Posting from Adam

A photo taken from Adam!

Well you saw how the day went! πŸ™‚ Only disappointment was that Xoom showed video of the UI instead the real Honeycomb. Took some time to take pictures while on the way back to CES, and here is one for you!

With Warm Regards

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  1. Wow 3.2MP is the new 12MP. That image is awesome. Plus Notion Ink all the more too you. My favorite feature is the golden ration angle. Thank you for giving crunch gear an interview, even though they were rude. Also was that an official Adam accessory you had the Adam wrapped in.

  2. Hi Rohan,

    COngrats Rohan and NI on coming out in flying colors at CES…Looking forward to my shipment…

  3. Rohan I was reading about Honeycomb and its UI, are NI’s plans to continue to improve Eden as an overlay to Android, incorporating Android’s features but retaining Eden as primary interface, or do you see Android eventually becoming multi-tasking-friendly enough to not need Eden?

    Persoanally I think Eden is so innovative that nothing in the near future will work better at allowing users to multi-task on a tablet.

  4. Rohan,

    Enjoy your slight break and make sure you guys recover! I’m sure Notion Ink team was been working over time getting things ready for the pre-orders so have fun in vegas and celebrate the success so far.

    Travel Safe!!

  5. Well, I’m planning to visit Vegas on Saturday morning and leaving on Saturday afternoon. I;m going specifically to see the ADAM and perhaps meet the Notion Ink folks if possible.

    @Rohan – Is there a way I can meet you and the NI team. Will you be around Saturday during the daytime?

  6. .
    Oh and I forgot the important thing:

    ADAM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Instant love!

  7. Wow! Adam rocks. I liked the review and hands on demo by Endgadget. Your interview was not very audible, may be the issue with mike lacement. But I am happy with the very positive press Adam receiving in CES.

    Now com on, tell us what’s the mystery feature and open pre-order.

  8. Maybe not, maybe Rohan is saying he was hoping to, but he was disappointed that it was not shown.

  9. Looks great – and you’re getting a great reception. Enjoy! And let us know when we can order our own adam please!

  10. Great photo. Good interview with CG. Rohan, I mean this in the nicest way possible, but you NEED to hire a VP of marketing.

  11. Not related to your post, but thought it would be better to put it here. One of my first guesses for the mystery feature was an FM radio, and am happy that it is the feature πŸ™‚

  12. That picture really shows the megapixel myth.
    I doubt it is an official accessory. Pretty much any 10″ sleeve should fit it.

  13. By the way, let me just throw in my vote that Eden looks better than stock Honeycomb. There are definitely some cool UI aspects, but Eden seems to allow for better actual multitasking. Any chance of shipping mine early?

  14. I’m really happy you guys are at the show. In that last few months, may tech blogs that would talk about various adam tablets would fail to mention you guys, but now I hope their hands on will make you guys come to mind as well.

    Saw your engadget interview ^_^

  15. He said it live on crunchgear webstream. It always could be to make us think this is the secret feature, but i think it really is the radio.

  16. Great seeing all the positive comment at CES – great job Rohan! πŸ™‚

    One question I’m not sure has been answered yet – does Eden work in portrait mode?

  17. Awesome stuff Roahn. Thanks for throwing this picture up for us. Keep on powering through CES!

  18. Hi Rohan,

    Congrats on a successful show on Adam. I am truly amazed with the Eden UI. Please open the order window again. Else I will come down to the office personally to order one. Cash in hand. πŸ™‚

  19. well…. I’m glad I wrote a radio app earlier this week… but still…. it’s not as epic as I’d have hoped.

  20. Hard to believe that photo came from 3.2 mega pixel camera. Looks sweet. Wishing Rohan and team the best, and a safe trip home.

  21. yes, i was slightly disappointed, but that doesn’t change that i still want to buy it, and would buy it without knowing the mystery feature.

  22. Rohan,

    That’s a wonderful pic. Looks almost like a desktop wallpaper. Haven’t been hearing much about NI or coverage.

    Would it be possible to tweet at times from the CES floor using the Adam ? Or could you get one of your colleagues to do it ? Would love to see small snippets coming in πŸ™‚

  23. Rohan,
    You said you could open the pre-order for LCD Adams today but are waiting for P-Qi. So why not open the orders for LCD? Get some money in the bank to finance more production units, plus the more the tablet gets out there, it can only result in more publicity. So why wait for both to be available?!

  24. A radio? Has this been confirmed because that is a major let down if that’s the case. Tell me it’s not so !!! That’s pretty weak after all these clues and months of waiting

  25. Well I have not seen the video but friends here who have seen the crunchgear live streaming have confirmed that Rohan indeed talked about radio being the mystery feature. I don’t know about other countries but In India and specially in Metro cities guys have their FM radio 24 hours open because of multiple FM channels and songs played over them round the clock. So it may not be that excited but people will use it.

  26. I had one day at CES, but no sight of Notion Ink, stooped by at Nvidia, Pixel Qi, nnothing in sight. Received very poor comments regarding Notion Ink’s lack of understanding of logistics and complete absence at CES. Felt very disheartened. Stood outside Pixel Qi’s conference room for about an hour with the hope of spotting Rohan or his buddies. No sight of them or adam! Tried again at 5 pm, just before closing of the exhibit and found out that Notion Ink team could be at Circus Circus. Taxi cab ride to Circus Circus and looked around. Now at the airport boarding flight back home. Very disappointed. Saw so many exciting tablets, but no adam. Hopefully when I receive my adam I will not be disappointed. Signing off before aircraft doors close.

  27. Ha! Rohan did you go on the roller coaster at the new york, new york?
    Las Vegas is insane, isn’t it?

    Don’t go gambling your hard earned money away now – I don’t think the investors would like that very much!

  28. Rohan, you were fantastic today! Jet lag and a busy day didn’t seem to draw you down. Hope you had as good a day as you made it for us.

    Thanks for the picture.


  29. Rohan,
    great job all around … and thank you for including us in your dream

    – Mark

  30. @ Rohan, In your next gen device have a wireless FM transmitter so that we can pipe our music into our car stereo’s and what not. Now that would be hot.

  31. Just Maybe its also a FM transmitter also, saying its a RADIO doesn’t always mean its for listening to 107.5 fm πŸ™‚

  32. Rohan,
    In case you are a non-vegetarian, try the Moroccan restaurant called Marrakesh while you are in Vegas. Don’t event venture there if you’re a vegetarian!

  33. Did anyone notice the (partial) poster visible at the bottom of the statue of liberty?

    Rohan, busy much πŸ˜‰ ?

  34. Its really interesting that all the big companies are there with only prototypes and not ready for release until Q1, Q2, Q3 Q?

    The video of engaget was really great, looking forward to seeing more like that. Has anyone else found any other good videos? and if you do can you post them here for all to share?

  35. It has to be a joke on crunchgear guys.

    The 3 clues were:
    First Description:

    Few came dangerously close,
    to change the fundamentals of light,
    but few realized the power of the same,
    and now it even works at night!

    Second Description:

    I am not a sensor though I can feel
    Though light is my father, I can work in a shield
    I am there since Big Bang, I am still the need
    My re-birth opened a new era, a new playing field!

    Third Description:

    I shortened the distance as nothing else could beat me
    your test my limits, every time you set a form free
    Now I am not alone, but I’m still the alpha to all
    and with a century old, I am the best I could ever be.”

    Radio doesn’t fit in these clues.
    – it has nothing to do with night
    – what re-birth, what new playing field

    Now, if anyone is visiting CES, please ask how Radio explains the clues.

  36. Just heard that the mystery feature is radio. Damn I wanted the mystery feature to be a cell phone or Adam to have phone calling ability. Then I looked up the definition of mobile phone on Wikipedia Here it is……..A mobile phone (also called mobile, cellular telephone, or cell phone) is an electronic device used for two-way radio telecommunication over a cellular network of base stations known as cell sites. Could the radio in Adam be the radio as in a cell Phone?

    I did see a phone Icon on Adam’s desk top. It was in one of the videos on the blog, along with another desk top shot showing a signal strength meter a la cell phone. 3g does not use a signal strength meter. It just shows 3g when it is active.

    Oh well, maybe just false hope……

  37. Awesome pic!
    That camera’s great enough for man’s need, not for a megapixel-freak’s greed πŸ˜‰
    I hope you’re using the Tegra to power the video recording so we can have really good quality video also. Many phones that have good cameras totally suck when we record video on it because of processing power constraints!
    Idea for accessory : synced camera flash light!!

    My dip on the mystery feature : Pranav Mistry’s sixth sense??
    That’s actually a software, that too open-source, with very minimal hardware requirements. It’ll probably get implemented on Adam as an app once it gets out. Even Microsoft’s Kinect feature works on that – software that can discern and interpret the user’s gestures using the camera.

    Idea for app designers : Can you make a software that can lip-read?? And combine that with voice recognition??

  38. Few came dangerously close,
    to change the fundamentals of light,(fast travel of waves)
    but few realized the power of the same,(other waves?)
    and now it even works at night!(radio works at night)

  39. I agree with that. Honeycomb is not ready so they only show videos which are not that great. The Google apps (mail, youtube, etc.) look great, but the overall OS looks bad for my taste. Widgets are only toys and outside of displaying the time, they waste resources. Eden’s leaves (panel) are much more useful and innovative.

    I really wish Notion Ink will evolve Eden when they’ll integrate it with Honeycomb, but please don’t kill it. Eden seams way more useful to me. I think Eden (and PixelQi) is what differentiate most Adam from the other powerful Android tablets.

  40. Good point. Though the radios needed for voice calls are the ones we already new about (3g). There wouldn’t be much point in making the radio used for voice calls the secret feature, since those radios are known. At least, I’m pretty sure that voice calls can use 3g…

    Anybody want to weigh in? Do voice calls on AT&T use 850/1900, or a separate freq?

  41. Radio does work at night. That’s how I get to sleep. (It has to be the news, though. If it’s music, I stay awake.) Because I stay asleep, I”m pretty sure that radio works all night.

    As for a new playing field, well, this would be the first computer ever designed to bore people to sleep. Assuming it picks up all-news stations, of course.

  42. I am at CES and am DYING to see the Notion Ink guys and especially the Adam! Where can I find you guys? Are you at a specific booth? Are there anymore scheduled interviews or events? If anyone knows, please reply! Thanks!

  43. Both part one and two available at “”

  44. Radio is EM, just as light is.
    Radio has been present since the big bang, there is radio background radiation emitting through the whole universe. It’s rebirth was when humans discovered its usefulness. It brought communication nearly instantly over great distances, hence shortening them. It was discovered a bit over a century ago. It is the basis of all current communication, bluetooth, cell phones, wifi, gps, tv, are all in the radio spectrum.

  45. nice video bro,try to get a video.any hint on new apps u guys r planning?Take a rest bro,u luk a lil worn out.cheers!

  46. @charbaxβ€Ž twitter: I uploaded a YouTube video — Rohan Shravan gives an update on Notion Ink at CES 2011


  47. Three g is for data. It actually displays in a different spot on your cell phone screen. The signal strength meter is the bar meter that shows your radio signal. On my droid X when I have a 3g signal it “3g” displays on the screen with little up and down arrows the signal meter is next to it and displays in bars. Your cell phone carrier also keep track of data apart from the minutes you use calling. I seen this bar meter in one of Rohan’s blog videos, the one I thought it was in has been taken down…….

  48. Rohan is with PQi, check out the following video


  49. Great Pic! My HTC phone has a 3.2 megapixel camera and it has great color for a mobile phone camera (especially with no flash and at 3.2 mp). It looks like Adam won’t disappoint.

  50. And thanks for the new post, it gets hard to follow all of the comments when they go that many days.

  51. @Santosh
    There was a good chance you would not connect with NI at the CES 2011. These are huge events where new players are easily overshadowed by the big guns. Rohan’s team was likely tied up with major reviewers for most of the day. It was known that NI would not have their own booth, so it would have been hard for you to find them.
    Those of us who followed over the internet were luckier.
    Check Greg’s website for links to many of the most important events, interviews and presentations of the adam made today at the CES 2011.

    How could you be disappointed with the adam? It was THE best REAL tablet at the CES today. The others are just promises of things to come. By then, NI will have more to show us.

    Here’s a link to Greg’s site:


  52. Unfortunately there is a pic of the back of Adam and it has no trackpad at all!

  53. Radio like light is EM (electro-magnetic waves). We knew and experimented with light, but discovering radio opened our eyes to how much more EM is than simply light, it changed our understanding, the fundamentals of light/EM. Originally we didn’t realize that the same EM which is light could be so much more useful than simply illuminating things, the power of communication let knowledge and news be spread in seconds rather than weeks with mail and newspapers.
    Radio, unlike the only light we knew for centuries (the sun), works all the time, even when it’s dark and we can’t see the visible spectrum.

    It’s comparing one type of EM, radio, to another, light. And explaining how our scientific advancement developed it’s understanding of EM.

  54. Awesome Pic πŸ™‚

    When will we get more info on content partners + Genesis?

    Any info on integration of 3.0 would be nice too…

  55. Really, I have never had an FM radio in a phone. and there are none an any existing tablets. I look forward to it. I go to the gym and read a book, while on the stationary machines, all the gyms have tv’s that tune to a certain radio frequency so you can hear them through your headphones

  56. I hope you’re right Darshan and this ought to be a joke on the Crunchgear guys. But frankly, I must say that it could fit the definition:

    I am there since Big Bang, I am still the need – Refers to Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation

    My re-birth opened a new era, a new playing field! – This refers to everything that’s ever been done with spectrum after the radio. First for television, then for mobile phone (GPRS = General Packet Radio Service), thereafter wi-fi, when each version 801.16 b/g/n is released a form is set free ….

    Spot on Gecko, even I sleep at nights! It’s gotta be radio.

    I must admit, I’m a tad bit disappointed. Unless (and now my conspiracy theory is at it’s best), with radio he’s only give part of the information. He’s actually got 4G (LTE or WIMAX) and this is nothing but radio at play! Take that cruchgear….

  57. Of course, radio works at night. But “Now” , “even” .
    Radio – now best as ever could be….didn’t know that
    No radio rebirth happened for cell-phones. It was all incremental improvements, not a rebirth.

    It certainly a joke. The original feature is either not implemented completely or there are patent issues.

  58. While I can understand some peoples disappointment, radio is the beginning of our electronic age.
    If ever we lost everything, all tech, in some apocalyptic war, we could get radio back up with little or next to nothing. I could build a AM receiver/transmitter in a matter of hours with some copper wire, foil, and a piece of quartz. A few more hours, more copper, and some magnets and I can have a manual power generator to power the transmitter.

  59. in one interview today, Rohan was asked what separates Notion Ink from the rest of the tablet field, He replied that they are not just thining about the current release, they have an entire life cycle plan in the works, I believe he said they have a road map for the next five versions. I don’t think you have to worry about then abandoning the eden UI, it is only going to get better.

  60. Radio equals cool – now please make it even better by saying it’s a digital radio.

    Nice pic from the Adam. May we see some more?

  61. There are 1000s of other EM. It could have been x-ray vision. I am not looking at where radio matches the clues. I am looking at where it doesn’t match. Its pretty obvious to me that original clues were not written with radio in mind.

  62. Just listened to second part of the Crunch Gear interview and Rohan said with out any doubt that the Radio is the mystery feature. It came on the same chip with 3g and wifi so they decided to include it. Asked what kind of radio it was Rohan said it was FM.

    Now for some reason I’m still holding out hope that this baby will make and receive cell phone calls. Just wishful thinking? Yeah kind of. But if the chip the radio came on also included 3g and Wifi the next logical idea would be why dosen’t it include radio calling ability? After all these chips are designed for cell phones in the first place!!

  63. The only thing with radio that would give me serious everlasting wood, would be an unlocked dynamic crystal oscillator for a transmitter. If we could program it ourselves, it wouldn’t matter if it was 850mhz, 900mhz, 1700mhz, 2100mhz, 2.4ghz, 5.8ghz, we could use a single transmitter for all current tech and any new bands that were use for any new tech. That would be amazing, but the FCC wouldn’t be too happy about it, or the millions of companies that make money off selling us the same things over and over again.

  64. I’m at CES until Tuesday. Tomorrow (Friday) how can I find Notion Ink so that I can see this baby live and in person? Can someone please point me in the right direction. CES is HUGE.

  65. Looking very good Rohan. Congratulations on all the success and turning all the critics into drooling fans like us asking, “so mine is being shipped right!?! Cause you charged me already” lol Everyone loves it and cant wait to get their own. Congrats!

  66. Very Nice Shot. Adam Rocks man. I also added Adam to my forum. “” Sorry it’s a small thread, but Hope it will attract attention to my members there. πŸ˜‰

  67. it sounds like they are just wondering around and showing people it. I dont think they actually are setup in one specific point if it took them an hour to find each other to interview.

    Just look for the huge crowd of people around the center of shimmering light from the heavens descending on the only tablet anyone wants πŸ˜‰ oh, and with an Indian guy in the center holding it πŸ˜‰

  68. Hi Jason.May be batter idea will be to get in touch with engadget,crucngear or slashgear. They will have a good amount of idea where Rohan is showing his adam at CES or where they contacted him.

  69. I really like your thinking a wireless FM transmitter would be like one of the best features because i only brought one the other day and it works like a charm. I hope this isn’t one of those fm radios how you have to have a headset in to work it also because a lot of phone ones are like that.

  70. You guys should start hammering Pixel Qi to develop a HD display that can be for Adam 2 =]

  71. +1

    I personally think that Eden is above everything. It’s real innovation and more useful than the pure Honeycomb.

    Keep working on the very special comic book style. Please tell AndrΓ© to make it even more look like an electronic comic book using the rough drawing style. I LOVE IT! It makes so much fun to work with and it’s a real differentiator to the rest of the android devices and their boring glossy look and feel (including XOOM with Honeycomb).

    What I would love to see in Eden-2:
    1.) Leaves in portrait mode (apps in landscape)
    2.) Compatibility mode for non Eden apps to have them as leaves (important when Adam will support android market with Honeycomb, I would love to run all apps as leaves).
    3.) Possibility to change the colour theme of Eden (some people don’t like red)
    4.) Possibility to organize the apps on the desktop in categories/folders
    5.) Partial HDMI out ot the screen (for example just a single leave), to hold presentations and doing notes in parallel, without showing the notes or other stuff.

  72. When are the more variants of storage coming to market? It says on the tech specs page “8 (more variants coming soon) GB Flash ” ?????

  73. A bonus feature should never be a let down. Way to go Rohan it seems like all the nay sayers have a.foot in there mouths now.


  74. It is not a Joke Radio is it and it does fit the clues! When you take radio frequency to it’s highest range it turns into light. Radio frequency’s can operate behind a shield. Light is their father. They have been with us since the big bang. I’ll let Rohan explain it in detail, but you can bet your sweet you know what on it. The radio in Adam came on the same chip as wifi and 3g according to Rohan in his interview. When asked what kind of radio it was he said FM. That where the tease comes I’ll bet a nickel or two that the radio on this chip will do Fm Frequency, but will also go up the scale right into cell phone frequency. This chip was obviously designed for cell phones! Which means the radio in Adam will make and receive phone calls as well as play your fm music, but not when your on the phone, I doubt it will tune two bands at once. I’m not sure it would be on the wifi only Adams though. Technically you could have a phone without 3g though.

  75. One other thought…. Rohan is not about to give crunch gear any more ammunition to work with. He’s shootin straight with a little twist…

  76. Also add phone radio as in cell phone!!! Maybe it’s time to pick up a blue tooth headset!!

  77. nice pic =]
    really wished crunchgear would get a more qualified reporter instead of wasting your time.

    Can’t wait to get my hand on one!!

  78. Rory,

    Digital radios keep dropping the signal, so thank God it is the good old faithful FM!!!
    I do hope the chip is good though. Most of the inbuilt chips do not have good reception. Till now, only my Sandisk Fuze has been able to deliver 75% clarity as my world receiver with a PLL circuit. The rest, including small radios, were horrible.

    I hope they attached a good antenna to it too. But I’m asking for to much.


  79. Beware of slot machines, what comes(money) to Vegas stays there. I made $200 with just $10 as investment. However, finally ended up loosing $300. :(.

    Please provide updates, only we are aware is of the 2 video reviews. Mystery feature, official release, partners, pre-order 2

  80. This is a very enlightening interview:

  81. unfortunately has been confirmed. Quite lame … a radio, but well …. the rest of the package is great!! honestly, the feature wouldnt have been great!! Guys on this post were going crazy …. but would take a miracle to get any of those things on. I mean if it was that good, am sure NI guys would have written the software to leverage that. it wouldnt have been an addition at the end.

  82. I would go with FM transmitter than a FM radio so that I can stream music to car stereo. FM radio wouldn’t be much use as you have 3G/wifi most of the time.

  83. I am very happy that it has FM receiver. I would love to listen to radio and not use up my 3G minutes while walking /biking to office/school. If it had a TV receiver, That would be a killer APP.
    About the FM transmitter too , its a very good idea, however I wonder if blue-tooth could be used in its place.

  84. It doesn’t really matter to me, because: Swivel camera + data + skype/fring/google voice/google video chat = video calls bonanza!

    Who needs bluetooth, when you can actually wave to your kids? πŸ™‚

  85. Fair point Paritosh.

    The ability to identify what song was currently playing would have been nice though, rather than waiting for it to be mentioned afterward. Beggers can’t be choosers πŸ˜‰

    Then again, being able to use one of the FM traffic update services (currently used in some GPS devices) could be a major benefit.


  86. You forgot about the heavenly chorus. And the underwear-clad angels with harps.

    And you also forgot about the great, booming voice in the clouds saying: “No! your Adam hasn’t shipped yet! You’ll know when it does.” πŸ™‚

  87. Yes Motorola is only showing video captures rather than a fully working tablet with Honeycomb

  88. I was up late last night watching you with Crunchgear,Good job.
    I liked the sleeve you had your Adam in is that for sale also?

  89. Maybe the radio output could also be routed to Shazam – to identify the music in realtime ?

  90. +100 Hide and watch I think this radio in Adam will tune more then the FM frequency I’m almost certain it will tune right uo to the cellular bands. So you get a cell phone plus an fm radio nothing too shabby about that! Wish he would include a blue tooth headset, I be happy with the radio and a phone.

  91. Btw the adam case that Rohan was using in the recent youtube video was really good. Can we know the product number of that case and the company πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  92. How cool but I’m sure will at leat tune the cellular band after all its on the same chip with wifi and 3g according to part 2 of the crunch gear interview.

  93. The FM receiver is an alright feature, but with internet radio you don’t really need it. A DTV receiver would be great. The US broadcasts all digital TV now and the Adam’s screen is big enough to make a decent little TV.

  94. THe other thing which I have learnt thanks to CES is it’s Pixel Chi πŸ™‚ and not Pixel Qi while pronouncing it πŸ™‚

  95. Watch this PixelQi CEO video too. They are planning to come up with 10 inches 1280×800 screen. May be on adam 2 πŸ™‚

  96. Rohan, could you please tell us why there is no word on where Notion Ink is at CES? I am here at CES since Monday and I have not seen any presence of Notion Ink. Your response is appreciated. Thanks.

  97. Check the interview at jjkmobile:


  98. great job guys, waiting patiently for preorder 2 =)
    looks like adam is still the best tablet, even after CES! (for me, cause of pixel qi screen)
    zoom isn’t too bad too it seems.

  99. Thanks Karen – I really liked this one, especially the interviewers talking about the true portability … how light it feels and comfortable to hold and carry.

  100. why does the photo show it’s taken on 1st Jan 2009???? I’m sure the adam was connected to 3G to update it’s time??

    But nevertheless, the photo is great!

  101. Infact in Asia it is a fairly common to have a fm radio inbuilt in a phone. With many FM channels on air, the user has just another medium to be entertained πŸ™‚

  102. Nice.

    Waiting one more day before I can begin waiting for the delivery service. :3

  103. My Adam is on the boat… coming right this way! πŸ˜€
    Also, did Rohan say still waiting on FCC? I hope that doesn’t delay. I want my adam… can’t.wait.any.longer.

  104. Thanks Karen for sharing the video. It seems that one of the most talked feature of adam will be it’s rubber grip.Everyone who is holding adam is going ga ga over it’s gripping πŸ™‚

  105. earlier we learned a lot on TESLA…remember the mystery feature with hints to Tesla’s bday….

    go to “”

    Mr. Tesla was a pioneer in radio invention….excerpts:

    With his newly created Tesla coils, the inventor soon discovered that he could transmit and receive powerful radio signals when they were tuned to resonate at the same frequency. When a coil is tuned to a signal of a particular frequency, it literally magnifies the incoming electrical energy through resonant action. By early 1895, Tesla was ready to transmit a signal 50 miles to West Point, New York… But in that same year, disaster struck. A building fire consumed Tesla’s lab, destroying his work.

    So the FM radio indeed is the mystery feature for now, until Rohan reveals another one πŸ˜€

  106. I believe you can make it by just plugging a FM transmitter to the USB port also. USB rules!! πŸ™‚

  107. Dear Rohan,
    Some points to ponder after the Crunchgear interview:

    1. The interview went well but frankly you needed to have some Media guy with you in ur team. The other guy’s blabbering about Global service was ridiculous! Seriously you shouldnt have allowed to him speak!
    2. It was nice of you to get both the tablets… gave us a straightforward comparision.
    3. The Leaves did not move when they turned the tablet: Does that mean the panel does not change with change in view. (did I see it correctly?)
    4. Your answer on Honeycomb is a big iffy! you were already talking about Adam- 2…So you actually initialised the obsolescence phase of Adam1β€²s life cycle before its launch …
    5. I really didnt understand why NI did not even have those small booths..(I am sure the accupressure guy can afford it so can you!)
    6. Your answer on the Pre order2 sounded like the timeline is another 2 months (min)..coz u mentioned u will talking to them Now for further supplies. Release LCD version like you said You can do it today!
    7. If android 2.3 is not appropriate for Tablets, then are you are sticking to 2.2 …coz u clearly mentioned the ambiguity on honeycomb’s resolution issue.
    8. Please ..please dont always open Canvas app in all your hands on interview… show the apps..there are so many interesting ones you guys have developed!
    9. The Mystery feature- tad disappointed… FM receiver doesnt deserve the Hype it involved! If it is a FM transmitter (then it looks interesting)…

  108. +1. Eden is the best looking UI I have ever seen. In my opinion, Eden seems more powerful and useful than Honeycomb also. Honeycomb seems very complex for me. However, Eden + Honeycomb can be perfect!!

  109. Well I would say that the REAL disappointment is the mystery feature…. I mean when exactly am I going to use this?

    At home I use my stereo, in the car my car stereo, every other place my cellphone. For those that does not have radio on their cellphone and is dying to have one, go by a portable radio for $5.

    I mean come on! How can someone call that a mystery feature? Only because it’s the first tablet with a radio? Well maybe here’s an answer for you, because there’s absolutely no use for it on a tablet!

  110. What does not make sense:
    if it came with 3g not all models would have it
    “now even works at night” – radio always worked at night…

  111. Haha you can’t really say anything here without backup answers.. Alright, yes it is a mystery feature. Didn’t mean to point out that it was not! Just that it sucks that it’s a radio! Maybe that’s the mystery, why the h*ll would one put a radio on a tablet? Indeed a mystery!

  112. New video up on youtube. Quick view of the office app, and some bits of info about partners “”

  113. I have some question left, so if anybody know it, please help me to learn:)

    1. Does Adam support 32GB MicroSDHC card?
    2. What is the resolution and fps of video recording of Adam?
    3. Can we plug 1TB hard drive to it?
    4. Does Adam capable of sending SMS?

  114. “Just as we were leaving, Rohan Shravan β€” Founder and Director of Notion Ink β€” happened to swing by, so we jumped into a small Nvidia meeting room with a prototype Notion Ink device. This slate impressed with Android running on the new Tegra and combined with the Pixel Qi screen. You can see the non-backlit, eInk-like functionality of this display which brings the total power consumption down to 0.2 Watts. Lighting wasnt great in the room, but the unit still performed admirably β€” enough that I offered to buy a unit on the spot.” – Kevin Tofel from jkontherun


  115. The radio was not even planned by NI. It really is just icing on the cake, why would you be disappointed with that. If they had had one of the feature everyone else was theorizing about, don’t you think they would’ve wanted to tout it as a feature from the start? This is one of those things that makes an amazing device that little bit better.

  116. For the first time I was able to see the FCC number – close to the end.

    Best regards, Thomas

  117. Er, Hold on guys – That was a booboo – That was from last year’s CES.

  118. I don’t say that the Adam is a dissapointment now that it has a radio! I’m just saying that a radio on a tablet is useless and it does Not make the Adam a little bit better!

  119. Seems like he really liked it! πŸ˜€

    on a side note, I have that notebook sleeve that Rohan was sporting… glad to know it fits the ADAM!

  120. Is there any news on accepting Mastercard now? I missed the Adam’s Family Pre-Order due to this… Would still like to order though, and have only MasterCard.

  121. Not sure FM transmitter is legal anywhere. There’s a reason why Wifi/Bluetooth have very limited freq. range..

    FM radio is not a revolution but certainly a nice addon.

  122. Great picture. adam’s picture is better than what my iPhone 3GS takes. Now please post a video shot by adam. That will be the icing on the cake. Few of the fellow commenters (nrzsez) have already posted comments I wanted to post about the Crunchgear interview, hence wouldn’t repeat them here.

    Coming to pre-orders 2. They can wait until the pre-order 1 delivery phase is completed. Do not call it pre-orders 2. Call it orders. Now that adam has been officially unveiled, it makes no sense to call it pre-orders anymore. We have passed that phase already. It you have a problem sourcing Pixel Qi screen, just put LCD variant for order. That would keep the revenues flowing.

    All the best. I am anxiously waiting for the orders to open once again.

  123. Radio is EM that works “at night”, i.e. no visible light. And if you don’t understand the revolution that radio/EM signaling caused, you must be very young and with little clue about technology or culture/history.

    No contradictions here.
    Also, the clues are given in a little poetic style. Cut the man some slack.

    Stylus would certainly be a much more interesting feature but what can you expect..I just hope the Adam lives up to existing expectations and maybe there’s a way for addon docking station with battery/keyboard/flash/usb-hub, that transforms adam into a netbook. That’ll be *really* great.

  124. may be in eden 2, the portrait mode can have four panels like a window, 2 on top, 2 below…

  125. You’re my personal hero. Pls send me an email after apocalypse where I can buy radio transmitter. Will compensate with soap made from real human fat.

  126. Resistive touch actually have better precision than capacitive and can be used when wearing gloves too.

  127. guys, re the mystery feature… i know he said fm was it.. but, didnt rohan say something about utilising the 12pm support the nvidia chip provides, for the mystery feature?? he said it somewhere i cant find anymore someone else might have better luck… but i was dead set on the feature being motion tracking – i thought from the promo video and clues it was certain… bizarre…

  128. Rohan,

    I would like you to always stress below points about EDEN,

    – When you started working on UI, andoroid 2.2 (only for mobile devices) was available, hence 2.2 but you modified the kernel to great extent to take full advantage of ADAM H/w. looking from top level it looks very similar to what Honeycomb is going to offer.

    It was your vision, foresight which made this possible. It requires so much time and energy (Brain-power) to do that, Google is still not finished with Honeycomb yet. Motorola is waiting on them to release the tablet. NI did it all by itself. (while fighting with VCs and others)..

  129. Show us a photo taken in a darker environment, please. E.g. a photo taken at a party or disco would really show off the capabilities.

  130. I also doubt that was an official accessory. I think I saw a Belkin sleeve that looks like that, but then again it might be some other sleeve.

  131. Well, it is a nice add-on, but it’s a bit redundant in my case since I have a mobile phone with FM radio and an FM transmitter (love it!), plus it’s certainly more car friendly than Adam (e.g. I can have it fit on my car’s windscreen and it won’t take much visible space). But not all phones have FM radio so it might be a welcome feature to those that don’t have an FM radio on their phone.

  132. @Subs I never use the radio in my phone., but I might actually use a build-in FM radio in a tablet. Contrary to my phone, I will use the tablet often for tasks that take longer (like reading a book or going through email) and I can imagine that i will enjoy it if with a simple app I can just listen to the radio at that moment.

    So I hope that you will use it as well.

  133. FM-receiver?! Very disappointing for the hype around “bonus mystery feature”.

    Every smartphone I owned for the last years has got one that I use very barely and online- radio with 256kbps sounds better than FM, especially inside…

    But this is the only point where I’m disappointed- I’m still longing for ADAM withQi, hope it will be available soon and won’t be sold out within hours again…

    best regards, Stefan

  134. So what is JB’s back ground? he does not come across as anyone with any insight. He sounded a bit like he was full of it. His interview technique did not impress me to value his opinion.

    Anyway all I hear was the snide poke, which did not show in him in any good light. The result of the interview was a higher impression of Rohan and no understanding of what value JB brings in anyway to inform or enlighten.

  135. Showing a patience for the last few days now, never thought i had in me…

    When will Rohan hold his pressco, confirming the bonus feature, giving more info on expanded Flash, releasing Genesis, and announcing next (pre) order (extended with Mastercard or PayPal)?

    Driving ppl crazy here… πŸ˜‰

  136. @all

    i strongly disagree that JB is not an ASS.

    JB is a BIG ASS and he is infected with Open-Blindness πŸ™‚ he cant see the obvious and never talk straiht with a millimeter of purpose in it.

    Long live JB and your BIG ASS

  137. He is a dimwit who was all over the Joojoo, and so, lost the meaning of life with its failure πŸ˜€

    But glad to see Matt seems to have infused some sense into him finally… Still, a dimwit he remains… πŸ˜€

  138. Just a thought, It would be incredibly foolish of Rohan to announce the newer memory models unless the first batch of preorders are shipped and early adopters get some real nice time with the ADAM. Otherwise, Rohan and Co. have to face the heat from the community for not providing the option to upgrade the memory of the preorders… And it would be too late to do that now- wouldn’t it- what with the first shipment to happen within days?

  139. @M1n7:
    Wait… You want to shell out another $5 when you get it for free with the ADAM? πŸ˜€

  140. Really liked this one.

    Interesting to see the interviewers talking about the true ‘portability’ and apparent ‘lightness’ of the adam … how it felt to hold and carry

  141. Does FM Radio mean a receiver only or a receiver + transmitter?

    The more I think about it, the more I realise, they promised a “bonus” “mystery” feature- and they did deliver a “bonus” “mystery” feature alright.

    If I remember correctly, in the page source, they mentioned:
    — For any sneaky fellows looking through the code, heres a tidbit for you, theres a very awesome hidden sensor we’re gonna be revealing soon πŸ˜€ —
    Is an FM Radio a sensor? Does a receiver qualify as a sensor? (maybe…)

    Just a thought….

  142. Its a shame, though- Notion addicts has a thread about Secret Sensor Speculation that runs to upto 28 pages (I think)- pretty interesting discussions there….

  143. I was surprised to be honest, that tech specs on the NI site mentioned expanded flash soon. NI shouldn’t have mentioned that either then.

    And he promisssed earlier that the followers who didn’t get an invite in first round, would get one before next (pre) order.
    I imagine he will be announcing next round at CES, leaving little time for those followers by now.

    Just wondering about all that.

  144. yes I will.
    But I had hoped, that maybe somebody finally had invented a feature, that could help me finding things – keys, wallet, calender etc…. all those things, you never can find, when you’re late. – it’s easy with the phone, if the wife is at home and you can make her call you.
    But all the other things would be nice to find just by typing in ‘keys’ or whatever – especially on an ADAM…That would rock!!! πŸ™‚

  145. Rohan said in the Crunchgear interview : “… checking SMS – on tablet you can do that…”

  146. Yes! Great! I think Adam will have SMS capability, Rohan said in the Crunchgear interview : “… checking SMS – on tablet you can do that…”

  147. One more question:
    Sniffer shows 1 USB drive even a USB drive doesn’t plugged. Howeve, we have 2 USB port. What if we plug 2 USB flash drive at a time, will it work? Will Sniffer shows both of them?

  148. @calle Indeed we have to accept that Rohan’s vision of a tablet for all our needs is not realized completely yet. We want Adam as a control board for all our activities whether it is driving my car or finding my wallet. I will look forward to the specs of Adam 2 and upgrade for sure if your search-and-find option is there

    (or maybe Eve will help with that, a help for everything that Adam cannot do by himself).

  149. It’s not shame, it was our imaginations which very well can be picked by NI Team for adam2 or adam 3.

  150. +1
    – Also, Rohan can you once & for all clarify whether Adam-1 would be compatible and upgraded to Honeycomb.
    – As rightly pointed out, try to showcase different aspect of Adam in each interviews…you have so many features to showcase, unlike your rivals, like Digitizer, true multi-tasking, swiveling camera, true e-reader, full office suite (which has never been showcased) etc.
    – Lastly, also can you clarify on battery life difference between LCD and PQ version (assuming say 25% of time with back-lit off). I guess difference is miscommunicated, and it is coming out as if there is no major difference between battery life between both the models.

  151. I think they are waiting for Quick office as it seems that QuickOffice application will showcased by Quickoffice team using adam. FIngers crossed πŸ™‚

  152. Like all of you I definitely want to spent my bucks on this device! πŸ˜€ Couldn’t order during the first pre-order because the lack of accepting MasterCard, but hopefully the second pre-order starts soon! Thanks everybody for posting links to the great videos.

  153. @nrzsez many valuable points in your post ! ! !

    However complaining about the FM radio is a bit unfair. An FM radio was not in the specs and it is useful for many, so it is a real bonus item. The hype was created by us, only for a little bit by Rohan. NI had decided to not release that info yet and as it might attract many buyers (none of the other tablets seem to have it) he tried to guide us by saying that we will get something that is not in the specs, worthwhile for many and tried to give us a hint without mentioning it as that info was not allowed to be released yet.

    And FM radio fits the bill: not in the specs, additional technology, useful for many.

  154. could anybody come up with sites that reviewed adam?
    I’m wondering how different redactions/developer teams were looking at adam

  155. @Paul,

    Good point. This might be start of me listening to the radio again, which i havent done in a veeeery long time.


  156. Ah New York New York, @Rohan nice picture.
    If you’ve got the time to do some sightseeing, take the rollercoaster ride in New York New York, it’s AAAAAWWEEEEEESSSSOOMMMEEEE!!!!!!!

    Good luck, have fun and Greetz.


  157. That’s the point, Rohan: they showed a video but not the real OS running. Nobody could test it. Actually, I guess that if you get the chance, you willl be faster and more efficient in adapting Honeycomb to Adam than Moto to the Xoom.

  158. if “radio” is the secret feature… it very well could be anything.
    Just look at all the applications listed on the wikipedia page:

    Everything from Wifi, to GPS, to Wireless Energy Transfer is listed as “Uses of Radio”.

    I’m hoping it’s an RC Car controller!

  159. a FM radio is really awesome

    I never really used my mobile radio as it always required an external jack to be inserted

  160. Top work at CES2011 Rohan, I am really looking forward to receiving the Adam in the coming weeks taking that small leap of faith during preorders will be more than worth the wait πŸ™‚

  161. I purchased Adam with WiFi, not with 3G but if the 3G model has some phone capabilities, it will be very nice. Huawei E180 works with Android 2.1+, so I can plug in the Huawei E180 the use Adam as a phone as well.

  162. I believe it can be done with third party application as well. I think I will work to develop something for that if Adam hasn’t got a phone capability:)
    Another mystery for me is video calling over 3G, any clues about that I missed?

  163. The photograph is brilliant. This should take care of some high quality video conversation on the device. Just start shipping it now. I cant wait more…. and great job with the CES coverage. everyone seems to have fallen in love with the little company from bangalore. cheers…

  164. The world really has no idea what a unique beast adam is.

    The other day an apple fan said to me “If it wasn’t for ipad you wouldn’t have that thing”.

    For the sake of the frendship I refrained from pointing out that:

    A – this was being created before ipad was released, not in reaction to it
    B – this was a serious work device, not just something to watch vids and play angry birds
    C – the true visual multi tasking of Eden makes this no “ipad killer”, to call it that would be beneath adam

  165. Rohan, how do you think the adam competes with the xoom? Full Honeycomb at launch, on average higher quality camera(s) and more ad force with motorola behind it. I still think that adam is better though

  166. @borismedia

    “On the boat to the US” Gee, l hope not. How about DHL Cargo plane.

    I’m expecting my adam after the first plane shipment about the 20th of the month.

  167. I just saw the promo ad on the notion ink website. All I can say was WOW! For all those here who were harping about the quality or daily videos that Rohan had so generously provided and thought the promo would be just a step up, time to eat crow.

  168. Estimated Ship Date* 9th January 2011

    Shipping in two DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. The Buzz about NI and Adam at CES is slowing down.
    Rohan needs to come up with something new in the next couple of hours, as soon as the show opens again.

  170. Damn theres a lot to check out and read from CES. Been looking at all the videos and reading a lot of the interviews as well on adam.

    adam delivers what Rohan promised -sort of, seeing adam in (un)real life(videos) did not convince me much. Been following this blog for a long time and its been a bumpy ride with ups and downs, and thats putting it mildly.
    Not been allowed into the family of pre-orders was a bummer for me, had all the credit-cards ready and money to spend(but then all the troubles with the ordering happened to those who did order) and the red flag went up, decided to wait for CES and see what happened, today i am glad i did. The PQ screen wasn’t the number one reason for me wanting adam, all i wanted was a LCD version and a smooth experience using adam(Eden), sorry to say but thats not what i see in the videos. But still i think it could work out with future updates on Eden, now it seems i have to wait even longer for second pre-order, so with all the other tablets/pads coming i the near future along with adam, i am almost out. I know that CES is a place of turmoil with all thats going on in a few hectic days especially for Rohan giving lots of interviews and all the reporters giving adam a quick spin for the videos, so i will follow Greg on his blog to see him unboxing his adam and hear his comments on how it works in real life.

    Thanks to to Rohan and to NI for lots of hours well spent watching this blog and for keeping me so ramped up for one product(a first for me). I wish you all the best of luck in succeeding with adam and Notion Ink.

    Finally thanks to all the bloggers in here, you ROCK..

  171. FM Radio… hmmm. I can listen to the Red Sox games while surfing the web, perhaps?

    I wonder if it’s satellite radio? Something with Sirius may be neat!

    [maybe that would tie into Rohan’s space-like clues….satellite…]

    But in all seriousness, how does a radio “feel”?

  172. Heya Greg?

    Just found this on – may be a nice addition to your site for a link:

    Adam named one of the top eight gadgets to watch in 2011>/strong>


  173. There are some apps available which have video calling for Android, and some of them support 3G. Although you should check your provider IF it’s allowed to use a phone app over 3G, since mine doesn’t allow it.

  174. I don’t agree that the early adoptors must have an option to upgrade their order. They decided to pre-order based on the information which was available, not on what might come.

    Alhtough I was too late to pre-order (Qi+3G) I wouldn’t mind if the second batch was able to get a 16GB version instead of my 8GB. At least I could play with it way before the rest is even waiting for the next order-round…

    You want to be the first, so don’t blame those who came later…

  175. Rohan,
    I have never been envious of anyone who have more than me. I am not poor but neither am I upper middle class. I was happy with what I have until now. Every time I read comments about people who got into the 1st pre-order and will get into the 2nd pre-order list, I get green with envy. I especially dislike reading about them bragging about it. Well, maybe they were just so please to get the Adam, so I will cut them some slack. I am telling you this because I think you have an excellent product that is worthy of my first time jealous spat. I know eventually I will have the Adam in my hands soon. Good wishes to all of the hard-working staff of Notion Ink.

  176. HI Rohan and Notionink
    we saw matts , biggs video interview. The interview is still biased.
    there is no need to worry ( pretend ) what happens when honeycoomb comes?

    if NI has done 2.2 2.3 such a fantastic work – they can develop honeycoomb + eden better than any one else definitely before anyone else. (on today – others have no intention of developing anything more on honeycoomb)

    ROHAN AND NI -You need to understand that on today – 9th Jan 2011- ADAM IS THE BEST TABLET AVAILABLE IN THE WHOLE WORLD. untill honeycomb comes there is no COMPARISON for adam.this is fact.

    (we can predict , after that still adam may be the best , but it is only prediction ).

    So If you cant get enough pixel qi screen- just dont worry.

    Please understand LCD ADAM is still the best AVAILABLE IN THE WHOLE WORLD on 9TH JAN 2011. So you need to SELL it starting from today. never wait for pixel qi screen. people are so much love with adam that – they will update adam in 6months if you want!!

    If you open – lcd it will sell today in millions. i promise.


  177. Rohan –

    Please do not wait for more Pixel Qi models before making LCD available. I’m really in a tight bind here and need to make a documented purchase before too long. I really do not want to have to settle for some crappy 2nd class tablet compared to Adam. Please, make LCD units available as soon as possible!

  178. @nrzsez
    Answer to #5. Rohan explained before that taking a boot at CES costs millions of $ and he wants that money to use in another way.

  179. Yeah! I’m waiting for the LCD ones too… I hope he releases them earlier or both devices real soon, my hands are getting itchy already! πŸ™‚

  180. Hi Johan, i wasn’t in for the first batch…
    Waiting for my chance to pay for an Adam with Mastercard or PayPal.

  181. I have to admit, for a guy that has as many crazy things happening around him as he does, Rohan seems like a pretty cool cucumber in these videos…

  182. Hey Rohan and NI..
    Great picture. I do remember your comment about how pleased you were about the camera on Adam in one of the earlier blogs! I seriously did not think it would be this nice!

    May I offer a humble suggestion about pre-orders.

    You mentioned in your interview with engadget that the demand for PixelQi is not necessarily more than the LCD. If you can start manufacturing LCD Adam and accept pre-orders for it, why not do that?
    The lack of production ramp up from Pixelqi should not affect Adam’s growth in any way! There is adequate demand for LCD (although I ordered a PixelQi), that it will sell like hot cakes.
    The general public does not care for your explanation about why Eden still holds its place after Honeycomb. They will just go with the hype generated by the advertisements and blogs. Therefore it is important for you to sell as many adams as possible in order that the users who invested in adam is assured of adequate support in country. When
    Again, I say all this with the full knowledge that you know what you are doing , better than any one else on this blog. With all the respect in the world, may I suggest you reconsider the decision to accept pre-orders for LCD and PQ together, and start with LCD pre-orders right away!


  183. Can’t wait for mine. I love being on the winning team. Shipping in Feb. though. Not at all worried about XOOM or honeycomb release. Just like the ipad it will have the same problems.

    Let’s do a comparison.

    Adam XOOM

  184. @Michael,

    I believe that they could have used the internal WiFi antenna. would make sence as the antenna is there to be used πŸ™‚

    Maybe Rohan can confirm?

  185. Radio FM is bonus. If I were asked which one I am going to buy, with or without radio, I am sure I will choose one with radio FM. I will be very useful stuff.

  186. @Jinesh Gandhi,

    I think that the minimum and maximum battery life timings are all that’s required (obviously excluding “sleep mode”). With this information, users will then be able to gauge where their battery life goes based on various usage scenarios.

  187. @Himanshu,

    I think that could be an option. I know Google wants to see Chrome OS (Chrome OS) on every netbook and laptop as a default OS, but that I think will only be a pipedream. The time is not ripe yet for the world to adopt a device, which is completely cloud based. Android Honeycomb will eventually provide Google with the direction to eventually merge the two OS’s Android and Chrome. It all depends on how the world receives Honeycomb. What we all saw on Motorola XOOM was only the UI as per Rohan and not the real OS.

  188. is it me? or does it seem like the crunchgear guys realized that they’re jackasses when they do the interview with rohan?

    it’s like they were scared or nervous to see rohan face to face. if you’re going to talk smack be ready to own it. just thought it was funny, and it only makes things that much worse because rohan is so gracious in the video.

  189. And I think Rohan has repeatedly repeated battery hours in almost every interview at CES.

  190. @pepe

    i believe they are legal in most regions (country’s) to specific frequency ranges and power ratings. Unfortunately this is region dependant and so it will be difficult to lock them down unless the FM modules are physically locked for the regions in which the device will be sold. This makes the process complicated and so i doubt that a transmitter will be included.

  191. Rohan,

    robert scoble was answering 1 of my questions and replied…
    “@tommidi notion ink is fine, but give me a break. Not gonna get distribution. No name brands just don’t cut it in today’s world”.

    I believe in you and NI’s future. But please work on what he is pointing out.

  192. Now really, read his blog:

    He comes up with real good arguments for his top list.

  193. @tanith

    You hit the nail on the head. This guy John from crunchgear was a total wuss. He acted liked he was concerned from NI and their UI. Really? Either John is secretly in love with the adam and can’t admit it (probably like other things he has trouble admitting πŸ™‚ or he was a total wuss. Maybe both. John was a horrible interviewer (not just with NI) and extremely uncomfortable.

    People that review products should not be concerned for companies. They should just tell it how they see it, feel it, use it. Simple.

    Also – Did Rohan ever say FM Radio, or just Radio. It’s a world of difference…maybe.

  194. “hxxp://” this pierre guy gone blind… check what he is writing in his blog.

    ” Notion Ink Adam is at the CES2011 but no news from this android tablet, just a photo taken from Las Vegas”

  195. Had to post this because Rohan is awsome. From Rohans lips to Cruchgears/motorola/googles ears. I quote “Adam for us is not a product it is a dream” basically fuck you XOOM and fuck you honeycomb. You’ll be dead or obsolete in a couple months but dreams never die. We all picked the winning team.

    Do any of these reporter really think the notion ink team would let a dream that they brought to life just die off. I mean really.

  196. Glad to read on gadget sites that everybody likes adam..cheers!
    FM reciever turned out with a joke flavour!
    Mentioning an adam-2 is too early!……

  197. @DreamHarvest,

    Anyone who thinks that they will get the Tesla touch or Solar charging or wireless charging for the price of ADAM must be smoking something! The adam is priced very cheap and you can’t expect everything for that price.

    Basically, I am happy that it is a radio!

  198. It seems those bloggers are not interested in digging out a jewel, but simply following the big names ?

  199. If Pixel Qi adams take two months to arrive so be it. Do not delay reopening the orders for LCD’s. They are good too. You need to start taking orders once you are back in India.

  200. Rohan,

    Picture quality of the 3.2MP camera is pretty darn good. Conventional wisdom would tend to refute that, but I myself had experienced a curious phenomena on an old smartphone I used to have. It had a 3.1MP camera that took fantastic photos. I actually took some non-professional photos of an item we built while in the field, at the same time a professional photgrapher was on site with us taking PR photos. As it turned out, while the professional photos were excellent quality, they never captured the angle we needed and it just so happened my little phone camera did, and the photos were excellent, so we went with my amateur photos. Years later I replaced the phone, with various phones that had at least 5MP resolution, and yet the images cant hold a candle to the the old 3.1MP camera phone photos I had on that old LG phone (I think it was a voyager). Anyway, it appears the camera on the adam you are using took exceptional photos inspite of being only a 3.2MP camera. A minor but welcomed relief to me, especially after learning of YOUR COMPETITION at CES (namely the Motorola XOOM). they came out of nowhere and seem to have out-spec’d the adam in nearly every category, except battery life. Maybe thats why in part your already talking about adam 2?

    Good job on the camera though.

  201. Congrats for all the good feedback you’re getting!

    Will the “family” get one more chance to preorder?
    Still many are kind of disappointed not getting a preorder-mail.
    And many deserve to get an adam soon!

  202. Ideas are available at a premium these days. People even patent their ideas, but here we have a forum wherein people give out such bright ideas for free. Notion Ink should use a few of the good ones put forward by the family on the features they would like to see on an adam in the future versions.

  203. When I fell in love with the Adam it was also because of Rohan and his worldview. His is a uniquely worldview and the Adam is being positioned as a true oneworld otal performance/use instrument. Whereever you are in the world this will be the only device you will need regardless of the conditions surrounding you. this is strickly the future coming to pass and we are the lucky witnesses. The Adam2 will be more expensive, will meet different needs and will not invalidate #1. This is about meeting diferent needs, different situations. I see this as just the beginning and realizatiion of a dream. And I love this website, it makes me feel like such an insider.

  204. Nice interview! Talks about the FCC and many other things


  205. Rohan,

    Could you please reassure us about what will happen with 1st G Adam and Honeycomb? NotionInk will provide users with a way of upgrading to Honeycomb, yes?

    Thanks for all of your communicating!

  206. What is Pierre talking about 3G dual display Notion Ink Adam?
    This is the first time I am hearing about the dual display. Any body heard about this before?

  207. He is out there. And very dishonest to make it worst. When I first stsarted lurking in these blogs, I thought he was a decent commentator. But lately he has descended to some obscure places. He should take some pointers from John the teddy bear (as much as I hate to say this, Johnny boy seems to be honest to him self, and stays on key)

  208. This is a pro camera, almost can’t believe it….
    When all is like this them Ipad gets a hard time…

  209. Iss it true that Android 2.4 Honeycomb *requires* 1280×720 screen ?

    Does it mean there’s still be no Android 3.0 ?
    Does it mean, Adam with its 1024×600 screen would not be upgradeable to Honeycomb ?

  210. @Sachin Panemangalore
    >> About the FM transmitter too , its a very good idea, however I wonder if blue-tooth could be used in its place.

    I have almost no doubt about what u just said, at least in the future. I would like to amplify it. Bluetooth audio streaming to car stereo is awesome. I am glad you did see it.

    On the other hand FM transmitter to transmit audio was in the market since many years. … very very poor audio and very unpredictable there.

    Having said that, I have still not made my mind on FM receiver. I mean I use in the car, had in one of my old phones …. but I never thought I would need it on my state-of-the-art Adam. πŸ™‚

  211. a free people can never be “ruled” by dictators…so your worldview is all wet, unless of course you either want Americans to give up their freedoms, or want American government to supplant oll the socialist marxist communist dictatorships out there…until that happens we Americans cant allow true globalization, as our rights come from our creator, not men, hence men have no right to take our rights away.

  212. Thank you Rohan… Thank you Greg for the great list of links… and thank you Charbax for the “it” video interview. ( “ “)

    Rohan and Mary Lou Jepsen together…. (that’s the money shot)…. πŸ™‚

    understatement of the day:

    …”Everything is not good enough for everybody”… Rohan Shravan @CES 2011

  213. If they come up with a new mystery feature, yes πŸ™‚ Never the less I still got my pre order on a Qi/3g πŸ˜€ but still a bit dissapointet with the radio..

  214. I never heard about Robert Schoble before and his views don’t carry much weight in my opinion. If you look for his profile in wiki “” it explains Robert’s bias towards Apple. Robert must have forgetten people wouldn’t touch Apple products with a barge pole, until they came up with the now famous iPod. It was the beginning of a digital revolution and Apple’s iPod being quite slick and user friendly compared to the other mp3 players just hit the button at the right moment. HP tablets, give me a break now. I don’t think they are good enough to deserve a place even on Robert Schoble’s blog. Companies like HP and Apple could provide expensive dinner’s with Caviar on Robert Schoble’s plate and top it with great wine, but when it comes to innovation, they suck. Robert’s words about Notion Ink being a no-name company would haunt him when it eventually becomes famous.

  215. “”

    …EXPECTING FCC to pass in 5 days? EXPECTING?

    What does this do for ship dates?

  216. @lionheart


    Honeycomb isn’t out yet. Probably by Mar/Apr 2011. By the time those tablet makers get it out, it will be end of Q2 or Q3.

    What Motorola/Google has shown was only UI so far. It doesn’t tell what the OS provides, its multi tasking capabilities etc.

    Eden UI and the kernel in Adam has been optimized for Tablets and is production ready now. Not some time in the future. Even after Honeycomb comes out, Eden UI would match or excel it.

    @Rohan, Be bold and confident in speaking the glories of Adam tablet and Eden UI. Don’t hold back. A big name like Google with lots of cash and other resources + colloborative partners is still trying to get the OS out for tablets.

    Whereas NI is small and unknown company, that too from India and have already accomplished it. Hold your head high.

  217. The lady at the end is Mary Lou Jespen for those who may not caught that. I especially thought it was need that he said that the Adams have shipped and waiting on the US shores!! Since Im in the USA thats great news.

  218. I dont know (and neither do you) if JB is an ass or not, we have never spent time with him, now have we. What I do know, and so should you, is he is a technology analyst reviewer. You cant expect to have, nor should anybody want the head of the Notion Ink fan club giving so-called objective (and sometimes stinging) reviews. That would benefit nobody. There are enough blind cheerleaders in the crowd here to give you that highly subjective analysis. Enter folks like JB, who say the what you dont want to hear, mistakes, flaws and concerns with a new start up companies sometimes confusing actions.
    Now the good thing in all this is Rohan. Rohan has ground truth. More importantly, he has the ability to humble himself, as we have seen. He knows exactly where he has failed, even in places we dont know about yet. So when JB prints a scathing report, and Rohan confesses some of it is true, you can bet Rohan is listening and MORE IMPORTANTLY…LEARNING.
    So whether JB is an ass or not, is irrelevant. What is relevant is that JB actually plays a “positive” role in growing NI with his criticisms. The cheerleader on the other hand plays an entirely different role for Rohan…not everybody should be a cheerleader, and not everybody should be a critic…both are necessary.

  219. > I replaced the phone, with various phones that had at least 5MP resolution

    And it got worse. That is the only outcome that could be πŸ™‚
    Owners of digital videocamera’s were struck with it ~5 years ago.

    The more pixels does the camera have, the less size have any single pixel.
    Given same real size of CCD/CMOS matrix (and in phones there just no place for larger matrix), given the same size of lenses – the only outcome of boosting pixel count is making pixels small. And there are gaps. borders between pixes also, whose thickness does not scale down, so pixels size decreases even faster, than pixel count grows.

    Why matter? What is bad in small pixels ? The only thing – sensivity to light is proportional to pixel area. Large pixes can handle dim spaces. Litte pixes can only handle bright outdoor daylight. And in evening inside home – they shows bad quality if used without bright flash.

    In old days, before digital camera’s, there were differentt films, with different seisivity. Usual figures were 100, 200 and 400. When goes to shoot in dayight, you tool film with fine details, when preparing to shoot at night, you took the most low-resolution light-sensitive film.

    But in digita camera you just cannot change matrix in 10 minutes, like you changed the film back then. So you have to choose the device once for all. Either high details low sensivity – 5MP for bright outdoor. Or little details high sensivity for indoor shoting.

  220. Check this:
    Notion Ink Adam Garnering Good Vibes and Notices at CES 2011:

  221. Charbax is a ARM / Tegra guy. His questions are less belligerent, but he gets a lot information. Very experienced. To me, an example of how an interviewer must go about things.
    And noticed how just everybody came on board? Recognized everybody there?

  222. Umm , Im not sure, but I dont think Rohan wanted the mystery feature revealed…judging by his body language as the CrunchGear dude blurted it out. He didnt look real pleased, and was really left with no option other than to proceed the way he doid. Note: Rohan did NOT bring it up. The crunchgear dude (Matt) BLURTED it out.

    FM radio is cool, admittedly not what I was hoping for…but thats ok. (I was hoping for a solar charging system array on the back of adam…which would have provided wireless power transfer in the spirit of the Tesla coil and a cousin of light…no wires, no ac plug access, truely mobile)

  223. Regarding the image quality. It is great. However…

    Just remember, we are looking at a picture taken outdoors with Las Vegas sunlight.

    Indoors is something completely different.

    Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO – They are all pretty much non-factors in the sun on a camera like this. Indoors is a whole different story. Unless they image sensor can handle “noise” very well from pictures taken in low light, don’t expect this quality with low light shots. i don’t.

  224. The answer to that question will be THE deciding factor for me. While I appreciate everything the Eden and Pixel Qi combo has to offer, the previews we’ve seen for Honeycomb are just too darn gorgeous to ignore. In 2011, any tablet without Honeycomb support will find itself on the sidelines as “yesterday’s news”…

    Rohan, PLEASE give us a definitive answer on this! πŸ™‚

  225. Really? After all the news we’ve had, this is your question? You haven’t been paying attention.

    Honeycomb is 3.0, not 2.4. This was confirmed via intro video from google/motorola

    Honeycomb does not require 1280 x 720.

    Rohan said many times, during many interviews, that he would jump straight to the Honeycomb framework.

    Adam won’t be “upgraded” to Honeycomb, because the stock Honeycomb UI wouldn’t be an “upgrade”. Instead, Rohan will incorporate the source code, but keep Eden as the UI (it’s much better for multitasking, as far as we can tell).

  226. Rohan: “Honeycomb as soon as possible”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    πŸ˜€ and about it being sluggish the video explains everything, once on honeycomb and open GL smooth as butter.

  227. “Dual display” is what people who don’t understand what PixelQi is call the PixelQi screen. When people were first talking about the Adam, and nobody knew what PQ really was, everyone was saying “dual display”.

  228. Check out this blog post from Rohan:


    He stated at the end “(I apologize for being little mystic in this post, but I want to point in the future, back to this post and tell you that I shared a secret and hint with all of you, and it all happened in front of your eyes! πŸ™‚ )

    Can someone now go back to the post and tell me what secret was shared?

  229. Man….. I am pumped! Did anybody else notice how Rohan is still hiding the back of the adam? Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery eeeeeeenteresting…. I hope we can order soon!

  230. There is no way the mystery feature is just a plain, old, vanilla, FM Radio.

    Rohan wrote in a previous entry, “The Mystery Feature. It will still be a mystery! πŸ™‚ One of my wish was to design a product where every fortnight you can receive a new update which isn’t just a security bug fix, but a discovery of something which already existed, sort of un-locking a part. This is my first attempt on the same lines!”

    That sounds like a FM radio – am I missing something?

    Then you have the riddle…can someone break down how radio (fm) is the solution to this. Really?

    First Description:

    Few came dangerously close,
    to change the fundamentals of light,
    but few realized the power of the same,
    and now it even works at night!

    Second Description:

    I am not a sensor though I can feel
    Though light is my father, I can work in a shield
    I am there since Big Bang, I am still the need
    My re-birth opened a new era, a new playing field!

    Third Description:

    I shortened the distance as nothing else could beat me
    your test my limits, every time you set a form free
    Now I am not alone, but I’m still the alpha to all
    and with a century old, I am the best I could ever be.

  231. To add to what I wrote above, no one comes into this world with a name. You are given one at birth and make one for yourself when you grow up. Notion Ink and Rohan are in the process of making name for themselves as they are growing up. Good Luck to them. In the world of Robert Schoble and Rohan Shravan, I would prefer to have Rohan Shravan who is not afraid to dream and creates things that are not run-of-the-mill kind. Hats off to Rohan for daring to dream.

  232. I’d like to get in on this radio action. I have some cans of Spam that are sure to survive the apocalypse. I’ll trade them for your radio/generator combo. I’m pretty sure that Spam is also made from human fat… πŸ™‚

  233. Something to do with this part?:
    “We wanted Apple to introduce their 3D touch technology in the iPad 1, which would have forced us to work even harder on our technology (both are wonderful yet works quite differently), but everything takes time to reach maturity and production quality. I spend hours looking at the recent patents and if you also do so, you will be as excited as I am, by just adding little extrapolations and imagination.”

  234. Thanks for a very nice explanation! Now I know for sure I should prefer lower pixel count (and frankly 3MP is more than enough for most needs, who prints photos nowadays).

  235. At 5:42 Rohan says “We are waiting for FCC” and then he says “We have FCC but is not the right number” ???

    5 days is a number mentioned by a poster on youtube below the video…

    So are they waiting or are they not waiting?

    Maybe they already have the units built and ready to ship and they’re just going to slap an FCC sticker on the back of all of the units? But in the video, it looks like it’s printed on the back of all the units…That’ll take some time to do once the number comes in from FCC, no?

  236. actually my answer to my questioons is right in the article…the unit at CES is a working mock up, and not entirely like the production version is form factor we will be getting.

  237. Read my article, Tesla Touch is dirt cheap! It would only add a few dollars to the price.

  238. @jared

    as some one else alreday stated , if you carefully see the “Weekend special part X”
    while explaining”The Calendar ‘ application , rohan mentioned

    “now in 6 taps you can save an entry like β€œMeeting with Nikolas Tesla in Missouri on 10th July 1856 : High Priority”. Things are changing because of β€œtouch environments” as we can see in applications, but to see how you can interact with wireless technology is yet to come, and you will have to stretch your imagination a lot!”.

    so this indirect reference to tesla can be related to the radio ? just wondering.

  239. LOL at the end of the video, i knew the crunchgear guy was full of SH** but i didn’t expect him to be literelly full of it when interviewing Rohan, man was he strugglling, kept passing onto Biggs LMAO

  240. Greg, for some reason I can’t comment on your blog (NotionInkFan). Tried 3 times with different accounts but still no headway. Just wanted to say you’ve a great compilation there. Keep up the good work.

  241. Can anyone give me a valid working link to PART2 of the Crunchgear (TC) video interview with Rohan..
    All i see are the part1 videos floating around – thanks..


  243. He did! several times. He specifically said that he wasn’t going all Gingerbread because he wanted to go straight to Honeycomb. That’s as definitive as you’re ever going to get before the update is available. Besides, he also said that upgrading is easy, because of the way Eden is written. Honeycomb isn’t even available yet, so he can’t possibly have had it ready by now.

  244. Sometime back, I read an article about her and was vastly inspired. What a lady!

    (Searching for that article. Can’t seem to find it.)

  245. Our Hands-On With The Notion Ink Adam Tablet



  246. After the fiasko with the poorly gimped photos of two days ago, followed by the fantastic videos from CES, I was looking at today’s post with mixed feelings. My first reaction was that this image is not real and that it looks nothing like New York, plus what is Rohan doing in NYC anyway? Then I remembered that they have “fake everything” in Vegas πŸ™‚

  247. Funny thing is, I got an email today saying shippers STILL have not been finalized!!! Thats not to say they arent already on US shores…but that email is a bit scary.

  248. new video up from crunchgear here is the link “”

  249. Hi Rohan,

    Been following you since last year…Great job on Adam and Eve…
    I still have som questions..
    Why Radio as mystery feature.. you can have radio via internet..
    Will honeycomb come to the 1# generation Adam as OTA (over-the-air the way HTC did with Froyo on their smartphones)..
    What apps can we expect on Genesis and can you tell us more about Genesis??

    Hope you can answer my questions…

    Need someone in Europe on marktening&Sales or anything else to promote Adam just let me know πŸ˜‰

  250. Same for me. I heard FCC done, shipping within 5 days.

    So next weekend we are going to get many reviews, unboxing pics and all those other experiences that will make us long more and more for Pre-order 2 (or will they take away the ‘Pre’?).

  251. That’s no true at all. The Xoom is launching in late Feb or early March as a 3G device w/ Honeycomb. The Xoom will then get a 4G hardware upgrade sometime during Q2 (ie. you have to bring your device into the store and have the techs change out the modem).

    I don’t know where you got the idea that it wasn’t launching until Q2…

  252. Pixel QI demos 7″ display and working on 9.7 ”

    The colors looks really good.


  253. new from crunch gear “”

  254. gee, your answer to this question is just as clear as Rohan’s past discussions of the same…


    As far as I know, Rohan has never definitely stated that the 1st gen Adam “will” get Honeycomb. If the answer becomes more definitive, I will choose the Adam. If not, I will buy the Xoom.

    Like I said, it’s really that simple…

  255. nice pic from the camera but I would really like to see the camera in operation both taking pictures and videos. I’m a little upset that when asked about the camera they just tell how it will work. This is the time to shine show us don’t tell us

  256. Hi Rohan,

    Been following you since last year…Great job on Adam and Eden
    I still have som questions..
    Why Radio as mystery feature.. you can have radio via internet..
    Will honeycomb come to the 1# generation Adam as OTA (over-the-air the way HTC did with Froyo on their smartphones)..
    What apps can we expect on Genesis and can you tell us more about Genesis??

    Hope you can answer my questions…

    Need someone in Europe on marktening&Sales or anything else to promote Adam just let me know πŸ˜‰

  257. I thought that Rohan has been very clear: the moment Google releases it, NI will incorporate it. They are fully anticipating Honeycomb.

    However Google is not ready yet and that is one of the reasons why NI developed Eden: better multi-tasking and a better user interface then even Honeycomb can offer. NI does not want to wait, and with the functionality of Eden, neither do we have to.

  258. Honeycomb will be supported… 100%

    but like what joshua said… and like what rohan mentioned in the video (thanks leonus) … it will be more like a backport…


    because as it stands… the Eden is a much better UI than stock honeycomb… so what the NI Team will land up doing is … keep the underlying operating system as Honeycomb, but they will pass it through a special patch (filter) that will change the OS code to merge with the special Eden User Interface and build a single software product…

    This is how Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat, SuSE distribute their versions of linux…

  259. wp is messing up again, commented twice with a link to an article from androidheadlines dot com (in quotes) and both went nowhere?!

  260. Hey guys.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the mystery feature being an FM radio, pretty cool as it is though for me. I have two reasons to think it’s something else.

    1. The riddles just don’t match up.. No matter how I spin them. It doesn’t seem to work for me.
    2. I believe that Notion Ink would no longer need to hide documents in FCC if they had now revealed the mystery feature yet, we still cannot see anything.

  261. I thought that I posted, but can’t find my entry anymore.
    Dit I forget to press Post? I did indicate a profile (Google).
    I’ll try again, very happy with his list of articles “”

  262. β€œMeeting with Nikolas Tesla in Missouri on 10th July 1856 : High Priority”. Things are changing because of β€œtouch environments” as we can see in applications, but to see how you can interact with wireless technology is yet to come

    “We wanted Apple to introduce their 3D touch technology in the iPad 1, which would have forced us to work even harder on our technology (both are wonderful yet works quite differently), but everything takes time to reach maturity and production quality. I spend hours looking at the recent patents and if you also do so, you will be as excited as I am, by just adding little extrapolations and imagination.”

    In the first para, he mentioned about Tesla who demonstrated wireless energy transfer to power electronic devices as early as 1893 and in year 1884 through wireless communication through radio.

    In the second para, he is mentioning about 3D touch.

  263. That’s all fine and dandy, but many people may prefer stock Honeycomb. Based on what we’ve seen of Honeycomb and Eden, stock Honeycomb MIGHT actually be better than Eden (*gasp*).

    I hope the Adam has the option to utilize a stock Honeycomb build — rather than Eden, not just underneath it — if that is what a user wants to do.

    Similar to small tools that swap launchers and home screens, I just hope that NI allows us to choose which interface we use for the entire device…

  264. I think the radio is great. I don’t have a battery operated radio,except the car, and every time there is a hurricane threat I have to look around for some old piece of junk and see if the batt is still good. Rohan means for us to carry the adam all the time and I think that if we do we will use the radio a lot more than everyone thinks……………….Tom C

  265. Congrats for a great show in CES. Was as nervous as anyone else about the reception. For a young team, you managed the PR and analysts very well.


  266. The mystery feature should be radio and als 3D touch also. Because he was mentioning this “We wanted Apple to introduce their 3D touch technology in the iPad 1, which would have forced us to work even harder on our technology (both are wonderful yet works quite differently), but everything takes time to reach maturity and production quality. I spend hours looking at the recent patents and if you also do so, you will be as excited as I am, by just adding little extrapolations and imagination.”

  267. Looked at the interview again where he mentioned radio as mytery feature. He is apologetic, he hiding his face, not looking into the eyes, over-explains……of course its not radio….and it will come as update down the road

  268. The mystery feature should be radio and also 3D touch also. Because he was mentioning this “We wanted Apple to introduce their 3D touch technology in the iPad 1, which would have forced us to work even harder on our technology (both are wonderful yet works quite differently), but everything takes time to reach maturity and production quality. I spend hours looking at the recent patents and if you also do so, you will be as excited as I am, by just adding little extrapolations and imagination.”

  269. Nice picture, which tells me the Adam has a good lens. My now antique Sony digital camera (DSC-S70) with 3.3MP still takes great pictures and the primary reason is it has excellent lenses. Lenses and in-camera image processing software get no respect except from those in the photo and video fields. I expect the Adam to perform adequately indoors, but suffer the classic noise from low light and color shifts caused by indoor lighting, fluorescent being the worst.

    Unless someone knows otherwise, I’m assuming Adam does not have any camera controls for functions like white balance, manual focus or exposure. That’s okay with me. The camera looks like it’s going to be more than I expected and the 185 degree swivel seems so obvious now that its been incorporated into the Adam’s design.

    Anxiously awaiting for Adam to arrive at my doorstep.

  270. I think I really understand you. I am sure you you will not be disappointed once you get your adam. T’was meant to be bonus feature anyway … and who knows you may start liking it.

  271. Very good. Don’t follow the megapixel race.
    Decent quality is elsewhere.

    Good Work Notion ink !
    The picture seems to be a bit over-sharpened.
    Noise reduction, apart from being a bit too aggressive for my taste, does a very good job. There are almost no color specks, I love the remaining noise!

    Being a _webcam_ and for casual shots, adams cam seems to be perfectly fine! (based on one example πŸ˜‰ )

    Have fun!

  272. Congrats Rohan. Much bigger than anticipated! I am not sure whether you have answered this earlier, would like to know it’s availability in India. I understand it ships from China. Just curious and equally eager to grab one, even if there are no student discounts! Thanks.

  273. Video on CrunchGear about Adam – Posted by Mr Biggs πŸ™‚


  274. This is what exactly he said “We were waiting for the FCC”. After that he said, “You can see we have already got the FCC, it is not the right number…..”

  275. Thanks to Greg and I was to see his complete interview with Rohan and Adam. πŸ™‚
    Eureka! I think the radio was not the mystery feature! While the conversation was ongoing about the mystery feature the topic was changed unexpectedly, thus making Rohan unable to unleash the mystery feature. πŸ˜€

  276. Lot’s of coverage on Engadget! Check those vids out. By they way has anyone read anything about future distribution. The way it’s looking it seems that I won’t be getting my Adam till the summer. That stinks!

  277. @David, unfortunately answering “that they are not just thinking about the current release, they have a road map for the next five versions.” is not the right answer.

    When people ask what separates Adam from the other tablet, the focus should be of now: excellent multi-tasking, much easier user interface, data-efficient apps, multiple leafs (‘leaves’) visible and active at the same time, huge battery life, excellent display, etc. etc. Then people choose NOW for Adam.

    When they hear that there is a vision for the future, they will wait for the future. I believe that Notion Ink will be great in the future, but the Adam is already terrific now and that should be the answer to the question: what separates Adam from the pack?

  278. “Interesting video” :).Picked up from so thanks to Greg.
    It seems that fellow mate of John Biggs is too much impressed with adam and at 3:40 seems to be screwing John Biggs calling him teddy beer or something. Must watch.

  279. What answer/quote/post led you to that belief?

    I’m waiting until March/April to make my purchase decision (my Nook Color will keep me satisfied until then). But, if the Adam isn’t available through U.S. resellers or retailers by then, I’ll be forced to purchase something else. 😦

    There’s simply no way in hell that I’m importing this thing straight from India/China…

  280. And the image probably was captured in style. Just swivel the camera to the right position and click. Imagine how clumsy it would feel like when taking the same image with iPad or other tablets!

  281. and Jason is the real tease here.

    Ron is asking a serious question, don’t tease him so much, just point him to the ‘More in Portrait’ entry from Rohan πŸ˜‰

  282. Hi NI Team,

    i apologize to be bit blunt in my opinion of your strategy to make your ‘dreams’ come alive and real (read PR, marketing, distribution etc). As a regular follower of your blog and baby I really appreciate your honesty and no frill (read spin, gimmick etc), crowd sourcing approach and many other things. However I strongly feel you guys have come to a stage where you need to fire your imagination how to interact with world and differentiate Adam from others especially at stage like CES 2011. Caution I am not talking about compromising your integrity etc.

    After following NI buzz over the internet in last 24hr-36 hrs (real time news update on google) i have come to following conclusion:

    First basic facts, traffic is high on NI, lots of people twitting and sharing news. But who are they? Fan like me, geeks, or few tech websites, rest word to mouth listeners. Interestingly they are sharing same news from slashgear, engadget, etc.

    1. NI has no booth! ok may be partners have adam
    2. Partners have no adam at their booth!
    3. CEO of NI is roaming like homeless at CES with his baby.
    4. So far no press conference or any information of it on website or anywhere
    5. CEO feels he is having good time because few addicts or geeks inquire about adam and rightly appreciate it.
    6. No news of adam /NI on main stream media, not even in Indian news though they have some coverage on CES. I have to write comment on businessweek’s column on tablets, they didn’t mention about NI. (This is most I can do for you..)
    There are many other small things I can point out that makes your adventure at CES little clumsy but it is not important at the moment.
    Here is my concern, NI might have a master plan to PR or market or distribute adam that might check mate others but from my previous experience of NI I really doubt they have. I sometimes I feel NI is living in bubble of fans and addicts, is somewhat away from business world.

    Your strategy of word to mouth, nice guys, self explanatory approach (talking more like engineer than seller) might have worked wonders 6 months back but NOT NOW, because now you have
    1. Honeycomb
    2. other devices with similar specs
    3. big names in market

    Your energy at the moment should be
    1. Differentiate adam from others
    2. create hype in media, since you have good product, production ready it is fair
    3. Ask/convince partners to talk about you, mention NI in each of their interaction to press.

    Please understand US market is not solely based on good product it is more than that e.g. look at Nexus One, even with Big name, loyal users, it failed simply because no direct distribution was given. Common people (that buy in millions) go by easy availability, experience and market hype. You are not giving them any….
    Please don’t drain your baby down the gutter, change your plan according to current scenario as I said earlier it was good way 6 months back not now!
    I would be happy to be wrong on each point i said. Best of luck

  283. did you read primaryclouds comment?? If you did then you would see he/she spoke about adam being a success to Rohans world view, and then associated the adam as the “total oneworld performance instrument” due to Rohans worldview…did you not read that? Notice I did NOT comment on whether I agree that is Rohans worldview…as only Rohan knows Rohans worldview and NOT primarycloud.

  284. Anand – it’s not that simple. If you look at the video interview with CG / TC, when the question about HC was asked, Rohan answered ambiguously. He did not give a straight answer which leads one to believe that Honeycomb will NOT be a straight load of the firmware – many tweaks will be needed..
    Though i’m sure for a tech savvy person, this may not be an issue playing around – but for someone who has no clue and doesnt want to be bothered by these tweaks, it may present a pain.
    I equate it to the JB community for the iphone – most of the people who even attempt it are comfortable around the command line and such – others not so much.

  285. I sooooooooooooooo want it!!!

    The hands-on by & JKK has been very positive and they were impressed by the haptics and: the low weight!

    Come on, give us another chance to order – Wednesday is my birthday and another pre-order would be an excellent gift!

  286. Rohan had mentioned in the engadget interview that the sale figures were more than 20,000 units and less than 5 million (in response to the min and max figure question asked by the interviewer).

    Moreover rohan mentioned that 70% were LCD and 30% PQ.

    So taking the minimum figure of 20,000 units and just going with the base model(Wifi only) for both LCD and PQ, we get the following sales figures in US dollars:

    70% of 20,000 is 14000 (LCD) and PQ is 6000 units.

    LCD: 14000 x 375 = 5.25 million USD
    PQ : 6000 x 500 = 3 million USD

    At a minimum 8.25 million USD from the pre-order sale. Way to go NI.

    Hope I got my Math right πŸ˜‰

  287. @little al

    I am not disappointed at the product adam – I am disappointed at lack of Notion Ink’s presence at CES; AND poor comments from some of the people interacting with Notion Ink! It is not just adam that matters, what matters is a long term success of the team behind adam, future releases of software, hardware, etc. Unless Notion Ink can garner a reputation of being an amazing company, it will end up as a company that launched an interesting product called adam in 2011 – and everyone else will forget the company!

    The other disappointment – I thought we could get some audience for people who have been regular readers of this blog – instead all the focus seem to be on private meetings with popular bloggers and media. It would have been nice if we as LOYAL customers could have spent a minute or two knowing the company, the product and the team. It would have been a nice gesture for this blog’s followers and would have helped gain the trust of customers.

    It is not just the technology that matters; it is their “corporate culture,” customer oriented focus, and building a new brand that really counts.

    I could have been cautious and bought adam after it were tested by the community, but I wanted to be an early adapter to support this new style of product launch where the product is based on “listening” to the customer or “crowd sourced”. It has been an exciting ride for me to follow this development of the product – adam, eden, leaf, etc. However, for these products to be sustained, it is necessary to see an amazing team in place. It cannot be a one man show – Rohan. Don’t take me wrong, it is not a criticism of Rohan he has been busting his xxx (and I hope he gets some reprieve), but this disappointment stems from not knowing the company from whom we are buying the product, how will be serviced, etc. It is a HIGH TIME that Notion Ink demonstrates that it is a strong company with an amazing culture. Thus far, there is not much to see, feel or perceive!

    I was left with an impression that Notion Ink as a company is “self infatuated” with their amazing technical achievements and are forgetting customer centric focus – a much needed cultural “seed” for global consumer product. I hope I will be proven wrong very shortly, because I want to see this product, the team, Rohan and the company to be hugely successful not for any any personal gain, but to see a new type of entrepreneurship flourish that is truly different from greed based culture as demonstrated by – (well name any large Western or Eastern corporate behemoth that will create a walled garden or block the open access to internet for selfish reasons).

    That is the longest comment I have ever written I guess – but this is spontaneous thought and somewhat cathartic to get rid of the disappointments from CES and get on with my day job.

    Will continue to follow this blog and, if meaningful; – contribute on my experience of using the adam when get back from my business trips towards the end of this month.

  288. Although Eden is perfect, looking nicest OS-UI kinda thing, I think we need Honeycomb. Compairing Eden and Honeycomb is not a good comparison. Very soon, all the third party applications, games will be writen for Android 3.0 Honeycomb, and we won’t use all those applications if we don’t have Honeycomb.
    I love Eden, and the perfect thing will be Honeycomb + Eden:)
    However, if there won’t be any Honeycomb upgrade, I won’t flash my Adam to Honeycomb, because Eden is better than thousands of third party applications.

  289. We all want Adam to success and Rohan you will not have second chance so gearup buddy and rock the stage. You deserve all the applause.

  290. The statement: “…We wanted Apple to introduce their 3D touch technology in the iPad 1, which would have forced us to work even harder on our technology…” is what leads me back to what I’ve been saying… a Kinect type of interface…

    I don’t think they told crunchgear the truth… I don’t think THE secret sensor is an FM Radio… it might be there and probably is… but the one they have been tunting us with… I think… is 3D touch ala Kinect.

  291. no way the mystery feature is an FM radio.
    I think the Slashgear guys wanted to grab something for free after treating NI like s*** and Rohan gave something to them by way of avoiding embarassment…

    Look at all the clues. Rohan must be smoking something heady if he created all those poem clues for a simple FM radio!

    I think the mystery is still there, and No! crunchgear does not get to reveal it oh so coolly on their videos.

    I mean I like the FM radio feature, don’t get me wrong. But those poem clues haunt me. Awful poetry (not Rohan’s strong suit really) in service of an awesome device, thats what I would still like to think.

    Anyone else of the same opinion?


    To NotionInk: Please take Manoj’s comments very, very seriously since it could make or break your company. Having great engineering or even design is not sufficient. You also need great PR, great Support and great Marketing. Please realize that you are late to the game and have miniscule resources and mindshare. So you cannot afford to make mistakes. You have already made a few and users patience is already running low.
    When asked about Preorder2, Rohan replied that PixelQi was the limiting factor and not LCD. What kind of a reply is this. If you can take orders for LCD please do so (unless you have some other limitation). Sell what you can. Especially after the CES reviews please sell what you can.

  293. Do you think that we can have an instant messaging client with multi protocol support for EDEN

    More on hardware do you think that Kensington MicroSaver will be on Adam ?

  294. Crucngear Video “” skip tht John Biggs part πŸ™‚ and go to 6:40 here rohan is talking about radio as mystery feature and how it was linked to Mr Tesla. So guys who have doubts please see this video .

  295. +111
    PR and marketing can make or break a company. Epic failures in history have been due to bad PR/marketing. Rohan and Co., please take Manoj’s comments very very seriously- It can only do u good πŸ™‚

  296. That happens all the time. Best would have been to book a booth next to a big guy. You will get noticed quickly than in a corner (although its weight of money).

    I think NI’s plans seems to be good as they want to be cautious with initial product launch. If they deliver good customer support and satisfy it will have Apple like fans (which we are already).

    NI keep going, try to get noticed as much as possible. Please increase your production capacity. A wait time of 2 months for pre-order 2 is too long. People move on to others (Motorola xoom may take it with honeycomb)

  297. I too feel the same. Also the hidden comment says its a sensor, Radio in now way can be a sensor. πŸ˜‰

  298. I completely agree with you Manoj.

    Here is what i suggest for NI team. I know lot of you are all techies and geniuses with high talent and ambition. However you now need some business people. Strong marketing, business development team members who can come up with good marketing plan, campaigns, work with media etc.

    NI team, please start the process of recruiting other team members in marketing, business development areas. You may start looking withing your fan base first.

    As an MBA from a top US college I can tell you that sheer technical excellence in product is not enough you really need to have a good Marketing plan and brand identity.

    We all want Adam to succeed and would like to help as far as we can in that.

  299. I think radio is meant as one of the ‘fortnight’ updates/surprises.
    Rohan is giving it away much too easy, and to a party who wasn’t really favouring him untill now. And there was a sneaky smile afterwords.

    I’m not conviced πŸ˜‰

  300. I honestly believe the fine XDA community will find a way to port Eden to the Xoom before NI finalizes a way to port Honeycomb to the Adam…


  301. While I dont think its a simple matter of Delete and install- I do think that is possible. The geniuses over at xda sure will help us get honeycomb on ADAM.

    Notion Ink have done a lot of work on the Eden and as far as I can see, Its all looking good. I wouldnt, for the life of me one good reason why they would skip the Eden when Honeycomb releases “for a pure Android experience”. What they have done is pretty impressive according to me (and a lot of others), and I wouldnt want to lose it. It has character, it has substance- and most importantly it has PROMISE.

  302. Primarycloud was saying that Adam is a device that can be used to do anything, by anyone in the world. It is a global device.

    “Whereever you are in the world this will be the only device you will need regardless of the conditions surrounding you”

    He’s not saying anything about dictators, god, marxism, communism, or rights. He’s saying that you only need an Adam, because of what it can do. Nobody is forcing you to buy one.

    Read more carefully, before you accuse somebody of being a communist.

  303. While I dont think its a simple matter of Delete and install- I do think that is possible. The geniuses over at xda sure will help us get honeycomb on ADAM.

    Notion Ink have done a lot of work on the Eden and as far as I can see, Its all looking good. I wouldnt, for the life of me think of one good reason why they would skip the Eden when Honeycomb releases “for a pure Android experience”. What they have done is pretty impressive according to me (and a lot of others), and I wouldnt want to lose it. It has character, it has substance- and most importantly it has PROMISE.

  304. Amit Tambe:
    > I must admit, I’m a tad bit disappointed.

    Me, too. I have a lot of radios in things I carry around – cell phone, mp3 player, portable radio. I was hoping for a toaster. Most people don’t carry those around, and they make toast.

  305. Rohan was prepared to someone putting on the pressure and he had an answer ready, it came too quick, way too easy.
    NI is in it’s own momentum, taking time, and planning every step.
    And then al the sudden this guy is breaking that?
    No way…

  306. ah ha, funny, I thought a part of it looked familiar…but i thought in the back of my mind, I had gotten to the point of having watched so many videos over the past few days it had to have been one of them it reminded me of…turns out it is one i saw about 6 months ago…now that you mention it…well it was a nice write up never the less.

  307. @ Pramod:
    As in one of the most recent videos, Rohan says that the EDEN is running on top of somewhere-in-between 2.2 and 2.3.Meaning it uses many libraries from 2.3 incorporating it with 2.2 source and the Epden runs on top. How long has it been since 2.3 source has been released- just about 2 weeks. Thats incredible speed, dont you think?

    This gives me a real optimistic view of the timeframe we are looking at for the Honeycomb update to Adam. I’d say 3 or 4 weeks would be about it, as they would need to do changes at the fundamental level also. That really isnt bad at all- considering some phones are still shipping with 2.1 or even earlier (Snigger) πŸ™‚

  308. sorry… couldnt hear you…
    ( i know this has been done to death, but I just couldnt resist)

  309. Oh, that was my evil twin. πŸ™‚

    Me, I’d prefer an rc controller.

    I think my evil twin was getting tired of ridiculous tech bloggers giving those of us who do our research a bad name… :):)

  310. @Manoj:
    I rooting for your last line:
    >> I would be happy to be wrong on each point i said. Best of luck
    I do think your comments are very sincere, as has been many other Adam-fans who have raised similar points and who have seemingly abandoned the Adam-ship ….

  311. I completely accept Manoj’s comments. Be out of crowd. Also stop saying ‘dream’ vs ‘product’ it doesn’t look professional business sense. Say we will update to honeycomb before others do (as you are already planning for it) or we would be one of the first few to provide updates to honeycomb.

    Don’t worry about separate booth issues, please provide a press conference though by inviting 4-5 tech sites (cnet, engadget, gizmodo etc.). Give them the device to play around for sometime and write their review in detail. I am unable to find the reviews quickly even if I search in their sites.

    You small guys should be tough guys. Release it officially now and provide links to reviews/updates on your site. trust me many people visit your site and go back due to lack of information. Have your folks in India work 24/7 for these 3 days. Provide as much advertising as possible.

    You should have given Nvidia a chance to demo adam in their conference or show as one of the powerful tablets running on their chip. Reason being people watch Nvidia rather than adam. So its a big step forward for you being with them (or replace Nvidia with PixelQi manufactures).

    And finally start taking atleast 100 orders a day from today (gimmick : Pre-order 2 available, take 100 orders and say sold out with coming soon, next day take 100 orders again). A marketing gimmick to drive attention.

    And finally finally I am waiting to order 1.

  312. I have the same opinion and I am kind of sad that Notion Ink is losing the window of opportunity. Rohan should hire an experienced business guy to take care of the logistics. And do that fast. Once Xoom is out, more prospective buyers will be lost. And if some established company comes out with a Pixel Qi, gaining the market will be more difficult. I wonder why Pixel Qi is not stepping up the supply. Are they having a secret deal with another tablet maker? I do not get it! Also, Rohan should open up LCD orders if PQs are not coming thru the pipe.

  313. Yes Rohan did confirm it, but again you have to actuially see the video, the interpretation of Rohans body language could be either this isnt really the mystery feature he was speaking about, or, alternately his body language is saying he was not at all happy that Crunchgear revealed it. Physically he did confirm, but as with all things Rohan, there was more to it than his mumbled answer…watch the video it is puzzling.

  314. @M1n7 I disagree that a radio on a tablet is useless. I prefer a radio on my tablet above a radio on my phone. I will use my tablet often for longer times such as reading a book, and having an FM radio at that moment is a nice bonus. I can even agree with d, who says that consumers would choose a tablet with radio above one without.

    I don’t like to listen to my phone at that moment, because it suck the battery of my phone dry.

    My phone moments ain’t radio moments, I expect that my tablet moments very well might be.

  315. +1, very true. Honeycomb isn’t even out yet. Gingerbread is only a few weeks old, and they already incorporated some of that! One of the interviewers even mentioned how fast they are. He seemed pretty enamored of NI.

    On another note, its pretty unrealistic of us to expect confirmation of Honeycomb before Rohan can even look at it. They are trying to assure us that we will get something that they have never even seen. Let’s give them a minute to check it out, first!

  316. Absolutely; the only problem is that it’s probably too late. This goes back to many of the issues raised during the preorder debacle: 1) that there is no professional marketing effort being made, 2) that the fans of Adam are such a small, insular group that’s relatively isolated from the mainstream, 3) that NI appears to be run on a shoestring budget which isn’t going to instill long-term buying confidence, and 4) that the Adam’s “unique-ness” window is rapidly closing before you even get the product to market. The Adam is a great product, but it doesn’t seem that NI is making any effort to market the Adam and the Xoom is therefore easily working toward outmarketing and burying the Adam. In the US market, at least, the marketing is perhaps even more important than the product itself.

  317. @Paul : point taken.
    Fm is a good feature but should have not been the mystery feature. I would have got pretty excited if the Digitiser would have been marketed as mystery feature. I mean it has so many other features which could have been wrapped as mystery feature. I agree the blog’s expectations went sky high with so many radical suggestions coming by.
    @d: Did u see the Crunch gear live feed before Rohan’s presentation. There were so many small companies taking those mini booths with all kinds of stuff.. I am 100% sure that they didnt cost millions! There was an old man offering Acupressure with just a cloth banner in one of those booths!

    I dont know how many of us saw the full feed…U sud have seen the way these guys were criticising Rohan’s attitude before the interview..(they even called him having Steve Job’s ego!…n lot of things..) Agreed only 780 were watching.. So I am sure not much harm is done!

  318. and what about the last weekend special where he said:
    “(I apologize for being little mystic in this post, but I want to point in the future, back to this post and tell you that I shared a secret and hint with all of you, and it all happened in front of your eyes! )”

  319. Although I agree with a lot of what your saying there is something we all must be aware of. Notion Ink is a small company with ambitious plans. Rome was not built in a day. Rohan and his team know that. With the release of their first device they are aware of their limitations. They do not currently have the financial power to compete head on with Apple, Motorola,Samsung and others. They must start out and find a small place amongst the big players. They are limited by how much they can produce. Over hyping and advertising Adam at this point will only leave them with countless potential buyers, and not enough Adams to go around. Already people are frustrated that they can’t get their hands on a product the was announced a year ago. Notion Ink must slowly and carefully cut itself a piece of the market that it can supply and sustain. You can’t have all the marbles in one full swoop. It is pretty obvious now that Adam is a awesome device. It’s big appeal now will be to it’s avid fans, tech geeks and so forth that have discovered Adam on there own and have a better then average understanding of the technology. This can sustain them in the early going as they continue to work on new software and devices. AS word spreads and they establish themselves as a company that builds solid products they can attract even larger investors and ramp up production and advertising to claim an even bigger portion of the market. I truly wish them the very best on their new adventure. And Yes, ADAM ROCKS!!!!!

  320. @Santosh :: appreciated your comments. As a startup Ni has lots of scope to correct itself and become better with time and constructive criticisms like yours will surely help them. Thanks

  321. Q for Rohan: Why Micro SD and not SDHC? SDHC is cheaper for consumers as well as faster. Micro SD can be used in SDHC but not vice-versa.

  322. In the past, when companies have allowed a choice between stock and skinned UI’s, it hasn’t really worked out. The LG Ally does that, you can choose between stock 2.1 and the LG launcher. But both suffer as a result. My mom has that phone, and it has all the same stats as the myTouch slide, but runs like garbage.

    If you want stock honeycomb, xda will make that happen, I’m sure. Rohan even said something about maybe allowing root access in the future (on one of the QnA’s). But Rohan worked on Eden for longer than Google did on Honeycomb, it’s certainly worth checking out before deciding it needs to be ditched.

    Though it would be fun to check out stock Honeycomb… Hopefully we can revert back. πŸ™‚

  323. Nope, marketeer/advertising/communications

    And those Crunchgear guys are going to be XXX, if Rohan announces the real bonus mystery feature later on…
    Server them right πŸ™‚

  324. Not sure if this video was posted already from, but I really enjoyed this interview. Much less of John Biggs in this one.


    Was joking around that Rohan looks like the bouncer [holding down the door] of Mary Lou Jepson’s booth at CES πŸ˜€

  325. You are spot on with that Joshua. That is the way they incorporated sections of source code of Gingerbread into Froyo. I don’t know whether that is the most efficient way of doing things or not.

  326. I will comment with this in mind:

    IEEE commented about Notion Ink Adam the other day (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), but they called it the Notion Ink Atom. πŸ˜‰

  327. @Johan and if early purchases wish to upgrade, then I have the impression that they can sell their ordered Adam with a nice profit on e-bay.

  328. @Rohan if you are listening, try to give a greeting card to all tech journalist at CES from your end with promotional discount coupon. We all like gifts and discounts but the journalist like it more from my personal exprience.

  329. Check out the one!


    Lots more links to info on “”

  330. You mean with this world class product they couldn’t find a single angel investor!! That a shame and surprising.. probably they are trying to sell dreams to potential investor rather than next revolution in user experience. If there is an investor i wonder how deep is their pocket.
    I am sorry to say tech world moves fast and you have stay ahead of curve rather than waiting for people to know about you. Make the killing and move on.. that’s what Apple is good at.

  331. Yes. Keep the sale going on what ever you can deliver. Penetration into the market is more important. Also there is no demonstration video on their website. What will people know about adam once they visit your site? Please update each version’s UI Apps working in conjuction with other Apps. Playbook showed to apps running simulataneously (playing to videos next to each other) which I didn’t see on adam.

  332. @Rama Maganti we know that Rohan is reading the comments, so who knows how many of the ideas that were expressed here, we will see in Adam’s offspring.

  333. For those still worrying about the fact that 2.2 and 2.3 are “not optimized for tablets”, I just wanted to point out a couple things.

    First, Andy Rubin meant stock 2.2 and 2.3. Because they are not optimized, these versions of Android don’t support resolutions above 800 x 480. In order to provide a higher resolution, the kernel needs to be optimized.

    Second, NI has been optimizing the kernel for a long time. That’s why Adam has a res of 1024 x 600, because it has been optimized. The res is also the limit of PQ, which is why it’s a few pixels short of the Xoom. It has nothing to do with 2.2 or 2.3.

    For proof, just look at the horrible stock Android tablets that have been released. They are terrible, because the company is too cheap to build their own optimization.

    So worries about Adam running on 2.3 are unfounded. Certainly, there will be some other improvements from Honeycomb (openGL, for one), but the biggest change that we know of is resolution and basic UI, and Eden has already fixed those.

    Just my 3 cents, keep the change. πŸ™‚

  334. Just keep a tab open with this:

  335. Well said Wally. You have a point. The word of mouth approach does work. I think NI needs to adopt the FB model, only expand when you can meet the demand. Target college goers, gadget freaks and geeks first. Get them on your side and half the battle is won.

  336. Wally:

    I agree with you. Every company starts out small, then gains momentum (if its product is good.) The cost of a booth at CES would have been prohibitive for a small company like NI. I know several companies who started at CES (and also the former Comdex – RIP) by taking up space in another company’s booth. There is nothing wrong with that.

    As soon as sales can ramp up, then NI can spend $$ on marketing and PR. It would be bad to spend on marketing and PR with no product to show for it.

    We have witnessed the birth of a company. We have watched it grow its first product. Most of you have never had the experience, but this is how it happens properly. (Do you guys know that eBay was originally an unsophisticated web site where computer geeks in the East Bay of Northern California locally traded computers, parts and electronic devices?)

    What Rohan does, from now on, is what is important. And Manoj is right about how it should be approached.

    (I have an idea: Why don’t we try our hand at writing the press release for NI? Greg, what do you think?)


  337. Yes they have investors, but I can only assume their pockets, and or confidence isn’t, deep enough to reach down deep and provide the funds for an all out campaign in Advertising and production. If that were the case Notion Ink would have their own booth and a professional sales team on board. This is a small startup with a yet to be proven product. You would have to have a lot of confidence to throw down big even if you have the cash. My take is this company knows its limitations and will be happy with a smaller slice of the pie in the beginning. Right now Rohan has stated under full swing they will be able to produce 100000 units a month. Samsung sold 1.5 million Galaxy Tabs since November and Apple sold 7.5 million I Pads since last April. 100000 units per month can’t come close to those numbers. Over hyping Adam now would lead to problems keeping up. Notion Ink must focus on establishing themselves with quality product and building a track record. They are determined to produce and introduce new devices and software. When your small you can think big, but it does not mean you can act big.

  338. @Rohan: To borrow the words of Manoj “CEO of NI is roaming like homeless at CES with his baby”… πŸ™‚

    You may ask a Notion Ink fan to follow you around with a video camera (can use the Adam) and post updates on Youtube at regular intervals for us. Trust me, I’d have loved to follow the “homeless CEO around”. All of us would get our fix!

  339. ebay story is from era when internet was in its infancy, tech world was not moving like this, how many mobile models companies use to launch then?

    My point is clear NI is direction less in terms of their PR and marketing. In addition they are moving slow, I am really pulling my hairs at the strategy of their MBAs. A non-MBA like me can see this I wonder what these guys are thinking?

    e.g. do NI have press release section on their site? NO!, at least report what has been reported so far.

  340. Spot on. Its 2.45AM but still waiting for last moment updates. need to seep @ early morning meeting but who cares??

  341. @PAvan Check Crunchgear video. Rohan even discusses about Tesla too and he was very very clear about mystery feature being FM radio. He said they did not plan it. It was there in the chip. But they will give it through a update.

  342. I agree completely with your assumption on investor however the way NI is dealing with any kind of promotion is no up to the mark. I agree they can’t produce millions of unit, but do you think common user buy something because a company can make million units NO, they buy because they know about it and it is good.
    May be I am not expert but what harm it makes in selling only 100K a month if it possible and let everyone know about it.

    or at least when talking to press be more polished this has nothing to do with big or small company. They knew they are coming to CES and should have prepared on that atleast.

  343. Next should not be a pre order !! Not Again!!

    It should just be an order for the device thats in the market.. πŸ™‚

  344. Manoj:

    EVERY company starts out small. Granted that not all of them are successful, even if their product is good. But, if their product is good and word of mouth is good, they have a GREAT chance of surviving. Give NI some time. “Haste makes waste,” as they say.

    BTW – I have a business degree (and a law degree), and I have helped small companies get off the ground. And they did not have the kind of word of mouth in the beginning that NI has now.

  345. “”

    Android 3.0(honeycomb) unveiled. UI is catchy with some good features. Have to see about multi tasking etc.

    Eden UI has multi-touch typing which I didn’t see with 3.0. Adam’s Browser app is far superior.

    Adam + Eden rocks.

    Have to wait and see if and when Adam will get the 3.0 update. 3.0 + Eden would make Adam rock n roll.

  346. Will the new generation PixelQi screens (10inches but of 1280×800 – higher resolution) be incorporated in new batches of Adam tablets? or will NI save the tech for a later project (Eve, Adam2 etc..)?

  347. Manoj,

    I completely understand your hair pulling comment. I share a lot of your frustration. By now we should have fully released documentation of everything Adam will and will not do. Adams are due to be shipping next week and still speculation is running rampant. I’m still waiting to see if the device can make and receive cellular calls. It’s not a deal breaker if does or does not it is just high time that information like this is out there.

    The fact is we are witnessing the birth of brand new product and company. It in so many ways is a painful birth. Yet my heart is in total support of these young kids and their dream of finding their place in the tech world. I know they have worked very hard long hours. I do wish them Godspeed. For myself I’m in gallery watching. I purchased an Adam and paid my price of admission. I sincerely hope they succeed at what for most would be impossible to even dream.

  348. Although there was alot of buzz about the XOOM tablet, there is a few problems.
    1. It didn’t even run Honeycomb at CES……
    2. It has a March release date
    3. It is going to launch with 3g on Verizon. I will NEVER step foot in a verizon store and I will be shocked if this thing doesn’t cost a good deal of money plus be put on a 2 year contract. Hell the Galaxy Tab was what $699 without contract?

    Sometimes being the big guy with all the big partners keeps you constrained. Sure Verizon is the biggest market, but I would rather have a tablet I could shop price plans or for that matter just save my money and but a wifi only

  349. +1Wally. You have many things which has been mentioned by ROhan in his next post which at this point of time was not even published. I think they know their strengths and weakness better than most of us :).

  350. I am glad you have experience with small and young companies and it is assuring you think they will make it. Many of us really want that.

    I also agree with β€œHaste makes waste” however what ever points I have said has nothing to do with rushing the whole thing. I am saying at least do the basic PR e.g. crunchgear was forced by live twitter feeds to go and do interview. The poor guy was clueless where NI is, because there is no information. Online people told him where to go. Shouldn’t NI tell their potential customers , investors, or media where they will be on each day of CES. They are not helping anybody by doing this. You meet so many investors in these meets, i hope they are doing this at the moment.

  351. @Samadhan Raut I loved the remarks:

    – “The Eden UI is so fast it’ll blister your eyeballs.”
    – “the Adam -was- louder than any of the other tablets I’ve listened to today. And there was definite bass, it even rumbled a little bit.”

    Very promising comments from somebody who used the tablet himself.

  352. I think you’re absolutely correct. Pixel Qi has been showing off their 7″ screen at CES, so it would complete sense if we find out that the Eve is a 7″ version of the Adam.

    I’m actually torn between buying a 10″ tablet this Spring, or possibly waiting for the 7″ Eve. I currently use a rooted Nook Color for my tablet needs, and the size is almost perfect for anything/everything I’ve needed it for. Of course it only runs Eclair (for now), so it’s not exactly the most functional device available, and it’s lacking 3G, gps, and a camera as well, but the size is just about perfect for my needs.

    I’m really torn when it comes to the size of my next tablet purchase…

  353. I’m still entirely bitter about Motorola just abandoning support for their XT series almost immediately – what good is an Android device with 80 MB of free space on it? I can download a couple apps then choose my favorite and erase the rest when I want more. :/

    Given they still SELL these that turns me off of Motorola as an option.

    As for Verizon, I tend to purchase a number of Verizon items, but just because I’m up in Canada and can use them on WindMobile – a nice device to be paired with unlimitted everything plans for $40 bucks flat.

  354. But, that’s just it… NI did NOT do a full port of Gingerbread. Instead, they simply backported a few of the functions/UI elements to their older Froyo base. It doesn’t exactly take a lot of time or effort to rip out a few pieces here or there, or to simply use some of the newer elements as the inspiration for custom tweaks of your own.

    At the end of the day, the current NI is still just a 2.2 device with it’s own skin and custom apps taken from, or inspired by, the changes in 2.3. Eden looks great, but it would certainly be even better if it were sitting atop a complete version 3.0.

    The actual port from 2.2 to the full 3.0 will take much longer to accomplish — unless, of course, they’ve already begun working on it…?

  355. It isn’t going to 3.0. Honeycomb will be 2.4.

    Does anyone actually pay attention? Just wondering. πŸ™‚

  356. Ummm, no. Honeycomb = 3.0. This fact has been plastered all over CES.

    I don’t think it’s any of us who needs to start paying attention…

  357. @bsmdbt: Your words are so intelligent, very few would have deduced what you have discovered. πŸ™‚

  358. @nrzsez I have had many booths in many countries and i agree with you on the pricing.

    However Notion Ink has a suppliers problem, so i guess that they felt that it would be better not to go out all the way but keep a (relative) low profile until they can meet demand.

    Then you might say: “why not have a small booth”. I think that many parties would have written degrading about them if they had their own booth but it didn’t look professional enough to them. We do the same thing: either we have a good booth, or we do not have a booth but participate with other stands. We don’t want to ruin a good reputation by a non-professional presence.

    I don;t know if that was NI’s thinking, but i can very well imagine it was. Next year we will have a drink at the booth of NotionInk πŸ™‚

  359. I agree with another poster, who demoted those people (JB in casu) to writing about watches etc. That will be punishment enough πŸ˜‰

  360. @Rohan,

    The date stamp on the image in the EXIF data is mentioned as 2009:01:01 02:01:46
    2 years, 7 days, 6 hours, 9 minutes, 6 seconds ago. Any idea why it is displaying like that?

  361. Seriously … Did I just watch a video of ASUS on stage with a new tablet/keyboard … Where their demo guy showed us how to send an email with a keyboard ( chuckle ) … Qwerty Keyboards have been around a long time right ? Is this all they’ve got ? I’ll. Pick my own keyboard with my ADAM … Take it sometimes when working … And not … There is no vision like notion ink .. πŸ™‚

  362. @Santosh
    Your comments:
    “Hopefully when I receive my adam I will not be disappointed.”
    “I am not disappointed at the product adam – ……”
    “I was left with an impression that Notion Ink as a company is β€œself infatuated” ………”
    “That is the longest comment I have ever written I guess – ……….”

    Leave me guessing …… about your message.
    No doubt NI listens to our messages. For a start-up they are communicating a lot, and I am very thankful for that.

  363. Here we go: the Adam is one the preferred tablets for Engadget!

  364. I was going to mention that too, but I assumed that that was the answer. Fans are too attentive πŸ™‚

  365. Rohan said in one of the interview videos that they are not making other size tablets…
    So I don’t think Eve will be a 7″ tablet but that does not mean they can’t change their mind and create a 7″ version some time in the future.

  366. I will open it up to anonymous commenting and see how that goes… If there are problems I will put it back to the way it is (requiring google, blogger, or open id, etc).

  367. For those that had trouble posting, Please try it now that I have opened it up to everyone. Send me an email message “” if you still can’t post.

  368. Reading this blog entry, brought back some bittersweet feelings. I’m very happy for all of you who have recieved or are about to recieve your Adam. Congrat Rohan, and NI team because this is a big milestone for you guys. Yet, I believe not only for me, it’s a sad time for those of us who wanted to pre-order but for whatever reason didn’t get a chance to do so. I won’t get into that, it is water under the bridge.

    What is a bit unsettling is that there was no “REAL” news coming out of CES maybe it’s from the lack of the CE and FCC approvals. Sure we got some promo shots and hands-on coverage which was great. Personally, this has gotten me even more excited about the device, but there was NO announcement as to future distribution of the device. I think this information is very important to know, at least for me. From what I’ve read there will be even more tablets coming out for MWC or WMC the mobile conference. Which means more competition. The fact is that Adam will be competing against what is and will be out there in the market, no matter how unique it is. When people go out to buy or decide to order they’ll be categorizing this as on the go computing, or a replacement for a netbook/portable notebook. I love Adam, but as a tech geek I can’t deny I’m curious as to what is coming out soon, I thought the Asus slide table looked very sweet and I think that’ll be out this month.

    I maybe wrong, and perhaps you’d go to the extreme in saying that you don’t care if you lose some of your fans, but this two month window is crucial for you guys and if you miss the mark you can get trampled by the big boys with deep pockets and more importantly the greater market wisdom.

    I’m pushing for you Notion Ink, and I’ll hold out for you a bit longer! I want Adam more than ever, but there is interesting competition heading our way!

  369. Oh and about the post itself…. Awesome picture quality! Who would have thought it’s a 3MP camera!

  370. 1) It did, just all but one application were stripped out. (The one application being the media player, to play the demo video)
    2) Good! Because Adam currently has no release date. I don’t see a buy button or an ETA for one.
    3) There is a WiFi-only version, and any tablet you get is going to be expensive. Look no further than the Adam with PixelQi + 3G.

    Verizon has the biggest market but they’re also driving 4G into the marketplace.

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