CES, here we are! Did you see the site?

Greetings and Happy New Year to the Whole World!

First let me post the much awaited images coming straight from the camera (to those who will check the meta-data, they were opened in GIMP to re-size). This is what we are going to show to the World today!

Now we will let the world comment on the device. This is the first time Eden will be shown to anyone.

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

1,146 thoughts on “CES, here we are! Did you see the site?

  1. Yesss ! Congratulations, and don’t forget to say when we’ll be able to preorder again, with a Mastercard this time…

  2. wish you guys the best of time at CES. i’m looking forward to the coverage and hand-ons of the device… but most important… preo-order 2!! please give us folks who got left out last time the first chance again, would be much appreciated.

  3. I hope Sascha from netbooknews.de will take a look at your device… if he finds it good then you’ve got nothing to fear anymore! πŸ˜€

  4. Sweet. I have a feeling some people who were claiming “Vaporware” as of a few days ago are going to be doing a bit of backtracking. πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks for your wishes and all the very for a fruitful session in CES. We all are waiting to order the PixelQ 3G version and your announcement will make us all happy in this regards.

  6. Btw, the photo’s are photoshopped. The adam has been cut out of an other image and the screenshots have been pasted onto the device. very bad cutouts, and in the second image the screenshot doesn’t even aligns the screen below…. why saying they are coming straight from the camera and are only cropped… its a lie

  7. All the Best and our Good Wishes to Notion Ink. Wishing You a Very Happy New Year

  8. beautiful. I still want it. I’m waiting (although difficult) patiently, but would very much like te preorder….

  9. A bit of constructive criticism now.

    I do love these shots from the camera, but you’ve (unfortunately) done a really bad job of photoshopping the screenshots onto the adam itself – there’s a certain amount of grain on the whole image apart from where the screen is, and you can see the edges where you haven’t quite matched up the screenshot to the image.

    nevertheless, I am VERY excited!!! πŸ˜€

  10. Rohan,

    Please use your twitter account to document the experience! it would be great to knwo how things go for you and what you are going through.

    The pics looks gorgeous! Good luck bud.

  11. I hate to cheerlead, but I’m so happy I was able to preorder. I ready to hear the speakers on that sucker Rohan speaks about! Thanks for the photos Rohan you didnt have to do that but Im happy you did.

  12. So nice ! I wish I could be there seeing the first steps of Adam out of heaven !

  13. I wonder if the Adam will finally get some more attention from the mainstream press. I think it deserves more.

    The lack of the Android Market is going to be the Adam’s biggest hurdle. Tell Google to hurry with Gingerbread! πŸ˜‰

    And the competition from the anticipated Motorola tablet. Hope you guys are ready.

  14. just noticed the screen is not quite edge-to-edge like the ipad. but still it’s more awesome πŸ™‚

  15. Anyone notice the clear/transparent inverted triangular spot in image 2 on the middle of top bezel? Wonder what it could be…

  16. Extremely exciting indeed! And it would be even *more* exciting if the webshop would open *and* Qi screens would be available, again….

  17. Common man… don’t start this again. It’s only a matter of couple of days….

  18. Yes, even I have to agree. They are not straight out of the camera.

    I think it is an actual photo of the Adam and not a rendering, but the screen is layered on top as you described.

  19. I think it looks great. I’ll definitely try to follow Rohan and adam during CES. Can someone recommend a site which will update live “from the floor”?

  20. The spot actually shows up in both images. Well… we will find out soon enough.

  21. I think it is an air pocket between a screen protector or other such film and the adam itself. πŸ˜€

  22. It said Select Panel.

    Thought it was supposed to say Select Leaf.

    The first image seems out of alignment, anyone else see it?

  23. @Rohan,

    Please post actual photos with the actual screen instead of the screen being pasted on. Even if they are only “snap shot” quality… Thanks!

  24. Do a Google search or “ces coverage” and you will find several. I’m not sure which would be best though…

  25. Adam separates itself from the other tablets all looking alike.

    Good luck, Rohan!

  26. If Adam is going to have viewing angles like this then its AWESOMEEE.. lets wait and see if the actual viewing angle matches these photos

  27. Nice! Rohan
    all the best. Good that you have reached Las Vegas safely and roaring to go!

    I wish you all the best and to the whole NI unit for reaching this milestone.

    What i can say…….i am just waiting for the comments…….and i hope that you keep us informed about the daily updates!

    With warm regards!

  28. good luck Notionink and Rohan! go, go, go.

    btw, can you also let us know if the pre-orders will start anytime soon πŸ™‚

  29. Also Rohan, I hate to be a photo jerk, but with a Nikon d5000, I’d highly suggest a 400 or 200 ISO and a lower f-stop (4.6? I’m assuming it’s a stock lens, so zoom all the way out and go to 3.5, or get a prime lens), upping the exposure a bit to compensate.

    I use a 50mm 1.8f camera for things like this, they come out crisp, clear, with the great background blur you expect, and no graininess!

  30. As they say in show business Chookers (Australian for Break a Leg) πŸ™‚

  31. I was mentioning that down a bit in the post. he’s using a really nice camera, however the settings aren’t that great. (bigger f-stop, lower iso would work much better)

  32. 😦 disappointed that you lie about the images being straight off the camera… the screen on adam is clearly photo-shopped and that too badly.

    😦 😦 😦

  33. I’m glad Adam is not a windows tablet. Gizmodo sure isn’t very impartial in regard to not liking them…


  34. I’m still excited about receiving my Adam soon – but how can you say, “to those who will check the meta-data, they were opened in GIMP to re-size”? So are we to believe that the pic’s were not manipulated in Photoshop?

    For a company and it’s marketing (or lack there of) that have come under great scrutiny for recent events (pre-orders, low-quality videos, etc.), why would you subject yourself and your company to the obvious wrath that will follow based on your comments?

    @Rohan – I believe you should choose your words more carefully. And a disclaimer about a “simulated screen image” would be more than appropriate. I hope you have lot’s of breaks at CES to view and respond to the coming criticism.

    I still believe in Notion Ink and Adam, but public opinion is what counts – and I’m still considered public – but only one among the masses.

  35. Congratulations. A tablet has been born. Nice piece of work.
    Good luck at CES.


  36. How handsome!
    Industrial and cool design.

    Rohan, is there a way we can attend live at your CES presentation on this site?
    Anyway, all the best luck!

    Checking my mail for pre order 2 every hour now πŸ˜‰

  37. Urg. awaiting moderation.

    I found another picture hidden in this post!

  38. is this one? It’s cut out like the others, but the screen looks real.

  39. i found another photo while i was playing with the url which shows a side of Adam

  40. I think it will get a lot of attention. Tablets are one of the biggest stories to cover at CES this year and the Adam is the best. It’s not like all the others (if you have seen one, you have seen them all) so there will be a lot to report on too. πŸ˜‰

  41. +1.

    When I first saw the images i was impressed with the viewing angles and wondering if it was a lcd or a pixel-qi screen.. but after zooming in a noticing the photo-shopping it was such a let down.

  42. @Ryan Knapp

    you mean as of today! they will keep hammering that idea no matter what. they are being payed to do it. they are not fans of anything.
    I juts ignore them. trolls is what they are.

  43. Great job Rohan on making it obvious this is so much photoshopped (or gimped) that the whole post has become BS.
    BTW this is shitty photo editing too. Next time at least spend some time on it rather than this 5 minute job.

  44. Great πŸ™‚ Thank you for taking the time to post πŸ™‚ Adam looks gorgeous :))


  45. I agree (poor choice of wording). The image of the Adam is a photo from a camera rather than a rendering (that is probably what he meant) but the screen is definitely simulated/pasted on.

    Hopefully he posts some additional photos with actual screen shots (even if the screen is turned off) really quick to to squelch the naysayers.

    Never the less, it is a minor thing and I am very excited to see Notion Ink and Adam kick butt at CES over the next few days!!! Best of luck Rohan and Notion Ink!

  46. Maybe the photoshopped pictures need to be there, be course the viewing-angles are like on the G-Tab..?
    I surely hope not.. πŸ˜‰

    Good luck on CES to Ni and Rohan, show them adam in all its glory..

  47. Great find! Thanks!!!

    (and yes the screen is pasted on that one too)

    But we can see the symbol on the back button now.

  48. Well I assume the screen would not show well at such an extreme viewing angle. I would prefer to see it with a blurry screen or the screen turned off rather than the simulated display image pasted over the top…

  49. how are you sure the screen is pasted on that one too? Look at the depth of field, and the graininess of the screen. not sure…

  50. Looks weird…

    I guess the screencap is pasted, too – but additionally, it’s blurred for some reason.

  51. NI and Rohan,

    Welcome to US
    All the best ! Rock the world
    and Please clarify abt mystery feature and next round of Orders

  52. The times on the ‘screens’ are only 3 minutes apart….seems like there was a lot of thought into the ‘shopping’ of the images.

    Oh well, still excited and can’t wait to hear the initial reviews and thunder applause (I hope!!).


  53. Great!!! Best wishes and remember that our hearts are with you. Keep gping. Never give in or give up.

  54. Thx Greg.. I’ve found several through google already, but I’m wondering if anyone can recommend a site which stands out (high quality video, interviews and maybe a specific intrest in our beloved adam)..

  55. Hope to hear and see more in CES – all the best Rohan – make us proud..

  56. Good luck – I hope it goes really well… I have to agree with the comments above about photo-shopping the image. You’re about to go live what’s the point in putting on a fake face?

    I wish you and your team well and I can’t wait to get my hands on one.


  57. Please don’t do the same mistakes as the german company Neofonie.
    No Lies!
    I’m sure Adam will be the best tablet out there, but lies about “only resized” images are poor PR.

  58. Today? Does that mean a day early?
    That means Notion Ink is going to show up at the NVIDIA conference at the Venetian, doesn’t it?

  59. congratulations!
    I will looking for the world news for yours!

    good luck for everybody here!

  60. I have quietly created a ‘buzz’ in the ‘common man circle’ in my immediate network @ work/home/family/friends… they are not too tech savvy or check this blog.. but they check with me ‘how is Adam coming along’ ‘whats the latest on Adam’ etc. and the most recently too many people asking ‘when is it available in stores’

    I can tell you when the ‘whole world’ sees the real thing, they will simply love it for life.

    Keep up the great work team NI and all the best Rohan and your colleagues & partners at CES

  61. Nice!! Best of the luck Rohan. Wish you great success and long life to Notion Ink and its products. Looking forward to order.

  62. I repeat again: I fall more and more in love with the Adam after each post. Adam looks great in the photos. Even better than I expected (awesome the profile view). I am excited about the possibility of opening the preorder 2 tomorrow (who knows…)

  63. When you enlarge the second photo, it is a little easier to see the slots on the bottom are actually two separate slots and not one big one…

    So our earlier speculation of it being one big slot for a docking station is a mute point once more. I really would like to see a docking station for Adam2.

  64. Good luck Notion Ink – Hope you have a great showing!
    If possible, please keep us updated through the conference!

  65. +1
    it has looked better all along.
    they needed more more space on the right because of the buttons. it leaves some space to hold the adam. in my opinion, it makes it more practical.

  66. The top of the screen …. it looks holographic; like it’s sitting above the bezel.

  67. Hi Rohan
    Best of luck at CES.
    I am confident you will knock their socks off.
    Look forward to the positive press from the show and of course to your announcement as to when we can start ordering the new units. πŸ™‚

  68. Bravo!! Roshan! Stride along! Nothing stops you now and do make a difference there in CES.
    Good luck and now i am more keen to receive my pre-prder soon

  69. Wonder why this photoshopped image for another controversy! :).. seems to be purposeful! πŸ˜‰

  70. That will be easy to do (Tweet like you have never tweeted before) since I have only tweeted twice! LOL

  71. WOW that is a horrible photoshop job. Not aligned properly, edges are not clean, and your overall presentation is not very professional !!! There are some spots that were left from the original image (like shadow), yet others are cut off … don’t know the reasoning behind that.

    This is kinda embarrassing if you’re going to show this to the world. Rather you not paste Eden on there, it just doesn’t look right and you will be getting comments. Engadget is going to rip you up again like they did with the pre order image (they might be too busy with CES coverage too care, but might sneak a cheap shot anyways)

    Know the device speaks for itself, but put some effort into marketing and showcasing this product !!! Seems like you just don’t care that much and cropping the images without zooming in. Use the lasso tool and the feather to 1 so there’s not that much of a sharp cut. If you’re going to photoshop, at least do a decent job … Good luck with CES …

    Last thing … this worries me even more. If they took a short cut in doing something like this image. I wonder what other short cuts were taken in making Eden? Will we be seeing mistakes like this all throughout the interface? Good thing Honeycomb is coming, If Eden turns out to be shit … at least there’s a back up plan … sigh

  72. This only makes me want the one I ordered all the more. Why do the shipping Gods mock me?!

  73. wait a minute shown off today, does that mean the first pre-orders of the ADAM can start shipping? πŸ˜€

  74. No they won’t. They were nothing but trolls trying to get a reaction. They will just move on to the next troll prospect

  75. That could be more like it, just an air pocket. There is a clear circular spot in the right side which could be light sensor.

  76. Question for you Pratik, so I’m just curious. What happen to the logo design? Are they still using it? Did you get your Adam?

  77. Get the Adam to Joshua at Engadget (he’s there) so he can do a quick hands-on. Time to move folks!

  78. //images coming straight from the camera

    What he might hav meant is “Straight from Adam’s Camera”
    It could be an image of ADAM captured and rendered from another ADAM

    I hope this clarifies !!

  79. “GIMP”ed or not I still love it. Waiting for more news. There are few things that have not been communicated:
    1. FCC approvals?
    2. Rohan talked about some ‘news’ that was coming in a later post a few posts before
    3. Rohan also talked about confirming the shipping dates by December end and possibly advancing the shipping dates to early Jan for some people who were due for later

  80. exactly – Rohan – why bother with a photoshop when the actual image on screen looks glorious.. what are you trying to prove??

  81. Wikipedia says
    “Numerous tales about trolls are recorded, in which they are frequently described as being extremely old, very strong, but slow and dim-witted. ”
    Another one is “They are sometimes described as man-eaters and as turning to stone upon contact with sunlight”.
    huhaaa haa πŸ™‚

  82. Ok I can definitly say they are cut out but does it mean the screen was photoshopped? I mean I am looking….I guess I am just hoping they didn’t photoshop it.

    Maybe they were on pedastils or something is why they are cutout.

    ????? HMMMMMmmmmmmm……

  83. Regarding Gimp’ing in the screen images, anyone that’s ever tried to take a photo of an active screen will know why he did this. Go buy any big tech magazine and you’ll find exactly the same thing. All the screenshots are ‘fake’ because it’s nearly impossible to take a picture of a lie screen without it ending up looking like crap. Flicker from screen refreshes, blur from screen activity, reflections, etc.

    The only real issue I have is that knowing how everyone picks apart every move Notion Ink makes, it probably would have been wise to disclose this up front along with an explanation like what I posted above.

    Anyway, the unit itself looks nice, and we’ve already seen real screens in action in the previous videos, so no big deal.


  84. Well pic is good…. But I would love to see non-photoshopped pics. But then hope Either ROhan will post it(to avoid any controversy :)) or may it will there on different tech forums in a day or two.

  85. @Anthony Topper

    Adam already got a lot of press before the CES so definitely many journalists will go there and try to find them.

    Anybody already knows in which stand/booth they are (or did I miss that)?

  86. @Greg:

    Fully agree with “It’s not like all the others” and journalists need something to write.

    Knowing Rohan (as we all do) he won’t even give them the chance to just look at the tablet, he will demo and demo and demo and demo.

    (and then invite them to do anything like that on any other tablet πŸ˜‰ )

  87. I just can’t wait to hear some outside reports about it… I hope it blows their minds…

  88. I thought the same thing when I first saw the pictures, big bezel. After looking at the image on the NotionInk.com site I decided the bezels all look about the same. Regardless, it’s still sexy enough that I’m not cancelling my order.

  89. +1. Twitter will be much easy to record your experiences. Only 140 words πŸ™‚

  90. all the best guys. wont be at CES, but an sure you will have a blast. what happens in vegas, makes cupertino worry πŸ™‚

  91. Yeah understood, but they could’ve done a much much much better job of photoshopping, seems like it was a last minute thing and not thought out … it’s not even aligned properly and just doesn’t look right. We’ve all seen what it’s capable of, but others haven’t at CES and they need to showcase it better than this.

  92. This is ridiculous. Those are obviously renders, and very sloppy ones. I am worried.

  93. Wow Greg, gizmodo just flushed Windows tablets down the toilet.

    That is one part of the competition gone.

    Thanks for the link.

  94. Engadget should cover it unless competitors have paid not to do so. Still their website is not updated with details and video. Hope they webcast adam’s booth live on their website it’s hard to follow them completely.

  95. My question is if this is NOT photoshopped then PLEASE Rohan prove us wrong and rebute this please.

    show us different, ok fine if cutout from a pedastil and want it to look nice but work with us here. everyone wants you and your team to succeed.


  96. I think the ambient light sensor is on the right bezel. It’s a circular spot.

  97. Nvidia Live coverage at CES 2011 starts at the link below @ 12:00 pm EST:


  98. Probably with NVIDIA. Their press conference starts at 12. “http://www.cesweb.org/press/events/exhibitorPressEvents.asp?#Wednesday, January 5”

  99. I am sorry but this has really turned into a cult. The very reason I didn’t like Apple. The photos are not “straight” from the camera. Yet nobody cares!!! In fact people are shouted upon for pointing that out. Great community spirit guys.
    I am out. Not that I expect anyone here will miss me.

  100. There is definately a REAL reason Rohan is NOT giving us unedited photos, to include the back of the adam.

    And that is NOT a GIMP artifact in the center of the top bezel…it is in both photos in exactly the same location and shape. I suspect it is some sort of sensor for auto lightening/darkening of the screen…or maybe even more elaborate for the new technology PQi screen.

    And the back of the aqdam is always conspicuously missing from photos and all videos. Im wondering if thats because, there is NOTHING there, or could it be the location of the Tesla device (remote wireless power source, aka solar light sensor/charger)??? Hmmm. Even today Rohan is playing with us.

    Now this adds even more fuel to the “vaporware” fire, as here we clearly have Rohan misleading us with these photos (they have in fact been edited contrary to Rohan’s post). Thus the “scam option” is still one of the possibilities…one my gut tells me isnt correct, but a possibility kept alive all the same by this very strange behavior…..arrrrrrggggggggggh!

  101. @cheesystuff?

    The Pics of Adam are from the camera, however the screen is a possible render!

  102. Okay guys they are poorly photo shopped images. Obviously Rohan and team did not think it important enough to get them professionally done. Come on guys these are for a blog that is going to be hit by mostly devotes of Adam. What the world is going to see is the real Adam as reported by the media attendees at CES. Notion Ink maybe having a press conference today before the show actually opens. A lot of company’s are. Videos and photos will be coming out of CES through different news media. They won’t be photo shopped. The important thing today is Rohan and team are at CES with Adam the device of our desire. To spend time fretting that because the photos are not the best they can be, that Adam will be less then we hope for is a bit crazy, The hands on reviews are coming soon. What the world thinks of Adam will be known over the coming weeks and months. What we truly know and think of Adam will be determined when we hold him in our hands!!!

  103. This is not a cult. If you spare some time and read the comments , almost every other commenter has said the same thing about pic being photoshopped. SO Don’t portray a wrong picture.

  104. @Ram With so many positive comments, i needed to have a look as well. And indeed it is a beautiful picture of a side of Adam.

    But the screen must be photo-shopped. I can’t believe that either LCD or PQ can have such a viewing angle.

  105. If he is updating this on his Fb account, please post his fb’s profile link here . THanks

  106. Well *I*, for one, am glad that you took time out of your schedule to give us a post that wasn’t promised. I would be a lot more upset about the shopped screen images, but we have already seen a number of videos featuring the real thing, so it’s not like we’ve never seen it.

    I do agree, though, that a disclaimer is a *must*. This render reminds me of BP and the photo-of-the-oil-cleanup-oh-wait-its-not fiasco. Remember that? When they published a bunch of bogus pictures of ships floating on a beautiful clean blue sea, and claimed they were real photos of the cleanup. Then everybody with half a brain and Photoshop experience ripped them to shreds, and there were some great Photoshop contests that resulted.

    Hey, that’s a good idea! How about an Adam photoshop contest, to discuss what was *really* on the screen at the time?

  107. Good luck on CES:)
    By the way, will there be a Honeycomb (3.0) upgrade for Notion Ink? I remember there are some information about Honeycomb but I don’t remember anything about Honeycomb update. I think 2.3 doesn’t needed, Eden is very powerful but Honeycomb with Eden will be sooooo nΔ±ce:)

  108. While it is of course expected for show floor quality pictures to edit the picture of the screen, the real disappointment comes from: “First let me post the much awaited images coming straight from the camera (to those who will check the meta-data, they were opened in GIMP to re-size).”

    “coming straight from the camera” being one of the main thing. Unless these pictures were taken by a camera that automatically pasted screen images on to adam, that section is a lie. The other being “they were opened in GIMP to re-size” which makes it sound like the pictures were untouched outside of resizing (obviously they were edited more than that). A disclosure(as well as much better wording) is much needed and I can only hope they can slap else together for their spot at ces.

    This can’t even be seen as “the other guys picking on poor NI” as even the regular NI followers are calling them out on it.

  109. “docking station is a mute point once more.” πŸ˜€

    Sorry but every time someone mentions “moot” point, it reminds me of Joey’s “moo point, as in a cows opinion – it does not matter joke” (from the tv series “Friends”)


  110. Rohan,

    (Photo 2) Your alpha panel is showing the time as 15:18, while weather app is showing 3:00 pm (15:00). Why do you have that discrepancy?

  111. New products announced at the 2010 CES include:

    Asus Eee PC Touch Series tablet
    Boxee Box by D-Link
    Dell’s Streak tablet
    enTourage eDGe
    Ford myFord Touch interface
    Freescale Semiconductor Smartbook tablet
    Innovative Converged Device (ICD) Vega and Ultra Android Tablets
    Intel Reader
    Kodak Pulse Digital Frame
    Lenovo Hybrid IdeaPad U1
    LG 15” OLED TV
    Motorola Backflip Android-powered smartphone

    Notion Ink’s Adam with NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 and Pixel Qi

    Panasonic 152″ 3D TV
    Parrot AR.Drone
    Pocket Radar
    Samsung world’s first transparent touch active matrix (AM) OLED display MP3 player
    Saygus VPhone
    Sharp’s QuadPixel technology
    Skype on Panasonic and LG flat panel TVs
    Sony’s Dash
    Sony’s partnership with Discovery and IMAX for 3D network
    Sprint’s 4G Network
    Syabas Popbox
    Tivit Mobile ATSC DTV adapter
    Toshiba CELL TV with gesture technology
    ZOMM mobile phone leash

  112. You’re welcome everyone! haha. I found Rohan so mysterious that it made me think that there is always something hidden in all of his post, and made me play with the URL every time he posts something new πŸ˜€

    @Paul I agree, he Gimped it at some-point but it also seem that he did not because the half-part of the screen got defocused… or both?! I’m a bit confused with the screen! haha. πŸ˜€

  113. Just an fyi…

    Someone just tweeted that Notion ink is sharing a booth with Slashgear

  114. Yeah, sure, I know.

    But I at first I Thought there’s more to it – otherwise it is done really badly πŸ™‚

    The “blur-horizon” is not straight – I guess it has been done by hand with a tool…

    There seems nothing secret underneath the blur

  115. This is what the tweet reads,

    #NotionInk is sharing a #CES booth with #Slashgear.

  116. Its not like we haven’t seen Eden in action before. What we have not seen till today are hi-res images of the hardware. And we have, now.

    Honestly, I dont care that the Eden screenshots are photo-chopped or gimped onto the hardware- I’m just excited for the event tomorrow… I think it is fantastic that Rohan has posted these images today- The whole world gets to see the final iteration of the device in a few hours…

    And I see that some people (even on this blog) are still rambling on and on about the ADAM being vapourware… Honestly, get a life… Here, you have a high-quality authentic image of the hardware- Lots of videos of the software in action have already been showcased, and we have a promise of more to come in just a few hours. I guess these are the “trolls” that will never stop “trolling”… Unfortunately, this is a vice of the democratic world- We have to listen to trolls trolling…

    Neways, waiting with bated breath for the worldwide press that ADAM deserves…

  117. @Rohan:
    these photos were for the blog followers and somehow whoever’s idea it was to paste the screen caps on top since the actual screen captured was not good or the snap was taken with the device switched off, it has boomeranged. We would not have complained. But again mistakes happen….

    Just your words that we are announcing/having a press conference today/sharing a booth today would have been enough for the family members.

  118. Someone please remove the cellophane πŸ˜‰ Very typical of us Indians – we keep on the cellophane for as long as it does not dirty itself and tear off.

    @Prakhyat – wow! What a description! that’s an air-pocket, silly πŸ˜›

  119. @ Rohan i hope its time to launch the official video. Just make the world dazzle with Adam and guys if you see the properties of the image you will see it was taken from NIKON D5000 @ 1/6/2011 12:19AM.
    Thanx Rohan for the info.

  120. The weather app probably shows data pulled from the weather service site at 3:00 pm… The alpha leaf shows the current time…

  121. ALL THE BEST ROHAN πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to a great show tomorrow.

  122. hey rohan n entire NI team… all the best…
    I hope we get the good news about FCC, Pre-order 2 n some positive hands on review from the slashgear… πŸ˜€

  123. Thanks for the clarification, but are there two time-zones with 18 min time difference in USA? Sorry if my question lacks clarity?

  124. @Hari, the metadata shows the images have been captured using a Nikon D5000. The time on the Camera is 1/6/2011 12:18 AM and 12:19 AM, which means the camera is set to some European time zone. The time on the leaf shows 15:15 and 15:18, which clearly shows the images do not correspond in time with the screenshots. The screenshots are overlayed on top of the image (which is evident when zoomed to actual size). Apparently, the images have been taken in low lighting condition and the screen came out poor (may be reflection etc.) and somebody with poor graphic designing skills did a screen capture layover.

    While I absolutely love the device, I have a problem with poor graphic design. I would have rather liked the actual photo, no matter how it looked. A professional quality photo would have been a bonus.

    Good luck at CES. I hope to see NI with Nvidia at 2 PM CST.

  125. But after all team NI has deserved a good CES and we all wish you that! We will be following things as and when they come out. I hope all important details (secrets / ambiguities till now) are revealed and the positive PR starts rolling.

  126. It says “unknown location” in the alpha panel… Not sure if that is because the time is manually set…

  127. @david.

    you are making nice point. except the shityy words about the eden

    how the hell in the world you can paste a screen in the CES show? dont be a big mouth.
    please just write your comments not junk

  128. HNY 2 U 2.
    Congrats on the global launch of ADAM.
    Have an awesome week at the CES show.

  129. Actually, what I suspect is that the “back” button on the other edge of Adam is NOT a back button πŸ™‚ It would be impractical to have a back button there AND on the left side of the screen. Why do we need two of them?

    But I do see 2 sensors there, on the screen. One is definitely a light sensor, another one – no idea πŸ™‚

  130. Wannna be famous? write a comment on your twitter with the words Notion Ink on it!
    Wait till tomorrow…it will be like Adam rock concert!

  131. Actually, what I suspect is that the “back” button on the other edge of Adam is NOT a back button πŸ™‚ It would be impractical to have a back button there AND on the left side of the screen. Why do we need two of them?

    But I do see 2 sensors on the screen. One is definitely a light sensor, another one – no idea πŸ™‚

  132. imho, Lenovo U1 is the next best alternative to Adam. the weight counts against it… so too does splitting the PC and the mobile. the added power in the base PC does not compensate for the bulkiness

    i think Adam will top the category this CES

  133. I think they are just resized photos.
    The side photos show some fading at the edges. The non-aligned panel looks that way in photo 1 and 3 cuz its the “selected” active panel…
    It does look like the viewing angles for the Adam are incredible.

  134. Hey Rohan,
    Just noticed this:
    The image on the last of the 4 capacitive touch buttons and on the “Back” button are precisely the same.

    Why do we have this seemingly redundant hardware- or am I wrong and these 2 perform entirely different functions?

  135. ASUS is going all out at CES

    How about the other ASUS products

    ASUS EeePad Slider – Tegra 2 and Android (Honeycomb), 10.1″ IPS multi-touch screen with full retracting keyboard

    ASUS Eee Pad Transformer – Tegra 2 and Android (Honyecomb), 10.1″ 1200x 800

    ASUS Eee Slate EP121 – Windows 7 Home Premium and Intel i5 Processor, 12″ screen 1200 x 800, Wacom pen, multi-touch, or a Bluetooth attached keyboard

    ASUS Eee Pad MeMO – Qualcomm Snapdragon, Android, 7″ IPS multi-touch screen

    Toshiba Tegra 2 tablet with Resolution+ upscaling technology (currently Froyo 2.2 but coming with Honeycomb)

  136. On th Pixel Qi model, one button is to switch between the normal “LCD” mode and the “transflective” mode…

  137. Rohan, the images look great….
    I am finally relieved to have a look at the final product since i ordered it without any prior pictures to look at.
    But i wanted to order it so badly as i have been following Adam for over an year now…
    and i’m so happpy to ee it shape the way Adam has come out….
    Its gonna be rocking… cant wait to get my hands on it…. Plzz send it soon!!

  138. I remember somewhere reading about 3 sensors in ADAM

    Proximity Sensor
    Ambient Light Sensor
    Water Sensor

  139. @Mehrauli That is well done from them.

    Not be just listed with Notion Ink and Adam but mentioning NVIDIA and Pixel Qi as well to attract more interest. The first signs that there is maybe more (good) marketing going on then that we see on this blog πŸ™‚

  140. Just seen who is doing the twitter update on live streaming ces from Crunchgear –johnbiggs — not good for NI with the chip on his shoulder

  141. hands on video CES 2011 Slash gear
    “http ://www.slashgear.com/ notion-ink-adam-hands-on-at-ces-2011-05123431”

  142. Noion ink hands on


  143. When is the unveiling of ADAM at CES2011?

    Why there is no official announcement from NI with exact time and booth details?

    Has NI officially partnered with Slashgear for media coverage?

    Rohan, please provide detailed information about Global Launch of Adam.

  144. I agree on the GIMP-ing. Rohan you should have given us the disclaimer. People are watching like a hawk, looking for a reason to cry foul.

    Personally still cannot wait for the real deal to be unveiled, I am just giving a little input here for the good of Notion Ink. You all have something really special here and I REALLY want it to succeed.

  145. Here you go- The slashgear coverage of ADAM:

  146. CHECK ***** πŸ˜€
    hands on video CES 2011 Slash gear
    β€œhttp ://www.slashgear.com/ notion-ink-adam-hands-on-at-ces-2011-05123431β€³

  147. Slashgear latest.

  148. Hi Rohan,
    All the very best for tomorrow, A successful completion of one cycle. Lets announce beginning of next cycle on CES about Eve….

  149. We can see the back of Adam:

  150. ASUS prices are through the roof according to the coverage on Slashgear. The slate was $1000.00. Other than pricing they look pretty good though although none have Adam’s multiple connections and of Eden.

  151. We can see all sides here!

  152. Based on the announcements at CES and the actual shipping dates provided for quite a few of the Android Tablets, it looks like Notion Ink will have an opportunity of a few months to really go all out and get Adam in as many hands as possible.

    I hope they have plenty in stock and don’t keep running out, and take advantage of the opening they have been given.

  153. Slashgear has good write up, video, and pix on their site….just amazing. I’m thinking it’s a PQ screen, as two pix show the contrast between color and B&W.

    I can hardly wait….


  154. Oh yeah, what do you think the slot(s) are on the bottom of the adam?? See photo 4 of 7 on slashgear site….


  155. i’m sorry to say this, but I find the fake screenshots superimposed on the images very disappointing. It is dishonest to say these are photos straight form the camera, only rescaled… The photshopping, sorry, photogimping job is really lousy. The person who did that had no idea what a depth of field is nor, how the perspective of lens works, these are clues which give these fake images away even without zooming to high res – once you do zoom in, you’ll see on one hand the camera noise and the noise free image with pixelation of the resolution limited sreenshots on the other. The real question is however, why the poster suggesting these are actual photographs???

    While I’ve been waiting on the sidelines keeping an eye on Adam development I find it puzzling and disappointing why would the creators of Adam revert to such a cheep fake proclaiming it’s real. It makes one wonder what else is gonna be fake? What else is a lie?


  156. Slashgear has good write up, video, and pix on their site….just amazing. I’m thinking it’s a PQ screen, as two pix show the contrast between color and B&W.

    Oh yeah, what do you think the slot(s) is / are on the bottom of the adam?? See photo 4 of 7.

    I can hardly wait….


  157. Notion Ink Adam hands-on at CES 2011

  158. slashgear has a hands-on “http://www.slashgear.com/notion-ink-adam-hands-on-at-ces-2011-05123431/”

  159. Rohan,

    Welcome to USA once again. Hope it is not too cold at LV (forecast was for likelihood of snow there of all places). Usually it is mild this time of the year.

    All the best!!!

  160. Members can see videos on slashgear website.
    A complete Hands-on with photos and videos.

  161. It’s on the front! Go to slashgear and you’ll find other foto’s taken on CES and the firstb handon!!! One of the foto’s is showing the cardslot on the frontside.

  162. SEE THE ADAM PROMO that they just published on the homepage of Notion Ink.

    Look at the motion control at 1:16 and 1:21. is this a gimmick or is the mystery feature indeed control without touching? WOW if that is the case.

  163. Actually, Rohan did release a video quite a while ago showing the audio capabilities of ADAM…

  164. The promotional video is up on the main site and it’s gorgeous! Nice work Notion Ink team!

  165. Sweeeeeeeet, the Adam looks even better in these images πŸ™‚ can’t wait for mine.
    Good luck with CES, sad I couldn’t be there.

  166. First real video and photos from CES via slash gear looking good!! The real reveal has begun. More to come from slash gear and still a lot more to learn about Adam.

    I’ll repeat the link! “http://www.slashgear.com/notion-ink-adam-hands-on-at-ces-2011-05123431”

  167. That is one helluva awesome video… Looks like they have done a really good job…
    Stange as it may sound, I like the concept of an animated hand doing the video than an actual person doing it….

  168. Here yoou go.. the slash gear first impressions of Adam:


    and check out the following image too:

  169. I have a few questions for this
    1. Is the GPS able to be used without any network connectivity if you are out of 3G or WiFi range?

    2. The website says that the memory is expandable to 128GB. Is this even if you have the 8GB model or does that mean that other versions will come out with more memory?

    3. Lastly, the new video shows a sim card slot. Can we switch between US and international 3G?

    I know these answers may be elsewhere, but i do appreciate the help.

  170. And then look at the TechnoHolik interview that is the next video (called ‘Notion Ink’s Adam with a length of 5:30) and where you see Rohan demoing the Adam :).

    The backside trackpad is working AND DEMONSTRATED :), another unique feature and it ‘clicks’ as well!

    We see the screen in different light conditions (including sunlight), they even show it with a MacBook side by side πŸ˜‰

  171. A final question for Rohan, will the current version be upgradable to Honeycomb?

  172. Just gorgeous, and Slashgear has pics and vids

  173. wow…………..i can wait….to have mine……………promo video is simply great……………….so those quality guys r y satisfied now……………biggs…………got fucked up again…:) πŸ™‚

  174. Anybody catch the list of partner apps for adam from the slashgear video? there seem to be a lot of them…


  175. superlative promo video Rohan – good job… enjoy the accolades.. you and your team deserve it..

  176. The promo video is great. The sound track is awesome. Iam going to make it my ringtone in my cellphone.

  177. Could be to hide details about the secret sensor, or just some amatuer ‘depth-of-field’ manipulation in Gimp.

  178. Indeed an impressive first impression from Slashgear:

    “silky-smooth 1080p Full HD video. Notion Ink has put together its own custom FFMPEG pack, and that results in zero buffering delay when shuttling video around; there’s no lag at all, it’s like watching it on a dedicated Blu-ray player.”

    “Notion Ink’s side-mounted speaker layout and 3D audio actually works. There’s a noticeable change in the audio as objects move around on-screen.”

    +hands-on video’s to see Adam working

  179. HOORAY!!

    I just saw the video on the notionink.com website. That should shut up people looking for better quality videos…

    Live long and prosper NotionINK!

  180. Adam/Slashgear article and hands on videos are just fantastic!!!!!!!!!
    Great all around!!!

    A little story to go with it:
    My mother in law read his article (the one about Rohan’s it vision. I posted on my WordPress.com blog if you want to read it) months ago, and she told me: this man is very sincere.
    So, I had faith the Adam was going to be exactly what Rohan had envisioned.

  181. slashgear has lot of photoes, video of adam upgraded now. though nothing on the back of adam – which we missed- as can be seen in one photo

  182. uh. the motion control is actually a demo of accelerometer during gaming the technoholik video is from march 2010.

  183. Guys did you notice how the animated hand was driving the car in that demo video? Is that our mystery feature?

    Well I guess all of you may be hitting F5 on slashgear πŸ˜›

  184. @Josh Mazander,

    GPS doesn’t require 3G/Wifi.

    Yes even the 8GB model could be expanded to 128GB with usb stick/memory cards

    Either US or international. not both.

    It is upgradeable to 2.3. Until Google unveils Honeycomb, no body can say for sure if it would upgradeable to that.

  185. Thanks, never played with the accelerometer, must be a lot of fun with the right games.

    I agree that the technoholik video is old (found out after my post). Very nice video though and I don’t understand that so many people said that they had never seen an Adam if these type of videos were already out for the first release.

  186. Cant wait for my adam to arrive…this is incredible at its most incredible πŸ™‚

  187. congrats rohan & the notion ink team : )
    the adam looks awesome. can’t wait to buy one!

    ps. guys check out the promo video on the ni homepage.

  188. The adam promo rocks. Keep up the good work going Rohan. Just read the Slashgear review and it looks quite positive. We need as many reviewers as possible on our side. More the merrier!

  189. Finally the professional video on the notionink.com homepage!!
    Awesome Video..Good Work!!
    Just what adam needs right now!!

  190. see “http://www.slashgear.com/notion-ink-adam-benchmarks-flash-testing-05123505”

  191. Congratulatios to Rohan and the NI team just seen the Slashgear review and the new video on this page and was impressed by both. I am pleased that the video reveals the progression of the adam and eden from last jan till now. I am glad that I did not wait tand preordered my adam and now anxiously await its arrival Again thank you Rohan for having the vision and the preserverence to deliver this product to the world and I trust that all will go well at ces

  192. Are those actual photos on this post? If so, the viewing angle on the screen is incredibly impressive. If not, you should add a little disclaimer. Not a big deal, Apple and the rest put on simulated screens in all there ads too.

    Awesome video on the NI front page!

  193. nVidia press conference is about to start:

  194. Loving the promo video. I will be buying Unreal Tournament as soon as I get my Adam!

    But the cartoon hands seem to have Parkinson’s, they kind of gave me a headache.

  195. There is a new video of adam on slashgear –
    here goes

  196. I foresee information overload and not being able to keep up over the next few days. As we are reading and commenting more will be coming out at the same time.

    BTW: Did anyone else shed a tear as they watched the promo video? πŸ˜‰

  197. Just wanted to be up at the top to say congratulations to Rohan and the NI team. It has been 3 years of hard work and let the celebrations begin. Getting GREAT reviews from Slashgear – “http://www.slashgear.com/notion-ink-adam-hands-on-at-ces-2011-05123431/”

    Congrats again and I CAN”T WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  198. There is a new video of adam on slashgear –
    here goes

  199. I am surely happy that adam has finally arrived. The promo video is nice. Another 30 second spot should be made soon though.

    Can’t say enough about how cool Eden looks in the promo.

    Please check out this hands on video by Slashgear too. Again wordpress is putting my comments in the middle and not end of page.

  200. So we got our first preview of what to expect for Genesis in the promo video…

    When we purchase apps in Genesis, I wonder if there will be a short period of time to get a refund like on Android Market. I hope so since there will be a lot I will want to buy but won’t know if they are any good until we get some reviews going.

  201. Hi Rohan,

    Good luck at CES – also I lobe the video on the homepage of the NI site – very cool.


  202. So this only comes in Black+White? Whatever happened to the poll we just all voted on where the Titanium Black and Titanium Grey dominated? Black+White didn’t even come close…it was 6th I believe. Does that mean that NI didn’t listen to us? Was that just a useless delaying tactics and exercise in futility to pre-occupy Adam fans? Also, I still don’t see the new logo, not even in the promo video.

    The promo video is awesome btw!

  203. Late to the party due to holidays but Happy New Year all and best of luck at CES and with the upcoming shipments (4 days and counting). πŸ™‚

  204. Greetings fellow Knights who say NI…
    Or should we say Yee Haa!!!!!
    Need a new counter now for delivery…
    Is it here yet? No F5 for DHL, just have to wait some more…..

  205. Following the live Nvidia presentation on

  206. new video in slashgear

  207. CES 2011 live from cnet. showing LG superphone.

  208. Good luck guys at CES and I know the Adam will be the Envy and talk at CES. I’m excited for you guys and for the Adam. Knock em dead Rohan.
    BTW, has anyone figured out if the Bonus Feature is the car driving thing in the video?

  209. Hope the 2nd preorder starts soon. Have been watching for it since this morning. Rohan … you are just keeping us on edge … no work, no life, no family … waiting preorder to open.
    Good luck all NIers.

  210. Rohan, this indeed is a great moment for you, notion ink and adam. Congratulations! Hope Adam hits the skies.

  211. any one see the promo video on notion ink dot com?
    wonder if gestures are the mystery feature? driving car/ shooting with gestures?

  212. Nvidia released a white paper about dual-core and battery life:

  213. When will we here about “preorder 2” ? I hope that we will also hear “Mastercard”, and “more options available soon” memory…

    I think that the viewing angles shown in the picture are amazing. Esp. if this is the PixelQi screen.

    Need info on “preorder 2” !!!

  214. Way to go folks. I new great things were going to come to light once the world got a glimpse of the Adam. Now for some serious business…When can I get one? My card info didn’t work on the first pre-order and I’m hoping with some alternate payment options or better security I will be able to acquire one on the next round.

  215. Game SoulCraft uses touch controls, not on-screen buttons.
    Would work nice on Adam πŸ˜‰

  216. Man! I just cannot keep up with the blog.
    Congrats Rohan, great success to you and NI.

    Thank you for staying the course!


  217. @ jayachandran

    I said if … and I will take the word shit back for you and replace with bad, not up to par, average, insert another word of your choosing. I’ve already pre ordered one and expecting flaws in the UI design … I’m basing this opinion on Notion Ink’s lack of execution. I’m expecting grammar errors, design elements that are miss aligned, and just other little things. They can’t even photoshop a proper image … I’m a fan boy for over a year and half, but can see Notion Ink’s flaws and I’m not completed blinded.

    Hardware is amazing … as for Eden, honestly it functions very well and the concept is executed very nicely, but the interface graphics is not mind blowing. <<< This is coming a from a graphic designer's point of view, simple boxes with drop shadows doesn't impress me. However this can change once the device is in my hands, I'll review it and check all the elements … maybe my assumptions will be wrong and it might not be "bad" … if it turns out to be not up to par, I'll head over to XDA and go stock Honeycomb.

  218. Just checked out the promo video on the NI webpage, Slashgear’s post and videos and I must say Adam looks awesome! I believe that Adam is going to dominate the tablet shows at the CES 2011. I think that no other device will have a good price/performance ratio even if they match Adam’s performance, plus so much love and effort has been put into Adam. It surely is my most anticipated device πŸ™‚

  219. Nvidia is partnering with ARM to build a high-performance ARM processor for super computing

  220. CONGRATULATIONS ROHAN & the TEAM at NOTION’S INK !!!! I was a bit skeptical at first with all the “hiccups” of this blessed device when it was first unveiled and the pre-orders began and even though I was one of the first to receive the pre-order link I was hesitant to order and did not. Now I am extremely comfortable & excited standing by for round 2 of pre-orders to kick off. Please update us A.S.A.P. on the 2nd round Rohan. Also, will the Adam come with any accessories and such to compliment the tablet. Please advise on this as well. AGAIN CONGRATULATIONS !!!!! YOU’VE MADE IT TO CES 2011 !!!!

  221. I attended the live broadcast of NVidia (the final part) and there was nothing about Adam… 😦

    Only congratulations to LG for its launching but no mention to Notion Ink nor Adam.

  222. I should have, but no time At least, I did my best, risking being late for my yoga class.

  223. Yeah, I caught that – some sort of camera gestures – from what I hear MS is working on this as a core interface for their next OS (8?). It would be cool if this unnecessary (so no need to promise it up front), yet powerful feature were to be implemented first by Notion. Fingers crossed!

  224. i didnt watch entire nvidia press conference, did i miss notion presences there ?

  225. This is what I got from Notioninkhacks website.

    Looking for the live NVIDIA webcast for CES:
    Notion Ink Adam – Displayed by NVIDIA @ 24:11 – Take that non-believers!
    Watch it here!

  226. Did you guys catch the article on Android Community?


    Go stop by and let the readers know why Adam is the best! πŸ˜‰

  227. ya i noticed that to. it looked as if the guy wasnt turning the tablet but just his hands.

  228. In time you’ll be able to buy interchangeable color strips and you can customize it yourself.

  229. Sorry, i missed that part. Anyway, the mention done to Adam is too brief from my point of view. I expected more emphasis on the development done by Notion Ink.

  230. I dont think this was done in the conference today. Look at the adam, this is an old version!

  231. Imagine the possibilities of ADAM with Honeycomb!
    “Android 3.0 Preview” from Google

  232. It was posted on Notioninkhacks website. I thought it was done today. I too noticed the video showing old adam. I left my comment on the Notioninkhacks post.

  233. Here is an interesting video from Google of Honeycomb:

    Looks great. How much of this does Adam already do?

  234. AWESOME VIDEO…ROHAN..U MADE MY DAY….was worth following adam for year long…u r the winner…go go man go

  235. I thing they(hands) did a good job πŸ™‚ love the video with the hands πŸ™‚

  236. “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKylkCTIdws&feature=youtube_gdata”…chk this out …guys chking adam first hand…wish it was me

  237. The promo video is absolutely amazing. I played it a couple of times to soak in the information provided and I am happy to say that it demonstrates the true potential of adam. I feel Rohan’s vision of bringing forth a device (one device that does all) that is a perfect convergence of various technologies is more or less fulfilled. I am confident that the reviews will be mostly positive.

    With the job well done at CES 2011, Rohan now needs to focus all his energies into placing the device in the hands of everyone (nerds, enterpreneurs, businessmen, office goers, house wives, students, children, sportsmen, artists etc). For this he needs to iron out the deficiencies that were exposed during the pre-order process. He also needs to work out the means to mass market this product. I believe this is going to be the toughest test for Rohan and Notion Ink yet.

  238. Rohan Congratulations! The promo video is wonderful and the Adam looks great in the pictures at Slashgear!!

    WOW! (All I can say is that the OCD photographer in me is cringing… PLEASE wipe the finger prints off the screen (and camera lens) before you let people take photos πŸ˜€ )

  239. It’s noon in Las Vegas and Rohan is working the rest of the day and I’m sure he will have a sleepless night- hope his voice doesn’t fade ’cause of all the explanations and interviews he will have to do…

    warm regards from cold Germany to you, Rohan, I wish all ur dreams become true…


  240. Google shows off Android 3.0


    Very Slick.

  241. want this!!!

    umm… no… need this!! πŸ˜€

    Congratulations Notion Ink! Nice job you’ve done!
    Hope I get this thing soon <.< πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  242. The video on Notion ink site is still not so appealing like (playbook). Wish they have shown the power of adam really and truely. Hope the website gets updated with lot of stuff (something like Apple/Samsung/BB did). Lots of images with colorful graphics, App showcase (each app on their own page dediated with a video in Mini App/Full App style). In Office I only see mail client what about word/excel etc..?

    I also see the touch interface is still sluggish on slashgear video. Rohan, please y(our) device is capable of all. Its only how you present. Please do that and some updates (live updates at CES) on your site or somewhere else.

    Pre-Order 2 please……. (dieing for it)

  243. I liked Honeycomb UI awesome with the color combination. They used NI’s paneling system and the home screen is awesome. Rohan, please provide similar UI on Adam Honeycomb update too. Waiting to order adam. Hope to receive some mail tonight on Pre-order πŸ™‚

    CES 2011 = Adam’s presence πŸ™‚

  244. Video of Qualcomm’s Mirasol available at


  245. Yeah Honeycomb looks pretty sexy:

    http ://www. youtube.com/watch?v=M-80QD5Zjyc

    Either way it’s win win πŸ˜€

  246. Great job Notion Ink and Team. The product looks fantastic. Looking forward to the next batch of orders.

  247. Im crying with every video i see 😦
    I want Adam and Optimus 2X now 😦

  248. “http://www.engadget.com/2011/01/05/notion-ink-adam-hands-on-preview-video/”

  249. Rohan et al…
    Please clarify the shipped memory configuration.

    The web site spec page states 1GB plus 1GB and 8GB yet every shot and video of the system memory usage only shows 5GB give or take. So the question is:
    Is the “8GB” shipped model 2GB for the OS and 6GB for storage/applications, OR
    is it 2GB for the OS and 8 GB for storage and applications. If the latter what happened to the other two Gigs? If the first, then the spec page should be changed to state 8 GB with 6 available for storage as the other two are reserved for EDEN and the OS…

    Bottom line did I get 8GB or 10GB in my order?


  250. //www.engadget.com/2011/01/05/notion-ink-adam-hands-on-preview-video/
    add the http etc
    Notion Ink Adam hands-on preview

  251. Here is the Engadget-review:

    Sounding good!!!!

    Great job, NI !
    You will rock it!!!

  252. I heard that Android Honeycomb may require at least 1280×720 resolution. That would leave Adam without (officially supported) Android 3.0.

  253. I love this quote from engadget ‘but at 1.5 pounds it felt lighter in hand than the iPad. Actually, of all the 10-inch tablets we’ve seen, this one seems to be the easiest to hold up and read on.”

    A big plus for NI team and Rohan.

  254. NI’s home page is new!

    a dramatic video with music!!

    and AWESOME111

    shows which ports survived the refinements…
    (too bad the smashing backside pad must go)

    once again: CES may have nothing to compare to Adam in this new category

  255. Still not heard what the Bonus mystery feature is,Anybody seen anything about it?

  256. Best Videos and review so far on engadget. Now we know what Adam looks like in real life. Big question still to be answered will it get the market and honeycomb?

  257. Did anyone see those viewing angles! think he took those pics on purpose to show it off…I’m quite impressed! Not sure how it’s possible, but I continue to be amazed with this tablet and there is still a surprise!

  258. go NI go!!! looks like its going to be the Runaway Success of CES 2011!!! So when’s the Preorder 2 ,Rohan?? πŸ™‚ I guess it shall be case of Bookings Open…(no more pre order..straight launch!)
    Frankly I love the way Independent Journos are touching feeling the product, rather than some tie wearing exec holding it for dear life (as it happens with some other companies!) Loving the video posted on NI website!

  259. Must see “http://www.engadget.com/2011/01/05/notion-ink-adam-hands-on-preview-video/”
    After all Engadget was the biggest ‘NOooo!’ sayer.

  260. Must see β€œhttp://www.engadget.com/2011/01/05/notion-ink-adam-hands-on-preview-video/”
    After all Engadget was the biggest β€˜NOooo!’ sayer.

  261. I was just thinking the same thing. I hope the NI team can integrate new Android versions with Eden quickly.

  262. Endgadget says they are “incredibly impressed” with Adam.

    Way to go NI.


  263. False. Android phones will run Honeycomb, and I can guarantee they have MUCH lower resolution.

  264. At the bottom it is SIM Card slot and Micro SD slot. no docking port!! what else cld be the mystery sensor???

  265. The Engadget Interview: Notion Ink’s Rohan Shravan

  266. .
    It’s using the wide-angle view of the newer Pixel-Q screens confirmed by Engadget, that’s why ;]

  267. Notion Ink Adam hands-on preview (video)

  268. Engadget interviews Rohan!

  269. I’m very impressed with the hands on video on engadget, it’s almost the perfect gadget! All it needs now is to be able to make coffee, and babies πŸ˜€

    Really hope I’ll get in on the pre order 2, now that I was passed by on round 1 πŸ™‚

  270. Guys check this out..
    Honeycomb officially launched as next generation Android for tablets..


  271. Engadget says Adam has no support for Android Market Place. Is that true? because in all of the post Rohan had told us that it supports it, so i’m confused….

  272. congratulations rohan, awesome reviews starting to come in! can’t wait to order. when when when?!

  273. Sorry, Honeycomb UI itself is pretty impressive.
    Hope Adam support it, else……..

    We know…
    Good luck boys

  274. “…but at the moment the Adam is one of the most impressive tablets we’ve seen.” says engadget

    This is pure Rock ‘n Roll, Dudes! πŸ˜‰ Rock on!

  275. Hey guys, now there are already more video’s on slashgear!! (a few hours ago we had only one ,now there are 5 more!). They also did a benchmarktest on the processor.
    The endgadget movie however is the nicest one!

  276. The other possibility of course is that they weren’t trying to hide anything and so just slapped the screen-shots in there without trying to make it look like a live shot.
    This gives you a very typical result.

    Again, I challenge anyone to compare these photos to any newspaper ads or magazine photos where you’ll see the exact same thing.
    I must get 50 pictures of ‘faked in’ TV and Computer screens a week just in the advertising flyers I get in the mail. I was in no way bothered by seeing it in an Adam ad. If anything, it means they’re getting more professional in their marketing materials since this is how everyone else does it.

  277. Just saw the latest Honeycomb Android 3.0 video: I am not impressed at all. I think that Eden still has it’s advantages and is more practical to work with.

    NotionInk, just go on pushing more and do some fine tuning. I love the rough drawing and comic book style of Eden (not so perfect and glossy)… Want to see more of this. Please, keep this style, improve the the icon gallery, allow adjusting of colours, portrait mode for the leaves etc… You are on the right way, more please!

  278. I watched and the only thing I found out that hadn’t been said before is the cylinder part was rubberized making it an excellent way to hold the device. Is that your take on the mystery feature?

  279. @Greg, so it is clear that the bottom is sd/sim card slot!! so i think the mystery feature shld be only on the right side. i think the back button is a bit suspicious? why shld there be two back buttons? i think in a couple of weeks, rohan will ask us to peel the sticker there πŸ™‚

  280. also the track pad is not visible in endgadget videos. may be it got removed fully? also the pqi color videos are not very convincing. so unless i get a better color video of pqi screen i will buy only lcd version!!

  281. Got a package from India(thru DHL Express). Was at work and is delivered at my leasing office. Now, I have to wait until morning to find out what it is.

  282. I felt panels in Adam more useful than small views on Honeycomb.. It seemed ok, but nothing sensational..
    Book reader/library app looked good on HoneyComb..And anyway Rohan said a good reader app is in pipeline..
    I am sure NIs factory line would be busy enough if he can keep a gap of $125 or $150 less than big names..(no need to worry about PQ.. If NI can manage price advantage in LCD ..then it is all set..


  283. Just going through a lot of pics and videos of NI posted by various tech sites… The feedback is amazing! Just one suggestion to the NI team in CES…Plzz wipe the tablet before any photo ops..or video rec…coz the finger print smudges on the screen or camera doesnt look good or professional… for lot of guys out there..it will be the first glimpse…
    keep up the good work!

  284. It will have the opposite effect on making babies, my wife is giving the look, that if I talk about the Adam tablet anymore, I should just be married it it.

    In the middle of lunch today, I cut her off mid sentence to say, an engaget review just posted. I was doing the one handed read from my cell phone, while appearing to listen to her.

  285. Do you mean the configurable button on the side? I guess that could be the mystery feature but its wow factor would greatly depend on what you can configure it to do. Right now I can’t think what that might be.

  286. The Engadget one is even better in my opinion. With all this news coming out of CES, am i ever going to get to go to bed tonight?

  287. The mystery feature, which I have gone on limb a few times to say it has something to do with quantum mechanics or maybe holograms — whatever it is, it is supposed to be revealed when it gets to the user.

    That being said, users now have their hands all over this thing…don’t you think someone would tell us what the mystery feature is?

  288. where have you seen the honeycomb ui,

    I haven’t seen it demo’ed yet

    was it at ces ?

  289. Ok, I just watched Sanjay’s presentation of 3.0 powered Motorola Zoom. Notion Ink’s Adam is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ahead!

  290. Looks like the Adam really impressed the crew at Engadget. Way to go Rohan!

    Just think, weeks ago people were breathing down your neck about the pre-order. Funny how things turn around when you have a stellar product (which you seem to have).

    Adam is very close to becoming real to me (in my hands).

    I sincerely hope that you don’t get buried in the rest of the excitement of CES. There is a lot going on just today. You’ve already been pushed onto page 2-3 of Engadget.

    I also hope that you will adopt Honeycomb. It seems that it does a lot of the things that Eden does. I hope you don’t see the time you spent on Eden as a waste.

    Anyways, don’t really have much else to say other than congratulations. I hope you get to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

    PS: I hope the mystery feature is an active digitizer for pen input!

  291. I like the engadget video the best! It’s the first “actual” hands-on I’ve seen. The slashgear vids were just more of Rohan doing his thing.
    This Joanna Stern woman is –
    – holding it in one hand and waving it around with fast, confident motions like she’s not afraid of dropping it (in a way I’ve never seen someone handle an iPad)
    – using Eden like she uses it every day
    – doing sunlight iPad comparisons

    She even flips portrait/landscape mode in the eReader! Something we’ve been waiting on for how long now? Plus she seems genuinely impressed.

    The only thing left is to use the camera to record something, swivel the camera front to back AND switch portrait/landscape orientation DURING recording, and then play back the resulting video in direct sunlight on the Adam and then via HDMI on a big TV. The think the little part of my brain devoted to getting excited about technology would have a small meltdown.

    I see fingerprints are still an issue, but not a problem out on the generous bezel (also not a concern). The matt screen looks great at reducing glare and reflections of your own face though.

    There is now a 10 min informal interview with Rohan on engadget too! We don’t learn much and the audio isn’t great (features a forklift) but Rohan looks very cool, calm & collected. Great day for Notion Ink!

    PS. Mystery feature is what now?

  292. check out engandget interview with dear Rohan..


  293. The zooming on the browser looks very laggy and slow i dont like it how it adjusts the text.

  294. The product, the man, the dream.


    There is it!!


  295. I have seen Kindle a few times now on the adam in a few of these videos. Being android market it not supported, how are they getting Kindle reader on the device?

    Is is possible they partnered with Amazon? I read something somewhere that amazon was going to to announce something regarding another kindle device. That would be incredible

    Am I missing something?

  296. Engadget has delivered the best hands-on demo video of NI Adam. It beats all those videos released by NI. NI can learn a lot from this video on how to make a simple, hands-on video under normal conditions.

    Very good review and have covered all the main features.

    Pixel Qi display is awesome. The colors look slightly faded but not by much. It doesn’t take away any points.

    Rohan mentioned earlier last year that Adam has been designed to feel less heavy in hands. This was confirmed by engadget.

    The spindle notebook design makes it easier to hold it one hand and use the other hand to navigate the device. Very good for reading.

    The ereader mode is awesome even in sun light. Definitely worth a buy.

    There’s no trackpad on the back or NI could be holding trick up its sleeve and ship it with that.

    The mystery sensor isn’t known yet.

    Comparing it with ipad in bright sunlight was good. Hope they compare with ipad with respect to color display too.

  297. just some thoughts based on some comment Rohan made on Blog sometime back..

    Is it possible that Google,Verizon showed some intention to work with NI but then later ditched them and went with Motorola ( like giving 90 days exclusive..on Honeycomb to them)?

    Even if it true, I am sure Rohan has ideas that will keep him be active player..


  298. I bet the person that sold their Adam on ebay is wishing that they would have waited until this week to sell. After the great reviews I bet it would have gone for much higher.
    I know I’m not selling mine I’ve waited to long for this can’t wait to get it in the mail

  299. Very informative Engadget review!! and an outdoor view… reader in landscape and portrait (hope that it can do columns in landscape). We even got a sneak peek at the back for what it was worth.

    It has a really polished minimalist/industrial look… I LIKE it! πŸ™‚
    (I’ve wanted one for the past year 😦 )

  300. Terrific videos – both the one on the NI site and the Endgadget ones. thsi really is taking off !!!
    Actually went over to a store here in Hyderabad and showed somebody the Adam on a Galaxy Tab. Happened to be a guy who was really interested in buying the Tab. The guy actually walked away from the Tab and said that he would wait for the Adam. The salesguy had a look that said ‘WHY THE F#$K DID YOU DO THAT TO ME??’ Adam seems like an easy sell. Reaaally waiting for mine.

  301. All but a slim few anroid devices support the ability to load apps from an SD card (side loading apps). Not sure if you are familiar with that or not? It seems the majority of basic android users are unaware of this method for loading apps. I could also add that to my knowledge all semi popular android devices released without “Official Marketplace support” have in one way or another been unofficially loaded with the Google Apps pack ie.. Gmail, Maps, Talk, Marketplace.

    Hope it helps explain to some of the more basic users.


  302. But discouraged by the fact that it doesn’t sound like another pre-order is ready to go

  303. It is just partitioned out for apps. In the settings you will have an option to change that. 1GB is just RAM which will lose anything when it is powered off. 1GB is OS on a SSD. 8GB is Flash Memory.

  304. Congratulations! I remember the great interest you guys arised one year ago at CES. Now we see the real thing!
    I’m so happy seing the wonderful video πŸ™‚

  305. Thanks. Can you point me in the direction (website) you recommend following directions from, maybe step by step directions to sideload. This is good to know.

  306. Congrats to Notion Ink! Efforts have surely paid off.

    Would be looking forward for new products!

  307. I have a question for anyone well informed on SDHC class ratings.

    I have been leaning towards purchasing a 32gb microsd card for my adam. My question is–would a class 10 be worth the extra $40-50 compared to a lower class?

    The main pro i have seen spoken of is the rate of transfer is greatly increased with the higher class rating. Other than that what would a basic music listener, e-book reader, or movie viewer gain from a higher class?

    I’m used to going out and getting the best there is only to be faced with the fact that the best at the moment is not always the best for me or my pocket book… lol


  308. Notion Ink has repeatedly stated this. Android Market has not been approved for 10 inch tablets unless they support and are running Honeycomb. Rohan has stated Adam will upgraded to honeycomb and with it Android Market as soon as it is made available.

  309. Adam looks fantastic! Okay, Rohan, I know I’ve asked and asked, but when do we get another chance to order one.

    I remember last year thinking it would be great to have a color tablet device that would be readable outside like my Kindle. Then I saw your product at last year’s CES and have followed you ever since. Even with all of the other tablets that have been announced, the ADAM is still unique and more of what I want. Thank you.

    I look forward to holding one in my hands.

  310. And until then it’s not hard to download apps to your phone and move them over. I had to do that with my Eken m001 before they got the marketplace working, it’s not a big deal.

  311. It is super easy

    Before you proceed with the steps below, you must enable installation of non-Market apps.

    Go here: Settings—>Applications—> check box for Unknown sources

    Step 1) Place preferred android app (****.apk) onto your microsd card.

    Step 2) Use a file explorer on your android device to locate the app (****.apk) file.

    Step 3) Select the file and you will be prompted to use the package installer to install the app.

    Step 4) Relish the fact that not having the android market is no longer an issue.


  312. It is super easy

    Before you proceed with the steps below, you must enable installation of non-Market apps.

    Go here: Settingsβ€”>Applicationsβ€”> check box for Unknown sources

    Step 1) Place preferred android app (****.apk) onto your microsd card.

    Step 2) Use a file explorer on your android device to locate the app (****.apk) file.

    Step 3) Select the file and you will be prompted to use the package installer to install the app.

    Step 4) Relish the fact that not having the android market is no longer an issue.


  313. Great interviews, great videos!! You are a success.
    This has got to be the best example ever of:
    If you build it they will come!
    Congratulations on your success, you have a lot to be proud of Notion Ink.

    If you are looking for contacts in Wisconsin…look me up πŸ™‚


  314. I don’t think so. It is very possible that Honeycomb will have strong hardware requirements but those will be related with the ARM dual core processors, likely, which will be no problem for Adam as it assembles Tegra II processors inside. I do not think that the graphic resolution implemented in Adam can be a problem for upgrading to Honeycomb. The real problem for Notion Ink right now is how they will handle all the efforts and investments done in the development ofEden (the UI) that probably will be quickly overtaken by Honeycomb, available for their competitors at zero cost.

  315. Rohan and NI team, I just want to say how happy I am right now seeing you have updated your homepage with that fantastic video!!!
    Go NI! Go! Go! Go! I can’t wait for mine to arrive!!!

  316. Straight from the horses mouth. Cha MDir for Nvidia.

    First: Take note CHA said that the minumum screen MAY be 1280 x 720 not Shall be 1280 x 720. That’s a lot of fudge factor in that statment.

    Single-core Android tablets like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab won’t meet the minimum requirements for Honeycomb, Google’s tablet-optimized operating system version, according to a manufacturer.

    Bobby Cha, managing director of Korean consumer electronics firm Enspert, told PCMag that Honeycomb will require a dual-core Cortex A9 processor to run properly. So far, the only chipset to include this processor is Nvidia’s Tegra 2, due to appear in many Android tablets at the Consumer Electronics Show this week.

    Cha said that a minimum screen resolution of 1280-by-720 may also be necessary, but he noted that Honeycomb-based tablets will come with seven-inch screens and larger.

    Samsung’s Galaxy Tab has a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor and a 1024-by-600 resolution display. The company has previously suggested that the Galaxy Tab would update no further than the smartphone-focused Android 2.3 (“Gingerbread”), but Cha’s comments appear to seal the Tab’s fate as a rapidly aging product.

    Google, meanwhile, has remained relatively silent about what Honeycomb entails, or for
    that matter, whether the version number in question is 2.4 or 3.0.


  317. @Rohan (since you have nothing better to do right now than to answer my question)

    Question (and if no, then suggestion): Does the Alpha leaf (farthest left panel) display notifications from specific apps that are running? It would be great since things like Mail’d and Facebook are already displayed on the Alpha leaf to have a special, highlighted icon showing the number of notifications: for Mail’d having the number of unread emails and Facebook to have new notifications.

  318. Can’t wait to get my Pixel Qi Adam in my hands. The thing I don’t like with the screen is the aspect ratio. 16:9 is OK for a netbook because it’s always in landscape mode anyway, but a tablet is used in portrait mode also so a 16:10 screen is more versatile in that aspect. 15:10 (3:2) is even better, but that will probably never happen unfortunately.

    A 10″ 1280 X 848 screen (or even 1280 X 800) to watch 720p movies natively on the tablet would have been wonderful.

  319. Seriously? What was your estimated shipping date and did you get a shipping notification or tracking information from Notion Ink prior to the package arriving?

  320. @send2dev

    I don’t believe that’s true. If l’m not mistaken Honeycomb will be for Tablets only.

    I provided a comment that l just posted further down this mixed up blog.

    Also MDIR of Nvidia stated that 1280 x 720 screen resolution may be required not shall be required for Tablets for Honeycomb.

  321. Hi Rohan,
    Thanks a ton, for taking us to the world, burned my eyes looking all over for the adam news and videos right after bed….

  322. You can use the web browser to download the kindle for android app. Rohan showed how it is done in one of the pre-CES videos. It can probably be done with most android apps, but some apps may not resize properly for a big screen and probably won’t work with the leaves. You don’t need the Market to download apps!

  323. WOW !!!! late to the party ….yet… great reviews and absolutely awesome .. Notion ink all over… ! Great work guys… all success to u ppl..

  324. yup.. great reviews… oh now i have to be all the more vigilant with the second preorder openings.. they all gonna get sold in hours…

  325. so in the CES interview, and the recent videos, what indicator light is on the bottom, far left ( opposite side as the sim/msdhc ) ?

  326. I think Joanna Stern deserves the “adam award”. If there isn’t such an award yet, we’ll need to lobby NI to set an award program. Her video presentation at Engadget.com was just superb.

    In one fell swoop she demonstrated adam the machine, the “leaves”, ergonomic features, comparisons of the Pixel Qi display with the iPad, and more.

    If only I had a chance to get a few more of the adams!!

    Thanks Engadget and Joanna!

  327. NI Please pay some attention to your website. It looks more like a personal website (my feeling though) rather than the site of the adam’s creator (too high expectations). Add some color to it. It looks dull to me atleast (although I don’t like glossy stuff)

  328. What can i say! Too many things to digest in a very short time. In one word- Jai ho! Notion Ink team. You truly deserve it.

    The promo is fantastic! truly world class. Beautiful song selection, nicely done graphics, well thought out story, very nice overall finish! The music player, the record come out and goes in at the end of the promo- nice touch! the real increase in volume, the video selection is cool, the genesis app store- first look- fabulous! The games etc….i can go on.

    Whether there will be another video after the official inauguration !- Perhaps with real adam in real life.

    Even though i knew adam will be breathtaking- but listening it from guys who got the opportunity to feel adam! is awesome.

    The slashgear and engadget hands on are very good. It must be encouraging for you guys from the initial reports! Especially the engadget real hands-on video was cool! i was little skeptical about engadget first, as it seemed to me thay are following some double standards before- but the way they gave time to adam on the first day itself is really a good sign! I hope from now on it will be a healthy and fair relationship.

    The most most important thing for me was the report from engadget about the build quality- good build quality with low weight- easy to hold- with a rubber touch- oh man! thats it. Love the NY times! I like her demo!

    All the best! make lot of contracts! a blistering start- now is the time to maintain the momentum! And i hope by the time i get my adam- the 200 EAP1 participants will have their apps ready in genesis. By the way Genesis looks super cool !

    another thing- I saw the CE mark, where is the FCC mark- is it that you did not get the time for printing the FCC logo because of its late approval!

    With warm regards!

  329. Please don’t drive people crazy with your imaginations (if its adam there should be some one this world who would have received like you and they would have updated this site by going mad).

  330. Watching the Engadget demo with her one-handing the Adam was pretty cool. It’s always reassuring to pick something up and feel that it’s sturdy and balanced.

    The iPad might be sturdy, but it’s only balanced if you hold it like you’re going to serve drinks with it.

  331. Complements to entire Notion Ink team. Looks to be very well crafted h/w and s/w. Can’t wait to get hands on one.

  332. Just saw the Engadget review and video and the interview. Awesome!! Very excited.

  333. Maybe, I am getting excited over something that’s not. My shipping date is jan 15-22. As “Ken”mentioned below, I now remember Rohan saying that the units will be shipped directly from China.

    * The DHL delivery guy also called and left me a message which was pretty weird. I had no one call me for delivering a package before.

  334. Wow what a day!!! I just went took a peek at the specs on Motorola’s Xoom tablet. I have been a dedicated follower of Adam and have pre ordered. So please don’t take what I’m about to say as an endorsement for the Xoom tablet. Motorola has partnered with Verizon on this and it should come out in the 1st quarter of 2011. It has some specs out of the box that are ahead of our dear Adam.

    Motorola Xoom Specifications:

    * 10.1 inch touchscreen display
    * 1280 x 800 pixels resolution
    * Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS
    * 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor
    * 5 megapixel rear camera with dual LED flash
    * 2 megapixel front-facing camera
    * 3.5mm headset jack
    * micro USB 2.0
    * Corporate Sync
    * Wi-Fi
    * Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR + HID
    * 3G Connectivity
    * 4G LTE upgradeable
    * HD (720p) video recording
    * Full HD (1080p) playback
    * 32GB internal memory
    * SD card support
    * 1GB DDR2 RAM
    * Up to 10 hour video playback

    Since Adam and Xoom use the NVidia chip they are cousins, They have the same ram spec. Xoom comes out ahead on internal memory 32gb to Adam initial 8gb. Xoom will be upgradable to LTE 4g Adam is currently at 3g. Xoom’s over all screen resolution is better. It has two camera’s to Adams 1plus led flash. It also uses a full size SD card slot to Adam’s Micro sd slot. Xoom also can record video 720 Hd through it’s 5 mega pixel camera. Xoom will also come out with honeycomb and Android Market on board.

    Adams big advantage will be the pixel qi screen. Not being locked to carrier and a couple of full sized USB ports giving it an edge on connectivity.

    After all this spec stuff I still like my Adam order. Why? I like the usb connectivity more then I like sd or micro sd. Yes, they stick out further, but they are harder to lose. I’m not totally sure about the UI differences, but when Adam upgrades to Honeycomb you will essentially have two to choose from. A better camera on Adam would have been nice, but I own a much better camera then either of these devices for serious photography. Xoom does not have dedicated hardware buttons for back ect it’s all done on screen and truthfully I don’t know if that is better or worse. I love cylinder shape on Adam with it’s gripping asset. The pixel qi is a no brain power advantage if you do a lot of out door or e reading. I really believe the Motorola is going to be a mostly USA thing tied to cell carriers. An advantage if your in the USA, not so much elsewhere. Adam I believe, is more of a World machine, but does need a 4 band 3g radio.

    In conclusion Adam has real competition and it will be from more then Motorola. Everybody wants in on the the tablet dollar. I do think there is a place for Adam, but to think Adam will dominate the world is I’m afraid short sighted thinking. I remain very excited about Adam’s arrival at my door. I look forward to watching the tablet wars play out. Here in the USA I do not want to be tied to Verizon and new Adam will do just fine thank you.

  335. Well, I was put on waiting list and informed that I would be on eap2 if anyone withdraws.

  336. An awesome CES launch to Rohan and team.
    It was a hell of a road but you got there.
    Here’s to the adam and the good to come.

  337. That engadget preview is awesome πŸ™‚ :). ROhan and NI you guys have did it . you guys have shown the world what adam is all about πŸ™‚ :). Tons of congratulations. Going back to complete the reading of that preview πŸ™‚

  338. I’m also waiting for preorder2!
    But Rohan said he was going to talk about it at CES That means he has until the 9th (four days).

  339. This what we call REALISING DREAMS.full credit goes to the folks at notion ink who worked so hard to produce such a wonderful product.thanks for allowing us to be a part of it.IMAGINARY BEARS FOR EVERYONE HERE.CHEERS.hahahahaha

  340. Watch CES 2011 live on ces.crunchgear.com

    Enjoy!! Hope to see notionink folks and someone please record it

  341. Completed it. ;). Engadget video is amazing. No words to add now. Majestic. Rohan please add few more servers next time when u open pre-orders.Website will gonna crash for sure :).

  342. I agree with most, but…
    Nooo…preorder2 is better! it means it will be shipped sooner and with less problems (less units). We are first here!

  343. Engadget is specialized in hands-on video πŸ™‚ as that is there bread and butter. But yeah Ni can take some lessons from them. the video will blow up jerks like John Biggs πŸ™‚

  344. Greg, I know exactly what you mean. I can’t wait for DHL to make the delivery. Unfortunately my shipping date was shifted from 9th to between 15th and 20th ….

    Didn’t someone mention that he had a DHL delivery. Any update on that?

  345. Comment in moderation 😦 (even ” ” did not work )

    Rohan’s interview with Engadget

    ” http ://www.engadget.com/2011/01/05/the-engadget-interview-notion-inks-rohan-shravan/β€œ

  346. NI guys have already impressed everyone. Hats off to entire team and Rohan in special.

  347. @Wally West

    “the cylinder part was rubberized making it an excellent way to hold the device”
    We went to a great length in this blog explaining the cylinder, the golden ratio…but adding the rubber was like putting a cherry on a ice cream.

    I have a feeling that this could be a secret feature (Maybe not THE secret feature, but A secret feature nevertheless)! We knew about the cylinder, but nor about the rubber. It is a real deal breaker, at least for Joanne Stern from engadget. She was really pleased with that feature! She mentioned it twice: how easy it was to hold, and later how easy it was to switch the Adam to any position, all because the rubber (on the cylinder, I add).

    And no other tablet has that! I have the feeling they just enlarged a cell phone, and didn’t think about THE GRIP (Just like the ipad!)

  348. It looks like the far left is the mic, but there is another spot next to the sim/msdhc (more in the middle) that I can’t tell what it is.

  349. i think xoom will be priced way high than adam, thereby adam will have distinct advantage. and no usb? usb opens many possibilties..eden is better display than honeycomb.

  350. That is because Joanne Stern is cute! Actually, he did a great job explaining the way to hold the adam, and a couple of more things.
    She missed Mail’d…

  351. shows engadget site is temporary unawailable. Flooded ? . Well done notion ink team.

  352. Jst saw d engadget video!!! πŸ˜€
    Super Duper Excited!!! Rohan pls open up d 2nd round for orders quickly! πŸ™‚

  353. Oh yeah! John Biggs …

    I had completely forgotten about that fool until you mentioned him, Himanshu. πŸ™‚

  354. πŸ™‚ He must be a hell lot of tensed :).Someone mentioned that he is live reporting CES for crunchgear from his twitter feed. We should ask him to go and check adam and eat a crow πŸ™‚

  355. rohan and NI team
    the best tablet out there.well done.
    and secret sensor – not been released yet!! when do you want to tell it to the world??on 6th? do you have presentation to deliver in CES?

    so much hard work- but it is paying you.
    NI- enjoy for some time because now we expect an exponential growth (and hence more work is ahead!!)

    because now notionink is an established company- i would like to see your next series of products be even more exceptionally good. you guys now have experience, credibilty and money. so nothing should stop you from coming with fanatstic product series.

  356. @)oe(

    All in all, Slashgear’s videos are more complete, with more detail. Rohan was doing the the actual work. They are actually better from a tech addict point of view.
    i’m sure engadget will do a more in house reviews in the days to come, with a lot of technical stuff; and slashgear will have their own tablet (they probably already have it!) to do a more consumer geared review. At the end, all reviewer find the Adam the best out there (in their own way)

  357. it is not pated!! because black edge of music panel design – looks like a shadow. common – now be dont dig in so much. everyone has seen and felt, reviewed adam in CES11. These pictures are for advertising.
    you have live pictures everywhere….

  358. If you listen to Rohan’s interview with Engadget, I think there will be some presentations(Not sure whether Rohan will be a prt of it or only adam will be shown) like Quickoffice,LongBox and one more application(coloriris may be) where adam’s functionality will be shown. SO let’s have our fingers crossed.

  359. By the time Adam2 is ready, I’m sure Rohan and his team will have Honeycomb well greased, and better looking than the way they are trying to put it in a tablet without any implementation. Eden is great!

  360. If Day0 was such a smash hit, I am really excited for the coming days… Just waiting for Notion Ink to acheive unprecedented success…

    Now, if only the link to preorder2 goes live….

  361. Xoom does have a micro usb input.

    In the Usa attached to Verizon with a contract Xoom most likely will be no more then Adam and most likely less. If it comes to Europe and other parts of the world it would cost much more then Adam. That is why it will appeal to mostly USA buyers. Which UI is better is almost irrelevant as Adam when upgraded to Honeycomb should have the best of both worlds. Also in the USA Motorola is a well known name. Motorola’s Android phones are very popular. One of the many reason Rohan and Notion Ink are focusing heavily on Europe.

  362. @little al
    The slashgear review is has more details, more technical stuff (Rohan is doing all the work).
    But, Miss Stern was very natural, and cute, about it. She made her presentation very sincere, specially when she compared the Adam with the ipad. That was really good on her part. you can see she improvised there. I liked it.

  363. I hate when people speculate when there has been no official word. nVidia does not make Honeycomb, nor do any of the “speculators”. Google’s keeping mum about the hardware specs and I think that unless we get a confirmation from google in this regard, we should put to rest the doomsday attitude…

    And yeah, nVidia said “may” not “will” or “shall”.

  364. πŸ™‚ +1. She is like a super-hero for adam today :). 50 percent of the comments posted here are either about engadget or Miss Stern-thanks to her nice presentation.

  365. Good job NI !

    Hope to have more news soon !!

    Interview :
    “www . engadget.com/2011/01/05/the-engadget-interview-notion-inks-rohan-shravan/”

    Engadget view (now they have to apologise !):
    “www . engadget.com/2011/01/05/notion-ink-adam-hands-on-preview-video”

    Site video:

  366. True… I just hope they manage to put up more servers which can handle multiple times the load… And I do hope they have managed to get MasterCard and other payment options on board. Honestly, I dont think they will attempt another preorder unless the payment issues are ironed out,

    I do hope they take backorders instead of closing the preorders again.

  367. **Update** I’m gonna say it first….trackpad feature still there under adam sticker on back side. You know you think it too. (damn good guess and let the rumors start).

    Awesome promo video, job well done ! The Engadget piece was truly wicked showing the switching to and fro portrait and landscape modes quickly with no lag.

    I must say that NI has done a bang up job of giving us followers previews before the CES event. Thank you very much as we do feel lucky to have had previews before the big event. I hope you announce the mystery feature during CES but most likely as you stated before it might come to light in weekly updates for the user to unlock / discover so to speak. I’ve seen all the CES clips and pics and must say I thought the trackpad was only disabled upon final release not actually removed. Unless you’ve done a flush install at the exact location of the adam sticker located on the back (seems teh same size as a trackpad and does provide a good cover) <—-maybe that is the mystery feature…the trackpad lies under the sticker on the back of the device and may enable through a hack !. Man I'm hope i'm right on this one, maybe i'll get a free app to download as the first to guess it. Read this Rohann and remember I found it first πŸ™‚

    Good luck at CES and knock em dead. Now I just wait for the DHL guy to bring the goods. Feels like Christmas all over again.

  368. @buzyahazz
    I think for the purposes you have listed, class 10 would be overkill. The speed signified by class 10 is important when WRITING large files to the card “instantaneously” – as when a professional photographer is capturing raw image files in High Speed Continuous Shooting mode. His camera needs to write these files fast so it can free the camera’s processor to analyse, capture and process the next shot.
    Your usage consists mostly of READING files from the card – Perhaps you may WRITE some document files, pictures/movie clips captured by the adam – If this is so, a class 4 would be more than adequate.

    Anyone else have a different view on this?

  369. @amit…..it’s dud. got an unexpected package from someone else. boy, you can sayi am a tad disappointed….

  370. @ Himanshu jain said, on January 6, 2011 at 10:32

    Thanks for the video. Nice interview. No script! They are really mesmerized with the Adam, and Rohan.

  371. Slashgear and Engadget are just different. It’s hard to compare them. They hit different spots. One is more technical, the other is geared more towards the common consumer (tends to sensationalize.)

    But Engadget has Joanne. She should be the star there. She looks very natural in front of the cameras. Send Johnny boy home, and make her the one.

  372. Just in case this has been not posted yet…
    RS interviewed by engadget, bad sound quality though!

  373. LOL
    just yesterday the trolls were making fun of the word ‘hope’. where did they go? I would like to tell them: Joanna is my hope! LOL

  374. The photos are great except that you should have wiped off the fingerprints first before taking pictures.

    The Adam is amazing! My only critique is the thick bezel which is just as thick as the iPad and maybe the color which should have been Titanium black or grey but that’s just nitpicking. The Adam is going to be a big hit just the same…especially if the Pixel Qi with Wi-Fi/3G goes back down in price to $498… πŸ˜‰ hint…hint…

  375. Nice to see a positive review from Engadget – especially the video which shows transition from portrait to landscape and back while running the Kindle app on a PQ screen outside in the sun …..

    Should make those people who preordered a PQ screen because they will use this as an e-reader, not always inside, much more secure.

  376. Don’t know whether it is already posted here, but here is a 10 min interview by Engadget’s Nilay with Rohan, which clarifies many issues.


  377. It’s a reset pin-button. Nice to know there’s something obvious to push when trouble arises.

  378. NI say yes …. but also should be able to use a bluetooth mouse …. much sleeker

  379. The FCC mark is just above “Made in China”. I was able to grab a still of the whole code from Engadget’s video (Y2GNI3421A01), but the FCC’s online database doesn’t have it listed yet.

    I’m sure it’ll turn up *very* soon now.

  380. Reposting because I forgot to put the link in parenthesis. Will probably end in in limbo. If it does so up, sorry for the double post!
    You can find most of the apps on the web. Rohan already showed how easy it is to download and install the .apk. The only concern I have with that is with trojans “http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2374926,00.asp”. Of course, it’s the same as with computers. Use common sense! Only download from reputable sites.

  381. Yes she does a great job!! Most understandable review of all. The Adam looks sweet. I just imagine it with Red add on side panels!!!

  382. Yo!…hooo!!… πŸ™‚ The Notion Ink Adam Video on the website is osumn!!…
    Keep it up NI i’m waiting for mine Adam….Congratulations!!! to NI
    for the World Wide Launch of the Adam.
    Three years of Sweat & Blood in the making…& you have Done it! πŸ˜‰

  383. It strange, people are like, “How will i find apps for my tablet?”, the same way you find them for your PC.

  384. Engadget and Slashgear all in love with my Adam….2 more weeks to go until mine ships out…cant wait…

  385. Yes :). I liked the interview very much.It also cleared one of the doubts about battery performance of LCD and Pixel Qi.Engadget seems to like the product very much. Waiting for their in depth review.

    One thing i will like to mention here, that as Engadget preview suggests, even i am of the view that eden UI interface may be confusing for a newbie. S0 better thing will be for NotionInk to create more videos about different aspect so that first time user(and specially people who are not so tech-savy) can feel more at ease while using their adam.

  386. After seeing more pictures and video’s from the CES I only can say WOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

    Now I need and Adam urgently!!!

    Great work NI-team!

  387. “http://liliputing.com/2011/01/hands-on-with-the-notion-ink-adam-tablet.html”

    one more

  388. Too bad!

    @Greg – aren’t you due to be shipped on the 9th? You will probably be one of the first to get it. Mine ships between 15th and 22nd – long time away. I am really curious to know which of the wordpress bloggers are going to be the first to get their adam. Any others in the 9th shipping bracket? I was originally then got shafted to 15th.

  389. One more video up at “http://liliputing.com/2011/01/hands-on-with-the-notion-ink-adam-tablet.html”

  390. @Greg and @All One of the e-book reader that adam will be coming with is Kobo πŸ™‚

  391. Really nice review doen by engadget , out in the sun , potrait and landscape mode

    now when will re booking start

  392. You don’t even need to put it on the microsd card. Just download the app directly from the web onto the adam. Click on the downloaded .apk and install it. As Rohan showed here: “https://notionink.wordpress.com/2010/12/31/introducing-eden-viii/”. Only problem is making sure you only download from reputable sites.

  393. One thing that i will want to remind all of us here. While praising and going gaga over Joanna’s Stern hand on video(I myself watching it for the third time now ), please don’t forget slashgear’s efforts. They were the one who backed up the adam and Rohan for the entire year even at times when all other tech-forum were busy in only negative publicity. So for Slashgear guys a big thumbs up.

  394. I want to hear from Jogn Biggs, that gaga boy now. He did loads of gaga. Just for fun, I want to hear from him yelling-this time gigi, not gaga!

  395. It may be cheaper with a contract. But what if you don’t want one? I’ll be getting the wifi version of adam. So it’s cheaper in that instance. I do agree that Motorola is a well known name. And people will buy it because they know it.
    Adam may not rule the world. But, if it’s like the biblical Adam, it’s decendants will. And luckily NI doesn’t seem to be thinking short sighted. Though I realize you were referring to fans of adam. And not Ni itself.

  396. I am also on the 9th Jan batch. Can’t wait anymore. Definitely taking atleast couple of days off from office the moment I receive it. πŸ˜‰

  397. i can see why you might call that cruelty. certainly not my intention to steal his sales commission. but well, the other guy was happy i showed him the Adam.

  398. πŸ˜€ i’m sure i’d have a heart attach if that happened to me! waiting for over a year & to have a DHL guy call….

  399. Anyone heard anything about video recording on the device? would be great if it had 720p. My guess (or hope) for mystery feature is Tesla Touch, that would knock the Adam out the ballpark!

    Really enjoyed the promo video nice one!

  400. if that’s the case, i promise I’ll be hard at work making sure it works on the Notion Ink Adam.
    having said that, I don’t think that’ll be the case, I can’t imagine android requiring that considering a lot of tablet displays are 1024 x 600…

  401. i’m so glad it does, but then again we knew it would. rohan said it’s using the latest pixel qi screen. can’t wait to see what they do with the new olpc concept they’ve got πŸ™‚

  402. I see the orders page has been completely taken down now…. hopefully news will come soon of when we can order again!

  403. what happened to the fingerprint resistant screen? to hot and sweaty at CES πŸ˜€

  404. didn’t anyone notice the bird next to the promo video on the website?
    and there is a bird that flies away from an email from notion ink to the ‘family’ during the promo video.
    i’m guessing that’s the early bird πŸ™‚ which means that bird is going to be the pre-order 2 link? and the family will get an email like before for first dibs?
    or am i just fantasizing?!!

  405. Finally, a solid hands on by an independent and respected technology site. So where do I need to start queue to make my order for the next round?

  406. One more view, Interview with Rohan at CES2011…….He spilled some beans!


    Any body saw what andoroidpolice had to say….looks funny

  407. awesome videos for engadget..that was comprehensive….maybe Rohan should add these videos to the blog. With Engadget giving a thumbs up to Adam, we all (Rohan & co. and us) can take a sigh of relief….yeh toh hona hee tha (it was bound to happen), but there was this little tension/apprehension of the whole outcome.

  408. @termite42 making coffee would be a nice task for Adam but making babies I still prefer to do by myself πŸ™‚

  409. great way to start the year NI..

    hope you do enough to get Adam “sold” to all the press there to get some great coverage.

    all the best !

  410. why is NI not in the CES exhibitors directory ?? Am I looking at the wrong page ?

  411. Not quite sorry,

    1GB – RAM DDR2
    1GB SLC not SSD for OS.
    8GB eMMC flash of which 2GB is reserved for Applications.

  412. Does anyone know if there’ll be any difference btw the pixel qi and lcd models……apart from d screen of course. For instance will both have stuff like ambient light sensors etc.?

  413. Just thought I would throw this in.


  414. @Avinash

    very nice video about what we can all do with our new tablet.

    No tech specs though (info on the screen resolution).

  415. Op Twitter plaatste Morril het volgende bericht:

    β€œ#dejavu Random note: there’s no hard minimum processor requirement for Honeycomb. Trust me, if there were I’d know.”

  416. @Juan Pablo Ospin I am stationed in China and the paid Market apps are not available from China. I therefor often download the *.apk files and install. it is a breeze.

    You only have to make sure that you get them from a reliable source so that they do not contain any malware (see “http://www.notionaddicts.com/forums/showthread.php/951-Android-Malware-called-Geinimi-discovered-in-the-wild-(Updated)”)

  417. As a tech blog they didn’t do anything wrong so I don’t see what’s there to forgive.

  418. @ Mr.SAGinwalla: Not sure why you persistently posting details about other products in NI forum. if you find more (new)news about NI,please post it

  419. This was a definite must see. I also saw the CE certification mark on the back side of the device so I’m super happy (there won’t be any problems with customs in my country) πŸ˜€ Now all I need is a way to pay for it via Mastercard and I’ll be a happy bunny πŸ˜€

  420. Awaiting moderation, so posting without the link:

    I wouldn’t patronise crunchgear – what’s worse, the event is covered for them by John Biggs! Unless he eats a humble pie, I’m not going there.

    Engadget has two live streaming channels for CES. They’ve reviewed the adam and given it a big thumbs up as well! πŸ™‚

  421. It’s me or the frame seems bigger in the angled picture???Anyway the engadget video and article show us definitively this is the opposite of a vapourware. More than ever I think Adam could offer a different experience in using a tablet. That’s I think the real fact: yes an hands-on video and all the tec specs could help but I (we) really need to have it really in our hand to use it and understand it.

    Go Notionink!

  422. Also, note that cruchgear hasn’t covered Adam at all (ok, so I visited the site to find that out….. not a big sin) whereas engadget and slashgear had it as breaking news. If that is not prejudice then what is?

  423. I am also worried about the demand that is gonna piled up post CES for adam :). Hope NI is ready with delivering 1 lakh units and more per month. Moreover as battery performance difference was also made clear by Rohan in his interview with Nillay(Only 1.5 hours difference), LCD units will also be sold out as early as PQ next time.

    Thanks again to is Joanna Stern. Her pointing adam’s comfortable grip twice in her hands on video will surely attract many ebook reader people towards adam. Hope to see an in-depth review soon where other marvels of adam can be showcased to the world(like bluetooth mouse,email application,games,quickoffice ) in detail.

  424. @Louis

    How about retaining the adam UI panel configuration or ver 2.4 (3.0) Honeycomb configuration depending on your current needs. Switch back and forth.



  425. I can’t wait to order Adam, I hope that this time with MasterCard or PayPal to pay.

  426. i hope adam would also be available via amazon. that’s the cheapest way i could get it. πŸ™‚

  427. Hands on videos from engadget and slashgear is really cool.
    Hats off Rohan! Good show! even engadget is impressed.

  428. Oh Dear, it’s a beautiful promo-trailer!

    Made me smile all the way through…

    I am a little late here – I suppose you already discussed it?

  429. So excited to get my hands on a tablet that will be a stand alone functioning PC, instead of a toy like most other tablets.

  430. +1

    Eden is not very intuitive for a first time user. Hopefully Notion Ink can have tutorial videos (proper ones, not the pre-CES blurry-cam videos) up and running on their website when the product begins shipping.

    Also, Notion Ink NEEDS to publicize that Android’s default icon-based UI navigation still remains available underneath Eden. Not everyone likes Eden’s multi-tasking flavour.

  431. I don’t know if this has been discussed, but the promo video made it abundantly clear that the secret sensor is a 3d gesture tracker. The promo video shows someone holding their hands above the screen and driving the car! it also fits 100% with his clues…

  432. @hari Thanks for the liliputing.com link. The video gives a good impression on how we will use the Adam. How to start and swap between apps and how responsive everything stays even with many apps opened (actually the responsiveness is one of the most impressive features, that will give a very pleasant user experience).

    I am still confused about non-Eden apps. I remember that Rohan said that the normal Android telephone apps can run in a leaf and that would give a much better display then enlarging them to the full screen. But in most video’s they talk about running non-Eden full screen. As 99% of the Android apps out there are designed for phone-sized screens, i would prefer to run them in a leaf.

    Anybody knows if that is still an option (running non-Eden apps in a leaf rather then full screen)?

  433. Joanna is a celeb here :).Hope she knows about her celeb status after that hands on Video πŸ˜‰

  434. From the videos it seems that either these apps will run in full screen or they have implement the api provided by NI to be able to run in leaf modes. And it was interesting that Rohan using the panel word while one of his team member in this Video showing them as leaf πŸ™‚

  435. Certainly “Eden for Dummies” is most welcome at this stage. If Engadget found the UI a bit confusing at times, 90% of the buyers would find it confusing for sure. NI and Rohan need to be very careful about how they play this out. To enable adam reach the masses, you need to make it as user friendly as possible. iPad’s USP lies in is its user friendliness and nothing else.

  436. Congrats on the great reviews. My boss is heading to the show later this afternoon and I made him promise to stop by and check out the Adam. He is an apple guy, but I’m feeling a convert in the works once he sees it. Best of luck in your continued success, and please keep us all posted as to when we can order and hold our very own piece of history.

  437. Come on open pre-order 2

    An if at all possible give priority to those of us that couldn’t take advantage of pre-order 1 because the order website went funny, and by the time we could get in the QI version was already sold out.

  438. Greg, I am soooo jealous of your Pixel Qi. I was too late, so I ordered a LCD for now and will move up if there is indeed still another chance to get Pixel Qi as the waiting list will be long after the CES (both πŸ™‚ and 😦 )

  439. +1.He will making a lot of us jealous by showing us that pixel Qi :).

    Waiting for mystery feature. If it is gesture(as he talked about long back in slashgear video last time) as it was showin in NI’s website video, it gonna sure make a hell lot of guys crazy πŸ™‚

  440. @elmelao,

    Joanne learned it fast because reviewing tech devices is her job. She may find it user friendly, but, few of the multitouch gestures used by Rohan while using the browser weren’t exactly intuitive. You need to know about them beforehand to use them. Hence, a single tutorial showing all the multitouch gestures would be useful.

  441. @Himanshu Jain

    I hope that when we launch a non-Eden apps we get an option to run it either in full-screen or in a leaf.

    Stretching a telephone app to full screen is not going to look nice while it would be great if I can use all the Android phone apps that I currently use, side by side on the Adam in separate leafs.

  442. I can seel it for 10K and get enough money to get ADAM PQ, ADAM LCD, XOOM, gTablet, and lets give some respect to iPad. Then I can do my own reviews for tablet and ofcourse you all know who would win.. Jai Ho ADAM!

  443. Hey! I was just going through IEEE Spectrum and its live coverage of CES. Apparently, they have this to say about the Adam:


    I’ve long been worried that the Notion Ink Atom would turn into vaporware- it just seemed too good to be true, and press access to early prototypes had been spotty. Not to mention that after the release of the iPad, it was hard to be sure of any tablet still under development (consider the fate of Plastic Logic?s QUE, which seemed much further along at last year’s CES).

    But it looks like the Atom has been worth the wait. It combines a Pixel Qi display with the custom Eden UI (built on top of Android) and a dual core Tegra 2 processor. It?s a unique approach to a tablet genre that?s often crowded with dull wannabes.


    **Forgive their mistake of calling it “Atom” – I dont know where they got that from.. But considering its IEEE- Their opinion counts πŸ™‚ and from where I stand, it looks good….

  444. When using class4 If by any chance you encounter delay in accessing files (open/read/write/copy)….Please don’t blame it on ADAM -);

  445. NI please book Amazon elastic clouds for your payment gateway. Your servers are going to be dead with in 1hr of pre order 2. Amazon manages millions of transactions, have them host to make you the next billionaire from India. You would be the only billionaire that I wouldn’t be jealous of. You are rocking man. Be an inspiration to the younger generation of India. πŸ™‚

  446. Wow!

    Excellent…Great reviews from both slashgear and engadget blogs. Happy to see positive things written about Adam (finally!).

    Eager to have my adam in my hands. Thanks Rohan and company. Wishing you successfully CES 2011.

    I have been trying to post a comment since yesterday, but after posting, it just disappears (not even being moderated message, weird!)

  447. Cant wait for pre-order too, hope Rohan will be announcing it soon…..

  448. I’ve got an updated list of articles covering Notion Ink and the Adam at CES 2011 on my blog (notioninkfan.com). Please let me know if I am missing any…

  449. Awesome!
    Adam was, is and Will be the best among all top-liners out there
    I am glad to have ordered the high end version
    Good Luck Rohan and NI team

  450. @RJ I thouhgt the same, but Thor answered to me that “the motion control is actually a demo of accelerometer during gaming”.

    If I look at how the hands are positioned when driving (an Adam fits exactly between them) then i think that Thor is right.

    3d gesture would be awesome though but I guess we have to wait for Adam 3 for that (Adam 3; would that be Enosh?).

  451. Just three words for all those “no mark no use” folks

    Apktor (This is a cute baby can get you paid apps.. oops that might get me in trouble)

  452. Hopefully everyone has read by now that the rumored minimum requirements for honeycomb are false. Most of the tech blogs are reporting that now… πŸ˜€

  453. I’m sure that notioninkhacks and or notionaddicts will have a download section of APK’s that have been pre tested by us the users that work good on the adam. I already own a hacked pandigital novel with marker and the android market can be a pain. a lot of apps were not designed for tablets so they eather don’t run well or are the size of a phone. (I already have a lot of APK’s that I know work well on a tablet that I would be willing to post to their sites) I know I found better apps at slatedroid then on the market because they had all beed tested for tablets.

  454. I guess downloading from reputable sites, is not an issue unique to Android/ADAM, we did that for PC’s for a long time now. So I think that’s not going to be a problem.
    It’s just the mindset created by the Big A πŸ™‚ (They made it their USP when they brought their first mobile device, and now we have the whole world asking for it everywhere) πŸ™‚

  455. Besides not having the Pixel Qi display, Xoom does not have Eden either, nor the innovative way of managing processing power and memory. Also no user replaceable batteries, unique shape to make it more comfortable to hold and feel lighter, ETC. And let’s see what the price will be if you buy it without a 2 year Verizon contract (if even possible).

    Xoom will be a good tablet, but not sure how it will really compare quite yet. It is one to watch though.

    Oh, and don’t think all tablets will perform the same it they all have the same processor or amount of memory, etc. Just take a look at all the PC’s with same processors and amount of memory and you can quickly see that there are some that are much better/faster than others. Numbers and specs can be deceiving… πŸ˜‰

  456. Hello Greg,

    I think its complete…One more way to know whats all happening at CES.


    Replace your search query with whatever you want to, and it will have live feed from various sources πŸ™‚ I did search for “CES Adam” yesterday and there were lot of tweets around.

    Hope that helps.

  457. I Love Android. and I love ADAM
    and Sorry motorola you lost all the respect by not updating your phones ( I own 2 motorola milestone they are good phones but why not make them better by giving froyo)
    I will not buy a XOOM even if its the last tablet left on earth. I would rather buy an iPad (It gets its updates alright)

  458. nothing to forgive? dont want to bring it all up again…but if you wanna know why someones dedicated a blog for them: “https://engadgetsucks.wordpress.com/” Have a look..

  459. One more your way…

    Good article 8 Gadgets to Watch in 2011 at “http://mashable.com/2011/01/06/gadgets-to-watch-2011/”

    And Adam is at no. 7 πŸ™‚ And they have named it as “India’s iPad challenger, Notion Ink’s Adam” πŸ˜€

  460. At least the Adam looks straight in all the hundreds (soon thousands) of sites the videos from CES are being shown at! πŸ™‚

  461. +1 Agree – the preview video was great. The interview with Nilay was also good, but Rohan was a bit jittery may be – because he answered a bit vaguely – think he didnt get some of Nilay’s question. But then for even the best it happens!

    All in all, I am really Happy for team NI!
    And I am also happy for the Adam’s family! Because as Rohan said, this was not a product but a dream and I am happy to be part of it as the Adams family!

  462. Rohan if you get a chance, perhaps try to get over to the CNET booth for a quick demo?
    Looks like they have missed you in coverage so far! πŸ˜‰

  463. And did you notice the panel borders in Honeycomb. In the final iteration, you might need to switch through panels to switch through applications – like in Eden. It is gonna be a great combo – Honeycomb and Eden!

  464. BUT…. Those ordering a Pixel Qi Adam later may get more than 8 GB of on board storage. Then I will be really jealous!!!

  465. Re-post because … Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Thanks everyone. Please send links to “greg@notioninkfan.com” or post in the comments on “notioninkfan.com” so that I don’t miss them. I might not catch them all here in this blog… You know how wordress is!

  466. Way to go guys/girls of NotionInk! Now the rest of world knows what your family has said from the start. Adam rules.

  467. Now I know how to pronounce Pixel Qi — “Qi” sounds like “Chee”. Good to know.

    Awesome review by Joanna, answered several lingering questions.

    I’d like to see the camera demonstrated too, for video and stills both.

    I wish the Engadget fellow that did the live interview with Rohan (missed his name) would have asked when preorder 2 was coming, and I also didn’t catch how many units Rohan said NI sold in preorder 1.

    Still, great stuff and I’m ready to buy!

  468. @Rama Maganti
    Thanks for commenting on my comment.

    when ever I say WE I mean WE in this blog. And of course I agree with you. A lot of people out there will need more time and directions.
    I would wait until all the users out there from preorder start experiencing the Adam. Only then we’ll be able to judge more objectively how hard or easy the Eden is. Plus remember that you can always switch to the regular Android desktop, which is very nice.

  469. I just went to check up on John Biggs on crunchgear.

    He seems to have been demoted to making prognostications for watches and accessories.

  470. According to “http://www.sockroll.com/What-We-ve-Learned-from-CES-Days-1-2/x/cneuvb”

    Notion Ink may be unproven, and the Adam may be launching with Gingerbread and no Android Market, but, at least their hardware design has some actual thought put into it. At least Rohan Shravan stopped along the way and thought, β€œPeople will need to hold this for a long time… let’s put a kind of handle edge on it!” or β€œPeople may want to use this outside… how about using the Pixel Qi screen?”

    These differences can be pretty big when everyone else is putting out the same design.

    All praise for rubber and pixel Qi screen ! πŸ™‚

  471. Did ADAM make a big splash in CES ? It doesnt come in the headlines when I type CES in google News πŸ˜₯

  472. While I agree that EDEN is probably less intuitive than it could be.
    1) It is new and it seem NI still will work on some development of it (aka Andres asking for feedback for things to work on from Slashgear on Facebook yesterday).
    2)Nobody has really seen a multi-tasking system like this and multi-tasking is inherently more complex. Nothing is easier than one button one app, but we all know this is limiting what we can do. NI (and other multi-tasking UI) have to fight this uphill battle. Android 3.0 has the advantage that the tech media will overlook any non-intuitive parts of the UI (maybe even calling them innovative), while anything new in the UI for EDEN will be “confusing”.

  473. @Greg, I have replied to your earlier comments and posted some links there..kindly check them out πŸ™‚

  474. Hi Greg,

    Did I read in a previous posting you ordered a 32 GB Class 10 microSDHC card?

    Been looking for one…all are Out of Stock, or, like one I saw on amazon.com: Usually ships in 1 to 2 months. LOL


  475. TO GREG
    you have inspiration, website and early adam delivery. do you think you can come up with adam video tutorials? (asking too much from you – but…)


  476. I just bought the pixelQi for the wow factor. I honestly will probably never use the thing outside.

    …maybe I should have saved the cash? πŸ˜‰ Nahh…

  477. Thanks Greg for your overview of all Adam reviews. Nice to have them all on one page at “http://www.notioninkfan.com/”

  478. Great article by Brad Linder from liliputing.com and another video of the Adam here: “http://liliputing.com/2011/01/hands-on-with-the-notion-ink-adam-tablet.html”

  479. For some reason, I can’t log on to comment on your blog… So here it is:

    Great job, Greg! But maybe you should distinguish between proper content (SlasGear, Engadget, Liliputing…) and reporting about in with not much added value (or diminished value!): AndroidCommunity, AndroidPolice…

  480. The one thing im a bit concerecned on is the zooming in the browser i think it looks laggy and slow. I either Notion Ink needs to fix this or someone from the community needs to helps out. I think the Adam with Honeycomb will be the best tablet out there. Imagine all the good things from honeycomb seen in heaps of videos today and then just swipe back up and there is eden. I can just see not only this tablet but the whole of Notion Ink grow and grow.

  481. This may already be in place, but I haven’t seen this functionality offered in a demo yet. For that apps that cannot be made into leafs, it would be really great if NotionInk could create a “Folder” leaf that allows the user to create a leaf of similar apps, like the “Folder Organizer” app currently does, for instance. This way, we could have all our office apps or games or reader apps launchable from the leaves, instead of having to recreate the folder structure on the desktop view.

  482. By the video at the notionink.com site… It looks like the “Secret Sensor” is a “kinect” style interface.

    Come to think of it… previous video of hands opening folds of paper also points to this!

    I am almost DEFINITE that this is it!

  483. +1…Thanks Greg. I saw some article mentioning the screen resolution requirements and was disappointed when I heard the news. I’m glad to hear it was just uninformed speculation.

  484. I have a suggestion for all those guys who have initiated other websites / blogs that give / spread info on the NI Adam..
    Rather than have multiple websites – notioninkhacks.com, notioninkaddicts.com, notioninkfan.com etc etc, can you guys co-ordinate amongst yourselves to come-up with one website that will be the comprehensive resource for all things Adam related?
    This will make it easier for others who wish to give NI related info to other people (friends / family / colleagues) etc – so that we can just give them one website – i have felt this problem just today – wanted to get a colleague up to speed on the Adam and didnt know which website to give him – other than the official NI website.
    Is this even possible?

  485. Can you explain what do you mean by hands opening folds of paper? Do you mean in the promo video? Also how did you guess it’s kinect like???

  486. and what about the driving of the car in the promo video…?? I think you may be right

  487. @Greg trying to put all information on “http://notioninkfan.com” and this site has the links to other sites.

  488. Wow…. Simply WOW….
    Thnx for the wonderful product…
    The wait for pre order 2 is killing…

  489. Thats good.. so atleast one site can refer to several others..
    Ultimately the objective is to give a person who visits that site all info needed – promos, ads, video demonstrations, reviews, feedback etc etc..
    I know Rohan wont be in a position to do this – but as users – we can..

    Remember – the people who comment / pre-ordered are in the hundreds but after CES, the people who would be “googling”NI Adam are in the thousands, and one of these sites shoudl be at the top of the search list..

  490. Greg, nice page!

    By the way, did you read this article? They say preorder is up again?


    (Please take [ and ] out)

  491. You can install any adroid app as long as you can get the apk file

    Rohan has a video just the other day, he went to a web site


    a few clicks later and he installed PACMAN

  492. In this article they say preorder is up again. Is that true? But where?


    (Please take [ and ] out)

  493. Backorders would be good. I think we won’t see preorder 2 until Rohan is home from CES, though.

  494. Many devices [including the nook color] have an opening tutorial when you first start the tablet. It would be fantastic to see this for the Notion Ink in the style that they have put the Adam Promo together with the illustrated hands walking you through some of the “hidden” functionalities of the unit. [ie. two finger drag up in browser, swipe down from red application band to add to leaf, etc.]

    Eden is certainly more complex then the iPad in terms of functionality, but certain features are inherent and basic like pinch to zoom, etc.. Over time all of these actions may become second nature, but until then an opening tutorial may be helpful!

  495. In the engadet review, when they hold the ipad and the adam next to each other
    the bezel is nearly identical

    I have never once heard a complaint about the ipad bezel being huge.

    Notion Ink set expectations too high, with the early render which showed almost no bezel at all.

  496. My apologies to Magnes for being curt.

    I was incorrect to suggest that Honeycomb would be ported over to phones.
    It was a good question from Magnes that needs clarification.

    Google seems to have the tablet market by the “Jewels” at this point waiting for Honeycomb’s release.

  497. The reviews are promising… only thing that surprised me was when Rohan said something about the previews on the file explorer with Slashgear. He said previews are failing because they haven’t made a final call to include to it or not. If the first Adams are to ship out next week, isn’t that too close to work on final calls? πŸ™‚

    Hoping the shipping dates hold… looking forward.

  498. Thank you for all your efferts, Greg.
    It’s great coming home from a days works, without internet and to use your site to catch up πŸ˜‰

    Any news about the secret feature, second pre order or the NI pressco yet?

  499. In the earlier promo videos there were two hands opening up a tri-fold paper and in the new video they are playing a racing game by holding their hands like they are holding a steering wheel.

  500. Thanks for the info. Good to know.

    Let’s hope NI gives us the upgrade to honeycomb quickly, to show the world how serious they are in supporting Adam. I notice some big companies are very slow upgrading their smartphones.