Introducing Eden – VII The Leaves

Hello All,

Let’s take a look at the video first and then read, we all have waited impatiently today!

This video is the direct HDMI out from Adam, captured on our computers and then posted here. Next time I will go more into the settings and see why the colors too saturated, and few frames skipped while minimizing the Leaves! I will again comment here that these are not production quality videos and I believe we are doing very good for 1 day per video. I really want to keep this blog little informal.

We have placed all our efforts into our production video which we intend to release in CES and it IS really beautiful!

There are a few announcements and releases coming in CES like information on our partners, the plan and Pre-Order 2 status.

Coming back to this blog I have tried to answer questions I was able to compile in the last few posts and answer them. Will keep an eye on the comments on this one as well, so keep them coming!

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

583 thoughts on “Introducing Eden – VII The Leaves

  1. cool cant wait for back in stock to appear, but is there going to be more ways to pay…. Paypal ect….

  2. OMG I’m soo getting one of these! No really I am, expecting delivery in 3~ weeks :p

  3. Whats up guys? When I try to play. A message comes up. “This video is unavailable.” this has not happened with any of the other videos.

  4. To take advantage of this position, I have a few things for you Rohan:
    EAP 2?
    Environmental Impact? (Packaging, etc)
    Music App (I want to see it)! (On that note, I wanted to offer my band’s music for whatever you may need it for. I won’t post the link here, as last time I did my poor site got hit hard)

  5. Wow. sarcasm.

    Was THAT comment meaningful? Let’s be honest… neither of ours was. At LEAST it wasn’t “FIRST!”

  6. when is CES that is very close to our expected ship dates… how are you going to announce Preorder 2 at CES when you are suppose to be shipping our products there? This doesnt make sence. is there a problem with FCC delay?

  7. Click on the YouTube at the bottom right corner and it will take you to YouTube and video will work.

  8. While we are waiting for the video to load, I have a question Rohan….

    Can you tell us if the estimated shipping dates reflect when the Adam tablets will ship, or when they are expected to arrive at our homes?

    And will we receive notification with a a tracking number when it does ship?


  9. every day I get more excited question will you post the production video here at the same time or soon after you show it at CES I was begging my wife to let me go to CES she said I could if I sold my Adam

  10. This is what we have been waiting for and it just proves again how good it feels to be one of the first group of people that will be getting this device. 🙂 only 20 day 23 hours 42 mins and 10 second 🙂

  11. Looks awesome. Finally beginning to get it and liking it a lot. Love the keyboard with the Fn keys for # entry on the same screen.

  12. @Rohan, the video is cool, better quality and more info.
    Great job.

    Looking forward for Pre-order 2.



  13. wow 🙂 just speechless . wondering when was the last time i really saw a true tablet like adam not like half -phone -half pc .

    adam ROCKS…

  14. Rohan, while executing the two finger gesture, I noticed that the Leaves were a bit sluggish while minimizing. Will this be any faster?

  15. @Rohan, can you please send me the pre-order 2 link (last time I was missed out. please make me happy this time atleast please 🙂 ). I want to order the very moment I get it. Last time I missed it as I was on travel with only mobile internet access :(. I posted 100s of comments (before your cut off)

  16. Rohan,

    In reference to the comments “There are a few announcements and releases coming in CES like information on our partners, the plan and Pre-Order 2 status.” does this mean there definitely won’t be any more pre-orders until after CES?

  17. Did it stutter when you pulled down to the desktop? Also that looked like FroYo can you confirm if it was FroYo or Gingerbread?

  18. I can only get to 3.38 minutes. Is this just a case of it need to upload and process some more??

  19. I’m so happy I decided to wait! It is soooo going to pay off 🙂 … that video is the best one yet 🙂 … so excited!!!

  20. yip, did that just after my comment. Nice video but i don´t understand all the eager waiting for a basic desktop. I have seen it before: it´s somewhere behind all the applications I use on Windows for the last ten years. I never actually see it as I multitask between apps. Other people apparently work very different.

    The productivity of the leaves/panels is still much more impressing but has shown many times. I was already hooked 🙂

  21. Shoot… I have to run and can’t stay to chat about the video. Loved what I saw!!! Awesome job Rohan! 😀

    Though I was really hoping to see the loading of a 3rd party apk… 😦

    I will comment more later when I get back.

  22. The only question I have is, do you have 2 different apps (one to run as a leave and the other in a full screen mode)? The other is can you show us 2 apps simultaneously processing next to each other. Ex: a Youtube video playing next to a chat windows (both working simultaneously) – true multi-tasking.

  23. more and more I see Eden, the more I curse myself for having missed the pre-order. I was travelling to India, i checked ur blog on reaching india, gone, the pre-order of PQi was gone 😦 .

  24. Rohan, The video is Awesome! Edan is soo smooth and the keyboard rolls up seamlessly. I Love it!

    I noticed the phone app again on your desktop, please, is this VoIP or use Sim card to make calls?

  25. This looks nice. Looks like the multitasking is not impacting the performance and Adam stays responsive. Nice work NotionInk team…

    Question on the memory though – Why does it say 773MB free of 5.56GB. I thought Adam has more memory than this.

  26. Nice video, but I feel we have seen 90% of what was on it. The quality was better for sure. It was the other 10% I was interested.

    Keep the new things coming:
    1) Camera
    2) Portrait View
    3) Book Reader

    to name a few.

    Thanks again..good job!

  27. Tremendous!! The fluidity of how one interacts with Eden will be the best computing experience ever!! Thanks Rohan, for the detail and exquisite production. I tip my hat to you.

    Happy New Year to you and yours…

  28. I think I know the answer but will you be able to use live wallpaper on the home screen.
    I know dumb question but had to ask

  29. Well Seen Video.Video long but with very new things
    1)Clearing the commenters doubts abt the panel.
    3)leavess play lt to rt is the only thing we have seen.We already have glimplse of leaves play…..
    4)One core automatically shuts and can be shut down.Wow good for long travels and reading books.
    5)Battery Wifi Sim stauts notificatios

  30. Book reader with flipping page animation when you turn pages. The old video looks like a acrobat like scrolling view, no flip animation when you turn the page.

  31. Rohan;
    I would like to commend you and your team on the development of Eden. I was very skeptical at first seeing Notion Ink devote so much time & precious recourses to the development of Eden. I kept thinking “why bother” just concentrate on the hardware already. But I now realize that the software (especially if it is done right) is the only way to set yourself apart from all the other companies pushing out Android tablets.
    The more I see, the more I like. I know it must be very difficult for a startup, but you guys have a lot of heart (not to mention great ideas), so best of luck at CES and in the coming year.


  32. Thanks Rohan, as soon as I heard you were doing a HDMI capture I expected it would be delayed, I have a lot of experience doing this sort of thing and it is very time consuming, worth the wait tho. 🙂

    It’s nice to be kept informed of a product’s development progress.

    oh and ppl, I’ve not seen the troll in this thread yet , but I’m sure he’ll turn up, please don’t feed him, trolls need constant attention, like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum they are best left on the naughty step. 😉

  33. WOW! this is getting better and better!

    really impressed with Eden

    please reopen the preorder 🙂

  34. Awesome…Like what I see so far…
    Really pleased with the way the leaves graphics is managed..very fluid..

    @4:31, the notification bar shows time as 9:08 PM.
    However, the home screen shows 21:07…Just a doubt as to why they are not on Sync?

  35. Idunno…You executed the gesture twice , yet in both instances, maximizing the Leaves was noticeably quicker than minimizing…but I’ll take your word for it. 🙂

  36. 1.) What’s the requirement for a desktop, if you have Eden?
    2.) Can the icons on the desktop get organized in categories or folders?
    3.) Do you have multiple desktop screens or just one?
    4.) Does Eden work in portrait mode? Can we see it?

  37. @Rohan, When we switch to the desktop view, I can still see top of the panels at the bottom. Is it like that always or customizable ?

  38. Is there going to be a setting or an app that will let you shut down or turn off the 3g feature and only allow wi-fi to be used? This is the best feature of my HTC Incredible, I can only use WiFi in my apt. and when I am traveling and don’t have WiFi I can go through the setup and turn on 3g on demand. My girlfriends LG ally doesn’t have this feature so it eats up data.

    I want to get the 3g model but would like to know if I can do this so I don’t have to buy a unlimited data plan unless I can tether it to my phone and use that data plan.

  39. Great Work Rohan. This video looks awesome and finally we get to see the desktop.

    One question do the people who placed the first pre-orders get something extra like a card saying that this adam is part of the first batch of adams released or something like that? 😛

  40. This is awesome! Would be awesomer if you can demo us the eReader feature of the Adam. Thanks!

  41. rohan eden is very impressive. however you said we would be installing an app and that was not the case for this video. perhaps it will come tomorrow?

  42. Regarding the desktop — will it support widgets and animated wallpaper like the stock Android launcher, or is it more like Apple’s in that it’s just there to organize and launch applications?

    Either way is alright, I’m just curious. 🙂

  43. man I wish i commented more before cut off 😦 Hope to get one in round 2! Fingers crossed for mastercard/paypal/google checkout

  44. I’m just curious, would it be correct to say “order” instead of “pre order” after CES considering Adam will have official launch at CES?

  45. CES is January 6th but you can not pick anything up or sell at CES. He probably will have something that says pre-order 2 up now, go to website and get it there. I can’t imagine FCC issues are there if they are for pre-order, he would of had to wait for that before he sells to US customers get their product. Products are not getting shipped to CES either. It’s a trade show not an electronics show. There’s the difference in the two I asked my dad about it since he works for CE and will probably stop by and say hi to Roman.

  46. Rohan,

    Nice video – can’t wait to see the next one and the one you will release for CES. Just a couple of questions:

    1. Any chance you could comment on your approach to testing – both on the hardware and software? For example have all NI staff been using the Adam in day to day use for x number of weeks?

    2. Will it be possible to install Eden apps to SD card and have their panels work just the same as if they were installed to Adam’s memory? Apologies if this has already been raised and answered. I just worry about the 5Gb of Adam storage not being enough.


  47. Rohan,

    Do the leaves only work in landscape? If in portrait, do they going to change to 3 landscape oriented leaves?

  48. Just watched the video and as usual have a few comments besides “I’m First”, no I’m First”, etc…

    Spell check in context. Its and It’s mean two separate things. Same thing for lets and let’s.

    The video looked nice but since you are describing various functions which require touch, the output video doesn’t show what touch you performed.

    You press the menu button, I take it that means the hard key on the bezel, or is there a “menu button” on screen some where?

    I got confused talking about the alpha page / alpha leaf. Watching the video at speed I couldn’t tel what “leaf” you were working on at various times.

    The memory only shows about 6 GB. Add in the 1 GB for the OS and 1Gb for SLC and that adds up to 8 GB. Is this what you are talking about on the tech spec page? Or is this one of the prototypes and it has 2 GB less than what I believe I purchased?
    I interpreted the tech specs as 8GB storage and 2 GB for the OS meaning a total of 10 GB on board.

    Still waiting to see PORTRAIT mode and the ereader app.

    I also thought you were going to demonstrate a file download and install. How about Angry Birds?

  49. Rohan, dumb question….When the Adam’s are shipped, is there going to be some sort of tutorial video or something to explain how to manipulate the leaves/panels, or maybe a channel on youtube with all the tutorial videos in one place?

  50. Agree. Panels sounds natural while Leaves is like another key word (along with Genesis, Eden…) we have to know.

  51. Rohan,
    Thank you again for keeping us informed ahead of your big event. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Eden GUI feels like the Cooliris add-in available for many browers — which now operates against the root directory on most PCs. Curious … can the eden leaves mimic the cooliris interface with subject areas like … news, sports, etc … with that being said, can the Adam browser support the cooliris add-in for android — which in turn might also give us access to the root files as in sniffer? Thanks again, for giving us the inside track on the innovation behind NI.

    – Mark

  52. I would like to have it personally autographed by Rohan. But I dont see that happening as they are being shipped directly from China.

  53. CES is now redundant… for me… my next hope is Adam himself (itself)

    i held my breath. i replayed and replayed. thank you for the natural imagery Leaves (not panels)… we’ll get rid of “Desktop” in time… the borderless keyboard, the gestures, the memory management… Adam is truly a lesson to designers in ergonomics…


    now just send that second pre-order notice

  54. If I have understood correctly, the ‘alpha leaf’ is effectively the ‘taskbar’ where u can see the applications currently running and launch them.

  55. Full Screen and the Desktop!!!
    Awesome stuff Rohan.
    Thanks for putting forth the video. Appreciated.


  56. Would love to see a game being played on Adam or something.. maybe some car racing game which shows the response times, and the gyrometer/accelerometer… plus moving from landscape/portrait mode and vice versa.

  57. All the first shipment adopters, like Greg, will have tons of available, couple dedicated forums will be on to help. We have a great community !! 🙂

  58. Does it mean that it is fixed and can’t be changed? In other words, one cannot use other leaves/panels as ‘alpha leaf’.

  59. if i was to root the adam, could i flash an android rom without eden. i find eden a great, but it just is not practicle for how or for what i will be using the adam.

  60. Sorry, It came up a few seconds after I posted. It’s awesome. Looking forward to when i can purchase.

  61. jep +1 raj …looks like eden handles the apps in a much better way, but can you use the apps simultaneously next to each other?

    for example: my nokia n900(n900 supports real multitasking) navigation app in the backround can tell me directions, while i’m skype videochatting

    is it possible?

  62. The menu button is one of the capacitive “buttons” in the upper left corner when viewed in portrait mode. The only hard keys we’ve been shown are the volume and back buttons, though I wouldn’t be shocked to find a paperclip reset button somewhere.

    The home panel is the leftmost one when the UI first appears in the video with the big clock on top.

    The memory is supposedly partitioned into an area for application installs and another for general data storage, the former of which will not show in Sniffer unless there’s an option for showing extra stuff (developer mode or something). I suspect this is due some of Android’s quirks in what it expects to see, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it go away in the future depending on what Google does in future releases. I don’t think the SLC will be directly accessible for storage.

    Agreed on the video not showing input actions very well (a mouse cursor + click sound would be adequate for blog-grade video).

    Portrait mode is something I would take for granted as a platform capability, though. It will be there, and it will work. I wouldn’t expect a pretty rotation animation until Android 3.0, though.

  63. Rohan,

    @Rj raised environmental impact. one nightmare of the OLPC was the plastic foam it carried into the world’s less polluted environments..

    i noticed similar plastic in the unofficial unboxing of an Adam.

    PLEASE, NI, ship this wonder in cardboard. exemplary designs abound that protect electronics as delicate/rugged as the Adam.

  64. THAT WAS (HOT) AMAZING.. To be frank with you, this video was pretty much all that you needed.. I wish this came out sooner, like early-mid November… But anyway (that probably would have brought down your payment servers when they became available).. If i can ask for a very simple request, if you can kindly, have an actual video playing (local or from the network) as your are flipping thru the panels, that would be GREAT…. hope that this isn’t too much to ask… Thank you in advance… 😉

  65. i saw you had a facebook account Rohan so ii befriend you on Facebook Rohan! i hope that’s okay 🙂

  66. Rohan, why would the browser display mobile mode? This is a tablet and one would expect it to show the ‘real’ website. Or is it applicable for some eMail sites only?
    So what happens when the panel is showing the mobile version and I expand it to full screen?

  67. Rohan,
    We would appreciate if post the production quality videos for us on the site after the CES show.

  68. He was stating in the panel mode it uses mobile version because that is what will fit their the best.

  69. Reset pin hole is on the lower left front edge. If you go back and watch the hardware video just at the point where it “leaves” the right side and then jumps to the left, you can see the hole on the edge. At least that’s what I believe it to be. It could be a built-in mic too.
    (based on the speakers being located on the top edge.)

    As to the menu “key” I was referring to the four “buttons” / reserved area on the upper left side bezel.

  70. If the capture device has a poor processor and is generating compressed video instead of a raw datastream, then it could easily choke and drop frames when changing to a complicated image like a desktop wallpaper covered in icons. It’s a pretty easy phenomenon to understand if you’ve used a remote display protocol like VNC.

    It’s also possible that 1080p output is too strenuous for the Tegra 2 to handle smoothly while crunching numbers and doing OS tasks, but still adequate for 30fps video playback (which is handled by one of the dedicated DSPs). This is still OK because video and PowerPoint are really the only things anybody would ever want the HDMI output for.

    Either way, it ought to be better under normal usage. 🙂

  71. Since the shipment will be handled by DHL, there must be tracking info available. Remember the guy posted the unboxing pics? I actually managed to recognize the tracking number and pulled the info (not a good thing to do, but just couldn’t help at that time). His shipment got picked up in HongKong on 12/19 and delivered to Netherland and signed by him on 12/22.

  72. P.S. My Android phone show both internal memory and “system” RAM in addition to the SD memory.

  73. Sniffer: Please add google docs and dropbox support. Or some method of adding any additional types of online storage. That would be awesome.
    I also use UbuntuOne which is just like dropbox.

  74. Looked good, particularly liked the standard Android status bar implementation seen on phones is included, as well as its new twin..the swipe up bring panels up over your desktop. Oh and the desktop is nice as well.

  75. Lovely… Thank you Rohan for this wonderful and amazing product…
    Only thing i would love to have a change in is the desktop view… may be a bit fancier… but thats just me…

  76. Advance New Year Wishes Rohan….

    Why don’t you give us ‘Adam User Guide’ as a new year gift 😉

  77. Appreciate your efforts! thanks for the videos!
    If the promo videos going to follow the same style, then i would like to make my comment:
    The panel scrolling left to right and vice versa, repeated will be boring another day!
    (while it scrolling, give a break and let a panel goto full screen mode..)
    Edit better, to not look like kids playing with touch screens..
    The opening texts are way too long and long enough to skip reading!
    The extra words/sentences doesn’t deliver anything
    Apparently, HDMI out could have shown with something other than this!

    Have plenty shots of Tequila on New Year eve….
    New year will be your’s…! enjoy…Happy New Year!!
    (to all Notion Ink team)

  78. Oh no!Not another Deaf Movie Special!apart frm that video rocks!!plz somebody get me a TIME MACHINE,i wanna goto CES rightnow!many hours to new year but I WISH ROHAN AND ALL FOLKS AT NI A HAPPY AND PRODUCTIVE(hehe!) YEAR IN ADVANCE.nav varsh ki hardik shubh kamnayein!! IM 1ST!IM 1ST!IM 1ST!IM 1ST!IM 1ST!

  79. Thanks for another good video.

    Not sure if this has been addressed before, but I’m curious what media formats will be supported, I’m sure the obvious ones like MP4, MP3, AVI etc. But will it support stuff like MKV out of the box? Or will we have to get 3rd party apps for this?

  80. +100 agree to what DreamHarvest just said…but it was worth the wait I guess for the video. I too feel that ‘extra’ words dont mean anything. Message should be to the point…basss 😀

    Lets all Enjoy Dec 31st. At least I’l try not to come to the blog and read comments from all the experts, and spend the last day thinking over how I’ll play with my Adam when it arrives 2 months from now 😉

  81. Great Video…

    Nice to watch with bed coffee….Rohan keep posting videos everyday morning 🙂

  82. The panel/leaf deployment is brilliant (I want it for my windows desktop!!)

    I’m also very curious to see if/how the leaves work in portrait mode, and also if you can run two instances of the same app simultaneously. For example, I often work on transcripts and translations and sometimes need to be watching a video or listening to an audio file and have two text windows (with different language kbs and spell checkers) open at the same time. I realize that it’s a lot to ask! But if it’s possible… it will be fantastic! With google’s voice recognition/translation functions,… things could get VERY interesting too 🙂 All sorts of possibilities!

    Thank you for the video Rohan!

  83. Hey, Rohan!
    Great video.
    Just so you know, we have populated a while wiki of FAQ under various heads at “”. It is a wiki maintained by over 15 people from this community. You can find your unanswered questions there. You could use those questions, if you like.

    Happy New Year’s eve, by the way!


  84. Hey, Rohan!
    Great video.
    Just so you know, we have populated a whole wiki of FAQ under various heads at “”. It is a wiki maintained by over 15 people from this community. You can find your unanswered questions there. You could use those questions, if you like.

    Happy New Year’s eve, by the way!


  85. thats why I gave my friends address…I might be in India by the time the Adam arrives to me in Feb 😦

    Since DHL will be used, we will surely have a tracking number…at least i think that way.

  86. To my knowledge, android doesn’t support proxy connections to connect to the internet. At IIT Delhi, all internet traffic is routed through a proxy to check individual user usage and keep it under limit. I would like to know if this has been addressed with the Adam?


  87. Absolutely amazing. I love the fact that Eden is available with a quick finger swipe. You really have upped the ante as they say for competitors is making a branded UI to differentiate ones self in the marketplace. Smooth, optimized and very well thought out. I think we all want to be there at CES to support NI so think of the comments of this blog as our support when you are there. Man you guy’s have gotta be wrecked and sleep deprived.

    Best of luck at CES. Oh….great video, great quality, wicked approach to hide desktop, overall 10/10. Can’t wait for mine to ship.

  88. I think he is trying to create a culture around his product like microsoft calling them “windows” or Apple calling everything “i” something. Here they a leaves.

  89. That’s up to the hackers. Doubt it will take them long to put one out. Now, will it be as speedy as Eden? Or have as good battery life? We’ll have to wait and see.

  90. Rohan-
    thank you for another amazing video.

    My biggest issue remains the T-Mobile 3g for USA.
    If you want to do some justice, please offer the 1700 / 2100 MHZ option as well for the pre-orders…. many of us already have T-mobile a a carrier and don’t want to sign a new contract with AT&T.

    Sorry to bring that up here, but hopefully you are reading these comments and you know this is an issue, since NI changed some pre-orders status to an antenna that will not work in the USA.
    Please give us an update in regards.

    Thank you! Good luck at CES!
    Happy 2011 and may Adam get the attention (and sales) you your team deserve for this amazing device and software.

  91. Thanks for the video I can’t wait for the pre-roder2, I missed the first one due to the bank.

  92. Where are the nay sayers now! Rohan appreciate you taking the time to produce and post this so close to CES…amazing actually. My Strategic Management Class will be reading these post next semester. WHAT A CASE STUDY NI IS!! Can’t wait for CES and partners annoucement!! Next vid a look at the reader in the sunlight?

  93. This has been discussed extensively before. I have explained to some degree in my blog: “” about the 3G issue and why T-Mobile 3G can NOT be supported on the ADAM, at least for now. There is no magical way, to just include a baseband chip supporting that frequency and technology all of a sudden…

  94. Looks fantastic! So glad the desktop works the way it does! Definitely looking forward to Jan 15th!

    Can we maybe see the split-screen keyboard?

    And still no portrait mode!

    But I’m so glad that you took the time to capture this properly. This is going to blow CES away.

  95. safety…

    on future Adams, only purely reflective
    displays, please (PQ/Mirasol types)

    Eden’s leaves by ambient light
    less strain for ALL eyes

  96. Wow! This looks great, really like the panels and the simple things you guys have done, the CPU optimization (as long as it’s overidable),the notification area and finally the desktop 🙂
    I still hope I can create folders cause that’s how I manage my apps.

  97. I’m beginning to seriously love what i’m seeing. There’s a tingling feeling every time i see a new video… Waiting is the killer… 🙂

  98. Lets remember that Adam is trying to do everything that we would do, running more apps at once than any other Android device can do, and capture HD video at the same time. A little sluggishness is acceptable. We can expect better real-life performance because we won’t always be taxing Adam to the maximum like Rohan always does.

    This device looks amazing.

  99. Anyone would ever want from the HDMI port…
    No, wait till I post details about one of the apps we’re working on 🙂

  100. Much better video! Nice to see the desktop. Now i am surely going to buy one adam.

  101. FYI

    [ANDY] Can you provide some detail on upgrades? Specifically, can users who are purchasing the first generation ADAM look forward to upgrading to gingerbread when it comes available?
    [ROHAN] Eden already runs a lot of features of 2.3. They will also get update.

  102. I still have my money on the cell phone feature. As I have said before Notion Ink wants to compete heavily in Europe. Galaxy Tab will make and receive phone calls in Europe. Adam should do no less. Like Hauwei Ideos s7 and Dell streak Adam should make and receive calls in the US. Some say no big deal. However if Adam is really a phone you should be able to use a voice data plan as opposed to adding another data plan. Adam would have it’s own phone number. Of course you must have the 3g Adam. I had tried out the Hauwei Ideos s7 and it would make and receive calls. It was a 7 inch screen with poor battery life. Some have said just because the phone icon is on the desk top doesn’t mean there is a unlocked phone feature. Rohan’s desktop was customized by Notion Ink they put on the icons they wanted. Also the signal strength bar is at the top of the desk top. At has an x in it because the Adam being used is not signed up for service. 3g does not use a strength meter in Android it just shows the 3g to the left of bar meter when you have a 3g. My conclusion is,here is more proof that Adam could very well be a phone and a tablet combined. We shall know for sure after CES.

  103. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
    And how far is Jan 15th? tsk, tsk – I will be on my way to Far East and adam to my office in Cali. So sad :-(.

    I begged the customer support to move my delivery by just 2 or 3 days, no luck.

    BTW, no T-mobile frequency available in the US. Either ATT (crap) or EU available. I HAD to CHOOSE EU frequency as I could use my T-mobile MT4G as WiFi hotspot to browse on my adam.

    Rohan, can you do something to ship my unit two days early???? Otherwise, I will have to wait till the end of Jan when I get back to US to feel the adam.

    May be I will run into you at CES and try to convince you to ship it early. Don’t make a middle age person wait that long – who knows how many days I have left as an earthling to play with the adam – just appealing to the Indian cultural sensitivities. (Ab ees budhhape me kitne din bache hai, kisko pata)


    All the best at CES

  104. All the best at CES. I know NI will knock their socks off. Everyone else showing their prototypes while NI shows them what they are shipping now.

  105. Rohan did mention that apps could be run twice. He specifically said that Sniffer could have two instances open, to allow for moving files more easily.

  106. I believe the mystery may have been already revealed. Look closely at the desk top. See the phone icon. Notion Ink or Adam chose the icons they wanted on the desk top.
    The chose to place a phone icon on the desktop.
    Look at bar meter at the top of the desk top. This is a phones signal strength meter. It is not an indicator of 3g strength. 3g just shows “3g” when a 3 g signal is present. Since the Adam the video was made from has no sim card in it, these signals are not available. My conclusion is your mystery feature is a phone. It also fits the clues.

    If I’m wrong you can have a big laugh on me….

  107. A few people asked about the ebook reader. So I searched back and found this.

    “Yes we have one, will get better with updates though!” He was referring this photo.


    I don’t think they have anything special yet but there is probably something special planned for the reader. Also remember when he mentioned the work they did on fonts. They will probably include that into the reader…………………..Tom C

  108. @ 00:35 seconds

    When we “were” multi-tasking, we “were” working with single focus, like chatting about adam, reading comments about adam, reading feeds in forums, checking upon rohans status via tweets, Facebooks & Youtubes or may be creating a song!

  109. Really liked the video. Hope it has answered many of the unanswered question. Great quality, great execution. Kudos to Rohan and NotionInk Team to make it possible.

  110. *sigh* As usual, people forget my involvement in things…

    I wrote and published an article about this on “” before anyone else on this blog said or knew anything about it. I also started the discussion in this blog. But people only mention the other blogs that picked up on it later. *sniff* 🙂

    Oh well, if you can’t beat ’em join ’em. Are you looking for contributors?

  111. Hi Rohan & Family,

    That last bit was the game changer for me 🙂 I really appreciate the Desktop mode along with the well implemented “Leaves” UI. While I do realize that most of the time I would be using the “Leaves”, the desktop mode is imperative since not everybody who would use a single Adam is acquainted or comfortable with Eden.

    Cheers & A Happy New Year to NI & the Family!

  112. Not exactly. There are several devices (read: anything by Archos) that support many more formats than Android does. And even though most devices include certain formats by default, that doesn’t guarantee that some weren’t removed to save space. I’m sure that Rohan will somehow blow us away with the support for unexpected formats, but until he does it is a question that needs to be addressed.

  113. Looks excellent!

    Still waiting for non-English input methods video, or some description – esp. complex scripts like Indian. I’m sure at least a few native English speakers would avail of the facility! As someone earlier mentioned, I do much transliterating too, so this is important to me!

  114. I will be waiting for the day when someone converts the Synergy App to android (not sure if it is already there)

    It will be real-multi tasking… when we get our twitter, email, facebook updates using the leaves of Adam and continue our normal PC / Mac / Linux work on our normal monitor and yet have a single keyboard / mouse across both the devices…


  115. I have to agree. Even Microsoft is abandoning old jargon and calling things tiles. NI wants recognition, and they deserve it. Plus, as billreyn1967 said, leaves fits very well with the biblical theme.

  116. one of the best videos with maximum information..i really appreciate the fact u guys have gone great lengths to minimize power consumption..looking forward to the next video..

  117. Lol :). Andi f you are going to attend CES, be ready with a post entry to share your experiences 🙂

  118. On second thought, leaves might mean leaves on the tree of knowledge, which my wife points out, is what cast Man (meaning HuMan, Eve was there too 🙂 ) out of paradise. Hmm, at least they aren’t called “slices of fruit from that tree over there.” 🙂

  119. +1
    I’ll pay extra for that. He could have it laser engraved.

    My friend has an iPad that he had engraved with the signatures of all the Spice Girls.

  120. Still not clear. Now, if I open in full screen mode and if I shrink it to panel, would it now load This concept is still not clear to me.
    Personally, I would like to see the real website all the time. I have no problem with real website in my iPhone and I am sure it should look ok in panel mode too! Besides, only a few websites have a mobile version!

  121. Anyone here writing the next non-fiction bestseller – “Adam – For Dummies”?

    Will need versions in (alphabetical order):
    1.American English
    2.Desi English
    3.UK English

    I guess since the real Adam never met any dummies in Eden, the book title could be “Adam – For Apes”

  122. Rocking good … DHL guy, when are you arriving ? CES is gong to be great. !!! Keep going NI ~

  123. 😀
    Last night could not wait for any more…I think You are not Following IST time 😉
    or you decided to find out how many “BAT-ADAMS” are there apart from you .
    cant wait to see my adam…:)

  124. 5) Will the desktop support widgets? or is there a leaf designed which can have widgets displayed on/in it? One leaf can have lot of widgets with simpler data or switches to show.

  125. The keyboard layout is the game changer for me.

    Multi-touch with the Fn key to get to the #s and most of the special characters.

    I hated having to select SYM, the select the Shift key to get to additional special characters. It was such a waste of time. This should make everyone so productive.

    Did anyone notice the key below the Enter key. Looks like a toggle to get to the beginning and end of the line. Besides the 4 cursor keys, that is indeed a very nice addition.

  126. Is it cursor keys or key board with different layout (like split keyboard)? If I remember correct, Rohan had mentioned that they are two types of keyboards.

  127. On another note I thought Mr.Rohan was goin to install a thirdparty app…well what happened of dat?

  128. Few came dangerously close,
    to change the fundamentals of light,
    but few realized the power of the same,
    and now it even works at night!

  129. It’s not an “old habit”, it is a valuable organization tool. On my Android desktop, I have all my apps in folders. One for “apps” which is tools and the like. One for “multimedia” which is music, gallery, mail, youTube, etc. One is “games” which is obvious, and one is “testing”, which is apps I’m not sure about.

    The point is, when you have a lot of apps, it is nice to not have to sort through all of them for the ones you want. I can just open the appropriate folder. And it’s easier than searching, because I don’t always remember what apps are called, or what games I have.

    You just can’t replace folders.

  130. Howdy, looking good! I was eligible for the first Pre-Order, but never got my email. :-/. It’s fine since I really wanted to see some demo videos before I spent my $$$. But now I’m ready. So, I’m hoping this post makes me eligible for Pre-Order #2.



  131. Amazing video! Looks pretty professional through the HDMI out, can’t wait to see what you have prepared for CES.

  132. Hmm, that doesn’t actually point to a phone. “Now it even works at night” implies that it didn’t used to. Phones have always worked at night, there should be no need to point this out.

    Maybe we are back to some sort of IR gesture detector. But I’ve always favored teslaTouch, which I actually talked about in one of my articles “”

    Seriously, what do you think of that?

  133. Roshan, You just left me gussing what is happening during the time Edan decides to kick start the duel core!! Does that mean processing speed degradation during the surge happens between 256 to 500 mhz?
    I guess its beeter to leave it to the user to choose between the power saver or performance mode
    I just wait for the DHL man!!

  134. THIS IS AWESOME… leaves and android basic ui = amazing. this has gone over and above my hopes.. cannot wait… oh, and loving the videos!

  135. Loving it! I’m so happy that I got my order in.
    This is looking more and more like the first mobile piece of hardware, notebook, tablet, or otherwise, where I’m keeping the default OS instead of either jailbreaking, rooting, or wiping out the OS and installing some for of Ubuntu.

  136. Great Video. My wife and kids are getting sick of me showing them video’s of this mysterious tablet. 😛
    Can’t wait for the next one. And thank you for all your hard work.
    And wouldn’t the main page be the “trunk” for your leaves? Not apha??
    “You go back to your trunk to see the leaves that are running.”

  137. The question is how will the “generic” apps of android perform…

    Will they be full screens ? managed screens… where in we can provide some properties of expected screen size… that they can run in…

    let us say “Angry Birds” …. I would expect them to run in full screen…

    but let us say “Android Market”…. I would expect that to run in a leaf mode…

  138. You have done a great job there Notion Ink, You should be proud of yourselves. It was worth the wait.

  139. I am planning to use my Adam for official use too and I do need to have a possibility of using a projector.

    Can anyone suggest me how will i use Adam with a projector? (In India Projectors with HDMI inputs are not common and hence would not be possible to use same goes with my regular LCD/TFT office monitors).

    Any hacks/ideas?

  140. disappointed that I didn’t bother to comment on the blog but shared links and videos on facebook instead 😦 that should count too!

  141. Ya, “dat” … I would really like to see that. It’s my only remaining insecurity. Probably because I just don’t know how to install Andriod apps in the first place.

    Confessions of a former Blackberry/iPhone guy … 🙂

  142. Well, nothing will stop us from calling them panels.
    But ‘Leaves’ recalls an infinite number of ‘leaves’, as in a tree. It is great image. Also, ‘panels’ is a static image, while ‘leaves’ identifies moving instances, a more fluid, natural concept.
    I think that is more or less what Rohan has in mind.

  143. The last of the minuscule nagging doubts about pre-ordering the ADAM are gone. This video clinched it. I’m ready to order another one for my wife.

  144. @Rohan. Amazing and the most informative video so far. Leaves are wonderful and the desktop even more so. When you stretch the leaves (at the end) it is the desktop that is visible behind isnt it? Great!! Notifications are wonderful. Keyboard is a game changer. After a month of launch we can have a “fastest hands” tourney!! I am sure someone will compare the typing speeds on Adam and the others out there. Do we or can we get Swype or Shapewriter?

  145. I would like to hear more and see more of the READER. I understand the Q option screen is the only one to choose for color and/or BW reader function. ?? I don’t know what the library source will be or new book purchases, but reading is the thing I most remember about my early interest in Notion. A dual use machine…Now there is only emphasis on the tablet computer…which is good, but it must be equally outstanding as an ebook reader to be desirable to myself and many others. Please say and show more about that.

  146. Rohan! and NI team

    First of all a happy, exciting and peaceful new year. and same to all of my fellow bloggers.

    Thanks for taking time out to prepare this video. very nice. Lots of info.

    The speed is good this time. lot of time to read and cherish the apps. You have made us revise the eden panel so much that we are ready to go as soon as adam is in our hands.

    looks like two-finger swipe will play a crucial role. I like this idea. Is this the gesture based UI ? probably yes- the zoom, the menu panel pop-up. yeah probably with practice it will be easier and faster.

    i have started liking the icons now. The colors are well chosen, but then we can customize it also. thats a nice touch.

    Can we increase the font size of the notification bars? if it is not there, please try to put it as an update.

    The battery and other information panel option is nicely done.

    By the way where are those thick panels, with music or twitter notifications in a thin stripe. That was cool! i hope it is still there.

    The decision of eden based on data speed etc. to load a mobile or full scale web page for app like facebook or twitter is nicely done. Good thought.

    The processor use looks like well done. Yeah! this small usage considerations will definitely enhance the battery duration. Probably this is a basic tool which every other company use, but thanks for describing us this things. Actually through this blog of yours and the discussions here, i learned a lot.

    I am pretty sure now that, from the way you are speaking, you have got the FCC and CE certifications. Only thing is why they are not appearing anywhere on any website in some form? perhaps we have to wait just another 7-days to get some answer to that question?

    Warm regards!

  147. I’d l.ike to see that. For NI sake. It will help increase sale. That will be the case with many other stores too. But I don’t think that will happen soon.

  148. A standard android app, will run in a single panel, this will be equivilant to 2 times it standard size and should look pretty good, if it were full screen it would look very pixelated, I believe you could run it full screen if you wanted.

    He described this in an earlier post

  149. I think Notion Ink will provide documentation and tutorials… But like lxt11 said, we will do our best to help too. I plan to post info on and on the official Notion Ink forum once it is available.

  150. Engraving would be the icing on the cake. Rohan if you are reading please do something. Its like history is being created and we are going to own a piece of history. So please do something for the first batch.

  151. He answered the question on if there was a problem with the FCC in an interview part 3 on Notion ink hacks, his response was there has never been a problem with the FCC

  152. I want to see other input methods too. In my case, I want to see if Adam can recognize Chinese handwriting.

  153. Rohan,

    Hope that you will make special consideration for those in the first pre-order invite who were unable to purchase due to the server issues.

    Look forward to the the next pre-order update.

    Wishing you and all those at Notion a Happy and exciting New Year!

  154. Any idea when larger capacity versions will be announced? having 5 gb of space hurts but I really want to pick up one up. I could always purchase a 16gb micro sd card and a 16gb pen drive (biggest I have found for the really short ones which is the only ones i would want to leave in there all the time) but that would get expensive quickly. Those two alone would cost me about 100 for 32gb and then id be maxed out 😦

  155. Quick simple question (maybe I missed this). Can one open multiple instances of the same application in the leaf mode. I guess you might have already done that with the browser for Twitter and Facebook. Someone may want multiple instances of Canvas or may be the office suite. Is this possible?

  156. actually! i want something like folder implementation in the launcher for the eden panel system.

    If we have lot of apps, instead of going through all of the apps in a luncher to find a app- it is much simpler that if we can go to the folders on the launcher first, and it should open up all the related apps for example in another launcher in the bottom of the master launcher and then find our app.

  157. wow.. The wait seems given us reward. Using gesture recognition to bring Desktop is trully amazing. Every penny we spend for adam is worth. Only young Team of NI can have these simple, breathtaking & innovative style in devoloping a product. I feel it is just not a product anymore, for me it is my companion.
    Goodbye 2010 and welcome 2011.

  158. Lets see… For me leaves are pure extension with clean implementation of multiple desktops with different widgets on them. There were these widgets for facebook, twitter full screen which do same as these leaves. There are widgets which can either show part of webpage or mobile version of webpage. There widgets which show mails, calender, etc. Difference is they are not well connected with the main apps (actually there are a few apps which give widgets too and are well syncronized like notes, weather, world time, music, video, etc). So, for me it is like showing 3 home screens at the same time. Alpha leaf is what I have as the main screen. I am very happy that composition of alpha leaf is exactly same as what I would like to have as my main homescreen on my Android phone.
    Now why would I want to have widgets either on desktop or on a leaf: There are lot of widgets which I use which are evry small (full on/off switches to control connections, display, orientation, sensors, connectivity interfaces, etc). Widgets give me flexibility to arrange and have information which I need in a single leaf which can be combination of different apps. Facebook needs one leaf but music player doesnt. I am very excited about the other mode of information which is thin strip on the right (forgot the name of it). Still, If I can have leaf with widgets, I dont need desktop at all.

  159. Damn, I really thought I could stay sort of angry with NI, but this OS really looks stunning, and amazingly productive.
    I hope that there’ll be themes available, changing some of the colours on the device.

  160. Well at least you got your pre-order link 😉
    A lot of us didn’t get it at all though they met the criteria for it.

  161. A few other questions:
    1. How will a non-mobile optimized website look in the panels mode? Is panning / zooming allowed in the panels mode?
    2. Around 3.52 mins into the video after typing “Blog!” on Facebook when the the Facebook panel lost focus why did panel become blank?
    3. How do you switch between 3 panel mode to the carousel (3D) mode?

  162. I totally agree. All in all it’s looking great! 😀

    I’m also looking for some information regarding CE certification.. I’ve been reading about FCC, but what about CE conformance mark for the European market? Will Adam have it? I’ve talked to a customs officer in my country and he specifically told me the device must have the CE mark to be able to go through customs. I’m eagerly waiting on the 2nd preorders/orders, but I’m afraid that if the device won’t have the CE mark it’ll end up being refused at my country’s customs 😦 I’d love to have that bit of info available before the preorders/orders start again.

  163. Nice to see the videos coming along.
    I have on question though: what about DRM?

    The reason why some apps are not available on Android is because e.g. Netflix needs
    to contact each manufacturer of an Android phone and see how they implemented DRM and how they can use it. Win7 en iOS have one implementation and all phones adhere to it.

    Just wondering if Adam has something up his sleeve here (or maybe we do not need any of that stuff 😛

    And a happy new year to everyone!

  164. Rohan you are really spoiling us and set yourself and NI an extremely high level of expectation. There is nothing out or expected that even approximates the capabilities of Adam & Eve. Even the Courier would not have been as smooth and as comprehensive. Apple is really going to have a difficult time matching, forget about out performing, Adam. My dilemma is if I should wait for Adam 2? I can’t wait for CES, you are guaranteed to steal the show. Everything else will be anticlimactic. Something like the dissapointment I felt when the inadequacies of the Ipad were revealed.
    Warmest regards to the entire NI group.

  165. Hi Rohan,

    Good to have an understanding of operating system before we get our hand on it but was wondering if you could please post a video on office application will be much helpful.

  166. Great video…….Rohan and team. Wish you all the luck and success at CES and all the very best for year ahead…..hope to see many more wonderful products…..Cheers…

    And of course do consider me for pre order 2.


  167. Well, I have to agree with you on the “small widgets” point. Widgets do include simple buttons to turn services on/off, or switch music tracks without taking up an entire screen. That would be nice to still have.

    But that may end up being too much. Running a desktop, ten leaves, several tabs in the browser, and then a couple widgets, well you’re asking for stuttering. I wouldn’t want to load down Adam too much by keeping 15 different apps running plus a desktop background.

    But they would still be nice to have.

  168. It’s possible that “mobile version” referred to the “lite” version of the app, reducing the amount being rendered in the panel. Then, when the full app is opened, it would revert to the “full” version. He may not have meant the mobile version of the website.

  169. Brilliant video. Super-Impressed.

    I noticed the time on the adam at one point of the video. Its around 9 in the night. 28 December. Wow! I feel for you guys. Really! You are really sweating it out there and now we can feel it. And the end result seems pretty obvious too. The hard work has nearly paid off. Now to just get it out to that impatient generation. 🙂

    All in all, you guys got me interested in on the development side of Android. Lemme’ see if i can come up with something exclusive for the ‘adam’. 🙂

  170. widgets are designed to be power and memory efficient. if adam can handle multiple leaves and full apps then widgets which are common for a mid range phone can be handled easily. you can always have rouge app/leaf/widget though…

  171. What about support network filesystems like NFS or Windows? Will Adam support this ones? I think Adam (as media player) should support network filesystems.

  172. 6) Can the current Android games like angry birds play full screen in landscape mode with out any modifications?

  173. I hope Adam will have it or already have it.

    Because i’m part of first pre-ordrer and Adam will arrive in february.

  174. You are using wordpress why don’t you enable sharing options from your dashboard 🙂 by that it will be very easy for us to share this post on facebook and twitter

  175. rohan

    i would like to know what video formats are supported divx,mkv,ect. also can your video player handle subtitles. one more thing how do you bring up the outer panel scrolling window.

    ps i think it was smart you did not erase all signs of android, and that the desktop or android home screen is still available in the background. don’t get me wrong eden rocks, but it felt as though adam was not even android device anymore. to me that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but people are greedy. they want to have there cake and eat it too. in other words if you developed adams interface solely with eden people would criticizes you for a lack of android and vice versa. for your first implementation of a (android/eden) device having android in the background was a good idea. you needed to deviate from the norm not fracture android beyond recognition.

    pps i wish you everlasting luck

  176. @alex
    I’d like to add another idea about why leaves, and not panel.
    I wonder how do you say ‘page’ (as in a book) in Hindi?
    In Spanish ‘page’ is ‘hojas’, which in turn is translated to English as ‘leaves’.

    So, ‘hojas del libro’ = ‘book pages’

    So, ‘leaves’ acquires many of the properties associated with ‘book’.
    Desktop (very obsolete term since a tablet, and laptops too, have more mobility) would simply be “book”, or a term close to it.

    Ok, sorry for the long explanation. I don’t think I have much more to add to this issue.

  177. hi

    I have a question for @Rohan.

    When you click on the keyboard key, that key blinks (Good feedback),
    BUT… What about if the field (being keyed in) is password. IMO password entering Keys should not be highlighted .


  178. Just waiting to have a feel of the adam. Wish you all @ NI & family a fulfilling 2011.

  179. Hi Rohan,

    Absolutely stunning. Waiting for “Adam” in DHL package !

    When is the SDK going to be released?


  180. Looking very good! Eden certainly seems like a good way of presenting content in a very accessible fashion.

  181. Installing Android apps is pretty easy. If you have a phone, you can use the Android market (which is an app itself). Non market apps can be installed if your phone let’s you turn off the “market only apps” setting and they download as .apk files and install like that. Not too bad.

  182. Looks like the all that tense moments and time spent during the first phase of announcement has begun to payoff in the form of these frequent video’s! Waiting for the next pre-order! Thanks Rohan.

  183. Wanna, wanna, wanna have…
    Like the swift moves and quick launches, the keyboard, desktop screen and the two finger swipe 😉

    Adam is like a very sweet fruit hanging in one of the trees in the Garden of Eden, ready to be picked.
    Luckily it’s not forbidden fruit.
    Just out of reach (for now)!

  184. Hi I don’t normally post, but just had to acknowledge the fact that it’s looking pretty damn good. Questions:

    – can you pin the status bar – I quite like having it there
    – is there a show desktop hardware key. It would be good if whatever physical keys you do have are programmable

    Keep up the good work and good luck with CES

  185. Why still drawing keybord with stagged keys ?? Its awfull in an ergonomic point of view.
    Please have a look at the video from typematrix¹ : http : //
    Removing borders is an idear, but making it matrix will be more usefull.

    [1] http : //

  186. some questions and thoughts

    1) I hope that Alpha-Leaf is customizeable: lets say that i dont use facebook and i want to put rss reader instead 🙂

    2) onscreen keyboard : how about special characters like öäüõ and others that some languages use !?

  187. Request preview of the following in the next video:

    – potrait mode
    – details about the ebook reader (especially in full screen)
    – comic book reader

  188. Same here with family and friends.
    Beautiful video.

    Funny thing is that in french when I speak of Adam I say “L’Adam” (L’ being the french article in front of a vowel to say : The Adam). And saying “L’Adam” in french can be understood as La Dame 🙂 And that means “The Lady”.

    So I often get some funny looks when I say : “I saw the last video about the Adam, so cool” some even respond : “Who’s the Lady you’re talking about ?” or “And how is she doing ?”

    I quite agree with the note on ALPHA > LEAVES : Rohan should keep the same symbolical logic, TRUNK (or BOLE) > LEAVES ; ADAM > EDEN

    And it could even get funny when we’ll mention the APPLE 🙂


  189. Loved the two finger up and down swipe for Desktop (Home Screen) to Leaves switching… 🙂

    And sluggishness and frame skipping – expected in HDMI out…

    Just one question Rohan – will the CPU optimization continue in power plugged in mode too? or there is a setting to run @ full throtlle when plugged in?

  190. I thought the Apple was the fruit ready to be eaten 🙂

    Love the keyboard too 🙂


  191. I had the best dream…. that i was at home…the door bell rang…. and there was a guy in yellow from DHL….. and as i watched in amazement… he handed me a box and said… ” Congratulations your the proud owner of a Adam”

    and as i held the “Adam” in my hands…. it felt like holding a baby 🙂

  192. This is really something I would love watching from Rohans’ Vids : how is my intense use of .pdf will be manage with Adam ? I work with .pdf files all day, and I want to use Adam for that.

  193. lovely vid… again!

    Thanks again for sharing all of this with us before the big CES launch.
    This means quite a lot to me (to many of us I think) to be part of this process of launching a product / participating in its growing / also helping to build the next generation together…

    Won’t be able to buy it though (my reserve money just melted because of Christmas…) 😦 … I’ll wait patiently for my Adam (or Eve / Abel / Noah / …)

    Cheers from France!

  194. You might not realise this but laptops have been doing this trick for years to save battery power. You don’t notice when it is running at 250MHz because you aren’t using all that power and the ramp up to faster speeds or dual cores is instantaneous and automatic.

  195. I heard on notion addicts that the last lcd’s wont ship until like may. I hope this isnt true at least for the PQ’s cause I never got my email and if im gonna get an adam it has to ship by the end of march

  196. I really, really wanted to pre-order, but I can only do MasterCard, PayPal, or check. Please tell me I will be able to place an order soon. …please!

    …pretty-please? 😉


  197. here you talk about the keyboard… but.. you don’t say anything about other languages support! for example, in Spanish, we have a unique letter, the “ñ”, which, of course, does not appear in the video. So I mean, if you change the language of the device (what I think will be possible), will the keyboard adapt to that language??
    thank you for sharing!!
    happy new year!! =D

  198. Salut Greg : Il serait temps d’avoir un lieu pour Notion Ink en français (forum, blogs etc…). En connais-tu un ? Je pose aussi la question à tous les francophones qui suivent ce blog 🙂


  199. Hi Rohan, Is there a possibility to customize the keyboard to different national specs, like French Keyboard is AZERY whereas US Keyboard is QWERTY . That would be useful to enter national markets other than the US.

  200. Since they missed a video on his new 1 every 2day schedule. He said there would be a another video tomorrow I am thinking that will show the app install

  201. Yeah great! I love the panels system. But I have a question: Will it be possible to use apps from the android market or only the ones you created?

  202. Probably more, I’m pretty sure Rohan didn’t use a factory fresh device so it will contain some music, videos and other documents

  203. I loved the two finger up and down swipe for Desktop to Panel mode switching… Very interesting video. More richer with information. Haven’t seen a vid with Potrait mode on!! Would like one on that and eReader too.

  204. Dear Rohan,
    the Desktop – Is it standard android desktop, so can you add there any widgets?
    the Notification bar – Is it possible to have it pinned up when working with the desktop?
    I understand reasons why in Leaves mode this bar is minimized in left upper corner, but I think during desktop view it could be spreaded along the upper edge.
    thank you for answers!

  205. It will do the same as most laptops and any Android/iPhone the switch takes only a few milliseconds and you won’t notice it

  206. Bonne question

    Je n’en ai pour le moment pas trouvé dans mon cas … et j’attends avec impatience ma tablette Adam.

  207. Will Adam be able to use 4G mobile broadband standards like Wimax or LTE rolling out in 2011 or can interested users upgrade at reasonable cost later?

  208. I second that.

    Please show additional functionalities of the reader and the comic book reader

  209. same here… I posted a lot of the links on my personal pages and talked to a lot of people about it, but somehow never posted here… and that sucks big time!

  210. The Benefits of NVIDIA TEGRA Multiple CPU Cores:

    NVIDIA Tegra 2 includes a dedicated ULP GeForce GPU which enables it to offload
    most of the Flash processing work from the CPU to the GPU. This further improves the
    flash performance, and simultaneously reduces the workload on the two CPU cores.
    More details will be available in a whitepaper that discusses the ULP GeForce GPU
    architecture in Tegra 2.

    The current generation of mobile processors is not designed to deal with this tidal wave of high performance use cases. The quality of experience on devices based on single core CPUs rapidly degrades when users run several applications concurrently, or run performance intensive applications such as games, video conferencing, video editing, and more. In order to improve CPU performance, engineers employ several techniques, such as using faster and smaller semiconductor processes, increasing core operating frequency and voltage, using larger cores, and using larger on-die caches.

    Increasing the size of the CPU core or cache delivers performance increases only up to a certain level, beyond which thermal and heat dissipation issues make any further increase in core and cache size impractical. From basic semiconductor physics we know that increasing operating frequency and voltage can exponentially increase power consumption of semiconductor devices. Even though engineers may be able to squeeze out higher performance by increasing frequency and voltage, the performance increase would drastically reduce battery life. In addition, processors that consume higher power would require larger cooling solutions resulting in an undesired expansion in device size. Therefore, increasing the operating 4 frequency of the processor to meet the ever-increasing performance requirements of mobile
    applications is not a viable solution for the long run.

    To satisfy the rapidly growing demand for performance and form factor sleekness in mobile devices, the industry has begun to adopt newer technologies such as Symmetrical Multiprocessing and Heterogeneous Multi-core computing. NVIDIA Tegra is the world’s most advanced mobile processor built from the ground up as a heterogeneous multi-core SoC (System-On-a-Chip) architecture with two ARM Cortex A9 CPU cores and several other purpose-built cores to handle specialized tasks such as audio, video, and graphics. Purposebuilt cores require fewer transistors, operate at lower frequencies, deliver higher performance, and consume much lower power than general purpose processing cores for tasks such as audio, video, and graphics processing.

    NVIDIA Tegra was designed to harness the power of Symmetrical Multiprocessing and deliver a phenomenal Web browsing experience, highly responsive user interfaces, effective multitasking, and tremendous battery life improvements.

    “Because Tegra is a dual core CPU, we can run our 2500 level AI in the
    background on the other core, all with complete polish and complete
    Thomas Williamson, Wardrum Software.

  211. Looks great thanks !
    I missed the fist pre-order, even if i had a mail and went 15 min before the time it said.
    Please let me pre-order the next time !
    I would be upset buying an Ipad !

    Tom, from France

  212. hi everybody. I hope this post doesn’t queue up for moderation.Somehow, none of my posts in past 1 month has passed the moderation mark.
    Things are looking pretty rosy for NI – a complete turnover since the starting of this month.The UI looks fantastic.

    @Rohan. Plz tell us that whether Adam will be available in stores.If yes,HOW SOON ? If not, we can preorder, although I would prefer buying it from a retail outlet.

  213. Hey NI Team 🙂 !
    I have 2 more questions about the Browser.
    Is there a setting like “click to play” for Flash to decrease the cpu usage on website with flash ads (like Opera and Chromium) ?
    Seconds Question: Can we deactivate specific JavaScripts (with Black & Whitelist) on websites (against the web tracking of ads,facebook etc.)

  214. Great Video!
    And minute 5:40 was the biggest surprise for me. I always asked myself where the desktop was or if the leaves/panels replaced the desktop, and then Woho! 😉

  215. Nevermind, there is both a Cell tower signal strength meter (with an X next to it, I guess it had no simcard inside) and a Wifi signal strength meter. This has to be the mystery feature, although many bloggers have been saying this all along so maybe it is simply a feature and not a mystery… but it is not included in the Tech Specs.

  216. couldn’t resist…. could be like one of those Chuck Norris jokes….

    Adam took the byte off the Apple logo…. (pun intended)

  217. we know Adam is full of features and utilities now this confirms the quality is A++ too or as they say in eBay A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    Happy 2011 all and all the best for CES team NI

    thanks again for keeping us informed

  218. I have a question about the keyboard
    Is “Querty” the only available keyboard or are other keyboards like “Azerty” and Arabic ones available ?
    Please answer
    Thank you! You’ve done a great job

  219. One thing is that as Rohan mentioned they are collaborating with Mentor Graphics(Company based both in Noida and Bangalore),then there panel switching gonna be ultra fast that’s for sure.

  220. Posted already but full link and now it is awaiting mod. Posting again with split link:

    I was surprised when he showed the desktop that it was plain. I really expected to see a background/desktop that looked like the one in the image from this web site:
    www . slashgear . com /notion-ink-adam-ui-detailed-opengl-magazine-inspired-mysterious-new-sensor-02105642/

    I love that background. With the clocks, all the info, command buttons, etc. Not to mention the cool pic.

  221. Didn’t you read the article? That’s a very old mock-up using a desktop with a Rainmeter theme from deviantart. Rainmeter doesn’t even run on Android.

  222. I feel so stupid to miss out on the Preorder 1! am not sleeping the night Preorder 2 is opened!

  223. I guess like Android phones, you can always customize the desktop with tons of android widget and homelaunchers.

  224. every new video is pitching the adam higher.

    Great going Notionink.

    Just waiting for the nextbatch

  225. @bsmbdt, glad to see you back!
    We don’t have anything personal against you. This is a blog and I expect diverse opinions. Criticism is very much acceptable and that is what we saw during the pre-order fiasco. You probably thought we are all sucking up to Rohan. If you use logic, it may seem foolish that we all pre-ordered a device before seeing even a picture of it! But this is beyond logic. If you have been following this for long enough, like some of us, it been an emotional ride. Though we never met Rohan, we could connect with him. The same relationship existed between the bloggers. We believed in him and we believed him. It is true he fell short of some people’s expectations in the way he handled some situations but don’t we all make mistakes. You have to realize that he took a certain approach in creating this device, with active involvement of the customers. To some casual visitor to this blog, it might seem like we are all a bunch lunatics investing time and money in a fictitious product. When told my colleagues that I pre-ordered it, they asked me,”what if it is truly a vapor ware?” My response was, “I will gladly let the $600 go for the amazing year long journey I had getting to ‘know’ so many smart people on this blog. I experienced real life joy and frustrations being part of this blog and loved the diverse backgrounds people came from.
    What I took exception with you comments is your language and not for not believing in Rohan or NI.
    Take care

  226. very excited cant wait ti hear the news about, partners, pre-order round 2 etc,

    wonder when rohan will show adam in portrait mode and if any other memory variants will be released soon.

  227. Good way to put it Rao. Lot of ppl asked me the same vaporware question. But like many of us here in the family, we have been part of this journey for the past year! And I went ahead with pre=order with a borrowed Internet connection (was @ my friends place).

  228. Fantastic!!!!!!!

    The carousel mode to switch between panels is awesome.

    In the alpha leaf, can the user click on the apps on the top and the bottom to “quicklaunch” the app? Then why not call it “QuickLauncher” or something like that?

    Will it open the app in a panel or open the app in full mode? Can it be customized to give those options to the user?

    Sound recorder, speech recorder, eReader, videoplayer are some of the good apps that I see on the desktop.

  229. Bonjour, j’ai commencé un blog, il y a quelques jours,sur les différentes infos disponibles sur l’Adam que je traduis en français.

    Je vais profiter de quelques jours de vacances pour m’attaquer au blog et au wiki 🙂

    Les bonnes âmes seront bienvenue à ce moment là 🙂

  230. It will be totally possible to run apps from the android market… except that for 2-3 months (until honeycomb is released) the Android Market will not be available as an App…

    However, if you go to the individual websites of the apps that are on the market…. there will be a listing for .apk files (they are similar to setup.exe or setup.msi in the windows world) which in turn, can be downloaded and installed…

  231. because of its large size, Adam’s keyboard sans borders will beat all others in accuracy if NI add

    BlindType (my first choice)
    Swype (my second)

    is it a problem that Google just bought BlindType?

  232. A toutes fins utiles, j’ai initié un Groupe francophone sur NotionAddicts… “”

    Et comme Daniel sait déjà mon blog contient quelques billets sur Adam et Notion Ink.

  233. Since it is mostly an unmodified Android browser it should have the setting to use flash on demand. I don’t think Android has the feature to whitelist or blacklist JavaScripts, but you shouldn’t care about web tracking, it’s a harmless form of tracking to enhance your experience.

  234. I use a program called Apps Installer from ModMyMobile-com which scans my storage and sd-card for all the *.apk files and then allows me to install them with a simply push of a buttons.

    The Market is better because it automatically informs you of new releases but this works like a dream, so even if we don’t initially have access to the Market, my Adam will be full of applications in no time 🙂

  235. (just opened a beer @ work) I wish everyone a Happy new year. Filled with awesome Adam adventures 😉

    Happy new year @ rohan & NI ! You did a great job this year, may the comming be smoother and even more awesome 😉

  236. @CM, Oh that would be cool. But I guess we have to wait for an Android APP for that and until now I haven’t seen any on the Market that allows really Chinese input by drawing the characters.

    The only apps that I found are training apps where you can learn Chinese characters, but no data-input options.

  237. Thats strange cause the HTC incredible is the only phone with Android that I have found this option on. I have looked through the Motorola Droids and the Ally they dont have that option but my Incredible does. So if its part of Android where is it?

  238. It’s almost new year over here (à couple of hours left). So I would already wish you all à verry prosper new year and especialy the NI team. Thnx for hours of interesting reading and hopefuly this Will continue Next year.
    With regards

  239. Happy new year to all!

    Link to video please? Away for the weekend with limited accessibility.

  240. Dud calm down sorry a simple mistake. I was writing from my phone and it looks like it changed his name on me. I didn’t notice it until I just came back on to see if anything else was new. Most people would have read that and said a simple mistake or a text overwrite i.e. phone spell-check and would have not wasted their time on it.

    It’s funny when you go through all these comments there is maybe a handful of useful comments the other are people saying stupid stuff i.e. twenty people saying first or another number, tons of people being defensive, or people questioning issues which have already been explained. There were better comments when we got an update once a week and didn’t get videos or pictures on a daily basis.

    Sorry didn’t mean to lump this in to my response to yours of mine.

  241. I assume that wish Android we will soon get access to Google Books and I hope that they will add magazines to Google Books as well.

    Magazines on the Adam are for me even a bigger attraction then books

  242. UI looks like my Xperia X10 mini, nothing special with desktop pull down menu aswell.
    “nice”–ing the leaves when though in to the background…”NI”ce idea 🙂
    Are you working with Tegra guys on power saving?

    1GB Ram/8GB SSD/Dual core 1GHz processor— how far is Ubuntu from adam?

  243. That should be it. What was I thinking!
    The whole page is loaded in full screen mode and only a portion of it is retained in memory when shrunk to panel (or leaves) mode. Cool.

  244. Happy new year everybody.

    I love the leaves (panels), looks really easy to use and it looks like it is running smooth. Was good to see the home screen in the end, two finger swipe seems to be a great way to switch between leaves and home. Multitouch is here to stay, thats for sure.
    Great job Notion Ink. Keep the videos coming, and good luck at CES 🙂

    Good to hear you are working on pre-order2, hoping there are enough Pixel Qi this time 😉 I’m going to order one for sure.

  245. First of all Merry Christmas and let’s have our fingers crossed and hope to have a prosperous year 2011 and the rest! Thanks for the videos!

  246. My previous comments were stuck in moderation, then completely disappeared!
    Now that Rohan eliminated any doubts about the strengths of Adam(with more to come at the CES!), NI should concentrate on building a good customer care center. Customer care is going to be a big talking point for many people and some of the tech sites that have been bashing Adam will focus on such things to go after it again.

  247. I don’t need another video. This last one did it all. Best wishes at CES and Happy New Year! I predict ADAM will be named BEST OF SHOW. You heard it here first.

  248. Leaves!! Wonderful idea. Though a similar concept existed in the market but it a fresh way of presenting for “applications”. Hot plug core is a great concept and this shows why NI will be leader. ….brining new and practical ideas.

  249. I was already convinced, only getting better, Hoping to be able to order a Qi-one with preorder 2!

  250. The videos look good and I am excited about receiving my Adam in the 2nd-3rd week of January!

    On an another unrelated note, I know everyone is excited about the Adam being unveiled at CES in 2011. In all this excitement, I have a gut feeling that Rohan and NI are working on showing off the next product that they are working on. What do you guys think. 😉

  251. The videos look good and I am excited about receiving my Adam in the 2nd-3rd week of January!

    On an another unrelated note, I know everyone is excited about the Adam being unveiled at CES in 2011. In all this excitement, I have a gut feeling that Rohan and NI are working on showing off the next product that they are working on. What do you guys think. ;);)

  252. Everything looks really great, but I can’t help shaking of the feeling that the Leaves “snapping” feels unnatural. Everything else looks so fluid, only when you stretch between those panels it looks odd.

    Anyways, the best of wishes to you and the company for 2011, can’t wait ’till CES 2011

  253. Wow!! I didn’t know that Adam had such an esteemed following. I really admire your work and accomplishments in material sciences sir. Hopefully Rohan will do you the favor 🙂

  254. Looks like I need to by NVDA. How do you compare with coming Intel chips for the same?
    Do you know how NVDA positioned it’s Tegra family for next 3-5 years?


  255. I had to leave and did not get back until very late. I’ve been reading through the comments and most of my thoughts have been covered by others.

    I loved the video and look forward to the next one. With each video I become more excited and reassured about my decision to pre-order.

    I was disappointed that we did not see the loading of a 3rd party apk like Rohan mentioned. Hopefully it will be in the next video.

    Only 6 days until CES! So maybe only 3 more videos if one every other day….

  256. Great video and more the interface of the Leave system. Cooler than I thought! Wish you all the best at CES and all the very best for year ahead

  257. Great video and more the interface of the Leave system. Cooler than I thought! Wish you all the best at CES and all the very best for year ahead

  258. I was sitting from 6 before. Ended up ordering 1 hour before close.
    I wish you get selected for pre-order 2.

  259. The leaves and overall flow of the UI look beautiful. I am looking forward to the multi-tasking.

    Ordered Pixel Qi + 3G + WiFi. Awaiting my Adam in the mail like everyone else. Keep the vids coming Rohan!

  260. Yah, I was going to wait until I started publishing videos and other content but everyone kept asking about getting access to it. I still have a lot of work to do on it. But at least people can add themselves as followers now…

  261. so at any given time 3 panels which are active.What if the one of these panels was a music radio site on the web and I make 3 new panels as current will the radio keep playing or i whave to keep the radio( web) panel active to hear it

  262. Some of the space is reserved (configurable by user) for application installs as stated by Rohan earlier.

  263. I wish a happy new year 2011 to Rohan and Notion Ink as well as to all of you here, following NI’s work! I hope the year 2011 will bring you success and lots of happiness – but mostly let it be a healthy one!

  264. @ Rohan and the whole team: I wish you all a happy new year! Keep on the good work! + Bonne année à Rohan et à l’équipe entière. Continuez votre bon travail!

  265. Very nice, all the videos (can’t comment before becouse the changes, thanks for undone it)

    A friend is going to travel to India for a couple of months, I hope he can buy me an Adam and bring it to me.

  266. Anyone else going to CES from this blogpost? I will be there Thursday morning at NVIDIA booth or Pixel Qi booth first thing.

  267. Ciao Marco, ancora non si sa. Credo ne sapremo qualcosa dopo il CES 2011. Buon anno!

  268. Happy New Year to ALL!!!

    NI: Videos look AMAZING! A little superficial, but does anyone know if there are cases/portfolios coming out soon?

  269. @Thijs


    I will be ready this time. No one (in this blog) should wait.
    When preorder 2 is announced, it should be announced in this blog only. Give a day, or two, and publish it everywhere else. I thin k that is fair enough.

  270. Going back to the mystery feature, I had high expectations for it and once felt it is going to be earth shattering. Now I no longer have that opinion, for 2 reasons. Of course Rohan will do his best to hide that feature, but in all the demo videos, we did not see any app, widget etc that points to anything out of the ordinary (feature wise). Secondly, in his interview with Android Police, he said, “Since we removed one, we had to add one, and thats our mystery feature.” (referring to the trackpad). I for one never really cared if the track pad was there or not. I did not see it worthy of being touted as a mystery feature. When Rohan compared the mystery feature to the trackpad, I dampened my expectations. Regardless of what it is and even if there is going to be one, I find more than I can ask for, in the Adam that I see now.
    Thanks you Rohan and NI for this amazing journey. I’d like to thank the backstage heroes at NI who I am sure worked as hard as Rohan did to make this possible!

  271. Rohan, can you please post a video demonstrating the eBook characteristics of the Adam tablet in both with and without backlight using the eReader app that comes with the Adam? Also, it would be interesting to see how the Google Books application via the web browser views books and magazines on this tablet.

    If this is possible, I think everyone would appreciate both a portrait and landscape view just to differentiate the behavior of the adam-based versus browser-based applications. Thank you for your time.

  272. What company are you going with? Just wondering because ces isn’t open for the public: “”

    “What are the requirements for attending International CES?

    International CES is not open to the general public. You must be in the consumer electronics industry to be eligible to attend the show. Our attendees are made up of more than 120,000 individuals including manufacturers, retailers, content providers and creators, broadband developers, installers, engineers, corporate buyers, government leaders, financial analysts and the media — representing the United States, Canada, Mexico and more than 130 other countries. All attendees must be at least 16 years of age. Two forms of identification are required on-site (one photo ID and one proof of business affiliation/business card).”

  273. Wow! Excellent video. The pace is just just right, allows us to read the text and follow.

  274. Uses Google translate what Francois said:

    “To all intents and purposes, I started a group on Francophone NotionAddicts … “″

    And as Daniel already knows my blog contains some notes on Adam and Definition Ink.”

  275. These videos are looking good. Thanks for taking the time to get this info out. Looking forward to seeing what comes of CES! Also looking forward to a hands on review from an external user. Hopefully the next round of PQ adams come not to long after the CES demo!
    Happy New Year to all.

  276. i’m glad Rohan is taking our suggestions on board, almost all of the desktop/multi tasking questiosn were answered and suggestions implemented in maybe a just a few days.

  277. Google CES 2011 click the news button and follow the links. It is a tablet epidemic.

    ………………Tom C

  278. Nice Video Rohan. Better quality indead.

    I sent an email with some questions some days ago. Hope to geht an answer.

    For people looking for cases for Adam device or 10,1″ Tablets… search for Adam case in google.
    you will find.

    Happy new year

  279. Rohan,

    More information about the 3rd party apps and content (eBooks, movies, music) available at launch would be great.

    Best of luck!




  282. “Tons of people being defensive” Don’t take this the wrong way, but you sound pretty defensive to me.

    I’m sorry if I upset you, I certainly didn’t mean to. I just think it is funny how many people call him “Roman.” I definitely don’t think that making a joke or a silly comment is “stupid,” humor is the sweetener of life, and we can always use more of it. What’s wrong with people enjoying the blog comments a little?

    But if you think that my comments are “useless” and “stupid” then read the rest of my comments below. I think you will find that I contribute quite a bit to the discussion, and don’t always go for humor. I am often the person explaining the already-explained, or positing new ideas and viewpoints. I most certainly did not say “First.”

    I’m sorry once again that I “wasted my time” being silly about a “text overwrite,” in the future I will endeavor to be more serious, and will not be “wasting time.”

    Oh, wait, haven’t I just wasted my time responding (but not being useful) to your comment (which was also not useful) which was a response to my useless response to your “text overwrite”?

    If we waste any more time, we’ll run out!

    🙂 🙂

  283. “”

    “Notion Ink’s new idea
    If anything here is truly out of left field, it’s Notion Ink’s Adam tablet. The Adam is a surprisingly intriguing device from a little-known company, boasting unique screen technology and some natural good looks than run circles around the droves of iPad lookalikes.

    Still, there’s plenty of reason to be wary, and the Adam could shake out in the “too good to be true” pile. Like the PlayBook, the Adam has an official product page full of details, but Notion Ink fumbled its pre-orders for the Adam in early December. Still, this is one to watch.”

  284. Intéressant! Bon, tu sais qu’il y a déjà un wiki qui synthétise et organise tout ce que l’on connaît sur Notion Ink et Adam (en anglais)? “”

    And I repeat this one in English, as I’m not sure everybody knows it yet: there is an independant website/wiki aiming to be am exhaustive and systematic repository of all things Notion Ink and Adam: “”

  285. Heh, yeah it might be a problem. I heard that “el goog” was going to incorporate the technology into Android, but we don’t know what form that will take. Swype would be strange on so large a keyboard, I’d feel like I was moving my entire arm to type. 🙂

    Honestly I think the best option available right now is for one of the EAP members to release a predictive text dictionary that would integrate into the existing keyboard. Or at least some correction abilities.

  286. Worst case scenario: We have to wait a few weeks until a dev releases one. Remember the G1? It was missing basically everything, but a few weeks later there were enough apps to fill most of the gaps.

  287. ipad is nothing but an enlarged ipod. Go adam! A tablet for the production minded professional.

  288. i know its Multi-tasking but switching from the Leaves to Desktop is a bit juttery (the worse iv seen so far from him) but no prob livable. Hope it gets better

  289. It’s not the same as “any Android/iPhone.” The iPhone, along with the vast majority of Android phones, runs a single-core processor.

    What the dual-core soc’s are doing is actually shutting off one of the cores when it isn’t needed. I believe that the core still running can also under-clock itself, but Adam will be much better at it than the iPhone.

  290. The reason it juttered is quite simple it is common for cheap hdmi capture cards to drop frames when objects move quickly

  291. Yes, the subtitles on the video’s would be nice. many vid players can’t handle them

  292. and it is a very good wiki. It is THE place to send people to who have questions about the Adam. Almost all the questions are there and more and more answers as well ;).
    The interface allows you to simply click on ‘next’ to go through all the sections.

  293. Very nice to know you will be hitting the game and we will be far watching for updates. Its not that we are jelous but now you have hell lot of responsiblity for those who can’t visit CES. keep us updated as much you can, hopefully some live video streaming from your cell phone would be great. I hope Rohan is llistening.
    Biswajit saha.

  294. So we have Adam, Eden, and Leaves. Has anyone asked what happened to Eve? I’m getting way too deep here but could Eve be a docking station? Get it, Adam inside Eve? Oh How that took a sexual tone I’m not sure. But somehow Eve is missing from the picture.

  295. I would really like this to be my one and only device. The one that does everything; from texting and messsaging to managing all of my personal and bussiness affairs; banking, texting, schedulling and planning, etc. No more cellphone, netbook, zune, laptop, etc. To be able to write, sketch, paint and share thoughts, flights of fancy or inspirations, not only by text, but also by any other combination of medium that would best serve the purpose. This is one of those steps leading towards convergence? With these videos everyone I know is coming together around the potential, the possibilities; endless.

  296. Can we have a portrait mode demo please? Do the leaves work in portrait mode? How do standard android apps scale in portrait mode – do they stretch or maintain their smartphone proportions? I’m sure this is one of the most wanted things that have yet to be shown. Does anyone agree?

    The videos shown so far are pretty promising so hopefully this one will be too.

  297. I was wondering about that myself. Maybe it’s page up or page down, or a toggle between keyboards (though I imagine you can always default to the same keyboard).

  298. @Everybody : off topic happy new year and may all your wishes come true.
    We changed year in Holland. To all my Dutch adam homies : beste wensen voor 2011.



  299. Hmm, you do your research well. 🙂

    I will definitely stream from CES; if someone could tell me which booth to look for. I have four hours on Thursday morning on the floor and I wanted to make the best of them before hitting the meeting rooms. Any tips on Notion Ink location are welcome.

    By the way, can anyone help me figure out streaming to this blog from CES? How do I do that – never done it before.

  300. Effectivement, j’ai vu passer ce wiki mais en anglais, je me doute que certains de nos compatriotes francophones et surtout anglophobes vont rapidement passer leur chemin.

    Voir à faire un boulot de traduction ça pourrais le faire

  301. Excellent!!! The more i see Adam in action the more I desire to have it in my life.

  302. Pre-order 2? Are the payment options going to be opened up so I can actually order this time without my bank thinking my account was compromised? How about showing some extra love for those who tried or didn’t get to order last time.

  303. with your theory adam would be the tablet and eve the docking station. traditionally docking stations have the male parts and the tablet the female parts. Your analogy wouldn’t work 😉

  304. Could we see what the book reader will look like? What types of apps can we expect to see at launch? I would love to see angry birds…I am a little obsessed right now lol.

  305. Thanks a lot Santosh. To Fellow Blogposters:: Please help Santosh in figuring out how to do streaming to this blog. It will be really great to listen first hand infos from him about notionink. Thanks

  306. @Santosh I think one of the fellow blog poster Cathy is also visiitng the CES 🙂

  307. Did you say Pre-Order 2! I am in but I am surprised that NI would start selling its product to everyone sooner than later. Hope we are not Beta testers!

  308. Can’t wait for pre-order 2, still want one with the QI display! I hope we will get priority access, having followed the progress of the project for nearly a year.

  309. Aloha! Happy New Year from the Big Island of Hawaii ! Stay the course ! Also drink 100% Kona Coffee. It is like running dual processers.

  310. The easiest way would be to take a video on your cell phone. If you are using iOS or Android, you can easily upload it to your google/youtube account using wifi/3g access. Then just share a link!

  311. I posted on the site but never got my Pre-Order #1 link. I still don’t know why. Maybe my post was mod’ed? Doesn’t make sense?

  312. Just view the video today at home. Bad Wifi connection in Atlanta. It’s awesome. Thanks NI!


    That promo video is WICKED!!

    Nice production Notion Ink! Two BIG thumbs UP!

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