Deadline Ends at 23 Oct 9AM (IST)

Hello All,

The submission time has now ended! Will be back soon with the results!

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

183 thoughts on “Deadline Ends at 23 Oct 9AM (IST)

  1. Rohan, don’t forget the weekend update. Don’t pass this off as the weekend update :(. Pictures, my friend.

  2. But i thought the polling starts 2day and i sent just 2 logos. I could have made one more if i had known this.
    I’ll try one more by 2morrow 9.

  3. My Submissions 🙂

    1.First Design

    Can any one guess the theme here?
    This is based on The Golden Ratio and why coz we all know Rohan’s love for the Golden Ratio.

    2. Second Design
    Theme: Simplicity and Elegance.

    Your comments are extremely valuable to me, please let me know your opinion….


  4. Oops! Did i say 2day? Its past midnight here. Shud hav said ystrdy. And i’m awake 4 the final 10. But its not gonna be midnight, but mid day.
    Doodled as many as 6 logos. Sent 2. I prayed for mine.

  5. i’m dying over here for news!! i submitted three, but i dont think i have a chance of winning. maybe i should have let my child draw the logo with crayon. at least it’ll look colorful like google’s logo haha

  6. I don’t really have a chance either, but I have to admit there’s a tiny piece of me that thinks I could…

  7. Rohan says ´The deadline for the last entry acceptance ends at 9AM (IST) tomorrow.´
    but the title says 9AM IST 23th of October. To add to the confusion it has been posted on the 23th. So is the ´tomorrow´ an error?

    So will the deadline be the 23th (tomorrow for people living close to GMT time) or tomorrow IST time and so on the 24th?


  8. mine is rubbish but i did spend hours on it …. can i have an E for effort please or instead of an E can i have an adam?

  9. Oh damn! This is great! Thanks for the heads up. I thought the deadline is sometime today. I sent over 25 entries and a couple more are coming. I don’t know what format you prefer (PDF, TIFF, JPG, PNG??) and what resolution but my friend told me to send JPG because it’s easily recognizable by many programs. Because I sent so many I do not have time to refine them or include the company name in my logos but I will try to put it on some and resubmit (still playing around with the fonts). I use AutoCAD, then convert them to PDF then use Acrobat to save them to TIFF/JPG. I can use Photoshop to refine them or put color, shades, shadows, etc. but do not have the time. Maybe your team can refine them for me. I’m hoping at least one will be considered for the contest. Maybe we can increase the number up for voting to 15 instead of 10?

  10. Rohan,

    Having looked at many of the logo submissions I don’t envy you having to come up with a shortlist of only 10.

    But could you offer as a consolation ‘prize’ to the 9 unlucky entrants the opportunity for priority pre-registration for their adam ?

  11. I don’t think the winner is gonna get his/her Adam too long before anyone else. But yeah – you wish. 😀

  12. waiting for an update.. dont make this logo poll your weekend update.. please have something else (may be some more pictures and some videos of UI) for us….. also i remember that today you said will have the 2nd changes for ADAM.. hope to see pictures of newer ones, with small case adam and small black border.. 🙂 please make sure that quality of pictures are good.. please… 🙂

  13. Hey JP – jolly good idea indeed to let folks see your entry online, well done that person! 🙂

    I decided to take the opportunity offered by the extended deadline for submissions to add a third, small-scale variant to the 3D Logo design I submitted last Sunday – here’s what they look like, in colour and grayscale, from 980px high down to only 21px, to demonstrate scalability:

    Any other entrants care to share?

    Best of luck to all who made a submission – may the best design win, heralding a bright future for NI and their lovely child adam!

  14. I think it was just cool having the chance to send in a logo (sent in a couple)… I can hardly wait to see what logos have been created… Most of all can’t wait to get an adam…

    On a side… been thinking a lot about the biblical references… just realized how “apple” fits in… has everyone gotten this??? And I am just slow??? And most importantly… is Steve Jobs a snake????
    In any case don’t partake of the apple…

  15. Plz take serious consideration of the fact the a lot of us have great ideas but are rookies when it comes to picture editing and basics of art work

    so i guess the idea be given DUE IMPORTANCE ..thats the gist of it !

  16. The sad fact is when it comes to anything design based it is all about first impressions. When I heard it was up to the community I decided not to enter because part of logo design is branding and selling the company on how it should and could be branded to the consumers. Look at the whole GAP logo fiasco that is going on(, the community hates it but if they choose to keep it they could sell it to the consumer with no problem. I saw one logo in the forums where he the guy explained his logic which I would love to see when voting for the logos.

  17. I agree with the meaning thing, but one must also consider the versatility and also the simplicity of the artwork itself. Will it be able to be embossed in a surface? Will it make a good LED light like Apple? Will it stand on its own without text? All the best logos can withstand these tests.

    I tried to embody the essence of the ideas in something simple, Notion (lightbulb) and a drop of Ink (ink) with ‘NI’ as the reflection. Then I went back and stripped it of anything superfluous to make it even more simple. Only the audience and Notion Ink can decide whether I, or many others here were successful.

    logo plug:

    Good luck everyone!

  18. This could be a wrong post to comment on, but posting here to get Rohan’s attention again.

    I would like to connect ‘adam’ to a wireless keyboard/mouse and HDMI output to a LCD TV/Audio socket and browse web/write documents. Is it possible (something I do with my laptop now)?
    Can you post some video of adam accessing website (with heavy flash content I think) to get a feel of it?

    Also I read somewhere that you are coming up with your own office suite for adam, would you be able to post some video/pics of it. Is it going to compete Apples/Microsoft office suite for tablets?

    Please more pics/videos please as you would have finalized everything.

    Also, as you have been playing with adam for over 2yrs you would have got very used to it. Has any layman held it recently with the final build (so that you can provide feedback of its weight/comfortness)? Can you post the feedback?

    How long have you had adam running with out a restart (in days/hrs) and accessing all sort of heavy websites/writing documents to test its performance?

    Please update the website with really good flash videos as people over here and elsewhere are getting restless (or moving away) to see whats in store.

    Posting the above would bring in more new audience to your site and adam. Lack of information may drive people away which is not good for adam. I understand you are busy with tighter schedules please atleast have some one from your team update the site with more and more details.

    People are sticking here in receipt of adam as they want to be away from Apple products (no flash, closed environment with no freedom. Steve decides what you can browse and experience on web) and rest are looking for a good Android tablet with freedom.
    How does adam differentiate from GalaxyTab/Playbook other than the hardware specs (post some pics/videos please)

    Please provide the list of productivity, entertainment softwares that adam would come loaded with and some nice screen shots.

    I visit NI’s website/blog 30-40 times a day only to get disappointed that there is nothing new. I can sniff people getting impatient day after day. This is not good for NI/adam and ofcourse me (I want more and more to come in rather than moving away).

  19. Can’t wait for the results. I hope i’ll be one of the lucky 10.

    Good luck to the rest of you.
    Just hoping for the best here 😀

  20. Oh, god… for hours I’ve been trying to instal drivers for my scanner.
    Well, I’ve read HP as Canon and spent an hour cursing on stupid Canon homepage that does not have appropriate drivers… @_@

    Btw, knowing how many logos will be sent – maybe some bonus *cough* adam tablets *cough* for whole lucky 10? ^_^

  21. Can’t wait to see the new logo!

    Also! Did you think about adding a track pad On/Off switch somewhere?

    So if your holding it on your lap, and you rub the track pad, it won’t mess up what you’re doing.

    Just a thought 😀

  22. For Firefox users – use the add-on “Update Scanner” – No need to keep checking the page to see if anything has changed. Advises you when anything has been added to the blog. Works great. (Wish it would show more updates!!)

  23. Well, you know, here I’ve got Vista(#$^&@^$@$!!!!!), on W’7 situation is better… maybe in the next few years, Ubuntu or Android/ChromeOS will be an option for me.

    (I have the drivers, now my laptop is melting from heat during installation -_-‘)

  24. Good luck to all tht entered! Having faith! Crossing my fingers, rubbin my rabbits foot, n currently trying to find a 4 leaf clover! Oh n a prayer sent to the 6lb 8oz baby Jesus! Pick me!

  25. definitely +1. I think its ok for a company to put a demonstration of its device before the launch. EVERYBODY accept apple (of course) does that.

  26. Unrelated, but Apple is getting evil. It seems they stopped bundling Flash with Mac OS X. Evil!!!

  27. Here is what I last submitted:

    Just so you know, I do give credit to Bjorn Maatman who had this logo:

    It was more or less my inspiration, though tweaked. I really like his.

  28. uhm, it just doesn’t come installed. They said its so people can dload the latest one. Oh and windows also doesn’t come with Flash installed. Evil!!! I tell u, Evil!!!

  29. :). This is big deal Abhi. Steve Jobs and Apple are trying to tell you (or shall I say, Apple users) what you can use, and what you cannot.

  30. Here are the meaning and the ideas behind the 2 logos I submitted: It was not graphically good since I only made it using powerpoint ;(

    First Logo
    Name: Notion Ink!
    Inspiration: The mathematical function n factorial

    After much thought, fancy stuff, and thinking the possibilities, here is the final logo.Trying to make it as simple as possible, like Nike. It stands of course for notion ink. The dot on the exclamation mark is a spherical ink drop due to surface tension. It is simple enough to be recognizable. Layman can read it as n exclamation or n exclamation mark or simply N ( as in exclaiming). And for the mathematically inclined, to the mathematical function n factorial. Exclamation mark is used to make a bold statement and I believe Notion Ink does make one. Just 70! surpasses the googol ( about 1.2 times a googol). You are only limited by the value of n, so as people are only limited by the loftiness of their dreams, if you choose a bigger value, you’ll have a bigger dream. When different values of n are written (definition of factorial for positive integers), the number 1, will always be there. The Genesis-the beginning, the ADAM-the first creation.

    n!= n*(n-1)*(n-2)……..1
    3!= 3.2.1
    0! = 1

    Second Logo

    Name: Notion Ink Spheres
    Inspiration: pixels and spheres.Dropping ink forms sphere due to surface tension. And sphere was selected since it is one of the beautiful geometric figures suggesting perfection- the quality Notion Ink imbibes. I also selected sphere because when Rohan demonstrated the ADAM, he played with the bubble game. This can also be a good start- up screen or screen saver. Random spheres can be generated and stacked in 2 layers. and since ADAM has an accelerometer we can shake the tablet similar to sieving and because of the fantastic laws of physics ( as everyone knows), the small spheres sink at the bottom leaving the big ones on top, creating the letter N. This is similar to how ADAM was created. A process of refinement and sieving, separating the mediocre from the excellent. Where Big Ideas stay on top. The pixels of course is ADAM’s entry to the technological world.

    Hopefully, we all make it to the top 10. 🙂

  31. Here is my submission

    The main logo I worked on was a drop of ink with a bulb socket on the top. it looks like a light bulb and a drop of ink at the same time. Kinda cool in my opinion

    Another one I worked on was a yin yang logo with the “N” and the “i”. Looks cool also but I am an amateur and I could not really make it look like my vision.

    There is also a simple N with the I across the middle ark.

    What do you guys think? some feed back please, I worked a lot on it (mostly because I am a amateur) Did I waste my time?

  32. Well, I made a last minute submission. I was really unsure of the colouring, and went with a rather random palette. Here is my Logo design:


  33. I VERY much enjoy the first series of logos. Simple and powerul at the same time. I also VERY much like the added thought behind the logos and the mathematical explanation (again the first series).

    Sorry, I wasn’t quite as excited about the last series.

  34. I too think this is great work and the one with just the blue cube and the glow is just brilliant.

    If I may interpret it a bit differently, it suggests to me that there’s something very special inside that box, akin to the very special ADAM inside the box it would come packed in. 🙂

  35. Eric,
    I really like the simple concept with the n!. I get where you are coming from with the Nike reference and really like the mathematical concept. But I would have liked to have seen it a little more stylized. I think the spheres are a little to complicated for my tastes in logos but like the concept and art work. Good luck.

  36. Jon,
    Really like the Lightbulb drob combo. And using it as the second O in Notion makes it even better. You or henkeman would have my vote if I hadn’t put my own in.

  37. Hey guys
    here is one of my entry, the font is my own creation and is band new

    The logo is so flashy and new age type because i think notion ink needs that attention of people as someone said before logos change with time and as a start up, Notion ink wants to get everyone’s attention and their logo should be doing the same.
    So i think your logo should be very different from conventional Logo’s that we see day to day.

  38. I like your yin/yang, though it kinda looks like a killer whale/fish face smiling. I would pick one of your light bulbs, #2-#4. Those are my favorite out of your bunch.

  39. I’ll put mine out there to. I liked the Idea that this all started as a thought so that is the basis. Also thought he said to submit the 1 that was the best and took that literally. The actual drawing part could use some work but I thought it was a neat concept.
    JCW Notion ink Logo

  40. They started doing it because users can then install the latest version directly. Oh well bashing Apple is much easier than applying some reason.

  41. Please make sure that u have read the earlier threads before scribbling down your concerns. Most of urs is already answered by Rohan at different posts; also you will get a clear idea behind the delays and other things. the more you read , the more you will trust NI.
    Etiquette is to post concerns at relevant threads!

  42. I followdbthe first link and read a blog post comparing various tablets. It’s probably one of the dumbest posts I ever read and thought nothing could top it until I followed the second link and saw the logo.

    Great start to the weekend. Thanks for the entertainment.

  43. I feel while lot of the logos are graphical and nice, I feel the importance should be given to the logo that reflects the company’s reason behind the name (that Rohan explained). You can always pick one of the logo designer here to reproduce the same logo with better graphics.

  44. It’s cool to see people showing their submissions. It’s going to be a tough competition but well worth it.


  45. Lot of companies with NI use the two letters in their logos. For example:

    Northern Ireland
    Network Instruments
    New internationalist
    Nordic Innovation
    Natural Ingredients
    Net Insight

    I feel we have to think little outside that when picking these logos. for example Accenture has a strong logo even though there is not much graphics. It nicely portrays the meaning behind the company name.

  46. Rather than making personal attacks on others logos, why don’t you design something

    Oh wait a minute- You don’t know a shit except bragging about apple and making personal attacks on other people.

    The reason i designed this logo is coz am a 3d artist not a 2d logo designer.
    What you have said in this post is over the line, I won’t post on this blog until you have been banned from here, now its for Rohan to decide who he wants to keep on this blog, a unreal engine 3d game designer and a true fan or some rat who only talks about apple’s might.

  47. i like the one titled Nn (ink between) wow…i wish i could come up with tht many concepts …good job/luck!

  48. @Crystal

    Whoah! Don’t you think you are getting a little jumpy here?

    (inhale – hold – exhale)*3

    Now let’s wait for some interesting news.

  49. uh I’ve read all the posts, I know about the delays. All im saying is that, adam now is clearly ready to be shown (the UI). Look at RIM playbook, they have a nice tease demo of their tablet, and its not even being released till 2011.

    Next time understand english and reply to someone.

  50. Well, Apple’s logo definitely showcases the simplicity of Apple design but I don’t find anything special with it. Sometimes huge success can make good stuff look even better.

  51. Also not to post the same thing several times (he posted the EXACT same post elsewhere this week).

  52. I too am excited. I have been waiting and watching a long time. This is going to change everything for me if my submission is picked. I want to do more than move mail.

  53. Nice. Liked the one with the name connected by an underscore which turns into the Ns. Also the use of different colours for the cube could be useful for different product lines.

  54. And yet the “missing plug-in” messages in safari don’t give you the option to install it. You have to go yourself to the site while all other browsers tend to have the option. It might be for the reasons they state but they didn’t make it as easy for users to install the newest one as they could have.

  55. you know what? It wasn’t a waste of time for me. At the very least, I learn some stuff in the process of making them.

    thanks for the feedback, anxiously waiting for top ten FINGERS CROSSED

  56. I can’t wait ti see if mine was picked. This is pretty exciting! I also agree that there should be a consolation prize for the othe 9 that get picked. Maybe a discount of $50-$100? That would be really cool!

    Off topic, I have no clue of the origin of the ‘apple’ being eaten in the bible, but if you read the references it is clearly a grape (and grape juice, aka new wine in the bible, is often a symbol of blood as well) that adam and eve ate. Just a bit of trivia for those that just listen to what every one else says.

  57. not sure if it was intended, but the top corner was concave while the bottom convex … gave a escher-isque feeling to the picture 🙂

  58. Actually, the first series was may last logo. After i figured out the factorial function, that would be my last. The second was actually the first logo I did and it will not be recognizable if you make it the size of the postage stamp, but anyway I decided to submit it just for the concept.

  59. Two things.
    @Crystal 1. I don’t think your logo fits, I see it more as a CD cover or something.
    @Tintincub 2. I’ve said it before. Constructive criticism is fine, but you flat out attack people Tintin and that’s soo not right. It’s infantile and grossly uncouth.

    @Crystal. Should Rohan choose, I hope he chooses you for what it’s worth. You don’t deserve the insults Tintin lobs at you nor does anybody else for that matter.

  60. WOW…i really like your first logo concept.. simple depiction yet very powerful in conveying the meaning… hope u get selected!!!

  61. good one. i liked the one with the three figures in different colors … away from traditional chrome/sleek logos …

  62. @Tarwinia
    Wow, thanks for sorting it all out with your easy 3 step program.

    “but you flat out attack people Tintin and that’s soo not right. It’s infantile and grossly uncouth”

    Wow, I didn’t know that infants started attacking people flat out. They are making this world a dangerous place.

    But, isn’t it time to go to bed for you? Oh well you might be up waiting for some news like me.

  63. @Tarwinia

    Oh yes, it is so hard to just go and download a darn plugin. Why does Apple make everything so easy and dumbed down. Oh wait….

  64. Rohan when you display the top ten logos for voting, kindly include a note ( a few lines ) on the concept behind every logo as it will help all of us here to understand and not merely vote for the one that looks good to the eyes.. !

  65. Thanks Sud, the graphic is not good though. Its only powerpoint. Dont have time to crash course on GIMP or Adobe’s.

  66. yeah!…but lookin at it now after ur says “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” what did i do wrong?

    links below…again

  67. @ Jon G.
    I agree. At the end we all want notion ink to have the best logo, and we all thought we did. Even if other think its not. Hope we all choose the best one.

  68. Of course, a good logo does not make a good company.But a good logo makes a company even better ( at least in being recognized). A lot of companies for laptops, but most don’t have good one, except apple and the alien ware.

  69. I like #3. I see what you did with the ink pot and a feather. Color choice is ok. Over all a decent simplistic choice.

  70. @tintincub
    news flash, no one likes you or your comments. Go somewhere else to instigate. GOOD BYE

  71. I agree Eric. But I am not a big fan of the old Colorful Apple logo. I really like their ‘Think Different’ slogan. It has a rebel appeal and works great with the younger generation.

  72. I just had the concept no graphics I think slim chance of selection……..but I spent some time, so I will share it with bloggers


    Following are some thoughts that justify the design.

    Speaking of ideas, the idea of life itself is written in the ink of DNA(Deoxyribonucleic acid), in analogy ,for an idea to be shared and implemented notion ink products will provide the ink which will make it a fact, from the boundless human mind to the real world, these ideas will travel and will be engraved in notion ink. hence the double helix notion ink.

    The internet is like a huge organism, in the future it will grow exponentially and regenerate, for all known living organisms the information required for growth and form is embedded in the DNA, similarly for the internet’s growth notion ink products will be the source from where the primary information will be injected in the web. Hence the double helix structure of DNA is the most appropriate for logo of notion ink.

    As we move forward, our real life and online life will be fused together beyond recognition, the seemingly crude machine symbols that depict hardware companies of today is insufficient to symbolize this great combination of life and information.

    I think the usage of
    “double helix which represents the very core information/idea of life”
    “notion ink whose products in future will carry the core information/ideas of web”
    is the most appropriate logo.

  73. Folks,

    I have some suggestions based on designing logos in the past, and perhaps NI folks could think of these as well (some have already been raised above)

    1) Imagine the logo in B&W as well as color(s). It will get photocopied, laser printed etc. This means fancy colors should not be integral to the view, differentiation, etc., and render well in B&W
    2) Imagine the logo the size of 1/2 corner of a business card, as well as on a banner 20 feet high (not to mention letterhead, etc.). Both extremes imply small details, though often cute/meaningful, are not feasible. This also encourages SIMPLICITY.
    3) The “logo” and “name” (i.e., WorkdMark) can be thought of as separate. In some companies, the Word is itself the Logo (e.g., Microsoft) but in HP, Apple, etc., there is a separate logo than Name.

    For all the submissions NI is contemplating, they should convert these to B&W, tiny, and huge as well. They could also think of 2 prizes, separate for logo (art/sympbolic) and Name.

    My $0.50,


  74. Guys, don’t mind him. Im missing crystals comment. Common! just ignore him. She’s probably the most zealous of us all. 😉

  75. thanks tin…:) c guys he can be nice!

    n e one else? i’m no graphic pro…self taught on x3…and dont give me n e crap cause i like corel…lol!

    is n e on else going insane waiting?…3 redbulls was a good idea 4hrs ago…

  76. no kidding, I wonder if he is gonna post later like at 3pm IST? I think is still considered noon

  77. I didn’t know you can change the spelling of Notion Ink? If not, then this one is already disqualified.

  78. Wow! This is the best yet. I love the inspiration especially the first logo. I think it should be included in the voting. I thought about the N! point too but never thought about the concept you explained. Did you explain your inspiration to Notion Ink when you submitted them? It would definitely help if you did. I also like the fact that NOTION is in rigid formal font while INK is in script or casual font. The contrast of fonts make them standout.

    It looks professionally done. If I knew one can do this better in PowerPoint, i would have used that program instead then save the comp to JPG. My problem is I do not have the fonts that I wanted and I have to do a cut from and paste it onto Photoshop to merge it with my logo. Not the best resolution but I want to keep the file small so my logos can get thru without a hitch.

  79. I don’t think it is going to be easy job for NI to go through so many excellent submissions and select just a handful of them in just few hours time. It will possibly take sometime before they post the entries for voting. So expect the next post somewhere in between 13:00 to 16:00 IST.


  80. LMAO! At first I thought I’m seeing a penguin but now that you mention it…It’s an ORCA!

  81. There’s a lot of great work in here. I particulary like 2 concept designs in here which I think stands apart from design and simplicity perspective. Good luck to everyone. Here is the one that I submitted.


  82. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I am dying with anticipation!

    haaaaaaawg (<—-yawning ) well its 330 AM here so comfy bed here I go.

  83. I’m sure they received thousands considering that they are receiving multiple entries from every individual. I just wish that I have time to explain my concepts behind my designs but I submitted several that I didn’t even have the time to make them look good…so just plain black and white (no chrome, shading or 2.5D effects).

    So what is the next contest? A slogan for Notion Ink? How about…

    In the Beginning…
    Begin the Revolution.
    Creation by Revolution.
    Creation in Motion.
    Where Creation Begins.
    I AM GOD!

  84. Your first logo looks like the arm of a body builder. So the theme might be ‘muscles from india’

  85. My top 10 are the really simple logos. Some really are gaudy and would not even look good on the Adam. The bulb and ink concepts are overplayed that one needs to create something very original yet simple to standout. You also have to look at it if you can scale this logo down that it would still be recognizable. Also one has to take into account the expense of making it so something complex will not do.

  86. I can not draw and only could describe in written, what i’d iamgine as logo.

    Alas, it seems was liked by no one and no one cared to implement it in graphics 😦

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