Next Round of Order

Hello There,

The next round of orders have started and emails are being sent right now. The list is HUGE and unlike last time we are not taking chances by sending all at the same time. In case you think you should have received the link, you can register below:


Few important points before you proceed ahead for the payment:

  • Notion Ink follows one price policy for the world and will be directly shipping from China. The end customer would be required to pay any customs duty is applicable in their respective countries.
  • Notion Ink follows flat shipping rates which is $50 for anywhere in the world.
  • Please check the Terms and Conditions and Warranty Policy carefully.
  • The current OS is Android 2.2 with necessary components borrowed from Gingerbread. Notion Ink will NOT be updating to Gingerbread, but will be directly migrating to Honeycomb in future. There will be constant updates on the OS and most of the new updates will be for the new applications from our partners. Eden will have timely updates for more feature additions and 3rd party softwares which will be provided. You can install any application (Android 1.6 and above) on Adam.
  • Adam does not have market access because it is not a phone. Android Market is an app store for phone apps.
  • You MUST call your bank and tell them that you would be doing this transaction, specially in the case where you have not done a high value transaction in the past. If your bank issues a chargeback, Notion Ink will not be able to resolve the issue, as it can only be resolved after your Bank gets your confirmation from you about the transaction. Your bank’s system might still show that the transaction has been processed in such a case, but wouldn’t be actually.
  • The order placements are done on first come first served basis.
  • Currently there is no other source of buying so you should be beware of merchandisers calling themselves as authorized distributors of Notion Ink’s Adam, neither there is any other way to pay for the devices except CCAvenue Payment gateways.

We have tried our best to compile the list of supporters and those who are interested in Adam, but alas we are humans… The link provided above is the best way to get listed even for the future round of orders.

Currently other than Notion Ink’s official website, a lot of detail is available online with hands on reviews and benchmark tests. Special websites to mention are:

We really appreciate the work which these communities have done for Adam and our customers!

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

1,629 thoughts on “Next Round of Order

  1. Rohan, I know my name should be in the list! I have registered/commented etc…. Now I need to keep checking my spam mail every few seconds… its going to be real long!
    Are the emails sent in any particular logic – last name? no. of comments? in any order of the support websites etc? – Just cant wait!

  2. I think they are sending in alphabetical order. My I’d starts with ‘r’ so if I get I will be one of the last ones to get(when no Adam is left for purchase).
    I think they are sending in batches to reduce load on their servers (controlled sale).

  3. My id starts with E, and email address starts with d, and still nothing.
    Granted, I hadn’t registered until now, but was part of pre-order 1, where all I got was the “you have to wait until XX o’clock” until the QI version was sold out.

    This is the second time I’ve sat up half the night waiting for the pre-order to start/work, and I’m pretty sure that, once again, by the time I get in all QI will be sold out again…

    Ah, well, still looks like a good product, and seems like the process is smoother for those who actually get the email, so maybe I’ll get one in the fourth or fifth round…..

  4. I had received my invite on 11:57 am IST and also ordered the LCD version (Wifi+3G).

    Very Excited !

    do customers have to pay customs duty in Hyderabad, A.P, India.
    Which Logistics company is taking care of delivery here.


  5. Great, even if I’m still waiting my first order.
    It’s pity, I’m sure that if i already got it, I will order a second for my wife or family members.

    I think I will have to wait for Adam 2 ;-)

    All the best for NI team

  6. Has anyone been able to put the matte screen protector on this good?

    I mean who did that? That looks really pro.

  7. Right guys I need to share this with someone otherwise I am going to go mad…

    My revolving routine for the last few weeks…

    Get Up at 06:50, turnoff bedside mode on the BB, check for an invite from Notion Ink then get ready for work, whilst making sure that the email notification does not go off.

    07:30 leave for work. I must have checked the spam folder at least 3 times.

    08:00 get to work. Turn on laptop and check all folders just in case. Check the Blogs
    Try to get through the workload for the day with half an eye on the emails/blog feeds on one screen. Google Alerts means I am probably spending too much time checking my emails.

    18:00 get home from work say hello to the family and make sure I have not missed any email on the way back.

    19:00 put the kids to sleep… right back to surfing the net for any news

    00:00 need not want to go to sleep.

    02:00 approx wake up and check BB for emails given the time difference (GMT v IST)

    05:00 approx again wake up check the BB.

    Then it all starts again. Please tell me this is not just me.

    So this morning at the 05:00 wake up I see an email make all the effort worthwhile. Hey it’s only a pre pre-order email but its progress. Forget sleep now can’t wait for the pre-order invite. Credit Card is primed and ready to burn a whole in my pocket.

    I am not ashamed to admit I am a 37 year old professional acting like a young child the day before Christmas every day for the last 2 months. God help me when I do actually order and then the waiting game for the delivery will begin.

    I hope you all get your invites soon.

  8. you are not the only one.
    i slept for around 150-160 hrs in the last 2 months. ( around 2,5 hours a day).
    though that’s not only because of adam but 70% credit goes to adam.

  9. That’s how I have been too. The waiting game for delivery is not much better, but at least you have a deadline to aim for. Then, I imagine there will still be little sleep with the updates and customization and reviewing of the reviews for tips and tricks.

  10. i believe we’re all in the same boat as you bro, i cant stop checking NI forums and News, Adam is only taking up 40% of my day, i cant stop. still waiting for the email :/

  11. Guys who have ordered in India did you pay any customs duty apart from the shipping charges of 50 $ ? If yes how much and to which Logistics company.


  12. @abhishekr – Also check “”. It seems India based customers need not pay any customs :)

  13. Hi Bikram,

    Thanks for the link . Have gone thru it. Looks good. But what if Gati charge on top of that. Gati have been known to charge more compared to their rivals. Should we speak to some one in the Customs or any other source to get this thing sorted out.

    But there have been few Indian customers who have paid customs duty.

    @Onwers of Adam based in India please go thru the link posted by fundaazoflife and let us know if you can speak to ur delivery company and get more clarity on this.

    Looking forward to some solution to this. Paying so much money on top of product price
    is not a good thing.


  14. Hi Bikram,

    Thanks for the link . Have gone thru it. Looks good. But what if Gati charge on top of that. Gati have been known to charge more compared to their rivals. Should we speak to some one in the Customs or any other source to get this thing sorted out.

    But there have been few Indian customers who have paid customs duty.

    @Owners of Adam based in India please go thru the link posted by fundaazoflife and let us know if you can speak to ur delivery company and get more clarity on this.

    Looking forward to some solution to this. Paying so much money on top of product price
    is not a good thing.


  15. Yes of course.

    There will be custom duty of approx. 4700 Rs. for PQi + 3G and 3700 Rs. for LCD + 3G models.

    If you happen to live in maharashtra (unfortunately), you will also have to pay around 1600 Rs. as an Octroi.

    Refer to “” for more information.

  16. Guys, in case the link thingies does not work, I have been informed that I will receive an invitation email which I am not going to use as I have already ordered my adam. Let me know if you would like me to forward it to you as soon as I receive it.

  17. @Carlo I would like to take you up on your offer I really want an adam, I could order on round one cause CC bank. But will call them in advance and it will be fine.

    my email is marley at networkinglabs dot com

    thank you!!

    p.s. sorry for the double post but w.p. put it on top and I want to be the first to accept your offer.

  18. hi Rohan,

    I hv recvd a mail heading ‘Information about an invite for your Adam!’ which says that I will get an Invite soon but have not received the actual invite as yet…


  19. I have a(only one) spare invite, if any one interested post a comment on my blog (not here), I will send on first come first serve basis.
    FYI, you can’t change the mail I’d and all information would be available to me as all mails will be directed to me (credit card details willnot be there so u r safe). I will forward all mails as when I get be assured I am a safe guy and want to help the family here. I was helped similarly earlier as I received it today only.

  20. @Carlo I would like to take you up on your offer I really want an adam, I could order on round one cause CC bank. But will call them in advance and it will be fine.

    my email is marley at networkinglabs dot com

    thank you!!

  21. Ah, moderated for the first time… Probably because I had links…
    Doesn’t matter, hoping this gets through…

    I have been reading a lot of comments about the customs duties in India.

    According to the website of the customs and excise department of India, For the category that ADAM belongs to, there should be no customs-AT ALL. Octroi is different- that might be charged if applicable. But customs should not be charged.

    Please feel free to take a peek at my blog, where I substantiate this claim with documentary evidence from the website. “”

    Those who are charged already- you might want to clarify again. GATI (or whoever is shipping to you) SHOULD NOT be charging you customs duties.

    I’ll be glad to hear I am right, of course- But I might be totally wrong too :)

    – –

  22. rohan !!!!!!! (look here)

    my link is not working

    i need a new link fast!!!

    before when i clicked the link a page came up (about.blank) now nothing comes up.

    please help i’ve been waiting years for an adam.

  23. i have my own password. does anybody know the web address for me to sign in and place my order

  24. Thanks Rohan! And please add the link to the Wiki in your post:

  25. Does anyone know when the Adam will be available to those of us who have never commented? When does the general population get one?!?

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  27. hi,

    Can anybody help – what is the difference between:
    3G (UMTS 850 / 1900 MHz) and
    3G (UMTS 900 / 2100 MHz)

  28. depends on your country…
    for example, in France 3G is on UMTS 2100MHz and GSM on 900MHz so that would be take the 3G(UMTS 900 / 2100MHz)

    hope it helps

  29. “”

    1900 is for US and 2100 is for Europe along with others

  30. Hey, @guptamos,

    I have discussed this issue “The 3G Hoopla!” in detail on my blog “”

    Take a look if you feel like reading :)

  31. @Rohan
    Haven’t received a link yet for this round of orders. I did receive a link in the pre-orders 1 but the Pixel Qi’s were SOLD OUT then. Please could you ask your team to send one to me as soon as possible.

    Best Regards,

    Rama Maganti

  32. So far, i have also not got a link. i got a link for preorder1 but again pqi got sold out before i found the email in the middle of spam folder :-( this time i proactively cleared spam folder, set up email forwarding from my gmail to my office email id, but so far i have not got an email :-( hope NI wont ignore the ppl who have been with them well before CES 2010. lets see

  33. The Information mail states:

    “2. Currently, payments would be possible only through VISA (credit and debit) and AmEx cards only. We are still in the process of acquiring MasterCard as a payment partner, which is stuck at MasterCard’s end. This is why Internet banking is available as a payment option for Indian card holders. We are afraid these are the only payment methods accepted currently.”

    So still no MasterCard as an option.

  34. Hi Doja, thanks!
    Accepted from some one else, but waiting for my own invite still.
    Would ease a lot if i could use mine, not stressing some one else with all follow up mails.

  35. recieved the pre-order link for the second time since I got it a couple of months ago for the first pre-order as well

    Back then I couldn’t order the adam because I only have mastercard and guess what
    After all the promises that Mastercard would be available now, it appears to be a lie

    Thanks a lot Notion Ink for wasting my time

  36. I am mystified as to why you guys don’t use Amazon and Paypal. Or eBay. Or any other storefront. I know they’d take a cut, but it’s still better than doing international wire transfers…only Nigerian email scammers do those

  37. And I look into my mailbox again n again… Alas! No Mail! I am not registered in any other notion fan sites apart from this. What are my chances? Oh Mail! Where art thou?

  38. Hope it does!!!… i had to cancell my first Adam becasue i am going to NZ next week. and with all the delays…. it simply would not have made it in time before i leave.

    Hope yourse gets soon.


  39. A mail with the subject: “Information about an invite for your Adam!”

    then you suppose to get another mail with the link, haven’t received that yet.. though others have already (reading below in comments)

  40. @ 1:51 est

    i checked the emails source and this was in there everything with(————–) was placed there by me to protect my privacy

  41. Right now I got the same email with subject” An Adam for you!” I got user and password. It says ” Please use the link and login details mentioned below” but no link is not here.

  42. Rohan, care to wade in on this? at least post the link, for people with logon details to log onto! or just email the link to people…..

  43. @Morningching. There is a link friends :). Just click on the link which is reading as Notionink :). Will leave you to the order page

  44. You guys did read the bit above where it said if you havn’t received your email by “February 11th”. Meaning it might not be coming today the are probably sending out a portion per hour. You might be checking for 2 more days :)

  45. @ahmedelkady11230
    “” is the sender to me.It is absolutely different from the real email address people mention on this blog. So my email is suspicious.

  46. There is a link to the store and a username/password in the mail. click on store link and login. Also there should be a change of mail id (profile page) option, so that shared links users can use their actual mail id instead of family members mail id (its a pain for them to pass on every email to exchanged user).

  47. Can anybody help – I am in India and not sure which 3G model to select?
    3G (UMTS 850 / 1900 MHz) or
    3G (UMTS 900 / 2100 MHz)

    Do all service providers in India use same frequency ?

  48. @Fundaazoflife have you also ordered adam?

    Read your blog. My adam is on 15th feb shipping. Your arguments seems plausible. If there is unity among Indian Customer, we can pave our way :)

  49. @Gamestill You kidding me aren’t you??? :) :) That’s a hell lot of coincidence :). Hope our adam not interchange. Mine is LCD+wifi+3G

  50. @Himanshu @fundaazoflife @gamestill: just trying to see if 3G(for India) is a good idea if i plan to return to India after a couple of years.

  51. @Lavpius many

    BSNL, Tata Docomo,AIrtel has launched partially.Vodafone coming fast.
    So prudently take adam with 3G. In the coming months there will be more offers for sure regarding 3g. SO I advise to go with 3G. I had the same doubt and fellow mates of this blog helped me :)

  52. @Himanshu jain : Thanks Himanshu for clearing the 3G
    @Ravi : Sure we will buy Adam 2. Lets not discuss it it here. I heard its vaporware lolz :)

  53. @levpius
    if u r from delhi or mumbai then mtnl 3g is a lot better then the rest.
    around ~Rs 750 for unlimited data transfer.speedis around >=3 mbps .
    may be its initially capped at 200 gb :P

  54. @gamestill : Thank you; I will keep that in mind about mtnl 3G. Do let me know if you have good network(software ind) in delhi or mumbai lolz :) Maybe I can get a good job there after 2 years. Otherwise I am headed B’lore or Kochi I guess :)

  55. @gamestill : for the word ‘network’, i was not talking of 3G networ … was talking about human networking :0

  56. @Levpius Even if you go to south India BSNL will be there. Bsnl has recently launched it’s unlimited 3G plan for 999 for IPAD 1. I hope it can be used with adam too .

  57. Hi Guys, I am a bit off the hook here – been really busy as I told in the earlier post. I did receive a link a few days back, when NI tested the order system, and I indeed ordered an LCD 3G model (but I want the Pixel Qi 3G model). I couldn’t order the Pixel Qi 3 G model, as it was showing as not available during that time, and only Pixel Qi Wifi was showing as available. Hence, my decision of going for the LCD 3G model. Rohan, my friend, if you are reading this buddy, please allow me to upgrade to Pixel Qi model.

    BTW, time for second impressions on my first Pixel Qi Adam:
    1. Touch Response is not great only with NI’s chrome implementation – somehow I find the response slow, when compared Opera and even other Market apps.
    2. Mail’d gives me read time out error – and crashes many a time – this is happening with its default gmail config. Sometimes when i open Mail’d, I get an error “Unkown Certificate” – Read time out – Accept key – Reject Key (and I have pressed on Accept to allow it to sync with gmail)
    3. When I connect Adam via USB, I dont see my external micro sd loaded in adam as a Removable storage – I am only able to see Adam’s internal sd card when I turn on USB storage.
    4. I am able to move applications to only the internal SD /microSD available – is this because of how Adam recognizes my external (read -additional 16GB micro sd in the micro sd slot)?
    5. Opera Mobile works without problems when Full Screen mode is turned ON.
    6. Facebook panel doesn’t connect in 3G (says connection is slow – whereas Adam is actually in 3G mode – with good page load speeds).
    7. Still really busy to test other apps.

  58. @Veera I think model change request can be done easily. Mail their support team. Last time too many have changed their models. But are you sure you want one more PixelQi? Means you already have one. Many guys who are ordering or planning to order their second adam are going for LCD(mainly because brighter colors and they already have one Pixel Chi).

  59. @ Himanshu,
    Well, good question. This device is gonna be used anywhere – in different light conditions – unlike my LCD TV or home theatre or other immobile entertainment models. If you take your Pixel Qi with you on a picnic, or drive or walk or just out in your balcony and read – well I just said – that – you can do all this – only in the Pixel Qi model.

    As for the LCD, you can be happy only indoors, or in other enclosed areas with man made lights. Both models cannot and will not replace your dedicated entertainment systems, and what you actually lose is something, not everything.

    I would want a mobile convergence device, that can work anywhere, not one which works only indoors – meaning it is affecting the very mobility it is supposed to address. Because most of the times than not, I am gonna be reading something on my Adam, and I am fine with the current level of quality loss that comes with the Pixel Qi.

    The above is my personal opinion and the reason I don’t advice the screen choice to others – as it is definitely a personal preference.

  60. @Veera Detailed answer :). And I think you have made a right decision considering your usage.

  61. Veeraraagavan:
    I agree completely with your analysis of the Pixel Qi. I ordered the same model because I wish to go outside and sit on the bridge over our creek and enjoy nature while still being connected to my friends in the greater outside world. This will be the only machine I know of that will allow me to do that and return to my cave at work still using the same machine.
    As you said, it really depends upon how you wish to use the machine. YMMV ;-)
    Waiting is…

  62. Hi Veer,

    Great comment, I have also just ordered PixelQi. Just can you please advice if the colours are too dull and noticeable in PixelQi or just a little less vibrant?. As so far all i know is one has more vibrant colours then the other but as you already have the device, any help would be great, I am still in 2 minds ?

    If the difference isn’t too much then i would still be happy with PixelQi. Can you also post a brief video if possible?

    If NI guys post a side by side video of both , then that would save them and us guys a lot of confusion between the 2 as we are ordering a device without really seeing one physically. ROHAN can you do this for us please?

  63. karen, you for sure will receive a link. Even I haven’t received a link for this pre-order but then there is still more than 8 hours late. Got the visa card?

  64. @Rama I haven’t got the link either. I just got a mail about the future link. I will suggest wait for some time. In anycase if i receive and you don’t feel free to contact, I will have no issues in forwarding it. But it’s more than 36 hours left. Don’t take load now :).

  65. @Rajendra, I have just mailed it to Karen. Sorry buddy. But i suppose I will get one more mail(Courtesy NotionInkFan). Do let me know if you don’t get one. But I am saying again , you and all will get their mail for sure. This time they are not messing with mails. May be it will take time but you for sure get one before 11th of feb.Mark my words :)

  66. I received a link . But I have been working until now! /So, I missed a lot of news on this. For example, I can’t register bcause the link does not seem to work. Any reason why? Does the link have to be sent to you?

  67. Hey karen you need not to be upset, a link will come soon to register for those who didn’t got the mail, but my que is does any body from NI dont see how much she is going through.

  68. Zagir,

    I heard from Karen that you have no invitation? I can send you mine I have one and also a Adam is coming, when you want it give me your email address. (write it else your going in moderation)

    Namaste, Bert

  69. @techlemonade
    At the moment i don’t have any invites, just friends helping. I’m getting Himanshu’s invite if I don’t get a email from Rohan and team before tonight. Boeltwit was so kind to offer his invite to, so I guess you should talk to him and not me.
    Good luck, there are still a few hours before the deadline is over, so I’m just trying to be patient (Even though it’s almost impossible, worried that I’m forgotten, and that the PQ will be sold out)

  70. Hi Karen, I am quite sure you have a friend / relative with a Visa card? Just ask them to give you the data and you will reimburse them later.

  71. Been there, done that, Carlo.
    ****, i am good for my money, but no way to get it on NI’s account.

    Taking a step back now, guys.
    Taking a deep breath. Auto focus…
    Thanks for all your heartwarming support :-) :-)

  72. Oh dear, I haven’t gotten the link yet as well, but at least my boyfriend owns a VISA. Karen, I hope someone would be so kind and help you out to make the purchase. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  73. np @Himanshu one family member was generous with me here(so thankful, no words to describe). I still didn’t get (I should get 2 ideally : 1 is booked by my collegue 2nd I would share to one of the family members).

  74. Hi andromeda, again same master card issue. I wish NI made that public little early about it then few ppl would have manage some alternative. Even same thing i have faced but lucky enough that my net banking worked. I am realy sorry for those who will be restricted with it.

  75. Still waiting for the email. Wonder how long before I can get it?

    For the question on which band for which country, please check on

    More accurate will be checking with your provider.

  76. Rohan,

    I understand about the market place, everyone should know this

    “•Adam does not have market access because it is not a phone. Android Market is an app store for phone apps.”

    but it is good you just flat out stated it. plane and clear

    But my question is when is the Genesis Marketplace going to open, I am pretty sure everyone would like to get tablet specific apps.

  77. why worry so much about marketplace. in a month or two when honeycomb will be ported in Adam . this problem will end by itself.

  78. Android market is an app store for Phone? Then what is Google’s plan for Tablets? I understand that it has lots of apps made for phones but customer should have an alternative if the market is not the one.

  79. @lakshmanmv – go tell that to Google ;-) BTW the tablet store will be out in conjunction with Android 3.0 . Officially Android 2.x is made for phone form factor devices.

  80. Google premiered Honeycomb last week in an hour long event (can be found on YOUTUBE) on the new Motorola XOOM. They specifically addressed your question. Almost All the apps in the Google MARKET have been ported to Android 3.0 compatability. When you buy a XOOM, you will get full interoperability with all existing apps in the market. This is why Googles endorsement and selection of the Motorola XOOM to debut Honeycomb 3.0 at CES 2010 was HUGE!

  81. I agree, and Notion Ink has an alternative, It is called Genesis

    they list it as coming soon on their web site,
    they have developers working on programs just for Adam

    they show it working in the promo video on the main page of the web site

    but when people receive their tablets (there is no Genesis available)

    that is the question I am asked, when will Genesis be availble ?

  82. luckily Honeycomb will have market support, so you will be able to get all those apps when it is released (without rooting your Adam)…in the meantime, I would assume that Genesis will be launching soon…

  83. The problem is Genesis would still use ccavenue as payment gateway and I wouldn’t take the same pains as for adam itself to let my transactions go thru just .99$ ~ $10. So genesis may not be very successful unless the apps(bundle) are completely revolutionary and no alternative is available.

  84. This is probably why they registered as an LLC in Nevada. Can charge like a US company in future. But it also holds the liability as a US company… people can sue you more easily if you have a branch in the US than if you are in india only…

  85. I am thinking now they have rethought genesis completely, I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t open up afterall,

    see what Rohan said above, ” There will be constant updates on the OS and most of the new updates will be for the new applications from our partners.”

    This doesn’t sound like Genesis, it sounds like the update will come with new apps, one update will come with Longbox, one update with something else, another update with a bunch of partner apps.

    There hasn’t been any EAP2, and really EAP1 was very limited

  86. I agree… Rohan, I have been a strong supporter of the Adam and Notion Ink but I think that this point about market access it BS (feces from a male bovine).

    This action by Notion Ink is the same as Apple’s strategy.


    And I am still waiting for my Adam.

  87. Those who are asking If something extra needs to be paid other than shipping in India

  88. looks like Amit paid 22 % (Rs. 6684) for the adam in duties (PQ, 3G)
    12 % would have made it Rs. 3600.. wonder if GATI’s taking a cut.
    Guys when the delivery guys show up make sure you take a proper receipt for the cutoms duty & question them for any amount over 3600.

  89. Can anyone tell me how long the order link in the email remains active after you receive it?


  90. I am trying to remain calm (using my jedi mind tricks to try and convince myself that after all, it’s only a tablet ?!) but it’s REALLY difficult (I’ve never been a good jedi).

    breathe in, breathe out / breathe in, breathe out / breathe in, brea………..

  91. moderation. trying again

    guys, i have a PO-2 invite. But already waiting for my LCD+3g adam which i ordered in PO=1(without invite though). If it is allowed to share my invite, i am ready to do so. some one please confirm. if anybody interested send me a mail at “”

  92. Sorry for the excitement guys. I will be thrilled to get your link, I don’t know if it is allowed (does not sound very faire), but I am of course willing to share the link I should receive later with someone else !

  93. mehdi, hope u hav visa card. if u dont have one, let me know.can share it with someone with visa card. hope things work for u. let me know, once u r done.

  94. I got my Visa but it’s not working…

    Error message says: “We are sorry your transaction could not be authorised due to a delay in establishing a connection to the issuing bank.”

    What is that supposed to mean ?????

  95. Yes I am allowed but it’s still does not work…has any of guys witnessed this kind problem ??

  96. mehdi. u think shld i share it to someone else the same link. i m nt sure whether thats gona work. if u r givin up, let me know. are u from India? if so u can try with any banking account.

  97. I am not from India unfortunately. I have tried with my VISA car and a friend’s but it’s not working. Apparently some technical problems. I am not giving up don’t worry, I have waited too long for that !! I have contacted NI and CCAvenue, I hope they will reply as fast as possible !!

  98. I am just freaking out and sending tones of mails to NI and CCavenue support services !!

    Rohan, if you are around and seeing this, a little help would be HUGELY appreciated !!


  99. Still not working and no reply from any of them…what does it take to have a nice and smooth order ??
    PO2 was supposed to learn from the mistakes made previously, but still no Mastercard (I know it’s not NI’s fault, but it’s till frustrating for those who have no other payment choice), now I can not get through the process after arprasath kindly sent me a link !! I have never been this close to actually own an ADAM, don’t tell me I’m going to be forgotten again !!

  100. same here Mehdi.. same situation.. i made 5 attempts out of desperation already. on the payment side that is.. but transaction failed.. sheesh…
    sent emails to ccavenue and NI.. keeping on refreshing my inbox to see some reply..

  101. I hope my email comes soon as I’m going to be out this evening when the link is going to be posted.

    11.55PM IST is 6.25PM in UK and I’m going out at 5PM, so fingers crossed that it comes before then as I bet they will be sold out by the time I return home!

  102. Mine seems scam email. The sender is “”. Boeltwit replied to my message and real email must be from-
    Only from Notion Ink Design Labs: noreply ad notionink dot com

  103. @ROHAN,



    Namaste, Bert

  104. I have an Amex and live not far from her: Karen if you are really desperate give me a sign. I can’t bear the idea of leaving you without an adam. The world is sad enough already.

  105. @Rohan

    This post shows different information to the email.

    Email quotes “sending you an invite to order your Adam starting from 9 February 0900hrs IST to 11 February 0900hrs IST. (IST = GMT + 5.5hrs)….We kindly request you to wait till the end time specified above before mailing in to us about not receiving an invite”

    Is the date and time shown in this post correct or the email?

  106. Anyone have luck using a prepaid visa card? I know I’ll need to account for the price plus shipping, and if I’ve read correctly there is no charge for import/duty to the US. Can someone please confirm?


    Re-post Mike’s suggestion from “”

    I am not making up for the problems NI is having getting mastercard implimented BUT if you want an adam if you are in the USA please get a pre-paid Visa. If you are not try to apply for one just for this purchase. I do not know how international people are but if you really want this please be prepared. They are having delays because of changes in the site and Mastercard giving them problems. Be prepared and you will not miss out for the next week or two.

    NI is trying…..we have to work with them a little.

    Just my .02 good luck everyone.


  108. Just FYI, you might want to try a re-loadable pre-paid VISA. I don’t know if it will work any different, but the pre-paid Visa I had did not work, and then I had to scrounge up additional money to pay my friend for use of her card (could not just give her visa b/c she needed cash to pay her credit card).

  109. @Karen,

    Heb je een invitatie met link, anders stuur ik je de mijne, ik heb er weer 1.
    Als je die wilt stuur me je e-mail adres naar, ”bert.boelema op gmail punt com”
    dan stuur ik hem door.

    Namaste, Bert

  110. Please give your email address !

    The pre-order mail I have contain my e-mail address, is-it possible to change it easily ?

    Otherwise, i will forward all mails

  111. :'( sorry guy but won’t use it. No money to buy. :'(
    pass it on to someone else…
    Oh, and you can’t change the email address.

    Thanks again mate and sorry for the trouble. :'(

  112. I am not sure the email I got is from real notion ink. The mysterious is, I never give this email account (my very personal one) to notion. This email of mine is used for my friends and relatives. I use another email for notion ink adam but I don’t get mail through the mail address I submitted to notion ink. This the sender email:””
    Is is scam email?

  113. OH MY GOODNESS…my heart is pounding……Fingers and toes crossed, and I’m praying on my knees with a 4 leaf clover in my mouth and a rabbit around my neck (screw just one foot)… ok maybe not all of that..but

    please pick me ;)

  114. No link for me – doh! I’m sure I posted at least once. Oh well, the wife’s getting one, perhaps we are destined to only be a one-Adam family!

  115. This is the email message(below):

    Greetings from Notion Ink!
    We have received an overwhelming response about the Adam and understand that there are many of you wanting to purchase one for yourselves.
    We really appreciate all your patience and enthusiasm. It is only fair that you be invited to order your own Adam.
    So, here is us inviting you to be the proud owner of an Adam!
    Please use the link and login details mentioned below.
    Order an Adam! 

    Username/E-mail: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Password: xxxxxxxxxx
    Once clicked on, the link would take you directly to our store where you can login using the details above.
    PLEASE NOTE! This link is valid only for a single use. Payments can be made using VISA (credit or debit) or AmEx (credit) cards only. Please refer to the other e-mail from us for more instructions and information. Any customs charges, duties or local taxes applicable to your order will have to be borne by you. We strongly suggest that you call your bank / credit card company before clicking on the link, to preauthorise this transaction, in order to avoid any issues while placing your order. This is necessary as your bank / credit card company may flag this transaction or block it completely if you have not used your card to make high value international transactions before or if you are placing this order using the Internet from a location that is different from your registered billing address. This is generally a part of their fraud control measures and we cannot do much to counter this.
    In case you need any further assistance, please contact us
    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink
    _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ‘Confidentiality Warning: This message and any attachments are intended only for the use of the intended recipient(s), are confidential and may be privileged. If you are not the intended recipient. you are hereby notified that any review, re-transmission, conversion to hard copy, copying, circulation or other use of this message and any attachments is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient. please notify the sender immediately by return email, and delete this message and any attachments from your system. Virus Warning: Although the company has taken reasonable precautions to ensure no viruses are present in this email, the company cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the use of this email or attachment.’

  116. Got email on both my used email adresses.
    But sindce we cant use Mastercard here in The netherlands its useless.

  117. i couldnt think of anything more frustrating. Maybe an adam on display at local store with none in stock?

  118. seems like its going to be another day of F5ing. No work is coming out of the Development Dept today!! (i hope my boss is not reading this, i know he is after an adam too)

  119. How do i share an email invitation to someone who wants to order? i have 2 pre order emails on different accounts anyone interested?

  120. Reading futher down at someone else who tried it, seems you cant change the email address on the order. looks like you cant pass them on so will have to wait for our own personal invitation….

  121. @All Dont be impatient enough to take fellow mates invitation on the first day itself and there are more than 36 hours left.
    Keep in mind so can’t change email-id so you have to ping the original guy for each n every information sent by NotionInk before and after shipping and even related to updates. So think about them before ordering from others’ email-id

  122. Isn’t there a way to change mail address as soon as Adam is in our hands?
    Ppl get new accounts all the time?

    Any one any experience on that?

  123. jammie. i hope its only used as a username if i am right. mehdi already used mine, but couldnt get through the bank. give it a try neways.

  124. Got one!

    But shoot, no MasterCard… I’m really in a fix now…

    Have to call the bank…

    But – what to do? Pixel Qi or LCD? What would you suggest?

  125. har har… that sort of answers my question… :)

    I thought to go for the LCD and if convinced by adam, then go for a PQ Adam2

    But since I am looking forward to a reading device…

    But there is still a huge chance that I will not be able to buy because of the “/=($/&@* Visa-stuff!

  126. yeah mastercard have really dragged their heels on this which is unfair really. i do believe paypal would have been a much better way to go even if it meant passing on the costs.

  127. i vote paypal, the only problem in india we’re no longer allowed to use paypal for transactions over $500 because of RBI rules. sometimes i feel we’re taking giant steps back instead of forward :(
    anyway, there’s always google checkout, I really like that, use it all the time for all sorts of stuff.

  128. a request to preorder support team. Many of us have already ordered adam and waiting for it. and we have got PO2 invite. Please allow people to share the preorders with others. If rohan can read this, please direct your preorder support team.

  129. Thanks for the updates.. Is the booking process this time has been modified as we had issues while booking during pre launch 1.

  130. waited patiently for one year ! …. really hope i don’t miss it again after that very first preorder invite horror….

  131. This morning i woke up, turned on my laptop and a shining invitation to buy ADAM was sitting in my inbox. I could not believe it since I only left a random comment months ago. I would be the last persons they should have invited considering the many fans who are actively writing on this blog. Now is not time for me to indulge into expending in gadgets but sure I will have ADAM a bit later (maybe ADAM 2). Thanks ADAM things are going much better lately.
    I am not sure someone else can use my invitation but if you are that eager just let me know your mail and you can give it a try. :)

  132. can i have your invite podespacial ?? mail.newzealand at thank you~ i can’t be refreshing my inbox all night .. got to work tomorrow

  133. No offense, but i dont understand how you got an invite so quick? ive waited so long for this, been supporting NI a long time and im still left waiting. I left comments months and months ago, a long time before the majority of people arrived here. sigh, its dissapointing.

  134. I am on the same boat as you jammiedude.. i left comments a year ago… life isn’t fair and its a fact.

  135. judging for the large list of invitations I think mass production of ADAMS is about to come. Just give it some time. tlcquest if you give up the invitation let me know.

  136. its seems impossible to get someone elso on my invitation.
    Email adres is fixxed in the order.

  137. im sorry what now? so we just log on as that person, go through payment and change the email at payment?

  138. You have to use the mail address from the invitation to access NI’s website and to order. Once you are directed to CCAvenue (to pay), you can input whichever billing and delivery information you like (well I guess from what I have seen but i am not sure).

  139. Hey all,

    Has one you guys using like someone else’s invitation managed to go through the order ? My transaction can not be finalized because of some technical problems (too long delay to contact my issuing bank), I have been trying to reach NI or CCAvenue with no success so far.

  140. guys it doesnt look like you can pass the orders on to anyone, at the end of the day if you dont order theres another space open for someone who gets the link to order so its not entirely wasted you just dont get to choose who it goes to

  141. :( can’t wait till tomorrow to get the link.Wont have internet access after tomorrow till 12th. :((

  142. From other comments it looks like you have to keep trying over and over and it may eventually go through.

  143. Has anyone in the US have ordered successfully? I keep getting a error when paying the error is “We were not able to authenticate the responce from the payment gateway”

  144. Did you call your credit card company before trying to order and clear it with them? If not – thats probably your problem. A transaction like this probably has a 90% chance of being rejected by your credit company as potential fraud.

  145. I’ve heard people say to try other internet browsers – IE or Chrome instead of Firefox. I got Firefox to work on Pre-order 1.5, though.

  146. It seems fake invitation.Got 2 emails about 2nd preorder from ””. User and password is sent. But sender might be scam, not from real NotionInk.

  147. wow someone reading this blog is trying it on! did you give out your email previously or something?

  148. I didn’t give that email address to notion ink. I give one I am regularly using here in this blog. I didn’t get mail through that email address I give to notion ink.

  149. sounds like they have got hold of your other email because you maybe gave it out over the net a while ago and then targeted you as soon as the pre orders where announced again. just make sure the email is from the notionink domain.

  150. NI is this you

    notion Ink Design Labs “”

    or is this a fraudulent email

  151. has anyone received a preorder email using a hotmail account?
    That’s the reason i missed out on preorder 1 ,was wondering if those issues had been resolved

  152. I recieved 2 preorder emails on my hotmail account but order now link does not work on both?
    my gmail preorder mail does work

  153. Tnx for the reply , i havent received any mail yet , but it isnt the 11th yet, guess i’ll keep on checking the inbox :)

    Congrats to everyone that got in btw

  154. Ok, I finally got my adam!! Had to pay Rs 6,684.75 additionally. That takes the landed cost of my adam to Rs 36,684.75 for the PQi 3G version in Mumbai.

    The additional amount seems entirely for customs duty. It appears that Rs 1,650 of octroi payable in Mumbai is covered by NI.

    I am trying to work on an unboxing and will post when done.

  155. @Amit, there is supposed to be no customs for India- This is the information from the customs and excise department website..
    More detailed instructions on “”

  156. @fundaazoflife – only if life were that simple. The GATI fellow wouldn’t have handed over the package to me if I hadn’t paid the money. I don’t think showing him the customs website would have made any difference!

  157. I really liked the unboxing Amit. Hope u will come with user reviews too :). Specially the part where your frn clapped, the excitement was oozing :)

  158. Congratulations Amit! I love watching all the unboxing videos. Each time is exciting all over again.

    Be sure to remove the protective clear plastic film over the camera lens (there may even be two layers). And there is a thin clear plastic film over the white stickers on the sides that can be removed. It will eventually begin to lift off on its own if you do not remove it.

  159. Thanks Greg (and others). I had seen your video and removed both layers of plastic from the camera lens (getting the stuff late does have some advantages!). The stuff’s already started peeling off the sides.

    I updated the adam by flashing it (it’s required only for this update) but as Rohan says Android Market doesn’t load on it. Has anyone been able to load market on this version of Eden?

  160. And Greg, Amit’s unboxing video is the first unboxing video from India. SO needs to be mentioned on your website :)

  161. Amit, congratulations..!!!

    Have fun and read all advises on Greg’s site and Notion Ink Hacks en don’t forget Albert’s video’s

  162. Thanks Himanshu and boeltwit. I had ordered this at my office and I had people in my cabin – everyone excited. I edited the part where there was applause but the excitement was all in there!

  163. @Himanshu – I wanted to order one but with more internal memory. apparently 8 GB is not enuf for me. I have 1 TB portable hdd but it’s not clear if Adam can support that.

    by the way, no emails yet from NI.

  164. congrats Amit!!! Looks like it was just not you who was waiting for Adam!! Cooing and applause!!

    Could you resist the urge to root and install apk’s for a few days. Why dont you test your battery life and other things before installing any non NI applications.

  165. No gcrv, I couldn’t resist sideloading some apks. The Eden version that came with the adam was very buggy. Had to update – the first one requires flashing of the device. Since then things have been better but some stuff is still buggy. The two major irritants are:

    1. Home page not loading fast enough; and
    2. Eden’s custom browser’s repeated unexpected shutdowns. I’m now using Firefox and it’s very good in comparison.

    Fortunately, so far all my issues are software related, so there should be no trouble fixing it. Frankly, I can’t wait for Honeycomb to launch on adam. I’m almost certain that is not scheduled for the major update on the 14th – I think it’s going to be the launch of Genesis. They may grant us indirect access to market through Genesis (I think).

    I will do a more through review soon.

  166. this has be one of my favorite unboxing video :)
    the clapping the woo hoo’s, can tell how much your friend wants it!!!

    Rs. 6684 in customs makes the adam 37k ($820). which puts the price way over the galaxy tab, the xoom and as much as the ipad 32 GB + 3G. a little sad & very far from the one price aim of NI but not a big deal.

    Also Amit, how did you pay GATI? did they have an option to pay online or did you pay them by cheque/cash on delivery?

  167. @Sid – Thanks.

    I paid GATI in cash. I don’t know if they have other options but I figured that cash was the fastest way to make sure that I get the adam.

  168. Smooth so far: got the announcement email, then got the link and code (now going to my partner’s office to collect his Visa since my Eurocard won’t work!).

    Bad surprise is that it’s restricted to one Adam when I “need” three… Suppose it’s good news for the others if there is still a shortage of devices, but please ramp-up production :-)

  169. Well, I got the Visa, but not so smooth actually: I keep having a failed transaction message saying: “We are sorry your transaction could not be authorised due to a delay in establishing a connection to the issuing bank.” And CC Avenue is not replying to my email…

  170. Well, Adam is not for the faint hearted… Encouraged by mglaessgen, among others, I kept trying and it finally worked! So I will have a Pixel QI 3G finally, I’m extactic!

  171. Francois,

    Another happy Adam owner to be, congratulations! Hopefully Adam will be in large enough production that you can have as many as you want. I guess spreading them around is the most fair thing at this time.

  172. Looks like the emails are personalised to the specific email address, so its no use passing on the login details to order because the order will be tied with the original email address which cant be changed. need to wait for your own email!!

    on that topic, NI Please Please Please email me my link!!!

  173. the guy who was going to give me his logon details checked, he said the email was greyed out and couldnt be changed

  174. Hi karen,

    changing the address afterward is possible. The greyed address is only the login to NI’s website, where you choose the model you want to buy. Then you are directed to CCAvenue to pay, where you can input billing and delivery informations.

    However, as Himanshu pointed out, it might be true that NI will use the login mail address (the one you can not change) for updates and things like that. I don’t know if we will be able to change this address.

  175. Seriously pissed off, my wife and I (in the UK) have now both tried to purchase an Adam using her login and every time we submit the card details the transaction company comes back with “We are sorry your transaction could not be authorised due to a delay in establishing a connection to the issuing bank”.

    Why the hell couldn’t you guys use PayPal for this?!

    We finally get the chance to buy and now we run into problems with the rubbish card company you’ve gone with. Pathetic. I think our patience with NotionInk is finally about to run out.

  176. well put it this way, you probably wouldnt have to do it that if it was down a normal consumer channel like Paypal. Rohans argument was that wire transfers are normal, well from our western point of view (dont want to vouch for other areas), its not normal for consumers to wire transfer. its not a channel we would normally see unless we where involved in business affairs where it maybe more acceptable.

  177. Hey Nick,

    can you please let me know if you manage to solve the problem and go through the order as I have the same message bouncing back every time I try to order one ADAM.

    Thanks a lot !

  178. Well there we have it, CCAvenue are rubbish. I’ve contacted my card company (MBNA) and they say they haven’t even seen an attempt to use the card from CCAvenue.
    So my conclusion is CCAvenue have problems as I expected – probably they can’t handle the volume or something like that. Let’s hope they can sort it out before anyone else that’s experiencing this problem gets as pissed off about this as me!

    Drives me mad, we want to give NotionInk our money but they put a system in place that makes it next to impossible. Not a good way to do business…

  179. Assume? How about confirming. It would pretty embarsing for you if thats the issue and your ranting over nothing. If you do get your ADAM, be sure to read the instructions before you rant about something else. Respectfully, please follow their recommendations and check with your bank.

  180. Assume? How about confirming. It would pretty embarrassing for you if thats the issue and your ranting over nothing. If you do get your ADAM, be sure to read the instructions before you rant about something else. Respectfully, please follow their recommendations and check with your bank.

  181. Nick, Glad it worked out for you. I apologize for comment above about confirming with bank. My fault for not reading further. Again Congrats on your ADAM purchase.

    Best Wishes to you

  182. Would love to know how you get on as am in exactly the same boat. Only difference being I phone the bank to ensure it would go through…it did not for the same reason as you…

    Good Luck

  183. Same issue for me. Tried a US bank and a Qatar bank. Very frustrating!!!! If anyone comes to any conclusion please let me know. It should not be this hard to buy! I am in love with the product but this purchasing thing is a nightmare!! Rohan?? I hope you are not on a plane :-)

  184. Great News Nick!!! Sometimes wives can be a calming force in the storm. Mine has been there for me before. It’s wonderful to know someone has your back…

  185. Nick, Glad it worked out for you. I apologize for comment above about confirming with bank. My fault for not reading further. Again Congrats on your ADAM purchase.

    Best Wishes

  186. Paypal is not an option, they don’t allow delayed shippments for one,

    and they just restricted India, transactions can’t exceed $500, there are restrictions on timeing of the goods being deliveried etc.


    So, if they can’t except a payment method for anywhere in the world, I don’t think they would use it, since Notion Ink is trying to establish one price, one world, one order process

  187. PayPal is not allowed by Indian govt. for transactions above $500.
    it was being misused by overseas Indians as a money transfer service. So Indian govt has put a limit of $500 on Indian merchants for foreign transactions.

  188. Nick, you have to tell your bank (or credit card) that you are about to purchase from an international company they may not know about. Once they clear CCAvenue, it should be fine. At least that seems to work for some people in this blog (reported).

    Personally, I’d be pissed of at pay pal as well (they charge money for their service!)

  189. It says on the bottom of me preorder mail

    ‘Confidentiality Warning: This message and any attachments are intended only for the use of the intended recipient(s), are confidential and may be privileged. If you are not the intended recipient. you are hereby notified that any review, re-transmission, conversion to hard copy, copying, circulation or other use of this message and any attachments is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient. please notify the sender immediately by return email, and delete this message and any attachments from your system. Virus Warning: Although the company has taken reasonable precautions to ensure no viruses are present in this email, the company cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the use of this email or attachment.’

  190. What is the sender email address? I got the same email message but my sender is “”. This email is different from the real invitation email sender.I think my email is scam.

  191. @ morningching, @ elmelao, @ medguydan

    I thought so also. Rohan had a notice at the top of the page. I saved it.

    Here is what it said:

    [Update: Please be aware of phishing attacks. We have received few emails on the support that people have received wrong emails from un-known sources (most popular being “Notion@yahoo” ). Please make sure that when you get link, on the payment page it starts with “” ]
    Then the notice was was removed.

    I then got an email from a Yahoo account to order. See below.

    ” Hi!
    Greetings from Notion Ink!
    We have received an overwhelming response about the Adam and understand that there are many of you wanting to purchase one for yourselves.
    We really appreciate all your patience and enthusiasm. It is only fair that you be invited to order your own Adam.
    So, here is us inviting you to be the proud owner of an Adam!
    Please use the link and login details mentioned below.

    I hovered over the link with my mouse pointer and it indicated “”
    So I clicked it and it went to Notion Ink’s site I hovered over all the links and checked spelling of all links that showed with my mouse pointer. All seemed to be in order.

    I then placed my order and got the proper email back from Notion Ink, and CCavenue, verifying everything.

    Then I manually typed in the “”. Typed my email address and password that was given to me. I was in, and all my data was correct, and what was ordered along with shipping date, etc..

    Apparently no one bothered to let Rohan know they were also using Yahoo to send out notices about ordering.
    Another part of growing pains, I guess.

    If a link you get look suspicious, hover over it with your mouse pointer, and see if it matches the one printed. It usually shows at the bottom of the browser page, in the “Status Bar”. If it does not, then DO NOT CLICK on it. Also look for misspellings of links and or when hover over it with your mouse pointer.
    To turn on the status bar in FireFox, click on “View” and make sure “Status Bar” is checked in the drop down menu. I always leave my “Status Bar” for checking stuff. In MS Explorer click on “View” then “Toolbars” and then “Command Bar”

    Not 100% foolproof but it helps eliminate fraud.

  192. In case you think you should have received the link and haven’t post 11 Feb 11:55PM IST, the link in Rohan’s post will become active for you where you can register yourself…

  193. How lovely. Guess it is a huge number of e-mails, since it’s taking a few days to send out. I’ll just plant myself in front of my computer, and play the F5 game. =)

  194. ‘Payments can be made using VISA (credit or debit) or AmEx (credit) cards only. Please refer to the other e-mail from us for more instructions and information. Any customs charges, duties or local taxes applicable to your order will have to be borne by you. We strongly suggest that you call your bank / credit card company before clicking on the link, to preauthorise this transaction, in order to avoid any issues while placing your order. This is necessary as your bank / credit card company may flag this transaction or block it completely if you have not used your card to make high value international transactions before or if you are placing this order using the Internet from a location that is different from your registered billing address. This is generally a part of their fraud control measures and we cannot do much to counter this.’

  195. I still have some doubts. But nevertheless – I ordered one!

    Shipping date: 25th February to 10th March 2011

    Good luck, NI

  196. me too, but i switched out the broken parts with a identical broken mouse i had on hand.
    my mouse works fine now!

  197. Karen i have a pre order invite but its not from noreply at notionink..its from notion at yahoo dot com..however it still points in the right direction to the url and the login works…if u want i can forward it to you. all you have to do is sort out how u gonna pay. :)

  198. Thanks Kirtan, accepted an invite from someone else to keep in my back pocket.
    I’ll wait a bit more for my own invite to come through. Would make is easier, not stressing anyone with all the follow up mails and updates later on.

    @ all: *thank you all for your support*

  199. i recieved the mail.. filled up the forms.. clicked pay .. and it shows TRANSACTION FAILED!!! :O i am dying here.. 5th attempt the same, 2 seconds after clicking pay, it shows this.. what am I supposed to do?

    i lost out on the first pre order because i saw the mail late.. now it shows payment issues.. :( :( :'(

    “so near… yet so far”…

  200. Have you called bank? That happened with me. The Failed Payment e-mail from CCAvenue said unauthorized usage. The next time I tried paying, they were one phone at same time to watch it go through.

  201. re posting caus of wp:
    Has anyone in the US have ordered successfully? I keep getting a error when paying the error is “We were not able to authenticate the responce from the payment gateway”

  202. I’m in the same boat. Hopefully, mine is ordered. I have sent emails to both CCAvenue and NI.

  203. USD 425.33 / INR 21416 LCD Wi-fi + 3G (UMTS 900 / 2100 MHz)
    but conversion rate comes out to be Rs 50.26/ US $ 1 almost Rs.5 more
    why so?

    no link yet :(
    very very eager to have one.

  204. YESSSSS!!!!
    Paid for my adam LCD + wifi + 3G…
    Total : 23766 INR

    Thank you 3dMazter for the mail. Will get the email changed by contacting notionink now.

    For indians :
    Payment in USD is not possible through CCavenues currently..they had this to say :

    AS per RBI rules, Currently indian residents cannot make payments in USD for any transactions.

    that sucks as i had to pay the higher price in INR. Anyway..thanks again to 3dmazter!
    cheers guys!

  205. correction: indians can’t pay more than $500 in a single transaction. CC avenue guys are charging way too much for the currency conversion because of the monopoly they have for orders.
    I should have got my Adam shipped to my US address and got someone to get it from there. no customs, to delays, cheaper price… alas the perils of living in Bangalore!

  206. @Rohan, I understand we still have few hours for the email receipt deadline. But don’t miss me again this time (haven’t received any email so far).

  207. Rajendra,

    Email me at “”, I received two email from NI. I am not ordering the Adam yet. I cancel my orginal order because of the delays and I was not happy with their customer support and flow of information. If you email me I will forward you the email, one that they sent me.


  208. Great News, looking forward to more in the community. Don’t believe everything you read. There are a lot of information out there about how good this tablet is. This tablet is different to anything else out there. I own the 3G and Pixel Qi screen. I have had it for just over a week now and still feel it was the best buy, by far.

    Come join this dynamic and energetic community. Even the nay says, even though they are becoming smaller each day. :) about time too.

  209. @himanshu jain and @jaisinghdeep

    thanks guys for your positive responses. but as you will see from above, i managed to get a link from 3dmazter and order my adam. I shall not require the link from you guys now. If i get one in the future..i will surely forward it to anyone who needs it. As for the email address, i will simply forward all the mails i then receive to the adam recepient. so if any of you guys / gals want it please email me at kirtan dot doshi at yahoo dot com. most probably i will be in transit but i should be able to forward you the mail atleast. (bangkok airport does have free wifi). I wont be able to check the blog on it though…so please do mail me rather than post here.

    Kirtan Doshi

  210. maybe you have to wait sometime. some providers can make you waite 24 hrs. Call back and tell them you want your card clear to buy (from CCAvenue)

  211. Any idea if there is a limit on adams like last time? Just curious if they will run out or if they will take as many orders as they can.

    I got my preorder email link but will not be using it. I’ll be waiting to hear more feedback / reviews.

    Best wishes to everyone on their new adams! I hope it is a dream come true for you all!

  212. Rohan – any chance of an adam 1.5 – with update higher quality screens? I know you said adam 2 is 9-18ish months away – but with little effort the adam 1 could be updated with higher quality LCD and Pixel Qi screens for those of us who have concerns.

  213. Hmmm, got the email.
    But here I am with my Mastercard………………………………
    Too bad.
    Now I have to wait till the Adam is in the shop or another tablet.

  214. Ok NI do you have any comment on:
    Transaction could not be authorised.
    Your order number is (taken out).
    Reason :We are sorry your transaction could not be authorised due to a delay in establishing a connection to the issuing bank.

  215. Hello. I have a problem when i try to pay. It says “We are sorry your transaction could not be authorised due to a delay in establishing a connection to the issuing bank”.

    What can i do?

  216. This seems to be a common problem now for many users.

    Can you contact Tina at NotionAddicts as well as the support team.

    @Rohan. This problem seems to be faced by many potential customers. Can you ask your support team to look into it?

  217. Has anyone received the link? Can you order once you receive the link or have to wait for sometime? If I receive the mail at the very end and Adams are sold out what will be my options : 1) Steal from someone who has already received one , 2) Empire state building ;), 3) Go to Bangalore and get it personally from Rohan , 4) Go Greg’s house and grab one ;).

    Can anyone paste the mail here?
    The time has been changed to Feb 11th from Feb 9th.

  218. I don’t think they have paucity of adam this time.
    For your convenience posting it again

    Hello and Greetings from Notion Ink!

    We know that many of your have been eagerly awaiting to purchase your Adam!

    We are delighted to inform you that we will be sending you an invite to order your Adam starting from 9 February 0900hrs IST to 11 February 0900hrs IST. (IST = GMT + 5.5hrs)

    You will be sent an e-mail with a link in it, using which your order can be placed.

    Here are some things we would like you to know before you attempt to place your order.

    1. We strongly suggest that you call your bank/credit card company before clicking on the link, to preauthorise this transaction, in order to avoid any issues while placing your order. This is necessary as your bank/credit card company may flag this transaction or block it completely. If you have not used your card to make high value international transactions before or if you are placing this order using the Internet from a location.

    2. Currently, payments would be possible only through VISA (credit and debit) and AmEx cards only. We are still in the process of acquiring MasterCard as a payment partner, which is stuck at MasterCard’s end. This is why Internet banking is available as a payment option for Indian card holders. We are afraid these are the only payment methods accepted currently.

    The following variants of the Adam would be available for purchase now.

    USD 375.33 / INR 18916 LCD Wi-fi only
    USD 425.33 / INR 21416 LCD Wi-fi + 3G (UMTS 850 / 1900 MHz)
    USD 425.33 / INR 21416 LCD Wi-fi + 3G (UMTS 900 / 2100 MHz)

    USD 499.45 / INR 25122 PixelQi Wi-fi only
    USD 549.99 / INR 27649 PixelQi Wi-fi + 3G (UMTS 850 / 1900 MHz)
    USD 549.99 / INR 27649 PixelQi Wi-fi + 3G (UMTS 900 / 2100 MHz)

    We charge a flat shipping fee of USD 50 / INR 2350 for your order. We use DHL,TNT and EMS as shipping companies.

    Currently, orders would be shipped out in two different batches – 25 February to 28 February 2011 and 5 March to 10 March 2011.
    You would be split into the appropriate batch on a first come first serve basis.

    Any customs charges, duties or local taxes applicable to your order will have to be borne by you.

    In case you do not receive your invite before the time specified above, we suggest that you first check your spam folder. If you still cannot find our invite, please write into us at “” with ‘Invite Request’ as the subject line.

    We kindly request you to wait till the end time specified above before mailing in to us about not receiving an invite.

    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink

  219. I’ve received the email from Rohan titled “Next Round Of Order” but I haven’t received the email that Himanshu shows above (nor have I received the invite to order!)

    Has everyone else received the email that Himanshu has posted?

  220. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    A little off-topic, yet interesting perhaps.

    “h t t p://”

    So the big players face a need to do internal revisions.

    I’d say NI will be learning so much along the way through Adam to Adam2 that they will be quite fire-resistant in the future. At least I do hope the will :)

    Good luck, guys

  221. i tried to put the order through just like pre-order 1, but just like preorder 1 it not go though

    i’m in shock, this cant happen again.

  222. my order was finally successful i now own my very own adam :)

    it took me six hours to get my order to go through. :( :( :(

    i was about to give up, but i finally got one :)

  223. I just keep trying but still am getting errors. SO sad.
    Transaction could not be authorised.
    Your order number is XXXXXXXXXX-X.
    Reason :We are sorry your transaction could not be authorised due to a delay in establishing a connection to the issuing bank.
    Please click here to try again

  224. I got through finally. Close the CCAvenue page and click Pay Now again on the Notion Ink store

  225. yipee!!! Completed the transaction in less than a minute of receiving the adam link.

    Is this a RECORD of sorts? :-D

    Delivery says between 25th Feb and 10th March.

  226. Opps, it was under 5 minutes (well, still in less than a minute I noticed the mail)…
    Well, whatever… I am out of bounds now…

  227. I have received my invitation to order, and I’ve even gotten into the ordering website, but when supplying my shipping and billing information the website complains that I haven’t entered a valid phone number.
    I googled my country code, and for the US is says I should use +1, but with either +1 or simply 1 as the country code it still will not let me proceed, saying I don’t have a valid phone number.
    Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?
    Thanks in advance

  228. Try adding 0001 and continue. May + is not being accepted. Or just ignore the country code and just enter the number as if its inside US. It can always be corrected later by sending a mail to support. (its all a guess work)

  229. Thanks Hutch, accepted an invite from someone else to keep in my back pocket.
    I’ll wait a bit more for my own invite to come through. Would make is easier, not stressing anyone with all the follow up mails and updates later on.

    @ all: *thank you all for your support*

  230. I cannot believe there is still no Mastercard option or that Rohan is not telling us very much about it or discussing other options, like PayPal. This is a huge demographic of loyal fans that are being left behind. So much for waiting for PO2! I could bite the arse of a pirhana today, I’m that pissed!

  231. somewhere in the multitude of posts on here someone recommended purchasing a pre-paid visa card to pay for it…
    just letting you know.

    I had to use my debit card, because of this, the only good is that my mastercard is not maxed now!

  232. I just got the link :D but I can’t make my mind up regarding Pixel Qi / LCD??
    Always wanted a Pixel qi screen, but after seeing the reviews I am very confused.. I haven’t had a tablet before, so I don’t know how much I am going to use it outside.
    Have anyone compared the two models side by side?

  233. I am going with the PixelQi. The NotionInkFan review calmed my fears about vibrancy of the picture and I plan to be out on my deck using my adam and I know my LCD laptop isn’t visible at all.

  234. Yah, I like my PQ. It does looks good as seen in the video. But I think I would prefer LCD. If you plan to use our Adam outdoors then definitely consider the PQ. It does look good. But if you don’t need outdoor use, then LCD may be better for you and save you some money.

    Anyway, just a consideration… I can’t really make a recommendation either way since I have not seen both and don’t truly know how they compare in color vibrancy, and viewing angle, etc.

    I hope to get my hands on an LCD version some time soon and do a thorough comparison. Though probably not in time to help everyone decide for preorders…

  235. I have not seen the LCD myself yet. Pixel Qi is great, especially if you are going to read outdoors a lot. (you can see it in my video review on “”) I have my light sensor disabled and the brightness turned up all the way. That is a clear indicator to me that I would probably prefer LCD because of its more vibrant colors. So if you are like me and turn brightness up all the way on your notebooks too, then LCD should be considered. But like I said, I have not seen LCD yet myself. I have been told the colors are more vibrant. But I don’t know if viewing angles are bettor or worse, etc. I will be using mine indoors more than outdoors and I’m not as concerned about battery life. So I think I would possibly have preferred LCD over Pixel Qi because I plan to be indoors a lot more then outdoors and because getting the best possible battery life is not as important to me. Good luck on deciding. ;-)

  236. From your experince…

    How about PQ in a well lit office environment?

    I’d sometimes wish to get out more but reality mostly keeps me within concrete walls and I intend to read a lot of scientific papers & PDF stuff (at least that’s why I originally got on the track).

    Any ideas?

  237. Hey Greg :)
    I am a big fan of your blog and your videos helped me a lot on which model I should order. I ordered the LCD+3g model before I read your comment. I figured that I would mostly use my Adam to videos, music, games and reading inside in a class room. So the LCD screen would fit my needs better then the Qi. But thanks a lot for taking your time to answer my question :D And btw, I think I would be very satisfied no matter what model I got ;)

    – Mikkel Petersen

  238. what are the odds.. today must be my lucky day…. a second invitation from ADAM… is anyone ready to buy (no mastercard) and want my invitation?

  239. Just received my e-mail :D I was so excited…

    …but unfortunately it seems to be some bugs in the payment system… and my MasterCard is not supported… :'(

    is there an alternative way to pay ? Paypal? direct Bank Transfer ? pleaaaaaase… :'(

  240. THANKS CHEBBINATOR! I may not get it as soon as it arrives my friends house but I know I’ll be getting it! My friend better not steal it! JAJAJA! YAY! Wish I could put that dancing smiley on the comment!

  241. AFTER CALLING THE BANK (AGAIN) IT WENT THROUGH! YES!!!! THANK YOUUUU! Now I hope I can get one for my sister!

  242. Thanks! I’m so so so so so happy! This is amazing! Thanks all of you for the support! It’s crazy to think, I would never be doing this for any other gadget! It’s very gratifying to be able to share the joy with you guys!

  243. Cool…lol

    Did you check here…?? “”

    Namaste, Bert

  244. In honor to be able to buy my Adam I will be changing Gravatar! This is how I’m feeling right about now!

  245. Does anybody knows how long it takes that I can check the preorder status?
    If I try it now (ordered 15min ago) I get the following error message:

    Please enter correct Order Number and Email

  246. It will take some Time for NI to update the database. For the meanwhile you can go to the same link provided in the mail and it will take you to fully completed order page with information about payment and shipping date.

  247. Himanshu, thanks.

    I kept trying to login through the pre-order and didnt think to try to login again through the same login. I can see my order but odly enough my main order # had a -0 at the end and now it has a -1

    Cannot wait to return my ViewSonic and play with my Adam!

    Thanks Rohan,


  248. rohan don’t forget “”
    I know, I know that there’s not much on it, but then I’m reserving it for all the cool stuff that I’ve got to showcase just as soon as I get the Adam, waiting for Feb 14th!!!

  249. WOOH YES :D soo happy to give away money :D lol

    finally it worked … if your still trying guys I put my order in , walked away for a cuppa then came back paid and it worked

    now fingers crossed on delivery ;)

    I’m an Adamite

  250. @ All trying to order and getting refused. I have experienced the same issues on 2 different occasions while ordering.
    I was using firefox and it didn’t go through then and I thought I’d try it again but it still didn’t go through. On switching to chrome on both occasions my transactions have gone through. You might want to try this….. :)
    Just a heads up. Meanwhile trying to decide if I want a PQi or Lcd for my adam.( Ordered both.

  251. Hold your horses, Doja…
    Do i understand this right?
    You ordered two versions, since you weren’t able to decide in time which one you want?
    This blog is getting crazier by the hour ;-)

  252. I am so confused and been doing the pros and cons. The LCD won and I just couldn’t bring myself to lose out on Pqi technology.
    What are you getting? :)

  253. Ordered mine. Oddly I received two emails, one with a bad code in it.

    It took a couple tries for CCAvenue to process my card though. Kept saying there was a timeout contacting your bank. Only thing I adjusted on the last time was I removed 001 from my phone number.

  254. Payment system seems to working now. Give it a go!!

    Yes I will be a proud owner of an shiny new toy. I mean Adam.

  255. got a mail from notion at yahoo dot com for an order. the link in it points to the right url and even logins to the order page. looks like the address is valid guys…not a scam…
    but can never say and can never tell why notion ink is doing it through yahoo….

  256. Kirtan

    My email came from Notion Ink Design Labs noreply[at] Would personally advise against using that link. Be Careful

  257. Diviash,

    Hmm..well i have already ordered it using 3dmazter’s invite. He had no use for it as he has a mastercard…however there is only one link in the mail from yahoo and it points to the right url..i have checked all sorts of properties on that link and it seems to be legit.

    But you are right ofcourse. notion ink should not be sending out mails from a free webbased email service..Rohan if you are reading this, please clarify for all as if its a legit mail, then a lot of people are having trouble trusting it.


  258. looks definitely doubtful..i just tried to reply to that address and i got a mail failure notification…weeeeeirrrrdddd

  259. Rohan mentioned the sheer volume of e-mails that had to go out. Maybe this is one way they can manage that number???

  260. me too Mikos… Ordered my first adam in December…. ordered my second as part of the test run… and now have two links for this round.

  261. John 19:51

    No I don´t need a link, and now have my pre-order2 mail number two….

    I have one Adam and thats ok for now. :-)

    What´s up with the ‘reply’ – is it limited?

  262. If anyone needs a link email me at:

    jmagni at yahoo dot com ….. please include your user name on this blog as I want to make sure it is going to “one of the family”

  263. Wow it finally worked!!!! That was seriously the 10th try. It finally worked only on my debit card (VISA). Amazing, frustrating, but I am happy to be joining the Notion Ink family soon.

  264. me too i must have hacked away at it about 20 times. i got 3 alerts of fraud on my card from it!

  265. WOW !

    I just commented yesterday on previous blog about issuing clear guidelines about next round of Pre-order. And Low and behold, Rohan did read my comment.

    Thank you !

  266. I should probably say that it was a little tense trying to order, my payment wouldn’t go through using a couple of different cards. I had to disable my antivirus and suddenly it worked. So for those that are having trouble that could be the reason.

  267. I received more than one preorder email. The codes didn’t work in the first one I received, but the second one did.

  268. same thing happened to me just use your username and and password here “”

    it took me six hours to get my order to go through. :( :( :(

    i was about to give up, but i finally got one :)

  269. balu340:
    Try “”. You will need your email address and the password supplied in the invite.

  270. OK, found my country code with google.
    First attempt failed even though I called my VISA card company ahead of time and they said no problem.
    Second attempt with American Express worked, and I got a confirmation and order number.
    When attempting order status at the NI website it doesn’t recognize the order number.
    I must just be too eager!! ;-)
    At the very worst, I just ordered 2 machines…
    Best of luck to all others who are trying to order!
    Waiting is…

  271. Yes, that’s the storefront, and you need your password.
    I got both an email from CCavenue and from NI confirming the purchase. The storefront gives an expected delivery date between 25 Feb and 10 March. I can’t wait ;-)

  272. Wow!!! its now raining adam order links :)
    I just received another link. Any takers – drop me note – memurali at gmail dot com

  273. Hi, Looks like there was some issue with the account and it was regenerated and I cant login with the new link.May be some bug.
    Apologies for the disappointment.
    I hope all of you will receive your link soon.

  274. WHAT?!? MasterCard still hasn’t approved you guys yet??? How much should I put on a prepaid Visa and where should I get one from that would work with the Notion Ink website??? I don’t want to get a prepaid card filled up and then find out I can’t use it.

  275. Oh, apparently NetBanking can be used outside of India too? The wording was a bit unclear. I can directly pay from my bank account no problem as I have enough money in there. I just need to wait for the email… and keep my bank on speed dial.

  276. No word of a lie, 22 attempts later, 2 different cards and a bout 3 hrs of labour, i finally managed to get my order in. i need a holiday after that

  277. Class action lawsuit against NotionInk

    Learnt from a reliable source that a leading tort is planning a class action suit against NI. Hundreds of thousands of wannabe NI Adam owners who have been denied an Adam will join and demand compensation for ruining the F5 key on their computing devices at their home and workplace while awaiting their pre-order link. Plus, of course, the accompanying mental stress and frustration. In an initial response, the CEO of NI has suggested that users simply remap their keyboards and use assign the refresh function to a different key. He also suggested that complainants use software keyboards going forward like the one on an Adam. The ruling is expected to be in favor of the complainants and compensation will be in the form of an Adam of choice with a strict warning to NI to not push the indicated delivery dates.

  278. now that we order it (for those who are lucky enough to have their transactions processed), how will this batch take to be delivered?

  279. 15-20 days. i have pasted that mail sent by Ni team twice. They have explained it in detail

  280. Still waiting for email. Called visa and they told me there was nothing they could do before the charge is made to make sure it goes thru.

  281. Thank you for ordering. Unfortunately, the transaction was declined. Please try again later. – c’mon, I contacted the bank and told them expect a payment to Notion Ink by way of CCAvenue and still I can’t order. I have tried 3 different cards on both pre-orders. This is beyond ridiculous. Open it up for paypal or mastercard so those loyalist who have been waiting can actually complete an order.

  282. I had the same issue when I preordered. It took me 3 times. My bank said they took care of it after the first time but the second attempt failed too. The third time I kept them on the one as I place my order. But it went through on its own the third time.

  283. I have tried 7 times. I contacted the bank and visa and they both told me that it should go through. Will continue trying though

  284. I provided the exact dollar amount, the company the purchase was for, the company that the charge was being made by, and kept the bank on the phone while I placed the order, until the bank told me they saw the purchase on the account. And the bank still called me three times to validate. the last one I spoke to told me that “note” do not go through to the fraud dept, they only monitor transactions and do not look at the account itself.

  285. Karen, please email me at “”.

    I have tried to email you twice, from two different accounts. Maybe your email account is blocking mail from me (and your pre-order invite from notion ink).

  286. Hmmm. Still no response from Greg. I wonder if it is a blocked email issue… ;-)

    I’m in Hacks and Addict with the same name as well, Greg.
    PM me there?

  287. I’m not getting your email. Are you getting mine?
    If not, you may want to setup a gmail account. at least for this preorder. We know gmail gets through…

  288. My account exists for 20 years now, never had any probs before.
    Nothing in inbox nor spam, so think provider is door keeping somehow.
    There you go: karenwieman3 at gmail :-)

  289. @Greg
    I have a request for pre-order 2, and do not use it, because my adam is sent to the 14 (I give my preorder 2)
    Nicola registered as a fan (remember the photo retouched! with smile)

  290. still havent received any link

    and I am onethe people who had received Preorder 1 link but failed due to credit card company

  291. no email received so far

    My 1st preorder failed due to credit card company

    Hope I get preorder link soon

  292. fellow adams, i am from Brazil…anyone here with a pre-order link they will not use?
    will return the favor to the family by promoting Adam in BRAZIL…muito obrigado

  293. @Rohan and Team

    I know it has been mentioned before but come on guys just look at all these comments. A Notion Ink forum would organise everything so much more easily and make it simpler to navigate.

    You have the talent in the team and it can’t take too much time to sort.

    How good would it be to see a poll of who has ordered what, whose got payment issues.. hell whose birthday it is!! etc.

    Have you got some great affinity to WordPress. No offence to WordPress it has done its job as a blog but these comments and commenter’s deserve a forum.


  294. I just ordered mine as well; I was pleased that the transaction seemed quick, orderly, and generally unproblematic.

    Was also pleased to note that my credit card company within 10 seconds of clicking “authorize” called ME (with an automated call) to verify that I’d made the purchase and to authorize it at that end, so Rohan’s suggestions that one contact one’s bank are good ones, apparently! (I know my bank does this stuff, so I didn’t worry about it and expected the call.)

    Am pleased and delighted to be on the receiving end of an Adam Pixel Qi WiFi 3g. I’ve never bought a brand-new product before; I usually wait till it’s been around a while before making that leap. But this…this is different. Proud to be a member of the Adam family.

    (And thank you, Rohan and NI folks all, for changing the warranty and return policy!)

  295. I live outside of TNT’s delivery area so my Adam was brought to my door by FedEx. They left it on the porch without requiring a signature. So keep a close eye out when yours is supposed to arrive. And TNT can tell you who will be delivering it if it is not going to be them.

    And as many of you know from my unboxing video, my Adam was opened during shipping. It was customs that opened it. They have the right to open and inspect any package. So don’t freak out if yours arrived in the same condition (opened and resealed). Everything was still in perfect condition. ;-)

  296. That is why I am having it delivered to my work address. Even if it means missing out on a weekend delivery.

  297. This is humor at its best – based in truth. I have had the same experience where I wait and wait and wait for a delivery. Only to step out for 10 minutes and come back and find the dreaded tag on the door.

  298. my order was finally successful i now own my very own adam:)

    it took me six hours to get my order to go through.:(:(:(

    i was about to give up, but i finally got one:)

  299. To all those trying to work out whcih model 3G they need…

    found quite a good site which tells which network will work in your country check it out if you need.



  300. To all those trying to work out which model 3G they need…

    found quite a good site which tells which network will work in your country check it out if you need.



  301. Hey all,

    After – at least – 20 trials (and 20 “We are sorry your transaction could not be authorised due to a delay in establishing a connection to the issuing bank”) I finally managed to go through the order process, I received the confirmation mail so it should go smoothly from now on :-).
    I hope everyone facing this problem managed to make it. Oh by the way, I did mail CCAvenue about the problem, they basically replied that it was bad luck and to try again.

  302. Yay I got my order through with no issues. Thank you Rohan and others at NI !!!!!!!!!!!!! now i just need a bunch of food so i can wait by the front door. hahah jk.

  303. damn, this is one of those days when you when wish for your regular spam mail, but no sir, not today, so now my mailbox is stuck with the same mail count. Out of desperation, might have to mail myself from another account just to feel that things are moving and the elusive pre-order mail will arrive…

  304. Finally got my order to go through. I don’t have a shipping status yet, but I feel better about the order. If you are having the Failed Transaction error, just keep trying.

  305. I have the strange feeling that I again won’t get a mail.
    As a participant of the logo-contest and many comments at that time…

    it is really making me sad.

  306. dont worry you will still be able to order the link in the Rohans blog post will get active on 11th feb India time. You can order from there.

  307. Just ordered mine! :-) Says it will ship between Feb 25th and March 10th. I’m in no hurry now that the order has been placed…

    Have yall heard about the Adam that just sold for over $1200 on eBay?

  308. @Notion Ink

    I have given an invite from someone that already has ordered one during preO-1 so he gave it to me like so many others here. As I try to pay I keep getting the following error “We were not able to authenticate the response from the payment gateway”. I have emailed support but no response. Please help so I can also be a proud owner of an adam.

  309. Are all the emails being staggered i.e. the notice for the pending invite email might not come until right before you get the invite email??

    I tried to pay through the chrome, to give an error. Tried through Internet Explorer and it worked.

  311. had no problems ordering from my Chrome OS cr-48 notebook, so try again. PixelQi wifi model!

    you guys all need to head over to some of the blog sites (engadget, zdnet, and those other guys who bought the iPhone 4 prototype) and start posting about the Adam, I keep reading about how there is nothing that compares to the iPad available from anyone else, and they often say no one can beat the specs of the base model iPad for the same price or less… We need to teach them that they can get Adam goodness with Android for $375 and they can shove their $499 base model iPad…

  312. Has anybody who received an invite for pre-order 1 but was unable to order received an invite for pre-order 2 yet?

    My link for PO1 wouldn’t work and I haven’t registered on any other site so I’m relying on Notion Ink sending me an email from my registration on this site.

    However I’m beginning to worry that because I was sent an email for PO1, they assume I either ordered or don’t want one and that I won’t get an email for PO2 :{

  313. possible. i got PO1 invite but so far not yet got the PO2 invite. so possible we are banned from pre-ordering by invite :-)

  314. i did not get any emails regarding po2. only email i got is automatic email notifications for the new post on this site and on NIH!!

  315. Same here.

    Received an pre-order 1 link late, could not order (PQ run out..) and after that, i did not receive any of the mentioned e-mails here.

    What a theory….

  316. In a strange twist, I received pre-order 1 invite, received my Adam, and then received pre-order 2 invite. :3

  317. If you scroll up and post under my pre-order link giveaway, you can have mine if you like. Just don’t want multiple obligations to give the same link to multiple people. :P


  318. Indeed. Best of luck with your pre-orders good sirs. :)

    Hopefully there will be a lot more PiQi models this round, and since they’re doing it over a couple of days, consumption rates should be a lot lower over that interval; if they have any remaining, they’ll probably open it up to the public again after that point. :P

  319. I posted several comments before the first preorder, got that email, but passed because all the pixelqi models were gone, and now I just tried to post again to make sure i get another email and it tells me my email address isn’t registered.. damn you wordpress…
    I hope i get another email! I want an Adam!!

  320. Got the email , ordered quickly , just took only 5 min to complete the process, i am from Dubai UAE., My adam will ship between feb 25 and March 10th …

  321. Woohooo! SOmeone from UAE, wow! I thought I wud be the only 1! I am in Abu Dhabi! but have not got my order mail yet :( waiting waiting waiting! yallla, bring it on habibi! :)

  322. Good news (finally chance to order), bad news (cannot read private mails at work). Driving home for reading my mails just a little bit faster than usual. What I expected: No mail from NI .. Still almost two days to go, but my greatest fear is that PQ will be sold out once I receive my mail.

    Hopefully I can get some sleep this night, my heart is pounding like mad.

    Who gets the mails first: Those with many blog entries, those from certain countries, .. ?

    Best regards, Thomas

  323. I think after the demand last round they increased production on PiQi models – they indicated they misunderstood demand forces previously. :p

  324. I’m part of the second pre-order but have an Adam already, so if anyone would like my access code, I will provide it.

    First to post an e-mail for me to forward my invite to below will receive.

  325. Glad to see no major issues for people wanting the second pre-order. Had this been pre-order one this would have been flooded by now. :)

  326. There you go chaipau. Let me know if you change your mind and I’ll pass the link onto someone else.

  327. The link has been used (one time use). Sorry all who couldn’t get it and best of luck with your pre-orders. :)

  328. Hi I have a dilemma in figuring out which version to order. I am aware that the non-3G does not have access to the SIM card slot. But, I would like to confirm 100% if the non-3G versions still include the Mini PCI-e card and/or SIM card slots. Thanks -CC

  329. Someone is selling an order link on eBay!!

    Yup, must be the black sheep of this ‘family!’

    http ://

  330. This feels just like last pre-order, I’m sitting by my computer spamming F5 on gmail and this site, seeing people all over writing “I just got my E-mail” and still nothing in my inbox.
    Last time i waited for nothing, I just hope it’s not like that now. ^^
    congrats to all who got the e-mail! =) Keep posting here.

  331. Firefox has an extension called “ReloadEvery”

    You can set the parameters of how often you want a page to refresh.

  332. I didn’t even receive the pre-order 2 link yet and PQ is already sold out. Now I lost all hopes for pre-order 2, everyone is getting but although I am on this blog from mid last year I haven’t received any so far ;(.

  333. Rajendra,

    Email me at “”. Received two email to preorder, not going to order, cancel my order for first round due to delays, etc…. Will forward email to you and Karen if she did not received her yet.


  334. we are on the same boat!! i am following Rohan from Dec 2009!! no PO2 invite for me :-( hope i am not in banned from pre-order list!! :-) i dont know if i will get to order even during the regular window. if i dont get PO2 invite, i wont bother about the pre-orders and will try when it hits the retail stores :-( i took the risk of forwarding my gmail to my office emailid just for the PO2 invite. but i am getting all other junk emails but this one!! :-(

  335. Karen,

    Did you get a order email to order yet, if not email me at “”.

    I received two email, I am not ordering. If you email me I will forward email to you.


  336. Rohan bhaaaaaai! Mera number kab aayega!
    Was in Kerala during PO 1, and couldnt order on time!
    I thought I would be the first few for PO2, hopes! but alas! :( I have been reading each and every comments today! Been mailing everyone who offered to share their PO2 mail… mail’d couple while driving too (I know I shudnt have, but for adam)

    I need an adam asap! In the sunny UAE, I wanna show off the PQi screeen! Rohan please! :(

  337. Hello all,

    So I recieved the confirmation email and saw the webpage with the estimated shipping dates etc. But now that I’m trying to log back in to check status or back to the “” it doesn’t recognize my password and when I click on forgot password it tells me that the ID isn’t recognized. Is this just me?


    And SALUD to all those who have ordered and will be ordering!

  338. For all the naysayers that think Adam won’t go anywhere or be in demand Take A Look At this blog. Rohan said pre-order 2 would start after all pre-order 1 Adams were shipped.
    Well he is ahead of schedule by almost 6 days!!!! The demand looks good I sincerely hope everyone that wants to order will be able to.

  339. Wally, I think that this has been Rohan’s intetion all along even since PO 1. Unfortunately both the FCC/CE and the transportation damage occurred and his plan to ship things before estimated dates when down the drain. This is the smart thing to do, it’s best to be pleasantly surprised!

    Can anyone who had the Feb 14th ship date confirm if their status has changed to shipped?

  340. Luis

    Right on!! I had wondered if Rohan might pull a positive surprise out of his hat. Which has me wondering if the final pre order 1 shipments may ship sooner too. My Adam is due to ship the 15th of Feb with the final Pre order 1 batch, just maybe I’ll get a surprise as well? I’m not counting on it though. Knowing I’m likely to receive Adam before February’s end has me as happy as a clam!! It is real nice to see the smiles ahead of the frowns today!!

  341. It would have been nice to see that “buffer” worked into our shipping date work for us. But I have to admit I’m enjoying the excitement of this pre-order for those that had to wait so much longer than us.

  342. So we know emails went out, and some got them and some did not (myself included). But if I read Rohan’s post correctly they are not sending out all of the email at once. So I am still hoping it will come soon. I am also very optimistic since pre-order by invite window is much longer then the first, so they shouldn’t be sold out by the time I am able to order.

  343. Hey, here is a suggestion! I think it would be awesome if we could get collect pictures of us with our Adams in different landmarks through out the world! Once I get my Adam I’ll post a picture of Adam on the Equator monument in Ecuador. Maybe we can get Eiffel Tower pics, Empire State, Golden Gate bridge, Corcovado, Taj Mahal, the Pyramids.. well you catch my drift!

  344. I am not seeing my post anywhere except under My Account->Track my comments

    So I ask again…

    Are all the emails being staggered (i.e. the notice for the pending invite email might not come until right before you get the invite email)??

  345. Rohan said they would not all be in one go. In Pre-Order 1, they got marked as spammers, so trying to avoid that this time.

  346. Hi All
    Has anyone in the UK received their mail and managed to order. I’m waiting with bated breath.
    Come on NI make me happy.

  347. Hi Doja,
    I’ve had nothing this time : (
    Hope you have fun with yours cheers for answering me.

  348. Not a problem. I do hope you get the pre order link although I think if you’re not aiming for PQi version then when that link in Rohan’s post comes alive you can still get one.

  349. It is really painful to see lots of wasted preorder invites and the ones who really need it have to beg others for the invite!! Good job Rohan!!

  350. ummm @Pk this blame is prolly a bit earlier. If you read the post, Rohan clearly mentions that all mails are not being sent at one go. The window for pre-order mail will end on 11th February. I think lets wait at least till 10th night. Most of us will receive a mail.

  351. but what is the use if the model we need gets sold out when we receive the invite? :) i got PO1 invite but by the time i found it on the spam folder, PQI model got sold out. now i need LCD model only but i am not getting an invite even for that :-) even though i know i will get to order my adam one day, i want adam asap :-)

  352. Everyone that will be invited should at least receive the notice of the pending invite email. Not getting the email notice makes me wonder if I will get the invite email.

  353. I had just posted that I had not received the invite email, when a few minutes later I got the order email – YAHOO!!!! (Arrived at 15:03 GMT)

    I’ve now ordered my PQi – WiFi only

    Feb 25th to 10th March estimated delivery

  354. hmm.. was supposed to be in pre-order 1, wasn’t..
    now preorder 2, no email. bit disappointing

    anyone got a spare invitation? :)

  355. Dirk, I hope you get it soon. Don’t forget that there will be a registration period as well.

  356. I didn’t hear back from Dirk so if anyone else is interested let me know soon, I have to leave and I don’t want the link to go to waste.

  357. I wouldn’t mind that link and pw, I was supposed to be in Preorder 1 also, but alas no e-mail back then either.

    My e-mail: t_termite at

    I really hope there are some PixelQi screens left :-)

  358. @termite42 so glad I could help, I sent you your information let me know if You didn’t get it and of course I will send all as it comes.

  359. Try: ^^ You can check your order, use your invitation codes.

  360. Wow! Awesome news….I got my pre-order invite. Just one question… will they role out the honeycomb based version to me when its ready….or do I need to wait for a later time?


  361. Just my 2 cents: you can buy confidently and will get honeycomb when it is ready (iit’s just an update, had this happening several times on my Android phones)

  362. Yes it is an update, but Adam has to be able to support it, and Notion Ink has to do there part to port it to Adam, Which they have committed to do – YEAH

    But, there are many phones that are stuck on old versions of android that will never be able to upgrade, to even FROYO 2.2

    It is not a given that any android device can just upgrade, many and maybe most actually don’t. That is one of the biggest complaints android phone owners have.

  363. @gotthumbs & themave: That is one of the reasons why i am more comfortable buying from Notion Ink then from the other manufacturers. The other manufacturers see themselves more has hardware producers, Notion Ink wants to give the best tool and will therefore be more active in proviiding upgrades of both Android and of their own Apps.

    So while other tablets run the risk of becoming outdated because their manufacturer doesn’t upgrade to newer versions of Android (see the phone market), our Adam will get better and better over time.

  364. @Rohan : Thank you Rohan and rest of the team at NI for providing a great User Experience in buying the Adam today .

    Thanks a Ton !


  365. Yes Mr. Schoe!

    We could have payed twice and get a yeagh… Apple, but then we did not knew this all here.
    And that you lost your money and your Adam is still sleeping in his box in China, while you are in Holland, thats you own fault..!!

    Lol, I love this all, we are going to make history here Paul….!!

    Namaste, Bert

  366. My emal is francois.brutsch [at], just in case some fellow Swiss or Brit(not that it matters, really,maybe just easier for the time zone!) has an invite to forward… cheeky, I know ;-)

  367. YEA!! I just got home from work and say the email from NI! I just ordered my Adam. Hopefully it will make it to me before I leave in March for a field study in Rome. I am really hoping to use it there!

    Adam Variant: PixelQi LCD, Wifi + 3G (UMTS 900/2100 MHz)

  368. still waiting on my invite :(
    Could someone confirm for me that the order process does support american express ,since i am in europe (netherlands) that could save me a lot of hassle for the payment.
    If anyone has got a spare invite ….waiting now is driving me even more nuts then the first preorder did :)

  369. Karen…!!! Have you got your link/ordered your adam yet?
    My Lcd is being shiiped on the 15th of feb and PQi 10 days later. So you might not get the comparison video until the first few days in march.
    I can’t wait!!!!
    So excited :)

  370. Not yet, but it will be there.
    Paying patience now.

    @ Rohan + Team:
    This is a family (old and new), taking care of eachother and caring for your company.
    Overwhelmed by all help offered today, dunno what to say…
    I am proud to be part of it, and i’m sure you are too.
    This is business with heart and soul :)

  371. Still waiting both of us then =) I’m sure it’s on it’s way, and soon we will be proud owners of our own Adam.
    This sure is family :)

  372. Cool Karen,

    And I know from experience, that you shall never forget this what is happening!!
    What I also know is that you shall never get this by that yeakkkk…. Apple brand, only money is important there.
    And between all the gadget thingies this is a pearl that we must treasure…..

    I hope all will come OK for you, with you Adam!!

    Namaste, Bert

  373. Let us know as soon as you get your order through! I hope you prep your cam for some unboxing! I think we would all look forward to that!

  374. Would love a link, but I can’t remember if I’ve actually posted here before – most of the time, there’s not much to say by the 600th comment.

    Any idea when they’re just going to bring it to market?

  375. Just looking around and found this USED adam on ebay

    h t t p://

  376. Got my pre-order mail finally!!

    Only concern is I see is the conversion rate is INR 50 for $1. Felt that is a bit unfair as we customers in India have to pay 10% more than folks in the US. And on top of that, of course add another 15% customs; so basically it means a 25% premium for Indian customers over the US customers.

    NI, hope you’ll at least take the exchange rate into consideration… :-)

  377. I haven’t received my link yet…

    I hope I get one. I received a link preorder 1, but didn’t have access to any cc other than MC until after the pq’s role out.
    I will be seriously disappointed if I miss out this time around too.

  378. @kris – yes. Did you check your spam mail folder yet.. I know thay are sending them in batches… so if you think you should get one .. give it couple more hours

  379. Finally managed to order an Adam!!!! Thumbs Up!!!!!!!

    I got the E-Mail this morning and pre ordering was a lot smoother than last time! You can order the device in a first step and then try to proceed with payment as a second step several times. Last time everything seemed to be one process and I failed – could not order Adam because of payment issues. After unlocking the card Adam was sold out – was almost crying after I was awake the half night waiting for pre ordering to start.

    Only payment with VISA was a pain again:
    – First I tried with my VISA card, got blocked because I forgot this supid security code (yes, stupid me)
    – Called VISA but they could not unlock the card because if you lock it by typing in the wrong code 3 times you have to receive a new code by MAIL (not E-Mail!!!)
    – Organized a second VISA card and tried to order
    – Got blocked by VISA because of a transaction to India (Rohan already recommended calling your credit card company first)
    – Unblocked the VISA card via telefone
    – Then then VISAS payment gateway did not work
    – Afterwards CCAvenues payment gateway did not work
    – And now FINALLY I managed to complete the transaction
    – AND: I am extremely HAPPY now – hope to get the Adam soon

    But after all the new pre order process and webinterface allows to handle the whole payment pain VERY well. Last time the pre ordering website was quite alpha, this time it is really a tremendous improvement!

    So looking forward to hold the device in my hands soon. Again: Thumbs up Rohan!!!

  380. Same experience. Failed all morning, but at least the ordering site kept my details so I didn’t have to enter them again. My order finally took a few minutes ago

  381. Ok Finally ordered! from a borrowed link though! courtesy @Darkwinternights! Thankx bro!

    I hope all goes well, using borrowed invite and all! I guess people who has booked using borrowed invites should get together maybe a forum post on notioninkaddicts so we could get together and share any issues and solutions :)

    Currently showing Feb 25 – Mar 10 delivery date!

  382. Well rather disappointing that I haven’t received an email :( did anyone that has posted here before that is not registered at the other sites get an email?

  383. Well that sucks, not that I posted a bunch here or anything, but it is rather upsetting that a coworker of mine that I turned on to the Adam got his email today and I have none. I thought they may have been doing it by site subscription since he is also registered at notionaddicts and notioninkhacks and I am not… I was hoping he could order 2 but it looks like they are limiting 1 purchase per email… Oh well here’s to hoping that I will get my email later and there will still be some left for me to order.

  384. Hey Nick! Keep those spirits up! I hope you get it. From what I understand people will be getting emails up until the 11th and then there will be a registration link for you to register through there. If not, perhaps there are people still out there who won’t use their invites!

    I’m holding out, hopefully I can get an invite for my sister after everyone that got an invite and want them place their orders! :)

  385. @gecko – We need your expertise for a few of the posts here. I’m not sure its the season to hibernate/shed for geckos. but still…. your advice will be highly appreciated.

  386. Rohan I hope that people who buy Adam in preorder 1 and shipped was delayed to 14 February have priority in the order of shipped this time ;)

    One more reason to buy Adam with Pixel Qi display instead of Ipad or others tablets

  387. Finally ordered adam.
    My transaction was declined by my bank due to fraud activity (Both chase & BoA). BoA called me with in 15 secs after the transaction is declined (chase called after 5 min). Spoke to them and asked to remove the restriction and all went fine.

    So if your transaction is declined, call your banks fraud prevention no. and once you confirm a ton questions they will lift the restriction.

    Probably adding a paypal/google checkout would have prevented these issues.

  388. i feel happy for you :-) atleast you dont need to endure the pain for even longer. i have not got the invite so far and i have given up on PO2. if i dont get PO2 invite, i will stop bothering about pre orders till it hit the store :-) i have waited so long for Adam and i am sure and wish adam all the success and so there is no question of me going the wrong way :-) worst thing is, one of my colleague that i convinced to consider adam got PO2 invite just by registering on one of the site. so you can easily guess what he wld ve commented at me :-(. hope adam will hit the stores soon, so that i dont need any invite to buy it :-)

  389. i didn’t receive order email from Notion ink :(
    pls..anyone who dont want to order but recieved email can frwrd to me my email – “”

  390. I received the email from Notion Ink Design Labs, noreply at notionink dot com with the same text as someone quoted above, I had paid down my master card to make the purchase in case it happened, and now can’t use it!! luckily I was able to move some money around and delay some bill payments to get it together in my checking account! I called the bank and they stayed on the phone with me while I filled out the purchase (PixelQi+wifi), and they monitored the purchase request and told me it was approved and the money had been pulled from my account to send to them.

    ALL models were still available at 7PM GMT

    hope that makes some feel better – South Carolina USA

    estimated shipping dates were provided:
    Estimated Shipping Date 25th February to 10th March 2011

    also, when you enter the phone number enter it in this format 001234567890
    no spaces, not hyphens, no parenthesis (although the example shows parenthesis)

  391. Hopefully they won’t sell out LCD + 3G by tomorrow or Friday, I’m hoping I can order my sister one, otherwise she won’t get one till December or so. I’ve gotten her all hyped up and then I found out it’s one device per invite. Hopefully she can register when that link is up.

  392. A question for folks who have used the adam and reviewed it already. From all comments sounds like this is too much of a techie device. I was hoping my wife and kids also can use the adam. Do you think non-techies can use the Adam or it is too complicated for them??

    Thanks for all the reviews…!!

  393. It is just like a computer or laptop. Sure they can use it.
    They can browse the web and once you install the apps they can use it comfortably.
    for the first 2-4 weeks there may be some small software glitches which NI will send Updates. I dont forsee any major issues on usability front.

  394. android devices in general have a little more of a learning curve than apple devices, but they are getting better. Just be willing to go to community support for questions…

  395. @madan – Officially there is no Android tablet – hence with tablet form factors – there is a fair amount of hacking involved.. With phones – they are better (still not as slick as apple). I think they will be able to use it – with some basic hacking to get some fundamental apps running. No tricks needed once you have he needed apps running tho..

  396. Thanks for the positive comments!! With all the talk of sideloading and flashing the ROM just for updates, it unsettled me a bit. But I guess once it is all done, things should be a breeze to use!

  397. That’s the kind of things that worry me… we need a consumer tablet; and I was hoping to replace my aging laptop with this; but if you need to flash the ROM, of course you need a PC along with it!!

  398. @Albert – If your concern is about the 7 day period – I’m sure NI will honor that – since you reported it to them within 7 days. (Of course your sleep/reboot problem is legit and might very well be hardware).

  399. lol, LeoP… I think it is funny as hell to see these other people going crazy over ordering the adam when we cant even get customer support to call us when we have a defective product… I guess they will learn the hard way…

  400. @suicideclown1

    Try to contact Alan at NI support, he is usually pretty good at getting back, but bear in mind that I recall Rohan has mentioned a group from NI have gone to China to deal with shippng etc.

    Good luck, I know you must be really frustrated as I’ve noted a fair number of posts from you.



  401. @suicideclown1

    You’re entitled to as many changes to your log-in name as it takes to capture the big mans attention. So why not choose Greg in bold………………… That’s my story………..and l’m sticking to it……………………..for now.

  402. @suicideclown1

    After re-reading my last post, hope you take it as l meant it, not how it sounded.


  403. Either you trust NI or you don’t. Orders marajae the lifeblood for NI. If they don’t grow there will be no NI nor any support. Those two guys who wanted to return their Adam tried to cry wolf in just 2-3 days got them publicity all over the web but nothing that they hoped for. Greg with his calm and mature attitude not only got help from NI but is in position to help others. Making fodder for the blogs is a sure fire way to rile up somebody you are interacting with. No matter how right your are you have a choice of either getting your way or tarring the other party with feathers. You will not be able to get both. I hope this does not offend you. I mean it in the most friendliest way.

  404. Got my preorder email this morning and ordered a LCD wifo only Adam!!!!

    I was going to wait for the xoom but considering the xoom price and the specs being very similar to the Adam (Honeycome should be on Adam as well) I went with the Adam. I’m sure it will not be perfect but with a $400+ savings I think it will do just fine.

    Can’t wait!!

  405. folks, i am also “family”…despite earlier assurances from Notion Ink (i have 2 emails from them), I did not get the invite…wrote to some of you today, but no links from anyone!! looks like some folks of the family are being treated better than others!!!

  406. sheeeeesh….
    After what seemed like half a lifetime I finally got an email, and was eager to order my own adam.
    But alas, *STILL* no possibility to pay using master card.
    I know, it’s been a long known issue and it’s not notion ink I’m waiting for, it’s master card.

    But STILL.

    I mean, we’ve been waiting for a year, and only in the last few months someone suddenly realised that people should be able to PAY for their product?
    It’s very nice of Rohan to have a blog and post in glorious wordings about his product, oh no, his *dream* or whatever esoteric shit this piece of hardware is supposed to be representing, but I wish he didn’t do that and instead get things working.
    Quite frankly, I’m fed up with all this talk and no real movement. It’s the same with the website, it looks nice and all, but the content is lacking, and most pages haven’t been updated for ages. The blog is on a wordpress server, for christ’s sake!
    That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but why then have a website at all? I can understand that NI is a beginning company, and it has its ups and down, but this is getting ridiculous. As a webdeveloper I find this an insult to your consumers.

    As noted before, the waiting is on master card. Which simply means that notionink too late getting its shit in order.

    And since I’m bitching anyway, the market is an app store for ANDROID apps, not specifically for phone-apps.

  407. yes, the process is frustrating for those of us who have not been lucky enough with their process…anyways, if you are not going to order can you pls share your pre-order link “”

  408. I’m sorry, but I never said I wouldn’t be placing an order…

    I was just venting my frustration, and letting NI know that the fact that the product is finally released doesn’t mean shit if it’s so hard to get.
    (I’m stopping posting for now, because it will only be more bitching from my side)

    So sorry again, and I hope you get your invite soon

  409. What other options are there to pay other than VISA? I was hoping for a mastercard option as well… I still don’t understand why NI can’t just use Paypal.

  410. In this post Rohan says NI is trying to have Master Card to come to terms with them.

    AMEX and VISA work well with CCAvenue.

    But, like Rohan says: call you orpvider (card-bank) ahead of time to ensure they clear international purchase (CCAvenue in this case)

  411. I feel obligated to post this hear because I formerly posted an evaluation saying my battery life lasted 6 hours

    this is an excerpt from my thread at “”

    “Battery- I didnt turn my adam on today until i got to class, so it had a 100% battery upon arrival. I have 4 hours of lecture today and that is all the battery lasted. I was using a keyboard, the office suite, I downloaded several items from the market place and I was sending and receiving emails… Thats it. I must make a correction on the previously mentioned battery stats I posted because I did not take into account that 6% of the battery cannot be used by the consumer. Your adam tablet shuts down as soon as 6% is hit and when you try and start it back up, it instantly shuts down when you unlock the screen. So I am now confident in saying that you adam might last around 6 hours if you leave it by itself with the screen shutoff and playing movies to your TV… but it wil NOT last 6 hours under heavy constant use like I used today… This is disturbing.”

  412. How much do you think the keyboard is sucking out of your device? Could you test the battery with out the keyboard? Prolly not during class, it’d probably be annoying without the keyboard and uncomfortable. By the way, what have your classmates said about the Adam?

  413. keyboard may just lose 30 minutes of life over all… if that. It only uses more juice when actively typing to send signal. otherwise drain is minimal. So if removed, would only inc time to 4.5 hours of use with office, email, and browser… That is what slashgear was saying. I can now almost confirm Slashgears reporting…

  414. I haven’t paid attention to the battery issue so far, is it possible that your battery is defective?

  415. @tess- possible defective battery, but I cant get NI to return my e-mails when they said they would. almost 3 days late now… and they have not responded to follow-up emails…

  416. @suicideclown1

    How to discharge your Adam with-in 6 hours?

    Posted in Uncategorized by Rohan Shravan on October 29, 2010
    Dear All,

    I wrote in the last post that you can easily get 15 hours from the device. My personal use case is different and so will be yours. Blogs world over picked up this line as posted as Adam gives 15 hours. I don’t think that’s the right way to look at it.

    You might have noticed that your phone might work for 2 full days and might require 2 charges a day. Based on the use cases devices claiming 10 hours have ended in 4 hours (3D gaming). Clearing this confusion is extremely important, so here we are with the post “How to discharge your Adam in 6 hours only?” Here is the list which we have compiled:

    Play 1080P continuously with full brightness and at full volume (displayed as 1024 on Adam and not via HDMI to TV) (no idle time) (Adam has BIG speakers)
    Play YouTube Flash videos on Wi-Fi or 3G network (no idle time)
    Use Streaming 3D maps on 3G network with GPS
    Record HD Video and stream it over the Wi-fi networks

    Play an augmented reality 3D game with camera input over the network (wi-fi of 3G)
    There can be so many use cases where you can discharge it much faster than your normal use case, so be cautious when you read “Adam claims minimum 15 hours of battery”! There tests are on full display, full volume which is never going to be true. Pixel Qi display is 10 times efficient so a huge drop here, if you use earphones, you get more juice and so on..

    Will be posting that interactive chart so we all would know our own usage times.

  417. @tess, TY. I didnt have time to look it up and I didnt remember it said 15 hours. I thought it was 10… So I am getting 4 hours using office, email and browser alone. No speakers, lcd on half brightness…


  418. Hmmm… how about screen contrast? Would you be able to turn off the back light in the classroom? I know that is probably the solution you are looking for (cuz another solution would be to try to plug the Adam, defeating the whole mobility aspect of the device) But at least to help a little till you get an official answer from NI.

  419. you are correct.


    This is in fact one of the MASSIVE bending of the truth (some would call it creative reality) that Rohan tends to do. Same as “your orders have been shipped”, “There will be no delay” etc.

    I have a sneaking feeling that they are doign the Pre-Order 2 now because the Feb 14th orders are going to be delayed till the 25th. They are getting the orders in before the negativity and backlash starts up again.

    Posting again to try get out of moderation… stupid links.

  420. @Talung and Cheb… I am not sure what is going on, but a team of indian guys dont just up and go to china for the hell of it when they have problems of their own…

    for those of you waiting to buy and have not gotten an e-mail, I would not be surprised if an open to public link appears at top in the post where it says link coming soon, after the time has lapsed with private invites not being filled. Everyone just understand that we are posting issues that we are running into aswell as current adam owners. You are also buying into our situation. be patient and hopefully any issues that arise will eventually be addressed…

  421. @ALbertz Mate I really appreciate you posting lots of videos for future adam users like me and bringing out constructive criticism of adam and NotionInk.
    NotinInk has problems in some of the things and these points will really help them in future. As however good the product be, an efficient and expedient customer support enhance the faith of customers many folds.

  422. @Chebbinator no insider information, just looking at their current patterns. I am still in pre-order one and was listed for shipping on the 9th then 22nd, then 29th then 14th. I fully expect on the 16th to read on the blog that its been delayed. I don’t expect any emails because… well, its very difficult to email your customers.

    @suicideclown1 Have they really gone to China? Really? or is this one of those reality distortion things again.

    So far until my Pre-Order one actually shows up on my door step, I take everything they say with a massive grain of salt. It is still within my CC Dispute time limit, so I am ready to call up the CC company and get the charge reversed. In fact, i think the problems people are having with their credit cards to Notion Ink might be because of this. They are probably on the Credit Card Fraud watchlist. With the bad communication most people that wanted to cancel have done it that way.

    In other words Notion Ink is their own worst enemy.

  423. Albert, keep us posted on NI’s response to your issues! I hope they do this soon. Your videos and comments have played a big role in my deciding to go for the Adam after the “storm”. Not that anyone “deserves” special treatment, but I think some of you guys should get swifter attention as many of us have an eye out on your opinions!

  424. What is starting to annoy me even more is that NI doesnt have any replacement stock for people with defective devices. If I have to get mine replaced, I have to wait until they make more… on top of that they are selling more with a ship date of 25th… I dont want to wait that long If I have to ship mine back to them. I hope, when they decide to replace mine, that they ship me a replacement while I use this one and then ship them back mine once it is replaced… but I cant even get them to contact me about the replacement… This would be beneficial to them because I am actively blogging issues with this device and making tons of video’s promoting the device… so one in my hands is better than one in the mail… Well this marks the end of today, officially 3 days without word now… NI? you there? Customer service increases and decreases like the earth revolves around the sun…

  425. I’m thinking they are again overwhelmed with orders. Maybe they can do expedited shipping or something like that. I wish I had an Adam already so perhaps I could test mine in similar conditions and give you something to compare with. I really think that a 1-800 is a must at this point.

  426. @ Albert (suicideclown). I hear you man! NI might be super busy and all, but somethings need to be taken care of! Can Greg and anyone else who seem to have more direct interaction with Rohan, get some attention to Albert’s case. For the tons of videos and bug reporting he has done, I guess NI should have been interacting directly with him. I am pretty confident that NI will honor the replacement/ repair etc. but as we all know, it will be in due course only.

    I shall mail to Greg or comment in NIfan for you Albert (if it has not already been done). The family can all shout out loud for our sucicideclown here… am sure Rohan will hear it then! cummon ppl!

  427. 6hrs of battery live for a multimedia device is somewhat disturbing at this point. Ipads are getting some 10hours of life while watching movies.

    I hope the hardware issues you are experiencing are also diminishing the battery capacity of the unit as well.

    I also hope they are addressing that.


  428. Are you sure? I have a galaxy tab 7 inches, no wifi, bluetooth,gps ON, low display brightness just typing on the soft keyboard in lectures gives me only about 5 hrs..

    Anyway, ordered 2 adams..PQ and LCD

  429. I guess I am hoping for better from NI, as I don’t want to compare it to crappy tablets like the Galaxy Tab.

    The only tablet out there currently that’s comparable is the Ipad, and when it shows up the Xoom. We will see how the latter performs once it’s released.

    I hope I get mine next week..