The Momentum

Hello All,

This week is exciting for Notion Ink as it is a week before CES 2010. We released information on Adam on 18th December 2010 and since then we knew people will be expecting a lot. Things have changed a lot, but like in love, feelings haven’t. Your comments are more than inspiration for all of our developers and creates a solid feedback system (and help them revise the next update).

In the last one year one important thing which we have learnt is that you should never lose your momentum. In troubling times, the road becomes steeper and if you increase your efforts you can keep up the same speed as it was on flat road. And the best thing is that with the new increased momentum, when the road in indeed flat, your speed increases dramatically.

There is something I can share more on the hardware front. 3G devices will work on 2G networks as well (haven’t tested in all the countries and with all the carriers, but we have tested in India, China and US with some carriers, theoretically the 3G module supports 2G networks, i.e. EDGE.) SMS will also works and if there is any developer reading this, you can think of brilliant ideas of how with a simple sms you can make Adam do things remotely.

Today we show you a video (with sound 🙂 ) shot by one of our EAP Partners, Mireo, and they showcase a Mapping application. We were really excited to see it working on Adam and took permission from them for posting it here. See it for yourself:

(Seems something killed the sound after 1 min, will try to update full one later (there is voice notification) )

There were a lot of people in the EAP 2 selection list. Notion Ink will soon start communicating with good news with EAP 2 members.

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

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  2. That was sick (awesome)! Loved it.

    We have like 18 inches of snow in NYC. Can the adam shovel snow too?

  3. The home screen was not showed in any of the videos posted directly by Rohan, and there were plenty of comments requesting for the same…

    But, now not in details, but at-least we have answer that Adam does have a home screen.

    Thanks Rohan, another awesome video and great application indeed.

  4. Anybody else notice that the maps load so fast, they must be pre-installed? It looks like the app is using Tegra 2 to the fullest extent.

    I wonder how big the file for those maps is going to be?

    This is better than my friends Garmin!

  5. Heh. Like the touch of ‘Don’t panic’ at loading screen.

    Would love to see NI Bangalore Office as ‘Mostly Harmless’.

  6. Yes, I’m posting with a “Like” and a placeholder note so I can go back and scrutinize the video … the real world intrudes on my time here 😦 … thrilled with the post so far; thanks Rohan and Notion Ink Team!

  7. One of the Best GPS apps i have ever come across…. Its great.. Fantastic…keep it coming…

  8. So a few answers regarding the 3g connectivity I was talking about in the last post. Since the 3g module supports 2g, then I was correct.

    US customers should order the 850/1900 model, as that one will work with TMO EDGE, and AT&T 3g.

    The other one is really only for international customers.

  9. That looks slick! I’m really excited about the Via points that somehow google forgot to include for new directions. Just a minor issue, but can be annoying. I’m getting really excited for my shiny new “toy” (at least that’s what my wife calls it).

  10. (My) first!

    You’re inspiring, Rohan! Hope more of young guys take the steeper road to greatness like NI and team!

  11. The navigation software looks awesome. I have been using navigation devices for about seven years now and this ranks quite high up there. Well done Mireo. With like minded developers, I think adam is already on its way to becoming a very serious working tablet whose utility is more like the swiss army knife, just that it will be much better.

  12. Do you mean that EAP partners are given the Adam with stock Android on it? (its very unlikely I believe).

    I remember somebody complaining of wiped off Adam Rom and was asking for the new one here..Can’t he himself restore it if it had the stock android (not sure about this one).

  13. Display looked good… Was that Pixel Qi or LCD???

    Great work Mireo! The app was very responsive and it seemed pretty intuitive. I look forward to using it. Now I need to find some kind of mount so I can use Adam in my cars. 😉

    Are the maps, points of interests, etc downloaded to the Adam so that they will work when 3G and wifi are not available?

  14. Yah, incredibly fast! Does it show any real time lock down the location? Got to go back to see it again…

  15. Amazing functionality and beautifully optimized for the big screen. the app looks fantastic.. with great detailing. i am hoping India maps carry same substance. it would hurt if India maps are not as good as the one’s which we see here. Add as much info as you can in the maps and make sure the maps carry support for smaller cities and too and not just for the metros. i use nokia N900 and one of its best features is that the maps can be preloaded onto the device. I think that helps excellently especially in this country where 3G connectivity is still bare minimum. Try to do something like that. It would help us big time.

  16. This is pretty good! Congrats to the NI team and the EAP developer for this.

    Now, for those of us who did not get a chance to preorder the first time around, and given the potential uses of the Adam (and its comparative advantage over any other device on the market), the key questions that have yet to be answered are:

    1) ereading capabilities (including annotating pdf) – please show us or write about this
    2) next (pre)order phase – would you give members another chance to get their adams early?

    Considering we have seen the browser (it really looks great), I am really looking forward to your addressing this. The mystery feature is fun, but those two questions are far more important to me (and a lot more folks apparently).

    Have a great day and thanks for all the hard work

  17. Really Liked the GPS application. kudos to Mireo for making this wonderful app for adam.

    btw this is Mireo’s website address “”

  18. One among first 🙂

    Great app, but somehow i have a feeling that the application is not mutitouch enabled, even the keyboard layout is not the one shown in other videos.

    may this is stock android version of the app designed for adam. Adam/Eden styling and extra features are yet to be added on to it.

  19. @Rahim

    Thats stock android homescreen. EAP1 was not given the final Eden. Hey NI is busy integrating Gingerbread! Miero developed this app with the drivers supplied.

  20. I don’t know what they get, but if you look closely, you can see the “Call” button on the right side, and we don’t know yet that you can even make calls with Adam (even though you can SMS, yay). It’s even a standard Android wallpaper. Hey, they might have been told not to reveal the real home screen in their video 😉

  21. man , i am loving this more and more, too bad i couldn’t pre order cause of their payment system, i have tried about 40 times with no luck, hopefully they will add paypal and master card soon.

  22. Wow, now that’s truly amazing.

    Now, let’s start asking:

    1.) Which map material dies the software use? Google Maps? Open Street Map? Other formats? All of them?

    2.) Can the maps be stored on the device?

    3.) If so, how does it make sure not to store too much, e.g. the whole world? Does it store the adjecent 500km, the whole country or can the user somehow select this, e.g. by having a cache of x MB in which it stores the last used and/or most important maps? I’d prefer the latter approach as it seems quite straightforward.

    However, I still can’t wait to the day I recieve my adam. Unfortunately, it might be within the audit period, but it’s just a matter of priorities, isn’t it?

  23. +1. I Think the same that EAP parters are given the stock Android for two reasons(1) to put Eden’s all potential features in wrap till CES. Will also save them from potential leaks out 🙂 (2) initially let them make apps that can explore the hardware of adam to its full utilization. And then to give them Eden as soon as it’s launched at CES.
    That’s my theory btw 🙂

  24. Picking up from my previous comment. I just looked at the Mireo website. I never heard about them before. The mapping app was shown for navigation between two east european places. Do they cover navigation for western europe and americas? Can’t get this information from their website.

  25. Yeah, I don’t believe this one.

    That is a stock froyo launcher. The entire homescreen looks like what you get when you stretch stock froyo onto a larger screen. And when have we ever seen anything stock on Adam?

    No, I think that screen was a result of not having a working version of Adam on the device at the time.

    Rohan even said in a previous video that hitting ‘home’ takes you to the panel interface. I think the panels are the homescreen, at least until someone writes an alternative launcher.

  26. But Rohan also wrote “We HAVE a desktop” in a comment. Somewhere. Don’t make me go look for it^^

  27. Hi Greg! Did you mention a kind of Desktop there? Is it stock Android’s or Eden’s, how do you think?

  28. wow…. simply wow….
    Rohaannn…. Please let us know the nxt dates for ordering… cant wait any longer…
    even lcd variant will do….

  29. ..I reeeeeeeeeally can’t wait for adam to come in shops in Italy (or wherever in the world, I’d have them mail it to me anyways)

  30. This Maps app looks pretty fantastic, but it’s the Adam in this video that seems a bit different than others I have seen. It’s doesn’t seem to have Eden at all. Also with the presence of tap and hold to zoom, it looks like it is lacking some multitouch.

  31. Aka Black LExus :). Hope he got help from his fellow EAP1 guys and solved his problems

  32. I think we have seen the homescreen, we just didn’t realize it. Like I said above, he said that hitting the ‘home’ key takes you to the panel interface.

    I think he is counting on people not needing a ‘desktop’.

  33. Rohan! and NI team!

    Hello and nice app from Miero team. good app.

    Is this app free or will be available through genesis.

    First time saw the home screen. Probably eden is not loaded into this adam.


  34. +1. I dont think that EAP guys were given adam with Eden as one of the EAP1 member also said the same yesterday.

  35. Joshua, if we select 850/1900 that means we won’t be getting 3G speeds at all for Tmobile USA correct? We would instead be getting Edge speeds instead, which can be dramatically slower … so there’s no point for getting a 3G variant for Tmobile USA … just grab a Wifi and tether it would be the best option?

  36. Yes, i’ve read the blog of early november about EAP1 and EAP2, but it’s still not clear to me.
    Can anyone help me and explain, please?

  37. It says they use NAVTEQ and TeleAtlas and can limit searches to single states in the US. And single countries elsewhere.

    The map shown was of Croatia, which is where they seem to be located and had to produce their own maps for (which appears to be the map shown).

  38. Greg Freeze the video at 0.08 second and we can see the DESKTOP. Which we all wanted to see and the mystery feature got to be GSM phone. I bet you for anything.

  39. In that case, is the “calling feature” along with the video conf facility be a good mystery feature candidate?? 😀

  40. -1 :). I don’t think this adam has Eden installed into it. So the final version of Desktop/HomeScreen can be very very different 🙂

  41. i dont think so.. it was not using GPS (probably because it was shot indoor). both the start and end locations were entered manually.. so a fix is not requried

  42. @Rohan

    I dont know whether what I am reading the “behind the lines” meaning is what you mean ? 😉

    I have also commented earlier about “momentum”. Hope with all the recent change in inertia, the gain in momentum is accelerating!!!

    *you know I like to see breaking of “barriers” to feel vindicated of what I see in adam 🙂 and this mean not only markets*

    PS I know I am little cryptic. But If you read this I think you would easily decipher what I meant.

  43. Nice to ee. I’m using the Navigon Mobile Navigator on my Galaxy Tab and I hope I can use it also on my ADAM 🙂

  44. If you are on T-Mobile, and 2g is insufficient, than yes. Saving $50 on the WiFi version would make sense. Personally, I ordered the 850/1900, and I’m keeping that. Having the option to use 2g is worth $50 to me, so I’ll keep that.

    It’s all up to how valuable TMO 2g would be to you. But there is no TMO 3g option, that is correct.

    Also keep in mind that you could get a data-only plan with AT&T and use that 3g with the 850/1900 variant as well. Maybe when the Verizon iPhone comes around and thousands of people jump ship for it, AT&T 3g will get a little better. 🙂

  45. If thats the case then there is a high chance of hitting CPU/mem snags as eden itself uses lot of processing. Ofcourse I am sure the multi cores/multitasking might take care of it. But still it would be difficult to match same performance as one in the video above.

    On the other side there may not be a lot of issue in terms of hardware/sensor utilization as the drivers were provided with the device.

    So, all and all I would expect another iteration of this app with full glory of eaden/multitouch and also “mystery” feature usage.

  46. Well was surprised to see an update today, is this a special one, maybe we will get our regular update tomorrow, oh so many mysteries.
    Everything is looking great guys, keep up the good work.
    For a request can I see ebook and .cbr comic reading.
    Looking forward to those features.

  47. [ANDY] Most of us love Eden, but we were wondering if it was possible to use different launchers with the device?

    [ROHAN] We have yet not revealed whole Eden UI, specially the home screen. After this revelation, you will not be asking this question!

    I feel that Rohan was indicating Adam would have a killer launcher screen.

  48. @Mireo team…

    Great job guys. I would love the option to add satellite/aerial view maps, and have functionality for activities like geocaching (similar to other handheld GSP units), and voice guided navigation which is very useful when driving. Do you support those or have plans to include them anytime soon?

  49. means to make adam execute some command with that sms. It can very well be a scenario where there is program where if is a sms is recieved from a particular number(your personal number) with a command kill then to wipe out all the content of your adam. It can be a very well method to protect your secure data in case your adam is stolen 🙂

  50. Alright Josh here it is:

    Where is my Christmas gift now? Don’t you wanna make me happy 😉

  51. my assumptions.. correct me if i am wrong..

    1.Being developed by EAP, i guess this app would be on sale on Genesis and not preloaded in tto ADAM.
    2.GPS does not need internet connection(WIFI or 3G) to work with (Or does it??). If that is correct can it load map data from external storage?


  52. Wow. Being the first poster in this thread is starting to go to Joshua’s head!

    Being a bit demanding now, eh? 😀

    All Hail King Joshua! 🙂

  53. but it did look like it has a phone icon 😀 might be stock android but let’s just hope 😀

  54. Fantastic job on the GPS app. I too am assuming the maps are preinstalled which is good since I don’t plan on using any data service to use my device. I inquired about the Galaxy Tab and was informed you need to be on the network to use the GPS. That’s one of the reasons I chose adam so that I can use the GPS as a standalone unit, no service and no contract free.

    Glad to see the devs coming along and showing some goods. Keep up the good work.

    Next update we hope to hear about FCC, and for Rohan….. I really don’t believe it’s a back button on the side but we will all play along until we get more info. Half the fun of reading these posts is just thinking / dreaming about what the adam can do. To have that dwindle down to a back button, I think not.

    Keep up the good work both for the devs and the NI Team.

  55. soo very nice app!! =D

    but… I think that using multi touch for zoom would be better than the icons… and even faster…
    and what about the scale?? it should appear on a corner.. don’t you think so??
    thanks for posting!! see you the day after tomorrow!

  56. This is definitely stock Froyo:

    1) The boot screen form the unboxing pics by the Dutch EAP member was stock, not the one that Rohan showed us yesterday.

    2) Rohan mentioned here: “” that there is a homescreen which he is going to reveal in one of the upcoming videos.

  57. I agree… I do not believe that is the desktop Rohan was referring to. We will still have to wait a while to see it.

  58. but… i dont see it doing the run automatically, thats a shame. It seems fast and all. but I dont want to press next all the time 😀

  59. I’ve been crying since my decision to wait for the PQi, god why didn’t I order the LCD version…… :-((

  60. Hey, I was just wondering if we could get a look at the e-reader app — what formats can be read, and what features (ie: bookmarking pages, making annotations, etc?)

    Also, I’d love a look at the comic reader app — I really want to be able to read comics on whatever tablet I end up buying.


  61. WOW. I have been dissatisfied with Exiisting GPS systems available unless you are using direct and commomly used routes. They can lock into a route and keep trying to redirect you back to the only route they have programmed. This app performs as I visualized GPS should be and so much speedier and responsive than I had imagined possible. The big guns will be targeting the Adam and you definitely have a head start and the advantage of being able to imagine and innovate. Thats the ADAM advantage “to take you as far as the limits of our abilities to vizualise and imagine” to let our dreams take flight. The future is here and the possibilies are endless. Rohan you tie in nicely with the dreams of the PQ founder?

  62. EAP is the program set up by Rohan’s team to allow application developers a chance to use the development tools to start building apps before the Adam gets to the market.

    He separated the EAP into two divisions based on the location and percentage of saturation of developers in those locations.

    EAP2 is the second division of developers. See link below for exact breakdown of developers by location: [remove quoted from link to view]


    Hope this helps, Karen!

  63. +1
    I was so much in DOS in late eighties…..then awkwardly shifted to “windows”…….now wants to forego that for a new interface.

    I guess its question of mindset…..and habit…….with ease of usage (the KEY).

    *would we feel awkward with “windows” once we get used to Eden?*

  64. *Elvis voice* Thank you, thank you very much.

    I’m not demanding, just stuck at home with two sick little girls. School doesn’t start until Jan 10.

    Just wait, pretty soon I’ll start telling marriage jokes. 🙂

  65. Rohan- I see your going to be in the South Hall and as long as my plans don’t change would like to take you and the NI out to eat

  66. Awesome app. Response is much better than Garmin. This is the only hardware anyone needs while travelling. GPS, Emails, and Audio/video.

  67. I wouldn’t be surprised to eventually find some sort of “Eden-style” task switching program make its way to Windows. Then we could feel right at home. 🙂

  68. This Demo was on LCD. The best way to confirm in videos is the color saturation and depth. If the colors look ‘silverish’ and light, its PQ. If they are saturated and deep, its LCD. Interestingly I prefer LCD more (I think I need to go out in Sun more!)

  69. That would be hilarious to the max, since he’s not into gadgets AT ALL. But almost all of my colleagues are… 😉

  70. @kumar

    As per #1…

    I was thinking the same thing. I do not think this is the GPS/navigation app that will be included with the Adam. I think it will be available for purchase via Genesis. So I wonder what the cost will be and if it will include map updates, etc…

  71. Well, its not like they were driving around at the time… 🙂

    They even played a “demo” which I assume functions the way it will when you actually use it. I’m sure that it has this feature.

  72. hmmmm..Eden definitely captivates.
    .it will take time for the masses to get used to Eden, many still use windows Xp over vista or windows 7….
    but yes once Eden gains popularity and with honey comb slated to be launched later in Q2 2011 with its UI, i guess we will feel ‘awkward’ with windows…..

  73. That looks to be a very promising application! GPS navigation was actually one of the biggest sellers for me with this device, and with every video I am assured that I still want to get one.

    My main question is this: When will PixelQi units be available for ordering again, and will you have to purchase it in the country that you are purchasing your 3G connection? If I buy in the US, will I not be able to buy the one that works in the UK?

  74. Sorry, but what the point having a GPS app on a device like Adam? The thing is too big, and you can use your smartphone as well.
    Also, lack of UI harmonization between Mireo and the rest of Eden, please take care of that…

  75. Hi Rohan +Team + Mireo,
    wonderful job done, again.
    Really excited to see and hear more in the coming days.
    Are you keeping your daily momentum now, or gearing back to every other day?

    Some questions:
    – Which apps come with the delivery of Adam?
    – What will be the price to pay for all the apps in Genesis?
    – Can you give us an update on the pays for payment? Is Paypal or Mastercard a real option by now?
    – Will there be a Adam holder for in the car?
    – Will it be able to load the battery in the car?
    – Can you show us a video with Adam in portrait please?

    Tik-tak-tak-tak-tik, keep the momentum guys!
    Thanks for all the news!

  76. @David,

    when ordering the ADAm, you can decide which kind of 3G you want. So you can buy it in US with european 3G. No Prob.

  77. very good app..i think the reason for fast loading is coz the map is created using vector graphics (in simple words using only lines) which takes less space and never gets pixelated if zoomed in. so either way if its running from internal memory or accessed from online, it will be hard to guess.

  78. I’m almost tempted to change my order to LCD, but then I’d be waiting on a back order since LCD is sold out too…

    But! Think about using the GPS on Pixel Qi vs. LCD in a car with bright sunlight coming through the windows.

  79. I think the charging in the car will be no problem, because I have read somewhere, that the ADAM could be charged via USB and there are a lot of USB car chargin plugs on the market.

  80. Completely disagree. They need the whole ui so they can take advantage of the panel system. Otherwise all we will get is large phone apps. The whole point of the eap is to developed Adam specific apps. Isn’t that the point of genesis ?

  81. The home screen looks very similar to one very old prototype Rohan showcased at CES2010 and other news channels.

  82. Hi Rohan, while we understand that 3G has downward compatibility for EDGE, can you please tell us the EDGE bands supported by 3G ADAM? if you see, ipad had EDGE quad band, and 3G triband. can you pls tell us if the EDGE on adam is quadband? if it is then we can use 900/2100 with ATT 2g network as well. but if it is not, then we wont be able to use that variant with ATT at all. can you please confirm it?

  83. @Joshua: Yeah, that should go over well *snicker* I don’t think it matters much that Mochasoft (tn5250) is even available for Android; my boss is NOT interested in a tablet. He’s a bit old-fashioned. I, on the other hand, can see possibilities.

  84. Thanks, Prakhyat Singh & send2dev, that’s clear talking.

    So we can start expecting more apps than the first 20 soon, huh?
    Like an on screen moving F5-button, to keep us busy and as a screen saver?
    Or like Soundhound?

  85. Amazing GPS app. Good to see the partner ecosystem has started delivering already. Thanks for the Video Rohan and Mireo!

  86. well you are right. not all the time it is necessary. but i am pretty sure someday there will improved gadgets similar to sony’s liveview which will help interact with your adam like tablets without getting them out of ur backpacks. well in my case i would ofc want gps in my adam even though my smartphone has one. after all, every tech loving guys/gals would want as much tech features as possible to be embedded into one gadget, wont they? :p

  87. Really Appreciate the answers Joshua.

    Okay … now we know that ***3G MODEL DOES NOT PROVIDE 3G SPEEDS FOR TMOBILE USA *** … just makes this device less important for some. Considering many do have Tmobile in the USA, it might be a bigger concern … don’t think Notion Ink did their homework properly on this issue.

    Saving an extra $50 is worth it for me because Edge speeds is ridiculously slow. It can take up to 20-40 seconds to pull up a website on my phone on Edge… and many occasions not pull it up at all. Some may be okay with that, but for technology standards with even 4G now, that’s laughable.

    Notion Ink wanted to design a global, mobile, all in one, and revolutionary product. 3G shouldn’t even be an issue, but in the end it is and many people will not be happy with this like I am.

    Now have to compromise my phone by draining battery life to put out the Wifi hotspot in order to tether. I’m compromising one device to make the other work the way I need it too because Notion ink did not think thoroughly enough on the hardware for 3G. It’s frustrating to have followed them for so long and getting to pre order and now finally knowing that this device just won’t do the things it was promised to do in the first place … well at least for Tmobile USA.

  88. Looks awesome! Although I won’t be using that much, I guess, but still – awesome 🙂
    Some answers:
    – it’s stock android, ’cause it’s EAP1
    – maps are not from Google or openMaps, they are from cartography providers like NAVTEQ and Tele Atlas.

  89. @Rohan

    Can you please tell us how battery life compares between Pixel Qi and LCD?

    If I can get 10 hours on Pixel Qi, how may hours will I get on LCD with the same activities?

  90. I would better love -$50 on the price with no GPS in the Adam 😛
    But that’s still it, my smartphone can do great GPS with Google Maps, so I don’t think Adam’s one will be useful.

  91. sorry @joshua

    I see you are also sooooooo…. excited!!….CES 2010 🙂 … mean CES 2011

  92. It had a green play-button, but if I would drive with it (or walk around in a city) I would really like it to be realtime + with sound 🙂 I’m also pretty sure they have the option 😀

  93. Greg, you have been back and forth for a while, so let me help you out.

    Keep your current order, and then buy an LCD version when they re-open. Then you will have both.

    See? Problem solved… 🙂

  94. maps are not from Google or openMaps, they are from cartography providers like NAVTEQ and Tele Atlas.

  95. Hey, it works!
    Alright guys, I have been trying to comment for ages and finally got through. I am a newbie on Android and since reading this blog and the specs on Adam I am eagerlly waiting for the next preorder; 1st preorder I got in but would not accept master card.
    I really enjoy this blog now that it is more technical and positive. As someone said before, I would like to see Adam in portrait mode as an e-reader.

  96. Thanks Himanshu for the link (and the quotes 🙂 )

    Apparently they won the “2006 Mobile Choice Consumer award for the Best Sat Nav Solution.” so they have quite a lot of experience with navigation systems. That abodes much good.

  97. Be careful with your wishes – don’t you remember the Click movies with Adam Sandler? 😉

  98. Check the pics posted by one of the EAP1 members. I think one of the pic was the boot screen which was not what rohan showed. It was of a vanilla Android 2.2. I am not sayng that EAP1 members will ever be given Eden. What I feel that they will get the Eden after CES. Even yesterday too one commenters who was apparently in EAP1 wrote about getting 2.2 and nt Eden.
    Moreover these apps are full screen apps and not the panel apps(remember panel system is basically for *less-featured* instance of an app which can’t be a requirement of each and every app). And please for God sake don’t label them as large phone apps.They can very well be the full screen adam apps(this is also full screen app) and utilizing adam’s hardware potential which is not there in a normal Phone.

  99. ++++
    and a custom made car too, to go along may indeed be the ‘mystery feature ‘
    need to wake up now, LMAO ;->

  100. your call man but i doubt if theres any good tablet out there without a gps integrated.. then again i might be wrong..

  101. Joshua-
    why do you say there is no TMO 3g option?
    I requested Notion Ink to put TMO 3g and they said they will.. just need to e-mail them!

  102. Curiously, they don’t list Android as a supported OS. So this is their first Android app. I imagine they’ll be announcing that at CES, too.

  103. i would also like to know the possible 2G network supports in ADAM. in case, it doesnt support 2g properly, theres no point for me in getting a 3g supported adam as theres no 3G network support in my country(Bangladesh)

  104. Greg, dont worry, get a LCD wifi version as a backup. that will make you less confused and happy 🙂 i believe pqi wont disappoint us much 🙂

  105. normally 3g has backward compatibility for EDGE/2G. so it should work. even Rohan confirmed it in this blogpost. only question is what all EDGE bands are supported in the 3g variant.

  106. +1
    In other words once the “gingerbread based” adam SDK is finished (and tested), it will be easy to develop panels. The important point is to develop the apps using the feature of adams hardware. (and as such drivers will be available). Tweak up the apps for adam.

    Another plus point for the developers is : the apps with panel = genesis app
    the apps without panel = genesis/ Android market.

    (hint = longbox app)

    Its a BIG win-win for the developers.

  107. I doubt they’re just any EAP partner. They’ve probably had early models to work with, since it looks like this may be Mireo’s debut in Android (i.e., it’s a partnership that means something important to both sides).

  108. Ouch. It hurts to hear this. I may force myself to use mine in the sun as much as possible just so I feel like I am getting my monies worth. I agree with Greg, if we could get some battery stats it may help to soften the blow. Or it may hurt even more . . . 🙂

  109. Oh joy, marriage jokes… 🙂

    Rohan, please send Joshua his Adam before mine. We need to keep him away from this thread for a little while… Ha!

  110. If we order PQ, do we get the best of both worlds, i.e., the ability to view in the sun but clarity and vibrancy when PQ is turned on and viewing on LCD? Or am I totally misunderstanding these options?

  111. People keep mentioning lack of multitouch in this app, its clear Adam supports this and I’d be really surprised if the SDK that went out to the EAP members didn’t include support for this.

    I’m pretty sure that the choice to tap to zoom is a specific choice, if you think about it when driving if you want to zoom in on a location its much easier and less distracting to tap a device at arms length than to pinch and zoom or any other gesture.

  112. I’m starting to lose faith. Notion Ink has replaced most, if not all of the standard apps. And, it’s likely that this mapping application won’t even be included in the delivered product, it will have to be purchased separately.

    For handsets, we’re already having problems getting Android updates due to custom software created by the manufacturers and carriers. How long will it take for Notion Ink to support Gingerbread, or Honeycomb?

    Think about most of the updates handsets have received in the last year (I have a Droid). Yes, there was the 2.1 and 2.2 releases that were really nice. But, most of the great stuff was in application updates. Think about how much has gmail or maps changed…since 2.2? I don’t want to miss out on updates like that in the future.

    I’m concerned that Notion Ink is taking away too much of the Android experience. As a result, I think they will be slow to release updates to the OS. Even when they do, I don’t think we’ll see the full benefit due to their extensive customizations.

    Perhaps I’m spoiled because the Droid has such a pure Android interface. I like it, and I don’t want to have a different interface on each of my Android devices.

    Rohan, if I’m wrong, please speak up…renew my faith.

  113. You know what, we’ll buy both!?
    One LCD, WIFI only and one PQ plus 3G, and make the comparison in screen colors and battery life ourselves.

  114. Neat software! Some questions:
    1. Does this software have those Tom Tom (satnav) voices as well?
    2. Shouldn’t the test be on a more densely populated area!
    3. Can we still use google maps on Adam? And google voice?

  115. Not in a million years, the PQ will be awesome, just not as awesome. The video yesterday was PQ. I mentioned that silverish/metallic color a few times. It is easy to tell.

    Keep the PQ, don’t doubt yourself. Then when adam 2 comes out, go with the LCD version. Keep one at home (LCD) and one in the car (for the great outdoors).

    Simple solution, but for now, you’ll have a device you can use anywhere at anytime, with better battery life.

  116. @Greg, I was waiting for Pixel QI while the LCD variants were available. It took me a while to come to a decision that I will buy LCD instead of PQi.

    But it was too late 🙂

  117. We’re hoping that the applications the developers put together will be showcased on the internet in a place called “The Genesis Application [Store]”. These applications will be specific to the unique functionality of the Adam tablet.

    More information regarding the Genesis Application Store and when it will be launched should be available closer to CES 2011 [January 6th-9th].

    The Adam will come pre-installed with many of the applications Rohan has shown already in these videos including a file browser, the weather application, canvas [a paint and photo editing program] and an office suite which can open and edit word and possibly excel files.

    I am really looking forward to seeing the video on the office suite as it is where most of my work will be done on the Adam!

    Enjoy the coming weeks on this blog, Karen! 🙂

  118. Great work on these videos Rohan, NotionInk really has got its momentum back. I hope you’ve learned from your preorder experience and will be revealing all at CES or when the adam goes up for sale then you can start teasing us about Eve.

    I’m a little bit sorry I missed out on the preorder now but the PQi variant was never available when I was awake so I’ll have to wait for it to become available in Europe.

  119. @Zach,
    Does Pixel Qi come with the sun screen lotion as well? 😀 Is this the mystery feature we are going to get with PQi hahahhahahha:D

  120. It depends are you doing to do a lot of reading or watching movies because PQ is more for readers hence the dull colors

  121. Did you guys notice crunchgear and LORD John Briggs have gone completely silent since these videos started coming out. Totally Stumped ehh!!

  122. Smartphone GPS can’t hold a candle to real GPS. Get a nice dashboard mount for it, and you’ll never go back to your smartphone. 🙂

    But you’re fooling yourself if you think that the non-GPS variant would be $50 cheaper. 🙂

  123. I having been saying this for a long time. Mystery feature is a GSM phone. It fits the original clues. It also fits in with Notion Inks desire to be big in Europe. Galaxy Tab in Europe is also a phone. Notion Inks wants to compete in Europe adding gsm phone to Adam makes complete sense.

  124. Well it looks like NI have completely replaced the Android user interface and in any case Rohan has confirmed that they DONT have access to the Android market which also means no Gmail or maps from Google until someone comes out with a hack for the market app.

    As far as I can see the idea is that the Adam is not just another Android device its a whole system with its own unique apps that just happens to run on Android. This way its easy for Android developers to port their apps to Adam but the Adam experience is unique just like the iPads is.

    In this scenario the version of the underlying OS is less important as you aren’t getting a vanilla Android experience. If you want that then there are devices such as the Viewsonic G and the Advent Vega that will suit you more.

  125. I am wrestling back and forth with you on this. I REALLY hope the colors are not that washed out. The eInk is valuable to me, I just hope that outweighs the loss of vibrance/saturation the rest of the time.

    For now, we know we won’t/can’t change our orders, so we will have to wait and see. Maybe it is better that we know there is nothing we can do about it. Maybe?

  126. When you say 3G will also work with 2G, that is a no-brainer. If it did not work, I would be very worried about this product. Also, GPRS/EDGE has practically ‘gone’ in the developed countries, so I would not rave about 2G (actually 2.5G). You should have gone for the latest in this technology (3G HSPA+), since within a year or two, many networks will start supporting 4G/LTE. 3G/4G speeds are roughly doubling every 12 to 18 months, just like the Moore’s law for the processors. Market and technology familiarity in this area will help you make sure that your product does not become obsolete. Anyway, good luck

  127. Here is a CEO that publicly says that he likes a variant that costs less (LCD) compared to the one that costs more(PQI). I like you man!

  128. Question on the Maps application – looks like the video was shot in a moving car but the speed seems to show only 0 km/h all the time. Is there a navigation function also or is this a simple mapping software?

  129. SMS will also works and if there is any developer reading this, you can think of brilliant ideas of how with a simple sms you can make Adam do things remotely.

    SMS – Does it mean Notion Ink tablet will have a phone number? Is the mystery feature a phone?

  130. Some images of PQ screen. You can see the silverish/metallic screen I mentioned yesterday and Rohan today. They look good to me.




  131. See Greg, it’s a very clear tradoff. I ordered pixel-qi too. Remember these points:

    1) It is established that pixel qi will have lower saturation and therefore the colors would look a little washed out. Try lowering a the contrast on your TV and you will see. This is the only disadvantage, rest all are advantages! 🙂

    2) I am in front of a screen more than 8 hrs a day and these back-lit panels end up being very strenuous on my eyes. Personally, I do a lot of reading (Programming Code, Wiki, News, Articles, Ebooks) and very little multi-media (which is again mostly music). Therefore, the idea of a screen very close to e-ink in Reflective mode is extremely appealing to me (and to my eyes 🙂 )

    3) Glare: This is a major issue for me. Tablet is something that I will be using in and out because of the portability and I don’t want to be adjusting my position and be limited in any way just to be able to figure out the content on the screen. Pixel qi is brilliant in this regard.

    4) This you already know: Battery life will drastically increase. Pixel Qi consumes around 200mW as compared to normal LCD which consumes 2.4 W (almost 10 times). You do the math to calculate those savings in hours 🙂

    5) If even after all these advantages, you find pixel qi to be deficient to your needs, you can easily sell it on ebay with a profit! I am not kidding, pixel qi is so rare that any one will pay the extra premium for it. The DIY screens (without touch) were priced $250 a piece and got sold out within hours!!! You will have the satisfaction of trying it out and will be able to buy the cheaper LCD version without any monetary loss (actually it will be profitable).

    I hope this convinces you to not change your order 🙂

  132. I guess Michael may have a somewhat valid concern, though i dont really miss Eden taking away the basic Android experience.
    If the Eden UI is too customised on top of an android OS, it makes us wonder how long will it take for the UI to be adapted to new Android releases , like Honeycomb , icecream as and when they become available.

    Hope the updates come real soon , waiting for Eden UP atop Honeycomb 🙂

  133. +1 LCD looks Great!!! If you don’t need e reader it is the way to go. Rohan very nice video your secrets are slipping out! It is very hard for geeks to spend a lot of time in the sun. Totally excited about Adam at this point and waiting with baited breath for CES and Adam in my hands.

  134. You either got the version which works on European TMO, or you got the one that works on EDGE on TMO USA, but not 3g.

    For more info, read “”

    Or alternatively you can read “”

    Which variant did they set you up with? 850/1900 or 900/2100?

  135. It was Mireo’s home country. And I don’t think they knew that it would be showcased as one of the Rohan’s daily Video 🙂

  136. I took am very Curious about if there is going to be a pre-order 2 since the release is in two weeks


  137. you have no idea how much i love the app name!
    i wish someone would hack the adam boot-screen to say don’t panic, i’ll be in h2g2 nirvana!

  138. or even better… can i purchase the adam with the words ‘don’t panic’ engraved in large friendly letters on the back side?!! i’ll pay an extra $50 just for that.

  139. anyone else notice how much more clear this camera was than the others? I love it!! keep working hard!! excited for the next few weeks ahead Rohan!

  140. If adam also contains GSM phone features, there there would have been no problems in accessing Android Market. Think Again 🙂

  141. I don’t think there will be any more rounds of pre-orders.Next time it will be opened for Orders only 😉

  142. The Good: Great work by Mireo. The hold-to-zoom is much more intuitive than pinch-to-zoom.

    The Bad: Glossy Keyboard.

    The Ugly: The wait!

  143. +1 Looks like Adam will be your smart phone! Dig the desktop 8 seconds into the video. Yep, get that dash mount plug in set up your bluetooth. Output Adam into your stereo, load all your music and dude your in geek heaven on the road!! Be sure and try and keep yours eyes on the road as welll.!!

    Adam is looking like Alpha Dog… Steve Jobs has got his work cut out!! I love the way this device is turning out!!!

  144. Excellent GPS!
    I went out with family for a few hours, came back, and…you put a smile in my face when I saw this video (With sound too!). Thanks Rohan.
    This is just too much of a great thing to handle!
    What a ride it has been the last two weeks!

  145. I’ve been enjoyed for the last year now on this blog and it’s getting better every day!
    Somewhere in the next two weeks i hope to be able to push the order button 😉

  146. “There were a lot of people in the EAP 2 selection list. Notion Ink will soon start communicating with good news with EAP 2 members”

    … sincerely the only good news could be that Pixel QI upgraded theyr production capacity! 🙂

    …still wait silently….

  147. That Is What I’m Thinking Freeze the video 8 seconds in. You see Adams desktop…Phone icon is on the right side. SMS is a feature on cell phones. Mystery feature on Adam revealed?

  148. @Rohan

    This is beginning to look good. If only this momentum was there one month back, how much more exciting, things would have been!

    All’s well that end’s well! Can’t wait to know more about the hardware part, especially the mystery feature 😉


  149. Nice app. Hope it will have detailed maps, good voice navigation and won’t be expensive.

  150. Yes Karen, but that means that both have to be available first and since the pre-ordering closed the biggest secrets is when those who missed out can get their hands on an Adam.

    Of course we all hope that Notion Ink will flood the market with 200.000 Adams in January 🙂

  151. Hopefully the module can be upgraded on the soon to be older Adams. It is a no brainer that these upgrades will happen on future Adams. We are just getting started here.

  152. So this is the most exciting video for me, a third party vendor making what looks like an awesome application on the Adam! If only I could get my hands on the SDK 🙂
    @Rohan will the Adam come with google maps, the new google maps is awesome on the N1!

  153. a little tease :
    Its because of numbers. He likes LCD because he can sell more!!! 😉 (so in tern of turnovers, whats the profit margin?!!!)

  154. it not the question of able to do it. It can ver well access the market. Its a question of categorizing the device. Rohan will never categorize the Adam as a phone. And I think Google has put its foot down on device category for the marketplace – the reason NI had to drop efforts in that direction. Finally, I remember the feeling I had when I went to Galaxy Tab’s official spec page – the title made me laugh – “Samsung Galaxy Tab Phone” – samsung’s compromise to have the marketplace 🙂

  155. >The Good: Great work by Mireo. The hold-to-zoom is much more intuitive than pinch-to-zoom.
    But how do we zoom out?

  156. @KJ says: “Also, GPRS/EDGE has practically ‘gone’ in the developed countries, so I would not rave about 2G (actually 2.5G).”

    If you read the last post, you will find that some people did mention 2G. I believe Rohan just tried to address this issue. Better to have it than not to have it all.
    By the way, if 2g is used in other countries besides “developed” counties, why not mention it? And remember that the market for this type of technology in those “non-develop” countries is HUGE. Ask any financial adviser!
    Maybe you didn’t mean for your comments to be atken out of context, but it will be, regardless of your good intentions. In my opinion, your comments have negative implication: that only “develop” countries should be taken into account. KJ, revise your statements! It is troublesome at this stage of technological advances in the WORLD that an opposition develop/underdeveloped can still be upheld.

  157. Maybe you can order, but they won’t have it on stock, will they? Why would a US shop have an Adam with the International (non-USA) 3G?

  158. if you buy 3g 900/2100 variant, it will have TMO 3G network access. if you buy 850 variant, you will have att 3g. but it is not clear if EDGE quad band is provided with ADAM. that is what will make 900 variant work with ATT or 850 variant work with TMO.

  159. @Wally West said, on December 27, 2010 at 22:25

    “We are just getting started here.


  160. Joshua, i think you need to get the facts correct on 3G 🙂 infact in one of the previous posts, i replied to your comment and clarified on tmobile 3g. last time you told 850 variant will work on TMO 3g. but i posted a reference to the tmo faq page on 3g. it is better not to mislead ppl with wrong info.

  161. Well yeah :). And moreover in real terms too as Rohan has stated that they can supply millions of LCD version which may not be a case with PQ as it’s dependent on the PQ’s manufacturer. Moreover for a normal mass user whose main usages is browsing and watching video,movies etc LCD will suit more.

  162. We’re running in circles here, Paul.
    Greg is doubting what screen is best for him.
    And since he already ordered the PQ-variant, he’s thinking of changing the order.
    He’ll have to figure that one out before ordering starts again.

  163. @Himanshu said, on December 27, 2010 at 22:11

    Agree. I believe that too. But hoping that there will be another preorder round is only natural.
    Hey…what if there is? That will make a lot people happy in this blog (including me 🙂 )
    You know what they say: “the squeaky will gets the oil.” 😉

  164. Nice list. I want to add 1 more thing.

    6) When not traveling, you can always hook it to a HDTV / LCD screen using HDMI and you can have the best of both. Best viewing as well as power savings 🙂

  165. I agree that Adam is going for a unique expierence. If you want a total Vanilla Android set you will have to hack your way to it voiding your warranty. Adam isn’t about vanilla Android it is about Eden and Genesis. Having said that, with the release of honeycomb Adam should gain access to the Android Market. Notion knows it will be important to have it. As of now I don’t think any 10″ tablet has access to the market Viewsonic Advent or otherwise. Only 7” tablets have access.

  166. Thats right! Pixel Qi will again sell out because of limited production in the upcoming months. It won’t make sense if potential customers are sitting around waiting for it. I think, these videos are changing the tide a little bit and people are increasingly getting satisfied with the idea of using normal LCDs. Even without Pixel Qi, Adam is the best tablet out their (IMO)

  167. lets not forget: “eden is most compatible with honeycomb”.

    Eden is independent of Android version/ kernel.
    Here’s a hint on how fast we will get updates:
    original adam : with Froyo (Eden for froyo)
    Gingerbread realease : 6th December 2010

    Adam release/launch Jan 6 2011: with Gigerbread (Eden for gingerbread)

    now my question is : What other Company “updates” in a month? (hacking 16hrs a day is meaningful now, isnt it?)

  168. wow!! the GPS experience is so nice and well thought out. For me this is going to be one of the things to flaunt … all with the Garmins, TomToms and Magellans doing the job for all. Wow !! This is great.

  169. check my responses to your comment “”

  170. I would like to see a car mount as well, though as long as there is some kind of a charging dock for the Adam, I can build one myself. I would like to know if app’s built with the Android app inventor will run on the Adam. I just built my first app for my business with that yesterday and think it’s awesome to be able to program your own apps!

  171. It IS better not to mislead people, but you might want to check your facts. TMO USA 3g uses aws 1700, which is 1700/2100. 3g needs both to work, one freq to uplink and one freq to downlink. without both, no 3g.

    TMO Europe uses 900/2100. So that variant will work fine there. But it won’t work with any US carrier.

    The 850/1900 will work with AT&T 3g, and with TMO USA EDGE. This has been confirmed. (not shouting, I think those acronyms are supposed to be caps 🙂 )

    Earlier I said that 850/1900 will work on TMO 3g, because I was told that by TMO. But they were wrong, and so was I. That’s why I keep reiterating, because I’m worried that I steered some people wrong. I want to correct that.

    Seriously, look into it more. But don’t just talk to the lower-level TMO reps, a lot of them are confused about this issue.

  172. what you guys talking about?

    What’s crunchgear? And who is Johnny Biggy? And what was that somePolice…..cannot recall the name……crap!

    I know Slashgear, Gizmodo, Endgadget, Cnet, Anandtech, Slashdot !!!!!

  173. I think this one is more than enough for me. But adding Google maps, well…then even better…I don’t think I will be able to handle it!

  174. Really, being serious now. You are about to screw a lot of people over, if they order the wrong one.

    Why do you think that Rohan mentioned “3G devices will work on 2G networks as well” and later he said “i.e. EDGE”?

    It was because EDGE and 3g have been hotly discussed, and he wanted us to know that we could at least get 2g on TMO USA.

  175. Hi Greg, I agree with lxt11:

    “Or, maybe keep the one you like and sell the other on eBay, should be a good sale!”

    The PQ will be harder to get so get your PQ and sell on eBay it if you prefer the LCD. I will be on your waiting list 😉

  176. +1 Forgot about music.

    You could watch HD movies and play Angry Birds at stoplights! 🙂

    But seriously, I just might take a geek roadtrip in February….

  177. Rohan did not tell 850 variant will work fine on Tmobile EDGE or 2G network. i think it is best for Rohan to clarify this once and for good. like, which variant will work with what 3G networks and what 2G networks. unless NI clarifies it, the debate will continue and will mislead everyone. to start with, it is better he clarifies this for US first 🙂

  178. Looks very smooth! Seems like a good gps app

    Still waiting for preorder 2 opening …

  179. and first of all, we dont know what what all EDGE bands are supported in each of the variant. Rohan can you please clarify it?

  180. Now that I’m relatively certain that Adam’s mystery feature is a GSM phone. making Adam not a Tablet (Something Rohan Said A Long Time Ago”), I thinking what kind of device would Adam be classified as? A tablet phone? A phone tablet? I think Adam might be one of the very first 10″ Tablets that has phone capability. There may be an obscure 10 inch one from a Chinese company we haven’t heard of, but I can’t recall seeing one.

    I’ve heard rumors that Eve was supposed to be a phone and I’m now pretty sure she will be, but I’m thinking more along the lines of a 7inch tablet phone. Competing directly with Galaxy Tab and the Huawei – Ideos s7 both are phones as well. At least in Europe. I purchased the ideos s7 from Best Buy and returned it because it had awful battery life. I could make calls with it.

  181. Send a SMS to your Adam that he must make a pic and send it to your e-mailadress,
    then you know who is “working” with it, or send a SMS to delete all data on it when its stolen…
    Android is doing this…

  182. Greg should just keep his PQ and sell it on E-bay if he is not happy.

    Given the limited production at Pixel Qi, the LCD will be more available while the PQ versions might even be sold at a profit due to limited supply.

  183. Very true, I’m hoping Rohan will confirm soon. But do you remember when you selected which variant you wanted, and they had a link to a wikipedia page? I’m betting that they didn’t want to say which variant to get, because they didn’t want to be liable if they were wrong. They said “here’s an article by someone else about it, and also check with you carrier” (not verbatim).

    I think this discussion is what they were worried about, that they would have made a mistake. Which judging by the email I got from NI, they did. (They just said what you said, that it should work fine. I pointed out that it was physically impossible, but they haven’t responded since)

    That’s why I did my own checking. Several phone calls and some web research later, and I learned that Adam would need 1700 MHz support for TMO USA 3g, which it doesn’t have.

    In the absence of the the sun (Rohan’s confirmation) a lamp will suffice.

    But if Rohan could weigh-in (hinty hinty) that would be very helpful… 🙂

  184. Hi all, just wanted to say that I chose not to pre order cause there were too many gaps. But now I am eagerly anticipating the release of the next batch. All my fears have been put to rest, and the only thing I am waiting for is confirmation on note taking and anotation. I want to use this in the office to make notes in meetings.

  185. My understanding from “” was that EDGE used primarily 1900 MHz. I know most of their phones support the 850 band as well, but only 1900 is needed.

    Edge works differently then TMO 3g, which is AWS. Unlike 3g, EDGE only needs one freq band to operate, whereas 3g needs two.

    Could be wrong about EDGE, but this is what wikipedia and say, and I confirmed it with TMO 2nd tier tech support.

    So 1900 MHz 3g module, which is backwards-compatible to 2g, will support TMO EDGE.

  186. I’d love to hear Bob Dylan’s (satnav) voice attempting to pronounce some of those place names we saw! 🙂

  187. I like Eve, the 7 inch tablet, too. Of course, with the phone capability.

    But for now, I’m really excited to get Adam, hopefully b.w. 1/15-1/22.

  188. After all of this I had a friend just ask me about the Adam tablet. He told me that he was just listening to a Podcast and they said that the Notion ink was vaporware. I’m not sure how old the podcast was but he heard it today. This shows that even after all that NI has done they still have some negative things to overcome. I told him that I’m still very excited about my order gave him the address to this blog and told him to check it out and let me know if he still thinks that way. It’s all about changing minds one person at a time

  189. @Joshua

    LOL 🙂

    With a few strokes on the keyboard you have solved the problem facing Greg once and for all.

    I personally think LCD is great. It is my preferred option. I didn’t order one because I was fixated by Pixel Qi. Seeing the recent videos, I now feel LCD is the way forward for me. I will have to wait my turn in the queue.

  190. it is stock android desktop, and definately not what Rohan was talking about, why would he want to hide the stock android desktop, everyone and his dog has seen and even Adam’s old video from CES last year, interviews etc.. had the same desktop.

    Remember Rohan said along the lines of that they were supplying the templates to the developers, so i don’t think they must have the final EDEN yet.

  191. Why is that after some time the speed shows 65 km/h or 61 km/h (Time stamp 2:40)… not sure if it is GPS reception issues…

  192. The app is super fast. Like it.
    But it looks like an app designed for android rather than Adam.
    The keyboard does not look like the multi-touch one.
    The the app have multi touch (for zooming etc.)?

  193. Was just about to say something similar(as has already been explained in the previous comments).

    TMobile 3G works on 1700 and 2100. The 900 variant has 900 and 2100 MHz bands. So if you want TMobile 3G, it is the 900 variant.(I personally like this variant as this maybe usable in India also…and some other countries)

    ATT 3G(and 2G) works on 850 and 1900 MHz. The 850 variant has 850 and 900. So for ATT 3G, 850 is the variant you need.(This option pretty much keeps your 3G module usable mostly in US only)

  194. *sigh* so tired…

    TMO 3g does indeed work on 1700/2100. but it needs both. just having 2100 isn’t enough. no 1700 = no 3g on TMO USA.

    Did you actually read all of the comments? This has been discussed very completely in two different posts, and I wrote an article about it.

  195. Hi,

    Remember the PQ variant uses low power only when you are in good ambient light (200~350mW is when light is very good and PQ switches to 30Hz from 60Hz). So if you are working whole day in sun, its going to give you long life, else same as LCD. PQ WILL need LEDs when you dont have light like any normal LCD screens, and the power consumption will shoot up. So the answer depends, how much you are in GOOD light! We have further optimized the screen on the fact that based on ambient light we only power LEDs so much that the contrast and ‘whiteness’ remains the same, saving more power. Search for few demos on Youtube with PQ in room lighting not in sun! 🙂

    Hoping that helped!


  196. Gasp!! The application on his website says that it provides directions only for Europe and USA. Hope Adam will include something for the rest of us “outsiders”.

  197. This is based on what someone got from NI customer service
    But as Joshua and others(Greg, Inspironaag and saginwalla) have pointed out:
    it is still unclear if the 900 variant will work for TMobile 3G as 1700 and 2100 both are needed for Tmobile 3G to work. 😦

  198. Great job!!! Great job!!! Absolutelly outstanding. I will have an Adam as soon as you give us the opportunity to purchase. I can feel all the passion, all the dedication and soul that all of you are putting on Adam. It is much more than a simple device and the community can also feel and thank for all your efforts.

  199. Points of Interest or POI’s are very important for GPS. They allow the device to work almost like a phone book, with the ability to select categories and drive down the selection to nearby locations and even provide phone numbers.

    Besides coming with pre-built POIs, it’s essential for users to be able to build their own and share them. Since they are very specific to a location and change often. It’s difficult for a company to keep track of them all, but users can make them for their city and share them with others.

    There are many POI databases already built, so I believe it’s essential to maintain compatibility with them. I realize the GPS software isn’t in-house, but it does seem that company is creating a custom build for you and Android.

    Take a look at this site:
    This is the largest collection of user POI’s that I’ve found anywhere. There are also custom icons that can be used for specific POI’s. Basically company logos that will show on the map. That kind of data might not be able to ship with a device because of licensing, but is easy for a user to add themselves.
    This site is also good:

    I hope the adam will work with these. A program to convert from IGO, Tomtom, or Garmin POI formats would be very useful since they have the largest compilation of user POI’s.

    I also wonder if that software allows the ability to create custom user skins. I know with IGO, there are advanced user skins that add many extra buttons and added user functionality. For the average user it would be very confusing, but the advanced user would feel liberated.
    For example, take a look at this:
    There are a TON of buttons. When I first use that it took some time to learn all the functions, but once I got it down, I enjoyed it. A stock GPS could never provide that because it would turn many consumers off because it needs to be dumbed down for most people. That doesn’t mean the more advanced users, who don’t mind the technical should be left with devices that dumb down their functionality. We want the most we can get out of our products.

  200. still not willing to answer Directly Rohan :D..I understand
    Just give us more hints on” By what fraction battery life will differ between two variant, if we perform same operations and use mainly Indoor ?

  201. Straight from the horse’s mouth

  202. @Manish

    It would be hard for Rohan as well to give the answer. He has already given the hint I guess “So if you are working whole day in sun, its going to give you long life, else same as LCD.”

  203. Thanks Rohan!

    …Based on Rohan’s clarification and my planned usage, I don’t think I’ll see a lot of advantage with Pixel Qi as far as power usage goes.

    So I think I’m hedging more towards LCD now, to get better colors over outdoor usability.

    Since everything is sold out I will keep my order for a Pixel Qi 3G. Who knows, once I get it Maybe I will be happy with the colors/vibrance…

    As others suggested, I guess I could keep it and buy an LCD version too, or sell it to someone that wants Pixel Qi and then buy an LCD instead.

    FYI: I have not found any videos or photos that really help us see a good representation of the colors produced by Pixel Qi in comparison to LCD. If anyone knows of some, please post links.

    (What we really need to make an accurate judgement is side by side shots of Pixel Qi and LCD showing the same content. – Rohan, can you help us out with this?)

  204. I just found this:

    Which is very reassuring!

    From the image:
    “Programmed to ensure easy adaptiveness to customer needs JavaScript programming enables customers to design and develop workflow and user interface on their own.
    Allows full customization of software design and workflow process. Customer gest all the necessary core components: Map rendering, Search, Routing, Navigation, SVG rendering, JavaScript JIT, compiled map data, User Interface SVG definition and workflow written in JavaScript are open and editable by customers.
    Easy to programme”

    Very nice, seems they went with a nice open device 😀

  205. People, please if you’re making comments about t-mobile working, specify what country you are in. Otherwise your facts may not be correct for everyone. as T-Mobile is in Europe and U.S.

  206. Very Simple, Just buy her a new bag or dress or something like that and I am pretty sure that she will be alright with you buying the second adam!

  207. To narrow the drawback of Pixel Qi a little further…

    I assume colors on Pixel Qi are probably fine for using applications. The real impact will only be when viewing video or photos.

    I see my apple loving friends giving me a hard time as we compare photos and video on their iPads and my Pixel Qi Adam. I guess I’ll just have to invite them outdoors to continue the comparison. Right? 😉

  208. This is exactly what you are looking for I guess, side by side comparision in direct sun light, in shade and in a dark room with and witout sunlight.

  209. adam really is amazing, i can’t wait to finally be able to get one myself!!!

  210. @Greg,

    The best person might help other than Rohan is the guy who initiate the following thread


    I assumed you must have read it, if not you’d better do.

  211. Totally agree.

    Just got back from Mammoth Lakes, CA. Ended up using my neighbor’s iPad for navigation instead of the Google maps on my Samsung Captivate Smartphone (AT&T Galaxy S variant).

    Need the big screen to see where you are headed, specially when there’s snow all around. The big screen has a big advantage as all I needed was to have my daughter hold it towards me and have a quick look to see where we were headed.

    We were just driving around the area getting in the scenery.

    Love the fact that Adam has full blown GPS and I am not reliant on any Cellular data network.

    Would have bought the PQ variant had it been available, but I got lucky as it sold out and ordered the LCD and Wifi version, and am very happy with the decision. No regrets on not getting the PQ variant.

    Will wait till the dust settles on the PQ variant and make an informed decision when it comes to getting the 2nd one for the house.

  212. @elmelao: With all due respect I have no intention or desire to belittle ‘developing countries’ – my sincere apologies, if I did sound that way. My point is that the 3G/4G technology is evolving at such a fast pace, that even the developing countries may skip, or evolve in to the 3G, 3.5G, and 4G technologies much faster than anybody may imagine. I am saying this from my long standing experience, as a professional, in this area. Further, for NI, developed countries would be their main source of revenue, I would have thought, hence my comments about ‘developed countries’ – sorry, this is the business realities of life 😦

  213. 🙂
    Sorry I should have had added a disclaimer to go with my comments :).
    Since NI customer support has said that TMobile 3G is possible, either they have mistyped it or there is more to it.

    Like for instance : the Adam variants may have more bands(Ipad has 850, 1900, 2100 MHz. I am hoping this is like our Adam 850 Variant)

  214. So where are we at right now? We are back at square one …

    No one knows a definitive answer and I bet you Rohan does but doesn’t want to respond because they will be at fault for it. This is really going to mess with a lot of people’s order once it gets shipped. I’m one of them and still don’t know what to do …

  215. Hmmmmm…

    “We are on track to delivering it at the promised date”.

    So I wonder if it will actually ship prior to the date so it will be delivered on the date, or if they mean it will ship on the date and arrive a while later?

  216. just awesome . kudos to NI team and Rohan .

    my heartfelt wishes to you NI folks. thanks for making my life happier with adam even though i still wait for my chance to pre-order. i just love adam. can’t stop 🙂

  217. *And I just went to the preorder page and selected the 850/1900 MHz 3G band which is the default for North America…

  218. If you read the comment you responded to, i said “TMO USA” 🙂

    But yeah, that is the source of the confusion, since TMO Europe uses 900/2100, and that variant will work on their 3g. That’s why I try so hard to specify USA or Europe.

    What we really need to do is change this ridiculous frequency band system. I’m no engineer, but there’s no way that THIS is the easiest/best way to handle mobile connectivity… 🙂

    Seems like the current solution uses the “pick a number out of a hat” method. 🙂

  219. I use HeyWire on my iPod touch. They supply a US phone number. Free sms. I use it for sending sms overseas. The recipients don’t answer via their own sms since they would have to pay for a call to USA.

  220. @Rohan, I would like you to try and tell us your experience with Adam.

  221. If Adam were a tri or quad-band device, the specs would say so.

    as lxt11 (is that right?) put it in the last post:
    “(The Adam does not yet have a 1700 / 2100 variant. It uses the Ericsson F3307 3g module.

    Manuel link”””

    When devices have 850, 1700, 1900, and 2100, they state that in the specs. They also have to certify all of those bands with the FCC. NI only has to certify 850/1900 and 900/2100, because there aren’t any other bands being offered.

    Unless Rohan is keeping a secret, and the “mystery feature” needs a different freq band to work…. Which would explain the lack of disclosure… Hmm. 🙂

  222. Best bet is to stick with the 850/1900 for US orders. Unless there are “sneaky secretive secrets being snuck” the other variant won’t work on TMO or AT&T.

  223. @Greg

    Liked your suggestion about taking adam outdoors to show your friends with ipads. In the place I live in (Scotland) we are not so lucky with the sun. The past few weeks have been quite miserable with the snow and all that stuff. Your suggestion will really be useful in the summer though with daylight extending to 18 hours. My head says LCD but my heart says Pixel Qi (more for the cutting edge technology rather than anything else).

  224. Yep, from what I have been reading, I don’t feel any warm and fuzzies in regard to getting 3G connectivity with T-Mobile here in North America. I went with the default 850/1900 and hope to get on AT&T’s data plan.

  225. @Prakhyat Singh,

    I’m in front of LCD monitors most of the day. And feel the strain on my eyes.

    Even then I didn’t have that problem using my iPad. No strain at all. and more over, the ebook reader apps have controls for adjusting the brightness which makes it even more better.

    Pixel Qi was shooting for eink like screen + the ability to see videos/photos in color. hope they deliver. A little washed out color isn’t for me. It should be as good as LCD along with that eink like mode as a bonus.

  226. Greg i think iam among few who chosen LCD+3G rather the PixelQi even when i had an option. Ohh its a great decision i have taken i guess?

  227. Thanks. I saw that one a long time ago and it is good, but it was one of the earliest Pixel Qi prototypes and did not have a capacitive touch layer over it.

    Since most everyone has seem an iPad, it would be great to see an iPad and a Pixel Qi in full color mode (indoors w/o bright lighting) side by side.

  228. Plus he said Mireo was in the EAP. Thats probably just a prototype adam, and doesn’t even have Eden on it. Yet…

  229. When I was doubting Pixel Qi and wondering if I should get LCD previously, that is the thread I saw that got me back on the Pixel Qi bandwagon… But every time I read Rohan’s comments about colors being washed out a little on Pixel Qi, I start to doubt again.

    I’ll have a Pixel Qi Adam soon… One of the first things I will do is shoot photos and video of in in comparison to LCD and post them for everyone else.

    If I can find someone with an LCD Adam in my area I’ll use that. Otherwise I’ll get a hold of a friends iPad for comparison photos and video.

  230. @Rohan

    Thanks a lot for clarifying about the usability of Pixel Qi indoors/outdoors and the lack of any tangible benefit in terms of power savings if one is using it exclusively indoors.

    BTW, when will the next pre-orders/orders be open? Though I had 12 days to pre-order the LCD variant, having made up mind about purchasing the Pixel Qi variant I put off making the purchase. Now seeing the videos and your personal opinion based on first hand experience, I now know a LCD will suit my needs perfectly. When the Pixel Qi technology matures sufficiently (the screen display is as good as the LCD) in the future I will buy an adam with Pixel Qi screen. I am sure adam 2 or 3 will be on the cards when that happens.

  231. what Joshua said seems to be right with TMO 3G. looks like from various forumns, 3G wont work with TMO with the offered 3G Bands.
    As per the tmobile forumn “”,
    3g: T-Mobile’s 3g will not work on any phone that doesn’t support the 1700 MHz band, and the iPhone is no exception.
    T-Mobile’s 3g uses the 2100 and 1700 MHz bands, and most of the rest of the world (including AT&T) uses 2100 and 1900 for 3g. It’s not by choice that T-Mobile uses the 1700, I think it was some thing that went on with the FCC or something that… It’s what made them take so long to launch their 3g in the first place.
    But THAT’s why the 3g on the iPhone won’t work. The phone’s radio doesn’t have the support for the 1700 MHz band at all.
    Their EDGE internet works just fine on the non-Tmo phones, because it uses the standard 1800 MHz band that almost everybody else uses for internet.
    They also do not have separate plans for 3g. It will either work or not, depending on your coverage and the phone itself.

    So what we need from Rohan is the confirmation of the EDGE Bands supported by ADAM.

  232. @Rohan Shravan Curious, do you look at the forum? You did mention it in the Week-End Special IX. So I was wondering if you kept up on the suggestions there.

    I’m asking because I’m not sure if we should post all our suggestions here and there. There it’s easier since it’s searchable and organized.

  233. looks like I am wrong with the 3G, as still it is very vague. only Rohan can clarify clearly on if there is any way to program ADAM 3G frequencies to work with TMO 3G. Also, he need to clarify us on the EDGE bands supported on each variant.

    also, i am not sure if i am right, but i read in one of the forums that 3G band is more to do with software than with the hardware. looks like the hardware is same for all the frequencies.

  234. My pre-order link, that I had bookmarked to refer back to the variants, is now no longer working? It says the URL /order.php is not found on the server.

  235. @Joshua:
    >> When devices have 850, 1700, 1900, and 2100, they state that in the specs

    They have not stated ANY bands in the Tech specs. But I guess you seem to know what you are saying. 🙂

  236. Hi Greg,
    this might help:

    You’ll see a PQ screen in different modi.
    With backlight on, it’s really like a normal LED, loads of color in it.

  237. Is this full GPS, or does the Adam use A-GPS? I’ve seen some contradictory information on this and don’t know what to think.

    If it’s A-GPS does that mean people without the 3G model cannot get GPS coordinates?

  238. Yes, thank you Rohan, that helped.
    Plus watching “”
    convinced me the colours of PQ will be fine indoors, with the backlight on.

    I’ve made up my mind, and i’m ready to order now 😉

  239. Your comment is awaiting moderation. (Posting again with quotes around the link)

    Colors look real good on this competitors Pixel Qi tablet…


    @Rohan, do colors look this good on Adam’s Pixel Qi display?

  240. This GPS app. is awesome!! However, I think with pinch to zoom it should be better.
    In my opinion, Notion Ink will be the true iPad killer. Also I think, there is no reason to compare iPad and Adam because Adam is so much better than iPad in everyway.


    They told me they would add to my order T-MO USA 3G frequencies and now the pre order says 900 / 2100 MHZ – it should say 1700 / 2100.

    Big mistake because that frequency would not work in the USA with any carrier.

    Thank you Joshua for letting everybody know.
    I am reposting for people who missed the discussion below.

    Check your pre-order and either switch to AT&T or ask clarification from NI!

    ROHAN THIS SHOULD BE SOLVED FAST – PLEASE SUPPLY US WITH 1700 – 2100 as it was told us by customer service………

  242. Did anyone notice the “Loading UI Scripts” when Mireo s’ware was launched?

    Was it Edan UI (most likely not) or their own application UI (most likely).

    Seems like Adam’s SDK allows for apps to call their own UI scripts. Hope they keep it consistent across the apps and not have us learning doing the same thing differently in each app. It could become very frustrating.

    In looking at the Browser demo, Rohan used two finger touch to zoom and two finger touch and push up to scroll and bring up the Options menu.

    Mireo uses single finger press for zoom (zoom in). Had to use the – key on the + / – key icon to zoom out. They could have easily used the established standard pinch to zoom as Adam supports Multi-touch.

  243. With the small correction that the selection for EAP1 was not based on location and saturation in regions but on the quality of submissions.

    He says so in the quote and even emphasizes it by stating that no Indian developers were selected for EAP1.

    EAP2 is the group of people who for reasons unknown to me just didn´t make the cut. They now will get their chance to be ready for the market launch. Good luck to them!

  244. Couple of thoughts on the on the use of Multi-touch on Adam from within Edan UI and other application UI and navigation app from Mireo.

    I concur with the sentiments of folks about the UI moving away from the current established standards, be it for Android or others OSes.

    The Browser that Rohan showed used two fingers touch for zoom instead of the standard pinch to zoom. Now we see in the navigation app from Mireo, a single finger press for zoom.

    How many other different variants for zoom will we seeing when Adam is launched? Would not mind it if it retained the backwards compatibility to the current pinch and zoom standards.

    Will we have to keep learning different key strokes for each app that is developed which all seem to be different from the current standards.

    The reason I bring this up is that the last 4 days we were up at Mammoth Lake, CA (with lots of snow) and ran into the non-standard keystrokes usage by different navigation apps. We decided to use our neighbor’s iPad for navigation instead of my Smartphone (AT&T Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S)) as we needed a bigger screen and at first decided to use the Tom Tom navigation app installed on his iPad. The entire map data was installed already on the iPad. One could pinch to zoom but could not drag the map around the screen. As soon as you touched the screen, it would launch a menu and we found that to be unusable and switched on the Cellular data and used Google Maps instead. The standard pinch to zoom, single finger to drag the map around were all familiar keystrokes. Surprisingly, I was quite happy with Gooble Maps performance on the iPad’s (single core processor). The additional real-estate of the iPad was a must in the wintery road conditions, as all I needed to do was take a quick glance at the iPad my daughter was holding in her hand (pointed toward me off-course) to confirm her choice of directions. Could not have done that on a small screen SmartPhone.

    I like Mireo’s interface a lot as it seems very friendly and easy to use by not having to keep going back to the Menu to make selections, everything is available for selection on screen. Would have liked to see pinch to zoom instead of the single finger press as Adam supports Multi-touch. It there’s an established way of doing something and it works fine, stick to it. Change it only if what you offer is better, but keep the established method as an option and also allow its use for compatibility. Users can decide which they want to use.

    Mireo uses standard Cartographic data from NavTech and Tele Atlas, as do most of the Stand-Alone GPS vendors, and it should not be too difficult for them to port it to Adam.

    In the video, it seems like Mireo has re-written their app to make full use of Adam’s resolution (did anyone see it differently). If they have done that, they need to update their web page as it currently shows 480×272 (WQVGA) as the highest resolution supported.

    Will know for sure when it becomes available on Genesis, if they did a port of the existing app for SmartPhone/Stand-Alone GPS to Adam or re-write it with Adam’s resolution in mind. Hope it is the latter.

    The reason for Genesis was to make sure that all EAPs would write/re-write their apps to make full use of the resolution that Adam supported, i.e 1024 x 600. If they don’t, they don’t bring much value to Genesis and Adam, and we will always be on a lookout for a better alternative.

    If Adam 2 were to come out with a resolution of 1280 x 800 (highest resolution support by Tegra 2 SoC currently), imagine running an app at 480 x 272 on it. On a 4.5” or 5” SmartPhone/Stand-Alone GPS this resolution will work fine but not on a 10+” (or even a 7”) tablet.

    Tom Tom sells their TeleNav based s’ware for iPhone for the iPad for $39.99. They don’t have a native iPad version that will run full screen. It runs in a native windows at it native resolution, and can be doubled to fill the iPad screen with a lot of pixelation of the text. Graphics not that bad.

    Would be interesting to find out what price Mireo would sell theirs for on Adam.

  245. i have been reading a lot of forums to get a clearer picture. looks like the 3g frequencies are not programmable. i got this below explanation on one of the forums “Electronics are complicated and it’s not just a matter of flipping a switch to pick up missing frequences, it has to be designed into both the receiver and the transmitter, it takes different electronics to pick up different frequencies. The more frequencies you want, the bigger the device will have to be to support the required electronics.”

  246. So what does everyone think about the colors displayed in this video of the Pixel Qi screen?

    I will be very happy with Pixel Qi if it looks that good.. 😉

  247. Actually, the forerunners of GPS systems were even bigger than an Adam, and they’re still considered preferable to GPS for many purposes. They’re called “maps.”

  248. +1. hope Rohan will address this confusion very soon!! 🙂

    not sure if the laptop stick would work with adam. if that works, then we can use wifi model and laptop stick. that will let us get service from any providers including verizon/sprint 🙂

  249. The video’s on YouTube convinced me I will go for the PQ.
    Indoors the same quality as LCD, and same battery useage.
    Outdoors advantages in both.

    Someone mentioned that Rohan has been nominated for Android person of the year. I didn’t see the actual poll to vote until today, so if you haven’t done so, head on over and VOTE for ROHAN!!!


  251. “”
    Vote for Android Person of the Year [POLL]
    Rohan Shravan of Notion Ink was nominated because he showed how Android can make a small player get into the big game. But is the little start-up that could good enough to be called APOTY?


  252. Vote for Rohan I did!!
    Vote for Android Person of the Year [POLL]
    Rohan Shravan of Notion Ink was nominated because he showed how Android can make a small player get into the big game. But is the little start-up that could good enough to be called APOTY?


  253. VOTE
    Vote for Android Person of the Year [POLL]
    Rohan Shravan of Notion Ink was nominated because he showed how Android can make a small player get into the big game. But is the little start-up that could good enough to be called APOTY?


  254. I like a good GPS software whether its a smartphone or tablet

    I loved what we saw here.

    Question is in multitaking mode GPS navigators have audio warnings .So will I be able to surf internet while the GPS navigation wil be active in the background and will continue to give instructions

  255. Greg:
    > Am I going to wish I ordered LCD instead of Pixel Qi?

    Yes. There will be a thousand regrets, and on good nights, you will cry yourself to sleep. On bad nights, you will cry without the solace of sleep. You will gnash your teeth and wail. And the exact same thing would have happened if you had ordered the LCD in the first place instead of the Pixel Qi.

    Gosh, Greg, you’re really tough to please.

  256. Post here again. Please CHECK the manual of Ericsson F3307 3g module which is built in Adam. It simply doesn’t provide the 1700 frq. So NI cannot help you this, maybe in Adam2. But NI do need to keep the voice of CS consistent regarding the T-Mo 3g support. The NI CS guy need to understand a bit more about T-Mo (especially US and Europe) situation.

    NI replied my email regarding this issue as following in case nobody has post this:

    (The Adam does not yet have a 1700 / 2100 variant. It uses the Ericsson F3307 3g module.

    Manua link””

    Please let us know which variant you would like shipped to you and we shall update your order accordingly. We currently have a 850 / 1900 variant and a 900 / 2100 variant. …)

    Ericsson F3307 3g module does not provide the 1700 frequency. So as Joshua said, if one is in US, 850/1900 is the variant he should go with.

  257. this video Mapping Application by Mireo on Adam is filmed using Adam with normal LCD version. Rohan confirmed this himself at the beginning of this comments thread.

  258. Rohan has been in NY for the past few months. I’m convinced.

    Or, he has adjusted his work schedule such.

  259. I think it’s the Innoversal pixel Qi video which gave peace of mind to Greg and Karen, and the likes.

  260. Yo there, liking it, liking it, definately liking it…no wait loving it, loving a lot no wait.
    Totally in love with adam and the GPS.
    Cannot wait until I can finally order it, it pains me everytime.



    PS I hope everybody had a great Christmas.

  261. The AT&T plan is pretty good. I used the cheapest one on my iPhone
    200 Meg for $15
    I find wifi almost everywhere so I never use more then half of my available data

  262. While you won’t gain the battery advantage of PQ indoors with the back light on, you can always turn it off indoors as well. So if your reading a book, chatting with a friend, looking up the weather, etc…you can do it with the back light off and save a lot of power. I know most won’t want to use it that way all the time, but there will be other times it will be great.

  263. I hope you can multitask with GPS. I love to start up a movie for my kids in the backseat and still have the adam shout out directions for me!

    Most importantly I hope it comes with Snoop Dog’s voice pre-loaded on it as the stock navigation voice.

  264. I just voted – Rohan was 4th … but only a few votes separate the top contenders ….

    so come on out and vote

  265. Or you could come and live with me. Your wife does not need to know… as long as you take adams with you.
    I bet you could find handfull of other people here who wouldn’t mind to accomodate one with multiple adams.

  266. Greg – if you are pleased/convinced – then so am I

    Just as well as I have the PQ3g on preorder (still shipping 15th-22nd Jan) … which I should have by my birthday on the 28th

  267. This was a demo of the route. Before this part of the video, they clicked on “Start Shop Demo”

  268. My expectation is that Eve will be a small mobilephone with touch-screen, that could be plugged into Adam2 in the place of a back track-pad =)
    That would be awesome:
    – all the communications will be modularized in that mobile phone: GPS, 3G, WiFi, leaving more space for memory and battery.
    – touchscreen will be used as a back trackpad
    – perfect synchronization with zero-clicks – just plug it in and all the data – email, calendar, photos etc will be synchronized within seconds, as the connection would be smth like USB 3.0 =)))

    and THAT will be EDEN!! =)))

    @ Rohan: I hope you have the same vision, or even a better one 🙂

  269. Rohan,

    Can you provide any updates on EAP 2? And also, any info on when I can order Adam again? I was travelling when you started pre-orders and so couldn’t place an order. Please let us know.

    (Hoping that you`ll read this comment 😀 ) …
    Thank you

  270. Hooray! Excellent choice going with full GPS!

    Any chance you can give an estimate of how long until more PixelQi versions can be ordered online?

    I’m a little nervous with all the talk about a retail store release because I live in the US, but the closest Best Buy is 350 miles away. I don’t want to miss out just because I can’t make it to a physical store that is selling the Adam.

  271. Innoversal has a glossy glass so it always will be more vibrant and brighter than matte finish of Adam’s display. That said all displays I use are matte finish and I’d go for matte finish on a tablet as well.

  272. That’s the problem at heart… This stuff is so complicated that there are a lot of misinformed people, I used to be one. 🙂

    Good question about the laptop stick, I guess it would be a matter of drivers. But then the needed protocols could come included with Adam. Otherwise the laptop stick manufacturer will have to write some Android drivers.

    At least we can still make a WiFi hotspot with certain phones!

    The bright side to this confusion is that we now know more about wireless frequency bands than we ever thought we would! 🙂

  273. I really wish you the best for the next CES, amaze us and make us dream as you and the whole team already did this past year!

  274. Greg, there’s nothing wrong with this PQ screen as far as I’m concerned. Rohan did say that the adam’s would ship with the newer PQ screen that Mary Lou talked about in her blog.

    Impressed with the speed of the route demo in the nav program. Very cool. TomTom had better watch out. ;>


  275. Rohan said:This Demo was on LCD. The best way to confirm in videos is the color saturation and depth. If the colors look ‘silverish’ and light, its PQ. If they are saturated and deep, its LCD. Interestingly I prefer LCD more (I think I need to go out in Sun more!)

    At this point videos are only way of making a judgment call. It would be nice to be able to see them live side by side, but we are a ways off from being able to do that. I based my decision more on the fact that I won’t use Adam in the sunlight,Adam will not be my preferred E reader, and I saved a few bucks. I also used the rational that a screen that is designed to operate in several modes will naturally have to make some compromises in order to do so. It is the old “Jack Of All Trades Master Of None” cliche.
    The LCD designed to work in only one mode could be optimized better for that one mode. Rohan’s comment “Interestingly I prefer LCD more” just verified that thought process.
    I still think that most who purchase the Pixel Qi will be very happy, especially if they will spend a lot of time out doors and e reading on Adam. After a while one can tend to get used to what is in front of them and not worry about what they can’t see. We do that with what we hear as well. If perhaps you do a lot of photography and are picky about things like color depth and saturation, sunlight, e reading, and power savings aren’t essential then save some bucks and go LCD. If you have lots cash to burn buy them both!

  276. Where did you see that nice message about “on track to delivering it at the promised date”??

  277. @Greg
    you wanted to see an Ipad and Pixel Qi…?

  278. It’s a video. Things can be done to make a video look better. You have to see it in person to be sure. Rohan’s videos obviously are not doctored, I would trust his ahead of others. Unfortunately this video isn’t Adam either, The tablet in question may not have all the same modes that Adam does. I certainly would not make a choice based on a utube video. Ike makes a good point on the glossy glass as well. Base your judgment on your personal needs.

  279. I would sooo love to receive my ADAM before my ship date as I’m going on a trip and it would be a great road test for my ADAM…

  280. Dell India just announced the specs for their “Venue” pad.

  281. I first thought that the comment reflected on the US situation where lots of people are still devoid of HSDPA and seem to live with EDGE. So I didn´t even realize that KJ tried to make fun of more than the American market! T-Mobile started HSDPA for the European public in 2006 and in the TMO-US in January of 2010 !!!

  282. Additional thoughts on EDGE vs 3G (includes personal experience on both on AT&T networks)

    I am not sure if EDGE will cut it. I have been on the AT&T network and have had my data speed drop from 3G to EDGE at locations and had to stop using the data service, as EDGE is agonizingly slow.

    It is almost like switching from ultra high speed Wifi network to a high speed dial-up.


    EDGE packs up to 69.2Kbps into eight timeslots, for a total theoretical bandwidth of 473.6Kb.



    No shocker here. did their own independent tests to determine the fastest and slowest average 3G network speeds in the US, and Verizon came out on top. The survey included 15,000 participants, with 12,000 of them reporting back with data that was valid and usable for the tests. Verizon clocked in with an average download speed of 1,940 kbps, T-Mobile dropped in at second at 1,793 kbps, Sprint took third at 1,598 kbps, and AT&T was way behind at just 901 kbps. That’s just sad, and very telling when you consider the complaints from many an iPhone user as it pertains to 3G speeds.


    Another one at


    lays it out quite well and calls out EDGE for what it is (EDGE is not much faster than dial-up), I was being a bit too nice to EDGE calling it a high-speed dial-up (if there was such a thing). As I mentioned earlier that I always stopped using my cell phone for data whenever it switched to EDGE. That is the reason why.

    Question: What is the difference between EDGE and 3G? Why does the original iPhone support EDGE and not 3G?

    Answer: Please note that this Q&A specifically refers to the original iPhone, which was discontinued on June 9, 2008. The original iPhone was replaced by the iPhone 3G, which as the name implies, supports 3G.

    Cingular defines EDGE — which stands for “Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution” or “Enhanced Data for Global Evolution” — as:

    A third-generation, high-speed, mobile data and Internet access technology. It’s fast enough to support a wide range of advanced data services including video and music clips, full picture & video messaging, high-speed color Internet access, and email on the move.

    The Cingular EDGE network is available in more than 13,000 cities and towns and in areas along 40,000 miles of highways. It provides average data speeds between 75-135 Kbps.
    Although Cingular calls EDGE a “third-generation” technology, it is commonly called a “2.75G” network, as it does not offer the true speed of a 3G network.

    Cingular defines 3G — which the company markets as “BroadbandConnect” — as:

    The first widely-available service in the world to use HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access). . . BroadbandConnect provides average mobile data connections between 400-700 Kbps with bursts up to more than a mega-bit per second. It delivers approximately ten times the speed of dial-up Internet access.

    To generalize, EDGE is not much faster than a 56k dial up connection, whereas 3G offers broadband speeds. EDGE is available widely in the United States, but Cingular is rapidly increasing the number of metropolitan areas with support for 3G as well.

    End of Answer:

    In my opinion, EDGE just does not cut it. Would be wasted on a tablet the likes of Adam.

    Not a good outcome for users that have to fall back on EDGE.

    They would be better off with what Greg suggests. Switch to the 850/1900 and go with the AT&T data plan and forget about going with T-Mobile for data. If that were to happen and everyone were to go with the 850/1900 3G selections, would Notion Ink have sufficient in hand to accommodate or would there be further delays?

  283. I came to the same conclusion as you Wally.

    The PQ version should be OK. I too would have liked to have seen an LCD version next to it. The background wall paper had a lot of color and it looked OK. The Google search results could have been a bit brighter in my opinion.

    I tried to watch the PQ video and the Mireo nav video side by side and could not reach any conclusions as there wasn’t much color to look at on the Nav video.

    Had I gotten the PQ version, I don’t think I would get rid of it. It offers a bit more flexibility in other areas and if it comes at a slightly reduced color saturation and depth, I can live with it.

  284. Hey guys, Rohan is in the running for Android Person of the Year. He’s in second now, can we put him over the top? Let’s do this!!!


  285. @max3d: you are right, in general the US lags Europe in deploying the latest in this technology, though now with the deployment of 4G-LTE, US is now getting ahead of most countries in Europe. No sir, I have no interest in making fun of anyone 🙂

  286. I’m not sure what developers might be out there, but I am in medicine and would love to have some medical apps available. If someone can point me in the right direction, maybe I could even develop one myself.
    I, as a few has asked, am interested in having some information on when orders will be taken again.
    Also, does anyone know what, if any accessories, might become available? Will there be some sort of text input, like Swype, available?

  287. Wow!! The navigation app looks very robust and impressive. On the Mireo website, the say they use NAVTEQ data. Serious Stuff. I can’t wait for the Adam to become available for pre-orders again. This time, even Steve Jobs will pre-order his very own 3G PixelQi version.

  288. hey all,
    successful pre-order of Qi adam for US .. I am curious of any accessory partners have been mentioned or announced for adam. An example would would be Zagg … see link below as an example:


    I am sure that I am going to be able to retire my netbook, and as applications come into the adam my work laptop. Based on what I have read here and other places, the adam will certainly support many standard USB peripherals … but I am curious about other things like skins, stands, etc … thanks … and looking forward to CES 2011 .. it is exciting to be a part of something innovative!

    – Mark

  289. A little of the topic but figured it was worth asking agian. Given android market place is not directly tied to the adam without a reported hack that violates the warranty any idea how apps like the kindle app will be added or excluded. I like many other who order the pqi plan on using this as a ereader for novels/books and as a means of editing pdf’s from journals/articles. I use the kindle app and would like to continue and purchase more books as well. any ideas?

    Also this map app seems great though I’d love the see google maps as it is constantly updated and free. I like the tbt navigation but I assume this is a paid app? correct me if I’m wrong and i’d be pleased All in all I’m trying to envision my usability for such a great product and as echoed above the ui is great but unless the developers meet the demand for both paid and free apps I worry I’ll have a great toy but not a functional tool. I applaud rohan and the team and continue to be pleasantly surprised and am keeping the faith that all my answers will come in time (unless someone in the blog can shorten that time)

  290. How come there is no panels screen when he started the mapping app. it was standard android screen i guess. any idea?

  291. I always wish he’d read my comments…. but I’m hoping he answers yours! I want to know about EAP 2 as well.

  292. When will NotionInk open up new orders for the 3G PixelQi Variant? I’m dying to order one!

  293. I am typing with my swype keyboard. It’s awesome. Is it gonna work on adam? This is amazing indeed.

  294. Hi Rohan,

    I have been following your video updates closely and want to than you for these wonderful sneak peeks.

    I intend to use Adam a lot for reading e-books (pdfs mostly) and I believe it would be much easier to hold and read in vertical position. I want to request you to please showcase the e-book application and also preferably in vertical position.


  295. 1. Cyanogen, Team Douche (57%, 1,817 Votes)
    2. Rohan Shravan, Notion Ink (21%, 689 Votes)

    You guys are not voting enough.

  296. it would be great if adam accessory makers come up with a frictionless mount similar to Garmin mount. no gule, but it stays in place without even moving an inch. it is surprisingly light weight and i have tried it in all kinds of roads and very surprised with its stability 🙂 this will ensure adam is safe even when used as a car GPS 🙂 anycase i will not risk using it as a GPS. now-a-days Garmin nuvi is very cheap, and comes with life time free map and traffic. i got one for a great deal during black friday 🙂

  297. I don’t understand what the Ericsson has to do with anything.
    NI customer care wrote me:

    “I will give you TMO USA 3g Frequency”

    and then updated my pre-order to a 900/2100 variant that is no good in the USA.
    Just want to let everyone know they should check their pre-order status.

  298. Note that most LCD screens have really bad portrait viewing angles. I understand that PQi has much better portrait viewing angles than LCD does.

  299. gps useful!
    Yes, this is what i want and need for my pad-like device.
    Also this is what I want to see in Adam!
    of course, people can’t satisfy only for one video,
    I hope there are the video that in use truly.
    The Adam has more sensors,
    I also want to see new video to prove these sensors and how can we use.
    good luck for everybody!

  300. On a completely unrelated note, Hi to everyone!
    As many of you might remember, I had put up an unofficial FAQ to cut down on some of the redundant questions on this blog. This effort was well received by the members fo this community and I was approached for collaboration on developing a community-maintained FAQ wiki, by none other than Dalinian, the moderator of

    Soon, as a collaborative effort of NotionAddicts and NotionInkHacks, we populated a massive resource of questions- Both Answered and Unanswered on the Wiki. This will be maintained and kept up-to-date by a Team of 10 Co-Editor volunteers from the community.

    Please head over to “” and have a look at the wiki.

    For all the newcomers: Welcome to the family! Bring yourself up to speed by heading over to the wiki!



  301. i’m confused, isn’t the PQ screen an lcd with the PQ layer on top.

    if not PQ is still better, because its screens in one, u get B&W best for reading, and backlight for color, for a student like me, i would hook it up to tv if i wanted the best picture (or maybe an IPS screen, if santa remembers that he missed my chimney:)

  302. So did I hear correctly that the mapping application that comes with this is on OpenStreetMap? As an OSS guy, I really love the highlighting of this, although OSM doesn’t have the best maps in some of the bigger cities (they have the BEST map in Port-au-Prince though, which all first responders used this past year).

    Is the google maps app or perhaps a Bing map app also available that works on the larger screen?

  303. yeh if its like that or even better (as adam is getting 2nd gen screens from PQI) then i’m definately getting PQ.

    when r u hitting UK stores Rohan, don’t forget Dixons group (PC WORLD, Dixons, Currys – all owned by DSGI group). its the UK’s biggest computer retailer, Best Buy just arrived in the UK and only have 1-2 stores.

    i prefer to buy from store as we have one near by and its more convenient.

    Don’t FORGET ROHAN, APPS will make or BREAK you, so please give incentives to as many top quality developers out there, maybe your initial policy is more rewarding for developers and later you can adjust the policy when you have sold millions.

    Remember you have our support by us promising to buy.

  304. you can looks at this link “”. i feel the pqi colors are dull. i think pqi would be best if we just want to access more content, like reading ebooks/docs, browsing net, etc. pqi has colors but they are not very excellent. but if we intend to watch more vibrant pictures and HD videos, pqi wont be great. it would be just OK. and based on Rohan’s feedback also, it is LCD would be a better option. very confused. i currently have nook e-reader to read ebooks. i like it but it is just 6 inches and i am having problems reading tech books with complex images. but overall it is good for reading. may be i now think i shld go for lcd model and using nook for reading ebooks??? 😀 hope we will get the answers soon 😀

    We need the below clarifications to make an informed decision:

    1) battery performance of LCD only and pqi model under same conditions (with backlit color mode). would both give 16 hrs under normal conditions?
    2) side by side (or even separate) video hands on showing both lcd and pqi mode in action playing the same HD Video, under the same lighting conditions.

  305. another option would be to go for ADAM LCD, and then switch over to ADAM2 PQI. by then pqi technology will be more mature to produce the lcd crispness in color mode 🙂

  306. iPad Screen vs Pixel Qi


  307. so how will ebook reading be on normal LCD mode compared with the PQ, and what about backlight on/off on the LCD version, make any difference

  308. @Greg, i am back to square one on PQI vs LCD. looks like i am also leaning towards LCD version now. due to snowstorm, i got more today to browse from home and so i was checking all the available videos for pqi. none of the videos available truly demo’d the color mode. they were highlighting only the eink mode and how we can easily switch from color to eink. there were some videos having couple of secs of pqi screen playing movies in color mode and they dont look very great. they tend to be more blue-ish. so now i am thinking of better buying lcd version and wait for ADAM2 for pqi. this will give me a good chance to convince my wife to approve ADAM2 purchase 🙂 i am hoping for more comparison videos before the second pre-order window. in the worst case, i will buy lcd version. even thought i want to use adam for more contents instead of multi media, i feel lcd wld be equally ok. anycase i have my nook e-reader as fallback option 🙂

  309. @Rohan

    An “unboxing” video by Greg and Billy. One of a traditional series of videos that accompany Fuji Digtal Camera launches:


    Perhaps you have considered something like this?

  310. Best of luck at CES. I wish I was able to attend, but at least my boss is going and I made him promise to stop by. He is a devout Apple-ite and I know once he sees the Adam he will know why I have been so excited for the past year.

  311. @Rohan

    (my previous post, though unrelated to this thread is in wordpress outerspace, so I have re-posted here with a small addition)

    An “unboxing” video by Greg and Billy. One of a traditional series of videos that accompany Fuji Digtal Camera launches:


    And here is Pt ll of the fuji guys video related to the same launch:


    Perhaps you have considered something like this?

  312. Go to notion addicts there is a thread there on possible car mounts………….Tom C

  313. @Greg, I guess it will look as good as (or perhaps better) in Adam.

    I read somewhere that Adam is using newer version of PQI that has more brightness. Correct me if i misinterpreted it.

  314. Am I the EAP 2 selection list.

    How can I know if I am in that list..

    Hoping I am in that list.

  315. Until they get Market access (a Google restriction), just download the GetJar and / or SlideMe market apps. They contain a good selection of apps and I don’t think they have any “no tablet lockout” rule.

  316. Well… Rohan, can you confirm that 2G and Edge with SMS works also in Germany?

    I do not understand why people saying Edge is waste of time. Maybe the american mobile network is better than ours (don´t think so cause there are fatal infrastructure problems with the american network). But EDGE is a welcome solution when 3G is not supported where you are. e.g. in regions without full network coverage.

  317. well if adam is as colourful as a coulour newspaper or paper magazine then i’m ok with that, if i wanted an IPS display i would have gone with IPAD, maybe Gen2 Adam will compete with Ipad 2.

    but Adam PQ is the main draw before Eden UI for me.

  318. Hi yall, with Rohan posting all the time I’ve not had a chance to comment much, but what is there to say anyway? – Its all good!!!

    Just a thought, when it comes to LCD vs Pixel Qi, I think its a matter of – if you’re inside a lot, go for LCD, but as soon as you walk outside and try to see your beautiful screen you’ll wish it was a pixel Qi, even if its not quite as bright as the LCD under artificial conditions.

    For me, what got me started on Adam was a video of a kindle over a year ago now. Someone sitting on a beach reading an e-book, and I don’t even like to the beach that much! I was just frustrated with never being able to see my mobile phone’s screen in daylight. And then came adam and the pixel qi and I was in love with the technology.

    Peace out,


  319. You can vote multiple times. Just refresh the browser after you voted. 😉

    This is a home game for all Inkers. You should know how to refresh a web site…

  320. Amazing video….out of the world…I guess this is the tip of the iceberg and I can only imagine the kind of application that we will see going forward…..All the very best for CES 2011…..Rohan and NI team you guys are winners all the way …and I am sure CES 2011 will be no different….Cheers..

  321. Hey just kind of stating the obvious but its running either 2.2 or below in the video. Hope they upgrade to 2.3

  322. Day by day Adam is unfolding lot of Surprises and I closely follow each of the posting of Mr Rohan Shravan.
    Can any one suggest what is EAP2 ? How one can become meber for EAP2.

  323. The video is awesome as always and this one looks even better w.r.t responsiveness. Great Job !!!

    But Rohan –
    I am a tad disappointed.

    The news on hardware that the 3G will support 2G also is not a news at all.

    All the 3G specifications ( 3GPP ) mandate that the 3G has to interop with 2G and so the device should support both the stacks.

    I was awaiting some good news on FCC. But maybe you will reveal it all in CES.

    All the best for CES.

  324. Guys,

    Dont do false voting. Rohan will surely win. Just post the link on any forum/facebook and see the results!!
    Adam way to go!

  325. Guys,
    I am writing this from Hyderabad India.
    I am expecting that i should choose 900/2100 as my 3G band in my order.
    Can any one from india confirm if that is right and tell me where u got this data from?
    I sent one more qn to NI to their mail a week back. But still did not get response.
    Qn was do they support 4G?
    From the request of Band selection in Pre order. I am guessing they wont support.
    In India it is offered in 2.3G Hz Band.
    What is the band for 4G in US?
    If some one from NI can respond to these qns htat will be great.

  326. (I did not know about it!)

    Thank you, Aaron! Cyanogen will likely win, but it will be fantastic if Rohan gets second place.

  327. You should have received a confirmation on your selection. No confirmation=no selection

  328. The Early Access Program (1 & 2) was launched for developers. Registration for it has been closed for a long time now.

  329. After I voted, I got this:
    1. Cyanogen, Team Douche (50%, 2,632 Votes)
    2. Rohan Shravan, Notion Ink (27%, 1,438 Votes)

  330. Swype is ready for Android devices so… I think if you use Standard Keyboard-Layouts of Android (which are available as Rohan said some weeks before), you can use Swype too.

  331. I think it is a question of how you want to use your adam.

    Like me… non Ebook-Reader, focused on Apps (Games/Sketches/Fotos) you will prefer LCD because you don´t need transflective features.

    For a student sitting in the park and reading “To be or not to be”… the Pixel Qi will habe it´s advantages.

  332. All,

    I posted some news on Notion ink possibly subsidising Adam when its out in India (as a part of the Reliance Infotel launch!) and guess what…the admin removed my comments!!

    hint,hint 😉

  333. Sure.

    Pixel Qi is much better for reading outside.
    It´s because background LED will be dimmed in transflective mode, so the Sun will not reflect as much as on LCD.
    But for me, that doesn´t metter, cause reading is not mine 😉

  334. Hey all!

    I haven’t seen this being asked before on the blog. Do we/ Will we have the option of extending the 1-year Limited Warranty upto 2 or 3 years? Something like Apple’s AppleCare Protection Plan or Extended warranties/ Premium Services from Dell/HP? If so, what kind of (How much) of additional payment are we lookig at?

    Neat Navigation App, by the way! I wonder if the maps are stored or store-able locally. What I would really like to see is turn-by-turn navigation happening live over a short distance.

    Anyway, I was wondering- From Rohan’s earlier statements, we know the battery lasts anywhere near 15-20 hours on Normal usage. But it has not been mentioned if this was on the PixelQi (with backlight off) or on the LCD, outdoors. I also wonder if the battery life is similar in numbers indoors with baclight on (on both mdoels).

    I have no clue what the “Back” hardware button does. It sounds like a function that would be more in-place among the 4 capacitive touch buttons.

    Ah, too much wondering done, now I’ve got to get some work done 😉

  335. Weeellll, the admin apparently didnt think much of your “hint hint 😉 “, and put your news through now…

  336. Rohan,
    Can you please share a video of Notion Ink with portrait mode?
    Or can you please show the Eden UI’ls capability of screen Orientation?

  337. He made the clarifications because many people were asking this question. The confusion was that T-Mobile in the US uses a different frequency combination for its 3G services than the other carriers. But it does provide 2G services on one of the bands that Adam supports. So, I think that his clarification in this regard is a good thing.

    He said news in the next post, so fingers crossed (abt FCC)

    Great stuff, in the vids…

  338. Lot more visitors and voters are required to vote for Rohan in the poll.

    Happy holidays and may be a golden week!

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!

    Love and Peace – and no greed and corruption!!!

  339. Havent Google and Amazon etc., made ebook readable through any browser supporting Javascript? I distinctly remember Google doing this with the Google Bookstore and Amazon immediately following suit. Then, you would be able to read any ebook through your browser… And that includes the one on the Adam…

  340. @fundaazoflife.. Thanks for the effort. The Wiki is wonderful. Even for the people who have been following Adam for sometime it is a good refresher.

  341. Lol…
    Anyway, Reliance Infotel is launching 4G tablets. For under INR 8000, if I am not wrong…
    Clearly, Adam does not support 4G, so it is technically not possible for Adam to be subsidized by Reliance.

    Unless 4G is the mystery feature, which i think it most definitely is not (that WOULD be the USP then)…

  342. Most people tend to forget that PQ is not just for outdoors or bright environment, but also healthier for your eyes! To me that is the main reason to get a PQ version.

    I Am reading a lot on my laptop (baords, news-sites, books, pdfs etc.), so, I need a good PQ screen in order not to stress my eyes/brain so much.


  343. Why are the demos always with a single hand?
    That is not what powers do.

    Can u plan your next demo using both hands?
    What to see how comfortable it could be.

  344. Why are the demos done always with a single hand(finger for that matter)?
    That is not what power users do.

    Can u plan your next demo using both hands?
    What to see how comfortable it could be.

  345. Why are the demos done always with a single hand(finger for that matter)?
    That is not what power users do.

    Can u plan your next demo using both hands?
    Want to see how comfortable it could be.

  346. Does India have a 4G spectrum or is Wimax the 4G equivalent…

    further, If Wimax is 4G… then… is it portable ?

    if 4G spectrum is not yet auctioned ? then what is the market for the Reliance Infotel tablets ?

    do you have some links for the Reliance Infotel tablets ? if so, do the other specs compare to Notion Ink ?

  347. @Pavan Kumar
    I had done Google about 3G frequency in India. As per that, India is mainly on 2100MHz (Docomo, Airtel, BSNL..).

    Hence I had confimed my order as 900/2100.

  348. @Anand – yes, Wimax is the 4G equivalent. Try googling it as the links posted by me were removed by the admin

  349. In complete darkness PQ will have the same color saturation as “normal” lcd, the more ambient light the less color saturation PQ will display up to point where the PQ will appear to be BW (and “normal” LCD has become unreadable)

    – At night in bed PQ will be like normal LCD
    – In average living room light it will appear near normal LCD
    – In Office lightning it will be slightly less colorful (with a slight silver glow as the strong white ambient light is being reflected by the display)
    – In direct sunlight BW

  350. I think Reliance has gone ahead and finished tests in its campus for LTE and not WiMAX. THey had plans for WiMAX initially, but then they changed plans (as far as I can remember- I could be wrong).

    Yes, the 4G spectrum is not auctioned yet in India. Actually, there might not even be an auction for 4G spectrum as the DoT and the TRAI are looking at alternative ways to ensure fair distribution of spectrum (other than auction) for the future. Even if there is an auction, what with all the happenings on the Indian political scenario regarding the 2G/3G spectrum auctioning and the infamous decisions of Mr. A. Raja, it may be a long long long time before we get decent 4G service at all, let alone from anything that is not BSNL. Remember how 3G is just being introduced by the private sector, while BSNL had the market to itself for almost a year?

    So,suffice it to say, Reliance does not (yet) have any market for the tablets.

    Now, we enter into the realm of rumours, No specifications are out yet. Though at INR 8000 (as per the specifications)- I doubt the “decency” of the hardware. But if the price is that low because of exclusivity of the Hardware to Reliance, then I can pretty much agree with the price points- Even then, it is highly subsidized!

    In a nutshell, Neither do I see Reliance Infotel tablets happening in the near to distant future, not do I see Adam being tied in exclusivity to Reliance Infotel. And for those fueling that Reliance might be the investor shelling out money on Notion Ink, I do not see any visible advantage Reliance could possibly have from this alliance. Of course, its not like I am an expert at such things, so I might be more wrong than a drunken monkey 😉 …

    I guess we will (might) get to know @CES who the investor is…

  351. Ok, I got a few things worng there….

    4G spectrum has in fact been auctioned, Infotel won the bid in all telecom circles in India and they already have wireless broadband services across the country. Reliance acquired Infotel (they paid the licencing fees also) , and so they have nationwide 4G service licence- Sounds really nice!

    Yeaah, it is LTE and not WIMAX. Reliance completed trial runs in its Mumbai campus and got promising results. They are **planning** to strt rolling out 4G service sometime in 2nd half of 2011.

    Let me be a skeptic here and say I’ll believe it when it happens. The tablet rumours from Reliance Infotel are still rumours- Unless there is an offical statement.

  352. +1 Actually 4g standards are evolving and therefore even right now there is no clear picture that what technologies will be subsumed by 4G. LTE and WiMAx are two of them that are now 4G.Rlieance have bought license for Wireless boradband(by acquiring Infotel) in India and they are using LTE .

  353. Hi again everybody. I’m following this blog since from start and I haven’t seen there is any other pre-order again. Are you sure there is another pre-order? I’m asking because I pre-ordered an Adam with wifi but I really like to buy a Pixel-Qi Adam with wifi. Pixel-Qi Adam will be so nice. I would have purchased it, if it hadn’t been sold out. I can only ordered Adm with wifi then. Adam is Adam after all, will be the the most powerful tablet out 🙂

  354. No 4G spectrum is not auctioned till now. It will be auctioned in 2011 as planned by TRAI.

  355. You really really really REALLY want him to do a video with both hands, dont you? You said so 4 times! 🙂

  356. Some Corrections on what you have written. 3G auctioning was totally fair so don’t bracket it with 2G spectrum allocation.Moreover Your point towards BSNL is not totally correct too. spectrum are scarce resources and can’t be allocated so easily. BSNL had the market alone for 1 year because initally the 3G spectrum were provided to Government company(BSNL and MTNL) and there were plans to auction it very soon. But the spectrum that has to be auctioned was with defence and they told that they can’t release it so quickly for security reasons and therefore it delayed for 9 months(As government had no alternative spectrum of the frequency asked by the defense that time).

  357. I doubt another “pre-order” but after CES, it would make sense to just “order”- Which I am pretty sure is what Notion Ink will do.

  358. TO Make things more things Clear::

    (1)In India 4g has not been auctioned till now. What has been auctioned till now is 3G+Wireless Broadband Acess. Reliance by acquiring Infotel as Pan India Wireless Broadband license

    (2)Reliance is using Using LTE instead of Wimax for it’s implementation. LTE(long term evolution) is a pre 4G technology(and beyonf 3G technology).

    As per ITU standards for 4G compatible you ought to be LTE advanced or WireLess-Man-Advanced. Hence No One In India has this and moreover it has not been auctioned too.

  359. after my vote
    #1 Cyanogen, Team Douche (49%, 2,879 Votes)
    #2 Rohan Shravan, Notion Ink (30%, 1,771 Votes)

  360. Hmm.. I was not aware of the Defence holding spectrum! Thanks for the info!

    But 4G spectrum, as I have read on the news has been auctioned way back, immediately after the 3G auctions. And infotel did actually win the bid in all 22 circles. And reliance did actually acquire infotel.

    And regarding the fairness of including 3G along with the 2G when i mentioned the irregularities _ I did so by mistake, and I retract. But, the PAC (Public Accounts Committee) is investigating the 3G auction also along with the 2G auction (Donno why), as I heard on the news yesterday. I dont know if this is petty journalism leading to misinformation or not.

  361. Well, ITU is reconsidering its stand on the 4G standard and bracketing the LTE and WiMAX within the “4G” domain, though it was initially proposed that LTE+ would be the 4G standard.

    This is where I get this info:

    Its just a matter of semantics, I guess. Nothing really is 4G after all.

  362. @Rahul Check my post above where I have cleared the air around 4G. It’s yet to be auctioned.

    Moreover PAC is *not* investigating 3G auctioning. It was fair and transparent It may be in news because CAG(Controller and Auditor General of India) used 3G auctioning revenue as a benchmark to calculate the loss to exchequers which has resulted in 2G spectrum allocation(whic h was on first come first serve basis).

  363. 🙂 Seems so. It’s all labeling it seems. Real time implementation of 4G will take time. And moreover in india they have to be user friendly in terms of prices 🙂 otherwise they can never assume mass acceptance.

  364. notioninkaddict said, on December 28, 2010 at 16:23

    In complete darkness PQ will have the same color saturation as “normal” lcd, the more ambient light the less color saturation PQ will display up to point where the PQ will appear to be BW (and “normal” LCD has become unreadable)

    – At night in bed PQ will be like normal LCD
    – In average living room light it will appear near normal LCD
    – In Office lightning it will be slightly less colorful (with a slight silver glow as the strong white ambient light is being reflected by the display)
    – In direct sunlight BW

  365. My point was that your comment was incomplete, in the sense that it left some gap for misinterpretation. I didn’t think it was your intention to to ignore “non developed countries”. Sorry if you took it that way.
    I guess we are on the page then.
    And I do agree with you on the fact that technology is developing at a fantastic rate. So fast that is very difficult for people with little knowledge to keep up with it. Hence the importance of this blog for people to at least become aware of these advances. You and many others have provided information I’m sure many have found interesting (that includes me.)

  366. 3G is getting old, 4g has been available here in Sweden for a year already. I really wish that Adam would support 4g.

  367. This is my take on the things with regards to the comparison between the LCD and Pixel Qi screens.

    I think we are not comparing apples to apples here. The video played by Rohan on 24th December is probably the closest one gets comparing the LCD with the Pixel Qi in Transflective mode. Though the video demoed in this post is on a LCD, it is not a multimedia file, but an app. Thus, the colours will be vibrant and life like. The true test will be when two adams, one with LCD and one with Pixel Qi (in transflective mode) are compared side by side playing a multimedia video file. Three tests will need to be performed to make an informed choice, (1) In low ambient light (night time), (2) normal ambient light (indoors during daytime) and (3) bright ambient light (outdoors during daytime). Depending on one’s usage pattern people may decide which suits them best. Obviously, there will be things one need to consider like (1) making a trade-off if buying a Pixel Qi variant with regards to colour crispness, colour saturation etc. (2) needing to put extra cash for a variant that is good to have but not essential, etc.

    Let us not forget the viewing angles. I don’t think the Pixel Qi screen offers wide viewing angles. Once again the video displayed by Rohan on 24th December, is a case in point to prove my observation. If you are front on it is fine, but if you are watching with your family or friends from an angle, I don’t think all of them will have the same optimal viewing experience unlike on a LCD screen.

    In the end, it is best left to the buyer to decide which variant meets his requirements.

  368. Well, I’ll know if I am happy with the PQ display as soon as I get it…

    And I’ll post videos on my blog for everyone else to see too.

  369. Hmmmm. That would never work. Even though I am a huge Adam fan (some would even say I am addicted), I still love my wife more than my Adam and would miss her too much. 😉

  370. One more thing to take into account…

    For many of us, Adam will be our first Tablet. So if you are like me, 99% of the time that I have used a computer has been indoors, without harsh lighting. That is simply because even with a laptop, it was inconvenient to use it on the go, especially outdoors.

    A tablet is going to change everything. I anticipate having it with me most of the time, and that means I will be using it in locations I have never considered using my laptop.

    So where an LCD display has always been preferred in the past, it may no longer be sufficient if I find myself using my Adam outdoors a lot more than I have used my laptop…

    Oh well, I’ll have my Adam soon and will know how much I like the PC display once it is here. I’ll be sure to post good videos on my blog that show the PQ display in comparison to LCD, and share my personal opinion too. Hopefully that will be helpful to everyone else tat is still trying to decide between PQ and LCD..

  371. It was in an email I received from NI. I posted the whole email but it went into moderation. Here it is again with the links in quotes this time. So hopefully it does not get moderated again. There is nothing confidential in the email so I assume it is okay to post.

    The subject of the email is “Reminder: Action required for your Notion Ink Adam Pre-Order”

    And this is the body of the email…

    Hi Gregory,

    Thanks for preordering the Notion Ink Adam! We are on track to delivering it at the promised date. You are receiving this email since you ordered an Adam with 3G. This is a reminder that you can choose one of the two 3G options we provide – either the 850/1900 UMTS band that is generally used in North and South America, or the 900/2100 UMTS band which is used in the rest of the world – by visiting your order status page.

    Both variants are also capable of connecting to the 2G GPRS/EDGE networks in 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz bands.

    We have selected the 850/1900 variant for you based on your shipping country. However, we strongly recommend that you check with your mobile operator which band can be used on their network, and make a final selection on the order status page at “”.

    Please note that:
    You will need to provide your order reference number and your email address in order to access this page.
    You may only choose your 3G band once.
    If you do not make your choice before 1 January, the default choice (based on your shipping country) will be finalized.
    Please make sure you confirm your required band after checking with your mobile operator. Notion Ink does not provide any returns or exchange on shipped products if the wrong 3G band was selected or if you fail to make a selection. If the Adam shipped to you is incompatible with the 3G band used by your operator, then it may not be able to connect to the network or may connect only at 2G speeds.

    If you have any problems, please contact “”

    Warm regards,
    Notion Ink Pre-order Support.

  372. Great to see a good app running smothly and perfectly on Adam. I can’t wait to order my Adam. Please, hurry up.

  373. I agree. All the videos I have found of PQ focus on showing it in bright sunlight, etc to demonstrate the eInk mode. None really show a good comparison of its full power/full color mode compared to a typical LCD display.

    Well, that is one of the first things on my list of videos to create. As soon as I get my Adam I will post a video on my blog that shows good comparisons of PQ and LCD.

    I expect i will be happy with PQ. But may like LCD a little more when displaying photos or watching movies. But I wont know for sure until it gets here…

  374. I’m sure there will be lots of unboxing videos soon…

    I myself will be doing one, as well as creating many other videos of the Adam. You will be able to find them on my blog shortly after I get my Adam (I am on the January 9th shipping list).

  375. “”

    For folks who are confused between LCD and Pixel 3Qi dispay, above link might help you.

  376. Voted for Rohan for APOTY. All the best Rohan and the entire NI team. You sure deserve this.

  377. I just wished I could order my Adam.
    Those video’s make the waiting survivable but……………………… I want and Adam!

  378. @ Anybody from India

    Does anyone have info what will be the custom charges we will have to pay for Adam?
    I just called DHL, they said, For electronic item of Rs. 24000 /-, custom charges will be approx. Rs. 4500/-. [$90] 😦

    If this is true, it will be hard for me to get it.
    already i have paid 2500/- [$50] for shipping charges.
    now Rs. 4500/- more. [already spent my total stipend and pocket money of last 7 months] 😦

    Come on Rohan, Please have a talk with Govt. get its Custom decreased / or try for Custom free for Students at least 😛

  379. One thing I need to mention, although English is not my native language, this e-mail seems to be in flawless english!
    A lot of people were afraid that there would be problems with english. It seems NI got it quite under control!

    It also seems that NI keeps promise in improving their customer support!

  380. Yeah, India is second largest English speaking country with 232,000,000 English speakers.

    Well, it is different story that grammar is sometimes not correct 😀

  381. I appreciate the answer I’ll have to look in to this right now I have a handful of books on the kindle app which easily cross over to the iphone android and mac (as a matter of fact it was the android avail on the adam that convinced me to buy) But if i cant get access on the adam for the kindle app then it kinda defeats the purpose. Not a total loss by any stretch but more compatibility would be better.

  382. Rohan, can we have your clarification on one matter? The Android OS after 2.1 natively supports pinch to zoom. Since this is an Android OS, if we were to install the default Android browser onto the tablet, could we use pinch to zoom?

  383. Bulk voting happening for cynogen….lets vote for rohan

  384. “”

    vote for rohan… poll rigging happening in favour of cynogen

  385. Bulk vote rigging happening for cynogen..….lets vote for rohan

  386. With the PQ screen you’ll be able to better avoid eye fatigue associated with radiated light, like from an LCD screen. When the backlight is off, your eyes will see the images on the screen via reflected light, which puts way less strain on them.
    As an avid reader who wasn’t interested in investing in a one trick pony like the kindle, I’m looking forward to my multitasking Adam that I can use for many hours on end.

  387. Could never agree more, Himanshu… The promised speeds are incredible, as compared to what we currently have in the Indian market…. The only question that remains is the price… I really hope they price it competitively…

  388. Ok… Thanks for clearing that…. Petty journalism at its best… I really need to change the channels I watch for news 🙂

  389. i lkie swype keybroad also it macks it ez to tip very fast and with no misteaks, so my massages r totality professional, plus teh predictive inpud is amazing accuracy, and I never half to worry about wrong milkshake!

  390. Hi Rohan,
    It would be great if in the next video you could use a Pixel Qi variant instead of lcd version so everyone could compare not only use in daylight, of which there are many videos online, but also in a normal room environment using the color mode.
    Also many have been asking for video of e-reader app and portrait orientation.
    Thanks, and we appreciate your efforts and good work.

  391. Hi Rohan,
    It would be great if in the next video you could use a Pixel Qi variant instead of lcd version so everyone could compare not only use in daylight, of which there are many videos online, but also in a normal room environment using the color mode.
    Also many have been asking for video of e-reader app and portrait orientation.
    Thanks, and we appreciate your efforts and good work.

    this was posted already but was placed above somewhere instead of at end.

  392. More competition …

    GalaxyTab2 and LG Optimus Pad at CES 2011???


  393. Rohan in a very close race with Cyanogen it is now almost neck and neck if you have not voted yet go vote at “”

  394. Does ADAM come with dedicated Front and Back Facing Cameras?

    No. It comes with a patented “Swivel Camera” that provides an swivel angle of 185 degrees

    should read

    No. It comes with a patented “Swivel Camera” that rotates 185 degrees.

    2h – Sensors

    Does Adam support Assisted GPS (AGPS)? – No. All variants of Adam has full support for GPS and can be used as a Stand-Alone navigation unit, unlike A-GPS where it needs to be on a Cellular Data Network (i.e. EDGE, 3G) for it to function.

    Rohan also replied to this question as shown below.

    Rohan Shravan said, on December 28, 2010 at 01:57
    Adam comes with FULL GPS implementation and even the wi-fi version will have GPS.

    2i – Communication

    Bluetooth: Is Bluetooth 3.0 supported? Yes.

    The answer should be – No. It supports Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR as per the Tech Specs of Adam on Notion Ink web site. Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR makes pairing easy, lowers power consumption and has improved security.

  395. I think the mystery feature will enable us to get regular OTA updates to the Adam,
    Think what hardware feature would allow that? Something that uses our network but not exactly a phone?

    Rohan has mentioned clearly that he wanted to bring regualr updates and the mystery feature helps him do it….

    what dyu guys think?

  396. I thought he would post daily but a video every other day. Am I too optimistic?

    “From this week, we will limit the number of videos to 1 per 2 days”

  397. Rohan Shravan, Notion Ink (42%, 3,652 Votes)
    Cyanogen, Team Douche (42%, 3,639 Votes)
    Sanjay Jha, Motorola (5%, 468 Votes)

  398. latest result, A near tie for first slot…

    Rohan Shravan, Notion Ink (42%, 3,652 Votes)
    Cyanogen, Team Douche (42%, 3,639 Votes)
    Sanjay Jha, Motorola (5%, 468 Votes)

  399. I voted at least 100 times using a simple script 😉 Cyanogen followers were doing the same. I think they have fixed the poll now. But Rohan is already ahead so lets keep it that way!

  400. Osumn!..Rohan is on top of the poll guys!..keep up the Good Work & same Momentum 🙂


    Vote!.. for Rohan Shravan, NI for Android Person of the year 2010 at Andronica.

  401. Rohan – moved to number one..

    Rohan Shravan, Notion Ink (42%, 3,652 Votes)
    Cyanogen, Team Douche (42%, 3,641 Votes)
    Sanjay Jha, Motorola (5%, 468 Votes)
    MIUI Team (4%, 359 Votes)

  402. Actually, going purely on viewing angles, Pixel Qi is the safer bet. Check out some of the YouTube videos where Mary Lou herself is demonstrating the panels – some very good ones showing impressive clarity at very low angles. Since Pixel Qi are only making one type of 10inch panel (2nd Gen), you can be sure the angles are good.

    The LCD is more of an unknown quantity. We know the brightness and colour is going to be good and that’s about it. AFAIK, nobody has worked out who is manufacturing them or uncovered any specs on them apart from resolution. I reckon they’ll be just fine though, it would be crazy to deck out the Adam with such awesome specs and then put in a “just good enough” screen. The fact that Rohan prefers the LCD is a good sign!

  403. Rohan Shravan, Notion Ink (42%, 3,654 Votes) for Android Person of the year 2010.
    Go! now & vote for Rohan Shravan,NI for Android Person of the year 2010 at Andronica & show your support for all the Adamholics, NotionAddicts, NotionHackers, ect & all the non-members too.


  404. Rohan Shravan, Notion Ink (42%, 3,655 Votes) for Android Person of the year 2010.

    Go! now & vote for Rohan Shravan,NI for Android Person of the year 2010 at Andronica & show your support!. For all the Adamholics, NotionAddicts, NotionHackers, ect & all the non-members too.


  405. Anish and others:

    There is no reason why downloading the files necessary to get the marketplace working would violate your warranty. You’re simply installing software on a device you purchased that makes no changes to ROM, etc.

    It’s been said and done 1 million times already.

    1. Your Adam will have market place access! Trust me on this. NO Notion Ink will probably not be able to put in on themselves (Google has regulations about Android market not being installed on devices which are NOT phones). The Samsung Tab for example is technically a phone. So they got away wit it.

    It’s quite easy to get the market installed on ANY tablet. I’ve owned an Archos and a week after launch the market was hacked on to it. It’s a fairly simple process.

    2. Even if you cannot get the marketplace on your device, there are a ton of ways to browse the market online and download the APK directly to your device and install it.

    In closing, if you can get it in the Google market, you’ll be able to get it on your Adam albeit a hack/workaround.

    I don’t believe Notion Ink has anything to gain by violating your warranty because you installed software (essentially that’s all the marketplace hack is is software).

    So everyone stop panicking.

    **Disclaimer: The information provided is based on MY experience and are my opinions, whether or not Notion Ink agrees or denies, I have no idea**

  406. Can we expect a post today? Rohan said he would be posting 1 video per 2 days, but i hope there will be a post with some news today.

  407. 4G technology vs 4G as in 4th Generation. Semantics is right. It was causing so much confusion so they lumped other technologies into 4G.

    4G is 4G if you’re getting broadband speeds that’s all most people care about. Hence the false advertising from T-Mobile (though now it’s been lumped in as real 4G) etc.

  408. This is exactly why I am very happy to be the getting LCD Version!! I would never use Adam in total darkness. I will not be using Adam in sunlight, and I will not use Adam as an e reader. My use of Adam will be at home always in a lighted room. Or in public buildings in a lighted environment. For those who will be using Adam differently, such as in darkness, sunlight, or as an e reader on a frequent basis then obviously Pixel Q is your best choice. Make your choice based on your personal needs. One screen is not better then the other, both are better at working in some environments then the other.

  409. @ Rohan. Wont we have a post today. I know you said 1 video for 2 days. But how about a post? The news that you were talking about? FCC approvals?

  410. I will be eager to try the two finger touch to zoom in Adam. I have never been that big a fan of the pinch to zoom method. However it would be nice if Adam does both.

  411. oh…the endless possibilities! i am really truly excited about watching where this all goes!

  412. You’re kidding right? Obviously you don’t own a Motorola Droid X. (4.3 inch screen) Google Nav murders any sort of “real navigation” device (assuming you’re referring to a Garmin, etc) at least in the United States

    I especially like when you reach your destination you’re shown a Google Street View image to confirm you’re at the right place.

    PS: The Droid X does come with a mount for your car (when using Nav) and a docking for your home which turns it into an alarm clock.

    Where have you been man! 🙂

    Can you tell I love my Moto Droid X?

    The reality of it is my car has a touchscreen and nav already, it is easier than fiddling with the phone. And it keeps my dash looking clean.

  413. Thanks Greg for this info. this clears the cloud for EDGE bands. it is a quad band and so the 2g should work fine in almost allover the world, even if we dont get 3g. atleast now, i have fixed the variant to 3G model. now i have to decide on the screen 😦 hope we will get a nice video comparison before the second preorder window.

  414. LATEST NUMBERS ON VOTE Who should be 2010 Android Person of the Year?

    Rohan Shravan, Notion Ink (42%, 3,661 Votes)
    Cyanogen, Team Douche (42%, 3,641 Votes)
    Sanjay Jha, Motorola (5%, 468 Votes)
    MIUI Team (4%, 359 Votes)
    Andy Rubin, Google (3%, 269 Votes)
    Peter Chou, HTC (1%, 93 Votes)
    Verizon (0%, 43 Votes)
    Omar Khan, Samsung (0%, 40 Votes)
    Mikael Hed, Rovio Mobile (Angry Birds) (0%, 38 Votes)
    Rishi Chandra, Google TV (0%, 18 Votes)
    Ralph de la Vega, AT&T (3%, 6 Votes)
    Total Voters: 8,621

  415. +1 On Notion Ink’s Adam being the true I Pad killer.

    I do wonder if Notion Ink will have enough manufacturing capability. If Adam is as good as we think it is and becomes hard to get it’s value will rise. I see some cell phones without contract on Ebay going for totally ridiculous prices. In some cases significantly over their suggested retail price. I can picture this happening with Adam. This is one reason why I hope Notion Ink takes another batch of direct orders. From reading this blog it appears that many did not get to order on the first round. Those that have followed Adam closely deserve a shot at getting one.

  416. This also happened to me. Thanks to Joshua for pointing this out. I emailed Notion Ink after double checking with T Mobile and Notion Ink quickly changed my band to the 850/1900 variant. IT IS THE ONLY REALLY USABLE BAND IN THE USA currently.

  417. “In complete darkness PQ will have the same color saturation as “normal” lcd”

    PQi screen has only 40% of NTSC color gamut. There are no spec for the “LCD” version of the display but the average is 70%.

    To summarize, PQi will never look as good as LCD unless the LCD screen is of very poor quality. Still, I would go for PQi solution on portable device.

  418. Rohan is leading the polll 🙂 carry on voting for those who haven’t it will be great promotion for NI, “”

  419. > I love to start up a movie for my kids in the backseat and still have the adam shout out directions for me!

    Ohmigod – depending on what movie you’re playing, the possibilities for misdirection could be hilarious.

  420. Well on a different note now this poll has become meaningless because fairness has gone out of the voting. It seems that now some of the guys form both sides(Rohan and the second guy) are mass voting(voting multiple times) to make one of them win. It would have been much better if there was no multiple voting. Unfortunately the skewed voting pattern is making it too obvious to guess.
    Just consider the case from this point of view. Some months back there was a logo competition posted by Rohan himself. Final 10 were selected for voting. If you were part of the rest 8 and other two were taking advantage of multiple voting then how would you feel?? Would you had called it a fair logo selection in case of that type of voting? Would you accept the logo when u knew that it came first because of multiple voting(few guys casting multiple votes)?
    So I totally support spreading the message for a vote to Rohan and I hope that he will win but please Don’t promote multiple voting. It defeats the whole purpose. My 2 cents.

  421. @Himanshu

    I think they’ve fixed the problem. I just tried but not able to vote multiple times. when i refreshed the page and clicked on vote I got below message
    “You Had Already Voted For This Poll. Poll ID #9”

    tried with(chrome, chrome incognito mode, firefox, ie) but can’t vote multiple times.

  422. Cyanogen has been a major contributor to all versions of Android phones. He will likely win because his hacks are in use right now, all over the world.

    So, I will not feel bad if Rohan is in second place. (It is still a very high place of honor when you look at his competitors, IMHO.) He will surely be in first place in the 2011 APOTY.

    BTW – androinica(dot)com has caught on that people were voting multiple times and has fixed the poll so that you cannot vote twice.

  423. one competitor down

    Hah! they thought an adam like tablet is easy to make…….

  424. A nice map application: stunningly fast and responsive ADAM! @ Rohan, what about the base map layers? Does Notion is going to provide options to buy custom layers or is it going to come pre-loaded? Or is it based on Google Earth layers? Thanks.

  425. @Atul
    @Anybody from India

    Might I suggest you get a group of prospective buyers from India, and then write to your local ministers, and others in charge of revenue and taxation?

    You need to list reasons why this duty rate is too high, or unfair, or uncompetitive. You should also list other factors like national pride and the motivation the adam will instill in local users to do more for India. etc, etc.

    And finally, your group will need to be persistent in a gentle way.

  426. Will be looking for it. I was sure I will get PQ variant. Not so very sure. The viewsonic guys are too proud of how great their display is. 😦

  427. And do you really feel that Finance minister of any country will waive off the duties? I don’t think it’s unfair.I think it is similar for other electronic items too .The problem is that many potential Indian customer thought that NI being an Indian com[any will ship adam from India for Indian customers and they will have to pay no custom duties.

  428. +1 exactly. so instead of rushing for your pre-order, you could have wait until it is available in the stores. I’m sure it will be available in stores in India soon after it’s official release (if Reliance connection is true).

  429. Hmmm…Really interesting! I never voted and I got this message too..

    You Had Already Voted For This Poll. Poll ID #9

    Looks like there is a glitch in their system or its rejecting votes for Rohan. If they have proof that I have voted then I would be most interested to see it.

  430. This will be my first android venture hence all the questions. I used the the jailbreak but never played around with android so hope to be pleasantly surprised

  431. I agree, Himanshu. Rohan will be the 2011 winner – and he will win it fairly. I would hate to see him lose to someone who has loyal followers voting multiple times.

  432. looks like based on the current 3G bands provided, you will get only 2G speed on TMobile. only other solution is to go for Tmobile MiFI

  433. Guys, Seriously we do not have any post today? Well, I can not stop hitting refresh once in a while..

    Rohan, You can’t do this..At least make a post just to say Hello!!! (comment would also do :D)

  434. G3-Ipad supports all 4 bands
    GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)

    Moreover, I read that providers are putting their efforts on expending their G4 network.

    I thought the Adam is the state of the art, and that NI was planning that first incarnation of Adam will be competitive for at least 12 months.

    Given that we must decide between the two, can someone explain the pros and cons between the two choices (850/1900 and 900/2100)

  435. There hasn’t been a video for today right? :S I’ve been waiting and waiting with no results! 😦

    I want a video, I want a video! 😀

  436. Swype does not work on the advent vega (a tegra 2 tablet in the uk) so it may not work on the adam , time will tell

  437. Hey guys, Rohan is in the running for Android Person of the Year. He’s in second now, can we put him over the top? Let’s do this!!!



  438. ………**Hey guys, Rohan is in the running for Android Person of the Year. He’s in second now, can we put him over the top? Let’s do this!!!



  439. It has reached a stage wherein I am becoming a bit frustated that I couldn’t order an adam. I initially wanted the Pixel Qi variant (and it went out of stock), but having seen the videos and looking at my requirement, I felt the LCD variant is the one for me. By the time I made up my mind, the LCD variant went out of stock as well. Each passing day only seems to increase the frustation multifold.

    I would very like to know when the next round of pre-orders/orders are likely to open? I request Rohan and NI to re-open the pre-orders/orders for the LCD variant atleast. As Rohan mentioned in an earlier post, that the LCD variant wouldn’t even go out of stock, because they are produced in millions and with the adam peak production capacity expected to be around 100,000 per week, there will be sufficient numbers for people around to get their hands upon one soon.

    I get a feeling that this wait is for NI to take stock of the situation and not to have any bad press until CES 2011. If that is the case, it is the most sensible approach under the circumstances.

  440. Nothing against Rohan and Notion Ink, but I dont think the adam really qualifies as a 2010 product. For 2011, Ill give him the award now IMO. I dont think its fair to throw out a 2010 award for an unreleased product.

    For 2010, Cyanogen kind of owns this one. He has produced quality roms for all devices, im sure he will have one for the adam at some point also. That team has produced non stop all year for the android.

    Rohan should get a CES award or probably best 2011 product.

    Feel free to bash away but its the truth. Im all about the adam, I ordered 2 of them. But have i seen it? nope. What I can say is that ive been running Cyanogen’s roms on my droid all year, and all versions have been great.

  441. your at the number 1 spot now…

    # Rohan Shravan, Notion Ink (43%, 3,676 Votes)
    # Cyanogen, Team Douche (42%, 3,649 Votes)

    Now that your in top spot can we have a new post regarding FCC results and give us something to think about regarding who you will be with at CES.

  442. Probably after CES.
    But I still hope Rohan has a New Year’s present for us who missed the preorder.
    I will buy it either way.

  443. Best of luck to you at CES. Keep getting more excited with every video release. Can’t wait for the release!

  444. off-topic: “” is interesting. It seems Kurzweil has a pretty decent hit rate on tech predictions made in the 80s and 90s. There is discussion on haptics pasted below:

    12. Communication | Haptics let people touch and feel remotely

    PREDICTION: Haptic technologies are emerging that allow people to touch and
    feel objects and other persons at a distance.

    ACCURACY: Correct

    DISCUSSION: Haptics is a tactile feedback technology that employs a user‘s sense of
    touch by applying forces, vibrations, and motions to the user. Such mechanical
    stimulations may be used to assist in the creation of virtual objects (objects existing only in a computer simulation), for control of such virtual objects, and for the enhancement of the remote control of machines and devices. Haptics has been described as ―(doing) for the sense of touch what computer graphics does for vision.‖
    Haptics is a rapidly growing field, with institutions like the International Society for
    Haptics, specialized journals like Haptics-e (The Electronics Journal of Haptics
    Research), and regular conferences like the Haptics Symposium organized by the
    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), as well as special sessions on the
    conference on Computer Human Interaction (CHI) sponsored by Association for
    Computing Machinery (ACM).

    Some smartphones like the iPhone and Android models now come with touch sensing
    provided by different haptic technologies. Immersion is a leading company in such high-
    resolution haptics for consumer electronics, medical, automotive, industrial, commercial,
    and gaming applications, using quiet actuators. Piezoelectronic technology provides
    tactile sensations for some touchscreens.

    Microsoft Surface is a multitouch product developed as a software and hardware
    combination technology that allows a user or multiple users to manipulate digital content using gesture recognition and pressure-sensing. In Japan, some groups are working on ―haptic rings‖ that let you feel objects in augmented reality, while other researchers are using ultrasonic waves to create sensations of virtual objects in mid-air, which produce ―touchable holograms.‖ In Korea, there is a very active haptics community working on telerobotics and virtual reality.

  445. Thanks for the comments.
    Regarding AGPS- Full GPS implementation does not necessarily warrant the removal of AGPS. Generally, GPS takes a relatively longer time to triangulate your position and thats where the AGPS kicks in, it uses the data from the cellular connection to triangulate your position; and is generally faster.

    True, there is no cellular data available for the WiFi only model. So, there should be no AGPS on the wifi only model.

    It is on there, because there has been no word from Rohan regarding AGPS specifically.

  446. And here is a good resource for the grammatically challenged (according to Kurzweil)


  447. If you are in the USA your only choice right now is 850/1900 which will get you At&t 3g and probably (to be checked) T-Mo on Edge.

    900/2100 is good in Europe where most networks run on 2100- but if your pre-order says 900/2100 and you are in the USA have them change it.

    IF they will add TMO 3g (1700 / 2100) that will work in the USA (1700 up and 2100 down) and in Europe as well (2100 up and down).

    There is still a chance that NI listens to their customers and adds 1700 / 2100 … let’s hope so…

  448. Free trade with neighbouring countries is gathering momentum. I think Indians should not have to pay an additional burden for goods that are bought with funds sent to an Indian company.

    In the case of the adam, the overall cost to an Indian citizen is higher than the cost to those of us in North America.

    Customs duties are laws made by people. They can be changed by people to benefit those concerned. Consider the analogous decision of OHIO state to ban outsourcing due to pressure from local workers.

    However, if Indians themselves think it fair to pay a higher price for the adam, I doubt in the long run there will be a mass market for the adam in India.

  449. Tablets are now a class of products that have very short and integrated supply chains. Any delay or wait could render them obsolete due to competitive products filling the empty shelves.

  450. I have a feeling it won’t be until after CES or even after the people from the first orders get theirs….

  451. I think it’s more than that. I tolerate reading small amounts of text on my notebook LCD display but I hate it and it always has hurt my eyes. Reading anything (web pages, email etc) on an e-ink like display is just much easier on your eyes, indoors or out.

  452. ummm no. Pixel Qi is better for reading period. Have you tried reading any text on an ebook reader?

    If you are reading this blog on an LCD then you are reading.

    It’s more like if you value your eyesite, you are better off with a Pixel Qi screen. If all you do is watch movies, then that is a different story.

  453. Which is pretty silly since pre-orders came before EAP 2, even though EAP signup was a long time ago.

  454. I bet they do. Innoversal uses the same 3Qi screens with a capacitive layer on top. Only issue is Adam’s matte finish that would lower the contrast. Again a tradoff, if you are going to use it in sunlight, a glossy screen will undo the benefits of PQ

  455. @Rohan perhaps it would be better to change the banner on the website to Currently sold out, awaiting new stock soon.

    at the moment it reads as if ALL the units have been sold and no more are coming, might put some prospective buyers off a little.

    Just a thought anyway 🙂

  456. Hi, Is it possible to connect an external portable hard drive on an Adam tablet? Any power capacity problem? formating problems?

  457. Isn’t it strange that on every video until now we never see the Adam used in portraitmode?

  458. Great FAQ. One question I had about the mapping app is: can you cache maps for offline use? Seems as though there’s no answer for this yet. Can anyone clarify this?

  459. we would appreciate if you can get us just one nice youtube video showing pqi screen in full color mode playing video 🙂

  460. Rohan mentioned that USB pen drives upto 128 gb are supported. There was no mention of external hard disks in the interview with Notioninkhacks on 28th. The format for the external storage device needs to be FAT/FAT32 or Ext2 which are compatible with android os. He also mentioned in the interview that they are working on support for NTFS.

  461. I am thinking the same thing, it is going to be used in many places I never would have brought my laptop. I ordered the pixel Qi just for that reason.

  462. Adam does not have A-GPS as there is no need for A-GPS, when you already have full blown GPS support.

    Adam uses a full blown GPS versus the A-GPS that comes with the 3G version of phone/tablet.

    Here is Rohan’s reply to a user’s question on support for A-GPS.


    Scott said, on December 28, 2010 at 01:29
    Is this full GPS, or does the Adam use A-GPS? I’ve seen some contradictory information on this and don’t know what to think.

    If it’s A-GPS does that mean people without the 3G model cannot get GPS coordinates?

    “Rohan Shravan said, on December 28, 2010 at 01:57
    Adam comes with FULL GPS implementation and even the wi-fi version will have GPS.”

    The only reason I got the LCD/Wifi variant as I knew early on that Adam had full GPS support and I had no interest in being tied to AT&T Cellular Data network for navigation and was not looking to get the 3G version. For me LCD, Wifi and GPS support were primary.

    It would not make sense for Notion Ink to have Adam configured for A-GPS for the 3G versions and GPS for the Wifi models. Going with GPS provides the needed navigation support for all variants.

    The one advantage of A-GPS (Assisted GPS – gets its location information from the 3G cell towers via an Assistance Server/satellites to calculate its location) is that it arrives at a fix much faster than GPS devices. The downside is you need to be on a carrier network, i.e. 3G data network. Comes in real handy when the satellite signal is weak.

    The downside of A-GPS is that once you are beyond the Carrier’s coverage area, it will stop functioning, unless that A-GPS can also function as a regular GPS, which is quite rare.

    GPS on the other hand will work anywhere on earth as it communicates directly and receives information from any of the 4 of the 32 satellites orbiting the earth. As such, it takes a little longer to get a fix.

    The downside is that it kind of requires line of sight and will not perform very well if the satellite signal is weak.

    Your statement “True, there is no cellular data available for the WiFi only model. So, there should be no AGPS on the wifi only model.” is not true.

    All variants of Adam have full GPS support.

    Your statement “True, there is no cellular data available for the WiFi only model. So, there should be no AGPS on the wifi only model.” is also not true as I provided the question and answer from Rohan to this same question.

    It’s up to you or whoever to change the FAQ but leaving it as is is misleading.

    FAQ’s are supposed to clarify and not confuse.

  463. @fundaazoflife

    Adam does not have A-GPS as there is no need for A-GPS, when you already have full blown GPS support.

    Adam uses a full blown GPS versus the A-GPS that comes with the 3G version of phone/tablet.

    Here is Rohan’s reply to a user’s question on support for A-GPS.


    Scott said, on December 28, 2010 at 01:29
    Is this full GPS, or does the Adam use A-GPS? I’ve seen some contradictory information on this and don’t know what to think.

    If it’s A-GPS does that mean people without the 3G model cannot get GPS coordinates?

    “Rohan Shravan said, on December 28, 2010 at 01:57
    Adam comes with FULL GPS implementation and even the wi-fi version will have GPS.”

    The only reason I got the LCD/Wifi variant as I knew early on that Adam had full GPS support and I had no interest in being tied to AT&T Cellular Data network for navigation and was not looking to get the 3G version. For me LCD, Wifi and GPS support were primary.

    It would not make sense for Notion Ink to have Adam configured for A-GPS for the 3G versions and GPS for the Wifi models. Going with GPS provides the needed navigation support for all variants.

    The one advantage of A-GPS (Assisted GPS – gets its location information from the 3G cell towers via an Assistance Server/satellites to calculate its location) is that it arrives at a fix much faster than GPS devices. The downside is you need to be on a carrier network, i.e. 3G data network. Comes in real handy when the satellite signal is weak.

    The downside of A-GPS is that once you are beyond the Carrier’s coverage area, it will stop functioning, unless that A-GPS can also function as a regular GPS, which is quite rare.

    GPS on the other hand will work anywhere on earth as it communicates directly and receives information from any of the 4 of the 32 satellites orbiting the earth. As such, it takes a little longer to get a fix.

    The downside is that it kind of requires line of sight and will not perform very well if the satellite signal is weak.

    Your statement “True, there is no cellular data available for the WiFi only model. So, there should be no AGPS on the wifi only model.” is not true.

    All variants of Adam have full GPS support.

    Your statement “True, there is no cellular data available for the WiFi only model. So, there should be no AGPS on the wifi only model.” is also not true as I provided the question and answer from Rohan to this same question.

    It’s up to you or whoever to change the FAQ but leaving it as is is misleading.

    FAQ’s are supposed to clarify and not confuse.

  464. @fundaazoflife

    Adam does not have A-GPS as there is no need for A-GPS, when you already have full blown GPS support.

    Adam uses a full blown GPS versus the A-GPS that comes with the 3G version of phone/tablet.

    Here is Rohan’s reply to a user’s question on support for A-GPS.


    Scott said, on December 28, 2010 at 01:29
    Is this full GPS, or does the Adam use A-GPS? I’ve seen some contradictory information on this and don’t know what to think.

    If it’s A-GPS does that mean people without the 3G model cannot get GPS coordinates?

    “Rohan Shravan said, on December 28, 2010 at 01:57
    Adam comes with FULL GPS implementation and even the wi-fi version will have GPS.”

    The only reason I got the LCD/Wifi variant as I knew early on that Adam had full GPS support and I had no interest in being tied to AT&T Cellular Data network for navigation and was not looking to get the 3G version. For me LCD, Wifi and GPS support were primary.

    It would not make sense for Notion Ink to have Adam configured for A-GPS for the 3G versions and GPS for the Wifi models. Going with GPS provides the needed navigation support for all variants.

    The one advantage of A-GPS (Assisted GPS – gets its location information from the 3G cell towers via an Assistance Server/satellites to calculate its location) is that it arrives at a fix much faster than GPS devices. The downside is you need to be on a carrier network, i.e. 3G data network. Comes in real handy when the satellite signal is weak.

    The downside of A-GPS is that once you are beyond the Carrier’s coverage area, it will stop functioning, unless that A-GPS can also function as a regular GPS, which is quite rare.

    GPS on the other hand will work anywhere on earth as it communicates directly and receives information from any of the 4 of the 32 satellites orbiting the earth. As such, it takes a little longer to get a fix.

    The downside is that it kind of requires line of sight and will not perform very well if the satellite signal is weak.

    Your statement “True, there is no cellular data available for the WiFi only model. So, there should be no AGPS on the wifi only model.” is not true.

    All variants of Adam have full GPS support.

    Your statement “True, there is no cellular data available for the WiFi only model. So, there should be no AGPS on the wifi only model.” is also not true as I provided the question and answer from Rohan to this same question.

    It’s up to you or whoever to change the FAQ but leaving it as is is misleading.

    FAQ’s are supposed to clarify and not confuse.

  465. WordPress sucks.

    Told me that my comment was a duplicate and it did not let me post (guess it did) I did not see it post. So posted again with @name to change it a bit..

    Sorry for the triple comment.

  466. Greg,
    I hope that you are going to do an unboxing vid. I will be getting mine a week later than you so I will need something to hold me over til then. 🙂

  467. This statement on your FAQ is incorrect “The maximum capacity microSDHC card: 32GB (other brands are also available)”

    should read max of 128gb of micro SDHC This was confirmed by the preorder dept. Even though 128 are not made yet, 64GB is available… not just 32GB

  468. I could have sworn this question was answered “Why is the HDMI port misaligned with the rest of the ports on the right side of the Adam in Landscape Mode?”

    because of the way the HDMI port fits on the board itself. Does not rest like USB ports on the board. could be wrong though…

    under the heading all about eden and android- Rohan has said that even though it does not have android marketplace, if you put an APK file on usb/SD or download it straight, Adam will install it. The device is completely open, not locked

    under list of apps adam ships with you might put in parenthesis next to Phone (not confirmed if VOIP or using Sim card)

    Looks Good… I personally would have as many cat pictures or other graphics unless they were adam related… but good otherwise 😉

  469. extended warranty was asked on another blog and they said they have plans but not implemented now.

    the tests i remember from previously were 16 hours HD video being streamed over HDMI to TV with everything else off, adam speakers, wifi, 3g, lcd etc, and then 120? hours for just music with everything else off… He has turned everything on full blast backlight, sound, and played an HD movie over wifi to a TV and was 6 hours… I think. all of this blows away everything on the market, my laptop, ipad, everything…

  470. keeping costs low for now. I am sure it will be in Adam 2, after all the Adam was originally intended for a US only launch and there is very little 4g coverage in the US right now…

  471. I tried to vote and it said that I had voted already… I never voted… Something is wrong with their new block…

  472. i asked the preorder dept this question and they said MicroSD capped out at 128GB, NO mention of USB pen drive cap or USB HD cap…

  473. Suggestion:
    App to use it as a TV media device. Since it has HDMI out, all it needs is a remote control (perhaps an Android phone app) and a streaming media app.

  474. so that is the question … I see a couple reasons to the skin the adam:

    1) camouflage – i am not sure i want everyone knowing i have an adam
    2) “Say ‘hello’ to my little friend!” from Scarface – don’t touch my adam
    3) Black Tuxedo – Adam is what James Bond would use if he needed a tablet


  475. Yep… An unboxing video will be first followed by a video (or several videos) to show the Pixel Qi screen in comparison to LCD screens. I have lots of ideas for videos but I’m open to suggestions/request… I’ll post them on

  476. It could basically be just like Google TV. It has just as much power. The only thing it’s missing is video-in, which I think is useless. Then again, that could be resolved with a USB video-in.

    It could probably do full screen video capture of whatever video is playing, and stream it to some media server.

  477. There are many phones with Full GPS and AGPS working in tandem. The AGPS is used to get a lock on your position quickly, and then the full GPS kicks in. It is possible to have both.

    The question is whether it is GPS+AGPS or just AGPS….

    And yeah, WP sucks…

  478. There are many phones with Full GPS and AGPS working in tandem. The AGPS is used to get a lock on your position quickly, and then the full GPS kicks in. It is possible to have both.

    The question is whether it is GPS+AGPS or just GPS….

    And yeah, WP sucks…

  479. I couldn’t find a statement from Rohan info about the HDMI port on the right side being misaligned- Hence unanswered. If you could point me towards a source, I will make the edit.

  480. Go vote for Rohan. He is ahead of the big boys, not by a lot. So, go vote, silent Adam followers!

  481. I tried to vote, but recieved the error “You Had Already Voted For This Poll. Poll ID #9″

    Looks like they locked everyone out.

  482. I just tried to vote for Rohan as android person of the year. Guess what? They didn’t let me, saying that I’ve already voted! I have never been to that website before in my life! What’s going on?

  483. What video are you all hoping to see tomorrow?

    > I’d love to see the office suite in action and a note under the video that says

    > “P.S – We are FCC certified”

    That would absolutely make me go through the [expletive] roof!

  484. It says I already voted…what the! And why is Verizon on the list? That’s not even a person!

  485. Rohan had mentioned about some ‘news’ that he would post. The only post after that has been ‘The Momentum’ where he clarifies about 3G/2G.
    Have i missed the ‘news’ or is it yet to be posted?

  486. Voted for Rohan Shravan,
    With “adam” Rohan showed that android platform is not just limited to content consumption; it is also a powerful content creation platform; and proved that android is very capable just like any other mainstream OS out there.
    And adam will lead a entire different kind of portable device series, which will be powerful and capable as of laptops/netbooks with content generation ability along with multitasking and long lasting battery life.
    This will eventually change the face of android and make it a preferable OS over others.

  487. wow very close margin

    Rohan Shravan, Notion Ink (42%, 3,705 Votes)
    Cyanogen, Team Douche (42%, 3,665 Votes)

  488. Hi
    why did you do that. We all know rohan to win . But no one wants him to win by such vote. It ia unfair on other competators.And more over the moral grounds of ROhan, and us – notionink follwers. We Dont want it an unfair advantage.
    Can I request you to cancel that advantage? U can either write to the organiser or if not possible – give all other competators similar extra vote.

    I( probably all NI follwers ) prefer rohan to win fairly. If he cannot – we want fair second position than unfair 1st position


  489. I hope its true people voting and not duplicates. Because then it would be so goddamn silly.

  490. @ Shiva
    Chill man, it’s just a stupid poll. They didn’t even get right. I saw cyanogen votes magically go up by 400+ with a single refresh So I thought an offset would be necessary to make it fair again. They use a script, I use a script 😉 So it’s all fair now 😀

  491. Rohan, will the ADAM be available for 4G too? If so do we have an option to change our selections?

  492. It’s not Indians think it is fair to pay higher price for adam.On the contrary many Indians are waiting for adam to hit retails where prices may be cheaper and as well they can physically feel it(In India purchasing costlier items over internet is not much popular even now).

    More over FTA is signed between two countries and it can’t be changed abruptly for a particular item. In addition to that there are also concerns like dumping where the destination country can be at a great loss. So these policies are made with due concern for all.

    Agreed that laws made by people and can be changed if influenced by large number of people. But do you think this is as important a matter and backed by large number of peope so that government has to mend it’s ways???
    The outsourcing matter that you have raised was affecting livelihood of many people. It was a question of survival not of a electronic equipment. Don’t mix two totally different things.

  493. Anybody know, which device was used for all those videos until now? Was it Pixel-Qi Adam or normal LCD Adam? Also, what can you say about Pixel-Qi performance in indoors. I couldn’t find any comparison video like Pixel-Qi vs normal LCD in indoor. I get it, Pixel-Qi is beter in outdoor but we are not homeless people, we mostl live in indoor, so for me, indoor performance is so much important, am I right? I need your commands on these, can you please help me to find out?

  494. So, I’m using Adam in indoor. I will mostly use applications like taking notes, watching films, gaming and browsing the internet. Screen with nice colors are very important for me. However, I will use it for reading ebooks also. I’m always in indoors, I don’t need Adam at outdoor. Can you please tell me what should I prefer, normal LCD or Pixel-Qi?(by the way money is not a criteria for me). Do yuo think Pixel-Qi’s colors will satisfy me?

  495. @suicideclown1, Excuse me? ADAM was never intended for a US only launch. They have had global ambitions right from the start.

    And yeah, @JAUS, a 4G USB dongle that is Android capable would be your best bet!

  496. Yeah, but a big dongle on a slim tablet is really not a ideal solution. I guess I will have to settle for 3G, luckily that wifi is available at most urban places anyway.

  497. So, I will buy Adam for watching films, taking notes, browsing the internet, word, excel, gaming and reading ebooks. I won’t use it at outdoor, I will always use it in indoor. Also money is not a criteria for choosing but I don’t want to buy 2 Adam tablets:) Can you please tell me which one should I buy, Pixel-Qi or normal LCD?
    Is it that different to read books in E-ink mode than normal LCD? Also, will Pixel-Qi’s colors satisfy me when watching films? What do you think?

  498. Hi,

    maybe it would be a good solution to type on Adam like on cell-phones? On Adam we might use two thumbs. On cell it’s pretty fast maybe it might be fast on Adam as well, if NI or any soft-developer have thought of such thing.

    I’don’t know if somebody pointed it out, if so – sorry.

    All best (waitin’ for CES 🙂 )


  499. Wall West, I’m in the same position with you, but with just one difference I like to read ebook. So can’t decide which one I should buy:( Bright colors are very important for me but ebook reading is very important also. What do you suggest?

  500. @KalaMonster : “..I ordered 2 of them.” ;(
    why man why???You see I haven’t got One …
    O pls …how about selling second one two me..
    😉 😀

  501. By the way, I build a company for tablet sleeves:) I will open a site in one or two weeks. My employees are creating ipad and Samsung Galaxy Tab sleeves for now. However, when I get Notion Ink Adam, I will definitely order my employees to create sleeves for Adam:) Hope this doesn’t look an advertisement. I’m a Electrical Engineer, and I don’t need to sell sleeves, I will not do that for money. Actually, I will build this company because I’m sick and tired of very expensive sleeves, and also all the sleeves are for ipad!! Sleeves will be cheap and will be good quality. Hope I don’t make anybody angry. I’m just saying because maybe there is maybe somebody who thinks about protection for Adam tablet just like I do.

  502. Hi Rohan,

    I just want to thank you for all of the communication forthcoming thus far – the entire process since purchase has been fantastic.

    I hope everyon else agrees – I just can’t wait for Adam to get to me now.


  503. Looking good
    # Rohan Shravan, Notion Ink (43%, 3,723 Votes)
    # Cyanogen, Team Douche (42%, 3,667 Votes)
    # Sanjay Jha, Motorola (6%, 486 Votes)
    # MIUI Team (4%, 379 Votes)
    # Andy Rubin, Google (3%, 271 Votes)
    # Peter Chou, HTC (1%, 93 Votes)
    # Verizon (0%, 43 Votes)
    # Omar Khan, Samsung (0%, 40 Votes)
    # Mikael Hed, Rovio Mobile (Angry Birds) (0%, 38 Votes)
    # Rishi Chandra, Google TV (0%, 19 Votes)
    # Ralph de la Vega, AT&T (1%, 6 Votes)

  504. The wonderful thing about Swype is that it will always pick a real word that has been spelled correctly. The horrible thing is that a misspelling or typo is usually easier to decipher for the recipient than a completely wrong word.

    Thus, the message “The adam tablet looks really good” could easily become “The adam tasker looks rely food” (real example).

    Anyhow, Swype is only practical to use when you can reach the whole keyboard area by pivoting one thumb. Any larger, and a multitouch keyboard will be comparably fast, more accurate by avoiding limited dictionaries, and overall significantly less annoying to use.

  505. In the one the videos posted by Rohan, I managed to get a screen shot of the bottom side of the Adam. Take a look…..


    It looks like there’s a slot for something…does anyone have any idea what is it?

  506. Why is NI not yet putting an official video? Most of the information in some way or the other is already out, I am not sure what they are trying to hide. Sometimes I get the feeling that their marketing dept doesn’t want them to be successful(I am not blaming them but that’s a feel I get sometime). Every one tries to advertise a Mt. Everest when they have a sand castle. It’s the other way with NI. Does NI wants to release the product in silence? So if there are any issues with the product initially they want to get it rectified before larger public knows.

    What ever it is, NI has a beast and they are advertising as though they have a kitten.

    Apple would have advertised day & night if they had something like this, and would have made sure no one can even reach them.

  507. hey Greg see this “” and be happy about your decision. 🙂

  508. Have any of you noticed that the “Introducing Eden – III” video has been removed? I wanted to get another look at Sniffer and noticed it’s been removed from youtube. What gives?

  509. Here you go: “”

    You can find all videos under Rohan’s youtube account at “”

  510. Up to this morning, the votes for 2010 Android Person of the Year by androinica:

    -Rohan Shravan, Notion Ink (43%, 3,739 Votes)
    -Cyanogen, Team Douche (42%, 3,670 Votes)
    -Sanjay Jha, Motorola (6%, 492 Votes)
    -MIUI Team (4%, 384 Votes)
    -Andy Rubin, Google (3%, 271 Votes)
    -Peter Chou, HTC (1%, 93 Votes)
    -Verizon (0%, 43 Votes)
    -Omar Khan, Samsung (0%, 40 Votes)
    -Mikael Hed, Rovio Mobile (Angry Birds) (0%, 38 Votes)
    -Rishi Chandra, Google TV (0%, 19 Votes)
    -Ralph de la Vega, AT&T (1%, 6 Votes)

    Rohan is up by 69 votes! So, go vote, all Adam fans, silent and visible.

  511. So, since the fixed the problem, one can say that it’s fair. I’d forget the water under the bridge, and enjoy being on top (Rohan, that is, in the voting)

  512. It was bound to happen. As reported on Notion Addicts Someone has put their Pre Ordered Adam on Ebay:


    When I looked the bids were closing in on 800 us dollars. Adam is going to be in Demand!!! If production does not keep up with demand prices will be insane…..

  513. +1.And for all of us us who are following the blog and Rohan’s efforts for long, he is a already a winner 🙂 .

  514. Another correction needed on the FAQ

    2i – Communication

    Does Adam come with in built 3G support?

    Should read

    Only on the 3G variants of Adam (i.e LCD/Wifi+3G or Pixel Qi/Wifi+3G)

  515. The adam will provide tremendous motivation to the youth in India. There is no valid reason to have the same duty rate for a product that is so much a Notion product designed in India, as a Samsung designed in Korea or Dell designed in the US.

    I think Indians need to motivate the masses with indigenous successes – and one way to fail in this is by levying higher duties than most other countries will do on this Indian designed product which is assembled in China. Every government ministry should ultimately aim for this. You don’t think so?

    BTW an FTAgreement is not needed for a ministerial exemption applied to a product that can be considered as “Designed with love by Notion Ink”

    My example of FTA in the original post was to illustrate that global barriers to trade are fast being dismanteled.

  516. This is the text extracted from the interview with Notioninkhacks on 28th.

    [ANDY] What is the largest drive size that can be plugged into the ADAM?
    [ROHAN] I have used 128GB pen drives. There is no android tablet in the world supporting NTFS (as far as I know)! We are working on one and that one of my personal targets!

  517. Hi Rohan,
    Thoroughly enjoying the videos being posted.
    Any chance your next video will clearly show us the backside and bottom side of the Adam?

  518. That looks about the right size.
    Just wondering how it would be able to work universally and how the relevant encryption protocol would be installed on the device. I mean financial institutions would be extremely reluctant to provide is in distributable software format to external parties or customers directly.

  519. If you check old business time lines published and projected release, US only release was intended initially.