times? anybody…….do l hear crickets…..

    Speaking for myself. I am burned out on the complaining and demanding things. Just waiting for my Adam. Hoping there are no more delays

  181. I have waited since December when PO1 started, ordered then pushed back and back etc.

    It will either ship or the sun will become a red giant and consume the earth. One of those things will happen. :p


  182. Hi all!
    Great update i hope i will got mine Adam unntill the end of February(:-)
    Did any body from Germany got his Adam, i would like to know how much taxes he have to bay
    Best regards

  183. Its 10 Am in China. Waiting for the status to change to shipped. After all delays I hope can see the status changed to Shipped and then go to sleep. peacefully.

  184. It would only be speculation, but I counted 35 posts from those of us pushed to the 14th in just the early hours. I imagine between who posted later and those that never posted the delayed number is more like 100 and possibly more. That would put the first run at over 2000.

    Rohan’s statement, “This is for those who were delayed. You can see the work in progress here” taken literally would indicate that these photos and boxes are for the 5.3 percent.

    All just speculation.

  185. I have one of each on order. the PQ ships the 14th, the LCD ships the 15th. Provided this happens, I will be doing a side by side comparison and posting on youtube.

  186. 14th feb, the D-day… Happy valentines day everyone. Can’t wait for the status to change from shippi expected on the 14th to Shipped! Ayone in the 14th batch got their shipped?

  187. @Chebbinator: +1 Adam is in the field and the hardware specs meet Honeycomb.
    Let’s hope for an easy upgrade πŸ™‚

    By the way: with the current upgrades that NI has shipped: did we have to re-install all the apps and data, or were they still available after the upgrade of the Adam?

  188. That’s great! I hope those with a date of the 15th will update just as quickly tomorrow πŸ™‚

  189. JUST CHECKED MY PRE ORDER STATUS (PRE ORDER 1)….. like I have every day since Dec 10th… lol IT SAYS “SHIPPING IN PROGRESS”


  190. Thanks NI team…my Adam order shipping status also changed to ‘Shipping in process’. It is like going into labor during child birth….excitement, coupled with anxiety and waiting for the moment for the Adam to come in my hands….the saga will continue as we improve it, and nourish it thru the next life cycles, just as we care and nourish and take care of our children. I guess thats what the family does! πŸ™‚

  191. Its Sunday (2/13/11) evening in Northern California and after all the delays in shipping and part of the unfortunate “50”, my shipping status has changed from “Feb. 14” to “shipping in progress”. Throughout the waiting process and reading reviews, NI, despite their spotty response to emails, allowed me to change my order a few days ago. Adam is finally on its way. Thanks Rohan!!!

  192. @Aravind,
    My estimate also is around this. I will not be surprised if it is more than 200000 also.

  193. What do know!!!

    Estimated Ship date from factory Shipping in process

    My updated shipping from

  194. It is Sunday 2/13/2011 evening in Beautiful Ventura California and am also part of the unfortunate “50”or 5.31%” of the final Adams from pre-order 1. My status has changed from Feb. 15th to shipping in process!

    It will be interesting to see where the logo’s appear on the back of the last Adam’s from pre-order1. In the center as pictured above or larger and over to one side. Also whether latest update will be applied or not and finally if a free gift will be included.

    The best thing of all is our Adam’s are finally on their way!!!! One other curiosity for me will be whether my particular Adam will arive on the 18th or not until Monday the 21st.

    I think the broken screens were all LCD’s and the other Adams shipped were canceled one’s that were resold.

    If like in the past shipments… we should see tracking numbers within 36 hours

  195. You could go to β€œ” and you will get a larger image. Sorry, but /284for some reason it’s not possible to get a larger image than what I have on notionaddicts.

  196. I’m now counting 26 Reporting shipping in process from WordPress, Notion Addicts, and Notion Fan, barring duplicates because of different posting names.

  197. Hi paul, I am happy that you liked it, one of my fav hindi movie.
    Hi Chebbinator the new logo is perfect but mine is the older version. I am leaving banglore day after tomorow so i wish we could join for some coffee.
    Rohan is a wonderful person and i hope soon we all adam lovers will have a get together in some part of this world. Rohan fix a date and we will take care of it. We need a party.

  198. At long last, shipping in progress, I will soon have my
    Adam. Does anyone have any idea what
    the free gift is?

    sadly i’m in mumbai this weekend. i just hope it gets delivered before thursday. how longs it taken for others to get it after the shipping status change?

  200. Funny you said “HDMI output quality”. I I almost thought you wanted HDMI output videos from LCD and Pixel Qi

  201. I don’t think they were all LCDs. I originally ordered a Pixel Qi/wifi Adam but was able to change my order to an LCD/wifi last week.

  202. @ Karen. looks like u know what the gift is going to be. hmmm.. whoever getting the first package with gift, please tell me what it is. i would prefer a leather book case with bluetooth keyboard πŸ™‚ call me greedy.

  203. The damaged screens, if I recall, were touch screens, used under the PQi and the LCD screens. It affected both models.

  204. Mine is shipping as well. PixelQi+3g

    As for the gift… probably the same as the “mystery feature”, still an unknown. Yes, people says its an FM radio… that you can’t access… so thats still a mystery.

    My bet for the mystery gift… they actually shipped on time… lol

  205. @ people who received adam right here in bangalore. Please let me know about custom taxes and delivery time once shipped from China. guess RS himself can reply to this, he is right there in Subramanya arcade πŸ™‚

  206. For those ‘rich’ people waiting for Xoom – please read this. You may need a loan…..

    From Alltouchtablet story:
    “We’ve reported a few days ago about Motorola’s Xoom high retail price, rumored then at 800$. Apparently things are even worse that this, as BestBuy’s website lists the Xoom for preorder at an astonishing 1200$. They even offer great financing options. Wow, they’re right: you need a loan to get a gadget like Motorola Xoom.”


  207. @raja52 – that’s just placeholder for the upcoming price. the actual price of xoom will be somewhere around $800(even $800 is way too much for it I think).

  208. Thanks guys, cant wait to see them side by side. hopefully there wont be much a difference! make sure you post your video’s here when done!

  209. At last long enough It took shipping in progress, hopefully my ADAM is this week yet. I wonder if we really get a gift.

  210. Any update from Mumbai guys? Do we need to pay Octroi or will notion Ink pay? Normally companies pay octroi.

    IF the Overhead cost in Mumbai is Rs 6600 (144.89 USD) then its too high…..hands down Notion Ink ..I am not happy 😦

    Rohan do replty to this post if u read….

  211. Finally mine says Shipping in progress.

    How about the surprise gift? I wonder when the Crunch gear folks pick it up and put it on their website” Another Broken Notion Ink’s Promise”

    I am glad that mine is shipping!

  212. Big players-Motorola(xoom) and Samsung(galaxy) are flexing muscle.Hardware -usb,card slot, memory expansion etc…and price wise, adam seems the winner.Now adam needs to show the power of software stability.Any good news from new adam owner out there?

  213. As the damaged screens were touch screens, both LCD and PQ were affected.
    I ordered PQ and was in the unlucky 5%.

  214. Great News this Morning! My order status shows “Shipping in process”.
    I look forward to an updated version of the adam, compared to the ones the first batch received.

  215. @Dev, I am not sure it’s such a great idea to change the logo placement. This is mandated by the FCC and I don’t see alternate approved logo placement. See “’Y2GNI3421A01” and click on label.

  216. Why else would they specify it on the link I’ve posted above? See both Label 1 and Label 2. Incidentally, the label has an error – it incorrect states the Adam’s power source as 19V — 1.5A. It should be 19V — 2.1A

  217. Same here. It’s unbelievable.
    But I will it really belive when the shipper will ring on my door.

  218. just checked the blog for shipping status and it now states shipping in progress. Yahoo Adam is on its way finally after two months of waiting have to work this week but next week im off boy cant wait for the fun to begin by the way im in wisconsin and expecting 5-6 days until it arrives but the waiting is almost over

  219. I originally ordered a PQ in Dec. but was able to change it last week to LCD even with the Feb. ship date.

  220. To everyone receiving their adams in the U.S., did you have to sign for the package? Who was the final delivery shipper?

  221. @bikramdas – I think this is a new status they have added for ‘Shipping in process’. I think its a good thing till they can give it to the shippers in Hong Kong and generate a tracking number. Its a good thing since earlier it would take 3 days to get the 1st status change.. Good learning NI!!

  222. I’m never gonna get on the list… Oh well life will go on, I’ll get my adam with the general population I guess.


  223. It changed from Shipping in process to Shipping in Progress. interesting, hopefully a tracking number will be forthcoming so I can track it’s journey to my home! I think I’ll be home that day. πŸ™‚


  224. Did you submit your email to the link above? If so and didn’t get back a response, try a gmail account as well.

    I just got an invitation from that list that I submitted a few days ago.
    I had problems with email getting through (back to me) due to a sender verification error that was not allowing any email from the address sending invitation to be accepted by my mail server.
    I was able to make changes to my mail server which I believe fixed the issue but unless you control your own mail server you probably can’t do much about it.
    I have not recieved anything from my previous email accounts that showed the error. I expect that, possibly, invitations were already sent and rejected by my server and these will not be sent out again.

    Can previous invitations be reissued (ie resend the original emails) to see if that was indeed the issue?
    Alternately, have you ensured that the email address that is being used for sending invitations can be verified by the receiving server?


  225. Congratulations to all of you with “Shipping in process”! Exciting times, and it looks like Notion Ink is spreadin da love this V-day as some of the Feb 15th shippings have moved up a day.

    I hope we get a new post from Rohan. Though we had early Exclusive Orders 2 (I like it better than PO2) we were still offered a post for today with information about the new support team, honeycomb, the forum and a couple other things!

    I hope EO2 shippings come around later this month!

  226. It was Fed X and they just left it in front of my garage in the snow. Didn’t even knock on the door!! I could have ran over it if I had walked in front of the car instead of the back.

  227. I was tracking mine also and it still said it was in California and and hour later it said out for delivery and it was already in my home (Illinois), so they don’t update the tracking very well but it was a nice surprise. πŸ™‚

  228. @bikramdas

    I am in the SouthBay area and was originally planning on having an Adam launch party when my Adam was originally scheduled to ship on the 9th of January.

    Did not get much response then, so don’t know if there are that many Adam owners in the SouthBay/SoCal area. Since then it has been moved to Feb 14th.

    I ordered the LCD/Wifi version in PO1 and LCD/Wifi/3G in PO2. Not interested in Pixel QI version for now, based on the initial feedback.

    Where are you and what variant did you get?


  229. It appears as promised in Rohans post any one who put there email in from that link provided received an email today (had to send to a gmail account) but the problem is that there seems any configuration says “The configuration you chose isn’t available any more. Try configuring your adam again.”

  230. I dont think so we will see any new post. I think MWC in Barcelona is happening now and I think Rohan and his team are there! I may be wrong!

  231. Hi!

    Greetings from Notion Ink!

    We are glad to inform you that your Adam in under transit for shipping.

    Your tracking number will be updated on your order status page as and when we receive it.

    As the shipping is carried out in batches, we kindly request you to keep checking your order status page for the same.

    Your shipping details will be updated within the next three days.

    In case you still cannot see it after three days, please contact us at
    and we will be happy to help.

    Thank You for your continued support to Notion Ink!

    Warm Regards

    Notion Ink Design Labs

  232. Unless specified that a signature is required in the shipping, the decision is left up to the driver if they should leave a parcel or not. In some locations (far from a shipping depot) and some situations (no one at home during the day) it is a real pain to not have the shipment left. I have a sticker that gives the driver permission to leave packages. This can also be done by signing a note or the original form if a dropoff attempt was made. My guess is, that if you do NOT want the shipment left at your door, you could leave a message asking that it not be left.

  233. I got A Valentine Poem from Notion Ink (well, sort of)!!!!!!


    Greetings from Notion Ink!

    We are glad to inform you that your Adam in under transit for shipping.
    We know you’ve experienced past delays, as promised no more slipping.

    Your tracking number will be updated on your order status page as and when we receive it.
    We know you might think this is another sick joke, but this time we promise it’s legit.

    As the shipping is carried out in batches,
    We’ll let you know when it dispatches.

    we kindly request you to keep checking your order status page for the same.
    With all the past grief Notion Ink has caused you, we are truly ashamed.

    Your shipping details will be updated within the next three days.
    And your Adam will soon arrive and you’ll definitely be amazed.

    Thank You for your continued support to Notion Ink!
    For all the pain and suffering you deserve a big drink!!

    Warm Regards – Notion Ink Design Labs
    You’ll soon agree – Adam is the king of Tabs ….

    Warm Valentine Cheers!! My Adam is finally on it’s way!

  234. I’m very impressed that so many followers have posted that their Adam’s are now shipping in process. Knowing that there is no perfectly accurate way to count how many Adams are shipping, the numbers may be indicating that there are lot of Adams shipping that we canceled from the original pre-order 1 along with those that were delayed because of the screen shipment damage issue.

    No matter how you cut it, it is a great day. Bring on those Adams!!!

  235. Me Too. HOPE this IS NOT at DELAYING TACTIC for ANOTHER 3-DAYS….Before they had said 36 Hours!

  236. yeah, that’s right.
    As per FCC rules, below statement should be printed on all class B devices at a “conspicuous” location (so the location is not a problem as long as it’s obvious to our eye ). Probably, NI provided them pics to show that the logo is there on the device.

    “This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:
    (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and
    (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.”

  237. Just got the email saying that mine is “shipping in progress”. Finally!

    Is it just me? Or has wordpress decided to show that this post recieved 475 comments, even though it clearly has three pages? Is that the number of comments per page?

    Why is it so hard to design a commenting system?

    Oh, and I’m in Illinois. I’ll let you guys know when I recieve it, and how long it took.

  238. Mahalo! from the Big Island of Hawaii. Shipping in process. Pixel Qi + wifi any other Adam braddahs out here in Paradise antiicipating eminant delivery?

  239. in my mail it says nothing about 3 days.


    Greetings from Notion Ink!

    We are glad to inform you that your Adam in under process for shipping.

    Your tracking number will be updated on your order status page as and when we receive it.

    As the shipping is carried out in batches, we kindly request you to keep checking your order status page for the same.

    Thank You for your continued support to Notion Ink!

    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink Design Labs

  240. Hi!

    Greetings from Notion Ink!

    We are glad to inform you that your Adam in under transit for shipping.

    Your tracking number will be updated on your order status page as and when we receive it.

    As the shipping is carried out in batches, we kindly request you to keep checking your order status page for the same.

    Your shipping details will be updated within the next three days.

    In case you still cannot see it after three days, please contact us at support notionink com and we will be happy to help.

    Thank You for your continued support to Notion Ink!

    Warm Regards

    Notion Ink Design Labs

  241. i was wondering what sort of battery life people are getting on their adams. from a couple of posts in other forums, it seems like people are struggling to hit even 5 hrs. please do share your experience with the battery life on the adam, preferably on the pqi version, ’cause that’s what i’ve ordered! thanks πŸ™‚

  242. There has been some discussion about Cell Standby causing this problem.

    You can search Cell Standby and Android and see if that provides any more information.


  243. Deze video bevat inhoud van UMG en is niet beschikbaar in je land (Duitsland).

    1 groot Internet waar alles gelijk is en iedereen dezelfde dingen kan doen overal, maakt niet uit waar je je bevind…… lol

  244. Yes you are right it would effect both screens. I do think more LCD’s may have been delayed because the only thing left to order in the last days of pre-order were lcd’s

  245. Looks like XDA-Developers have been dealing with this for some time on other tablets (Nook Colour etc)

    This link deals with the Viewsonic G tablet


  246. My very very unofficial Adam’s in shipping process count has now reached 104 reported over 4 various sites.

  247. Just finished the update and it worked perfect. First three things I noticed were, the stupid blinking green light is gone, voice is in sync. with the mouth now on you tube videos and my wifi signal is quite a bit stronger than it was before….. πŸ™‚

    Took about 5 min.

  248. Lol Wally,

    Very very much thanks, I want to know later, how many are there with the back label in the middle and how many with the back label on the right…..

    Namaste, Bert

  249. Maybe I should have done this in my first pre-order email:


    Since I didn’t pre-order the Adam and someone could have benefited instead. Now I received the 2nd pre-order….and still waiting for Notion Ink to work out the kinks before I make the decision.

  250. actually they should be reported to ebay and to NI it is not in the spirit of what we are doing here.

  251. I hate this idiots, and I think it shall not work, because the mail address is connected with the code, so they want money for something thats not working.

  252. I see that the humongous FCC print/sticker on the back is much smaller now. Thumbs up on that one. Hopefully, the cheap white stickers will be changed to aluminum on the next version of Adam.

  253. Even though mine was scheduled to ship on Feb.14 (one of original “50”), I emailed pre-order support the weekend before. They said too late so I emailed back that I wanted to cancel, and they responded 4 days later that my order change was accepted. I had to email them back one more time not to cancel my order. I think I was lucky.

  254. They only have to enter the email address and the code. It should work. Try it. If you want 2 Adams, then this is the way to do it. One is currently selling right now for $24.50 so far. Small price to pay for someone who never got the email and doesn’t follow the blog.

  255. I highly doubt that eBay would pull out an auction just so because it’s not in the spirit of Notion Ink fans. Apparently, people are buying it so it really doesn’t matter to the bidders/buyers. The actual Adam went as high as $800+, so if they can get it for $600, then they will net $200. It’s no different from buying an iPad and selling it on eBay, especially if the seller have two of them or decided, they didn’t like it.

  256. True they have popped up a few times I have successfully had a few pulled but they seem to pop up again like a coachroach.

  257. At this point all I can say is there have been somewhere around 106 that have bothered to mention their Adam is in the shipping process over the 4 main websites. Any estimate is totally unscientific. I would love to know the total Adam’s sold on the first pre-order and how many black labels ended up where as well. Knowing how many of them were previous Adam cancellations would be interesting too. There is only a select few that have that privilege and they are on the Notion Ink Team. I love statistics and had a little free time to come up with my half gassed count. So take at all with a grain of salt. Let’s get ready to learn all about our new Adams.

  258. I just added a battery life poll on the FAQ WIKI.
    Please check it out…

  259. Well I am now waiting for my little baby to arrive very soon. Just kick her out of the factory gates.

  260. @ Wally West…count me in too…my P-Qi WiFi is “Shipping in Process”…will provide an update when the unit is really reaches home (me).

  261. Check this out while you are waiting. I just installed the update and other video’s on why I love my Pix Qi


  262. @kr33cher

    Thanks for the info. I’ll look into those πŸ™‚
    and thanks for the hot chocolate recipe. I’m definitely going to try it out when I get the chance. I just have to watch my diet for sugars and fat, doctor’s orders, but there are alsways special occasions.

  263. People are modifying some stuff in the code now and they are messing around with what runs when. Some tests show an increase in battery life of over 50%. I think we might be able to see 10-15 hour battery life soon. Once all the random running crap is cleared out…

  264. So for anyone who’s got an adam and wondering about updates.

    I randomly tried the “Update Adam” in settings and this is what happened.

    1) It connected and said an update was available
    2) I selected whichever button implied “Oh yes please”
    3) It began downloading the update (I could see it in the status bar)
    4) The download was interrupted saying “system image not available”
    5) I re-selected “Update Adam” in settings
    6) It said “An update was interrupted, resume?”
    7) I clapped my hands in glee at the wonderful innovation of resuming downloads
    8) I selected the button equivalent of “Oh, do please resume my wonderful friend”
    9) It resumed downloading from 3% where it stopped and went all the way
    10) In the expanded status bar is said “click to apply update”. I clicked.
    11) It rebooted itself into recovery update
    12) It updated itself and restarted adam
    13) It took a short while (quite expected) to start up (about 50 seconds)
    14) It came up beautifully and it all works

    Special note:

    If you have rooted your adam it will not prevent the Automatic Update but you will need to re-root, but this will only take an extra minute and runs perfectly, except when you run market for the first time you will need to login in again just once.

    Congrats to Rohan and Notion Ink, the updates are running beautifully, Eden is a wonderful innovation, and the whole adam project from HW to OS to SW is going from strength to strength.

    Congrats to the community and supplementary websites, especially to notioninkhacks for their valuable contributions to an already great product and notioninkfan for the great information and notionaddicts for the great forums.

    +100 to us!

    Peace out

  265. @ Phillip

    Very Very cool . Thank you for the rundown. Sure looks Adam is starting to come together nicely. We in the last batch of pre order 1 will likely have avoided some of the early frustrations the very first adopters have faced. Pre order 2 will have it a little better. Then before too awful long there will be honeycomb. The fun has just begun.

  266. @Rama, Where from the countries/culture aspect has come from my comment? I never expected my comment to be so offensive. Fanboy literally means “enthusiastic guy/person”. I have been here on this blog for more than a year (and actively commenting) and have connected to lot of nice people.

    Looks like you have used my comment as a placeholder to convey your pending statements. 😦

  267. This is my last count on how many Adams are currently in the process of being shipped.

    The final tally is that 114 have reported they have an Adam in the process of being shipped.

    This is just an estimate based on reporting from the four main Sites. Word Press, Notion Ink Fan, Notion Hacks, and Notion Addicts. There may be some I missed,but I think this is pretty close. Of course if it wasn’t reported it wasn’t counted.

    Hopefully these Adams will be in the hands of their new owners very soon!! Good luck to all….

  268. Hope adam hits mass customers before xoom and galaxy tab 10.1; not just for preorder techno-holic guys.

  269. That’d work, but I still think that’s wrong; selling the pre-order link. Giving it out – okay, but selling… Plus there is a possibility that the person would just give out money to find out none of the selected models are available.

  270. @Andromeda+1 Not to mention not in the spirit of what notion is about. We are talking a community (family) would you sell an opportunity reserved initially to your family. Well I hope not. As far as wanting to buy 2 or 3 of the Adams I think notion original idea was try to allow everyone in this family to get one of the model they wanted and next pre-order you could have another opportunity to order another one. I think they were trying to allow as many of their family to get an Adam pre-order with limited stock starting out. I think that is the idea why a username and password was given and could be used only once. My two cents for what it is worth

  271. hey does anyone know roughly how long the pre order will take after it starts shipping πŸ™‚ i cant wait to get my Adam, i already know how im ganna customize it πŸ˜›

  272. 531=59 x 3 x 3

    which means 1st preorder sales are either 1111,3333,10000 or any multiple of 10000.
    for me 3333 looks reasonable.

  273. so have we verified that the batteries are not defective as someone had suspected?
    once i get mine, i’ll strip it down to bare android and see what battery life i get, but from what rohan’s said, eden’s supposed to improve battery by managing the core’s more effectively.
    lets see…

  274. sorry it can be any multiple of other too also. so it has not crossed 118 the number goes to

  275. Means they haven’t received the tracking number yet. Adams go from China to (I think) Korea, and then they are individually shipped to the recipient. It is in this second leg that the tracking number is assigned and advised. Shipped means the bulk are on their way to Korea, so give it another day or so, its pretty quick once its on the home stretch to you.

  276. @ bratindranath

    Wally West counted 114 adamites with “shipping in process”. If these 114 represent the 5.31 % of delayed shipping because of the screen damage then 100 % must be around 2,150 adamites having ordered in this batch.

    Just a controller’s view.

    Best regards, Thomas

  277. I don’t see any difference in the battery life but I do see some improvements and some bugs. On mine the touch screen doesn’t seem as sensitive and sometimes when going to a website it seems to lag or almost freeze. The “cell stand by” is eating almost 50% of battery life and no one is sure what it even is. My email showed I had 6 new messages but when I went to check them they were gone as if I hadn’t received any, I know we are still a few updates away from a trouble free device but at least NI is getting us there.

  278. hey look at it this way. Adam’s already helping the economy. I have one invite in case someone wants to buy it πŸ˜‰ or should i wait get the adam and sell that for a $25 profit?

  279. There was enough opportunity to receive an invite freely, from this family and friends.
    No need to sell out or play games.
    We are sharing here and in the forums, imho it’s shamefull to ask money for it.

  280. I have tried to update with the new update available from 14/15 February. After downloading the file, it asks if I want to update the Adam. Upon clicking yes, it powers down the device and goes into “Booting Recovery Kernel Image” mode. Thereafter a small android icon appears and a triangle with an Exclamation mark (!) (I assume this means that the update didn’t take place). Thereafter the triangle goes away and the text above the android icon says “Bye!”. The Adam reboots in the previous version (NIP20040211)

    Even if I go back to Update Adam, it says “You have a new image to Install” and if I click Install, it powers down and the same steps mentioned above are repeated. All the while my Adam remains un-updated.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Any solution? I’ve written to NI support and will let others know if I hear back from them.

  281. Hi all, and congrats to those of you that have orderer your adams.
    I’m just wondering if anyone of those who got their adam have tested out a stylus to draw with? and if so, please tell me witch one i should buy =)

  282. Another new tablet coming out this year in april.

    Acer’s Iconia A500 Tab, following the ongoing MWC event Acer has just confirmed the UK release date of April 2011.

    I just want NI guys to come and hit the market before all these other vultures grabbing the market share. As a customer will only buy 1 and not all of these and some will not even come to know that ADAM exists while comparing all these new devices in the market.

    Rohan , we want you to make money and grow NI against these big players. Please hire a marketing army, as no matter how good the product is, Marketing is a must if you want to hit the masses in this greedy world.


  283. hmmm.. it has become a usual business these days. expecting something and then no news. RS should stop mentioning dates for anything. sorry to say so. i expected him to break typical Indian promises. till now nothing of that sort happened. 😦

  284. I bought this one, until one made for adam comes out. It does not have any space for any accessories, but has one of the best cushion to protect and easy to hold. Adam fits perfectly fine in this. I carry the adam, in my backpack to work everyday so this came in very handy. πŸ™‚


  285. Hi,

    i’ve ordered the adam during the 9 feb round of pre-orders. Are you guys gonna post a link where the orders can be tracked? also.. what’s the expected delivery time approx.?

  286. Greg bought one? sweet! I’m hoping for some update on this. Been youtubing all day looking for a good one. the Griffin stylus looks good? =)

  287. The Adam sold on eBay for over $800 so you can probably make quite a profit if you decide that you don’t like the Adam after all. But you have to do it quick before they become available in stores.

  288. A short time ago I thought adam was the best design and the loveliest one.Now most of the major players started show their tablet.Now google search bar doesn’t show great number of web surfer.Perceptions of buyers are changing.No hints for market hit for adam for general population.

  289. 25 Feb 2011 15:16:00 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.
    24 Feb 2011 15:12:55 Xiamen Shipment In Transit.


  290. My Adam just arrived to my mother’s home, near Lille (FRANCE).
    It will be in my hands tonight (2 hours to wait)

  291. Additional info, I’m from PO1, and my Adam is LCD/Wifi
    Here is the last line of my tracking information :
    01 Mar 2011 09:37:32 Lille Out For Delivery.

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