Introducing Eden – V The Browser


Hoping you all enjoyed Christmas. Here we are with our next video in series. This time we present browser, letting the screen speak for itself. (Apologies for posting late, it’s Sunday here in India as well, and somehow this one is little longer with 4 mins with few benchmark tests! πŸ™‚ Remember I told you about some news in the last post? Let me write all that on the next post. From this week, we will limit the number of videos to 1 per 2 days)

(YouTube might take a little time for processing. The sides of the Adam are not visible this time, tried to make the visual screen little bigger, but I don’t think it added any visual advantage 😐 I think the lighting caused bad recording, sorry will do better next time.)

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

407 thoughts on “Introducing Eden – V The Browser

  1. Video not yet processed…according to youtube πŸ™‚

    We have become faster than computers I guess πŸ˜€

  2. Android does not yet have a good PDF reading application that allows for highlighting, note-taking, etc. There are several good ones for the iPad, such as iAnnotate and Noterize. Especially given the Pixel Qi display and the fact that people are very interested to use Adam (and Android tablets generally) for reading and working with documents, this would seem to be a crucial project to undertake!

  3. @okamineko Yes, a good e-reader would be the first thing on my shopping list when i get my Adam (and that is also why I will upgrade to PQ as soon as that is possible: readign outside πŸ™‚ )

  4. nothing much, we were discussing that you would be online waiting for the video but in passive mode since u were not commenting..

  5. Definitely need a good pdf reader. Would be using it for college. Got a 300mb pdf file that needs to be read.

  6. When you type in a website on Adam will the site recognize it and load it normally or will it try and give you a mobile version?

  7. 10 minutes later@ 3:18 pm EST just finished viewing video. I guess YouTube was waiting in the queue πŸ™‚

  8. Awesome browser features and excellent performance!. Notion Ink has done it again!!!

    Do bookmarks sync with Google bookmarks (or other bookmark service)?

  9. GOOD TO SEE YOU HERE!!! And yes CAPS are intentional. That’s how glad I am to see you… We all missed your comments. πŸ˜‰

  10. Courtesy to NI we are stepping into 2020 in 2010. Adam is taking us to some unknown territories we never been. Have you seen the gesture recognition using two finger double tap stuff? Amazing, love the browser. Iam little embraced with the benchmark test. I hope this will shut lot of mouths.

  11. Interesting browser. I’m still waiting to see 3rd party apps that make the Adam a strong contender against the iPad.

  12. brilliant browser brilliant adam…hope screen looks better in person…rohan is this qi or lcd version

  13. Really a killer app.

    Lots of subtle yet nifty features. User can zip and zoom.

    It was very nice way putting panels to use.

    By the way, was it pq or LCD?

  14. Should be mobile version, unless the web server is smart enough to determine that the device is Adam (apart from it runs on Android)

  15. Setting needs to be done at website level, Adam (or any other device) can not force the web server to send the full version.

  16. I guess we will all have to get used to all those gestures like “double touch”, “double tap and drag” as it’s really difficult to get from the video which is the gesture used by Rohan. I hope the browser would have smth like training-campaign-mode πŸ™‚

  17. Great to see how responsive. Flash is

    The tab switching is very nice. I hate the switching on my iPhone when I switch back to a page it reloaded it so if I move away from the blog cooments to follow a link and the come back to the comment page I lose my place and have to scroll down to find where I was

  18. Sooo.. big news coming up in one of the next posts, hmm? Would it happen to have anything to do with FCC? πŸ˜€

    Also, Flash works great! \o/

  19. That looks so great! I can not wait to get my adam! Did anybody else notice the new pannel at 2:53 and 4:35?!? Looks like it is somewhat of a homescreen/launcher with current apps open and power management settings. What do you all think?

  20. This is the most amazing technology I have ever seen. I believe this will change how companies like Apple think in the future coming.

    Question for the big fans out there. Do anyone know when can we starting ordering again?

  21. i meant rk and i asked same question that was it pq or LCD? but nobody seems to be answering this question…sorry i was using short forms

  22. Looks like a wonderfully capable browser that I will spend a great deal of time using. Two questions, though…

    1) Will it support click-to-Flash mode?
    2) Does it have a private browsing mode?

  23. Wondering about tab switching…

    If a tab has a really long page name, do we just see the first part of the name in the tab switcher? If so, is the full page name shown if you hover on a tab?

    And what if you have lot of tabs open? Does the tab switcher somehow accommodate a lot of open tabs, (like 10+ )?

    I love the way it works. I think it is great. Just curious about these scenarios…

  24. Nonsense, the browser on my Nexus One can impersonate a desktop browser and the site will not be able to see that it is a mobile device.

  25. I’d like a clarification and I have a question about the browser.

    I couldn’t tell from the video, was a two finger tap zooming a certain amount, or two fingers moving up or down lets it zoom in or out a dynamic amount fluidly?

    On my phone, when I zoom in on an article, it zooms in then it seems it auto adjusts the width of the text to fit the view port on the phone. So while it zooms everything in, the text wraps to the window still. Occasionally a page won’t do that and I will need to scroll left and right for every line I’m reading.

    This word wrap isn’t a standard function of the page, because if I make the window size narrow on any PC, the text doesn’t wrap to the window. So that is a special function of the mobile browser. Does the EDEN browser wrap like that as well? I hope so.

  26. amazing browser! I am sure many would want this browser on their PC or Mac! I like the two pronged strategy- hardware n software! CES 2011 shall be rechristened as Notion Ink Show!

  27. I am pretty sure its was the PQ as it had that metallic/silver look to it.

    I wish the videos were in better focus.

  28. Nice browser with some cool features. Looks great! Thanks NI!

    BTW, was there a lag in loading Wikipedia or it is just my system?

  29. rohan pls show comparison video between qi and lcd. wat happened to that new camera that u were gonna buy for these vids

  30. I have the following questions after looking at the video. These questions are related to the multitouch gestures.

    1) To Zoom in you used double tap. On an earlier video you did pinch out to zoom in on a pdf file if I remember it correctly. Is it possible to configure the multitouch feature to suit our requirement and convenience or are they locked in to what Eden UI comes with?

    (2) I also noticed that to access the address bar (URL bar), you used two finger tap, is it required or do you just go on top of the URL bar and tap and you can access it.

    (3) At 0:47 you gave a tip on how to undo a closed tab? When you say closed tab, is it the tab that is inactive or the tab that has been closed completely.

    (4) At 0:59 secs I noticed that when you selected the first URL link for Slashgear the URL bar appears. Is the address bar set to autohide and appears when the URL link is called for? Is it possible to enable the address bar permanently to be displayed on the top. How do you select the URL text in the URL bar? Can you use a cut and paste option to copy into another tab or into some other location, like a text file or a word document?

    (5) At 3:43 when you selected the play button on the video twice it switched to full screen mode. Is it the way to the go to full screen mode or is it by default the video is played in full screen. Is it possible to view the video in its native size, if you press the play button once?


  31. Flash looks good. I also like how fast you can scroll through the web page. The Ipad doesn’t do a good job of that. The image will load as you scroll down. Can be a bit annoying.

  32. The Adam could use a user-agent faker to trick it into thinking that the Adam’s browser is Firefox or Chrome.

  33. that was what i applied to do for with the EAP, so either someone “better” than me is working on it right now with their EAP unit, or there are 200 more important apps being developed?

    This is the area where the adam challenges the greatest invention of all time…
    “the blank sheet of paper”

  34. Hey greg october post might help you reg this. I can see it will easily accommodate 10+ tab.

  35. This is exactly what I’m waiting for. All the other videos are great, but I want to see it’s eReading capabilities. I really hope it’s somewhat comparable to Noterize.

  36. Yes, As I said, the its all up to how web server of the specific site treats it…

    I belive, Adam will have a custom user agent string (having android OS, and Adam as device name). If the web sever admin wishes to serve full page they can do, otherwise it will fall under mobile version..

    You can also fake the user agent string to whatever you want..In that case, web server will see never see that request is coming from the mobile device and will server you a full version page.

  37. Another great video Rohan and the NI team. Anxiously looking forward to start of new year and getting closer to having the Adam in my hand. I’m ready to start doing some real work on it. Has anyone found any type of a case for it? I know Rohan said that 3rd parties would be making those items available once the Adam was launched.

  38. In a nutshell, they are simply showing that Adam will load and display web pages faster than the other tablet and phone browsers…

  39. hi Rohan,

    1) until now you show adam in horizontal view, when we can see it in vertical (panel mode how working in vertical)?
    2) when you use the “kill browser” and you reopen; the browser shows the previous tabs (like ff, chrome, etc.)
    3) In “panel mode” can I browse 2/3 tabs at the same time (one tab one panel)?


  40. Beautiful! Speedy and efficient browser. the tabs thing is seriously the best thing imaginable. The two fingered zoom-and-scroll isn’t too smooth yet, but no matter!

  41. Cool video. Lets hope the “news” contain info about next pre-order date and this time EVERYONE registered do get an email invitation

  42. @karen said, on December 27, 2010 at 02:27
    I try to explain to the best of my knowledge.
    1. browser benchmark. The higher the score, the faster the browser. I think.
    I believe it tells you how fast your browser performs. Browser on the Adam is faster than cellphones, and the ipad, according to the test Rohan shows.
    My Samsung cellphone couldn’t even complete the test.
    If you want to run this test on your computer, loptop, tablet, etc., go to this site. I think is safe:
    http: // browsermark/index.action

    2. I will try to post a site to run JavaScript Benchmark. Maybe SunSpider β€˜s latest version? I haven’t done this for a while (a couple of years). I’m rusty, and way behind knowledge wise.

  43. And the dimensions of the Adam (My theory) resemble closely the Golden square, which will make it look beautiful, besides the functionality of it.

  44. The ipad has changed form from the first generation. Now is thicker on one of the sides of the rectangle. MMMM…Adam must be affecting them too! Functionality and beauty on the Adam as part of the same whole. Sorry for commenting on such a different topic. I just a article related to this.

  45. Greg ([g]echoing others);
    > We all missed your comments.

    I can see then, that I haven’t been a total success. But I have since learned to be mature and brag about myself. Maybe that will exhaust you all.

    I’m so great. I’m so great.

    regards to all,
    gecko (watching the [b]lizzard in New York city, the only place where the Adam weather app gives an accurate background image) (and feeling superior because I don’t have to drive in the snow or shovel it. I can just enjoy it. There are other reasons I feel superior, of course.)

  46. Adam’s browser is genius! noticed the gesture for cropping??!! and those benchmarks!! can you too hear the silence outside Eden?

    i replayed the vid several times, each viewing more pleasing than the previous. unlike some, one video a day is to many for me — i need more than 24 hours to tear myself away from each new video… honest!

    from what earlier vids revealed, i know i’ll be loving Adams forever. Adam is the fastest moving target ever and should win CES product of the year

    congrats Notion Ink! you’re a model upstart!! and congrats (again) to Anrdoid’s Person of the Year 2010!

  47. guys what is ur browser benchmark test score.. πŸ™‚
    test via this link “”
    and to test your java script benchmark score
    test via this link “”
    …and compare it with adam,s benchmark score…..
    my benchmark score test is too bad to write about.. πŸ™‚

  48. @Rohan:
    I would suggest multi-touch gesture support for tab switching. The press-and-drag to select seems to work, but I think that the area in which to drag is too small. I would like to see this:

    press and hold the left, round “tab” button and then by sliding your other finger up and down that would highlight the desired tab. Releasing would open the highlighted tab.

    I think that this would be more intuitive and more accurate.

  49. The browser looks excellent! If it does respond to turning it to portrait view, we’ll be able to see a nice full pages too! Bravo!!

  50. The browser looks excellent! If it does respond to turning it to portrait view, we’ll be able to see nice full pages too! Bravo!!

  51. I thank you for doing all that your doing. It is a remarkable thing to have such a strong commitment to your vision and to your followers here.
    I look forward to much success to NI in 2011 and beyond.

  52. Hi Rohan / guys

    With all the posts about adam and Android, no one ever mentioned anti-virus software. Is that something we will need on adam? Is it something adam/android provides?

    I’d be curious to hear about this topic as I know little about Android and it’s security.

    Cheers andt ake care

  53. @billreyn1967,

    You’re right. iPad ver1.0 has single core and low memory. Adam has dual core and 1GB . 2.0 is rumored to have dual core and 1gig RAM. After CES (a week or so later), apple will unveil it.

    Going by the way they work, it is going to be slimmer, thinner and less than 1 pound with most features that Adam has (dual cores, 1 Gig memory, usb, camera etc).

    Definitely the battle is heating up.

  54. Rohan, you have never answered any of my questions before, but i hope you will answer this one. what is the mystery feature? how can i buy something without knowing all the specs. im assuming if you wont answer here you will at ces right?

  55. I’d like to add that personally I don’t care much about turning the Adam around. Really. That is just fun. There’s no serious functionality related to this. Unless your tablet is perfectly square, and you don’t have more than 2 or 3 buttons on the side, then fine. I just saw this huge LCD panel (48 in.) in a vertical position at Best buy. Awful looking thing. The bigger the panel, the less I like the vertical view. Cellphones are great for that kind of stuff. That said, if it is there, fine; if it is not there, fine too.

  56. @rajesh,
    You mean our laptop, desktop, tablet or phone? Which one is to be tested?

    My HP laptop of 2 years old (Touchsmart tx2) with amd64 dual core, 4Gig RAM, running ubuntu 10.10 has the following scores:

    Google chrome was the browser.
    Browser Mark: 198936 (No typo)
    Javascript: 780 ms

    iPad (Safari browser):
    Browser Mark: 37777
    Javascript: 8157.3 ms

    Running Ubuntu optimized for tablet on Adam should be nice.

  57. What happened to the tab switching? Why are they not formed in a circular arrangement like it was on a previous blog? I though the tabs rotate so you select the horizontal tab to switch to it.

  58. Wow, this browser looks very good in speed and page rendering terms. The hardware also looks to preform quite nicely!

    Can’t wait to get it into my hands!

  59. @Rohan,

    Kill Bowser aka Kill Bill is really a killer app.

    “And from UX POV….”

    At first I was wondering whether this POV was a POV ray tracer πŸ˜‰

    then it dawned up on that you were referring to User eXperience Point Of View. Very Geeky and nerdy way of writing coupled with the modern youth’s chatting style. Many mightn’t get it or might miss the point.

    The browser demo didn’t show downloads. how is it supported?

    When the user doesn’t kill the browser and 10+ tabs being open, how does it behave when the user multi tasks?

    What’s the impact on memory/performance?

    How is the state maintained and how is it restored when the user comes back to the browser again?

  60. That is good to hear. What else can one view in Portrait mode? I think adam being more rectangular than square, except for reading documents/e-books and probably reading blogs or view webpages that are long, I don’t particularly see an advantage in viewing things in Portrait mode. Switching from Portrait to Landscape and back is fun only for a few minutes, but it quickly gets onto ones nerves if even a slight change in the orientation (by a few degrees) leads to flicking from Portrait to Landscape or vice versa. That is when people would want to lock the display orientation.

  61. Hi there!

    A smartphone is personal: Period! (like your wallet) My Android phone goes where I go, the shower being one of the few exceptions (though the wristwatch extender might go there as well). Security is mostly physical: You’d need to get past me to get at my smartphone.

    A tablet, well that’s really a familiy device: You pass it around, just about everybody might pick up (more like a magazine), kids, in-laws, visitors. Chances are I’ll leave it at home most of the time, unless I take a trip. Got my smartphone, got my laptop with me when I leave for work and Adam will get torn apart by my kids and wife… Security might be an issue: I want my in-laws to admire the cool stuff I get from some real avant garde guys in India, but I don’t want them nosing in my e-mails or flipping through my bookmarks…

    So how do you manage users? How do you manage security?

    So how do you manage profiles or synchronization of profiles between my Android smartphone and the Android tablet?

    I really want the Adam to be a seamless extension of my smartphone: A bigger screen, more touch real-estate. I don’t want it to become just another split-off digital personality: Things are already split and scattered enough between my various PCs and the smartphone!

    This is just as big a challenge as dealing with the bigger screen, I guess. But it makes the important difference between a tool and a toy.

    Kinds regards,


  62. Hey Rohan,

    I wonder if you could do a voice over?
    This would really make these videos more enjoyable.
    If you want to I could do the voice overs for free πŸ˜‰


  63. I originally ordered this for my wife for Christmas but after seeing all the videos and reading all the posts I can’t take it anymore, I want it for myself and I don’t think she could appreciate it for what it is. But before I look like a jerk I tried to order two but the credit company wouldn’t approve it and by the time I got that straightened out they were sold out. I did buy her an Archos 101 tablet and it seems to be a great tablet for her, but compared to Adam I think it will fall short ( no disrespect to Archos because it is everything they said it would be and I can hardly put it down πŸ™‚ It just shows me how advanced the Adam is and there isn’t anything out there that will compare, you should be really proud NI for what you have accomplished!!!!!!

  64. The answer to this one would be that if you can’t still buy it with the current feature, there is no end! πŸ™‚ Then you also belong to those set of people where I also fall, never get satisfied!

    Warm Regards

  65. @RK
    Yes and No. I meant the golden square (with the golden ratio) It is sort of the golden ratio applied to a rectangle. The formula is: 1 : phi (multiply one side of a square by 1.618). These proportions can be found in furniture, landscaping, and even when designing web pages.
    The rule to get the proportion since ancient times has been: “the relation between the shorter and longer side of a golden rectangle is the same as the relation between the larger side to the sum of both lengths: a : b = b : (a+b)” (I found this formula in many websites and books)
    By the way, I didn’t know much about this until Rohan brought up the idea of the golden ratio on the Adam.
    After that I looked in various places, asked a couple math teachers…

    I also found out that the proportions on the golden rectangle were used by the Egyptians when they built the pyramids.

    Please correct me if you think I’m mistaking, of course. I’m not a Math Teacher!
    I’m a Literature, and Language Teacher! Ironic!

    Many flags have the golden rectangle proportions: the American flag, the French flag, and others. The Adam is a rectangle. I could never confirm if it is a golden rectangle because i didn’t have the exact proportions (I’m talking the inner rectangle). But according to my calculations in an older post, it must be close.

    Does your flag have this proportions? It’s fun to find out. I never found out if my country’s flag is a golden rectangle. mmmm… I should.

  66. destroyer,

    Didn’t you notice the word ‘Bonus’? Bonus is some thing extra..and it is always fun to keep it a mystery.. It’s like keeping your jab(read it as Adam) and expect optional bonus(mystery feature).. now you are asking for bonus without having a job :-)?

  67. I don’t get it. Two-finger dragging up zooms as well as brings up the menu? Am I missing something? And why don’t they have pinch-zoom?

  68. Dang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a man, Rohan………. as if there was no Christmas, he goes further.
    When can I order the Pixel Qi Adam..?

  69. I think Rohan wants to avoid jet lag in Las Vegas, the other option is to be a vampire who only works at night πŸ˜‰

  70. Hi guys. I have a question. There are very nice vidoes about notionink adam. I think Eden is beautiful and very elegant. However, I really wonder, can we use every of those application when we rotate the screen? I would like hold my tablet pc in vertical positoin when I’m holding it in my hands. I hope all everything works when device’s screen is in vertical position also.
    Merry Christmas by the way:)

  71. Adam’s weather app is pretty accurate for Pennsylvania tonight too πŸ™‚ Geckos are too great to risk using them to shovel snow πŸ™‚

  72. You are right, Adam has everything I need and all the tablets or ebook don’t have the things I was looking for. For this reason I made the preorder and when I received the package with my Adam all the new features will have a small Christmas gift

  73. @elmelao I often love the vertical view when I am long documents pages and I expect that I will really like it when reading books, less scrolling to do as you can see a full page.

  74. Android is to big a market not to write this sort of app for android. The people who write and sell this type of app are not going to be sitting by and watching a whole market sector walk away. Its just a matter of time. πŸ™‚ only 25d 15h 12m and 33s to go.

  75. @Thomas,

    Good point about multiple users. I had asked the same 2 months ago and last week also, there was some one mentioning the same.

    Tablets have to be treated like computers with multiple users logging in. their email, folders, bookmarks etc etc should be private.

    Extending it further, the books/docs could be made private or could be shared among users.

    It is hight time that tablets start taking off in this direction.


  76. Hi Rohan, looks interesting – I too would like to know if there’s a limit to the number of tabs, and how to download something. Also, I’m looking forward to seeing a comic book and eBook reader. Hopefully those are going to be shown this week?

  77. Hi Rohan,
    Are we going to be able to buy more Adams with Pixel QI displays on pre-order? Thanks!

  78. Never heard of either of the benchmarks so I thought I’d try them out. First one is Rightware NOT RightWave

    Running Opera 10.63 on OSX on a HP Touchsmart : 347271 (that’s not a typo)
    The Spider resulted in 377ms
    (I’ll reconfigure and run the tests using Win 7 and Kubuntu and I’ll post later)

    I’d be more interested in the acid3 results. “”

    I tried running the rightware and spider on my i1 Android phone and neither of them would even run. I guess that’s because the i1 is stuck at Android 1.5. :<

  79. Don’t for get the Quotes πŸ™‚


  80. @Rohan

    I asked in previous posts too.. bt unanswered (or tell me if i missed them). Hope to get answers this time (until they belong to mystery features.)

    Q1. Does Adam support “Ad hoc” connections, asking since (at least) android 2.1 doesnt support. [I dont have Router, and i have pre-ordered without knowing the answers.]

    Q2. What’s the maximum capacity of portable hard disk Adam can support through USB? will it be able to support 1 TB or 500 GB hdd?

  81. Wow. WOW. The more I watch, the more amazed and absolutely blown away I am by the adam. I don’t ever post, but read every day and have been following Notion Ink’s progress over the past year. These videos just leave me awestruck. Thanks so much notion ink for all your hard work, can’t wait for the adam to be available!

  82. awsome video. loving the benchmark results, and especially the responsiveness of flash, keep em coming!

  83. Just wondering if the notionink website should say “out of stock” instead of sold out…
    with a link to the variants that will become available?

  84. Hi Rohan, thamhs for all of the exciting information and videos to datte and whats to come before CES. You are really creating a wavefront of anticipation that will crest at the CES. I am on pins and needeles in anticipation of what that will be. I am in total suspense and admire your sense of drama. It is no wonder that there are those still in a state of disbelief. I am so excited that I point everyone that I come in contact with to the NI web site and they have all expressed surprise and varying degrees of disbelief. We immediatly start thinking of how much more, how much further we can expand our creative endevours. For us it’s all about faster, easier and expanding the possibilities of everything that we are doing. And for that you will allways have our gratitude. Best and warmest wishes for the coming year.

  85. Here are the results from Win 7 using ie8 and Opera 11
    Opera BM: 434,669, SP:341ms, Acid3 100/100
    ie8: 37,122, SP:5419.4ms, Acid3 Fail 20/100

    On Kubuntu using Opera 11 and Konqueror
    Opera BM: 429,475, SP:324ms, Acid3 100/100
    Konqueror: BM: Fail, SP:3975.4ms, Acid3:Fail 89/100

    Machine is a dual core Intel P7550 with 4GB ram.

    Would still like to see the display change from landscape to portrait and back.

  86. @Rohan
    With every video that you put out, i’m more and more thankful that I was one of the people that pre-ordered my Qi 3g adam when I did. this is going to be there perfect maching for me to not only do school work on, but also much much more.

    now I do have one request of you. this is not a huge one, well at least i don’t think it is. could we possibly see in the next video the office type suite that you will be putting on the adam? I would really, and probably many others, like to see how it will work for school or buisness.

    thank you

  87. it is fast & smooth, in fact, i am surprise!
    the touch experience now looks good, keep going and more excellent news for us!!

  88. Hey, not a related ques but i still can’t find notion ink in the ces exhibitors list! wat’s goin on??

  89. with the browser and all the tests, I’m very excited…whole new experience, and surely it is going to change how we interact with our computers (Windows IE and others…not just Mac).

    Loving the whole experience of learning something new that I have belief in! πŸ˜€

  90. you forgot the number of digits in ur score (with chrome) and the adam score. check again πŸ™‚

  91. By far the longest video ( except the 18th Dec ones ) . Just like the panels and sniffer, this one too looks fast and super responsive. I am pleased.

    I actually expected Rohan to slow down the pace of video releases.
    Understandably…as the CES is getting closer he must be having lots of nitty gritty things to sort out. Plus the preorder pressure

    Still waiting for the news. Maybe the FCC got delayed by a day so he decided to postpone his post by a day πŸ™‚

  92. The browser looks very intuitive and user friendly. I think i yearn for ”adam” more and more everyday. I’ve always been the first to adopt new cutting edge devices, and so far out of all prior launches I’ve been apart of only my Evo 4g has lived up to it’s initial buzz. You come to a point where you can’t ask for anymore out of a device, and that is when they should be left alone and praised. I relish the idea of owning the second near perfect device ever made. I seriously can’t fathom what more could be asked of the ”adam.” It’s entrance to the market is monumental and will conjure a following from it’s competitors to walk in the shadow of the ”adam”only to fall short at every approach.

  93. We all know what you mean, just that there is no such thing as a “Golden Square” unless you’re talking about an open area in a city surrounded by buildings. You can call it “golden mean”, “golden ratio”, phi or “golden rectangle”. Once you use the word “square” you’re talking about equal sides – no exceptions. Square is not interchangeable with Rectangle in the way you use it. Sorry to be pedantic but as a pedagogue I’m sure you’ll understand.

    P.S. Take the largest square possible out of a golden rectangle and you’re left with another smaller golden rectangle.

  94. Thanks for the video Rohan.

    Can’t wait to get Adam in my hands to really get a feel for how it works. The videos are exciting, but there will be nothing like the real thing.

    The one thing I’m still holding out hope for is Adam being able to place and receive actual cell phone calls. Like the Del Steak and European version of the Galaxy Tab. This way you could put Adam (the 3g model) on a voice data plan with a sim card from your carrier. You might be able to use a cloned sim card for your mobile Smart phone for when you were away from Adam. Adam already has an application called “phone” that showed up in one of the earlier videos. There are many that already believe that Eve will be a smart phone that mates up with Adam. How cool would it be to have your smart phone “Eve” to interact with Adam. Having records of all your calls contacts, Texts, emails, show up and on and sorted on Adam would be totally cool. Having Adam able to make and receive calls on it’s own would very helpful to people in business, teaching,Medical and learning fields. These are people that can’t afford to be more then a step or two away from their current notebook or laptop. Apple has designed I Pad and I phone so that is mandatory that you own both devices to get all the of the features the European Galaxy Tab. For students and others having Adam contain all those features would make it a True Swiss Army Knife that would help save on their expenses by only having to own one device.

  95. I use the Dolphin Browser on my phone, and it allows me to set whether the default is the mobile or desktop version. Not sure how its done, just saying that there isn’t any question that it’s possible.

  96. Do you know the only flag in the world that is NOT a rectangle?

  97. Not completely. The speed of your network connection has a lot to do with the actual page-loading time. Benchmarks like SunSpider are more designed to test how quickly the browser can process data (execute code) once it has downloaded it. If you’ve ever played a flash game on a slow computer you know what it is like to have low benchmarks. With things like flash games or videos, the downloading is done in advance, and then the Java Script is actually run. Slow browser + slow computer = bad performance no matter how fast the connection is.

    A lot of Android phones have slow browsers, but are connected to fast networks. Users wonder why 4 Mbps seems so slow when loading or doing things. They don’t realize that their phone can’t keep up with their internet speed.:)

  98. I’m posting this because I know there are a lot of people expecting the “3g model” to work on T-Mobile USA 3g. Because we have been told that the 3g model works with T-Mobile USA, it is easy to assume that it works with T-Mobile USA 3g, but this is not true.

    Adam is actually missing the 1700 MHz band that would allow it to connect to that network. TMO 3g is different from EDGE in that it actually requires BOTH the 1700 AND 2100 MHz freqs to work. One is for upload, one is for download.

    The 1700/2100 will work with TMO Europe 3g, because they use 900/2100, the same as Adam. But no dice on TMO USA. The other model, the 850/1900, can work with TMO USA EDGE, and can also work with AT&T 3g, so if you live in the states that’s the one you want.

    I actually communicated with NI about this, and so far I have not been able to get through. This is unfortunate because I fear that this will come back to bite them.

    I have kept my own preorder open, and plan on getting Adam despite this (I’m on TMO USA, so it kinda stinks) because I still believe Adam to be the best available, but I don’t want people making the wrong choice when it comes to models.

    I have already posted an article explaining in more depth. Feel free to read and/or make comments. If anybody has more info, I will also welcome the input.


    If you want to email me, just click on my avatar (my face) and my email is right there.

  99. Thanks Joshua.

    Just wanted to add that NI replied my email regarding this issue as following in case nobody has post this:

    (The Adam does not yet have a 1700 / 2100 variant. It uses the Ericsson F3307 3g module.

    Manuel link””

    Please let us know which variant you would like shipped to you and we shall update your order accordingly. We currently have a 850 / 1900 variant and a 900 / 2100 variant. …)

    Ericsson F3307 3g module does not provide the 1700 frequency. So as Joshua said, if one is in US, 850/1900 is the variant he should go with.

  100. why don’t you send an email to info @ notionink dot com and i’m sure they’ll answer your questions? It’s kinda tough for Rohan to keep track of each and every question on the blog.

  101. Exactly. The problem is that people see 2100, and think that that’s all you need. People aren’t aware that you need both.

    I just wonder why they won’t say anything. They are going to be called liars, when people realize that “works on TMO USA” doesn’t mean 3g.

    As for me, I will be investing in a decent Android Tethering app.:)

  102. Below page which was earlier used for Pre-ordering is taken out:


    Does it mean that NI is going to accept new orders with Rohan’s β€œlong” post today?

  103. @Joshua Price RE band for 3G

    Everyone was to told to select the 3g band for your area.

    I logged back in and the correct band (850/1900) was awaiting my selection. I clicked it and
    that’s what l expect to receive.

  104. On a desktop Firefox there plugins available which allow u to play with header values.

  105. great !!!!!!!
    hoping EDEN to evolve inline to Chrome OS..
    absolutely don’t mind ADAM getting ahead…

  106. And that is a good choice. But if you had chosen the other option, and expected it to work on T-Mobile USA, you would be disappointed. In fact, expecting your current selection to get more than 500 k on T-Mobile USA will disappoint you.

    I’m not saying you will get something other than what you ordered, its that people expect it to have certain connectivity, and part of that is missing.

    I’m not dissing Adam, like I said I’m still ordering it. It ships Jan 15-22. I even provided a screenshot of my order status screen on the article I provided a link to.

    I just want people to be informed.

  107. I know, right?:)

    Rabble Rabble Rabble!:)

    But seriously, great video! The browser is one of THE most important features on this device, and it certainly comes through. I wonder whether there will be an evernote plugin?

  108. Two finger tap to zoom. Two finger tap (rather hold) and drag – the menu. Think they did it fearing Apple multi-touch patent issue.

    But there are so many things, I personally feel, that patents should not be given upon. A metaphor would be, well imagine a model agency patenting catwalk – and imagine all models and other agencies paying royalties to walk on the ramp. Totally crazy – and its high time sane geeks take took over tech patent authority positions.

  109. I like the browser performance and gesture recognition. Some wishes for next updates (if already not there).
    1. Bookmark synchronizing
    2. Speed dial synchronizing (similar to Opera)
    3. Feed List synchronizing.
    4. Extensions

  110. And they arn’t going to announce it at CES. highly doublt 1gb, more likely 512 mb
    will be slightly lighter but not under a pound, they will be lucky to shave 2 oz of it.
    they are adding componets, not taking any off. adding camera, memory, dual core cpu ? granted they don’t weigh much, but they are still adding not substracting

  111. Easy solution.

    Buy one for yourself and one for your family.

    Keep yours in a locked suitcase, keep the family one on the kitchen table.

  112. To add to my point, since this post is about the Adam’s browser, just imagine what would have happened if Ben Shneiderman, or BookLink Technologies, or even Opera patented its way of tabbed browsing (and many other innovations it brought to the internet browser) – there will be no good Internet browser in this world – even in NI’s Adam.

  113. For some fun at an Adam launch or unboxing/unveiling of your new Adam:

    Don’t forget to include a slice of Apple Crumble for dessert.

    Here’s a recipe from Toronto:

    Eve, do you have any other suggestions to do with apples?

  114. He talked about it in an interview, to have a full booth, it can run into several million dollars, they are going to be showing with others, and have rooms.

    There are alot if activity that happens off the show floor in private rooms

    He said at the same time, that there wasn’t a point in creating more demand then they could meet. so I think supply of adam tablets is going to be limited for a while.

  115. agree also, the myster feature is just icying on the cake, the tablet without it, is already so far ahead of anything else out there.

  116. @Rohan – In your video at 0.09 minute mark, we can see the word ‘Rightwave’. I do not know anything about web benchmarking, but I had to do some searching on the net to get the right word ‘Rightware’. Please rectify that if possible.

  117. Hi all, Rohan and NI Team
    Very good vedio.
    Can we have the option of light grey / or mild light blue ( or any light pleasant mild colour ) for
    URL Bar . Because that us too bold . You don’t want concentrate on that in every webpage.

    Just a suggestion .

  118. Hello Rohan,

    I have a question that I am surprised no-one has asked yet (I hope you will answer) …

    Will the browser support extensions?

    This is extremely important to me as I have made all of my various passwords “strong passwords” (with seemingly random letters/case/numbers) which I create, maintain and log in using the excellent LastPass extension.
    If this will not work, then I won’t be able to login to many sites.
    I have seen from the LastPass website that they have a version that works with Android – so I am very hopeful … but not sure if this will work with your browser, or only a generic one (?Dolphin).

    Are there any other LastPass users in here / out there ?

  119. I want to concur on this issue. I just emailed Notion Ink to change my band selection from the 900/2100 Mhz variant to the 850/1900 variant. To Notion Ink’s credit they made the change immediately!!! I checked my order page and was shocked to find it done so quickly after I sent off the email.

    Hopefully T mobile users at some time in the future be able to order a 1700/2100 variant.

    At this time in the USA you should order the 850/1900 variant for both T mobile and AT@T carriers. With T mobile tethering will give you the best download speed…

  120. First off thanks for the info Joshua


    Know this doesn’t apply to everyone, but this device is really starting to piss me off !!! Going through delays, the whole fiasco with pre-orders, and now buying an option for 3G and not being able to use it properly for Tmobile USA is freaking ridiculous. Like I said in a prior post, you would think Notion Ink would have this covered …. Tmobile USA is a huge market !!!

    Can’t even get confirmation from >>> ROHAN <<>>3G <<< model to work on 3G Band in the USA since this was one of their biggest launch areas.

    If I'd have known that 3G wasn't going to be working, would've bought the Wifi version instead and just tethered it from my HD2 running android … but Notion Ink didn't have an option for the variants at pre order. Of course this is my fault for taking a leap of faith with a start up who doesn't know how to properly run things.

    Keep reading articles that 900/2100 Band won't, then yes, then no, and even called Tmobile customer service … one representative says yes while another says no … okay great … incompetence in customer service !!! And Notion Ink's customer service is the same … YEAH I SAID IT !!! No replies and no answer !!! Where's your promise to improve your customer service Rohan? I'm calling you out !!!

    Will either cancel my order in the next week or keep the order then put it on Ebay to make a few bucks for the time that has been wasted. Spent over a year following you guys, but this 3G Tmobile question mark is going to be the final straw.

    If you can answer the 3G TMobile USA question once and for all … that would be great since your customer service team can't do it. This device will be a great one, but from my personal experience … this has been a headache. Hope I got your attention Rohan, I'm only one customer out of many thousands and losing my business won't affect you much because you'll be making it back with many others, but wanted to give you my opinion on things.

  121. oh.. so i guess they’ll be with nvidia then. ‘n any idea about when they’ll sell in retail stores??

  122. my safari browsermark rightware score 374286 and SunSpider 0.9.1 JavaScript Benchmark Results is359.3ms

    Rohan stated Adam score 51049 and 4363.6ms respectively….is one decimal/digit missing…am not a techie…can someone elaborate…

    Also I couldn’t find NI/Adam in CES exhibitors list…””…Rohan pls let us know if registered with other name/brand…thxs

  123. ANOTHER +ve REVIEW of ADAM…chk the last sentence in below excerpt of Samsung Tablet in Anandtec review:

    the Galaxy Tab is the best Android tablet on the market …….Sasmung has come out of the gate with a benchmark device for 7” tablets going forward.

    So what then? It’s the software. Or, to be more specific, Froyo. It’s too similar to a smartphone right now, too much of the same experience repeated on a 200% scale. To avoid that, companies really only have two options – either wait for a more tablet-centric Android 3.0, or skin the hell out of Froyo and optimize the UI for tablet implementations. There’s a reason that Motorola, Dell, and HTC are waiting until Honeycomb to release their respective tablets. And then you have companies like NotionInk, who has completely scrapped Froyo’s UI and come up with something new altogether in β€œEden”, their reimagination of Android as it should be for tablets.

  124. by adding usb ports they will not be able to make it thinner. so I bet atleast usb ports will still be missing!

  125. Hi Rohan,

    Can you give us a teaser on what you will be showing/doing on CES?
    As you know 2011 will be the year of the android tablets how do you think to manage to stand out?

  126. Yes, but now the question becomes:

    “How do you β€œfake the agent string” or whatever to show up as a non mobile device?” on the Adam or Adam browser?

  127. destroyersteak: you made the wrong answer. then only question here is when will the ordering open again!

  128. @Nikesh Amin

    Each of the current videos show apps that make Adam a good contender against the iPad.

    The first additional app that I would like is one that gives me access to the Market so I can run any Android app in a panel. That would mean an additional thousands of apps.

    It will take some time before apps appear that can really benefit from Eden. The development kits are only just out. But maybe some of the people in the developer program are working over-time to surprise us in the Genesis shop when we get our Adams πŸ™‚

  129. @sir cartman: You are right. My scores are correct (today Chrome: 48368). That would mean that Chrome is indeed very fast and that Adam is doing better then my MS Explorer (today 34982) but can’t beat Chrome (yet πŸ˜‰ )

  130. To me this doesn’t sound like more delay, this sounds that Rohan is spending attention to where he should: preparing a fantastic launch next month.

    i feel a video every 2 days is still very generous. Of course for us, addicts, we will have some withdrawal symptoms, but I keep my January in mind, the month when I will get a high shpt of adrenaline when DHL steps at my door.

  131. Thats is correct. Well spotted. Your eyes will constantly be drawn towards the red URL bar.

    But if i saw it correctly, on Adam the URL-bar is not constantly shown. So we have more real estate for the actually web-page while reading. In that case the red is not a problem as you only see the ‘bar’ when you enter a URL.

  132. Dear Rohan we are your critic and always give you 5star not being partial but knowing you & Adam deserve it. We all know how you feel as CES is just few days ahead. l know you invested your Blood, sweat & life in NI and we pray your success. You made us believing in β€œDream Big”, β€œSky is the limit, β€œNothing is impossible” and many.
    I am being Indian like to see an Indian company shine among all. (Guys I hope it’s nothing wrong in being little patriotic, just like an American bikers feels for Harley Davidson).
    There are few things which are so good its better to follow rather than challenging it. I am talking about marketing /Aggressive marketing.
    Aggressive marketing is the key to higher sales and revenue. Now, any company can advertise through the newspapers, Internet, and radio however, TV advertisements and commercials are still the most effective marketing tool any company can utilize. TV reaches the widest audience and a simple 30 second commercial running 3 times a day can make a big difference. you will need to hire best commercial production company. If you have a specific way you want your commercial to be shot, then it would be wise to check if the production outfit has the right equipments for the job. For instance, if you are looking to have your commercial in high definition, then the commercial production company that you will hire should have these HD equipments at the ready.
    An effective TV commercial makes a mark on the eyes and ears more solidly than other forms of media. TV addicts can ceaselessly promote your products on Facebook and other social networking sites if you are able to pull off your TV commercial correctly. Investing in the right TV commercial will open a lot of doors for your business, but the cost can be a bit higher than your usual flyer. Here are the steps in investing in an effective TV commercial:
    β€’Concept. The concept is the main thing that will make the TV commercial sell. How to link a good concept to the product is the first stage in investing in an effective TV commercial. You might want to study the best commercials you have seen for the same product in the past five years. Your imagination is the key to this exercise. Be open to ideas and do not short list even the ones that you think are absurd or impossible.
    β€’Target Market. Your target audience is the one that you will have to please, so you need to know them well. What makes them tick and what makes them become loyal to a brand are two questions that must be seen in the TV commercial. Your unique selling proposition for your target market will also help answer questions in the next steps of investing in an effective TV commercial.
    β€’TV Network Airing Time and Frequency. In line with your target market and your selling proposition, you will choose the most viewed TV networks and offer your TV commercial at the time that is most viewed by your target market. Housewives tend to watch TV in the early morning, while the entire family tends to watch together during evenings at Primetime. You can choose to simultaneously get deals with rival networks so that you can get a lion’s share of viewers, but this is more expensive. You can try to rotate the airing venues, by getting a deal with one network for one month and changing it next month.
    My best wishes to you and NI.
    Biswajit saha

  133. There are several 3G bands in the US, but T-mobile is using the rather uncommon frequencies of 1700 and 2100 MHz, additionally with a different technique (AWS – andvanced wireless system). Most other providers use 850MHz in the US. So you won’t be able to use the 850 or 900 MHz Adam with T-mobile in the US.

    Many Europeans will have a similar issue: German E-plus/Base and O2 networks for example are using the 1800 MHZ frequency which isn’t supported by Adam as well.

  134. Saw this amazing combinatiuon of sleeve and keyboard

  135. I would suggest not to revel anything about it considering large number of tablets going to be showcased/launched at CES 2011. Competitors with poor tablet might use counterr marketing strategy as tool to win over criticism.

  136. Rohan,

    I am getting a bit ‘worried’. Your demos are turning out to be better especially this one -browser- better than ipad, nexus one etc. I am afraid the expectations in all of us (not to forget your critics) are going up every day.
    Please keep some good things for CES or later.

    Promise less and deliver more!

    wishing you all the best!

  137. I just checked both the .com and .in sites.
    I can still see the Bold SOLD OUT signs ?

    where/when did you see it removed ?

  138. if elmelao did see it, which i hope he did, it must have been momentary!
    hmm, interesting.. any link to the ‘news’ that Rohan referred to in his last 2 posts.

  139. Oh.. I didnt read this first… So do u think there will be second round of pre-order? I want Pixel Qi+3G

  140. i ‘d like too as well!
    provided i get some more information about the actual quality while playing high def multimedia on PQi compared to the LCD version.

    Any idea if a pdf reader would be supported too? I have a lot of tech documentationwith daigrams in pdf and would like to be able to read them on the Adam.

    any clues, anyone?

  141. πŸ˜€
    I also wanted to buy the Pixel QI one, thats the reason I did not pre-order. But it seems I am so desperate now that I will even buy LCD one πŸ™‚

  142. i did read a Rohan Sharavan interview somewhere saying that preorders would start again in a ‘couple’ of weeks.
    How long is a ‘couple’ is something which we should get to know in less than a ‘couple’ of weeks ;->

  143. Any idea how much will be the customs+tax charges for india? I just want to be sure on the total price πŸ™‚

  144. I guess Rohan has showed a pdf file couple of days back…Zooming was also showed in the detail. I guess it is in sniffer demo video.

    Well, I also have so many technical pdf’s with diagrams. I was planing to buy a Kindle DX just because of that. (regular kindle is not good at reading tech docs).

    But then I heard about Adam a year back, and since then I am following it. I believe, LCD will be more brighter and will have more colors as compared to the PQI one.

    I am slowly making my mind to purchase the LCD one rather than the PQI. Reason is, my main use of Adam will be checking emails, surfing net, playing games, listening to songs and watching videos. Plus a little bit reading (that can be done in the LCD one, I’m not a regular reader). So I think, for me, LCD would be the right choice rather than PQi.

  145. i guess mine is not too different a story.
    What started out as the search for the greatest and the bestest E-Reader finally had me following Adam since for than one year now.

    Missed out on the preorder is another story , though i’d really prefer if NI publishes a somewhat detailed feature list .. atleast whatever is possible pre-CES !

  146. Oh man, that is soooo great. I love the browser, especially the cropping.. thats so important. I really would love to have a “read it later” button which downloads the page to the adam and put it into a “newspaper” style so that i can read it later, ipad got this application for blogs and facebook, but not for “read it later”…

    by the way: awesome work,
    I will fight to get my preorder placed next time…

  147. With TMO customer service, you have to talk to the 2nd tier tech support people. The problem isn’t that customer service is incompetent, its that this subject is so complicated. There are so many bands and wireless protocols, you almost have to be a network engineer to understand it. Notion Ink told me that they have tested the device on believe that they did so in Europe, where the 900/2100 model would work

    Rohan is probably not answering because he wants to check and find out for sure. He will probably call some high-paid special representative at TMO who only talks to other companies, and need to wait for his response.

    I wouldn’t advise canceling your order. I would advise waiting until you get it, and deciding based on usage whether it is worth it to keep. Adam is designed to be much more than an internet connection, and you may find that its other uses outweigh the need for TMO 3g.

    Keep in mind that the 850/1900 will get service on TMO, it’ll just be a bit slower since its EDGE. And either model should be able to tether via a cellphone. And of course WiFi will work. So you aren’t devoid of connections.

    Of course only you can decide whether to cancel or wait. But someone once told me that we tend to regret the most, the decisions we consider the least.

    Feel free to shoot me an email, if there’s anything else I can do (just click on my avatar).

  148. If I were you I would check the dimensions before ordering. I have found a similar case on ebay and the dimensions are slightly too little (180mm max vs. th 191mm of the Adam). I think it’s better to wait until the adam is out: similar cases will be produced soon enough.
    This is the link: “”

  149. i thought its one post every alternate day….
    since yesterday it was already posted i thought the nxt one is tomorrow….
    i hope it today btw….

  150. HI, Cathy – the picture on the weather app is for New York, so NY is the best place to use it. Subweighs and buses not running much this morning, but we have snowshoes which we have only to dust off and then we can have fun. Yippie!

  151. Guys Freeze the video at 0.08 second and we can see the DESKTOP. Which we all wanted to see but still wanted to know dose Rohan really know this and permit the developer to post? We love the video but the question is does rohan liked it?

  152. sorry guys. i didnt knew it was rohan’s video post. i was in this post and rohan got us a new post. i missed it.

  153. Some images of PQ screen. You can see the silverish/metallic screen I mentioned yesterday and Rohan today. They look good to me.




  154. Cool browser interface. Touch screen and the Eden design makes it user friendly even to those who had never been on a computer.

  155. Maybe, just like there was a competition to create the Adam theme, there should be a competition to create commercials with the winning ads receiving new adams, or something……

  156. Actually no, by circular arrangement I mean in a polar array, like the rays coming out from a center point. Currently all the bars are horizontal.

  157. The build up is increasing day by day!!!
    Adam will be the limelight in CES….
    and all the websites will be full of praises from now…
    John Biggs will be hiding from everyone

  158. Keeping in mind the size of Notion Ink (production capacity and capital), it would not be prudent for it to communicate via TV Commercial. The Target audience who would go for this product exist in blogosphere, social networking sites, video uploading sites etc. It would be cost effective to have a proper web marketing strategy. TV commercial wud be more appropriate in the later part of product life cycle!

  159. Rohan, can we have your clarification on one matter? The Android OS after 2.1 natively supports pinch to zoom. Since this is an Android OS, if we were to install the default Android browser onto the tablet, could we use pinch to zoom?

  160. Should take a cue from Emblazon’s Intuit UI. Their sPlay menu allows one to scroll through tabs using one-hand operation and the animation is amazing. Maybe use the UI for the future Eve smarthphone. They are currently looking to license it and I think this is Notion Ink’s opportunity to take over it after Emblazon canned their ELSE handset project

  161. Hmm, good video, but no sound. Is the guy mute or a mime? Doesn’t he speak English. Also what’s with the swype from left to right? Is he highlighting or what? It would be much clearer if he explains what he’s doing.

  162. Great job Rohan. awesome video.

    Finally evidence for us cautious individuals.

    Looking forward to CES and an announcement that major US retailers and Global retails will carry the revolutionary adam tablet. As thousands of us have followed adam for over a year now, its nice to know adam is indeed real.

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