The Video Today!

Will be here in a while! Did a HDMI out from Adam, to desktop, resulting files are heavy and the processing is taking long! But it’s worth waiting!

(Ok while we wait, it speaks about how we handle Dual Cores, is there any desktop, wallpapers, the Leaves + more. Processor still says 20minutes to go, then Youtube will take time to load. 😐


95 thoughts on “The Video Today!

  1. Congrajulations all you guys whoever have made it first. But on a tech blog this is more of a joke that is being taken to the extreme

  2. “it speaks about how we handle Dual Cores, is there any desktop, wallpapers, the Leaves + more.”

    “the Leaves” ???

  3. Ah, you should have gotten yourself a nice 4Ghz Quad-core desktop with SSD’s. Let me tell you, any video editing or encoding you want to do…. it takes very little time at all.

    Combine that with a nice videocard from Nvidia and a good encoder, and it’s faster then you could imagine before!

  4. Why couldn’t you post the same thing 4-5 hours back for the waiting fans. It’s a disservice to treat them in such a fashion. It reeks of adhocism. Why not just say that the video will be delayed. I think u need to change the way you work. Always user promise and over deliver.

  5. good to see that we are getting information whenever there is a delay..of course its a worth wait..

    Thanks Rohan..

  6. Do some of you not realize you can subscribe to this blog and be notified by e-mail every time Rohan posts a new post so you dont have to sit here hitting F5? I get an e-mail every time Rohan posts and it appears on my cell telling me Rohan posted…

  7. @Matthew – me too. If Rohan can work through the night. Remember he is also preparing for CES. So guys stop expecting too much and be happy that he is doing whatever he can.

  8. Leaves is the app that allows you to read an ATM card placed in the port on the bottom right of the adam ;><;

  9. oh please, stop it. its his blog, his company, he`ll do what he wants. stay put if u are interested in knowing more about adam, or GTHOH. NI is not a govt firm, you are not paying it any many, you are not its investor. YOU cannot demand anything from them.

  10. Wife’s happiness comes first… if you chose adam over your wife she will chew it up when you leave it laying around one day… wait or is that your dog? either way dont upset your dog or your wife by choosing adam first ;P

  11. Is there any chance the Adam can print money, grant you three wishes, give you an island and turn into a jet and fly you there? apparently the HTC Evo can… “”

  12. Well said @Srikar. People forget that keeping the bloggers happy is not his only job. He must have been awake all night and its already morning there. If he could have done it a day earlier, he would have done it. There must be a reason for doing it this late. Why don’t you give him the benefit of doubt. It was not fun for me either (I must admit that reading some lunatic comment here was a little funny!) spending all day in front of the computer waiting for the updates.

  13. @ Albert Wertz, please don’t give any ideas here, some of the bloggers are so demanding that they will ask for all the above!

  14. Process it on adam. It could be quicker :). Use the nine cores, just kidding.
    Better go and sleep it’s too late. Better delegate to some one in your team alternatively (may be your investors who keep bugging you. They will understand the pain & joy. I know your investors are nice guys as they supported you when required). 🙂

  15. He would have already got a high end Nvidia graphics card with 480 cores (yes Nvidia gnu has 480 cores version) for free as he selling 100k Tegra 2 processors a month. It’s a 1080p video.

  16. i second @Rao… fans have driven enough stars to an early grave… let’s keep NI stars healthy into their 90s.

    to Rohan: don’t promise anything… blog when NI and you need to…

  17. lol, sorry. I forget how literal some people are here. Dont want to break any more promises 🙂

  18. That doesn’t always work, you know. There have been one or two recent blog posts for which I never received an email. Also, I believe some ppl have say their email was quite delayed.

    I think ppl are just too excited to sit and wait. Spamming F5 gives them something active to do while waiting? lol Idk, maybe it’s like hitting the elevator button over and over. It really doesn’t do anything, but it makes you feel like it does.

  19. I’m Officially first for the actual video, but as i was ahead of time, and no one was looking at my post, i’ve had to actually post it here. 😉

    so here goes:

    1ST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. “The video will showcase handling of the dual cores, the concept of desktop in Adam, wallpapers, the Leaves (another concept?) and more”

    From wiki: “Adam and Eve became aware of the fact that they were naked, and thus covered themselves with garments made of fig LEAVES”

  21. we cant access personal emails from office network. that is one reason why some of us have to refresh this page 🙂

  22. nice video … very cool 2 finger swipe to desktop and back to apps … anyone know of any reason if Skype for Android runs on this why we would not be able to hook up bluetooth headset and make calls

    – mark

  23. I guess, this thing wouldn’t work perfect for the dumb guys who are used to iCrap

    This is a lil complicated device for them

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