Introducing Eden – VIII (Adam says Happy New Year! :)

Hello All,

This is second in the series of what we posted yesterday. Most of the video (I think this is the best of what we have posted so far) is self-explanatory and answers few of your questions like 3rd party application installation, portrait mode, launching applications, pinch-to-zoom on the browser, auto re-alignment in the browser when you zoom, etc. Let’s take a look:

I will try to post one last video before I leave for CES, but if I don’t, this would be the last one (this might be the last post as well before CES, as I fly out on 3rd). We have one more coming as the official release.

Wishing everyone a Very Happy New Year 2011. Let’s make it special! 🙂

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

405 thoughts on “Introducing Eden – VIII (Adam says Happy New Year! :)

  1. Time to read the post watch the video… and enter New Year 2011…

    Happy New Year Rohan and everyone at NI and here at Blog….

    May GOD bless you all with all happiness, wealth, success and ADAM 🙂

  2. Thanks Rohan! Have fun at CES. Be sure to take lots of photos at CES and share them with us. We are all excited for the big unveiling and wish we could go with you. But we will be there in spirit!

  3. hey rohan, best wishes for the new year for adam and family… hope you have read my mail..

    good luck

  4. Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year ROhan And NI Team.

    And More importantly Wishing All the Adam Followers here in this blog A very very happy New year :). Let’s keep the same spirit,love and affection towards adam in years to come 😉

  5. Happy new year to NI and its followers!

    These two videos are answering most question that I had for a long time. Eden is way ahead of any other Android GUI. That’s one thing that makes me like Adam (along with the powerful and open hardware).

    Good luck at CES!
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  6. CES 2011 will be the best one yet 🙂 .. Rohan will steal the show and we’ll all get to laugh and say “I told you so :)” or at least I hope that’s how it goes down. Stupid naysayers! Very eager to see the promotional vids and details on pre-order 2 🙂

  7. Well, he showed portrait mode, but not quite what I was hoping for. I wanted to know what happened when you entered portrait with the leaves open. Would each individual leaf become landscape? (You know, since in landscape each leaf is in portrait).

    The entire UI looks really easy to use, I love that support for installing .apk files is just built in.

    But why Pac-Man? Angry Birds was right there! I saw it! And he passed it up for Pac-Man!

    But I’m so happy to see how everything is woven together. Can’t wait!

  8. Wow happy new year and good luck at CES, hopefully the professional video is going to show us the eye candy like the comic reader, ebook reader and the movie and music players.

  9. Excellent video. The more I see about adam, the more I feel that it will be a trendsetter. People would want to own an adam, just like they wanted to own an iPod (a few years back). Well done Rohan and his team at NI. I take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Happy New Year 2011. Best luck at CES2011. We all are rooting for adam.

    Now to everyone in the family a Very Happy New Year 2011.

  10. The temporary wake-up of a full app and then release of resources when the task at hand is finished, is very neat.

    When starting an app that has no leaf, shouldn’t we get a question whether we want to run it in a leaf or full screen? Missed that.

    Nice downloading status and install of the *.APK. as well the focusing on a leaf or placing certain leafs next to each other.

    The portrait demo is a bit naughty. Now we still haven’t seen how the 3 leafs look when the Adam is in portrait mode. (sorry Rohan, commitment is only growing, but there is a list of things that I will test immediately when I get the Adam in my hands and this is one 😉 )

    The use if Eden may be simple, but I think Eden is far from simple. Eden is turning Adam and Android into the Digital Swiss Army Knive for all of us. Well done.

    Up to a beautiful 2011 and I wish all you (NI & addicts) a terrific year with the Indian tool box Adam 🙂

  11. Angry Birds would have looked better. *sniff* 🙂

    But yeah, I was just commenting about seeing the leaves (not panels 🙂 ) look in portrait. My theory is that the leaves will enter landscape mode when the device is in portrait.

  12. I believe that you can butbit will only be an app place holder and when you tap it, it opens up in fullscreen mode. I think that this is what Rohan was trying to tell us but I’m not positive.

  13. Well this is my take of recent events.

    I have to say that the past 2 or 3 videos have kind of done it for me. I mean wow, its a package that overall does everything you want/need and more. Around 80% of my questions have been answered and all I can say once again is…wow.

    I hope Rohan and the rest of the NI team realise that they need to focus on how they approach things. I feel that they could have been more professional if they had stated what time zone they would be releasing the videos and also, told us more about what the videos were going to be about. This could have been done with more preparation. For example, if they had pre-prepared videos so that we wouldn’t need to post saying ‘The video is coming tomorrow’.

    Overall, not a bad result to the final month of 2010. I hope that in early 2011 (In both January and February), that Notion Ink take a few notes from existing companies and realise that customer service and expectations are a big part of releasing a new product.
    But what do I know? I’m only a business student.

    Enjoy the new year guys.

  14. I thought Rohan said that we could. I believe that he made the example of telephone apps that run in a leaf.

  15. Wish all the best NI at CES. I am looking at CES for you only (and any of your competitor products). Hoping some info about Eve demo too.

  16. very nice hope all have a wonderful new year. Now if I can just control myself until I get my adam
    @Rohan please keep us updated while at CES it would be very nice if you posted or had someone post videos and press relieses here on the blog
    safe travels

  17. Happy new year everyone
    Especially folks @ NI – Hope you guys have a wonderful year starting with CES 2011 !

  18. I just watched the video… I think I’ll just say “Awesome!” and leave it at that.

    Now that we have seen so much, I am very glad that I will have my Adam soon. If I had to wait much longer I think I would explode!

    @Roahn and the Notion Ink Team… I am very excited for you and the achievements you have made. It has been a long road with lots of ups and downs, but the destination is just ahead and the trip was well worth it. Thank you so much for taking us along for the ride. It is one I will never forget. Congratulations on everything! We look forward to your continued success in the future!!!

  19. Kinda excited and looking forward to NI at CES
    Any recommendations on which web sites are likely to offer the BEST coverage of CES?

  20. Happy new year to the family. Let this be the year of Notion Ink, and Adam in particular. Looking forward to CES 2011.

  21. Adam would have received only 25% of the interest and press info if everything had gone smoothly.

    From a marketing point of view, this has been a VERY GOOD introduction. No other Android or Windows tablet has received so much attention PRE-release and there will be many people walking around on the CES looking for Adam. I hope that they can find Eden at the CES 😉

    My complements to the dedication and perseverance of Rohan and his team.

  22. Love the simplicity in form and funtionality.
    The installation of apk files can’t made be any more simple

  23. what a sweet surprise . i am mesmerized by this video . adam rocks

    wish you a very happy new year to all of you and adam (Rohan and NI team)

  24. Sweet. Didn’t expect this Rohan. Right on.
    Hope CES is a blast and best of luck.
    Looking forward to all that comes from now to CES and after.


  25. Wishing everyone a happy new year and hoping that the marketing videos are all they should be to show all the great features everyone is waiting on! And hoping the ship date for our pre-orders is a pleasant surprise (mine is the range from 1/15-1/22)!

  26. He leaves for CES on the third. Could be somewhere else in the US. Perhaps talking with partners.

  27. Hello Rohan
    Sorry for this but you make yourself a bad publicity. As far as I know, Pacman by Namco is not a freeware : it’s a paid app, with all the copyright stuff behind it. Downloading it and installing it from freewarelover is nothing but stealing (personnally, i really don’t care, will still buy the Adam, but most of techsite will crush you about this) .
    Happy new year anyway

  28. “Awesome”!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just cant wait to pre-order….Hope Rohan is at least reading my post if not the email..

  29. @Rohan, As you said video answer few of our questions like portrait mode?

  30. Ask is a “popular search engine”? Seriously? Has anyone here every used that to conduct a primary search? I notice from Google results that sometimes people do use it but, from what I can make out, they all seem to be the wrong kinds of people, if you know what I mean, and Adam shouldn’t be associating with them.

  31. Perhaps he already had installed Angry Birds??

    Also, I wonder whether, when in portrait mode, you see three Leaves or just one at a time. I am leaning toward one at a time that you can change when you swipe to the next leaf.

  32. Yeah, but if you try and tell Adam who he can be friends with, he’ll just rebel all that much more.

    Let Adam make his own mistakes, and eventually he’ll realize that is a terrible service on his own.

  33. Just look at an old rendering
    Might clear some cobwebs

  34. Looking good keep up the good work … Tell google to stop with the no app store on tablets or els….

  35. Would love to see Eden leaves in portrait mode! If it’s not supported yet (what I fully understand, because there has been a lot of things to workout for you guys), is it planned as an update in a later release of Eden?

    As so many people are asking for it, please give at least an answer, if it is working now, or planned for later releases. Thanks in advance!

  36. It is indeed a memorable journey, Hope 2011 bring all success to NI & Rohan. You not only gave us an amazing device rather i will say you have given me a great companion. Me & my best friend ADAM.
    Wish you a happy and prosperous new year.
    Biswajit saha.

  37. Rohan also said he wanted to keep this blog informal. That the professional release would be at CES. Though, I agree it would have been better to have given a better time frame. Overall I think they’re doing a good job. Think it’s gotten better since the preorders. And I expect it will continue to get better.

  38. Another great video to finish the year 2010!

    @Rohan and NI, have a good time at CES! Adam will shock everyone at the CES. Don’t leave your eyes off your Adam. It may disappear very quickly.

    Happy New Year to you all.

  39. Happy new year for the entire NI team and all my friends out here… All the Best for CES as well

  40. Its Awesome!
    Happy new year to all and may all of us have Adam by end of this year!!

  41. I would love to see the standard three leaves setup in portrait mode. Should not be so hard to do. I don’t request any specials like 50/50 views. I can live with the default 3 leaves, but it would be nice to have them in both directions. Again, does not to be here when the product get GA. Could be a later software update of Eden.

  42. A grouping function for the apps on the desktop (user defined categories) would be nice. Will give better structure when you have many apps installed.

  43. Nebuca:

    He was demonstrating the simplicity of how the Adam downloads files quickly. Did you REALLY want to see Rohan taking the time to pay for an app?

  44. That would drastically re-size the leaves, and defeat the purpose of the golden ratio. With the aspect ratio of Adam, he should be able to display three leaves in landscape mode(with Adam in portrait), and each one would be the same size as they are when the device is in landscape (and the leaves are in portrait).

    But good point about Angry Birds. He probably plays it already, and didn’t want to uninstall it just to re-install it, because then he was trying to get three stars in all the levels. 🙂

  45. Happy New Year to NI Team and Rohan
    You guys Rock. Feel proud about this product even tough I cant afford it. But I am a technocrat!

  46. Although we don’t have Android market support we can still install by downloading them. That’s gr8

  47. Ah! Forgot to say: Great work NotionInk team! Thanks for the nice videos. Whish you a great CES and

    H A P P Y N E W Y E A R !!!

  48. I need more information about the potrait mode .. not only of PACMAN which looks like its default potrait mode (and cannot run in landscape)

    the following apps should be seen in potrait mode:

    readers – ebook and comic book

  49. Thank you for posting the new video so fast today. You surprised everyone and they are happy now. Also, thank you for telling people not to expect another video. Now, if you post something, there will be new excitement, rather than disappointment.

    All the very best for an exciting, successful, and prosperous New Year for Notion Ink.



  50. I used to work with nuns. One of them loved This was back when it was known as The big thing about it was that you could type in sentences instead of just keywords. Of course, that’s nothing big anymore.

  51. Pacman was the first game ever offered on Android and it has always been free.
    Of course it has copyright ‘stuff’ behind it, but the availability is free of charge.

  52. Hi Gecko, New year wishes from new Pal to old Pal. I have seen your old comments and you seems very innovative in your post. I like the humor you try to create in every post. You got a gift my friend.

  53. Looks amazing and am looking forward to my pixel qi version coming soon. So has everyone forgot about the secret feature? So far I have read two books on Nikola Tesla and still not sure what it is. All I know is that tesla was a nut and now tops my list of favorite scientists with Darwin in second place. If anyone has more thoughts on the secret, chime in.

  54. why don’t you focus on what there is to like, and not what’s to hate?
    The major search engines are all there, who cares if there is extra ones!

  55. Following the Adam development process for over a year now has been amazing and a learning experience too. I am sure you will continue to grow/learn/amaze in year 2011, too. Good luck with CES and wish you success in your endeavors.

    Happy New Year to everyone!

  56. amazing video! Good you are leaving some questions unanswered for CES – we don’t have to know EVERYTHING you know 🙂

    Best wishes for 2011 to Notion Ink.
    My wish is obviously…. Tmobile USA 3g frequency on the Adam asap!

    Happy New Year Adam! Hope you get yourself lots of leaves!

  57. +1
    You are right, I remember downloading Pac-Man for free on my G1 back in the day. It was one of the very first apps available in the market. (I pre-ordered the G1, so I remember when the market had like 50 apps in it 🙂 )

  58. He posted early cos he has got a party to attend. hehehe. He deserve a great party.

  59. Eden looks fantastic; can’t wait to hear about the partners and more information on when the Adam will be back in stock available for sale. I have one question which was partly answered in a prior post. It was mentioned that Adam could be tethered to a cell phone with a data plan as long as a driver is avaialble. Will Adam come with a dialer tool of some sort or is there an Android app that does this that can be installed on the Adam.
    Happy New Year

  60. I don’t know… Displaying them in the same portrait mode would change the proportions. I still think (as I mentioned a little higher up) that the golden ratio would allow Eden to display the same three leaves, in the same size and proportions, in landscape mode (with the leaves in landscape and the device in portrait).

    Anybody have some photoshop skills and want to try rendering this?

  61. Love it, man you guys are going to set a huge standard here. Just keep it up and don’t let go when the pressure increases, as it will. You all are amazing! I am still waiting for the Pixel Qi version to reappear as I missed the invitation the first time around! (was traveling in India of all places;-)

  62. It’s new year in India already and flights leaving for the US usually depart around 1-2 am from India so just about a day left. Makes sense?

  63. Rohan, I hope you have a great show at CES.Notion Ink will totally rock the place 😀 Happy New Year to you and Notion Ink as well!

  64. Happy New Year to everyone reading this post and to Notion Ink….its the new year now…stop sitting online…get out and have fun..take care everybody..and may all you get your adam’s on time without further delays… :p ..

  65. Interesting to see that minor updates done by Rohan on Twitter and Facebook are actually part of making the video for us..(and most importantly keeping GB in loop..:-) )
    Now that’s Multi-tasking, less-wastage..Lean..
    Glad to see that he spends less of time in managing this blog than other important things.. I hope Rohan’s brain is specially wired for this kind of multi-tasking..
    Anyway some key point about multi-tasking for the benefit of readers here ..
    When you have multiple tasks lined up, just make sure to allocate all CPU to the task you are performing at a moment .. I know it seems like against concept of ‘leaves’ in adam.. But i guess we just have to make sure that when you are in leaves are just taking things in lighter mode and not taking lot of CPU cycles (of brain)..
    So it is important to have good sense of judgment switching between full app and leaves mode ..


  66. Did you get the promised 1000 USD plus the free adam for winning the logo competition after all? 😉

  67. It sounds like the developer has to add that to the application. That concerns me for several reasons, the biggest is that Eden will probably not reach the ubiquity to have all apps with leaves built in.

    I was under the impression before that if an app didn’t have a leaf that it would run the full app in the leaf space. This would be a lot better because of the number of programs that are not specifically designed for Adam. However, Rohan does talk about having Full Apps as one of the 4 types of leaves. I wonder if this was an implementation made by the NI team.

  68. Happy new year to Rohan and NI and the community here!! Wishing You all the best. Anyway good luck @ ces. Probably ill see you there to take some interviews ;-). Ill try a live stream but can’t promise anything.


  69. @Shilpi… Can u once appreciate the efforts??? Surely all your queries will b answered.. Seriously u need a NEW YEAR RESOLUTION… Peace

  70. happy new year to all and may it be a healthy and prosperouus year for you. The new video is great and cant wait to use the adam .. Thanks to the NI Team to make the adam one of the most anticipated product of 2011

  71. thank you very much for your wishes 🙂

    May god gives you your adam tomorrow morning 🙂 (If my wish come true, please dont forget to post a video on your blog:D)

  72. As I recall (and I’ve not been to CES in a few years – but I assume it is better now), wireless Internet at CES is wide open.

  73. All looks great, Cant wait for the production video and another chance to order, hopefully with Mastercard this time.

  74. happy new year!
    this video has solved some problems for me.
    if you can, i still want more videos.
    any video proofs the sensor’s capability?

    good luck for everybody here!!

  75. WOnderful Demo, This was much better than the older demos. I like the notes in the video.
    Will be following CES very closely. Am hoping you get a rousing response and increase the already huge fan following.
    Go Rohan, Go Notion

  76. What a surprise, awesome! Now will have to watch it again, bit by bit.
    Thank you, happy new year to Notion Ink and have a nice journey to LA!

  77. Happy New Year to NI and to all. Rohan, I honestly believe you deserve every bit of success that I’m sure you will have at CES. Best wishes to you and NI.

  78. A big plus one from the Netherlands (3 hours and 8 minutes to go for 2011)!

    My additional wish for next year is that we all will be respectful and kind to each other here, since this is Rohan’s business card for Adam. This site is a place to reflect our dreams and to be honest about NI and NI’s products, and our (coming) experiences with them.
    I certainly hope for all, our experiences will be far beyond our dreams.
    The past year was awesome, Rohan + Team. I wish you all the best in the week and year to come! Thank you for the experience so far.

    Now, let’s have a look at the video…

    Happy New year to all!

  79. Rohan, congratulations to you and the entire NI team. This past year will be one that you will NEVER forget! Good luck for CES and for a fantastic 2011!

    Have a safe trip and please send us postcards!!

  80. These vids just keep getting better.

    I hope developers will take the time to make their apps compatible with Eden.

  81. Happy New Year to Rohan and his family, and to all here in this blog.
    And a prosperous and successful 2011 to everybody at NI.

    Another small wish for 2011: that I won’t miss preorder 2!

  82. @Biswajit saha

    Gecko once said he didn’t intend his comments to be funny. 😉

    By the way, has he been around lately?

  83. I would like to see paypal as a choice. Even though you get charged for that service!

  84. Happy new year all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Adam is a winner, one question………..

    WHEN CAN I ORDER..!!!!!!!

    Great video’s the desktop use is great!!!

    Thanks Rohan..!!

  85. Thank you for the videos, Rohan. I watched them all and am looking forward to doing it with my own hands. Best wishes for CES 2011 and beyond.

  86. TAKEN FROM ROHANS POST ON JUNE 5 2009 -Ideas dont
    care in whose mind they are
    gonna land. If not India, then
    May be we are on the course of
    making a history here. This is
    something never has been done
    by any Indian Company nor by
    any Indian. More than being
    personal ambition its a matter of
    national pride for us. Something
    which will stop the world say we
    are best at call centers and for
    maintaining web-sites, a 3rd end
    solution. We will make the world
    stand on its feet and give us the
    standing ovation we rightly
    deserve even for our ideas which
    have already changed the world,
    right from the zero to the
    concept of OOPs in computer
    When we pray, we only ask for
    one thing, ‘Make Our Faiths
    We r with you brother.

  87. Adam is the reason i’ll check on next year’s CES.

    NI made 2010 special by bringing all of us to this blog and thrilling us with teasers that increased. Rohan CAN control info release; i think CES demos will beat even Eden VIII

    Happy New year 2011 Everyone!

  88. Here is what he said back on the october 9 post
    Week-End Special Part IV – The Eden!

    Panels also allow you to now work on the application which currently exist on Android Market. Since they were made for mobiles, just enlarging (2x) them doesn’t make any sense. So now you can run them in a panel without any pixelation.

  89. Is the adam tablet going to be avaiable soon again? i’m from México and I want to buy one 🙂

  90. Paypall charges 56 eurocent (75 USDcent) per transaction, i’ll get over that elmelao.

  91. Only few can create humor in serious topic and he is very gifted. Dont know why he is off track in recent days..

  92. Oh I will, no matter when it comes.

    May we all receive Adam tomorrow morning. And while I’m wishing, I’d also like an HDTV to hook it up to. 🙂

  93. Rahim, your post above got me thinking (ok, dreaming). Wouldn’t it be great if Rohan were to surprise us all by having our Adams delivered during CES? He could then request that we all posted something on Twitter about it using the CES hashtag (and we would do so ever so gladly). He could completely take over CES twittering with this – talk about word of mouth marketing.

  94. For the app without a leaf, I believe the ability to run in a leaf needs to be added by the developer. Until a developer adds this feature, an app cannot be run in the leaves, and must be run fullscreen.

  95. The last two videos … they say….”hit the ball out of the park” for adam and Ni.

    God job.

    Wish you the best….at CES.

  96. One of the best decisions that I did in 2010 was NOT buying an IPAD, and waited for the ADAM pre order. I’m happy. This last video of the year was very smooth, no empty words…to the point, had bright colors so that the videos are enticing to the eyes, and yada yada yada 🙂

    NOTIONINK team – Aal iiisss welllll that ends well, as in the famous Hindi movie 3 idiots 😀

    New Year Enjoy Maadi, and re-energize for Monday – that 2011!

  97. Rohan and the Team it just looks better every single time i see the O/S looking forward to my delivery mid Jan. 🙂

  98. @Bikram, Just my feelings, What didnt i looked: IPAD, HP slate, viewsonic, galexy tab…. ohh gosh.. finally i came to know about adam 3 months back and from than i just fall in love with adam..
    Happy new year.

  99. Awesome! Can’t wait for CES promotional video and announcement of special sensor?

    Also can’t wait to order!

  100. Happy new year Rohan. Congratulations!
    Browsers leaves is great!

    I’m waiting for my Adam!

  101. I think he kind of grazed over portrait mode. It only showed a full screen pac-man running. Even if Eden only has a landscape mode, it’d like it to be able to do a 180deg flip so the device could be held either way, so there’s no fixed up and down.

    Also, he said a program needs special programming to have a mini-app for the leaf and a full-app for the full screen. But shouldn’t a standard android app be able to simply run in the leaf as the full program? I thought that was the point of what the leafs were for, to provide a size for multiple standard android apps to run in all at once (multitasking) without looking pixelated from being stretched. Did I miss something there?

    I figured Eden had settings for standard apps in leaf mode, so you could have settings for how it acts when it’s unfocused, like freeze app, where it just locks and stays still not taking any cpu, or run in background where if it’s a 3rd party music app or something it will continue to run as if it were minimized. These are things I don’t think a program would need specific programing for since Eden takes care of the memory management and CPU utilization.
    Also, if running a standard app, and the device is tilted to portrait mode, the leaf would flip when selected if it has its own portrait mode.

    Some of what I mentioned might be the case, but I didn’t see examples of it.

  102. Is there a widget leaf? Where we can customize what is viewed on it? That would be cool.

  103. I wish everyone at Ni and the Adam bloggers a most successful and prosperous new year and lookforward to moving forward as we grow, learn and realize our dreams as we learn how to utilize the full potential that Adam and working together will malke possible. I will be counting on the full support of the family in the new year and fully expect that this is only a beginning.
    Harmony and peace to all.

  104. One of the things about typing on a normal keyboard is often one finger is pressing the next letter before the last finger has even begun to lift from the previous letter pressed.

    This is one of the benefits of a multi-touch keyboard, the ability to type faster because you can press multiple letters at the same time and whichever gets ‘touched’ first displays first.

    On the Adam keyboard, you have demonstrated the ability to hit multiple keys at the same time in the form of shortcuts. But is it possible to use multiple keys at the same time for faster typing as I described? That is what I’d consider a true multi-touch keyboard.

    That also leads the question: how many multi-touch points can the adam screen detect? For good typing speeds I would suspect 3-4 would be required minimum to allow for SHIFT+multiple letter keys.

    Beyond what I described, being able to rest your fingers on the keyboard without it typing so you don’t need to hover your hands would be amazing and would be possible if the device can support up to 10 points to be detected. The only issue would be to resolve how to repeat a key, since merely holding it there wouldn’t work. I think that could be resolved with detecting if someone was wobbling their finger around the key if repeating was wanted. Most common need would be added lots of spaces somewhere, much easier if you don’t need to continually tap the space key.

  105. congrats to the NI Team — great job and thanks for having the courage to be different and take risks … what more can be said … good luck at CES … i can’t wait for my delivery … i am thinking one of two things on the portrait mode .. 1) is not exactly ready for primetime ( other than for 1 full app – eReader, Browser etc ) … or 2) the portrait mode has something special that won’t be revealed until next week … in either case, great job and Happy New Year to everyone …

    – Mark

  106. But this was also before we found out that market support wouldn’t be available right away. It would be nice to get some clarification of this from Rohan.

  107. Rohan, NI team, Adamholics/Adamenters,

    Happy New Year.

    Very nice video. Seems like it was shot only today. Google had that GMMXLe logo.

    Ereader not covered. Good to see download manager in action.

    Most likely one more video or none at all.

    Good luck at the CES and more news from IT sites that cover the show.

    Rohan, Give us some updates from CES at this blog.

  108. Happy New Year, Notion Ink Team and Notion Ink Fans/Addicts!

    Looking forward to get the reports from CES 2011. Have a great product lunch!

  109. wow!!! the videos are amazing… I believe the current adam will blow away all the competition. I hope NI continues to improvise and come out with better ideas and products as the competition catches up.. All the best to NI in the new year 2011.

  110. Happy new year!

    Is there a setting to make the panels at the bottom of the desktop invisible?

  111. Happy New Year To One And ALL. A big thank you to Rohan and his team at Notion Ink for very informative videos.

    Adam is turning out to be everything I could hope for and then some. The only downside is I may end up with AT@T for my 3G service. For all the coolness of Adam I could live with that.

    Many that have read any of my posts know that cell phone calling ability is something I have always wanted Adam to have. After seeing the desktop again in today’s video I’m reasonably certain that ability is present in Adam. I have mentioned before that a phone fits the mystery feature in Rohan’s clues. Fellow blogger, Joshua, pointed out yesterday that phones could always be used in the dark so a phone didn’t fit. Until the advent of the lighted dial phones were very cumbersome if at all possible to use with out some form of light. If you go way back to before the dial and use the old phones of yesteryear that you had to crank, you could probably pull that off with out lighting a candle. The only question is how many of us read this blog today have ever used a phone like that? I haven’t and I don’t don’t think Rohan who is almost one third of my age ever has. Hence he could write the clues the way he did. I, like others will twist the clues to fit my desires.

    Phones have come along way with their keyboards that light up.Automatic voice dialing,emailing,sms messaging and so on. Android it’s self is the emergence of a Linux based mobile phone software that is now being upgraded and redesigned to fit on to the new rage of the age. A very mobile tablet. Now with other company’s such as Dell,Samsung and Huawie, these very mobile Tablet’s are starting to come out with a cell phone radio built in. Adam should do no less.

    I’ll try in the future not to bore my fellow blog visitors with my obsession over Adam being a cell phone. Although I’ll not promise.

    Again to all here a very happy and prosperous New Year with each of you receiving the Adam of your dreams!!!

  112. Didn’t Rohan say that we can telephone apps running in a leaf?
    that way they would not be stretched too much and still look good.

  113. Can someone who is attending CES give Rohan and hug for me? I feel like he is family or something. Best wishes to all! Happy New Year!

  114. Happy New Year to all Notion Inklings :)))
    Bonne Année à Tous
    Blead Mat d’an oll 🙂

    Peace and hair grease :))
    And the best for you Rohan 🙂


  115. well…the problem is with android ui which is a little rigid…wen developers make apps… they always dont make it size proof..meaning it could be run on any screen size..the same app in fullscreen should take the entire screen whether its a phone or tablet…. o wait… but the tablet is a recent addition…so u see the problem…these standard apps are rigidly designed for one particular screen size(phone)…some of these developers are very smart..they can code in such a way…that the app extrapolates itself wen it finds a bigger screen nd fit accordingly…

    but eden cannot possibly know..whether the design of the app is fluid or not. so some may work and some may not. therefore eden proposes this system,,,as mentioned by Rohan himself…”easily customized for eden”. only then it can be ensured that apps are not just stretched or compressed forms of themselves

  116. in case of i-phone/pad …d developers exactly know what is going to be the screen size…if ur wondering how they do it..”mind control” :p

  117. Happy new year Rohan and NI. After all these videos i’m 10000% sure I placed my bet on the strongest horse 🙂

    Felice anno nuovo!! (this is Italian 😉 )

  118. Hey Rohan,
    Any chance of people in India getting the adam from retail outlets soon? Any timelines on this front?

    Is there any understanding with Reliance? They seem to have a good network all over the country with RIM etc

    Regards and Happy New Year 2011 to everyone @ Notion Ink

  119. Two things, i’m still wondering how many apps will scale up to 1024 x 600. Also, a 200 pixel horizontal spcace for each panel in portrait mode doesn’t seem like enough? Just my $0.02

  120. Wow! I am so excited to get my tablet now… especially after these last two videos. I absolutely cannot wait! Amazing job Adam team! Alright… i’ve used my monthly allotment of exclamation points.

  121. I really wish Rohan would respond to this because if it is true then I am not sure I want an Adam, I was getting it because i could run the applications in the panels.

  122. Happy New Year to Rohan, NI and all the folks that chat here.

    I would like to have seen a better representation of the portrait mode as others have mentioned, but oh well.

    Rohan – maybe you could do a little blogging on your adam from CES? Maybe take a video or twenty of the CES floor and people ogling the adam?

  123. I agree !! Very good show, Rohan 🙂 and NI.
    I am very eager to know how marketing will
    commence in the near future…
    especially on a global level.

  124. Hi !

    Any chance windows mobile 7 can be installed on the Adam? I am asking because the current interface seems to be not so user friendly from my perspective.

    Some might be looking for complicated functions and complex interfaces but all I am interested in is a simple interface that provides basic functions for a professional on the move: email, IM, GPS, ebook capabilities, skype, writing documents (doc/ppt/xls), having a decent agenda/calendar and watching a movie and listening to music or online radios when internet access is readily available…. which I hope will show up on future development versions so I can buy an Adam instead of a netbook in the next 4 months.

    Best regards and lots of good luck with the development as well as lots of success at CES!!!

  125. dag Karen, gelukkig nieuwjaar! Greetings from Belgium! Nice wishes! Wish all of you an Adam

  126. slash gear comments

    The second company shaping tablet discussion this year could hardly be more different in scale, but still managed to muster a hugely loyal and forgiving fanbase. Notion Ink burst onto the Android tablet scene back when it was in its fledgling stages, and has punctuated the year with its own share of highs and lows. Branded vaporware and the “one true iPad killer” by those to whom extremes are everything, it’s been a fascinating story of an ambitious start-up that promises to culminate in early January 2011 as the first units are finally delivered. Still, pushing out a product is almost the easy part – just ask the JooJoo team – and it remains to be seen how Adam will fare against the torrent of tablet alternatives expected next week.

  127. Happy New Years NI team. You guys are doing great and I look forward to seeing more. Also looking forward to your CES event. Good luck and I expect great things from you guys.

  128. Of topic: did any of you see a concert of Roger Waters’ The Wall going on now?
    He’s mocking the I-concept entirely in ‘ You better run’ : IBelieve, ILead, IProtect, IFollow, IResist, ILoose, ITeach, ILearn, IBelieve, IPaint, and ending with IPay.

    Am going to see the show April 9th of this new year 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  129. Any word on when the next orders can be placed? I am patiently awaiting!!!!!!

  130. Happy New Year to everyone and best of luck to Rohan at CES!

    Best part of that video was seeing the simplicity of installing an app – download the file in the browser and install like any executable on any current OS. Brilliant! No learning curve to worry about.

    I find the use of symbolism used in this tablet to be the most interesting part though: Adam, Eden, the Golden Ratio, Leaves, and the poetic clues hidden in some posts. Something like a modern day Da Vinci in utilising these to create a marvel of engineering. Can’t wait!

  131. What else to say now. Eagerly awaiting my Adam mid Jan. And all the best Rohan & NI for CES and wish you all a wonderful and prosperous New Year 2011.

  132. To all undecided Adam owners / prospective owners in the United States. I was searching for 3G mobile internet service provider, and happened to find this in a google search:


    It says – “Surprise! AT&T might just have the best 3G network in the US”

    I have selected the 850/1900 band for my Adam, and I’m thinking to take the ATT service for my ADAM.

  133. A Rudyard Kipling poem sent to me by my brother (he was a senior officer in the Indian Navy; now troubleshooting windows 7 phone for ms); Apparently this poem was framed and displayed in ships,wardrooms,work place,offices-you could almost see it everywhere,all the time.

    Happy New Year, 2011, Rohan. All the best at CES and beyond.

    If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;

    If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
    Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
    Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
    And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

    If you can dream – and not make dreams your master;
    If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim;
    If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same;

    If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
    Or watch the things you gave your life to broken,
    And stoop and build ’em up with wornout tools:

    If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
    And lose, and start again at your beginnings
    And never breathe a word about your loss;

    If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,
    And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

    If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    Or walk with kings – nor lose the common touch,
    If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
    If all men count with you, but none too much;

    If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run –
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And – which is more – you’ll be a Man my son!

  134. Great stuff… Thanks again to NotionInk team…

    Would Adam have an app to browse the Genesis App store to download more apps as they become available or would be it be downloading through a normal browser?

    Also, can we expect to have access to the standard adb command interface for Android system?

  135. Another one says Verizon has best 3g


  136. but then what u gonna show in full screen… just d stretched app?….thts cheating my friend…it defeats the purpose of a tablet pc …d fullscreen app shld hv more features

  137. Happy New Year, Vlad.

    Please do not take offense, but I am compelled to ask you how you would intend to work with an OS as complicated as Windows Mobile 7 on your simple Adam Android??

  138. This is PERFECT for Rohan! He has gone through so much of this in 2010!

    But I would replace “Man” with “WINNER” in the final line.

  139. You could wait for one of these. “”
    ………….Tom C

  140. They expect google to allow tablets to have access to the google market place by the time they launch honeycomb (expected by march / april 2011)

  141. it depends on where you are. I live outside denver and ATT is ok here but Verizon is best. I use to live in Texas, Verizon is ok there, but ATT is better. Look at your local markets and where you tend to travel.

  142. Happy and prosperous NewYear to Rohan & NI team.
    Please add a post introducing all NI team members to the NI family. They deserve due recognition for their exceptional work.

  143. I am a bit Confused.

    If i remember then rohan said that we can run apps designed for the phone which have small screen size in the Panel. But now i can see in the video than the panel cannot be supported by all apps. It means panel will work only with the apps supplied with the adam or Written specifically for ADAM which will be available in the Genesis app Store. So does it mean we cant run apps from android market in the panel ?

    Portrait mode looks limited, and havent seen the homescreen or panels in the portrait mode. Only saw the PACMAN App. It would be nice to see if or not the panels and homescreen can be used in Portrait mode.

    Some of the features i see here like the 3 Panel approach to the App, already in Honeycomb. Hope after Honeycomb there will be a single API for the developers to accomplish the same thing, rather than one from NI and one from Google.

    Anyways video was great. Waiting for CES and reviews from the people who first get hands on the adam.

  144. This is way too cool. I can’t wait to see the video from CES.
    I want an adam. I can’t wait for the next pre-order. hopefully I will have the money to get the adam I want!

  145. Since we have had so much fun in this blog this month, I thought you might enjoy this song by Ray Charles.

    That Spirit of Christmas~Music by Ray Charles.

    Here the lyrics to the song:

    Christmas is the time of year
    To be with the ones you love
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  146. tat was awesome..all de best at ces and happy new yr to de entire team of NI and its family:)

  147. i guess u can but it will not be costumed for adam and u might end up with a blurry UI..

  148. Happy new year Rohan and to the Notion Ink team.

    The latest video is awesome, I agree with others after viewing all these videos I am sure that I have selected the strongest horse and can’t wait for my pre-order to arrive.

    Is the Adam supported by the Android Marketplace? If not will there be a link or application on Adam that we will be able to access to download Android applications?

    Also are there any Adam accessories planned to come to market?

  149. No it will not support the Marketplace out of the box instead it will have its own market called genesis. There are accessories planned.

  150. Or you can link your twitter feed with this blog and tweet from CES. So that irrespective of guys having twitter account or not, every one can follow it 🙂 .

  151. And moreover if you feel panel a bit complex, You can always open those apps from your desktop also in adam and type of bypass the panel interface all together.

  152. If at all possible, Eden should ‘lie’ to the app informing it of the leaf as if it were the screen size. Then if going to full screen mode, Eden could use some vector transform to stretch it itself. I don’t know how ‘boxed in’ Eden can make an app. Can/Does one app run another app in a it’s own virtual shell?

  153. Happy new year to Rohan, Notion Ink, All the friends in Blog

    and all the best for CES – Rohan 🙂

  154. OK… here is my guess.

    mystery feature is that…
    there is a IR projector and and an IR sensor emulating trackpad.

    meaning… we can use it as a lappy even if it is not a clamshell.

  155. It seems that full android apps that could just run without modification on one of the leaves as if the leaf was a phone, that would be a simple way to make the android lovers happy because they won’t have to wait for apps to be “upgraded” to a higher resolution of the tablet. and you could run 3 at a time (visibly). “upgraded” apps would have the ability to open into a proper full screen, older ones could be scaled up (may not work 100%)

  156. Soon I will have an implant called….ADAM ;P………ETA… between 15th-22nd …

  157. I feel that way about the nook. A pixel qi screen and true tablet UI – can’t wait!

  158. Ok…if this is the last video… we seriously need to see some more Portrait mode action.

  159. and yes adam supports portrait view , and as if by magic …..

    does it , or doesn’t it

  160. I think Rohan said before in his posts that if an app doesnt support leaves, then eden would create a leaf for that app. you can see it in the notification. adam supports existing apps but i guess they would not be running in full screen mode. not sure how this would be in portrait mode.

  161. so i dont have to run my apps in leaf mode? but if the app is made to have a leaf i can use it? is that how this works?

  162. After a “hard” new years eve I have had a look on the video and I ask myself why Rohan has downloaded a app from the web and not from the market ??
    So it’s seems for me, that ADAM does really have no access to the market ? That’s worst, very worst !!!!

  163. Harvey I think Rohan has cleared many times in different interviews in the last one month that before Honeycomb , adam will not have access to Market.

  164. Wooooowwwwww………………………………………………….
    I like it more and more and more…….
    Let the CES begin so NI finally can start taking orders again so I can order my ADAM!!!

    And of course, Best Wishes to everybody here and the whole NI team.



  165. happy new year. once again, great video, lots of great info. I agree this is the best video thus far.
    I wish there was more on the portrait mode. One of the problems I have with existing devices running android is that they look stretched when in one mode (samsung tab phone has stretched dialog boxes, other’s have similar issues). I know its not a big deal but these are the things that Apple has got absolutely right & I so so hope Notion Ink has as well (landscape looks great). The final retail version MUST be refined.

    happy new year & have fun and I’m going back to bed after all the partying last night 😀

  166. “”

    news about a new company notion ink atom from israel !

  167. @Vlad, Hardware prospective you can install but it will void your warranty i guess. Windows OS failure in multitouch made Android & MAC gain such popularity infact dominant in tablet market you should know that. Tablets are future of mobile computing and get ready to see war between Notebook VS Tablets ahead.

  168. Best video till date….Bravo…..You will rock at CES…and ofcourse Happy New year to NI Team.

  169. hi Rohan,

    A very Happy New Year to you, your family and all the Notion Ink team!
    Wishing you guys Best of Luck for CES

  170. Hey Guys, Just had a look at CES 2011 site and its funny to see that it shows 369 days to 6th Jan 2011. I dont want to wait that long. Looks like their webmaster couldn’t get the coding right for the clock. It is 365 days more that it should be.

  171. Just wanted to check, is there anyone from sweden who has ordered Adam?

    Im a bit worried about toll-fees and wondered if another swede knew more about it 😀

    I have preordered but it is still good to know 🙂

  172. I am starting to get nervous about the Pre-Order 2 status,I have followed this for almost a year now and can see myself losing out again to people who juat happen to see the Adam and be able to order it before me.
    This happening the first time around for a lot of us.

  173. Hi NotionInk team
    Just an entry abour your work.
    I been a silent follower( ofcourse did post for the pre order but looks like my luck is with normal order)
    Good to see the videos, as you been doing keep up your improvisation at its
    peak on any part of your marketing.
    Good luck.

  174. Best Of Luck Rohan for CES. I have hardly posted 2 or 3 comments till now on your blog, but from last one year I am following you on wordpress. I know you are gonna rock in CES.

  175. I’m in the LA area. But I dont have the tickets to the CES…there will be others to post the info, and maybe pictures of themselves with Rohan 🙂 if possible. I would love to go but we will be having a busy week and weekend, so I’ll wait for others to post their video/comments.

  176. check the notionaddicts forum some one has compiled the info about import tax, vat etc for different countries

  177. Really coool…. !!!

    curious to know how things look in portrait mode..
    Happy new year all!

    Good luck to Rohan and everyone at NI for CES… hope you guys rock !

  178. Will this support Cisco VPNs out of the box? One reason iPad will remain popular.

  179. I think this was discussed in earlier comments as well and what i remember from that conversation is No!

  180. PACMAN rulez … Happy New Year Rohan !!

    (in 2011, I wish you could find some time to get some rest and enjoy the hard work you did in 2010 … I wish but I doubt you will because the Adam is born 😉 )

  181. “”
    PacMan BY NAMCO is NOT free. some ersatz of Pacman are, but the original game is $5 worth.
    @Prantha : no need to download a paid app, there is plenty of free.
    Here I just think he might have problems with some angry tech blogs if they hit that.

  182. I fully expect we can install apps outside the Genesis Store like Rohan showed in this video. and I suspect we will have a how-to install the Google Android market app before most of us get their Adam. (lit happened on about every other Android tablet so I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work on Adam)

  183. No, you are forgetting that ADAM is the beginning. Rohan will not or cannot rest now. The dreams of the dreamer will propel him forward. He will gain momentum while seeing his life’s work unfold in front of him.
    How can he rest at a time like this….LOL

  184. Rohan – Happy New Year and have a awesome time at CES. My plans changed and I won’t be there but I hope to read and see the adam in action.

  185. I tried to post this twice and it just disappeared. The androidguys are going to have live streaming video of the event. Notice the lack of link or re

    …………….Tom C

  186. Happy New Year everybody:)
    Firstly, I think this leaves app. (or Eden) takes embedded programming to the next level. I love it! With this, it is very intresting to program the application when it is in the “leaves” mode. This “leaves” is one of the the most creative application I have ever seen:) Thank you so much Rohan and his team for your efforts.

    I have a question about tis leaves, how can a developer develop his/her application for “Leaves”? Is there any API or something like that for that?

    I have just 2 question left in my mind for Adam:
    1) Is that “Leaves” support the portrait mode?
    2) (This is classic one:) Which is better, Pixel-Qi or LCD for Adam? (We need a comparison video for that)

    With good advertisements, I think Adam should easily beat iPad without doubt.

  187. If you have Eden, and Genesis to move forward, how can you then rest with Adam?
    We are looking forward to Eve and to the many generations that Genesis will bring forward.

    Great satisfaction but no rest for Notion Ink in 2010, they are now riding the tiger 🙂 .

  188. I just tried to post the link with quotes and poof gone, maybe with spaces………Tom C

  189. Hello all!

    Happy new jear and all the best for 2011. This will be the jear of adam! Loking forward to see the official release and new ordering. Wondering when I’ll be able to hold the device i my hands.

    Good luck to you and NI team

  190. spaces didn’t work either I give up. Google android guys live coverage…………Tom C

  191. Just wanted to say CONGRATS and Happy New Year to Rohan and the entire NI team! Am eagerly awaiting CES and Preorder 2! Would really like to see a quick showing of the ereader and some further info on interaction within a home network scenario… (interface with printers and other desktops w/shared hard drives)

  192. Simply Amazing. The Bar –> Leaf –> Full Panel implementation is so intuitive! A kickstand would be so desirable, as the box is not very portable!

  193. Good luck Rohan! and NI team!

    The video is great! keep it up.

    have a safe journey!

  194. Rohan,

    The following is an extract from an email I received from the Notion Ink Support Team in regards to charging my shipping address:

    “We can not confirm right now if our Shipping partners are going to be DHL at the moment.”

    Being two weeks from Jan 15th…can I get the real deal on who will be shipping the adam? Even the EAP guy got his adam via DHL….

  195. Quick note:

    “It’s” — contraction of “it is”
    “Its” — possessive, belonging to “it”

  196. Happy New Year to Rohan and NI Team and all members of this blog.

    Rohan wish you all success in CES and beyond.

    Cool videos.

  197. www [dot] androidguys [dot] com/2010/12/30/follow-androidguys-live-coverage-ces-2011/

  198. See my comment down below


  199. thinking about the same..
    I see no Camera as part of Settings..
    As Rohan mentioned earlier, it seems a better Camera app is in development..I hope they make it available as part of Pre-order 2 or by the time it hits stores.
    If the basic camera the beginning that would be good enough till the app comes.
    If that doesn’t work, then NI has to prepare for good number of returns..(as Rohan said this is very Impatient Generation..)

    Happy New Year.

  200. Happy and successful new year to you and the NI team. May the CES launch of ADAM go well.

  201. @Vlad: If you want Windows, please look at some other tablet.I suggest that you wait for Adam to come out and see it for yourself if the interface is difficult or not. Come on and get off “Windows” obsession … any way…New Year Greetings 🙂

  202. i was just reading some rudyard kipling poems and this was one of them and i come here and seee this
    great coincidence

  203. Rohan, NI team and ADAM lovers,

    Best wishes for 2011, have a good one!
    I hope the launch will be without a glitch and that we all can hold ADAM in our hands sooner rather than later.

    Best regards, Aad

    PS I tuned two Macs in an Apple store to the Notion Ink site yesterday, felt good!

  204. Adam is really great. I am looking forward to the second pre-order. Japanese for me ,
    what is to know how to use Japanese software.

  205. about SlashGear:I feel sad that they are comparing Adam with all those “Me Too” Android tablets which will be launched soon.Anyway,its Rohan’s job to defend Adam and and lets wish him the best.

  206. This is all looking better and better. The approach to limited and full applications is perfect.

    Good luck with CES,

  207. “”
    Here we go.
    Fonearena – One of the most read blogs in India writes about Adam. Not much but something is better than nothing.

  208. Hello all,

    When I search in
    must I find Notion Ink then..? or am I doing something wrong…??

  209. This link will take you straight to the live coverage page

    http: // www [dot] androidguys [dot] com/live-at-ces2011/

  210. New video on “Adam in portrait mode” is up on Rohan’s youtube channe

  211. Send a letter to the Google people and really complaint to them for their laziness on this issue. The worst thing is that this won’t help either (for the time being). The best thing is that they promised Honeycomb will bring support to AM. So, let’s wait for Honeycomb rel.ease, and be happy in this New Year of 2011.

  212. Swoop that’s disappointing news… I was really looking forward to your commentary! 😦

    Happy New Year to all!

  213. There are several good ones available as stand-alone camera apps. I use the Pro 5x camera app on a Nexus One, and as we saw in the latest videos, we should be able to download and install these apps from the web.


  214. WOW looks awesome in portrait mode 🙂 what a surprise

  215. w00t! At least we know that the browser pages look great in portrait mode… and that flash works… Still don’t know if leaves will stack up one above/below the next… but I do hope that they will.

  216. Vlad, I am not sure if you really want WM-7 for the purpose. But nevertheless I agree with you that for many (professionals), all they need is a simple and friendly user interface to applications that they mostly use. I am not sure how many professionals have a need for multi tasking. Admittedly, I am not knowledgeable on how important multi tasking is for users in general. I would have thought that If this was such an important requirement/need, Apple would have gone for that by now. I hear Rohan say that this tablet is for today’s impatient younger generation. If that is the market he is trying to address then welll and good.

  217. @sentientpuddle

    thanks for the link to the article.
    The article show how ignorant the writer is about what ls going on in the technology world. Does he ever read anything?
    Check what he says about the tablets being announced at CES

    “”Among the more promising tablets are a Hewlett-Packard model that might not be introduced at the show and a Notion Ink Atom made by a small company out of Israel that crafted its own operating software.”

    NI from Israel? Well, maybe he knows something nobody knows!


  218. Hey, you might be able to get your hands on the Adam sooner (preorder 2 is around the corner!).

    By the way, Happy 2011 to all silent followers!

    As has been proven in this blog, silent majority rules!

  219. Rohan,

    Here are my questions on UI –

    Is the red launch bar floating? can we rearrange it?
    Is the color changeable? a possible color scheme?
    Contrast ratio of LCD vs. PiQi?
    What types of media can it play? possibly using it as media player on the road?
    Initially there was discussion about changeable battery pack and I did not see any discussion later. What options do we have if battery can not be changed by consumer?

    Thanks for sharing all the information with us on Eden. Good luck at CES and Yes I will be waiting for the 2nd pre-orders and will buy only PiQi variant.

  220. Wish this year be a wonderful beginning for ADAM, before EVE overshadows him in the near future!

  221. Battery can be changed by consumer. “”

    [ANDY] Will the Adam have a user replaceable battery?

    [ROHAN] Yes, anyone can replace the battery after following careful instruction as suggested by Notion Ink

  222. Rohan answers about replaceable battery here “”

    [ANDY] Will the Adam have a user replaceable battery?
    [ROHAN] Yes, anyone can replace the battery after following careful instruction as suggested by Notion Ink.

  223. @Rohan and NI Team,

    Wish u all a very happy 2011. I’m pretty sure of being a witness of the historic impression that NI is going to create this year, starting of with CES. Great going for NI family !. Many of the subscribers here have been through all emotions that uns in a typical family. Hope Rohan agrees on that. We are here to stay even beyond Adam for sure.

    Wish u all good luck.
    Hoping to rush through that order opening and pick mine…

    Warm Regards,

  224. Another silent follower here..
    Got lucky to order the PiQi-3G just before it was sold out 🙂
    Happy New year to NI, Rohan and all the “family”

  225. Seems there is a new vid in portrait mode!



  226. This could be nice when it worked on the Adam, its new its fun, like Adam………..

  227. Well that was the whole idea behind the leaves… so I assume it will work just like that

  228. We will have to get root first and then install “” This will get it on the Adam. Until then I plan to just download the apps on my phone and transfer them over using Astro.

  229. Vlad,
    The chipset the Adam runs on is incompatible with Windows.
    ARM processors can not run Windows OS.

  230. I would prefer the keyboard to have light letters on a darker background like the calculator. Is it possible to customize this?

  231. Hi,

    Its great to see all these updates. Cant wait to have my hands on.
    I have a question here, will the browser have plugins like Firefox. I hope the browser will support plugins.


  232. It seems to me with almost a tablet being announced everyday (Vizio, yesterday), for those who have not yet decided on the Adam it will be a choice between either EDEN or Honeycomb as i think hardware will be similar on some of the upcoming tablets.

    Though honeycomb will have some nice features i believe, if only one is sure of NI’s ability to provide regular updates for the ADAM, i think then Adam will be a better bet. Thats just me.

  233. The red menu bar the span across the screen from the video “Introducing Eden – VIII (Adam says Happy New Year! :)” is pretty ugly. I wish Notion Ink allow users to change to their own favorite color or gradient of colors. That red bar is bloody red ugly. Better yet, if it allows users to make the menu bar to have a glassy transparent/semi look. Please change it.

  234. These videos are just great… no doubt Adam is going to be a great hit. I just feel Rohan and team should have unveiled the adam a bit early. With CES and Honeycomb, we’ll see lots of competition making NotionInk lose the headstart they could have got.

    I’m in India and still hoping Adam will launch in India same time as they do internationally, and that too at a competitive price; especially as we’ve seen many vendors over-price their products in India. Just keeping my fingers crossed I can buy an Adam early 🙂

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