Break from Eden UI – The Hardware

Hello All,

This video is a break from Eden UI and shows some of the Hardware features along with the 180 degree port placement. Key hardware features are as below:

  • HDMI Out – Adam on the Vimeo site and playing a video (Flash). Sound is also sent along with video signals (disabled in the posted video). You can also see, Adam powering USB speakers (it can charge all your phones as well). We also switched OFF the screen while the video was playing (I remember this was a question in the comments some time ago).
  • False Digitizer – We show Adam being used as a false digitizer (sending touch signals via wi-fi) for Blender on Windows. It is as accurate as you can get on your touch-pad, just that it’s a 10 inch one! I would suggest you use a stylus for these kind of works. It also acts like a keyboard (used few short cuts here like r (for rotate), s (for scale), etc. for Blender)
  • Adam has stereo speakers ( 1Β watt into 2) and they are located on either sides of the device unlike others (in fact all tablets) where speakers are clubbed together (this makes stereo speakers work as mono, and you can’t feel the 3D nature of sound).
  • You can easily connect your wireless mouse and keyboards as you have seen in earlier videos, and is not repeated here. (Someone questioned, can they connect their USB modems and run internet! The answer is yes, if the drivers are available for Android, so you need to check with your service provider)
  • You can take a look at the light silver section (decorative bars) and it’s design, which are easily replaceable and helps in color customizations.
  • Adam looks moreΒ male and industrial than other softer tablets out there.

Here is the video (with non-production quality disclaimer).

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

588 thoughts on “Break from Eden UI – The Hardware

  1. fabless PixelQis are cheaper than LCDs (ask inventor Jepson); they’re free only to OLPC, anyway…

    (1) i’m sure NI has a good reason for pricing PQ Adams higher than LCD ones..

    (2) i also hope Adam2 features a Mirasol screen..

    (3) and the student discount Rohan mentioned earlier?

    LCDs force us to read silhouettes — ouch! they should be obsolete on sub-12-inch devices..

  2. Merry Christmas, and I hope you get another batch running soon πŸ™‚
    I want one πŸ˜‰

  3. So that thing is a “Back Button”… We’ve been guessing about that forever! Most people though IR port…

  4. Can the adam do everything a normal PC can do? Like if I put a music downloading software on a thumb drive and loaded it on Adam, could it run and download music on Adam?

  5. Happy Christmas everyone from snowy Ireland
    You guys are all very quick at getting in here before me.

  6. WOOHOOO!!! I love these video’s… Makes the wait go by so much faster. Thanks again Rohan πŸ™‚

  7. The proposition just keeps getting better. Merry christmas, y’all! πŸ™‚

  8. Thanks for the video Rohan and Happy Holidays to you and your team! I sent you another Q&A with Rohan for, appreciate you taking the time to answer everyones questions.


  9. Yes you could download music on the adam. You would need a andriod app to enable access to a music store or a straight link to the .mp3 or what not and save it from the browser.

  10. Wonderful! I am finally sold on this product.

    If only these videos were available before the pre-orders opened up, I would have placed my order. Can’t wait for you to start another batch.

  11. Again…Awesome

    My guess is the thing the adam is sitting in is the stand you make out of the shipping box.

  12. i have a question related to hdmi. I have seen in this video that the webpage(vimeo) appeared on tv at adam`s resolution(1024×600), thats under 720p. When you played that video what was the real resolution the tv displayed? hd or adam`s resolution?

  13. All the videos are looking great Rohan. Very excited for my Adam.

    btw. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all who celebrate!

  14. I’m pretty sure Adam should be able to download music. I know my Android phone can download from Amazon MP3. Any software would have to be Android software. You couldn’t just put limewire on there from a windows executable.

  15. Can you provde emulation adam that we can study on virtual environment?
    X’mas to all loving Adam people…^u^

  16. Oh no, only 5 minutes between two refreshes of the site and already 33 comments. One day, I tell you, one day I will be the first. Maybe when Adam2 is to be presented? πŸ˜€

    So, now I will have a look at the video.

  17. Good to see hardware info, but where is the micro SD slot? He didn’t show the lower side with the secret slot. So many features, this is great!

  18. @ Rohan,

    All the videos are great but seeing as tomorrow is Christmas I hope you have an exceptional video to share πŸ™‚

    I really want to see the rest of the Eden UI (homescreen/desktop, some of the other features that typical Android builds don’t have, etc)

    Maybe reveal the mystery feature!

    I think everyone else here feels the same way πŸ™‚

  19. @Rohan and Notion Ink: Exciting stuff; thanks for the post! Maybe wishful dreaming, but any chance I can shake your hands and see Adam January 9 … ? πŸ™‚

    @Rohan, Notion Ink Team, Greg, Sowmya, Gecko, Phillip and our “Ol Pals Family”, and all my friends here:

    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays filled with Love, Peace and Joy!

  20. hey ROHAN please show us how good the 3g connection works on adam. Please demo us with BSNL 3G sim. Please do this as most of us in india are waiting for 3g products, and i feel adam will be the best for next one year in this section in India.

  21. “Adam looks more male and industrial than other softer tablets out there.”

    LOL In other words… Other tablets are wimps! πŸ˜‰

  22. @Rohan, the stand used for adam looks neat. And from the leaked un-boxing pics, its evident that its the packaging using for adam.

    The video quality seams so improved, it almost looked to be professional demo, apart from missing audio.

    When can we hear some demo of the speakers too?

  23. What videos can this play? I have a client that is interested in the Adam, but he has an extensive anime collection. He want’s to know if this will play .mkv and .avi files types and such, and will subtitles work as well?


  24. Awesome vid NI. I anxiously looking forward to the start of the a new year and my Adam. I noticed that you were using a cardboard box top as a docking station. I seem to remember something that I read that you may have said in an interview that the box can actually be used to hold the Adam. After seeing the video now I know what you were referring to. Seasons Greetings – Peace and Bountiful Blessings to all.

  25. is it just me or the screen on the adam doesnt look too rich in colours.. just comparing to the dell monitor shown in the video… guess have to see it in person to really know…

  26. From this shot i can see how Adam is not too bright, is there possibility to higher Brightness or Contrast ?


  27. Truly awesome. I am so psyched for this to arrive. Have to admit I am also pumped up for the show in Vegas, not going but from what we have seen on these videos I think it is safe to say there will be some humble pie eaten, perhaps a great deal of it. Vaporware indeed! Vapie me baby.

  28. As each post passes, I know that this will be a great piece of hardware, but the kew lies in migrating Eden to Honey asap. March isn’t so far.


  29. WOW!!!!! Rohan, please open the next batch of pre-orders soon!!

    so the button on the right side is a back button?? πŸ™‚ so the mystery feature should be dock on the bottom πŸ™‚ lets see!! Adam looks great without the mystery feature. so with the revelation of mystery feature it wld be doubly great!! so no IR!!

  30. The image is output at 1080 when using the HDMI port. Your TV/display may scale it down to 720 if 720 is your TV’s native display resolution.

  31. @yashraj: The camera seams to have focussed on the bigger screen so its looking bright and clear and the out of focus adam is not.

  32. @rohan

    though you wanted to break from the Eden UI, today’s video title says “EDEN Part V” πŸ™‚

  33. Merry Christmas to all! So, if this thing can hook to a printer—–or a wireless printer——I won’t even need a laptop. This will already to more, faster than my old machine will handle, methinks! Glad I have one coming, Rohan. Thanks for all of these videos. Definitely feeling better about the hardware and software.

    For those interested in a remote, I was at my girlfriend’s brother’s house for Thanksgiving, and he has an app on his Android phone, called Slingbox. I think there is some hardware that is connected to his satellite receivers at home. But he can use his phone to control the slingbox and send signals to four TV’s in the house, monitor what is on each TV, and setup DVR operations from home/work/wherever… Pretty nice little app.

    All the best to you and yours!


  34. @ Rohan. Thanks for the 180 device walkthrough. That is wonderful. The quality of the editing there was no less production quality. One point though.. you said that this video was not about Eden .. yet the video says Eden Part V. πŸ™‚

    Seasons greetings to Rohan and the rest of the NI team.

  35. It was stated that it is able to play full hd videos (1080p).
    Probably will also depend how high encoding bitrate is.

  36. Awesome video, January can’t come soon enough.

    So…. Other tablets are feminine, and Adam is a Real Man? That’s interesting. I wouldn’t have thought to characterize a tablet as being male or female…

    What does that mean for Eve? Clearly, if Adam is male, then Eve is female. Does that mean a “softer” design? More subtle, maybe? Jus’ sayin…:)

  37. Looking good, as a digitizer, biggest multitouch track pad ever LOL.

    so if adam hits millions you will go cheaper, i’m a student and money is tight (especially with the high UK fees), any chance of student discounts, if it takes off in uni’s Adam will be a serious competitor in that space, especially for lectures, note taking and textbooks, you have an untapped market, where word of mouth can make you some serious inroads, especially if you provide discount llike apple and HP (USA only at the moment), Hp is bringing four tablets out with WEB OS soon (3 at CES) and the fourth is epecially for students, i want adam to beat them to it. πŸ™‚

    especially if you can make deals with Uni’s IT procurement department, i always see lecturers struggle to setup their lectures with heavy laptops on the uni projectors LOL, with adam i hope you have something like ‘bump’ on android where you can us sniffer to exchange notes and video of lectures.

    also can we take notes on the PDF’s or clip parts (a bit like clipmarks on firefox) of pdfs/websites, where it saves the clip with the website details making it easier to reference (Haravard, APA etc.) as we don’t lose track of the bit we actually needed from the site.

  38. I Feel the same way. i asked Rohan about it and let’s wait for him to answer our quarry….

  39. Happy Holidays! This video makes me even more excited about the ADAM. I can’t wait until more PQ’s are available for order, although I’m not crazy about the description of the tablet as “more male” just because of its sleek, industrial, well thought out design.

  40. The dedicated button for screen on and off is great! I was wondering how easy that would be to use. Move one finger and it’s done.

  41. It’s getting better and better.
    My need for the Adam is going sky high!

    Best Wishes for everybody at this blog!



  42. I know… Can you believe it? After all our speculation for months, we find out that thing is a back button. Too funny!

    But wait, maybe it is a “back in time” back button. One press and we can time travel… Yah, that’s it!!! πŸ˜‰

  43. Rumor has it that Gecko purchased IPad after pre order fiasco and now regretting his decision after looking at these videos. Now his conscience is not allowing him to post here. C’mon gecko we still love you :).

  44. Maybe your client should simply research what players exist for Android. I will bet you that if a nexus one can play it, this device will also be able to.

  45. My humble salute to the hardworking working people at notion ink in bringing out a efficient device to all of us.

  46. I would have been the first one to post a comment here today..but i gleefully went on to download the video first and watch it..and now i am bumped down to 90 something…but i dont care…this thing is awesome…waiting for it to reach me… (i am one of those unlucky ones who had their preorders delayed till after 15th…sad…)

  47. Rohan Do you have doubt that you will NOT hit millions…
    well We don think so πŸ˜€
    Merry xmas

  48. @Cathy wish you a very happy Christmas. It’s always great to see you on this board.

  49. Rohan! and NI team!

    Merry Christmas and same to all of you here!

    Good video. Refreshing video. liked it very much.

    Tomorrow please post the weekend special also which you have prepared but not posted yet, along with some Christmas special. May be adam playing some Christmas carol with full sound blast.

    Rohan! i am eagerly waiting for FCC milestone. it is already Christmas and holidays are coming. I checked whole day today with your grantee code on the fcc site, but no news yet. Hope soon we will hear it from you. all the best for that.

    Warm Regards! and once again to all of you here in this blog and NI, Merry Christmas!

  50. Yes, I know he says “wifi” but I wonder if he meant “bluetooth”.

    I think most communication like that is done over bluetooth as opposed to wifi. Anyway, I thought I’d ask for clarification just in case he did mean to say bluetooth.

    Though wifi would be much better. There is a lot more range. I can see using Adam as a control for HTPC’s and similar use computers. Plus think of the practical jokes you could play on people at the office. LOL

  51. The lag from adam to the LCD over HDMI is HORRIBLE! Is it like this for all Tegra2 devices?

    I assume (and hope!) that audio-over-HDMI remains in sync with the delay, but audio over any other interface is going to be way out of sync and unusable.

    Thankfully I don’t see myself using this feature a whole lot, but it was a nice-to-have-just-in-case…now I almost positive that I’ll never use it at all.

    Why are there video scanlines in the video footage of PixelQi screens?! More specifically, why are they there on the models used by production Adams? I don’t remember seeing this in vids of prototype Adam or other PQ videos.

  52. ya, anything possible with Adam. I feel bad that i missed out on pre-order due to the service terms 😦 i dont know how long i have to wait for my adam 😦

  53. It was great to see the hardware but the digitizer was a huge let down. I want to see the desktop on the adam, that was a glorified track pad. The device seems to be a big winner but the digitized function that rohan was teasing about is a big fail. Why not use remote desktop (vnc) or something. My Droid phone does this, its nice, but not a digitizer.

  54. There are some speculations that Eve will be a phone or atleast a device with smaller form factor. This was based on his answer for whether Adam will have NFC.

  55. Another informative video ….

    Did you cut off the picture on the adam during the playback – or just dim it …. I thought that I could still see the image (although less clear on the adam)

    In any case a Merry Christmas to all

  56. I think he meant if Pqi screen sales hit millions, it will become cheaper to buy the screens. He said that they are 4 times as much as standard lcd screens right now.

  57. so thoughtful!! normally we throw away the box after sometime. but with adam nothing goes to waste!! very innovative!!

  58. This just gets better and better well Notion Ink. I can’t wait till you get mastercard sorted and open up the ordering again so I can get one. πŸ™‚

  59. donno y but kinda feel closer to this video than the others..guess i’m a sucker for hardware..:)

  60. Keep emailing Notion Inks pre order customer service … and they are not very helpful. Can someone confirm for me if the Adam will work in the USA on Tmobile, I keep reading that it doesn’t because it requires both 1700/2100 Band. The only option that seems to make sense is the 900/2100 on the pre order selection page … would this work at all for download and slower upload? Or should I cancel my order and just get only wifi since it does not support Tmobile in the USA.

    And I didn’t see this issue coming, there are plenty of Tmobile users in the US. I don’t know why they didn’t do something about this. Thought they were detailed in the device and would cover all the bases. They are cutting off a major section of the US market.

  61. In the false digitizer can I use multitouch. I am not just referring to a Shift + a key. I am talking about using all fingers to rotate an object or play instruments like some iPhone apps do? My question obviously is not just linked to the digitizer it is with multitouch in general.

  62. i dont think the next generation of tablet will be named Eve. it will be Adam2, 3, 4 and so on. i think Eve will be a smart phone. it will be one of its kind and it will make iphone look old gadget!!

  63. The device keeps getting more and more awesome with each video. Can’t wait to see what more there is to it πŸ˜€

    Merry Christmas to all!

  64. Wait, I just realized something! In the last post I suggested disabling the “related videos” part of imbedded youTube, and it seems that they have done so today! Coincidence? Or did they actually take my advice?…

    I agree with Subramanya, waiting to see “Created with love by Notion Ink”. I already believe it!

    To those looking for FCC news: Something tells me he doesn’t want anything to be known yet. Whatever the Mystery Feature is, I’m sure it needs to be tested. This could be what is holding things up. When it finally does pass, we will all know the identity of the feature because it will be detailed in the FCC drawings.

    So I’m guessing Rohan doesn’t want that news broken until just before CES.

  65. I hope many people are waiting for 2morrow. Not only to celebrate Christmas but also so eagar to watch Next Video πŸ™‚

    Great video Rohan.
    Happy Christmas to Entire World.

  66. The Adam has an ambient light sensor to modulate the brightness to an appropriate level, while the desktop display was blasting away at normal brightness. The camera CCD amplifies this effect. Also, that’s a very good quality Dell display which would outdo most of the Best Buy-grade monitors you’ll find. Last, like most laptop and tablet displays, Pixel Qi only covers ~40% NTSC colour while the desktop display likely does at least 90%. It’s a sacrifice necessary for space, and even the iPad’s lovely IPS panel outputs under 50% NTSC*.

    *source “”

  67. I called T-mobile, and was told that the 850/1900 would work on t-mobile. I should be able to plug my current SIM into Adam, and have data access.

    So… T-Mobile USA = 850/1900 according to customer service.

    They sell quad-band phones, which is why you heard about 1700/2100. But you don’t need those, they are just included on phones sold by TMO. The 850/1900 should work fine.

  68. @Rohan
    Sorry to bother you with this again, guess you are keeping something secret πŸ™‚
    But, will there be another pre-order? If so, any idea about when?
    Love the videos, adam looks masculin up close.
    Merry christmas to all of you πŸ™‚

  69. Best tablet ever!!! Thank you, Rohan and all at NI. Great job!!!

    I can’t wait to order it!!!

  70. “masculine” is an adjective that isn’t restricted to biological gender but also to objects. In the USB world, we have “male” and “female” connectors and such (google it). And masculine is a descriptive term used to explain a big, full-bodied wine.

    psychological masculinity refers to the dominant character type; also used as a noun to refer to a masculine individual. synonyms: extroverted, dominant, assertive.

    I suspect that the name “Eve” given to the mobile phone is similarly quite intentional. It would be odd to create a phone that is industrial (in the sense that Adam seems to be).

  71. I love the detail you have used blender to show false digitizer, hopefully with the version of blender in Ubuntu also can work as well as the windows version

  72. I would have agreed with you, but input peripherals over Wifi are actually possible. You may need an app on the other side which acts as the bridge between the computer and the peripheral – see the following:

  73. As of now the comments that were posted for the release videos are:
    Video:1(Introducing Eden – I) – 427
    Video:2(Introducing Eden – II) – 451
    Video:3(Introducing Eden – III) – 581
    Video:4(Introducing Eden – IV) – 563
    Video:5(Break from Eden UI – The Hardware) —–> I hope the comments for this video will definitely cross the sum of all the previous video comments (2000+ comments).

    All the best Young Indian Engineers……

  74. Great Video. Cleared so many doubts :). Great Work Rohan and Notion Ink Team.Wishing you and your team a merry Christmas :).

  75. You could probably do that too. He’s talking about a specific function that doesn’t exist on a lot of devices, which does indeed turn it into a glorified trackpad. You could still install remote desktop software. So Adam can do what your phone can do, and more.

    Adam: $600

    Waiting for Adam: Painful

    Calling things you don’t intend to use a FAIL: FAIL.

    Making up another stupid Mastercard sequence for something that doesn’t take Mastercard: Priceless.

  76. Yeah… it is shown as Back button… but strangely, if you have noticed, that is the only button/port that doesn’t have any icon/name associated with it. May be that will change to something else with an update?.. πŸ˜‰

  77. Yay, hardware! Hello PQ! \o/ I wonder how that “false digitizer” works. Does it need a driver in windows? How about other OSes?

  78. I can only figure out a lag of less than 1 millisecond…Is it that horrible…How fast does your eye switch between the screen and the TV?
    Pause at :59 of the video, and compare the count down timer playing in the adam Vs TV.
    The TV is at most – one ms slower than adam…
    IMHO it is not horrible at all..

  79. i must say …it has grown from a fan blog to serious Tech Blog …..kudos to u guys …..

  80. on the bluetooth part that is. That would have been too much a blunder to say WiFi when actually it is through bluetooth. I hope I am not wrong, for Rohan’s sake, in thinking that this was somehow over WiFi. Gotta go now. Will catch up with you guys later.

    And hey BTW, Merry Christmas – and may be there is a clue in this video – one important side of the device was not shown with the text indicators – so does this confirm that the mystery feature is definitely visible from outside? (double confirming our guesses?)


  81. well, if we use x + 4 x = 125 (the difference between lcd and pq model), we get x as approx 42 dollars (marginal cost of lcd screen) and 4x as 168 dollars (cost per PQ screen)

  82. Maybe Adam & Eve In the bible or maybe the adult toy shop. When in doubt ask at don’t speculate. Computer connectors are like sexual parts. Female has a hole male has an extrusion. Lol

  83. Just a doubt. Are android clients for utorrent etc are available so that we can download torrent file ;).

  84. Speaking of HDMI, I had posted this under comments for the earlier video, but here goes again: Canon apparently has filed for an NFC patent for DSLRs. I think Adam could use HDMI connectivity to a DSLR to provide external monitor + remote control capabilities for studio and field work. Here’s the article on the patent:


  85. and there is one more thing πŸ˜€ LOL

    Every video and the words used, like I had said when Rohan posted the first videos –

    I am loving Rohan’s (and everyone in NI’s) “TAKE THAT” attitude πŸ™‚

  86. Ah, but will it be a Female Smartphone?

    I’m just pointing out, he didn’t say it was male because of the size. Other similar-sized tablets are feminine.

    So what will be the difference – besides being smaller – between Eve and Adam?

    Obviously there is some design element or philosophy that he is talking about.

    Of course, for all we know, Eve will be a “masculine” female phone. i.e. “butch”:)

  87. Awesomeness!!!

    NI team, great job.

    @Rohan, I liked the impromptu dock/stand for Adam. Hope it comes part of the package πŸ˜‰

    The wifi digitizer demo:
    When the keyboard was being used, we could see the user driving Adam. But other times, nothing much. So wasn’t sure what the user was doing to get the response on the screen.

    When can we order or preorder PixelQI variant?

    Christmas is here and still no Adam. 😦

  88. Kind sir, that would be due to the fact that the backlight gets switched off at 1:02, so the Pixel Qi screen is in reflective mode πŸ˜€

  89. As the features shown here are awesome that none of the existing tablets can beat (not sure in future). I am wondering why none of the tech sites are picking up these videos. Why are they tight lipped?

    @Rohan, as you have already started posting videos on the blog. Can you please put just 3-5 minute video (professional quality) that shows only the killer features of adam. I am asking becoz I have to sell adam to couple of my friends and not sure which videos to show. When I directed them to this blog they were lazy to go through the posts. They are die hard fans of Apple. I could impress them with hard facts and one of them is ready to consider adam. I understand that you are in the process of putting a video shortly.

  90. Except that Adam has more “holes” than “extrusions”. LOL:)

    Adam can output to a variety of devices, which makes it male. But it can also accept more devices (flash drive, sd, external hdd, mouse, keyboard, etc.) so shouldn’t it be more “feminine” according to your theory?

    I think he was talking about something other than “extrusions”.:)

  91. point taken, it is a great trackpad. I have been waiting for the wireless digitizer to teach physics for years. I you are no doubt right. Remote desktop should be easy.

  92. Just have a question.
    Can you have multiple logins like a PC operating system.
    I know that you cant on an android phone OS. But for a tablet there is a case for it since it would be used more as a family device than a personal one.

  93. I agree, it is not bad at all. And it may not be Tegra 2 that’s doing it. Keep in mind that the monitor needs to process the data, as well….

  94. I’ve mentioned before that there are android apps that let you print. One is an HP app that only prints pictures. Another one has a long list of printers it can prrint to. You can also have it set up so you can print to it wherever you are. You could be halfway around the world and, as long as you have internet, print to it.
    I work with someone who uses slingbox. He can watch tv on his Ipod touch wherever he is. And you’re right. There’s a box that controls it. I think it costs around 200 dollars. Amazing though!

  95. Wow. All these fabulous features may just keep me occupied for a year before I start opening up my Adam to hack!

    Merry X’mas everyone!

  96. He specifically mentions at the beginning of his post that he *switched” off the Adam screen and what you could still see on Adam screen is the picture without any back light (it shows reflected light)

  97. Rohan,

    I would suggest that you not to use ‘gender’ reference when describing ADAM.
    Western markets are very gender conscious. If some thing is marked for Men, the that object would be an outcasted from females (in general) and vice versa.
    Once the perspective is set, it is hard to backtrack unless you do some design/color change ..
    I am sure, the replacebale bands would help here..but why to brand it as Male device.
    Besides stupid gearsites focus on sensational things..


  98. Inkers,

    It will be great to have a simple nonlinear video editing (NLE) app for Adam. Nothing fancy, just 3 tracks, for instance: video, audio, text. Ability to clip a video stream into scenes. Ability to split a scene. Ability to trim a scene from either end. Simple fade transitions between scenes. Ability to render to standard formats. The Tegra should be able to do this without breaking a sweat. Since native video out of a lot of cameras is highly compressed, an added bonus will be to use a video transcoder like Neoscene’s Cineform. 1080p video in h.264 is difficult to edit in most editors unless its transcoded to manageable codecs.

    Anyway, something that will spread a lot of cheer for users of prosumer DSLRs who dabble in video.

    Merry Christmas, all!

  99. Why… Thank you. I hope I am right.

    Of course, with the screen size, we may need to wait a little bit for one of the Remote Desktop apps to be adjusted for tablets. Something tells me you don’t want to RMD in a single panel.:)

    I’m just saying that it will certainly happen. Just like the launch of the G1, this is a new market for apps. There will be very few, and then there will be way too many to look at them all. If it can be programmed into Eden, it will be.

  100. @Cathy wishing you the same .And waiting for your first hand experience at CES on 9th of January πŸ™‚ .

  101. +1

    I had asked about this a couple of months ago and we had some discussions on this forum from other users based on my post. But no answers from Rohan.

  102. The more I see the better I like it.

    One suggestion, and it’s a vociferous one:

    Give the Adam a KICKSTAND.

    The archos 101 and 70 are both fairly good tablets, not really in Adam’s league. However, the addition of the kickstand has been consistently reviewed as their stand-out feature, and the one simple physical component that should be standard on all tablets.
    If Adam is to be superior in every respect to every tablet on the market (as I think it well may) the addition of a sturdy kickstand is a must. The box-as-stand isn’t a good substitute.

    At the very least, make a simple, multi position stand available as an accessory for the Adam, in materials to match.

    Kickstand would be better though. πŸ™‚

    Merry Christmas everyone

  103. I think someone has already explained the reason in this post only. Please search in the comments.The explanation looked pretty logical to me.

  104. Sweet. Wanted to see a bit of a hardware overview and demo. Right on.
    Enjoy the holidays all.


  105. @Greg: +1

    The functionality will be the differentiator. Hope they focus on function rather then tech specs in the marketing as well. (we arrived here based on the specs, the average consumer wants primarily a good User Experience: What can i do with Adam that I cannot do with a tablet from a big brand).

  106. perhaps its purpose is to take you back – but who says it takes you back in a triditional “push the button” type of way… hmmm

  107. @Greg, Anshuman Jain, Jai, Himanshu Jain … the list of people I would have liked to mention would have been so long … Merry Christmas back!

    I’m happy to be on this board still; I depend on all of you for “technical” stuff, as that’s not my area of expertise; I’m just a heavy USER of these technologies, and I so appreciate everything you all post.

    Only Rohan and our team knows who will be at CES etc.; it’s just a fun dream for me, especially since I wasn’t able to order my Adam … YET!

    @Rohan: I really love these CES dreams … we’d buy you and the team dinner … πŸ™‚

  108. Somebody posted before that you can have the FCC not release any details for a certain amount of time. This way sensitive information isn’t released. So I don’t think we’ll see anything on the FCC site until after adam is released.

  109. Hm, I would also like to know that. Tech Specs page says microSD support, but there’s no slot in the 180-degree portion of the video? Not exactly clear.

  110. More the video, lesser the crowd ! from 10 K during Pre-order era to hundreds in Post-Order

    Thanks for specification. I still don’t know how much is built in Hard-drive in Adam, any one knows ?

    Thanks Rohan for keeping your promise

  111. Merry Christmas NI team and although I’d love to say keep working hard for more updates I think it would be best to say “take a day off as you guys have done a hella of job”. Go down to a local pub and have a drink and recap how the last month has played out for you all. Fantastic product, unbelievable UI design and features to boot.

    Thanks for giving us daily videos they are very welcoming to ease the wait of the new arrival.

  112. He states that he does turn off the backlight. Mentions how he saw someone ask to see it. Don’t know how he has the time to read through all these comments!

  113. One thing thought the start of the Video says Eden Part V… Guess Mr.Murphy rears his head again.

  114. @tanith

    We are already getting sooo much, do we really need to push NI further on Christmas day?

    You know what Santa Claus does to children who over-ask?
    I believe that their chimneys are skipped.

  115. I posted this earlier today but after this video I had to say it again. I’m so glad to see that NI has the striptease right this time each turn and twist reveal just a little more. you can feel the excitement building to the point of no return. Just when you think it could not get any better it does. this is the way to launch a product on a small budget. I love the videos and can’t wait to see more. A tease here a tease there. oh my

  116. I am against the “kickstand” idea. It would take away from the perfection of the design. Instead, include a bottom holder that would work in horizontal or vertical positions.

  117. merry xmass Rohan, everything looks wonderful and cant wait till i get my hands on an ADAM

  118. Rohan, the video is great but details on exactly how you can use the Adam as a trackpad on a Windows PC would be even better. What software is necessary on the Adam & the PC? You’re just teasing us again.

  119. So much for needing a new internet-ready tv/universal remote/yet-another-set-top-box/etc. πŸ™‚ The Adam just paid for itself and reduced a huge amount of extra clutter. (If I can just hold out until the next round of PQ ordering 😦 )

    Thank you again Rohan and friends!

  120. Back in time… lol. Wondering what back functionality it does as one of the 4 Android buttons is a back button in all the Android devices I saw.

  121. It hurts man!… I could not pre-order PQi WIFI 3G…. and i didn’t want to settle for anything less… I was there in pre-order email… i got one… but the order thing didn’t work 😦

  122. in the grand scheme of things what difference does it really make at this point? Rohan was forced to reveal adam before he really wanted to anyway, it was supposed to be revealed at CES.

    besides i think everyone wants to see the “rest” of adam as well. I’ve pre-ordered already so I’m not one of these other guys who is complaining but not buying anything yet.

    BTW it’s the season of giving right? so why not? it was a suggestion not a demand.

  123. I must admit, Notion Ink adam is THE tablet.

    I hope they get in stores in the USA pls contact Computers Plus. I need a local repair shop before I’ll buy any device. Notion Ink adam rocks. Now if the distribution gets rockin’ Notion Ink is the neXt Apple. I’m gonna buy stock as soon as its publicly offered!

  124. was wondering how many us here have a android tablet already maybe we could make a blog of APK’s that work well on tablets. I have a pandigital novel that is hacked with 2.1 and I have about 2 dozenor more free apps that work very well. just a thought we could have a list of tablet tested apps so when we get ours we will have some things to add.

  125. Most likely: LED indicators for CPU activity and battery state (charging/charged, etc.) that you see on almost all PCs/laptops.

  126. Great videos just as promised. Merry Christmas to all here.
    One request: Please show the ereader on the next video (maybe even outdoors?)

  127. these posts answers a lot of questions and make me feel confident in the product, but there is one big question left.

    Does it support the android market?

  128. I really hope its bluetooth. My work computer doesn’t have wifi. I’m in a secure data center that does not allow for little wireless routers on our desk… I have admin rights on the computer so I guess I could use my Android phone as the access point “wifi teather” to connect my Adam to the Desktop PC… Sounds like a little too much just to get this feature going lol… fingers crossed for bluetooth πŸ™‚

  129. Well, if the target market is mostly members of the fairer sex – a pretty awesome pitch. πŸ˜€

    Otherwise, it highlights the ruggedness and individuality of the industrial design – any self-respecting male would fall for that.

    That being said, I don’t know how having 4-5 female ports/connectors makes it more male. πŸ˜‰

  130. omg the wait for more stocks is killing me. I want one lol.

    Happy Christmas to everyone that celebrates it and season’s greetings to everyone else. Here’s hoping it won’t be long before the stocks are replenished with loads of PQ models ;o)

  131. thanks…

    MLJepson’s PQ sales are bound to rise into those millions. she said fablessness sped production. O… NI could just buy Pixel Qi πŸ˜‰

  132. It just seems like people have taken on the viewpoint that thinner is better but there is a point where too thin is just simply useless. Give me another 1/4″ thickness if it means I’ll have several I/O’s that increase the function of the device 10 fold! I love the male and industrial look!

  133. A month ago, I had my Sony Vaio connected to a Philips Flatscreen via HDMI, and watched some video, and it did exactly the same thing. The audio was still in sync however. I may be wrong, but I think this is the nature of HDMI.

  134. No tablet is currently alowed on the Android Market. The Galaxy is the only exception right now because it’s classified as a phone. Android 3.0 / 2.4 “not sure what the official version number is” Gingerbread will be release in Feb to address this issue. This new release of Android is geared toward tablets and once the Adam is updated to the new version it hould be allowed access to the market. Rohan had already confirmed that you can manually load .apk packages.

  135. I think NI used one of the four buttons as the switch between the Pixel Qi screen modes… and so moved the back button to the side?

  136. Rohan,

    When is the next round of ordering begins? I am eagerly waiting for PQi 3G adam. Anything less I am not going to settle for…..

    Please let us know so we can plan accordingly…..

  137. But to be teased too much and then left to wait would be terrible! I really hope they do another pre-order… I hope we don’t have to wait untill like Feb to order a QI/3G model…

  138. So, this means I don’t need a Google TV or an Apple TV, right? I hope Netflix, Amazon and others who offer streaming video will be smart enough to offer Android clients that will work on Adam. How does Flash/Adobe Air fit into all this? Sorry, I am a bit behind the times on some of these things — don’t watch much TV!

  139. I think it is like another program I use, you install a client on your pc and then it talks to it through your network connection.

    It was very nice, I had one keyboard and mouse and could control multiple systems it was like a virtual KVM over the network, So I am guessing this works the same way. Very cool Rohan.

    Merry Christmas all!!!!!

  140. This video rocks and the hardware looks great. I have one concern, where is the placement of the SD card input? Hopefully it is easily accessible. Also, Rohan could you clarify whether its is going to be an SD or Micro SD slot? I can’t wait to get my adam and i don’t want to run out to buy the wrong type of card.

  141. Rohan,

    I am very happy you and your team are bouncing back. I just hope I get an option to order on the second go around with my mastercard.

    Thanks so much and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!!!!


  142. Wow, I can comment on this post … no need to sign-up with WordPress.

    Can Adam support DLNA technology?

  143. lol… Torrents are great but the rulings of net neutrality here in Canada allow ISP’s to throttle the crap out of all forms of torrent traffic. Some folks try to get around it by encrypting their traffic so Rogers decided to start throttling all encrypted traffic. I just stick to sites like hotfile, megavideo/upload, megashares… Through megashares I can download a 16gb .mkv file “Avatar – Extended Version” at full speed. Soo much better πŸ™‚ for me that is…

  144. I have done a little retail myself and I know that many suppliers dont pass on production discounts until the year after you hit their price break categories. Until Adam sales hit a certain numbers they wont be offered discounted supplies. So we may not see these cheaper prices until Adam 2, possibly one of the other reasons that the more expensive cutting edge technology was not used in the Adam 1. I look forward to the Adam 2! I most certainly will purchase it upon release and I will give the one i am getting to my wife or maybe frame it as a symbol of technological history in my life time ;)… I could not frame any of the first generation computer… too big 😦

    it just blows me away that a start up company with NO purchase history can come in and make a product at full wholesale prices and sell it to customers for this price! Exactly what does it cost to MAKE and Ipad and apple is selling it for WHAT? $$$ kaching!

    Thank you NI for bringing us affordable technology and not just becoming a sellout like everyone else. Thank you for designing something great and bringing it directly to the customer. Most other people would have seen dollar signs and just sold it to a bigger company.

    Here is my question Rohan… What was the largest offer you declined because you chose us over big money?

  145. Have been following it for almost an year now. Getting more convinced with each video. i am definitely getting one of Pixel QI. Wan to spend my weekends reading PDF in sun πŸ™‚ So sad its winter 😦

  146. Have been following it for almost an year now. Getting more convinced with each video. i am definitely getting one of Pixel QI variants when the next batch is coming. Want to spend my weekends reading PDFs in sun πŸ™‚ So sad its winter 😦

  147. Perhaps Rohan has a special video or update in store for Christmas day… Just wishful thinking but it would make my day if I there was another round of pre-orders tomorrow πŸ™‚
    oh… and if I’m right Rohan please don’t insert a smiley face… I’ll have a better chance at getting one if you don’t! lol

  148. I generally donot post much but read all the comments after each video, I am pleased that I made a wise decision and preordered the adam ,my faith that it would be a more than adequatetablet has been borne out by the videos. Since I am mostly a pc guy and do not program over the months preceding the preorder brought a pandigital novel that could be used as a training exercise in the android system, i dont have an android phone . Now I cant wait to get my adam and put it through its paces and since I read the comments diligently I have learned more of the intraxcies of the hardware abilities and software counterparts . For that thank you to all the posters on the forum and merry christmas to all and thanks to Mr.Rohan and the NI team for making 2011 one intereting year.

  149. he has not been here in a while. I wouldnt be surprised if he is EAP and wont blog because he doesnt want to let anything accidentally slip

  150. Merry Christmas to all. Look at these observations with me.
    1. At 0:30 seconds on the very first video (the one sent to android police with 5:27 minutes of goodness. There is a short view of the bottom of adam. There is a line on the right corner indicating there is a dock that fits in to the ADAM.
    2. at 0:38 seconds on the first hardware video on this blog is a box-like stand. If you pay close attention (@720p) the “stand” looks like it is made of cardboard!!
    So i think there is special dock, but not sure what it can do, may be this is the mystery feature. But the “stand” on this video is probably not what it is going to look like. Any thoughts on that Greg?
    Also is there any meaning to the vimeo video playing through HDMI titled “untitled sequence”at 1:51 minutes?

  151. Extended Collector’s edition of Avatar was simply awesome. Mine was in 720p and it was 3.6 Gb. In India with the broadband speed provided we can’t wait for 16Gb movies to be downloaded πŸ™‚

  152. Wooo rohan! Went fancy with aftereffects!

    Out of curiosity, is the digitizer just TUIO/OSC? If not… well then you’re missing out on all the multitouch gestures you could do in blender!

  153. follow Santa on Norad and he is almost to India! “”

  154. @Rohan
    Again I am sad that you are not replying to my posts or Facebook questions/requests!!
    Please do reply regarding my sumo paint questions?

  155. Pretty Impressive Rohan… I have always been a fan of Adam and felt quite left out when I didn’t get my Pre order email.

    But any ways I will get it when it is available in market and you can fulfill my order in few weeks of my order.

    I have a few questions though…

    1) Saw all kinds of applications you have but what about communication or VOIP applications… I use gtalk and Skype on a daily basis would I be able to do that on Adam.
    2) I am also a very big fan of an application called Swype. Have you thought about giving users to have flexibility in installing Swype as there preferred keyboard.
    3) Currently, you don’t have market access on Adam
    a. Do you have any plans to get access of Market on Adam.
    b. Where will be get updates to Google Maps and other Google applications or
    their will be no Google Application available on Adam
    c. Can we install any .apk file which is available for mobile phones on Adam right
    now or do we have to root the device.
    4) Will the users of Adam have root access or we will loose our warranty if we will try to root our devices.

    Looking forward to hear from you.


  156. I am soooo glad I pre-ordered this tablet!

    I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Thank you Rohan for the videos. I am pretty sure the rest of those tablets sold out due to the release of these videos.

    Can’t wait to see what else this device can do!

  157. incomparable Adam!

    1 — incomparable convergence
    2 — incomparably obvious ways to use it…

    my finger will retire my stylus…

    my tablet do as a mobile keyboard…

  158. Question, since Pixel Qi seems to be having difficulty with quantity production, how about integrating this screen: http: // ? More dpi, less power savings, but still better then the normal LCD version.

  159. Well said! We should avoid bringing any other topic apart from technology into this forum. And again I feel this product is not an Indian product but a global product as people from various countries has helped it improve with their suggestions. So no jingoism, no politics, no religion, nothing else except technology.

  160. Finally ! Someone with enough sense to distinguish between a philosophy and religion.

    Most folks (even among Indians) do not realize that Hinduism started with the most basic philosophical question ‘Who am I?”. Somewhere down the generations it turned into a religion from philosophy.

    I wonder how many people realize that there is no official ‘hindu baptizing’ ceremony and this is particularly due to the fact that Hinduism has been a philosophy and not a religion.

  161. I think Rohan already mentioned that Market support will be available honeycomb onwards although most apps will run if you side load them

  162. I think Rohan already mentioned that Market support will be available honeycomb onwards although most apps will run if you side load them.

  163. Hi,

    Great post, great to know adam is sold out, and great news every two days πŸ™‚ Now adam is really standing up against vaporware rumors.

    What i would like is the pre order reopen with a first come first send basis, that is acting like a queue, we preorder and our order is enqued until our turn to get our adam, this way we could all get our adams without the anxiety of not been able to buy it when available.


  164. @ Sovereign John said, on December 24, 2010 at 23:59

    > I must admit, Notion Ink adam is THE tablet.

    Hey Sovereign John (aka Secular One),

    Dude, you are a hoot. You should read your comments from the older blog posts. You were perhaps one of the earliest critic and just stopped short of calling Rohan and NI a sham.

  165. It’s funny that people call it a kickstand (like the one for a bike) when you don’t use your foot to utilize it. Wouldn’t “flick stand” be the more appropriate term?

  166. Rohan has not yet shown us the bottom of the Adam yet. It is, however clear from the earlier images that the Adam has 2 slots there- one for the micros SDHC card and one for the sim card in the 3G models. Hope this answers your question

  167. First: No built in “hard drive”
    Second: There is an in-built flash memory of 8GB only. Other storage variants are yet to be announced.

    Oh, and by the way, you noticed that the number of comments here have reduced, right? After I posted the FAQ on my blog, the number of unique hits on there shot up- I get around 1000 unique visits a day. Number of comments here is really not a measure of Adam’s popularity…

  168. Merry Christmas to all.
    Hope to order soon.

    Cant wait for the summer times comming.
    sitting outside fishing and watching a movie or searching the internet while waiting on the first nible.

  169. Looking at the video I get a feeling that PQ screen is overrated.

    The advantages of PQ screen are it consumes low power thereby saving battery life and probably good to use it outdoors to read books/documents or browse the internet (if you are willing to see things in Black and white with a tinge of colour) or work on Open Office related documents/spreadsheets etc. It is also good indoors in transflective mode. It might be great for people on the move, for whom battery life is important and they are not exactly indoors most of the time and for the little time they are indoors they can use it in transflective mode.

    For using it indoors, I feel LCD should suffice. Looking at most other apps demoed by Rohan, I don’t think PQ screen fits the bill, if you need vibrant colours to be displayed. For a start, if you look at the flash video played by Rohan in the demo, the Dell screen displayed colours brilliantly, while the PQ in LCD mode the colours didn’t seem vibrant at all. I don’t know whether it is the angle at which the adam was placed or some other reason, the text on the PQ in LCD mode was not at all visible in some places, if you look at 1.32 minutes, you cannot read “connect with” in the PQ+LCD screen at all. Even later the text is barely visible. It is likely that the colours on the Dell monitor are set to warm (more red) and on PQ+LCD screen are set to cool (more blue). It is also likely that the PQ screen was set at a mode that wasn’t optimal to play videos and also display text in the video. I would like to see a more front on video to really convince myself the benefit of PQ. The pictures on Pixel Qi website though seem convincing. I will have to see it in action.

    All the above is IMHO.

  170. I like the videos a lot. It all make more sense now.
    Again, good job NI team.

    To everybody : Merry Christmas.



  171. Nice Video. @Rohan: I understand the frame is made of some aircraft material. Have you tested this system under any extreme weather conditions. I know, water resistant is too much to ask for! but, conditions such as low temperatures (high elevations or temperate climates) and high temperature (imagine some one want to use it in the Thar desert!). If this little beast stands the test, it will on the most wanted accessory on the wildlife researchers list. Add a small solar panel, with it’s GPS and mapping capabilities, will be difficult to part with!

  172. Honestly,almost all your questions have been answered in part or fully already…
    1. Previous videos indicate that thee is a native voip app.
    2. No official statement regarding this, but Swype on a 10″ screen? It would be too much swype-ing…
    3. a. Yes, but Rohan has said current apps are not designed to work with the larger screen and the panel engine. But he expects this change to come with Honeycomb…
    b. it will be totally up to google to decide whether they support the Adam or not for those softwares…
    c. Yes. Rohan has said that the Adam will be an “open” device in the true sense of the word. No need to root, no need to sideload.
    4. You will lose your warranty if you do actually root the device. Rohan has not mentioned ths in his interview @

  173. It just shows how much thought they put, not only in the H/w, not only in the UI, but also the whole package of Adam. Good for them.

  174. Ya… I only have a 5mb DSL connection so I can get about 600kbps. Takes quite a while but I’m an audiovisual specialist so I need something of much higher quality to show on my 100″ 1080p projection screen. It looks so good on the big screen πŸ™‚

  175. What you have compiled is actually true and is what is sent out as a message from Notion Ink as well. Pixel Qi is a brilliant screen for using in sun and good ambient light, but will lack beautiful and vivid colors. In low state it drops to lower frequencies as well to save power(as you saw in the flickering in the first video).
    If you are a multimedia person, then LCD is a better option, crisp and depth in colors.
    We are also playing with alpha, gamma values and white balance for normal LCD displays to present a better contrast in strong lighting conditions.

    Warm Regards

  176. PQ has two main advantages:

    1) if your interested in using the adam outside you can. You can sit on your deck, drink some beers, surf the net, read a book, post on this blog with no problems seeing the screen at all.

    2) the battery will last a very long time. Relatively speaking.

    There is a small tradeoff, and that is your contrast and saturation are not on par with lcd. Rohan has mentioned that, but I don’t think what PQ will offer in terms of colors is even close to poor. We are probably talking really good vs great.

    PQ IMO is WELL worth the tradeoff. I am sure when we recorder Adam 2 and 3 it will even be better!

  177. You don’t need the market. Rohan said that you can manually load .APK’s. You can find most, if not all, apps online. I would also assume you can manually load the market .apk.

  178. all the best to NI and the Team

    best wishes for the new year.

    awesome video,s i am counting down till mid jan for my delivery πŸ™‚

  179. @Rohan,

    This puts me back to square one with deciding on Pixel Qi and LCD. 😦

    At first I wanted Pixel Qi. Then I started to wonder if the colors would be good enough for my needs/wants and debated on getting LCD instead (though I did not want to give up too much battery life). I recently saw a video that seemed to show Pixel Qi with pretty good colors so I decided to stay with Pixel Qi. Now that you say “If you are a multimedia person, then LCD is a better option, crisp and depth in colors”, you have me wondering again…

    Would you PLEASE do two things to help me (and everyone else) decide between Pixel Qi and LCD?

    1. Post a high quality photo or video showing both Pixel Qi and LCD with the same image on the screen. One that will really show the difference when Pixel Qi is showing colors at its best compared to LCD.

    2. Help us understand how battery life will compare. If I can get 10 hours on Pixel Qi, how many hours will I get on LCD with the same activities?

    If I know how much better colors are on LCD and how much better battery life will be on Pixel Qi, then I can decide. Of course I have to factor in how much use I plan in places with bright sunlight, etc. If most of my use will be indoors without harsh lighting, then maybe LCD is a better choice for me…

    I guess if I can’t figure it out before my order ships, I’ll have to buy a LCD later on. πŸ˜‰

  180. i think they do have android apps for both pandora and grooveshark which are more streaming audio then download-able, but may work for you Brandon – check them out if you can. Both really great services!

  181. I guess the mystery feature could be a DEV R/W or Blu Ray Driver πŸ™‚

  182. Get an LCD version to tide you over, then gift it to your parents / spouse / SO to spread the good news. πŸ˜‰

  183. I don’t think he meant adam wasn’t popular. Just that people don’t comment as much. Nothing to really complain about now. So the silent majority go back to being silent. Plus, there’s no reason for them to speak up again. Like when they wanted to preorder.
    There’s also the fact that there’s a blog every day. Therefore people don’t have as much time to post before there’s a new blog. I’m sure these blogs would have more comments if they were only one a week.


    Thanks so much for digging around and getting this info!
    Luckily, I selected that band!

    Happy holidays to you and your family! [and a happy and healthy new year!]

  185. @ Greg

    Iam in the same boat as you, i think im going to plump with the LCD model, den maybe get PQI screen on Adam 2,

    Only other question is when are more pre-orders begining / or when will they hit the UK Retailers

    Thanks Rohan Have Great Holidays, And New Year,

  186. Best wishes to Notion Ink for the new year.

    Love watching the videos and can’t wait till mid January for my delivery.

  187. Rohan/NI showed only side edges of mighty ADAM. Looks like mistry feature is at bottom edge…… deliberately skipped to avoid showing it up…..

    greg …..what do you say?

  188. if the mystery feature is in the bottom, he will not show the bottom till the CES. now i think it might not be a dock. what else could be the mystery sensor? may be need to look at his mystery blog to check if he left any other clue πŸ™‚

  189. A small correction, my friend.

    Based on a fleeting glimpse at the list of applications in the applications folder, we are *assuming* that there *may* be a VOIP app bundled with ADAM.

    Officially, there is no statement to confirm or deny the assumptions. If NI is unable to provide a VOIP app, then perhaps an existing one from the Android market place or one developed especially for ADAM by EAP folks, can be used.

  190. Hi,

    1. Mr. Rohan big thx for answering question about usb modems.
    2. Merry Christmas Notion Ink & Family.
    3. All best as always.


  191. I get the feeling Rohan is a little bit more cold in his posts.

    Looking forward to CES again. I was somewhat put off by the pre-pre order debacle, but I’m starting to be convinced about Adam again.

  192. Great video NI. The speakers would be fantastic to hear.

    I also find it funny that the Adam has 3 USB ports (1 mini) and my MacbookPro only has 2 πŸ˜›

  193. very confused πŸ™‚ if I look at the first video to android police, Rohan briefly shows the bottom and that does not look like sim/sd card slot. that looks more like a docking port :-). any other guesses? πŸ™‚

  194. Hi Rohan,

    There is some uncertainty regarding what software comes bundled with the ADAM. Can you please share what applications should we expect (other than the ones you have already listed in the previous blog posts) to come bundled with ADAM?

    I hope this is a fair request considering that folks have already pre-ordered the device without much information on this aspect.

    Thank you,

  195. one way, it is good he is not revealing everything on a single day. these small videos are making us think about adam everyday and nothing else πŸ™‚ but my only problem is i need to wait till everyday evening to see these videos 😦 i cant access youtube from office network 😦

  196. i think only during the false digitizer demo, he switched off the screen. during the video demo, he just switched off the backlight and so it was in e-ink mode πŸ™‚

  197. I’ll be wanting it for ebook reading and multimedia. But, I’ll just hook it up to my monitor or hdtv for the multimedia. Though, I can understand if you are travelling and want to watch it. For me, that will be a small amount of time. So the trade off is worth it.

  198. The question about HDMI is not whether it can send video data to an external screen!
    More importantly is to know, if adam can recieve and playback a video stream via HDMI on his own screen?

  199. Merry Christmas to all here and at Notion Ink. I wish I was a fraction as knowledgeable as you guys about the Tech. stuff but then again that’s why I have you right!! If I ask stupid questions in the future please bare with me and thanks in advance for all your help.

  200. No problems with that either πŸ˜‰
    Don’t want my Adam to look like My First S… uh, Tablet.
    Have been living and studying amongst nearly only tech men, always talking and dreaming about technology like this.
    And now is the time!
    It’s here!

  201. Religion without philosophy is fanaticism.

    Philosophy without religion is mental speculation.

  202. maybe the mystery feature is that you will be able to easily throw in standard batteries if you are on the road…get recharges at the nearest gas station…being that this will be sold in india,too, makes this a nice option.

    merry xmas everybody!!

  203. i now wonder when can i get to book for this device… 😦 i missed out on the day i got the pre-order mail, cuz was away from the net.. πŸ˜₯

    if it comes out in the general market, how long wud that take like? and would there be another online ordering cycle coming up? i really really hope there is.. (the pre-order link now doesn’t work it seems)

    right now i won’t be able to bear it if i see people getting it and i haven’t.. and the deal of waiting more just kills me.. :-S

  204. I don’t know… I watched the video again and I think the colors look pretty good until he turns off the back light. So I’m flopping back over to the Pixel Qi side of the fence.

    Geesh, I feel like my kids when we go out for dinner and they have to decide on what they want to eat. They can never make up their minds…

    For a real Adam addict like myself, there is only one good solution. I need Pixel Qi *AND* LCD! πŸ˜‰

  205. I think you are right… I anticipate similar usage for myself. The only issue would be when showing photos on the Adam to others and wanting them to look their best. But then again, if there isn’t an LCD right next to the Adam to compare with, then you probably won’t see a lot of difference anyway, right?

  206. @back2front

    remember there is a faq with many questions answered! Many of us are glad to help answer questions. The exchange of information is part of what makes this fun!

  207. I saw only Prema’s Xmas wish, but then my comment came up 22nd or so. Anyway, I’m enjoying the videos and I am convinced we’ll still be pleasently surprised by the real thing. I guess I have to be patient (Mastercard….)

  208. Adam is screaming ‘technology’ and ‘industrial’ instead of ‘popular design’ or ‘shiny marketing’.
    I have girlie friends, who bought an Ipad, without knowing what they bought exactly, just knowing it looks nice and can play certain apps. And it has a nice case around.

    I on the other hand, want to buy an Adam for it’s brains and skills, and for it’s industrial looks.
    And once a character is set, it’s hard to chance. So i certainly hope it’s a deliberate choice, to call it ‘male’.

  209. Why thank you, you too. Happy holidays, new years, and general happy phrases.:)

    Now I just have to hope that I didn’t get an incompetent TMO rep, because my apartment complex has a strict “no pitchfork mob” clause.

    Seriously, though, I saw the same numbers on the t-mobile website. So mob them.:)

  210. Hey Greg i hope you do remember when we talked about PixelQi Vs LCD few days back and i went with LCD for my kinda application. I hope i was right to go with LCD.

  211. Keep in mind, also, that’s an HD monitor he’s using. I wouldn’t expect any tablet display to match up to that thing, for color, refresh rate, or anything! It probably cost as much as or more than Adam. So it’s okay if the colors are a bit brighter.

  212. i think what Rohan meant is, if you really want very crisp videos, go for lcd. but if you can compromise on crispness a bit and are satisfied with decent colors you can have pqi. considering the overall advantage for pqi, esp for reading i would compromise a bit on crispness. as Greg suggested, it would be great if Rohan can post a video showing pqi screen playing it and lcd screen playing it under normal lighting conditions. that wld help everyone. Also, it would be great if you can let us know how lcd model battery compares with pqi under normal conditions.

  213. Very True Joshua.

    But clearly NI is telling us not to expect anything incredible in terms of color on the PQ screen. They are being transparent and I hope everyone that ordered the PQ, including me, understands this.

    If you plan on using this in an office, for multimedia, or something there about…pick LCD.

    If you plan on bring the adam everywhere for everything then PQ is a better choice.

  214. also, i dont think pqi colors would be bad. it shld be decent enough πŸ™‚ atleast i hope so πŸ˜€

  215. Wow, what a Christmas present this was. Thank you Rohan, it just get better by the day. πŸ™‚

  216. Are you able to show the different types of digital keyboards that the adam does. At the moment you have only been showing the standard keyboard. Would be very interesting to see the types.

  217. Merry Christmas to the NI team and family and guest what a Fantastic year awaits. πŸ™‚

  218. Anyone think its possible you can designate all or some if the quick buttons to the left of the screen to do actions of the users choice?

  219. I have a question. Is itpossible to print with the ADAM? Imean wireless,or with USB? Isthesoftware we’ll gt along having that function? … Or is it something we have to find in android itself or in anextra software on the market…. if it would however be available? Ipad can print! How do you folks think we should print? Rohan ,can you help us here?

  220. maybe the mystery feauture is a pico projector, cmon you know the clues fit, also it might be something that interacts with camera, thats why they needed the extra 5 degrees adjustment to the camera, check this:


    he hints at the apple 3d touch tech, if you look at the leaks like:

    “” the cases hint at a gap on ipad for speaker or camera,

    also these hints

    “Something to keep you busy:

    First Description:

    Few came dangerously close,
    to change the fundamentals of light,
    but few realized the power of the same,
    and now it even works at night!

    Second Description:

    I am not a sensor though I can feel
    Though light is my father, I can work in a shield
    I am there since Big Bang, I am still the need
    My re-birth opened a new era, a new playing field!

    Third Description:

    I shortened the distance as nothing else could beat me
    your test my limits, every time you set a form free
    Now I am not alone, but I’m still the alpha to all
    and with a century old, I am the best I could ever be.”

    fits my theory perfectly Link : “”

  221. Merry Christmas to all. NI team has done a great job this year. The ADAM is going to be great. I only wish that I had my ADAM so I could play along with the video.

  222. WOW! cool videos man! Way to GO team NI and Rohan!
    Vacillated during the pre-order, missed the boat and rue it now…
    Oh well, almost worth it to see these videos.
    I want to come and meet you at CES, shake your hand, pat your back and all that, but having a tough time convincing the wife πŸ˜›
    Lets see…

  223. IF you are in a hurry to open your adam when it arrives, read this FIRST.

    Deliveries are going to start in early January. Substantial numbers of the adam will see their way to Europe and North America (presumably the two largest markets right now) smack in the middle of winter. Though this coincides with CES, the commercial distribution of the product at this time faces many risks.

    Read the following post (and associated thread) about a camera delivery made to customer in Illinois around December 22:
    “… Well the camera just arrived. I took it out of the box and the first thing there is a definite scratch on the LED (sic) and the lens fogged up so fast. It is cold out and I was so excited that it got here and wanted to give it a try. I put it in a plastic bag and will leave it there for an hour maybe. I bought it from Walmart and its only online and they are out of stock online. This gets me so mad so fast. ”

    …and here’s one response to the above from Kevin Cardany:
    “That’s a bummer about the LCD. Hopefully Walmart has a good return policy but it will be frustrating to wait for a replacement. Maybe you can just do a return for refund and order from somewhere else?

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the condensation on the outside of the camera. The indoor air will dry it out. There might be some on the inside too so on’t use it until it’s been sitting inside for a while and had time to warm up and dry out. In the future it’s better to keep electronics in the box for a while after bringing them inside from the cold. ”

    Any suggestions, anyone?

  224. Thanks to NI team I discovered the joys of Dewali so in thanks I’m sending my best Christmas wishes to some wonderful people!! All the best and take care of each other as you move towards a fantastic launch and makeing history!!

  225. I Checked Tmobile’s 3g faq and this is what they have mentioned.
    What frequency does your 3G network support?
    Our 3G network supports both the 1700MHz and 2100MHz frequencies.

    so i dont think 850/1900 will work on TMobile. it will work only on att.

    http : // support . t-mobile . com / doc / tm23715 . xml

  226. Well – I’m confused. For some reason, I always thought the Pixel QI was supposed to be like having a full color LCD with an eInk option. I had not realized there was some compromise on the LCD front.

    I feel like I really need to see the options in hand, the pixle qi and the full LCD in order to make the right call.

    I have been totally drawn to the pixel qi because I thought it gave me maximum options. But to be honest – probably 95% of my use, if not more, will be inside, so perhaps I should go for the full LCD and compromise on the 5% I use it outside. I do intend on reading with it a lot, but it will be inside. Sure would save me a few bucks.

  227. even Rohan mentioned on his inteview that the main reason for letting the users select the band is due to ATT/Tmobile compatibility. if you want to use your 3g adam on tmobile, dont go for 850. there is no guarantee that it would work.

  228. Rohan, can you pls clarify if it has EDGE? and what EDGE bands were covered? hope it is quad band. can you pls clarify?

  229. You mention a stylus, what kind of stylus will work with the ADAM, I’m thinking for ntoe taking in class since every student will need it.

  230. Rohan:

    I haven’t looked too hard, but is there any word as to when you’ll start taking names for when you have more units available? I had planned to preorder but my budget was too tight at the time.

    I hope I can get on that list quick so i can have one of these in hand before the end of february.

    Thanks in advance, plz email if you can πŸ™‚

  231. go for 900/2100 model if you want to use adam 3g with TMobile service. but this wont work with ATT. similarly, 850/1900 will work only with ATT and will not work with TMobile.
    selecting 900/2100 will be good as most of the europe and asia use this 3G band.

    there is another thing called 2G/EDGE. if Adam 3G model supports EDGE quad band, you will be able to use adam with any service provider. even though you will not be able to get 3G, atleast you will have internet connection at lower 2G speed. Rohan or NI has not clarified yet about the EDGE band.

  232. Rohan, adam has dedicated physical “back button” at right side. Is there any design explanation/principle why such button is significant that it has to be there?

  233. Merry Christmas everyone…
    Noticed that the “sleep” button was previously the back light on and off switch.

    Why are LEDs which are used to show Hard Drive activity (no hard drive) and battery
    status / on/off indication placed on the side so that you have to tilt the unit to see them?

    “Normal” Android menu shows the battery status making the LED unnecessary. With no moving parts why do we need a led for CPU activity?

    I’d rather have LEDs on the front of the panel so you could see when the battery was low if the display was blanked and as a WiFi present indicator/on-off and Bluetooth on-off. Turning off the Bluetooth and wi-fi saves the battery if you aren’t using anything which requires the BT or wi-fi transmitters.

    As another poster commented Rohan indicated that they would turn off the adam’s display yet during the demo it appears that all they did is turn off the backlight. Shows that the PQ screen works well with just the light used to film the demo. :>

    Also couldn’t help but notice that the right speaker grill was not visible. All I can resolve is a “black hole”. On the left side is the honeycomb grill.

    As to the box/stand and comments about a “kickstand”. It would be nice to have a cover which snaps on the front, and which could be removed, flipped and snapped onto the back which would then act as a “kickstand”. I have a similar cover on my Sharp SL-5500.
    Performs double duty. Protects the screen and acts as a stand.

    Seasons Greetings to everyone else.

  234. Greg, i dont know if it is because of the angle of the adam, the pqi colors look a bit dull indeed. esp, if you pause at 0.43, you will see the road divider is not visible on adam but it is visible on the monitor. also, it is green on adam but lcd monitor shows the color as more yellowish green. also the background ranges are not clearly visible on adam.
    having said that, i wont take a decision based on this video as the angle is not same. it would be great if Rohan can show us a video where both the lcd and pqi models are placed next to each other and playing the same video.

  235. I thought the bottom slot looked like one long narrow slot when I saw it in the video too. But I think it is actually two slots. One for the SIM card and one for the MicroSD card. However, Rohan not showing us the bottom does lead me to believe there is something there related to the mystery feature…

  236. hi rohan why doesnt the screen look bright or rather rich in colours.. is it cos of the video or is it actually lik that..cos the only thing i lik about the i pad is the screen…does adams screen match or exceed that in terms of overall feel of colours contrast and brightness..pls do clear this doubt as its a very imp factor for many ppl and me…

  237. i mean just look at the difference between whites blacks and colours on dell monitor and adam..wat is the reason…pls i hope screen is not so bad… the whites look yellow… can u show us a video of the lcd version of adam. wanna see the difference…and who is manufacturing the lcd for adam…like ipad screen is made by lg and its brilliant…

  238. Greg I went back and looked at the video where it jumps over part of the edge.
    There is a vertical line followed by a dot. I bet that dot is where you put your paper clip in to release a DVD “MYSTERY DEVICE MAYBE????

  239. merry christmas to everybody at NI and fans of NI.

    Rohan is it possible to use adam with 3g as wifi hotspot to connect other devices

  240. obiviously, there has to be a compromise, whenever you want a single screen to do multiple things. this is a lcd screen doctored to provide these nice modes. they have punched holes on the back of the lcd screen to allow reflective/transreflective modes.
    even if you use it inside, you can switch off the backlight and use your natural room light to read in eink mode, silimar to kindle/nook. also, if you dont expect excellent video saturation while watchin HD video on your adam screen, pqi would be great. but if you want very crisp and highly saturated picture or video and you dont mind seeing backlight hurting your eyes while reading, go for lcd. i dont think battery would be a problem for most of us, if for ex., the lcd gives 10 hrs while pqi gives 16 hrs.

  241. You are right. He hasn’t disclosed anything about Eve :). Just kidding. CES could be the one for demo.
    This video has a lot higher quality than earlier ones. Looks like he got his new camera.
    Even if the mistery feature is not so overwhelming I am comfortable with 2USBs and the HDMI.
    That’s a gr8 gift.

    @Rohan, when would the higher internal memory variants get available? Hope there wouldn’t be much price change for extra 16/32GBs

  242. merry christmas to everybody at NI and fans of NI.

    can we use adam with 3g as wifi hotspot to connect other devices

  243. below quote taken from notion addicts website:

    There is no transition time, Pixel Qi is always a normal LCD and the difference between BW/color is the backlight being on or off. The tech behind Qi is remarkable simple, where normal LCD screens have the color filter the pixel qi screen has a mirror coating (to reflect ambient light) in the middle of each pixel there is a hole in the mirror surface, behind the hole they have the color filter and the backlight like a normal LCD.
    The end result is that
    1. With backlight off the ambient light is being reflected by the mirror layer, giving you a BW picture (BW because the reflection layer is positioned before the color filter)
    2. With backlight on the light from the backlight travels thru the color filter, the holes in the mirror and the LCD panel to give you a color image.
    3 In case of strong ambient light while the backlight is on you get a in between result, most of the image will be from the reflected ambient light (BW) with some color added by the backlight.

  244. Not really. I’m expecting it to be what Rohan has said. I haven’t been looking for features not listed. Like IR or active digitizer Asking more out of curiosity.

  245. Thank you “Brillreyn1967”. U are right. I didn’t mean the popularity of Adam. I just noticed and tht to put comment abt it. I myself is silent audience but true admirer of Adam. I can’t be following all the comments so I may have missed FAQ that “fundaazoflife” , I try to follow all news, and link that people post in this forum from time to time

  246. Hey! Wish all of u a memorable day and Merry Christmas to everyone and the NI team. Its been a long time since i posted anything here. Surgery exams could kill ur weeks and u will notice that so much is new with ADAM in such short time. I always hope NI to excel in their efforts with dignity and respect. Best of luck guys πŸ™‚ U ought to change the way we looked at tablets and u have succeeded well.

  247. pardon if this already been answerd.
    Was the adams screen turned to any of the PQi modes while its playing the video?

  248. As a Man, I am *just* comfortable enough with myself that I am okay with holding a big Man-Tablet in my hands…

    (So long as it doesn’t look me in the eye.):)

  249. Merry christmas! Thanks for the videos, it’s great to see the Adam working as I’d (as I’m sure most people here) hoped. I’m off for the next few days so no videos for me 😦 no 3G where I’m going!
    One note again on the HDMI port, for the next iteration of the product, please align the port with the other ports.

  250. yes it was turned on when he pressed the button if you look the screen looks black and white looked totaly cool

  251. guess I’ll say it too Marry Christmas may all of your dreams come true in the coming year

  252. From what we saw in previous photos, there are two small holes on the bottom. One is the microphone and one is for reset (insert paper clip into hole to push recessed button to reset).

  253. Hmmmm….Adam looks more β€œmale”? Well, I guess if you want to stay true with the name, with Adam being male, one would want his device to look masculine as oppose to the Macbook Air or iPad which are visually more feminine. Like perhaps comparing a Ford Mustang to a Mazda Miata? That also means that the target demographics of the Adam is male. I don’t really see it that way because I think the design is gender neutral.

    I also can’t help but notice, the Adam being much smaller than the Dell monitor, has a much thicker bezel than the Dell monitor. In terms of aesthetics, I think it would have been sleeker if the front of the Adam would have been all glass and that when off, you can’t see the transition between the bezel, the border, and the screen itselfβ€”making it look like one piece of glass sheet. Maybe in the Adam 2.

    That being said, and it has been talked before, why does the Adam has a wider bezel than the early renders? Is this a hardware limitation? The Innoversal Lattice, also using the Pixel Qi screen do not have this limitation as you can see from the link below.

  254. I’m so upset. I was out of the country when the chance to order my Adam came up. Missed it. I’ve emailed the company with no response. Any idea when the next round of orders will be up? Don’t want to miss it again.


  255. Thanks a lot for response Fundaaz of Life…

    But has Rohan said that all Adam users will get Honeycomb update. This is also kind of unclear for me. There might be a native VOIP app but what about Skype and Gtalk…

    I am not interested to use any other app but Skype, Gtalk and also a few app’s like What’s App for communication as I do on my android mobile…

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  256. We are riding the same boat. It would be the best news I have received all year if they offer another preorder. But I’m patience, and will buy the PQi variant when available. It might be longer than I expected,So, I’m just soaking as much as I can in these videos, and Rohan presentations.

  257. lohit: “hey ROHAN please show us how good the 3g connection works on adam. Please demo us with BSNL 3G sim. Please do this as most of us in india are waiting for 3g products, and i feel adam will be the best for next one year in this section in India.”

    lohit, 3G in India is not as fast as many other parts of the world. The 3G on Adam is only capable of doing HSDPA, I believe, which will only be able to handle 384 kbps UPLINK. The rest of the world has moved to HSPA (2.0 Mbps UPLINK), and also HSPA+ which is a lot faster for both Uplink and downlink. Verizon in the US, and some parts of Scandinavia have already moved to 4G-LTE (up to 100 Mbps peak speed downlink, and 50 Mbps peak speed uplink) , which is much faster than your wire-line broadband connection

  258. Rohan has said any capacitive stylus. He was asked to recommend one recently, but he declined, however in the past he once suggested the Pogo stylus. I’ve read some reviews that say the spongy tip isn’t so great, but some ppl really liked it, so who knows…

    There are some funky ones that use a metal disc at the end, but they just don’t seem like they would be all that easy/natural to use.

    Boxwave, Targus, Griffin (which all seem to be the same) all get good reviews.

    I believe Greg bought one of them (the Targus??) not too long ago to use on his phone and has good performance with it. I’m sure if you make a post asking, he’d give more info about his experience.

  259. He was using a Pixel Qi version in the vid. Less vivid colors when compared to an LCD is a trade off with the Pixel Qi. However, a poster has said to keep in mind that the monitor in the vid is HD and not good to compare the Pixel Qi to (his comment can be found near the bottom of the 2nd link)


    “” (a very long string about Pixel Qi vs LCD with a post from Rohan starting it off)

    Personally, I was dead set on getting the Pixel Qi version, but after these recent vids I’m really so unsure now. I do hope that Rohan has been reading our comments regarding this issue and we’ll be seeing a vid showing a side-by-side comparison soon.

  260. It is hard to keep track of all the posts. And I’m sure fundaazoflife simply misunderstood your comment. His faq is nice if you get to check it out. Appreciate the effort he put into it.

  261. Try recording your ipad, then play your recording on another screen (like perhaps Dell?). See the difference? The only true way to compare the lcd and PQi variants is to have them both in real time in front of you. Otherwise, it will always be an approximation. Of course, some cameras will render better videos (I hit my head here!) than others.
    The advantage of the PQi is its capacity to change from to the other screen.
    I hope I’m portraying this issue correctly. Anyone wants to give a hand explaining this?

  262. Ok, sentence incomplete:

    “Try recording a movie been played on your ipad with camera, then play your recording on another screen (like perhaps Dell?).”

    A little clearer, I hope.

  263. @jaideep

    Again, are you looking at this videos on your ipad? Wonder why they look the way they look?

    Well, I already made up my mind… πŸ˜‰ I started saving money for both the LCD and the PQi version.

  264. even if there are no 3g service providers with drivers for android(AFAIK) for usb modem, many might flood as tablets.

    Now this asks me go for PQ + wifi and save $50. πŸ˜‰

  265. hey, I’m not big in technology either, but added a lot of knowledge just by reading here. so, trow your questions, and hopefully someone will a (approximate) answer.

  266. Love the fact that there wasn’t any noticeable lag while using HDMI out. The output is just what I expected πŸ™‚ Cheers to NI. and the false digitalizer is definitely an innovative effort on part of NI.

    Merry christmas all! Cheers!

  267. i guess he meant rugged enough and its cool if it’s that way… and as far as looks are concerned, adam looks just fashionable !

  268. hey cathy good to see u here….
    and hope u get to go to CES ….
    Merry Christmas to you too

    @greg, Philip, Tarwinia, Vector and all other friends who celebrate Christmas

    “Merry Christmas” and enjoy your holidays.

  269. Okay, here in Pennsylvania, it’s officially half past midnight, making it Christmas Day. Wishing everyone the peace, love and joy of the holiday season, with special blessings for Rohan and the Notion Ink team πŸ™‚

  270. No. LTE is not yet available and will be available soon. By the way India is going to get LTE based wireless broadband (not voice) by Mukesh Ambani’s wireless group (same who is backing NI I think). Expectation is Q2 2011 is launch date. By the way this is the time when devices will be available very heavily with LTE. So, we are not that behind on LTE.

  271. Side by side comparison would be best! :).. Generally I prefer to watch HD movies on the TV rather than on a small screen. But my normal use would be indoors! LCD or PQ? or both? πŸ˜€

  272. Meaning that most stores are closed for the day.
    Went out early and the essential for the family! And of course, will order Chinese for dinner!

  273. +1 Pixel qi is innovative and sure to be a success, however I won’t be using Adam in the sun. Kindle is my preferred ereader, 3rd generation is much smaller, lighter and easier to hold over a long reading session. I’m not going to take a chance on having contrast and saturation issues and pay more money for a feature I would rarely or if ever use. Some are saying color density is lacking as well on the pixel qi. I ordered the LCD and am glad of it.

  274. Hmmm..had plenty of discussion on this (I’m Educationist ) but still love the way you said it …I just wanted to say this much not want such discussion to fill up this blog..This place is RESERVED for ADAM only…
    @bedta: Whatever religion you follow ,it does not say that we can’ celebrated others festivals.:) you should see October-November month posts were we ALL together celebrated DIWALI(festival of lights) here. This blog is like a small world without any boundary drawn by any lets celebrate x’mas and hope may day WHOLE world became boundary free …

  275. oops typo error
    @bedta: Whatever religion you follow ,it does not say that we can’t celebrated others festivals.:)

  276. Just ignore first two post
    Hmmm..had plenty of discussion on this (I’m an Educationist ) but still love the way you said it …I just wanted to say this much not want such discussion to fill up this blog..This place is RESERVED for ADAM only…

    @bedta: Whatever religion you follow ,it does not say that we can’t celebrate others festivals.
    πŸ™‚ you should see October-November month posts on this blog , were we ALL together celebrated DIWALI(festival of lights) here. This blog is like a small world without any boundary drawn by any lets celebrate x’mas and hope may day WHOLE world became boundary free …

  277. Rohan did say in a previous post that the mystery feature could be something that could be turned on at any time in future updates. Who knows what gems Adam might ship with?!

  278. I think Today’s post gonna be great (best of all)..why???? coz It’s a combo of “Christmas Special + Weekend Special + Daily Video” πŸ˜‰

  279. “Male” Come on dude. I have defended you on many occasions, but you really need to not bring gender into this ! I highly recommend editing your post and removing that.

  280. Yeah…lots of sensible people has pre booked LCD. You still get the ULTIMATE tablet,that too at lower rates, without compromising on visual element. Those who want to use it outdoors, well OK wait for few more months and go for PQ πŸ™‚

  281. Hey Rohan
    just Small addition to what Great GREG πŸ˜€ said above
    As I want to use my Adam for lot of reading (apart from playing games and watching videos) that too Indoor(mostly in living room/flights and others less bright area) so could you PLEASE post indoor image/video of LCD vs Pixel Qi in EBOOK mode πŸ™‚

    I think one POST that We all want is the one showing “difference/comparison between LCD and Pixel Qi ”
    Hope you are listening …

  282. See the Pixel Qi blog, they are partnering with CPT:


  283. People need to really start using the correct terminology. That’s not memory you are talking about, it’s storage, Solid state flash storage space. I’m not being rude here, it’s just technically wrong to call it memory as it confuses it with RAM, which would impact the speed of the device. Storage whether 16gb or 64gb wouldn’t affect the speed of the device.

  284. @Scott – I think that is totally fine….one often talks of design by way of masculinity or feminineness with regard to visual appeal.

    Hummer looks a certain way and is desired because of that – and so does a Ferrari. It depends upon the kind of appeal the maker wants to portray. Everything should not be hastily simplified and bucketed into gender bias blah blah….. blasphemy!!


  285. DSell monitors are not supposed to be carried around…and hence not meant to deal with regular shocks – they just sit on the table. Also – even though the bezel is slightly thinner – the surface area of the bezel is >> than adam’s – having said that I’m sure better adhesives in future will in future reduce bezel width.

  286. What a wonderful Christmas Present! Do have a good night everyone!
    Also, i am glad to see that the comments are open for all of us to comment. Though, it is perfectly understandable: a lot of people were being quite annoying, and difficult to manage a civil discussion about the Adam.


  287. @Sowmya,

    Hi; good to hear from you my friend. Quiet day tomorrow; dinner with 8 family members. Merry Christmas to you too; hope you have a good holiday; any news on grad school?

  288. @everyone and specially Indians

    very exciting times. look up “”. 330 mb/s downlink!!!!

    imagine adam in that kind of network. 8+ GB is going to become so 2010. Rendering farm here I come.

    Developers: can anyone develop a program to harness the computing power of adams in wimax2 network? I am so ready for cloud services and a low grade of supercomputing!!!

  289. Reliance Infotel LTE pilot project in Navi Mumbai : 80 mb/s downlink!!!

    People connect this with those “rumour” of Reliance being NI investor (?one of)

  290. @tanith

    I thought Diwali was the season of giving in India, but I guess Santa Claus is now coming everywhere with his sleigh and reindeer.

    and you are right, I am also always delighted as a child in front of the Christmas tree when there is a new video from Rohan. I just wish him a good Christmas as well, with a couple of hours to spend with friends and family rather then for us addicts.

  291. Is it possible to have only a specific panel sent to the HDMI port? I want to use adam for powerpoint presentations and doing notes at the same time. Would be great if only the presentation pannel would be visible on the external connected beamer/screen.

  292. @Biswajit Saha

    We can even up the ante: if you can do what billreyn1967 suggests then you can watch a video on the big screen and be on the internet with your Adam. (or show a presentation to the public and have your supporting info on your Adam).

    But i doubt if Android is already that far. What comes after Gingerbread?

  293. I have a question about the audio jack.

    Does it include an input? Like a 3 band jack for a stereo headset and mic all-in-one jack that is common on smartphones these days?

    I haven’t noticed any mention of a line or mic input and I’m curious if Adam has one.

  294. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. πŸ™‚

    Keep up the good work Rohan. Counting down the days until CES and the preorder shipments. πŸ˜‰

  295. Hey ! Merry Christmas to all! The video is a top notch one! Seems like the launch videos will be of real good quality… But as time is passing by, I am more inclined towards a LCD screen. The washed out colors of Pixel qi ( in their own YouTube videos) is kind of putting me off. The question is how long will one use this tablet outside! I am from London.. n wen the Sun does shine here I won’t be watching a tablet!;) require it majorly in tubes or flight and alternative to my heavy laptop I lugg around to college!
    But the million$ question is the why is LCD out of stock, Rohan did mention that they have an abundant supply of LCD screens! Also guys can the backlight of LCD version be switched off? Silly question, I know!

  296. Why would you want that? The Adam has a 10″ screen, which is good for a tablet but not for a public display like a tv or something

    besides, I know there are no laptops with this functionality, so why do you expect it to be different with Adam?

  297. 1

    Recording displays with a non-professional camera isn’t a reliable comparison. I know this because I have seen differences between displays in my recordings before, just because my cheaper camera has a smaller cmos chip. Best to judge in real life at ces πŸ™‚

  298. Great post.

    But I have to go off Adam-topic a short while:

    But please don’t refer to things as male/female/girly or any other gender predjuice. I can think for myself thanks. We don’t have to lock people in boxes because of gender.

    Male? What is that anyways?

    We have moved on from those days when you had to be/do/look a certain way because of your gender. Or well, at least many have and more will follow.

    I know you didn’t mean any harm Rohan. It’s just a question of awareness and I am trying to make you aware.


  299. Thanks a ton Rama. Always had this feeling that PQ is better! Makes sense to think of LCD especially for image editing.

  300. hello everyboddy and Merry Christmas, may i ask somethign very important to me and i guess to all of you!!!
    Adam will be shiped from China, does anyboddy knows about the taxis and duties we have to pay to get it?
    aproxximately (depending from country to country ) 20 % taxis plus 10-20 % duties may apply to adam before you can hold it!!

    any comment in that ? any solution?

  301. It is disappointing that people react to this according to programmed views. You do not have any original opinion on this other than the politically correct language deemed *proper* in your society.

    Male? What is that anyway? – Really! You really do not think there is any difference between men and women?

    Rohan wanted to convey something positive about this device, and the PC guys just come out of the woodwork and trash it all around labeling it sexist. Take your minds out of the gutter first.

  302. Hi there,

    I would love to use Adam among others also for some more serious stuff related to photography such as showing selected previews to my clients on location etc. There is one thing that would be really great and that is if there was a way to color calibrate the tablet ( I mean with a HW calibrator like i1 Display 2 form X-Rite.) Are there any plans for that?

  303. Damn good my 1st attempt to preorder failed otherwise i would have pre ordered the pixelqi version.

    Honestly did not really know what pixel qi gives other than u can read in sunlight.

    But I definetely know want a LCD 3g version when the bookings start again.

    Only question is how do the LCD battery life compare with other tablets outside

  304. Love the video’s so far! Eager for the next one & hope to get into the next pre-order for the PQ 3G version.
    Merry Xmas!

  305. Rotating Video Camera embodiment already Patented by Apple! how did NI manage that..? “”
    A camera on a “moveable or rotatable element” was first revealed by Apple and presented in Patently Apple’s January report.
    Guess!..tat now sounds quite logical why NI has patented all their ideas within Indian Patent Laws & not in the US. Thus, they sell from India & Ship straight from China!
    To fend the Lawsuits!..if i think tat’s right.

  306. It’s a bit pity that back button isn’t IR transciever.Now I am looking for that mystery feature, hope it will be worth missing IR.
    but still I would like to buy Adam beyond other else features.

  307. Yeah, whatever happened to old “done with adam” and “off to buy ipad” Secular One? He morphed into “gee whiz, adam is the Jesus Tablet” Sovereign John didn’t he!

    Shares in Notion Ink are something I would consider, were it possible. On the other hand, the idea of a publicly traded N.I. being possibly subject to “hostile takeovers” and whining shareholders like this guy is just too terrible to contemplate. Next thing you know Rohan would be replaced with a “more experienced” CEO as soon as the company shows anything less than exponential growth. *shudders*

    Happy Festivus from the rest of us! Next year is so exciting…

  308. hey guys see this
    interesting review of adam..”″

    somebody mail this to “engadget” πŸ™‚

  309. Well, N-Trig stylus seems to be preferred of late on many capacitive screens like HP slate, Fujitsu T580 etc..
    While inking on capacitive cannot be great, a decent job is expected. Apps on adam, i doubt is customized with this in mind (for hand writing recognition etc ), although iam one who strongly look for it to take notes, annote pdfs.

    And to say of pdf/book reading features/apps on adam, less is heard as of now. so can’t declare it to be a good e-reader alternative.

    All my previous 5 posts on this topic, were ignored/rejected and doesn’t even find its place in this thread.

  310. “Distinct smell of curry” … damm can they ever give up being racist? Its really not cool guys..

    BTW Merry Xmas for all at at NI and all NI fans accross the world…

  311. It is true that Pixel Qi impacts the brightness of the LCE screen? Could someone confirm that?

  312. I guess, bonus mystery feature related to the hidden sensor Rohan mentioned.

    β€œFor any sneaky fellows looking through the code, heres a tidbit for you, theres a very awesome hidden sensor we’re gonna be revealing soon.”

    that other dot may be for ejecting sim.

  313. I agree with Inquisitive, i dont think he meant to whom Adam is designed but only the line/curves, and of course it is obvious that Adam lines are not so female as Apple products for instance. But that does not mean that there are no guys using Apple products, hence it does not mean either that there wont be girls using Adam, it just depends on your taste, if Adam’s curves appeals to you, then just go for it πŸ˜‰ But we all know that many are the people that go for Apple due to the outline shape/beauty of their products.

  314. Anybody know if a USB memory card reader would work in this, or would you need special drivers? I want to be able to use Compact Flash memory from my DSLR to view and store pictures, and that’s generally the only type memory they use.

    Happy Holidays to all.

  315. Will there be a new preorder for the “family”?
    There are still many that didn’t get a preorder-mail because of system failures.
    I’m still very disappointed about that – because I virtually no chance to order a pixel Qi version.

    Merry Christmas everybody.

  316. PQ colors are not bad, just not as good.

    This looks good to me:


  317. I have not heard an answer to that but I’ve wondered the same. If it doesn’t support line in mode, an external USB device should work for that. You can get USB sound cards that are about the size of a USB drive for around 20 bucks.

  318. May be I am technologically challenged but,
    1.) How, what was shown in the above video is different from connecting your laptop or desktop to a monitor using HDMI port?
    2.) In the second half, how using Adam as digitizer was different from using an optical mouse?
    Nothing against ADAM but just curious.

  319. exactly Jared!
    Thanks for the link!

    These concerns are founded in lack of not having PQ in action!
    In fact PQ feels more easy on the eye than LCD.

    Besides, the entire reason why I would buy a tablet is its portability.
    For indoor use, I have my 21″ LCD connected to my PC, or my 17″ Laptop to watch movies and such. Also, if I am indoors, I would rather watch my movies on my TV!!

  320. I think you did not understand the satire. It means pun intended. Please read that blog again from the top. You will get the humor and hard hitting against engadget.

  321. It was just a joke and treat it as a joke….It was written just to praise NI indirectly..I don’t think it is racist (I am an proud Indian).

  322. Merry Christmas to you all my friends …

    Have tons fun with friends and family

    waiting for my santa news πŸ™‚ new post πŸ™‚

  323. no i am lookin at them on my lg monitor… just wanna knw will lcd version be better in terms of colors than qi…guess u hav made the right decision to buy both…he he he

  324. Being able to stream video content from external devices like video game consoles to adam and then capture the video with it would be very useful, I imagine.

  325. Rohan

    We are hungry..where is our today’s food? πŸ˜€

    Wishing all NI followers Merry Xmas. May god bless all of you with a brand new Adam within 2 days πŸ™‚

  326. Thanks for the link, jared.
    It eased my mind a bit.
    Still hope Rahan will offer a video of LCD an PQ running side by side.

  327. “But the million$ question is the why is LCD out of stock, Rohan did mention that they have an abundant supply of LCD screens! Also guys can the backlight of LCD version be switched off? Silly question, I know!”

    The LCD is not the constraint Notion ink only has so much capacity they have set up for. He mentioned a while ago. If you want production in march you have to pay for it in December They talked about being able to produce 100000 units a month. Which is likely what their investors have committed to fund, so there balance is the mix between LCD and pixel qi. To be able to ramp up production they have to have investors commit more, at some point they will be able to use proceeds of sales to find future production but that will take awhile

  328. Come on Rohan!!! Open the gates for others to place a pre-order – please please please!!!!

    I want one!!!!

  329. 1. it’s not different? – It’s a tablet. How many other tablets can do that?
    2. It’s in the ability to use your tablet as a digitizer. Think about it…

  330. 1) There is no difference. There is a difference between it and something like th Ipad. It also shows that you don’t need your laptop for it. The Ipad can’t replace your laptop. NI is showing that adam can replace many of those things.

    2) It looks like using it as a touchpad is easier than using a mouse. Since it connects via wifi you also have greater range. It also shows that you can use adam to replace yet another one of your devices.

  331. Answers for many countries here: “”

  332. That sounds quite interesting. I would also like to see a 7″ version of the Adam, since that is the most convenient size for a device to carry around all day for me. Also the 1024×600 resolution for the 10″ Adam was quite a disappointment to me, since that’s about the same dot density as a 800×480 7″ LCD device I have, which is not very eye-friendly at all for ebook reading, but I’m not sure how the triple resolution for the reflective Pixel Qi will affect this, and how well it will do in transflective mode.

  333. valid point! but if the investors are giving such low margin to notion ink to work on…then I am really worried about future availability! I am sure only 60-70% of pre order money (in December) can be utilised to fund future orders in March! that means 60-70% of the first lot of production ..add another 20-30% (favourable credit terms from manufacturers after launch) ..that still comes close to an amount equal to pre-order numbers!!!!
    I think they would be actively looking for more investors (more capital injections) in and after CES 2011. the other solution would be keep the pre order tab open …so that the capital keeps coming in to fund the inventory rolling in! this one month gap before CES2011 may prove costly for the company to meet order demand! (u never know the company might just be sitting on a big inventory to release after CES2011)

  334. Just great hardware in my opinion…

    one more thing on display: Would you show as a video the viewing angle of qi and lcd. Thanks a lot.

    Oh and is it possible to use the hdmi to have a second desktop instead of clone?

    And merry xmas of course.

  335. Really? LTE, which is a fork-lift-upgrade technology, from ground up, would require a a new spectrum (can not really share it with 3G). When was this spectrum auctioned, to deploy 4G-LTE in India? I would have thought that it is too early to deploy LTE in India – at least from a commercial point of view it does not make much sense to deploy it in the near future. India could easily upgrade/evolve its GSM-based networks to squeeze a lot more out of it, using HSPA+, which goes up to 42 Mbps. But then again, I don’t live in India, so I don’t know why they would choose to migrate so quickly to LTE.

  336. When we saw the first Adams produced in China, my heart sank a bit: what I loved with the first renditions (the beautiful “sandwich”, 3 layers of the sides) had disappeared, it was now looking all flat and cheap. With that video I can see it is all back, even better: not only is the intermediate layer ever so slightly recessed, but each plug is nicely encased. Thank you so much for this as well as everything else!

  337. One has to take into consideration that the Adam PQ version has an ambient light sensor and the display in the videos is almost certainly “dimmed” due to the ambient light used to shot the videos.

  338. I’m not sure what he means by male too. But as an engineer maybe what he mean was male connectors. As in this device behaves more like the primary that inputs it’s signals to other devices such as Tvs, and other USB devices as opposed to ipads and iPhones, which behave like slaves, requiring another computers to behave as primary ( male). What do you guys think?

  339. I bought the Targus brand capacitive stylus. My boys tried it out on their iPod Touch 4G’s and it worked very well. My older son did some very detailed drawings with it. Based on that and the positive reviews, we bought two more so they could have their own. I expect it will work even better on the Adam (since the iPod touch screen is so small). I will post video reviews of the Targus capacitive stylus once I have my Adam…

  340. Take it easy. Like I said, I dont think Rohan meant any harm.

    And, yes really. What is male to me is probably not was is male to you. Therefore it is a pretty bad way to describe things.

    Actually, the programmed view is the one where I am presumed to have a certain taste, behave a certain way, do certain things, don’t do certain things because of my gender. What that really means, if you think about it, is to not let people realize their potential – whatever it may be (and also, basically it has left women discriminated and at the mercy of a male society but lets not go there now..:-)

    And yes I do not think that the difference/similiarities between male/female is or should be that dominant. I believe the difference/similiarties is between individuals and not male/females. There are girls that I have a lot, lot more in common with than many guys and vice versa.

    Well. I could go on about this but maybe this is not the forum. On to the tablet-stuff.

  341. -We can even up the ante: if you can do what billreyn1967 suggests then you can watch a video on the big screen and be on the internet with your Adam. (or show a presentation to the public and have your supporting info on your Adam).

    — maybe with wireless PQi module (mentioned at “”) this might be possible!

  342. goto the sony playstation website “” & you’ll see there under psp accessories a rotating camera that can be fitted on top of your psp!

    – maybe the apple guys have copied the sony’s rotating camera! I wonder whether sony has filed any suits on apple regarding that!

    lolz πŸ˜‰

  343. There was quite a bit of noticeable lag. I hope this is fixed, otherwise gaming using USB controllers and HDMI out is out of the question for music and dancing games. I was hoping to take StepMania on the go.

  344. LTE in india will not be available for handsets for some years. it will be available for wireless broadband only. VoIP in india is very complicated :). by the way india had EV-DO based wireless broadband from 2009 itself (this is considered 3G in CDMA world). So, LTE for India is not a sudden step up. Also, Wimax based wireless broadband is available in metros from 2009. EVDO was never publisized as 3G here but we know we get 3.1 Mbps peak (Tata Photon Plus, Reliance net connect, MTS Mblaze). In India no one cares about name of the technology until they get what is told they get ;). For Adam we need broadband only so this is a very good option. Now for the juicy rumor: “”

  345. Rohan,
    while talking about hardware, can you provide more specifics on the 3G bands used? Just saying 3G HSPA in the tech specs doesn’t tell us if it will work with our carrier of choice (e.g. 850MHz for Telstra in Australia).

  346. 3G in India is HSPA+ which is upto 21.1 Mbps (Vodafone and Tata docomo already launched it and Airtel about to launch by end of this year). Pricing is very affordable. 2GB limit costs $40 with 5000 mins of voice.

  347. I know that I was one of those who asked about the ability to view the full OS experience via HDMI. Looks great! Even better than I expected. Can’t wait for CES when we will have a view of both types of screens and perhaps a sample of how the on-board, stereo speakers sound.

    I hope you guys are taking the DLNA client application suggestion seriously. It would make a huge difference to people to be able to stream content directly to the Adam (with a nice 10 inch interface) from an existing media server on the network rather than have to store content on the Adam’s local storage… Keep up the good work!

  348. I’ll add to this that it would be great for someone to come out with a better media player–something like XBMC or Plex–for Android as well as making a DLNA client. With a powerful Tegra 2 based device like the Adam, it could be the ultimate, low-powered, cloud based device. We could save our local storage for what counts; apps, critical off-line storage and caching (rather than media content) and pull the majority of our content from local networks or the cloud for consumption and manipulation.

  349. I have digitzed content that I always carry with me including BD. Do you think Adam will play 1080P and what are it’s capabilities of using as Media player?

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