The Post Coming tomorrow!

Hello All,

No, the video is not in this post, but I will keep the promise of 1 video in every 2 days (one tomorrow and next day after tomorrow).

This is an introductory post of what is coming tomorrow and I need 2 consecutive days to cover the next topic. Tomorrow we will show you the full concepts behind the Panels, the home-screen elements, how multi-cores on Tegra will work, how processes are handled, the memory assignments, how the notifications are handled in Eden, installation of any 3rd party application (we will download if from and install it) and a lot more! So expect a long video tomorrow and on the day following.

This time we will shoot via HDMI screen capture, so expect tremendous quality! ๐Ÿ™‚

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

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  1. Seems like we skipped a day on the vids here, but I’ll roll with it. Looking forward to seeing the home screen.

    Also, do you know if any of the EAP developers are working on a tethering driver for the Notion Ink?

  2. “This time we will shoot via HDMI screen capture, so expect tremendous quality! ”

    Good stuff.

  3. my new yr resolution is to buy it as soon as it hits d stores..i wanna c it in stores near me sooon!

  4. “This time we will shoot via HDMI screen capture, so expect tremendous quality!”

    I love that…. ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks a ton Rohan ๐Ÿ™‚ next 24 hours are going to be very very loooong ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  5. sounds good.
    Try and post some videos from the CES show too
    To Rohan and the people at NI may the year coming year hold prosperity and success to you all and your families.

  6. Hey Rohan!

    Awesome stuff! Cant wait to see the videos ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have one question, though.

    I am quite confused about the GPS situation.

    I read your earlier comment that read “ADAM comes with Full GPS implementation…” Does this mean that there is no option of AGPS (in addition to standalone GPS)? I am talking about the 3G models only.

    What I know is this. Standalone GPS can take a long time to synchronise with the satellites and get a fix on your position. It has to download the almanac and ephemeris data from the satellites- which can take quite some time. The time until this initial lock happens is called Time-to-First-Fix. This is where AGPS can be a real boon. The AGPS enabled receiver downloads this data from the assistance server using the cellular data connection (Which is often much faster)…

    Of course I was talking about the 3G models only.

    So, do we or do we not have the option of AGPS in addition to standalone GPS?

  7. hope you didnt mind calling by surname ๐Ÿ™‚ meant to say Rohan! was just emailing a friend with the firstname Shravan… so the slip up

  8. How about a shot of the orientation change from Landscape to Portrait and back.
    Asked for numerous times…

  9. oops.. not video today.. but.. 2 videos 2 days!! that’s great.. to end a year!!
    will the video be with a new release of the tablet?? I mean.. more tablet available?? =D

    and HDMI.. that’s sooo cool!

  10. hmm… was looking forward for the video… but 2 days back to back long videos will be awesome too…. ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Finally after two days of hitting “F5” on n off……some post appeared…..and realized it has to continue till tomorrow…

  12. Sounds awesome.. I can’t wait. The only thing better would be if I had an Adam in hand to follow along with the video ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Rohan , I would like to know if it is possible to connect an external portable hard disk via the USB drive on the adam ( will the power be sufficient? other tablets like archos 10.1 can’t, and its a major issue for me). Also can the adam tablet be read only on landsacpe mode or can it be read on portrait mode too?
    Thank you for your answers.

  14. Look at me! I’m first first first! Yes everyone look at me!!! I’m first to say I’m first! Now I’m first to type an @! Look at me everyone!

    Honestly, this is the worst forum for this crap.

  15. Is it possible to see the adam qi and adam lcd working side by side to see the difference in screens?

  16. Thanks for the update Rohan i can’t wait.

    off topic i woke up in the middle of the night happy then disappointed. first i woke up happy cause i dreamed about receiving my adam and opening it up, disappointed when i woke up and found out i was dreaming.

    man that sucked lol

  17. Nightmare – I am going away skiing for New Year … and won’t have internet access in the mountains ……

    Still – I’ll have plenty to read about when I come back… with a number of our outstanding questions answered …..

    I take this opportunity to wish the NI team and all of the followers an action-packed, featured-filled and prosperous New Year ….. see you on the other side.

    2011 will be the year of the adam (and the Rugby World Cup – but that is another matter)

  18. hmm … my stand alone gps module (no agps) fixes ten times faster than any agps that i have seen. So why do you want agps device ? and not all countries support agps calls.

  19. Awwww. Still wanted to see the office suite!

    But a nice high definition HDMI video will satiate the craving.

    T-minus 8 days and counting until the big CES reveal!

    Wondering if Rohan is bringing any units to sell at CES?

  20. Hi Rohan, it would be great if you can post a video of pqi screen playing a nice bollywood movie song having vibrant colors. that will give us a clear idea :). if you can post another video of lcd screen playing the same song, that wld be awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ hope you will fulfil this popular request by all your fans ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Thanks Rohan for your post and the hard work you are putting in getting these videos for the benefit of one and all. I look forward to the two posts tomorrow and the day after.

  22. @fundaazoflife,

    I believe that the AGPS has been substituted by the stand alone GPS. AGPS can work only when you are using the 3G version of Adam. Rohan wants GPS feature available to everyone. So Adam will come with Standalone GPS only.

  23. And clarification on Tmobile USA 3g (1700/2100), whether it works or not? A lot of info coming out saying that it doesn’t !!!

  24. Where is the booth for Notion Ink at CES? Anyone has any information? I am planning to be at the CES and would like to visit the booth. Thanks.

  25. Sounds like NTFS not supported.

    ANDY] What is the largest drive size that can be plugged into the ADAM?
    [ROHAN] I have used 128GB pen drives. There is no android tablet in the world supporting NTFS (as far as I know)! We are working on one and that one of my personal targets! ๐Ÿ™‚

    From “”

  26. well as per one of the comments by Rohan, I remember him telling it supports most of variants and formats of external storage devices…

  27. I’m at a point where I don’t care much for these videos. Now that I trust the ADAM does in fact exist, I’ll just wait for their CES announcement as well as Best Buy (or whoever) to have one out on the floor for people to play with. I just want to get my hands on it already and know if it’s all that I hope it to be.

  28. I DO NOT want an AGPS only device. As I mentioned- I meant AGPS in addition to standalone GPS for reducing TTFF. You may get a fix faster because your location may have a higher concentration of satellites dedicated to provide the GPS service. But thats not the case everywhere else. In such cases, AGPS comes in really handy, especially for the first time fix. Once the fix is achieved, the normal GPS can kick in. This is quite a popular practice in many smartphones.

  29. Posting again here ๐Ÿ™‚

    In the one the videos posted by Rohan, I managed to get a screen shot of the bottom side of the Adam. Take a lookโ€ฆ..
    It looks like thereโ€™s a slot for somethingโ€ฆdoes anyone have any idea what is it?

  30. very good!!
    i am so exciting for these good news to come!
    will it show how many multi touch can we use?

    good luk for everybody here!

  31. I am particularly interested in the installation of the 3rd party app. Could you make it Angry Birds, maybe? ๐Ÿ˜€

  32. I have heard that they will be a part of Nvidia’s booth again like last year.

  33. It’s good to see that NI really listens to our comments (for example the HDMI screen capture).

    Thumbs up!

  34. We will have to wait and see, there have been a lot of post were he says the next post is going to have a lot. and the next post comes and goes without much.

    I am just saying he has a hard time keeping promisses, although he is getting much better. Most of us would still like to see the power usage calculator, promissed back in October.

    he said he needed two days to get it all in, well day one post (today) is not exactly overflowing with info.

  35. hey don’t forget there are 3 Q/A segments with Rohan on “” plus another good place to talk or ask is in the forums at

  36. Love everything that I am seeing but really want to see how handwriting stylus input looks. I am still concerned that handwriting will not allow contact between hand an screen which is very difficult to do while standing and walking and writing. I hope a video will soon show stylus use on the screen. Thanks

  37. So we can install third apkย ?? Why, oh why did’nt you tell us that when the pre-order cameย ? it’s the only reason I didn’t order an adam ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  38. Woahh!!

    http : //

    remove the spaces…

  39. Based on what I’ve read about 3G , Adam will not work on T-Mobile USA. T-Mobile USA uses 1700 for 3G transmit and 2100 for 3G receive, but the Adam uses 900 to transmit and 2100 to receive. And you need to match both for 3G. The other frequency pair matches what AT&T uses (850/1900), but – of course – you’re stuck paying AT&T prices.

  40. Comic Book Reader Video request…Please!!!

    Yes yes, I’m going to do real work on the Adam as well, I swear. But for some reason, I find myself dreaming of reading comic books on this!

  41. it almost has to be, when he did the video of the hardware a few days ago, he showed detail of both sides and there were not slots for the sim card & microSD casd

    the microSD card has to be on the bottom, the sim card, could potentially be on the back with a small panel that opens.

  42. Red is most likely right. All shall be revealed according to Rohan’s time frame. I’m still pretty sure he wants to save something big for CES.

  43. LOL!! Guess someone isn’t happy with their “adam” even after looking at the videos. On the +ve side, it gives another notion ink fan to buy the device. Looks like there is some serious bidding going on.

  44. Well he won’t make any money at that price, ebay fees are 9% and paypal is 4%

    It started with a buy it now price of $800, but that goes away when the first bid is placed.

    I expect it will pass the $800 mark easily

  45. Have you used the longbox comic book reader, if so, what kind of selection do they have. since they are going to have an adam specific version of their reader available, I am curious what they have, Just not curious enought to downloaded it now for a PC.

  46. GPS may take a bit longer to get a fix, but it is not that bad at all.

    Magellan, Tom Tom, Garmin, Mireo would all be out of business if that were the case as all the real Navigation units that have sold (in the millions) would not have sold. All Stand-Alone Navigation systems (even the ones that come built-in the cars have GPS receivers).

    Tablets like Adam will provide a real competition for these Stand-Alone Units as they are on par in every respect, with the exception that Adam or similar tablets provide for a much bigger screen.

    I would any day take a GPS over A-GPS and glad that Notion Ink went with GPS. I can live with a little Time to fix delay (which is barely noticeable on my Car Navigation system or an older Magellan 700 stand alone unit) and not have to pay extra for 3G service to any carrier.

    All variants of Adam has GPS only. Forget about A-GPS on Adam, irrespective of whether it is a 3g variant.

    Adam Tech Specs also states GPS

  47. I suggest the Android fanboys checkout Google, Motorola and Samsung (Samsung bought a HUGE sum of Tegra 2 just this month ๐Ÿ˜‰ releasing products with Honeycomb and more impressive stats than Adam at CES as well.. don’t be easily swayed

  48. AT & T base data plan is the cheapest out there at $15, I use it on my Iphone and never come close to hitting the limit. since I find wifi hotspots almost everywhere I go.

    Now if you don’t have a lot of hot spots near you, then it might not work.

    But, 3g speeds are a lot slower then wifi, and you won’t do as much on 3G anyways,

  49. It’s not so. He is trying to make profit out of craze for Adam. I would probably do the same but can’t control myself not keeping it when it arrives.
    @Rohan, can we know when it would be on sale again. I have couple of my colleagues bugging me everyday after seeing just one video. Wish if you had a more promising video (Professional), I have more buyers for you.
    Please keep the pricing below $550 even if it’s rated 10/10. $499 would have been a better pricing for more customers during this post recession.

  50. @Rasheed
    Are you kidding? This guy, like many others, knows he/she can make money selling these.

  51. Is there a App that records that? The generic app available on windows works as he is using the computer just as a screen? Suggest some, I will record my Adam through it.

  52. I don’t know why some people are saying this post doesn’t exist anymore. I’m looking forward to these videos as they will explain a lot of the specific hardware workings.

  53. In looking at the video, I originally thought that it was a ExpressCard /34 slot and got very excited, but since then it has been confirmed that it is indeed the SIM card and MicsoSD card slot.

    Someone posted a picture of it where you could see two distinct slots for the SIM card and MicroSD card.

    Will try and find that picture and post it.

  54. This shows just what will happen if the demand exceeds supply. I believe Rohan mentioned 100000 per month could be produced once things got up and running.

    Apple said they sold 3 million I pads in less then three months! We all know that Notion Ink is a small start up company and they don’t have the advertising power of Apple. Or even Motorola for that matter. Yet, even if Notion Ink sell a fractional amount of what I pad has sold they still may struggle to meet demand. I can already envision a 1 to a customer policy implemented by Notion Ink. This would help keep down the resales on places like ebay for quick profit. It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out. We spending time on this blog feel that Adam is going to be a great alternative to the I pad. The question is if it is a good as we want it to be, how easy will it be to get one? Those that were fortunate enough to secure an a pre order for Adam may already be far luckier then one might realize.

    Here again is the ebay link in a littler easier to paste format: โ€œโ€ณ

  55. we will download if from and install it

    Interesting, this means that we would be able to install .apk’s on Adam. If this is the case, I wonder why folks were getting disappointed when we found that Adam does not have any Google Market Support until Gingerbread. If one knows where to look, you can find almost any android app on internet ๐Ÿ™‚ via the apk’s.

    This is awesome !!!

  56. Rohan, this probably has been asked before, but i’ll ask anyway: when will the Adam be in stock again?

    especially the Pixel Qi version


  57. I think making a few quick bucks was more important then having an Adam. Mine will not be for sale!!

  58. In Q+A #3 on
    [ANDY] How do you intend to deal with people that missed the first pre-order opportunity?
    [ROHAN] Send private invites only to them before next pre-booking starts. (only possible for people who know).

    What does that mean?
    I expected an email, didn’t get one though.
    Does that make me one of the ‘people who know’ or…?

  59. I agree he will make money, break even is around $700, but I think it will easily clear $800, maybe a lot more. It wouldn’t surprise me it it topped $1200.

    The xbox 360’s were getting double their price, as wells at the PS’s and WII’s when there were shortages.

  60. It could be supported soon via 3rd party:

    Also there is always ntfs-3g which is what most linux builds use to provide ntfs-3g support. It just needs to be compiled properly. Apparently some people have tried, but I still don’t have support, so there must be some issues or something.

  61. He won’t do that! Going by his current ‘murmurs’ about the saturation quality of both LCD and pixel, I get the feeling that he won’t be greatly disappointed if people give pixel qi a miss and opt for LCD! Works well in terms of strategy as the LCD inventory is far greater!

  62. He is working too hard on getting the FAQ right and doing a great job of it. He just needs to take a breather.

  63. Rohan already hinted the adam will be more expensive soon, he said they would be available for a limited time at this price.

    I think, once the galaxy tab hit the million sales mark, at it high price, it made Notion Ink reconsider their strategy. they thought they had to be under the ipad, but the Galaxy tab proved that wasn’t the case.

    I think that is why Notion Ink already raised the price of the pixel qi by $50, and once they can’t meet demand later, they will raise the price further.

    Those of us who were able to pre-order probably got the lowest priced Adam tablets that there will be for a long time to come.

    Consider the Adam with pixel qi and a 10.1 screen is priced lower then the 7″ galaxy tab, it is a steal compared to that.

  64. Stats may be equal to as far as performance. Tegra 2 will likely only support so much. Name brand would be their biggest advantage. If they don’t do a good job with their UI and lack connectivity Adam might get a break. Also Motorola and Samsung are likely to tie their products to phone carriers. Not even allowing them make phones calls in the US.
    Hopefully Adam will have unlocked phone call ability. I know a lot of folks scoff at phone calls with a tablet, yet there will be a surprising amount, who would love to have that ability.

  65. @ dukemockingbird

    It’s looking like what you wrote is correct. Keep reading the same things as well and hope Notion Ink has something in the future to correct this. For me, not overly concerned because I can just tether it from my phone, but it really is a hassle and drains battery life. Prefer to just go straight from the Adam.

    It’s very disappointing that they have claimed this device to be revolutionary, but the simplest aspect of 3G … NI couldn’t pull through on this. This doesn’t effect everyone, but Tmobile USA users will have to think twice about other options when buying this device. It would be really nice to click on buy and not worry about little things like this …

  66. It is really hard to be patient when you see something you really want. This question will be asked many times. It would be very nice of Rohan to post an estimated date for all those who wish to order. Leaving it hanging hard for many to bare. It is hard to imagine a good reason for being so quite about it. It surely won’t take the thunder out of CES.

    It does make people wonder if the news is something they don’t want to hear.

  67. Everybody can see what is coming, but you are assuming just because they are going to show a tablet at CES that it will be released any time soon, we at least know now that the adam will be in our hands very soon.

    Just yesterday a financial analysis breifed by RIM, reported they are having a lot of problems with the batter life, right now it is topping out at 2 hours, part of the reason is the operating system was not designed for a mobil device and as such has no power management, he is concerned they may have to do a complete re-write to improve things. as well as install a much larger battery, which will increase the weight

    Just as Adam was shown at CES 2010 and won’t actually hit the market till now, these tablets won’t necessarily hit anytime soon, and we don’t really now any specifics, such as batter life, custom ui, etc.

    What we know is they are big names, and they are going to come out with a tablet with good specs. But you say they have more impressive stats than adam, how is that, at best they meet adams specs, most don’t have the as much internal memory, but they have stock storage. the same chipset, smaller screens, no pixel qi

    and none have said anything about optimized ui for speed and battery life, they only claim to have stock android, were as Notion Ink promisses to fully support Honeycomb, in addition to its own UI.

  68. If Rohan doesn’t give this to us I’m sure some review sites will. It is just a matter of time. I’m personally waiting till I get a review from an outside source anyway. Looking forward to hearing the reviews.

  69. We already know that Motorola’s tablet is going to Verizon. OEM’s know that they can sell lots of tablets by providing it to carriers, because of the lower initial price. Also, people tend to take the word of their chosen carrier, so when Verizon says “you should buy this and use it on our awesome network” people listen.

    Don’t expect to buy the Moto Tablet unlocked…:(

  70. Exactly, the Motorola Tablet is being shown at CES, not released. Remember last year’s CES? Rohan was there, showing off Adam. And we still don’t have it. We will have our Adams for at least six months before there are any other options.

  71. +1
    I agree, I want to see Angry Birds on Adam! Or maybe one of the first-person shooters…

    I realize I may be lynched for saying this, but Angry Birds is a lot of fun on an iPad.

  72. Sounds “Great” for now…bring it on!
    Rohan 1 very important point u need to consider. Though from your busy schedule you have been sincerely trying to answer all sorts of question to the posts by the fans here & also answered a lot many through ‘NotionHacks’.
    But to make it more organised why don’t you please provide an official FAQ’s made region based! that ppl can get the clear picture of what to expect from Notion Ink in their region. Ex:-US,Euro,Asia-Pacific ect. ppl in US would like to know who are the Retail Partners, Cellular Carrier Partners, Content Partners, Support & Service Partners, ect for US specific.
    Same goes for the Euro & here in India. We expect a lot!.. Hope we are served & not ignored!.. as there is a famous saying in hindi, followed by its conversion in English!
    Hindi-> “Ghar ki murgi dal barabar” which would mean “We do not value the things that we already possess”

    So please also consider & value the potential customers in the Home Ground, is what we request! ๐Ÿ™‚

    A lil tit bits!
    Ghar ki=>of Home
    “A Home grown/Domestic Rooster is equivalent to Pulses!” ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚ wherein the pulses is considered having no value due to the reason as its low on cost. And so does the rooster have no value too!

  73. Hey! All fans of Adam in India, why don’t we form a yahoo group or something like that and import it in bulk to save on shipping/ taxes if it is practical ! (just thinking aloud)

  74. +1. Well Said. For all of us: The fruit of patience is always Sweet. And we are about to have our sweet fruit aka adam very soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. +1. I am crazy for angry birds(this the the first paid game which i have bought for my Ipod-Touch :)). But playing on a 10 inches screen will be fun.

  76. That is what I decided too… AT&T’s data plan is less expensive than T-Mobile’s.

    But I think the data plan is pretty much meant for the iPad. And the iPad uses a microSIM card.

    So… Will AT&T provide a standard size SIM card for data plan usage? Will they allow the Adam on their network? Will they extend the same data plan pricing to non-iPad devices?

    I assume the answer to these questions will be yes. AT&T would be pretty dumb not to let other tablets on their network and lose out on making money. And a MB of data is a MB of data, whether consumed by an iPad or some other device. But you never know when it comes to these wireless providers…

    I will be heading to AT&T as soon as I get my Adam (expected Jan 9)! I’ll post my findings here and videos with speed tests, etc on my blog.

  77. one of the things that attracts me to adam was the projected price, u have to remember Galaxy and Ipad were from well established companies, NI needs a solid customer base, and the best advertisement is a happy customer promoting your product for free, so Rohan please use some of the marketing budget to give us a discount.

    we will help sell adam and soon you will hit 1 million (if you can cope)

  78. i cant offer any info about the differences with the Adam, but when the DIY version of the pixel qi displays came on the market at Maker Shed, there was this review. Hope it satisfies the hunger. ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. @Rohan and fellow bloggers, Like to know how ADAM is going to work with or similer site, can it be synchronized with GPS? I only can wonder the posibilities.

  80. One concern that i have for Adam is that they may need a bigger manufacturing partner, to meet the demand, CES will create such a buzz, NI better be prepared.

    i want Adam to give the big boys a Slap ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. Rohan, you need a campaign video for CES to introduce the Adam. Something with real good production. Like Apple’s Macintosh commercial in 1984 or their Think Different commercials.

  82. This is so exciting. I am starting to get feedback from some of my referrals and they are also becoming inviolved in the videos and developments. They are excited by the possibilities.

  83. Isn’t MetoPCS the cheapest? Anyway, would it be possible to wirelessly tether the Adam to your 3G cell phone? If I can do this then the Adam with 3G is the way to go. Currently I have Sprint.

  84. Why I cant see the post if I directly go the home page?

    Is it just me who can’t see it because of browser cache issue ๐Ÿ˜€

  85. Has anyone seen their credit card statement lately to see if the Adam pre-order charges appear?

    I see the charge for Adam has shown up, as CCAvenue charged the credit card on the 20th of December.

  86. @fundaazoflife,

    Adam comes with full GPS and not A-GPS. Rohan clarified it a few months ago.

    If the GPS chip is powerful, then TTFF is very fast. Most stand alone GPS receivers have them now. And it world across many countries in the world.

  87. @ Gigantor

    Would assume so, my HD2 android phone is set up for the tethering and portable hotspot feature. Use my laptop with it and works great. Not sure about Sprint, but probably be the same if your phone has the capabilities, for android it might have to be 2.2 or above though. Someone correct me if I’m wrong on this.

  88. Yes, It has been 2 days since the last video. So if you work up your brain, you will understand that he will have a video tomorrow (That compensates for the video today) and day after (which had to come anyways as per the 1 video per 2 days norm) ๐Ÿ™‚

  89. Does mean that there will be no android market? That possibility makes me very sad! I develop android apps and I would like people to be able to download from market. I talk about the adam with many of my clients and co-workers. I’m sure as most of them are entry level users they may not understand side loading. having the market would help that group of users out a lot.

    Also I read on an earlier comment that pricing is only this low for a limited time. I hope it’s a little longer then the second pre-order as I may not have the money together in time, and I’ve been following for a long long time now. I’m still hoping for the student pricing information since I go to college and I’ve had talks with the Business School professors(who leads a campaign for the use of electronics in both college and high school to better education) about the future of schooling and technology and he is very interested and seeing both Android tablets and Ipad in the hands of educators and students.

  90. I just googled it. I have a Palm Pre, and I just discovered MyThether.Net which is a site that tells you how to turn your Palm Pre into a Wi-Fi hotspot as well as tether onto USB or Bluetooth PAN. It’s a very simple install and setup. This will be a really cool thing since nobody wants to pay extra per month when one is already paying for data plan with their phone.

  91. Another New Guy!.. It has been mentioned numerous times that Adam will not have market place access as this is an issue with Google and not with Notion Ink.. Adam will hopefully have market place access when Honeycomb is released! Please refer to the unofficial FAQ by fundaazoflife

  92. Isn’t AT&T famous for DROPPING CALLS?

    My hubby had an iPhone on AT&T and he simply could not stand the dropped calls. He “jailbroke” the iPhone, switched to T-Mobile, and he has been very happy with the service ever since.

  93. Might be a little late, but what Notion Ink should’ve done was contacted some art design schools and see if there were any students looking to add something to their portfolio by doing a video/design campaign.

    Notion Ink already has quite a large following and will be a success, any students browsing this blog would know the potential of having their name on the credits that launched … quite possibly the next major product. It would be great for their resume.

    Positives would be low cost and innovative ideas from the newest generation of artistic talents.

    And plus it’s kinda of cool to see young 25 year old kids from Notion Ink working a different angle. Instead of hiring professionals, they are engaging other young talents and giving them a shot.

  94. this could be rendered image. if you look at the video to android police, two slots are not visible. it looked like a single slot

  95. This is from notioninkhacks


    [ANDY] What eBook formats inbuilt E-Reader will support?
    [ROHAN] ePub and PDF, more coming soon. Actually a big player might be coming on board, that would mean that all formats would be supported.

    Who could he mean by a big player? ……………….Tom C

  96. Roman, what of upgrade option?

    One will there be any? And the people who pre-ordered, will we have a chance to request them. Ie storage?

    Looking forward to further details. ๐Ÿ™‚

  97. I have been following the Notion Ink blogs religiously for the last 3-4 months. I applaud everyone at NI for the wonderful work they have done by creating something different and innovative rather than joining the “i m an ipad clone” race. And I hope it does well too. I think I can add a tablet to my list of gadgets. I havent purchased an iPad cuz its like a giant iPhone (like they say in the Motorola honeycomb tablet ad ๐Ÿ™‚ ) But I am also excited about the Motorola honeycomb tablet thats possibly hitting in Jan-Feb-Mar timeframe. To say the truth, I am not a big fan of the current Adam tablet industrial design. Its not about the shape. Its something about the texture that makes it feel like a prototype product. I like the look and feel of the new Motorola tablet. (similar spec minus pixelqi minus mystery feature ๐Ÿ™‚ but stock android)
    But I realize that no product is good enough for everyone. I will keep watching this space and continue to evaluate my options before I buy something in the Feb-Mar timeframe.

    Just FYI: I have had a Nexus One since Jan and am a big fan of stock android (Partly cuz I havent seen any compelling custom interfaces on mobile devices by Samsung / LG / Motorola / HTC) But Notion Ink has changed that opinion Ive had about custom apps / interfaces (to some extent).

  98. I don’t agree that the price of Adam will increase. It needs to remain a steal on the price point for them to compete against the big players. Remember Notion Ink does not have the brand recognition as Samsung, Motorola, HP (Android Slate?), Dell, Viewsonic, etc.

    The Galaxy Tab starting price when launched without contract was $599 (Verizon) and ($649 (AT&T). Don’t know why AT&T thought they could charge $50 more for the same product.

    Right after that, Sam’s Club was selling it at $598 and then Best Buy dropped the price to $499 (one had to sign a one month contract which was non refundable) and Costco followed with $499 also. On top of that Costco even refunded you the amount of the one month contract that you paid.

    I guess this is because Galaxy Tab 2 was going to be introduced at CES and available right away or a month later. Samsung has the means to get it to market a lot quicker. Would not be surprised to see the Motorola Honeycomb tablet being launched and available right after CES and not a few months later.

    Prices do not go up. They always come down.

    For Adam to make a serious dent in the Tablet market, they need to be priced aggressively and below the competition. One of the reasons why Notion Ink has stopped the pre-order of Adam is that their investors may have committed to funding x quantity for the first few manufacturing runs (just read somewhere, not confirmed). That has to be the case, as their is no shortage of LCD variants of Adam (this according to Rohan). Pixel Qi is a different case. They are limited to what they can get their hands on.

    The Galaxy Tab 2 will most likely hit the street at the same price point as the previous version at $599 as its specs are far above the the previous version. I would not be entirely surprised if they came in lower, as this time around it is not the only game in town with an Android tablet and will see stiff competition at CES from the likes of the Motorola, HP, Dell and Notion Ink. One may also get to see Galaxy Tab 2 with Wifi only option. It’s about time.

    Waiting to see how Motorola prices their tablet. Will they also have a Wifi only version or tied to Verizon as the only carrier.

    Read somewhere that there may be as many as 35+ Android Tablets making their debut at CES, and if that holds true, there will be plenty to choose from driving the prices lower.

  99. The downside to a bigger partner for Notion Ink, would mean they would have to give up some controll, which I don’t think they want to do.

    I think they will be content to grow organically ( ie, have current sales fund future growth, rather then new partners)

    Notion Inks first investors that they ending up losing in June, were impatient, that were proposing that they switch it to a windows tablet, or even a netbook.
    The adam almost disappeared before it every had a chance to be born.

    My personal prediction is they will expand as fast as they can, but they will have constant backorders for a long time to come, product will sell out fast everytime it comes in stock. They are planning retail distribution so they clearly have planns for a significant production schedule. But probably no were near enough to meet initial demand.

    The ipad was expected to sell 4 million units in the 6 weeks leading up to xmas, the glaxay tab was expected to hit 1 million units within two months of release.

    Notion Ink has stated they hope to have production capacity of 100,000 units a month at launch. at those rates, it will be sold out most of the time, and I think they are willing to live with that, so they can keep controll of Adams future.

    This is also why I think there will be a price increase, if you can only produce 100K units a month and you have demand for 500K units per month, you would be leaving a lot of money on the table if you didn’t raise the price some. What if you raised the price $100 and you lowered the demand to only 200K units per month, you would still be selling all you could make, and you would make be making 10 million dollars more per month. (100,000 at extra $100)

  100. Well, just because you can sell something for more, doesn’t mean you should. Yes, there will be those willing to pay the higher price, but it will also lock out the lower class when they don’t have to be. Not allowing an entire economic class a higher quality of life solely for the sake of profits, when they can otherwise afford the hardware, is evil, or at least rude.

    Besides that, there is supply and demand; if they are able to raise supply, then it would be better to lower the price as much as possible to increase market saturation to the maximum. If everyone can afford the device, then that gives you more power once it’s in their hands. You have more market control, so more potential to make more money on accessory markets. Also, more people would be invested in developing applications specific for the device.

    It’s also a really nice thing to do, to provide a good device to as many people as possible if you can.

  101. my guess is that it will be pqi booth. becos they willl be first device with this screen

  102. Forgive me for I have sinned! I’m thinking of releasing the app (mystery) before the Adam launch. Was so waiting for the Adam but my Dev teams getting impatient… Hopefully our app will just work with the Adam!

  103. Looking forward to seeing this video. The performance of the Tegra 2’s multicores is going to be great to see in action…

    Keep it up, and get ADAM out to the people where he belongs ๐Ÿ˜€

  104. how i hope the next post would be early enough, so i won’t stay up late… haha. ๐Ÿ˜€

  105. Guys, in the “Eden Part V” video, do you know which version of Notion Ink used? Is it Pixel-Qi or normal LCD? I’m asking beacuse Adam’s brightness is significantly low comparing to that LCD monitor in the video.

  106. ๐Ÿ™‚ Well it can be done on a city basis if i am not wrong .But I strongly feel post CES there will be some news regarding adam hitting retails at least in India.

  107. If it is not Pixel-Qi then I will want Pixel-Qi. If it is Pixel-Qi then I will want normal LCD:)

  108. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE demo the ereading capabilities of the device. It’s the whole selling point of the Pixel Qi screen. I want to know if my reading experience will be awesome like the other apps.


  109. The reason I purchased Adam (LCD/Wifi variant) sight unseen (same as all that pre-ordered) was two-fold. First was to support Notion Ink’s attempt as a start-up going against the bigger established players and second was to see Rohan’s vision come to fruition.

    I also liked the fact that they gave me an option and not tie me to any particular Data Network Carrier, by giving me a Wifi variant and a GPS receiver as an added bonus. Eden on Adam has the most potential and I only hope that Notion Ink takes the feedback from the user community and make it even better.

    That being said, when the time comes for the 2nd tablet for the house, I will be comparing the Pixel Qi/Wifi variant to the following three.

    Note: Will consider the Pixel Qi variant only if the feedback from the user community is positive. If not, I will compare it against the LCD/Wifi Adam that I purchased.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (provided they have a Wifi only version and not tied to any Cellular provider)
    Motorola Honeycomb tablet (again provided they have a Wifi only version and not tied to any Cellular provider)
    HP Slate (if an Android version with Wifi only version and not tied to any cellular provider)

    Since my Adam has GPS support, I will not have a need for it on the 2nd tablet, as such a Wifi only version from any of the above will suffice.

  110. Really disappointed to not have received an invite to order even thou I posted some messages the last few months. And now I see all this cool videos. I don’t even have ANY idea when I will be able to get one ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    p.s. please make a video which explains the Pixel Qi screen, and compare it to the LCD.

  111. I don’t envision myself buying a lot of comics, but instead would want to use it to play my own .cbr files. Then again, if the service is nice…

    But I haven’t used the longbox comic reader either. I use an open source option for my PC.

  112. Wow checkout Greg’s site! “” that header graphic is so nice ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for letting me help out Greg!


  113. Any information on where/when the Adam will be next be available to order?

    I’ve heard talk about the Adam being sold at brick and mortar stores, does this mean there won’t be another option to order online? I don’t live near any large electronics retailers, and really would like an option to order online. I’m also worried about not being able to order due to high demand at launch.

    Perhaps a waiting list? This would allow those of us here who couldn’t pre-order some peace of mind that we’ll be able to get an order in at launch. It would be a shame if long time Notion Ink followers couldn’t order an Adam because they all got sold to Best Buy.

    A waiting list may also help Notion Ink more accurately gauge demand. I’d even pay a deposit to ensure that I’d be able to order as soon as possible.

  114. You are not the only one! 20,000 other people did not get one! But anyways good luck in getting in the next round!

  115. I think it’s Pixel Qi variant … because you can see Rohan deactivate Backlight at 1:01 and re-activate it at 1:29

  116. i fully agree.i lucked out On the pixel Qi screen. Id appreciate knowing that im at least inline to order one.
    as for me im in the U.S now but in 3 months im moving home to South frica
    and like hell ill be able to get one there.

    Please consider the unlucky Pre order people?

  117. CES will see quite a few tablets on Tegra2 i believe.
    NI will have to pull it off really well, which i think they will.

  118. Can you provide a link for the $15/mo plan for AT&T? When I look at their data only plans, I can only find the DataConnect 200 MB for $35/mo and DataConnect 5 GB for $60. (Compared with $49.99 for T-Mobile’s Even More Smartphone Unlimited Web & E-mail.)

    I see that AT&T has DataPlus and DataPro plans for iPhones ranging in price from $15 (for 200 mb) to $45 (2 GB with tethering), but the Adam isn’t an iPhone! Is AT&T offering the iPhone rates for Adam?

  119. Alas! The only fix would be a hardware fix. I am hoping the next version will be at least quad-band, making it work throughout most of the world. Perhaps NI is betting that most people will be using WiFi outside their home country to avoid roaming data rates and such. I just like to have the option.

  120. I think itโ€™s Pixel Qi variant โ€ฆ because you can see Rohan deactivate Backlight at 1:01 and re-activate it at 1:29

  121. @Wally
    I heartily agree with your comment that it is “hard to be patient when you see something you really want”.

    The average customer would like to see, feel, try and know there is customer service for the product at a nearby store. This may be NI’s challenge to sign on the likes of Best Buy and Future Shop outlets, yet still maintaining a competitive price.

  122. What makes it impractical? Are there no Dell’s imported and sold on India, or BMW’s for that matter?

  123. At this point… I have a IPhone 70$ plan with at&t (unlimited data)

    going forward with adam, what I am doing with my system… is as follows…

    Standard phone (not smart phone)… something like Motorola Razr (divorcing the data plan on the phone)… this would be a 40$ / month plan… the advantage here is I have a long battery life…

    then… use Sprint Overdrive (the device is free for me) and a 30$ unlimited per month 4G plan, with a drop down to 3G (when I use 3G, I have a limit of 5GB / month)

    tether the adam over to the Sprint overdrive via Wifi tethering (already tested with IPhone and Samsung Galaxy Tab)

    The additiional advantage of Sprint overdrive, compared to the embedded 3G of adam… is that it allows upto 8 devices to tether over Wifi over a single sprint overdrive…

    The modem is like a small box… that would just be in the car or in a room… and it has a reasonable battery life… of 3-4 hours based on continuous usage…

    so I have only purchased the Wifi Adam, which in turn has a long battery life… in the worst case… I could just switch to the pixel qi mode… to save on battery life.. and use adam to charge the sprint overdrive… via usb…

  124. If it is Pixel-Qi Adam in “Eden Part V” video, then I think we have that LCD and Adam’s Pixel-Qi comparison:)

  125. No no no. There were 10,000 emails sent of the 30,000 that should have been sent. That does NOT mean only 10,000 people could order. I for one got the email, but the 6 hour ‘family only’ window didn’t really exist (some say it was an hour), so I didn’t get to order until it was open to everyone (about 30 minutes after). Everyone does not just mean the other 20K that didn’t get their email, it means it was open to all 5 billion people in the world. The PixelQi sold out a couple hours after the ordering was open to all 5 billion people. So really there is NO way of knowing anything about the volume that sold. It could have been 10K or 50K or more we just don’t know.

  126. @Vikram
    I’d like to suggest you partner with a big store in a large metropolis mall in Mumbai or Delhi etc. If they could order a 1000 adams, the bulk air freight savings alone could be in the neighbourhood of $40,000/-. Add to this any volume discounts, and the savings of DHL’s transaction fees etc etc.

    Your big cities would easily sell out the 1000 units in less than a month.

  127. Like thousands of followers … can’t wait to see videos. It is the closest that I can have before adam PiQi is available to buy.

  128. From last 2-3 days more comments are coming from Indian Fan. ADAM will cost us at 28000 base model to 40000 Rs for top model (Assumption as Price+Excise+VAT etc=reply Mailed by support at NI) whereas IPAD 32 gb +3g in grey market is available at 35000 Rs. and Galaxy tab for 33000 Rs and Olive pad crap at 24000 Rs. Chinese windows7+Atom ipad clone at 27000 Rs
    Though at this Price ADAM is best buy due to its Powerful Hardware.
    NI must have to do someting for Local buyers so that they can get Their ADAM from retail store or at least from Their own office at Bangalore .

  129. I agree with Zach.

    Since I’ve been commenting here for the last few months, I consider myself amongst family here.
    Will that be enough, or did Rohan mean anything else when het talked about โ€˜people who knowโ€™ will receive a private invite?
    Would very much appreciate knowing when I can start checking my SPAM-box every five minutes. That was more or less my question ๐Ÿ˜‰

  130. Same here, I never got the pre-order email, I ordered the pixel QI 3g during the normal anybody can order process, and I ordered a second LCD 3g a couple of days later.

  131. Nice thinking, I ordered the 3G version, but very well may do the same thing.

    got to check my corporate discounts, might be able to get the overdrive device also. I know we have deals with Sprnt Verizon ATT and T-mobile, they give us discounts for personal plans.

    The option to have mulitple users is appealing, we go out as a family and my son and wife could both share the device.

  132. If you wait till Sep then you will find more better stuff. What i wanted to mean The tablet market is just evolving and we will see lot of changes every day. If you like tablet get ready to buy many coz you will never be satisfied.

  133. yeap, the absence of multi-band 3G is a huge disappointment. it limits the possibilities severely when travelling. and then there is the unclear statement “3G will also work on 2G networks”. what does that mean? quad-band GPRS/EDGE?

    i hope they fix this shortcoming in the next model. but then again, at the time of adam2 we will be crying for 4G ;).

    as for the T-mobile vs AT&T in the US, as a generally satisfied T-mob customer, I must say that it might not be such a bad idea to have a basic 3G plan on AT&T (if it is available for Adam that is, i mean the $15/200MB plan) – it gives you more versatility. i can use my android phone on T-mob as a wi-fi hotspot, and where t-mob signal sux, use AT&T. what i see as a far bigger problem is that AT&T 3G band is useless outside a couple of countries in the americas.

    i hope they announce iPhone for verizon soon, so all the hipsters migrate there and AT&T network becomes actually usable, hahaha ;).

  134. Wow, here’s someone who has felt the “texture” of an Adam AND the new MotoTablet. Hands on with BOTH of the most sought after and rare tablets in the world, eh? You’ll excuse me for being a little skeptical.

  135. @Rohan, I hope you will film some stuff (live blogging or something like that).
    That would be awesome.

    Greetz and good luck @CES’11


  136. if you are going to compare retail store to gray market, the gray market is going to win.

    what will be the gray market cost of the adam tablet. or what is the retail store cost of the ipad, galaxy tab.

  137. You guys are forgetting something:

    Rohan, has Adam been officially approved by the FCC?

    (it was expected after the 20th…)

  138. Okay, misleading title. I remember this video from the early days when I was trying to pre-order the G1! Ahh, memories.

    What do you think of that old-school Android browser? ๐Ÿ™‚

  139. Text input on handheld devices has always been a bit tricky. In the early days, before physical and virtual keyboards became all the rage, companies ranging from Apple and Palm to Microsoft tried their luck with handwriting recognition software. And one of the most recognizable โ€” if not necessarily the best โ€” was Palmโ€™s Graffiti character recognition software.
    Most Graffiti symbols look vaguely like like the letters theyโ€™re supposed to to represent. But the character are designed to use fewer keystrokes, which makes entering some letters such as F or T a bit faster, and also leaves less room for errors. The down side is you have to learn to write all over again, since this ainโ€™t the same alphabet you learned in kindergarten.
    Still, if you grew up using Palmโ€™s Graffiti handwriting software, you may be happy to know that Access has just launched a version for Google Android which lets you use Graffiti to input text instead of using an on-screen keyboard.
    I was surprised at how easy it was to input characters with my fingertip, even though Graffiti was originally designed for stylus input. But Iโ€™m not convinced that Graffiti will be faster to use than the on-screen keyboard unless you either absolutely hate on-screen keyboards or have spent a lot of time getting used to Graffiti.
    Access Graffiti for Android is available as a free download from the Android Market.

  140. Heh, right now and after launch the grey market may be more expensive for Adam. Have you forgotten the guy that’s already selling his Adam (that is shipping on jan 9)on Ebay? Or the sold-out PQ screen?

  141. I saw an article somewhere today saying that someone has rooted a Nook color so it runs the Kindle for Android app… (roffle) It would certainly be helpful if if we could use the Adobe desktop system to recognize the Adam as reader (there is a list of devices it supports) so we could load the “protected” books that we have already purchased from bookstores like B&N, Kobo, Etc.

  142. Yes… this will be available… and the 1GB SLC storage is the right fit for such applications… as far as hardware is concerned…

    However, this may not be a software developed by NI… as a part of the package.. it may be a open source or commercial software…

    the one rohan might be using, for the upcoming demo… are either windows / linux / mac software to record incoming HDMI data from notion ink on a standard PC…

    the software resides on the PC… and you have many to choose from…

  143. Off the shelf… the Android device / NI might include a hot key to capture single screens but not necessarily at the rate of 30 frames / sec to make a video…

  144. Check out the gear Greg is buying to support video recording within the Adamโ€ฆ


  145. “”

    Around 8 million people have bought the Amazon Kindle… purely due to the battery life and readability advantages…

    Just imagine the market for Pixel Qi / Eden / Adam tablet…

    Wow !!

  146. Hmmm…quick question for you Rohan. I ordered an Adam on launch day, but just noticed that you will have more variants coming soon (specifically with more than 8GB of Flash Memory). I’m sure I will be thrilled with the product when I get it, but will the flash memory be upgradeable? I am aware of the ability to add a microSD card, but I’m kinda curious if this is something that will be upgradeable.

  147. oops – comment wound in “awaiting moderation” hell up. Repost

    > You donโ€™t want to get strande in the middle of Arizona desert where there is no 3G network coverage

    Yeah, you might run into a herd of javelinas, also known as โ€œcollared peccaries.โ€ Theyโ€™re about 2-feet tall, near-sighted, and sniff about in a manner that is so comical itโ€™s dangerous.


    True story: a herd was bumbling across the road, slowly, single-file. A car drove up and stopped. The driver got out, pointed at them, and almost fell over laughing.

    You don’t want to be stranded in the Arizona desert with these creatures.

  148. this wont prevent you from making a light version of apps and allowing it to be downloaded for free then let adam users pay you directly for an apk file. Then just let them download it from a link after they have paid you… why is this so hard? You dont need market to sell apps

  149. Got out my Droid and used my time travel app to look at tomorrows video. Just got back all I can say is wow.

  150. I think I heard in a post a while ago that there would be a student discount. How much of a discount might this be? As a student, I’m always looking to save some money.

  151. we were told there would be a student discount back in the day when we were told there would be 3 variants of tablets- 32gb, 16gb and 8gb… As far as we know, we have already gotten the discount for preordering as the price for the tablet may increase as it is being sold in retail stores in the future.

    IMO: I believe purchasing it on preorder like this from the site directly will be the cheapest offer we will ever see until Adam 2.

  152. You’re oversimplifying things. People like the free 3g, weight and portability, and access to a huge store of cheap e-books with powerful features like text-to-speech. Adam has none of these.

    Adam and Kindle aren’t the same category. I’m excited about the Adam, and think that it is an amazing tablet. But its appeal is not based on the same things as the kindle, so comparing the two doesn’t really work.

  153. There is no racket science here. Some people find it exiting to be first. It robably means they have been waiting a long time.
    I was about # 12 this morning (I’m on vacation and can just get up early, do all I have to do, and open my laptop), and felt good about it. This blog can be addictive, which is fine.

  154. I am sure adam can be made to do everything that kindle does (may be except for e-books store) and more. I donโ€™t mind replace my e-book reader, phone and laptop for a single device, even if it means lugging around few ounces of more.

  155. How about the Angry Birds…… Tomorrow should be interesting. However CES is where the real good stuff will appear. Shortly after that maybe the first Adams should be going out. How many will go to ebay? The one there currently is up to 720 dollars. It still has 4 days to go! Someone with money to burn is gonna end up with it. Will it go to 1000 dollars? Another thought how many Adams were ordered with the express purpose of re selling? All to be revealed in the continuing saga of Adam!

  156. I agree that Adam will probably replace the need for a Kindle in my house. And Adam can do the same things, insofar as it can access the internet for books, has good battery life, and could probably be equipped with a text-to-speech application. But Kindle does those things slightly better.

    It has tts built in to all of its formatted books, still has much better contrast than Adam (and in all lighting conditions), and it’s tough to beat free 3g.

    I will not be buying a Kindle, because I don’t read enough e-books to justify buying a dedicated device. Adam will do fine. And there are so many other things Adam can do, it more than makes up for it.

    I’m not dissing Adam, like I said it makes up for it with many other features. But the fact remains that Kindle is better than Adam at reading, and worse than Adam at everything else.

    I’m betting that a lot of the people who bought Kindles didn’t really want a tablet. They wanted an e-reader. I’ll bet that Adam will slightly – but only slightly – effect Kindle sales.

  157. *Tigger voice* Who’s that? Oh, it’s the narr-eigh-torr.” ๐Ÿ™‚

    Okay Mr. Announcer, what are your predictions? I think only a few bought an Adam to sell it, because anybody that doesn’t believe in it enough to want it is going to assume it will flop (like John Briggs).

    Anybody who believes that Adam will go for large sums of money after launch is going to believe in it enough to want to buy one.

    What do you think?

  158. I have a Droid X and I can add it as a hotspot for $20.00 for 2 or 3 GB of data from Verizon. Haven’t test it yet but I guess I will need to try it. Can connect up to 5 devices.

  159. Well Rohan, I’m sure most of us will agree, quality takes time. We’ll be here when you come back.

    But it WOULD be nice to hear what’s going on with the FCC, if only because that – more than anything else – could effect us getting our pre-ordered Adams on time.

  160. I had not seen that before. thanks for the link. I like their comments about viewing the Pixel Qi with brightness at 100%…

    Before we get into the promised benefits of the display, it’s worth talking about how it looks in normal usage. When peering at the 1,024 x 600-resolution screen head-on and with brightness at 100 percent, we found it to be sufficiently bright. Colors were quite crisp when watching a standard definition video clip and looking at some preloaded pictures. Frankly, it looks like any other matte display — there’s no reflection while looking at it and all areas of the display appear gloss-free.

    However, like we mentioned when we saw the screen at CES, the viewing angles are, well… poor. Though Pixel Qi has made a much-improved “wide-view” version of the screen, which we saw at Computex, the one being sold through MakerShed right now does not have the new viewing angle enhancements. (Pixel Qi CEO Mary Lou Jepsen tells us the wide-view screens will be available for purchase in Q4, though she says some do prefer the standard viewing screens for privacy, etc.) Standing to the left of the display caused all sorts of color saturation and color changes โ€“ for example, the bright royal blue on the desktop appeared light blue or white in some areas. Similarly, tilting the screen backwards resulted in color distortion. However, with the backlight turned down or off the viewing angles were better both indoors and out.

    The newer wide view display in the Adam has to be even better, and not suffer so much from loss in color saturation when viewing from an angle… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  161. On the notion ink site in the bottom portion of the screen is a few links to Notion Ink’s legalese:
    One of the provisions for the sale of the unit states:

    You agree that you are purchasing the Notion ink product(s) for your own personal use, and not for immediate resale.”

    Not sure what kind of a binding agreement that is… and not sure how to determine “immediate” resale. Can you wait one day and sell it?

  162. P.S. Contrary to popular belief, you can not play NetHack or other Rogue-like games on the Kindle. ๐Ÿ™‚

  163. I think it comes down to whether they can prove that intent to sell was the reason for purchase. As buyers we have the right to re-sell our purchased goods, so long as there is no copyright infringement (such as there is with mp3’s). It would be difficult to prove that the buyer didn’t originally intend to keep the product, then change his mind.

    Of course, I’m no lawyer. For all I know, NI is going to come down on this guy like a ton of gold bricks and we are all going to laugh (or cry).

  164. Whoa! Busted…

    I want to do that, but I’m worried that some new development will change my mind about what I want to buy. For one thing, I’m still holding out hope that an SD card will come included.

    I also want to see if there are going to be any fitted cases/bags designed for Adam. I can easily wait until I actually get it to commit to any accessories.

    But don’t worry, I won’t say anything… ๐Ÿ™‚

  165. DataPlus plan is not just for iPhone. I have had it for Samsung Captivate also. I am sure many smart phones come under that plan. People here are hoping Adam may also fall in the same category.

  166. Hi Thomas,
    It looks like Rohan may have answered your question at Notion Ink Hacks.



  167. I don’t think Notion Ink can do anything. We are talking different countries different laws. It is not worth the effort to pursue. Notion Ink would be better served to sell “one to a customer” to prevent someone from ordering several for a quick profit. I was surprised that wasn’t done during the limited run of pre- order. Why should some get more then one when so many were going without? Especially if they have a hard time producing enough to fill demand. I’m sure a few Adams will end up on Ebay. There are currently around 33 I pads listed and another five that are supposed to be new.

  168. HP has released its tablet named DreamScreen

    What a pathetic device it is.
    Its HPs own platform and interestingly doesn’t have a browser yet.

    Retails at INR 20K as per the newspaper advert in Bangalore.

    Another 4K I add to get my LCD Adam and I get a tablet which is miles ahead.

  169. Agreed. Limiting one to a customer would also have made them sell out faster, and overall increased demand. A study was done a little while ago in grocery stores. some kind of canned food was placed on shelves in different stores. Some were just put there, with a “sale price”. The others had a posted limit, I think customers were only allowed to buy 20 of them. The limited stores sold out within hours, whereas the non-limited ones didn’t sell out at all.

    So limiting them would have helped their sales a bit. Not that it matters. Every unit they can make is going to be sold for the next six months…

  170. “I think that is why Notion Ink already raised the price of the pixel qi by $50, and once they canโ€™t meet demand later, they will raise the price further.”

    Or, Pixel Qi raised their prices. Forcing NI, in turn, to raise their’s. I find it highly unlikely that Rohan would raise the price just for profits. Based on his ideas for adam being used by students and helping people learn. I’m not saying he doesn’t want to make money. It’s just not his driving factor.

  171. This may be true, and has been one of my options from the get go. The thing I like about market is that in the event of that I update one of the apps I’ve created, When I post to market they will be notified and the newer versions of android let open for auto updating of apps.

    Many of the people I deal with may be very smart about business or whatever field they may be in but are completely lacking in understanding of computers and buy these type of products without knowing how to side load, which seems so trivial to probably everyone in this forum. Granted most of the people i work with will probably get a lower end product then adam, but others have shown interest in it and cant wait to order one themselves.

    I apologize for not knowing about the market not being available till Honeycomb. I must have missed it.

  172. Posting again(previous comment went to moderation)

    i read somewhere on this website that

    *When you do this yourself, or find a device that someone else has done this to, please take a photo and email it to greg at notionink dot com so I can post it here for everyone to enjoy.

    do you work for notion ink? how come that email id has notionink domain?

  173. Just a heads up, newegg has a microSD 16gb class 10 card for sale right now for 29.99


    seems like a great price for a class 10 card

  174. @shyamgeek…. it’s a photo frame with some nice add ons. Please don’t categorize it in Tablets..

  175. Agreed, however i was unsure, because the notion (little pun) of the wider angle screens played upon a sleeping memory of something that Rohan had confirmed previously as being inside the Adam. Though i could not say when or where for sure.

  176. +100000000000000000000 i am getting concerned now i dont want to read a book like a slideshow… i like a books and thats my use case#14 (lolz.. i am sust mocking the number but its an important thing)

  177. There is a problem with that though. Most of the big names haven’t been sitting there doing nothing. They’ve been perfecting hardware(exception being RIM but RIM has been flailing for a while now) and waiting on a tablet friendly version of android(research up on the delay on the lg tablet). Also using NI as an example of how long a product takes to launch after ces is a poor example considering the history of why it took so long(had to find investors, seperate with investors and find new ones, secure hardware supplies). The big names are their own investors and have plenty of connections with hardware suppliers.

    Motorola has the pleasure of getting special attention from google this round when it comes to honeycomb (chances are it will be the “Nexus” of tablets and be on the leading edge of updates much like the nexus one had been and the nexus s will be). The rest of them(big name companies) have a prototype running a test honeycomb to test and work it over to their hardware so it honestly wouldn’t surprise me to see those companies come out with gingerbread tablets with many honeycomb traits.(until the official release of honeycomb)

    Besides, with the first shipment of adams not being sent out until after ces why not wait and see what is available?

  178. Do you mean buying without a contract?(which is likely, just look at the galaxy tab) Or do you mean only having one carrier choice for 3g?(which the adam is the same way at this point, only one 3g version will work in the US and it’ll only work on at&t).

  179. well.I know its feature
    But the tablet categorization is given by some review site.
    not sure if HP calls it a tablet it or not but surely does many more things than a mere photo frame.

  180. another micro SD for less than what newegg has to offer


  181. True… Its the same with cellphones these days. We should see Tegra dual core processors in cellphones by the first quarter of 2011… :\ That makes my year old Nexus One feel like a decade old…

  182. I havent “felt” either and I havent mentioned anywhere that I “felt” them up :). What I meant is the visual feel of the Adam. I dont intend to start a flame war here cuz I love Notion Ink Adam and I have defended it when required by commenting appropriately at the required posts that tried to defame them. I just meant to speak my heart out about what I like and what I didnt like about the Adam here. If you like it, good for you. Everybody can express their opinions. You should be a blind fanboy of Adam if you blindly like everything in the Adam. There is always scope for improvement. For a version 1.0 this is fantastic. But there is no harm in wishing for more refinements.

  183. same problem with me, i had to go to “december” to see this one, i knew it was there because i get an email everytime there is a new post, but it wouldn’t load from the main url even after screen refresh?

  184. All i just wanted to show wow Honeycomb will work and for tablet we all love ADAM as much you do.

  185. I just wanted to show how Honeycomb will work and for tablet we all love ADAM as much you do. (Typo)

  186. Its a gr8 deal but you see its “SanDisk 16 GB Class 2” Class 2 is poor in data transfer so i suggest we should buy Class 8 type Micro SD card.

  187. I don’t think any company except maybe military would waste money on almost-the-same solution twice, in the same device. What any good company should be or is doing is trying to put quality parts for cheapest price (except for microsoft, that just goes for the cheap – like Xbox build and part quality, ughh). This kind of redundancy is unseen – to have both chips in the adam would only bring up the price and maybe horrible conflicts amongst the location based software, that uses GPS – it would require special instructions, etc. I think full GPS is a luxury even today for cellphones and tablets. Thank God we won’t have to use overpriced North American data plans – Canada has the most expensive talk&data plans in the world, and ROGERS being the biggest company/monster, contributes the most to this reputation – oh Orange, Vodaphone, O2, WHERE ARE YOU to crush ROGERS?? Because cellphone plans should not cost more than leasing a car !!!

    Last but certainly not least, probably the strongest argument, as Rajendra stated, is not having data coverage when you desperately need it – lost somewhere in the desert. lol.

    …good point, but full GPS overweights any AGPS reason for existence if you ask me.


  188. Hi guys and girls,
    Actually, being part of this hugh family, talking to eachother every day, I am actually curious to know who you are and what you do every day. I’m writing from Belgium and I’m an 39 year young architect in the biggest firm in the country. I’m planning to use the tablet, if possible, to put pdf’s of my plans in it to be able to have all of them always with me. I hope de pdf’reader is strong enough for that purpose. Since I have no idea whom I’m reading from I thought this was a nice step in a good direction.
    I also hope I will be able to annotate the plans with comment from what I’ll see when controling the buildings.
    Greetings and a happy newyear to all of you

  189. Hi Rohan,

    been following this product since around april, loving the look of it (didnt post very much as i believe in the maxim “if you havent got anything positive to say, dont sat it”)

    i was really really hoping to get some videos of teh pixelqi eink function of teh screen and some ebook applications as this would be ma main usage of this product as i am a student and i know of at least 20 other people who would use it for this

    thanks rohan and keep up to good work ๐Ÿ™‚

  190. This next video promises to be an interesting one. Lots of infomation. No one can say there is a lack of technical information now. I will be waiting. The only lack of info that i see right now is that we would need more information about when at last will you release the product so that we can order online.

  191. I guess you could use Android SDK tools (But only for screen shots).

    Haven’t used this one yet but just found it by searching. “”

  192. QUOTE:
    “This time we will shoot via HDMI screen capture, so expect tremendous quality!”

    Yeah, stream screen video via HDMI from one adam to another and capture it there!
    We want to see HDMI video playback from external devices on adams screen , please!

  193. Root it and grab wireless tether or something. Don’t pay the assbags @ verzion extra cash to use your tablet on your $30 unlimited data plan.

  194. baapu tusi great ho..

    I keep on kicking myself for procrastinating on the pre-booking.. I wanted to gift this to my mom on her birthday in jan 11.. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ (Rohan if your read this think of some way out for me)

    Another request please release a phone compatible to you eden…

  195. ROFL, The ebay listing is currently @ $820.00 USD… Joshua you should join NotionInk Hacks

  196. Must have been…

    [ANDY] Have the issues with the FCC filing been addressed?
    [ROHAN] What issues? We never had any!

    From Notion Inkhacks

  197. And another thing Rohan.. Think of selling in cash.. you know most people with money in India splurge in cash ๐Ÿ˜‰ notes fly around.. if you get what I mean.. I know many friends of mine they would easily shell out 25/30k. but they dont(and never will) own credit cards(we consider it a taboo-a fools trap).

    If you disbelief me.. just check out the number of iPhones sold in India even before it was launched here.. You can cross millions here in India itself..

    For me myself I will have to ask my Sala to pay for me.. If you appoint a dealer in Mumbai please Inform us.. (or if you want one then to tell me)

  198. Is no one as excited about him showing intall of third party apps. This means there is a package installed present on the Adam. So you should be abble to get app from alternative market sites and market apps. Before this post he never verified that fact. Awsome

    This means ill be flying my parrot ArDrone with the adam from then on.

  199. Isn’t Rohan the best? Taking time out to answer questions for the Notion InkHacks website like that? He is a very busy man

  200. Rohan: “how the notifications are handled in Eden”

    I am guessing right about the cell phone functionality?

  201. Rohan: “how the notifications are handled in Eden”

    Am I guessing right about the cell phone functionality?

  202. Lot of people waiting not to see the Video…but to make sure they are amongst the top 5 on the post :p …..

  203. Matt Burns of Crunchgear mentions on Dec 22nd

    “Hot in โ€™11: The price is right and the hardware seems adequate. The software demos released by the company show a smooth and fluid interface. The young company made some marketing blunders primarily by over-promising and under-delivering, but if the Adam actually starts to ship worldwide on time and lives up to the hype, it could be a great tablet for many users.”

    Not sure if this was already posted

  204. Cant argue if you say so.
    I ordered a pq + 3g model. PQ was what attracted me to the product 1 year ago. eReader and Tablet in one device was the best thing that can happen in my opinion a year ago and even now. From your posts I infer that pq display is no where close to the clarity of LCD. I spend a lot of time reading and I hope I will be a satisfied man with my purchase of PQ model.

  205. Is wordpress acting up? I havent seen any comments in the last 15 min! The blog is asleep

  206. oh god…
    i hope we’ll not have to wait till 12 am ist for this video…
    whenever rohan promises something big… its really late we get get tht… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  207. Check out my post about it on – It appears that notionInkTalk was hacked. I was checking my SEO and ran across the website the other day. Hopefully, he can get the site back up and running.


  208. The Whole day the company has to make these videos..and still we have to wait till late at night for it…i think its pretty lame…

  209. Patience Aditya, Patience! Rohan is not a videographer, but a CEO of the company! He has millions of other things to do

  210. It’s not late at night yet in the Netherlands.
    Maybe Rohan is just waiting ’till most of the audience is able to watch.

  211. Yes, I agree…@Aditya, Do you even remember any CEO maintaining the blog and updates it regularly?

    At least, he makes the post and inform us while he is not bound do that.

  212. Its astounding that there is absolutely no buzz about this device in India other then the people who have been actually following it for quite a while now. I would have imagined with the consumer base which India has, and which is frankly almost equal to the whole of europe…with clever marketing…Notion Ink could have sold its entire production in this country itself for many months…Its quite reasonably priced and people are willing to pay for value-for-money products….i am hoping that Notion Ink does not discount its own home market and only look at Europe and US…It would be unwise…

  213. i remember somebody had promised 1 video per day. than 1 per 2 day, than …. 3 days passed and still waiting for video.

  214. @aditya Sharma

    well said . i don’t know why the home market was never considered or mentioned ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  215. Have patience. Rohan is CEO must have so many things to do at the same time. 3 days aren’t passed yet.

  216. Probably he has better plans that he can not release right now. I’m sure that Adam will hit croma and other stores in couple of months bundled with 3G plans.

  217. If you have a website or blog related to notion ink. Notion Ink Hacks has opened a link exchange to include your url on their website. Check it out in the news section….

  218. What’s with this commenting system? It has gone from wordpress members only to everyone to wordpress members only to everyone. Is this random behaviour or is there a reason for this?
    And a little less off topic: when will new Adams be available?

  219. Hey, I thought of pre-registering for CES show in Vegas and found out that its not open to general public, but only to people related to the Entertainment and Electronics Industry. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Which means I cannot attend the event. I so wanted to check out adam in person and meet Rohan!!
    Darn, folks do you know of any way around this restriction?

  220. Didn’t you just comment above saying “enjoy the video .. blog being edited, just wait.”?

  221. 3G will always take a while to penetrate India..and with the pricing going around it looks like it would remain niche until they drop it to reasonable levels. BSNL has an excellent pricing plan which gives unlimited download for Rs 1000, but all private players have no unlimited plans and the other plans are too expensive. But the thing is. GPRS can work perfectly on this and thats not bad at all. For normal browsing it works quick enough.

  222. Aditya,

    india will get its buzz through first wave Adam users… WOM on this blog sent voters to the APOTY voting site… just wait till after CES

  223. I really really really want this product to succeed …first because its brilliant in its own right..and second..more importantly..its Indian :)….let it roll a million units a month..

  224. A hollywood movie releases after 2-3 months in India..

    Pl. understand… that Notion Ink has just started a test pre-order cycle… for a simultaneous world wide launch…

    People who are new to visiting this blog… do yourselves a favour… Pl. read the blog by date in the ascending order… then you will know the depth of what has been put in…

    Even iPhone and iPad took 6-12 weeks before they could reach the indian market…

    This is not a exclusive indian product… it is a world wide product… and be proud of the fact that it was conceived and developed by an Indian company.

    The company iis working towards retail distribution… and will achieve it eventually…

    If I were to approach amazon / Best Buy or any Indian retailer today… how much of a leverage would I have to give up… as my product is not know… for multi year contracts…

    but if, I reach the same retailers after drumming up a 1 million views / week product… then look @ my leverage…

  225. The Adam is a good device, but there is going to be stiff competition out there after CES 2011.

    The Adam still has some Unique value propositions in the form of:

    1) The Pixel Qi Screen
    2) The Long Battery life (Playbook and Asus offerings are thin but will struggle to match Adams battery performance) because of Adams unique design.
    3) Software, this is really the key differentiator for tablets. With a dedicated software team and strong development experience in India, regular software updates will make this platform the must have platform.

    On the other hand we need to see the following changes for Abel.

    1) higher resolution screen
    2) lighter material body
    3) USB 3
    4) Sata 3 with SSD
    5) Honeycomb or greater

    6) November (black friday) 2011 release date.

  226. ???
    iPhone over a droid? who on earth said that? the fact that i wish verizon had iPhone isn’t flattering for either of them, trust me. i just want a decent GSM network in the US. that’s it.
    i-anything i wouldn’t touch with a stick, but i also don’t want to use the CDMA, so i kind of don’t care about what verizon has to offer, and if whatever it is will clear the air for the rest of us i support it.

  227. Not sure what you mean Andy. As in, discuss things there? There seems to be a larger discussion here. Anyway, not sure I want to discuss things in two different places.

  228. Apple always start selling from US stores and videos of long que of buyers gives popularity, I dream of it should happened in India with Adam. All world , FIIs , Multinational companies, fund managers are coming to India. but we Indian always see towards west. India is worlds biggest market.

  229. India for NI would happen in a big way after sometime. Its a gamble they have to enter with money and capacity and proper channels (not only retail). And by that time word of mouth will do the job for their planned capacity.

  230. This is incorrect. India is an emerging market, but not even close to the world’s biggest market…

  231. Find a friend in the industry to get you in. It is the only way I know of that works.

  232. Hi Rohan,

    When will we have Apps in Genesis to look at? I know we can’t buy yet, but many would like to see what is going to be available at release time, and possibly be able to set up account for App
    purchasing. I wouldn’t want to see the same confusion as the Pre-sale, when the App store finally comes online.

    Thanks, JT

  233. E3 was doing the same thing, my dad and brother created a fake company and registered as guests. They let us in ๐Ÿ˜‰

  234. I beg to differ. With the increasing growth of economy (also with the projected), it is huge market…next to China.

    But agree that currently it is “emerging”. Different story after 5-10 years. Titbit: we have the largest market of entry level nokia phones. ๐Ÿ™‚ so imagine when the buying power increases?

  235. I would disagree. Normal (rich) Indian consumers will buy whatever they think is the “cool”, hip thing right now. They decide what is cool and hip in the electronics world by looking to America.

    An Indian-made device being sold in India is giving off all the wrong signals – people would assume that the device is cheap quality before even looking at the product.

  236. Hey,

    It was me ๐Ÿ™‚

    And yes party time continues ๐Ÿ™‚ I stoked for 8 days (I’m on vacation). JD, No.1 and some bottles of beer. I gonna need that today for sure

  237. The GDP when taken into account by PPP model puts India at No. 3 in the World behind US and China..and for a nation which has only 20 years of economic boom is a pretty good feat. Its the second fastest growing major economy in the world, behind china. and is expected to overtake China’s growth rate soon. the GDP growth of Germany- .7%, France- .4%, UK- .7%, Italy- .2%, Spain-.2% last year, India’s growth rate was 8.9%. Their actual GDP size in dollar terms are quite close to India too(Other than Germany). For an economy the size of more than a Trillion Dollar. I would say its pretty impressive. Ofcourse India has its challenges. But then which country dsnt. But its hurling ahead and meeting them head on.

  238. Totally agree with you. Adam needs to do great in India. India is a big market too and all the money NI could make in India would give leverage to market Adam in the more competitive US and Europe markets and to withstand the financial clout of all the big players.

  239. Simple send a mail to NI, asking about details about where in their hotel /elsewhere they are meeting press/public. Because if you remember, NI is not taking a booth @ CES. They will be there with nVidia or Pixel Qi and rest of the time @ thei hotel/planned premises meeting a lot of people.

    All the best for your meet with Rohan!

  240. I think the man is BUSY. I would rather have him running his company and getting the product to market than producing videos.

  241. “”

    India is # 11, maybe going up, but will not reach number 1 in 20 years…

  242. Well, I am agree with you on this partially..(exception is mobile phones. Micromax and other indian brands are doing good)

  243. Click on my avatar. Is a blog ok? I do it for my friends, and for the people here. It’s not just for NI, but also includes other stuff. But Mainly NI.

  244. What you are talking is in Dollar terms and that number is correct. But in PPP terms its only behind US and China.

  245. I was just over at the XDA forum. I was reading and skimming through posts about the nook, galaxy tab, and viewsonic’s tablet.

    They are all having problems …………software problems. The tab which should be the best of the three has all kinds of complaints and it seems that Rohan has addressed all these complaints in his software for adam. He has really thought out all the details. I can’t wait for CES and full disclosure.

    PS I also heard they may be announcing a Tab 2 at CES, wouldn’t that piss off some customers.

    …………………….Tom C

  246. +1

    I think our international friends can have a fair idea of “Imagining India- ideas for the new century” written by Nandan Nilekani co-founder Infosys.

    We do have some serious potential. (one can imagine why 35$ tablet by th HRD Ministry…why to introduce? …..I would like to remain cryptic.. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  247. “”

    India #4 and US is still 3.5 X that of India…

    China= 2X India

  248. Ok,

    I have a criticism hold your hats. I understand what Rohan is saying regarding keeping to his promise of 1 video every 2 days. What he is saying is he will have two video days back to back on days 3 and 4, hence 2 videos in 4 days which equates to (on average) 1 video every two days.

    Now the critique: Thats BS!!! Thats called spin by slimey politicians, and called a LIE by everyday normal citizens! Rohan, you lied…and that is not a good thing…I’ve never before seen you feel the need to lie, instead you always, ate humble pie, apologized with and explanation, and moved on…why did you choose to lie and twist the truth. Here is the fact, you made a promise, you couldnt keep the promise (whether you had a good reason or not), but instead of acknowledging you broke your promise, you elected to spin an answer that made it sound as though you were keeping your promise…this is a small thing…but it is getting comfortable committing the small crimes that leads you close to feeling comfortable committing the larger crime, with excuses such as, “just this one time”, AND THAT MY FRIEND IS TROUBLING. Go the righteous path, not the devious path!! Im watching…lets see if success makes you, or breaks you. Its always YOUR CHOICE!

  249. Agreed for the moment (I am not that much of an analyst)

    But paradigm changes are coming…. whether the developed countries want or not!

    Manufacturing… China but designed in Developed countries … so how long when China do both? They have started. Just go through research outputs

    Software/services ….India BPO….. so how long when we start doing both? Startups are coming.. IF NI is successful then imagine the CASH flow…… assembly factories?

    Heard of designs of Intel chips?…… so how long when we start having fab plants?

  250. It will take time. And the demand will increase in real terms only when this growth will result into distribution too(bottom of the pyramid).

  251. I m sure that Tab2 (havent really heard any news bout it) and Motorola tablet will have GPS even on the wifi only versions. HP Slate was supposed to be based on windows OS but now stands cancelled. HP is supposed to come out with a Palm OS based tablet sometime next year which could change the game again.. So yes, plenty of action in this space…

  252. I went through the CES Exhibitor listing and came to the same conclusion. Now, I am thinking it may not be worth to go if I cannot really get in.
    Well, this will have to wait!! I do wish to attend this event once sometime though.

    I think most probably they will be at the NVidia Pixel Qi booth. You are right!!

  253. I guess he’d be busy , considering that he might have to travel in to the US for CES, unless he is here already .

  254. Sarcastic answer: When they are ready. Actually no one knows for sure perhaps not even Rohan. A lot of the things have to come together to get manufacturing off the ground.
    The supply of all the necessary components is probably one of the biggest stumbling blocks, If they can’t get their hands on everything they need they can’t produce. Pixel Qi screens are mentioned as one of the harder to come by items. The demand for that screen is high and as Rohan has stated presently 4 times the cost of the LCD screen. Rohan also said that when Pixel Qi is produced in the millions then the price would fall. You could make a rational guess that currently there should be a bigger profit margarine with the LCD screen.

    I’m guessing for the first round of pre ordering they had components pretty much in hand. For another round of ordering or distribution they may be waiting for some things. Then perhaps they are just waiting for CES to begin taking orders or start distribution. I kind of of doubt that though, as my order is not due to ship until February(No day of the month given) and it was an LCD in the last days of pre-ordering.

  255. +100…cannot agree more.

    One thing Rohan can do is transition this positing of videos to someone in his team. If the videos are self explanatory, he does not have to put in thought and draft the summary.

  256. +1Totally agreed what your are saying. The only thing is you are taking wrong examples when you are mentioning Germnay France Uk and Italy. They are developed country. No country can grow at 9.1 percent for ever. At one point of time you have to *sustain* that rate of growth too which is happening in case of many developed countries(except at the time of melt down where there was negative growth). The bigger challenge in the coming years will be to sustain that growth. China for example is growing at a rate of 9.1 percent for the last 30 years(9.1 is the average of the last 30 years).
    The bigger point here is that one should not always look so much in the rate of growth. At the same time we also have to make sure in the coming years that this growth is sustainable as well as distributable growth. Right now 1/3 rd of the world poor are in India(UNDP). Recent report (Sen Committee) was blatant in telling that 77 % of the population earns less than 20 rs per day(.5 dollar a day) .

    So no doubt growth is quintessential for the progress of any nation but moving ahead we also have to ensure that this growth is not skewed. otherwise there is no point in becoming number one economy while your ginni coefficient and HDI are too low .

  257. I will agree that there are major changes occurring in India and much investment with an expanding middle class, but as long as you have basic issues like:
    *Major gap between upper class and lower class citizens
    *Land shortages
    *basic needs shortages in lower classes like food, housing and quality of life/health care

    it will be very difficult to increase the purchasing power of a country without the above problems resolved. Some are permanent problems of a country with small confined borders though…

  258. @bsmdt

    You make yourself the CEO of NI. Lets see how you rate in”LIES”, “PROMISES”.

    BTW you have to come up with a new concept, go against the biggest of competition, garner investors confidence, “SATISFY” finnicky fans/followers.

    Take a glass of water: cool down . Rohan is not a robot (though sometimes I wonder..I mean does he sleep :-))

  259. Didn’t Cain Kill Abel….. Not sure if would either Abel or Cain in a series of Notion Ink devices.

  260. Hi Joel! I’m writing from nice and sunny land of South Tirol, which is on the north of Italy, in the Alps. I’m 25 and I’m a PhD student in Computational Logic ๐Ÿ™‚ Interesting in words, but veeery boring when comes to some work ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m going to get a Macbook from the Uni as a working machine, but I believe that Adam will completely substitute my private laptop. I also would like to have a powerful PDF reader with annotations as I have to read a lot of scientific papers. Also, it would be cool if it had some Latex in it and also some Java SDK and SVN, so that I could do come quick stuff remotely when needed.

    I am travelling to a conference in Spain on 25th January and I really hope that Adam arrives by that time. Then I’ll definitely by in the center of attention ๐Ÿ˜‰

    PS. btw, I strongly recommend you going to Alps to ski these days – the weather is awesome and the snow is sooooo nice =)

  261. India is the 7th Largest Country in the world my friend as far as the land size is concerned. So i think we are good in that aspect. Every country has a big disparity between its most rich and most poor. The middle class population of India is equal to the whole population of USA. Basic needs are getting better by the day. The good old legacy which our colonial friends from Britain left us would take some more time to get rid of. But the country would reach there.

  262. +1 until one increase the purchasing power of people at the bottom of the pyramid and provide them social(health,education) and physical infrastructure (housing,sanitation), i think there is no point in becoming number one in terms of PPP or GDP. Saying that Indian government is seriously working towards it.Will take time but we are working towards achieving these goals

  263. +1 @Himanshu

    As I always commented earlier one should understand a little more…do some more research so the “quality of comments” increases.

  264. @jayachandran,
    Im not hot, mad or aggrivated in any way whatsoever…but Ive been watching Rohan blog for about a year and never has he even once tried to cover up a mistake on his part, as he did here, by twisting his promise around. (lie)

    This is NEW behavior for Rohan, at least here in the blog…and this will now cause me to really watch what he says and does…it is the first crack in the ice I have seen, the question is if it the crack will grow, eventually breaking the ice, or if he will opt to return to his upstanding behavior of acknowledging when and why things didnt work out and moving on…but NOT this BS…and notice it is a small thing, as I stated…but because it is new behavior it is a troubling thing too.

  265. WTF? There really are some people that cant handle changes. Are you OCD? Things change, you adapt.

  266. This was not a wild guess. It is predicted by many economic experts based on the projected growth rate, Working force(China population is ageing) and Industrial growth is yet to take off in India(right now we are earning a lot from Services sector. If anything is to happen it can happen even in 2012 :)( solar flare and a hell lot of things that are predicted :)). but economics is not based on these types of speculation ๐Ÿ™‚

  267. The problem is spending power Aditya. If an average Indian could go for a cheaper option with slightly reduced functionality, (s)he would. Even amongst the city bred nouveau riche, luxury once it comes to electronic goods is pretty rare.
    The market for a high end product like the ADAM, will have to be the more developed nations – much like the market for smart phones I guess

  268. I am calling it a night… Good Night everyone. I hope everyone here was able to get their hands on Adam earlier. I got mine :p…should arrive sometime after 15th Jan. Take Care. Hopefully the video would be up tonight itself so people here do not have to wait much longer..

  269. lol, first crack in the ice? were you here for preorder? were you here for all the other stuff that changed like warranty policies or specifications? This is nothing. Walk outside for a little bit, pick a flower, kiss a member of the opposite sex… or same sex I dont care. enjoy life…

  270. you dont know a lot. @bsmdt

    YOU n WE ARE NOT the only one following this blog!!….I wont elaborate, if you dont want to understand this then fine STRESS yourself

  271. When is a video supposed to post, I think the problem is, Is Rohan doing everything? Of course they are getting ready for CES that is awesome! But like how they had the video from an EAP promoter why can’t they ask others to help out? His post said he will have a video today and one not tomorrow but the next day if you read it again.

    I don’t see him as trying to lie to you guys, it’s called trying to make people happy and having hiccups during the middle of it. I am very impressed with the Adam, I just hope since I didn’t get a chance to order in the first round I can order soon. This has never really been answered.

    I mean how the second round of ordering will go, if the price will increase and the people that never got the emails in the first place will have a chance to order again….

    Just allot of questions and people think they are being misled. I mean simple things like lets see the Adam in vertical, I really want to see the quality of the camera on-board to see how well it does.

  272. +1. But if have to become number one we have to pull our brothers and sisters which are mired into agricultural sector (around 72 percent population and agri is growing at a rate of .2 percent) into middle class. Basic needs for them are still much below par. for disparity between rich and poor please check ginni coefficient which unfortunately is pathetic for both India and china(right now both are going for skewed growth). We would definitely reach there but we have to plug in these things along with the growth.

  273. It is easy to be brave on the phone and even easier on the internet. My rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t say it to a 6′ 6″ 325# football player in person then don’t say it here………….Tom C

  274. well… there are many predictors that the world is going to end in 2012… but it seems as though every 5 years there are a bunch of people saying this and we move on and nothing happens. I took an empty plane ride on New Years day of the Y2K stuff and nothing happened…

  275. @Vector66

    I believe he is not and should not. But he must be doing some kind of final review so that the information he does not want to disclose at this time should not disclosed in the video.

  276. @Rahim

    i think the same. the whole world is waiting to see the launch . so its really very critical to decide what to covey now and hold it for CES.

  277. It’s so easy to lash out in anger when you feel a lack of control, I know because I have also lashed out but then apologized when I realized how self oriented I was being. As far as evolving/developing economies pls take into consideration the diminishment of resources and changing weather patterns. I n the US you can allready see how these factors are impacting on the population. Y ou have seen a huge transfer and consolidation of wealth. Corporations are beginning to impact on individual freedom and states and cities are consolidating/ diminshing services. Here you can see a very large unemployed sector of the population with resulting areas of anarchy. All of these developments you will have to experience or read between the lines as the media is denial mode and the Gov is beginning to retrench and adjust to the new paradigns. This is where the Adam and NI become so important as they encourage innovationand empower the indiviual. I really do see this as being a time of transition where we will be working in groups that form around ideas and shared goals and ideas. You can say that we are allways transitioning but this is huge and you can say that all of history has led to and prepared us for this moment. Happy New Year to all and best of luck.

  278. Himanshu, India is teck-lover, A man who is not earning 50rs a day is having mobile. Macromax becam no 3 handset seller. This is Growth storey, If NI take correct turn, it will Become in first 3 PC seller or at least in top smartphone/gadget seller. This is level playing field. Else why motorola, LG is behind macromax in India ? It is Heven for new player. People dont fixed their mindset here. They are open to accept any and all technology. Poorest man here uses mobile, even he dont neet it.

  279. I know you want to hold him to the letter of his promise. However in this case I believe there is no true intention to deceive. Rohan should have not promised anything. Promises are easy to break, sometimes through no fault of the person making them. Politicians are always making promises and breaking them is routine. In my life I learned to take all promises with a grain of salt. For me the word promise has come to mean ” I will do my best to deliver what I just said I will do.” We should always remember there is no better breaker of a promise the” circumstances beyond my control”. One of the reasons I never consider a broken promise a lie. Also one of the reasons I don’t make promises.

  280. India is tech-lover, A man who is not earning 50rs a day is having mobile. Macromax became no 3 handset seller. This is Growth storey, If NI take correct turn, it will come in first 3 PC seller or at least in top smartphone/gadget seller. This is level playing field. Else why motorola, LG is behind macromax in India ? It is Heven for new player. People dont fixed their mindset here. They are open to accept any and all technology. Poorest man here uses mobile, even he dont neet it. When tecknology is concerned, there is not big gap between Poor and rich. Many rich filmstar or politician dont know anything about technology but a child of “middle and low ” class society play games on mobile. $35 Tablet is for all those, who loves technology.


    It seems that NVIDIA is quite set on making sure it secures a fair chunk of the mobile market, so it will focus much of its resources on the Tegra family of SoC, even multi-core models according to a recent document.

    Though Intel may have managed to drive NVIDIA out of the x86 chipset business, the Santa Clara, California-based GPU maker has another business outlet to see to.

    Said outlet is that of mobile platforms for tablets and smartphones, SoCs as it were (system-on-chip devices), the most recent, and best known so far, being the Tegra 2.

    The Tegra family of mobile platforms is based on the ARM architecture and, though it has yet to make a lasting impact on the market, may soon truly shine.

    So far, the Tegra 2 has shown up in several tablets and smartphones, but it is its multi-core successor that is set to make a bigger difference.

    According to a whitepaper that NVIDIA recently published, there are dual-core versions of the product on the way.

    The company claims that it will easily outdo all processors based on the ARM architecture that exist right now.

    NVIDIA also says that, while the processor will have more transistors, it will deliver equal or superior performance to single-cores at lower clocks and voltages.

    What this means is that dual-core designs will actually be more efficient (will use less power) than single-core ones, of up to 40% to be exact, at least in certain usage scenarios.

    The whitepaper seems to deal very much with gaming performance, and Tegra 2 is said to be about 2.5 times faster with both cores enabled or 45% better with just a single core in use.
    What remains to be seen is just how much better than this the Tegra 3 ends up being once it inevitably gets put together.

  282. How many of guys you know who earn around 1500 rs a month(and 18k a year) and are having mobile. Mate I live in a very small place and I see them on a daily basis.GO to a slum sometime and check how many of them earning around 1500 rs and are having mobile. I met guys who are earning this salary and know in what dire condition they are living. They can’t even think of mobile. There main concern is two time bread a day. And for your info 78 percent of population lives for =4-5k. Check about rural telecom density in India(it’s 9.1 percent).
    Mate Even MNREGA guaranties 100 rs a day. Please in practical terms meet a guy who earn 50 rs a day and talk to him for 15 mins about his for sure get a reality check.

  283. For those who are interested more about TEGRA.. (must read)

  284. Some message left behind so writing it here again
    How many of guys you know who earn around 1500 rs a month(and 18k a year) and are having mobile. Mate I live in a very small place and I see them on a daily basis.GO to a slum sometime and check how many of them earning around 1500 rs and are having mobile. I met guys who are earning this salary and know in what dire condition they are living. They canโ€™t even think of mobile. There main concern is two time bread a day. And for your info 78 percent of population lives for less than 20 rs a day The segment you are talking about is that population which is having salary of >=4-5k. Check about rural telecom density in India(itโ€™s 9.1 percent).
    Mate Even MNREGA guaranties 100 rs a day. Please in practical terms meet a guy who earn 50 rs a day and talk to him for 15 mins about his for sure get a reality check.

  285. Well said. We should be honored and thankful that Rohan and co. are allowing us to be part of making of the Adam and the company. When you are creating a product first of its kind there is lot of hurdles. I hope everyone who is following this blog should try to think and use your words in better way to express your frustration. Yes there are bumps in the road but if you just realize the fact that the Adam can create a new eco system which can complement other dominant eco system (Apple) in the Mobile space.

    Please try to express your frustrations in a better way.

  286. Well said. We should be honored and thankful that Rohan and co. are allowing us to be part of making of the Adam and the company. When you are creating a product first of its kind there is lot of hurdles. I hope everyone who is following this blog should try to think and use your words in better way to express your frustration. Yes there are bumps in the road but if you just realize the fact that the Adam can create a new eco system which can complement other dominant eco system (Apple) in the Mobile space.

    Please try to express your frustrations in a better way.

  287. Tegra is not so good, due to a lack of optimisations and library (particulary in Android). It should have the average power of the Samsung Hummingbird (Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab, SGX540) but with less consumption (in game).
    In pure processing, if the 2 cores are enabled and if the appli is multi threaded, it should be nice.
    But again, in informatic, it’s always the graphic processor which limits the results.
    Sorry for the bad english, didn’t sleep last night and it’s not my favorite language.

  288. Bruce,

    I am not mad or angry. But you seem to be a a lunatic and very defensive of someone you dont know, who just lied to you…that by definition makes you a fan-atic…look it up, you might actually get an education while your at it.

    Im not sure about your culture, but when someone promises something, their word is to be their oath…their promise is only as good as the character of the person giving a promise. So may be i n your country or region, you enjoy being the slimely characters tool, and buying everything they sell only to find out it was crap later? maybe thats normal to you…but where I come from, if the person is willing to lie a little, then he is certainly willing to lie a lot.

    This is the first time I have seen Rohan lie instead of copping to the truth..he couldnt put out the 1 video every other day AS HE PROMISED (notice i havent promised anything here and you so readily attack me??? really??) yet a person lies to your face and you defend him with venom? Your a fool…and an asshole to boot. Fuckin moron.

  289. @bruce, what do you mean by this? yes in the past I have had doubts but things have really been coming around.

    You mean changing my attitude??

  290. i think there is enough market for a product which can deliver as much as a laptop for the price of a smartphone
    the biggest problem is IGNORANCE about the product and cost effectiveness of a product
    my friends in final year CSE dont know wat galaxy tab is, i had to explain to them wat it is and they just were like “ooo its a big smartphone then?”
    we indians just dont know anything about products that deviate from norm.
    apple iphone was a flop here so i dont think its just cool factor
    nokia nseries phones are a hit cos they’re most productive at any given price and for the information people have about them from ads and advice from their friends
    so NI have to market their product like maruti did for their cars and explain to people what the device can do for the price

    gaining popularity in indian market will be much more difficult and crucial
    just look at the size of the student population its going to be their biggets market, i have stopped many of my frinds from having laptop and made them wait for this but the delay in release forced them to buy laptop but i have been waiting and once i have adam i will try to convince as many as possible
    but for me to have adam i will have to buy from shops cant afford the 50$ shipping,so please rohan bring it to markets in india

  291. Tigs i am for real, what part of what I said is inaccurate? name the part of what I said that is inaccurate? if you cant..then i suggest you SHUT THE FUCK UP…douchebag

  292. @bsmdbt:

    “Im not hot, mad or aggrivated in any way whatsoeverโ€ฆ”
    Well, you sound hot, mad, and aggravated to everyone here. If you don’t think so, read all the comments.

    I agree with all the comments before that you should cool down. It doesn’t help you at all to loose your cool in a public blog like this one. It won’t help your cause at all (maybe you feel you are helping Rohan).

    “but Ive been WATCHING Rohan blog for about a year and never has he even once tried to cover up a mistake on his part, as he did here, by twisting his promise around. (lie)”

    What makes you react this way out of one misstep (in your opinion)?

    I believe you are getting way too obsessed with Rohan (WATCHING him for a year). He is a human being like you and everyone here, bound to make mistake.

    I suggest you take a break, take a step back, enjoy this blog for what it is (a place to comment, to be informed, not only by Rohan, but also by all the wonderful people here who comment intelligently about economics, politics, technology [Cultural issues in general], not to go crazy about things).
    I have read many criticism of Rohan in this blog. Some were very smart, and I think Rohan will definitely read them, and probably learn from then (he has said that him self).

  293. Hey colorodo clown its NOT a change, you liberal the post, I know you libs cant read. he said this is in keeping with his one video every two days..and its is it…genuis…what an idiot you libs are

  294. Please read this topic.

  295. elmelao, I may sound like Im mad and aggravated to you (i wasnt but now Im mad at the moron love-in freaks in here ready to kiss Rohans ass..the guy who is taking your money morons), but id I sound like that, then it is YOU who sounds like your looking for a little love night with Rohan. I mean seriously. you havent met this guy. you gave him your credit card number. you have no product yet. he lied to your face in this blog. And you want to sing him a love song??? really. Dude go get your pecker cut off, as you wont be needing it, and neither will the world need the limp wristed dumb ass offspring that would come from your loins.

  296. bruce is an idiot….he says mike contradicted himself…attacking him in this post …yet Rohan contradicted himself, and bruce has nothing but praise…what a fucking asswipe.

  297. Kindle app for Android.

    1. Hack turns Nook Color into Kindle

    December 29, 2010 7:01 PM PST

    The Blog Kindle has posted step-by-step instructions for rooting the Nook Color to run Android Marketplace and download the Kindle for Android app.

    Read more: “”

  298. In between your gay man romps, do you ever find time to make sense? …or is that what swallowing man-juice does to you…makes you incoherent?

    Simply put Rohan didnt have to spin the truth..he just had to tell the truth. the truth is he is incapable of delivering upon his PROMISE…1 video , every other day PERIOD.

    You dont make PROMISES you cant keep. And: you dont lie to your customers by twisting the facts to make it sound like you didnt break your promise…and as someone else pointed out, he had promised one video per day earlier…but in that case he didnt lie, he said right out he couldnt keep that promise and promised 1 video every other day..THATS THE FACTS…and he is like a week into it and he has broken even that promise, but this time, he’s thrying to make it sound like he didnt..and your OBLIVIOUS to it.

  299. Awesome video man…. hat’s off to rohan and team…
    Guys..did you guys check out today’s post?
    i wonder its only displayed in safari browser and not invisible in any other internet browser.. i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  300. I think they ran into problems with HDMI stream recording… AFAIK you need specialized h/w for that like Blackmagic intensity.

    Anyone know of any other way to do it?

  301. with all the money he took in credit card orders..he is doing everything??? Hmmm… he better not be, or that is sign this company will fail.

    Rohan is NOT doing everything…we already know that, the last mapping software video was done by an EAP. So stop acting like “poor Rohan”.

    Poor Rohan has over a million dollars in credit card cash in hand (YOURS) and you have nothing, but poor Rohan, working so hard for us and our children. What will we do without Rohan? Oh saint Rohan pleae bring me my adam before my you child dies of boredom, you are a god to me, i gave you my credit card number, and you work so hard, i will wait another year for you to deliver your product if you say you need it. poor Rohan.

    Seriously people SNAP OUT OF IT. I dont think Rohan is ripping us off… btu he took a step to the undesireable side of the tracks in this post…he twisted his promise to us. Now what if he has twisted what his product will do too? Will you then still want to have his babies? and serve lord Rohan? Seriously wake the fuck up.

  302. Thor, I think the answer is it was just going to take too long to script and video all features he wanted to show….if I take him at his word.

    What I dont like is how he spins this late video ( Remember it was Rohan who promised a video EVERY day and then backed of to a video every other day, which means he was suppose to have a video today on 30 December, and doesnt).

    His post today Rohan makes it sound like this is one video every two days…and because we get the video on 31 December…it’s NOT. Small point, but shows a willingness for Rohan to twist the TRUTH to his advantage and away from the FACT that he broke a promise..NOT GOOD.

  303. @bsmdbt

    I am little surprised of your outburst. Actually I wanted you to empathise with Rohan and his “multitasking” environment right now…. and understand the pressure he was/is from last one year. I want you to understand his fear, insecurities etc etc.

    And on top of that RESPECT, because you will use adam due to Rohan and NI’s effort.

    Its so easy to discount one’s character. But when the truth is known, it changes the relationship of “TRUST”.

    @bsmdbt What I have commented was without any malice. Lets say its my method of calming down LOL.

    I have been following this blog from June 2009… and I have seen guys like you go and come just to make flame remarks. I seriously doubt whether you know what you are in for when you choose NI’s adam. If you know that you will understand Rohan better.

    You called me “asswipe” but I consider myself a man respecting an honest man’s effort to make my work easier. because he is the one responsible for adam, a device I was looking for since the 80’s.

  304. @bsmbdt almost certainly is Matt on the crunchgear blog who comes to the rescue of John Biggs. The style of writing and the coarse nature of language are identical.

    @bsmbdt, Ok, Rohan is a lier. He committed the biggest sin of all – lying to you! I don’t see any reason for you to lurk around here any longer. Good Bye and Good Luck to you!!

  305. @bsmbdt, I don’t think Valium is going to be enough for you. You sound psychotic to me. You need some serious help man!

  306. @bsmdbt

    I am little surprised of your outburst. Actually I wanted you to empathise with Rohan and his โ€œmultitaskingโ€ environment right nowโ€ฆ. and understand the pressure he was/is from last one year. I want you to understand his fear, insecurities etc etc.

    And on top of that RESPECT, because you will use adam due to Rohan and NIโ€™s effort.

    Its so easy to discount oneโ€™s character. But when the truth is known, it changes the relationship of โ€œTRUSTโ€.

    @bsmdbt What I have commented was without any malice. Lets say its my method of calming down LOL.

    I have been following this blog from June 2009โ€ฆ and I have seen guys like you go and come just to make flame remarks. I seriously doubt whether you know what you are in for when you choose NIโ€™s adam. If you know that you will understand Rohan better.

    You called me โ€œasswipeโ€ but I consider myself a man respecting an honest manโ€™s effort to make my work easier. because he is the one responsible for adam, a device I was looking for since the 80โ€ฒs.

    *reposting just to sound more congruent*

  307. We heard it first time. No need to repeat it.

    If you are sure that he breaks all his promises, then he should break this too. What are you doing here then.

  308. Recording via HDMI isn’t that hard you can buy a card for $99 on amazon that is capable of doing it.

  309. That is a very tight development lifecycle, even for a company with one successful product out of the door.

    I would encourage Rohan et al to focus on the user experience.

    Manufacturing and technology changes are largely driven by OEMs.

    You simply cannot integrate hardware ahead of the curve unless you are the size of Apple.

    To battle apple, you must make them bring the battle to where there is a playing level playing field, where you can compete with them equally (somewhat)

    That area is User Experience.

    Hardware is useless without excellent software.

    NI has to focus on providing the best user experience for the hardware.

    Let the many many layers of manufacturers compete with apple in the hardware arena, like A4 vs Tegra, Pixel Qi and Mirasol vs IPS, etc etc.

  310. OK its 31st dec in india and Rohan broke “last” promise of the year 2010. Tomorrow onwards its a new year.[ in which probably/definately adam in our hand ]

  311. @Albert

    or maybe i should go get a red “wendy’s wig”paint freckles on my face and look like a jack ass, just like you, right clownkiller? seriously? I know your in colorado and born and raised in the goood ole USA, but I have to english a second language for you?

    first crack in the ice reffers to Rohans willingness to lie, vice in the past he did not lie, he came out afterword with an absolute mea culpa (get off the top of your momma’s dog and go look it up red neck), apologizing for the way the pre-order was handled.

    Here he doesnt apologized for not keeping his word, he opts to paint the picture as though he DID KEEP his word…but if he did on this December 30th post we would be looking at video and commenting on that and not your your foolish exposition of the fact and evidence that the american liberal run public school system has failed you completely.

  312. wow dude, it’s not that big of a deal. it’s a FACT that it’s just a video, the TRUTH is it doesn’t matter if it gets posted today or tomorrow. My guess is that Rohan has a lot more important things to do with his time than run this blog, be happy with what you get. I know I’m happy Rohan is putting in this effort, most CEOs wouldn’t.

    I think Rohan is one of the first of a new breed of management that is comfortable with social media is willing to allow the public to access a company through a means other than the marketing department. Some of you complain things aren’t being done professionally, but personally I find it refreshing to get product info straight from the CEO and not from the propaganda machine (marketing).

  313. @bsmdbt

    don’t be so ignorant. Rohan will not receive a penny of yours until adam is shipped!

  314. I dont think anything will help you rubes..your not only clueless, but your happy to have someone lie to you…okay so here goes…

    Oh Rao you are such an attractive smart person, I really dont fear for the future of the world if you alone were allowed to mate and fill the planet with your baby genuises…no i dont. ๐Ÿ™‚

  315. Actually, I never heard any CEO running a blog except for Rohan and providing information directly to the public.

    We should actually appreciate his effort for providing the information. He also gets 24 hours in a day like rest of us and probably assumes great responsibilities than us.

  316. he can’t..poor rohn is overwhelmed making adams in his basement at his mothers house for you…sigh…lets take up a fund to help rohan fund his business…oh wait…we already was called PRE_ORDER!


  317. @Rao ..let trolls be trolls…They can never do anything productive, but rant!
    If you start responding, they will be encouraged as it is an acknowledgement…
    They are like 2 year olds throwing tantrums ๐Ÿ™‚

    Indifference is the best response….

  318. We don’t know what is happening at NI while Rohan is preparing the Adam for CES. I can imagine that he is extremely busy. His intentions were honorable (IMHO), but the reality of preparation for a major international show like CES – especially for a very new company introducing its very first product to the world – has likely changed his priorities. Chill out.

    It is much more important for the Adam to be completely ready for its “coming out party,” than for a video to come to the family.


    I have done some shows (film industry) and it is simply amazing what the last week is like. I don’t think I slept more than three hours per night in the last days before the events. And, with all of our preparation for one of those shows, we still forgot to go to the duplicator’s and pick up the DVDs of our shows that we were going to hand out to interested people.

    CES needs to be a PERFECT SHOWCASE for NI if Adam is going to be a major success. It is simply too important to Rohan. So, let us just relax and know that Rohan’s intentions were good.

  319. Can you please set aside this “PROMISE BREAK” issue now. Grow up guys, he is CEO and a busy person.

  320. for you info: what i meant above is this:

    this blog is followed by tech watchers, competitors, hackers…….so Rohan has to be careful of what he show…..of ideas that he has not patented/conflict with previous patents….because this tablet business is serious business.

    I hope you understand what he meant by Momentum. If he is careless he loses momentum….of this serious business.

  321. @Aditya

    amen… some of the solutions for self-recovery include avoiding artificial “advancements” india has recovery potential equal the best anywhere… that’s one we are meeting on this blog

  322. Couldn’t agree more! I also give up for today! All this waiting tend to fade out all the excitment! =/

  323. On a different Note: Sholay: “Itna Sannata kyon hai bhai” naya post kaha hai(why there is so much silence. Where is the new post) ๐Ÿ™‚ :). Will help to release some tensions that are runnig right now in this blog

  324. Yes dear brothers, it is my understanding Rohan is now taking pre-orders for “night of exotic love with Rohan” and he wants you two to sign up immediately. How could we ever live with out Rohan , I too have got a tingle running down my leg just thinking about him now.

    Now how would i express my frustration a little better as you two man romp with Rohan…let me think. ah yes,…oh this is a tough one…requires a bit more thought thatn I usually must give…oh wait here it is;

    Sincerly…Fuck You. ๐Ÿ˜› Youre right that feels so much better. Thanks

  325. @bsmdbt, talking about being smart, I can guarantee that my education alone is more than the education of you entire family put together! I don’t don’t believe in Darwin’s theory of ‘Survival of the fittest’, every time I come across an idiot like you!

  326. +100000 It is…. “Basanti tumhara naam kya hai”(What’s your name Basanti) ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  327. @ Rahim,

    Im forcing you to read all my posts and get annoyed at me…silly question drone. the question is what are you doing here, since you are so annoyed with me? be good drone and answer me soon, i want go get some sun

  328. Dude.. Whats wrong with you?

    Do not talk about your culture here. No one here needs a lesson in that.

    Seeing the kind of language you are using here, definitely speaks for itself or your self proclaimed “truthiness” culture (pun intended)…

    If you are not interested in making something useful out of your comments or yourself, please keep it to yourself…

    You do realize that you can just “not follow this blog” , right?

    Come on guys, this fellow is using language not apt for a decent place like this blog and no one here seems to be bothered…

  329. Yeah ๐Ÿ™‚

    Basanti is one of my favorite movie character. Movie was directed by Ramesh Sippy.

    Recently he produced a film called “Bluffmaster” which was directed by his son (coincidentally, his name is also Rohan :D)

  330. I got NOOKcolor, $260 including taxes. I figured it’ll keep me going for 3-4 months until new adam comes out…and I don’t like it.

    Some of negatives overlap with adam which make me 2nd guess if I’ll like ADAM. In case you’re curious, here’s what I think:

    -1024×768 resolution is too little even for 7″ screen. Small letters are thin, undefined and lack sharpness. For reference, displays I like are of Moto DROID and IPod/IPhone ADAM’s dpi is even less than nookcolor’s… PQi display features eBook mode that triples horizontal resolution but, unfortunately, it’s not supported by the chipset.
    -screen is of IPS type and is visible outside but it’s glossy and uses 2x the battery due to high brightness setting. ADAM has non glossy screen and PQi option.
    -device is heavy and awkward to hold. I think ADAM’s curved design might be solution to copy as it concentrates weight in the grip and is shaped for more comfortable grip.
    -It’s slow, partly due to v2.1…and partly due to 800MHz CPU. ADAM’s dual core – no contest.

    All in all I will wait to see if higher res screens come out soon. If not, I’ll get a kindle while waiting for 7″ Eve which hopefully will feature PQi screen and support eBook mode (3072×600 resolution) for reading.

  331. Dude.. Whats wrong with you?

    Do not talk about your culture here. No one here needs a lesson in that.

    Seeing the kind of language you are using here, definitely speaks for itself or your self proclaimed “truthiness” culture (pun intended)…

    If you are not interested in making something useful out of your comments or yourself, please keep it to yourself…

    I know, you are going to reply to this with more of your “culture”(d) words… and call me names… i dont care…

    You do realize that you can just “not follow this blog” , right?

  332. Scott, you obviously NEVER read my first post on this topic in which i said it was NOT A BIG DEAL, a small thing as a matter of fact…or is english a second language to you as well coming out of an americam public school system?

    I see you express what you think in your critique of me…here is what i think of you; you badly want your $600 pre-order not to be a sham (ps I dont think it is a sham). you dont care if rohan lies, cheats or shams everybody else, just dont let it be you who gets taken (I do care, because i wont do business with a liar (note the spelling)). somehow you feel that if you say something bad about rohan he might cancel your order, so instead you opt to pull down your pants stick your bare ass in the air and point to your ass and say..Lord Rohan please stick it here, thank you very much, you work so hard its been my privilige to give you my $600 and my ass just so I’ll get my precious adam. Pretty sure that sums you up in a “nut”shell.

    I’ll be performing here all week.

  333. Edit:

    Initially, I did not see that lot of people have taken offense to he has been shouting here…

  334. “i want go get some sun” You are free to go AWAY and have all of them elsewhere ๐Ÿ™‚

  335. ๐Ÿ™‚ yeah .It’s look as fresh even after 35 years. And thanks for this trivia ๐Ÿ™‚

  336. Rohan and or him and his team are either 1. Working in the US. or 2. Changed there work hours in India…night shifts.

    pretty sure all his posts are on the day he said they would be, in the US.

    It’s coming….

  337. he is not looking for employees, because according to the morons in here, Poor poor Rohan is a one man company, who is soo busy that product quality, character of personality, busines ethic all are optional, they will still throw their money at him, in hopes of not getting a job, but getting to meet him and have his babies…thats what Ive learned tonite…pathetic.

  338. @bsmdt,

    If someone doesn’t deliver on their word, doesn’t mean they are lying. There are a million reasons why Rohan couldn’t have posted today. He is posting these videos just to keep the followers of the blog informed. He could have on day one posted a 10 minute video made by a pro and get done with this once and for all. He didn’t choose to do that. The content of the video he said he will post today wasn’t asked by anyone. He volunteered to do that so that the buyers/potential buyers understand the true potential of adam. If you read the posts by Rohan from May 2009, you will understand the kind of person Rohan is. You have expressed your dissatisfaction and displeasure. That is fine. Please do not use abusive language on this blog. There is a bit of decency we would like to maintain in the comments we post and I hope you will abide by it. If you choose not to, then there is not much we could do expect to ignore your comments.

  339. Promise Broken…!! Promise Broken…!! Promise Broken!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    I won’t call it the 1st time tat rohan has broken his promise. But seriously ridiculous!..
    He 1st broke when he missed to send “The Family” Pre-Order email to all the members.
    Then!..he would say 1 video per 2 days he din’t keep up with tat. And now the unbelievable. Seems like he not only forgot to post 1 but has taken us for granted also. He would ditch us cuz he now knows the CES is round the corner & thus no more need for the fan boys!..Thinking that the the product will prove itself “If so….” will impress us all at the CES anyway & revealing a everything.. or in the negative terms he just doesn’t need us.

  340. If you believe in promises, then you are wasting time. Promises in our times are rarely ever kept. If nothing more, the excuse of extenuating circumstances will be used to explain why the promise was broken.

    The little boy said, “Momma I promise to keep my room clean. Can I please have a new Adam tablet? Mom say ” Okay son, but you must keep your promise to keep your room clean. Then the little boy got distracted by the games he played on his Adam and forgot to clean his room. Mom said, ” Son you have broken your promise to keep your room clean. I will now have take you Adam away for punishment. Now did the little purposely not clean his room, or was overly distracted by his new Adam. Was the little boy telling his mom a lie?

    Most of us here want new Adams not videos. We only want videos, because we can’t have our new Adams. Or maybe were trying to decide if we want an Adam at all. You can twist a broken promise into lie if that makes you feel better, or feel worse if that is how you want to take it. Or perhaps maybe we should all turn off our computers and go to bed, or if it’s not dark where you are go for a nice long walk and try to forget about Rohan and Adam for while. Rohan will be back here at some point, with a message,an apology, and maybe even a video. Adams will arrive in our hands when they arrive in our hands and I wouldn’t even try to promise you that. We can only control the things we can control and Rohan, his videos, and the delivery of Adam are not included.

  341. This is a double post sorry I broke my promise to double post:

    If you believe in promises, then you are wasting time. Promises in our times are rarely ever kept. If nothing more, the excuse of extenuating circumstances will be used to explain why the promise was broken.

    The little boy said, โ€œMomma I promise to keep my room clean. Can I please have a new Adam tablet? Mom say โ€ Okay son, but you must keep your promise to keep your room clean. Then the little boy got distracted by the games he played on his Adam and forgot to clean his room. Mom said, โ€ Son you have broken your promise to keep your room clean. I will now have take you Adam away for punishment. Now did the little purposely not clean his room, or was overly distracted by his new Adam. Was the little boy telling his mom a lie?

    Most of us here want new Adams not videos. We only want videos, because we canโ€™t have our new Adams. Or maybe were trying to decide if we want an Adam at all. You can twist a broken promise into lie if that makes you feel better, or feel worse if that is how you want to take it. Or perhaps maybe we should all turn off our computers and go to bed, or if itโ€™s not dark where you are go for a nice long walk and try to forget about Rohan and Adam for while. Rohan will be back here at some point, with a message,an apology, and maybe even a video. Adams will arrive in our hands when they arrive in our hands and I wouldnโ€™t even try to promise you that. We can only control the things we can control and Rohan, his videos, and the delivery of Adam are not included.

  342. +1. However big the differences among guys here who are commenting, There is no need to be abusive on the blog.People belonging to every age group read this blog. Think twice before using abusive language.

  343. Primarycloud:

    I SOOOO agree with you about the corporations here in the US and the large (and growing) population of unemployed and UNDERemployed, while manufacturing of “American” product is conducted almost completely off-shore. It is a new paradigm and we need to figure out how to live within it because I seriously doubt corporations will let us change it.

    Researchers from the Asian Development Bank Institute economically dissected an iPhone, whose wholesale price is around $179, to determine where the money actually goes.

    About $61 of the $179 price goes to Japanese workers who make key iPhone components, $30 to German workers who supply other pieces, and $23 to South Korean workers who provide still others.

    Around $6 goes to the Chinese workers who assemble it. Most of the rest goes to workers elsewhere around the globe who make other bits. Only about $11 of that iPhone goes to Americans, mostly Apple researchers and designers. And, of course, Apple’s profit (which is HUGE) is in that wholesale price as well.

    I want to support the little guys in the business whenever I can, even if they are based in another country.

  344. It seems that there is a new fashion around here of mentioning “Broken Promises” ๐Ÿ™‚

  345. busy is just another way of saying “you are too low down on my priority list for me to do what you want me to do”

    a mans word is his bond, if the man says one video per day, then he should deliver 1 video per day. in fact i prefer the “under promise and over deliver” mentality.

    But i trust it will be worth the wait! in fact if i had my adam already i don’t think i would be following this blog daily, so i’m all for less talk and more action.

  346. If rohan actually says video processing then why do both the youtube user pages show last visit date to be 3 days ago. Is he buying time or what?

  347. Come on Vipul.

    Rohan usually posts and uploads the video simultaneously. Just because it is past midnight in India doesn’t mean that it is 31st in the rest of the world. It appears that Rohan is working to US timings.

  348. Don’t you usually get charged a little more for a pre-order because you are reserving your purchase before it is released? I think we may still see some discounts yet.

  349. I just love to see the poeple who comes here crying.
    I really wonder what they wish to achieve, so far I can only think of apple fanboys and early “doubters” who can’t realize that their thoughs were wrong and that this product will rock the world!

    It is funny to see how they make fools of themselves though ๐Ÿ˜€

  350. Hello everyone,
    I thought that while we are waiting, and since this is a multi-everything blog, I though a little poem would help calm anxiety a little. Here is a beautiful African Praise Song. The original link is here: http: // / cagatucci/classes/hum211/ coursepack /praisesongs.htm


    Iron hoe says hu
    All day; iron palm
    Finger tip
    Hole in the handle fits
    Iron in: hafted like man and woman
    Bent neck
    Slenders to the grip
    Poor man works with it
    Rich man works with it
    Who has a hoe hangs on
    Even an orphan grows
    By dint of:
    Sun, fatigue, content.

  351. So expect a long video tomorrow (or no video at all) and on the day following (forget about it!).

    This time we will (try to) shoot via HDMI screen capture, so expect tremendous (low) quality! ๐Ÿ˜‰ (As this was just a joke from our team at NI as an entertainer for our today’s New Year bash)

  352. Was never Promised. it was a feature they want to include but never promised. FYI i am glad if it wasn’t working good enough they disable it rather than delay the launch.

  353. It is not a broken promise. He clearly said that the back trackpad doesn’t work satisfactorily. They are working on it. Remember iPhone 4 and its reception problems. Atleast Rohan is honest and says that there is a problem, he is not giving a sugar coated or an arrogant answer.

  354. Dear Rama,
    I very well know that. And that’s precisely my query. Rohan uploads the video simultaneously then why EVEN NOW is the Youtube page showing last visit to be 3 days ago. All of a sudden has he found a new youtube account?

  355. So expect a long video tomorrow (or no video at all) and on the day following (forget about it!).

    This time we will (try to) shoot via HDMI screen capture, so expect tremendous (low) quality! ๐Ÿ™‚ (As this was just a joke from our team at NI as an entertainer for our todayโ€™s New Year bash)

  356. @Rohan

    PLEASE BAN bsmdbt:

    Not for disagreeing or criticizing or trolling but for INSULTING and ABUSING other fine folks in this blog. People of all sorts of ages and backgrounds come here and they don’t need to be hearing his abusive rants.

  357. What he probably means is, he is modifying the video before he uploads it on to youtube. Like adding subtitiles…. ๐Ÿ™‚
    So wait for an hour or so before its on youtube… But I am not complaining, I can wait ๐Ÿ™‚ Its 11:34 am and a holiday for me ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  358. I’m sure thats exactly what Rohan is thinking as he totals your credit card receipts and has his mother building the adam down in his basement.

    Rahim, you amaze me, I never thought people were this gullible until now.

    Rohan is like 26 or 27..his partners are like 24 and 25. Regardless of their actual ages they are NOOBS. They have ZERO experience running a company..much of what you are watching is trial and error (mostly error…pre-order fiasco, PR handling, credit card fiasco, making false promises…which up UNTIL today he acknowledged and corrected, today however he absconded responsibility by claiming he has not broken the promise…but there is still no video and we are on day 3 without video).

    Will Rohan fail because of his age and CEO immaturity? I dunno. Many companys like Microsoft, Apple, USA Today and AOL were all formed by college students who turned inexperience into BILLIONS, if not, Trillions.

    Rohan has chosen the grassroots methodolgy of pushing his product, and he has made several mis-steps along the way. I’m betting there are hundreds maybe even thousands of LOST customer opportunities due to the pre-order charade. Those who had blogged since the beginning never got emails telling them to go pre-order. those who went there who had mastercard, were turned away, and even those who got there made there order and the system crashed during their order…all of them now, do NOT have an opportunity to get the adam they qualified to pre-order…those are ANGRY customers, with valid reason.

    Then there are those who always watched the blogs but did not comment, after all not everybody feels the need to comment, but they were still faihtful to Notion Ink, reading updates, and they were completely cut out of the Notion Ink Pre-order process, simply because of their quiet personality..very unfair. They too are pissed off, with valid reason.

    I actually know some people who spread Notion Inks name around in the Financial District in NYC, to get NI funding, they too followed in the blogs, not commenting, but rather watching how the company progressed, they TOO got stiffed.

    Rohan has made some bad bad bad amatuer business decisions, or those who he hired made those mistakes at his approval…but in either case he has pissed a lot of people off. the one saving grace was his seemingly humble apology he issued two days after the fiasco closed…but once again we see Rohan slipping in his promises, but this time he is unapologetic, he instead is choosing to lie (or as politicians do and get away with “spin” the situation, so he is not at fault for having broken a promise.

    So will Rohan succeed? I dunno. People of lesser character have become Billionaires. but wait, they were simple people at that time too. What changes them into corporate zionista’s? Outside pressures of the corporate financial world? Forcing “deals with the devil” for corporate survival? is this how people like Steve Jobs, Steve Case, or Bill Gates matures into the true corporate posture? How many lies do they end up telling you the customer along the way? it is after all…just business, nothing personal…I believe that is the catch phrase.

    Does that mean Rohan will fail, I say it again, I dunno…it wont matter how much he lies to you though, as your already ready to forgive him every lie he tells, as long as you get your adam…after all you did give him your credit card number already.

  359. True, comment of the day! wonder my wife will do the same thing if she reads this comment!

  360. he is doing what noone other than an ocasional reply from Steve Jobs, does. engaging directly with the customer base from the highest level, and i can’t beleive people are getting twitchy about the video not being updated (i’m quite happy to wait as i have work to do).

    he said a vdeo is coming and never has he said an exact time, so be happy that he will post it in the first place. its not a legal obligation or summat.
    chill and respect the massive effort by Rohan, real David vs Goliath battle coming up, and Adam is looking to be the small stone as lethal as a bullet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  361. You’re hired. Show up Monday morning and bring your damn kneepads…youre gonna need them!

  362. Then what are you waiting for. There may be delay sometimes or they can’t keep up due to other priorities.
    If you want to blame, blame somewhere else not here

  363. First time I saw this post… another person who see’s the truth and is not clouded with blind lust for Rohan’s ass. Though i do understand Rohan keeps his ass in spectacular shape.

  364. @Sharath
    But he will keep doing it until we stop answering. He has a plan. Just ignore. And please NI/Rohan, delete his indecent comments.

  365. Which account are you referrring to? realisingdreams??

    That is where he uploads the videos to. He first writes the post, then makes the video, then uploads the video onto Youtube and once it is uploaded he posts on WordPress. The videos do not appear instantaneously after they are uploaded. Google takes some time to authenticate the video (for piracy or any objectionable content) before they are made available to the public.

    For the past three days, there are no videos uploaded for the same reasons mentioned above.

  366. Thanks mate. I started following this blog since June 2010 but there are many more who are following this blog for long so don’t know I fit into that category or not ๐Ÿ™‚

  367. bsmdbt:

    Now, look who is “lying.”

    BTW – If you want to cuss, please go to a porno site for that. Thank you.

  368. If you are here that means you have given your heart to Rohan and Co. You know what happens when you give your heart to someone!!!

  369. Just to keep you guys amused.

    No offense intended to anyone, any company or any product,


  370. There is a difference between processing and capturing a video on your PC and processing the video on Youtube. He didn’t say Youtube was processing, I am assuming it is processing on his system to then be uploaded to Youtube.

  371. You know you’re pathetic if:

    1. you make excuses for people who took your money and you have no product.
    2. you think or act like poor poor Rohan is a one man company.
    3. you think or act like Rohan is living a life of hell, just so you can have the privilige of owning an adam.
    4. you are here refreshing every three minutes for a video that was suppose to be here YESTERDAY.
    5. you find me offensive, because nearly all the above traits define you to a tee. Damn me to hell!

  372. I love your attitude and insight. I have only been following this blog about 6 weeks and I find myself regularly appreciating your input. I got lucky and got my order in once ordering opened up (wifi pixel Qi) and am really looking forwrd to getting it but I intend to keep following here and at other Notion Ink focused sites as I feel I am learning both on the tech front and the world stage front. Just wanted to say thanks for your part in that.

  373. Give the guy a break.It does not matter if the video is late we will all still get to see it

  374. Thanks mate. I think all are contributing in one way or other and it’s a learning platform for me too:). Will wait for your hands on videos and reviews of adam ๐Ÿ™‚ (I hope you post one once u receive ur adam)

  375. -1

    Well in this blog he says he is delivering 1 video every two days…thats a lie. read his post, he rationalizes (spins) reality into a he doesnt have to accept responsibility for his broken promises…this is a first for Rohan..he has broken promises but never tried to cover them up with BS like this entry

  376. An update on his twitter about an hour back. ….”Capturing Video”


  377. I happen to be that 6’6″ 255# football player genuis. BTW 325# would be one fat ass footballer

  378. You know you are trying to compare an ebook reader to a tablet, right?? And even when it’s rooted and you are more free to use it as a tablet, for $250 it’s really pretty good considering it’s not what it’s built for.

    I owned a NC for about a week when I couldn’t take the wait for an Adam anymore (I took it back after I decided that I did want to wait after all). I didn’t expect it to work like a tablet, so I was very happy with it’s performance as an ereader that did a decent job of accessing the internet.

    I owned a regular Nook for quite a while and I was quite skeptical about reading from an LCD screen. Everyone hears about how it gives eyestrain. Well, I call BS on that. When I read, I read for several hours at a time. I never once felt any differently than when I read from the regular Nook. I had the brightness turned down most of the time, but that’s what it’s there for. Also, I’ve spent several hours since looking into the LCD vs eink issuse since, and there is nothing to support that the LCD’s themselves cause eyestrain.

    They used to, but the refresh rate is now higher than our eyes notice, so that is no longer a problem. Also, as most devices have brightness control, that isn’t a problem either… and actually the brightness is preferred over eink in dim lighting, which CAN cause eyestrain. The biggest problems with reading from an LCD seems to be a lack of enough blinking and the reading angle. Easily solved by looking away from the screen now and then, and holding the device up so you aren’t constantly looking down and straining your neck.

    There are only two negative things I could say about the Nook Color when you consider it’s use as an ereader. The 1st is the battery life. This may not be a problem if you were a casual reader/user, but I really do read for 6, 8+ hours at a time when I have a free day/night and a book I just can’t put down. More than once the battery life interfered with how long I wanted to read. (You aren’t supposed to use it while it’s charging, which I thought was a bit silly.)

    The 2nd was that it does feel rather heavy in your hands after a while. Again, this may not be a problem if you were only using it casually. I never had to put it down bc of the weight, but it was definitely something I noticed. I’m not sure if that’s bc I was used to reading from the regular Nook (which is lighter) or not, but it was something I wasn’t very happy about.

    To the poster above. It’s not *that* slow on the internet in my house. It was much slower in the store. Also, if you got it to use an an ereader (which is what it is-it’s *not* a tablet), then it really shouldn’t be an issue bc it’s pretty instant when reading. I didn’t find the resolution to be an issue at all, even reading for extended periods of time. I thought the glossy screen would bother me, but for the most part it did not. At times I had a glare, but I just changed position. I read a few comments saying the B&N matte screen protector really worked well for a lot of ppl who did have issues with the screen being glossy.

    I ended up not pre-ordering due to the T&C at the time. So, now it seems as if I’ll be waiting again. I’m going to see what is shown at CES and the time frame of release of anything I find that might be better than the Adam. If I have to wait for more than just a few months, I fully intend to go back and buy a NC to hold me over. For the price and what it does (and don’t forget it’s getting Android Marketplace in Jan), I’d be more than happy with it again despite a few issues.

  379. brucey, my dear,

    My comment has ZERO…repeat ZERO to due with how busy Rohan may be or not. I choose not to act like Rohan is one man show, he isnt, your ADVANCED credit card payment BETTER mean Im correct, or we are all in trouble.

    My comment has everything to due with a decision Rohan made to act , no change that, STATE OPENLY that because the video will come tomorrow (now today) he will have met the 1 video every 2 day PROMISE. NEWSFLASH: THAT IS AN OUTRIGHT LIE. that is one video is 3 days, and IF…and I say IF, he delivers on immediately the next day after that then it will be 2 videos in 4 days.

    meanwhile the drones F5 incesantly…yeah no impact on customer base at all.

  380. And the comparison of an e-reader with a tablet was for? Not to mention you’re talking about $260 vs $550+(500 original price+$50 shipping, +various taxes). For half the price, the Nook color honestly isn’t that bad of a deal. Especially when rooted the speed increases(the processor is underclocked originally), not to mention the speed boost it’ll get when 2.2 or 2.3 is ported over.

    Not sure what your complaint on the font/font size/brightness is about. There are options built in to adjust those things. Not sure about the gripe on the screen resolution either, it is the same as the ipad’s except in a 7″ form.

    I agree with battery life and the form/weight being a little akward to hold though.

  381. If you even visit your account and log out it counts it as a visit. So my point is rohan hasn’t logged in the youtube account. realisingdreams and rohanshravan both. Processing video on system makes no sense to me. Youtube does the processing no matter what format you upload.

  382. @bsmdbt

    You seem to be a reasonable person. Your profile in Gravatar says that you are a,

    “systems engineer, electronics engineer, mechanical engineer, communications engineer
    and pilot”,

    If all of what you have written about yourself is true, there is something called “delay due to reasons beyond one’s control”. Being a pilot, I think you can appreciate this fact more than anyone else.

  383. You don’t seem to get the tickle which I got after reading the comment from bsmdbt. My comment was supposed to be funny :(. I just wished to get bsmdbt into the “moron” gang.

  384. what venom did Bruce use? I think your reading comprehension needs work.

    Rohan did explain he needed two days back to back to make this next presentation to us. Now perhaps he could have offered an apology on top of that but really he is under no obligation to be even doint this.

    You are the one who is out of line when you use lunatic, fool, asshole and moron to describe Bruce while complaining about him attacking you. It would be funny if it wasnt so pathetic

  385. If your bored while waiting for the next video post and want something to read… I put some test results on my bog for those 16 GB class 10 microSDHC cards I bought for my Adam. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But it’s not my fault if you hop on over there and miss your attempt to be “First” for the next post here. ๐Ÿ˜€

  386. Just on a positive note, here is an article you would want to read


  387. Rao,

    Your very existense serve as the physical evidence against Darwins theory of survival of the fittest. See in the theory (what is a theory by the way, but an uproven hypothesis)…it become a law when it becomes proven (like the second law of thermodynamics for instance), so many ignorant among us have forgotten even the most basic definitions in the scientific communtiy.

    Darwins theory of survival of the fittest was a physical as well as an intellectual statement. Animals with the power and the cunning will naturally survive. In the natural world, I think that is the law of the jungle. However in mans world, the fools we have become, I can assure you, for example bending over for Rohan (making excuses for his mis-steps) shows Darwin’s theory is not in play in todays human society…if it were, you wouldnt even be alive. see, in the jungle if I acted like an animal and Rohan lied to my face, I would not make excuses for him, I would destroy him. Could you smack a wild lion or tiger in the face and expect anything but annihilation back? I expect your answer should be…”yeah DUH!”.

    Then tell me why you put up with it, making excuses for the liar here? It makes no sense.

    See, In that existence (the natural world) liars would be…rare, as death would be the known price for the lie. The result would be, the liar would become nearly extinct, and a mans word would become his bond!

    Wait a second I’ve heard that somewhere before…oh wait, could it be that we once were a people of honor and dignity and have only now in the last 100 years, have deluded ourselves into falseness and acceptiance of that which is false?

    Could it possibly be you have played a role by accepting the small lies people tell, making excuses for them, because they have something you want? the rest of humanity be damned? Those people who lied in any manner were known in the past as scoundrels…but in here, they seem to be getting by as hard working one man corporate CEO’s trying all they can do to get you your damn adam.

    Your pathetic.

  388. @GIJoe

    Two gay lovers for you, Im sure they are ready to exchange numbers with you and arrange a meeting place for that hot man sex you love to give so much.

    hey its the 21st century where even a guy named GIJoe can be a pussy.

  389. For a silent moment in our fuzzy heads…


  390. Iam planning for 32GB pendrive, i like the size of HP 16GB one which rohan used for demo but i guess 32GB is not available in that model.

  391. funny I didnt get to pre-order.
    but from my understanding every credit card order was paid in full on order, not after you get the product, so that means everybody paid and has no product…am I right?

    If I am, them what on Gods green earth are you talking about?

  392. to repeat: wow dude, it’s not that big of a deal. Maybe you should go back to 4chan, you’d fit in better there.

    I’m happy to sit back and read the updates as the come, I don’t need to mouth off over the intertubes when someone doesn’t give me exactly what I want.

    Oh, and I didn’t preorder, I’m just a fan of being polite to strangers. I’m sorry if that concept is foreign to you.

  393. If your bored too read this..


  394. As far as ebook and tablet definitions – it’s just a marketing term it’s the same hardware and OS. Rooted nookcolor is one of the best tablets currently available. CPU is not the fastest but screen brightness, viewing angles and resolution as well capacitive touch screen are above average…but not enough for me.

    It seems we are pretty much in agreement about it’s performance (weight, battery life, use cases) To me the biggest drawback is the “screen door” effect of low res screen. It just irks me to no end to see spaces between pixels.

  395. not really…Im waiting to give my credit card number…but thats not my heart. Ordering is closed..sold out, so I come for the family atmosphere, but so far I havent seen any bloggers under the age of me…Im 17 (in ewok years)..or at least i say Im 17, I might even be female, or male, or shemale…look at my picture i have too much hair to really tell. But my heart …i dunno, its a freaking piece of hardware man…get a life.

  396. Actually that is incorrect. If you are capturing video into one format with just the video and then you import it into a video editing program to add the text and such, the program will then spend the next XXX minutes processing the video into the final format for uploading to youtube. It would be different if they were just capturing and uploading without inputting any text or graphics by way of explanation.

  397. you were not polite to me…i stated a FACT, not an opinion..and you felt sure to attack me..thats not polite. You were rude…so revel in your fruit

  398. I’m one of those who have been following the adam since news of it was first released (last CES), quietly waiting to see what happened. Well, I have to say I have been disappointed. I agree with what bsmdbt is saying, and I am one of those who believes if you’re not sure if you’ll be able to come through, don’t make the promise. This is not my only problem, the lack of information prior to pre-order makes no sense. No details were given about storage space, and the fact that this does not have quad-band 3g is a big one for me. I will continue to follow the updates, but as I said before, I am disappointed.

  399. you should be making excuses for me…oh what do i have to build you an adam for $599 to get cut that same break you cut Rohan so blindly? Ok fine send me $599 and I’ll get you an adam…you will have delivery in March…sound ok?

  400. oh, thank me emelao, if it wasnt for me , most of these posters would be asleep hours ago, and never would have read your piece

  401. okay 4pm for me and no update ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Just for fun the other day I went into Future Shop and toyed with the Pad, loaded notion ink adam website with the full image of Sold Out, placed it back on the display holder and watched people check out what a real tablet looks like. Let’s all do this to spread the word.

    Hope the new post will be up by 5pm. Keep F5 in.

  402. Thanks Elmelao
    And Merry Christmas to ya’ll (I’m late I know but better late than never)
    I’ve been watching the latest vids from Rohan but never posted until now : GREAT JOB NI :))

  403. Well put.

    The product’s due for release soon and aside from it being out of stock, it’s available for preorder.

    Videos are just to fill in the time gap till we can play with it, I can wait no problem; though the videos are the reason I get up in the morning at this point haha.

    I’ve no qualm with something being late, it’s amazing that they’re even making them anyway, I can respect that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  404. F5 / AutoRefresh ON………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  405. On a complete different tone (while waiting 4 the new post), I watched yesterday a Movie called 3 Idiots by Rajkumar Hirani, it was very funny and entertaining, and I don’t know why but the main character made me think of Rohan and NI, maybe because they both have a completely new and fresh vision about what’s science or engineering. Did you guys watched it ?

  406. Oh come on, you selfrigious ************
    Maybe you skipped kindergarten, where normal ppl learn to make friends?
    we are amongst friends and family here.
    We are not here to keep you awake, neither are you (the other way around) here to keep us awake.

  407. I was not really talking about ebook features since I think nookcolor, in it’s unrooted form, is an awful ebook reader. It’s quite obvious that the software was rushed to the market to meet the Christmas shopping season. Ebook reader hardly leverages any of the hardware advantages granted by LCD display (no page turn animations, jerkkky scrolling) and no landscape mode. For now, higher versions are just marketing promises. Also, I would not be surprised if v2.2 update disabled boot from flash making rooting more difficult.

  408. now suddenly the whole blog revolves around b(d)smdbt?
    Please man if you don’t know anything usefull to add to this blog.
    Then don’t.

  409. Now this is disappointing. Rohan in your next update please specify the timezone you’re in. You said a video tomorrow? Where is it? Come on what sense does it make to record a video at the penultimate hour? Shouldn’t you have done the work earlier. I repeat what most of us have been saying – Under Promise and Over Deliver. I’m done for tonight.

  410. @bsmdbt, you seem to assume Rohan was being disingenuous – claiming to be keeping his promise still by running two videos back to back. I (and I think many others) read Rohan’s post differently – I think he accepts that he slipped up but hopes he will be making up for it by giving us two successive days of videos.

    Most of us are happy with this ‘make-good’ in the knowledge that things must be extremely busy for Rohan and his team at this time.

  411. Interesting article about tablets in general, just came out on cnbc


  412. Rohan,
    since we are waiting here for the video/s, I’d like to ask you a questiosn:
    Is thre any chance we are going to have a pre-order 2? If yes, please limit the number of units to one or two, so many of us have a chance!

  413. I think someone at notion ink forgot to do their homework on HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection). Its a common mistake a NOOB’s make about HDMI protection. Most PC HDMI output is protected today, i am guessing Adam’s HDMI output may be too. Video capture vendors are very scared to break this. This might be the issue NI is running into.

  414. Oh I agree with software updates from companies being marketing and nothing else. I was referring to people like xda when it came to 2.2 or 2.3 being ported over. At the price point/hardware on the nook color they dedicated a forum to rooting it and I can see them carrying it and tweaking it for a while.

    Not sure what you mean by no landscape mode:

    Again though, we’re talking about $260 taxes and all vs $550+. Of course you’re going to see better specs on the product that is over double the price(as long as it isn’t an apple product).

  415. Correction:
    since we are waiting here for the video/s, Iโ€™d like to ask you a question:
    Is there any chance we are going to have a pre-order 2? If yes, please limit the number of units to one or two per person, so many of us have a chance!

  416. It’s 4:28 PM Eastern Time, USA
    The latest he ever posted was on December 18, at 11:35 PM (The Eden and Our Effort post).

    So, we have time here on his side of the world.

  417. Landscape mode in ebook reader does not work (I tested on manual and guide that came with it) Landscape works in a browser – and internet browsing is what this device is good at thanks to 1024pixels in landscape mode. v2.2 will turn it to excellent internet tablet.

  418. I’m not trying to piss someone off. It’s just that it sounds unprofessional not standing on the promises made. The video was supposed to come on 30th December and not 31st. If the truth pisses you off then I do not know what will save you.
    P.S: I agree he has a lot of work but then making the video at the penultimate hour seems like what? You only tell.
    P.P.S: Before you coun’t me in the lot who just come here to shout and get lost I have a few words ” I’ve stood by NI and Adam and will always continue to do so” But that does not take away the right to get upset or annoyed. Does it?

  419. Tomorrow never comes??? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ i am sure Rohan is either busy preparing the video or got held up with something more important. otherwise he wld ve atleast posted a msg on this blog for us!!

  420. it is not yet Dec 31st in this part of the world ๐Ÿ˜€ still there hope that he will keep up his promise!!

  421. Most important: the number of devices bought does not depend on tht GDP but on the number of people in a country that have enough money to buy luxury goods.

    Eg. the Netherlands (15 million people, GDP of 650 billion) compared to India (1180 million people, GDP of 3500 billion).

    Considering this, why would ANY company that produces luxury goods focus on India ? It does not have a whole lot of people able to buy luxury products.

  422. “”

    Appears android 2.2 is already on there thanks to the folks over at xda.

    Hadn’t be able to find a normal nook color in landscape mode while reading(besides a picture book) but it would surprise me if that limitation is still there after being rooted.

  423. And now for something completely different (of topic, just to keep the spirit positive here):

    NI is a bit like Mother Earth in this song.
    Hope you appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚

  424. I am not saying the Netherlands is a better market than India, but I am just raising my eyebrows on ‘India is a better market than Europe because there are more people’. Following this logic I am wondering why we are not selling tablets to Africa yet!

  425. Nicely said.

    I am getting a bit annoyed by people who do not get the simple fact that it is very easy for underdeveloped countries like India to grow 10-15% per year. They have a LOT of growing still to do.

    Just to illustrate the situation to people with less information: The average income in my tiny western country is 48000 dollar/year. The Average income in India is 1080 dollar/year.

  426. +1 on the abusive language.
    -1 on the ‘if you do not deliver on your word does not mean you are lying’. I do not want to legalise everything but ‘falso promises’ and ‘lying’ are very close together.

    In other words: I understand when people feel pissed off because yet again promises were not kept. If you feel this way please use the power of rational thought, your keyboard and some processing power before coming up with a reaction. Abusive language will not take you very far.

    The same goes the other way around: I’lld say the difference between a Notion Ink fan and a Notion Ink fanboy is the ability to be objective and honest.

    To Rohan: If and when you are busy – do not make promises you can not keep! Other companies promise nothing at all and nobody gets annoyed (because they never break that promise). There must be some sort of lesson in there.

  427. Yes, i was so brilliant, they pushed me straight to corporate CEO, go passed Kidergarten, don not bother with the trivial social engineering projects hosted by government, go straight to corporate leadership..thank me very much

  428. Yes, i was so brilliant, I totally skipped Kindergarten, go passed Kindergarten, do not bother with the trivial social engineering projects hosted by government, that attempt to teach boys to act like girls and girls to be men, yes skip the “government” is the solution propaganda that is so glaryingly incorrect across every nation in this world in which everything those socialist Governments do is corrupt and steals food from the mouths of the people they should be serving, and lets not forget the BLATANT historical revisionism desired by drones like you that teach Christopher Columbus was a slave trader, and entirely write George Washington, our founders, and the purpose of the US Constitution (the document all our enemies want destroyed!) right out of the history books. Instead your heros teach 2nd graders how to put a condom on a banana, and that having sex with males and females (regardless of your equipment) is perfectly normal…in fact, in the world you accept, if you dont think little timmy sticking his willy into little billy is norma,l you get suspended or worse expelled from school…yes they teach the act of tolerance… but it is only tolerance for lewd and pervese behavior, to young minds of mush, fiunded by your tax dollars, and you sit there and proclaim it a bad thing someone skipped the brainwashi…er system? as the nazi’s called it in World War II and then the Soviets there after..the re-education system. You are saying did I miss that? hell ya, by choice…obviousl;y you think all that is just fine as you advocate it now…a national embarrassment to those who gave their lives for LIBERTY…but your all for it…perfect!

  429. funny that you say that! with luxury companies like burberry n louis vuitton making beeline to open stores in India…John Travolta doing the jig to sell Breitling in Mumbai… Guys get your economics clear. The days of spending power or no spending power has gone… the number of millionaires in India is rapidly increasing…faster than some European countries’ overall population growth. You have 2 of the top 10 of forbes from and in India…so there is a huge market for luxury (considering the top 500 list).Also you guys dont count the amount Indians buy from the so called developed market when they go for holidays. the slow growth in this sector is purely for the 100% import duty Government of India had levied till recently. Inspite of that Mumbai (just one city)has atleast 7-8 Maybach owners, Rolls Royce showrooms and do google about Ludhiana and Mercedes Sales ..Also about BMW record sales in Aurangabad(tier 3 city) …so dont get me wrong- “but please study your economics before you preach!” Comparision with Netherland….!!! u got to be kidding!

  430. When your mindโ€™s made up, thereโ€™s nothing else to do.


  431. @ everyone
    Though I replied to @bsmdbt earlier, I quickly realized that ignoring him/her is the best thing to do. Can everyone please stop responding and leave him/her alone.

  432. Joe…what are you talking about maybe you can enlighten me with your new found keyboard

  433. Official Q & A with Rohan CEO “”

  434. It is indeed lucky that your survival is not dependent upon your grasp of simple grammatical rules.


  435. Hahahahaha… those tiny european countries suck to any army coming their way (WW-2)…or become safe havens for all the ill gotten wealth in the world! or just suck up to US for everything..majority of population live on benefits… their citizens dont understand what fiscal deficit is inspite of being the biggest debtors under IMF!!! and congratulating each other if economy grows at 0.1%..hahahahah..did u ever get maths that… its difficult for a 1 billion to grow at 15% that couple of million to not depend on their govt for their daily dole!!!

  436. I can only promise that I will try. (My current effort is more to get him banned from here.)

  437. if you are soo pissed about Rohan, why are you wasting your time. you admitted that you are the youngest person in this blog. so you clearly don’t need to educate anyone over here.

    i am not against your feelings you have every right to feel so, but your expression is not good.

  438. Still no update 2 rooms painted and she wants another done before tonight. I told her I am sure it’s post by now.

    Someone oh someone throw something up

  439. Rohan NEVER said one video every two days.

    “From now on we will be sharing one video per day per application or principle which comes with Adam. It has been a long wait for all of you, and we really thank all those who are with us.”

    One per day, not every other.

  440. You mis-applied a very simple song. See Glenn is wailing (and I do mean wailing, like a dog in heat for gods sake!) over a broken relationship, presumably with a a female. He wants her to go, now remember she was a lover and a house mate. I can assure you I have no intentions of that with you or anybody else in a blog…thats just creepy. ewwww

  441. bsmdbt is just being a troll. Ignore him and he will be banned due to his foul and abusive language.

    I’m glad they are using an HDMI screen capture, no hands will be in the way of the content ๐Ÿ˜€

  442. Where did you guys ever see Rohan say “one video every two days.” Originally he said one video per day. It wasn’t until yesterday when Rohan said something like.. (I promised one video every two days.)

    “From now on we will be sharing one video per day per application or principle which comes with Adam. It has been a long wait for all of you, and we really thank all those who are with us.”

    One per day, not one every other.

  443. By now if you still have doubts, pls keep them to yourselves. Why waste your time and ours? I can understand frustration and short term selfcontrol but we don’t really need belated apologies. Repetitious cycles do become emotionally trying but some people and events make certain deadlines hard to keep and understandable, if you can’t understand then go to some other site with your fellow blowhards.

  444. it is still the 30th in many places in the world. Chill. I truly hope that NI can adapt a policy to refuse to do business with people like this. Seriously, this blog is a privilege, not a right.

  445. Its always interesting to find that people in other countries view time very differently that we do here in the US and in some parts of Europe. Here in the US, a specific time as given as an actual expectation of something occuring. In other parts of the world, giving a specific time is more like a hazy, “somewhere about this point, give or take a few hours/days/weeks. Rohan is clearly more in the camp that looks at time more like “Tomorrow means sometime in the next week…whenever I get around to it”. I hadn’t realized India was like that, but like I said, its a cultural thing.

    So when he says, “Your Notion Ink Adam will be released between this date and that date,” perhaps like the video uploads, he means, “sometime in January, unless of course we don’t have them ready until February or March…”

  446. From Rohan’s YouTube channel 2 minutes ago “experiencing some technical problems… hope to settle soon…”

  447. bsmdbt- it takes a small man to create a profile with no personal information and bash everyone who disagrees with you. Why dont you put some details there so we can discuss this personally instead of on this blog.

  448. Maybe Rohan is shooting some all long night movie. Just kidding.
    This time it’s different – we already know that the device is real, so I am calm and patient.

  449. why are you here refreshing? you have already made up your mind about this. dont buy it and move on.

  450. RohanShravan ..not with Adam, of course ๐Ÿ™‚
    (7 minutes ago)

    RohanShravan experiencing some technical problems… hope to settle soon…
    (13 minutes ago)