Introducing Eden – IV

Hello All,

Today we will show Canvas. It’s a drawing plus image editing software (we only show drawing here) and comes with most of the default features which you expect. Few Canvas features like layers and brush types makes drawing real fun on Adam. Instead of words following the video this time, it’s just one of our designers taking few minutes off and drawing a very raw draft of what you can doΒ (drawing one of my fav cartoon character, WALL.E). Look at the art below followed by the video itself (played very fast)!

From what it looks it’s pretty basic and is the alpha version of what we want to do. Canvas is one application where we will be extremely focused and will make it next to the best drawing plus editing applications around and a real fun one on Adam (we believe tablets will be used a lot for story-boarding).

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

578 thoughts on “Introducing Eden – IV

  1. Yeehaw… I guess, downloading notify-mails every 3 minutes ain’t fast enough to be 1st here…

  2. Ok… With these new videos you offer every day, I am falling in love with Adam… for the second time !
    Thanks, and congrats Rohan πŸ™‚
    Merry christmas to everybody who’s a Xmas fellower πŸ™‚

  3. MUCH better than MS Paint. πŸ˜‰
    I’m much more interested in the photo side (being a photographer).

    Will it be an image editor like Photoshop? Or an image organizer + editor, like iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom, Etc.?

  4. I admire the artistic talent. I cant draw nearly that good. And with a finger no less. Canvas looks like it is going to be a great app and Adam is obviously up to the task!

  5. Actually this is quite impressing…

    Did you notice what he’s doing with the font sizing? Impressing…

    And it supports several layers and obviously some sensible brush action, blur and stuff…


  6. Very nice! Of course given my drawing abilities, I doubt I’l be able to draw like that…

  7. Wow..Amazingly cool aap. Yet again, Adam proves in that longer run it’s the software which will continue to set it apart from any other Android competition.

  8. Having been a graphic artist in a past life this looks fantastic. I gather you can zoom in and out. looking really great, keep it coming. πŸ™‚

  9. and waht is that around 2:26 ? Drawing boxes?

    And imagine all that with a proper stylus..

  10. yappi really one of the 1st.. cant believe πŸ˜›
    (sry for double comment… didnt notice)..

    btw, nice FINGER-Painting. πŸ™‚
    the video is really very fast (was it 4X or more…)… can anybody tell.. how much time does it take in real to draw such a thing in it..(m NOT a painter.. just curious)..

    and does such heavy painting affect the life of the screen ?

  11. @Rohan and NI

    Once again a top notch app. Can we use it in Portrait mode to draw Portraits of persons? I think I raised this question several times already, what applications would be able to use adam in Portrait mode. Is it just the e-book reader or anything else?

  12. The sharp lines weaken the image a bit, I think, but the fact that he did it in minutes with a FINGER is incredibly impressive. In the future I’ll probably want to see what folks can do with a good capacitive stylus.

    That said, a few questions:
    1. Does it support smudging, or were those just “soft” brushes?
    2. I think you already confirmed it, but are their layers? What’s the layer max?
    3. How “responsive” is it? I’m guess, given the art focus and the immediate quality here, that you’ve tried “Sketchbook Pro” on the iPad, and I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s an annoying delay whenever you try to draw in fast motions.
    4. Somewhat related to #3, is the app GPU-accelerated?
    5. Will there be “faux pressure sensitivity”, where the app can adjust brush size or (preferably) opacity via the “size” of the input (like when you press your finger down and it flattens out?)

    Anyhoo, the app looks cool. I’m really looking forward to where it’s going, especially if it’s going to be a “built-in” app.

  13. I haven’t read all the comments, I’m sure there will be a few people complaining about the speed of the vid.
    Get a life, give the cvrew a break and I bet you don’t want to watch a guy drawing Wall-E in 15 minutes or do you?

    Good job to the artist.
    The movies everyday is like an adventcalendar only less religious.
    Man, I cannot till I get to order adam.

    I was in this store today (got home early for the holidays wooohooooo) and I played with this tablet. Damn that thing was slllooowwwwww. I surfed on the web a bit and that was also sllloooowwww. There was a Tegra 2 A9 on board.
    But like it was mentioned before here in this blog, chopped-down stock Android is not good enough.<<<<===== double thumbs up for Eden.

    Greetz and World Peace 2011


  14. Guys a big article about Notion ink in todays newspaper Times of India bangalore edition ……..Gr8 Stuff written about Notion Ink.

  15. Hi Rohan,
    I’d like to know if Canvas could be used for photo editing like setting tint and temperature, contrast, saturation, chroma aberration, etc… (Like Adobe Lightroom or RawTherapee for instance)
    I would also know if it is able to manage RAW files taken from the camera.

    Thank you

  16. Awww.

    I had my heart set on seeing the word and pdf video today, but this is very cool. Absolutely LOVE the “opacity” button in the bottom menu!

    Would be cool to have a gallery posted online in the future for user submitted paintings!

    This is going to be fantastic for kids. I know my younger sister will want to draw every single pokemon she knows about on this now – and best of all, it’s fingerprint resistant!


  17. you need to throw a hanky to reserve, I thought, no? that used to some thrill to hop on the bus from all possible sides… if I remember correctly I was once pushed thru the window to be the ‘placeholder’ πŸ™‚

  18. really cool…… By the way does Adam support “CISCO VPN” As it’s very important for my work Mail….

    Please…Please…Please…..Please ans me, as it’s very important for me to buy Adam.

  19. i presume it will work even better with a capacitive stylus, like one of these for example

  20. Ok, cool! Especially if you can hook it up with HDMI and give presentations (powerpoint, google) and use this to sketch situations on the fly! Nice work!

  21. I want to see caricatures of the NI team, ofcourse assuming they are ok with that and approves publishing here.

  22. Hi all and rohan,
    nice……really nice………may be we all can put each days video in our face book……so all our friends will come to know…so more publicity

  23. That was fun. My 4 year old will love it. I can’t draw at all.

    Love picking up my cell first thing in the morning (ny) and having a video waiting for me.


  24. Love it and am glad that my wife didn’t talk me out of pre-ordering this awesome machine!

  25. Wow, again…
    Soooo cool!
    Bob Ross would have loved it as well, I guess. He would have painted slower though ;0(

    Keep them coming, Rohan + Team.
    Will you give us vids in the X-mas weekend as well?
    Will there be an additional written blog on saturday?

  26. +1. Amazing drawing. Whoever it was from NI, I salute you. I am sure I am going to enjoy sketching and painting on Adam. I can already imaging myself doodling during boring meetings (if I am allowed to take Adam to my workplace that is) πŸ˜‰

  27. @ Rohan and team. Canvas is amazing. Kudos to the designers and developers of this amazing app. I am sure this app is going to be pretty handy for brainstorming and for rough sketches of different ideas. Thanks for an early video too.

  28. Hi
    i did read a comment in some site saying that Adam is relatively sluggish given the fact that it runs on a tegra 2. Did anyone actually notice that , i didnt except maybe once in the first video.

  29. I’m impressed by this video. Glad I ordered mine instead of waiting for the pixel qi. Although I might regret it later. Waiting could mean option for more memory but I think I rather have it fast. I can just put in my micro sd or hook up my small sized 320gb passport πŸ™‚

  30. I am coming back after a long time..didn’t want to get into this mess while people were just being mean..

    Great videos!

    NI need to give only the framework and some demos and then, with their SDK, a lot of questions/desires of the people will be answered many developers in due time. That is the beauty of using Android in Adam. Great job NI!

  31. “we believe tablets will be used a lot for story-boarding” I agree.
    If you have another application to take handwritten notes then adam will be a very useful tool for quick scripts with story boards. And also for writers who prefer writing by hand instead of a keyboard.

  32. This is not my first priority cause I suck at drawing but I have to admit, after watching this vid, I wish I could draw πŸ™‚

  33. Cool video! I’m definitely going to use that app.

    Anyone noticed, that all models of Adam are “Sold Out!” already, for the time being? ^^
    I am really happy that NI has such great success! =)

    Now it is time to create more models, especially the pixelQi ones, right?
    For me to be able to buy one, too! πŸ˜€

  34. Good One- local buses, suburban trains – seen a good amount of crazy stuff – hankies, bags, fruit baskets, and kids too – like u said :D. Actually commented on Greg’s placeholder asking if it is ok. But then had to get a backup placeholder. BTW, what I wanted to point out was pointed out by some of our pals here before me – so this reservation was a waste…

  35. Super cool!!
    You guys are artistes and techies rolled into one!
    Well done team NI.
    Kudos to the artist again!

  36. Again late :(. But black swan was worth the wait :). Place holder to post comments.

  37. Because Canvas supports layers I’m thinking/guessing/hoping I can take a picture with the Adam, open it in Canvas, do sketch-up work in a different layer then merge and save the composite image. For me that would be wonderful.

    I do pro-sumer (more than an amateur, but not a pro) video editing. The ability to photograph a scene location and quickly sketch in story board actors, actions, cameras and lighting would be amazing.

    Rohan remarks that “it’s pretty basic and is the alpha version” leaves me overwhelmed wondering what the final release will do. (Note to self: Patience my man, patience.)

  38. I think that’s a question for Cisco if they intend to build a VPN app for Android. It seems like they’re already on it.

  39. Btw video was kewl. And hats off to the guy who was drawing. Can we know his name to thank him πŸ™‚

  40. Wow, great demo!

    You are right. Story-boarding would definitely be one of the popular use-cases for any handheld tablet.


  41. wowww…
    I just luv doodling a lot, and digital art.
    may b if the capabilities of adam are arranged as panels it would just vanish. πŸ˜‰

  42. Rohan, please open the pre-order for pqi soon πŸ™‚ or atleast open a waiting list of ppl interested in adam, there by we can avoid the problem we had last time. no one need to rush in to submit the actual order, as we will have reservation. cant wait anymore…. i have visa, amex and mastercard and so it shld not be a problem :-D. one way to avoid credit card company declining the transaction is to call the fraud check dept and tell them that you are making that transaction. Rohan, please inform us when the pre-order starts next and we will be all ready this time πŸ™‚

  43. OK – what’s everyone’s take (best guess) on when orders will open up again? Right around CES? Or weeks after?

    Its probably too much to hope for that Rohan can tell us this – so I am left with taking everyone’s guess to give me hope.

  44. The Sketch app is cool. Good to know that layers and brush type availability, which should take it closer to mypaint for comparisons?!

  45. also, if you can let us know what name will appear on the transaction, we can tell the fraud check dept not to block that transaction. this will avoid all the hassles we had last time.

  46. Yes! Please – can I get on a wait list for the Pixel QI (non 3G) version? Please?!?!?!

  47. My guess.. immediately after CES..

    Its more of a wish. Cant wait for the pre-order to start again. I did not get the ‘family’ preorder mail and missed out the open pre-order wave due to credit card issue

  48. i think it will open just on or after CES. by then mastercard will also be ready. and this will give enough time for NI to sort all the issues out.

  49. here you ho

  50. Capacitive + digitizer would not be possible for any android tablet until 2nd half of next year. You will have to wait for Adam 2. Capacitive Styli work quite well though!

  51. Looks like you just need some spaces. Here – have some of mine that you can copy/paste from to hold you over until you get it fixed:
    ” ”

    Let me know if you need more…

  52. @atul .. m not a tech like u ppl.. (so dono what u r talking abt :P)
    i just want to know that does ADAM support Ad-hoc ?
    coz my samsung galaxy 3 (android 2.1) does not support it. (or if it does .. pls tell me how)
    I guess it’s one of the most imp feature, many of us (at least I) will need it.

  53. very cool but how long did it really take to do. Looked like it was in fast forward. that’s ok I know your trying to keep the video short just wondering about it

  54. Just Beautiful…. now this is can work wonders with white board session on a webex..Now i am really looking to get this hands on..

  55. Awesome!

    There is no better demonstration for a drawing application than to let an artist express himself. There are many details left (and half the app’s functionality), but that’s it less important for an application type that everybody encountered in their computing experience.

    That’s also the first time someone else (though unnamed) than Rohan shows us something.

    Keep up with this a “video a day” rally, it’s addictive, informative and reassuring. I’m dreaming about Eden.

  56. Eagerly waiting for my Adam in KL… πŸ™‚

    Rohan, sometimes ago, you mentioned about the capacitive stylus that is compatible with Adam… I’d like to buy it early so that it will ready for prime time (showing it to my students)… So, please tell me the URL…


  57. I guessed before that the next time Adam goes on sale it will be in stores. my thought is if you were going to do more online sales why would you need to sellout. just keep pushing the date back. plus Rohan already said that they have retail partners and will be coming to stores soon

  58. Very nice app, that alone should begin to draw MAC users away from Apple products and toward Notion Ink…note, I said begin. Apple is an industry standard for artists (be it music, fine arts , graphics, video editing, etc.). Notion Ink hints at targetting that venue…I’ll say it again…good start, but many more versatile apps will need to be developed , if they havent already. Rohan you will need a stellar professional advertising plan that extends way beyond this grass roots approach! You have indeed hinted at it, but its one thing to hint at it, and another altogethyer to pull it off. Apple did it with those Apple vs. PC commercials on American television that pitted two actors against each other, one playing the role of a Windows PC ( a fat funny looking guy) and the other a trouble-free Macbook product ( slim, artistic looking well known American Actor)…very entertaining and got their message out.

  59. my comment went down, so reposting the same ques.

    i just want to know that does ADAM support Ad-hoc ?

    coz my samsung galaxy 3 (android 2.1) does not support it. (or if it does .. pls tell me how….I dont have Wifi-router, I hv win 7.. bt my wifi card does not support connectify, therefore no other virtual router )

    I guess it’s one of the most imp feature, many of us (at least I) will need it.

  60. Ahmad, Rohan stated just two days ago, that ANY capacitive stylus will work with Adam, in fact, he stated he didnt want to name a specific brand.

  61. Great app.
    Hold it .
    Here it comes.

    Active Digitizer.

    I would love to use a tablet for storyboarding/sketching/illustrating. But for a proffessional (eg myself) to use this with fingers won’t cut it. This is a fun killingtime/playing around app but not nearly as productive as it would be with an active digitizer.

    So guys. Rohan. Please. Mystery feature = digitizer. Or at least integrate real penbased input in Adam2/Eve.

    Otherwise – great work. Keep it up.

    And Merry X-mas everybody! (here in Sweden its about -20 degrees and snow now. I am freezing my butt off but it sets the right christmas mood I think)

  62. Wow I can keep my grandchildren busy with this for hours!! What I’d like to see is a demo of the adam in full sunlite with the back light off used as an ereader. It’s the convergence of the computer and ereader that is most exciting to me. Please….

  63. @medico atul

    you can always google what you dont know! Its better to build up upon basic knowledge than declaring ignorance πŸ™‚ the info is at your finger’s tip πŸ˜‰

  64. AWESOME. I think the videos have been a really really good idea. I’ve wanted one for a while, but it was hard to commit dollars to pre-ordering without seeing it in action. Now I’m a true believer. Keep them coming, can’t wait for CES

  65. Odds are he may be charging through the same company the first round of pre-orders went through which is CCAvenue, (according to Rohan, a well known Indian Bank.)

    I needed to contact my bank to tell them to allow charges from the company as well. The number to call is typically on the bank of your credit / debit card.

  66. cool pic!
    nice to ploy to target film makers with this storyboard friendly canvas. (a simple video editor wud be a blessing for the community as well) also wud be an advantage if we can paste pics on the canvas n then paint on it.(like art studio app) does eden have a good photoeditor as well?? wat bout note taking app?? I did hear Rohan speak(cnn-ibn interview) about positioning this tablet among students ..wer a student can take notes and video record the lecture as well..

  67. Another move in the right direction.

    I submitted a 3rd e-mail asking about the Micro SDHC specification and this is what I was told:

    “Dear Albert

    Greetings from the Notion Ink Support Team!

    The memory on the Adam is expandable by upto 128GB using the microSD card slot. A microSD card that is greater than 4GB is referred to as microSD HC (where HC stands stands for High Capacity).

    I hope this addresses your query. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you need any further assistance.

    Thank you for your continued support to Notion Ink!

    Warm Regards
    Notion Ink Support Team”

    The answer was fine saying it was compatible but they really should be using the correct Logo. This didnt just answer my question but also gave me a little hope regarding the future about NI customer service. Previous e-mails have been ambiguous, impersonal and not signed by anyone specific.

    This e-mail was personal and signed by a member “jon” This will help establish accountability for employees and help customers feel like they are speaking with a person and not an unemotional e-mail response team.

    NI efforts to establish a customer service department that actually cares is starting to appear and I, as well as many others, appreciate it greatly. Thank you -Albert Wertz

  68. who knows, NI may choose another vendor who has lesser rate of fraud alert πŸ™‚ so better to not assume and ask Rohan directly πŸ™‚ this time even with the same system there will be less disappointment as everyone is aware of the warranty terms and also what to expect during this ordering process. ppl get disappointed and annoyed only when they are suddenly exposed to things that they dont expect at the first place πŸ™‚

  69. @bruce … i googled a lot on how to use Ad-hoc on android.. an for that even i Rooted my mobile within a week of buying it (without knowing its outcome… i experimented on my own mobile). I also searched on many forums like XDA developers, mobilism, ipmart etc.. but did not get what i want..

    I got only a news that (at present) Android 2.1 does not support Ad hoc.
    in previous versions (1.6) ad hoc can be made by manually modifying some files.. but even they does not exist in 2.1 (n nothing good happens on creating them. )

    and if u r saying that line in response to my line ” m not a tech like u ppl.. (so dono what u r talking abt) ” , i simply wana say that .. i kno wat VPN is.. n kno at least basics of it (yea I agree i dono, at present what cisco is trying to make)….

    what i was NOT sure is that .. to ask my doubt of ‘Ad hoc’ here will be relevant or not ?

  70. Me too. I’m very interested in photo organizing and editing abilities.
    I don’t think we’ll be disappointed though.

  71. I have been following Slashgears comments on the Adam and yesterday they stated their belief that software will be the diffentiatingng aspect betweeen tablets. Those 1st videos first illustrated the promise of what would be possible with drawing and note taking and that with the PQ screen is what attrated me to the Adam . The last 2 videos have really brought these feaures out and Rohans statement of the focus and attention that will be devoted to these features only reconfirms that NI is here to stay and prosper. There are going to be a lot of tablets out there as this form factor points to the future of computing. MSF has the resources and commitment to develop a great product but the ability to create and inspire is ani illusive quality and the NI team seem to be on the cutting edge. They certainly have been doing so since CES2010 as the adam still seems to be mirage and its no wonder that so many still believe it to be vaporware. As it sitill seems beyond belief, an illusion.

  72. I’m hoping you’re right. That it just comes to stores. I agree with what you said previously. That they had a limited number for preorders. But they actually have more made. Those will be going out to stores. Otherwise, it means there’ll be a long wait for them to hit stores.

  73. Nice draw functions, but I hope you will show us the photo editing features as well soon.

  74. Will it run Net flix? Hope to use my new TV with this. I am glad I fixed my broken laptop so that I can buy ADAM with the money saved πŸ™‚

  75. Those were awful commercials. Found the Windows guy likable. The Mac guy was a smug jerk. Impression I got from those was that Macs were for smug, contentious jerks. Now, Apple’s 1984 commercial, there was a great commercial! Pitting IBM in the role of Big Brother. And Apple as the underdog who’d topple them.

  76. @Anuj

    Netflix does not have a generic Android App. They acknowledge this on their website. They build apps for specific android devices. I do not theink they are going to make one for ADAM unless it becomes a runaway hit.

  77. Okay, I gotta admit…I’ve been hearing about this great drawing and painting app on the Adam all these months and kind of going “…yawn…” and figuring it’s not something I’d have much of an interest in…but watching this video has gotten me excited and interested in it in spite of myself! (Not that I needed that to be poised to order an Adam the moment more Pixel Qi is in stock…)

    Also want to say–as a representative of that probably fairly sizable chunk of your following community whose primary interest in the Adam was that it’s the first and so far the only Pixel Qi tablet out there, these videos and the real intro to how Adam works are enough to make me almost drop my bookmarks for the Lattice or any other device that might come down the pike…this is just a spectacular unit on all fronts, and I’ll be beyond shocked if anyone else can come close. Up till the last few days I’ve been sort of hedging my bets and waiting to see…I’m pretty much won over at this point!

    Very cool.

  78. dear rohan,
    if not u think am asking more, wud like kidz mode in this grt app.

    A mode which
    -gives access only to brushes, and colours
    -doesnt let quit the app or fullscreen.
    -quits with a multi touch gesture(customizable ^^)…

    wud like to share,
    my 20 mnth old nephew is that mad at gizmos, and he broke as many as 4 mobile phones 😦

  79. Technology Cloud–has-put-together-all-six-recent-videos-published-by-Rohan-in-a-nice-compilation-for-the-public-at-large-to-consume

    http :// /2010/12/ first-ever-hands-on-video-on-adam.html

  80. LOL, my kids kept stealing my phone for things like this, games, drawing etc… So what did I do? I got them both Nintendo DSI. They can now take pictures, draw, listen to music and play games on their own device. Did this fix it you ask? No. My device is cooler, faster and has better games… Their words not mine. Maybe I will give them my phone when I get the adam tablet, but then that will be cooler than my phone. There is no winning with these leeches! ahem I mean adorable children of mine…

  81. He never says that it’s sdhc though. Since he says it can support up to 128GB you can realize that. But it would have made more sense to say that, indeed, it was sdhc. And thus, was capable of supporting up to 128GB. Either way, great to know! Not that I’ll be buying one that big! Can only imagine how much a 128GB card will cost when it comes out! Oh, and thanks for sharing this info! Should be included in the faq!

  82. Yes, my kids will be drawing a lot more than I will. Please allow me to lock the app so I can let them! I already have “toddler lock” on my phone, and they love that.

  83. The pixel qi screen was definitely one of the first things to draw me to adam. Along with hdmi out and usb ports. But I never expected all the innovations NI has come up with. It is somewhat understandable why some people don’t believe adam is real. It is just so incredible! And beyond what people see in other tablets.

  84. My father and I both purchased 32GB cards from ebay for $60 each. they seemed to be the most reasonably priced. I could not justify a 64GB for over $200… 32 should hold a decent number of movies just fine for road trips with the children. I sent them an e-mail asking about the largest capacity of external HDs. If it can read my TB drive then I will have no worries and I can give my wife my laptop.

  85. Yeah, I’m thinking external hdd as well. I’ll be using it mostly at home though. So I want to get a wireless router with a usb port. Then I’ll just plug my external hdd into that and stream to the adam. The last video showed an android app that can do that. So, even if Sniffer can’t stream from it, this one will.

  86. @Rohan,

    Looking great. I’m no artist, but just the idea of being able to “play” like this would be so much fun! Thanks for the post.

  87. Yeah-my-son-just-saw-the-last-video-and-said-“is-that-for-real?”

  88. Smudge, washes, highlighting, sharp edges, layers, and I’m thrilled to see that they have included my favorite (custom Android) Droid font!! It looks fantastic! Thank you guys!

  89. tat was great. yes!.. But Rohan, frankly enough of all this stuff mate!..We already know “Adam & the Eden” are Perfectly complementory duo for each other. We’l anyway explore the rest of the stuff from the tutorials. Or rather spend time watching these beautiful videos when we get 1 to play with.

    Give us the Adam mate!..plz! Its just too much waiting now!… 😦
    ————————————- Give me my Adam & i’l take care of the Eden myself —————————–

  90. Brains say you’re right,
    heart is screaming ‘nooooh’ though.
    Unless… this would mean I’ll be holding Adam at the same time as those who pre orderd, and we’ll get a warning for the day it will hit the stores.

    On the other hand, it would be neat to tell the audience at CES two hours after presentation that second online batch is sold out. Best sales argument there is: people are buying. People who are buying a new piece of fruit don’t know what they are buying, just know others want one desperately.
    And then, a bit later, the Big Batch comes available in stores.

  91. Rohan has already confirmed that the mystery feature is not the active digitizer. Besides, Implementing an active digitizer will shoot the price skywards.
    And to be honest- Feature would be nice, but simply overkill for most users. Rohan has said though that the Adam comes with an open source implementation for the Digitizer feature and it should be possible for you to connect the Adam to your PC and use it as a digitizer/keyboard/Touchscreen for the PC. That would be good enough for most of the people, I guess. I know that you may not get professional quality with the Adam as a Drawing tool, but not many people need that…

  92. Rohan,
    Wow… this is fantastic… very impressive. I am at a loss for words.
    One thing … Inkers is the next gen computing. You guys have not only got the hardware but the software too.
    Watch out big boys, here we come …. the inkers and its fans/family.

  93. Rohan
    Can u give us an idea when the next (pre)order will be. I am waiting for the Pixel Qi.

  94. He can start online pre ordering (for the rest of the world) by revealing an Adam at the start of his presentation at CES πŸ˜‰ With a smane red cloth.
    But NI would need to fix online contact with CES on its site, for the followers.
    Would like the latter anyhow!

  95. @atul

    to my knowledge, theres no sorce-code development in Android (for Ad-hoc). Hence my comment πŸ˜‰

    about Cisco’s its Cius : a vpn solution “cisco telepresence”

    VPN : virtual private network

    you need also to have a fair idea of remote access. ?remote desktop in windows

  96. The only thing that scares me is something that a previous poster brought up before.

    Do all of these applications become common source for other companies to use under the Android license, or can Notion Ink retain the rights to the creative source and libraries of these applications?

    Not sure how the agreements with Android work there. This is really what sets Adam apart from the other vanilla android tablets out there and would hate to see Notion Ink have to relinquish their extremely hard work in the name of open source …

    I’m such a worry wart…. 😦

  97. Rohan,

    That Canvas is a really nice app, and the person doing the drawing is very good, liked the speed up of the action.

    Keep these coming.

  98. GAH! I’m loving this device, but need a pen input to make it the ultimate student device. Maybe Eve could have an “extra rib” in the form of a WACOM input. Otherwise, very good product, I can’t wait for further developments.

  99. Let me also point out really quickly, that youTube allows you to disable the “related videos” feature. It might look a little more professional if the video didn’t end with suggestions for “canvas stretching”:-)

    Anyway, it looks really good! Is there an option to export as different file types, such as gif, jpeg, tiff, or png?

    Also, how long did it take him to do that?

  100. @ Rohan

    Any update on the FCC? I guess this has been lost in all the videos, but an update would be nice!

  101. Great work indeed! I wish to get one for me. Will wait for the PixelQ version.

    Only challenge for NI is new iPad which can address many of its current limitations in its new version and might tackle Adam with its might!

  102. I am in the same boat, been around for a while and didnt get the email which is fine but I have a mastercard so I couldnt have gotten in anyways. I really would like to see if you have a pixel qi and lcd to show side by side. I am still not sold on which one i want.



  103. I could do the exact same painting on an adam in just a few seconds!!
    It is called “CnP”… which is supported by adam by the way πŸ™‚

  104. @bruce thanks for the info. πŸ™‚
    do you or any1 else has knowledge that “what is the max capacity of ext hard disk ADAM can support ?”

  105. I don’t know about you guys but the thing that hooked me into the adam was the hardware. Not saying that i dislike the software by any stretch of the imagination it’s fantastic. However for a while it looked like apple was still in the lead with their Ipad but when the adam comes out they’ll be blown away… I can’t wait!

  106. @Amar

    iPAD will always be an accessory of a laptop or desktop as long as you need iTunes to make it work. Also, it won’t have so many industry standard ports all around. It’s center of Gravity will lie outside the palm of the hand. It’s battery will not be industry-standard, user replaceable. I could go on and on.

    Bottomline is: iPAD and ADAM target two different types of consumers. As of yet, both do not encroach on each other’s territory.

  107. I know it seems like the hardware is the biggest point, but trust me, its not. There have been lots of tablets with better processors or more ram, and none of them can come close. Apple sells more stuff than anyone else in this market.

    What makes a device work is the total experience, driven by hardware, but steered by software. Solid integration between the two are what makes Apple so succesful, and only solid integration can topple them.

    Rohan has caught on to what Steve Jobs has known for years, that delivering a packaged and tested experience with beautiful software and well-integrated hardware is the only sure way to gain an audience.

    I’m just glad that he did so as well as he did, while still keeping to an open platform. He is doing what Google should have done with Android originally.

  108. I know what you mean, this could be dangerous in my college classes if they get too boring some days. I’m very excited for this app, it looks fantastic.

  109. Holography

    Maybe the mystery feature allows users to make holographic calls?

    IBMs view of the future in 2015


  110. Why do we need an App? I hope we can play Netflix in Adam browser and video out thru HDMI cable to TV. I am counting so much on this capability. I am planning to invite my friends for Adam, movie and Popcorn at my place.

  111. @Mann

    Netflix uses Silverlight to play via the browser on Windows. For other devices, it creates Apps to handle the DRM. The only way netflix would work on the ADAM via a browser is if they handle DRM via Adobe.

  112. Canvas is both a photo editor and a paint program. He just showed the paint portion here.

    He said it is in alpha phase, which means it will be limited but they are going to concentrate on improving it.

    But don’t expect it to replace photoshop, or your primary paint application just yet.

    A lot of the programs they say are in the early stages and are going to be improved, what I wonder is once they are shipping adam, and it is a huge success, will they slow down on the app improvements. From what they have shown so far, it looks like they have a really could development team, I hope they continue improving everything.

    Adam is really shapping up to be the tablet to beat for a quit a while to come.

  113. @Karen…Good question…

    Also I want to know if the Weather app shows more than one city at any given time…Lets say some one is flying from NY to LA – it would be advantageous to know the weather predictions for both cities for the next three days or so..

  114. it is not with the fraud alert of the company that is charging money, it is more about the credit card company. your credit card company will not let the transactions they feel are out of your normal spendings. in this case it is like you are buying something from India which i believe is not your normal pattern of spending. so they decline the order. the only way Notion ink can avoid this is to have the transactions go through US vendors like google checkout, paypal or something like that.

  115. It fits the riddle the more I read it. Am I crazy?

    Few came dangerously close,
    to change the fundamentals of light,

    I am not a sensor though I can feel
    Though light is my father, I can work in a shield

    I shortened the distance as nothing else could beat me
    your test my limits, every time you set a form free

  116. I hope the people who preordered get theirs first. And then a little after that it hits stores. I doubt a second round of preorders would get you adam at the same time as the first round of preorders. Be better to just go straight to stores. No waiting for it to show up on your doorstep. You just go in and pick it up.

  117. I thought the common source was just for android. Not the apps as well? I see your point as far as Eden goes. I think they are required to release that.

  118. 3 cheers for your dedication despite the space issue! wow! you learned the art of hyphens in minutes!

  119. Notify emails do not come out right away, my notify email for yesterdays post never arrived at all, and the day before was about 1/2 hour after the post was already up

  120. btw, while you wait for the spacebar fix, you can try to map it to other unused keys… my kid worked his way thru a dozen keys on a laptop and am now replacing the keyboard as I ran out of options!

  121. well, i want to give another perspective of the same thing. let us assume that every one can get access to these apps because of the open source (which i believe is not the case as almost all the mobile phones has their UI on top of android, but no one else copies that, even samsung tab has their own apps). all the apps will work in 2 modes which is full screen and panel mode, so anyone who wants to use these apps must also use EDEN to run them right. so if there are many tablets who just want to use EDEN as UI layer on top of android, then GENESIS will be a big hit and Notion Ink will earn money from that. Remember Rohan said profit is in the eco-system not hardware.

  122. Yes, It would be great to know just how much Adam can read or “See” from” from external sources whether through the the micro sd slot or the usb connections. My assumption has been there was 128gb total limit, but this would be nice to have spelled out more clearly. Rohan probably wants to save some of the information for CES and you can’t blame him for that. After CES and Adams official release all should be known.

    Most of us, that are still coming to the blog, have found out that Adam is going to be something special in the world of tablets. I’m am very pleased with what I’m seeing. I-pad you may have sold millions,but here is a new kid on the block and that young competitor, is going to have you glancing over your shoulder.

  123. I’m sure Rohan said it has a digatizer see his post the day after launch or maybe the day of

  124. My thoughts on the Mac guy is similar: a snob. I would be devastated if my friends thinks I am a snob. πŸ˜€

  125. that is a thought, if adam is finding it difficult to compete at hardware level, the Eden UI could be licensed off, but with the condition the best apps came to adam 1st then a month later on the licensed UI,

    but i get the feeling that if adam is marketed right (big money needs to be spent) then they can do a big dent into Apple a big one two from Notion Ink and Motorola,

  126. For me its not about having a laptop and more about having a digital piece of paper. Laptops take up too much space on a boardroom table, harder to share ideas during meetings with because of their shape, cant just pass it around, far less productive, windows sucks and trackpads are garbage. Try getting a good tablet laptop for under $1000 and you wont be successful. The Adam will increase my productivity at work x2 just because its the size of an 8.5 / 11 piece of paper. I plan to have all of my engineering drawings, work track requests, hardware order requests and all other important documents on this tablet. Being able to manipulate the tablet like a piece of paper or pass it around is key! Some of us are willing to spend the money for simplicity and function. Also… you’ll never find a laptop with the battery life of the Adam… I need to be able to use it all day without needing a charge or there’s no point

  127. +1
    Interesting angle on the Genesis eco-system, Vamsi.

    Just seems open source can be a double-edged sword sometimes…I hope Notion Ink gets to retain rights for these applications (or at least the libraries attached to them).

    Your example of the mobile phone UI’s above makes me think they will retain rights to their creations. I’m not sure if any of this sort of stuff can be patented? I think hardware can be patented, but not sure about software rights under Android…

    Anyway, sorry for bringing the blog down with this kinda talk! It’s an exciting time!

  128. I get the impression the artist could make MS Paint look good. πŸ˜‰

    Another two and a half weeks til shipment. πŸ™‚

  129. BTW excellent video albeit a little too fast, if you can get somewhere near, picsay pro and the likes, then your onto something

  130. When did Apple topple the PC market? It might of been a great ad but the reason we are on an Android tablet site is that Apple’s “We know best” doesn’t necessarily get you the best product.

  131. Can Adam run anythingyour main computer can? Like if someone took a thumb drive and put a music download like limewire on it, would you be able to run it on Adam?

  132. I just cant wait any more… My performance review just wrapped up at work and my rating was very good. If I have another great review next year I can look forward to a promotion. The Adam is going to be my tool to increase productivity and help make me stand out above my peers. I hope that this time next year I can thank Rohan for giving me the tool needed to perform even more effectively!

    I take my career very seriously and am always willing to invest a little bit of money to push myself one level higher! These video’s are helping each day to go by a bit faster while I wait so keep them coming Rohan πŸ™‚

  133. What has appeared to be an illusion, has started to come in to focus. Those who cried out vapor ware are preparing to eat a little crow. Oh how sweet it is. Yes the software coming out of Notion Ink is compelling. Adam goes beyond software in the sense of it’s non proprietary attitude. Look at it’s connectivity! Look at the form and function! Look at the value for the money your spending. Look at the versatility.

    I went through a doubting Thomas period, I needed to see the nail holes, but now I have seen the light !!! Adam is not vapor ware. Adam is modern computing Tablet that is much more then a toy, or a device to manage media and entertainment. Adam is a tool designed for the hands of the creative and those seeking knowledge, as well as those seeking fun and entertainment.

    Hats off to Rohan, and Notion Ink!!

  134. no, ADAM is an Android tablet, so the software it can run has to be made for Android too.

  135. I think if you go back and look at the December 9th post Rohan said it is a digatizer . he went into detail about it

  136. another day to wait before I can watch the video from home.

    Rohan, can you upload this videos US EST 7:00 AM ? I at least can watch before go to office.

    thanks for keeping your promise abt one video a day

  137. I can imagine the excitement within the NI team. Beautiful update.

    Happy holidays and a prosperous New Year to the Notion Ink team and all the Adam lovers.

  138. @jaytea: photo editing and organizing (slide shows) would be great. And the more videos Rohan shows, the higher our expectations for the next app they show πŸ™‚ so I am also full of confidence.

  139. Awesome!!! We want more videos!! πŸ™‚
    Do you know when more Adams with Pixel Qi will be available?

    I wish you the best in this new year we are going to enter.

  140. @saket sinho: so hopefully that will also be the message in their marketing: showing all kind of things that are useful for daily life (meeting, classes, outdoor, multiple email acocunts) but that other tablets canNOT do :).

    Let people come to a shop and ask: I want a REAL Adam because I want to do this, or this, or this, or this, or this, or this . . .

  141. I think here there are two possibilities, either he was so fickle that a single disappointment from NI had him loose all his confidence in them or he is too busy ‘now’ :). I also hope he comes back and entertain us with his quick wit.

  142. @Marco Me too, I guess more people will be using the Adam for photo-editing (and posting) then for drawing. Just another couple of days and Rohan will post a video for photo-editing (I guess).

  143. I’m still wondering when Notion will have items back in stock. I know pre-sale is over and done, but some of us didn’t want to settle for anything less than the top of the line version. Are we now going to have to wait until the Adam 2 comes out (whenever that is)?

  144. Does the Adam have a notification bar? or some way of letting us know about notifications?

    What happens when I receive an email? Just a sound then nothing else? I love how on my Evo I have not only the notification bar but a blinking LED which lets me know about notifications.

  145. @karen I doubt if Notion Ink has already such a distribution channel and production set-up that in January we in The Netherlands can already pick one up in a shop.

    For the addicts on this forum, a second pre-order round would be the best road to securing an Adam.

    Prettige Kerst

  146. To the folks who did pre-order the 3g variants:

    Please make sure to check your pre-order status page and select the correct 3g band as soon as possible! Would hate to have your orders delayed by not selecting the correct band for your Adam!

    There is more information on the pre-order page if you are having difficulty choosing the correct band for your location / service provider.

  147. I wish more people did, it is being a little self absorbed to think they need a place holder, because the comments they are going to make later on are going to be so important everybody needs to see them and they need to be on the top.

    Also, how many First post can there possible be, before people realise nobody cares you wrote First and hit the post button before anybody else

    I am just saying

  148. “”

    if adam’s note app can do anything like this it will be great

  149. Hi,there. It’s almost Christmas here. Now it’s 7 pm in Belgium and tomorrow at the same time we will probably be opening our presents. I would have wanted just one: the adam. Today I’m feeling a little sad that I will have to wait to order it. But it’s not a sad sad: I follow all of you guys for a month now everyday. It’s like a nice family and honnestly I’ve never been that interested in a new product than this one. I understand the process and will be waiting: No problem. So thanks Rohan and NI for the nice time you give me. I wish all of you a nice Christmas.

  150. @vamsi: good thinking. I had similar questions (worries) as send2dev but if Notion ink can indeed get royalties for apps or Eden, then it would simply give them more revenue, more visibility and, more support of their development.

    Will be interesting to watch what will happen with Eden and the apps on other tablets (do they appear or not?).

  151. story-boarding ?
    Rohan, you need to contact this compagnie: Celtx

    they offer a great story-boarding solution : client/server & offline, a bunch of supported languages and a mobile version (currently only Apple stuff)

    But, Eden and his Canvas app definitely need a pipe with Celtx !
    Imagine to create text, drawing and dynamically update and share the storyboard thank to Celtx Adam version and it collaborative mode…

    just awesome !

  152. Please, don’t get me wrong here.
    Billreyn was thinking a small part of the second batch will go online and the rest directly to the stores (20:01).
    In the spirit of X-mas, i was just dreaming along.
    Would be terrific if it would hits stores in January, by the same time first pre orderers would receive their Adam.
    On the other hand it would be fab if NI would ‘just’ start online pre ordering at the presentation at CES and announcing ‘sold out’ in a couple of hours. And then maybe later, it could come to stores. Rohan said plans are under way for retailers.

    Me being part of the people in the second batch of pre orderers, of course πŸ™‚
    Didn’t receive an email for the first, and not in possession of AmEx of VISA.

    Merry X-mas to all,
    Fijne kerst!

  153. @Joshua Price +1 The value is in the user experience and it is the user experience that should be marketed.

    Most consumers won’t differentiate between the different tablets: processor, memory, screen, connectors, etc. etc. Too many variables, too confusing.

    The tech specs are only used to convince the already interested persons that and they help in convincing sales-people because they do like to brag about the specs πŸ˜‰ of the products they sell.

  154. @DarkWinterNights: yes, it will be interesting to see the same artist with MS Paint πŸ˜‰

    By the way: what name do you have in summer?

  155. @Andrew: Good question. Android has one, so I guess that Eden has it as well. I really find the notifications in Android very handy and useful.

  156. Seeing this drawing, I immediately come to the next one: How to get a hard copy of the drawing???

    I hope one of the videos deals with PRINTING.

    Would be a bummer if we need a PC for that, but I don’t know how many printers have drivers for Android.

  157. Just want to get on top, I thought this was a very good summary of the past year for Rohan and team at notion ink, just nominated him for person of the year in android, the artical is pretty good.


    Rohan Shavran, Notion Ink
    Creative Director, Founder and CEO
    Nominated because: He is responsible for one of the most hyped, yet controversial, devices of the past year: the Adam tablet.

    The Notion Ink Adam has had a roller coaster year, and it hasn’t even been released yet. If the device can live up to even a fraction of the promise and hype that has been building around it, it could be a star in the first generation of Android tablets. Unfortunately, there are many who still believe that the device is nothing but vaporware from an unknown company. Start-up Notion Ink and leader Rohan Shavran still have a lot to prove, and a lot to overcome.

    The Notion Ink Adam was first revealed at CES this past January, and quickly gained a cult following because of the bold and impressive industrial design, most notably the Pixel Qi screen, which promises to combine a high quality LCD touch display with battery saving and sunlight friendly eInk technology. The Adam had a tumultuous development cycle. It was a hot commodity with tons of buzz, but then venture capitalists came in and attempted to change fundamental aspects of the device, including changing the OS to Windows 7, and changing the Adam into a netbook, because they didn’t understand that the netbook had already been made obsolete by the introduction of the iPad. These delays fueled those who were worried that the Adam was nothing but vaporware – an enticing product that never makes it to market.

    Rohan Shavran took it upon himself to prove the device by documenting the development process in his blog, though he did try to keep certain aspects a mystery. The mystery proved damaging as none of the blog posts showed the actual device, just simulated screen images. Rohan proudly showed off how he incorporated the Golden Ratio into the Adam, as well as how his love of music led to building an impressive sound system in the tablet. He showed off the revolutionary Eden paneling/multitasking system which allows easy access to frequently used tasks, and features a Cover Flow-like design. This insight into the precision and care that was put into the design of the Adam drew comparisons to Apple, unfortunately Rohan has proved he is not on the level of Steve Jobs when it comes to launching a product. The Adam recently began taking pre-orders, but ran into troubles almost immediately with concerns over return policies and a pre-order page that didn’t show images of the product for sale, which compounded the lack of real world images throughout the development cycle. These issues once again have reignited ideas that the Adam is vaporware and Notion Ink could be an untrustworthy company.

    Rohan continued to fight back. He had always wanted to have the official public showcase of the Adam at CES in January, as a sort of anniversary celebration. But, to restore faith in his company and his device, Rohan has begun releasing video demonstrations of the Adam, the Eden UI, and proprietary apps being used in the real world, not just simulated images.

    Notion Ink and Rohan Shavran are unproven, but that is the path that start-ups must take. Aside from marketing and PR bumps, the hardware and software design of the Notion Ink Adam appear to be extremely well thought out. Android has opened up the market for hardware manufacturers, and the coming wave of tablets offers more opportunity for talented companies to break through. Notion Ink is aiming very high with their first attempt – an Android tablet, launching worldwide without the Android Market, and without Android’s official OS release for the form factor. But, with its own tablet oriented app and content store, impressively designed UI, striking industrial design, and a promise of Honeycomb and the full Android Market in the future, the Adam is filled with promise.

    In the end though, execution is always key, not promise. 2011 could be when we finally see that the Notion Ink Adam is nothing but smoke, or it could be when Rohan Shavran proves himself as a true force. Whatever the outcome, Notion Ink and Rohan Shavran have made quite a stir in 2010, and will likely make a splash in 2011, for good or ill.

  158. Rhan has been nominated:
    “Android Person of the Year Nominee: Rohan Shavran”


  159. This is a real testament to how well the digitizer works on the tablet. I can only hope to see just how much more can be done with the Canvas application. Also I am eagerly awaiting what accessories will become available for this tablet. I am hoping a keyboard of some type, preferably the kind that comes in a folio type case so it can be made into a makeshift netbook for serious typing. That and a nice dock.

  160. To you again, as we all know NI stared with 4 IITan & 1MBA. We will be happy if you show us your co-founders picture. We like to thank them too.
    Biswajit saha.

  161. I assume other people will be able to create apps for the Adam, just like Android does…

  162. I disagree. Peninput has huge advantages over touch in many areas, drawing, notetaking to mention two quite important areas. Much more intuitive (who writes/draws w your fingers?) You don’t have to be proffesional to appreciate this.

    I believe when “common people” experience a tablet soultion that integrates touch AND peninput in a seamless and natural way they will never go back to touch only. Just like the Iphone set a new standard for mobiel phones. Google Microsoft Courier project to see what I am talking about.The main reason no one has done it is because of Apples design decision to not use it. Few other companies has the guts to “create” a market like Apple. They just follow others to be on the safe side. Hence only touchbased tablets. NI on the other hand had my hopes up because they try to take one step furtehr – do something new.

    You might be right on the price, i don’t know how expensive it is to license this tech. However, there are a quople of choices, you don’t have to lisence Wacom tech (which judging by their own prices, seems to be expensive), you can use N-trig (HP implement this in their slate andd convertibles). N-trig is not as accurate but IMHO will do the job.

    I do realize it is not likely that Adam comes with a digitizer, but I can dream can’t I? πŸ™‚

    And like I said I hope they implement it in future ADams.

  163. No but it wasn’t demonstrated yet. I am hopping for CES. Competition don’t sleep, they are going to be great tablets width stylus support soon! Unlucky Adam is the only device width pixel qi screen.

  164. Do we know if the Adam will be capable of calling/texting, or is the SIM slot purely for 3G?

  165. Android Person of the year nominee – Rohan Shravan

  166. This is an amazing drawing application, but without any pen-based input I can’t imagine any artist using it. I hope adam supports some kind of stylus so we can use this (rather impressive) drawing application effectively.

    On another note, nice picture of wall-e πŸ™‚

  167. So I don’t think we’ll be seeing any more pre-orders. I’m guessing Rohan will be telling us of a launch date in stores ie Best Buy and such during CES, so I think for those of us that hoped to get into a second pre-order will be out of luck… 😦 Looks like I probably won’t be getting mine till June or so.. I’m totally bummed out.. oh well! Ho Ho Ho!

  168. Sweet! This videographer already uses a tablet for storyboarding. Nice to see a developer that is thinking of that from the outset. πŸ™‚ Yet another thing to love about Adam.

  169. Reshmi Raatein roz na hongi

    yeh saugaatein roz na hongi

    zindagi adam bin raas naa aaye

    raas aaye na !!

  170. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I was for a few hours, so I don’tknow if anyone posted this link:

    Android Person of the Year Nominee: Rohan Shavran!
    http: // android-person-of-the-year-nominee-rohan-shavran/

  171. Id been reading about the Adam for a good portion of the last year. I have been on board since day one of seeing it. Unfortunately, when it came time for preorder, I didnt have my funds secured and I missed out. Is there any indication of when a second wave of preorders will be allowed? I am hoping to purchase a pixl wi-fi variant. Help me please.



  172. The Adam is a passive digitizer, meaning you input with your finger (or capacitive stylus). It doesn’t have an active digitizer, which is what most artists and ppl wanting to take detailed notes on were hoping for bc they’d be able to use a pen-like stylus for more precise lines.

    Although, for not having an active digitizer, it seems they were able to draw and write
    (in previous vids) rather well.

  173. @ Rohan, In your first sentence you have the wrong word. and comes will (with)? most of the default features which you expect

  174. I was away for a few hours, so I don’t know if anyone posted this link:

    Android Person of the Year Nominee: Rohan Shavran
    http: // android-person-of-the-year-nominee-rohan-shavran/

    delete the spaces

  175. Why would you NOT like the community to benefit from work? Notion Ink benefits from Android, so turn that around. I get what you are saying, in a way, but it’s misguided. Open Source means that products can be supported, modified by people who need it. that means specializing something, or updating it, enlisting the community for bug fixes. It’s a model that works.

    And the other misguided part is the idea that someone who has open software is relinquishing something. Software is instantly copyable. It’s like if I can freely instantly copy your car. I’d have a car, you still have your car. It’s not zero-sum, unless you let your mind be that way about it. Just like if I light your candle with my candle. There’s more light in the room, I didn’t lose any light because I gave it to you.

    Depending on your initial point of view my comments might seem crazy, but essentially what I think you really mean is, you want Notion Ink to succeed from their hard work and not be undermined. Whether the source will be open, I can’t say, but it could be open and they can still succeed just fine, and thrive. Remember the original hardware design is part of this device too.

    We are all standing on the shoulders of people before us. That’s important to keep in mind. The idea that we all own ideas is in some ways noble and understandable, but not the whole story. There’s more going on than that, so it’s important to dig into that and find the right balance of protection (from the bigger usurpers) and openness to extend the life and usefulness of something.

    It’s quite clear to me that the general public have suffered and innovation stifled because of closed source in some ways. companies with patent pools and undermining competition has made it harder or sometimes impossible to bring what would be great products to light.

    Openness of Android is extremely helpful in bringing hundreds of millions of phones out in the past couple years. Because the sharing going on. So while I wouldn’t be in the position to demand source code from Notion Ink, I think to consider how to share, while protecting from larger thieving companies properly is the direction I’d hope most of us could go.

  176. Depends on how you want to text/call. The adam will be able to text/call since theoretically you could have google voice and a number. Without google voice I have no idea.

  177. Get a hold of yourself man. Don’t be too dependent or attached to things. Not that you risk disappointment, but artificial limits will hinder you.

  178. In this article, Billbo’s Books says the Adam “could be the next major tablet manufacturer to hit the one-million mark.”

    http: // notion-ink-adam-review-posed-to-be-next.html

  179. Y the hell u r on this blog in the first place?? Pls go populate IPAD2 blog.. Person like u will never b able to gauge the philosophy behind this awesome device… I wanted to write so much but coz I m on this ADAM blog I will behave rationally….

  180. Agreed.

    When all other companies seem to be trying to make iPad-like, iPad killer tablets, Rohan and his team started off with their own ideas, not trying to make Adam similar to or a better than iPad, but simply the best.

  181. I’m wondering about Hulu. There had been a workaround to get it working on android phone. Hoping it will work on adam. Does anybody know if it works on other android tablets?

  182. Like it, Very impressive. But i really like to see some 3d and gaming things giving a benchmark feeling of the machine.
    At the time i think this is the first Computer that could be, thanks to Pixel qi, a complete allrounder, restricted by just nothing. Well except water.

  183. Yes, other people will be able to make apps for it. That is what the EAP was for. Getting early access to the adam for developing apps. What we are seeing is just what NI has developed for it. Amazing what great apps we are getting for free with adam. Other companies wouldn’t include them. Just charge you for them later. Though, NI knows that by including the apps improves the appeal of adam. Not that it isn’t appealing enough! But it is yet one more thing that sets adam apart from all the other tablets.

  184. I am looking for pixel level precision. Capacitive stylus is as good as finger. Without palm rejection any stylus is useless.

  185. @Burt, I played with the Mobii, don’t know if you can find it. It’s only 349 euro in Holland.

  186. @Roahn

    Congratulations on your nomination as “Android Person of the Year”!


  187. @Rohan

    Congratulations on your nomination as “Android Person of the Year”!


  188. Its really amazing work going on at NotionInk. Most thing I love is that, NotionInk team is trying very hard to create a differentiable product, which will definitely standout from the storm of tablets coming next year.

  189. There’s a ton of apps on the Android market that enable printing. Just get one of those, even if there’s no native support.

  190. lol, let that idiot go buy his tamPad… He doesn’t even realize how badly he’s being milked if he has to say “wait for the _____” product because it’s doesn’t have something that should have been there in the first generation product — practically all netbooks, laptops, and tablets have a video camera for chat — it’s not like it’s a new idea.

    6 months extra months for a small startup company for an entire suite of apps and a UI made for tablets (and the functionality of a laptop!), compared to multibillion dollar company who just recycled their phone OS and added an extra icon to the bottom?

    I know what I’m going to buy, and it’s doesn’t sound like a feminine hygiene product. =)

  191. @ Rohan, congratulations on the nomination!

    Aside from the nomination, I’m impressed with the Canvas application – being an artist as well as a huge technology fanc I’m thrilled to see the Canvas application at work on the Adam. Looks really promising, very easy and intuitive to work with. This might be one of the first things I’ll try with the Adam. Big thumbs up! πŸ˜€

  192. Indeed. We had discussed this in a previous blog. HP iPrint Photo will print any picture to a wireless HP printer. There’s another one I tried that will print anything to a wireless printer. Doesn’t need to be an HP printer. They have a long list of supported printers. I had no problem with either one. I also doubt that NI would overlook this feature. They want adam to be independent of a computer. They wouldn’t make you need a computer to print.

  193. Eventhough eagerly awaiting the ADAM i cannot help but think that this app – at least as it has been shown – is way behind existing apps, like AutodeskΒ΄s SketchbookPro. Or am I beeing unfair comparing these two?
    Of course, a 2 min clip cannot cover a complex program. For sniffer it worked very well, though.
    Anyway, I just love following this blog, seeing people react to the tiny bits of info that NI
    is providing. Taken that the whole story is true, and the ADAM will come out as depicted it has been a fantastic one-year-show and for that I thank Rohan and his 80+ people.
    Not being the best hand-designer myself I wonder if NI does not have an industrial designer who could have pulled off a better show to advertise this application? Or are they busy designing/rendering Eve/ Adam2 ? πŸ™‚ ( nice going having an “Adam 2.pdf” on the USB stick while presenting Sniffer….:-) )
    My best wishes to NI and all of you, and may the ADAM be with you…someday.

  194. Please read previous blogposts where Eden concept was explained. It was mentioned that there is a notification area on the left-side of the screen (twitter bird notification?). May be the same area could be used for other notifications too.

  195. I posted earlier that NI may have units already made. Perhaps they only put a certain amount aside for preorder. While holding the rest of them for retail stores. This would explain why they are not taking back orders. Of course, this could also be wishful thinking on my part. Though Vulcans are not usually prone to wishful thinking. Quite illogical.

  196. Another nice demonstration of the Adam in action. I guess at this point, besides having to wait another 4-5 weeks to actually get the Adam since it will be shipped to California then reforwarded via U.S. Postal Mail to me living in Japan, I want to figure out how to get apps from the Android Market onto the Adam if not supported right away.

    I don’t currently own an Android device. I have been using an IPOD Touch for some apps for portable learning.

    Does anybody have any good suggestions for a PC based web Android service that would let me purchase and download apps then a method to transfer them over to the Adam, or is this something I will just have to wait for until I actually get it and let the real smart tekkies get their hands on it and crack the code?


  197. Congratulations on your nomination Rohan!
    The Adam seems had to be impressive on the videos.

  198. chk out the thinkoutside bluetooth keyboard (iGo stowaway). just the perfect solution.I have already got one in anticipation!:)

  199. Looks like Cnet is getting ready to post reviews and product lines of adam tablet variants on their site. They have pages listed for each variant. All they have left is to fill in the pictures and data. Good sign here. maybe they are anticipating the copies they ordered or maybe they are an EAP participant just waiting for the go head? “”

  200. “”

    ADAM’s unboxing!!!
    Go! Go! Go!

  201. Van Gunst is a developer who was sent a PQ ADAM!

    His explanation for having early access to the device is that he’s a developer and and the folks at Notion Ink have sent the device out to not only people like him, but to marketing folks as well.

    His tweet:
    EAP Adam
    Reactie van Notion Ink:
    The big draw of the EAP(other than 7 weeks early access) is you are assigned a programmer and UI design to work with to help get your app going on the adam. You can relate this to what Apple did when announcing the iphone. They invited developers to their campus for a couple of weeks and they worked with Apple directly to get the apps up to standards. Notion Ink is doing the same thing only without having 200 devs in their offices.
    Also, they mentioned inclusion in marketing efforts. Maybe this is like apple does with their commercials and features apps doing amazing things.
    I hope that clears it up that it is more than just early access to the device.

  202. Direct links to the pics:

  203. praises Notion Ink.

    This is what their Galaxy Tab conclusion page says:

    **And then you have companies like NotionInk, who has completely scrapped Froyo’s UI and come up with something new altogether in β€œEden”, their reimagination of Android as it should be for tablets.

    Go Go Go Notion Inkers.

    p.s.: anandtech has been my bible for last 10+ years when it comes to buying hardware.

  204. Don’t forget the quotes for URL’s πŸ™‚


  205. The First Image from the third Party, Yay!!!

    Not Far from the First Video!

    Let it Start Rolling!

    Thanks for the news!!

  206. Don’t forget the quotes for URL’s πŸ™‚


  207. Rohan’s another YouTube channel, putting together a Adam Digest Series for us!


  208. Enclose in quotes. πŸ™‚


  209. If this product it the alpha, can’t wait to see what the released product looks like. πŸ™‚

  210. When I look at other 10 inch tablets, such as the MSI tablet, IMO it looks weird. It has a much smaller bezel, but it just not appealing to my eyes and looks awkward.

    Maybe NI is really onto something with the Golden Ratio and to get the golden ratio they needed a larger bezel?

  211. Seems like a guy called Samuel found it while snooping around. Does not seem as if Van Gunst intentionally released the pics.

  212. Just checked this guy’s blog, the following post was from Nov 10. The images were posted 1 day 11 hours ago on his Yfrog account

    WebStek Van Gunst

    Het blog van Martin & Anoek, Isabelle, Jasper en Ruben.

    woensdag, november 10, 2010
    EAP Adam
    Reactie van Notion Ink:

    The big draw of the EAP(other than 7 weeks early access) is you are assigned a programmer and UI design to work with to help get your app going on the adam. You can relate this to what Apple did when announcing the iphone. They invited developers to their campus for a couple of weeks and they worked with Apple directly to get the apps up to standards. Notion Ink is doing the same thing only without having 200 devs in their offices.
    Also, they mentioned inclusion in marketing efforts. Maybe this is like apple does with their commercials and features apps doing amazing things.

    I hope that clears it up that it is more than just early access to the device.
    Geplaatst door mvgunst op 1:04 PM

  213. That time will tell. There are millions of happy iPad users in this world. In a normal day, you use only a browser and few apps. The whole world is not a fool to come up with applications for iPad and even promoting it exclusively. This is a fact that of all the android devices, iPhone 4 has the best display (sharp, crisp and bright). I understand that Apple products are locked but then they also provide the best user experience. I used to be a PC guy but after buying my first macbook, I have decided not to buy a PC any more (Linux provides a good server experience but desktop experience is horrible (gnome and QT suck with their UI latencies). I am still skeptical of how NI is going to deliver the product and provide the after service. It’s been a week since they are sold out. They haven’t opened the back ordered requests. This is very unprofessional. I have dealt with Indian companies and the experience is not good. It started with Magellan GPS device, cheap device, horrible hardware and horrible service. The T&C mentions restocking fee and they are pointing at a similar statement in Apple’s T&C but i have returned so many products at apple store and they have always returned the full amount to me. Lets wait and watch for another 6 months.

  214. You’re comparing an app that comes free with adam to one that you have to pay 70-80 dollars for? Try comparing it to apps that come free on the Ipad. That would be a fairer comparison.

  215. @Ash

    Best user experience?? The moment I have to use iTunes, the user experience goes down the drain. Most people here want a tablet that is independent of a laptop/desktop. And a beautiful screen is not everything. Ability to connect to other devices via industry standard connectors counts a lot!

  216. Link to Van Gunts’ blog post:


  217. @Jared,

    No Actually this is a blessing in disguise for Rohan! After the recent chain of events, I believe that Rohan would be ok with this ! Although he wouldn’t approve it or be pissed, he would be relieved as well..

  218. Most of the so called industry standard connectors are not free. Some small company holds a patent. Apple is an organic company (i.e. it does not believe is paying license fee to another company). Apple is working on adding the optical connectivity which is next generation and trying to get the patent. Btw, no one uses a tablet to connect to TV. From comfort point of view, you may want a dedicated device that is connected to TV all the time to share videos (Roku, Apple TV, PS3, Boxee etc.). I used to connect my laptop with TV to watch netflix but stopped doing it as it is painful, instead I use my PS3 to stream netflix/hulu in HD. USB is going to be dead and so does blue ray. Intel already has the technology to store 100s of GB of data in a small grain of silicon (organic silicon). We do not need a stupid disc to store just 60 GBs of data.

  219. Whether a company pays a fee or not is irrelevant. And I want to live in the “Now”, not just dream of the future. Thanks for the pointers though.

  220. @suresh

    see your point, yet I disagree. Rohan has also mentioned having to restrict some for breaking guidelines. If he let’s just one get away with it, then Pandoras Box is open.

    That being said, could be an inside job by NI. Leaked on purpose. Doubt it.

  221. @ash

    the target markets of ipad and adam are different. Adam is more of a productivity device, ipad is for consuming content.

    And ipad will be the market leader in US, as far s tablet device is concerned. However it will be a different story outside US.

  222. Another post on Van Gunsts’ blog says:

    Just a few core requirements which must meet a successful app:
    * User,
    * Safe,
    * Accessible (eg section 508),
    * Fit,
    * Modular (idea portal, a dashboard / portal which has everything the user has authorization to enter)
    * Complementary
    * Quick and easy to install and put into use

    I wonder if this is related to ADAM/Genesis

    Reference: “”

  223. This is the only post on Van Gunst’s blog which is in English. The rest are in Dutch. I wonder why!!! Controlled leak?

  224. Inkers,

    Looks like an excellent start. Here’s hoping that it will soon have some of these features.

    1) Ability to choose the ‘canvas’. So, the background color (bright white vs. ivory) as well as texture — canvas, newsprint, water color paper etc.

    2) Ability to choose type of paint. Opacity is fine, but perhaps you can improve things to the point where the common types of paint (oil, water color, acrylic, guache) are represented, together with an advanced ability to fine-tune their look. It will be great to able to create new types of paint or even types not commonly found: the flat look of vegetable dyes for murals, e.g. which will actually work with PQ’s muted colors.

    3) Multiplicity of instruments: brushes for each kind of paint, knife, spray, etc.

    4) Pressure sensitivity: so, the harder you press, the flatter the brush stroke and the more the imprint of the bristles on the paint laid down.

    5) Blending vs. Dry mode: in dry mode, the paint strokes are overlaid. In the blend mode, the paint commingles with what’s already on canvas, with variable wetness.

    6) Color bit depth: so that the possibility of shades are very large. This is limited by Pixel Qi, but all is not lost, as I shall explain later.

    7) Ability to vary the amount of paint applied. Oil painters love to use ‘impasto’ — basically, laying it on thick. With shadows, it can be made to look thickly applied, whereas some water colorists I know wet the paper thoroughly before they start painting for a more washed look.

    8) I am not a huge fan of ‘metallic’ looks to the hue, but others might fancy these. Kids love it.

    9) Ability to zoom and paint, so that there is very little constraint on detail.

    10) Ability to convert to JPG or Adobe intermediate forms for post-processing in Photoshop.

    11) Ability to print from Adam directly.

    Where Adam might actually have a real competitive advantage via its Pixel Qi screen is, of course, sketching and painting outdoors in the sun (until you go mad like van Gogh at Arles). Here, your competitive advantage, I think, is the ability to use PQ’s mono-chrome or color hinting, plus the high horizontal resolution, to employ a very muted, but complete palette for crayon sketches. I have in mind something like the palette offered by Conte sketching crayons, which was the sketching crayon of choice for Picasso, Degas and others, the basic ones being white, black, sanguine and bistre.
    This seems doable, and will set you apart. No other computing device lets you sketch a landscape in bright sunshine, remember, and the look and feel of Conte will get artists all over the world buying Adam. I know. I used to fancy myself an artist in my misspent youth.

    Again, with PQ: charcoal sketching, which was my medium of choice, on newspaper. The combination offers a certain friction of stick on paper that some of us love. The resolution of PQ should offer the slight randomness of line that comes with use of charcoal, and the matter to be solved is the statistical distribution of black across a stroke. Its monochrome, so its perfect for PQ. If you solve how to use the touch screen to give the tactile sensation of charcoal on newsprint (not any paper will do!), not with feedback, but with just the right response: slightly lagged, sometimes incomplete, you would have achieved a great thing in digital sketching.

    Well, I have taken up too much space. If I had more time, I could have written a shorter post, etc.,

  225. I love what the canvas app can do.
    I would urge the NI team to tie up with SumoPaint folks. It is a flash air based paint /photo editing software. If NI can team up with them to allow saving of file through Eden interface, this could be a seriously appealing reason for many to buy an Adam, not that its not already.
    Check it out at “”.
    While you are there check out some of my work too (link in next post)
    Fellow bloggers what’s your opinion of having sumo paint on Adam?

  226. I don’t think in that case a tablet fits the description of a productivity device. Tablet falls in a category where you want to so small tasks but still remain portable. For productivity, one should explore sixth sense devices or the future would be cloud systems (like Sun Rays).

  227. Forgot one item: ability to import a photograph, reduce it to contour lines, etc, so you can paint on this ‘trace’. Heck, this is how Norman Rockwell did his work!


    I’ve been thinking about the features of an active digitizer that could potentially be achieved via a simplified 3rd party proprietary product.

    I’m thinking of a capacitive pen like device with a pressure sensitive nib, containing 2 small contact points 1mm apart (possibly connected via USB).Β 

    The capacitive screen could detect where the 2 contact points in the nib connect and hover the cursor in that location.

    Then the software could detect when the user wanted to interact with the item currently hovered over, by adding additional pressure and depressing the nib.

    When implementing this functionality in a drawling application the software could detect the alignment of the 2 contact points in the nib to:
    * identify where the nib of the pen is connecting (not hands, fingers, etc.)
    *Β identify the rotation of the pen to enable thick and thin sections of the same stroke (like writing with a stubbed fountain pen).

    The pressure sensitivity could then enable lighter/stronger strokes.

    Does any one know of a product like this available on any platform? If not I’m sure there are a few developers on this forum who could would be capable of such development.

    Interested in your thoughts?

  229. I don’t get angry that often. But I have to admit that I’m kind of upset right now…

    This guy (WebStek Van Gunst) should be ashamed of himself!!!

    He is trusted to maintain confidentiality as an EAP participant and he goes and publishes unboxing photos on the internet.

    I hope the heck he does not show anymore until after Notion Ink’s official revealing.

    Hey WebStek Van Gunst, whoever you are. I’d say you owe Rohan, Notion Ink, and everyone else a big apology. You should send your Adam back right away. There is not excuse for violating trust! I hope Notion Ink remotely wipes your Adam as son as they see this.


  230. @Greg,

    I think it might have been an intentional leak with NI’s blessing as this is the only blog post of Van Dusnt which is in English. The rest are in Dutch. Also, the pics seem to be intentionally blurry.

    See mine, lxt11 and Jared’s discussion a little while earlier.

  231. I’m not sure if this is a violation it shows that the adam is in the hands of the EAP and that is great I think as long as he does not show any more the photo’s were nothing that has not beed seen except for part of the boot screen

  232. According to the Confidentiality agreements this guy should not be tweeting about this even if his account is set to private. He apparently didnt take too many precautions and wanted to brag to all of his friends without letting everyone else know about it… oops! Cats out of the bag and this is a breach. Nothing can really be done about it now unless they force him to recall it. He deliberately broke contract by posting comments about it on his blog even if it is set to private.

    this is exactly why everything to be said in confidence between friends or others should be said in person… not blogged about or sent in an e-mail. Once in writing you can’t dispute it πŸ˜‰

  233. I wouldn’t be surprised if we started to see some youtube video’s from developers wanting to become famous and sell their apps for s pretty penny to an exclusive market.

  234. So what if it was unintentional…

    He did not exercise due diligence in protecting the images from the publics view (Who is stupid enough to put images on the internet and believe no one will see them..

    It is s direct violation of the EAP agreement. I hope Notion Ink remotely wipes his Adam and makes him send it back ASAP.

    …Sorry for the rant. I’m obviously upset that this guy violated trust extended to him by Roahan and Notion Ink.

  235. i have been thinking. we have a tablet called adam and a gui named eden. So where is eve???? maybe the mystery feature? is that simply going to be the name of the second tablet notionink makes??? just some food for thought. now talk amongst yourselves lol.

  236. I understand how showing it brings further validity to Adam’s existence and legitimacy.

    But EAP participants are trusted to protect Adam from public view and are not toe reveal anything. Unintentional or not. If it was unintentional , he still violated the EAP agreement because he did not exercise due diligence…

    He posted images on the internet. What was he thinking? That the internet is safe and no one will find them? I’m not buying it.

  237. I agree, this is good news for Notion Ink. Notion should take all the publicity and moreover it helps establishing credibility. Hopefully we would not see any more articles about Adam being a vaporware from folks like @johnbiggs.
    Also strongly think that NI should start accepting orders before CES2011, only thing which stopped me from ordering earlier was FCC certificate and I am hoping that we would hearing about same shortly(May be Christmas post πŸ™‚ )

  238. @Greg,
    If it was without NI’s blessing, then he sure deserves what’s coming to him. But NI just might be leaking blurry pics like some other companies to show to the world that Devs have ADAM in their hands.

  239. He has already paid NI for the device, if NI tries to brick that device then as per European laws, NI can be sued and sale of device can be banned in Europe as they tried to sell a device which is not yet CE certified. It is a lose lose situation for NI.

  240. 99% of NDA can be challenged in any court in US and Europe. They are useless. They are followed to maintain the trust.

  241. @Ash,

    Devices have not yet been SOLD to the devs. They have been loaned. When it clears FCC, then ownership can be transferred. This is standard practice. Even your fav apple indulges in it.

  242. Rohan kind of anticipated this would happen. And this was probably a guiding factor on deciding to release videos. Hopefully, they won’t release the mystery feature or any other information that Rohan is trying to hide until CES.

  243. @Ash,

    Challenging of NDA’s depends on the state. Cannot be done in every state of the USA.

  244. @marcdimmick really appreciate your efforts to educate the fellow mates regarding quotes πŸ™‚

  245. Devs don’t own the device, it’s only licenced to them and that’s why wire transfer was used. They are legally obligated to abide by the licencing agreement.
    Read the old blog posts before TROLLING.

  246. I think the EAP agreement includes a clause that allows remotely wiping the device for violating the EAP agreement. Like Ash said, the device is still Notion Ink’s until after EAP ends and ownership is transfered to the EAP participant. So NI could legally wipe the device, force him to send it back, and just refund his money (though I’m not sure that they would even have to do the refund since he violated the agreement).

    With all that said, I’m not out for blood. But I am upset. This is exactly what the investors were concerned about. What if they decide to tighten the reins even more now and cause further set backs. I really hope that does not happen.

    Sure, we are all excited to see the unboxing photos. But what about any negative impact that might come because of this guy’s actions? Not that it would happen, but hypothetically if everyone had to wait longer to get their Adams because of what he did and investor reactions, how would you feel then?

  247. I have dealt with NDAs in my life. Writing on a blog does not mean that it applies in actual world. Rohan is also aware of this. In Apple’s case, people who leaked iPad information were not booked for violating NDAs but for insider trading (making profit out of that information) and that too by SEC.

  248. @Greg,

    I’m sure the possibility of some Dev leaking pics like this must have been considered before shipping the devices.

  249. @ )oe(
    @ blog members
    @ all at NI

    That was a very well worded messagefrom )oe( conveying what many of us will soon feel. Wish the adam was here sooner – and in bigger numbers – off the shelf, rather than just “made-to-order”.

    But as )oe( has said, “thanks for the nice time you give us” , I too, would like to wish all a very joyful Christmas.


  250. @Dev

    You can use the term inkers all you want but no one is giving it any credibility.

    It gives the impression of the dirty old printing business in the 1930’s.
    How would l know that, because l worked in it.

  251. My understanding of the EAP was that it was a confidential exercise. It should be completely and utterly in the hands of Notion Ink when and where they reveal images and videos and information regarding adam.

    You might recall that a few people were kicked out even for revealing that they were in the program and there were many people who wanted to be. It is such a shame that one of the (relatively) few people that made it into the program and was trusted by NI and must have signed some sort of confidentiality agreement went ahead and released photos.

    Sure it proves adam is real, but that’s what the video’s from Rohan are supposed to do.

    This guy is just dodgy!

  252. I have always preferred the larger bezel. to me it frames the screen well. Also gives you more room for fingers without having them on the screen.

  253. there are tethering apps out there if it does not come with it already. I would be surprised if you cant tether or MIFI from adam to other devices

  254. You don’t have to have a contract if you just want data service on a tablet. At least that’s what AT&T told me. (2MB for $25.00 monthly)

  255. More likely. Should support the US Major providers.
    Why not At&t?
    hmm i wonder if tether will deprive it performance over just inserting Sim card?

  256. Fingers crossed that Rohan sprung a surprise and we all get our Adams today. *wistful thinking*

  257. Try this link.



  258. Yes. I own an ipad and feel its bezel for my hands. But, for a person with big hands, it would be a squeeze. I think adam’s bezel is better in that respect.

  259. I agree it was not right to show the un boxing images. They sure didn’t show much though……

    Give me CES I want to see great images of Adam…..Better yet I want to hear the knock of the dhl delivery man at my door!!

  260. Two questions that are very important to me: 1. Can it dual boot any other operating systems? 2. Would i be able to sync my ipod touch to it?

  261. Ok, so this Phone app has been bugging me and I just finished downloading the app “Google Voice” This is an app that allows you to use google’s Calling program to call any phone in the US for free and call internationally for a very low rate by just using data and you can be assigned a number that will ring your computer/tablet/phone/ etc what ever your e-mail account is logged into. If the Adam does not actually place calls through the SIM card it will be able to through this app.

    Many carriers have tried to block this app. E.G= Itunes didnt allow it until recently and the new law passed in congress regarding the internet makes it illegal for carriers to ban this app. So instead of using your minutes, you can just pay for a data plan and use the bandwidth as your phone. No need for minutes or a phone contract or texting plans. This app allows you to send and receive text messages as well as send and receive calls completely FREE… I think this is the phone app showed on the sniffer preview because it is using the exact same logo.

  262. oops, little premature, this actually is voice mail but i think there is one that is phone… same logo either way, from google

  263. If you put any other operating system on it it will void the warranty. Nothing has been said about being able to boot from a usb stick. You can’t sync to your ipod touch since Itunes isn’t available for android.

  264. With so many comments related to SD and SDHC cards, thought of posting this link which elaborately explains the difference between them and difference between different class(2,,4,6,10). Courtesy :Sandisk website


  265. *rolls eyes*

    That is exactly what I did when I read this post (after reading a few above). I don’t believe for a second that you wouldn’t have shown your children (after all the times you’ve posted about what little fans they’ve become), wife, and/or best friend your Adam had you been a programmer accepted into the EAP program.

    The guy didn’t make them public on purpose. He was probably excited and posted a few pics (that show nothing) on his private account for a relative or good friend to see. They (and we) hardly saw anything, and you know very well that you’d have shown more of it to the ppl in your household than he unintentionally showed to us in these pics.

    Who are you, Greg, to judge him? You know… glass houses, stones and all that. It’s up to Rohan and NI to determine if his breach was severe enough to “punish” him, not you. I’d bet that most ppl are only sorry that if he was going to be so stupid, he could have at least posted better pics=p

    Your indignancy is a bit over the top. Where’s your torch and pitchfork hiding?

    (lol maybe if he sends his back, you’ll get yours sooner?)

  266. Can we add voice to a painted page and make kind of a slide-show with multiple pages? That would be awesome!

  267. This just keeps getting worse! After doing some more “research” on the topic I was able to find more indepth leaks!

    Jokes aside, is it still even a “leak” when all of the info given out has not only already been given out, but given out in much better detail? He didn’t get go in depth on any apps, he didn’t go and demonstrate anything on the tablet. FFS he barely showed the darn thing on! It was just a flat and simple “it really is in the hands of EAP” which only confirms what Rohan has already said.

    Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill. If you’re really worried about it, send an email to notion ink and be done with it. Honestly making such a big deal about it here just directs more traffic to the oh so devastating “leak”.

    Anybody posting the link to the “leak” is just as “bad” as him, but I don’t see a pitch fork being waved at those spreading it. πŸ˜‰

  268. @Civil

    his just keeps getting worse! After doing some more β€œresearch” on the topic I was able to find more indepth leaks!

    Then in the same post you say:

    Anybody posting the link to the β€œleak” is just as β€œbad” as him, but I don’t see a pitch fork being waved at those spreading it.

    Simply awesome πŸ™‚

  269. @civil these pics were posted by ROhan Only in some of the post . Because I have seen this keyboard pics long long time ago. Check again.

  270. You donΒ΄t seriously think, that this will be the unboxing-experience of the final product, do you? NI may has defenitely thought of some nice packaging…
    maybe like a pop-up-element of the “garden Eden scene” depicted in the Bible.
    So you go straight forward to buying Adam 2 / EVE πŸ™‚
    I have been wondering all along how an obviously Indian company will draw the comparison to these elements of Christian belief.

  271. It’s only any good if the big textbook publishers adopt it and are willing to provide material in digital form. So far, not so very good. But, nice looking tablet. I’d be interested to see what it does in the real world. πŸ™‚

  272. adam unboxing photos


  273. @ Paul Schoe said, on December 23, 2010 at 23:54

    > By the way: what name do you have in summer

    “Hot” summer nights ?


  274. @ DarkWinterNights said, on December 24, 2010 at 12:18

    > I live in Canada, so it’s a name I use year-round

    As your friendly neighbor, I offer my condolences ;-).

  275. A recent video got me thinking: how well does it background multitask? I saw that the current way to handle multitasking is to pause stuff that’s currently not in view, but if I’m playing music in the background I’d like that music to continually play while I’m doing other tasks like GPS. And of course, it would be nice to know if GPS can interrupt the music with a ding and the next navigational point.

  276. you don’t has to pause stuff as if it has enough processor cores to handle each task

  277. I don’t think it will have the android market meaning you can not download these apps.

  278. Just found a market place that can be downloaded to any android device, it will probably not have as many apps as the actual android market place but if you can make panels out of the apps that are downloadable it will make this tablet awesome.

    “” though visit it from an android device to actually get access to the market.

  279. actually you will need to download the market to you usb and then move it over to the tablet but it is still a market place.

  280. Exactly the idea behind dual booting. Being able to not just use this as a mobile device, but also as an extension if things that my iPod can’t do (read sd cards, accept USB input, etc.) makes it even more valuable to me. I will still be getting this If it can’t, but that would just make it all the better.

  281. It’s only good if publishers make it so? Really? What if someone wants to use as, oh I don’t know, a tablet? Instead of an e-reader?

    The kno focused entirely on publishers, and it doesn’t seem to be as well-rounded as Adam, there are some things the kno just can’t do.

    The Adam is very good looking, for something that’s not released. And that has nothing to do with some greedy publisher. It is because Rohan devoted several years of his life to a vision. It doesn’t a publisher to “approve” it before it can be called “good.”

  282. @Desperate – nothing much, just sharing competitor info…and what all is up CES 2011’s sleeve along with NI!

  283. This is not a forum, this is the Notion Ink Blog.
    Please let’s stay focussed on NI and Adam here.

    Merry X-mas to you!

  284. Let’s hope Rohan + Team will post the next vid in time today, before they go to X-mas dinner.
    And that they will keep up posting tomorrow.

  285. Hey Greg, Long back i felt it will be really difficult to keep confidentiality for NI. The media and few flocks are so publicity hungry the don’t even have ethics or principle. If you observe those people they are basically looser in life and creating this kind of sensation they try to come into lime light. NI should take immediate legal action whoever is behind it.

  286. Rohan said a while ago that Adam will be able to run other OSs, so you could theoretically put Windows or some other shite on it if you felt the need to, although most iPods will work with other media players than iTunes. Which model do you have?

  287. @Biswajit you know nothing about the guy(the one who apparently seems that unintentionally posted them on yfrog) to label him *looser* in life. And neither do we. So instead of name calling better wait for clarification in what circumstances pics were leaked.
    From the circumstances that have come across till now it seems that it was a silly mistake mixed with euphoria to showcase adam pics to his twitter friends and not to general public as such.Otherwise there was no need to protect his tweets.If he really wanted to come in limelight there were no reasons for him make his tweets private.It’s NI to decide whether to take a legal action or not but alteast at our we should not indulge in this labeling game.

  288. @Himanshu(Its nice to see old PAL do recognize us), You are right if it is silly on his part, meant to those who intentionally leak stuff. An EAP participant should be mature enough to understand the complication of such activity. May be he wanted to show off his friends that he got ADAM before us but why??
    For everybody out here including me i like to quote from Sri Sri Ravi shankar “Responsibility is equal to Power”
    We really need to be more responsible.

  289. No, you can’t put Windows on Adam (what a luck! Who needs that shit?) as it doesn’t support ARM processors. But MS will probably announce a light version of Windows 7 or 8 at CES capable of running on ARM machines.

  290. Very well said dev,
    it would bring great Improvement in this application.

    Can we a suggestion like this for every application?


  291. They might have had the Diwali celebration on nov 5 and skip X-mass altogether. I’ll be checking the site during X-mass.

  292. I liked the post. What are we supposed to do bury our heads in the sand? One of the main reasons why I read nearly every post here is for the links. Thousands can search better than one.

    ………………………….Tom C

  293. Looks to me like an Apple sort of advertisement – which are brilliant, mind you. I think some background music and someone talking with a more professional video and people would think it was an ipad. The ap looks intuitive. Great stuff NI!

  294. Reading the comments in bright sun at the pool in Morocco, on the Pixel QI screen of my OLPC XO… And already looking forward to today’s video! Congratulations and many thanks to Rohan and the team.

  295. @ash

    read your reply just now. You are amusing. For a moment I thought you are more “geek and techie”. But how you prove me wrong! πŸ˜‰

    Your definition of tablet really tells me how much your mind is warped by iPad (or likes).
    Please go through the history of tablets – the original market was for enterprise use, and off course were successful in the enterprise segment. Apple got lucky to introduce their device in time with maturation of mobile processors and related mobile technology (the battery life and processing power were the biggest limitations).

    The failure of OS side was also a biggest limitation. Windows failed miserably (ever tried HP tablet running win XP WITH stylus support?).

    The success of smartphones really pushed the mobile technology much faster. So now we are reaping the technology fallout of that – smartphones will evolve to more “tablet like now!

    And buddy “tablet” is not the UMPC. The future is – even an evolved definition of “tablet”. You should realised you are in the brink of a change where your standard desktop/ PC environment is going to phase out!. (ta ta windows….. and malwares..)

    Read about how a mature network of connectivity (?1Gbits/sec bandwith for personal use) supplemented with cloud computing works- hell you will need only a net device/ thin client to do even supercomputing task!!!! (what is the excitement for LTE/wimax all about?)

    Are you still in dark what NI and Eden is all about? – its the first step in giving you all your computing needs in a device, which will be a personal accompaniment, a device which will adapt to you not vice versa, a device which will make you more concern with your productivity than the limitation of it.

    So you thought “tablet” is for small task. What you seeing in the fist video? all those task running simultaneously? (which you thought not possible in a tablet). Now think of the near future with TEGRA 3 with four cores ………..what do you think? You thought photoshop wont run, right? Okay multithread the program, parrallel processing… remove the bloatware, single instance of loading of required filter (less memory need) with a SSD 500 gb (200mb/s transfer)
    ?huh ?huh

    if still in the dark then I surrender. You may be not excited for a different reason.

  296. @Bruce
    Looks like you haven’t read my comment. The future is not a tablet, it would be either a sixth sense device or a small card that can be plugged anywhere to access a computer from anywhere.
    Companies use the tablets to read emails, surf web and to run other small enterprise applications. They don’t use it to prepare documents, sales report, demo or to run heavy duty enterprise applications. Carrying a 10″ device all the time is lame and inconvenient. In my workplace, we use tablets as well as the most portable device, the size of a credit card, sun ray session card which is better than carrying a 10″ device.

  297. @ash

    the future is “an evolved tablet”. The sixth sense technology is supplementary.

    Think of foldable displays, increased mobile processing, increased network bandwith.

    Hey buddy if you want more “holographic display”. Dont limit the definition of “tablet” to a 10″ form factor. (I know the debate is on which is the best)

    50 years down the line we may have a “tablet” as a cerebral implant!!!!!

  298. @bruce
    The initial discussion is about a 10″ device. A tablet is a tablet. The cerebral implant is not a “tablet”. I think you are obsessed with word tablet and want to call anything a tablet.

  299. I’m so glad to see that NI has the striptease right this time each turn and twist reveal just a little more. you can feel the excitement building to the point of no return. Just when you think it could not get any better it does. this is the way to launch a product on a small budget.

  300. @ash

    “”. This can help you.
    But keep in mind, this article is just the tip of the iceberg. Think “tablet” in an abstract form synonymous with “PC with advanced natural inouts”

  301. What do you do if the pre order page will never open for you. It just goes blank and never opens up for me.

  302. Chances Rohan celebrates Christmas is slim considering less than 3% of the Indian population is Christian. 81.5 practice Hinduism.


    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

  303. when entering your order number, are you using lower case “nio” ? if so, change them to capitals = “NIO” and try that… if you’re still having problems after that, let NI pre-order support know.

  304. Naming the device Adam, the UI Eden and the development environment Genesis makes it more probable the he might be christian…

  305. Rohan said that any APK file placed on the USB, SD or downlaoded will be attempted to install. They are not locking it to a marketplace. the google phone app is free and open to anyone if you can find it. I am looking right now because I think this is what was seen in the video

  306. In case you didn’t see…I believe the bloggers pictures have been taken down. Rohan must have given him the Jimmy Superfly Snooka!

    That being said, many other blogs picked up the pics and posted them.

  307. Good Point, but his last name makes me think otherwise. Then again…this all means nothing. I should not have even brought it up.

    Shravan (or Shravanam, Sravan, or Sravanam) is a Sanskrit word which literally means ‘listening’.

    In Hinduism

    * Shravanam is one of the nine most important angas of bhakti.

  308. no man…Indians respect and loves all religious figures and stories. An inscription on the walls Taj Mahal is from The Bible, didn’t make the King Shahjehan a christian.

  309. In a metropolis like Bangalore, they may have Christmas celebrations!
    India is a very secular country, despite of the majority of population being Hindus.

    As a proud Indian I can say, that in the last elections, India brought in to power a party led by a roman catholic lady, who proceeded to nominate a Sikh person as prime minister, who was in turn sworn into office by a Muslim president, in a country overwhelmingly populated by Hindu!
    Talk about soft power!!!

  310. I am not a Christian and I live in the west, but we do celebrate Christmas, especially the part wherein we put up a Christmas tree with basic decorations and put up the presents under the tree. We don’t go to the midnight mass though, like many other “Christians” I know.

    IMO you don’t need to be Christian to celebrate Christmas and a Hindu to celebrate Holi and Diwali (widely known in the west). They are universal festivals.

    Coming to the naming of adam, Eden, and Genesis, it is only natural because majority of the buyers outside India can relate to those names :). If you name the tablet as Swayambhav Manu (first man as per Hindu texts), it would raise a furore in India and half the world wouldn’t know what the heck the name means and probably wouldn’t bother to give it a glance.

  311. +1 embracing different cultures and religions and celebrating festivals together is one of the virtues that Indians can easily proud of πŸ™‚

  312. Thank You for your quick response, I deleted my bookmark and started over making sure to us Caps for NIO and it worked. Thanks again, hope I used the right MHz πŸ™‚

  313. +1 and lolzz for the last para Swayambhav Manu… though these days Indian government is really coming with very good Hindi Name like Aadhar,Sabla :). And if a product is good Consumers will definitely related with the name for sure be it in any language :).

  314. Good article in general. Specifically when it gives credit to Rohan for his tenacity/consistency.
    But I would have liked to see a reference to how Rohan has been able to deal with problems. For example, how he went about to defend his company against potentially damaging articles. He picked some blogger and dealt with them in a honest, professional way. He even went to their sites, and stated his position. That I call having guts, and also caring for his followers here who resented the treatments NI was being given by biased individuals. Another issue was what some out there call a ‘fiasco’, referring to the preorder process, specifically the banks failure to address this issue (banks are an institution which buys and sells assets (money), and it is in their interests to look beyond the obvious to take care of their costumers. We know, from all the testaments in this blog, that the banks were acting out of fear, but also were tied up by their providers (creditors). It was not only NI’s fault. It was the banks and their creditors problem too. It was a normal process, part of any start up (in this case international companies). I missed the preorder because of these problems, and went back and forth to solve the problems (other bloggers here did the same, and were successful, unlike me!). When I finally went through the bureaucracy, it was too late. Should I have blamed NI for their “incompetence”? That was the easy, lazy choice. There was no incompetence here (I’m sure some of the readers here can identify with this position) . It was a case of inexperience, maybe (I repeat, maybe). But mainly it was a learning experience for NI-Rohan, and most of all for all the readers of this blog. This experience has been an everyday instance here. But it proved how important it is to have an idea, a vision. And this, the vision, was not payed attention to by some. Part of this vision is the idea of changing the environment. And we have seen in front of our own eyes how this vision has already produced amazing results (I see this blog here as an example).
    The process NI has gone through has been very fruitful, in my opinion. The success after January 9 will depend on many coordinates and circumstances. But one coordinate that we don’t have to worry about is Rohan’s maturity level, and his willingness to learn.
    But the article shows a change in their view of NI. And I personally applaud their stance.

    The comparison with Steve Jacobs is troublesome. Mr.Jacobs has been in the business for almost 50 years. If he didn’t learn, well, that would a case of concern. And, most important, Mr. Jacobs came out of a total different environment. In fact, he helped develop the same environment we are trying to change. And take note that Rohan has referred to MR. Jacobs with respect, a sign of his incredible vision.

    Sorry for the long post!!

  315. It’s time to start preparing X-mas dinner in Europe.
    Come on guys, let’s play with the next video first, pretty please?

  316. This is wrong. You allow the use of a device if it is for testing or development of internal software that (key word here) May be included with the device.

  317. My CC e-statement this morning shows a charge of USD 599.
    Surprising as this was not showing the last time I checked. May be they have started shipping πŸ™‚

  318. One more excellent feature of Google Voice is the audio messaging… If someone calls any of your connected phone numbers, you can receive the audio version of the recorded message and a (usually hilarious) text transcription sent via email. VERY useful if you are traveling or don’t want to use expensive roaming minutes. It has some nice nuances, for example, if the person speaks clearly and leaves a phone number, you simple click the highlighted number to dial it.

  319. Rohan – the unboxing is going to get back lash as with the way it was packed. (we know that this was a Dev unit but that will not matter to many out there). You need to be ready to respond or have your own unboxing video ready.

  320. found link for non marketplace download of google voice APK file “” This is an unofficial source as you can tell but it works the same. For more info check out “” I am 99% sure this is what Rohan is using to make phone calls with the Adam. As long as you have a data connection from Wifi, or 3g, you have ability to make “free” phone calls and texts to any phone in the US and a small international fee outside US. I just installed this on my galaxy S phone and I am going to turn off my text message service and save some cash!

  321. In this context of it being a family name – it could also be the “Shravan” month, the 5th month in Indian calendar year.
    Here are the Indian months for reference πŸ™‚

    1 Chaitra
    2 Vaishakha
    3 Jyestha
    4 Ashadha.
    5 Shravana
    6 Bhadrapada
    7 Ashwin
    8 Kartik
    9 Margashirsha
    10 Pausha
    11 Magha
    12 Phalguna

    Information courtesy :: “”

  322. @someone(???) & billreyb1967

    Thanks for the tips, will look at the market if NI doesn’t come with a native option.
    Missed the previous discussion on that 😦

  323. I wouldn’t sweat…It has been stated that the box that adam ships in will also double up as a stand for the device. Looking at the pictures, it is certainly not it!!
    So when the unboxing video from a review site comes up, we will see the real thing.
    This was either an unethical developer breaching the code of trust, or an example of controlled leak.
    Haven’t you seen how the auto magazines “leak” test drive shots of the latest cars in development? It is more often that not, hidden in ugly white wrapping to not give away too much information…

  324. I have been critical of Rohan, but not dismissive. I’m an older gentleman with expertise in technology development, and Rohan while he is hitting ALL the landmines typical of a new product development and release, he is weathering them. Could he have executed things better, of course, but this is his first time and he has ZERO lessons learned going into this, he is now building his portfolio of lessons learned…and there will be plenty more to come. Eventually Rohan will take on more experienced partners (thats typical) who will have positive influence over the path forward with adam…but they will also try to change Rohan, and this will be the real test..he must stick to HIS vision, not adopting their vision, but rather adopt THEIR long tested processes. This will be the the MOST IMPORTANT thing coming for Rohan, if he holds true to HIS vision he will succeed…he will. And…so will we, his customer base.

    So Rohan, the critical comments are meant to DRIVE you, to get you to look and re-look at what you have done, how you have done it, and why you will change it…so far I see a man who really thinks about what he has done, and is unafraid to say…”hey that way was no good, let me try another approach”…this is why I believe you will succeed.

  325. I wouldn’t sweat…It has been stated that the box that adam ships in will also double up as a stand for the device. Looking at the pictures, it is certainly not it!!
    So when the unboxing video from a review site comes up, we will see the real thing.
    This was either an unethical developer breaching the code of trust, or an example of controlled leak.
    Haven’t you seen how the auto magazines “leak” test drive shots of the latest cars in development? It is more often than not, hidden in ugly white wrapping to not give away too much information…

  326. India run by an Italian lady with a rubber stamp Prime minister who is not even elected. Come on,we should be ashamed of ourself…but we have colonial(slave) mentality.

  327. hi GIJoe
    do you mean bank took money today?( in my case my bank kept money in favour of ccavenue so far. it had not reflected in my account transaction till..)


  328. May be Rohan is sringing a surprise for all of us who preordered to have the Adam in our hands for the official launch (Wishful thinking !!)

  329. Not commenting on that narrow view especially in this forum, as this is the wrong place and time!

  330. +1 . How can this be related to colonial mentality??? But correct this is not the forum to discuss.

  331. @Rama Maganti
    Bear in mind that Adam, Eden, and Genesis refer to beginning, which Rohan has emphasized as a new vision in technology (The Adam as convergence, etc).

  332. @Rama Maganti said:
    “you don’t need to be Christian to celebrate Christmas and a Hindu…”
    Agree again.
    Agree. NI is about convergence, an idea beyond boundaries. So, it doesn’t matter wheather Rohan is of Hindu or Christian faith (or any other set of believes). He is thinking globally, inclusively, not exclusivelly.

  333. + Very true, I stay in india and am not a christian, yet just got back from the church.
    Went there on Christmas eve as i always do.

    Doesnt look like it, but india is one of the most secular countries on Earth.

  334. Re Photography again, and Adam as an external monitor for DSLRs. Just found this patent news.


    The patent refers to NFC, but Adam can make use of the HDMI connection which it has and which most higher-end DSLRs also have these days. But, the possibilities for photography in the field are great.

  335. @Himanshu
    Agree 100% with your statement. To add more to your idea, take my case as an example.
    I’m not of Hindi faith, but respect it nevertheless. I go to my Indian friends houses, and celebrate with them (they are from very different part of India, and even talk different languages.) I have a snack with them, talk to them about their tradition. My kids are close friends with their kids. In all, they are very open and friendly about it. Like wise, I invited them to one of my kids Bartmizvat (we are a cultural mixed family), and they all went, and they had a lot of fun too. This kind of exchange happens a lot in the real world.

    Perhaps to think in post colonial terms, we have to think beyond boundaries. Maybe think in terms of respecting the other, whoever, and what ever it might be.

  336. Hey guys… So do you really you think it is okay to breach the EAP contact? It sounds like that is what you are saying when you justify his actions.

    I’m not trying to compare what he did with some terrible crime and don’t think what he did warrants criminal punishment (no torch and pitchfork in my hand), especially if it was simple foolishness and neglect on his part.

    We can only speculate on why he did it and if it was intentional or not. But I’m pretty sure the EAP agreement does not say it is okay as long as it is done unintentionally.

    If your house gets broken into and someone steals your Adam and posts photos of it, that’s one thing; but it is quite another thing to upload photos to the internet.

    Anyway, keep in mind that this is only my opinion. You have a right to your opinion too.

    And I’m simply saying that I feel what he did was wrong. It was a breach of the EAP agreement, and if Notion Ink decides to take action, then I support it.

    And if the EAP agreement says that Notion Ink can remotely wipe his Adam and force him to send it back, the so be it. He read the agreement and new the consequences.

    And if there are no problems caused by him posting the photos and Notion Ink decides it is no big deal and lets it slide, then I’m okay with that too.

    It’s not my decision to be made. I never said it was my decision. But I do have an opinion about it, just like you do. Though our opinions are obviously somewhat different. And that is just fine with me… πŸ™‚

    Sorry, I did not mean to stir up contention. In hindsight, I should have not commented until after I cooled off a little.

  337. Processor cores has nothing to do with it. I can multitask on my droid eris just fine. It has just one core. For those that don’t know, the droid eris is an android phone. And, indeed, you can have music playing and the GPS will alert you to the next turn. I got a voice call while using the GPS. The GPS was still giving me directions while talked on the phone.

  338. Ah, good to know. πŸ˜€ I use GPS a lot, and I’m constantly having to turn off my mp3 player when close to my destination so I can hear all the directions. It’ll be nice to have one device that handles both appropriately.

  339. Sorry name for a big company in Taiwan. Pegasus — where the name came from makes more sense. And the way it’s pronounced sounds like saying Jesus in Spanish.

  340. @elmelao

    I buy into your argument behind Rohan naming the product, its UI and its Market Place. Rohan mentioned in an interview or in an earlier post that people from 96 countries have pre-ordered, which proves that there is this convergence of an idea that transcends beyond boundaries. Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year.

  341. thanks for feeling like me. lets me feel under
    stood. strange actually what is happening in this blog.

  342. I wasn’t referring to windows. I was thinking some form of linux and I have an ipod touch

  343. All of the links I gave were of pictures Rohan gave out. They were far more in depth and gave all of the info+some when compared to the “disastrous leaks”.

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