More in Portrait


Posting one more video showing the browser now in portrait mode. Most of the apps where you will read a lot, portrait mode is enabled. This video is also our small thanks to our Un-Official Forum, Notion Addicts.Β Avo and others are doing a very good job in keeping everyone informed and community active! Let’s take a look at the video:

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

751 thoughts on “More in Portrait

  1. my neck still hurts… Rohan hope u can show Adam with apps with music in the background!! ALL THE BEST for CES!

  2. Hi Rohan
    Thanks for all these posts.
    Great to see the adam in portrait mode.

    With all you’ve shown I really am looking forward to ordering an Adam as soon as the Qi model becomes available again (missed the pre-order as there were no more in stock!).

    Happy New Year to all the Notion Ink Team!
    Keep up the great work and wishing you all a fanatastic and successful 2011 !

  3. Once again Rohan + Team, very smooth looking.
    And a fast one πŸ˜‰
    Thank you for this surprise.
    I’m certain this year you’ll bring a lot more to all of us.

    Soo… this is it untill CES?

    Please, can you take care of a direct video connection with CES for your presentation here?
    We would all love to be part of that special moment, to support you, see how your audience will react to Adam.

  4. So I guess Eden does not support leaves in portrait at this point, only most of the full screen apps. But it is OK, there will be always updates, Eden 1.0, 2.0 coming. Thanks for the New Year gift. All the Best to CES and have a great show!!

  5. Rohan makes me happy!

    Only big unknown remaining if the eBook reading capabilities (screen capabilities; software features and refinement; available content).

    Another little thing we did not see: How does the panel view looks like when there is less than 3 apps and how to kill apps.

    I hope Notion Ink will make a huge splash at this year’s CES. There will be a lot of competition, this it the tablet’s year and big players will offer interesting gadgets.

  6. Very sweet. Can’t wait.
    Good luck at CES, and really great if you can stream video during demo at CES.

  7. I was actually expecting a video today, even though Rohan did said that the video posted yesterday might be the last one.

    Seems browsing in portrait mode will indeed be fun on Adam!!

    Rohan mentioned that he will keep an eye on the comments. So, I hope he will probably will look this one πŸ™‚

    I just wanted to ask that what is the future plan for this blog? Is it going to be as lively as it is right now? What will happen to every blogger like me who is following this blog since last year.

    This question becomes very important since we are approaching the Adam release and (i believe) number of informational posts as this one will be less likely in the future (resulting in no place to write comment on and collaborate!). Where do we get together and discuss various things?

    Rohan, You did a very good job in developing a great product and keeping this blog alive (it is indeed glorious and we salute you for that). Can’t you just do a small favor to all of us by creating a space in the official website so that we can meet up there and discuss various things.

    I hope this isn’t too much to ask for πŸ™‚ Thank You.

  8. ROHAN..we all look forward to your CES launch…try taking us Live there … twitter/blog/ pics …whatever possible…all the best from NI community

  9. Nice! Thanks Rohan! As someone else said, our assumption is that leaves do not work in portrait mode. Which is ok, it was just a question we had on how it worked. Thanks so much for posting!

  10. Rahan stated esrlier that there will be something releaved to the Adam owners every fortnight, after launch.
    We can all come back here to share our experiences with the new to diccover feature or app, or whatever he might come up with then.

  11. I second this request…will indeed be great…to be in touch with Rohan and the NI community that is goona explode after CES launch

  12. Yes, I do agree Karen. But isn’t this a good idea to share our experiences straight away without waiting for a post?

  13. Now we know what and how the Portrait mode operates. Gr8 work Rohan. Wish you and your team all the best at CES 2011. Those who weren’t fortunate enough to pre-order adam, will be await more news on reopening of pre-orders once CES 2011 ends.

  14. Thank you Rohan for this particular video. It certainly answers many questions we all have had. Happy New Year to you and the entire NI Team. Have fun at CES.

  15. Interesting video but would like to see about the panels behave in portrait mode.

    Rohan . Wishing you all the best for CES. Comparing with last year’s CES you have covered a lot of ground and hats off to all your efforts and creativity. Really looking fwd to see the full details about Adam.

  16. Double feelings about that, Rahim.
    This is NI’s business card (presentation of company and it’s products), to share experiences and to get feedback on the product and it’s specific apps, as well for input to develop a second/third product later on.

    This is not a forum, though. There are great fora like NotionAddicts, NotionInkHacks and NotionInkFan to share general experiences.

  17. Waow! Until I get my Adam, this one was more convenient to watch on my HTC Desire than on my laptop… Thanks Rohan, now get a lots of sleep until Las Vegas!

  18. Agree. I can live with it, that Eden 1.0 does not support leaves in portrait mode. Would be nice to hear, if it is planned for a future release.

  19. I like the closing statement… “It’s time we take our Personal Computers out of our homes!” I agree 100%. And I’m so glad I’ll be able to see the display outdoors in bright sunlight!

    I know I only have a few days left before I get my Adam, but the wait is killing me!!!

    And thanks to Avo for providing the temporary forum. I’m really looking forward to the official forum! I hope it is finally made available to us as the first batch of Adam tablets are shipped out. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks again Rohan! We really appreciate all the time you have sacrificed to keep us informed, etc. Have fun at CES! We’ll be watching all the tech sites for coverage and news on the Adam, and this blog too in case you find time for some updates…

  20. TY Rohan it was very kind of you to post this. The browser was very quick even while playing flash. Loaded nicely. I can’t wait! Keep us informed on how we can follow you properly from CES.

  21. Thanks for you inputs Karen. It was a sudden thought that came to my mind and I felt I should express it here.

    As a user, if I am having a trouble with any product (this will happen once Adam is shipped), first thing I would do is to go to the official website and search the information there. I don’t know but having something official makes sense to me.

  22. Probably caching issue with wordpress. It is not even visible in the right side recent posts section. (happened earlier as well)

  23. Rohan as everyone knows by now you and the NI team and ‘addicts” are kicking the big A–. You are the big GUN at CES this year and may that be the case for many years to come. Take no prisoners , will be tuning into Slashgear for a hands on.

  24. +1, Agree. I have already made a request to Rohan for the same in my comments above. Good to know that you also feel the same regarding the official forum.

  25. I’m sure there will be a great user manual, Q+A and there will always be a customer support service, i guess.
    They will probably lead you straight to the answers you will be looking for, without havong to read all unstructured comments here. Maybe even a forum place on different subjects in relation to Adam and it’s contents/apps?

    I mean to say, I’m a bit afraid there will be a continuence of a bog with comments like this (how it has become nowadays). Hard for new comers to find their way to info, to find answers here.

  26. I hope Slashgear, Android Police et al will do all that πŸ™‚ Eagerly waiting for CES!

  27. Hmm, so no panels in portrait mode. Hopefully they will come up with something (like 2 panels may be) in Eden version-2. Portrait looks just as smooth and intuitive.

    Also, for the first time I am able to view flash content in my iPhone lolz.

  28. The post is still not available through wordpress. I am able to access this only trough email subscription I received. Looks like he mistakenly published and moved it to draft again for further editing.

  29. This is what i wanted to see for long time. Just perfect.
    Happy new year to all of you.

  30. Same problem here. Looks like it will take sometime for WordPress to replicate it to all their servers.

  31. I assume Rohan might continue to communicate announcements and other things to us and the world through this blog…

    But when the official Notion Ink forum is available we will want to shift our communications there because a forum has so much more to offer than blog comments.

    And knowing what we do about Rohan (he reads the comments here and responds to a lot of them), I bet he will be an active participant on the official forum!

    With that said, I hope to be able to use the official Notion Ink forum soon!!! πŸ˜‰

  32. +1 Greg, An official forum with video upload segment where we can host our unboxing Adam video.

  33. I have an unrelated question… Maybe someone who has used ebook/pdf readers on Android might have some info.

    On a PC, you move from page to page in a pdf file by scrolling up and down (vertically). I’m pretty sure I have seen an ebook reader on iPad scroll pages of some pdf files left and right (horizontally), which is more like the way we turn pages of a book.

    Does anyone know or think we will be able to move from page to page of a pdf file by scrolling left and right (horizontally) on the Adam using the readers it comes with or some 3rd party reader?

    Thanks in advance for your replies!

  34. Surprise video… good to see the portrait mode

    All the best for CES


  35. You mean to result in something like this, flipping the down corners of each page?

  36. Till now whatever Rohan has shown us is pretty basic applications of Adam, he kept the best thing for CES. Iam wondering about Image viewer, Video player, music player, Ebook reader, Comic, Bonus mystery feature, VOIP, games and so many still are kept secret. we have many reasons to be happy and we will see at CES how innovative and amazing fast these application are.
    Tablets will steal the CES 2011 and we dont have to guess who is best. Guys get ready coz Adam will keep on mesmerize us.

  37. And you might end up being a well deserved moderator there :).

    By looking at your contributions to this community and excitement, I am quite sure that you will know every bits and pieces of Adam within a week you get the delivery of your much awaited PQI Adam πŸ™‚

  38. By loooking at the screenshot posted by Rohan couple of days back (the one which has two pages from PDF file visible on the screen) , I think Adam has horizontal scroll available in the reader app.

  39. We all together can buildup a official Notion Ink forum if rohan want. we will love to do that. what do you say greg?

  40. I am all yes to your proposal. I have got experience in setting up forums too πŸ™‚

  41. Not necessarily having to do the animated page flips with the corners curling as the page is turned… Just turn/scroll pages of a pdf from side to side rather than up and down.

  42. Yup, there will be preorder 2 as stated by Rohan. I am also waiting for the same πŸ™‚

  43. Look at at this older video to see what I mean…


    When they scroll pages of the magazine at about 40 seconds into the video, they do it side to side rather than having to scroll up and down. I’m hoping pfd files can be scrolled the same way and not be forced to scroll up and down like we have to do on a PC.

  44. Surely. I hope every body over here who couldnt preorder will get a 1st preference in the next pre order and Rohan did said he will look after this.

  45. Very nice. If I get it right, portrait mode is supported in apps (and desktop maybe?) only, not in the Leaves. For me it’s ok πŸ™‚

  46. This will be something crazy stuff iam thinking to do for Adam. That will be my 1st too, it would be great to host in our official forum.

  47. Wow nice to see Potrate mode Waiting for CES announcement to see some more hidden features like the ebook reader, announcements for 3rd party apps and release of SDK

  48. @Greg
    Have you tried using the left and right keyboard arrows to move between pages when viewing a pdf on the computer? That has always worked for me.

    With all of the thought and effort that has gone into developing ergonomic and intuitive apps, it would not surprise me to find just that kind of functionality.

    Though, none of the current android pdf readers that I’ve tried so far allow anything like this (unless you count on screen buttons).

    Looking forward to PO2 (I only have MC, and pQi was sold out by the time I got a hold of the cuter half’s VISA).

  49. I agree with a forum for Adam users after we all get ours.

    It can be the official Notion Ink, an unofficial one (Notion Addicts, etx.) as long as it is not WordPress.

  50. Greg,
    I seem to remember seeing an early vid of Rohan letting a blog reviewer hold the Adam and he had an ebook up in portrait mode he scrolled through the pages by swiping right to left.
    See vid below

  51. Absolutely unexpected. What a pleasant surprise to celebrate the 1st day of 2011!

    In Japan, there is a custom of giving “o-toshidama” ( cash ) to kids. This is like O-toshidama from Rohan. Thank you.

    Have a safe trip to CES and have a good time that you and your team so deserve.

  52. Greg, There was also a video of Rohan describing how to turn pages by just “shaking” the adam from side to side. Along with describing other gestures.

    Still would like to see how fast adam reorients the display when turning it. I know that on my Android phone some apps are better than others at recognizing the phone has been turned and the time it takes to redraw the screen.

    The video would have been “better” if it was a shot of the adam being in portrait so we could watch it without craning our necks. ;>

    Happy New Year to all.

  53. I’m certain that this is a little off topic, but I was just over at I couldn’t find notion ink registered as an exibitor.

    Does anyone else know anything about this?

  54. Rohan and notion ink programmers: the information that you see on the tabs can be configured?, I am one of those people who open many tabs at once and the videos that show you the tabs don’t display the entire page title, in my case many tabs are almost the same title and only differ at the end of the title, can you set it to display in different ways and the user can choose what you want? showing the full title or change the order of the tab name (eg “Youtube – Unbox my adam”or “Unbox my adam – Youtube).

    If you don’t have time to do it before the first shipment, you can make a future upgrade with this configuration?

    Enjoy in Las Vegas and close the mouths of all who didn’t believe in you πŸ˜‰

  55. A little bummed that we finally get a portrait mode video and it doesn’t cover panels(“leaves”) or how the screen looks(most of the non-IPS screens I’ve seen seem to wash out a little in portrait mode).

    Thanks for the vid though, at least shows the browser is capable of portrait. πŸ™‚

  56. I suspect we will be uploading our personal videos to youtube and then linking or embedding them in the forum (or other places).

  57. .
    Maybe that’s a problem, this vids are too fast and I have to pause to read the subs :/

  58. I have a special unboxing video planned… πŸ˜‰

    I will put it on (and link to it in the official forum if its available before I get my Adam.

    Also, on a side note. I asked pre-order support if the estimated shipping date reflected when the Adam will ship or when it will arrive at our homes. Unfortunately it is the date of when it will ship. So we will have to wait a few additional days for it to show up at our door.

  59. For any of you who may not have seen or tried it yet:


    Rohan is right… Avo and his team of moderators are doing an excellent job with the un-official forum. It’s a lot less chaotic than wordpress, πŸ™‚

  60. @Rahim

    Thanks for the kind words.


    I think it is everyone’s combined contributions that has made this blog community so great!

    Rohan will be making an official Notion Ink forum available soon (as part of, and integrated with the official website). So we do not need to create one ourselves.

    But we all can help make the official forum great by being active on the forum and offering help to other forum participants when we are able to.

  61. Yep, ebooks (like epub files) change pages by swiping left and right, I hope .pdf pages can be handled the same way…

    I have a few childrens books that are not available as ebooks. I want to scan them and save them as .pdf files (for personal use only, not to distribute to anyone else) for my two year old daughter to look at on the Adam. She has Down syndrome and I think it will be more intuitive for her to change pages left to right, just like she does with the hard copy versions of the books…

  62. There are several videos showing older versions of the Adam going from portrait to landscape, etc. It works as well or better than all the other tablets.

    In my mind, the only real question concerning portrait vs. landscape orientation is how the panels (leaves) are handles in portrait orientation. We have not seen that yet.

    There are only a few days until CES. If we don’t see it by then, I’ll be sure to show it in a video on my blog ( as soon as I have my Adam, which will be shipping January 9.

  63. Thats what i dont want to. It would be nice if we get our official forum for this. can you disclose some ideas for unboxing?

  64. Awesome stuff Rohan. Didn’t expect a video today. Appreciated.
    Portrait mode for the browser looks pretty sweet.
    Best of luck at CES and will be following closely.
    Knoc em out of the park!


  65. I think you might even record the DHL guy.hehehe.. any way my shipping is on 15th-23rd. so i will be watching yours and dreaming mine to arrive.

  66. 2011, the year adam crisscrosses the continents. It’s time Hollywood and Bollywood got together and came out with Encino Man Pt ll – leaves and all.
    Well done, NI.

  67. Youtube does a great job for video hosting. So as long as we can embed them in forum posts it is a win/win situation.

    The performance will be great and Notion Ink does not have to deal with the hosting space and bandwidth required for our videos. Even Rohan uses youtube for the videos on this blog.

    And it will provide great exposure for our videos because a lot of people that might not know about the Notion Ink forum can still go to youtube and search for Notion Ink or Adam and will find the videos…

    Anyway, it might be more convenient for us to be able to upload videos directly to the forum, but I think hosting them on youtube is better. But that is just my opinion.

    I’m going to have to do a “Rohan” in regard to your question about what I have planned for the unboxing video… I’ll just give you a πŸ˜‰ for now, and tell you that you will find out soon!

  68. @cosmic
    I cannot imagine how “leaves” in portrait mode on the adam screen would add value. Any suggestions?

  69. Creating a channel in youtube where few of us can host our videos. How does that sound?

  70. Its mostly been a question that has been asked quite a few times in the past. Some think the panels go into “landscape mode” when adam is in portrait, some think they stay in portrait mode and just look very stretched, and others think the eden ui may just not be able to go into portrait mode and display the panels. That is the reason I had hoped to see it in action and get it cleared up.

  71. Should be interesting to find out capabilities of panels (if any) in portrait mode, as well as functionalities of multiple instance of applications.


  72. My theory is – if you turn the Adam portrait, the leaves probably become full-screen.

    Here is why I think this way:

    Adam resolution – 1024 x 600.
    Each “leaf” consumes approximately 1024/3 = 341 pixels horizontally and 600 pixels vertically.

    In vertical mode, a leaf would need to be stretched to consume 1024 pixels vertically. If we stretch a leaf by the same proportion, we would get the following:

    341 * (1024/600) = 581

    In other words, a leaf that has been expanded into portrait mode would consumer 1024/581.

    This is only a rough estimate, the point is that each leaf can be expanded into portrait mode in a 1:1 ratio.

    ON JUNE 5 2009 -Ideas dont
    care in whose mind they are
    gonna land. If not India, then
    May be we are on the course of
    making a history here. This is
    something never has been done
    by any Indian Company nor by
    any Indian. More than being
    personal ambition its a matter of
    national pride for us. Something
    which will stop the world say we
    are best at call centers and for
    maintaining web-sites, a 3rd end
    solution. We will make the world
    stand on its feet and give us the
    standing ovation we rightly
    deserve even for our ideas which
    have already changed the world,
    right from the zero to the
    concept of OOPs in computer
    When we pray, we only ask for
    one thing, β€˜Make Our Faiths
    We r with you brother!!

  74. So excited!! One more week to go till it gets shipped. πŸ™‚

    Thanks notionink team and rohan.

  75. Viva Las Vegas with Elvis. Thanks for posting a lovely and lively clip. Amazingly enacted and produced at a time when digital was hardly around.
    I believe the last roll of Kodachrome was used and developed in December 2010.
    The human spirit endures through all kinds of change.

  76. @John Johnson
    My view differs.

    All modern software, even from established players, is known to have bugs and inefficiencies when first launched. Consider “vista”. Then consider the number of open forums where support for the adam is already developing in these couple of months. This itself will provide tremendous support to users – and also extremely quick fixes to any issues that will be discovered.

    As for customer service, it will come, with the revenues being generated, the expanding interest in this product, the willingness of the investors and management to make customer service a TOP priority – already expressed by Rohan, a few weeks ago.

    They had their priorities right in developing a great product – as their first step.

  77. I fall more and more in love with the adam after each post.
    I am wondering about one thing concerning the leaves though.

    is it possible to for the user to determine the order in which the leaves are displayed , or is it determined by the order the processes are started in?
    it would be great if you could group leaves , so that you can choose combinations of leaves to be displayed on screen at the same time.

    oh and a belated happy new year to everyone

  78. that means your video wont be there just in time for the second preorder window. i am sitting on the fence and my gravity is switching back and forth btw pqi and lcd side. my latest mind is forcing me to be on the pqi side, as 90% of time i am only going to browse contents and lcd hurts!!

  79. Someone showed leaves in portrait mode yesterday. You may wanna go and look at it.

  80. I was pretty much thinking the same thing… The panels (leaves) are probably only available in landscape mode. I guess we’ll know for sure in a few days.

  81. Rohan, can you pls let us know the other memory variants and the price for those variants before the next pre-order starts? this will avoid any last minute surprises πŸ™‚

  82. @PK,

    I’m not sure when the 2nd pre-order window will be, but my Adam will ship on Jan 9 and I will post an unboxing and other videos asap. Keep and eye on…

    I also flip flopped between PC and LCD over an over. But I think I will be very happy with PQ Adam.

    My advice is if you are sitting on the fence and still undecided when the PQ comes available, you might consider buying the PQ as they will be harder to get.

    If you later decide you would prefer LCD, odds are you can sell your PQ and buy and LCD a lot easier than the other way around…

    For example, this guys’ PQ Adam on ebay is up to $820…


    It will be interesting to see how how high the bids climb just before the auction ends. If there is a short supply after the world learns about the Adam, a lot more people will be trying to buy them and they will sell for even more.

    But I equate putting your Adam up for bid the same as selling your kids. I could never do it! LOL

  83. You’re not mentioning Vista as a successful launch, are you? Vista was a disaster from beginning to end. The only reason Microsoft was able to recover was that they had upteen billions to throw at recovering fast by quickly pushing out an update (Windows 7) and marketing the heck out of it.

    I agree that if NotionInk doesn’t bring in a team with actual customer service experience, they are probably not gonna make it. My perception is that Rohan and company are terrific engineers and are sort of bothered that they have to do anything but that. They really need to turn things over to a COO with experience at an Amazon, Dell or HP type place.

    That said, I do think the engineering and software looks pretty damn cool, and I’m very much looking forward to my PixelQ machine.

  84. I guess the most important demo left out is Pixel Qi at work. Hope that is coming soon! Also I’d like to know the temp of the tab after a few hours of continuous video operation. If it can handle a Hindi movie, during an Indian summer in the city it was born (Hyderabad), yes, it is time we take our Personal Computers out of our homes.

  85. The more I see from you guys, the more I am falling in love with this machine!!
    Cant wait for Pre-order #2!!

  86. One issue with reading pdfs (on readers that don’t re-flow text) is that you have to scroll (at least) down to read the whole page. Due to this functionality horizontal page flipping seems less intuitive, unless you wanted to flip the page before viewing the current one?

  87. What’s the total price you guys paid for pixel Qi 3G version including device cost shipping taxes (including US import tax ). Please let me know so that I will have the funds set aside for it please.

  88. For those who assume the leaves are not available in portrait mode, just hold on for the CES official video release. Rohan clearly mentioned the browser view in portrait mode. so this is just a broser. i suspect there shld be leaves on portrait mode also. if my guess is right, the leaves wld go to landscape mode if you turn the adam to portrait mode. lets wait before reaching a conclusion πŸ™‚ Happy New Year!!

  89. From Notionaddicts:”By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening”

    I think most that hand out over here think that Adam is sexy and therefore unable to join the other forum. Not to mention some who harbour some hateful feelings because they could not preorder πŸ™‚

    What is holding me back is that I have to register and login to a site that does not respect my privacy (no https, encrypted, registration and login pages so everyone around can see my password and email address).

  90. I think that the Panel is not supported in the Portrait mode. But looking through the video, u can see the notionaddicts home page containing different articles. Each article is a rectangular box separated by black blocks. This made me think, why not have a similar approach to tabs in portrait mode. Display the list of opened tabs like the 3 panel approach with each page in a panel but with may be with 5 panels at a time . This way we can browse to the tabbed page easily instead of the way its done in the video. I think this will be a very useful feature

  91. I always like to think that Vista was just a way for microsoft to make money, it was a unfinished product which was no good. It was like a windows 7 beta for Microsoft, only difference being people payed money for it. Once they saw all the problems, the difficulties they released windows 7 which is how Windows Vista should have been in the First place.

    But at least people at NI are trying to have a good software hardware system to begin with, unlike a lot of other tablets in the Market. I don know whether they will make it or not, but they have put in a lot of effort and time into their products to make them better and that for me is a refreshing change. As with any product, there are bound to be bugs, but i don mind bearing with it. This is just a beginning, and i hope i see a lot more from this company.

    Just waiting for my LCD Version πŸ™‚ Hope 2nd Preorder begins soon, so that i can order a PQ Screen version πŸ™‚

  92. Now that we are very close to getting our adam… I am thinking of the next steps to perform…

    Since this is a android platform… One question is how are we going to achieve printing capabilities on this device…

    There are a couple of software like printershare as well as send2printer… but most of these are pricey… @ $9-10 per device….

    we are kind of used to having this as a part of the operating system level….

    is there any open source development on the android platform going on… either via cups / avahi / bonjour or ipp (internet protocol printing) ?

  93. @NoelDickover

    Yes, Vista = disaster.

    NotionInk’s commitment to improving customer service must include the hiring of top talent to do so quickly. The competition’s expertise in excellent customer service and it’s marketing skill are well proven. These could prove to be significant threats to NI in any SWOT analysis.

    (Maybe a double post – Issues with use of WordPress – sorry)

  94. I share your concern, but for different reasons. Technology history is full of examples of better products, hardware and software, that lost out to a second rated product. The classic example is VHS vs Beta. An arguable software example is Word vs. WordPerfect. The circa 1983 Commodore Lorraine Amiga vs anything. (I’m showing my age here.)

    Point is, being a uber-product doesn’t guarantee success. I’m confident Rohan and his team have considered matters of management, marketing, customer service and the myriad of other things that determine whether a great product is the standard by which all others are measured, or an also ran that tripped up and fell into the dust.

    My money already has been spent expressing my confidence that Adam will be the standard.

  95. you can configure the order of the leaves from the launcher by dragging the icons. This is demonstrated in the previous video.

  96. @little al

    “All modern software, even from established players, is known to have bugs and inefficiencies when first launched”

    Agree! I was thinking about MS XP, Vista…

    But if you were Windows fan it didn’t matter because you liked the concept.

  97. Agree.

    The concept behind Eden will become standard. The reason why is that it is so far ahead of the other competitor. And it will take time for them to mimic Eden.

  98. it’s good idea for this blog to persist… there’s an esprit here that we would lose by migrating wherever… this has been privileged channel

    i expect tons of WOWs! at CES

  99. @Chip

    Agreed. That is why it is named “ADAM”. It could easily be banished from Eden by today’s competition πŸ™‚

  100. @Greg

    Dont take this wrong..but please dont reveal too much personal details.

    I mean especially about your daughter.

    *am a doctor/surgeon…and I understand a little more*

  101. It matters because putting the leaves in landscape while the device is in portrait would allow the user to run apps that have no full screen option in landscape mode. Without this option, any app that isn’t built to take advantage of the full resolution is confined to portrait mode only.

  102. The nice part I like about Notion Ink is that amount of time they have spent on the hardware design… and further keeping it as open as possible…

    – Great Hardware
    – Very good EAP1 & EAP2 bases where the core NI team is spending a lot of time and effort in trying to differentiate their product.
    – Creating their own market, as well as potentially supporting Good Market Place and not stopping a developer to create their own software, with just a link to a .APK file somewhere on the internet
    – Open access to SDK (if not source code)
    – Removing NI’s responsibility from OS variants like ubuntu (removing warranty) and protecting the company, but at the same time not denigrating such efforts… unlike apple, NI will not go out of the way to stop rooting & hacking…

    In fact NI knows its Achilles’ Hell (pun intended) very well… It knows it is small… It rightly chose the right operating system, the right hardware… is spending hours in User Interface (which is the core of the team, rather than a development of the tech support department)

    It even lost time & its previous management, which were hunkering for a windows 7 implementation, not knowing (at that time) that microsoft itself is writing a new software around its mobile division

    Great going Notion Ink… and you will have one bunch of avid users…

    It is very very hard for idealistic companies to survive the real world… I wish you the very best and you will be an inspiration for people who can dream but cannot convert !!

  103. l scroll PDFs’ on my PC side to side. Scrolling up or down only adjusts the PDFs

  104. Vote this issue up (it’s Google’s official suggestion box) so we can get open access to the android market on all android devices. “”

  105. @elmelao
    Thanks, loved it.

    Like the adam, Elvis was one of the first multitasking singer/performers.
    My dad loved this one of his:

  106. @all

    for the first time in my life , i feel being part of something which is gonna make the world say “WOW”.Thank you so much Rohan @NI team and all the people here for making this to happen. i always felt that i missed the pleasure of being part of “70’s or 80’s ” computer revolution when i read the history . πŸ™‚ but now i think “History is gonnna repeat again ” .

    as i know rohan is reading the comments , i wanna tell you that please let this magic continue and i dont want to see some big 800 pound gorilla trying to take over .really.

    i was reading a book “Innovation Happens Elsewhere” that expalined a lot πŸ™‚ how/why you young folks are able to innovate.

    Rock on . Gook luck for CES .

  107. +10
    Yep. WOW galore.
    I’m sure NI is working on Eve/Adam 2 already. The plan must be on the table. So, I bet by March, at the latest, Eve will bring the excitement back to this blog. In between now and then, CES, the second preorder, and a few other things, Rohan will come back and keep this blog alive.

  108. @bruce,

    I’m not offended or anything. Though I’m not sure I understand exactly what you mean either…

    I’ve never thought I needed to keep having a daughter with Down syndrome a secret, or be any more private about her than I would any of my other kids.

    And I’m not sure how being a doctor/surgeon would be relevant either.

    Oh well, whatever you were trying to convey, I’m sure you simply meant it as friendly advice. So thanks…

  109. Rohan,

    The following is an extract from an email I received from the Notion Ink Support Team in regards to changing my shipping address:

    β€œWe can not confirm right now if our Shipping partners are going to be DHL at the moment.”

    Being two weeks from Jan 15th and 7 days from Jan 9th…can I get the real deal on who will be shipping the adam? Even the EAP guy got his adam via DHL….

  110. I got a feeling that Rohan might have sth else in addition to Adam to drop on CES, maybe another prototype of sth? After all, the CES trade show is aiming at the trend market, some new tech, new product, new concept looking for potential partners, investors, buyers, etc. If indeed, especially Eve has already been on the map, CES will be such a great platform to reach out. Just a guess…

  111. @Greg,

    I’ve been glad to read the few comments you’ve made about uses of Adam for your daughter. I hope, someday when I’m lucky enough to get an Adam, to share one with a cousin’s daughter and her friends. They’re in their late twenties, and have a variety of learning challenges I think would respond so well to a device like this. Thank you for sharing with our family.

  112. The following is an extract from an email I received from the Notion Ink Support Team in regards to charging my shipping address:

    β€œWe can not confirm right now if our Shipping partners are going to be DHL at the moment.”


  113. Just as a side note, a friend of mine just rooted his nook color and it has access to the google marketplace. He said angry birds looks amazing, but many other marketplace apps do not scale well for the device. Hoping this is not the case with the Adam…

    The nook does have a really nice IPS screen like the Ipad and access to the marketplace is cool, but it feels a bit too much like a hacked and unrefined interface at this point. The version my friend had only had eclair 2.1 installed so flash sites did not work properly, but future bios flashes may remedy this.

    An interesting little unit overall though. Fairly responsive for the short amount of time we played with it and at $250 seemed like it was at least a better deal then the archos or viewsonic… just takes some time and effort to root them. Plus I think it may void the system warranty… a bit dangerous.

  114. Idk if they’d have to be taken over by a more established company but it certainly wouldn’t hurt(assuming the company leaves the product alone and controls more of the customer service aspect).

    As long as they can have good quality hardware delivered(read: few-no factory defects) and are open to outside OS customizations(rooting and possibly working with xda and others) then the software aspect won’t be too big of a deal. Good clean software at the start would be a plus but wouldn’t be a nail in the coffin. Just look at the Viewsonic G-tablet. The specs are pretty good and the pricepoint was lowered to a point where it was reasonable but the original software was pure garbage that had many returning it. In steps xda(and others, sry xda is just the one off the top off my head) rooting it and the thing runs like a champ and the product survives. (The G-tablet did have a certain wave that had a lot of factory defects but the retailers(I think Staples, not sure) handled it, a luxury NI doesn’t have at the moment.)

  115. I think finally I got the answer to my question in the earlier posts here and in NotionInkHacks forum- “what are the functionalities of a PC that Adam will not have?”
    If I take Rohan’s statement β€œIt’s time we take our Personal Computers out of our homes!” literally, it means Adam can do better than a normal PC.


  116. I wrote the script over two months ago.
    I would bribe my kids to take two cameras. Have them zoom in and out, move one camera around the Adam, so I can get different perspectives, while the other camera is still in one place. In the mean time my wife will be narrating. So, I will edit both videos, and converge them in a split screen.. I would publish it in the official forum.
    I went and bought a red table cover during the preorder period, so it would look really cool. My kids prefer blue.

    But…since I missed the preorder, the only thing left for me is to watch you unboxing the Adam.

    Maybe after preorder 2…but by then it will not have the same effect.

  117. I will be really watching, and ready, for the preorder 2. I hope Rohan lets us know before the rest of the world!!

  118. @albert wertz
    I will try this (Androidguys live at CES):

    http: [ //www] .androidguys. [com ] /live-at-ces2011/

  119. – It loses its mobility value

    – I would like to use this device as a part of a workflow, where warehouse associates who cover over 100 acres across 15 branches… use WiFi access points to access intranets, and remotely to exit control areas…

    – My test works with iPads using AirPrint – Bonjour – Avahi – CUPS – Ricoh Printers (using the HP Printers)

    – I am looking for android IPP clients / AirPrint equivalents / IPP Everywhere etc

  120. I have also mentioned in this blog the need to develop apps (or maybe little leaves) to help a variety of people with physical, and mental challenges. I have a case in my family, and as a teacher I have been holding on to this dream that someone, somewhere, some developers will bring practical apps to meet these needs. I have become more convinced now that the Adam is the place for some of these things to happen.

  121. Well, Rohan did not say that. He limited the video to show that the Adam can be used both ways. But, I think a lot of things will be revealed at the CES. Your question might be answered there.
    At least I hope so.

  122. He didn’t register last year either, but he was there! Look for PQ! , or NVidia places.

  123. @elmelao
    What about background music? Perhaps from 2001 Space Odyssey – the part where the monolith is discovered. But Kubrick,s monolith is not based on the golden ratio – 😦

  124. In NI case, Adam and Eden can’t be separated. Adam reigns in Eden, while waiting for Eve!

  125. @raja
    For many purposes, yes.

    No photoshop CS3/CS5
    No IPS screen
    Not sure if the browser will provide security for financial transactions (banking remotely)

  126. Time will tell. I know by now that the year they took was precisely to smooth things out.
    And I think they will reveal interesting news about their partners, either at CES, or at the press conference they are planning to officially lunch Adam. This year was planned, and they saw this plan matured, and successfully may I say.
    I think the mistake of the tablets that failed was that they didn’t bring anything new to the table. Instead, they looked like they were competing with the ipad. Big mistake.
    But after a year reading Rohan’s posts I understand the Adam as something different (it’s not a tablet in the traditional way: ipad, etc.); it is more a convergence (Rohan has explained this many times). This month has brought into perspective Rohan’s vision, and plan to make reality.
    In the mean time, I will be waiting for preorder 2. And I can’t wait for the day my Adam finally arrives at my doorsteps. I will also look for Greg, and many more here, unboxing his Adam.

  127. There is a big difference between Adam and the VHS vs Beta debate. Beta required a different format, and an investment into different technology. Regardless of who you were voting for, people seemed to know that only one would survive, because you either had to buy VHS or Beta tapes.

    Adam uses proprietary software, but it is based on a hugely popular OS that is already rapidly becoming the standard. So while VHS and Beta are/were mutually exclusive, Adam will actually increase popularity for Android.

    I agree that NI will need to really step up their customer service game in order to compete once Adam is launched, but we don’t know for sure that they aren’t already preparing to do that. Customer service isn’t something that you have to do by yourself, NI could have already partnered with another company that will handle the bulk of the support. Just like with Adam’s individual features, everybody assumes Doom and Gloom if it isn’t announced and proven with a video. But Rohan has NEVER been one for full-disclosure, and I will not be surprised to hear that customer service will suddenly be handled by someone else.

  128. Would love to be part of the marketing team at this wonderful first launch opportunity of the adam at CES 2011. There will be so much competitive intelligence to be gained, re new products, marketing styles, how the companies present them, the budgets they spend on these presentations, and the freebies etc that are given out.

    And yet, despite everything, Murphy seems to be a regular part of exhibitions. I remember a European company bringing all their big screen presentations on DVD with the wrong region code. Another company was giving away free umbrellas, if you answered a few questions in their survey – and they were the most visited, as it rained continuously each day.

  129. >> I’m going to have to do a β€œRohan” … I’ll just give you a πŸ˜‰ for now
    HAHAHA, a new term has been coined.
    LOL AT THE SAME πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Perhaps the forum should have a fun-thread named “Rohan impersonation thread” whose whole purpose would be for people to post smileys into if they feel like it πŸ˜€
    Perhaps a filter could be installed to ensure the correct format. Postings may consist of any sequence of characters but need to end in a question mark. Replies however may only consist of smileys. πŸ˜€

  130. My ex asked me what I wanted for Christmas (we are still very close)…..She is upset and doesn’t understand why I would wan to wait for this instead of getting an Ipad or something else….Ahhh it feels good to know mines is in the bag as soon as its available.

  131. >> But Kubrick,s monolith is not based on the golden ratio
    true, and thanks for this wonderful example of why employing the golden ratio is not a golden rule in general: since the monolith is a phallic symbol, it would look simply laughable if it had a ratio of 1 : ~1.6 πŸ˜€

  132. Thanks Joshua. I guess these particular apps would look better ‘landscaped’ in portrait mode.

  133. Hi Greg,
    my favorite ebook reader on Android is Aldiko which just recently received a major update to version 2.0. Aldiko handles ebook formats and PDF files and pages are scrolled horizontally by default. Rohan featured Aldiko on an early prototype of ADAM but I believe support for PDF files in Aldiko wasn’t there prior to version 2.0.

  134. DonΒ΄t worry, i try to get my order details (payment, shipping address , shipping date etc.) straight with them since dec 9th and its still work in progress… lol πŸ˜‰

    At the end they get it all right , but it takes an extra bucket of patience. πŸ™‚

  135. Cant wait for the CES!!we fans REALLY want to see notion ink with adam break every selling record n become xtremely successful!thanks for giving me an opportunity to become a part of this great family.thank you!

  136. Prema,

    Thanks for the comfort. Im in Afghanistan, and we can use DHL…so that made sense to me to have it shipped to me here, rather than be shipped to the US then come to me here in Afghanistan. I still hope its DHL πŸ™‚

  137. @Edric:
    well, your calculations are based on the assumption that a portrait mode screen is supposed to show portrait mode leafs. However, as suggested by others before, the leafs could switch to landscape mode if the ADAM is in portrait mode. To my mind, this would be the most straightforward way to extent Eden’s metaphor to portrait mode. In this scenario, the leaf dimensions would stay exactly the same and the leaf apps would just need to switch their rendering from portrait to landscape mode. This is something that most Android apps provide for anyway, and it might be an even better usecase for the usefulness of Eden’s leaf arrangements as you can have three landscaped leaves on one screen. If the leaves run text oriented applications, editing or copy pasting among them might be even better if the ADAM is in portrait mode because the text in form fields is then less likely to be cropped etc..

    This being said, I don’t believe that Notion Ink has added support for this in Eden yet, but I hope they will.

  138. Hi Greg,
    just a question out of curiousity: why would it be better to give her an ebook instead of a paper book?
    Kids’ books made especially for eraeding can have sound and movement on a page, that’s fun. My best friends daughter likes that, and the special materials used on pages, to experience the touch of things.
    But why scan paper books?

  139. CES is from 6th untill 9th.
    We don’t know if NI will reveal Adam straight at the first day, do we?

  140. @Joshua
    That’s a good point you make about Chip’s VHS vs Beta war. Adam, together with Android, will be a formidable foe to non-Android tablets. Its’ battle would likely be within the Android realm – with the likes of the Galaxy. However, with its’ Eden, adam seems to have taken a quantum leap.

    As regards customer service, wouldn’t it be encouraging if NI was in a position to outsource to the likes of APAC Customer Services Inc based in the US? I am not trying to be facetious. In my mind, the kind of customer service NI needs, is with Customer Service infrastructure and policies, rather than Customer Service operations and execution.

  141. just on an entertaining note:
    there is no mention of Adam eating an apple in the bible, just of a ‘forbidden fruit’ or ‘evil fruit’.
    Since the Latin words for ‘apple’ and ‘evil’ are almost identical, the original biblical meaning got misinterpreted by some readers – perhaps even deliberately – who at the same time happened to be Renessaince painters, thus ending up with paintings of Adam eating an apple.

    Moreover, ‘apple’ used to be a term for foreign fruits in general and the actual apple fruit didn’t exist at the time when Genesis was first cast into written form.

  142. Its great, i can not wait to order an ADAM. Hopefully you can pay with PayPal or MasterCard.

  143. @Swapan
    Would be nice to take it out to the parks and campsites during the northern summers. But for us Canadians, we’re going to need a lot of assurance that it can weather more than 10 minutes outdoors during a Canadian winter. Hopefully users will share their experience on this blog and once we have our adams and use them outdoors.

    Unboxing a newly delivered adam in January (in Toronto or Montreal) might require some patience till it reaches room temperature in its delivery package. This, so condensation doesn’t form on its’ lens or other sensitive parts.

  144. Hi again, is there any news on the FCC certification? It’s been over 5 weeks (from 24 Nov, 2010) now since Adam was submitted to them.

  145. Greg, what is so great about an official forum, as opposed to an independant one? I know Rohan announced one, but I’m not even sure it’s wise for a commercial company (when people are paying for the device, some begin to behave outrageously, as we saw here in December!). Personnally I would much prefer NI to use their time and expertise selling and improving the Adam, keeping customer care to its core, and let the community take care of themselves (and if some NI people can contribute as well, that’s even better of course – we could call them Angels!).

    Back in 1987 I bought the (non-profit) OLPC XO through their Give1Get1 program. I found the official forum less helpful than an independant one, OLPC News… An independant source might occasionnely be critical, but that’s good and Rohan has shown that NI can stand it!

    For Notion Ink and Adam, we already have two great tools which are built by the community, for the community: the Global Distribution Map where all Adam users are invited to put themselves “” and the Wiki FAQ website which aims to be an exhaustive and systematic repository of all things NI and Adam “”. And NotionAddicts is not doing badly as an independant forum, i.e. with the import taxes by country…

  146. Goodluck for CES. I am waiting for announcement for second phase of pre-orders. And happy new year too πŸ™‚

  147. I asked the authorities in my country (Macedonia) and I was told that if I order this kind of device I need to pay tax and customs fare for it (because it comes wit DHL everything is monitored and checked)… Additional expenses that I didn’t know about… I will try to avoid this if possible so I’m asking: Does anyone knows if it is needed to pay additional money for taxes and/or customs in Switzerland (or where else). If it’s somehow tax free, I will order ADAM to an address in Switzerland, and get it from there when I travel the next time.

  148. I usually don’t visit crunchgear for obvious reasons but did do that today, just out of curiosity, to see what the three geniuses (Biggs, Matt and David) were saying after the video releases.
    I am surprised to read Matt H, who often goes on racist rants about Rohan and NI, had this to say, “Yes I will say it: Awesome. It appears I will be very wrong about the Notion Ink.” That was in reference to the GPS video.
    I am sure Adam will convince a lot of skeptics with its awesomeness! I am, however, still very concerned about the the customer service and tech support that people will be focusing on. Most of the ordinary customers not only prefer to buy in a store, but would definitely want good customer service. NI needs to make specific announcements to reassure the customer base. After CES, any negative comments from tech blogs about Adam will be directed at 1). 8gb of internal storage and 2). Customer and tech support. I hope Rohan will come to CES well prepared to address these issues.
    Good Luck, Rohan and NI!!

  149. I too, am really interested in the e-readers capabilities. They tried to use e-readers in some college classrooms, but found that the slow response time for book navigation and the inability to quickly flip back and forth between different sections of the text made the use of e-readers impractical. Amazon’s system for note-taking and highlighting is okay, but again, impractical in most educational settings. I’m interested to see what the software will offer on adam. It has incredible potential.

  150. There is a thread on this at “”.

    Switzerland is not up there yet but there are some others. Also, you could check out “”

  151. May not be that trivial. How do you scroll down a browser, when the adam is in portrait mode? A finger swiping up? Then how do you scroll through the leaves?

    May be it is just my confusion.

  152. @Scott

    what is your problem ? you become an oracle and predict the future ? do you know everything thats gonna happen after CES? take a break and find a life for yourself.
    are you SAYING THIS IS WHAT IS GOINT TO HAPPEN? try it in home first and see .

  153. Rohan and NI — Happy New Year. Thanks for our new year gift. All the very best for CES.

  154. no, it is good thinking. But there are certainly ways around it. For example, Eden already requires that you activate a leaf by tapping on it before it accepts input. Otherwise the whole thing wouldn’t be working in ADAM’s landscape mode either as there are apps which need horizontal swypes as well as vertical ones.

    So, in portrait mode, a vertical swype could scroll the leaves. Only after tapping inside a leaf and then vertically swyping inside of it, the gesture would belong to the app. In order to scroll the leaves again after a leaf has been activated, you would just need to start a swype gesture outside of the leaf region.

  155. As camera is autofocus, there must be an OCR like application. Many phone have Business card reader. I hope that should not be an mystry feature !

  156. cmon, let the guy live. All he does is being skeptical which is his good right just as you may be optimistic.
    I myself wish NotionInk all the success in the world and I will keep wishing them well and have been a fan of theirs for months all always will be – BUT I also see that there is lots of stuff that appears to be wrong or at least weird about their current software solution at this point and there IS a considerably big chance that this might dwarf ADAMs sales at least for as long as Honeycomb isn’t out and even then it is doubtful whether NotionInk will take the right measures at all and in time. NotionInk is not yet out of the woods – unfortunately so. I hate that fact as much as you might do, but there’s really no point in trying to censure people who feel the need to express their skepticism and criticism.

  157. Do u guys know NOTION INK ATOM is LAUNCHING its tablet pc in CES this year?And its a small company from ISRAEL!?! Hahahahahahahahahaha
    according to an
    hahahahaha i cant stop laughing!the writer seemed an apple fanboy though.

  158. @wtff

    hmmm . okay .i would have agreed to you , if i had not read the below lines
    ” After CES, even those numbers will be smaller. We’re a few days away from getting better products from companies that can actually produce them.”

    this is not juts opinion or criticism or skepticism . its is called big mouth.

    anyway adam will speak for itself . long live adam .

  159. @Karen,

    Well, it’s not that I think ebooks are better than paper books. But the same benefits of convenience still apply to her that apply to you and I. When we are out somewhere and don’t have the paper books with us, she can view the books on the Adam.

    And like you said, some of those interactive book apps are very good for kids. I hope to get some of those for my kids to use on the Adam too.

    So the reason I plan to scan a few books are because the books are only available in hard copy, yet I’d like to have them available on the Adam when we don’t have the hard copy books with us. πŸ˜‰

  160. @wtff,

    Thanks so much. I’ll be sure to check Aldiko out. I hope it works in full screen on the Adam. It might as there web page shows it on the Samsung Galaxy Tab…

  161. Thanks Cathy.

    I think the Adam will be great for her as well as everyone else in our family. She is just like our other kids; very fascinated by electronic gadgets. There have been many times when she has been fussy and one of my boys will give her his iPod Touch to draw on using a simple finger painting app or to watch a cartoon on and she loves it. Eventually there may be apps for kids comparable to the Leapfrog and other learning toys that will be used to help kids learn to read, etc (or who knows, maybe there already are those types of apps).

    We are very fortunate that she does not have any health issues, impairments, or physical handicaps. She is behind other children her age in development, but on target or ahead of target in comparison to a lot of other kids with Ds her age. I think the Adam will help with her development since it will be something she will be fascinated by.

    Anyway, I think she is going to love the Adam with its larger screen (compared to the iPod Touch) for drawing, watching videos, playing simple games, looking at books, and quite possibly so much more.

  162. there’s a big chance that it will work in full screen. The video Phil posted above shows Aldiko version 1.x running in fullscreen mode on the ADAM prototype. The page turning looks pretty much the same in version 2. I wish they’ll add an IPAD-like animation to it though. πŸ˜‰

  163. Hmmmmm I guess as long as I get it fast and in good condition when it arrives, I don’t care who delivers it.

  164. I thought people would stop being sceptical and Adam bashing after seeing these videos. But pessimists would stay pessimists. One can be critical, but must pause sometime to appreciate the goodness as you see evidence of something out of ordinary is clearly visible, glaringly visible. Grow up guys!

    Good luck NI. Have a blast in CES-2011. Bring home all the laurels that Adam so righfully deserves.

  165. @Biswajit

    You have a point here I think. Rohan it seems has only demoed a handful of apps (Calender, Browser, Sniffer, Calculator, Weather, E’maild, Canvas, Twitter, Facebook, Mireo). As you rightly pointed out , there are a few apps he has left out so that he could show them in CES 2011 to wow the audience. Overall adam is a device which people would like to use majority of the time. It is one device that does all. I don’t think there is any device that is similar to adam, that does all.

  166. And Adam will always be around πŸ˜‰

    A tablet can also help her in developing speech, i guess (combining picture-word-word spoken).
    And I hope there will be a app making sounds and music!

  167. Hey Greg.. I t was really nice to listen to your thoughts about adam’s uses in case of your daughter. Best of luck and I hope you will be sharing more as and when you receive adam and how you are using it more productively with your daughter. Best of Luck. And I hope you must be ready with lots of ideas about the videos that your are going to post as soon as you recieve adam ( i am not expecting only hands on video from you πŸ™‚ )

  168. @Francois Brutsch

    A couple thoughts…

    A forum will be what the participants make it, whether hosted officially by the company or by an independent. Either can be successful or fail for many reasons. Hopefully moderators will help steer the forum in the right direction so that it becomes a valuable asset to everyone.

    At this point I can’t tell you why an official forum will be better, only time will tell. We will have to wait and see if it has more to offer then the other forums.

    But I know I do not have time to keep up with this blog and all the forums that have been created. So I have stuck with this blog for now.

    I assume that once the official forum is created that Rohan will be active on it as well as others working at Notion Ink. I think it will be integrated as part of So we might have a single sign on for the forum, Genesis, customer support requests, etc. If it is implemented well, that could be a real good thing.

    Notion Ink has been committing its time to Adam, Eden, etc. That is why we do not have the forum yet. It keeps getting put on the back burner so they can focus on more important things (like to move to Android 2.3 right now). But I anticipate them having enough resources at NI to focus on Adam development as well as their website and forum some time soon.

    I think the forum will be (or at least should be) an important part of the Notion Ink ecosystem as a whole, and a core component of customer care.

    Anyway, I plan to wait and see what the official forum has to offer before deciding which is better. Though I think the official forum will be the way to go and I plan on transitioning from this blog to the official forum rather than a 3rd party forum. I anticipate most other people will do that too. That is for them to decide and some will have more time than me and might participate in more than one forum.

    PS: I wish I had more time for all the forums. I’m grateful to Avo for creating and I actually have moderator privileges on that forum, but have not been able to spend much time there. Lucking he has several other moderators too and has not needed my help. If he did I would “make” more time to help him out.

  169. I agree in your point NI will get this one chance, and IMHO the site should be complete and easy going for all newly interested after launch at CES.
    Newly intersted shouldn’t be going through pages and pages of the blog.
    Everything, and in mean everything, worth knowing should be gathered and centralised on this official site:
    – ‘Software’ and ‘Genesis’ part up and running
    – about the promise for Honeycumb
    – about PQ and a link to the manufacturor
    – about Eden
    – about service centres and contsact info
    – list of link about NI and Adam in the media, and links to the main fora (and even the official NI forum)
    – Q+A list (as a shortcut, altough all info in Q+A should be in the main NI site as well)
    – the official CES video directly accessable from home page
    – more real pics instead of drawings (it’s there, drawings give the idea it’s not a real product yet)

    If the info isn’t there the first time they visit NI at this site, they won’t be coming back and go straight on to the next company. They won’t have the heart and soul for Adam yet. For them it will be just a tablet they heard about, untill they know more.
    Every unique selling point of Adam should be right there, on the home page.

  170. Great post John. Thanks for sharing. We can assume NI has a plan for customer service & support. Why would Rohan spend so much of his time on inventing such a innovative device to squander it all away with lack for service & support. Fortunately the answers are but a few days way.

    2011 is the year of the Tablet. The time to launch with half measures has passed. The big dogs are on the hunt as you’ve rightly considered.

    Appreciate your post John. Reality is always a breath of fresh air.

  171. No mystery feature is hardware. It was revealed in one of the weekend specials that he was going to show us around the inside of the device except for one piece. Then he decided he was going to show us panels.

  172. Understood…if I was stationery Id feel the same. But Im not, Im in Afghanistan. Rohan said DHL and the team themselves said I could change the shipping address. Then when I did (since DHL delivers here) I get the shady answer. Oh well…still cant wait!!! Next I gotta get my software list ready πŸ˜‰

  173. I concur. That should be the desired behavior when in Portrait mode. No different from when it in in Landscape mode.

    Changing from Landscape to Portrait just switches the resolution in the three Panels from Portrait to Landscape. The rest of the interaction should remain the same.

  174. about cutomer support, NI has proved over and over again this past year that they can surprise… we havent yet guessed the mystery feature/sensor…

    this time NI wont surprise me by announcing customer service here in the USA

  175. Hi Rohan,
    I wish you could give all Adam fans a timeline of what to expect on the availability of the adam in retail outlets, both in India and outside of India (Say in Best buy, Walmart or other US stores).

    When can we expect the Adam to be available in retail outlets?
    Or do you want to use the Dell Model that is running quite successfully in India – where the client selects specs and orders online and pays via credit card, and the item ships to the address. IMHO this is much cheaper than having it in retail outlets where there will be a price mark-up by the retail outlet owner.

    Looking forward to seeing several videos from CES-2011, please use a good HD camera.


  176. @ Scott, I am a little confused by your statement, “We’re a few days away from getting better products from companies that can actually produce them.” What you are implying is that Adam is a vapor ware. I have seen a lot of Android tablets from companies that can actually produce them. The only difference is, Adam is the only tablet that will work as its supposed to! I never had any doubts about the greatness of Adam. My only concerns were about a startup’s ability to cope with customer and tech support.
    Again, I chuckled at your statement, “The Adam was an interesting design exercise, though.” You referred to Adam in the past tense! I don’t have to say anything in response to that, Adam will do the talking in 4 days!!
    Good Luck with your Motorola tablet and don’t kick yourself too hard for letting Adam go!

  177. Very good video. =] Im still not convinced about the zooming though it doesnt look the best but im sure if its not good you guys will fix it =]

  178. I have a question…
    Rohan, you said that in panel view, the browser automatically uses the mobile version of the website.. but, when you’re playing the normal mode, it looks that it uses the normal version…
    os the question is: when you have some websites opened in normal version, and then you have a look at panels.. what happen with the browser?? does it automatically become mobile version?? or it remains the normal version in panels??
    thanks from Spain!! =D

  179. Hey you plan to shoot adam’s video is really good. Hope some guys take a clue from it and planned their videos in the similar lines (who are receiving it arounf 9th) πŸ™‚

  180. My point is mass people generally judge a device by seing how flashy it is (wow its so COOL), so Image viewer, Video player, music player, Ebook reader, GPS, Comic, games are the commonly used application and i believe rohan done well home work for them so kept it secret till CES. It is a standalone computing device we will be geting and we are the 1st batch lucky guys.

  181. Iam a hardcore desktop use and hate to work on laptop and not my ADAM will replace my laptop. I know guys Adam can do complex job and i will keep it for my desktop. My 70% work can be easily done on ADAM and rest 30% dedicated to desktop. Bye bye Laptop.

  182. Well the best shall win in the end, but all depends of his users…….
    Look ad Windows…..


  183. Bon voyage Rohan & team. Catch the flight on time and Hit the CES with C-4 (Adam).

  184. “Bon voyage Rohan & team. Catch the flight on time and Hit the CES with C-4 (Adam)”

  185. I think you going to gift the PixelQi to your daughter and get another LCD one. You wanted more vivid display i guess.

  186. @Greg, you are right. i really wonder why no one posted a color video of pqi yet. there are already some netbooks with this screen!! i dont want to miss the preorder2 and i will buy pqi/lcd version based on my impulse at that time πŸ™‚ hope Rohan will open the other memory vairants soon. i dont think 8 GB will be enuf for me even though it as other external options.

  187. You should follow Notion Ink on Linked in they are actively hiring new programmers and customer service analyst.

  188. Rohan,

    I was wondering when information will become availlable as to which stores will sell the adam over here in europe?

    Is part of your inventory set aside to suply stores? Or will they get the adam in stock after all pre orders are fullfilled. How do the pre orders 2 fit into this picture? In other words can I get an adam over here soon by going into a store.

  189. (The apple fruit existed in various areas around the world back in Biblical times, but it may not have been growing around Ancient Judea where the writers were located.)

  190. haha I had to put my own monitor in portrait mode to see what you were doing. that was an interesting exercise in trying to use the mouse!

  191. Hi, folks. It’s been a while since I last posted.

    Can anybody help me with the 3G issue. Verizon Wireless was totally unhelpful about which frequency megaherz to use. They acted like I was asking for the “keys to the kingdom.”

    If I live in New York State, am I safe to go with 850/1900 megaherz 3G?

    That’s what the nonVerizon sites say that evil-red uses. Can anyone HELP?



  192. I hope that adam in portrait mode has 3 leaves in landscape mode and scrolling is up/down vs. left/right scrolling what we have seen on adam in landscape mode.

  193. Ces is not too far away. Last year we got an Adam prototype and fInally we’ll get to see the final piece. Rohan has mentioned he plans to reveal everything including business partners…etc this year. He’s also mentioned that he shall keep an eye out on this forum for user feedback and recommendations. Most of us have an idea of what Adam can do and loving it! Rohan has shown what he can do in the land of tech wizardy.
    But for those of us who might have little nuggets of some extra wishing…let’s post what we would like to see extra in Adam 2: in 2012….I’ll start …
    1) updated Android to honeycomb or ice-cream. (Rohan has already confirmed this but just a mention)
    2) as the os is updated…Rohan might have to develop a few changes in the UI to keep up. Maybe a few more skins with new elements (widget support.etc) I personally love what CEO Jack Wong has done with Meizu. He’s made Froyo look sexier than Apple phone πŸ˜‰
    3) maybe a slightly slimmer Adam πŸ˜‰
    4) Tegra 3 needs a new home
    5) so does USB 3.0

    Anyone else have any ideas they would like to share for Adam 2 (Hope Rohan is listening!!)

  194. Oh I think she is a little young for an Adam of her own. But I do see us buying a second Adam some time soon since my boys tell me just about every day that they can’t wait until we get the Adam. Little do they realize they aren’t gonna get a whole lot of time with it at first. It’s mine!!!!

    I think Pixel Qi will be good. Unless I am really unhappy with it, I will likely but another Pixel Qi. But I will probably wait until more storage is available (hopefully at least 32 GB) and then pass the 8GB Adam on to the kids.

  195. There are a couple videos and some photos that show the Pixel Qi indoors at full color/full power. And from what I saw they look pretty good. If the photos and videos are accurate then I will be very happy.

    Ironically, only Rohan’s comments about preferring the LCD for vivid colors has made me doubt that I will be happy with Pixel Qi. I guess I won’t know for sure until I have it in my hands.

  196. I think this can help you:

    It should be Tarif-Number: 8471.3000

    Normal 0.00 Fr. je 100 kg brutto
    GSP 0.00 Fr. je 100 kg brutto

    8 % GegenstΓ€nde nach Art. 55 Abs. 1 MWSTG (siehe “Bemerkungen”, “MWST”)

    20 % vom Nettogewicht

    Hinweis zum AusfΓΌllen der Zollanmeldung / zusΓ€tzliche Angaben:
    Eigenmasse in kg
    Zusatzmenge in StΓΌck

    GSP EntwicklungslΓ€nder und -gebiete
    Normal Normal-Ansatz

  197. This is Andy of notioninkhacks I will be doing it as well and answering questions to my members and the faq wiki.

  198. @Greg

    My best preference (IMO) to show 3-panels in Portrait mode is to show it the same as landscape mode, except there is slight variation: 3-panels are shown on upper half of the screen. Lower half shows the thumbnails of panels of opened apps (maybe 8 thumbnails shown in one or two rows). The upper half showing 3-panels is like cover flow on ipod’s (hope there’s no patent issue) where center panel is shown as is, left and right panels are shown in angled view.

  199. πŸ™‚

    Unfortunately even lord ganesh has to wait for avalability of the new batch of adam before being able to order one!! πŸ˜‰

  200. I really don’t see customer service as an issue. Dell has aan excellent service out of India and I have had really great response for many of my requests when dealing with other firms that outsourced to India. I also think that Rohan has some aces up his sleeve that he will surprise everyone with at CES ; maybe the Adam2 or the 7inch mini Adam . I also believe that this blog has been great since day 1 and should be continued as the official *family* site. I think that this has become a real worldwide community and eventhough you have the occassional negative individual they will allways be around and are best ignored. Rohan has a dream and is that rare individual who is not only a visionary but is eminently practical.

  201. @wtff

    the guy was specific: companies that have “better products” and “can actually produce them. Adam’s leaf (Eden UI) is wowing people as a better product. right now, Eden is the clearly better product. saying otherwise at this point is denial… and mere that Adam had not come along now.

    as for “can actually produce them”, it becomes irrelevant if the competing Android UI is not better than Eden leaves.

    the usual habit here of ignoring negatives would have been fine, but this negative is contrary to fact… Rohan is not winning the APOTY poll because of a me-too Android product. a mere nomination would have been significant recognition from Android users.

  202. @sanu baskey,

    many reach the same conclusions but do not voice/write them. right on!

  203. Adam’s UI may, just may actually change everything UI as NI said from the first.

    after the 1955 Paris Auto show, ALL cars imitated the aerodynamic design of the Citroen DS (goddess). tall radiator-noses fell away into impractical nostalgia. Citroen got 12 thousand orders on the spot! did i read here that NI received more than 30 thousand pre-orders?

    really curious how CES receives/reviews Adam-1… exciting!!

  204. @little al,

    yep… the analogy wont go far: lets talk about Adam’s leaves and even fruit, but not Adam’s apple

  205. what is Adam?

    its not a tablet (only)
    its not a smart phone (only)
    its not a netbook (only)
    its not a PC (only)

    but… wait! the Portrait video ends with “Let’s take our PCs outside our homes”?)

    so its a convergence device like no other… (Rohan said so all along, didnt he?)

    as the guitar is a mini orchestra, the Adam too is a mini orchestra (network?)

    talk about disruptive πŸ™‚

  206. Hi Rohan,
    I don’t see Notion Ink in the exhibitor’s list at the CES-2011 website.
    The words ‘Notion’ ‘ink’ ‘adam’ give out negative responses in the search string.

    Any specific reason why?


  207. Yeah it looks like they blew it off though. If enough people continue to click on it they will take a second look at it.

  208. Please do some research on this blog! This question was answered numerous times on this blog!!

  209. Guess you got it wrong. What Rohan meant was not about competing with the PC( that does not sound smart even if Adam did beat the PC in every sense).
    What he meant was: for whatever we use the PC most, let us all start using whenever we need it, even if we are out of our homes …

  210. You simply will not get Verizon as a 3g provider(unless you go with a mifi or usb plug in). The 3g units in adam uses sim cards and Verizon/Sprint use cdma(no sim cards).

  211. Yeah.. agree on that.. but since this’s one major feature that i’m looking forward to .. a sneak peek πŸ™‚ was my wanting…

  212. I wish this blog should complete 5 million hits and 500 comments in this post.LETS GO 4 IT GUYS!ROHAN WHAT ABOUT THE PRODUCTION QUALITY AD U PROMISED?PLZ POST IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!have a safe journey!3 CHEERS TO NI FAMILY!

  213. β€œ”

    The above website is keeping track of all the android tablets, and it has listed a sizable number of them…

    It basically tracks android based tablets, to verify whether they are following the GPL licence properly…

    Our initial goal should be to get Notion Ink listed there… and then work with Notion Ink to provide a link to all the GPL components (after they have launched the product., FCC regulations etc.,)

    Both ViewSonic G as well as Samsung Galaxy TAB have provided links to their GPL components… though I have not gone in depth to verify… The fact that they have got a listing of Yes implies, that the author of this website is performing some form of initial analysis…

    The listing at the above site will enable Notiion Ink to go viral, as it was listed on the latest news picks of GrokLaw (“” ) and therefore will be a further testament to both Notion Ink as a product as well as a open source citizen (when it publishes its link)

    disclosure: I am a NI customer, and am not associated with neither Groklaw nor β€œ”

  214. @Ekilwindi
    Not sure where you are going. But while we wait for CES to enlighten us, let’s continue the fun. Adam’s leaf is typically associated with the fig leaves he and Eve sowed together to cover themselves after eating the forbidden fruit.
    Now, I dare not ask if they used them in portrait or landscape mode πŸ™‚ But this trend of thought leads me to believe that Eden was not in Hawaii, else they would have used grass skirts. πŸ™‚ – and holy, Rohan would be flippin leaves no end!!

  215. My Last post here before the CES perhaps!! Since We won’t have a new post to comment on.
    Good Luck Rohan!! May Adam reign Supreme amongst Tablets in CES!!

    Rohan, will You be declaring the Mystery Feature at CES? Or will it remain mystery even after CES?

  216. I think Adam has a lot more to show… e-reader,wieless and wired connectivity……media player…camera….tec..etc..lets wait ..hust few day more…we have preoredred Adam because we trust Rohan ansd NI…

  217. Please remember that MANY people are left handed, so it’s important for portrait to work rotated 90 or 270 degrees!

  218. very nice, hey rohan said in earlier post they are creating a great presentation app, may be you can scan those pages and make a nice presentation. Your daughter will love it. You are a good father greg.

  219. Hi all,
    Just saw this news about Droid Tablet from Motorola, Xoom.
    It looks great. Has processor as ours, Honeycomb too!
    An Adam competitor?!!!

  220. Hi all,
    Just saw this news about Droid Tablet from Motorola, Xoom.
    It looks great. Has processor as ours, Honeycomb too!
    An Adam competitor?

  221. A conducive family environment is the first thing required for somebody with Down’s syndrome and I am happy you treat her with the same love and care (probably a bit more too) you show your other kids! All the best and want to wish you, your family and your daughter especially a great year with some nice time with your Adam!

  222. Hi,

    just 3 more days & we’ll know what’s “bonus mystery feature πŸ˜‰ ” πŸ™‚
    Nice πŸ™‚

    All best


  223. Hi Rohan,
    Can you please tell me why you are calling Twitter and Facebook in last video a full featured app when it looks like a new browser leaf with the mobile sites of each.
    Seems a little shady.

  224. An Adam competitor? Nice. Adam need competitors to evolve further more to create a benchmark for rest.

  225. Rohan. I just discovered you use the Rezland font for Adam:

    (repost to avoid waiting for moderation)

  226. toshiba too is coming with a tablet with impressive features. it’s going to be a tough show for adam.

  227. Well right now the XOOM is just “vaporware” since no one has it yet…. Right? πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, it will most likely be a pretty good tablet. We’ll have to wait and see what features and specs it comes to market with before any comparisons can be made.

    However, We do know it won’t have Eden (Adam’s UI). It’s not likely to have an option for a Pixel QI screen so it can’t be used outdoors like Adam. Who knows what battery life will be like. Hopefully better than the Blackberry tablet which according to recent news reports only get 2 to 4 hours of battery life. My guess is pricing will be tied to data plan contacts, making it more expensive too. And so on…

    And to be fair, we should probably wait a short while after Honeycomb’s release so that Notion Ink can get it running on the Adam. That way both tablets can be judged on equal playing fields in that respect.

    It will be interesting to see what XOOM has to offer. I think it will be one of the better tablets…

  228. @biswaji

    That is a good idea. If .pdf’s don’t work the way I’d like, I can try your suggestion for presentations… And thank your for the compliment. πŸ™‚

  229. @Veeraraagavan

    Thank you. That is very nice of you to say that. I hope you and your family have a great year too! πŸ™‚

  230. There is one big difference between Adam and all the rest. Adam was built from a dream which we have all been involved with. All the others are just products that have been built behind closed doors.

  231. For those that are interested… There is about 45 minutes left on this auction for the Pixel Qi 3G Adam and the price is currently at $840


  232. Forgive me for asking this question w/o digging through everyone else’s posts but wont this void the warranty on the device? I thought it said it was between NI and the original purchaser. Since it is resold by a private party it is no longer new but used. NI has a way of keeping track of this stuff since the purchases were made directly from the company site. Plus he left the exact time of purchase, including seconds, on the post. I am sure NI know exactly which one is on Ebay.

  233. Good point. Maybe so. Hopefully the buyer checks that out…

    I’m just curious to see how much it sells for.

    Someone would have to give me a whole heck of a lot more before I would sell mine!

  234. +1. Many followers of this blog will not able to have the same emotional attachment with them even if they are a bit superior in some of the terms as compare to adam. They will just be tech products. Atleast for me I will buy a adam(though i never had a requirement of a tablet at the first place :)) just because it was really inspiring to listen the views,vision of Rohan’s and the way adam has been shaped in the last one year(in spite of some glitches) πŸ™‚ .
    Even now instead of waiting for reviews of these new Tablets, Iam much more interested and waiting for in the hands on and unwrapping videos of my fellow blog posters.

  235. Geesh. You would think by now people would start reporting responsibly (do a little research before they publish their articles) and stop referring to the Adam as vaporware. They are really going to look like fools. And soon!


  236. Here is a better link…


  237. @Greg:
    Oh, I just told the truth buddy πŸ™‚

    Btw, thanks for the New year wishes! And hope both of us get our PQi Adams by at max 2nd week of Jan…

  238. Idiots. They will keep calling until they get their own Adams – some of these people will order during Pre Order 2 without revealing to the world they did – and then when they are surprised by everything – hardware to software – they will give it never ending praise (till something actually competes to Adam next year) like their never ending BS right now.

  239. @halemani,
    It may be an iPad killer, but not an Adam killer. Because by the time it comes, I expect Rohan and team to not only get Honeycomb to the masses (or bring it to Adam just few days after XOOM’s release if Motorola scores a launch day exclusivity deal with Google), but also give upgrades to Eden and its apps. And last but not the least, NI might give an option enable/ disable Eden (if there are lot of requests from people – but not from me most probably) hence giving the users a better experience with Adam than XOOM.

    All in all, as you can see, XOOM will be an iPad killer not Adam killer – and probably will be locked to some carrier. And once NI gets cash from initial sales and more investment, it will have better capacity by the time other tablets actually start hitting markets, there will be no looking back.

  240. “”

    funny writeup on iphone’s clock glitch.. πŸ™‚

  241. I guess until we start getting our pre-ordered adam’s and understanding how much the taxes etc will be charged on top (by the different customs authorities) – we won’t really know how much the guy made from selling his adam.

    From a personal point of view I wouldn’t sell my pre-ordered PQ 3G adam … as I am not sure when I could get back on the list, and I have been looking forward to getting this for months.

  242. Just checked order status…Not sent.
    Just checked order status…Not sent.
    Just checked order status…Not sent.
    Just checked order status…Not sent.
    Just checked order status…Not sent.
    Just checked order status…Not sent.
    Just checked order status…Not sent.

  243. @elmelao,
    I would ask you something, if you not want to answer its OK, I understand.
    I read the articles from 2009 and everybody has reacted in November 2010, how must I understand this..?
    You also belong to one of the first users in this blog.
    Are you a registrated user from notion Ink..?
    How is this working in this blog..?

  244. My kids have to sync their itouch everyday. I’ve been thinking that is a waste of energy! The itouch is like a little leech, using your open source computer for close purposes!
    So, Adam is a huge step ahead since it also offers all you indicated (plus it haves room!)

  245. I can tell you that NI’s name didn’t appear in last year’s CES, but they were present!
    They maybe share with NVidea, or maybe with PQi.

    By the way, nobody gets pay here. We look in older posts when we are not sure. So, do as Suresh said. It only takes a few minutes.

    Happy anew year to you and your family!

  246. Well, the official release will be a post here, I hope!

    And, when Eve/Adam2 prototype is announced, I hope this blog (or another one like this one) is still here!

  247. January 6, 2011. Since you already know about adam you should be able to get in early since others will just be finding out about NI adam. Your wait is over.

  248. But Adam can do that! Specially for reading, and Internet purposes.

    My brother is left handed when he writes, and drinks, but right handed when he eats!

  249. new article on this year’s competition. Its not just Motorola that is knocking on the door.


  250. Lol :). I write with right hand and for all other purposes I am left hander.

  251. well, honeycomb won’t even be out until March. I wonder how they will implement it in their tablet. Are they going to improve it? Or butcher that OS?
    So, a comparison at this point is unfair to both parties.But as Biswajit saha sid earlier, competition is great.
    So, I tell them: bring it on! Adam2 should be ready for it!

  252. Isn’t it funny! My brother plays baseball, and he catches with his right hand, but trows left handed! Go figure! I used to make fun of him when we were growing up.

    As a left handed he had a great control over his trows!

  253. By the way, they won’t have much time to work with it.
    NI worked a lot to implement the AOS on the Adam, and as Rohan has said over and over, there’s still work left. I just worry about this people rushing things.

  254. Hey Guys,

    Since Toshiba, Lenovo, HP, Samsung etc all built their iPad killer what would the top5 look like for you guys??

    Maybe Rohan can give us his top5 I’m sure he has tried the other tablets by now….

  255. It ended at 900 USD.
    And in the same time a bit disappointing, Adam is priceless!

  256. Now I’m not sure if these will work with the Adam tablet as I can’t quite remember if its the right type, but I’m posting this as its a really good deal.


    Check it out, tell me what you think.


  257. Guys, waht can you say about Pixel-Qi viewing angles? I couldn’t find much thing on internet:(

  258. Well, I registered through back in September/October. So, I’m not one of the first users. I was what we call here a silent follower since I discovered it last January.

    It has worked fine! I get everything on my mailbox (subscribed to comments with RSS).
    It works specially for preorder purposes (Rohan uses this method).

    I didn’t quiet understand your question, but I hope I answered it.

  259. It’s been two days now, that we had our last ‘fix’.
    And CES starts at 6th, but who’s saying Rohan will give his presentation at opening day?
    This is gonna be a loooong week.

    And my fingers are hurting by now already from keeping them crossed for an invite to pre order and for being able to use Mastercard or Paypal to pay for it. πŸ˜‰

  260. @Rohan
    The video was great, now all I’m waiting for is the next pre-order.
    It’s my birthday today, and all I’m thinking of is the Adam ^^
    Good luck at CES, wish I could be there.

  261. @Veeraraagavan
    I hope thats true.
    You see its Motorola, they have resources and experience to execute faster!!
    But I like to go for Adam. Yeah!
    Man I love it!

  262. @Veeraraagavan
    I hope thats true.
    You see its Motorola, they have resources and experience to execute faster!!
    But I like to go for Adam. Yeah!
    Man I love it!

  263. Happy birthday, zaghir!
    Maybe NI will send you a CES entrance card for your birthday πŸ˜‰

  264. When I try to write with my right hand, it feels like writing backwards! It’s very hard. Only a few people can do that! Rear ability.

  265. Will there ever be second batch of Adam available to order or it was only one time deal ( pun intended). πŸ™‚

  266. “Are you a registrated user from notion Ink..?”. Probably he is asking that whether you are from NotionInk.

  267. I don’t think Notion Ink has any delusions of out selling I Pad and Motorola’s new Xoom. I’m sure at this point they will be happy to be a niche company with a good product that does well and makes some good money. When your going up against company’s with the financial, and advertising power that dwarfs anything that Notion Ink has, you must be realistic, and Rohan has shown that he embraces realism on this issue. To be a player in this booming tablet market, even a small one, will be a huge accomplishment for him and his team at Notion Ink.

    Rohan has mentioned that Notion Ink can produce about 100000 Adams a month. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab sold 1.5 million units since November. I pad sold 7.5 million units since last April. It is obvious that Notion Ink can’t even begin to produce Adam’s at that rate. To put it in more simple terms, if Adams were produced at a rate of 100000 a month since last April till the end of 2010 they would have made around 900000 Adams. Not even a million units!

    When we speak of Adam as an I Pad killer we must remember, yes in features and perhaps software it could very well be a better device then the I Pad, but to dominate in the market? I’m sure this is beyond the scope of even Rohan’s wildest dreams.

    The Adam on Ebay today sold for 900 dollars. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Adams might be fairly hard to come by as 2011 wears on. Not because they won’t be produced, but because they won’t be able to produce them fast enough! For Rohan and Notion Ink this will be a huge success and reason to celebrate. At this point one of the larger company’s may very well dangle a huge amount of money in front of Rohan and Notion Ink to have them sell out. I would hope they didn’t and the little company would fight on. Yet, the reality in our world is the big fish eat the little fish. Hopefully Notion Ink is the little fish that the big fish can’t catch!!

    You can’t discount the possibility that Adam’s current investors have some very deep pockets, and seeing Adam taking off, would be willing to throw more cash in to ramp up production and get some real advertising out there. Only time will answer these questions. We do have an interesting year ahead!

    My Adam is due to be shipped in February and I am very excited about it. I as most of the avid followers am excited about the coming CES show. This kind of purchase is always a bit of a gamble. One I just had to take. I’ve made my small investment in Notion Ink and their unique tablet device. My fingers are crossed and I’m hoping for a winner. Not just for my personal sake, but for all those who are investing as well. Especially for Rohan and his team at Notion Ink. They have worked very hard to make their dreams a reality! May those dreams become a reality!

  268. I am sure they will! πŸ˜€
    I’m on vacation in Jordan right now, guess I could just take another flight when I’m on the airport on my way home.
    I’m Norwegian, so it’s not much to do at home. It’s to cold there. πŸ˜‰

  269. @Gabriel

    Rohan said:
    “There are a few announcements and releases coming in CES like information on our partners, the plan and Pre-Order 2 status.”

    I guess Adam will be up for sale after the Preorder2. Maybe a couple of days (I’m assuming here)

    Look in: Introducing Eden – VII The Leaves

    Sorry for the late reply. I accidentally erased some of the e-mails I get through RSS.

  270. You are probably right that producing as much tablets as Samsung and Apple are producing is not a simple task given that fact that they have got constraints in getting the parts too (like PQi).

    But what I believe is, if the NotionInk can create a greatest tablet in a year, it can also increase its production capacity in 3 months given that it has enough finance. By looking at the success of pre-order1, I think they have got plenty of money to invest :).

  271. This was reply to Wally West’s comments. Don’t know whats wrong with the wordpress or its me after 2 bottles πŸ™‚

  272. Hey, gratulerer! Skal!
    Hvor in Norge?
    Jeg er ikke Norsk og jeg snakker/forstar lite Norks, har venne in Bergen.

    Det blir bedre vaer!

  273. I’m living in Trondheim, studying.
    Morsomt at du forstΓ₯r norsk, hvor er du fra?

    I’m hoping for better weather later, but i guess the next few months are going to be cold.

  274. Jeg er Nederlender.
    Har familie-venne in Bergen og har visited Norge ofte fra liten barn.
    Visited mer enn 90% fra Norge, incl. Nordkapp.

    Enjoy Jordan!

  275. Norwegian is quite an easy language for us Dutch people.
    A lot of (spoken) words are the same.
    Have been al through your excellent country, seen a lot of it.
    Passed Trondheim years ago on our way back south from Nordkapp.
    Saw mitnattsol this summer on a speed boat in Bergen Harbor, after a hughe BBQ with our family-friends πŸ˜‰

  276. One small problem though, the toshiba is not supposed to ship for 6 months

    it will be shown at CES, but Adam is likely to be only one off the whole bunch that will be shipping this month, in a matter of days actually.

    the motorola is rumored to ship at the end of February, that is the closest rumored date of any of the upcoming tablets.

  277. +1. Couldn’t agree more. I am always surrounded with at least 2 laptops and 2 smart phones (though I stopped calling iPhone a smart phone few months back :D) and tablet is (was!) not the requirement for me. But I will still buy Adam just because I love the way it has grown to this point.

  278. I’m not sure if you saw my earlier post about shipping dates…

    As per NI, the estimated shipping date they provided is the date is will ship, not when it will arrive at our homes. ;-(

    My estimated shipping date is January 9, which is a Sunday. Since most carriers don’t ship on Sundays, I assume it will ship on Monday the 10th, though I hope they ship earlier rather than later. Then who knows how long it will take to arrive. Maybe by the end of the week if we are am lucky.

    I guess we’ll know when we get our shipping notification and tracking info.

  279. IMO Adam is bad design for mass produce (little notch in a glass for a camera got to go, for example). That is why I believe that streamlined ADAM2 is not to far behind.

  280. It might be the case that somebody from one of the (so called!) established review sites purchased this one (which I think is).

    I believe, If anybody from this community bought that one then he/she would have commented about the auction win. And by looking at the desperate price ($900!!) my doubt becomes more and more stronger.

    Normal users like us would wait for couple of days as Rohan has already said that there would be pre-order 2. Moreover, normal user will not take any chances of purchasing it from 3rd party ebay seller (with feedback score = 2!) rather than directly from the company itself and have $900 at stack. (Given the fact that even seller hasn’t received the item, what will happen if the seller himself does not get item at the date promised to the buyer.)

  281. I have a question:) If Adam has matte screen, should we buy matte type screen protector or “clear” type screen protector??
    I tink screen protector is needed because Rohan says they will sell screen protectors online in Q&A session. If Rohan sell screen protector, that means we will need it:)

  282. This one is standard SDHC – Not Micro SDHC. So, it will not work on ADAM… too big πŸ™‚ Anyway, it is temporarily out of stock πŸ™‚

  283. I see Android as a great OS delivering the base services of a device. But pure Android systems without any tweaks and modifications are not really sexy and kind of limited in usability.

    There was always room for delivering excellence on a platform. A good example for me is HTC with Sense. And no, Sense is not just a homescreen or a pimped UI. It’s a complete new user experience. So take the Motorola Droid using pure Android and compare it with an HTC Android device: Woahhh! What a difference.

    I think the same effect you will have comparing the Eden powered NotionInk Adam with any other pure Android device, such as the Motorola XOOM. Honeycomb will be the first Android OS optimized for tablets. But I think there will be still a huge gap to Eden. And the more Rohan and his team are working on improving the user experience on Eden and the more nice apps (Mail’d, Sniffer, Canvas etc.) will be release, the bigger this gap will become.

    Thumbs up, NotionInk. You can look forward to Honeycomb without getting scared. Honeycomb will be just the next improvement step for Adam, making it even better.

  284. rohan should be on plane to ces right now.

    i can’t wait for NI’s second set of pre-orders for the adam.

  285. Btw some days back i saw one of guys named Yogi posted about selling his adam PQ at one of the crunchgear post. i just wished tht he is not the same Yogi who used to comment a lot in this fblog and was very enthusiastic about adam. Wonder what happened to him . Did not see him commenting lately too here πŸ™‚

  286. Guys i believe the OFFICIAL ADAM VIDEO will release before CES start so to create a BUZZ. So we are getting another video within 48 hours.

  287. No, we don’t know if it can. How can you say that? We haven’t seen any demonstration, so don’t just jump to assumptions. All we know is it works in portrait mode.

    Go from landscape to portrait by rotating clockwise 90 degrees.
    Or from landscape to portrait by rotating counter-clockwise 90 degrees, AKA clockwise 270 degrees.

    That is what I was asking.

  288. @Rahim

    “from” Notion Ink…No

    By the way, comments are jumping all over the place. I had no idea it would end up here.

  289. So this global pricing Rohan talked about, will there be taxes and stuff added to that?!

  290. ++ & +
    My wish is for the adam to become more than a niche product. I’d like to see it soon become a household name. I’d like to see it at the beach, in parks and playgrounds, in hospitals and even on exercise bikes.

    BTW, check this out:

    The five companies they have selected:
    Notion Ink
    Parrot (french co – remote controlled drone)

    Nice, we are among hallowed company.

  291. @elmelao: I know @Boeltwit ‘s question(s) is directed to you. Just wondering if this question(s) from @Boeltwit was understandable to anyone πŸ™‚

  292. Time to update their site with full updates & production quality video with all killer features before the dawn of CES.

  293. @Wally
    I’d be glad if current NI investors had deep pockets and made funds quickly available to ramp up sales. ,,, and everything needed to sustain the “MOMENTUM”.

  294. I sure hope Honeycomb doesn’t really require a 1280 by 720 screen or else we are out of luck on getting Honeycomb.

  295. @Rahim

    yep, PQ may be the main bottle neck. pre-order ran out of PQs… if i could predict that those would run out first, NI certainly knew that before me but couldnt get more in time… after CES, i suspect, NI will run out of Adams post pre-order, if not during pre-order.

  296. Rohan,

    Could you please let us know if you landed safely in US πŸ˜€ ?


  297. β€œfrom” Notion Ink…No

    By the way, comments are jumping all over the place. I had no idea it would end up here.

    Yes the replay’s are popping up everywhere, its terrible………..

  298. +1 .Yes, you are absolutelly right. I wonder who is the seller, and who is the buyer.

  299. @ Little Al

    I’m Hoping They do. I’m sure they want to see how Adam is received by reviewers and hands on reports from the first users before they throw big money into increasing production. These first reviews and user reports are going to be critical to Notion Ink’s future with Adam. Adam looks very good in early videos and on paper. Having Adam in one’s hands and to feel the form, fit and quality of the device. To work with the UI and see the video quality in person. To see it side by side with I pad and see, touch, and hear the differences will be the real determination. Many here including myself are biased towards Adam. We have followed Adam’s progress for almost a year. We are emotionally, and in the case of those who have pre ordered, financially involved. Yet, we still have yet to hold Adam in our hands.

    I verified today that Notion Ink has charged my visa account for my purchase and I still must wait till February for delivery. Most company’s do not charge your account until the item is shipped. One cannot help but be a little anxious in that kind of situation. I’m keeping the faith at this point. I really want Adam to be a winner all around. CES opens in less then three days. I am awaiting with baited breath for more information on the object of our desire….Adam

  300. How much this is going to effect us?


  301. There is a rumor about honeycomb requiring a minimum resolution of 1280 x 720. Anyone know if this is legit? Where would that leave Adam?

  302. @Veeraraagavan
    We’ll need them on our side, even if they come late. No need to call them names.

  303. Anyone know why the Pixel Qi Adam versions increased in price by $50? That was one of Adam’s main selling points because it’s most expensive variant which is $498 was suppose to undercut Apple’s cheapest priced iPad which is $499.

    LCD + Wi $399
    LCD + Wi-Fi/3G $449
    Pixel Qi + Wi-Fi $449
    Pixel Qi + Wi-Fi/3G $498 ($1 lower than the 16 GB Wi-Fi only iPad)

    changed to:

    LCD + WiFi $375.33
    LCD + 3G $425.33
    Pixel Qi + WiFi $499.45
    Pixel Qi + 3G $549.99

    I also noticed that the LCD versions dropped in price by ~$24 only to more than offset that by increasing the price of the Pixel Qi versions by over twice that amount. I read somewhere that Rohan tried to decrease the price and he did but I thought it was for all variants of the Adam…in fact it went the opposite for the Pixel Qi. Was actually anticipating the price reduction only to get disappointed by a price increase on the version I wanted by a high $50 from the original $498. I

    really think the previous pricing structure was better. Is this because the Pixel Qi display went up in price? Is it because the new wide-angle version is $50 more expensive and was not factored into the price before because the protoype was using the old Pixel Qi display? Or was it because they did not anticipate the high demand for the Pixel Qi Adam so they lowered the LCD Adam and jacked up the price on the Pixel Qi Adam?

  304. That’ weird :/

    My post went to the middle of the blog instead of at the end of the blog.

  305. I want to throw open a question –
    How good will be Eden on a mobile phone?
    Also 3.5 inch? touch/slider keyboard? dual camera/swivel camera? pixel qi?
    I see no use for 3 panels on a small screen. And that would mean that many apps can run only in full screen mode. And those apps are already able to do that.

    What else can you folks think of ?

  306. I hate wordpress putting new posts in the middle of previous posts.
    I want to throw open a question –
    How good will be Eden on a mobile phone?
    Also 3.5 inch? touch/slider keyboard? dual camera/swivel camera? pixel qi?
    I see no use for 3 panels on a small screen. And that would mean that many apps can run only in full screen mode. And those apps are already able to do that.

    What else can you folks think of ?

  307. According to the rumors, Android Honeycomb will not only require a high resolution display with minimum requirement up to 1280 x 720 pixels resolution, but it will also require a dual core processor.
    Adam has dual core, 1024 x 600 and not 1280X720 display 😦

  308. I disagree. Because,

    ADAM has, An office suite, custom web browser (for tablet), A file browser, swivel camera (180 + 5 degrees), USB, HDMI, SD,

    And Above all….EDEN……..

    Let’s see what others have to offer…..

  309. http—://

  310. —http—//

    Bad news for NI ?

  311. i agree to that. the adam’s software is the one that’s going to knock out other tablets.

  312. From Tomshardware website. Part of the article.

    I’m just the messenger. They also said Apple OS X most dangerous operating system.

    “Trend Micro also mentioned WordPress as the most dangerous software of 2010, IRC as the most dangerous IP protocol, Google as the most dangerous website due to its gateway role to malware threats, Facebook as the riskiest social network site, PDF as the worst file format, IE as the most dangerous runtime environment, the web browser as the main malware infection channel, and CO.CC as the most dangerous top-level domain.”

  313. no idea whr the posts r goin ??? here’s wishing everyone at NI all the very best for CES 2111 ( not a typo) ….

  314. Well while viewing a video about the prototype of Honeycomb,The column thing about mobile apps were mentioned and it deifinately point toward the Panel functionality of Adam so Adam is perfectly ahead of that but recent rumours about the 1280 display just annoying us because we have purchased the tablet without having it in hand and before getting it in hands we have news that it isnt upgradable to Honeycomb and that is just because of hardware issue of Display…………….

  315. is honeycomb just for tablets or both (smrt phones)?
    If for both, should a smart phone to be compatible with honeycomb require that resolution? WHAT?

  316. Xoom looks pretty sleek πŸ™‚ but let’s face the truth – it’s Motorola 😦

  317. I find it interesting that they struggled so much with this video clip. It is pretty obvious what it is, right? Anyway, I hope I was not too sarcastic in my comments there…


  318. It’s high time to update the website. Don’t be so notoriously secretive in adam’s release (fine with mystery feature). You don’t want to be a Apple and their long list of foes. It’s a keen request as a Adam fan for a year now.
    Please please update for general public.

  319. Rohan is part of “free masons secretive society” :). So secretive that even after receiving adam we wouldn’t know all it’s hidden features :). Take it light hearted. πŸ™‚

  320. At the dawn of CES, anyone for one last guess at the mystery feature?
    Rohan gave away some clues:

    First Description:
    Few came dangerously close,
    to change the fundamentals of light,
    but few realized the power of the same,
    and now it even works at night!

    Second Description:
    I am not a sensor though I can feel
    Though light is my father, I can work in a shield
    I am there since Big Bang, I am still the need
    My re-birth opened a new era, a new playing field!

    Third Description:
    I shortened the distance as nothing else could beat me
    your test my limits, every time you set a form free
    Now I am not alone, but I’m still the alpha to all
    and with a century old, I am the best I could ever be.

    Solar energy on the back?

  321. @Red,

    It cannot be a telephone. The mystery feature will be available to all the variants of Adam. For Telephone, you would need to have the Sim card facility and that one is not available on all the variants. So you can rule out Telephone as the Mystery feature!

  322. Hate to say it, but every word of the article is factually correct. The hope we all MUST have is that the hardware in the videos we have been watching isnt the only one. It is the only one we have ever seen and its always the same one. CES is very very important to everyone here who pre-ordered whether you will accept it or not.

    Frankly the guys at WIRED have never been idiots, so I will not knee jerk respond negatively to their article…again, it is factually correct.

    Only someone blinded by their own dream of reality and having already shelled out $600 bucks for a product they do NOT have yet, would be in denial of the facts of the WIRED article at this time.

    WIRED has a strict rule set for who/what makes their vaporware list, and it just so happens due to the multiple delays and false promises pointed out in the article, Adam made the list, legitimately…doesnt mean it wont materialize, just means they missed all their milestones MULTIPLE TIMES. I have always looked at this Vaporware distinction much the same way I look at the Hollywood Razzie Awards, most of the actors/actresses/producers they pick for the Razzies deserve it THAT YEAR. Doesnt mean they DESERVE IT FOREVER…just for the product they produced (or didnt produce) that year. There are several products on the list that will materialize, but they are, in some cases, 4 YEARS late (I hate to scare some of you, but they had CES products each year!). Not all program delays are due to the fact the technology does NOT exist. Most delays are because the company cant pull together all the suppliers, production, shipping, sparing and logistics in a viable coherent fashion…thus the product (no matter how good) dies on the vine…this is the REAL battle Rohan is fighting RIGHT NOW, doesnt look to me like its a technical issue at all. I think Rohan has hinted that the PQi screen maker is having trouble keeping up…until that gets fixed…NI will NEVER be able to meet demand and, in business, to their investors, that could be fatal. NOT THAT IT IS YET…but this is a common failing. So yes the WIRED article is credible and each year those REAL products (and some end upas UNREAL forever) earned the vaporware award.

    Personally, I’m confident adam is real, but again I think Notion Ink corporate experience is so lacking they allowed ALL the top tech reviewers to get ahead of them…Im betting this is a personnal lesson learned for Rohan. I hoping Rohan can pull it all together, so that folks like WIRED then write the good news “David slaying Goliath” article you all want NOW.

    All that said there is an OLD addage…There is no such thing as bad PR….

  323. Is it possible there’s a solar/thermal panel on the back?
    Untill now we never really saw the back and it’s made to be in the sun.
    The power of light can make it work at night.
    Light can be catched in a shield and be the father of power.
    Light waves shortened, alpha beams?
    But how about ‘a century old’?

  324. I don’t think we’re going to see that or the logo designers “steep discount” anytime soon, Harun. Still a bit angry about that…

    Anyone heard about FCC certification? This is starting to worry me especially with units due to ship in 5 days…

    You would think if FCC was approved, Rohan would have made a huge post about it … but … nothing?

  325. I hate to be a sour puss. But did anyone notice how many tablets are rocking out at CES? It’s going to be hard for consumers to choose an Adam now over the many other tablets coming out. Especially ones with tried and true distribution methods and even big names. There’s going to be a lot of competition. The only thing I haven’t really seen is a Pixel QI model, but for me that was never a real deal breaker and to average consumers that might also not be a big deal.

    It seems like Notion may be too little too late. I wish they had got this thing to market before CES. I guess there’s still the chance that most tablets announced at CES may not come out immediately? Who knows.

  326. I think he could have easily got over 1000 if the auction had ended after CES starts…

  327. I don’t understand the ‘continued’ secrecy about FCC and CE. I hope Notion Ink does not get into another corner about certification and start to back paddle like they did for videos.

  328. Rohan mentioned on the Q and A on the “” about NOT having any issues with FCC. I believe that they received FCC certification already.

    Also it relates to the mystery feature, if Rohan says they received FCC, there is a chance that the mystery feature will be leaked out….

    You have waited this long, just wait for another couple of days and you will get all the info you want… Just chill and relax

  329. Ofcourse I don’t mind waiting for some more time (missed out on pre-order due to gateway problems. Out of all the places I was in bangalore during pre-order). It just feels that NI is waiting for another negative campaign by naysayers !.

  330. IT DEFINATELY CHANEGS EVERYTHING AGAIN……………..EVEN The time to get up for work……………with APPLE you get an extra hours sleep. πŸ˜€

  331. about a big fish eating little Adam, if iPad2 copies just one major feature of Adam1, then

    1 – NI’s “creative enabler” makes more sense to users than a mere content consuming enabler aka iPad1)

    2 – the NI would have Blue Oceaned its “competition”… unless a big fish ate up little Adam1 before iPad2 copied a feature

  332. If you’re patient, you could potentially sell your PQ Adam and recoup your money plus make enough to order an LCD… win / win.

    Notion Ink gets more money and so do you.

    Only issue is (I hate to jinx this forum), but if we don’t get word about FCC from Rohan soon, I’m expecting yet another delay in shipment dates…

  333. Maybe there’s a big announcement from NI regarding ADAM2, as Rohan never properly answers question with regards to Honeycomb, there’s rumours today


    that it has a min resolution of 1280 x 720, well this above 1st gen Adam.

    so they could say we have this excellent product Adam 1st Gen and we will ship thenew one in 6 Mnths time, with these specs…….this would blow other wannabe tablets right out of the water.

  334. I am betting the gene-pool of NI has a better understanding of the current verdict “corporate experience is so lacking” Even on this blog as early as even May 2010 there have been at-least a couple of commentators who have informed NI about their lack of professionalism. The verdict is of course too early as has been pointed out by many in this blog. That does not make all of those people blinded by their own dream and the nay-sayers any wiser. The real lesson Rohan and his NI friends will learn is the virtues of “perseverance” and the “persistence” to hang on to what they think is their “truth”.

    The only way NI can respond to these nay-saying comments (as you have hoped), is to deliver a successful product … i would add …. staying focused on the principles and final goals they have envisioned for Adam and also NI.

  335. As far I could understand from these wise people: the new definition of dumb is pinning your hopes on a new company that has not yet released their product.

  336. Why we should expect less from NI adam – a musing

    The so called rise, fall and rerise of NI Adam has been documented in tech journals and blogs, with glee in some. The stigma of “vapourware” tag is still being applied to this small startup from India.Just because NI got the attention of media in CES 2010, people have labeled it Ipad killer, the android perfect tablet, and all this being without any demo of their final product (except for a prototype).How can this small startup merit so much attention? and so much lashbacks? Could this be because of the following:

    a)Unbelievable notion: a small startup, with no track record of production, engineering, marketing a simle CE device, start with an introductory device with specifications beyond what is available in market and even beyond what the big boys were offering. Intriguing…. with an “oh can they?” factor with an addition of “arent they from India?” “they are all in the early 20s..really?”

    b)global market: When even big companies struggle with capturing regional/continental market, NI has the audacity to launch to cater to a global market. a dumbfounded at decision, which is mired with all kinds of logistic headaches. Again a chuckling factor “how can they? this small startup?”

    c)Own ecosystem: An overhaul of a rapidly expanding OS, a unique UI facilitating easier multitasking, and “to some complex and to other simple and innovative” way of working of a mobile, portable device, which not only is audacious but ludicrous in this game of Big Boys. On top of that NI has the ambition of evolving an ecosystem “Genesis”. Naysayers shakes head….again “can they? such a small startup?” factor

    d)Multiple failing deadlines : Due to their fault of aura of “promising too much innovative”, warped deadlines gets amplified. Fanned by an overzealuos expectation form this “innovation tauting” starup, a single loss of a deadline (due to a genuine problem) got morphed into “mutiple times”. Naturally a vapourware…….still again “told you so, cant deliver” factor

    e)Perfect organisatinal system : So when NI is competing the big players, it is obvious it should have honed its managerial skills, brushed up marketing blizz – a perfect system. The fact that being a startup requires manpower, finances, networks doesnt merit a messy system. Yes the on the go perfectionism must be there…….forget the stories of the current big players starting imperfect….oh this is so 2010s where every startup has to be perfect. A “fiasco” labeled preorder, a high “scam-o-meter”…..still again “oh its an Indian startup right? Scam!” factor

    Maybe there are other reasons also, but point is – We should expect less from NI!! Plain truth. They fail in customer care, pre-order system, multiple deadlines, heck they fail to entertain each and every question of our! How can we expect them to deliver the goods now and in the future?

    So heres a list where I feel expectation can be less and more practical for the achievement of NI:

    1. NI wont topple Apple or any big brand….especially in the US.
    2. Hence NI wont sell huge number of units in 2011….especially in the US
    3. Their humble beginning now is a stepping stone for their future plan.
    4. Huge number of customer will not be satisfied….especially customers so used to “consumption device”
    5. Taking a hint from Apple, the maturity of Genesis will atleast take 3-4 years.
    6. Slow sale of NI in virgin markets like India, Asia and deveoped market of the Europe will sustain long term viability of NI
    7. NI has the potential of evolving into a big boys down the line 5-10 years (sustaining growth)
    8. NI will grow slow with all its partners (the ecosystem of which can be a different take than the current)
    9. But yes NI organisational structure will mature with time….albeit losing their vision.
    10. A slow acceptance of Eden and Bliss is a big possibility due to sheer innovative concepts.
    11. A definite place of NI will be mentioned in the history of evoltuion of the “tablet device”

    As an admirer of NI, I definitely would want NI to swamp the market. But doing this will only create problems for NI. A more wise and practical approach would be to develop market expansion with the maturity of the ecosystem.

    It will be again and excitement for me if NI can hint what is on offer (with the same kind of innovation). I also look forward to Apple’s take now, in the evolving competition. They have the ecosystem – now its the limitation which needs to be iron out. the varied application of ipad is exciting.

    It will be also interesting to note NI’s future execution of devices in the face of developing x86 mobile processors (Intel, Amd) and expected competition not only from iOS, Android but Win 7 embedded.

  337. typos

    ” organisational structure will mature in time…albeit without losing their vision”

  338. What hopes do you need to ‘pin’ on a product you are going to buy?

    *You* have made a decision to buy a product with *your* money. You have heard about it, you believe that it would work for you. It is that simple. Why do you bring crap like ‘hopes’ etc.,?

    Rahim was talking about the journey, how he liked being a part of it – why would that seem dumb to you?

    BTW – what hopes did you have on iPhone when you bought it from a tech gaint like Apple? πŸ˜‰

  339. Certainly possible, but they still have one huge thing going for them

    They are going to be shipping the tablet and it will be available within days now.

    Take the toshiba tablet above, if you read full story they don’t expect it to hit the market for 6 months. It will be the same for nearly every tablet that is shown at CES.

    The RIM playbook another one to watch, is not going to be released to limited business enterprise clients for several months, and they haven’t even committed to it hitting the retail channel at any time, only a vague possiblity.

    The only android competition they actually face is from the Galaxy tab, the viewsonic tablet and the cheap no name tablets. And Notion Ink has a user interface and soon a tablet specific app market, which non of the android competition has.

    Notion Ink compares or beats the Ipad on specs and included software, it only loses in when you compare the android marketplace with the app store.

    Notion Ink will sell all they can produce for a long time to come.

  340. “bsmdbt said, on January 4, 2011 at 19:59 Hate to say it, but every word of the article is factually correct. The hope we all MUST have is that the hardware in the videos we have been watching isnt the only one. It is the only one we have ever seen and its always the same one. CES is very very important to everyone here who pre-ordered whether you will accept it or not.”

    Sorry, although the wired article is factually true as you say, because they report a reader posted the comment.

    so there whole article is negative based on an anonomus comments on there web site.

    so yes, it is factually true, an unknown reader posted a comment questioning Notion Inks Adam tablet.

  341. The result of this auction reflects exactly why so many people are asking for a pre-order 2.

    Most likely the buyer does not expect Notion Ink to keep up with orders for a while, so he.she is willing to pay a premium.

    Many people on this blog have the same feeling. They are afraid that if there is no per-order 2, that they will have search for sales-channels which will be quickly sold out when Adam start to be as hot as we believe it can be.

    I agree with Jetfin that the price would be considerably higher if the seller waited until after the CES and the first reviews.

    Although the has a massive world-wide campaign, Samsung sold 1 million pieces in just 2 months. Those are staggering numbers to come up with if the Adam becomes a hit.

  342. @Yogi: I agree to most of what you have said. And I agree with Rahim also. Never purchased an IPhone. I loved my Samsung Captivate.
    About hope, one of my favorite quotes :
    β€œLove comes to those who still hope even though they’ve been disappointed, to those who still believe even though they’ve been betrayed, to those who still love even though they’ve been hurt before.” πŸ™‚ Nothing really crappy about hope πŸ™‚
    I put my “Dumber” comment to someone who called @Rahim Dumb πŸ™‚
    Now @Yogi go back and read my comment again πŸ™‚

  343. Hi Greg, thanks for the link.

    Actually I would not be surprised if even the Wired publications works in Adam’s interest.

    If, as we all believe, Adam and eden are as good as we have seen, then any publicity is good publicity. The issue is to create awareness. With a good quality product, even negative reports help as long as they are countered by a positive experience. The objective is the create an ‘Aha- erlebnis’ in the mind of people. That when they hear about Adam, they thing that they have heard about Adam before. And if all experiences are positive then Wired has simple helped in bringing the word out of Adam.

    They wouldn’t mention Notion Ink if nobody knew what Notion Ink is.

  344. It might be easy for us Dutch, but I found your communication in Norse still very impressive. I had to read it out word by word to understand it πŸ˜‰

    Happy birthday Zaghir and I agree that Las Vegas should be much nicer now then cold Norway, so send us a picture of dam if you make a 24.000 km detour home.

  345. @M1n7 i think so. even in the United States the prices are different in every state due to a difference in sales tax.

    Notion Ink will not be able to reduce the price for countries that have a higher tax-rate πŸ˜‰

  346. if it is a requirement, then maybe Eden will convert he screen output of 1280 by 720 to the size of Adam.

  347. Nice write-up Bruce.

    Notion Ink is indeed a young company and they will struggle with many of the growing pains it takes to start a business.

    What they currently lack in overall management/operational sense, they make up for in innovation, engineering and sheer determination.

    The processes they are going through now will teach them more then any college degree ever could and it’s that knowledge (and how they refine it moving forward) that will solidify whether Notion Ink can stand the gale winds and brutal winter storms.

    The tale is yet to be written for this company, but the preface looks good so far.

  348. @bsmdbt

    I see your point and agree on several counts. However, by their definition and selection of the Adam for the list, every product ever announced that has not made it to market is vaporware until AFTER it is in the hands of the user…

  349. @tandeh

    I wonder where they are getting that “minimum” screen resolution spec from. I have not looked into it myself but I heard honeycomb could support that resolution, but not that it was a minimum… I guess we’ll find out soon.

  350. Others are more apprehensive to jump on the rumor bandwagon.


    So until we hear it officially, don’t worry too much.

  351. Hello Rohan,

    I have heard that HoneyComb would require higher resolution. If this is true, is our ADAM ready for this? As I understand ADAM is a bit future proof or that was for ADAM 2.

    Please respond, may be after CES.


  352. Some points to ponder:

    1. NI should position this product with DJs (among other professions) ..the trend to move to USB controlled DJ consoles has been making lot of ppl but Mac books… if NI can tie up with Traktor LE or other softwares n enable will become a real hot property..It will not only pick from Ipad’s mkt share but also mac books and mac pros!

    2. NI should position the product among film students n indie film makers by getting a Eden verison of Avid pro or Adobe premiere..this will make it an excellent Editing tool! Again drawing comparision with Apple… Final Cut PRo has been a big reason why lot of people buy Mac vice versa as well! this again will cut into mac pro’s mkt share. agreed that HD editing is processor n RAM centric. i am sure that there could be a way out.

    3. The third community are the Photographers..If NI can tie up with Adobe for EDen versions of Photoshop (full version) or the raw convertors..then it would be a big bonus for a photographer to edit photos onsite! will again create a new market!

    I had a question for the Adam Gurus – What is the format for the video recording on ADam? is it HD or WGA ? I am hoping it is a 720p 60 frames HD format! (Wishful thinking)
    Waiting with baited breath for the release and Pre Order 2!!!

  353. @greg You gave me some entertaining moments with your comments at the androidcommunity. Many smiles on my face when reading your explanations.

    The androidcommunity has dropped several places in my list of ‘intelligent commentators’. I don’t mind when somebody has critical comments or disagrees on something, that might even make an article more interesting, but this was just plain stupid.

  354. The main feature will be that it automatically changes from a 1024 x 600 display to a 1280X720 when Honeycomb is installed πŸ˜‰

  355. @sen2dev


    What pains me most is the kind of attacks on a startup in the current period. WE await and want innovations, how small it can be, in this stagnant PC industry (You know the Hertz wars then the core wars… wars on functional improvement except now). And all sorts of exhuberances run amok to kill it. Sometimes wonder whats wrong with this young tech world?

    We sometimes are so excited for the wrong reasons, with emotions getting the upper hand. ( just a point – we flay Apple ipad but are we seeing the varied application it is demonstarting– a demonstartion that a “tablet” is now adequate to those computing needs….so whats in the future?)

    Even in NI case also so much flaks for things superfluous – drowning the importance of the eden and real multitasking concept in a “tablet”. How come many are missing the BIG picture of the small step this kind of concept will fuel further growth in “tablet”computing. Imagine adam is very successful, competitions copies eden multitasking…..fuels innovation to further enhancing the prowess….what do we get landed up? A more powerful “tablet” device, more multitasking…… Even microsoft,Intel are getting the fear of the onslaught of this “tablet”—its not long we see a lot change of computing from the conventional.

    And these “techies journal” are suppose to “help” with a truthful report. IMHO such journal and blogs are killing the tech industry.

  356. @all
    nice article here. I believe our Greg wrote comment there .

    http: //news.ciol. com /News/News/News-Reports/Is-Adam-coming-to-your-home-this-year/145259/0/

  357. Considering you need direct sunlight to charge… Whats the point Einstein?

  358. @bruce – I agree with send2dev: very “nice write-up”. Lots of time and thoughts you put into that πŸ™‚

    It will indeed be very difficult for Notion Ink, but they seem to have a very large investor who can come with operational support if the situation deserves it.

    Back to send2dev again: “the preface looks good so far”.

    I agree with that and believe that they really have a chance. There are several examples of small companies that made a big splash and turned out to be there to stay.

  359. Hey, we’re not all techy ppl here, it was a sincere question, mister Einstein.
    What’s the point? Would be need to be independable of electricity, where ever you go.
    And what’s the problem with direct sunlight?

  360. Greg is becoming our ‘poster boy’ (positively meant) He even publishes in Indian papers πŸ™‚

    I particularly liked his last remark: India already has a lot to be proud of. Now they can brag about Notion Ink and the Adam tablet too!

    @elmelao: thanks for the link, hereby also in quotes ;):

  361. I’m happy, yesterday bought the stylus DAGI P501 and they also going to send me the P101 model free, what gift have prepared Notion Ink at CES? mystery feature …

  362. My reply to androidcommunity

    I think, ironically,the author of this post requires few tutorials in English. I could point out a few glaring mistakes
    1) Right on CES Eve, the night before CES 2011 starts, : redundant usage, even though its wrong as Greg pointed out
    2)Notion Ink posts a new video demo. That’s totally crazy. : it should be ” and its totally crazy rather than a full stop and then a stand alone sentence, thats totally crazy
    3)This video show the browser in portrait mode : shows rather than show
    4) They say that most of the apps you’ll be using where you read a lot that portrait mode will be enabled. : its pretty obvious, do I need to point out?

    Four mistakes in six lines, that is impressive and I am not even an expert.
    Infact I am an Indian.

  363. My reply to androidcommunity

    I think, ironically,the author of this post requires few tutorials in English. I could point out a few glaring mistakes
    1) Right on CES Eve, the night before CES 2011 starts, : redundant usage, even though its wrong as Greg pointed out
    2)Notion Ink posts a new video demo. That’s totally crazy. : it should be ” and its totally crazy rather than a full stop and then a stand alone sentence, thats totally crazy
    3)This video show the browser in portrait mode : shows rather than show
    4) They say that most of the apps you’ll be using where you read a lot that portrait mode will be enabled. : its pretty obvious, do I need to point out?

    Four mistakes in six lines, that is impressive and I am not even an expert.
    Infact I am an Indian.

  364. Just a naughty thought…
    IF Rohan will announce pre order 2 during his presentation at the first day of CES,
    and since he promised to mail private invites to 20k for P O 2,
    and he announced the first pre order round the day prior,

    you think we can expect an email soon/today?

  365. I think they give you one with the order (according to his interview with android police)

  366. There is a phone icon on the desktop.

    That being said, lots of tablets will have phone, so that is not it.

  367. I was thinking…

    As CES approaches and Adam comes to market, “WE” can make a huge contribution to the success of Notion Ink and the Adam!

    All of the tech sites are going to be reporting on the soon to be released tablets, including the Adam. Some may say good things, some bad. But that does not matter. What does matter is that all eyes are going to be on the tech sites for the next week or so looking for information. That includes comments we make in response to the articles written. So…

    1. Seek out those article and comment on them. The readers will see how much support Notion Ink and Adam have and take notice. Even if the article is negative, they reader will be influenced by all the positive comments we make.

    2. Be nice when commenting! Some people are entertained by online arguing, but most people click away as soon as they see profanity, name calling, etc. They generally disregard everything the belligerent person says because that person did not express themselves in an intelligent manner. So when we find articles that try to twist the facts and put the Adam in a negative light. Simply point out the truths and tell people why Adam is so much better. The reader will quickly catch on. [okay, off my soapbox now – sorry]

    3. After CES, everyone is going to be hitting the local electronic stores looking for these tablets, though few will be found for quite a while. But they will find the old iPad and a few others. So when you are at these stores, be sure to help others find info on the Adam by “owning” it (pull up NI website on browser and leave it for others to see. Or change the home page to NI website so it goes there every time the browser is opened. You can do this on tablets, PC’s etc…)

    And please be sure to send me photos when you do it so I can post them here “” for everyone to enjoy! πŸ˜‰

    Seriously though… We really can make a difference! And as Notion Ink succeeds, we will reap the benefits of even better tablets, devices, software, etc in the future. It is a win-win opportunity!

    What else can we do? Who’s on board?

  368. Seriously, hopes and dreams, and loyalty for that matter, should reserved for bigger things than a tech purchase.

    I surrounded myself with tech devices. I’ve purchased a Dell multi-touch tablet a year or two ago, so this sort of device is right up my alley. The price seems affordable, the prospect/specs seems great, and this device is a very long time coming.

    All things being equal, I’d go with the underdog, mostly because I hate monopoly’s and conglomerates such as Apple, or Toshiba.

    I would like to see more reviews from those who’ve tested this, but, after that, my credit card is ready, and I might perhaps see that all senior personnel at my company get one too.

  369. So I see NVidia is having a press conference on Wednesday at 12pm at CES. Could Notion Ink possibly be involved/mentioned or will they have their own?

  370. Probably not because that won’t fit on the widescreen. I think that part about the resolution was stretched a little. Because HTC is rumored to be coming out with a 7″ table running Honeycomb, and their is no way you could make that resolution look good at that small of a size.

  371. Hard to say Notion Ink is not listed as a vendor at CES so they are there with someone.
    some have speculated it could be NVidia

  372. They filed with 180 day confidentiality, because it would leak the mystery feature. The 180 day’s corresponds with us getting three updates after release.

  373. My guess is that PixelQi increased the price they’re charging NI for the screens. Or maybe NI knows the supply of PixelQi screens will be low enough that they will sell out even at increased prices.

    Either way, the extra $50 isn’t enough to stop me from buying a PixelQi version when I get the chance.

  374. I looked at the Adam YouTube videos on the iPads and iMacs at my local Best Buy. (The videos looked GREAT! So, I left the YouTube site on the macs.)

    I wish I had thought of taking a picture…


  375. Wally West – in some points i can agree, in some just can’t.

    1. big fish – small fish – comparision – maybe small fish with good support (lot of rich people in India or Oil-Arabia might have been interested in financing a start up with perspectives – it’s something You’ve mentioned) may become a big fish?
    2. India is a huge market – i guess second in the world in near (10-15 years) future.
    3. Balmer and Jobs have no fresh ideas.
    4. Mr. Rohan is already a winner (hopefully he won’t become a “member” od MS or Apple, but even so – maybe he will change them, to sell good products, not another hardly working OS or tablpad 2(camera),3(usb 3.0),4(hdmi)…)
    5. Motorola – oh come on πŸ˜€

    All best


  376. What? No honeycomb?

    Oh well. Guess I’ll have to put these orders up on ebay then… πŸ™‚

  377. The fourth community is Health Nuts:

    Notion Ink should also position this product attached to Elliptical Trainers and Stationary Bicycles.

    Then one can play Angry Birds whilst one exercises.

  378. Reading above and was mentioned that Rohan said via Android Police that FCC certification went through…Is this confirmed?

  379. My point of view of success for Adam as it has the best hardware and software currently available in market. NVIDIA Tegra 250 Dual Core Cortex A-9 with 10.1″ Pixel Qi display. Honeycomb OS with its unique User Interface (UI) EDEN makes it a great true multitasking device. Better OpenGL ES, OpenSL ES support, SIP/VOIP, Multi-touch & Split Keyboard, Better Copy paste features, Kernel Upgraded to 2.6.35, Better View Support (Honeycomb) and Clean User Interface; Better Memory Management.
    For Tablet lovers this will be a great year and we are going to see hell of a show. 100’s of tablet will release this year and who knows who will be the best in future but currently ADAM seems to be a clear winner with its tech specs.

  380. The dumb comment is directed towards marcdimmick, Himanshu jain, and Rahim all rolled up into one big “dumb”. Dreams, inspiring visions, watching the Adam grow, emotional attachment?!?! (That’s the worst of it) Give me a break.

    It is a company selling a piece of metal, plastic, silicon, etc. There are visions, heart, emotions, and hard work going into all these products. Everyone else just doesn’t waste their time blogging about it. Outside of actual product information and examples you can keep the rest of it.

    If the Adam doesn’t live up to your expectations are you going to cry? Give up on life? Lose your faith? Emotional attachment…what a joke.

    That is what is dumb.

  381. I’m in! I’ve already been to an Apple store and loaded the Notion Ink website on half a dozen iPads πŸ™‚

  382. Today i spent two hours speaking to my friends about all the charmings of Adam. What it is going on with this device? It is not only a product but something inspiring that keeps me thinking how i will create things with it in my daily work. I dream every minute with have it in my hands.

  383. And you are a jerk (but I am not telling you anything you do not know already.)

  384. I don’t think so. Most if the people here were drawn by the PQ especially the older bloggers. Most want to use the Adam like the nookor kindle and certainly that was the huge draw for me. And that was the first to be out of stock from the preorder

  385. Me too. Waiting for the discount. Does anyone know where Pratik is? Probably enjoying the Adam. I would bet my bottom dollar Adam will still come on top go CES 2011

  386. The new Asus Eee Memo Pad was introduced at CES has 1024 x 600 resolution and also android 3.0… so no problem πŸ˜‰

  387. +1 – i am expecting a read alot for work/books, but also have a device much more versatile than a non-PQ screen …

  388. The new Asus Eee Memo Pad was introduced at CES has 1024 x 600 resolution and also android 3.0… so no problem πŸ˜‰

  389. I can’t speak for the writers at WIRED…but it appears Notion Ink, put the cross hairs on their own product by being late on a a few public announcements that we know of. Im wondering how many we “don’t ” know about, promises made to folks like WIRED. but not kept? At the most innocent, NI is learning the lesson of when to be sure to make a public announcement…and the most guilty (which I just dont read Rohan this way, if he is, shame on me for not seeing it more clearly) NI didnt care and is running a scam.

    and to your point, not true, Duke Nukem 4 is not in the hands of the user, has been promised every year for 4 years straight…and is still not released, but another software developer (reputable) has picked up the task and will most certainly finish the task as promised. But never the less they are on the list…and will most likely deliver this year.

  390. The facts that damn them, did NOT come from anyone but Notion Ink. The promises that damn them came from Notion Ink themselves in these very blogs!

    But that said my gut says its not malicious, it is completely from corporate inexperience…and that will change. Rookie mistakes…thats what I believe whole heartedly. Watch as this company learns and grows, some changes we will love, others we will hate…but grow they will.

  391. yep…really for a product, there is no such thing as bad publicity…even the most malicious reports bring the product into being more of a household name.

  392. useless shadow of a rag that it used to be. Journalism is completely dead at the dead gray lady…and subscriptions are so far gone it shows the funeral has already been held.

  393. I just read somewhere that SD performs faster than micro SD, so having SD is actually better than having microSD ..adam doesnt have standard SD…but micro SD.

  394. if that is true then did Rohan lie to us? he has eluded to working with honeycomb in his posts…That cant be the case.

  395. solar is a decent guess, it would tie together the tesla principle of remote wireless energy source.

  396. That was one of the android polices rationale for why NI was a fraud and vaporware. Scary allegations if you have given NI your money.

  397. @Paul

    actually my point is this “we consumers put our expectation of NI low, so that we dont become a finicky mob, when we find “things not promised”, “customer care sucks”, “my questions are not answered”.

    We do this to SAVE NI. IMHO if there is less flaks from “insatiable” fans/addicts/experts/naysayers, NI can concentrate more on the core issues!!! i.e innovative computing!!! Is anyone excited for Bliss? (this is an example of large number of us missing the BIG picture. Frankly do anyone here have an idea what is bliss? What Rohan intoned?). Not much care for such kind of things eh? except “scam” analysis. Duh!

  398. anthony,

    dumb is believing in the possibly of a community organizer being an effective president …
    dumb is believing that your faith is somehow superior to any else’s in the world …
    people want to be a part of something bigger than themselves — something creative and innovative and original — which is what NI strives to be … its like a garage band in college … who doesn’t want to see them hit the big time … i do … and i will gladly pay the cover charge to see how it goes … awaiting my Pixel Q, wi-fi, 3G and whatever else NI team decides to throw in …

  399. Though it was a long write up, it made a lot of sense and I enjoyed it πŸ™‚

  400. @Greg
    I have my ideas about Eden based on what I have read, and seen. the videos are proof of what Rohan has explained more than once for a while now. So, I know it is not something just made up. It is the result of a lot of work over a long period of time. I’m not a programmer, but I can tell when an UI is half cooked, or it brings with it long hours of hard work to produce a final work. In Eden case, I trust that software will be just as Rohan said a while back: a great software. you can look at the videos, and the posts about Eden. I don’t think anyone can negate a fact as obvious as that. I think you agree with me.
    But the other issue you mix up here is actually very interesting: Can Eden be usueful after AOS 2.3? Well, the answer to that is not certain 100%, either way, simply because we are not there yet. What kind of proof can be used to support the idea that Eden won’t be useful once Honeycomb is released? None.
    But based on the work put on Eden 1, I can hope that there will be an Eden2 for Adam2, and it will be just as good. Can you really negate that?
    By then, I think Rohan and his team will have an Eden working just fine for more advanced AOS.
    In any case, I think it is a very interesting topic. I think it is the first time anyone brings it here.

  401. how do we know he is making a stage presentation … i got the impression he would be with other companies vs. having his own booth, and stage so to speak … curious?

  402. @Scott
    “If I decide I want an Adam RIGHT NOW…when can I have it?”

    I don’t mean to be talk back here, but I can ask the same question about the ipad2. Can you get it NOW? NO. can you get the Toshiba tablet NOW? NO. Can you get all those showing at CES NOW? No.
    But which one can you caunt on soonerr? The Adam.

    And May? How can you say that? May is stretching it thin a long way. Preorder units will leave soon (During the CES Convention), and it will start arriving before the month ends. Rohan did say that they will be able to ship about 100000 units a mionth. Preorder 2 is round the corner, and once the gridlock caused by Apple is eased, they will be able to produce a lot more.

    Motorola has a major market. They are experienced, and more. Agree, if you had that in mind. They can ship a lot of units quickly.

    Now there is wrinkle I just can’t get out of my mind. If Motorola said they will be out the second week of February, they must have rushed that tablet a lot! I mean, do they do any implementation? What do they have working in their labs? Super smart machines straight out of the iRobot labs?

    Vague? If you look for it, you will find it there. Right in front of your eyes. Half cooked tablets selling a product with an OS that must be implemented to your individual needs (One of the reasons we all love an open system like Android, Linux). Or, is there any thing that will make that tablet original, let’s say the way the ipod was when it first came out?
    I think Motorola and Toshiba should worry about the Galaxy, because it is like theirs, more or less, and they too will come out with the Honeycomb soon (They probably made deals with Verizon on that regards, which is fine for them.)

    I’m happy with where NI is right now. It is the perfect place. The Adam uses the same basic OS, and yet it is a lot different than those you mentioned. I say this because they haven’t explained anything regarding what kind of programming they had to do, what are they bringing different than evyryone else. If they do, then I will pay them all the respect due.

  403. Sometimes I wonder who is at fault?
    the would be consumers with such “demands for perfection” (even for typos/textual meaning/Mr Murphy) discounting the fact that NI is indeed a startup. (small with staff ~80-90)
    or NI for gaining experience of a startup business?

    We flays NI for overpromisng and underdelivering…..but is it true? What do we know of the various permutations and combinations going on in the working of a startup to effect changes in decision. Just because we are given a window through this blog, we usurp a sense of righteousness to flay NI for silly mistakes, (which every tom and dick is sure to make) and amplify.

    *rest my case*

  404. WordPress is acting weird. Jumping comments all over. I tried to support a comment and it got posted under a different one which was going the other way round!

  405. You are compairing companies that are REALLY huge and that are in the bussiness for a VERY long time. NI is a small company with a great idea that finally can produce it. And because of people like you those companies can’t have the support that they should deserve. Plus, I haven’t seen any company that does products like NI, by showing us the creation of it and the progress that they have done, of course that is better to have the product right on the way, but to do something really cool requires a lot of time. Another thing, when have you seen a camera that swipes? a Pixel QI screen on a tablet? The panel UI, wich is great for multitasking, and lot of great apps that they have done? And the freedom of putting it an external hard drive, a pen drive, a microSD, a mouse, a keyboard, and everything that you can put on a usb port. Plus, the price isn’t to high.

    PS: None of those tablets have 1Gb of RAM, wich you are going to need if you want to REALLY multitask

  406. It will be able to run Honeycomb if the developers want to (or allow access to the drivers for XDA). It’s open source, you’ll be able to put honeycomb on your toaster if you like.

    It’s access to the Google Market that will be restricted.

  407. You can’t chose iPad2 now, but you can buy an iPad in anyplace, and Adam, you are speaking about Adam2, but they are almost a year trying to make Adam1. The only thing here is the Pixel Qi, the really invention here. But maybe other company you catch it or the other transflexive screen, I forgot the name of the brand, like in the pixelqi website says, there is other company, betwen Notion Ink and Inversal, that they can’t tell the name, maybe in CES.
    And I only want a pixel qi tablet to read books and magazines, if Notion Ink have had lunch Adam 6months before, even with one problem or other, that I can update firmware, I think I would had be very happy. Sorry for my english.

  408. If it not Pixel Qi, I will not know about Notion Ink!!!! I think that if isn’t it, and I read notion ink on a site, maybe think that is a cheap chinese tablet.

  409. They didn’t separate themselves from Android market. Google will not allow any tablets into the market at the present moment. Just because there’s Genesis doesn’t mean it won’t have access to the Google Market. This is Android we’re talking about, and not some other locked down device, you know.

    Additionally, there’s GetJar market app that you can get software from. ^.^ Not quite as large, but there’s still quite a bit of software there.

  410. Hey Notion Ink, why have you stopped taking pre-orders?

    I’ve been waiting for almost a year to get my hands on a Pixel Qi tablet and I was rather frustrated when you closed the pre-order form only a few days (less than a day?) after you first announced it. I was hoping you would open it back up in a week or so, since you had some teething issues to begin with.

    What are the plans for future sales? What reason do you have for closing the pre-order form? (I mean, it’s just a form — I only want to get my name on the list)

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to your showing at CES. Goodluck!

  411. i hope if people can wait till CES , we will hear more good news abt adam πŸ™‚

  412. It was Notion Ink’s strategy to undercut the cheapest variant of the Apple iPad by offering the most expensive Adam at $1 less. That was actually a marketing strategy but that advantage disappeared. I guess it was because the Pixel Qi was in short supply and having known that the demand was great, they increased the price and lowered the LCD variant to equal counterbalance the demand. Notion Ink probably thought that if they lower the price of the LCD variant and then drastically increase the price of the Pixel Qi variant, the demand will come out even.

    That being said, it didn’t stop the Pixel Qi variant from going out of stock so quickly. The extra $50 plus the $50 shipping makes it $100 more than the original price. Maybe if you wait till it becomes available on Amazon, you’ll get free shipping and no tax. And perhaps it will be available back down to $498 when it is more availalble to the massses.

  413. He is in the USA. He won’t pay any other cost. His price will be 600. eBay and paypal fees are about 13%. His net is about 136 profit. Plus he will probably make about 10 more dollars on shipping

  414. Just to make a point…what good products are not delayed? Airbus 380 was delayed second time by 1 year and more..Boeing is delayed by may be 3 to 4 years and still no signs… these are organizations which are the largest and the best, when a small startup like NI when they strive to bring innovation..we want to kill it before it is born..what a contrast!

  415. Quantities are very limited as they must prepay the manufacturer. As well as Pixel Qi has limited manufacturing abilities as well. Also it wasn’t just a form, we actually paid for the item.

  416. Genesis is hosted at “” while the main site is hosted at “”

  417. Mark Mullins:

    It just so happens that that particular β€œcommunity organizer” is more popular than Reagan was at the same time in his first term. “”. And I support the President and will do so again in 2012.

    Just sayin!

  418. I am sure there will be plenty of places. Besides, I am sure that Cyanogen will play with it as well!


  419. If we the followers does not put demands on NI then how will they learn? The pre order fiasco really pushed them to think about the customer care. Fans of NI were/are more forgiving then the outside world and if they experience the same as we did then that would have spelled doom for NI. Sometimes you need kick in the butt to learn and get the real education in surviving in this cut throat world. The things they are doing right now(improved t&c, demo videos, selection of freq. Etc.) is all because of we the fickle fans and these are steps in right directions. So I think they are much more better because of the huge expectations, demands, suggestions we have imposed on NI.

  420. @
    “It seems like Notion may be too little too late. ”

    I appreciate your comments because it brings some of the issues some people will use when arguing about which tablet to buy: an establish one (even with obsolete software), or a start up company with great specs?I will give my opinion as a consumer, who happens to be convinced that the Adam is really the tablet for me.

    You say:
    “Too little….”, noo. The specs are there. Compare.

    “Too late…”, noo again. CES is the perfect place for NI to show off the Adam. They have picked their time, and it looks great.

    Check CES 2010…the year of the tablets at the event…how many of all those tablets made it to success? The number of tablets “rocking up” there doesn’t really matter. The Adam is ready now. If you deny the Adam’s quality, then there’s nothing else to talk about. The evidence is there.
    NI did excellent in 2010, but it wasn’t ready then for the market. I wouldn’t probably bought it back then. The real competition continues after the event. I agree that It is good to have a good show. It impacts, and also keeps a lot of nay sayers with their tail between their legs. But the real deal will be later. And the Adam has shown to be ready now, not last month, or two months ago. That was the Galaxy’s time. Maybe one of the other ones you mention will make it before the Adam. I say, so what. The Adam will be ready when it launches.
    And the PQi? Maybe is not the deal breaker for some people (some, only some ipod followers for example), but it is for a lot of people out there (including most real ipad owners.) Who would deny the value of PQi? Most people will see a value in it. That is because most people will like to read outside, I think.

    I’m just a consumer, who happens to like the Adam a lot. In the competition you are talking about, I don’t listen to trash, judgmental talk. I see, I read in every directions, then make my decision. And Rohan sounds convincing, and his products sounds, and looks great. So, if you are trying to convince me not buy the Adam, you have got to give more solid facts about the devices. Then, i will consider.

  421. One day, seven hours to CES.
    A friend of mine will be there. I asked him to go watch the Adam. He is a Nokia fan, but I’m hoping he takes a few moments to stop by the NI corner.

  422. Agree.
    In my case, I will patience. I missed the preorder because of banks issues, and will try to buy during preorder. My hopes are with preorder2. Don’t want to miss it again.

  423. The Adams specs are nice, Eden is nice, the price is nice, even better is that i can ditch the greedy big players, but there is only one real reason why have bought adam on day one:

    -I am sooooooo tired of companies that are not dedicated to what they create.
    They simply donΒ΄t give the consumer any firmware updates after the first or two
    (HTC anyone?) and the abandon their amazing creations.
    The only real support that we have is XDA, Modaco etc….
    After following adams creation for the last 6 months, I have my hopes up hight that
    Notionink will make the difference in keeping the adam up-to-date for a long time to

    That hope sealed the deal for me and nothing else!

    PEACE πŸ™‚

  424. Sorry for alle the spelling mistakes, i should read it before i press “post” πŸ˜‰

  425. Challanges Notion Ink will likely face come CES(when compared to others):
    *Product availability- With (some)pre-orders barely having a hope of being shipping out around CES it isn’t a stretch to wonder just how long it’ll be until the next orders and how long after that it will ship.
    *storage size- At 8gb internal storage(until that “coming soon” turns less vague) they’re going to have people passing them up. Expandable memory while nice, does not really differentiate the adam from most other tablets. 16gb is likely a bottom limit for some(I’ve seen quite a few on this blog contemplate eating the 5% cancellation fee on the blog to wait for larger variants) and I personally would’ve preferred they had gone over their early estimated price for it.
    *Customer service- It is a young company so I understand that they need time to build up this section but based on pre-order(which was an admitted PR fail on most fronts including Rohan) and some frusterating phone calls about which 3g unit a customer can get, most people just hearing about the adam will be weary at the least. The blog is a nice look within but hardly customer service.
    *Screen resolution- It flops, it was ok while the upper alternatives were over-priced ipad/galaxy tab but with the onslaught of tablets coming out the prices will be more reasonable and the screen will become a hinderance for NI.
    *”Hidden” costs- What I mean by this is the hidden taxes/vats etc. NI needs to get a chart together on the ordering page and make sure it is seen. People who haven’t been following the blog and miss the T&C mentioning import costs, will be extremely unhappy if they are one of the unlucky ones to have import taxes to pay.
    *Repair services- This is another one of those times where it is almost directly linked to NI being a start up but is still an issue. Shipping a device over seas to then be repaired and shipped back(=quite some time to get it repaired) may be ok to adamholics but to the casual consumer a repair center closer to home works out better.

    Thats not to say NI won’t do well with adam. There are characteristics that will likely keep adam within the game such as the pixel qi display, the majority of the weight being in the battery hump in the palm of the hand design, as well as the panel apps. The challanges (minus the screen res) are simply things that will likely hold NI back in the short term as they grow.

  426. @Alexus Noir On a different note as you mentioned earlier that you are part of EAP1, how is your app development going on? And does it mean that you did not receive PQI model in your EAP1?

  427. and that we are expecting that you will be sharing his experiences here πŸ™‚

  428. @Scott
    I was looking through all the post, and I can’t find where Rohan talked about releasing a phone-sized device. Maybe someone can find that?
    In any case, I don’t remember either if they ever mentioned anything about Eden for cell phones.

  429. Hi everyone, I would like to comment that if you look at NI as a startup and that they are creating a product that is using cutting edge tech, then you have to look at the problems that Nvidia and PQ were and are having getting their products into production. The delays suffered by NI are partly due to delays of suppliers meeting their deadlines. Apple and the other players are using existing hardware and even they have problems meeting their deadlines. You also have to take into consideration what was and is going on with Android. There is still doubt in some circles that Gingerbread will perform as expected. From my perspective it’s a miracle that Rohan and team have accomplished what they have todate. From what I understand Nvidia and PQ will be so inundated with orders that Ni may be left out in the cold. Nvidia, PQ and Google have gotten off easy in the blame game. I also see Ni as the 1st global company that will serve a global market. They are not differentiating and may keep distribution inhouse and not to regional distributors. If you look at this blog as representative then it is a new day and a new way of doing buss..

  430. Rohan mentioned that “they removed one feature (back track pad), so added another feature as a substitute”. They might have realised that they are not successful with the trackpad may be in November 2010 or around that time? What other feature they can add without putting in much effort. Also, some of the clues Rohan mentioned such as “Reducing the distance” are indicating towards a telephone. Furthermore see desktop images there are icon’s for phone and signal indicator on the status bar. May be I am wrong, but telephone is my guess. Since 3G variant has already got a sim card slot, what will they do with that slot in case of non-3G version?

  431. Thats why I like the fact that Eden leaves the typical Android UI intact. You have Eden – but you don’t loose the standard.

  432. Don’t argue with a troll. This is a blog for fans of NotionInk, who believe in Rohan and his vision. We are not blind followers, we know the risk of a startup and can live with it. Let him buy the Motorola product and everybody is happy.

  433. He has 4 days to do it.
    Remember that he is planning a press release. Maybe then he will give out some (if not all) information.
    I hope he talks about preorder 2 first!

  434. @greg,

    You more than deserve all this appreciation!

    If I were Rohan, I would have given the first Adams (even before the pre-order along with EAPs) to you and similar folk who have been spreading the positive word about Adam.

    Reading all your comments in so many blogs/forums, I wonder how do you manage your time.
    Finally being an American, you are taking high of an Indian product and company!

    I salute you with my head bowed!

  435. @Mark Mullins

    Rohan said a press release. So, there will probably be a formal talk/reading for some folks of the press (tech news sites, etc.)

  436. @voxmagna
    You probably right. I just never heard the end of the story.

    My prayers go to those affected by the flood in Australia.
    (posted here so it won’t go to the middle of all he comments.)

  437. @Pranav & others having similar view

    And i missed to mention,

    With all the above i mentioned, It could be tough show for other tablets because bar (read benchmark) has been raised by tini-mini-tiny Indian company developing first tablet device, both the company and device had been criticized a lot for (ultimately) accommodating everybody’s view (My detailed post on “Introspection” went under moderation and never appeared)

    It would be tough in sense, if such a small firm (very small man power and with no resources at all) can come up with this good idea (customized android, EDEN, first to integrate PQ screen, track pad, swivel camera, Screen glass ….etc….list continues), then people will expect Big firms with lot of manpower and deep pockets to come up with a tablet which offers more than (read more then) what ADAM comes with and price also must be no more then ADAM.

    you can include global sales if you want to..

    I think others will really have tough time. I can do an educated guess, after ADAM’s success following CES, many of the tablet showcased during CES will not hit the market for long time (they’ll have to atlease come up with office suite, file/web browser), even if they do there will be very less takers.

    and If NI has succeeded partnering with big/small retailers (I am sure they have, hopefully it will ensure hassle free repairs/service) then even people who are not following blog or are not aware of ADAM, will go for it

  438. @Rohan and Adam familiy,
    A day ahead to rock CES 2011. Rohan or any adam family living in Las Vegas, please feed us adam news from CES Las Vegas!

  439. And why I said that……It’s Jan 3 2011 and I found this…..

    lol! -);


    Why no mention of the Notion Ink Adam tablet?

    #1 – Mon Jan 3, 2011 12:10 PM EST
    Wilson Rothman
    That’s more vaporware than rumorware. Whether it’s finally coming or not, it’s been on the books too long to make this cut.

    #1.1 – Mon Jan 3, 2011 1:15 PM EST

  440. what is going on with word press? My lost ID is back now. No need sign in to comment.

  441. Greg..

    One more….


    Why no mention of the Notion Ink Adam tablet?

    #1 – Mon Jan 3, 2011 12:10 PM EST
    Wilson Rothman
    That’s more vaporware than rumorware. Whether it’s finally coming or not, it’s been on the books too long to make this cut.

  442. where are these guys man πŸ˜•
    no news about NI !!!
    hope everything is alright πŸ™‚
    we are waiting for NI news.
    all the biggies are making splash in the tablet world…

  443. People, Rest assured, EDEN and any other software/app will be compatible with future AOS, unless there the OS itself gets modified drastically.

    I recall Rohan mentioned that kernel on ADAM is more closer to Honeycomb…

  444. @bruce

    I agree that there have been HUGE over-reactions fro the public on this blog.

    I for me do not feel that Rohan has over-promised or under-delivered. He missed some deadlines but given the enormous tasks at hand (see your starting entry of this thread) NI did a very impressive job. From a company that nobody knew to a worldwide recognized name with a leading technology and real shippable product within 14 months.

    As per your second post; I fully agree with tempering our demands so Notion Ink can concentrate on what we really want from them: turning a vision of use of information in the future, in a reliable product that we will use every day.

  445. The name of Adam on the back with a picture of half eaten apple below it, and @Greg: +1 in the front.

    When I am back in China I’ll design one and put them up for sale here.

  446. @scott

    I am afraid that that there is a bigger chance for the buyer of not getting it then that you think.

    Looking at your posts, your are a real Adam addict and just scared to admit it. The moment that you open the box, have Adam in your hands and start to play in Eden, you will be sold and there is no way that you would give it away.

    So you should add in your E-bay advertisement a money-back guarantee in case you do not ship πŸ˜‰

  447. Thanks for the comment Anthony, I don’t really know you but all I can see is you totally missed the point I was getting at. Apple and companies like them that are very secretive deliver product. Well marketed and well place and good sellers whether they are good products or not. They place products into the market place based on strategy and financial return. Basically a formula.

    Notion is different as with companies like Allaire corporate and probably there are many other examples which can be shown. But they engaged with their customer and got them involved with what and how they did things. I can speak from personal experience that Allaire corporation did very well and the user community was a great force for change and adoption of their product. It too worked on the concept that the customer was more than just a variable in the companies profit sheet.

    Notion is going in that direction and its a fresh breeze. For you, you only see a product. From your comment I can only gather that you are quite a pragmatic and cautious person. That’s fine but for the people who can see the vision and get excited about please keep it to yourself.

    To you Notion is just another technology company to many of the others on the discuss forum we see a vision which has excited us and gives us more than just a piece of plastic, glass and metal. Its like the half glass of water. I would say you see it being half empty, the difference with myself and many others we see it as half full.

  448. Totally agree Greg. I am so looking forward to getting my adam and all the vision and dream behind it. As I am more interested in buying into the company as well as the adam. It wasn’t just the technology that convinced me to buy the adam. It was far more as I can see you too see it.

  449. It finally sold for US$900 not bad for a product that has not seen the day of commercial light. πŸ™‚ pretty cool, does that mean our adam’s have increase in value? πŸ™‚

  450. Even when we have the products these people will come up with some other excuss. Remember when the pre-order wasn’t working and they were screaming for videos. That if they did not see video it was all a crook. Well we are now waiting on the CES launch which so many kept say that Notion Ink was not on the Website and that it was all a false and they were faking it. We Notion was on the site and like always they did not recant or eat their words just looked for something else to poke at.

    If they are so dissatisfied with the company, the product and all us dreamers why are they still hanging around. Each of the new negative comments just keep bouncing back at them, they just don’t have anything better to do. Hopefully they will become board and we can just get on with working and using our adams.

  451. +1 ,
    totally agree with you, after all is an open market everybody is free to choose, of course some might be right to say that 2010 NI didnt deliver ADAM even with some errors or not. however the true is here and right now…. Adam will be ready soon and before the month ends we will be able to have Adam in our hands ( though it might be a bit more complicate but we will see).
    After all in my personal opinion ( an average customer which waits for Adam a year now) I can say that i am happy that finally Adam will bring everything I need, think about it? what more you could ask from Adam?

  452. Hey scott what if on 6th you find GOOGLE, NVIDIA OR RELIANCE is Ni’s partner??? will that change your mind? any way we will get to know the backing company behind NI and so that people like you get attracted to ADAM. Iam happy that you still interested in Adam and thats why you are here. Keep blogging mate.

  453. Does any know when preorder 2 will be launched and who will be the target? Who will be chosen?

  454. I’d love to be writing that music software you’re mentioning…

    just waiting for the sdk and a damn tablet πŸ˜‰

  455. A worry for us fans that notion inks name is nowhere to b found in the CES,m really getting dizzy after knowing about it.less then 15 hrs to go and….
    Rohan,where r u bro?

  456. @Paul


    Anyway lets enjoy our adam and let the naysayers troll πŸ™‚

    I am getting mine PQ + 3G (Shipping 9th Jan). Be sure to expect a lot of hands-on reviews from me on this blog!!! (sometimes I wonder whats so addictive here — the community or Rohan!!! :-))

  457. I have read somewhere that honeycomb will be probably made available for tablets with a lower screen resolution. I wouldn’t stress too much about this until we now more. I think that rumor was spread to let potential customers refrain from buying existing/lower spec’ed tablets.

  458. I am completely fed up with wordpress. I don’t know where the latest comments are anymore!

  459. In that same article:

    “There is still hope though. In Andy Rubin’s recent time on stage at D:Dive, right around the 1 hour 20 minute mark in the video found here, you’ll notice Josh Topolsky from Engadget ask a question on Android’s future Android UI innovations. After a little run around, Rubin essentially says that the Honeycomb UI will come to phones.”

    If Honeycomb is slated to come to phones, I highly doubt the screen size / resolution will effect Adam at all…

  460. Adam is just beautiful, I want it ^^

    Thanks rohan for all these videos. Happy CES ^^

  461. I was wondering if anyone at the NotionInk office is using or can recommend me any sort of protector or case like what the IPad has? The example that I am thinking about is the black case/cover that can fold over and kind of protects the screen a little bit.

    Any recommendations are more then welcome. Thanks!

  462. What can I say? The kool-aid tastes really good! πŸ˜‰

    Actually it all started for me with the simple desire to buy a tablet… iPad was the only real choice at the time but it did not multitask, did not have a camera, would not allow me to add storage, locked me into iTunes and AT&T, cost way too much for the high end model, would not run flash, etc. Even though it is still a great device and good for a lot of people, it did not meet my personal needs. So I looked for something else and found the Adam which did everything I wanted and then some. That’s how it all began and over the last year or so I have become a huge fan.

    But I don’t think I am a bigger fan or know more about the Adam than many of the others here. Everyone deserves credit for helping to spread the word about Notion Ink and the Adam.

    I just try to do my part because I want to see Notion Ink succeed. They are a threat to the bigger companies because they have a superior product. The bigger companies are going to try to squash Notion Ink and/or steal their ideas. It is a good thing that Notion Ink has financial backing that will allow them to compete and help protect them.

    I hope Notion Ink is able to become as well known and widely accepted as Apple and Microsoft, etc. It will take time and it will take loyal customers who help promote the products. I’m willing to do that because not only is the Adam a great tablet, but Notion Ink is a great company. I’ve gotten to know Rohan through this blog and email messages and have come to trust and believe in him and his ideas. If it were not for him, I would not have put out my hard earned money for a pre-order device. I’ve never done that before in my life. I am actually quite a skeptic and have an aversion to bleeding edge technology, pre-orders, extended warranties, etc. So this is a big gamble for me, but one that I feel confident will pay off well.

    I see the Adam as just a start. A great start. But keep in mind that it will evolve and get even better with Adam2 and so on. The Eden UI will continue to improve, their apps as well as 3rd party apps will be more plentiful and keep getting better, they will introduce new and different devices like Eve, peripheral devices and accessories will become available (I think we may start learning about some of them during CES in the next few days). And Notion Ink as a company will change and improve too. All companies hard to start somewhere. And a company like Notion Ink with such wonderfully innovative ideas and good financial backing can be a huge success, especially if we help them.

    So heck yah, I’d love it if NI threw an Adam my way, but that’s not why I have been so supportive. It’s because I believe in what they are trying to do. And I have faith that they can succeed!

    After saying all that, I bet there are a number of others here that will read this and think to themselves that it sounds very familiar to their own story. Most of us started out looking for the best tablet. Looking back, who would have known that we were in for such a great adventure?!

  463. Just checked my preorder status and is still same… I was going to post that this gave me confidence in that everything is going well and look forward to my shipment, but I have seen things change at the very last minute before. I hope all goes well at CES and we are all blown away by the reviews. Good luck, starts tomorrow!

    Look forward to notification from those who’s shipments go out next week and mine will go out the week after.

  464. @scot

    Ipad2 vapourware?
    Asuspad vapourware?
    Vizio vapourware?
    And by the same definition your own Mototab vapourware?

    How many “vapourwares” of those that you cannot “hold”?. Get a grip.
    Dont be a sourpuss. Stop trolling

    You want just a tablet? Get the Viewsonic G-tab, whats stopping you? So think you are sophisticated, but you are so obvious and plain considering you insult all here at the go. Hey brush up your etiquette. You can rant in a nicer way then just trolling

    You can bark to your heart’s content now. I wont feed you again Troll.

  465. Lexar’s 32gb micro sdhc class 10 card for 149$, will be a perfect compliment to Adam.


  466. @Greg


    Same reasons here. I looked to Apple for a revolutionary device, got disappointed , which was a blessing in disguise. My search ended with NI and got hooked…and never turned back.

    The sheer potential of this type of device and their software execution to live their long term goal of their vision, strikes a chord inside.

  467. As they are releasing adam at CES 2011, would it be beneficial to release there or have their own event? At CES audience are scattered across multiple products and they may not even prefer visiting NI’s stall (due to its small company presence). They don’t have their own audience (like something Apple’s conference room with audience dedicated for their product information). Wouldn’t it have been better if they scheduled their own event for official release.

    Releasing at CES is something like saying we are releasing our product in a open farmers market where not many people are concentrating on you except the passers near by. Just my thoughts.

    Hope NI will get the attention they deserve for this beautiful product. All the best NI we are behind you to support.

  468. @red

    Scott his confused. With his rational mind he is typing these critical remarks but with these type of mistakes he shows that in his heart he wants an Adam. He just believes that Adam is too good to be true and can’t even keep track of years anymore as heart and rationality are fighting.

    There is no way that he will sell Adam if he has one in his hands. He is already in love, he even admits that he is, his rational mind is just telling him that Adam can’t be true πŸ˜‰

  469. This is the email reminder you requested for the following event:

    Live Blog: NVIDIA CES 2011 press conference
    Date: Wednesday January 5, 2011
    Start Time: 12:00PM PST

    When you are ready to watch the event you can click here.
    Alternatively, you can copy and paste the following link into your browser:


  470. Thanks for your response Jason. I guess I’ll just have to wait a little longer.

  471. I’m a pessimist for not having emotions regarding a company and a piece of metal? Your mind should be put to better use.

    My main point is, to have these “feelings” about a company is eventually going to fall on deaf ears. The feelings are the dumb part (not the peeps). Capitalism is too persuasive and the day of the fan logos and family talk will be gone.

    I like the jerk comment, intelligent, well thought out.

  472. As you mentioned, I am one of those to whom ‘it sounds very similar to their own story’. I was looking for a netbook/slate and happened to see Adam a year back and am waiting to get mine since then. But your great support is what differentiates from people like me.

    Being an Indian product, I decided to buy EVEN IF Adam turns out to be scrap. But I am getting more and more convinced that this product will at least make the big companies run for their money.

  473. Not solar…but rather “Electrical Induction”..ya! sort of remote wireless energy source.
    Just like the Japs are trying for the future cars.

  474. For the adam product, do anyone know how to replace battery? or like ipad just build in that cannot be changed.

  475. Peder,
    Pre-order 2.0 will open soon. keep checking this blog for up to date information…….

    btw, till this date i was thinking my English is the worst but i think It’s ok πŸ™‚ jk

  476. Atul Peder is from Denmark and his native language is Danish :). But then you were joking :).

  477. Adam has to hit the mass market to have any impact. It must be available off the shelf or be easily ordered online.
    If this is not achieved in the next few months, no matter how good a product, it is doomed.
    Availabiilty,reliability and after sales support ultimately decide the fate of most products and not the tech specs. This the makers must keep in mind.

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