Welcome On Board! :)

Hello There!  

Greetings from Notion Ink!

You exchanged some emails with us regarding your interest in writing apps for the Adam.  You wanted to know about SDKs, the API, the User Interface… but the most common question of all was, “When can I get my hands on some sample hardware?”

At Notion Ink, we’re humbled by your incredible enthusiasm, and the patience you have shown over the months since CES and MWC. We’re delighted to inform you that your wait is coming to an end – we’re launching the Notion Ink Early Access Program today.

Underlining our commitment to making the Adam a great platform for developers, the first 200 production quality Adams will go to developers chosen from among you. But 200 is already a small number and the competition to get into this program is really very hot! Till now we have selected a few and they took no time to convince us that they more than deserved to be in there.

All what you need, is to register on the newly launched Notion Ink Developers Website and fill up the “Early Access Program Form”. We will be extremely interested in the application you will be designing (if you are a developer) or the kind of test you will be performing, so be 200% sure that you’ll enter all the details properly (few of the people whom we have selected, sent us their current applications or shared their FSD/PRD to explain their plans).

You can return to the form and modify your application until midnight (IST) Wednesday, 3rd of November 2010.

On the 10th of November, we’ll let you know if you’ve been selected. If you’re one of the lucky 200, you will just be one short step away from ordering an Adam to be shipped to your address, anywhere in the world!

Your application may be more favorably considered as you’ve already had some discussions with us – make sure you use the same email address while signing up as you used during your communication.

With Warm Regards

EAP Team

Notion Ink Design Labs


Copyright 2010, Notion Ink Design Labs, All rights Reserved

This was the email sent first to the people who registered with us (sent email). They have their email ids and information communicated as their Privilege Tokens. But if you are also interested, please follow the steps written above.

With Warm Regards

Rohan Shravan

[Update: Getting a lot of comments on fee part. It wasnt supposed to be there and is already been corrected.


329 thoughts on “Welcome On Board! :)

  1. A pleasant surprise to have this email in my inbox waiting for me when I woke up this morning. We are currently redoing the mockups for some of the apps we hope to publish at launch time. As a small startup company as yourselves, dedicated to bringing apps to the Adam, it would be very beneficial to us to have access to a device as soon as possible. I will be updating our application with those mockups when they are completed.

    Aaron Blankenship
    Founder, Exodus Apps

  2. I received this morning a mail entitled : “Notion Ink Welcomes You To The “Early Access Program” “, does that mean that I’ve been selected among the 200 ? (is it possible ???)
    well thanks anyway for evrything..

  3. can you give any details on the accessories that will be available at launch… i think the following will be as creative as your product, even if they are released later:

    1. a capacitative stylus that has an LCD display to show single line notifications such as Time, status updates, test messages, missed calls, current gps location, alerts etc. and if i can hold it up to my ear and talk into it for a call, oh well… i guess that’s asking for too much… but it will also be nice if it can conceal a 3.5 mm audio jack and stereo headphones… it could fit neatly into the curve under the bulge and could also double up as a desktop stand

    2. a book case with a built in tactile keyboard… it could be foldable in such a way that it becomes a desktop stand with the keyboard coming out at the bottom… additional wishes for the book case … a place to hold the stylus described above

  4. I wish you could pause the screen a’s it cycles through the screen shots. Just the few seconds you see look great. I keep trying to read the killzone 3 review

    Looking great. Nice job

  5. Here the pics from the into 😉


    My other comment with the pic links is already in status “Your comment is awaiting moderation”

  6. The “notionink” logo used in this post looks much better,cleaner and complete than the options that were posted in the previous post.


  7. Is there a different registration form for beta testers ??

    is it that this registration form is only for developers???

    please reply 🙂

  8. Did anyone notice the buttons style on developers site?

    I think these were the “non web2.0” style of buttons and icons, that Rohan was speaking in one of the earlier posts.

    It might be really handy to have such icons on a touch screen.

  9. Hi,

    Good news as allways, already registered as developer in the website but not aplied for EAP due to lack of time to do a serious testing of the platform. I want however to do some coding. Any hint of when will the SDK be available?


  10. Hallelujah! GREAT to see the EAP and the Adam moving forward!

    Whether we make it to the 200 or not we see the Adam as essential to our move forward in the home healthcare market. It’s the right combination of screen tech and battery life, weight and size to allow an all day usecase.

    No doubt it will be a great fit for digital publishing as well and many other areas.

    Congratulations on your progress so far and all best wishes for future success!

  11. Interesting. The approximate availability for the EAP is Nov 15th. And the approximate price is 500 dollars. Rohan, is that still for the highest end model? And will developers have a choice of which to get? And what about people that want to be testers? Do we sign up there for it? There’s no questions about testing it.

  12. I think so, but it will get a bit expensive (for most people) if you have to pay the Annual Account Fee about $25 only to have a small chance of getting the adam some weeks earlier.

  13. I just signed up for the EAP. I hope I get selected, so I can start programming and testing. I didn’t really find a text field to motivate why I should be selected, perhaps that should be added?

  14. Yeah, after I took the time to read the wohle text I was a bit disappointed. You can not access the SDK and develope free applications without paying 25$?

  15. I want to be beta tester. I like to see how it will be benefiting for teachers inside and outside classroom.

  16. there is a javascript error on the registration page. The page is not working on IE 6.0 or Mozilla on my pc.. Anyone else facing the same problem.?

  17. Curses I wish I was able to develop apps!

    As developers are signing up, id like to make a shout out asking for any developer(s) to consider making a video editing app, similar to iMovie, for the Newton Ink as currently there is no equivalent app for Android! Since the Newton is all about consuming and creating media, I can see a video app working and selling really well, especially if you are able to load video from an external camera for “on the go” video editing which iMovie currently lacks. Obvioulsy it wouldnt be intended to replace a full media suite on a PC, but just an app where you are able to import video, trim those videos, use transitions, add music ect and then upload to Youtube/Vimeo that would be really awesome, and so useful! Anyone willing to step up to the plate?

  18. The details that keeps me from registering is the fact that I would consent to pay $25/year for an account that I will probably use to distribute free software as well as the fact that the agreement might interfere with using code with licenses that require redistribution of the source code.

  19. Hi Rohan,

    Happy to know that Adam is being released to market.

    Wish you All the success for Adam and Notion Ink.


  20. Well,I am a non developer,so no use registering.If you want any beta testers let me know 😉

  21. I read somewhere, the whole project is one week ahead of the original schedule. When is the original schedule for launching date? Still mysterious!

  22. same though as Raj Kumar, i’d be very happy to beta test the adam tablet and make a test article on my blog and feed it on twitter as well.

  23. To be honest I am extremely disappointed. You have to PAY USD 25,00 to be allowed to delevop anything for Adam!?
    I think this project survived because of the community around any the massive amount of people supporting Adam. Lateron this community could help to develop tools and adopted aplications for Adam to deliver apps for everyone. It’s just as Rohan said several months ago – software is extremely important.
    And now: The community has to pay to support Adam!? You must be kidding! Who – not being a company – will develop free tools in their spare time while paying to be allowed to do so!?

  24. I’ll add myself to the possible line of beta testers in that case. I live in Holland and Belgium. Seems like Europe is getting well represented! Keep up updates 🙂

  25. Did anyone read the contract he has to sign to get an EAP member?

    The EAP member can to pay and beg,
    Notion Ink can do anything.

    Example: I’m only permitted to distibute my application thru Notion Ink’s shop. And Notion Ink can remove it (or me) for any (or without) reason. It my application is removed, I can throw away the code because I’m not permitted to use it in a different way.

    In my opinion Notion Ink’s ambition should be to get as much good applications into their market as possible. But if they ignore the goals of the developers (e.g. distribute their software to many devices) they will fail.

    By the way: I wanted to develop free software for the Adam. And it takes a lot of (free) time and enthusiasm to ramp up the development based on a new OS and a new API. And now I shall pay for it?


  26. I am not program developer. I don’t understand what is the point of collecting fees from the developers for contributing their work to Notion Ink. It seems bizarre to me.

  27. one question about the software. is it upgradeable to android honeycomb? i was just reading about an article that says froyo is not optimized for tablets

  28. Having just looked in detail at the terms and conditions I’m pretty disappointed in what NotionInk has come up with.

    “6.2.1. You explicitly agree that the Application developed by you shall be distributed to the Purchaser only through Genesis. You hereby appoint Notion Ink as your legal worldwide agent, distributor or commissionaire, as applicable, to host, reproduce, market, promote, and deliver the Application (s) to the Purchaser. You authorize and instruct Notion Ink to:”

    I thought NotionInk was trying to be open but that clause says anything I develop can’t be put on the normal Android marketplace or any other device. Very disappointing.

  29. I think a registration fee is ok. To access the google market you have to pay about 35$ (25€). But the big difference is you have to pay this once and not annually.

    They do it to reduce the spam and I agree. But why does Notionink want a fee every year?


  30. Hi again,

    I like the EAP and I have signed up 🙂 But I was hoping, that it would start earlier, because I was hoping that the final release day would be mid of November (FCC next week and 14 days later ADAM release for market).

    Now I think the people who are not in the EAP have to wait til end of November or Dezember 😦

    But I’m optimistic: I will be one of the twohundred :-))


  31. The agreement doesn’t mention a refund. I read it through. $25 dollars is fine by me it helps thin the herd. You may want to add that it will be refunded, because the current way basically says if you don’t pay annually you lose distribution of your app. Since we agree to distribute the genesis version solely through the genisis store and no other channels that is pretty scary for a lot of people.

  32. Hi Rohan,

    Again the million dollar question – when are you planning to release Adam?


  33. We really need some concrete evidence of why we should keep waiting for the Adam! I have waited so long to get a slate and there is competition all around. Show us something Rohan- UI ,better pictures,hands on video- something! and give us a ball park estimate release date please!!

  34. 🙂 thanks… i am no engineer… but man, if i got hands on a technical writer and artist… there are so many things i could write patents about… or maybe i have no idea what can be patented 😉

  35. Rohan, Please make sure that you have a great (I mean AWESOME) website before you have the big launch or else you will be DOA (Dead On Arrival, made famous recently by Steve Jobs when referring to the 7″ tablets).

    Best Wishes

  36. I’d also like to see a really good GPS/Mapping app that can be used like hand held GPS devices for geocaching, etc and car mounted GPS devices for turn by turn directions, points of interest info, etc. A lot of people will not have the 3G version of the adam and when out and about, wifi will not always be available either. So a key feature would be to be able to download the maps and info to the adam ahead of time for the area you are going to be in so that they are available when wifi (or 3g) is not available.

    Anyone else interested in a app like this?
    What other apps are people interested in?

  37. are you sure about that ?
    because rohan says earlier that they tried to make adam compatible with android 3.0 but they can’t garantee it.

    So it would be very strange (not to say disapointing) if adam is released with Froyo at a time when Ice Cream is available with no support in quite short time for an update to It.

    Besides Google seems to be very picky about hardware support of his android system.

  38. So how far in advance of a product release does an EAP usually start? I would imagine developers would get a few months prior to product release to develop and test apps.

    There isn’t much time between when the developers would receive their adam, sdk, etc and the upcoming holiday season.

    I’m trying to guesstimate when product release might actually happen…

    On average, how long do developers need to complete an app for the adam from the time you receive the sdk?

  39. The following text I believe is what Rohan is referring to when he mentions a refund for free software.


    6.4.1. If you do not wish to charge a license fee for your Application, you may distribute it worldwide through Genesis at no charge.

  40. we have only enough patience for your mistakes. not trying to be out there. but you are no longer a dream but a physical product. can’t digest anymore mistakes.

  41. by the time the adam reach the FCC , is validated, mass production started, first tablets going to developer from the EAP and famous tech blogs, i would say we could have it during Q1 2011 😦

    I just hope i am completely wrong as i am fond of what notion ink have done so far and really waiting to get my hands on this awesome uncoming tablet

  42. FWIW, I went and registered. I would have hoped to see a ‘beta-tester’ or ‘extensive-tinkerer’ option listed (as I am neither a developer nor employ any), but if wishes were horses…

    I had a bad experience using the Openmoko Neo, having bought it right after it was launched, but then their Indian vendor was kind enough to accept a return with nearly a full refund. I am sure Rohan and NI wouldn’t need to do anything like that, but I do hope that they release a thoroughly tested consumer-ready device and not rush through with a developer-only release.

  43. Yes, a good point. The current flash website is extremely slow, buggy and irritating (as it is flash). And that is just the .in one. The .com site looks like an abandoned project.

    For contrast, see the Joojoo website (http://thejoojoo.com). I was completely floored by them until I read about the actual product experience and the scuffle they have ongoing with Crunchgear.

    If the Adam proves to be as good a product as promised, it definitely deserves a much better storefront.

  44. Don’t believe what WTF is saying. He is bashing on this blog, because he thinks that NI said the adam would be released 9 months ago -_-“.

    Android 4.0 will not even be released before 2011.

    The latest news was that the adam will be shipped with android 2.2. I do think it will be upgradeable to 3.0 or else it would be a stupid decission from NI.

  45. @Lry*
    Thanks for clarification.
    Guys, please put more reliable information if the matter is not your own opinion so that people will not be misled by wrong information.

  46. Like many of you, I have been following the adam very closely for a long time. Many of you provide so many helpful comments and answers to questions on this blog. I often wonder who everyone is and where their knowledge base comes from… Do you work for Notion Ink or a partner company, are you a developer, an end user, etc? How do you plan to use the adam?

    I’ll go first, hopefully others will jump in too…

    I am 44 year old computer systems administrator and former computer programmer. I’ve been working in the tech industry for well over 20 years. I do not plan to develop apps for the adam but I will be a power user. I will have the adam with me or nearby at all times and it will replace my notebook PC for the most part. I expect my wife and kids will use my adam too and I will eventually buy them their own adam.

    Who’s next?

  47. Ok, so i´m next i guess:

    I´m a 30 years old java programmer, i´ve been programming for all my professional life about 8 years, i want to use adam as a multipurpouse device:

    First, as a good ebook reader for technical books (usually a4 format) thanks to pixel qi screen, being based on android means i can read PDFs, and kindle formats and store all my books in a single sd card
    Second as a replacement for my netbook.

    To be honest, the mainly function will be as an ereader, i don´t really need much mobile computer power, but given the adam´s price that is not much more than a kindle dx i get much more than a simple ereader, i can make documents, surf the web, etc.


  48. I wonder if anyone could answer a question? Where can I find a link to hardware specs on the Notion Ink? I am specifically interested if there is a TI Wylink 6 or above; or TI BLE chips used. Reason? Some of these chips have capability of using ANT ultra-low-power wireless (see http://www.thisisant.com) which has become popular with fitness devices (heart rate monitors, bike and running computers, etc.) and also healtcare devices (A&D Medical makes various devices that use ANT+). The company I work for also makes ANT+ compatible products; if ANT+ was a possibility then I am much more interested in this tablet.

  49. also please dont forget NI is already actively working with a few partners to pre-load apps on NI… so this EAP initiative will only boost the apps count; its not necessarily the only means for NI to load apps on Adam before the launch this year.

    I feel Rohan could as well go for a 1hr online chat session (assuming he and his servers can handle million questions at a time!) when he is nearer to pushing the Red production button to answer all these related questions…. basically about 5 key questions answered will cover most of the related-questions that keep popping in our heads

  50. No, but it should mean they expect approval by the time they are ready to send the units to the people who get in the program. Since the adam tablets they get will be off the early production run. But I expect everyone will know pretty quick when it hits the FCC, it is a public posting, and usually many blogs pick up the fact a new tablet has posted to the FCC.

    In fact I am going to the FCC site now, so I can figure out how it works, just so I can check it as much as I check this blog for info, which is constantly

  51. Section 6.1 “You explicitly agree that the Application developed by you shall be distributed to the Purchaser only through Genesis.”

    Does this mean it couldn’t also be made available through, for example, the Android Market? Or does this only apply to the “Adam” version of the application?

  52. I’m italian and a 41 year old technology enthusiast and I’ll use the Adam for everything, netbook and navigator replacement, ebook reader, mp3/mp4 player, and so on.
    I plan to bring the Adam with me everywere !!!

  53. I’m an free software developer (C++, 3D), very interested by the Adam because of its hardware (Tegra2 for 3D, PixelQI for readability and battery life, GPS and accelerometer as additional “input devices”).

    BUT I do not agree with the Notion Ink ISV Program Agreement, because it does not allow:
    – to distribute software outside Genesis
    – to share documentation on how to develop software optimized for Notion Ink’s hardware.

    Notion Ink, have you thought about the compatibility between your agreement and Free software (GPL, etc…)?

    I think that many people want to be free to choose the operating system they want for their Adam. If the applications developed for the original OS cannot be used with another OS, and if programming documentation is not available for free software developers outside Genesis, it will be very hard to have a completely functional alternative OS.

    Your developer program seems to be only for propietary software. I’m really disappointed.

    If it is not possible to install the OS I want, and develop applications without limitations, I will have to wait for another tablet with PixelQI screen and Tegra2 hardware platform… and open mind.

  54. I’ll go next 🙂 , i am a 28yo entrepreneur . I am here to witness & share the excitement of dreams becoming reality . Also to understand and emulate what i call the Notion Ink Effect (Creating a serious fan Base from nothing ? ) . I will be replacing my 2yo MBP with adam to use it for my regular browsing , reading (I am an
    E-BookWorm 🙂 ) , watch some movies & play some games occasionally .

  55. i was wondering, that if the EAP is mid-november, when will it be commercially available?? Looks like NI will miss the christmas season. I hope i am wrong though….

  56. only when the tablet gets the FCC aproval we will know when we can aproximately put our hands on his (except for those lucky enough to be part of the EAP 🙂 ).

  57. Great to see things working out.
    I want to join, but I’m no programmer/developer/tester.
    Can I still enter???????

    Other thing, right now I’m in China (Lanzhou).
    I want to buy a tablet, shall I do this or wait?
    I have read in a previous post that Mr. Rohan would be in China too (wheeerrreeeee?????) so we can meet up.



  58. It’s my turn. I am a teacher, 38 years old. I do heavily use computer (multi-media) to conduct my lecture, lesson plan, web surfing, email, reading news, editing pictures to be used for my lesson. I hope adam will do everything I need for my purpose and it will replace my notebook(laptop) and netbook.
    Next anyone?

  59. Just to thank all you developers for making Notion Ink Adam more special. I’m not at all a developer, but, I am great-full. Android and Adam wouldn’t be where it is without you guys.

    Just curious, since Adobe Air was meant for multiple platforms, would it be supported on Notion Ink Adam? I know people are tired of writing multiple programs for multiple devices and screen size, but would Adobe Air solve most of those hassle?

  60. OK I began the registration but still waiting for my “confirmation link”. Been waiting a while now. How long does it take?

  61. Awesome stuff. Glad to see this being thrown out there.
    Though I am not a developer, I joined the program hoping to add input/testing etc from a user with an IT background.
    Hopefully this is not open only to developers and designers. My primary use for this device, will be as an IT power user for my field.
    Looking forward to seeing how this goes.


  62. still curious about the NI email app…. ideally I would like it to be the top of the list as the default … before adding gmail, hotmail etc. as shown in the intro pics

  63. +1 from me too. I think the EAP won’t work for free software programmers, and Genesis may also present a problem, unless the terms allow you to publish the source elsewhere (meaning, a compromise).

    Something made me read up on the Beagleboard (http://www.beagleboard.org) today, and I have become immensely interested in its potential, given that it is open hardware, which the Adam is not.

    You could direct your energies to developing something on that platform, or look at developing something for the Adam on Ubuntu’s Unity interface. Eventually, a lot of us tinkerers will want to fiddle with it.

    I hope that the ‘lite’ mode in Android that the Adam relies on becomes available in GNU/Linux one day soon.

  64. if there is much restriction on agreement of the software, adam might lose the momentum that many developers are expecting.It might not give the joy of freedom to open software we really enjoy as linux/ubuntu/fedora …etc

  65. All,

    I just signed up for the EAP program too! I live in the U.S. I would love to beta-test this unit and market it locally for others to buy. Has anyone heard of a “Street-team Leader” or “Brand Ambassador” ?

    Also, I sent an email to NI’s info group listed on the website. Their response was that the ADAM would be available for pre-order in November and purchase in the U.S. by December 2010. I don’t know if that’s changed since Oct. 11, but this information came straight from the NotionInk company (below).

    We would like to inform you that, Adam will be launched in November 2010. It will be available for purchase in the U.S by December 2010 and in other countries by January 2011. You can also purchase it online. We really appreciate your concern.


  66. I believe that is referring to if you choose to charge for your app or not. You will not be charged a fee. Similar to apple and googles distribution model. Pay app pay NI 30% and 70% goes to the developer. Free apps are not subjected to a 30% fee.

  67. ok so we are expecting an awesome hardware right ?

    by the way if the adam comes in Q1 2011 it would no more that awesome because many other hardware manufacturer are working on their tablet (some of them “may” have equal or even better hardware spec than adam) to be available on Q1/Q2 2011.

    the UI seems to be awesome too !! but closed as well
    (which maybe be a bad side of the adam)

    Here are my thougths:
    If NI want the adam to rock as we all hope they SHOULD do 2 things:
    – thoroughly test the adam and make sure the hardware keeps its awesomeness without any fatal flaws.
    – keep their android based platform as open as possible so we could take advantage of android market, NI market which would help us choosing better applications.

    if these 2 things are not to be done, i don’t think adam will resist in front of so many hardware manufacturer like ASUS for example which have a very interesting tablet project ongoing.

    Rohan i hope you guys are following the right path so the adam keeps its awesomeness in both worlds (hardware AND software)

  68. I saw that fee and was extremely EXCITED. You want to know why? Because Apple charges $99/year, and Microsoft’s App Hub fee is $99/year. $25 is less than a tank of gas. Also, Notion Ink will split the sales 80% for you and 20% for them, compared to 70%/30% for Apple, Microsoft, and Google. Quit your crying. I’ll be happy to support Notion Ink with my $25.

  69. You need to read more carefully.

    “Purchaser” means any end user customer of Genesis who downloads an Application, regardless of whether such customer pays a fee to obtain the Application.

    6.2.1. You explicitly agree that the Application developed by you shall be distributed to the Purchaser only through Genesis. You hereby appoint Notion Ink as your legal worldwide agent, distributor or commissionaire, as applicable, to host, reproduce, market, promote, and deliver the Application (s) to the Purchaser.

    It said that you can only distribute the app FOR NOTION INK PRODUCTS through Genesis. You can distribute your app through other outlets for other devices though. Unfortunately, this makes me think that there will not be any Google Marketplace support for the Adam since you could distribute your app to the Adam from another distributor (Google). 😦

  70. “If it is not possible to install the OS I want, and develop applications without limitations, I will have to wait for another tablet with PixelQI screen and Tegra2 hardware platform… and open mind.” that is really the direction you should go, wait for another tablet, What would be the point of Notion Ink developing the unique UI, and the App store, if they wanted people to buy the tablet and wipe it clean.
    the tablet you are looking for will be the generic knock off that gets put out copying the adam specs. it will be cheaper and you will be helping some small bootleg Chinese manufacturing plant keep its people employed.

    The adam tablet, and the others to follow from Notion Ink, are going to be about a new direction. I believe in it, and am looking forward to it. But that direction is the generic tablet you can wipe clean and put your own system on. The unique UI, the new multitasking methodology, are all what is going to separate the adam from the rest of the android tablet market.
    You are going to see a hundred different android tablet be released and everyone one except the adam will look like a clone of the ipad, with a generic load of android on it, some may have a nicer screen, some my not, some will be resistive touch, and some capacitive, they will try to separate themselves by price, or name brand. The cheap knock offs with be no name manufactures, and the then you will have the Samsungs and Toshiba, RIM crowd, Rim will be the only on a little different, and that difference will be a tie in to the blackberry.
    Look at the galaxy tab, it is nothing special, other than it is an android tablet with a nice screen, and it is going to cost more than an entry level ipad at $600 though Verizon. To top it off, it is only going to be 7”. So lets see, it cost more, has a smaller screen, I predict failure for the Galaxy Tab.
    Adam’s danger is not hitting the market soon enough, if they can get it released this year, Then it should be a smash hit. It will have better specs than the Galaxy tab, a lower price, and a unique user interface to separate it.
    If the adam is not out by year end, then they face a big problem, if recent rumors are true and gingerbread tablets will be demo’ed at CES in January, it will take all the momentum away from adam, Notion Ink really needs to get it released soon.

  71. Crap, they revised the terms. It’s now a 70-30% split. But it looks like they’ve removed the account fee!

  72. Awesome! I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to distribute to the Android Market if I develop for the Adam. Thanks Rohan!

  73. They have made it clear, it will be a great tablet for android market apps, Rohan highlighted the new ui, with the 1/3 screen space, that makes market apps that arn’t designed for a tablet (which at this point is all of them) look good, because they don’t have to fill the whole screen, so they don’t suffer the pixelation problems.

    I do agree it has to come out soon, if it isn’t out by CES in January, there will be a whole new batch of tablets demo’ed all with android 3.0, the thunder will be stolen form Notion Ink. But if they can have a tablet on the market in December (November would be better) and then at CES in January Notion Ink teases their Android 3.0 everything will be great. They then can tout the tablet they have on the market ( adam) and what is to come.

  74. Think someone else mentioned before that if you have a yahoo account, the email response is sent to your spam folder for some reason…If you are using Yahoo, maybe try to send to a different account?

  75. I can be wrong but i think the question is wrong, adam don´t need to support AIR but AIR need to support adam, air applications runs on the AIR runtime which is being ported (don´t know if it´s already ported) to android, so to run AIR apps in adam you need to wait till the port process is over and install air on it.

    From the adobe site i have this requeriments for android devices.

    Google Android 2.2 Operating system
    ARMv7-A Processor
    OpenGL ES2.0
    H.264 & AAC H/W Decoders
    256 MB of RAM

    I think adam meets the requeriments (not sure about the processor), but anyway i don´t think you can use the adam special features with AIR


  76. I have a suspicion Rohan is quietly confident on the happiest path scenario of a late Nov/early Dec release… he is just not telling us (or may be not allowed to) right now…. may be, possibly, hopefully just waiting for a ETA from the FCC…

  77. Is there any truth to the hardware requirements for Gingerbread (next release of Android OS) that are showing up on the web and include:

    4″ displays and larger require resolutions of at least 1280 x 760…

    Most android tablets (including adam) have a display resolution of 1024 x 600.

    Hmmmm :!

  78. Some report it as a requirement, some others say…

    New 1280×760 resolution available for the devices with displays of 4” and higher.

    I’m hoping that is the case rather than it being a requirement.

  79. why should NI despise the 30% ? Makes no sense. And it’s a lot of work (and money) necessary running a marketplace for applications supporting the special features of ADAM.

  80. Rohan and crew,

    Thank you for the work we all here know you have been putting in over the months. We are all just anxious for your wonderful product and it’s great potential to us developers.

    And now I apologize if this has been answered, but which platforms will the SDK work on? Mac, PC Linux, Commodore 64 (opps, showing my age, yes?)

    A proud Inkie!

  81. “mrzeal said, on October 20, 2010 at 22:08 I have a suspicion Rohan is quietly confident on the happiest path scenario of a late Nov/early Dec release… he is just not telling us (or may be not allowed to) right now…. may be, possibly, hopefully just waiting for a ETA from the FCC…”

    I tend to agree, since in a much earlier post he said they weren’t waiting for gingerbread, since they knew they needed to hit the market, and then move to gingerbread. I have been holding out, even had to tell my wife not to get me the ipad for my birthday, (which was back in march) because the adam was coming out in June/July.

    BUT… I am not going to tell her not to get the Ipad for Christmas, either I have the adam ordered, or I give seriouse thought to the ipad, I think back and realize I could have had the ipad for 7 months now, if I had got it back in March.

    The biggest reason I have been holding out for the adam tablet is for flash, I have the iphone, but I couldn’t get info from several of my favorite sites, such as gametrailers tv, so I didn’t want the ipad, if I couldn’t get to my favorite sites, but now almost all those sites I couldn’t access before, I can now. They have been converting to iphone/ipad friendly sites.

    The thing keeping me up on the adam, is the dream that it represents, the little guy, taking on the world, coming up with a product that changes a market. I still want that, but I really have missed not having a tablet for the last 7 months.

  82. “You have already registered with us”
    and when I try and retrieve password…
    “this email is not registered with us”
    That is what I get when I try to register, please help.

  83. Community forum will be very good. If there are some expert please lead it, hack the program, application, etc as soon as it hits the market. I always enjoys dual boot. If somebody can manage it, that will be fantastic.

  84. When can we have the website up and running with complete details (notionink.in or notionink.com). It hasn’t been changed for months now with new information. Atleast some action like galaxytab or playbook with animation what all you can do with it?

  85. WTF you dumbass, shut ur $@#% mouth. You are not one of us. U r such a lazy pig and &$%#in idiot. For no reason, u blaming and writing crap about NI, who are working hard to get Adam to the market. If you were somewhere nearby, I could have slit ur %#$@in throat, u stupid pigass!

  86. Good idea Greg;

    I post seldom, but read all posts. Not a developer; but would be a user; ADAM would go everywhere I go! I’m a 59 year old businesswoman from east coast of U.S. I work in developing brochures and printing, own a 17″ laptop and desktop computer, used for brochure development, proofing and generating files for 4 color press printing. Also use a handheld phone/pda, and find I stlll desperately want/need a tablet for travel, when the handheld is too small to proof a file, but I don’t want to carry laptop. I will also use for music, games, weather, social networking, ereader, and more. I’ve been following ADAM since CES and ADAM looks to be the BEST. I’d buy one NOW and would LOVE to be an EAP or beta tester, and probably several more later for family.

  87. 36 year old graphic designer living in the USA [suburbs of Boston]

    A coworker told me about the Adam back in July. At the time I was thinking about buying an android phone and was looking for options. I *was* interested in the HP slate at that time, but the Adam captivated me from the very beginning. I loved the form factor, the swivel camera, the trackpad and all the additional ports [usb, hdmi, etc].

    Just found myself checking every single small detail on youtube, slashgear, etc. trying to get more and more information on the Adam.

    I intend to purchase one for myself and one for my father, as he’s the one that got me into computers [ironically enough – the commodore 64 🙂 ] at a young age.

  88. Love the idea and previous posts.
    I am a 28 year old medical student in the U.S. I am hoping to use the adam for multiple things but ideally for the Electronic Medical Records in practice. I have hoped for stylus integration that will allow this to be done like paper rather than hours of dictation and copying into electronic format. I also am an E book worm and will need medical program and drug information programs like Apocraties. This has been the only tablet I think will allow me to do the things I want at the same time.

  89. No, the decision will be made afterwards once NI reviews your registration. You need to convince them via the registration process that you are competent enough to either develop application for the platform or to do testing.



  90. When all my ham friends were going in for Commodore 64, I went and bought a PC XT at an enormous cost in 1985. I had been introduced to computing by my Casio Pocket PC in 1984. Among other things I also ran a computer software firm; but ended up as a Japanese-English Translator in IT.
    I suffer from ESS (Eternal Student Syndrome). Now at 70 years, I feel that with Adam I can settle down to one piece of easily portable hardware. My motto is to learn/share and inspire (like Richard Bach).
    I volunteer to edit the users manual free.


  91. I am a plastic surgeon in training in India. 37 years old.

    as Derek I want adam for enhancing my medical related works at the same time use it as a database for patient records, an elibrary for my medical books, an e-assistant for me!!!

  92. Hi I’m a 20 year old microbiology student here in Canada. Having a portable internet device is invaluable for me, especially when I need a device for researching or simply opening up the slides to my lecture.

    Adam will really make my experience better with a touch interface; no more bringing my 5pound macbook to university.

    I sincerely hope that there are good pdf note-taking apps in the store, stylus integration would be (beyond) awesome. Writing notes with my own handwriting is ideal for me (every students dream).

    Adam is a great device, I’m waiting!

  93. Hello Notion Ink,

    What about the participation of independent QA folks in this nascent community effort?


  94. OK me next
    I am an ex-programmer Coral 66 and IBM assembler, C .. kind of shows my age (50) … now working in ‘marketing’ for a large travel IT company, and keep up a healthy interest in most things IT related. I still dabble a bit with programming stuff- VB macros – HTML/CSS, mostly just to(try to) learn new skills.

    I will use the adam to replace my Netbook … mostly for surfing, emails, and reading (via the PixelQi) …. maybe I will even have another dabble with the SDK … even if the resulting app is only for my own use.

  95. It redirects to broken URL

    >>> h t t p : / / developers.notionink.com/eap/’h t t p : / / developers.notionink.com/sso/notion_signup.php?backurl=eapa'<<<

    spaces in HTTP mine, but quotes taken directly from URL bar of Opera browser

    it makes 404 due to quotes

  96. “6.3.3. Applications may not download or install additional features or functionality through mechanisms other than Genesis”

    Good-bye Mozilla FireFox
    Good-bye Googe Chrome
    Good-bye Opera

    …and all other www browsers, beacause they support Extensions and/or User JavaScripts

    You really want to compete with Apple, at least in terms of license.

  97. Yes, good point, but JSund’s question related to “an account I will probably use to distribute free software”, so I thought that might be what Rohan is referring to.

  98. >>> h t t p ://developers.notionink.com/sso/’notion_signup.php?conf=1′ <<<

    Once again URL is broken wit hquotes

  99. Replying here since I could not reply to your follow-on comment to Greg. Patents system is by far one of the most abused, gargantuan system of mess. Look at Microsoft suing anyone in their sight just to see if something sticks. Lawyers invented Intellectual Property rights before they could find people who can identify Intellectual property :).

  100. 42 yo, spent 13 years in IT, programming, network support, systems admin, last 11 years as a church pastor and manager of an indoor sports facility, also studying for Bachelor of Theology, dabbled in IT consistently and passed on IT gene to eldest son who’s also now in that industry.

    First found adam by nearly buying a kindle. Had a brainwave and googled for tablets and found a website that listed the 10 hottest upcoming tablets (back about Nov 2009) and adam was at the top. Hooked from that moment.

    Plan to use adam for keeping track of needs of individuals, e-book reading, study, photography, presentations (HDMI output), emails on the go, browsing, and as a GPS navigator, a little interested in what games will come out as I also am a bit of an xboxer fan (Halo 2/3 and Assassins Creed I & II). Hoping to write an app.

  101. Downloading google maps is a big no no. Google will have enough legalese built in to ground the app from the get go. It is a good idea if we can find free, open source layouts (maps) with affine transforms to convert screen co-ordinates to latitude/longitude etc.

  102. @DreamHarvest, whoa there, whoever WTF may be we don’t want a flame war starting.

    Its far better to ignore him/her. As far as I can tell, WTF has been removed now from the blog by Rohan, (Thanks again 🙂 ) so lets just let self-destructive individuals self-destruct.

    Interesting entries started by Greg (October 20, 2010 at 18:03) about the people planning to use adam and what their own backgrounds are. Its worth adding to it and creates a sort of legacy of fans and users who were here “at the beginning”.

  103. No, because the e-mail app should ideally be a IMAP client. Not a notion ink mail server client. If its the former, it means that you can set up any e-mail accounts to use with the notion ink app. E-mail has already been solved, Notion ink does not need to dig there – at least not right now.

  104. It said that you can only distribute the app FOR NOTION INK PRODUCTS through Genesis. You can distribute your app through other outlets for other devices though.

  105. Well I’m 19 years old. I just got my degree as a computer systems administrator. I now want to go study gaphic design. I’m a gadget freak so the adam is a gadget I really want to own. I’m really interested in computers, (smart)phones, mobile OS and camera’s. Almost all the technology is what I’m interested in XD.

    For me the adam will be the link between my spartphone and my PC. I will take it everywhere with me.

    I’m just hoping that NI really pulls it off with the adam. I hope it won’t fail like the joojoo. Until the release from the adam you will see me a lot on this blog :D.

  106. I’m really excited about this tablet. I’ve been looking at different kinds for a while and I finally found one with the only drawback is that it isn’t out yet :). Being a poor college student I don’t think I could afford one if it came out tomorrow though. I really hope everything turns out good for NI. Feels strange, wishing a buisness does well financially instead of wishing they would lower thier prices more :).

  107. That’s only one part of the problem though. FLOSS licenses might require distributing the code, which will necessiate distribution of the application (in source form) through another channel, unless source code distribution will be available through Genesis.

  108. It’s not that NI doesn’t want to support the android market, but they can’t. Google does NOT give permission to the android market to devices which are not mobile phones. Nobody knows why. This is also the main reason why all of these new android tablets don’t support the android market. So NI has no other option than creating genesis

  109. I’m really excited. Looks like the Release Date is getting Closer. Hope they will have a proper and easy Online Ordering Webpage built by the Release date.

  110. I’m a 43 year old who’s spent far too much time playing with computers 🙂 I started with a ZX81, moved on to a Jupiter Ace (ahhhhh Forth, now there was a programming language!), a Spectrum, a C64 and so on.

    I’ve got a Diploma in IT with a focus on Artificial Intelligence, and in the last couple of years or so have started playing with 3D (ShiVa by Stonetrip, and PlatinumArts SandBox). By day I am a Tech Analyst with a large Financial Services Co in Australia, and by night I’m a devoted husband and father.

    I have a PC that I built myself (a bit old now, but I’m saving my money for YOU KNOW WHAT!).

    I want (or should that be need??) an adam so that I can while away the hour and a half that it takes me to travel to the City in the morning (and the same again at night) either reading (I was going to buy an eBook, but I’m waiting on my adam), playing games, or playtesting my own games 🙂

    All the best to Rohan and Co and I can’t wait for the adam to wipe that smug smile off the Big Boy’s faces!

  111. I think all you young folks should hold back and let us older folks get the first Adams. After all you’ve got a long life ahead of you.

    I’m 68, a retired engineer who worked most of my career with computers (beginning back with FORTRAN II) but ending with C++. I would love to run tests on the Adam and publish the results in a forum for others to read. Main interests are ebooks, digital audio & video (both still images & motion video). I believe those would throughly test the capabilities of the Adam.

  112. Dude…chill…don’t get worked up…you will have a stroke. Learn to ignore such comments…at least those posted on the Internet by the horde of the faceless.

  113. Right on. Here from the start and to get that core fan base set in stone. Absolutely cannot wait for the forums to drop!


  114. After FCC approval the production will start. Don’t you know about the red button Rohan mentioned?

  115. No need to panic over a website.
    I think every company needs a good website. But that is only one (among many. many others) requirement to succeed.
    And…if it isn’t awesome your PRODUCT will fail? Pardon me, but I have to disagree with that statement.
    Personally, I’m hoping (and I think my hope is materializing) that Adam will be am awesome tablet (BETTER than Ipod).

  116. I second the movie and photo import like function – those are things that will get me to travel with the adam and my camera. When the CF cards fill up, I’d love to show my new photographed friends how they look by pulling them into the adam.
    Heck Id really love being able to overlay a model release on the picture, hand them a stylist and get them to sign off on it.

    Any developer feel free to contact me and I’ve got way more ideas like this…

  117. I pass…I’m sure others will too. You know why? because people just don’t like to reveal personal info in an open forum. don’t get wrong, initially i though… great idea, but later i thought…what is the purpose?
    In my case, I’m just making sure I will buy a great tablet. And so far so good. I might even buy one for my kids, and wife.

  118. Thanks Rohan for removing that guy! Please help to remove my comments above, regarding that too (please, please,…) My apologies to all here!

  119. Greg,
    I like your idea, my earlier post just just wanted to point the fact that many people won’t feel comfortable about publishing personal stuff here. But me, I’m in!

    I have been a language teacher for 15 years now. I am not programmer, nor a computer whiz. I have been using computers since the late 80’s. I have research on the use of technology in the language classrooms, and have contributed in magazines as well. At this moment I’m not researching on this topic, but am interested to see how I can use the Adam in a language classroom. For example, note taking, video streaming, voice-video recording, in classroom internet searching, and more uses.
    I would like to test Adam with students with disabilities who need to take notes and send them to me for corrections as they are taking them, while also recording my lectures. Or use aids in the classroom to help those with disabilities (visual, physical, and/or processing disorders as well).
    That is why I’m so interested in multitasking, and Adam seems to be the one.
    A member of my family also needs a tablet like this to take notes, since she can not take hand notes with pencil/pen.
    And of course, I also like traveling, and Adam will be a great companion. I am planning to buy one Adam, and then if things go well, will purchase 1-2 more for the rest of family.

  120. Oh, if you don’t want to reveal personal information, just make something up.

    I’m a recovering heroin addict, and I hope that the Adam will have scratch-resistant glass because sometimes my hands shake very badly. The Adam will be useful in my neurosurgery job for keeping records about which patient gets which procedure (I hate having to keep apologizing for mixing them up). I also like to watch pornographic videos while taking public transportation, and a nice, bright, wide-angle screen is best for this.

    I don’t care what kind of GPS (A- or other) it has as long as I can stalk my ex. It’d be best if the camera has some kind of long-range mode.

    I also hope that the Adam will have a kill switch to delete the contents of the storage drive instantly. Not that I’d put anything bad on it, I mean, but sometimes you have to be careful.

  121. hi

    waiting for great apps for adam…. do make awesome ones..

    Goodluck developers! u r crucial for adam’s success.

    thonapa, Hyderabad

  122. @slayda
    Yes, Sir. You deserve to be in the first list to get adam with your super enthusiasm on adam. I respect you as senior forum member!

  123. I agree patents are a royal pain… but… good way to get rich on an idea that anyone else could have done in past present or future… but going by your comment… there must be a lawyer with IP rights on IP… 😛

    anyways… no word on accessories till now 😦

  124. Interesting…well last night, I was thinking of this the other way around: somebody could develop and release GPL-compliant front-ends for proprietary protocols, which would then download a non-GPL binary plug-in to actually enable use of key functionality – thus vitiating the very spirit of GPL software.

    I think NI need to take a good look at the licensing terms. I hope that they are not planning vendor lock-down, and I would greatly appreciate a lengthy post from Rohan on this topic.

    I am sure their investors would have some specific binding agreements in this regard.

  125. I wonder if they add some kind of markings to these EAP devices. They should take at least some measures to prevent the few lucky ones from selling one immediately.

  126. Excellent information regarding Pixel Qi Wide-sceen display… Would love to see it on my ADAM 😀

  127. Excellent information regarding Pixel Qi Wide-sceen display… Would love to see it on my ADAM 😀

  128. Excellent information regarding Pixel Qi Wide-screen display… Would love to see it on my ADAM 😀

  129. Hi Rohan,

    This request is to you directly.

    In the earlier posts you promised high res. pictures and UI immediately after you return from China. We haven’t seen anything of that sort from you.

    To keep your promise please post pics/video ASAP.


  130. january in europe ?
    No way!!! this is too late 😦
    I’ve expected (hoped) to have mine at least for christmas 😦

    wa have waited 6month more when it was first annonced a release in june, should me wait until Q1 2011 ?

    as i said before that would be a big danger to NI 😦

  131. My brother bought me the Commodore 64. Loved that thing! Before that we had a TI-99/4A. Ah, the good old days! Replaced the Commodore 64 with the Amiga 500. And then I got my brother’s old pc. It was an 80286. That got me started building and upgrading computers. Have done some computer repair as a side job.
    Sometimes it amazes me how fast technology has progressed. My smartphone is more powerful than my first computer! And the adam will be more powerful than desktop pc’s from not that long ago!
    I’m hoping the adam will replace my laptop for the most part. I’ll also be using it as an e-reader. Using my wife’s Kindle I read several books I wouldn’t have read otherwise. Opens the possibilities of what you’ll read. Also will be playing IF (interactive fiction) games on it. I’m sure some of the other older people here will remember the glory days of Infocom! And I know that I will also find many other uses for the adam I haven’t thought of yet!

  132. In one of my previous posts I had suggested a discounted price for ADAM for the EAP developers/testers. But $500 seems to be a steep price for the early adopters. Is this a complete product or will it be revised when it goes for a commercial sale? If so, will the early adopters be allowed to return their beta tablet and get the new retail product free of cost?

    Also the EAP form asks for info regarding the development of apps and distribution of devices/software/services. What about testers?

    Also if I recollect right, Rohan had mentioned that all registered users will get the SDK. There’s no info about that. Rohan, any clarifications would be highly appreciated.

  133. Rohan will the Pixel Qi screen be “wide View”?? It looks way better than the normal pixel qi which has a yellowish tint?

  134. That’s called Eden, I think is what you’re reeferring to, check previous post called “The Weekend special – Part IV – The Eden”

  135. 28 year-old software professional. Would like to be able to read e-books and have a device where I can make quick notes/ pictures etc. $400-ish for such a device would be nice as well.

  136. I did find an app that pretty much does what I want (downloads the maps for use when no connection is available) that runs on android (and there are versions for iPad and iPhone, etc).

    I hope they make a version to run full screen on the adam some time soon after adam’s release.

    It is called Co Pilot Live and you can check it out at http://www.alk.com/copilot

  137. Ok to be really honest, Rohan, your model for sharing of SDK etc has left me completely disappointed. As much as I was waiting for the arrival of ADAM, I am sorry but you have lost one developer/customer/proponent.

  138. @elmelao

    Wow, you really got me thinking about uses for the adam that never crossed my mind. The adam really can be used to help people with disabilities in the ways that you described. I have a two year old daughter with Down syndrome, who as of right now does not have any physical or health issues, but who knows what the future holds for her. The adam (and future versions of it) could very well end up being a much bigger asset to our lives than I realized. Thanks for sharing your comments.

  139. @Rohan,

    If part of your reason for not making an official forum available yet is because of a need for moderators, I would be willing to to volunteer.

  140. Its not that.

    We have one, but its really in very bad shape. The Dev team is on it. I wanted better quality and what they made was sub-standard.

    If you are interested, I can get you in touch with this Dev team and you can help them out.


  141. Does anyone know specifically why Google says Froyo is not a good OS for tablets?

    I know Gingerbread and Honeycomb are supposed to be better optimized and include features more suited to tablets, but I don’t see any problems with Froyo on a tablet…

    I watched some videos of the Samsung Tab, which is a 7″ tablet running on Froyo, and it seems to work very well. In my opinion the Samsung Tab is over priced and does not compare to adam, but from what I saw it did not reveal any shortcomings attributed to Froyo.

  142. Dear Rohan

    Since this is my first post on the forum, I would like to say heartiest congratulations and all the best for a bright future, for you and ADAM.

    I am research engineer and typically I end up using a lot of paper. Amongst all other other apps, I would like ADAM to have stylus capabilities, so that I can get rid of using paper. I hope this is not very demanding 🙂

    My other suggestion is also in relation with stylus support of ADAM. I am hoping that by means of a pivot sensor, it will be possible to write on ADAM in any orientation. This is especially needed in case when one is also using the camera facility while taking notes. Meeting room is one such situation that might demand such a functionality, as one is never sure about the seating arrangements in a meeting room and quite often one is sitting at right angles to the presenter.

    I am also hoping that ADAM will have a very efficient heat exhaust mechanism 🙂

    Waiting eagerly for the ADAM era to start 🙂

  143. Hi there,

    Well done team Notion ink

    I am a biologist and doing my PhD. This gose to the application developers when ever I get my pictures from my stainings and gels I would like to arrange in the best format that suits the publisher (scientific). until recently theres no software (like that of end note) to compress images and data on to the page according to the journa(with out much changes). I often use power point and then adobe photoshop, this is quite time taking .This is where The application devloper has a chance…. I use either MS excel or graph pad prism to prepare data. The graphs that these produced are not comparable to that have been produced in magzines… I want to have graphs and pictures like that I see in the magzine for eg like the economist or time. I feel that there is a program thats missing which can combine both pictures and graphs so that scientific data could look more interesting to look rather than boaring.


  144. I really just wanted to be able to develop my own programs to make my own life easier! I just hope i can do this without jumping through hoops!

  145. @rohan like Greg says, i’d be very happy and honored to put my 10years of IT knowledge, geekness (and maybe a little wisdom) helping moderating the upcoming forum 🙂

    Let me know

  146. i dont think its specifically not good for tablets it was just never designed for them and so the features and gestures etc where not targeted for tablets, thus not a particularly good platform rather one that just works. I think now they know there is a market that other parties are getting involved with to push tablets out, they have took them at much greater consideration into the next release of android. It will be nice to see what they come up with i really admire the android developers!

  147. It’s great hearing from the old guys.

    But don’t you find it disappointing looking at major tech companies now with their design philosophy : closed hardware and software systems.
    Earlier on, we could buy and tinker with the devices, upgrade components, hack it , and in the process teach ourselves about it’s functioning.

    Now we’re relegated to moron consumers who only touch buttons and navigate a touch screen, and have no idea what goes on under the hood.

  148. I’m 38, in the US. I’m an attorney and a writer(sci-fi/fantasy). I am interested in the Adam because of its portability and its innovation. I would hope that it will allow me to type/work on my stories any where I go in a unobvious manner and also allow me to write notes. I’m also a reader so although I have a nook, I would trade it out for the adam in a heartbeat. I can’t wait to get my hands on one soon.!

  149. I have some questions about the Adam regarding enthusiast modifacations

    Will the Adam be completely open, locked down or in between?

    I mean,

    – may users if they which so flash none Notion Ink firmware on it (eg. AOSP )?
    – Does it provide root access?
    – Does it has a locked bootloader?

    I can totally understand if NI wants to protect their IP (and thus not providing root access) but I sincerely hope that NI will give at least the possibility to go AOSP (Without the special NI bits).

  150. how do i do that… that would be my dream job …. there’s a lot more where that came from…

  151. Rohan (and team),

    I’m not a developer, and couldn’t really help you in designing applications. However, I’ve got a background in user interface design and usability engineering. For those of us who are not coding-inclined, is there a way that we can help out?


  152. Oh yeah Awesome !!!
    even if it takes me some more to have it from india or U.S i will definitely get it 😉

    as greg says, fingers crossed guys hope the time frame of the released won’t be pushed away in 2011.

    hope and faith should be our friend by the time we will wait for an official release date from NI ….. maybe next week-end ? 😉

  153. As far as nobody knows about the minimum specs for 3.0, no company will assure that an existing tablet will work with it. It’s very likely though that Adam will do.

    Samsung announced to have a Galaxy Tab running Gingerbread on the CES in January.

  154. I am 25 years old working mom……. I have to travel long distance for my work and my profession includes a lot of travel…… I intend to take my adam wit me everywhere.

    First and foremost i am planning to use it as a ebook reader. I am a book lover. Also planning to use it to read text books as am planning to do higher studies. Also thinking of using it as a teaching aid for my daughter.

    My work expects a lot of work on documents (word and excel). Next thinking of using it for browsing and media consumption.

    On the whole this is going to be my best companion……… 🙂

  155. Rohan, I would like to connect ‘adam’ to a wireless keyboard/mouse and HDMI output to a LCD TV/Audio socket and browse web/write documents. Is it possible (something I do with my laptop now)?
    Can you post some video of adam accessing notionink.in website (with heavy flash content I think)to get a feel of it?
    Also I read somewhere that you are coming up with your own office suite for adam, would you be able to post some video/pics of it. Is it going to compete Apples/Microsoft office suite for tablets?

    Please more pics/videos please as you would have finalized everything.

    Also, as you have been playing with adam for over 2yrs you would have got very used to it. Has any layman held it recently with the final build (so that you can get a feel of its weight/comfortness)? Can you post the feedback?

    How long have you adam running with out a restart (in days/hrs) and accessing all sort of heavy websites/writing documents and test its performance?

  156. Repost, as it landed in between. Hope to get some answers.

    I would like to connect ‘adam’ to a wireless keyboard/mouse and HDMI output to a LCD TV/Audio socket and browse web/write documents. Is it possible (something I do with my laptop now)?
    Can you post some video of adam accessing notionink.in website (with heavy flash content I think)to get a feel of it?
    Also I read somewhere that you are coming up with your own office suite for adam, would you be able to post some video/pics of it. Is it going to compete Apples/Microsoft office suite for tablets?

    Please more pics/videos please as you would have finalized everything.

    Also, as you have been playing with adam for over 2yrs you would have got very used to it. Has any layman held it recently with the final build (so that you can get a feel of its weight/comfortness)? Can you post the feedback?

    How long have you adam running with out a restart (in days/hrs) and accessing all sort of heavy websites/writing documents and test its performance?

  157. @JSund – Apple’s app store actually has some FLOSS/GPL software in it. Part of their developer agreement states that if you put software with a license requiring you to release the source in the store, you (the developer) are required to provide that source to the public, however you choose. Most make it available on their website, though you could, in theory, make it available within the app (so long as there was a way to copy it out, or email it, or whatever, but that’d be a huge PITA). Of course, the app store also requires you to have your own website somewhere in general, mostly for support issues, I think. But yeah, you just put an “About” thing in your app, include a link to your/a website with the code (host it on sourceforge, google code, github, whatever for free).

  158. From what I understand it only has to do with screen size/resolution. As opposed to the iOS, Android did not include a way for the applications to detect the size of the display, therefore running an app on a tablet would be either in a small window or “artificially” zoomed and pixelated – there’s no way for the software to know the working area. That’s why most Android-based tablets so far have small screens… If this is the only thing they fix with Gingerbread it’s still going to make a huge difference and open the market. Hello competition! 🙂

  159. I’d be happy to add my proofing experience to Rom’s to help with this if it would be of assistance.

  160. An apple was the cause of the “fall of adam.” Hopefully, this adam will reverse that. 😉

  161. I was looking at the application and after a bit, I decided not to fill it out because I don’t have a developer bone in my body and I don’t see anywhere in that link a place where I can write in the type of testing I wanted to do on it, which was the plan that I had. I don’t want to lie and say that I am a developer and thus taking someone’s place who will be more qualified than I. I’d rather say that I’ll test the applications I want to try out when I get it.

    I would love to test this system with a few apps that I need in the business world to see how it works, but I have a feeling that there will be more of a direction in the EAP toward developers and less towards testers, which is fully understood.

    I am looking forward to getting my hands on the Adam so that I can test it as soon as it is launched…

  162. You are probably right: the Galaxy Tab and the Adam have indeed the same screen resolution (1024 x 600 pixels). If the Tab is able to get it, then why not the Adam?

  163. I think I may have screwed up my application, as I had exchanged emails with Notion Ink before via my office email and registered via my personal email….There goes my Privilege Token….

  164. I am a 32 year old Systems Administrator. I plan on using the Adam to replace my Iphone for on the go internet access and remote server administration. If a suitable VOIP app is available it may become my primary telephone as well. I plan on taking it everywhere in all types of weather. I hope NI can work with functional case manufacturers such as Otterbox to provide rugged case options.

  165. The only question about android 3 on the adam, is the goggle requirement that no customized user interface can be used. If this turns out to be true, it would be pretty hard to have the Adam ui, on a gingerbread tablet.

    But I also have a hard time believing Google with require that, since HTC, Motorolo, RIM, Verizon, to name just the big guys, all put a customized interface on their phones and I am sure their tablets, once they become available.

  166. The only question about android 3 on the adam, is the goggle requirement that no customized user interface can be used. If this turns out to be true, it would be pretty hard to have the Adam ui, on a gingerbread tablet.

    But I also have a hard time believing Google with require that, since HTC, Motorolo, RIM, Verizon, to name just the big guys, all put a customized interface on their phones and I am sure their tablets, once they become available.

    (not sure what is happening with the blog, but I replied to one post, and it appeared way up top next to another post.)

  167. The big thing also, is Google is supposedly changing the market place requirements, right now, to have the market place, you have to be member of the open headset alliance, and meet some other requirements, buttons, gps, etc, basically it can only be on a phone.

    They should be changing the requirements for the market place, so that it can be on tablets also.

  168. @greg
    Let’s hope developers think out of the box, and start writing real life, meaningful apps.
    I like games, and a whole lot of apps in the market, but the Adam has nthe bpotential of opening new windows of usefulness, I think.

  169. It may be an effort on the part of Google to tone down some of the “fragmented” criticisms being leveled at Android OS. Steve Jobs is the last of Google’s problems, but if this belief sinks in (especially the would be developers) then it would mean a limited embrace of the OS for app development. Snazzy devices are no longer worth $500 if they are not accompanied with equally slick apps.

  170. Totally separate topic. This morning, just like every day, I am struggling to read the screen of my mobile phone outside. Is it locked, have I typed the number right, what does that SMS say?

    And every time I see that I think of adam and that beautiful pixel-qi screen with its daylight readable mode. I so looking forward to being able to use a device outdoors.


  171. Well, I don’t know if you will see this post, furthermore I don’t know if this is something that you already know of and are implementing into the Adam, but it would be great if the Adam could seamlessly integrate with the NAS’s, especially a QNAP NAS, which is the manufacturer of the one I just purchased.
    Also will the Adam be a DLNA certified device?

    I hope that you can share more detail on the Adam in a new post soon. Specifically it would be great if you described what apps will come standard with the device. Secondly there always appeared to be a few options on memory storage, yet your preliminary pricing did not mention this as an option. Did you decide to standardize on one size memory?

    Luck so many others I can’t wait for the Adam’s release.

  172. Any guesses on when launch will happen, next year?

    I dont understand what different is offered by this team? HW is from Nvidia, OS from Google and Apps from Android Apps stores? Can someone explain?

    In any case, I wish this team best of luck!

  173. With (More) Love from China!

    “We are expecting IInd changes on 22 Oct and last, Final ones in November and then hit that mean RED manufacturing Button!”

    Today is 22 Oct.

    Now tell us Rohan – where are the pics from IInd samples??

  174. Hi Rohan, Although it has not been mentioned at all- by any chance does the notion ink now feature an active digitizer. That would be so amazing if it did!

  175. Isn’t one of those almost just the same as the bluetooth stylus for the Galaxy Tab? (that one doesn’t have a LED display I think)

  176. I have an free app for my windows phone which downloads maps for offline use. It originally used Google Maps but then due to the legal issues sinclair mentioned it then switched to OpenStreetMap in later versions. I mention this because OpenStreetMap is free so if anyone decided to build an app they could use it as a source if I’m not mistaken.

  177. Oooh, this is complex…
    I am Mexican-Canuck (Canadian for those not in the know 😉 ) currently residing in Mex.
    I am currently doing my major in English Lit specializing in translation (ergo the Mex part of the equation, that and the fact that it’s an internationally recognized university which costs bupkiss). I have lived on my own since before I was 18 so I currently make ends meet while studying by working as an English teacher as well as the occasional translation. I am 29 (took a break while I decided what to study and am happy that I am almost done).

    The “font” of my knowledge. I am smart shopper, I investigate everything I buy to know the pros and cons so that I can get the best bang for the buck according to MY needs (I never buy tech for tons of cool functions that I’ll never use). This way I can avoid buyer’s remorse from a device that didn’t live up to my expectations or which I then never used, etc. Also I am tech savvy. I know nothing about programming (which sucks as I’d love to be in the EAP 😦 ) But some of my earliest memories are of playing on a colour mac some fantasy game that my parents coded.

    My uses for the Adam: reading, lots and lots of reading. Be it web pages or e-books. Videos and music are also important. As is essay writing and possibly doing translations (though it might be necessary to connect to an external display in order to have more screen real estate). I also plan to use it with my private tutoring classes as then I don’t have to carry print outs/copies/books for my students to read extra material which they don’t need to keep. I’d use it for my full sized classes but where I give those they still have old CRT tv’s, meaning no HDMI.

    I HOPE to replace my laptop with this for a variety of reasons. My laptop is actually uncomfortable to use which is one reason I hate being online (some may have noticed I post a lot sometimes but that’s a case of me popping in and then popping out only to pop in later again, but in the interim I’m not on the comp if I can avoid it). One other reason why I want to make the Adam my main computing device is the environmentalist in me. With such a low power draw I’d be reducing my electricity consumption by a huge factor. I switched from a desktop to a notebook/laptop because of the mobility and the lower power consumption. It’d be the same for the Adam.

    And finally two big reasons. I hate being in one position or sitting at a desk, the Adam would give me the needed mobility for moving from place to place and still being productive. And most importantly, it’d let me go outside with it and enjoy it or be productive with it. I wouldn’t be limited to my home if I want to work inside if I needed a computer. It could be on the roof or in the park and still be as productive as ever without squinting and shading the screen with one hand.

    Also, I so far love everything that’s been promised about the Adam: the design, the specs and tech, and what we’ve been told of the UI.

    So yeah, that’s me in a nutshell insofar as the Adam is concerned.

  178. You could always blame the typo on having sent it from your phone while in bright sunlight 😉

  179. Ice Cream is a long long ways off. Right now we’re at Froyo (Frozen Youghurt). Gingerbread is next (3.0) and said to be optimized for tablets. Then there is supposed to be Honeycomb and THEN Ice Cream. They have also said that though they cannot guarantee compatibility with Gingerbread (as that is Google’s choice) they hope to be able to update quickly to it.

  180. Also technically Google can’t stop a company from using any of the Androids as they are open-sourced. What they can do is state minimum requirements so that you know that if a company is selling you a device without them it probably won’t be the best experience. The other thing they can do (and the most important thing in the opinions of many) is to block app market access as well as deny their own particular apps like the Gmail one. But right now I’d be more than happy with Froyo. Also think of it this way, how long did any of you stick with your desktop OS?

  181. Weird… this was supposed to show up after Sinclair’s:
    sinclair said, on October 22, 2010 at 05:12

  182. Hi Rohan,

    Its 22nd today. Hope the 2nd version of design changes for adam are complete. I’m expecting the photos tomorrow (weekend special). Please upload some good quality pictures taken with a good camera and lighting along with reference objects. Please post separate images rather than collages. and when are you going to hit the FCC?


  183. I’m looking forward for the release date of Adam.

    Btw. I been to this site many times and first now have i noticed the fine little smiley in the bottom left 🙂

  184. Seems there is an issue with registration?

    I didn’t get a confirmation link (checked JUNK and SPAM folders). Tried password recovery and it said my email was not in the system – tried registering again with the same email and it said the email is already in the system.

    Please help?

  185. yaa i have the same query …
    i want to be a beta tester as my programming skills are frankly not upto the mark…

  186. i think impeccable 92 meant to say that itz not OPTIMIZED for tablets… froyo was designed for a smaller device with a much smaller screen than a tablet…

  187. Hi Notion Inkers,

    I wonder why r u guys not investing ur time in get the website in correct order. The new website seems to be buggy n flash appears to be very slow..i hope u get it right soon..

    Cheers for d good work on d product itself, cant wait to get my hands on it soon..

  188. Many manufacturers (MSI, Acer, LG, HTC, etc.) are postponing their tablets until Android 3.0 ´Gingerbread´ arrives. They say that the current versions are not suitable for tablets. As they will be missing a lot of sales because of delays I suppose there is a truth in that.

    Perhaps Rohan can comment on this as they are going to be using version 2.2 on the Adam. How are they dealing with the limitations of version 2.2 and will the Adam get an upgrade to 3.0 as soon as possible?

  189. hey guys ..totally off topic .

    help me do decide ..thought to buy new ipod touch 4G (only for causal gaming ) as I lost my 3rd generation ..BUT SINCE I’m GOING TO GET MY ADAM 🙂
    do you think it is better to buy 2 ADAM or IPOD+ADAM combo 🙂
    to all future Adam app developer; as well notion ink team , shall I wait as you people would be creating games that will be much ..much better than IPOD or IPAD 🙂

  190. If you read between the lines, this weekend special will be the voting on Logos collected via the Logo Contest. That was a good move by NI to keep people hooked for last 2 weekends without any “weekend special” 🙂


  191. Ohh right, Rohan mentioned in his previous message. Did he forget it? No he should’t forget it. We read every single word.
    Hurry up Rohan. It is going to be 23rd here(Thailand) soon.

  192. Well – I am just silent admirer. I am NOT developer or tester, so I don’t think I am eligible for the Early Access program either.

    But what if I still want to be the one who wants to give opinion about the product in general (from packaging , to look and feel ), . I know there are “pros” out there to do this, but sometime they don’t talk what mass wants.

    By the way I am just small fish in the ocean, I don’t have fancy laptop (HP or Mac book) or any other tablet so I can compare Adam to , so do I stand any chance to get early version ?

    I know its long shot…but sometimes you want get hold of something which you think is going to be real gr8 product.

  193. What sort of help does your dev team need? I’m not a designer but good in php/mysql if you need any help there 🙂

  194. Okay, I noticed that the definition of Application is the specific version of object code that is built for Notion Ink devices. This would imply that the source code is not covered under those parts of the agreement.

    I still have some objections that I will list below:

    “6.1.7. Your license agreement with the Purchaser of your Application must include the minimum standard terms set forth in Appendix A.”

    If using code licensed under copyleft licences, I might be unable to add more restrictive terms in the licensing of the application.

    “6.2.1. […] You authorize and instruct Notion Ink to:
    […] Store copies of and format the Application for distribution to Purchaser, including adding security solutions”

    This might cause an issue with copyleft licenses in that the security solutions have to be licensed with the same license as the application itself.

    “6.3.11. You must comply with all licensing terms of FOSS if your Application uses it. You may not use FOSS in your Application in such a way as to cause non-FOSS portions of Notion Ink Software or any other software made available at Genesis to be subject to any FOSS licensing terms or obligations.”

    This might cause an issue with copyleft licenses if the software is incorporated with the software I’ve published, depending on how this is done.

    “8.1. You must not disclose to any third party any Confidential Information received from Notion Ink as part of the Program.”

    If some part of the API is designated as confidential, the publishing of source code that uses that API might be enough to be seen as a disclosure of the information.

  195. I believe you either misread what rohan said or missed the “with love from china” blog where he posted pictures he took without the plastic wrap. He had said: “Day after tomorrow (or tomorrow if possible), I will upload better images and more details.” and the below link are the pictures he posted.


    As far as I’ve been able to tell he hasn’t mentioned photos of the ui. He did go in depth on some of the details on: https://notionink.wordpress.com/2010/10/09/week-end-special-part-iv-the-eden/

    Under the headline of: “We spoke last time how we are introducing a new kind of multi-tasking, a new architecture and to make use of these concepts a new User Interface.”

    Hope this helped.

  196. No that will be a part of the weekend special. But Rohan also mentioned that is working on something big for the upcoming weekend special. So it’s not only the voting for the logo’s.

  197. I’ve heard a few different rumors on that topic. The general consensus that most of the places I’ve seen reached came to the conclusion that google is likely aiming for a more friendly UI so that skins won’t be as needed(speeding up the update process for android phones).

    Dan Morrill came out with a few tweets after a russian podcast mentioned the elimination of skins as well as other rumors: http://www.gadgetell.com/tech/comment/dan-morrill-clarifies-android-3.0-rumors/

    That is enough for me to not worry about it.

  198. Yes, I would like to hear his thoughts on this as well. I know he is doing all the smart things to work around the issue: Genesis as an alternative to the Android market, the panels to fit the resolution of existing apps; but in the end these are still some core problems: it’s impossible for Genesis developer to catch up with the Android market, so the software will be limited, at least at the beginning; working with one app at a time will still use only 1/3 of the screen, or drastically change the looks by zooming.

    While these may be things that he can’t do anything about, it would still make me feel better knowing that he gave them some thought…

  199. So is “Be the revolution” the official slogan for the Adam or is that the slogan for the NI company?

  200. Rohan, I see that the section about the fee for becoming a developer has been removed from the terms and conditions agreement on the developers site. Does this mean it will be free to develop for Genesis, or was that information that you were not prepared to release yet? Also, its not really a big deal to me, but it might be within your companies best interest to send an email to anyone that has registered regarding the change of terms, just to Cover Your Ass(tm).

    I had also read in these comments that a forum system was to be released at some point. I would like to offer myself as a candidate to help moderate and work with your team to give your users the best possible place they can to discuss your devices.

    Best Regards,
    Aaron Blankenship
    Co-Founder, Exodus Apps

  201. Can we get a little clarification on google android marketplace support for Adam? In these comments some people say there will be access, and some are saying Google does not give permission to the android market to devices which are not mobile phones. Can we get an answer either way (or the answer that this hasn’t been decided/finalized yet)?

    It was my understanding from reading previous posts that the whole point of the new 1/3 screen multi-tasking format in Adam was to accomodate small format apps in the android marketplace. This is from the post on the UI: “Panels also allow you to now work on the application which currently exist on Android Market. Since they were made for mobiles, just enlarging (2x) them doesn’t make any sense. So now you can run them in a panel without any pixelation.”

    If there’s no marketplace, and only Genesis, then this doesn’t make sense to me. If there is only Genesis then people couldn’t just copy their small format app from marketplace to Genesis because of its exclusive distribution clause (at least this is my understanding). So if they had to rewrite the program specifically for Adam to put it in Genesis, they would just write it to Adam’s screen size specs, and you wouldn’t have the small-screen app problem.

    Any explanation for this? *Hopefully* there will be marketplace access for “non-Adam” apps, even if all Adam specific apps have to be accessed only through Genesis.

    This is definitely the way to go for a startup company/app store, because I’d much rather be tinkering with 100’s of 1/3 size marketplace apps that i’m familiar with while I wait for Genesis to be populated, than have only a few good finished programs to use at the begininning.

  202. POS manufacturing company I’m working for is considering to use Adam as high end mobile terminal. They want me to enroll into EAP but are concerned by requirement to distribute soft via Genesis. The problem is they don’t sell software separately, only complete turnkey systems. That would imply software pre-install at the company. Could that be worked out?

  203. I signed up anyways. Just put in the information box that I wanted to be a beta tester. I also put why I thought I’d be a good beta tester. Figured it couldn’t hurt to try!

  204. Actually you did post there, there’s just something funky going on where new posts are being added in the middle (‘ve seen the same thing here too).

  205. GM

    Please consider the following:

    Symantec has announced new security and management capabilities for Android. New features, including remote wipe, password policy enforcement and device inventory, enable organizations to embrace the new devices while maintaining the security and integrity of corporate information and assets. Symantec is making it easier for enterprises to allow their employees to use their device of choice without putting corporate data at risk.

    There is an Indian made browser Epic with a built in Anti-virus program added to it. It has several excellent widgets, including Indian language input.

    Have an exciting day.


  206. @elmelao

    I just came across this blog post I think might be of interest to you…


    Sarah, a girl with Down syndrome is using an iPad for the first time. It is neat to see how easy it is for her to use a tablet and write with her finger. There are obvious benefits with tablets for the disabled…

    I can imagine how much bigger her smile would be if it were an Adam! 😉

  207. I have the cash in hand. I am going to look at another device. I have waited about 10 months and will not wait any longer.
    It should have been here around July. It probably wont hit the shelves until April of next year, that is if it ever does. To bad, its a nice piece of hardware.

    Waiting no longer,

  208. Rohan has said, repeatedly, that it will be available in the US before anywhere else. I have to confess that your question hadn’t occurred to me. Kind of like the old Zappa song, “How can you be in two places at once when you’re not anywhere at all,” you know?

  209. And think how you’ll be feeling oh, about next April, when the Adam has already been out for some months, and you’re stuck with an inferior machine.

  210. Do we know where we will be able to buy it?? I mean Ive been searching the net and I see nothing on where we can buy it – Im planning on standing in line and sleeping in a tent if I have to – but I need to know where Im going to camp out – I live in vancouver but i am going to the states to get mine – I just need to know where when etc etc etc – everyone is so tight lipped –

  211. Still have not heard anything. Would also love to take a peek at the SDK with collegues. (Large International IT Company 😉

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