Introducing Eden – III

Hello All,

Here we are with your 3rd video. We will cover Sniffer here and show how it handles files. It’s a simple but very important Application which is required by any power user. Android by default does not come with any file browser. All applications which we have designed works in sync with Sniffer. One of the important features of Sniffer is its ability to read through USB and MicroSD card faster, linking files to the corresponding application with which you can open it, preview of music and video files (Office formats and PDF integration coming soon in next update).

Here is the video:

(Wait for YouTube to update)

(Those who had questions on “where is my 2 GB while looking at the Adam Memory, the answer is, what you don’t see is the memory assigned for your application installation. Right now its 2GB and can be changed. This is done so you don’t have to face issues like “de-fragmented memory for installation”.)

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  2. The Below is the latest article that pops up when you google the Adam Tablet.

    “India’s iPad challenger sold out, but creates controversy too!”

    It’s so controversial it completely sold out. Boy is really seems that there are people out there that want the Adam Tablet to fail.

  3. Click “Watch it on YouTube” toward the bottom right corner to the left of the full screen icon.

  4. Click β€œWatch it on YouTube” toward the bottom right corner to the left of the full screen icon.

  5. Thank you for this note!!
    I was wondering what in the world happened to NI to be moderating me for the past 6 days!!!

  6. Wow ! Looks awesome !

    Rohan, is in Sniffer option to Install app into SD Card and Move installed app to SD Card like in other androids ?


  7. Showcasing each application everyday do seem to have its merits. So far, I can see how Sniffer would go along with Mail’d and make the learning curve much smoother.

    Kudos to NI for making the UI possible.

  8. Hi, this is Greg.
    I’m sorry I’m not here right now.
    I’m Busy watching the new Adam video posted by Rohan on his blog.
    Please leave a message after the beep and I’ll get back with you as soon as I can.
    Thanks. And have a great day!


  9. wow it wors very goooood!!
    I think that.. if you are using just 2 panels of 3.. why not adjust those panels to the whole screen?? and if a new panel is nedded.. i would just be added automatically!

    and what happens if we turn the device?? there are no videos turning the device.. dont forget to upload some please!!!! =D
    thank you Rohan!

  10. Love the ability to open applications from Sniffer. That is awesome…
    Also the concept of copy and paste, although in my dreams it was always like this..
    Press for 2 seconds on an object and then drag it to the destination folder.
    When you release your finger in the destination folder, you get an option to Cut or Copy.
    But I can do little more than dream πŸ™‚

    Hats of to team NI on yet another useful video.
    Also, the quality of this video is way better than the first three.


  11. Thanks for the information on the 2-somethingGB of “missing” space. I think this was a question many were wondering about after the last video…

    Great stuff!

  12. ha ha ha haa playlist adirindi boss (LOVE the playlist),

    SNIFFER brings PC or Netbook functionality and more to a tablet gr8. Only today I was having discussion about Sniffer with my colleagues with out knowing much abt it but now I am happy to know that it not only “sniff’s” but also adds more skills to its its task.

    good work, see you tomorrow.

  13. Looks Really Good.

    @fundaazoflife: Really Good FAQ document. Great Work.

    http: // fundaazoflife. wordpress. com/2010/12/20/notion-ink-adam-faq/

  14. All in all, after 3 days I am already starting to get the feel of the Eden UI, that is without even using the device – so well done to your team on making something so intuitive

    A couple of questions

    Once WiFi access established to a network (ie a Windows Network) – will Sniffer list / copy / delete etc files on the Network?

    Also for the Apps – is the ‘Kill’ option the same as going to Task Manager and ending a task – rather than having a task manager equivalent.

  15. Went through Sniffer.

    Mixed emotions on this one.

    Didn’t like seeing a lot of wasted real estate with the 3rd panel remaining blank most of the time on the storage section. Could have it so the middle panel flowed into the third.

    Most of the files have short names as such were OK in the 2nd panel. Long file names would show up with … at the end.

    The application section made good use of all three panels.

    This takes us back to the 2 apps in three panels. Looks like the third panel will remain blank if there are only two apps launched.

  16. “”
    (mentions Adam’s features as highly responsive)

  17. Now that is one powerful file management – sniffer. Great video. Looking forward to getting this in my hands around January 15th.

    Will sniffer allow adding tags to the file or just view it? Adding tags or metadata would be exciting – it can be separate tagging system where it appears as “user added” tag.

  18. I want to order one so bad. I guess the next batch might not go on sale until around CES, but I keep checking every day, throughout the day, in hopes they are available again. The more I see, the more I like.

    Come on NI, do you really want to see a grown man beg?

  19. bade runner, richard dawkins… i approve πŸ™‚
    although some of the ‘media’ files that show up might not be entirely legit πŸ˜›

  20. Hey guys
    This is super exciting

    At :52 on the video, note that quick office is available as an option to open the file.

    So do we assume that quick office is made available on Adam out of the box?
    OR EVEN Better…

    Is this a definite indication of Side loading capability of Adam to include Adroid market apps?

    Rohan – may be a wink to confirm πŸ˜‰ ??

  21. by the way, you were saying something about having two sniffer instances side by side and then being able to drag and drop… can we get a demo of that? that would nice πŸ™‚

  22. @GIJoe,

    Yes to both. QuickOffice ships with ADAM. Also, apps can be side loaded as per the new Q&A with Rohan at Notioninkhacks

  23. New Q&A with Rohan at Notion Ink Hacks:

  24. I watched the video very slowly and was writing questions as I was watching… I found all of my questions answered as the video progressed and I have also noticed that NI has thought of everything that I wanted in this type of application. This is truly going to be a laptop killing device. I no longer see the need for a laptop when I have this device. Now I only have one question that the video did not answer.

    What is the largest size external HD the Adam sniffer app can handle? I have a 1 TB external drive. Can it handle this? if it can, I now see no need to carry a laptop ever.

    Also, @ Rohan: Will there be any games that come with the Adam upon release? I love fishing games, but would not mind a 1st person shooter or something nice to play with the kids πŸ˜‰

  25. @Rohan: when you click on the video preview play button, the screen blanked out for a sec.. Is this a bug or problem with the camera recording?

  26. Thnx again for the new vid.
    Getting more sorry every day that I didn’t get the chance to preorder.
    Hopefuly seeing you in store next to me.

  27. Sniffer is a fantastic file manager. Very robust and intuitive. I love it!

    Great job Notion Ink!!!

    Does search work across all drives at once (internal storage, USB and microSD)? I assume it does…

    I noticed two apps were associated with pdf files (pdf to go and pdf viewer). Do either support pdf annotation?

    I caught a glimpse of “Speech Recognition” in the installed apps list… πŸ˜‰

    *Please add the memory used by apps to the total amount being displayed. It is confusing without it being there and wondering where that missing 2 GB of memory is…

  28. But the third panel seems to be for previews … so not wasted, especially once OpenOffice and PDFs are supported (later update according to Rohan at top of post)

  29. Sniffer covers the most used function very well and fast. It’s very well arranged and that is very important for daily use. Maybe sometimes I would miss some unusual feature, but in that case I can use another file manager app.

  30. great news… surely this will improve the production capacity of NI πŸ˜€

    i can get my Adam soon πŸ˜€

  31. Wow… Very nice.. Well Done.. Now when are those PixelQi screens going to be in for the next batch?? Hmm..

  32. Excellent video, now it seems u also have the best file explorer along with the email app i have ever seen, great work!!

    i have 2 questions regarding the screen from PQI will it be the new oned with better viewing angles that they mention coming winter 2010-2011??

    also Have you contacted the people from EZPDF “”

    they have hands down the best pdf reader and most nice looking on the market today (obviousley we haven’t see your version yet :)) its better than ‘Docs to Go’, ‘Quick Office’ and ‘Adobe’s’ own app.

    can we please have this on adam as its amazing.

  33. Now I want to see an entry in the left panel like “Network Shares” or something like that! (ie: Wifi access to shared folders/drives on my PC) πŸ˜€

    Is that possible Rohan?

  34. Thanks MarkR, you made my day. I felt totally lost for not being able to post comments for the past week or so following the enabling of the Moderation feature by Rohan. I posted n number of comments and they all are awaiting moderation.

  35. umm,,, is this then a app like Skype or does that mean the adam can actually use sim card like a cell phone?!?!? i can get rid of my cell phone too?!?!

  36. looks great, like the other two vids. Can’t wait to get my own Adam πŸ˜€ Thank you very much for showing us adam Rohan, it really put a lot of rumors to rest!

  37. So… We’ve here’s what we’ve seen

    Panel Engine = Simply Awesome!!! Such a unique and fantastic way of multitasking!!!

    Mail’d = I must say this is the best looking E-Mail app I’ve ever set my eyes on. So simple yet beautiful and functional!

    Sniffer = Continuing the simple, beautiful and functional theme πŸ˜‰ … The ability to pull files from a USB key and put them onto internal storage, micro SD or even a different external hard drive is just such a great feature to have. It lets the Adam work as a true standalone tablet.

    I just cant wait for tomorrow so I can see another 3 minutes or less of my soon to be mobile companion πŸ™‚

    Thanks again for putting so much passion into what you do Rohan!

  38. Thanks for the ‘heads-up’ … and really good to see Rohan attacking the thorny issue of Customer Service … and reworking everything.

    This is maybe the hardest part to get right – even with fantastic technology, there are always some disgruntled customers (or prospective customers) … and they typically shout louder than the rest.

    Keep up the fine work.

  39. I was late to the party too. 😦

    If only I had my Adam, it would have been with me and I could have checked out the video right away…

  40. Rohan’s interview here answers your question “”

    Its PixelQi’s latest screen πŸ˜€

  41. Yes Greg, thats what I am hoping for too. Although NI has their own Office suite coming it may not be fully MS compatible. I have to use .doc and xlsx at work, and it would be nice to have MS compatible apps for this.

  42. Official Q & A with Rohan CEO of Notion Ink – Part #2


    [ANDY] Most of us love Eden, but we were wondering if it was possible to use different launchers with the device?
    [ROHAN] We have yet not revealed whole Eden UI, specially the home screen. After this revelation, you will not be asking this question!

    [ANDY] Can users manually load .APK files to the device and use them?
    [ROHAN] Yes! Adam is an open device

    [ANDY] If users can manually load .APK files will they show up in the panels of Eden?
    [ROHAN] Yes, but only a place holder. There are some improvements required in the application to get a more usable panel. For example what feature must be enabled in the Panel is something programmers must decide.

    [ANDY] Does your e-mail client support Microsoft Exchange and if so does it support enhanced security features like pins numbers, etc.?
    [ROHAN] Yes it does support Microsoft Exchange, and further updates will improve the functionalities.

    [ANDY] Are there any plans to offer an extended warranty on the device?
    [ROHAN] Yes we do have plans for this. Right now I have asked everyone at Notion Ink to re-work everything related to customer support because my next goal is to make Notion Ink best in customer relations. Once the internal quality benchmarks are done on the plans, we will release them.

    [ANDY] I read somewhere that the Adam may be available at some electronics retailers, can you confirm that this is more than a rumor and there are plans under way?
    [ROHAN] Plans are under way.

    [ANDY] If people want to take notes on the Adam what type of stylus is recommended?
    [ROHAN] I can’t release recommendation as official statement. But whatever is working fine on other capacitive devices, will work on Adam too.

    [ANDY] Is the Pixel Qi screen from the first shipment onwards already the new β€œwide view angle” version that was announced for production this winter?
    [ROHAN] We are using Pixel Qi’s latest version, and are the earliest adopters of their technology.

    [ANDY] Is there no desktop? can we have folders? how do we group applications? can we get more than one line of apps in the launcher?
    [ROHAN] The task of launcher is more of Panel switcher than of application launcher. As mentioned, let us reveal the desktop or homescreen, then we can go in further details.

    [ANDY] What colors will be available for the exchangeable frame and where can we purchase them?
    [ROHAN] There are few partners in touch with us and will come in the colors which were hot in the poll we had on the blog.

    [ANDY] Is an official carry bag in the making?
    [ROHAN] Not as of now.

    [ANDY] Where can we get more screen protectors?
    [ROHAN] Notion Ink will be selling these online starting February.

    [ANDY] Why did you add protection against rooting?
    [ROHAN] Its a tough call. Its not impossible to root Adam, but that would lead into cancellation of warranty. We are in talks with our partner to understand how can we resolve this.

    [ANDY] What keyboard layouts are supported?
    [ROHAN] One you have already seen in the videos, other one is the split keyboard. Gingerbread keyboard also comes as other default on the device.

    [ANDY] Will the Adam have a user replaceable battery?
    [ROHAN] Yes, anyone can replace the battery after following careful instruction as suggested by Notion Ink

  43. The UI is definitely freakingly super fast and super responsive.

    I just hope that it doesnt slow down with time ,,just like the windows syndrome.

    Not sure if Android handles this syndrome better than windows

  44. I posted this here because I know some will not click the link and go read it. It is full of great news…

    I’m soooooo glad I pre-ordered!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  45. “[ANDY] Can users manually load .APK files to the device and use them?
    [ROHAN] Yes! Adam is an open device”

    Love this!

  46. I wonder about listing network shared files as well.. It would be great to just set up some sharing folders on my PC and access them via WiFi once Adam is connected to home network.

    Is the 3rd sniffer panel (previewer) able to play any video/audio format?

    And, judging by the fact that this device is Android-based, I’m guessing there is no option to drag and drop files. Am I wrong?

  47. The file manager looks great.

    I still want to see an on-screen clock in your demos. Or even better have a voice over or some music in the background. The best would be if you play a clip while demo-ing.

    Thanks again.

  48. I hope it does. It will prove to be advantageous if it does. I mean many of us (pals here) have bluetooth headsets and one or the other smartphone. Some of us will have the ability to carry Adam all the time – then why the heck we should carry a smartphone too? On my wishlist for Adam 2 is dual sim (Pentaband 3G or more) + CDMA variant – that will be a truly globe trotting device. This much of real estate might possibly allow for balancing of these radios. One additional option could be to manually switch bands and disable others – so that we dont end up with too much clash in real time. In fact such a model could be an enthusiast variant – or if properly positioned (referring to radios again) and balanced – can be part of multiple configurations. This will also go well on the hardware front what with the Notionink International Warranty.

    One last wish would be world LTE too. But that again would be too much to wish for?

    This is what many users want – but not even a single company gives – may be NI breaks the trend.

  49. “Adam 2 (Confidential)” You are a little sneaky boy Rohan, teasing us like this!
    Great btw, waiting for PQ to come back to order one.

  50. Ok, it’s not related to Sniffer, but my blogs have been under moderation before…

    It’s about maps:
    I personally love Google Maps with all the nice functions now in the latest version (5.0) on my android phone (3D perspective, StreetView, Navigation etc.).

    As adam comes with it’s own map (OSM), will it be possible to use still the Google version? The whole Google environment with all it’s tools is one of the reasons I decided to go for android.

    I also use mainly music streaming services ( & simfy) as I don’t want to own and manage (storing, naming, tagging etc.) non-personal content, such as music. It would be great, if I could use these kind of services on adam as well.

    If not yet, is it planned for Honeycomb to get use of the whole android market?

  51. Hopefully not – Windows is just a big bully making updates that slow computers down so that people would buy new PCs and new Windows versions. I have high hopes for Adam. I think that it won’t get slower with updates but rather faster or more responsive.

  52. Couple of additional observations of Sniffer.

    A very good first attempt at giving us an Adam optimized File Manager with Adam. Needs a lot of improvement which hopefully will come in time as Adam matures and NI gets user feedback.


    The application portion is near perfect, shows everything one needs to see utilizing all three panels and it also allows for the application to be Opened, Killed, Uninstalled from the same location.

    Like the fact that the Copy, Move, etc. Options menu remain till the task is complete.
    (Did not like the Copy/Move feedback dialog on the Copy operation. It should just say Copy)

    Anyone noticed that he had 23 applications installed and all 23 were running utilizing 1.5 GB of 1.8 set aside for Applications.


    Looks like some compromises were made with speed over functionality on the Storage portion

    Was the Adam configured to show in List and not Details mode to show off the speed of Sniffer? If not, the statement below applies.

    The files don’t show any additional properties (provides speed but no details on the file, i.e size, date/time which are rudimentary properties all File Manager provides by default). File Manger should always display the date/time and size.

    To get the properties of the file, additional keystrokes required. They should have been made visible by utilizing the 3rd panel instead of keeping it blank. Same here. If running List mode and it can be changed to Details mode then the additional properties will be visible.

    Similar long file names can not be distinguished in the middle panel alone with the file training off with… after only 15 characters. Forcing toward Legacy file naming instead of Long File names.

    Sort is good but the Date Modified shows the file names only and does not show the dates, so you don’t know if you are seeing the sort in ascending or descending order. To not see the dates of the files on a Date Modified sort is inexcusable. Could have utilized the 3rd blank panel with the Date/Time size details. Same here with List and Details mode selection.

    I hope it was set to display in List mode as it would address all of my concerns with Sniffer.

    Would love to see more details of the properties on the Info screen. i.e. No Folder creation Time Stamp shown.

  53. Thanks for posting the whole Q&A. Guess I am one of the lazy ones who doesn’t click the link.

    I wonder how careful I have to be to replace the battery. Do I need to go get an IT service kit from Best Buy or else?

  54. One of the big annoyances of USB interface is having to eject the device manually before unplugging it from the computer. Not sure if this is an OS or USB limitation. I want to be able to just unplug my USB device from the Adam without having to do this 3 step processs.

  55. @Rohan,

    You mentioned in your interview with one of the Techblogs, whether one could install Ubuntu or Chrome OS on adam and you said yes, but the warranty would be void. What do you mean by that statement? Also I would like to know what form of bootloader you have. Would it allow an external USB or micoSD as one of the devices to run the OS from? I have in the past run Ubuntu (5 years back) from an external hard disk. I did that for about a year, until I felt the need to install Ubuntu on one of the partitions of my computer. Is it possible to run Ubuntu from a partitioned microSD card. I know the 8GB internal memory is just inadequate to install the full version of Ubuntu.

    BTW, the Eden UI rocks. However, I have one qualm over the three panel structure of displaying apps. It may work well for apps like Calender and Weather, but it is a bit of a distraction. I know you could run a few apps in full screen mode, like the Web Browser and Canvas.

    I would also like to know, whether adam allows operation in Portrait mode. I know if you are to use the book reader, you would prefer using the Portrait mode as it makes more sense.

  56. Greg, thanks for the interview!

    I have already asked (but was blocked before “awaiting moderation”) how the launcher behaves once you get 50+ apps installed on the adam. Do I have to scroll all the way to the right or left and find my application or is it possible to group them in categories or folders?

    Now that Rohan explained it is not designed as an a app launcher, more for tasks, I am excited to see how this is going to look like (app launching, grouping etc.)

  57. That should be possible already if they have worked something up for network shares or networking in general. Otherwise a definite point for a future Sniffer update πŸ™‚ or wait a minute… Just got an idea – would be great if they allow Standard App extension via genesis. Might lead to “Extensions” or “Addons” which will help users extend the already great out of the box functionality of Adam’s apps.

  58. +1 Good comments.

    I like it, and it’s great to have such a powerful tool. But we want to help you make it the best product ever! πŸ˜‰

  59. It may be for previews, but it could also show additional file details if the 2nd and 3rd panel were to be utilized.

    Currently the file names are short with … at the end and we don’t see any additional information on the files, i.e. file size, date/time stamp.

    Any File Manager should at a minimum show size and date/time stamp.

    Once a file is selected, the 3rd panel can become a preview panel again. No wasted blank panel.

  60. Hi guys!

    I just jotted down the names of the applications that I could make out from the video:
    1. camera
    2. Phone (Looks like a VoIP app-NICE…)
    3. Contacts
    4. Browser
    5. Email
    6. Settings
    7. Spare Parts (I wonder what those are)
    9.Sound Recorder
    10. Clock
    11. Music (Wonder why it is there twice-Maybe the first one was a “folder”)
    12. Dev Tools
    13. Calculator
    14. ES File Explorer (I wonder if this is actually Sniffer or something else)
    15. Search (I’d like to think it integrates Internet search as well as file search locally)
    16. Speech Recognition (I’m lovin’ it)
    17. Gallery
    18. Canvas
    19. Weather
    20. Documents

    Care to discuss, anyone? πŸ™‚

  61. Nah… Windows is simply garbage… It’s like the Emo child of personal computer operating systems as its the only one that commits suicide over time.

  62. Rohan,

    do you check the older posts from this week from time to time? I think many comments have been awaiting moderation until we got the tip how to solve the problem…

    I just re-posted now again under the correct topic.

  63. If only there was a preview for PDFs already in there…. we would have got a glimpse of Adam2….sigh!

    Rohan does know how to tease…

  64. Seeing this makes me shiver with anticipation….

    It also raises additional questions…
    Can you add / remove column headings?
    How do you plan to address encrypted files / USB keys?
    Will truecrypt operate on adam?

    Around the office when some one mentions “sniffer”
    I think of our “network sniffer” and ethereal / wireshark, programs used
    to track ip communications and not “file management”. This
    will take some getting used to.

    Can the entire device be encrypted to protect against theft?

    Still waiting to see “portrait” mode.

  65. Does the phone application support voice only?

    1.) Is there a video-call app that can make use of the camera? (What else should be good for?)

    2.) Is there a chance to have a video-call appliction that is compatible with standard solutions like Skype, Yahoo, Google etc.? Or does it only work between adam devices?

  66. yep. details view with time/date stamp and filesize in bytes will be very useful. may need 2 panels to show esp with long filenames..

    sniffer seems to have the potential to absorb a lot of useful features. file browsing, task management, maybe have a way to diff files for comparisons in side by side panels.

    two thumbs up!

  67. that was really mean.. not all Emo kids commit suicide and suicide is nothing to joke about. Windows however really does commit suicide and we can joke about that until the fall of MS πŸ™‚

  68. I almost got to Pre-Order but by time I picked up a Pre-Paid Visa and loaded it up with cash they were all sold out 😦

  69. Guys are you planning to give your adam a Epithet? I will call my Adam as β€œKnife”. Good device to cut apple into pieces πŸ˜€
    I really don’t know why still people have doubts, are they paid writer?? I am really impressed with the Adam. It look rock solid and the built quality is excellent, I will say better than any netbook or tablet. Magnesium alloy really did it part. I wonder who has that kind of internal chassis?
    The UI seems great and it work with ease, even a layman can use it. It is simple, efficient and blazing fast. Multitasking at its best.
    Look at the panel system can any one has any better idea than this? Holy shit, don’t tell me you guys are not going to tease your friends and colleagues showing off your adam and flicking the panel.. πŸ˜€
    The Sniffer is the Best gift from NI. I am so used to β€œMy Computer” I was wondering how iam going to browse Adam? Rohan gifted us Sniffer. Sometime few things are so good its better not to change. Thanx NI for the sniffer.
    We find many shits in market which look like toys and we ain’t kid. Adam look classy, sophisticated and admiration guaranteed. Iam telling you guys the moment we will hold it in out hand that will be β€œLove at first sight” I still remember something rohan said in earlier post β€œMade with love”.
    Lastly we are not buying a product for which we have to adapt rather we are getting a device which is built for our needs.
    Biswajit saha.


    Looks pretty sweet, Rohan!

    As a side note, I had to go to jury duty this morning and the dude sitting next to me had an ipad. He was working on some sort of excel document and acting like he wanted someone to notice his hot device.

    I didn’t give him or his ipad any attention. Just thought in the back of my mind “that thing is so 2010.”

    Wish I had my Adam Pixel Qi in hand to show him what a REAL tablet can do.

  71. yep, no need for a side loading app.

    What about some apps that may need root rights? The only reason I rooted my Galaxy S phone was because I needed a fast and easy way to back it up and control what used my data plans. So I rooted and installed titanium backup and an android firewall that allowed me to specify what applications can access the internet,and when. Some of us have only purchased the minimum data plans and need to be able to control when an app uses the internet.

    @Rohan, does the Adam allow you to backup apps and data easily for restore?
    Does the adam allow you to regulate when and how often apps are allowed to access your data networks? android firewall allows me to specify if an app can access my data point, and if it can access both 3G and my wifi or just my 3G or just my wifi. This ensures I am managing my data plans without getting large charges from carriers like AT&T

  72. why create another custom VoIP app when Skype and others are already out there? you think this is VoIP or does it actually use the Sim card and your phone carrier to make these calls?

  73. I like Dev Tools =)))) Whonder what it is and whether it’s full-fledged SDK allowing to code in Java and use SVN πŸ™‚

  74. every day this is looking better and better as we learn more about the adam… feels like a mortal combat fight to the death between adam and other tablet devices. By the end of the month are we all going to be screaming Finish him? lol I am a gamer at heart and couldn’t help but to make this analogy. Love it. I just want to see Adam rip out Ipads spine πŸ˜‰

  75. Thanks for video update. Rohan is there a possible way we can get a copy of the user guide for those who had already made a pre-order????

  76. Ha! Glad someone got the FLAWLESS VICTORY joke above, suicideclown!

    Looking forward to trying out the NES emulator on this as well as some other games. I wonder if there are any other good emus out for Android?

    Was thinking if OnLive made an Android port, it would give Adam an amazing portable gaming potential!

  77. I have to say again that the memory information is very confusing. And it will be worse for non-techie people to understand…


    Memory Available: 1.8 GB
    Memory Used: 1.5 GB

    Or this:

    4.94 GB of 5.54 GB Used

    (With those you are wondering where the rest of your memory is)

    Needs to be changed to something that shows the whole picture, similar to this:

    Total Memory: 8.0 GB
    Memory Used (Apps): 2.0 GB
    Memory Used: (Data): 1.5 GB
    Memory Available: 4.5 GB

    Of course usage can/should be broken down further (Apps, Audio, Video, Images, Other) where it makes sense…

    What does everyone else think?

  78. Rohan i know that you have CES coming up and that is a huge thing for you and the Adam.
    Is it possible for you during all this to do something for the people on the blog to get a good chance of ordering the tablet before it sells out again?

  79. This is a buffering thing.
    Some OSes will buffer the stream send to the device.
    This way it could “seem” nothing happens to the device, but in reality there are still writing sor readings pending.

    One may disable that feature with windows.

  80. I don’t understand why the red “ribbon” is minimized by default at the top of the list of files. Its not like that row is utilized for anything else. It only means that we have to go through one extra step to use it.

  81. It should be 7.34GB.

    Furthermore, I like the idea of dedicated app-space to prevent fragmentation. But, if it were alot more than 8GB, a file system that does not promote fragmentation would be even better.

  82. Dear Rohan, A great big thank you for the videos you have put up!!! Adam is looking more awesome by the day! You have done an excellent job of taking way any doubts that cropped up during the pre-order process. I’m not sure if you are aware,I’m just one small fish in the pond, but I had canceled my initial pre-order. After seeing videos and the very professional way Notion Ink handled that cancellation, I pre-ordered again. Doubts have been removed!!!! The cancellation and reordering turned out to be a blessing in disguise, for my first order was placed in a rush (most can remember what that day was like) and I had actually ordered the variant that did not suit my needs best. The second time around I was able to get it right. Bessings were two fold as only a few hours later Adam had completely sold out!! I ended up with lcd 3g. Although the Pixel Qi is a wonderful innovation I knew I would not really use it that much.. Thanks again for bringing back the warm fuzzy feeling about Notion Ink and the Mighty Adam!!
    With warmest regards,

  83. Wow ! That video blew me away !

    Rohan , from an Apple fanboy , I love the Adam , couldnt place my order on the pre-order day , but ill definitely go for the Pixel Qi once its out !

    Btw , i am still interested in a service centre option for Bangalore / India ( Have mailed NI two times over last year about it and not got any response . I run iRepair India , check us out on iRepair dot in . πŸ™‚

    Keep up the good work !

  84. About to set up a new external drive to use with the Adam

    Can Sniffer handle both Fat32 and NTSF… how about partitions, encrypted thumb drives, etc.?

    I agree that details view is very important… perhaps panel 1+2 can be combined, with panel 3 to preview?

    In the music list, only .mp3s were listed. Do Sniffer previewer and the Music Player support .ogg files and their ID3 tags?

    Sniffer looks great so far!

  85. *Login feature required is gone*

    I would like to see rohan drag a picture or a highlighted object from one panel and paste it on another panel…
    maybe a picture from a website/part of a pdf from one panel and paste it to a document on another panel and then add notes on it!

  86. +1. Yeah it seems so that there will always be three panels. But I would like to see that in portrait mode too

  87. Agreed!
    Going with how simple everything in the sniffer looks, this classification should serve us better…

  88. The Application section showed that it had 23 applications installed and that all 23 were running.

    Your list shows 20. Wonder what the three missing apps are.

  89. @ rohan
    Just switch to Portrait mode sometime in between during your next video…please..

    An add a real time clock/voice over/music track, to silence those who suspect you increase the speed of the video to make adam look faster..

    I believe you dont specially cause your hand movements are fairly smooth…but still…just do it…

  90. Awesome! It’s what we want. Great work guys and this is just the start, with firmware and hardware upgrade Adam will get better with time. You guys have an idea, an idea that is not to follow the big cat but to create a new species of a mighty beast. Follow your instinct and ideas, and soon you will see apples changing their colors to match with that of Notion Inks’.

    Bad luck that Adam was sold out before I could pre-order.

    It’s worth the wait, so I will wait and buy adam when next pre-order starts. I just hope everyone writing here in this blog will be informed by an email about the next pre-order date and time so that we don’t miss it again.

    Now a big wish… though I love my iPhone 4 but I wish EVE to be a phone, oh! let me correct myself, I wish EVE to be a iPhone killer in every sense. Adam and Eve; every where and in everyone’s hands.

  91. Guys good news is Adam comes with phone application (just look into to the video 2.32min). It means we can use it to make phone calls. Really cool stuff. we can keep one secret orprivate phone no. Even for the places where 3G is not available we can use GPRS for navigation. I wanted and got it.

  92. Hello,
    I checked on my preorder for my Adam LCD with 3G and its asking me to select a bandwidth. This is going to be my first venture using a something other than my Blackbery to access the internet remotely. I’m a little confused about the selection process. I have to choose between two 850/1900 Mhz or 900/2100 Mhz. My plan was to use Sprint. It says that I can only choose once. I’m going to relie on the people at this forum who are much smarter than me. Can you guys give me some guidence?

  93. This is turning out like 12 days to christmas!

    On thr first day of xmas/video adam got to flex it muscles
    On the second day of xmas/video adam got mail’d
    On the third day of xmas/video adam got sniffer..
    On the fourth day of xmas/video adam got …
    gosh dang it…we have to wait for it dont we!

    Also….Glad that adam is starting to make some mainstream media waves (however small it maybe!)

  94. This is awesome. With each new video, my excitement for Adam pumps back up to pre-order excitement levels! I was starting to get worried that with all of the problems they were having, that Eden was going to be a sort of hacked together mess. I’m glad to see that they’ve put the extra time to good use!

  95. Thanks Greg for posting this.

    One more question to Rohan:
    Can the user change the pixelqI screen with another one (when PixelQi releases a newer version next year)?

  96. “”
    Privacy: Personal data shall not be disclosed to third parties
    Return: 30 day return policy
    Warranty: 1 year from date of shipment, 180 days for battery

  97. @Phil

    Sprint uses CDMA while ADAM is designed for GSM networks. I’m afraid the only option with sprint is to use ADAM with a MiFi like device.

  98. Yes there is button to the right to create new folder.
    I think the reason the red ribbon is minimized is to allow for future expansion of functionality.

  99. I am hoping my camera’s mini hdmi port is enabled in shooting mode. Would be awesome to view pan and zoom in shooting mode outdoors on the adam. Would be a great accessory together with a long zoom lens.

    I’ll have to get me the right hdmi cable so I can try this out before my adam arrives.

    Keep up the good work, NI and All.

  100. Take everything with a grain of salt, don’t jump the gun, just because there was a file labeled phone, doesn’t mean it is for this version.

    After all, there is a back trackpad, but it is not enabled

    I am just saying be patient and wait to see what is officially announced.

  101. Its asking me for selecting the 3G band too. As per the link provided for wikipedia, I can safely choose the 2100 model but given the risk, I will ask experts here to help me too πŸ™‚

  102. Exactly πŸ™‚ … lol windows just seems to naturally get slower and bog down to the point of a format / re-install… and presto windows is alive again… Not all that bad for a Level 1 nerd such as myself but I feel bad for people who only know the basics of using a PC. The amount of money wasted on repairing a computer or being forced to deal with a slow POS…

    Oh and the Level 1 nerd thing is just something my wife and I came up with while stoned one day. She calls me her nerd to all her friends… Kind of funny

    Level 1 nerd just means that tech is my passion but I actually have a life and enjoy tons of non tech related activities like my Kawasaki Ninja, Paintball, Golf, Skiing, drinking my face off, smoke’n some fantastic beef ribs on the BBQ, UFC, etc…

    Level 2 nerd would be someone who dives into the tech world to the point where they are familiar with processor architectures, can program more than three code languages, knows the 7 layers of the OSI model from memory, lives in the tech world and doesn’t have much of a social life.

    Level 3 nerd would be a complete freak of nature who would be classified at a genius level, knows everything and anything tech inside and out. Usually a level 3 nerd has zero social life and will never have a girlfriend but are the brains behind the tech we love. I’m sure Nvidia has a couple of these fantastic people to turn out something like Tegra or Tesla πŸ™‚

  103. I am aware that i have to post this query to but just wanted to see how many of Adam lovers agree with this.

    my question is “Does adam support external CD drive” in the plug and play mode and how will Sniffer react to this !!

    anyone else supporting the thought. 1

  104. Would like to know about options/possibilities for downloading from and uploading to a file server. My ideal use for the adam is to be able to read, highlight and make comments on PDFs stored on a file server, and then save those docs back to the server with their notes and highlights.

    Note: so far there is no app that allows highlighting and note-taking on PDFs for android (although several exist for ipad). Hope that comes along, too. πŸ™‚

  105. ANDY] Is the Pixel Qi screen from the first shipment onwards already the new β€œwide view angle” version that was announced for production this winter?

    [ROHAN] We are using Pixel Qi’s latest version, and are the earliest adopters of their technology.
    this is great!!

  106. He talked about the ability to use sniffer to get information from anywhere, Including bluetooth, he clearly implied you could get it from anything adam could attached to

    :Sniffer: An extremely fast and handy File Browser is a must (especially if you are talking about USB drives, bluetooth etc). Personally I don’t like syncing my device every time I need to show someone a presentation or an image or even to listen a new song, may be I need more freedom in how I access and use my data. And hence we have the β€˜Sniffer’ (Murali is the Architect of this one), as shown in the image on your right (please remember, I cannot share the final images, else my investors, design and legal teams will kill me! ) There is a preview mode as well which works well for most of the important formats. I/O port detection is automatic and fast, and it goes well with the 3 panel layout system.

    An interesting use-case: how do I transfer files/folders from one storage location to another, or may be, how to compare the contents?

    On Adam, just open these 2 storage locations as panels (distinct instances) and voila!

    We wanted to make Adam independent and self-reliable. That would mean it shouldn’t need any other device to think, store, get updates from and rather be able to drive ohers. It’s there now, in its genes, and all of us will see how it evolves.”

  107. @Rohan

    Will I be able to plug in my digital camera directly to Adam and browse my pictures or movies? That would really make my glad! Just think when you’re on a vacation somewhere and have taken a lot of pictures and you want to sort them out and keep the good ones, MUCH easier on a 10″ screen!

    Can’t wait for the next video! Wonder when the mystery feature is going to be released! πŸ˜€

  108. What’s the best bet for T-mobile USA? I called them and they said that almost any device that uses a SIM would work, and that the 850 was fine but given the choice I should choose the 900. Yes? Possible? Thanks:)

  109. Hopefully it doesn’t raise more questions than it answers. Seems many are already asking ….

  110. Being fairly new to the blog world, is it possible to put a “sticky” at the top of the note/posting to maintain a list of questions? This way folks that don’t read all of the postings wouldn’t need to waste time or space asking questions that have already been asked. This would also be a way to track those that have been answered more than once and also without needing to crosslink to other sites / blogs for the information. It would also be a good start for the “official FAQ” in addition to fundaazoflife’s initial excellent work.

    Other comment back on the sniffer… Since this is really a table of contents / “file explorer” application and the *nix world file system is based on a “tree” concept, how about calling it the Tree of Knowledge “TOK” keeping with the adam concept. ;>

  111. According to Wikipedia:
    “T-Mobile USA uses the 1700/2100 MHz AWS Band for its 3G network. The carrier states it allows faster download and upload data speeds utilizing HSPA+ technology, which allows for simultaneous voice and data. Upgrades to HSPA+ are planned for 2009 through 2010 which may boost average download speeds from 7.2Mbps to 21Mbps.”
    I hope that means my 2100 pre-ordered adam will work with T-Mobile USA…

  112. This video is better than the previous two.

    What is the deal with the trackpad? Got to know it will ship disabled. The device still looks good to me, but have feeling we should have waited to open up the orders.

    Anyways, keep going guys πŸ™‚

  113. For T-Mobile USA, please this thread:

  114. looks like trackpad can not be enabled just by software update. looks like one has to open the box to connect the trackpad. so no luck 😦

  115. It would be great if the panels could be resized, like columns in Windows Explorer. Then, in panel mode, each app could get the necessary real estate for the task at hand. I use two monitors at work, and this is such an advantage when doing research on one screen and typing on the other. Or weather could be minimal all the time, but maps could take up most of screen. It would also be cool to lock an app in position while scrolling through the others.

  116. This will help in the greater availability of PQI in general.
    If this will help in the greater availability of Adam will have to be seen. If another company offers PQI a larger amount of money for their panels Notion Ink will not see them.

  117. @meva….
    according to ur theory.. I m a level3 nerd and still I have a beautiful social life.. we still do the normal stuff like hangin out with family( oh yes we have a family :))

  118. It is the same icon as the normal QuickOffice program for Android. Nothing new, custom or fancy here.

    Seriously people, do you not have experience with any other android device ?

    A better observation would be that the file browser showed a lot of APK’s which are not generally needed unless you have no market support, which is sad but almost unavoidable.

  119. I read the article posted at Wikipedia. It looks like the best bet would be the 850/1900 Mhz. I’m in the US so based on that my choices would be AT&T and Tmobile. Anyone else from the US that has preordered an Adam with 3G and you give me your thoughts.

    Also does anyone know if the Adam will support tethering through BlueTooth?

  120. Side loading is definitely possible. It would be VERY hard for NI to make side loading impossible. MArket access will not be available without hacks (which undoubtedly will come within a month or so).

  121. “I just hope everyone writing here in this blog will be informed by an email about the next pre-order date and time so that we don’t miss it again.”

    It would be safe not to expect such things. Once bitten twice shy.

    my $.01

  122. My guess is Sprint and T-Mobile has got the 1900 frequency licenses.
    But I wouldn’t take my word if I were you. I would call Sprint Support and confirm.
    I am on ATT and I selected the 850/1900 MHz

  123. FYI: The camera did not blank, but showed a full screen video preview for a second. To anyone this might be a big deal, but to me (with some android / programming knowledge) this means that it can be fixed fairly easily.

  124. Greg, neither PDF viewer supports that. These are just normal Android apps – you could have researched that πŸ˜‰

  125. For those interested, Verizon in the United States operates on the 850 mhz and the 1900 mhz frequencies on the CDMA spectrum. I don’t know what their 4G requires.

  126. Advent calendar is on a different plane – the coming of Christ who will be crucified and risen from the dead – He is the new Adam who opens the gates to the new Eden.

    You are very right in that the expectation of both will bring tremendous joy!

  127. @atul .. M still here bro.. bt due to post grad. exams on head cant spend time in chatting here.. though eagerly wait when will the next video b out πŸ˜›

  128. Anybody else notice that the sales and refund policy have less fees mentioned now? I count the 5% cancellation fee, and shipping back to NI if Adam works but you changed your mind (like that’s going to happen).

    Looks a lot better now.

  129. Hi Rohan and NI Team!

    Happy to see another video. Keep ’em coming.

    I had some follow up questions/thoughts I thought I should queue amongst the lot of comments:

    1) I see you have the filesystem, usb, microSD – will you be making provisions to allow for access to cloud storage platforms from Sniffer (i.e. Dropbox). Similarly, will we be able to add network storage devices to this region (as I can imagine many of us, at least at home, will need access to a plethora of data from other sources)?

    2) I see support for copying/moving/deleting a file/folder, but what about support for multiple elements simultaneously? It would be tedious to do this individually.

    3) When I was watching the sorting (by size, name, etc), I wondered about other sorting protocols – one I tend to use frequently includes sorting by Type. In similar fashion, I often also end up dealing with files that may be named sloppy, and having information displayed alongside the files simultaneously, like size, creation/modification date, etc. can often be useful to sort through them. From the implementation here, it wouldn’t be hard to add it as a right-justified fine print to each folder/file beneath the name (or something to similar effect).

    4) The properties menu listed some of the properties of an item, but in similar form to above it didn’t indicate items like creation/modification dates. I’m sure I’m missing things, but just a thought.

    Looking good guys! Keep up the good work!

  130. I am also in US and verified with AT&T that they support 850/1900 Mhz and also GPRS/EDGE bands. They also have cost effective plans which include WIFI hot spots. Hope this helps out.

  131. +1
    excellent questions. I use dropbox extensively, especially when I need to get files off of my phone, and don’t have the usb cable handy.

    I use make extensive use of Evernote, could that be integrated as well? Hopefully we will be able to sideload the evernote app.

  132. Anyone notice the SD card seemed to read 14 gb total available, which would be a 16gb card, and therefore SDHC, which answers one of the main outstanding questions on memory.

  133. Yes, that would be nice to know. Though not as important as it used to be, since no software will come via cd, it would just be for music, movies, and reading/writing backup cd’s.

    What am I saying? Those are all important! So….


  134. I doubt that Portrait mode will have three panels.

    It would be unusable with hardly anything showing in each panel.

  135. ES File Explorer is a pretty good file explorer for Android that I use on my phone. It can access networks, too.

  136. Sorry I managed to pre-order one. I mean, I won’t lose sleep over it, but sorry all the same. πŸ˜€

    No worries — ordering will open up again soon enough (I’m pretty sure) and you’ll be able to get your grubby paws on an adam.

  137. @Paritosh Thanks for the replies. I checked it out, and according to that forum thread it doesn’t look good. But I just called T-Mobile USA, got myself put through to their technical support team, and the guy I spoke with said “you shouldn’t have any problem connecting to a 2100 mhz band for 3G where that is available.” I’m hoping that will work…. otherwise I’ve got a phone that doubles as a wi-fi hotspot, hope I’ll be able to use that…

  138. thanks Greg…I keenly follow ur comments as I do this NI blog…

    Just few minutes back was watching CNN (show hosted by Richard Quest) where they were discussing ipad tablet and forecasting 2011 tech toys that may make it big…i simply could not resist writing him an email suggesting NI website and this blog site …i hope and pray if the mail gets thru to his hand and any positive comes out of it…

    also wrote a strong comment today on an article posted in Indian newspaper website “” where writer has speculated of Adam/NI being some chinese ODM (original design manufacturer ) with a custom outer cover and UI…my comment against that article is still being moderated and hasn’t been posted yet….

    I suggest we ourselves could try doing bit more outside this blog to spread the good word…

  139. Vidoes are getting more and more interesting. Software looks very good.
    I just hope than you get FCC approval as soon as possible, so that you can also show hardware in details. Assuming that FCC is a reason for more secrecy in this area :).

  140. maybe not true I have a tablet and it has a phone thing too but no phone I think it is part if Android operating system

  141. I’m thinking maybe there will be no more pre-orders I would think the next step will be in stores. Maybe that will be a good thing. no shipping. I could be wrong but that would be my bet

  142. Absolutely – dropbox makes my iphone usable (especially through iFiles). I was thrilled to hear that Evernote 3 can be installed in Ubuntu under wine with no issues, which makes me a pretty happy camper if/when Adam gets it’s own edition. πŸ˜‰

  143. With work you mean, watching the vids Rohan put online, comment and watching your pre-order status changed from “whatever” status to “sent”? =)
    If that’s your work, man do I wanna join.
    Such a shame my work is more like, watch the vids, comment if I have something sensible to comment and watch the vid again.



  144. As a blogger/writer, I find Evernote to an absolute need. I clip about 40 MB of webpages a month, on top of other types of notes. With android, I can view all my saved notes too.

    Evernote would be a tremendous addition to Adam. Here’s to hope!

  145. I think you could be right. I’m thinking that the hope is most people that pre-ordered will have the adam in hand right around CES (give or take a couple of days), then NI announce CES the adam will be available in stores by a certain date (maybe late January). Between that time, all the reviews come out. I can’t imagine they even want to deal with shipping these things DHL around the world to individual users. They probably prefer to deal with distribution centers and specific dealers.

  146. lots of good telugu songs in your memory– all downloaded from unofficial website
    Better remove this video and upload a fresh one.
    cheers rohan

  147. Anyone notice that when he/she taps (usually near the bottom of the screen) the screen becomes out of focus for a millisecond. It could be vibrating, the device moving/sliding, or something like the magic track pad for the Imac, which happens to look like the adam in a different way (3 degrees maybe) where the whole device can push down. “”

  148. I beleive that the MicoSD that is available is of the technoligy that maxes out at 32GB. From what I could find, that is the maximum size a microSD slot of this type can take.
    It would be great if this could be verified and added to the FAQ’s. By the way, thank you very much for starting that blog.

    Man I love this sniffer format. Actually browsing your own files in a tablet with out rooting it. Man that’s great. And I love Memory manager as well. πŸ™‚

  149. @seabeetodd
    I’m guessing the same. And hopefully everybody would be spared the pre-order nightmare.

    The 1st round of pre-orders aren’t going to ship around CES. It is mid or end of Jan. NI is getting huge volumes of Pixel Qi screens (Per PixelQi’s blog) and I’m not sure how long it would take them to have it ready for sale.

    So Feb/March is the time frame for all others, hopefully, to see their Adam tablet. hope I’m proven wrong. But it looks like Feb/March at the earliest to me.

  150. I went ahead and made my choice based on the comments that I got. 850/1900 Mhz. The estimated ship date is the same as my birthday. That’s going to be one hell of a birthday present.

  151. @rk

    I’ve read a few times (from Rohan) that NI is staying on the safe side with those shipment dates for the pre-order people, and is hoping to have many out before the given dates. I think that those dates are for the worst case scenario; in case they don’t get the FCC clearance on the first shot.

    They may have already received clearance?

    Keeping my fingers crossed.

  152. if i remember correctly to use t-mobile in the USA you need both the 1700 and 2100 MHz frequencies because one is transmit and the other is receive correct? or can you use the network with just one of these frequencies? i’m asking because i want to use my 3g adam on the t-mobile network however the adam doesn’t support both frequencies, however it does support both for at&t. so i’m guessing i will just have to be stuck with at&t.

  153. Indeed, I love being able to trim a bit of an article and placing it away for safe keeping. Despite the odds, I’d really love to see a clipper that will function in the Adam browser, not that I imagine by any stretch that noone else will produce a browser, but it would definitely affect how long I actually use the default one. πŸ˜‰

  154. As Sam says 32gb sdhc is the largest you can get right now, though I have seen some articles saying that Sandisk was working on a 128gb sdhc that they are supposed to release sometime in 2011.
    So right now the best you can do is 32gb sdhc, I have seen Amazon selling the 32gb micro sdhc from Sandisk for $86 and from Kingston for $94.

  155. @ M1n7 said, on December 23, 2010 at 01:06

    > Will I be able to plug in my digital camera directly to Adam and browse my pictures or movies

    Well, technically ADAM will need to support the PTP protocol in order to do this. And there is no information to this effect.

    But, if you think about it, connecting your digital camera to your PC / tablet is going to consume power from the digital camera which means less juice for taking photos / videos. You are better off removing the card from your digital camera and plugging it in the slot in ADAM, or via a USB card reader.

    This approach might be a little inconvenient. But for previewing a large number of photos, it is a substantial power saver for the camera.

  156. Haha… Keep in mind that my theory was produced while smoke’n up and munching on Doritos so it’s probably far from the truth. Just something amusing πŸ˜‰ … although I’ve met my share of super nerds that live in a tech bubble and never come out

  157. Does Adam support extern (USB) soundcards?

    How about a Springpad application?

    Or a Buzan iMind Map application?

  158. I’m so very happy that the “Login Required” has gone from this blog. Everything that I have tried to post since the first video is still “In Moderation” Well that said, I’m so happy with these daily videos. Was very disapointed with the first video and the “andriod police” thing, but wow, has Rohan and the team redeemed themselves with these daily videos. I’m all hyped up again. I miss out on the preorder, and about to pee on myself waiting to get one. I’ve already bought my “Adam” some welcome gifts. Got him a really cool 6ft HDMI cable. It’s got these really cool yellow plugs with gold contectors and the cord is some type of braided cable. Also a rollup mini silicone keyboard and a kick butt pair of metal earbuds with a braided cord. One last comment, on the first video. When the guy wrote with his finger on Adams screen, he wrote “Andre Rocks”. Who is Andre?

  159. Rohan, here’s an observation that kinda bugs me: the font used for the “Open” “Kill” and “Uninstall” buttons when selecting an application looks like it’s different from the font used in the rest of the interface. To me, it clashes a bit and takes away from the clean look of Eden. Why is it like that, or is that going to be changed?


  160. You are increasing legal liability by showing ripped audio tracks from movies… (i actually i thought i see ‘tangled’ once, but i am sure i misread.) You can be sued in the US for that. I suggest you dont try indian court. Cuz if and when you become a huge company, you just might have to shell out a nice chunk of your money.

  161. About the 3g variant, unless your 3g carrier is T-mobile USA, you would be shipped the right variant. If not, please let us know and we will take note of the variant required by you.

    Elsewhere (use at your discretion): “”

  162. Rohan, can you please verify the 3G Band for T-mobile in the US. They use 1700/2100, does this mean that Adam’s 3G version will not work?

    The info I’ve gathered both 700/2100 is required (please let me know if I’m wrong). One for upload and the other download. In the pre order selection, only states 900/2100, do you have other selections coming or is the first version of Adam unable to work with 3G for T-Mobile users? Can you please clarify on this issue?

  163. sweet i dont need to be logged in anymore to post:D great videos wish i ordered one but oh well i will catch the adam2 for college next year…. good job rohan its just too bad these videos didnt come before preordering.. anynews on fcc certification?

  164. This is soooo great! Wonderful job with Sniffer!!
    CanΒ΄t wait to buy mine, qith Pixel Qi

  165. Reposting as delimiters for the first couple of sentences were truncated for post [qa-proponent said, on December 23, 2010 at 03:59]

    **– Notion Ink Pre-Order support provided US based 3G network carrier information begin –**
    About the 3g variant, unless your 3g carrier is T-mobile USA, you would be shipped the right variant. If not, please let us know and we will take note of the variant required by you.
    **– Notion Ink Pre-Order support provided US based 3G network carrier information end –**

    Elsewhere (use at your discretion): “”

  166. Not sure if this was brought up above, but seems when the user of the video presses towards the bottom of the tablet when typing, etc., there’s a bit of give to the unit? Anything to this?

  167. Why do you think it is a ripped file? It could be any file(s) named “Tangled*.mp4″ or”UP*.mp4”. So do not over speculate.

  168. i can post now….cool. Videos are very “raw.” Love them. Keep them coming.
    I have a question for Rohan:
    I keep checking my order status just to see if it the dates will change. If the mystery feature will be early arrivals like…before Christmas. But it doesn’t.
    Then I keep checking the blog to see if there something that will make my ADAM come sooner, but there really is nothing i can do.
    I have a friend who is in china this month, thought i would ask her to swing by the manufacturing department to pick up my Adam. but I don’t know what it’s called or if that’s alright. I don’t mind giving up the $50 shipping if i could get it sooner.
    Then I thought may be i could take some pill that would help me sleep and wake up on the day my adam arrives…but that’s not possible yet. Only dreams within dreams.
    Finally, i just thought i could comment a little. That might make my adam come sooner.
    The question is are we going to pay any taxes on this purchase? If so how do we do that?

  169. I also have high hopes for phone call through sim on Adam. At one point in time I thought phone calling ablity might be the mystery feature. It seemed to fit the clues There still is so much to find out about adam….They days won’t by quick enough.

  170. Maybe there’s a “use” agreement with Disney to prove they aren’t a “Mickey Mouse” outfit ;>

  171. GetJar and SlideMe have no such restrictions, and are more than happy to take your money in exchange for apps. =)


  172. Looking at the video, I noticed one of the folders on the USB key was labeled DCIM.
    This is usually a folder name in digital cameras, so I’m thinking that it will browse your digital camera like it was a drive.

  173. If Eden is as smooth as it is so far, it won’t be too long before one of the big boys come knocking on the door.

    Look at what HP paid palm to essentially get a WebOS (also based on linux and the web)

  174. You can do that now on standard android phones if the kernel they are running has CIFS support compiled in or if the phone is rooted adding the appropriate cifs.ko file that android can load dynaimcally. I’ve done it with My HTC Aria (rooted stock AT&T firmware 2.1-Eclair) as well as CyanogenMod 6.1 (2.2-Froyo) using the CIFSManager app. I can connect either over wifi or 3G using OpenVPN (support for it is built into CyanogenMod (hint hint Rohan πŸ™‚ ) CIFSManager does a standard Linux/Unix Mount point of your choosing for access to any CIFS file share (NAS/SAMBA/Windows). I just updated an excel spreadsheet on my corporate file server today using quickoffice on my Aria. Just think what you could do with an Adam!! I have. πŸ™‚


  175. Great application and reassures me once again that I did not pop down $550 for nothing. One nice thing about the videos is that when I get my Adam, I will have already have watched all of the “how to videos.” Hats off to Notion Ink for starting to over communicate. The buzz at CE11 will be huge.

    Keep up the videos and watch the anticipation grow. By the way, I received by class 10 MicroSD 16gb Card, now just need an Adam to plug it in.


  176. amazing stuff!

    cant wait to get hold of this tablet! already have got a ‘Think outside’ bluetooth keyboard for this!
    but I am keen to know how does Adam perform pitted against a plethora of tablets coming up next year. Kno and MSI look promising.
    Rohan, any plans for Adam 2 to be a dual screen?!!

  177. Hi there

    Well, I don’t know about your country, here (in Switzerland) it’s like this: We have a (comparatively low, I admit) sales tax. If we import something, it will be handled by customs automatically. On the package is a declaration which states the value (or rather, the price I paid, since I think that the adam’s value exceeds it’s prize) of the item(s) within. If they don’t trust the declaration they might just open it and check. Then I get the package together with an invoice from the customs authorities.

    So, wether you are going to pay taxes is doesn’t depend on NotionInk, but rather on your country. Most probably you will have to pay, though.

    Btw – ThinkGeek has the following to say about international orders http :// /help /ordering.shtml , I think the same applies for most (or all) companies. (I chose ThinkGeek because I order every once in a while from them, I am not affiliated with them in any way. Concerning shipping costs: I never paid less than 100$ for shipping when ordering there.)


    P.S. and I also would like to know when the next batch of pixelQi Adams is ready, and hope, that Mastercard is accepted by that time.

  178. Good stuff! Everything looks logical and easy to use, much more intuitive than any android file browser I’ve seen.
    Video quality is rapidly improving too! You guys at Notion Ink might make a lot of mistakes, but you admit it, learn quickly and improve fast. That’s more important than getting everything perfect the first time. Keep it up!
    It’s still early days and Eden already looks polished, when it’s essentially still a work-in-progress (like all tablet UIs these days)

    Has everyone seen the augmented-reality real-time translator app WordLens yet? Google it if you haven’t – all I could think when i saw video of it was “That would be perfect on the Adam!” The future is here and possibilities are endless.

  179. Dying for an answer here. Is the adam still going to dual boot nativley? If so, has the trackpad only been disabled in android? Also about th trackpad, will it be enabled in an update is it completley crippled?

  180. I’m seriously liking these videos… gets us acquainted with ADAM before we actually get it in our hands and by then, we’ll all be experts! πŸ˜€

  181. another great video and another great application. It shows that you really thought about your apps and that you understand your users.
    @Rohan what phone are you personally using?

  182. Hi,
    I am one of those lurkers who has been keeping an eye on the Adam for almost a year now. I have seen all the pictures and video out there and I just wanted to congratulate all you guys on all that you have done. Not only have you created the best tablet (I know it isn’t a tablet!) in terms of hardware, but you have also created a fantastic user interface AND original programs.
    Normally on devices similar to this, if the hardware is amazing I have come to expect terrible software. The Adam appears to have broken this mold. The programs that you have been showing off these last couple days have been simple, intuitive, powerful, and fast. Getting all of these attributes at once is very hard but you guys have done it over and over again. I have particularly impressed by the way that form follows function. Everything seems be designed with a focus on allowing the user to do whatever he or she needs to do in the shortest amount of time possible.
    A lot of love has clearly gone into the Adam and for that, I love you guys!

  183. Hi Rohan
    These are great videos – I am eagerly anticipating when your nextbatch of Pixel Qi screens arrive so I can order a unit.

    Two quick questions:
    1. All your videos show the Notion Ink in landscape mode.
    Can you show the unit in portrait mode and show how it looks when used as an eReader.
    Can you also indicate what formats/book stores you will be linked to ?

    2. Can you show videos being played as well as flash from web sites (like hulu for example).
    I have an iPad which I use as an entertainment portal (for reading, listening to radio, playing games and watching movies) but still use my laptop for most of my news as the sites I am interested in use flash.

    I would like to make the Adam my primary source for all my needs, so would be interested in seeing how this would work.

    Thanks – keep up the great work and all the very best wishes for a very successful new year.
    May 2011 be the year of the Adam! πŸ™‚

  184. Cool! Thanks Rohan&Co for the great product! Will I ever be able to buy this “wonder” book? πŸ™‚

  185. @Rohan

    “Click to create folder”

    Dont you think “Tap to create folder” is more approriate? ……Click insinuates mouse use, what say?

  186. Even though it was frustrating being one of the people not to receive any email with a preorder-link – I’m excited now. The UI looks great and the panel system seems revolutionary. It’s not the hardware that’s important. Finally another company with a vision!

    Good luck to you NI! And don’t forget to send me my preorder-link soon!

  187. I love the UI demos. I was uncertain about buying one until I could see the UI because of the failure of other Tegra 2 tablets (G Tablet), but when this much thought goes into making a more useful UI, it makes me thin how far the iPad has to go to catch up. Can we also see some portrait demos of full apps?

  188. these would be great but you would have to find the APK files without going into the android marketplace. I guess it wont be long before links to all these start to appear on notionaddicts or notion hacks. etc

  189. adam is really wonderful. But I could not be reserved. Because ,
    it was already out at the time of booking.
    Also, I want to start booking early.
    Book Launch, what will the cycle? Please tell me.
    What worries me, adam and Japanese can be, but I am concerned.

  190. if you have preordered, send an e-mail to the preorder e-mail address and tell them u need frequencies for tmobile. they will switch to what you need for your order. Several people have done this already!

  191. i have actually been concerned about this. especially when graphic images of the tablet show actors faces. They cannot do this in the US without that actor’s permission. Same goes for cartoon movies, etc. If they can be recognized, they cannot be used.

  192. So mad I didnt get my order in )-= o well this still looks awesome and I cant wait until I can just purchase it and not be on preorder, i dont care if thats not for a while, I have waited this long I can wait.

  193. Short answer is no,

    there are people working on it

    Firefox for Android
    Firefox for Android is part of the Fennec project to bring the Firefox web browser to mobile devices. For more information about Fennec, see the Firefox Mobile web site.

    β€’Latest Version: Beta 3
    β€’Optimized for: Nexus One, other phones with ~1 GHz ARMv7 CPU and 800×480 display
    β€’System Requirements: Android 2.0 or higher, OpenGL ES2.0, 256 MB RAM, 40 MB phone storage available
    Firefox for Android is in early development.

  194. I think what people don’t realize is adam is not a netbook, it is touch interface, android tablet, based on a tegra chipset.

    Notion Ink, has had to write or modify most of the expected programs, just so the experience would be a good one. Take the sniffer program highlighted today, There is no such equivilant on any tablet, including the almighty Ipad, this is really the first complete file browser written for a tablet computer. Other then windows tablets, which come with it own set of problems, mostly cost, poor touch interface, and did I mention cost.

    Android, as of yet is not made for tablets, and nearly all the apps are for a phone with a small screen.

  195. Just had an interesting thought that would require an extensive segway to arrive at this post, but anyways…

    Does anyone think that the code names for Android updates relate to their release dates?
    Fro(zen) Yo(gurt) = summer
    Gingerbread = Christmas
    Honeycomb = summerish?

    Just some musings.

  196. I was very reluctant for awhile in purchasing this wonderful tablet, especially during all the ups & downs of the initial rollout and preorder headaches. Now I am locked, strapped, & loaded and am awaiting for the next batch of Adam’s so that I can place my order. Don’t keep your FAMILY waiting for too much longer Rohan.

  197. Your so right, so I wonder how the people that cancelled their orders are feeling now. :0)

    I think they may had got carried away with the nay sayers, where are the nay sayers now?? Its gone very quite. Which is great as we can get back to talk about the pending delivery of our “adam’s” πŸ™‚

  198. Again a good example of not coping what others are doing but setting the standard that the competition need to do, to catch up. πŸ™‚

    Keep up the great work.

  199. The flash demo has been done before. Check out “”

  200. I too did not get the email, but was lucky enough to get my order in when it became open. πŸ™‚ I am still very happy with my decision and it only gets better each day. πŸ™‚

  201. The thing you need to remember is that you are buying more than a device. Its the whole package, the philosophy and the ideas and dreams behind it. This I believe will be a device that will grow and transform the way people think about these types of devices and will drive a change in the way we interact and work.

    Fingers crossed that you can get your order in soon. πŸ™‚

  202. Rohan,

    Is it possible to add a “video” section on the website and add all the links to the youtube videos showing the demo?

    It would be nice for visitors to the site to see the product in action.

  203. Well, youre right. For all i know it may be a video of a cat ‘Tangled’ in wool or a video showing how the ceiling of NI office looks like when you look ‘Up’. Perhaps someone even meticulously likes to name their text files by popular Telugu Music titles of songis from the movies, that for some reason also has a Music icon.

  204. my guess is the next step will be retail no more pre-orders they said they have retail partners if you were going to do more pre orders you would not have to sell out just keep extending the date out I think they had so many to sell the rest are being made for stores but that is juqst my thought

  205. No it will not dual boot. Go to notioninkhacks and read an interview there

    It will be possible to hack. But that will void warranty

    Rohans official statement was it would not be enabled in this generation of the tablet

  206. I’m so happy I kept my order I never doubted the product it was the terms almost ran me off. ( DOA mostly) now that that is fixed I get more excited each day.

  207. After watching this third installment of videos, I am reminded once again that I request/hope that you have built some safe guards into the OS which lock out once’s ability to alter or delete certain files, apps or functions without first entering a password or pass code of once chooses to in act such a restriction.

    Tablets, although not the market share of the users, are going to be in the hands of young children and special needs kids. Both groups can cause great havoc’s with the tablet and its contents in a very short time while operating the device unsupervised.

    Please…Please…include such functionality!

  208. Did anybody else notice the 1GB of SLC memory listed in the spec sheet? I’m assuming this is where the OS is installed to cut boot times, but that’s just me assuming. Have we had any confirmation on what that means?

  209. this could be true, however i believe that we need BOTH frequencies for the adam to work on t-mobile in the USA. an well according to everything so far the 1700 MHz is no where to be found on the adam.

  210. Rohan, stop. We want to wait till CES for the big bang blow away impact. Can we switch back to teasers and screen captures, please ? Please ?

  211. I agree. The language still needs work. Inkers, do get the UI language checked out by some friendly English schoolmaster on Bannerghatta Rd. (just buy him a week’s supply of iddly-dosa) before you ship. Do sweat the details. It may seem trivial, but you don’t want to be a coterie pleasure for those on this blog (or their long-suffering companions) alone. Why lose market share just because you turn off some people with bad English? Its a very competitive business out there, and every dollar counts. I wish you success, and wisdom beyond your years, as always.

  212. It may just be the surface the adam is resting on, wouldn’t be surprised if they’re using it on a soft surface, gotta keep their babies comfortable!

  213. I use CCleaner a lot on my PC, and it would be great to have such a capability built into Sniffer. Just something to clean out all the temporary crud, as well as to analyze the storage usage, so I can let the hogs out to pasture or compress them. Lord knows, with a meagre 8 GB on board (I see that you have employed accountants already!), we will need to do this frequently.

    Also, I have a sneaking suspicion, we haven’t seen all that Sniffer can do. I bet it can sniff out what’s on my host PC’s drive (or dedicated folder) via some wireless voodoo.

    The mystery feature is

  214. Yeah, I think so, I believe the OS image flashed onto the device would go there.

    By comparison see “” where the Nexus One lists “Internal 512MB RAM, 512MB ROM”.

    In our baby this is 1GB DDR 2 RAM and 1GB SLC (“ROM”)

  215. I was also feeling the same thing. This video thing is taking the steam out of it… I have no problems waiting till the official launch and know about everything at that time…. Anyone with me.. (I guess not!) LOL

  216. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, I think we’ve been awaiting confirmation of whether the microSD is standard or HC, but the Nvidia Tegra development kit documentation “” has the following info regarding its SD slot on page 7…
    “SD card slot. Supports normal and high-capacity SD card storage”
    and also in the intro on page 3 when it lists “what’s in the devkit” is reads…
    “Onboard SD(HC) slot”

    So I believe its safe to assume that the adam will support HC micro-sd

    Just my thoughts


  217. Rohan – don’t listen to those guys – they are certainly welcome to their opinions, but lots of us are just loving it!

    @Svenki and Suresh, sorry guys, not picking on you personally, but don’t watch the videos if you don’t want to see.

    For me, this is:
    a) wonderful confirmation of the beauty and speed and smoothness of Eden
    b) fantastic advertising that I can point people to
    c) a pre-arrival tutorial on using my adam
    d) demonstration of innovation and technology breakthroughs
    e) evidence of Rohan’s willingness to listen to us
    f) something to look forward to each day
    g) very cool

  218. For few times in video,third panel remained blank.Instad of having blank third panel there has to be two panels onle.I think its bug.It shoud have been displayed in two panels like first panel 1/3 part and second panel 2/3 part.Let the third panel come in action when and when only needed.

  219. Hey Phillip,

    I was just kidding… I know there would be a backlash against me for asking Rohan to stop the videos!!! Also I am enjoying them as well… These videos are making my wait for the Adam really impossible. I am anxious for having the adam in my hands and playing with it.

  220. Rohan, you should go get a Canon DSLR with full HD. This way you will know what to do with Adam to make the LiveView on such models fully useable. Here’s hoping you too will be a photography enthusiast (if you aren’t already). I see lots of possibilities for photography with the Adam, although perhaps a wee bit limited — for this particular purpose — by the Pixel Qi screen and its focus on things other than fantastic color reproduction and detail.

  221. Earlier someone had a question about max sd card size supported. I think I see 14.6x gb for microsd in video, so at least that much is definitely supported.

  222. lol, more important question is what type of underwear do you wear so I can buy the same brand hehe ><;

  223. Videos are building everybodies confidance.

    I loved sniffer application, i expect bold buttons (for fat fingers πŸ™‚ ).

    Guys have you visited preorder status page,
    for 3G varient their is option to select your 3G frequencies.


  224. honestly, there is tons of content he isnt showing us that he is saving for the CES. this stuff is just the aroma of the meal that he has prepared for us to induce salivation. Truthfully CES will just be setting the meal in front of us. You wont even get to eat it until you get it delivered. man I am hungry… Keep the clips coming, it keeps the dream alive and gets us through until shipment! I dont believe they would have sold out without them and they keep demand alive!

  225. On the other hand, if the microSD slot plus the 3 USB ports (assuming there is storage with miniUSB interface) each supported 32 GB storage each, it would add up to their promised 128 GB. But, for the sake of both our sanities, I hope it is indeed microSDHC that Adam supports.

  226. I want to believe this too, but I dont want to get upset with Rohan like I did when I found out 8+ only meant 8…. so to me Micro SD only means SD and he does need to address this if it is truly SDHC. I have sent this question 3 times to the preorder e-mail and they have ignored me 3 times.

    please, please, please clarify Rohan… even if it is just a comment like MicroSDHC πŸ˜‰ … please

  227. +1 yup something to look forward to each day and even if u r late to the party, there are loads of stuff to keep u engaged..
    so far all good !

  228. i was asking about max external HD, but now that you mention that large of an SD card it seems as though it must be a SDHC card. If this is true it really needs to be corrected on the spec page and the correct logo placed on the features page for Micro SDHC

  229. I’ve had the same concern as @tandeh. Most all the big names in computers would have more than a passing interest, especially if they don’t have a tablet that’s at least comparable to the iPad. Add the big names in the software business who dabble in hardware there has to be interest there too. Google comes to my mind first. Google has Android, the software. With servers up the bazinga and cloud computing, Google is clearly hardware savvy.

    From my innocent perspective it seems to me Google already is in Notion Ink’s camp, mayhap incognito. The Adam is a great system. Google, and a few other big players, could add a lot to Adam. My concern remains though they, or any other big players, could really screw up a good thing. Until I hear otherwise though, I’ll continue to think positive about Notion Ink and the successes of the Adam.

  230. I’ve seen GBA, SNES, Genesis, PSX emulators (there’s probably more), some with wifi / bt multiplayer.

  231. “Other controversy surrounding the tablet includes the suggestion that Notion Ink had hired a third party to work on the internal hardware of the tablet while it focussed on the UI. Notion Ink has yet to comment on this point. ”

    saw this(a derivative of this) in 2 Indian newspapers in the last 2 days ….

  232. I agree. That does look a bit clunky. Uniformity of font, and self-abnegation when it comes to being tempted by the multiplicity of cool-looking fonts, is the greatest virtue of a type designer.

  233. oh oh now my wife is telling me I should sell my pixel qi adam on Ebay and use the profit to buy two one for me and one for her! I told her that those were fighting words. I was so lucky to be able to order I’m not going to wait now

  234. Hope the moderation is gone – All my earlier posts went into the moderation blackhole !!

    Yesterday, Indian media reported that Reliance Infotel is planning to launch LTE enabled tablets in India. Now that Reliance is a major investor in Notion Ink, can we see an LTE Adam soon? or is that the “mystery bonus featire”?

  235. You might need to temper your expectations, mate. Notion Ink is a start-up, with a small team of employees as opposed to Apple, Samsung, RIM, Motorola who can through millions of $ at R&D and PR. All of which makes where NI are right now all that more impressive. I think Adam will ship with a few quirks but I’ll bet on NI (with a larger team once profits start to roll in) to iron them out as the year progresses and Honeycomb is released.

  236. This is so stupid….. I tried posting from the WordPress account with the same Display ID and GMAIL Account and my post went into moderation…

    Then i posted using no wordpress account and i was able to post…

    Whats the deal ? Why wordpress accounts are under moderation ?

  237. @marcdimmick

    I fully support your dedication and commitment towards getting everyone to use quotes around their links instead of spaces… Keep up the good work! πŸ˜‰

  238. Here:
    Reliance Infotel’s LTE ready tablet for Rs 8,000
    Handsets – Others
    By: Nilabh Jha| afaqs! Telecom Yatra | New Delhi, December 22, 2010

    Mukesh Ambani’s company Reliance Infotel, which is the only company with pan India spectrum to launch BWA services, has plans of selling tablets at less than Rs 8,000.
    Just to have an idea how cheap Infotel’s proposed tablet will be, consider that it will be about one fourth the price of a high end device such as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, which costs Rs 35,000; or a third of the price of a medium range device like the Olivepad from Olive Communications, which sells at Rs 27,000. Of course, prices in general might go down by the time Infotel’s tablet is available.
    Our sources tell us that the company is currently testing tablets from almost 15 Taiwanese vendors. It has already decided that it will use LTE technology for its network.
    Infotel is likely to announce its plans in the first quarter of 2011 and will start network roll-out soon after.
    While the specs of the tablet are not known, our sources are certain that it will use LTE, or Long Term Evolution high speed broadband technology.
    Apart from that some of Infotel’s tablets are expected to run on Android OS and the cheapest ones might use custom Java based operating systems.
    It is said that tablets will be key to the mass market adoption of broadband and Infotel is expected to ensure that access devices are cheap, the same as Reliance Communications did when it entered the market with CDMA almost a decade ago.
    India has been a laggard as far as broadband adoption goes, and analysts have pointed fingers at two main aspects, device cost and lack of content.
    Infotel hopes that it is solving at least one of these problems. The company said in a presentation to its investors that it will also concentrate on creating an eco system to ensure quality content, and we expect them to already be working on it.
    Β© 2010 afaqs! Telecom Yatra

    Also, if you want more sources, please go to google news and search for Reliance infotel

  239. Thank you for taking off Moderation it was geting verry hard to post.

    Also Please any update on the Next order?…….

  240. @Sowmya
    That looks very less likely, these tablets are so easy to put up together from pre fabricated circuitboard. It is just a matter of assembling the right pieces together. I have seen several prototype tablets that are simply stacked and connected prefabricated circuitboards connected via ribbon cables, and the entire thing enclosed between acrylic sheets. You will see them dime a dozen on youtube if you search.
    Ofcourse, NI/Rohan would need someone to do this for him if it has to be done beyond prototype stage – sleek enclosure, slim design, etc.. I think the end product would still belong to NI/Rohan. At max, it may be that he also got the prototype made by 3rd party. In which case it still belongs to NI/Rohan.

    Controversies aside, as long as they have the rights to release the adam without any legal hindrancies, I doubt it would be an issue.

    This reminds me of instances where a designer/music director comes up with claims that a particular movie’s story/clothes/music were his creation and were lifted, but waits until the movie to become a hit before making the claim, so that S/He can bask in its glory and publicity.

    What do You think Sowmya?

  241. I don’t think panel instances will work in portrait mode. 1024×200 sized panels will be wonky to work with to say the least. Even if the panels retain the same size and only the contents rotate, the linearity of Eden may be lost. I think portrait rotation may occur only for full-screen apps.

    If Rohan could clarify this, it would be better.

  242. If Eve is going to share the same form factor, I would love if at least one USB port was located underneath the cylinder area. That way, you could hide a USB drive underneath without sticking out the side. =)

  243. I meant intelligence re Reliance being NI’s ‘major investor’. If anything, the above article says the opposite: it says Reliance is testing tablets from 15 Taiwanese vendors.

  244. Consider this: Can Notion Ink’s Adam suppliers keep up with future demand? Many of us were fortunate enough to successfully preorder an Adam. By the end of Jan 2011 we should have received and are lovingly using our “babies” (Rohan’s reference to the Adam.)

    We showoff the Adam to spouses, partners, family, friends, co-workers. Word-of-mouth plus publicity will generate huge sales for the second phase of Adam deliveries.

    Deliver Adams Notion Ink must (said Yoda). This will be an opportunity lost if production can’t keep up with demand and, moreover, generate negative word-of-mouth remarks.

    Okay, the truth. When my wife sees the Adam she will want one of her own. If I / Notion Ink can deliver quickly then I’m her hero. If not, I sleep in the dog house (and we don’t have a dog.) So Rohan, can you make us all heros? My credit card is ready for ordering a second Adam and I’d bet most everyone else’s is too.

  245. Sniffer is a cool, efficient and powerful file/app browser. No doubt about it.
    A few questions/suggestions –
    1) In landscape mode, sniffer shows 3 panels. How many panels in portrait mode? Does sniffer even work in portrait mode? Any differently?
    2) Besides “click here to create folder “, can we still use the label in upper right corner of second middle panel to do the same?
    3) Are the 4 android buttons on the left of screen used for same purpose throughout Eden? If not that would seriously confuse a user.

    I love sniffer for its power, and hope that non-tech folks don’t get overwhelmed by its power and flexibility.

  246. @Suresh – ooops – missed that little “(I guess not!) LOL” at the back of your message.

    Makes sense now. And besides, now that we’ve got him pouring on the vids after all our pressure – he’s not gonna stop even if we’re choking on them!


  247. I’m SUPER excited about tomorrows office and pdf presentation… That should be amazing!

    This office suite and programming alone is worth the price of the unit!
    [don’t tell NI I said that. Oh &!@*, too late] πŸ™‚

  248. I’d be willing to bet money that it is SDHC and not just SD.

    And it would be really cool if it support SDXC! (But doubt very much that it does.)

    I’m more curious now to know if the USB ports supply enough power to spin up an external 2.5″ hard drive. Since this is a battery powered device I would not be surprised if it does not support it since that would probably drain the batteries pretty quickly. But you never know…

  249. Umm, yeah Rohan, this is a fair enough question isn’t it?

    Its just gotta be Micro-SDHC based upon my research of the Tegra development stuff but a confirmation wouldn’t be hard.

    I second suicideclown1’s suggestion, just a “MicroSDHC :)” response is going to put a lot of people’s minds at rest.

  250. These videos are really giving me confidence in what will appear in the Genesis store in the future. Rohan, you really have an *EXTREMELY TALENTED* group of programmers over there! Tell them all we said “AWESOME JOB!” please! [I guess you can say Hello to Andre for us too :D]

    If they can get the web interface to work properly, Genesis is going to draw in the crowds…

    Apple Itunes? What’s that? πŸ˜€

  251. well, like me, Rohan likes to eat Spinach ;P. He also enjoys a good foot massage, the movie Vanilla Sky, and dark chocolate over milk chocolates LOL… I am so bored, when is the next video hehe

  252. my external 1TB drive has its own power cable, just need something to recognize USB or SATA… I really wish Adam had SATA

  253. Translations that are sent back and forth to Google Translate servers are regularly inaccurate (and that’s including “corrections” offered by people), and you’re expecting real-time on device translations?

    Have you actually used the application? Otherwise, it’s just a glorified Layar. =P

  254. I can’t imagine anything less then SDHC in a tablet in this price range, All this information should be coming out soon. I’m totally expecting support for 32 gb in the micro sd slot.

    I would be on cloud 9 if the phone application shown at 2:32 of this video is activated with a sim card, Making and receiving calls would be awesome!!

    We are about 2 1/2 weeks from the opening of CES.

    Does anyone still have an estimated shipping date of Jan 9. The date for my order just say February.

    Still when Honeycomb will arrive. I heard everything from the end February to early summer. So many things to think about!!

  255. This Adam is starting to make the the first ipad look like a childs toy. Steve Jobs must be scrambling……Man I’m so glad I got an order in!!

  256. Rumors are going around that Eve is phone and will have nfc. Which does make sense. Now we can speculate what Adam 2 will add to the mix.

  257. I planned on that…having bought a 32GB micro SDHC card ($70). I also bought some kind of very short “nib” microSD card reader to go in the USB ports. For long term use, Id prefer the “nibs” versus a bigger USB memory stick. BTW, newegg had 32GB memory sticks for $30 yesterday.

  258. No. But I’m sure he is trying hard to get open another pre order. there are so many hardcore Adamholics waiting…
    But, in the meantime, I’m sure the lucky ones will share their joy when they start playing with their Adam.

  259. Rohan, make sure the Adam becomes available on all popular merchant websites in the US to achieve maximum saturation of the market.

  260. I am a lurker. But I have to speak up this time. I am beginning to feel that Adam will be more about the Eden and custom apps that just the hardware. The custom UI and apps look bold and well thought thru. Hardware specs are good no doubt, but then these days any T,D & H are making tablets with stock android UI. So the real differenciator for me between Adam V/s toshiba, galaxy tab, Viewsonic, Archos is this Eden + other original apps.
    Rohan, 2 thumbs up for being brave and doing a smart thing.

  261. I actually like the idea of being able to use usb jump drives. I look at the micro sd slot as something you would not want to take the card out of very often. Those micro sd cards are small and easy to lose. The bigger jump usb drive is much easier to take in out with out worry of dropping and having to search for it on the floor. I like the configuration just as it is.

  262. Hi Kids! Exciting stuff; with due thanks to Rohan and the Notion Ink team. Eagerly looking forward to more.

  263. Trying as hard as I can to keep current with comments, to stay up to date for when and if I get a chance at an Adam somewhere down the line. The tech info everyone is posting is extremely helpful to an end user like myself; thanks to all.

    @Rohan and the Notion Ink Team: Nice work!

  264. I just realized I could post again. I wanted to say that I recently saw somewhere that Steve Jobs never had more than 100 people on a project because he felt he would loose control if there were more. I think this was in reference to MaCintosh. From reading old posts there are more than 100 on the adam team. I think they will do well against the big boys. My guess is that the Motorola tablet won’t have as smooth an interface.

    …………………….Tom C

  265. It was reported in Indian media back in July. Though both Reliance and Notion Ink did not confirm or deny the news, it is believed that Reliance is an investor in Notion Ink

  266. Rohan! and NI team

    Well done guys. Loving it!

    Rohan! This video is very nice. the position and distance of the camera is good. please follow the same way, if not something better.


  267. Rohan!

    i don’t know somebody has mentioned it or not.

    One suggestion. When you are sorting the file- the options are- date modified, A-Z, size.

    Please also include sorting by file type/kind. It will be very helpful.

  268. I unluckily didn’t manage to get my order in (PixelQi Wifi+3G was sold out D:) so I’m going to have to stop marketing adam like crazy for awhile.. once I get mine, I’ll go triple by whipping it out and showing off ;D

    Gotta wait till Jan though… blarg!

  269. Just for curiosity, I tried google/trends (it gives demographic search distribution) tool and searched for Notion Ink.

    If you click USA you will see maximum searches are from Silicon Valley cities.
    1. Santa Clara, USA, 2. San Jose, USA 3. Herndon, USA 4. San Francisco, USA 5. Washington, DC, USA

    Thats success of ADAM, even before appearing in public.

    Hurrey !!!

  270. From what I have seen you are right – it is like a glorified Layar … but I see that as positive

  271. Did anybody notice the Sniffer symbol!

    There letter E is a dog face- with the ink drop shape inverted and with an ear.

  272. Greg,
    How about 2 Gb Memory with X free and
    8 GB Storage with X free. Unless the “storage” memory is being used as “swap” the
    OS only has access to the “reserved” memory. Right?

    On my PC I have 4GB of RAM for the os and programs and then multi-gigabytes for “storage”. They are treated differently by the OS.

  273. @meva – According to your amusing theory I would fall under LEVEL 1 , but following the notion ink ADAM i think i am slowly moving towards LEVEL 2.

    But I have a decent social life , so I disagree with you on that πŸ™‚

  274. @send2dev

    i have the same feeling! buts lets see.

    Rohan! never described the final samples, third iteration. Also, Is he himself happy with the overall build up. How is the matte finish- the final iteration and etc.

    we have to wait just another 2 weeks!

  275. I hear people being concerned about which 3G model to use in the US. Did anyone consider using mobile broadband? I know you need the drivers, but is there anyone who has experience with mobile broadband on android tablets. If you could plug in one of these devices into the USB port, then the issue with which 3G network to use wouldn’t crop up at all. If adam comes with a chip to make mobile calls via 3G then it is a different story.

  276. Its always the soul that makes you alive and not the body πŸ˜‰ … so eden is the reason why adam would be the killer…

  277. WoW man, I had to hit the 3-zigzag one to notice that!
    Anyway, last time Adam was sliding and tried to GET AWAY for 2.5 seconds, there were 472 posts on how Adam sled and then it spread to Engadget and Cnet, then the Taliban got involved, it was messy. After a lengthy deliberation with Babylonian king Belshazzar, NI concluded that use of soft non-slip surface would prevent any other…well, slips! And so, I’m sure someone will definitely say, “thank you for noticing!”.

    On other note: Has anyone seen the daring Motorola TEASER video for their supposed Honeycomb tablet showcasing @ CES? – it’s a real egoistic slap in the face to major competition, even Moses! LoL, I can’t say any more, please watch the video, and tell me what you think. It’s almost rude – I’ve never even seen apple so narcissistic, as I anthropomorphize again. Heh, still I know what tablet it is, and how it looks and I’m telling you it’s funny because the bark is louder than…how does that go, help me out….I just thought of it, lets make exactly the same video and continue it on and reveal Adam in the end…after watching you’ll know what I mean.



  278. I feel the opposite. I really dislike being at the mercy of a vendor with software updates. If Google releases an Android Update, we have to wait weeks/months to get the same update, if that Android version is packaged in the vendor’s custom version of it.
    For fast and customised apps, skins, implementations and the like we have the open-source dev community (like XDA). Have them sort out the software stuff.

    I just want good hardware.

    I’d much rather Adam would be shipping now and have enough PQ Adams to satisfy demands than seeing custom apps like Sniffer and the fancy cover flow like dashboard.

    I am expecting the Adam not to have Android Market access, judging from how this so crucial question has still not been addressed. Meaning we will need to rely on XDA and others anyway to get this functionality that we all will surely want.

  279. Hi Rohan,

    Good to see that you listen to feedback and take good advice..

    Here is another:
    When you show off the audio/video capabilities kindly use this :

    β€œWe will, We will Rock you”-By Queens..

    P.S: Alternatively you can also use this other song for indian audience :
    β€œSheela…. ” πŸ˜€

  280. Guys… Anyone of you can come up with camparison of adam with popular tablets(ipod,galaxy,etc..) so that new bees can have a look and feel what better on adam and others

  281. Anyone reviewed the Blackberry playbook ? The processor is as fast as the Tegra, though not sure about the graphics processor . we need to keep an eye on the competition.
    we need to fire up Genesis asap.

  282. just to add to that – we have designs of car being outsourced. I also remember the giant HTC using 3rd party to design some of their handsets. Not sure whether they are still sending business to them or took over the third part entirely.

    And do you know even giants like GE etc, outsource their design finalization to IT companies – after the initial design conceptualizations?

    Outsourcing has a lot of advantages and is here to stay. As a side note – you need help from other companies at different stages of product development and marketing etc. – and even after all things are done, you screw up yourself with pathetic ad choices like what Palm did…..

    I think you got my point. There is nothing wrong!

  283. +1 .And more importantly it’s building strong positive vibes in favor of adam and will result into more attraction towards adam in CES(in positives terms)

  284. And the score is 3:0 for Adam!
    Why are we all comparing anyway?
    It’s not a fair comparison.
    Adam is one of its kind ;0)

    I would like to see Adam in portrait mode,
    the keyboard lay-out, full screen internet, using Twitter.
    And would love to hear it’s sound!

    Keep up the good work, Rohan +Team

  285. I agree with you sagi..
    the 3rd panel is wasted if there is no preview… why?? the other panels should expand to full the screen, I think..

  286. Want to see potrait mode of eden – search notion ink in google image .you will get a screenshot of old notionink website where camera is in middle and eden in potrait .
    Q.Does camera supports touchfocus ?
    App suggestion.-using swivel camera to take 3d sweep panorama and connecting to 3d tv via hdmi
    What you geeks think-in the sniffer demo video after tapping the 3gp video file the screen goes blank for moment and the preview starts
    Thankyou for the video editor -360p flv video 5mb in size good compression -i download every video with my 10 kbps internet connection to watch so …….

  287. greg,

    It depends on how much power driver needs. USB ports on some devices supply low power then other.

    I have three external hard disks. I can use only one with my netbook. For remaining two, it just detects the drives but won’t allow me to access it.

  288. greg,

    It depends on how much power drive needs. USB ports on some devices supply low power then other.

    I have three external hard disks. I can use only one with my netbook. For remaining two, it just detects the drives but won’t allow me to access it.

  289. I hope it just has something to do with the quality of the video and non-professional recording, but the screen seems rather muted, lacking vibrancy? Maybe it would be nice to seen it next to some other tablets for comparison. (I guess we’ll see that soon enough when the first Adams reach their new owners).

  290. you know what, even if it is low power, you should remember that ADAM has two USB ports – so you might have to just buy micro or mini usb A+B cables.

    Will hate it myself, but rest assured there is definitely a work around out there πŸ™‚

  291. @MakaniMike

    Sorry if my question sounded daft. Instead of using the Sim slot which only works on a certain frequency, is it not ok to use a mobile broadband USB dongle. The rest of my comment still holds good.

  292. he is talking about data cards. I would more simply buy a mifi (mobile internet fidelity) device – lets you connect to 3G data network and provides WiFi access point to work with WiFi enabled device.
    (correct me if I am wrong/abstract).

  293. Honestly, I am not too fascinated with updating my OS just because its the newest. For me if I like what I get; I dont ever “change a winning team”. example, I use windows XP at office and Ubuntu 9.04 at home. Both OS are tuned to my best liking and would not want to update any of them. I will change the day I find something lacking very much with what is already working now.
    And plus, I dont think Eden is bloatware, like the one which comes along with phones. πŸ™‚

  294. well. of course. nowadays almost anything is possible.
    the question is about it being convenient and neat πŸ™‚

    i could have gotten myself an apple ipad, slapped a pixelqi kit on there myself, and if i were a talented developer hack android onto it.

    but i am merely a normal consumer and want a ready-made nice, clean package. and if i pay 500 bucks for something i don’t want a silly dongle dangling around all the time πŸ™‚

    but that might just be me of course and not the rest of the world.

  295. @elmelao

    how i wish everyone had shared this and not asked for videos till CES 2011. You know I had commented earlier to a question “Why CES 2011” that it would be a treat for Rohan and NI to showcase something so good, the fans would have really bask in the glory!!!!
    Imagine this much excitement here in this blog, what could have been when every tech blog praises adam and eden, fabulous hands on reviews, announcement from Pixel Qi for production ramp, disclosure of content partners et etc…. hints for Eve….even disclosure of the investor. ……. razzmatazz!! (what a show it could have been! )

  296. no issues. BTW, we will know whether it is enabled only when we have our devices with us (or may be if Rohan confirms it specifically during CES).

    But even if it not enabled, we should have hacks pretty soon to help us.

  297. very nice video , if u browse around net after video releases very positive atmosphere had developed about notion ink and adam. waiting for more drooling videos and off course CES , from where it all has begun last year. all the best for Rohan and NI team. good work. πŸ™‚

  298. Agreed. But bruce do you think at CES will rohan get so much of time to explain each and every feature with user experience for techblogers to explore these features? I don’t think so.

    Now in thi case after showcasing these videos, Notionink have given a idea about the apps and the environment(the way to use these apps) . I am not sure a normal person without seeing the sniffer/mail’d video will be able to explore its full functionalities in the first go and if they are not able to explore them in the first go so how can he write balanced reviews about it. So from that point of view i think it is positive step. Now after getting a fair amount of idea about these apps these tech bloggers can go there and can use/experience it physically. Moreover I am 100% sure there wil be many features/specialties about adam which Rohan will only be disclosing at CES. So from my point of view it will be much more success and more glory for us to bask πŸ™‚

  299. I can post again after one week. Great…I assumed Rohan was angry with me for some mildly critical comments and pushed all my posts into the great black-hole of “Under moderation” and now all those posts are gone.

  300. I completely agree with @marcdimmick. We are just seeing the inkling of the thought process.

    its a question of how good your vision is and how you implement. Not deep pockets. Even being startup is not a determinant. Lest we forget every major tech company was once a startup.

    I am still fascinated by stories of how apple started (ever heard of Home brew club?), early stories of Bill gates and Paul Allen. Still impressed with google (to think it based its economics on the vision of web search technology!) Its hardly a decade when there were smirks at google, but now where they are!!!

    I am not saying NI will become more successful than all these biggies. But NI will certainly chalk out a big chunk of pie, IF their vision of “total convergence” is executed and make devices like adam, eve etc a portal to their ecosystem (of user services encompassing all the expected needs of a user!)

    NI do have that potential to be a game changer. I definitely encourage them. Surely they will succeed (which does not mean only commercial one) πŸ™‚ The playing field is very large – education, medical are HUGE potential fields for example.!!!

  301. just an addendum

    I am seeing adam not as a CE device, rather an accompaniment to my productivity (the role of which can be many)

  302. That still remains to be seen, isn’t it! πŸ™‚

    Cause your post and position sounds a bit contradictory in itself. On the one hand you prefer tried and tested software, yet you blindly trust a brand new player to deliver the exact tablet software and usability you seek. One that a player like Google you do not trust to deliver with stock Android.

  303. +1, it looks as a bug, as it does exist in one list and lacks in others. Also, the blinking out in the begging of the movie preview is another potential bug.

  304. @himanshu

    I disagree ony on one point : the surprise factor with additional impact factor!!! πŸ™‚

    Anyway in CE things are exciting till the next instant ….:-)

  305. Another great video -the sniffer looks awesome!

    Question for Rohan:

    Is there any specific reason you are using the term “memory” for Adam’s storage? Maybe i’m just too old, but back when I was in College all of the professors (whether for HW related or SW related subjects) were very adamant about the usage of the terms “memory” & “storage”: memory for RAM and storage for persistent data media…

  306. India is a forerunner in chip designs (intel, amd etc etc).

    Dont see the significance of involvement of third parties. I mean every device involves third parties!!! (there is not a single company providing all the solutions in an own package. So either the author is not fluent with technology or he wanted to go with the flow…….of innuendos)

  307. @dev

    google it. I think is was an insider source not official though. Reliance infotel had completed a pilot LTE project in Navi Mumbai. (they have pan Indian license for LTE/Wimax). Next year can be very exciting for us indian!!!

  308. … and Rohan himself told us this has been a collaborative effort and went as far as giving us the actual split of which country did what

  309. just a tempting video…
    when can we touch its screen and use all this application with pixl qi screen…

  310. just another tempting video…
    when can we touch its screen and use all this application with pixl qi screen…

  311. Rohan once said he is in it for the long term, and not planning
    to sell off NI and make a quick buck (or two?). Hope he sticks to that.

  312. Woah! Glad the humane comment system is back. WordPress has been gobbling a whole bunch of my comments for the past few days and then some swearing too (I was frustrated, okay!).
    Hope this comment will see the light of the day.

    Kudos to Andre and the entire UI team.
    & hello to all.


    So many comments the last week and so many new things to comment on. And also so many bullies that needed correction, but I expect that the video’s are taking care of that πŸ˜‰

    I got into a problem with WordPress and all my comments first went into moderation and after two days disappeared into oblivion.

    Apparently you are not allowed to change your display name in WordPress in order to have your posts appear below Rohan’s blog. I guess that the system is even case sensitive as I did not change my name but never-the-less my posts disappeared. This way of writing my name seems to work πŸ™‚

    At MarkR and Shantiom posted the instructions below and they seem to help. I repeat them here as more people might have the problem that their posts disappear.

    Thanks MarkR and Shantiom and happy to be back, although it is less necessary now as the videos are are by far the best way to take care of the bullies that we had to deal with a week ago. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


    f you were previously able to blog on the NI blog (pre-login) but were not able to create a WordPress ID with the same name … the you just need to update your display name.

    Log in to WordPress with your new userID

    Goto MyAccount -> Edit My Profile
    In the field “Display name publicly as” enter the old NI blog name that you used then “Update Profile”

    Go back and try a comment – it seems to work straight away, with no moderation, as you have been already authorised under your old name.

  314. the solution may be to say ‘click/tap’ .. but then there will be no limit to where this will go… as its difficult to please all grammar police just like everything else in the world

  315. @tesla84

    Cool video from Motorola and it shows what Notion Ink is up to for marketing. They will be facing very professional adds for tablets that are far more limited then Adam.

    For this reason I also believe that Notion Ink should NOT do a similar video. This as a video that can be used for ANY tablet out there.

    I think that Notion Ink should focus briefly on tech specs and then mainly on Eden. Show the people of how Adam supports them in real life (classroom, meeting, outside, traveling) and do it with Eden functionality that other tablets do NOT have. That is the way to differentiate yourself. Let customers go to a shop and look for functionality and ease-of-use that they have seen and that only Adam can offer.

    Our friends at Notion Ink are entering the big league now and this video of Motorola shows it. I have full confidence in Rohan and his colleagues and look forward to showing the coming Notion Ink’s marketing video during meetings in our company πŸ˜‰

  316. Nice work! looks great. Just a question: when will PQ+3G Adams will be available again to pre-order or for purchase?

  317. hi all! happy holidays and a very happy new year to all in advance…
    nice to see all at the table!
    seriously this great culture of family meeting at the table in many countries is slowly eroding… i’ve heard stories where parents had to send SMS, IM to call kids downstairs!

    if not the meal am sure Adam will pull all family to the couch/table/room… go Adam! go NI!

  318. FYI, I’m pretty sure Rohan mentioned a while ago that the UI is being built so that when an Android update is released, it won’t be too long after that we see the update. Can’t tell you when, where, how or exactly what he said, but I remember something of this nature.

  319. Ah, how precious to be able to post again!

    And I simply hope, ordering will be up again, soon… soonest… now πŸ™‚

  320. I remember reading that too.

    But with all my love and respect for NI, how they handle “not too long” is not something I want to count on πŸ™‚

    In retrospect I am almost glad for the delays though, and for the hiccups with the preorder, which made me miss my advance family ticket.

    Acer, Motorola, and my favourite hardware brand Asus are all releasing tablets at CES too. So I will get to wait to see what they have on offer before making a purchase.

  321. I have a doubt, the demonstrated software may not be final (release version). May be we will only see the release version (with no or minimum bugs) in CES2011.

  322. @marcdimmick

    Yes they must have gotten carried away by the nay sayers. I couldn’t get a PQ in time (didn’t know that i had to refresh the home page of Notion Ink), but on the 1-th I ordered an LCD instead until PQ is available again.

    I am very happy that I did, and i am sure that there will be no problem passing the LCD version on to somebody else when i get my own PQ Adam πŸ™‚

  323. “” here is your countdown timer link to CES 2011!.. “13 Days : 12 Hours : 20 Mins : 20 Secs” at the time of posting!:-)

  324. Nice to see a good file manager … arrrgg… “more” then file manager for android… can’t wait to get it in my hands..
    I don’t care what motorola comes out with.. that company has lost all my trust… I am happy with my milestone only coz cronos released a froyo ROM for it. Motorola is so arrogant they didn’t bother to release Froyo for milestone just because they hav “other” more important phones to attend to .. go jump off.. no money from me to you.. duh

  325. Rohan

    It makes no sense to stop taking orders just because adam is sold out. Let people order and show the status as back-ordered. This will allow those of us who missed pre-order to get in line.

  326. @pratik…You are supposed to get the FIRST Adam. Have you got it by now or have any info. on when you will get it. If not yet,maybe Jan1st as a new year gift from NI πŸ™‚
    Anyway, get ready to post the first user review of Adam

  327. There is also a benefit of taking back orders for the company. This will allow NI to get a feel for the demand for each model and adjust manufactering according to the demand.

  328. The USB ports and HDMI ports, are provided for a reason. I guess if you want something that is not kinda silly dangling stuff coming out of the USB and HDMI ports, you are better off with an iPad. It is the neatest non-solution you can buy, though $500 may only fetch you the basic model.

  329. Wow, really, now: Sniffer is GREAT! I do love the concept and workflow! Very, very nice! Wish that would be available for Android already. Really cool concept, Rohan! Respect to you guys!

  330. Wonder what would NI do with those orders that were cancelled? Will those of us who tried placing an order but got declined transaction errors, be given a chance to fill up those vacant spots?

    I’m ready πŸ˜‰

  331. I wish the tablet has a portrait mode (especially for text applications including the browser). Landscape is good for movies and photos, but for text portrait is the best.

    Does anyone know if the web-browser and other apps work in the portrait mode?

  332. remember that till android honeycomb is released, even google says that its not ready for tablets at all ! πŸ™‚ Perhaps Eden will make a 2.3 look good on a tablet.

  333. This is one of the best folder management tools i’ve seen. Hope they add some refinement to the interface though, its looking like a bare-bone version.

  334. Yes. It just hasn’t been shown yet. There are older videos on the web that show portrait mode.
    (at least in ereader mode). It has an accelerometer to auto switch modes like other tablets.

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