Slow n steady, But with Dogged Persistence!

Hello All,

I read somewhere over the net, “Gravitation is easily demonstrated, evolution is not!”. But we figured a way out to silence our major critics, directly speak to them and let them review what we have. That is why we released info first to Android Police. Here in CES we then met with Slashgear and then with Engadget who is known for their honest opinion. And the last one was the Crunchgear. I am glad everyone was impressed!

Notion Ink will go slow and steady but with dogged persistence. I read a few comments on how we are marketing and how other companies are, but then we are missing a point here. We are not here to sell in millions in the first year and quickly become the billion dollar company. That doesn’t happen and shouldn’t as well. We will prefer the learning curve along the way, because we are here for centuries. I am honest with my plans and I know we can’t beat Apple in one day, which is the benchmark in most of the things. It takes time, effort and most importantly the experience to nurture the talent in to a beautiful art. We have the talent, we have proved that, and now it’s all about learning and implementing with perfection.

With a good product you can kill whole army, but with a dream you can build Nations. Someone wrote in the comments, they don’t care what dreams we have. I would say if that’s the case, we have seen 100s of tablets in CES, and we all are free to opt for one. But if you want to become a part of a unique history, sense the evolution, hang on, because we are here to do different things, and in unique ways!

For those who are with us since long, I wish you were there when they were reviewing your product. You could see awe and surprise in their minds and eyes. But there is a lot to do! And now we will focus back on our work!

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

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  1. Rohan you should use that demo on the homepage as a commerical in the US (well anywhere for that matter)

  2. I just hope that you can ramp up your production quickly enough to meet demand. There is a huge following for your product and I’m sure we would love to get our hands on one in the next 6 months!

  3. There are many, many of us who believe in your dream and your vision.

    Upward and Onward, friend!

  4. Congrats Rohan!! I have read all the comments of Engadget and Slashgear. Quiet impressive as we expected. Keep up the good work.

  5. I’m liking these during-CES updates. Didn’t expect them. Personally, I think you are right about your marketing. It may not be traditional, but you have to admit, everyone’s talking about NI!

  6. I am glad to have held out for the adam and I am sure I will be happy with my purchase. Tablets were pretty well critisized at CES because only 1 tablet had Honeycomb and it wasn’t even runinng anything but animated screens. Every other tablet was discounted because they are using ‘mobile phone systems’ not ‘tablet systems’.
    Well in my opinion the only one that did anything about it is Notion Ink, and as soon as Google opens Honeycomb up for everyone else I know I will be getting an update for my tablet and it will only get better. The adam is the only tablet I see that will progress, most other tablets you are just going to buy and need to sell by the end of the year because the manufactur won’t bother with updating but rather selling a new product

  7. seems i missed by a minute or two πŸ™‚ Instead of ‘I know we can’t beat Apple’, if the sentence had been ‘ I know we can’t beat Apple right away’ it would have made more sense πŸ™‚ keep rocking…

  8. Still with you and notion ink Rohan
    Hope to see you use a stylus on the adam some time soon. Absolutely love the size and look of it in hand though. Could you also give some info on if there are any exciting inking apps for those of us who need to input a lot of info into the adam. An old saying that the turtle wins the race, keep up the stubborn persistence through all the criticism and praise. thanks

  9. I’ve read all the reviews and I have to say, Congratulation!
    It’s wonderful to see the visionary things become true!

  10. @Rohan

    So are there any updates on shipping dates?

    I know the 9th is listed but was wondering if thats still the go date. I need to know when get sick and play hookie from work πŸ˜‰

  11. “Shine on”

    Also, while I heard Radio in the interview, I never heard FM come out of Rohan’s mouth. Did I miss that? If so, give me link and time in video.

  12. @Rohan, Like many of us here, I believe in and support the dream. πŸ˜‰

    We are all very excited and proud of the work you and the team at Notion Ink has done. You are already a big success and Adam has not even shipped to the general public yet. I see great things in the future and I am thrilled to be going along for the ride!

    Just please get my Adam to me fast… before I explode!

  13. @Rohan, where can one find You in CES? Please let us know. I would like to surely pass this info to my friends who are in attendance.

    The response is awesome and We can feel it in the interviewer/demo’er’s voice.

    You are right, Back To Work.
    There should be adam 2. Slimmer, lighter, better features – more MP camera, better battery, better speakers (perhaps a small subwoofer would fit nicely into the tubed speaker grille).
    Perhaps a 7″ form factor would be nice to have too. And a SUPER AMOLED version and so on. More variants more choice.

    Keep it coming Rohan. The World is now your playing field !!

  14. I think most of us here have invested our money in the dream, and not just *a* product. Keep at it Rohan, and we’ll do whatever we can to help you push the dream forward.

    And.. while you’re at it… also… push the FCC to clear that product, so I can start playing with it πŸ™‚

  15. I like the post. From the beginning its been about community and actually involving us in helping to create something special. To those who don’t care about your dreams obviously lack true vision. Keep up the good work and looking forward to getting my hands on one.

  16. Hey Greg, loving notioninkfan, havn’t “owned” any devices yet to send you pictures because some stores in Australia are too cheap to provide internet access on thier demo devices, but we’ll get there!

  17. I appreciate your honest appraisal of the market. I’m in for the dream. It was what captivated me at the beginning around a year ago. Hard work and the dream will build the nations.

    I also think you should keep Pixel Qi. The concept is wonderful. You made it clear that the second offering of Adam depends on PQ. They are a start up too and will do well too.

    I’ve also been following them a bit as well. I’m impressed with their vision and desire to do positive and socially conscious things with it.

    Keep that notion you wrote out with ink.

  18. I’m positive there’s a lot more people out there now who would love to get the Adam sooner than later. A great product was shown at the CES – it wasn’t shown playing a video like Motorola, it was given in hands of people to feel the effort NI has put into it, see it work and see all of the supporters cheering on the product. There’s certainly a lot more room for improvement, but I know NI will make it happen. All the best qualities are being invested into Adam and I’m sure it’ll be a great device once it reaches the buyers and will get even better with time. πŸ™‚

  19. The reviews are in and we are all impressed. I missed the first pre-sale because my bank wouldn’t approve a sale in India. I have fixed that now. When can we have another shot at buying our Adams?

  20. So, I have one question that’s unrelated to your post… When you upgrade to Honeycomb, are you going to include the market, since the software will be made specifically for tablets in there? That would be a deal breaker for many/most people. Your own market is going to be great I know, but including the Android Market from Honeycomb would bump you up higher still.

  21. To succeed you only need a small, loyal army and realistic objectives. Rohan, I believe you have both plus. The Adam will be admired but the hype will flow with the money. As you said in one of your 1st blogs, The waters are full of sharks and only the quick and agile will survive, even if you are big.

  22. @Rohan,

    I’m proud of you and NI team what you have accomplished. I see myself a lucky one to see how NI evolves, not following the crowd just to sell more than the company next door, into one hell of a company.

    Hope your investors feel the same way.

  23. It is probably difficult for people living in the fast food world of ours to appreciate the pain it takes to bring dreams to reality, especially if you dream big.

    As they say Rome wasn’t built in a day! Patience and perseverance is the key! Notion Ink has certainly made a great start, a lot has been achieved in a year. Time to build on it.

    We are here with you!

  24. so, like everyone else here, where is our tablets??? πŸ˜€ i hope they’re being prep for shipping now

  25. You focus on our work and take some rest too. Long way to go and at the end the best win.
    Good luck Rohan for CES.

  26. Go ahead, keep up the work AND the spirit!

    In my eyes it is more than likeable to invest most in your dream and less in the business (i.e. billion dollar company).

    Yet, one depends on the other – there is always a realtiy-cash-aspect to it and this will determine if you will be able to keep up with your idealism. And the investors are going to have a word in this, too.

    But I’d be glad if you stayed for centuries with your approach. I like it. And hey – as long as NI is alive, why should I bother if all my colleagues do own an adam or not? They think, the fruity thing is cool – let’s define ‘cool’ for ourselves and feel superior πŸ™‚

    As long as I get one – so put up ordering page and let me join the dream!

    [one thing bothers me, though – adam fell because of an apple… I guess you guys have to rewrite some of the old records…]

  27. Rohan & NI congrats on what appears to be a very successful showing. Anxiously awaiting the having one in my hands.

  28. I don’t have a pre-order, but I am still cheering for NI ! From what I have seen of the Honeycomb it looks like you guys have already advanced beyond that ! Keep up your good work ..

  29. Congrats for all the CES reviews, they were great. I’ve looked at other tablets’ hands-on and none of them was as good as Adam, most of them were crap. Even Xoom was nothing more that a simple digital photo-frame with video on it. And have you seen all those lags and non functioning accelerometer on Samsung table? I was laughing so much – aren’t they ashamed to put this one on CES?

    Anyway, I’m a NI fan and I’m proud to say that. I hope you will fulfill my expectations πŸ™‚ What will be a real heaven for me is the Adam2 which has a slot for Eve on the backside, so that Eve becomes a back trackpad! Which also simplifies the sync process.
    Guys, patent this asap! :))))

  30. Frankly speaking, I’m confident with the product. It meets what I need.
    But I’m not 100% confident with payment method, with warranty, with conditions, policies, with after sales service, support, etc. Some of the terms are unfair in Europe.

    It is easier to buy a product when there is a big company behind it.

  31. Ronak Rothod:
    > perhaps a small subwoofer would fit nicely into the tubed speaker grille

    It would sound best if the Adam were a foot on each side – basic physics requires that a decent subwoofer move a large amount of air and have a large amount of resonant space behind it. No doubt some people could use their heads for this, but at least some of NI’s customer base has their brain cavities mostly full.

  32. Only a couple of weeks until mine arrives and then I get to immerse myself in your dream that we have all been swept along in, well done on a masterful unveiling at CES and bringing so many along in the dream with you.

  33. Keep your momentum, Rohan, you’re doing great over there!
    Stick to your plans.
    NI and your first Adam is YOUR vision, YOUR dream, YOUR shining diamond.

    Congrats to you and your team, must be an ‘out-of-your-mind experience’ to receive all positive response.

    We are all here to experience it with you, anxious to see more. Anxious to buy, and show our loyalty.
    CES is halfway now, there will be so much more in the next few days πŸ™‚

  34. @Rohan

    we are here for you and will be with you not matter what . we love adam . truly.
    adam is revolutionary evolution . Long Live adam .

  35. I’m in and waiting “patiently” for the next round of preorders. Hope they are soon! Start that binary countdown again!

  36. Yes, along with selecting 3G band there is a new selection for dog breed, just be careful to select one that doesn’t need food or water for the duration of the transport.

  37. Rohan – I’ll support your opinion that you don’t want to sell millions of adams and go slow and steady – if you will just support my opinion that I want to but JUST ONE ADAM!!!

    Please – let me buy one! I’m begging! Please – tell me what I need to do to buy one!

    {begging….. ok, that was embarressing……}

  38. +1 !!!

    We now live for so long with Rohan’s and the NI’s dream that I can hardly image to open my adam package at home one day – it will still take (too) much time: first I need to order which I can hardly await.

    Keep on rolling! Thomas

  39. Ditto, except I would say the Adam exceeds my needs. In the US, getting the Adam into Amazon, Best Buy, etc, would eliminate most of my concerns. I went out on a limb when I purchased my first ASUS 1000H (ASUS not known for customer support) and it turned out well. I still have and still use my 1000H every single day.

  40. Rohan,

    I really admire you and your work. I have tremendous respect for so much that you’re doing. I am, however, a bit disappointed when I read, “I am honest with my plan and I know we can’t beat Apple, which is the benchmark in most of the things”, in this post.

    No company, no CEO has ever known with absolute 100% certainty how big they would grow or how much they would impact the world. However, it’s the ones that had the ambition and belief that they could become the largest and the best that did become the largest and the best.

    I believe Notion Ink and the Adam can take the market. I believe Apple can be beat. I believe you, Rohan, can make that happen. My wish is that you whole heartedly believe that as well. Set your sights for the top of the pack and rise up.


  41. I think this is the highest I’ve ever been in a post. Happy that I keep checking back to the blog.

    On a more important note – well said Rohan!!! I think the most important thing to take away is that there’s no way to make everyone happy. There will always be critics and the important thing is to stay true to your own vision and dreams. Those that have followed to this point (Exit Right for all the Trolls) are here because they see something special…something they can be part of. I might be young (25 – but I guess some 25 year olds happen to be CEOs :)) but I can’t recall a product, or a company for that matter, that’s allowed me to be involved throughout the entire process. I never knew half the things that would be involved in a process like this but have had the opportunity to grow along with Notion Ink.

    I think you stuck the most important point in your post – you guys are still learning!!!! I think most people are just honestly trying to help but you can’t allow yourself to be crippled by the backseat CEO’s that are constantly commenting. Greatness takes time and we appreciate your dedication and persistence. The mere fact that you are even listening to people across the world and allowing them to contribute to “your baby” (Adam) should be highly commended. Keep up the good work and make more of those stunning Adams…because I want one bad πŸ˜‰ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  42. @ Rohan, any tips on when is the official announcement? We all have been loyal and patiently waiting, and it would be good to know when to expect the official announcement. As other posters have already mentioned, there is still some confusion on what to expect from Adam, so if you could clarify that, it would do a lot of good.

    On the other hand, I have been reading non stop about the positive reviews you have been getting at CES and I congratulate you for that!

    Keep doing what you have been doing and success will automatically come to you!

  43. @Rohan, Not everyone realises the dream, but you did in a grand way. All the best to you and entire NI team, the best yet to come..

  44. Keep up the good work. HavenΒ΄t seen another tablet as interesting as the ADAM yet.
    Best rgds

  45. @all beloved adam folks

    Evey long journey starts from the first step/first mile . NI is taking the right step.
    hang on with NI and experience the unique adam .Please.

  46. in engadget’s interview with rohan he talked about it a little.. i think he confirmed it will have it once they have a use for it.. πŸ™‚

  47. NI

    yes to dream… to evolution… and to their fruit in the living PROOF at CES2011!

    i did not nee to be there: it was palpable — the awe in the eyes and voices and postures of some of the converts who interviewed Rohan at CES

  48. @Rohan
    once again, when I don’t think I could anticipate Adam any more, rohan excites me further

  49. I hope we are xcited to see rohan’s post and happy how the world treating ADAM. Lucky enough to preorder. But the wait seems unbearable. what about you?

  50. Rohan,

    I have been very happy to see that the Adam is getting positive commentary at CES. I appreciate the fact that you are a man with big dreams. I definitely see from this post that you are an engineering type instead of a typical CEO. This is both a compliment and at the same time a bit of constructive criticism. As someone extremely interested in the Adam, not only for myself but for about 50 people that I have told about the Adam over the last year, I applaud and yet worry about this post. As someone who has run my own company, I would be more of the type to want to sell MILLIONS of Adams. Millions of Adams sold would allow you to truly fund your creative dreams, it would also allow you to hire more staff to truly make a blemish free product. It would allow you to have more say in what your suppliers provide you, and when they provide it to you. You would also be able to get your product out to companies like Amazon who already have a regular distribution chain in place. This will enrich you, Pixel Qi, Nvidia, and other companies within your network of suppliers. It will also bring in App developers interested in making applications that are optimized for the Adam. In technology slow and steady becomes old tech very quickly. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that the Adam is the tablet for me, I love everything you have done. But I also want to make sure that you make your dreams reality!

  51. Awaiting moderation probably due to embedded link, lets try removing it

    I was personally most pleased with the Liliputing (Brad Linder), JKLMobile, and reviews. The latter shows the back of the adam (no trackpad … around the 5:40 mark of netbooknews youtube video of the adam). Not upset by secret feature (radio). Not upset by loss of back track-pad. Waiting for FCC. Next round of pre-orders apparently waiting for Pixel Qi (i.e., LCD versions availabe today)

  52. Great post Rohan!

    To know that you know what you know and do not know what you do not, that is true knowledge. And you my friend know that Adam has to be the way you envisioned it. There is no other way is there? Keep shining!

    Now about that mystery sensor that you mentioned on the crunchgear video, its not really just an FM receiver is it?

  53. Hi Rohan, all
    Yeah, CES is going well! I doubt whether the objective should be to ‘silence major critics’. Just approach this in a positive way: share a great product.
    I am somewhat worried by the Engadget interview: I thought I heard Rohan say that if Pixel Qi could ramp up production ‘then we can go in production again’. Is everything on hold? I hope not! Eagerly waiting for preorder2….
    Best regards, Aad

  54. I do not “speak” so mutch on the blog but I trust in the Dream, continue to be inspiration for all of us Rohan

  55. Hey, the emptier yer head is, the moar room you have fer learnin’!

    Besides, I use my head to enhance my speakers all the time. I also hold my cellphone to it, when I need more reception.

  56. You should see those of us who are still awaiting a second chance to order Adam πŸ™‚ I’m anxiously waiting to see if I’ll be lucky this second time. Waaahh, so nervous! πŸ™‚

  57. I admire the vision you and your team have. I guess it feels great to have the possibility to realize a dream, living it, even though it is hard to make it. But I think this is a price you and your team are willing to pay.

    I really wish I would have your discipline to pursuit a dream. I don’t have even dream…maybe…holding a Adam in my hands.

    Warm regards from Germany – a country with a tablet that failed.

  58. I love the way you think at notion ink.

    Please for the love of god continue that way !

    Thank you ^^

  59. Nice message πŸ˜‰
    One can nearly physically feel your proudness over Adam when reading that post.

    The only missing thing is – ADAM – right here on my lap…
    One day it (HE!) will lay exactly there end get stroked πŸ˜‰

  60. Well said Rohan. Wally West made a comment on your previous post, which more or less reflects what you said in your post. It is a case of like minded people think alike. I don’t have a problem with your marketing approach. Just want you to reopen the orders for LCD variant leaving aside Pixel Qi (for the moment). You need to keep the ball rolling. People have short memories. They will forget CES 2011 within a few weeks. You need to strike while the iron is hot.

  61. Dear Rohan and NI Team,

    Bravo on the excellent reviews, as your team had produced a fabulous product, which so many of us are waiting to get our hands on.

    I can’t wait for my Adam to arrive in the cold and windy city of Chicago.


  62. thanks rohan…………..u showed up at the right time…….i liked what u said,that y r not here to make millions of sales in one day…………… criticize is easy as john biggs did… he realized he was wrong…….so others show some patience……..stop complaining….let them do it there way……..they know what they r doing……….some big reporters speak big…….now i know they are really stupid……ass…………i feel sad and angry for those who still dnt understand NI…..
    Anyways i am extremely happy about adam…..i always update in my face book abiut new videos and updates……..and all is worth it…………..once i can say i was also part of adam release……i love NI and rohan……u r such a nice guy….all the best

  63. Superb job, Rohan. We all knew you would surpass the expectations of attendees, many of whom were naysayers at CES. I wish I could have been there to see all the raised eyebrows and stunned looks on their faces. MY posts never seem to surface but I have been with you from day 1. Like everyone else in the family, I am anxiously waiting for the opportunity to purchase the Adam. Hope I am able to “pre-order”. I never received the first invitation but am so looking forward to having the Adam in my possession.
    Kudos to you and your team.

  64. Agreed. I like the fact that these people were there to “SEE” tablets, and they got to “FEEL” Adam.

  65. A product provides for us now. A dream provides for us later, and provides for more and better products. When Apple started, you can bet that they had a huge dream!

    Some people are uncomfortable, because they are associating your words with “selling a dream” which in the U.S. reminds us of scammers. That’s probably why people are worried about it.

    But I get it. To you, Adam is pretty much done. It’s made, coded, customized, and hyped. Now it just needs to be sold. So I think that you are already looking forward to how you are going to improve, as in “Yeah, Adam is the best out there. But what matters is, Adam 2 will ALSO be the best.”

    I have to say, the dream seems pretty important, when you think about it that way.

  66. We are with you. I think sometimes we are like new parents we get nervous and have to say something when we should just sit back and watch you grow. It’s hard to remember that everyone has to walk before they run. I’m sure apple did not start out doing multi million dollar ad campaigns they like you started small and built on their successes.

  67. I agree with his ideas for building steam, but the pre-order needs to be up and functioning when he is out promoting it… One customer that does not see an order button will walk away and look at other options. If they’re captivated now, seal the deal!

  68. I appreciate your dreams and it’s a dream for me too Rohan. A keen request, update your website with loads of colorful graphics of Adam and videos. Frankly speaking it looks like a personal page rather than displaying what the wonders you can do.

    Is adam now officially released?

  69. “For those who are with us since long, I wish you were there when they were reviewing your product. You could see awe and surprise in their minds and eyes.”

    – Can you please request someone in your team to take videos and post the interviews on Youtube?

  70. I am accepting the investment for NI stocks now, you can send me :). I am even keen to become one of the first investors πŸ™‚

  71. As someone who tries not be an early adopter and waits for the market to shake out with a product proven, I took my first leap probably of my life with a relatively large purchase and took advantage of the pre order opportunity I was afforded. Why did I do it? Because of this Blog and the open communication that has occurred. And yes, I like the vision/dream that was put forward. While info has come in spurts, it has come. Not hidden away in a back room of Apple. So, I do want to be part of the dream, because it is a dream about using a product and not controlling a product. About function over marketing. Now, as I say that I do have a marketing background and eventually your marketing needs to be more consistent and persistent. Take this moment to enjoy your success and now build on it. Under promise and over deliver. Be more responsive to your fans than any other company, build a following. NI is a good example of taking advantage of the Social Media movement to make customer and passionate people feel connected, improve your product, and respond to market changes more nimbly than others. Don’t throttle back, throttle forward.

    Good luck and I can’t wait to get my Adam soon. Unfortunately, mine has to be shipped to California and then resent via a forwarding company through U.S. Mail to my military U.S. Postal Box. So best case is the end of January. I will have to jealously wait as as see the others on this Blog unbox their Adam. Long term when you do want to sale millions of units do what Apples does not do, figure out a distributor who will ship to U.S. Military FPO/AP boxes directly and you would find another market to sale to.

    Keep it up!


  72. I’ve seen the demos of most of the tablets presented during CES and I must say, that they all look nearly the same. The main difference is in the body and the producer’s logo on it.

    Adam is different. I had a short time when I felt like the orojecy

  73. too bad, its private. I wish they either had an ipo, (which judging from the tone they prob. won’t) or allowed the commenters to invest in them

  74. Thanks Rohan, and all of Notion Ink. Innovation is just what this world needs right now, and I’m sure you’re inspiring someone out there to do the same. I am glad you had this dream and I dearly wish for it to come to fruition. So I wish you all the best of luck!

    Now all we have to do is wait (not much longer:))

  75. I’m with you Tod. NotionInk is to Pixar as Apple is to Disney in my book. I’ve been eagerly following the progress of the Adam tablet for the last 1.5 years and while hopeful that I’ll one day get my hands on one I do grow increasingly concerned that the window is starting to shut for this fantastic device. Not because it lacks in impressiveness even compared to the latest batch (from the demos it appears to cast others in the dust) of tablets introduced at this year’s CES but because once saturation starts to take place the Adam is at risk of being completely obscured despite the plaudits.

    On a personal note I have held out for this device and certainly will not get an iPad because the whole closed-shop mentality, lack of Flash support, and other well-documented and discussed issues described by folks much more knowledgable than myself have covered ad infinitum. But there are alternatives with Toshiba, Motorola, and Asus coming out this year that are going to be tempting. Given the nature of my both work and personal needs a tablet is exactly what I look for in a device moving forward. I desperately want it to be an Adam but I’m not going to wait forever.

    I would urge NotionInk to look into the production, supply chain, and distribution solutions available to them to start pushing more units. There is very little upside to waiting much longer.

    This reminds me of a story I once read about a hoarder living in squalor not because he was lazy but because he was a perfectionist. His fear of disappointment in not meeting his own exacting standards kept him paralyzed from starting to clean, so the clutter built up over years until he was a danger to himself. I love the idea and what I’ve seen of the Adam tablet but I’m growing increasingly concerned that the goal of perfection has overrun the appreciation that the device is good enough to build on and to compete with any comer, especially the iPad. It’s time to step out and take a chance guys.

  76. In another interview Rohan said that they could do a preorder right now for LCD, but they want to wait till they have both ready.

  77. Rohan you have stolen the special place in my heart for most inspirational person in the field of technology (a spot formerly reserved for Steve Jobs before he became so fond of restrictions.) Thanks for everything, keep doing what you’re doing.

  78. maybe this has been posted before but I have not seen it here nice video “”

  79. Why is everybody making so much wind about Honeycomb?

    I really don’t care. All I want is a useful device which is fun to use and which supports me doing stuff like: Reading E-mails, checking calendar and creating new events, surfing the web, listening to music and watching videos in any format (youtube, HD-movies etc.), watching photos, reading books and other documents, editing documents, playing games, making video calls…..

    Do you want to tell me, that this is not possible to do with adam?

    There are so many people focused on always getting the latest version of an OS, without even knowing why they need it. So after 3.0, the same people are waiting for 3.1, 3.2, 3.5 blablabla…

    For me, android is a great OS for mobile devices, but until now, it was created for phones only. And the OS is just one part of it. There is no single application which is optimized for tablets. All we have seen from Honeycomb so far is that it is unfinished and still in development. The demo of the UI looks flashy, but the widget style is nothing really new and the small windows definitely don’t have the same usability like the Eden leaves. Motorola just showed animated demo’s, nothing live, no hands-on. Period.

    NotionInk took an OS (Android 2.2) which was available for them to built their device on and optimized it for tablets (Eden). They created a bunch of great applications, most of them are best what I have seen so far. Good examples are: Mail’d (which supports different mail accounts, not just Gmail), Calendar (world class), Sniffer (have you seen a file manager on Honeycomb?), Browser (great tab switching, great performance)…. and many more.

    Eden stands for itself. The android OS is just delivering the base services for adam. And NotionInk created with Eden a real differentiator. They are not following the pack. It has it’s own style (looks like a comic book, not like a computer device). It appears rough and industrial. This is maybe not everybody’s taste, but hey: there is a huge market of plain android devices out there. Feel free to get one of those!

    I am sure that NotionInk will continue to work on their dream. They will constantly improve and update Eden. And yes, I believe they will be one of the first out there to have Honeycomb on adam and they will make use of the best features which will make adam an even better device as it already is.

    Many people are complaining about not supporting android market today. Read carefully: There are no tablet optimized apps for everything which not running Honeycomb, a yet public unavailable and unfinished OS. So when adam will be finally ported to it, we will get access to android market. Until then, you are free to install any app from an alternative source. Don’t underestimate Genesis. I think it is another differentiator for adam. It might never grow to 100’000 apps, but I also don’t run more than 20 custom apps on my android phone today. There are also a lot of crap applications, which I don’t want to see in Genesis anyway. I prefer quality vs. mass. Selected apps which are optimized for Eden (and many of them already exist). I also believe that there will be a compatibility mode in future versions of Eden to run the tablet optimized apps from android market in leaves mode. Let’see…

    What also many of the bloggers don’t realize is how great the hardware design of adam is. Just look at how easy it is to hold adam in one hand! You can swing it around without risking to lose it… Do this with any other device πŸ™‚

    There are so many differentiators. NotionInk is simply a different company with a different approach.

    I believe.

  80. Rohan,

    I have been around awhile and seen many companies come and go, having worked as a wall street broker. Your wisdom is wise beyond your years in your entire approach to the market and product. As NT did, do not concern yourself with the critics and naysayers for you are a doer and a leader. II feel with absolutel certainty that ‘adam’ will be the foundation of many years of critical and financial success for you and you Notion Ink team.
    Great Job and thanks for coming to us from your heart.


  81. @Alex

    ++ Alex;
    very well said. there is an OS update phobia spread out lately . Just a Sweet coated OS version number updates mostly .(not about honeycomb of-course :))

  82. Keep goin’ keep goin’
    And do not forget to open the preorder 2 here. We are expecting it.

  83. ***IDEA TIME****

    What do you guys think about creating an on-line Adam registry? Upon delivery, all of us Adam users could upload our unique Adam IDs (serial numbers I am assuming) variant type and some simple contact info (location, email…MAYBE name and phone number). That way if we want to communicate with other Adam owners, we can. Say like, to set-up a flash mob at a local Apple store (he,he,he).

    Maybe one of these new Notion Ink blog sites can host it? Would be pretty cool to see global map of Adam owners, count and variant types.

    +1 or no?

  84. With a good product you can kill whole army, but with a dream you can build Nations….

    Awesome line Well going best of luck

  85. this is beautiful written, and i hope i can be one of the first to join the family with an adam! i’m ehind you, and i think you have one of the best products there is!!!

    keep on going this work ,an especially learn along the way!!

  86. Rohan, Please clarify the comment about the FM radio.
    A: ADAM contains a FM RECEIVER which will allow you to listen to commercial FM broadcasts (for the US 88 to 108 MHz). or
    B: ADAM contains a FM RADIO capable of receiving commercial FM and “broadcasting” on a FM “channel” for streaming content to other FM radios? (e.g. be able to “listen” to the ADAM when in a car with no Bluetooth over the car’s radio)

    Love the photo of Ny Ny. How about a short video taken with the ADAM of you riding the roller coaster? ;>

    Would also like confirmation that the shipped memory is eMMC? This implies that the “chip” can be replaced with a larger storage one. (up to 32 GB) Right?

    Lastly for those looking for a “FAQ” please come check out


  87. I am at cES does any where I can find Rohan here?
    Do do you where I can find you in the show?

  88. If you live in Taiwan, I’d get stock in Chunghwa Picture Tubes. They’re the ones Pixel Qi have partnered with to manufacture the screens.


  89. What an awesome metaphor.

    I’m one of the who-knows-how-many Adam fans who’s been following yall for a year or more, one of those quiet enough to not have commented before now, and patient enough to be OK with not making the pre-order cut. I’m going to keep checking your blog and site every day until my own Adam arrives. I admire your willingness to stand by an ethic of slow-and-steady, of “doing it right” and not trying to strike it big, even in the face of your own fans’ criticism.

  90. Rohan, the comments about lack of marketing is out of frustration that many members of this community have. It is like their children who has enormous potential but not getting enough limelight! Please bear with them coz we know they also share your dream and like to see NI and adam getting successful. Problem is, they want it to be fast.

  91. Amazing post … this is similar to playing an away game and silencing the opposition fans by a spectacular goal/catch/dunk. Way to go!

    Citizen Bharath checking in at NotionInk Nation πŸ™‚

  92. Best of luck to NI and its products. As long as you come up with great ideas, good products meeting or even exceeding what people want, define new ways of using personal technology, we will grow together.

  93. +1, I agree.

    People are freaked about the OS for several reasons.

    One: With android, the best features and applications only work on the best OS. This hardly matters, though, because Adam has its own features and apps.

    Two: Everyone is tired of being promised updates by phone OEM’s, and not getting them. Doesn’t matter, because Adam already incorporates code from 2.3, and its only 2 weeks old.

    Three: Andy Rubin said that 2.2 wasn’t optimized for tablets. And as I mentioned in the last post, the optimizations that were missing are mostly included in Eden anyway. Honeycomb source code will bring some improvements (like openGL), but won’t drastically change the functionality.

    To sum up: Chill out people!

  94. @Rohan,

    Absolutely with you in your opinions regarding a product that is based on “dreams”. Few people will not understand the power of it, and that is fine. It is mathematically proven; when you look at a Gaussian plot, the ends are tapering. You’ll find people of every opinion, given the size of the samples (the NI fan crowd).

    There’s no doubt that NI is here to stay. While there are glitches here and there, like you mentioned, it is the process of learning and this is how *we* are getting there, where people dream to reach. Good luck!!

  95. I’m in for the map with pins for each Adam owner. I would like a graphical representation of Adam distribution. Good idea.

    But Apple flashmobs, those might get ugly fast… πŸ™‚

  96. Great words Rohan, I’m totally with you. Even with a huge marketing support it would have been kind of impossible to fight against the marketing juggernauts (aka Apple or Motorola, ASUS etc).

    I have a question, I already asked you something in the past but never got an answer ( I’m not complaining about that, I can guess how busy you are). I think we have a small communication problem: not so long ago you said that you were going to talk about Preorder 2 and the Mistery feature at CES. CES is running but……..still no answer on those points πŸ˜‰

    The second is just a clarification and I hope you could answer to it. Will Adam be upgraded to Honeycomb?

    Thank you and keep up the good work!!!

  97. @rohan

    i just want to notice one thing. the reason things got heated up, tech bloggers were shouting “vaporware”, many of us here got impatient, at times disappointed, and started exchanging harsh words is simple: people love this product. we want it to succeed so badly that we feel every bump on the road like a punch in the stomach.

    what i am trying to say is that, by a somewhat twisted logic, the criticism you received is actually a compliment. with lots of intense emotions flying around, some sparks are bound to occur.

    and another thing. please don’t underestimate the importance of pixel qi screen. i know you feel that eden is the real differentiator for adam, and it probably will be in the future, but thousands of people around the world are dying to get a good tablet with pq screen. reading (and not just in sunlight) is one of the most important functions (possibly *the* most important single function) of any future tablet, and lcd screen will not do the job there, however bright and crisp.

    keep it up! half the damn planet is rooting for you ;).

  98. IΒ΄m really glad to see things working well for notionink. For me the adam is something special that goes its own way. No remake of something out there. I love the feeling to have something special and a community behind my product where IΒ΄m sure to get help if something wentΒ΄s wrong.

    I think many of us spend some time at the computer by doing things we could easily do on the adam. So it´s legal to love my gadget. I ordered the LCD version but my shipping date is Februar. 😦 Maybe I can have my adam a earlier. I´m still hoping.

    Good luck for everyone to get an adam as early as possible.

  99. we are with you… i am one of them who is attracted to your company because of the vision you have. congratulations for what you have done and all the best for what is yet to come…

  100. and I don’t really understand about this “dream” problem, somebody said it doesn’t look professional to speak about a “dream” instead of a “product”. Let’s not forget about the Ipad that was “magical…and now, even Motorola is pointing to their device as “magic”.

  101. @ All adam fans

    i apologize if the below code does not compile or too ugly and buggy . have fun πŸ™‚

    public Class AweSomeTablet extends Imagineering {

    public static void main(args[] String){


    AwesomeTablet= whatwillHappenWithHoneyComb();


    System.out.Println(“The most Amazing Tablet Ever cretaed with dream and vision is ===”+AwesomeTablet);

    }// end of main.

    public AweSomeTablet whatwillHappenWithHoneyComb(){


    if((andriodHoneyCombStock >isEden)||(andriodHoneyCombStock<isEden)){

    massHype=30;// we have nice ways to deal with marketing . not fancy CES booth but a solid place in heart/mind/soul of the end user.
    veryBigBrandname=false;// Not really needed πŸ™‚
    usuability=100;/awesome to use
    isEden=true;//always πŸ™‚
    AdamHasItAllAlready=true;//he he he yes with or without honeycomb
    AwesomeTablet=ouradam;// for centuries its gonna be true ofcourse

    }//adam ROCK ALWAYS Just Notify this in future

    else // i know this else condition is not gonna happen. just in case πŸ™‚ not really used πŸ™‚
    creativiry=0;// where it is ? how much a kilo gram will cost in $ or pounds?
    innovation=0// sorry no idea πŸ™‚
    endurance=0;// sorry exhausted to find the meaning πŸ™‚
    massHype=100;// just hype nothing else
    veryBigBrandname=true; //so many mee too he he brands. vroooom /broooom/ xooom all are age old big 800 pound gorrilla πŸ™‚
    //hard to walk and run for fresh air though:)
    usuability=0;// never . just quick buck . sell some crap. and dumpt it on the user .




  102. Follow your dreams Rohan …
    Adam shows the hard work your team has put in …..
    Once the product is launched it will do the talking

    5 years a small company called Areanet came out with a dame guild wars 1.The team was sincere and dedicated towards providing a quality product..5 years later it deveoping guild wars 2 and all naysers are the ones praising it…

  103. Greetings fellow Knights who say NI…

    A thought from the past concerning Motorola…

    Their motto: “You can buy better but you can’t pay more.”


  104. Rohan… Keep going don’t stop

    This is an exciting time… never thought it was going to be like this again, but to me NI and adam feel just like when home computing first came out… Sinclair, TRS-80, Amiga, Apple II etc… but now it’s much better (whoa… showing my age.. lol). Back then it was more isolated, just few friends hanging out at home in front a small screen sharing ideas… now the whole world is a touch away… GREAT TIMES ahead!!!

  105. It was very easy to fall in love with adam from the spec sheet alone all those months ago when I first started reading about it, but it’s been the heart at the center of Notion Ink that’s kept my faith strong. With all the garbage that the corporations of the world are feeding us these days, it’s great to see a group of people that care about what they’re doing and how it effects other people.
    Congratulations Notion Ink
    I’ll run with you as long as you’ll have me

  106. Awesome writeup on Adam & NI:

    It’s there – just go through the article! πŸ™‚

  107. I have a dream, but it’s currently sitting in a cargo ship waiting for a piece of paper to be stamped.
    My only disappointment with Notion Ink is the backtracking of hardware specifications that has happened as the Adam got closer to completion (storage, bezel, trackpad, etc). I still believe that the Adam will be a great piece of hardware and that Notion Ink will continue to surprise us with new innovations as they continue to grow.

  108. I hope cnet covers Adam at some point now
    I am following their live feed at http :// ces.cnet. com/

    Not 1 mention of Adam, they keep praising Xoom to be the enext ipad killer becoz it will have Honeycomb 3

  109. Gotta love Rohans passion and commitment to both the people that support is dream and that dream itself. He is truly a great man

  110. it is inspiring to see someone work so hard to see there dream flourish, i have been lucky to be able to pre order my adam and cannot wait to receive it, thankyou

  111. @ Karen:

    ————– Rohan’s Blog |———|——————–|

    My daily fix.

  112. A good piece from the Chicago Sun Times (link follows):

    I’m pulling for one 10-inch Android tablet in particular: the Adam, produced by a new startup named Notion Ink. They’ve come up with a highly practical design that moves in its own direction and solves some problems that other makers seem to have ignored (such as the limited utility of a camera that can only aim straight up and away from the screen). They’ve enhanced Android with β€œEden,” their own multipaneled user interface. And the Adam uses a new transflective LCD technology that keeps the screen readable even in bright outdoor light. The Pixel Qi display also saves power, by turning off the backlighting when the room’s ambient light is sufficient.

    I’m not the only observer who’s enthusiastic about the Adam. There’s a simple reason for that: Notion Ink has given me something to be enthusiastic about. Via their blog, the company has been refreshingly open about the development process. They aren’t just spitting out press releases and hosting stiff, executive photo ops: they’re showing full walkthroughs of the hardware and software as it’s being developed.

  113. @Rohan
    Stay with your dream, the bible says a man without a dream (vision) will soon parish, I, like many others took you at your word and from what I see your word is solid. Most people blow with the wind and one day they love you and the next day they hate you, take it with a grain of salt and stick with what you started out with…a dream. Don’t focus on beating Apple but let the cards fall where they may and soon Apple will be trying to beat you. I can’t wait to get the Adam if anything just to be a part of something that has come from the ground up and is blooming into a revolution.

  114. From the interviews of Rohan I have watched, I could glean the major names that are associated with NI are going to be

    Longbox – digital comics
    Mireo – GPS navigation
    QuickOffice – office productivity suite
    Kobo – eReader

    Anyone care to add to the list

  115. Hi Phillip, I have been following tech sites in Australia and news sites like theage but no one is giving info on Adam. Everyone is giving info on Samsung Galaxy and dumb tablets.

  116. CES 2011: To Summarise

    Tablets, tablets, tablets and more tablets.. They pretty much look the same, function the same way. Look like pieces of granite. There are no characteristics to differentiate one from the other. Selecting one from among them is a real nightmare. Feels like they have all been made by one manufacturer and given different brand names. They seem to lack any innovation. Ideas seem to have evaporated. All these manufacturers seem to be just trying to capture some share of the tablet market by putting out some tablet or the other. There does not seem to be any specific ideology that each manufacturer seems to be pursuing. If they want their products to really capture peoples imagination, they should really go back to their drawing boards and start from scratch.

    Then there is the Adam. A completely radical take on the tablet concept. The features incorporated into it are to be seen in no other tablet at present. So many new ideas. So many new concepts. Sometimes it is a bit breathtaking to realize that so many innovative ideas have been incorporated into this tablet. It truly stands miles apart from the competition. The catch: what are they going to incorporate into their device for the future versions!!!! Will they be left with anything!!!!!!!

    Final verdict:

    All other tablet manufacturers need to do some original thinking. Run-off-the-mill-stuff won’t get you anywhere.

  117. superior software + superior hardware = the dream … one cannot work without the other … how many hardware device has microsoft tried to sell and failed … i think Rohan’s dream is a complete u-turn to how electronic products are built today … software is built for hardware or hardware is built for software … a product is obsolete in 12 months these days … kudos to you Rohan for taking the higher road, a road less traveled, a bumpier road, but a more enjoyable road, and a more fulfilling road. and thanks for including us … the money i have put up for my adam is a mere drop in the bucket of what i will spend as you continue to put more dreams in motion … so thank you for helping me figure out what I need to be saving for for Christmas in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 … any NI … a slightly non-technical fan πŸ™‚

  118. I just want to express how amazing I think this company is, this is how all companies should be run. I hope you go far, and I expect that you will. Keep up the innovation, and posting to the public, this will make Adam devour the apple!!!!

  119. You can either have such low-level ambitions (yes, beating apple, though hard, is a low-level ambition – on a philosophical level), or you can have great visions and make great products and let them speak for themselves, which is what I believe Rohan means. He is also being humble and reasonable – all very impressive traits.

    If you look at great sportsmen, you will find that they never talk about achieving this personal statistical landmark or that. That does not mean they lack the drive or ambition to become great. They show a love and passion for the game which comes through in the way they play – pure poetry. Such great plays automatically lead to great numbers and great record books – which is what, in a mundane sort of way, quantifies their greatness to mortals like us.

    I have been really impressed with the way Rohan has carried himself over the past few days (at CES, in interviews, etc.), even weeks. I admit I have been harsh regarding some of his tactics before, but I say, take a bow Rohan.

  120. Rohan= a man with principles. Not often is the character of those with a product to sell you to have them or a conscience. The fact that the vision has remained intact and uncorrupted is quite impressive.

    Hopefully things come together quickly for the developer aspect of the product release.


  121. @Burt If I remember well, the apple was eaten by Adam and Adam lived to tell the tale and even had offspring (almost 12 billion if it is correct)

  122. “β€³

    The latest 10 min video presentation of Android 3.0(honeycomb) being unveiled. UI is catchy with some good features. It is a good welcome step forward.

    People will go gaga or crazy about anything. Let’s focus focus on reasonable statements.

    Have to see about multi tasking, Kernel upgrades, power optimizations etc. Under the hood features aren’t revealed.

    Eden UI has multi-touch typing which I didn’t see with 3.0. Adam’s Browser app is far superior.

    Adam + Eden rocks.

    Have to wait and see if and when Adam will get the 3.0 update. 3.0 + Eden would make Adam rock n roll. there’s enough time. No tablet is going to come out with 3.0 in the next 6 months. It might take 6-12 months.

    Even without Honeycomb, Adam + Eden will be awesome. But a bonus of 3.0 update is always welcome. πŸ˜‰

  123. Rohan had mentioned in the engadget interview that the sale figures were more than 20,000 units and less than 5 million (in response to the min and max figure question asked by the interviewer).

    Moreover rohan mentioned that 70% were LCD and 30% PQ.

    So taking the minimum figure of 20,000 units and just going with the base model(Wifi only) for both LCD and PQ, we get the following sales figures in US dollars:

    70% of 20,000 is 14000 (LCD) and PQ is 6000 units.

    LCD: 14000 x 375 = 5.25 million USD
    PQ : 6000 x 500 = 3 million USD

    At a minimum 8.25 million USD from the pre-order sale. Way to go NI.

    Hope I got my Math right πŸ˜‰

    And Rohan, NI mightn’t be selling millions of units, but definitely making a few millions just with the initial pre-order. Good to see that.

  124. I couldn’t agree more. The UI is nice and all, but the main selling point for me is the PixelQi screen, I wouldn’t buy any tablet with a standard LCD screen. I’ve decided not to buy a kindle and instead wait for the Pixel Qi Adam, hopefully I won’t have to wait much longer.

    Could I take an LCD Adam and replace the screen with a Pixel Qi screen I bought seperately? Such as: “”

    May be NI could sell some Adams with no screen to people who want to install their own Pixel Qi screen…

  125. These videos are good, it was a bit weird to see the same thing from two camera angles, but they ask some great questions in this little scene. My favorite bits :-
    –“I touched it first!”. (this is exactly what I would have done)
    –the cleaning of the screen (he goes to wipe the screen with his shirt and everyone freaks! Then someone produces a screen cleaner from the Motorola booth and everyone chuckles to themselves about it being used to clean the Adam. It’s dorky and funny and it’s pretty obvious they’ve been to see the Xoom already, but finding Notion Ink is way more exciting for them.)
    –More build quality praise (they really try to emphasize that Adam is lighter than it looks and is great to hold. one guy twiddles the camera back and forth and his eyebrows shoot up in surprise at how good it seems. they all poke at the rubbery spine and make happy noises)
    I think notionink have really nailed the form-factor / ergonomics / portability side of things, and made something people will actually use everyday.
    I’ve been thinking I want mine in orange and black, with fluoro orange rubber parts and high-vis strip. Maybe I’ll make a custom reflective tape strip! High contrast and road safety, LOL. A man can dream…. (while waiting for an order button)

    P.S. How cool are those new 7inch 1366×768 Pixel Qi panels! Just beautiful. *drool*

  126. I have followed this devise since CES 2010 and have only become more enamored with this devise with it’s showing at CES 2011. I needed a live demo of the devise before I was willing to buy and now since that as happened, next pre-order I will definitely put my wallet where my love is.

  127. The delay is on Pixel Qi’s end. I saw video with a lady from Pixel Qi talking to Rohan and she seemed pretty astonished at how quickly NI produced Adams after receiving the last shipment of screens.

  128. rohan
    who ever is running things for you , is doing a lousey job,, ,, i have been watching most of the live feeds from magizines and all, and nothing on your tablet,,, which is very hard to believe,,, i think you should of had a booth and had someone form your team showing up at all the live broadcasts to show off your tablet,, how do you think you will become bigger to make even better devices,,,

  129. @Rohan: You are the horse and your fans have bet on you. Do not take the screams from the stands in a negative way. If you are open to suggestions from your fans w.r.t. the tech specs, you may keep yourself open to suggestions in the business development side as well. Not that you have to implement those suggestions. Who knows, your marketing strategy may become a subject for case studies for future MBA students in Business Schools tomorrow! Actually I suspected it to be a marketing coup when you gave the first demo to Crunchgear a day before CES in the parking lot to start the buzz just in time. It will be an act of genius if you can pull this one off! But it is a very tight rope when you bank so much on the tech-o-sphere word-of-mouth/blog publicity keeping the mainstream media out of sight. It is not just a technical innovation you are onto but a social-media centric marketing innovation as well. (Oh boy! Just felt an earthquake!) Good luck!!!

  130. but pixel qi has also plans. it wont be long as a differentiator (dont know whether to read much of the fact they are going to start manufacturing 9.7′ )

    @Rohan, how much is Eden patented?

    We share your dreams. And I may be right or wrong, even I see potential in the mystery feature of FM radio. Is it only for FM music or can it be used for data transfer? …rediscovery?

  131. Rohan, Thank you for sharing your dream with us and allowing us to be part of it. Please remember to permit yourself some time to celebrate as well as to get some rest. Stay sharp my friend. We know you are, and will continue to work hard for yourself as well as for your online family.
    You are exactly right about the sea of forthcoming tablets, and for the impatient you may have to opt for something more readily available. As for me, I’ll happily wait for the best.
    A personal favorite of mine is in the Engadget video where Ms. Stern holds up the Adam next to the iPad. What a stark contrast and yet another reason your meticulous attention to detail and the user experience is going to put Adan and Notion Ink atop the Tablet world.

  132. When Joanna Stern of Engadget was demoing the Adam outside to show it on eReader mode, she rotated it in landscape orientation. I noticed that it didn’t automatically change into a two-column page to make the reading easier. The Sony PRS-950 Reader has this feature…does the Adam has it?

  133. @tbc, always put urls in quotes and it’ll be allowed through,
    like this “”

  134. how about you calculating the development and build costs of the device before coming out with million dollar figures as if its all profit πŸ™‚


  135. I think Rohan categorically ruled out any plans for currently working on a sub-10 inch screen form factor. One of the interviews he gave around the PQ booth. 10″ is good, keeps it ‘productive’, with better readability. Not as mobile, but makes it less of a consumption gimick like the #Pad.

  136. @Philip. thanks. original post still awaiting moderation

    @Hoodoo. jlkmobile and netbooknews (both .com and .de) have been two of the better sites for seeing videos of the latest and greatest netbooks, smartbooks, etc.

  137. …and people who build their dreams around oe or two sentence axioms are total tools….
    What is it to you if Sally, Billy, or Jane are more comfortable with products from established technology leaders in the Android market, like Motorola? How does that make them stupid…to you? What a foolish foolish thing to say. People by Toyotas and Honda’s because they have a proven reliability…the same goes in consumer electronics…a small start up company must always earn the consumers confidence….and that takes time….and folks willing to take a chance…and even some customers who don’t have high stakes IT Projects might opt for a small start up…or maybe even R&D projects might have the ability forego the high risk associated with a small start up….but those are the exceptions ….the rule is generally, keep risk and cost LO, and that is what established entities offer. So I commend Rohan…he does not have the delusion you espouse…he knows this will take time and risk takers (a small minority of the IT customer base)

  138. Stay focussed folks: Rohan, awesome trip to Nevada. BUT

    No new videos from third parties today. A couple of days to go, lets build on the momentum. Now the OpenOffice thing is going to be nice. So an announcement there. Perhaps a few fans on the CES floor can be enterprising enough to get a cell-phone/handycam out and record a made-for-Youtube clip? Guys we need to stay within the news cycle. If not on the top (like the stupid branded boring clone tabs generally end up being) then somewhere in the digital ether. So grab a few eyeballs and get some dynamic third-part comment on the net.

    ‘Momentum’ it has been said before. If we can’t give them a show (like we would say a ‘tamasha’) then give them something more to talk about. No point shutting them up, yet….

  139. I (and maybe even Rohan/Notion Ink) never anticipated the coming out of the Motorola Xoom. Only learned it on CES. This will be a good fight for world domination! It will come down on price. If only the Adam stayed with the $498 on its most expensive variant, it would be a no brainer but if the Xoom costs $600 with shipping then Notion Ink Adam will be in for a good fight. Motorola already has the advantage of being the veteran and having the clout and resources being a known brand so Notion Ink have to be even more creative in marketing the Adam.

    I also thought that the Adam will be coming out in Titanium Black as we all fans voted agreed and preferred. So the poll was just a useless exercise, agree? I’m not big on that white edge because it makes the ports all too obvious, busy and distracting. It breaks the clean lines around the edges. It doesn’t make aesthetic design sense to make it white.

    Why doesn’t Notion Ink have a CES booth? I thought they will be coming out to introduce the Eve smartphone to get ready for 2012? That is a bit disappointing. So maybe i’ll wait until they upgrade the OS to Honeycomb? Maybe it will be available on Amazon by then. Be that as it may, I wish Notion Ink all the success and I do hope that the Adam (not the Xoom) can take that throne from iPad for being the best tablet in the world!

  140. “”

    video mentioned by Hoodoo. 5:40 in gives clear shot at back.

  141. went to bestbuy today. went to see apple products and put notionink website on 4 apple products just like one blogger did yesterday. πŸ™‚

  142. Map is already started. Check here:


  143. Folks, did anyone check out the rather straightforward endorsement in at least one mainstream, though non-c-tech. article?


  144. @Rohan – Family is there to support. As part of initial support, most of the family members have advised/gave recommendations etc, and then as part of preorder, I believe most of the family members have ordered the product too. Where will you find a product being sold for $375-600 without being actually sold in the stores, that too a large successful pre order phase, sans the technical difficulties.

    Keep on the stride, our best wishes are with NI.

    family member πŸ˜€

  145. @Uday Great reply.

    For the thinkers among us, there are bigger objectives than beating another company. Realizing your personal vision and dreams is one of them. Rohans showed in his blog today that he has a dream that goes beyond today’s sales. I love Adam, and I think that I will love it’s offspring. I might become a long term customer and supporter.

  146. Folks, did anyone check out the rather straightforward endorsement in at least one mainstream, though non-c-tech. article?


  147. Are you checking any of the major tech sites??? The Adam is being mentioned EVERYWHERE.

    Two Recommendations:

    1. Make “Notion Ink” a Google Alert. I’ve had this set since late November to ensure I’m caught up on everything on Adam that’s found outside this blog.

    2. If you want to a good summary of all the Notion Ink – Adam buzz that’s going around CES, then I’d suggest checking out Greg’s blog – “” which has a complete listing of articles and videos.

    They must be doing something right if they’ve already received reviews and buzz from SlashGear, Engadget, Android Police, International Business Times, CrunchGear…at least IMO.

    Plus it was great to see that douche John Biggs look uneasy realizing that Adam was actually pretty sweet despite his uninformed bashing.

  148. πŸ™‚ spoken like a man

    Yeah Rohan you should start orders NOW. Dont wait for PQ.
    It will be just a matter of ?1-2 months for PQ to ramp up production (going by CPT agreement). Waiting that long for the orders will be unfair.
    or if it is a week or so, then its ok. Please make sure your system is better suited to handle the load this time.

  149. Thx for these words Rohan. All of this words speaks to me right in my heart and it’s good to realise that you are really different from the others. Different in your way to do business and consequently really different in your product ! I have follow every post on the blog and now follow every news from the CES in concern. I am glad to feel as a member of your family. That’s the kind of words I really LOVE to read from you.
    Thx again for sharing all of your thinks with us.
    Hope I could pre-order on the 2nd wave (as I have got only a mastercard, I could not be part of the first 😦 ). Perhaps you should consider adding other payment options (like paypal for example ???). It could allow some other people to order Adam πŸ™‚
    Read you soon

  150. darn moderation issues..

    Here is a mention of the Adam in a newspaper – and its not a techie newspaper:

    The Adam gets a quote about 2/3 down and begins as follows:
    β€œI’m pulling for one 10-inch Android tablet in particular: the Adam, produced by a new startup named Notion Ink. They’ve come up with a highly practical design that moves in its own direction and solves some problems that other makers seem to have ignored (such as the limited utility of a camera that can only aim straight up and away from the screen). They’ve enhanced Android with β€œEden,” their own multipaneled user interface. And the Adam uses a new transflective LCD technology that keeps the screen readable even in bright outdoor light. The Pixel Qi display also saves power, by turning off the backlighting when the room’s ambient light is sufficient.”

    Pretty nice

  151. Check out Gizmodo’s Best New Tablet list. Adam not even mentioned.


  152. It was great watching everyone fawn over the Adam. Clearly NI was underestimated before CES. Good luck to you in the future.

    I do hope though that you will release a bit more information. Even an estimation for when you expect the next order period to begin would be great.

    One of the interviewers (from Engadget, I think) said you had a very telling smile on your face. I laughed a lot at that.

  153. @Aaron

    “I’m growing increasingly concerned that the goal of perfection has overrun the appreciation that the device is good enough to build on and to compete with any comer”

    What you mention is the risk of geniuses. However, I got the impression that Rohan is now back-up by a serious large shareholder who, with all the positive news from the CES can help in getting the product out. So I see the risk a bit lower then you do and expect that they will make the decision to ramp up production (even the LCD version will be a very very hot item) within the next couple of weeks.

  154. All the best Rohan and NI!! We are always with you and we believe in your vision and honesty!!

  155. +1


    lets have the vision to “look beyond the obvious”.

    Certainly NIs definition of a product will be time tested (or market tested). I have a fair idea, it will be more than accepted.
    All the more, when the product is moulded from the user’s perspective, with active participation of the user in the moulding phase , and with the target of easing the user’s task……I believe the product is going to succeed like anything….and no amount of “superflous” criticism will hamper its growth.
    I wont call “constructive criticism” as criticism but rather “feedbacks”. And I believe we will have lots of feedbacks to help NI overcome shortcomings.

    *already salivating for Adam HD…with pq1280x800* πŸ™‚

  156. When I saw there article on the Xoom and got to the comments people were saying but if it just had this or that or the other thing and I was able to tell them to check out the Adam as it had all they were looking for an more. Gave me a good feeling.

  157. Not if this was already posted – but this link is to the entire Crunch Gear interview – about 20 minutes:


  158. @tbc Thanks for suppyling the link, it looks like WordPress is no longer nesting the replies and it’s not obvious what I was talking about. I also like that these guys realise why not having the Marketplace isn’t an issue when you can load any apk. Two more sites for for my tech bookmarks.

    @Gigantor (regarding ereader orientation, columns)
    I think this is just a software issue, the default reader in Eden may not have columns like you want but there will be plenty of other reading apps. Aldiko , Stanza, Kindle, BeamItDown, calibre, Kobo, the list goes on.. (they’re not all on android yet, but they’re not stupid enough to ignore a massive growing market either) One of them will work for you (maybe not iBooks πŸ™‚ ). The engadget video shows very fast accelerometer>to>screen refresh response though, the hardware is solid as usual. Kobo announcement coming soon…

  159. Keep it up Rohan. Your doing it right and slow is the way to go. many start up try to go all out and act as big as the other companies and just disappear. Awesome job at CES and keep up all the great work.

  160. Rohan,

    I serously think you should try and talk to someone at Gizmodo soon, I have seen literally zero mention of the Adam on that site in the last month (other than by the commenters), and you guys were completely ignored in Gizmodo’s round up of the best tablets at CES. Please at least drop by and remind them how awesome you guys are!!! Also, keep up the great work and I am ecstatically waiting for the next round of pre-orders, I plan on buying asap πŸ˜‰

    Awaiting your next interview,

  161. @Tod @Aaron

    My take here differ a little. Theres no denying NI will ramp production, they have already calculated the expected scenario (have read of 100K right?). But we cant/should not expect a million production. Why?

    The component supplies – we are seeing a certain deviation of models and components right?
    PQ supllies – they recently sign agreement with CPT. So naturally PQ will take some time.
    NI may want to fulfil our wishes – but their hands can be tied at the moment (its a guess)
    CES 2011 factor will help corner some of the problems with the supply manufacturers as they will see the “evidences” of a potential future demand.

    So naturally things will speak up speed. But let NI also gain the managerial skills (not only Rohan…manpower and maturity for each dept heads)

    My bet is : by feb-march we will have lots of adams…….oh and dont worry about Mototab. forget about availability that early as honeycomb is still not finished. (even gingerbread was supposed to be released 1-2 months earlier by the rumours)

  162. Wish you all the best. I believe in your product. Really. You can feel when it’s scam and promises non-sense and you can sense when it’s something real.

    If you’re looking for a PLM (though french) experienced engineer… well, give me a shout and let’s talk!

  163. just to add more:

    millions of adams sold in one month means atleast 100k customer complains, supply chain issues, more factor of “human error”.Even if NI goes on a hiring spree, the maturity of experience will be too big an asking, dont you say?

    we should look at this angle : is NI prepared for that? or are we going to label a “fiasco again”?

  164. I have many questions but I prefer to wait for Rohan return to India and have more time to read and answer all our questions, for this reason only I will do a simple question:

    Why Adam has two buttons back? (One on the side next to the usb port and the other on the screen next to the buttons: menu display panels)
    Why not use just one button? What is the difference?

  165. Nice to hear that indeed! I will try to check the website often to see when I can preorder the pixel-q model!

  166. another try for those who are not as smart as Philip (sorry if this one doesn’t work either)

    | /β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”-/
    | β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”< Rohan’s Blog |β€”β€”β€”|——————–|
    | \β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”-\

    My daily fix.

  167. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and dreams with us, Rohan. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Now, I’m waiting for the preorders. I was away for the first round, but I’ll not miss the second one.

  168. “”


    The Eden UI is so fast it’ll blister your eyeballs.

    Adam -was- louder than any of the other tablets I’ve listened to today. And there was definite bass, it even rumbled a little bit. Gaming looked great too. He popped on a football game and ran through a couple of tackles. Again, no lag, great picture.

    The Adam is real, and real pretty. Those of you who dropped the money on a pre-order can sleep a bit better tonight.

  169. I too read the comments in the last post criticizing Notion Ink’s marketing strategy. While I felt perfectly comfortable bashing Notion Ink for issues on the pre-order event – which really, was my personal customer experience. I felt perfectly OK telling them they probably should be hiring someone who understands how to handle the customer experiences or they’ll fail. I don’t feel I know Notion Ink’s strategy or financing well enough to give them advice on how best to market their product, nor do I think others here do. I really think that’s probably outside of our area. Whether we understand marketing or not, Notion Ink’s marketing strategy doesn’t really affect us personally the way either the customer experience or the product itself will.

    So really, cut Rohan some slack. He clearly executed the CES plan he intended, and executed it well at that. We should be praising him and Notion Ink for rockin CES the way they intended. So Bravo, Notion Ink! You really did get great press from what I understand to be your target market – geeks like us! We’re the ones that will be buying Notion Ink Adams. If the reviews from Engadget and company are half as good as this week’s reviews, you’ll be doing well.

  170. Well done guys !
    Great CES I guess everyone saw what we expected ! You said you will go back to work please let us help you and release officially the SDK (at least a beta)
    By creating a new vision of course you took a “marketing risk” but I thing you did well : 100s tablets and people speak really about what 5 ? 10 max and you re part of it !
    The show must go on ! Please let us to be part of it !

  171. damn, WordPress does not only remove leading spaces but also even multiple spaces that are between other other characters.

    I am from Holland, I should be able to draw a syringe.
    I think that I need Canvas πŸ™‚

  172. *Why doesn’t Notion Ink have a CES booth? I thought they will be coming out to introduce the Eve smartphone to get ready for 2012?
    My Guess Eve will be a 7″ Version of Adam & not a smartphone.

  173. I’m enjoying all the CES videos and can’t wait to get my Adam in hand. I will be excited to see the new innovations that will come with the continuing development of the Adam. Similar to what Alex said, there is no need to fuss about what isn’t a part of the current version. I’ve owned all three Kindle versions and 23 years worth of desktop and laptop computers. What impresses me is both functionality and NI’s desire to stretch the envelope and change the direction of how we use “computers”.

    All the best to Rohan and his team.

  174. @elmelao The URL worked for me. Try again.

    Nice statement about Adam in the article: “Notion Ink has given me something to be enthusiastic about.”

  175. hehe! You will be surprised how much more bass you can get by just covering your speakers with some glasswool or cotton fibre covering. And before you say it catches fire, let me tell you there’s fire resistant glasswool and fibre available too.
    Well, some of us do use our head better than a Lizard Gecko!! πŸ˜‰ :p

  176. hehe! You will be surprised how much more bass you can get by just covering your speakers with some glasswool or cotton fibre covering. And before you say it catches fire, let me tell you there’s fire-proof glasswool and fibre available too.
    Well, some of us do use our head better than a Lizard Gecko!! :p

  177. @ notjustshinyobjects said

    thanks for the link to the Chicago Sun Times Article.
    Guys, go read it and leave a comment! The author has guts telling it like it is.

  178. Yes, that’s a good effort. I’m on my way to an apple store right now to do the same πŸ™‚

  179. Yeah. Really good article. He also slaps big companiews for their outrageous prices.

    “I’m not the only observer who’s enthusiastic about the Adam. There’s a simple reason for that: Notion Ink has given me something to be enthusiastic about. Via their blog, the company has been refreshingly open about the development process. They aren’t just spitting out press releases and hosting stiff, executive photo ops: they’re showing full walkthroughs of the hardware and software as it’s being developed.”

    And continues:

    “And holy jumping Zarquon on a unicycle: they’ve actually got a price in mind: the 10-inch Adam will be available in multiple configurations starting at $375. There’s enough air between that price and the $499 minimum iPad price to present no pricing obstacles for the thing.
    (See, Verizon? T-Mobile? Acer? ASUS? Sprint? It’s not that hard.)”

  180. Rohan! Rohan! Please answer, I still am wondering what happened to the radial arrangement of the tabs? How come they are all horizontal and they don’t seem to rotate around the semi-circle. It looks static and not dynamic. The tabs were suppose to sprout (shoot out) from the semi-circle when you touch it and rotate around its axis in a radial form and bar/tab in the horizontal position turns red and elongates to determine the tab of the page you want to go to. I see this illustration in your previous blog lat October.


  181. I have a dream: “Netflix on Adam”.
    It would be enough to jumstar Adam from the echelons of “impressive” to “I want it now” .

  182. “Motorola already has the advantage of being the veteran”

    Haha. Don’t forget they have the disadvantage of being a failing company with a huge chance of going out of business before the decade is over if their trend continues.

    When you have a company that is 1) Huge and 2) Grasping for air, you get products of inferior quality due to being pushed out the door unpolished. I say good luck to anyone who buys a Xoom.

  183. Good going NI. congrats for a good launch. and good wishes for time to come.
    cant wait to feel the rubber (no pun intended) in my hand

  184. Thanks for the link. Andy Inhatko is a well spoken man. He’s a well-known Apple fanboy, but he definitely says it as he sees it. No bs (mostly).

  185. @Rohan, I am not sure if it was me who commented about dreams about adam. I said “saying dreams doesn’t look professional” and say it as the best tablet around. I didn’t mean to hurt you or your dreams. If it’s my statement that has hurt I plead my sincere apologies. I don’t mean anything wrong about dreams. Even Adam is my dream tablet. Please advertise it as the best tablet around and when honeycomb arrives you would still stand out with honeycomb update. Also, please mention clearly that android market is not available only with froyo but will be available with honeycomb. Adam is my dream as yours.

  186. Great words Rohan.
    Some time we need to be reminded of your bigger goal, and this post does exactly that!!

    Followers always get disillusioned, but a true leader brings them back to the greater vision which awaits beyond the horizon.

    You are doing wonderfully well so far, and hope that the good will you have generated will translate into more fruitful partnerships and business!!
    We await your dreams and visions to come true, as it has been a memorable journey so far!

    All the best!!

  187. The word is out now. I wish Rohan would make a statement regarding FCC approval since the first Adams should be shipping really soon and also give us the final specs on the tablets that will be shipping. Can’t wait to receive mine.

  188. your delusional…if it werent for motorola, verizon would not be the number 1 telecom company pushing android devices.

  189. yeah….after going this 16 step process I really understand why Eden was developed! Appreciate the moderators efforts to document the process, but WoW…what a PIA Google. Hope the Honeycomb group is totally different the guys who created this mapping tool.

  190. I’m so proud of NI!!!!! I knew you guys would blow it out of the park!!!! I really can’t wait for the next Pixel Qi version to be out! Keep it up!!!!!

    Proud NI fan Renae πŸ™‚

  191. I hope there is more third party video that follows before CES is up. Also, some sort of formal announcement AND video demo of Adam running the whole optimized OpenOffice suite. I am a little worked up about the NI team getting such a running start a day before the convention and then slowing down in the next 48 hours. Perhaps there is a lot going on behind the scenes, but still….’momentum’.

    Soon enough, the pre-orders and hopefully some of the tech-journos. will get their own devices. So in another fortnight, the third part info. will expand significantly. But as some comments have already pointed out, no Inkie can let sloppy reportage by when our Adam does not even figure in the top this/that lists!

    And what is with Google? Do I get the wrong impression when I hear Rohan repeatedly use the word ‘secretive’ re. 3.0 and Google, but Moto/X/whatever seems to be confidently/closely aligned with H’co.

    People who know more: am I reading too much into this?

    It is one thing to not be able to cut deeply into the market share of something like the i-whatevers, but to take the ad-hit from something that is rolled out by Motorola, the ex-pager pioneer. Ouch! I would have preferred Toshiba, rather than Moto to give NI some sleepless nights. But well.

    Hope the coverage picks up more tom.

    Fans, keep the hits rolling, past 5 million….

  192. Xoom was unveiled a month back. I am surprised that people at NI are surprised about its existence. However, I think Adam is way ahead in terms of hardware design and usability. The rest, time will tell.


  193. Great Job,

    So when can i buy one.
    any dates on that?

    anyone can help here

    best wishes

  194. The article clearly got whipped in the comments. I am really proud of the NI community. They are dedicated and up in arms everywhere πŸ™‚

  195. Thank you Rohan. This is exactly why I bought my adam. Yes it is just a piece of plastic, metal and glass, but that is not what I was buying. Again for the people who think I am dumb I am sorry for you. Please buy the product where ever you find one that suites but I want the dream and to be part of it.

    Thanks Rohan and I look forward to a fantastic journey.

  196. well said, Rohan! hear hear…and allow me to say that there are those of us who are here with you for the long haul, to dogged persistence!

  197. Oh yeah, I have a quick question. I know that Microsoft suite will come standard on the adam, but will I be able to run the program Project? I use at a lot for work and the adam (when I get my hands on it) will replace my work computer.

  198. Hi Rohan,

    Thanks for the update. I think you’re doing a great job at CES.

    Could you help put people’s minds at ease about what will happen with 1st generation Adams and Honeycomb — they will be upgradeable, yes? I’ve been under that impression for a long time, but can’t really find a definitive answer.

  199. @Rohan Shravan

    What is the mystery/bonus feature? Please do a separate post about it.

    I am sure everyone also wants to know about the investors in Notion Ink.

    And, please don’t answer these in a comment reply, but as a separate post or update to current post.

  200. How many no. of tabs could you fit in there if they were arranged radially? The current form shown in the CES hands-on videos is MUCH more practical.

  201. I am confused, I read a lot of comments and people are saying we are surprised! We are rather more than aware of its existence since long, and you can see direct inferences in Eden already!

  202. I badly need one!! Please lemme buy! Please lemme buy!! Only one. . please. .

    P.S: What’s the small this on the homepage of beside the video? Is it a bird? Why is it there?


  203. @rohan

    Your in Vegas…go have some real fun. There is a Vegas slogan in the US, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”

    I know you enjoying yourself of course, but…

  204. I can not explain my happiness when I was reading the reviews. I’m really really happy for NI’s success. shabash guys

  205. Gr8 post Rohan.
    I received some wonderfulfeedback from some of my friends at CES.
    Gr8 going with a lot of good word of mouth publicity for adam.

    Beware of the propaganda war that may be fuelled by the bigger players.

  206. Thank you Rohan for including us in this wonderful journey. We appreciate your vision and I hope you can bring it to fruition!

  207. They ought to be updating the DHL Airway Bill Number on the status update page. I don’t expect an Amazon type integration, but just a simple number which we can take to the DHL site and paste to track the package.

    I didn’t realise that timezones would have such an impact but will this ship out on 9th Jan China time (place of manufacture) or US time (server time) or India time (NI office time)?

    Thoughts anyone?

  208. Wow, the comment from Kirkaiya from that article is shocking. How can he say “Is Notion Ink shipping the Adam now? And were they at CES? If they were at CES, I’d be curious to see videos of the Adam in action. If they weren’t there, then of course they wouldn’t be on this list (since it’s a list of tablets at CES).” Apparently he didn’t see Slashgear, Engadget and even Crunchgear reviewing the Adam. wow

  209. Rohan your blog post is exactly what I wanted to hear. I know your approach is the right one for you and Notion Ink. You won’t be the New Apple next week or even five years from now and you understand that. Your trying to build your organization on solid ground and with long distance in mind. No one is standing up with billions of dollars to give to you to start Notion Ink. No one would take that kind of risk. Even with the fine product and software you have developed. Yet, your picking up a group of solid supporters and I’m proud to be one of them. I admire your spunk and you are already wise beyond your years. Let no one take your idealism. You could never have come this far if you were not a winner. Have a pleasant trip home…. I look forward to your next post and Adam at my doorstep.

  210. @Swapan Mahato

    I guess, NI got the shock of their life in first fortnight of December 2010 already. Welcome to the world of corporate wars, backstabbing in high places and industrial espionage!

    IMO, Motorola’s software/functionality on mobiles and smartphones is weird at times. But, their hardware is real good. Google behaves very uptight with whatever they release and they take years to come around to accept public preferences.

    So, NI needs to build their business based on those premises. Dreams alone are not enough!

  211. There may have been a copyright danger with doing it that way. I forget what it was called, but there was an entire UI based on that idea, it was shown running on a phone. I liked that too, though. I was hoping that the other tabs would sort of “gather” above and below your finger, and the one selected would stick straight out. Then as you move your finger down, the next one pops up and out, and the one you HAD selected would then “gather” above you finger, and so on…

    I know that was complicated (its late) but there was an entire UI that ran like that, so I’m guessing that the current way was safer.

  212. Can’t wait for Preorder 2! Any information on when we can expect it? Also, has anyone got more information on how customs will work for the US? That made me hesitate and I missed the chance at PQ. I don’t want to miss it again!

  213. Besides commenting on fellow Adamens comments here, I would like to say that I am glad that this event went well for Rohan and his team. With all the praises so far, even from those that that tried to put the company down, it looks like a success. And even though some are leaving tomorrow, like Crunchgear (I guess they feel there is nothing else to report), there is still 2 days left before the event closes. There will be time to relax and take it all in and celebrate afterwards, but now is not the time. I hope that Rohan continues to mount up the praises by continuing to showcase the Adam these next two days.

  214. Good job on Genesis. Partnering with NVIDIA was a great idea, can’t wait to play Back Breaker THD on my Adam. I also would like to say the Xoom sucks. How are you going to video chat with the Xoom setting flat on a desk. Lack of real world design. It looks good on camera but in reality has little functionality. Plus I didn’t really like not having real buttons. All the best to the NI team and I hope Eric Schmidt drops by soon to drop you off a version of honeycomb (that works with 1024 by 600).

    P.S. If we don’t get honeycomb you should offer a discount to existing Adam users on Adam 2 so we can get honeycomb or offer a DIY kit to put in a higher resolution screen. I sure hope it doesn’t have to come to this though.

  215. Rohan,
    Awesome job with making a good splash at CES. Just as some others pointed out, I believe the focus has to be less about silencing your critics, but introducing the ADAM to those who don’t realize that a small start-up from India can come up with truly innovative products – something that is not a “Me-too Android 3.0” tablet.

    I say this for two reasons:
    1. It seems that the bloggers at Cruchgear and to some extent the folks at Android Police used controversy to drum up web traffic and weren’t really merely expressing reservations about your viability. It was just convenient for them to be pessimistic. Its nice to see them eat crow, but ultimately it doesn’t buy you more customers.

    2. The more important reason I see is that the gadget blogs you mentioned have a good following among the early adopter crowd but not as much among the general public. For your dream to be a long term success, you have to look past the early-adopter crowd (typically quite influential, but make up not more than 20% of customer base of a consumer device like a tablet) and see how you can get traction there. This is also referred to as “crossing the chasm” in marketing speak and is vital for survival amidst the sea of tablets that are in various stages of release… even if you don’t wish to be a multi-billion $ company.

    The “mainstream” base composed of pragmatists and conservatives, which is the sweet spot for any innovative technology, will normally gravitate to mainstream publications. In the US, that would be NY Times (David Pogue) or WS Journal (Walt Mossberg), CNET or something on TV (CNN, CNBC, ABC, CBS etc). Also, since they don’t spend every waking moment reading Tech articles, they are more likely to be swayed by Brand names (RIM, Motorola, Samsung). I encourage you to start focusing on them because you already have great loyalty among the early-adopters as I’d characterize most of the posters here.

    In short, I think your team has a phenomenal job in designing a great product which is superior in hardware & software…but history is full of companies that flamed out as they couldn’t cross the chasm effectively or believed that technical excellence would ensure success. I hope you don’t make the same mistake. Obviously focus on the operation logistics to ensure your loyal fans can continue to speak well of you within their circles (as you saw during pre-order, they can be quite demanding and fickle too), but focus on the bigger prize…you dream deserves that perspective.

    I share this “marketing lesson” from personal experience, having worked for SGI, which was the Google of its time in the 90s with their graphic workstations and super-computers. In a strange twist, Google’s HQ is now in SGI’s HQ buidling and no one outside of Silicon Valley knows much about SGI.

    Wishing you all the best and hoping to see a mention of ADAM in the mainstream media or on TV soon. The Chicago Sun-Times article was really good, hope its picked up by others.


  216. I would have said server time, but Rohan mentioned units being on a boat already. By the time they are ready to ship, they’ll be in the US. So that would mean US time, depending on the state that the holding facility is in. (They would need a holding warehouse that they could actually ship from, even if DHL is boating them here. The DHL warehouse would likely ship them according to that states time)

    Of course, this is all conjecture…

  217. Yes. It’s all about money. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Rohan don’t spend too much at slot machines unless you are lucky enough to win a jackpot. Spend a day at Grand Canyon from some refreshment (specifically south rim – it’s a 5hr journey and you can pick the bus too.)

  218. So with the mystery feature being an FM radio, I was wondering if any app developers are planning for some kind of really cool radio app?

    Something beyond just station presets, etc. Anyone have any ideas for good radio app features?

  219. I really don’t like Google being so secretive when android is made open source. Isn’t 3.0 in the public repository and collaborated by open source developers?

    Rohan, should you not directly approach Google to offer something similar to Motorola? Is Google aware of adam? If so, how can it even discard this dream tablet (muscle power)?

  220. Hi Rohan,
    It’s easy to spot a company and a product that’s trying to distinguish itself and not be one in a crowd. Of course, a revolutionary new product can not take over the world in a day.
    But at the same time, everyone else isn’t sitting still. For instance, a year ago, only you had Tegra 2. Now everyone else does, and some Tegra 2 tablets are already on the market, despite being terrible in other aspects. The swivel camera is still new, but won’t be long before someone else comes up with something similar. PixelQi, I think, is your biggest selling point, but even that won’t last, especially with the new 7″ and 9.7″ screens they have announced at CES.
    Eden is something exciting and revolutionary no doubt. But with Honeycomb, a lot of others will have access to features that you have spent so long developing independently.
    Overall, while it’s important to be revolutionary, the reality of today’s world is that unless you put products in the hands of the customers while your ideas are still new and hot and unique, the big and mighty and rich companies will quickly overshadow you with their own versions of your ideas. As you say yourself, Adam is part of an evolution. It will never be complete, or finished, or perfect. There is always something more, something new.
    So please release Adam to the wide world quickly, before the big bad companies with lots of money swamp the market with their own tablets. You should capitalize on the fact that you guys were here first.
    Apple always releases half-finished products with missing features, just to stay in front. They have a huge fan-base which is so brainwashed that they will sing along with Apple and be willing to live without simple things like ‘cut and paste’. Adam should capitalize on the fan-base that it has now, even if that means that the product you release to use isn’t 100% what you dreamed it would be.
    I can’t wait for the next round of orders, pre-order 2, and I hope at least this time I get to put my order in as part of the ‘family’… but I do hope, for the sake of Adam’s future, that you are able to release it to regular orders soon and into the mass market and high-street stores. Adam is unique now, but it won’t be for long, so you must not miss out on your opportunity to build a strong user base before others grab market share from under your feet.

  221. I am all for the dream and learning/implementing slowly but i still think Rohan, you should have got a booth there. I agree that you cant beat apple in one day but the entire idea is to create more awareness about the Adam and Notion Ink. Most normal ppl at the show probably dont follow this blog or other tech sites regularly. If you would have had a booth there, even the smallest one with 5 Adams, ppl could have been able to find you easily and got to try the Adam themselves. Anyways, im sure you have a plan.. πŸ˜€ Cheers.

  222. Greg:
    > Anyone have any ideas for good radio app features?

    Crank the power up and use it as a microwave transmitter. If enough people do this, and use Adams in their laps, this will solve the problem of overpopulation.

    Please note that you didn’t ask if anyone had any *good* ideas. You may have to be more specific next time. Some of us computer geeks are excessively literal.

  223. Inkers, what do you think about Toshiba’s offering:


    Initial thoughts: just 1 USB port.
    Screen is not comparable
    Slightly heavier (said under 2 lbs)
    Somewhat more expensive (target 499)
    Early stages of development gives Adam a head start
    Twin cameras (of higher res) but don’t compare well to the swivel

    What else?

    People who can do this better: grow the list.

    Moto, for some reason I am not too worried about. Toshiba is know for price-based competition. So what else do we know and how does it stack up against our Seabiscuit?

  224. well done Rohan and whole notion ink team. Motorola xoom and honeycomb is still six month away (at least). The highest hardware requirnments for honeycomb r full filled by Adam , except for screen resolution. Mind u these r highest requirnments , as Google is now saying dual core processors r not mandatory for honeycomb. So i am very much sure Adam can be upgraded to honeycomb without much problem. But do not kill Eden , as it is a new way to look many things. Hope it must be patanted by now. The real review will be started in thousands by customers , as it will be reaching many home next week. I am sure no body will be disappointed. All the best.

  225. Ronak Rathod:
    > Well, some of us do use our head better than a Lizard Gecko!! :p

    I use my head to eat with. There is no better use. I also don’t stuff glasswool into my speakers; that makes a thump, not a decent bass.

  226. Among all CES tablets ‘adam’ is the most beautiful tablet. Rohan, in the next demonstration try doing a video chat with another adam (may be with your colleague standing with his adam next to you over 3G/wifi). I am jealous of you guys as you hold adam every day and we are waiting for quite long.

  227. Rohan,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    I am delighted to know that you are so focussed and mature at such a young age and are not swayed for making quick money.
    I have been following the tech blogs and vlogs and happy to note the positive response adam has received, Of course there are a few detractors

  228. @Raj ,

    As much as Notion Ink will not open source Eden software development between versions, why should we expect google to do the same…

    Each individual / company / organization defines its boundaries…

    We as end users should be lucky… that atleast we are taking part in the dream… unlike no other business…

    Google is not a culprit here at all… in fact we should be happy that google is standing behind Android (ofcourse, it is making a lot of money in the process) but just imagine, if each company like notion ink had to create a separate android of its own…

    On the same token, google should be thankful to linus torvalds and the host of open source hackers who created linux… the predecessor of android…

  229. amazing video… I could get a glimpse of what rohan mentioned….

    For those who are with us since long, I wish you were there when they were reviewing your product. You could see awe and surprise in their minds and eyes.

  230. I think Rohan has worked out and executed “almost perfect marketing plan” without spending a single advertising dollar. The publicity he garnered is more than enough to sell all the Adams he can manufacture this year. Just watch him next year in CES 2012 with Adam 2 πŸ™‚

  231. Dude. A booth is friggin’ expensive. Totally makes sense that they didn’t get their own. Sheesh.

  232. I can’t post a single comment. All of my previous posts have been awaiting moderation… :||

  233. @ gecko. U can’t just crank up power to make it work on the microwave region. U have to change the frequency. B more accurate I’d been working with the microwave region for a very long time. It’s the lifeblood of my research. So stop being a smart a-s

  234. Moto has been kept alive by Google(read Android). There was a time when no-one wanted Moto phones(the post Razr era). Moto was almost about close when they decided to adopt android on their phones. Moto does not have any invention of their own, they are now reduced to a hardware company that laps up and tidbit that Google throws at them.

    I am a proud Notion Ink Fan.

    Reliasing the Dream and Loving it! Ni all the way.

  235. β€œWhat happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”

    Lets hope for Rohan’s sake that’s not the case. We need the news of the adam to spread like wildfire.

  236. I have known your dream long before you detailed it in this post…even more shocking is that I have had this dream way before the Adam was announced….thanks for making my dreams come true….can I buy it now please πŸ˜‰

  237. Amen to that. The NI journey was an eventful one. With ups and downs.

    Like somebody said “Its the journey that matters and not the destination”. The NI journey continues and I’m behind NI all the way.

    I’m realizing the dream and loving it every step of the way.

  238. Take note. Rohan used YOUR product. Not THE product. So he believes we are part of the creation of Adam

  239. You mean to fill the rest of empty space in your head!!
    Boy, Gecko is back in the game. πŸ˜‰
    Anyways, I am only suggesting some features that come to mind in the excitement of Adams success at CES. Adam rules and am happy that it has evoked the response it did.

  240. At times dreams are more than enough. There was a time when Motorola actually had dreams(read Razr). Now Motorola is reduced to a hardware company living off what Google develops. Similarly if Google had not dream’t up android then the tablet revolution would not have been as big as it is today.

    A dream sets you on a path to follow and NI is about realizing dreams. So dare to dream and think different.

  241. Way to go Rohan and NI team!! All the best looking fwd to lot more innovative dreams in the years to come!!


  242. “Engadget who is known for their honest opinion.”

    I laughed out so hard at this that I broke my jaws πŸ™‚

    And to the main post. I somehow feel that this entire post was written when you were damn tired.

    Btw, any info that you would like to share on when the next batch of PixelQi will be available for order?

  243. Rohan, the only comment I have is to ramp up production and capture the early android tablet market before xoom is out. It would help in capturing the initial market and satisfied customers word of mouth/reviews advertising. Xoom would probably outsell Adam in a.month but put efforts to capture the market as much as possible before the established players enter.

    Please take my order right away.

  244. Rohan,

    Keep working on your dream in the pace you think is the best one for you, your company and us (your clients/family).
    It is/was good that everyone who was critical on you and the Adam is going from the point being criticts to being ,very, positive about the Adam.
    Well done by letting them see and use the Adam so they can experience it in, and with, their own hands.

    For me, I just hope I can order soon!



  245. After reading this post and Rohan’s several interviews in the past few days, I have a strong feeling that Ni will continue to sell their product online only for the next few months. I don’t see them partnering up with retails chains in India or in some other countries. I wish I would be wrong but I don’t see the retail thing coming soon.

  246. That was a really insightful post Prakash. Might be we as bloggers and face-bookers could increase awareness about the adam by either blogging about it or posting adam related links as our Facebook status. That is sure to get the attention of many people. Particularyl the non-tech crowd.

  247. The best I would do is give the tablet to engadget for an hr or 2. Have them review in-depth and publish. No investment, free of charge promotion. At max you may loose one Adam if they break open or like to keep it.

  248. Gecko being funny again after a long haitus!!! Lolz

    @Greg: Might be used as a transmitter to transmit signals over short distances. Communication without the net. That looks like a good idea.

  249. I did long time back and do it everytime I go to the mall. It has a Apple store and I visit it everytime I go there just to open Adam design page.

  250. @elmelao:
    Guess you alread have it, but heres the link:

  251. Rohan,
    Great work. It is great to be part of your vision. I don’t expect you to answer this but can you please hint at when PreOrder2 will be up and running? For those of us that had difficulties with the first orders this would be a godsend.


  252. will do the same today.. πŸ˜€ make their homepage or adam pic as the wallpaper… heheh.. :]

  253. Well said Rohan and job well done at CES….now lets not wait for PQ to start Preorder-2!…..Let LCD Adams keep coming..I am waiting

  254. in the Rohan-speak, words like dreams, hope and love have a very all-encompassing meaning. Dreams are not just what your mind sees when you shut your eyes… it is more importantly realizing and then holding on to what is most important to you ….

  255. Even Dell (which is famous for direct selling) had to open up retail stores here.

    Indians need to touch and feel the product before paying for it. That’s how their psyche is.

  256. Rohan..I admire you being the dreamer and realizing it to near perfection…while we were sold to your dream long back …for a common man outside the NI blogs/community, a good product will tell its tale when it reaches him physically or by word of mouth..

    but we can short circuit this process a bit by spreading word in the popular media consumed by people around the world…chk this latest post at CNN…titled…CES has tablets galore, but why can’t we touch them? at “”

    no mention of Adam there…possibly author’s ignorance…

    I posted a small comment suggesting Adam..NI bloggers could do the same….had earlier emailed CNN popular anchor Richard Quest to showcase Adam in his program but probably got lost in their corporate maze…

  257. As CES 2011 draws to a close, I must admit that I have been following the tablet world closely and one product stands out, at least at this point in time. Notion Ink Adam surpassed everyone’s expectations. We stand proud the product measured above and beyond other giant products in the industry. The dream to get that perfect consumer tablet continues and we believe NI can deliver.

  258. Notion Ink and Rohan appear to be doing just fine. They are getting great media exposure so far, they are delivering. The preorder controversy probably helped them, people just HAD to see them pass or fail the test. The consensus at CES is that they passed and really brought something positively unique to the table.

    Unlike other products shown at CES they have real prices and production models! It’s possible that a few bad reviews could hurt them though. A reviewer at Wired, Gizmodo, Engadget and TechCrunch could try to take Adam down a notch when their units arrive whether we feel it’s justified or not. Everyone wants to compare (and tell their readers to compare a device) to an iPad.

    Tablets are here to stay. Down the road, the Adam can continue to get better and can keep having unique features such as being weather and shock proof. It could work perfectly with another companion device in the home or office that really makes it simple to share with a home server or media center. It could have all the right scientific or graphic applications in the current or future model that makes it ideal for a big market…students.

    Once the honeycomb tablet apps hit, this summer, it’s really anyone’s guess what kind of world we’ll be in. I think I’ll be pretty satisfied with my Adam as a media player, sketch tool and book reader. The Motorola Xoom looks awesome now too. I’m not defensive about my Adam. I’d actually like to own both. I think people are gonna go through tablets more frequently than desktops, but it’s hard to visualize that because most of us have held out for our holy grail for so long, we can’t imagine letting it go for something else yet. You’ll change them out every 18 months – 3years just like with phones probably or maybe more often.

  259. @Greg: Never really used FM for one of my earlier phones …. so I like the idea/possibility of it being used for live Traffic updates( receiver) for GPS.

  260. Well said Rohan! I admire your vision. I am on board for the long haul with you guys. Can not wait to get a hold of Adam. I believe Adam will change the tablet market and I hope that momentum will snowball into a landslide of life changing/culture changing products from Notion Ink. I had saved up money for a few months for an iPod touch. Then out of nowhere I heard of the Adam tablet. I will not be purchasing an iPod touch. I don’t see why I should spend $229.99 on an MP3 player when for $145.34 more I can purchase a product that can change the way I interact with the digital world. Now when will the Adam be on sale to the general public? πŸ™‚

  261. Impressive demos at the CES. Nice. Eden and Honeycomb both provide a UI that is more conducive to the screen real estate on a tablet. Can’t wait to see the Eden naturally extended on to Honeycomb.

    Any word on a release date and/or the second pre-order 2?

  262. @Anand Shah:
    >> but just imagine, if each company like notion ink had to create a separate android of its own…

    can you tell me what you are pointing to here ?

  263. @bruce:
    rediscovery indeed !!
    Looks like you are at your game again. I’d love to believe that FM radio may be for for more than just music …..

  264. If linux was not in the main stream….

    each tablet maker would have two choices…. either pay the microsoft tax or make their own and sell the OS as a add on cost to the consumers…

    Let us imagine that Linux & Android did not exist…. and microsoft windows for a tablet was not a choice and in addition apple iOS not willing to licence or share the OS for non-Apple device makers (again not taking into account that iOS is not a descendent of FreeBSD)

    Under those circumstances, a dreamer like rohan would have to build his own OS… I simply cannot imagine the time it would take for creating another android…

  265. didnt he say they are already on the ships in one of the videos? (i think this one “” )

  266. Adam was banished from Eden. IF we all love Eden, lets not dwell on the Adam eating the forbidden fruit …

  267. Adams’s USP is as follows

    – A very well designed UI that can and will scale very well…
    – CPU, Memory & Graphics Optimization
    – A great number of specialized application (made by NI)
    – A very good degree of optimizations of other open source software like Quick Office, Browser, etc.,
    – A series of smart agreements with companies like Mireo, LongBox, eBook reading companies etc.,

    But all of exists because of the OS (not inspite of)… If it took 50 designers / engineers / developers to create the building, imagine what it would take to create the foundation of the whole Application Stack.

    History repeats itself… and what I see in front of me… is Alexander Limi & Alan Runyan of Plone in Rohan & Andre, providing a very well designed and scalable skin over Jim Fulton & Hadar Pedhazur’s creation Zope

  268. rohan, i was just wondering why you don’t open pre-orders for LCD screen ? why make those people wait who are just looking for LCD for whatever reason ?

  269. hear hear! I mean: good writing, totally agree. The only difference with Eden that there was only one Adam (and only one Eve). Your goals are – lucky for us – a little bit higher.
    I’m not religious, but the world would be a whole different place if there were a million Adam’s in the first place πŸ™‚ :))

  270. and the immediate predecessor of Rohan Shravan in India, is Vinay Deshpande of Simputer fame, who tried to create a palmtop for about 200$ when James Bond was sending faxes using HP Jornada (which in turn were priced @ 600$) !!

    But the best palmtop during that time were the IPaq series (windows) from compaq and Sharp Zaurus (linux) and zaurus was a failure in the english speaking world purely because it was happy marketing to Japanese customers…

    A bunch of dealers, used to convert these devices to english and sell them on eBay !!

  271. @Sujith Prathap

    Already saw that! After all the hype and buildup, it’s a disappointment that Rohan does not reveal this on his own blog, in it’s own separate post and NI hasn’t even updated their tech-specs page! It still says “Bonus mystery feature ;)”

    Also needed to be revealed on the blog or website, is the “artistic packaging, re-usable as stand”.

  272. good job so far, well done Rohan and NI team!

    I have few questions.

    1. Microsoft has now announced the support of Windows 8 for ARM devices and also demoed it on many of the SoCs including NVidia Tegra. I am hoping that you will provide the drivers at least to support if the user decides to install Windows 8 (on his own risk of course) when it arrives. It may not be a wise choice but I would like to see some windows support.

    2. Will SDXC support be added as a firmware update? I have read somewhere that SDXC is more to do with softare support like exFAT and the hardware that supports SDHC is already capable of supporting SDXC cards. Please clarify as sooner or later we will see a lot of SDXC cards in the market with > 32 GB capacity.

    3. I think there is no flash (LED or Xenon) in the ADAM specifications. If that is correct, that is one very important omission and hope you will rectify the same in ADAM 2.

    Best regards,

  273. @Anand Shah: I do admire you appreciating the brains behind Android/Linux. In the initial comments from Rohan he has done enough to pay his respects to Android. πŸ™‚

    That does not imply “google is not the culprit”. It is like saying Google can get away with anything in the Android-sphere, coz they can always claim they were the force behind Android.

    That being said, I would prefer what remarks from bruce about these things:: “we may never know”. it may be better that way coz Google and Notion Ink are individual companies in the same fraternity …

  274. Dear Roahan,

    Your comments make me feel that you smell victory, already. My advice would be to hold on for now. You have conquered only a few battles, albeit big ones. But the final triumph is yet to come. I know that you have it in sight but a little more patience and persistence is advised.

    You have done very well indeed with your greatest critics but you must acknowledge that their fears were not without reason such as new start up company, no final product in sight (until that time) to name a few.

    The purpose of all this monolgue is to give you a simple advise. Hold on to your horses. Dont declare victory or assume it prematurely. You have few more obstacles to conquer still, the biggest one being the successful product delivery to countless (but you know how many) customers like me who handed over their (or their parents’) hard earned money to you without even touching the device in real.

    regards and good luck.


  275. The definition of Smart a-s is “someone who can sit on ice cream and tell the flavour”


  276. @Renae: Of course there is not MS suite. Rohan was showing the Quick Office Connect suite on Adam which should support DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX

  277. Here’s an idea for the radio … route the audio stream to Shazam for instant online identification of song/artist etc ….

    Shazam already works on Android – so shouldn’t be too difficult

  278. They asked him if Notion Ink was going to do a 7″ and he said that they are only doing the one size.

    (I agree.)

  279. But Notion Ink is quite unique in letting us join them on this journey. That is one of the biggest differentiator between Notion Ink and anyone one else in the market. An yes the moment you think of an idea someone else is coming close or with something the same.

    I dare say that Rohan and the team have a miriad of ideas, but only a few made it for the initial adam. I just can’t images what sort of products and dreams they have for the future but I dare say we haven’t seen anything yet. πŸ™‚

    We have only just scratch the surface but the biggest difference is that Rohan and Notion are not competing they are setting the agenda, which puts them in a very unique place.

    Someone else was saying the Notion Ink has to increase its market share and not just get the earlier adoptors. But think about this, there are a lot of early adoptors for a start, but look at the circle of influence they have. Just imagine the marketing power behind those earlier adoptors. I know just within my circle of influence I have quite a reach and when other see the passion and hear what we earlier adopters have to say I can quite imagine that cirle of influence to be easily in the range from 20 – 100 and more, so marketing virually I believe will work far better and quicker than many other forms of marketing.

  280. Rohan – Amazon Payments is just opposite to Pixel Qi booth at the CES. Check them out, and see if that suits your strategy, as lot of international customers may again get blocked while ordering the ADAM, unless you have already solved that issue with Visa and Mastercard.

    Personal exp with Amazon payments has been good.

  281. I totally agree with you, Phillip. It’s the same in my country. Out of all the tablets presented at the CES, they only did an article about Motorola. They also did an article about Honeycomb and Mirasol.. I’m really surprised they didn’t mention Samsung and Asus since they are well known here. Aside from this, all has been silent regarding CES and tablets.

  282. Another CES tablet review article in Pocket Lint (UK-based) – which lists an impressive 23 tablets … which should have been 24 as the didn’t mention the Adam.

    The review is here “”

    A couple of us have already mentioned their oversite!

  283. I had a look at the details on the motorola site and it does not look that special. Yes great marketing, and some accessories but they are picutre and no rea information and it looks like many of the others that have been released at CES. Infact all the tables basically are much the same in shape and design. That is except the Notion Ink adam which is totally different in design, and we know why it is diffent and the reasons behind the desicions for those differences. All the other tablets are products that when the companies are ready will be release with big bang and just be another in the crowd of other tablets.

    Personally I think the adam will stand out from the crowd for quite a while.

  284. I was willing to buy it even without seeing any actual videos and pictures πŸ™‚ I stumbled upon Adam by accident – during spring and summer I was looking to buy a tablet, but didn’t know which one. They were either cheap and poorly built or expensive as hell but too small.. Then someone somewhere mentioned if you need a great tablet, Adam is what you should be looking for. So I googled it and was bedazzled by it instantly; the description, the ideas behind it, the community… It was just the kind of tablet I was looking for. So I followed its progress and my love for it only grew. Now with the next pre-order (hopefully this time I’ll be more lucky than the first time) I’ll put my money where my love is too πŸ˜€

  285. Congratulations!!, Great Product..Great Reviews. I have been following Notion Ink and Adam since past 1 year and ‘am amazed by the amount of information flowing out of NI to its’ fans. It has made all of us part of NI and Adam itself.

    Thanks for all the updates. From the interview with Crunchgear, I could see that they were not able to digest the fact that a start-up company like NI could come out with such a great product when all the major players are biting the dust.

  286. No a lot of them were bias and did not give a critic they gave their personal views which is not a critic. If only they would give critics based on sound lodgic then we could accept their views and opions. Here is a good example of the difference between the two:

    The Difference between Critique and Criticism

    * Criticism finds fault/Critique looks at structure
    * Criticism looks for what’s lacking/Critique finds what’s working
    * Criticism condemns what it doesn’t understand/Critique asks for clarification
    * Criticism is spoken with a cruel wit and sarcastic tongue/Critique’s voice is kind, honest, and objective
    * Criticism is negative/Critique is positive (even about what isn’t working)
    * Criticism is vague and general/Critique is concrete and specific
    * Criticism has no sense of humor/Critique insists on laughter, too
    * Criticism looks for flaws in the writer as well as the writing/Critique addresses only what is on the page

    What we need are critiques, not criticism to be informative.

  287. They have already done this check out the video, it is good and it is a critic


  288. They also carried out an interview


  289. Rohan,firstly, I love Adam and really want you to do well.BUT. you must be aware that having the best hardware isn’t enough.look back to Betamax vs VHS. Inferior product won because of end user support.Adam Will fail without apps. SO, any news on genesis? Can we see some of the new apps being developed?

  290. looks like Chris Burns is really smitten by ADAM.

  291. @Rohan FCC my friend. Don’t keep us waiting. If things are getting delayed, let us know. It’s better to take that shock in advance than wait before the day of shipping. Please 😦

  292. All the way Rohan! Your words of how you aspire for NotionInk to last for centuries and withstand the test of time instead of wanting to become a billion-dollar company in a day truly echoes what I feel should be the direction for the company.


  293. Rohan,

    we all understand, that you are a small company with limited budget. Also, that you don’t want to create to high expectations what NotionInk will not be able to deliver later.

    But what could have been done to create higher visibility and to ensure that all of the capabilities and advantages of adam and the vision of NotionInk wouldl be available for everybody?

    There are plenty of hotels in Vegas which could provide you a small conference room (for about 50 people) for a reasonable fee (just for one day). Make a press conference for selected companies (the typical tech-blogs, media etc.) and show your product, share your vision.

    This should cover:
    – A detailed hardware review and how it can be used (show all the available IO ports)
    – Explain the design of the hardware (rough industrial design, not glossy as the rest of the pack, matt scratch resistent material, including screen, the golden angle, the curve, the swivel camera etc. Explain how important it is to be able to hold it convenient in one hand)
    – A complete Eden software review (philosophy behind Eden, multitasking optmization, it’s comic book design, how fun it is to work with, the advantage of the leaves compared to Honeycomb,
    – A complete demo of all available Eden apps (Mail’d, Calendar, Browser, Canvas, Sniffer etc.) Show the differences between plain android, including Honeycomb
    – Share your future vision for Eden and your plans for Honeycomb
    – Explain the idea of Genesis and it’s co-existence with android market.

    Make sure that everybody understands:
    Adam is ready to ship, with a great set of tablet optimized applications, where Honeycomb is still under development (as we all have seen here at CES) and therefore it will take a while to have high quality apps (not rubbish) which are optimized for tablets on the android market. When Honeycomb is ready to ship, NotionInk will be one of the first companies to adopt it (thanks to the architecture of Eden) and android market will be available too.

    The press conference could take 30-60 mins. Each app demo can take 2-3 minutes. You can also have some video demos running in parallel.

  294. I like the fact that Rohan is keeping his head in this stressful times. His focus on going slow and steady is reassuring. Adam is a superior product..period!
    I also love the fact that Crunchgear were actually bullied by Notion ink fans into mellowing their views.
    In the Interview they termed the NI fans second to none..even stronger than the Apple Fans… I reckon Adam’s strength lies not only in Rohan’s Futuristic vision but also the Staunch Loyalty of its Fans!
    PS: This shall be an ideal case study for Business School students. Does anybody recall any parallels to Adam’s story in the corporate history.

  295. “We are not here to sell in millions in the first year and quickly become the billion dollar company”
    that’s great, and even strange nowadays: everyone wants to make the worst to lie the rest and becoming in someone… I mean.. no one matters the consumer at all.. just their benefits, and you have demonstrated that you are not like others.
    but.. as you can see, MANY people wants your tablet, and many others NEED the tablet, which is very different. So you should hurry up.. until they change their opinion, because you “mistake” is the quantity.. not the quality..
    so.. we want a new pre-order, or where to buy one!!

  296. Not sure why Adam would fail any more than any other Android tablet?

    An app developed for vanilla Android (ie standard not device specific) should nrun on all devices (at the same OS level)…..

    Conversely apps written specifically for the Adam Eden OS utilising the leaves might not run on other hardware/software configurations

  297. “For those who are with us since long, I wish you were there when they were reviewing your product. You could see awe and surprise in their minds and eyes. But there is a lot to do! And now we will focus back on our work!”

    I really would have been there gladly.
    But what I would want more is a new chance for pre-ordering for the family πŸ™‚

    If you are not going to produce a million adams soon, it will be very hard to get one.

    Family-Pre-Order PLEASE!!!

  298. microsoft is eager to get in bed with everyone, nor is it really netflix or hulu’s place to do anything but support what they can.

    Sadly, nothing short of silverlight for android will ever get netflix to our dear adam…. 3 cheers for DRM! (sarcasm)

  299. I know I shouldn’t… but at exactly 12:00 AM IST I’m going to be refreshing the status page like mad.

  300. I am a proud owner of Adam (yet to receive one!) and the reason I bought was not only that it was a fantastic product but over a period of time I realised that the company behind it is great as well. We are all with you and we proudly support Notion Ink and Adam!

  301. Well I am in India, so by that rationale, I should be looking at my shipping from India between 15th and 22nd (my estimated shipping dates). Then they will reach sooner than I anticipate. Well, the wait’s killing me!

  302. Hi, might be a stupid question, but at some point Adam has to ‘know’ the swivel is ‘up site down’ and has to correct this.
    I mean: if facing forward it’s ok, but when you swivel it to the rear, the pic is up side down?
    Where’s the turning point?

  303. @MarkR +1

    Countless are the times that i hear something and want to know what it is. Shazam is great but an integration between my radio and Shazam would be really cool. Imagine you hear something on your radio and with one click, Shazam is started and you get the title, performer, etc. πŸ™‚

  304. Since Pixel QI demonstrated a few new screens on CES i was wondering if we can upgrade the Adams screen to the 10.1” with the 1280×800 resolution (DIY or as option when purchasing the device)

  305. @Mridul Happy that you succeeded this time, if you can post this entry then you moderation problem seems to be solved and we look forward to hearing more from you.

  306. Once again, CONGRATS to Rohan and the whole NI Team who I believe are taking the right approach to introducing Adam. I just can’t wait to PreOrder 2!!!!

  307. @Marc Dimmick Adam will indeed stand out for quite a while but the Motorola marketing machine is massive. The more tablets Rohan can get out there, the more addicts and sales-people he will have on the street.

    Getting the Adam out on the street is the most affordable option against the marketing dollars of Motorola, Samsung etc.

  308. I was scanning through the blogs and was wondering why everyone is assuming that Eve is going to be the smaller device. Ona lighter note, if the naming is done with logic then it should be assumed that:
    1. Eve will be more complex than Adam
    2. Eve should have many accessories
    3. Eve would be costlier
    4. Eden would not remain the same after arrival of Eve…
    I think Eve would be a Laptop or a dual screen tablet! Wat say Adam Gurus?!

  309. one thing that could have been done on the back is a sensitive bar for one finger, some kind of horizontal sensitive rectangular area : I wish I could handle the adam with my both hands and use my index on the back to scroll the pages of the book I am reading

  310. Bonjour Γ  tous et bonne annΓ©e 2011 et pour chacun d’entre nous une belle tablette Adam.
    Je l’ai espΓ©rΓ© pour Noel…loupΓ©, pour mon anniversaire (10janvier)…loupΓ©. Alors je n’ai plus qu’Γ  attendre, comme vous, que nos chers amis indiens veuillent bien nous livrer leur superbe tablette…avec la bonne version d’android, bien sur.
    A bientΓ΄t de vous lire.

  311. @Ixne “If you are not going to produce a million adams soon, it will be very hard to get one”. I agree with that one!

    Luckily I was able to pre-order one, but I would like to buy several more for our sales-force and once the first of us have their Adams, our friends will want one as well.

    If supply is limited then maybe we need what Google did when they started Gmail: you can only get one through invites of people who already have one. That would make each of us very popular with our friends πŸ™‚

  312. Like many others, I’m waiting for the chance to order as soon as possible. I also am interested in how people intend to use the Adam. My main interest is in what type of case, cover, etc. would be most practical for the Adam from a material and form standpoint. Thoughts?

  313. Awesome Peeps!!! We should take a picture of it and show it here. Hehehehe. So others can follow. I will also post it on my Adam thread on my site too. “” I also added a section for Notion Ink Fansites too. So if you have a blog or forum you can put yours there too and put a little info about your site. I would put it myself, but I would rather have the owners of their blog/forum to add it themselves.

  314. Tech spec still says “Bonus mystery feature ;)” Has Rohan told us about a radio and still has something else or just slow at updating the website?

  315. @Karen I think in one of the interview Rohan mentioned this. He said that after 45* the camera automatically revert the image so there will not be a problem of pic coming up side down.

  316. @bruce

    Of course it will be called a “fiasco” again. If there is one thing that I have learned from the comments on Rohan’s blog then it is how brutal ‘fans’ can be. Totally without any forgiveness, no room for nuances and thinking that their own ideas are gospel.

    So yes, when Adam is shipping a million of Adams, and there is 1% with complaints and of that 1%, half is not helped to their satisfaction within 2 hours after lodging their complaints, then I expect a similar tsunami of criticism and talks about “fiasco” 😦

  317. @Himanshu, I agree. I inquired at MediaMarkt, which would be the obvious choice in the Netherlands, but they replied they didn’t know anything about the Adam. I hope I put an idea in their heads.
    Best regards, Aad

  318. yeah just googled it. And even in the interview charbax’s guy asked specific question about ipad with Pixel Qi(chi) screen…Hmmm πŸ™‚

  319. Please go to “” and you will find how people around the world are cursing Motorola. Motorola is a Fail company. People in Europe are already filing a class action against them for lying about Milestone, selling it as flash capable but installing droid 2.1. They are not releasing 2.2 and telling people “due to lack of resources it will not be released”. This is a fraud and Sanjay Jha should be put into prison for that. If i ever meet him personally I will kick his balls.

  320. Come one, Rohan! Let us order new LCD Adams! I dont need Pixel Qi, so why should I wait for it? What I need is an Adam!

    Anyway, you’re doing a really great job! Adam is fantastic

  321. On a serious note, Rohan have u filed a patent for your rubberized gripping design?? I am sensing that from the pleasing comments about it by all reviewers who have handled adam, It will be a deciding factor in favor of adam in times to come. So please if you haven’t done so, file a patent if it’s possible.

  322. Rohan, people are not going to sit here waiting for one year for their turn to order a tablet. Remember Nintendo Wii, I had to wait for an year to buy one, all sold out in NY.

  323. +1. Rohan after clarification about battery performance, even if only LCD adam ordering is opened right now, they will be sold in jiffy and it will help Notion Ink as a company to bringing more fund on the table. So don’t wait for the simultaneous opening of Pixel Qi(chi) and LCD. Alteast for now you can ahead with LCD.

    And For India Specific: if you happen to visit famous tech forums in India(techenclave,Thinkdigit,hifivision), there is a lot of buzz about adam in these forum. They can be easily converted into buyers.And after such a good success at CES which is covered extensively by some of the tech websites, I think there are ripe chances that it will be a lot easier for you to tie up with any retail chains(Chroma,Reliance etc). I understand that you are envisaging for a global company but in India it may be a bit easier logistics wise for you to tie up with them. Waiting for news like these.

  324. People: we have all seen the video from JK Mobile, et al. I came across the write up. It is VERY POSITIVE! It also has the video (towards the end). Now this is the kind of press that I (and some others have also said it before) wish that Adam would get on its own from third parties. We believe in what we know and support, so logically this coverage should come effortlessly out of Adam’s mere presence at the CES.

    Wrong! The branded big-shots have successfully edged the Adam to a strange position. The advantages of Adam are obvious. In fact they are so many to count, that it seems that those trying to come to grips with it (and I am not talking about the rubberised grip) often get things wrong/miss the point.

    Small Illustration: in the article I am linking (the write-up that goes with the JK Mobile video) the person mentions Adam having ‘a USB port’. WRONG! It has two. Which I think (correct me please) is yet to be offered by any of its competitors. Minor difference you may say. But with nearly every current/future projected contender, there are too many of these ‘minor differences’ which on a level playing field would put Adam in the right place: the next generation (or perhaps the one after) of product offerings.

    Minor Differences, which I wish would be highlighted in third party (pre-)views:

    1. Price
    2. PQi
    3. Battery life AND it being replaceable
    4. The Digitizer Functionality
    5. Single Swivel Camera, for business/academic applications
    6. Open nature of its ecosystem: Android based without being tethered to any network/service provider

    These are the obvious ones. The key point here being, that these ‘Minor Differences’ deserve to be highlighted. These are not the Adam’s Strong Points. That list is much longer and far more impressive. These are ‘Minor Differences’ which set the Adam apart from so many of the Tablets, which are not even ready for release yet (Toshiba, Motto/X, etc.). Adam beats them on at least most of the points listed. So that needs to be brought out, along with the given feature set/spec. sheet.

    So when the first shipments arrive, fans, techies, bloggers, Greg, please try and hit some of these points as bluntly and with as much emphasis as you can.

    Hope there are plenty more videos today. There were none yesterday.

    Rohan, hit it out of the park, like a Viv Richards sixer!

  325. +++ 1.. u need a showroom piece ! for anything and everything.. here a common man does not know abt Engadget or Slashgear… but as Rohan himself said 60% is Us market and 10% only Indian market. so its obvious his plans would be aligned according to market demands.

  326. Or record in the background, or record a set time in the future, or repeatedly at the same time each week, creating podcasts of a particular show.

  327. would love to see it in the retail stores, atleast major ones in the city first.. atleast a showroom piece and then orders can be placed online.

  328. Karen, on Greg’s we-feature provided a link to a neat Adam Vs MotoX comparison chart. It does not mention Price, but still it does the job:


  329. On that site, though, there’s no mention of the Pixel Qi screen. I think it’s a major differentiator.

  330. Plus don’t forget the affordability issue. A word that most western consumers are unfamiliar with. Also, the India advantage: iWhatevers have not even been released there yet! So a domestic market base, easy to advertise to (like Himanshu pointed out) and awaiting some sort of attention from a Bangalore based outfit. Just march the journos in, let them play with it for 4-5 hours. Let the press/blog features roll.

    India, done. Move on….

  331. @Rohan and Team NI & adam
    you all deserve a standing ovation when you all return to India. Thanks for Everything and keep up the good work.

    @all Intimidating folks
    The Argument from Intimidation is a confession of intellectual impotence.
    – Ayn Rand, The Virtue of Selfishness, 1964

  332. You have to get past the intro video, and watch the actual demonstration. The UI works the way I described. I’ll try to find a youTube video showing it.

  333. Rohan,
    Nice dream and vision. Congrats at CES 2011 and also best wishes for the New year with loads of opportunities.

  334. So much fluff… Tell me about when can I order this damn thing? I am getting upset that I cannot order this tablet. I hope someone will make a tablet or netbook with the pixel qi screen and will actually finish it.

  335. Another one of those well known ‘Lists’, from a reputed source. Adam fails to figure. Sometimes I wonder if these people are obsessed with their own ignorance?!?


  336. Folks,

    I do not see a trackpad on Adam in any video (from as much of the back as we can see).
    Did Rohan say it will be there but disabled? Or it won’t be there at all?
    Anyone recall that?

  337. My only request to Rohan, is not to bring the next generations of Adam out too fast and make the early adapters and loyalists feel that they should have waited for few months more for a higher resolution, higher spec. model. And the current one goes down on price too. Hard price to pay for early buyers.

  338. For the nth time, please do some research…

    There has been a number of videos and comments that said, Adam will be compatible with Honeycomb. Please go to “” to see a list of videos and that videos will mention that.

  339. IMO such plans may be afoot. What I feel is that Rohan is waiting for the content partners confirmed collaboration. and other finalization from other partners ?logistics ?retails.

    He did talked of a press release to be out soon. So we can expect “orders” for family and then general…… worry is how they will execute? May be send invite to orders for family before opening for general or since they have the email id database..confirmation of booking?

    Guys we need to give Rohan ideas how to execute this ….

  340. something interesting designed and executed by rohan’s college juniors..
    ” hxxp:// ”

    (replace xx with tt)

  341. @Eric – I am a-s smart a-s I am. But, please, have some respect for the deceased, which is my microwave oven, and for the about-to-be deceased, which is me when I take apart the microwave oven to play with it.

  342. I dont believe the Xoom has an advantage over Adam in screen size. It is 16X10 but 16X1 is dedicated to on screen buttons so it is really just 16X9 like Adam. This also means there shouldnt be any compatibility issues with adam for honey comb because all they have to do is modify the code so the buttons are hidden and pop up only (BTW eden already does this)The screens will be running on the exact same ratio, pixels are exact too I think.

  343. Ronak Rathod:
    > You mean to fill the rest of empty space in your head!!

    I like to think of it as expansion capability

  344. @All,

    One thing I gathered from the interview with Crunchgear is Rohan clearly says that the next round of orders will only be open when the Pixel Qi screens becomes available. That is not a great idea IMO. If LCDs are available, he needs to sell the LCD variant instead of not selling anything at all. This is a consumer device and not a made to order tailored suit (for those people who are really choosy what they wear) which will be made only when such and such material is available. Rohan may want to take the slow and steady approach (which I have no problem with), but in this fast and impatient world people tend to have short memories. We don’t want the dream of adam fade from the memories of the people, which might happen if Notion Ink doesn’t reopen orders soon enough. There are so many people commenting on this blog, who want an adam. Whether it is Pixel Qi or LCD variant it doesn’t really matter to them. Rohan needs to take cognizance of this particular fact. Pixel Qi is great and it differentiates adam from other tablets in the market, but there are so many other features in adam that are unique and they should satiate the appetite of many of the buyers.

    All this is IMHO.

  345. does the Xoom even have any speakers? if they do, i dont believe they get as loud or produce as much of a surround audio experience like the adam- according to several different reviews. CNET has an on hand video of the Xoom and they cant even do a hands on demo of menus they just play video’s of what they can do. Nothing more.

  346. @Rohan
    Like many of us,i understand that dream is what makes it possible to have our adam s alive in our mind .

    There are parasites zooming /roominmg/xooming on their way oh my oh πŸ™‚

  347. “Most of the family members have ordered the product too.”

    Actually, the majority of people who were eligeble for pre-order never got to order at all.

  348. Rohan mentioned that they are working with Kobo on an ereading app. I use the Kobo app on a Nexus One phone, and it is 150% more legible than the kindle app for Android. The night view (white text on black background) has a beautiful, relatively bold, crisp sans-serif font that makes reading it during the daytime and in a dark room (or outside at night) a real pleasure. I would LOVE to see the Adam/Eden/Kobo app give us the option for two, preferably three flowing columns in landscape view.

    The kobo app is legible at the tiniest font size, so it really does need a way to break the text into narrower columns… if it can do this, it will really enhance speed reading!

  349. notjustshinyobjects:
    > the person mentions Adam having β€˜a USB port’. WRONG! It has two. Which I think (correct me please) is yet to be offered by any of its competitors. Minor difference you may say.

    The difference between one and two is one (proof: 2 – 1 = 1, which is the smallest natural number, so it must be minor). But Adam actually has three USB ports (two full size, one mini), so that’s twice the minor difference, which is arguable major. In practice, this means I can stick in a flash drive and use a USB keyboard at the same time (without getting funny with battery-draining hubs), plus still have a port left over to plug in an illegal transmitter to block all cellphone reception in the area.

  350. I recommend everyone to give their ideas on unique ways of marketing notion ink..
    i am impressed at the mature vision of Rohan.
    I searched for terms like CES 2011 tablets etc to see what is being published and surprised to see that there are articles with Adam not even mentioned there. I was disguisting to see how money can be used to publish articles.i put comments in such articles so that readers are aware of Adam as well.
    we each of family members need to do the above task to ensure that Adam name appears in each possible article on web.

    NOw its time to give back. we have been just asking /demanding from Rohan. Let us also help in marketing Adam .

  351. @Jayachandran
    > The Argument from Intimidation is a confession of intellectual impotence.
    – Ayn Rand, The Virtue of Selfishness, 1964

    That’s very funny coming from someone who habitually threatened suit against anyone who quoted her in order to disagree with her. She never actually followed through, of course, since she had no grounds; this was pure intimidation.

    There are some worthwhile biographies of her reviewed here: “” – although her “philosophy” was stupid and juvenile, and her prose indefensible, her life was interesting.

  352. @Rohan and NI,

    The following are waiting for the orders to reopen (collected from the comments on this one page). Please take this as a request from the family. Many of us couldn’t order the Pixel Qi the first time around, but still wouldn’t mind buying a LCD variant for now.

    Sjors Clemens said, on January 8, 2011 at 06:30
    I can’t wait untill the second pre-order round!!

    JulienM said, on January 8, 2011 at 06:25
    Hope I could pre-order on the 2nd wave (as I have got only a mastercard, I could not be part of the first ). Perhaps you should consider adding other payment options (like paypal for example ???). It could allow some other people to order Adam.

    Zouhair stitou said, on January 8, 2011 at 08:29
    So when can i buy one. any dates on that?

    frank said, on January 8, 2011 at 11:13
    When will I be able to order mine?

    Krzysztof said, on January 8, 2011 at 14:59

    Karthik said, on January 8, 2011 at 13:19
    Any word on a release date and/or the second pre-order 2?

    Raj said, on January 8, 2011 at 12:10
    Please take my order right away.

    edju13 said, on January 8, 2011 at 12:10
    For me, I just hope I can order soon!

    Antifa Shu said, on January 8, 2011 at 19:39
    Come one, Rohan! Let us order new LCD Adams! I dont need Pixel Qi, so why should I wait for it? What I need is an Adam!

    Anyway, you’re doing a really great job! Adam is fantastic
    Himanshu said, on January 8, 2011 at 19:51
    Rohan after clarification about battery performance, even if only LCD adam ordering is opened right now, they will be sold in jiffy and it will help Notion Ink as a company to bringing more fund on the table. So don’t wait for the simultaneous opening of Pixel Qi(chi) and LCD. Alteast for now you can ahead with LCD.

    Bence said, on January 8, 2011 at 20:46
    So much fluff… Tell me about when can I order this damn thing? I am getting upset that I cannot order this tablet. I hope someone will make a tablet or netbook with the pixel qi screen and will actually finish it.

    Rama Maganti said, on January 8, 2011 at 21:23
    If LCDs are available, he needs to sell the LCD variant instead of not selling anything at all.

  353. @Rama Maganti,

    Rohan said clearly:’Someone wrote in the comments, they don’t care what dreams we have. I would say if that’s the case, we have seen 100s of tablets in CES, and we all are free to opt for one. But if you want to become a part of a unique history, sense the evolution, hang on, because we are here to do different things, and in unique ways!’
    If ppl want to buy NOW, they can buy another tablet. Other fans will come along, real fans will stick to NI.

    And second, LCD screens are ready in numbers, PQ were not at the time of the Crunchgear interview. No one mentioned a time period for PQ to get ready. Maybe in a week, maybe tomorrow…?

  354. levpisu:
    > I’d love to believe that FM radio may be for for more than just music …..

    If you come to the US and tune the FM radio to NPR, usually low down on the dial, that’s usually chatter, not music. It’s good for sleeping to, probably not much else.

    Some people have speculated that the radio might be a low-power FM transmitter. That would explain any delay in the FCC certification, but what would that do that bluetooth wouldn’t? Broadcast to neighbors’ FM radios?

  355. @Rama Maganit, please don’t assume they will all be satisfied with LCD.
    When PQ was sold out, it took about one more week to sell out the LCD’s.
    That gave them quite an opportunity to buy one?

  356. I hope Adam is not forgotten as a trailblazer. Cnnfn cnbc msnbc which have tremendous reach in USA should carry a mention on Adam too. Not once have I seen them mention Adam in the same category as notion ink/Adam.

  357. @Karen,

    Thanks for your comment. I waited for an adam for a year. I didn’t want to buy an iPad (I hated its design and its closed environment). I also don’t want to buy other android tablets as I very well know they are just one release devices. For example, Motorola XOOM would only work on Honeycomb. When the next upgrade of Android comes up, the device (XOOM) and the users will be left in a lurch. In my opinion that is a colossal waste of one’s money buying such devices. I really liked adam since the day it was displayed in CES 2010. It has Rohan Shravan as a CEO who has a great vision and would support his devices for generations.

    On 9th December, I got the pre-order e-mail, but the system wouldn’t let me order. I stayed up until midnight (I live in UK), but no luck. When I woke up in the morning at 6:30, I got a brief window to order the Pixel Qi variant. I left the PC to get my credit card and when I entered the details, the order didn’t go through and the next minute the device was SOLD out. I would gladly wait for Pixel Qi, but, don’t mind going for LCD after seeing its performance on the videos (by which time the LCD variant also got SOLD out). I wouldn’t use the tablet outdoors and the LCD variant would be ok for my use case. There are so many others who would want to buy a LCD variant right now. Hence, I am requesting Rohan to reopen orders for the LCD variant at least.

  358. FCC approval has been processed and the number was wrong on his device intentionally so you could not trace it.

  359. I can understand your feelings and iam sure NI realise that too. Iam sure those who didnt got to preorder will get 1st preference in the 2nd pre order. Rohan does take care of all at the end. I personally wish you get the 1st preference in the 2nd pre order.

  360. Dan Simon of CNN is supposed to be at CES and they have a twitter feed:

    There is another CNN/CES “sneak peek” coming up live at (10am Las Vegas time?)

  361. i like how the focus is on continually improving a product and idea rather than just beating the big companies to get the name out there.

  362. looked at my comment and thought people might think i was being sarcastic. I do genuinely feel that way. just clarifying

  363. Rohan are you still in Vegas and attending CES or have come back to India. Or there are still some announcements to be made in CES ?

  364. I was under the impression that Rohan was going to make an official announcement of the Adam at CES this week. Has anyone info on this or did I read wrong?

  365. @Mehrauli

    Nice comparison between the two tablets and nice comments below it from many of the Adam followers here who pointed out many other differences between the systems that are often not taken into account in such overviews (replaceable batteries, quality of the speakers, hand grip, etc. etc.) .

  366. @lionheart, I have converted it to audio but forgot to transfer it to my mobile so iam doing it now. How does it sound?

  367. Rohan,
    a couple of people have asked for review of Adam in Charles Arthur the Technology Editor who reviewed Xoom has replied that he would seek out Notion Ink.

    If you are still there in CES please checkout.

  368. And 9.7″ sounds like iPad to me. No one else does the 9.7″ thing. Also there are rumors that despite Apple’s comments that 7″ is no-no, China tech zones are abuzz with the rumor that ipad2 might be 7″ and apple might retain the older generation with 9.7″ screen.

  369. Guys I dunno anyone posted this or seen this

    “” honeycomb UI

    Not much Impressed. Reminded of what Rohan said Eden has components of Honeycomb and maybe more.

  370. Agreed Soumya.

    Buying online was totally alien to me until 10 years back. Then, I moved abroad and these days I buy things like electronics and books only online. I do my research and if the reviews are positive (from buyers and not by the tech gadget reviewers) I just go ahead and buy it. In a showroom, it is very difficult to make up one’s mind. Everything looks good. It is easy to be swayed by the salesperson sweet talk. He/she may have his/her own preferences based on the commission the showroom gets and so on….

    Despite all this, in India people want to feel the product before they buy it. It is anathema for anyone to buy something without physically seeing it. Hence, I agree with your comment.

  371. Hi Family, How about someone who is in the marketing/ordering field take all our orders and make a Pre Preorder 2 list for the two versions. Maybe we can jumpstart the next round and let Rohan know in advance the number of orders just in this family alone?

  372. it looks like it adds a lot to the android os for tablets. I liked the browser. If anything notionink will be able to add and take away what is good and bad from honeycomb. Thats whats so great about Google and open source. Google needs to hurry and push it out so the Adam can have its marketplace.

  373. Karen & Rama Maganti

    I for sure don’t want the LCD. But I couldn’t order the PQ, it was still available when I tried, but I stranded when the creditcard was asked for. I only have Mastercard.
    So for sure I will buy the PQ when I can. Even when they now open up for just the LCD I will still wait till I can buy the PQ.
    But I think I can just mention it to Rohan that I am one of the perons who would love to start buying when they can.



  374. any chance in the near future we can see the “office” apps. One of the big things that makes the IPad so awesome is for presenters its a great presentation tool. I would like to see what comes with the Adam for that such as ppt support which i think you mentioned would have it…

  375. It is very important to highlight the ‘minor’ ones as they are the big differentiators! Some of these like digitizer, removable battery may not be even known to most of the critics unless highlighted.

  376. My Bad. Wanted to count mini-USB as a bonus. Didn’t want to count it as 2+1 USB ports, so that the competition may cry foul. But your point is valid, even if your intent for the third post is not (joking)!!

  377. I believe that those that have been following adam & Rohan for a while are truly part of Tech. history. Thank you, Rohan for allowing us to offer our opinions & suggestions.

  378. +1…its been covered a thousand times that the panel stretching is to indicate that you’ve reached the end of the panels.

  379. I know that you can turn that feature off on devices. Like on my Droid Eris and the Ipad. I’ve had instances where I’ve tilted my phone slightly and it went to landscape mode. It can be a nuasance when you don’t want it to switch and it does. So, perhaps it was turned off for their demonstration?

  380. Fans, spend some of your energy and time here:


    It is yet another one of those CES lists that no less than C-net has come up with. It does not even MENTION Adam!

    Can we let the CES slip by with such poor quality reporting?!?

    Join the debate on:


    Leave comments. Try and get your point across. NI team on the convention floor can only do so much. Fans: type!

  381. hey rohan,
    in absence of detailed information on notionink website (read User Manual), please continue doing videos of important features like 3G video call / voice call / maps app etc . . . thats until people get Adam in their hands. after that, you can focus out of these descriptions πŸ™‚

  382. Rohan explained why they don’t have a CES booth. Costs way too much. They’d rather be at someone else’s booth and roam around.

  383. Perhaps this may be worth tracking. Esp. if he adds a new video or something:


  384. is there really shipping on sundays? I would not count on that. At least not in the US. Prepare for shipping yes. Ship no.

    Suspect first batch out in day or two. The ones that said ninth. They can then monitor problems before sending out the 15-22nd batch.

  385. getting close to 5 Mil hits .. congrationations NI πŸ™‚

    You are very good with communication. However, it may need some modulation ( in terms of flow and clarity) that should happen over the period of time. For eg: many senior techies (from India and it also applies to other countries)) at companies start off with original accent but then slowly modulate their presentation skills to fit to American market. What i mean to say is, it can be practiced and not a ‘by birth’ thing ..
    Just hearing to such presentations or podcasts (for eg. Harvard Business Review) would help. I am sure you will be able to achieve it with minimal effort and ease.
    Having said that, at the end of the day vision & results in realizing the vision matters.

    Good Luck !


  386. Totally… I do WISH they had a booth- But it costs a boatload of money- which they dont have just yet. Hope PixelQi can ramp productions asap and both screen varieties go up on order again

  387. My point exactly raja. Perhaps fans can do a bit. But it is NI teams problem: virtually EVERY feature is an innovative improvement. This is where marketing pros come in, I suppose!?!

  388. Can you please let me know why will he need american accent? Is he not audible? IssSpeaking in Indian accent lessening his credibility or business opportunity?
    I will love to know the rationale behind this stereotype thinking.Thanks.

  389. He says “Google should be talking to us about something or the other”, right about 4.5 minutes in….

    That is interesting, veeeery interesting….

  390. If you notice carefully, the tabs are actually arranged radially- around the tab switching button. But the radial arrangement is quite subtle and not as blown-up as he had shown in that mock up image. I am sure the people who will be getting their ADAM in a few days will let the rest of us ( 😦 ) know…

  391. @Himanshu & All member Feel free to download Adam Ringtone bellow.

  392. To all member here is the best 2011 ringtone for your cell phone.


  393. I agree. Having an accent doesn’t take any credibly at all. Besides, even within some countries (Including the US) there are ussually many ‘accents’ within the same language. To add to that, the vast majority of Americans doesn’t really care about that. They will buy whatever it is they think is the best product, regardless the CEO of a company has accent or not.
    I do agree with Kumar that practice can lead to better pronunciation. But what happens if a person just can’t pass certain stage in mastering the pronunciation of an acquired language? Maybe keep getting better in all the other aspects of performance (of which pronunciation is a part), or just work on the most importance aspect of language: communicate.
    On the other hand, there are some linguistic variation that can affect communication in translation. But that is a different matter. Remember the Chevy Nova? Well, it didn’t sell in some countires in Latin America because Nova can be confused with No – va (which means ‘it doesn’t go’!). That is a classic example of not understanding all faces of communication (lost in translation!)
    I include in performance all kinds of stuff like grammar, and even body language.

  394. I totally agree with Karen and edju13 (I’m on the same boat like you edju13 – also got stranded when the credit card was asked for). If I wanted the LCD variant I would have done that million times over since the LCD variants weren’t sold-out until the time the first videos of Adam in action showed up. The PixelQi has so many advantages over normal LCD and I want to get my eyes the best possible experience. I don’t want Adam to be just another device that shines into my eyes every time I look at it. So I’ll too patiently wait for the PixelQi variants to be made available for purchase.

    Hopefully the wait won’t be that long..

  395. +1. Guardian is generally accepted as a mainstream British news-organization. As Himanshu said, has a wide readership. Get this fellow to do an independent/walk-through demo/preview. Some space in the Guardian could help with parts of the European press.

    He advertises his number as: “phone number is 07973 502 278”

    Charles Arthur has his own website:


    His E-mail i.d.’s are:




    And also the one for his official Guardian web-page:


    Twitter handle:


    NI/Rohan, see if you can get hold of him on the Convention floor?

    Would love to see a mainstream media outlet give Adam a go.

  396. One request. Can anyone (including Biswajit :)) provide a 320KBPS version of the song :).

  397. would like quote this…

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”

    We are with you in every step, quite a few of us, till WE win.

  398. Rohan is, of course. I hope they manage to schedule it, and more so with some sort of a video rolling. Perhaps a member of the NI can use the Adam’s camera to record a 5-10 min clip. That is what we intend to use it for. So they have multiple devices on them. Demo one. Give another to another journo. Shoot with a third. Records the interaction. Make it viral. All done in a couple of hours max.!

  399. lol @Joshua I actually meant this….somehow I got mix up with the name πŸ™‚ …..right htc one is called sense.
    I also saw this quite a long time back. Thought IT was an innovative UI…

  400. Three ‘Lists’ of Top Loosers, where Adam fans can do something: Comment:

    1) Wired:


    2) Pocket Lint


    3) C-net


    Fans, make your support count. Make yourself heard!

  401. I put a few replies on that site and they didn’t show up. Weird. I pointed out that, I believe, some of the preorders are supposed to start shipping tomorrow. Also, the fact they didn’t have a booth doesn’t mean they weren’t there. And they have one of the best tablets.

  402. Where are you at CES my dad who works there says he went to the NVIDIA booth and not there. Hmm, did you already leave? Very sad news, you should of had your own booth very poor decision. You will come out of CES and not be taken seriously for this reason. Time I guess for me to look else where, unless I can tell my dad where you are so he can check It out.

  403. I think Gizmodo should listen to all our comments. They should be hunting NI down to see this great device! Instead of being left behind as slashgear, engadget and crunchgear get to interview Rohan.

  404. Xoom, under android version should say: announced to have 3.0…since no one have seen it in action other than a few videos

  405. ADAM Ringtone for your cell phone.

  406. And oddly enough, my introduction to NI was from a TV show called ‘Technohilic’ on a channel called ET Now. One of the longest third party demos, before the CES, i.e.

    Check it out:


    It is really old but something like this in the local press could also go viral. Only the Hindu and perhaps DNA have done any reporting in the domestic press. How about ToI, IExpress, HT?

    Video can go viral. We need some third party content. And then the fans kick in!

  407. @Ronak: sorry for the double post, reply became a ‘comment’ for no good reason:

    And oddly enough, my introduction to NI was from a TV show called β€˜Technohilic’ on a channel called ET Now. One of the longest third party demos, before the CES, i.e.

    Check it out:


    It is really old but something like this in the local press could also go viral. Only the Hindu and perhaps DNA have done any reporting in the domestic press. How about ToI, IExpress, HT?

    Video can go viral. We need some third party content. And then the fans kick in!

  408. CES is winding down to its end this year and still no news about next round of orders, retail partners, content partners, apps etc.

    Fans have been more than faithful and loyal and going beyond their means to support NI/Adam by posting intelligent questions and comments on CNET/Wired etc to bring their brain-washed attention to a good, quality product like the Adam tablet.

    But NI doesn’t seem to be backing the fans.

    Can we get the info on next round of orders, retail partners, content partners, apps etc?

  409. He has said multiple times already during CES- that they’ve got the FCC Clearance- In fact, you can even see a FCC Number on the back of the device- But that number is a dummy one because he doesnt want us to be able too track that at the FCC website..

  410. @notjustshinyobjects
    I share your sentiment, but find it difficult to blame either CES or CNET. For whatever the reason maybe, NI is not listed in CES’ exhibitor list – Apple too is not on the list.

    Yet Adam got plenty of coverage from many well known sites.

    For a very comprehensive link to this extended coverage of NI and the Adam check:

  411. +1 And I don’t even speak a word of Mandarin! The world’s most popular language! But then I trust products manufactured/shipped from mainland China! Like all the time. That is odd…..

  412. See guys how partial a report can be:


    Time to show them reality.

  413. I wish i could, although im right now in india but my mind is in CES. Trying to get as much updates of adam i can..

  414. They are not there or at NVIDIA and the pixelQi is a meeting room by appointment only. Well I guess it is a failed attempt for another year. Someone else that actually took and takes CES seriously will be better off. Rohan if you want to be seen as a real company you NEED to have your own booth. It would be like a new car company unveiling their car down the street from an autoshow. You need a booth at the biggest electronic show otherwise you are still vaporware. Don’t just carry your product around to show others or leave early there are consequences.

  415. Kind of a disappointment. I’m connected to the web. I have access to an enormous amount of internet stations. So don’t really need a radio in adam.

  416. Rohan, did you give adams to those tech blogs for detail previews not just fot video hands on ? Do you plan to do this ?

  417. Look at the smile on Rohan’s face when they mention NI’s fans! It must feel good to have such a following!

  418. With the current hardware config remaining constant, the differentiators will be the price and the long term commitment to customer satisfaction. Adam has probably won the price war (xoom’s hype has a cost that will get added to the price of the tab), is learning and earning the second fast (taking into consideration the infra of a startup). So far Notion ink is on the right track w.r.t customer involvement, a key component towards customer satisfaction. They have proven that they can build good hardware and put a smart software in it. If they can get the customer-sat part ironed out, we are looking at a company that can have my 401(k) savings if they go public.

  419. I really admire your courage and conviction. Indeed this is a different company with a different ethos. Making money is just a possibilty and a neccesity but not the only thing. Very nice. Honestly I am screaming that not just this product but the thought, idea and convinction succeeds. It has ot because without it we wil be just hopeless and continue this spiral that capitalism is brewing. Market, sell and make money. Thanks for making this generation believe like the old companies that you are in this to make a product first. Not just to make money.

    Go blaze them and succeed !!!

  420. Congrats, Rohan and the NotionInk team! I’m thrilled that the Adam is being received so well (at least by those publications that have wisely chosen to take a look at it).

  421. Pixel qi is at South Hall Lover level in booth MP25982. Some interviews with Rohan was made near them so probably we can assume that they are together. Otherwise NI doesn’t have their own booth at ces. But the question is if NI is stil in Vegas at this time.

  422. just downlod it from the link.

  423. You can easily install any android app. So Genesis doesn’t need a ton of apps right away.

  424. Well I guess I will find another tablet. Leaving early is a HUGE NO NO. The asus tablet is very cool or the viliv tablet and the micro tablet are all interesting. If NI takes CES seriously next year and get a booth then they will be taken seriously. I guess we can only wait and see what happens but NI is not coming out smelling like roses, but instead a huge dud.

  425. Apple is not there because CE asked Apple and the rep. for Apple threw the litituare in the trash in front of the CE rep. Apple I am guessing thinks they are above the biggest electronics show in the world. I am guessing they think their unveil shows are enough.

  426. And here in Australia sometimes I can’t understand my American brothers, but I’m sure that also applies the other way around.

    I think Rohan’s main problem is he’s so briliant and enthusiastic he forgets that some of us mortals can only process at 250Mhz, so maybe just slow the bitrate, and we’ll have fewer buffer overruns πŸ™‚

  427. True. It becoming viral would do wonders. Adam is much more a finished product than the rest of the competition. It deserves it.

  428. watched everyvideoI could get on the internet and must say I am more excited than ever to get my Adam. Thanks Rohan and the NI team for bringing such a product and I know that as time goes by and newer versions appear I will be with you and enjoy the fifth generation Adam as much as I am going to love the first generation and have the same feeling of anticipation for it that I do now

  429. okay, lets be real here for a moment. Regardless of how one feels about the Adam, the fact of the matter is unless you have a booth at CES, alot of these folks will not bother. I said it before, if NI did not have the resources to pay for a booth, then an investor should have done it. Exposure of being listed and having an actual booth would make them more notice in the main stream media. But its too late now.
    As for Apple, I do not blame them for not going to CES, its too big to cover, some what unorganized and competing/showcasing your product among other to be criticize is not a good business plan. Any company with that much money and resources would probably do the same if they wanted to or could.
    Now speaking of Apple, I don’t think I am the only one, but I am so tired of everyone saying Apple iPad killer. Just make your product as best as you can and compete among your own. We all know that Android is better than Apple or MS. Tablet wise, the Adam is better than the current iPad. In fact quite a few items showcased at CES are better than the iPad. But throwing in that “killer” word just doesn’t make sense. The truth of the matter is that Apple has such a marketing hold that even if they made a slice of toast and said this is the best next thing, people will flock to them and buy them at a markup. So I just wish they would stop using that iPad killer term and just give the consumer what we ask and desire. So far NI is the only company that I know of that is doing that. Its way better than the iPad, but not a killer in any sense of the word.

  430. a booth is but a booth….. What difference does it make to you if they have a booth or not. If their product has the features you want then buy it. If not then don’t.

  431. Motorola XOOM Named Best in Show: Iam SAD.

  432. this is not about having to use American Accent. any special Accent does not give automatic credibility but flow of communication may give business advantage by making others comfortable with proper flow of presentation. I heard Rohan’s speach on you tube. He is excellent in content and also with respect to flow for Indian audience.
    It is about flow of presentation. For eg: I used to use couple of sentenses to explain a solution which i thought good enough to understand. Then later i learned that we cannot assume that all in the room understood although information is enough. I used to flow fast for obvious things assuming what’s the big deal..but it matters. It makes others comfortable and also promote a person and get a certain special respect on ability to articulate.
    Rohan is already tuned to say right things at right time(ofcourse based on audience he may need to say even obvious details) It is just modulating the flow. And that too he need not try anything unnatural or immidiately. It is just being aware of how typical podcasts or techtalks go in western markets would help in communication ..This not only applies to him and it is even more applicable to his team members who is with him. I am sure his collegue also is very highly qualified in acadamics but we can easyly observe a rush to explain stuff so fast. Western communication gives enough time to explain (unless one is in heated debate on TV).
    And as i said, all this is waste without the deapth in subject which we know that they have in plenty πŸ™‚


  433. @Rohan,

    your English is not bad. But you speak too fast and also not clear enough. Just take yourself more time. Don’t hurry when you speak to people. Listen what they say and wait a few seconds before you answer. Don’t interrupt them because you want to immediately give them a quick answer.

    The secret of giving good presentations or explaining a product is in finding the right speed. Speak clear and slowly. Make pauses after you make a statement, so everybody can reflect what you just said. Best example for a great non-native english presenter is John Wang (Chief Marketing Director of HTC). Follow some of his presentations on Youtube and you will understand what I try to say.

  434. 2spirits:
    > if NI did not have the resources to pay for a booth, then an investor should have done it

    But Rohan has said repeatedly that he’s not going for big blockbuster sales right away, he wants to ramp up gradually. And this makes sense considering that he doesn’t want to outrun his production capacity any more than he already has, also considering that the first run is likely to have some flaws that will need to be corrected. Since there’s no sense in pretending that he’s one of the big guys until he can actually deliver a big-guy-like quantity of product, what you say makes no sense.

    Also, some very influential people think that CES as a trade show is overrated – half of the things demoed never come out, and a lot of the rest are unexciting things like USB chargers. Here’s one article with that viewpoint; there are others: “”

  435. Designation of senior editor with a reputed publication who’s cost to the company is above $10,000 per month, is writing an article of this grade.. 😦 very sad, god knows where journalism is going… 😦


  436. Designation of senior editor with a reputed publication who’s cost to the company is above $10,000 per month, is writing an article of this grade.. 😦 very sad, god knows where journalism is going… 😦

    β€œ hxxp:// ”

  437. I guess Rohan mentioned earlier that having own booth is very expensive. Also his short team wanted to be more busy in talking with partners..
    Yes, It would have been good if Big Partners like NVIDIA gave them presentation time..
    If he is a team of 2 or 3, who looks after booth when he is busy with parners? Or check out other stuff to get some inputs for his vision..

  438. That’s all very well and nice. I’m completely convinced to buy an ADAM.
    The next BIG question is:

    “When will I be able to buy an ADAM from a retail seller in my country?” (GERMANY)

    I think it would be much better than to order a package from overseas.
    Everyone who feel the same, please copy this question and post it with your country in brackets afterwards. That way Rohan is bound to notice! :]

  439. “” (scroll forward to 1:30)



  440. emelao:
    > Remember the Chevy Nova? Well, it didn’t sell in some countires in Latin America because Nova can be confused with No – va (which means β€˜it doesn’t go’!)

    No, that’s a myth. “Nova” is a Spanish word; it means the same as the English word (a new star). It’s not pronounced the same as “no va” (which has two stresses” “nova” has one). “”

    Not to disagree with your point about being familiar with a culture that you’re marketing in. There’s a brown cylindrical snack candy from Japan that’s not a big seller here in the US. It’s called “chocolate collon.”

  441. still waiting to here on if I can get my hands on one anytime soon. My hoeps of using it for second semester of university have been pretty much crushed after the preorder fiasco and then not hearing anything about any future rounds of ordering.

  442. I could be mistaken, but alot of manufacturers have production problems, recently this year HTC and Samsung did with their phones. Rohan is going to have production capacity problems no matter what. Why cause the company relies on others (Pixel Qi for one). But aside from us loyal fans here in the blog and the members of notioninkhacks, notionaddicts, androidforums and a few others that follow Rohan’s vision, who has known about Notion Ink. The general public doesn’t. And in my opinion they need to know.
    In your second part of your comment you stated that half of the demoed things never come out. This is why I firmly believe having a booth would have been necessary. Not having a booth makes it look less important to cover unless you know about them and are looking for them.

  443. I forgot to mention one other point,

    Nvidia mentioned them at their conference. I bet many folks started to look for them and didn’t cause they were not listed.

  444. Idea for next CES:
    In case you have a next generation product to present (Eve?), make sure that people get their pre-orders delivered before CES. Invite all of the pre-order family in the name of NotionInk to CES (of course on their own expenses, just make sure they get access to the exibition). Let everybody walk around at CES and present their own NotionInk product. I am sure, you will find near to 100 people if not more… Can you imagine? A small army of enthusiastic NotionInkers, floating the CES and speaking for your product? πŸ™‚ What an effect!

  445. Then why come all the way over here for CES if you are only do it half ass. People don’t take you seriously if you don’t have a booth and to say they are expensive, is beating around the bush. You have to spend money to make it. Word of mouth works to a certain point and that point has gone by, its now time to actually market Adam as if it is real.
    All i have to say is if Rohan thought the booth was expensive this year wait till next year. I am gonna guess that if the people higher up in CE find out what NI is doing they will have some issues.

  446. Read it. Well said. About to cross 5 million hits! Wish others would tell the C-net/Wired/Pocket Lint types what they think as well. I am proud of the fact that the feedback strings on all of these sites has had a continuous chain of Adam-related complaints/observations.

    Well done!

  447. Louis just pointed out how at least Endgadget did something fair:


    Take that C-net/Wired/Pocket Lint!!!

    This is how you could have done it!

  448. I don’t think Notion Ink has enough people resources to have a booth this year. Rohan was kept too busy visiting people and doing interviews, along with his counterparts. Having a booth is not enough. One needs promotions to drive people to the booth, especially the out-of-the way booths which is likely all they could afford this year. Presentations need to be prepared, booths designed and enough demonstration units and demonstrators to keep track of the units.

  449. twospirits:
    > I could be mistaken,

    Funny, that thought had occurred to me, too.

    The general public doesn’t go to CES. The general public finds out from the press and, eventually, from advertising campaigns. Again, Rohan wants to get the word out slowly, not as fast as possible, so he doesn’t outrun his production capacity. You’ve probably noticed that he hasn’t had any problem selling (or, rather pre-selling) everything that he’s capable of producing so far. And, in spite of Andrew’s sour comments, other industry people do take you seriously if you don’t have a booth – there’s a lot that goes on in hotel rooms. (No, that’s not what I mean. You have a dirty mind.)

    Rohan’s getting exactly the exposure that makes sense at this point. If you don’t understand that, then you need to think about it more, because this is one of the areas where Rohan has been extremely explicit. If you think it’s a good idea for him to go for maximum exposure and promise a huge number of machines that he cannot possibly deliver, you should try to argue that point first.

    As for as the mythical people that couldn’t find Notion Ink after Nvidia mentioned them, they should learn to use something called the Google.

  450. i am happy that our adam is gaining momentum…………its gettin stronger and stronger…..more fans and strong responses……i love it……………

  451. Off topic, but now that you mention it, Ford is selling a car named Kuga which translates to plague in my language. Haven’t seen many models driving around here..

  452. When I first heard the name “notion ink”, it struck me as being quite unique. The product name “Adam” too was intriguing but then I came to know that it was some startup Indian company trying to make tablets and I dismissed it as could’nt fathom how a startup will succeed in making electronic products in India when almost all electronic products were being manufactured in china these days.

    Then suddenly, almost 10 months later, while browsing through engadget, I came to know that Adam was available for pre-order. Again I thought oh this company is still alive! and dismissed the news as being inconsequential.

    Finally came the engadget interview during CES-2011 and I saw “Rohan” with “Adam” for the first time and suddenly my views were transformed as I realized that the guy being interviewed was honest, knew what he was talking about and obsessed with his creation.

    As for the product, at first glance I thought oh! such a large bezel and the screen is also less shiny and what about that huge bulge on one side, but as I continued through the video I realized that all those apparent oddities were there for a reason, the bulge on the side not only provided a better grip, but on placing on a flat surface, provided a slant, akin to the Apple ‘magic track-pad”, for ease with gestures. The large bezel at the bottom was for resting the palms, as one typed on the screen and the slightly washed out display suddenly started looking very good, when placed side by side with the ipad in sunlight. As for the rest, the twin full USB ports + one micro USB + one HDMI port + sim card slot+ SD card slot(128 GB) + swivel camera + FM radio receiver + bazooka woofer like housing for the twin speakers + long lasting user replacable battery and best of all, the appropriately named “Eden” UI ; suddenly I was transformed from a naysayer and rabid tablet hater to a fanboy, as I realized how much thought and hard work had gone behind that “creation” which floored all the biggies present there at CES.

    I have since scavenged the internet for every bit of news on notion ink & adam and now I also want to be a part of the evolution process but disappointingly, though there are so many apples in sight, their is no sign of Adam or Eve.

    Now, this no longer appears to be thoughtful, after generating so much buzz at CES, the option to pre-order the product or at the very least , if notion ink felt that to quell notions of vaporware and for the sake of propriety they would first deliver the initial lot before taking orders for the second lot; a registration process could have been started so that the registered users could be given priority when the second batch of pre-orders would start.

    Hope the makers of this thoughtful product would give some thought to this simple suggestion !

  453. “slow and steady, but with dogged persistance”

    When I was in vegas my lady told me the same thing.

  454. I really like this way of marketing.

    No well payed press gurus to hide behind, just the men who do the job. This is the most honest way of marketing I can imagine and this is good. IΒ΄m pretty more interested in a good and well done product than a good marketing strategy.
    It looks like all things are going the right way, now IΒ΄m waiting, like a lot of people out there to get a preorder.

    Best greetings.

  455. Hi Rohan,
    is planning her an appearance at CeBIT 2011 in Germany?
    (1 to 5 March 2011) “”

  456. Try reading what Rohan said above. They got just what they wanted out of ces
    They are not trying to be apple or motorola

    They are going to grow in small increments. If they had a booth they would have just created demand they couldn’t meet

  457. He is not giving them Adam tablets. He. Is shipping to paying customer first. He said it on crunchgear. They even asked if Rohan checked to make sure there order was in the system. He said he did know they ordered one and they said they would do their review of the tablet they bought and paid for.

  458. What difference does that make? Sooner or later something better will come out. If you have a great product, having something better come out does not diminish what you have. NI can’t hold off advancing. The market won’t stand still. And neither should they. I’ll be happy to have adam. Even after adam2 comes out. It will still be a great device in its own right.

  459. Perhaps he is waiting until tomorrow? This way, NI is written about throughout CES. Not just at the beginning or the end. Give your interviews the first few days, make an official announcement at the end.

  460. @andrew

    are you out of your funny mind? take a deep breath. when did u started ur management lessons? u got to be kidding. ROHAN AND NI KNOWS WHAT E IS DOING . please watch your words buddy.

    If we killed everybody who hates your words , it wouldn’t be murder;it would be an apocalypse!!! πŸ™‚

    relax and please wait if possible. otherwise doors are wide open.

  461. Aad,

    Please not Mediamarkt and/or Saturn. They are known for giving the crappiest service and have the rudest personnel for any electronics chain. Sorry to say but people shopping at mediamarkt are to stupid to care for a Adam. It would be better to sign up with chains like Dynabyte,Computerland,Paradigit and such.

  462. Correct. Just checked and it’s currently Sunday, January 9th, in China. I hope those who had January 9th for a shipping date are keeping an eye out for a tracking number. Let us know when it ships!

  463. well. i was going to buy the adam tablet, but then the motorola xoom came, i drooled and ditched the preorder of the adam tablet.

  464. I think everything is going better than planned;the 1st shipment was totally presold and it looks that if you don’t movevery fast you will be locked out of future shipments. All of this on word of mouth prompted by Rohaans and Ni initiaves. This is impressive in any new buss venture and is a portent of the future. Rohan has qualities that arevery difficolt for the conventinal, contemporary mindset to comprehend or accept. That is why this blog is so important, I am really excited and anticipating.

  465. Don’t you get the impression, Himanshu, that today has been unusually quiet by NI’s standards at the CES? Where could Rohan be? I suspect doing something awesome as usual, behind the scenes, though.

  466. No I don’t think you were wrong. He mentioned a ‘press release’ to (at least) announce the launch of OpenOffice’s complete ‘optimized’ suite on the first tablet ever: Adam. So perhaps we should wait for that. Hasn’t it been a little too quiet on all fronts?

  467. Oh. When I drool, I wipe it up and don’t tell anyone. I never let my drool influence my computer purchases. Like exchanging one pre-order for another, for example.

  468. Wow this already starting to get a cult like feeling and no one has even seen a physical unit yet on here besides Rohan. Thats ok, i don’t mind if i piss you off I will never meet you and it means if you get work up over something you have never seen I can’t imagiine what you would be like if you were an Apple fanboy. Just because you have a booth doesn’t mean you will get a huge demand from it afterwards. Umm, have you seen a new pre-sale or even a sale come back up on the website? I haven’t and if he sells all the units in 5 mins. after the next sale goes live how does that mean he will have to send more units out then he has produced. You set a limit like he did before with how many he can produce and when it hits that no more for sale and people have to wait. Wow, I know this is a tough thing for your mind to comprehend, but it is simple. I have followed this for over a year now and until Rohan takes thing seriously he will start to loose a lot of people who would like to get one.

    Rohan might as well taken it to NYC and showed it in Times Square he would of gotten the same amount of publicity. Sorry but if you go to CES and want to be seen you will need a booth, nothing else needs to be said. And go back to others saying many products go to CES and are then not even made well, we might see that here. It might be a product that trys to get recognition but will simply be overlooked by all the other tablets. When they actually come out there will be a new tablet with better specs. then we will have to wait another couple years for Rohan to make another tablet and when that comes out the cycle will continue.

    Its sad but at his rate of marketing and promoting it to very select groups and only have it with him(guessing here, that he is keeping with him only) he will not get his word of mouth out to enough people for it to pick up enough momentum to keep it going.

  469. I don’t want to be too harsh here but your being ridiculous. They are already selling all they can make and you think their issue is not having a booth? There issue is ramping up production and making sure product ships on time. The word of mouth that is out there now will surge when the product is in users hands, something none of the other 10 tablets are able to do at this time.



  471. Huh. It seemed like Engadget, Crunchgear, Slashgear, etc. take them seriously enough. You also realize that NI did the same thing at CES last year? They didn’t have their own booth.

  472. @gecko You right on this.

    So Many expect Notion Ink in their first year or so of existence to knock the ball out of the park. Words like you must act now or you will be left behind. Technology moves much too fast you will be destroyed by Apple and others if you don’t advertise and compete.

    It just does not work that way. Hyping something you can’t deliver will do more harm then good. The slow steady pace that Rohan advocates and is practicing is his best option.

    Does anyone believe that Apple went to the top in their first year? This blog is loaded with fans and well wishers. They see a great product that looks better then the competition. We wouldn’t be hanging out here if we didn’t have that idea in our head.
    However we must not lose track of the fact that Notion Ink is still going through the process of being born. They don’t have the kind of money and or backing for booths, advertising, and production runs to meet the demand their product is likely to generate. In business they have to learn to walk before they can run. It is amazing to have accomplished all that they have so for. A top notch tablet with software that is likely to be a step above most. Who could believed this young team at Notion Ink could possibly be where they are now? Why do you think so many called Adam vapor ware? So many believed what they were trying to do could not be accomplished.

    Notion Ink surprised many, including a lot of people who support them now. Instead of complaining and second guessing the decisions Rohan and Notion Ink are making, we should be taking our hats to the young CEO and his team for how far they have come in so little time!!

  473. same question from me πŸ™‚

    the Adam looks so much better to me than most other tablets
    and the PixelQi screen is excellent!

    so please Rohan, can you give us some info? πŸ™‚

  474. One thing definitely true is how tight he and his finance guy is with their budgets ..
    As long as he is meeting his targets with his marketing strategy and expansion plan, it is ok to go with his style and his investors should be happy. Can you believe 5 Mil visitors just to this blog alone with 0 dollors?

    The best that we can wish for him is to retain and expand his talent pool without loosing them to Big guys (at least until NI becomes big and Investors keep their talent pool happy).
    Companies like Infosys started of with few deligent guys putting their heads down to work than doing too much marketing at least until they have proven customer base. I guess Rohan is trying samething. It is difficult to do it in consumer electronics especially as India does not have eco system for Manufacturing and Talent typically flows to west .. But i am sure with in no time, the new generation will come to his help in 5 to 10 years..

  475. this is obivious. NI did not have a booth in CES and so adam can not be considered for this award. if you see xoom is the next best product after adam.

  476. Just did! Pratik, see if you can swing by these losers as well:

    1) Wired:


    2) Pocket Lint


    3) C-net


    Can’t let these ‘big-named’ alleged ‘news’ sites tilt the field so badly!

  477. I also paid for a tablet for review purposes. The blog I work for wanted to review one, but couldn’t get a “review unit.”

    I wanted one anyway, so I just bought one, and plan to review it once it is received. I don’t think any blogs got units early…

  478. Unfortunately, CES would never allow a group of people to walk around simply on the basis that they bought one of the products. Consumers are barred access, you have to show that you work in the CE industry.