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Week-End Special – XI

Posted in Uncategorized by Rohan Shravan on December 4, 2010

[Update: Pre-Order will continue for long, its just that the members will be given highest priority. So don’t worry :) We can probably expand the system for those who post on this one, but I need to check technically how to still distinguish them from the new members!]

Greetings everyone!

How are you doing? Today I have a good news for you!

Your comments and feedbacks have kept the blog alive, it really feels like a family, where you know people by their name (those who post anonymously will be at loss after this post) and their familiar characteristics. And it is this family who should have the first right on things closer to the heart.

I don’t want anyone who follows this blog to wait any more :). We all are special and should get some extra benefit. The pre-booking will be available only for the ones who have posted a comment on this blog (for a limited period of time), and only after this interval the world will have the access. In short, family first! :) (It also means that those who start commenting NOW, are not counted in this list)

Few more updates:

  • We have done something with our FCC application and it will be little difficult for you to find us!
  • All 6 variants have passed EMI tests
  • Payment Integration Gateways are up
  • All softwares are in beta now
  • There was a wrong Wi-Fi infringement case on Notion Ink which we rectified. (we were using right components as otherwise opposed to what this company suspected)
  • Adam is in Europe as of now. I have never mentioned this in particular, but Europe is an extremely crucial market for us, our sales and marketing team is in Europe this week.
  • There were 4 areas where we felt Android was infringing few patents and stayed away from using those, and implemented our own methods. Seems like we were correct and our portfolio just expanded a little because of this.
  • 6th December is another big day for Android and you will find out how fast Notion Ink can work. (Eden is extremely compatible with 2.3)

The Browser

Applications on Adam enjoy just more than a boost in processing power. The allocated application memory is also high, and you will not find Force Closure Exception because of “out-of-memory” issues. This was a big step in converting your Android to a tablet version OS (and one of the updates coming in 3.0). “Our browser has beaten every browser in the world in switching tabs” as one of our programmers loves to say (qualitatively), but you need memory to retain these tabs.

Let’s look at this image:

The browser is multi-touch enabled and you get this menu when you do a “2-finger drag-up”. This is also the icon set which will come on Adam (these are my personal favorites after 4-5 revisions, don’t look at the text below icons). Bookmark is something you know already.For a normal eye next is copy and crop, but the question is how many times at one go, and what to do after you have copied or cropped? Have you felt a need of selecting the first line and third line simultaneously? Browser works beautifully with one application that I havent spoken about (and I LOVE this application). Anything you copy or crop will be arranged (not populated) in this application (hint: notes). People who do online research and like making notes, will love the browser and this feature. (Note on the last icon: kill browser: Android has a nagging feature (sorry if anyone loves one), of not killing the application. On Mobile environment that’s probably a good idea because now you can call back that application ASAP, but not for big applications like browser. If you are an Android user, you might have noticed that normal users press back a lot to go out of application, tracking back all the views! Also this gives you an option of taking out revenge on the browser instead of your boyfriend or wife!) (Question for you: How do we zoom? :) )


Check-out the loading page:

Mail’d works in sync with your calendar (which allows you to sync with Google, etc) Facebook application and Contacts Manager. This syncing was required so you have access to more connections (and less typing) and there is no need of managing 3 different lists. It also allows you to add multiple account (we have tested more than 20 without any issues), with full HTML rendering, attachments and one feature which is little controversial. I discussed about the feature where you can call back email (no it’s not your Outlook type feature where you send request neither where you need to be on same network), send password protected emails, etc. For those who are against this, argue that once anyone has received any email, its their property. I disagree. Every email sent is sender’s property (all corporate email comes with “do not forward” footers) and if he is concerned about receiver forwarding email to someone else, he can use this feature. It is not enabled by default and it’s not the property of all the emails you will send, but only available if you intend to use it! (With great power, come great responsibilities). (It was really hard for me to convince my Board about this feature, but when few people misused our EAP emails, they instantly agreed!)

Weather App

How do we get weather information for all the cities on earth where Adam might go? The animation has to be perfect and must come with sound. I really want Adam to wake you up even if you are sleeping in your cozy rooms when there is thunder-storm outside.

If you are not familiar with WOEIDs, please do read about them. Our designers have done a real good work in showing you the transitions from day to-night, from one city to another, and from one season to another.

I read in comments, why are we wasting time in designing applications? My answer is, Eiffel Tower was called a waste and suffered indifference and rejection of most local people at the beginning. In addition, it suffered from harsh criticism of some experts on architecture and urban planning. It takes time for everyone to realize what designers are up-to, and we are really onto something big here. We know Tegra (a) little better than the rest (just because we have spent time), this helps us in understanding what application wants from OS (else why would we know we need to increase frame-buffers for applications) and a design guide for other developers so as to make things which look uniform.

Something to keep you busy:

First Description:

Few came dangerously close,
to change the fundamentals of light,
but few realized the power of the same,
and now it even works at night!

Second Description:

I am not a sensor though I can feel
Though light is my father, I can work in a shield
I am there since Big Bang, I am still the need
My re-birth opened a new era, a new playing field!

Third Description:

I shortened the distance as nothing else could beat me
your test my limits, every time you set a form free
Now I am not alone, but I’m still the alpha to all
and with a century old, I am the best I could ever be.


Nikola Tesla


We all have learnt a lot about Tesla in last 2 weeks. I will suggest you do read about “the war of currents”.  I read somewhere that you can know a lot about someone if you know their super heroes. I suspect that is true for the favorite scientists. Nikola was probably ahead of his time. Commercial success is extremely important. He did win the battle of setting AC voltage as the standard, but lost the war on commercial grounds which Edison won.

Sometimes I really feel it is harder for our generation to innovate or discover the fundamentals. All we can do is to improve what has been done, discovered or invented, max we can present in a new form. To do something special you need a Hadron Collider, and there is a steep reduction in real stories like “October Sky”. I really wish to change this! :)

On the leaving note, I will try to have 2 posts every week! :)

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan


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  1. Joshuakprice1 said, on December 4, 2010 at 13:57

    Well, It’s a good thing I commented then. Some people are going to be mad, but I think it’s a great move. This will motivate people who are “watcher only” to actually take part and contribute next time there is a discussion going on.

    • Barb said, on December 4, 2010 at 14:21

      What’s the motivation now besides to complain? This only rewards “me too!” posts. I try to avoid posting stuff like that because it adds nothing substantive to the discussion.

    • Greg said, on December 4, 2010 at 14:37

      One thing I have learned… Rohan cares!

      He will do his best to look out for those who have been religiously following the blog but have not commented. But he has to draw the line somewhere. Otherwise everyone would just comment for the first time right now to get on the initial pre-order list.

      I bet if a good solution is offered that will make everyone happy, Rohan would be glad to go to bat with the investors to get it approved. Right Rohan?

      So what does everyone think the solution is? If you were Rohan, how would you handle this? I think I would have done what he did, even though I sincerely regret some people will miss out.

      If only it were a perfect world….

    • Greg said, on December 4, 2010 at 14:38

      My advice to everyone who has not posted yet is to start posting now. You never know….

    • said, on December 4, 2010 at 14:47

      The journey has just begun! There could still be other ways of pre-ordering or even other rewards that Rohan has up his sleeve. Pre-ordering may also happen a week before normal ordering! It’s hardly the end of the world. Saying “what’s the motivation now besides to complain” is kind of a ridiculous comment.

    • Barb said, on December 4, 2010 at 14:57

      It’s my frustration coming out. I felt like I needed to be able to say something about tech specs, or be a software developer, or something along those lines in order to justify posting previous to this.

      If the pre-order is only a few days/weeks difference, then I concur, I’ll feel a bit sheepish. But if it’s a month or more, then I think I’m justified.

      Attn. Rohan: Desperate attempt to get on pre-order list–I joined, posted there prior to this, and have cash burning a hole in my checking account. Hook me up! :D

    • Jeremy Mueller said, on December 4, 2010 at 15:21

      I haven’t posted yet, but I’ve been following the blog for quite some time as well. I’ve just had nothing to contribute. I only visit when there are new posts, because Google Reader keeps track of it for me. Saddened that I’ll have to wait to pre-order because I didn’t say Me too.

      Or 15th…

    • Anshuman Jain said, on December 4, 2010 at 20:43

      @Barb I understand your frustration but believe me there will be very few people who will be eligible to pre-order first so there will be plenty left when these few privileged one have ordered. Just chill man and enjoy the ride. Personally I don’t want anyone to be miffed with this move. Hope everyone who follows this blog gets their hands on before it is sold out.

    • elango said, on December 4, 2010 at 23:11

      I agree with Barb, they should sent early invite email to all those posted here…what do they have to lose????????????????????? Are they afraid of the horrible result of selling more Adams :)

    • RK said, on December 5, 2010 at 00:22

      @elango, It’s called caring for the faithful. Those who’ve been part of this right from the very beginning. It doesn’t mean that all others are going to get left out. Only that they’re given the first priority, first opportunity to get in line first.

    • elango said, on December 5, 2010 at 05:41

      @RK Wow, great insight 8-| /sarcasm

    • RK said, on December 4, 2010 at 19:12

      I agree. And one suggestion to Rohan that would benefit late posters: Is it possible to have two rounds of pre-order invites? The first round of invites go to people who already have posted before and in a day or two, the 2nd round of invites go to the new posters and then in a day or two, it’s open to the world.

      Just a suggestion. If it could be implemented, it could make all those who have been silently watching and following this blog, happy too.

  2. james said, on December 4, 2010 at 13:58

    Dirt. I have been following the blog and have voted but this is my first comment so no pre ordering for me :( but the time for the release is getting closer which is great!

    • Clayton Smith said, on December 5, 2010 at 12:14

      I think posting here so fast after the weekly blog is proof we have been avid followers just because we do not post more comments on what has already been covered does not make us any less part of the family. Show us the love Rohan!

  3. Manish said, on December 4, 2010 at 13:58

    Can secret sensor be wirless or solar charger ??

    • Scarf said, on December 5, 2010 at 20:35

      Solar charger would explain that new bulky design…but I think it will be wirless charger and that’s really cool:)

  4. jayank said, on December 4, 2010 at 13:58

    finally the w8 is over

  5. mhasija said, on December 4, 2010 at 13:58


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