The Case of the Changing Logo!

Dear All,

[We will not have Week-End special this time. Working on something special for the next week and it will take a bit of time :)]

We have got 26,888 votes on the color option! Thanks for your support!

There is one more area where we can work together. I have gone through some 100s of different logos, but havent find one which can really bring excitement. Logo of a company is like the company itself and saves the history of its nature when a new one replaces the older one. Every company you know, have done at least one change in its identity.

But before changing one, you need to opt for one. And that is far more complicated process, because, one it has to represent the soul of the company and two, has to satisfy tons of people working at the managerial (or other) level of the firm. Below you will find some of the logos I personally have gone through and still feel something is still missing:

I like some of these though, but I am sure I am not totally excited about any one of them in particular.

Here is what I propose.

If you are a designer, design one logo which you think is your best art. It’s an open content, so anyone can take a part. Send it to us at relations at notionink dot com. We will select the best 10 and post it over here. Lets have a poll again and then decide who is the winner! (It’s quite possible that we again don’t like any, in that case the contest will continue) Winner gets $1,000 and first Adam as well! Deadlines are short though. We have 7 days, contest ends on 22nd  Oct, poll goes live on the same day and results finalized on 25th Oct.


To take part send in your logo to relations at notionink dot com with Subject as “Logo Contest”

“Why the Name?

We all have a dream (idea or Notion), and the first thing we all will do to realize it, is to write it somewhere. To write your idea on a paper is the most difficult task, cos then you know it’s there! That piece of paper will now challenge you everyday that you are still missing something. It will live with you throughout your life telling you have always missed accomplishing me! Notion Ink is exactly that Ink which forces you to write your ideas on a piece of paper! The first enabler you will ever need to dare to dream!


Let me know what you think.

Warm Regards

748 thoughts on “The Case of the Changing Logo!

  1. waiting for the launching of the real revolution. my choics are first three and the last but one. avoid those logos with tha bulb, not feeling so professional

  2. Yes ..3rd with some tweaking will come out great. Anyway lets wait for the contest result.We should get far better stuff.

  3. To me the 12th (3rd row, 4th figure) is the most recognizable one. It’s simple, very recognizable. I like the styling. It’s more a symbol than a brand. Even if you just see the italic N and I, you’ll know it’s NotionInk. All the others are not as expressive as this one, they have too much information, do not look as professional as this one.


  4. A brief history of how the name was christened and what the company wants to projects itself to their clients would be helpful.

  5. damn!!@@!@!@@ knew i should have paid attention in art class!!!

    Can i get the second adam please????

  6. My choice is logoidea1.jpg. I have a monogram that could suit your purpose with an embellishment, but I don’t want to license it.

  7. For me the 23th (6th row, 3rd figure) is the one with more potential. The “drop” symbol remember the font used to write adam.

  8. Rohan, I think you should post something about the genesis of the Notion Ink name, and the values and ethos that guide your strategy, so that logo designers get the right inspiration. Something about the spirit of your organization.

    I know the above sounds like marketing-speak, but that is when you put the cart before the horse.

  9. Thats a lot of logos, and thanks for sharing. I think many of them are good, and subliminally convey different aspects of the Adam tablet and the values of company –

    Black and Blue – conveys that this is a device that can be used for reading and chasing hyperl-inks!

    This one is awesome. It conveys the swishy-speedy feel of a gesture based UI

    This one will appeal to developers, designers, and tinkerers..

    The swishy ink is nice too – seems to convey the artistry and draftsmanship that it takes to make something!

    The lightbulb is also a neat adaptation of the same..

  10. Rohan,

    I fully agree with you that none of the designs above are good enough, a competition is a great idea!

    Perhaps you can explain a bit about the philosophy behind the name Notion Ink. Why did you choose this company name and what do you want to be reflected in the logo? (include some keywords like for example: reliable, innovative, luxury etc.)

    I am sure this will help to give the designers a bit of focus so you will receive more usable designs.

    Keep up the good work.

  11. i think you’d have set of two logos

    One – small and simplified, like “hp” letters that can easily be placed in 5mm*5mm square without loss of details

    And another – some high-pitch many-details gorgeous one for commercials, booklettes, shop boxes, etc, where size is not restricted and visual appeal is to be max’ed

  12. Hm, NotionInk has nothing to with liquids (even if there’s the INK), so it doesn’t need the drop. The bulb seems rather old fashioned (an energy saving light bulb wouldn’t look good either ;-)); though it stands for having (good) ideas it doesn’t suit a brand new computer brand for some revolutionary hard- and software. I would favour a simple but bold lettering like one of the NOTIONINK trio in the middle, probably with one segment outlines and the other filled. Not over-designed, good for several years and recognizable. The 3rd looks somewhat conservative with the Times font, not very self confident, not modern. Why not chose a logo with the new adam font? I think this should be part of your corporate design.

  13. am not a designer but I think the original concept of the ink drop in water is nice. the bulb seems too scientific to me (or it is too common to be unique for NI)

    so may be if we let the designers work on the ink theme and the notion itself could be just the word in NI’s unique font and may be the ‘font fill’ could be the pencil strokes as used in genesis… it has that earthy feel which common man can connect with yet has shades of science / geometry / design / scribbling of ideas (ie notions)…..

    so a combination of the above is what the designers could work on?

  14. BTW, why not ?

    Colour that gradiently changes like in rainbow through out the logo.
    Or holography-like logo, that those which change colours, depending on changing angel of view.

    Might be unusual and stylish, but hard to be shown in WWW and voted for.

    Pesonally, perhaps, i’d go for it, not single colour, but everchanging one.

  15. Hey Rohan.
    About the’s what I feel.
    1) For many people a logo is sometimes the first thing noticeable about any item. Heck…I know a lot of friends and relatives who buy an item just because the logo attracted them!
    2) For every logo printed by a company….it just not an image but the spirit, the very symbol of its soul in a visual format. The logo represents everything and everything…the past present and the what’s to happen in a product of a company. Once a company comes out with a logo it sticks with the company.
    3) A logo needs as much work as the original manufactured item itself. The logo is the things heart and soul and the company and the logo in most cases are partnered for life.

    That is why…specifically about Notion ink..again its only what I feel…that the logo shouldn’t just be the name- “Notion INK” italicised in various styles. That is time tried but a bit tacky. After I saw the logos you had put up (many of which are really good designs) I felt…incomplete….as if the very product..’ADAM’ finds then …unworthy.

    I feel Rohan that you must have felt the same when you saw those logos. The feeling that they are all good but not really what your ADAM deserves.

    I will put forward a few more suggestions in my next post..

  16. NI also stands for National Instruments, find a way to avoid mixing your brand with them.

    NI also stands for National Instruments, find a way to avoid mixing your brand with them.

    NI also stands for National Instruments, find a way to avoid mixing your brand with them.

  17. Wow a cool a chance for me to get my adam for free, am workin on it already.
    I already have one by now (looks way cool)
    but i wanted to ask can we borrow a few things from your logos ??

  18. hiiii,

    Rohan, i like the last one. Also you haven’t answered one repeatedly asked ques that will it support a stylus. C’mon it isn’t that difficult to say a YES or a NO.


  19. i personally feel that lamps/bulb are kinda too redundant, though they do aptly indicate the concept of ‘idea’.
    I guess more than the font and the curves of the letters, it should be a ‘simple minimalistic design’ a logo which can be easily identified by people.
    Apple logo is a classic simple design, you do not need to have the text to recognize them…

    So i believe, in minimalistic approach. not too vibrant flashy colors…
    And i noticed that you have a tag line like ” Realizing dreams”…. it sounds good, but as you have given a description for Why the name Notion ink?, to me something like
    “Scripting the destiny” or” Scripting the dreams” sounds more appropriate.

  20. Wrong place to ask the q? Still – which version of Android is being installed in ADAM? Or is it not finalized?

  21. Awesome logos are ones which entice people and bring a sense of quality and excellence.
    Best example would be luxury car brands like Skoda, Volkswagon, BMW…etc.

  22. Hi Rohan,

    Most of the logos are beautiful, but it’s easy to understand why there is missing something : all of the have been already done and there is none truly new.

    I think, this is a symptom of something that is very usual in graphic desing : the message is not defined.

    If you define the message of your logo, the specificity of it will allow the designer to create something really new.

    You can define the “message” by defining the values that your logo has to incarnate.

    3 values (= 3 words) are enough.

    Defining the real values of your logo it’s a little bit difficult to do, but it is worth.
    After this stage, the graphic designer can focus on how to translate it in shapes and colors (and not spend energy in wondering what the company is trying to express).

    The values – the vision of what is good or bad for an organisation – are structuring in the way a company works, creates, manages the relationship with the clients etc.

    For instance, by communicating with us about the fabrication process, you are close to the values : clearness or proximity
    Do you want this values be incarnate by your logo?


  23. Notice that Rohan replies quite a lot (see his response just above your question), which means that if he hasn’t answered this one yet there is definitely a reason. It may be to do with final testing of a stylus, it may be because a partner company is working on it, it may be because of investor intervention. He did say in an earlier post that its something they will be able to announce when he talks more about the UI, so while I understand your desire (you might notice I keep begging for the SDK) it will come in due time.

  24. When I would buy the ADAM…I would like a circular logo..which I could feel with my fingers…like a deep imprint..

  25. Hey Antonio,
    I mentioned similar questions in an earlier post, but Rohan either has overlooked it or does not want to give this kind of input. Frustrating.

  26. No Bulbs please.
    If alphabets & words are must…..#12 is okay. It can be futher modified with different variations color/depth).
    Otherwise I agree with “Sud”( it should be a ‘simple minimalistic design’ a logo which can be easily identified by people). Dont make it a “slogan”……keep it as “logo”

  27. Hello Rohan!

    IMHO it`s better to avoid logos with drops on it – drops reminds me oil companies

  28. i agree with antonio…

    There should be a concept built around and then allow the designers to unleash their creativity in that domain..

    for me, the very idea of Notion ink, seems to me like an amalgamation of sorts, where people with diversified thoughts come together to script the destiny… or something like you fit the pieces together to create something new..

    so if i understand your description of Notion ink well,
    i would like to have something like jigsaw pieces fit together may be in the form of word NI or a logo with a jigsaw texture – it will look simple at the same time convey a lot of things to a lot of people.

  29. Hi Richard,

    I think we can try to deduce some values from the brief of Rohan :


    What do you think?

  30. Yeah, well, light bulbs remind me of enemas. The bulb with bubble-bath in it was particularly suggestive.

    ADAM: the tablet you can use in your bathroom! Definitely a selling point, but maybe not the one you want to base the whole company on.

  31. I like this one!!

    I have a question…
    Why does the Pixel Qi version not have multi-touch?? It is very very useful!! and I am interested on the Pixel Qi one.. but without multi-touch… that makes me think…

  32. I am running out of superlatives to comment on your post. I think we should have a new competition to invent new words to describe the product.

  33. Hi Rohan,

    A logo should express core values of the company without being loud
    My advise is do not go for fancy ones but the once the ooze out confidence, craftsmanship and have a human touch to it 🙂

  34. sorry

    My advise is do not go for fancy ones but the one’s the ooze out confidence, craftsmanship and have a human touch to it 🙂

  35. The gray sloping N with the dot on the right arm resembles that of an old brick and mortar company from Ketti, OOty called Needles India. Used to manufacture all kinds of needles – from medical/surgical to embroidery etc.
    Neat idea this one…

  36. Creativity is a term I can understand in relation to company philiosophy, the other two not really. But where does the name Notion Ink come from? Anyone knows?

  37. First impression on bulb is big “no”. 12th picture “logoidea1” looks good. It is simple, no complexity.

  38. Rohan,

    While writing the previous message I haven’t read the brief you have written.

    I think that it is too complex to transcribe your brief in a logo : that’s why (I think and I have experienced it) it is more adequate to “digest” your brief in values.

    It allows to bring the creation of the logo to a upper level because the designer have to deal only with the essence of your brief.
    Furthermore, a logo is a single, small, and rather conceptual image than cannot carry mode than few concepts (but the good ones, of course!)

    Hope this will help

  39. I have been thinking about this in a different way by separating the words notion and ink and what they represent and then what the company is representing. i have got 2 ideas which i will need to create, but the first is that an idea is just a fluid in space, while the ink is when it becomes solid. the second is a triangle that fades in to a solid structure, 2 things. idea forming fact, a triangle is supported by its base (the adam community).

    And 5th row 2nd column is the money logo! the !NK one

  40. @Richard Rohan already provided brief extract for the NI background at the end of this post…. the full background and details are in his very first posts in the blog from more than a year ago

  41. I submitted a design but I’m a terrible artist. Do we still get credit (and an adam) if you like the idea but mock up your own render? Please say yes. 😀

  42. i like the 3rd logo and 10th logo. Please dont use bulb. it does not look professional. Also, sometimes we refer bulb as failure 🙂

  43. Hi!
    Just send some that are simple and meaningful (I believe).

    Why not a bulb?
    Everybody relates a bulb with a new (brilliant) idea.
    Adam was the first creature to be able to ask questions, but before that, there was the: “Let there be light”

  44. Rohan, consider this my entry:

    Stick with the bulb idea, but instead of a bulb, make it an inverted drop of ink RISING from an inkwell. Design the drop and well to appear as an abstract light bulb. It will capture the lightbulb concept: that you are a company not only of ideas, but transcendent ideas. it will also represent the excitement of the exclamation point concept in the other logos. It also says “notion ink” without using the words “notion ink.”

    for type use, I suggest the very last logo on the page, but with the “o” drop inverted to match the image.

  45. hey I wanted to ask question about old entry with surface finishes
    are they scratch resistant? are they hard? and does case feel good in hands that won’t make people think it will break soon, or they have some kind of cheap junk in hand

    about logo I’d suggest something simple with 2 colours max, and would be the best to choose between yellow, magenta, cyan, black/white
    why? I’m working at printing house and I have to say that logo is the most important thing for company, making it in some abstract colours will result in the end with 2000 different colours/tones of your logo, also better to use 100% tone than halftone dots, because it also may end up with many logo tones

    also among all these logo suggestions have not seen anything simple and astonishing at same time

  46. Yes, like most, #12 would be perfect (the N in gray italics). The logo of a N and the first 3 are cool.

    From France ! 🙂

  47. My 2 cents:

    1. A logo is as good as the company — dont pull out your hairs for finding a ‘good’ logo. An apple logo looks good only coz apple has become famous. If it was a small company, nobody would have noticed the logo. Also big companies like Sony don’t even have a logo.

    2. Having said that, if you have a cool logo, it does help attract attention. has some really inspiring ones. My personal faves are the ones with hidden pun.

    3. ..

    Ok 2 cents over

  48. Regarding the lightbulb, which appears in several of the logos: it is already retro, as most people (in the US at least) are switching to new compact fluorescent bulbs… but I really like the yellow and orange one. Perhaps you could add the words NotionInk in black on top of the center of the bulb? Also, how about some sort of flash animation — let’s say the bulb has an old fashion draw-string on it, perhaps somehow integrated in to the I of Ink… a hand pulls on the drawstring, the light bulb goes “out” but now the Notion Ink text is backlit (the equivalent of moving from ambient light to backlighting…)

    Regarding the comment above, about a stylus, I too desperately hope to be able to use a stylus. I see the Adam as providing the opportunity for PRODUCTIVITY applications — not just mindless media consumption (ie. the other tablet out there). I’m really looking forward to taking notes on documents and syncing them back to my server…

    Keep up the good work,

  49. Ideas for the logo:
    Either 4.png (option three)

    Like option three (4.png) except make the globe like an inverted tilted (sharp part at the left) bulb/tear drop and the globe to have an image of the world with India and Indian Ocean centric with emerging africa on the left and a bit of east-asia on the left. See

    The image can be tilted to match and need not be the exact photo but symbolic …

  50. Hi Rohan. My favorite is logoidea1.jpg and looking at the other logos I can quite understand why you have not settled for one. Where these logos are technically right (some more professional than others) They may not communicate all that Notion Ink people feel it need to be said abut the work they have done, having say that and from experience, when a company can’t decide for a logo beyond, say, 30 proposals is not only the designers fault but the company may have not shared all the relevant info for the designer to create a successful logo.

    Sometimes happen that your logo have to be approved by a group of people and theres pretty hard to design something to appeal people in diverse age ranges, cultural backgrounds, personal preferences and psychological profiles, i.e. a single color may represent different things even for people with the same cultural profile. I’d like to suggest NI to make a *brief* and share it here so we all designers have a common starting ground to begin with, since most of us may have personal views of ADAM that may not be what NI would like to communicate, mostly by cultural differences.

    Sometimes the enterprise forget that you’re not designing the logo for them but for the target market that will buy your product, it’s like designing a front banner for you shop and install it facing inside the shop. Sure, you really like your banner but it will not be effective at all.

    Anyway, I’m going to start working in this one and it’s really cool that you can send different proposals because I have some “roughs in the oven” regarding the Adam logo ; )


  51. I really like the bulb idea. But all the bulbs in the post are ugly and don’t convey anything. I don’t know why the third logo is appealing to many. It has a serious look to it and looks like something from an O’Reilly book.

    But as I said above this shouldn’t be a head scratcher. Now if you want to keep all the readers engaged in something until you trickle some real _useful_ information that’s fine with me too 😉

  52. Hi Rohan,

    I really like the one in 3rd row, last logo. It’s very edgy, and just that N can be recognizable (much like Apple’s apple).

    Also, the last one is not bad too.

  53. Hmm! Nice Let me get in touch with someone I know who is good at this. Maybe She will be interested.
    Rohan, Can the logo have an Apple in it? I ask because Notion Ink’s First Device is Adam (who ate an Apple). We could try to incorporate that into the logo, and it would really catch on if people viewed NI as an Apple competitor due to its logo?

    Or does the Legal team object to using Apple in the logo? Please let us know, as that can help us imagine logos with/without an Apple in it.

  54. I have followed the progress of the adam for months and the idea of a logo is intriquiging. I would suggest something simplw but universal ie planet earth with logo superimposed implying the global nature of the product and the focus for the future

  55. Yeah, this looks good, but unfortunately also looks like the logo of another (media) company, Nimbus, if I’m not wrong. This may be familiar to Indian TV viewers

  56. I second with Arunabha. The logo should be circular or some form closer to that and possibly in a distinctive color. One should be able to recognize the brand seeing from afar!

  57. Where did you read that? The digitizer (the “touchscreen”) is a separate device from the display so there’s no need to make a difference between Qi and LCD display variants. But is there anyway?

  58. Thumps up!
    Rohan, thanks for once again letting everyone outhere participate in this wonderful process.
    Of the logos posted I like # 24 the most. Why? Because it says what needs to be said, in a simple manner, and yet it says it all. It only takes a quick glance for people to notice it. And the aestethic is great: I love ‘notion’ in black first, bringing to the forefront the very concept of creativity. I can think of another example of a logo that is simple and great at the same time: is WordPress.
    Some of the circles can be worked nicely too, but the name should be wrapped up in a way that it is shown and kept intact as the prime idea here. As long as the circle enhances, it can be nice.
    I love the drops, but they have been used too many times and in many different products. Even in milk cartons in the US. In a way, the fact that the image of the drop a is already part nof the mass consciousness may be an advantage.

    So, # 24 does it for me.
    I will try to drop a logo of my own in the bucket. I am not a designer, but trying never hurts.

    Just my take.

  59. Bad idea to put a logo in, first because the logo is for the company, not just for this one product, and we don’t want to commit the company to a Biblical motif forever. Second because, if I recall correctly, when Adam ate the apple, bad things happened. Real bad things.

  60. Just sent over two designs – hope you like them! They’re minimalist, but sharp. Does anyone know if Notion Ink is going to be a ©, ®, TM or SM? Also same question regarding the “Adam”. Thanks!

  61. I would definitely stay away from the old incandescent light bulb as a part of the logo for this product. Incandescent bulbs are old tech, and are not a reflection of what the adam means in terms of innovation.

  62. If nothing comes out of it, I would just go for the image called ‘5.png’.
    That’s IMHO the only one that looks like a decent and usable end product.

  63. I would probably like to have just a symbol (no words at max a single letter) as the logo. How about a drop of ink. (Like this), but space ‘ink’ occupied is too big though. (okay) but have to change colors and presentation. (seems to be good), but color combination is not good.

    Logo doesn’t require to have name of the company, may be a tag line is fine though.

    Like Apple (just a logo), BP (just a logo) , Reliance (just one letter).
    Try having just a logo (image) or a single letter. Logo should identify the company/brand itself.

  64. Hmm, You’ve officially intrigued me. 🙂

    I’ve posted a couple times; and I’ve been dead set on getting an adam from the start. Even if I did this; I’d be getting a second anyway, (I love it too much!)

    I’m a 3D Artist in my 4th year of college; I don’t often dabble in 2D but I’ve done quite a few logos for my friends and some professionals, especially heading the design.

    IMO a logo should look good in monotone as well as in color, and blending them is a bonus.

    It should be minimalistic as to not distract you from the product, but memorable so the user keeps it in mind. (hence why monotone is important, especially with multiple pantones. You can’t have poorly contrasting colors on a device eg. the logo vs the color scheme of the device itself, hence the monotone(gray-scale) importance.)

    I have an interesting Idea, I am curious though if I may be able to make a motion graphics intro for it as well? I’d love to do a video for it if I have time! (short, 3-5 second logo for possible commercial purposes.)

    Either way, I’ll bring something up ^_^

    Some of my older works for my personal stuff:
    Might toss some of my 3d stuff into it as well! 😉

    Everything is design, it’s all around us. Notions towards those designs motivate us; inspire us; and as Ink comes in many colors we are each simply a parchment waiting to be painted. 🙂

    Hope to send my design soon, as the design gears are turning!

    Thanks for the opportunity Rohan!

  65. “We have 7 days, contest ends on 22nd Oct, poll goes live on the same day and results finalized on 25th Oct.”

    so can we extrapolate and say the new web site goes live with the new logo, on the 26th of October, and of course if the new web site is up and running, we will have forums, final specs, lots of videos and screen shots,

    and wait for it ………………………….

    ……………. a pre-order page !!!

    Just dreaming a little,

    also, Rohan, in reading your description of writing down your dream, it was very profound, I am almost 50 and never had the courage to write down that dream, instead I progressed through college and then a progressive series of jobs, so now I am a financial controller, but that was never my dream, which is part of why I am so intrigued by the Adam tablet and your company, it really truly represents a leap of faith and a true pursuit of a dream.

    Who would have thought a small group of people with an idea, could come up with a product that could take on the whole established market. Your company truly has the chance to take on Apple, Toshiba, Samsung, Rim, and every other tablet maker and come out with a unique market changing product.

    You have made it through losing investors, product delays, and I am sure a whole host of other obstacles that would have made a lesser person give up.

    You have made me grab a piece of paper and a pen, so I can write down my dream.

    You are an inspiration.

    Thank You

  66. I think Pasquale has a point. You guys are all over the Book of Genesis, with Adam, Eve, Genesis and The Eden. Why not start from there? Find some other symbolism in there that one can combine with the ideas behind Notion Ink.

    The tree of knowledge sounds like a good starting point indeed

  67. I listen to “Jaage Hain” by AR Rahman / Chitra & the Madras Chorale Group and see it implemented by Rohan Shravan & Team…

    What a journey in life… !!!

    What else can you ask from God, other than to be in that place…

    Rohan & ARR… God Bless everbody you touch !!

  68. I agree not to use the bulb. And besides, GE wont produce it anymore so people will probably forget about it in the future.

  69. I agree with you @David. Its the inspiration that kept them motivating.
    I however have a doubt would Apple/Samsung big gaints would let them survive with their money? I think Apple is more closely watching NI than any one else as its the best tablet that is coming out. You should probably tie up with a major marketing company and hits the shelves of Bestbuy/Target/Amazon. The big guys would take all their means to put this tablets behind the shelves.

    I am not sure how NI can overcome them. You should start thinking of US support and local markets support and price the Pixel Qi Display with wifi under $500. I am fine standing in the queue for dozen hrs on the Thanksgiving eve to get this laptop.

    Please please don’t miss the Thanksgiving eve target for the product to be available on the shelves. You will have the advantage over others (Samsung Galaxy Tab would hit around the same time at max., RIM would not be out by then, Slate would never make up). If you miss this target, Christmas would not be so ideal as most of the shopping is already completed.

    We want it by November 25th on shelves. And prior to that get the reviews from engadget and gizmodo. It will be a leap.

  70. In the website ( says that non pixel qi has multitouch, but it doesn,t say anything about Pixel Qi version..
    Pixel Qi is:
    Transmissive, transflective and reflective display modes. And it doesn’t say anything about multi-touch
    Whereas in Non Pixel Q, it specifies the multitouch.

    So I think I’m not wrong…
    I wish I was…

  71. Exactly what I was thinking. You need to have an instantly recognizable logo for branding purposes. One that any consumer can look at and know exactly what company you’re talking about. Case in point, Apple’s apple, Microsoft’s colorful window, Chevy’s bow tie, McDonald’s golden arches, etc. In other words, a logo that says it all without saying a single word.

    Then you also need a more professional logo that can be used once you’ve already nabbed the consumer’s attention. One that says, “Hi. Nice to meet you. I’m Notion Ink.”

    Marketing isn’t about giving the consumer every piece of information at once, but just enough to make him come looking for more.

  72. hi Rohan,

    do we have to use only blue,black and grey colours only?

    or can we experiment?


  73. I never suggested eating apple theme. I was thinking more on lines of restoring the bitten apple to its unbitten state to give the user a full apple.

    Anyways, I thought about that on the spur of the moment. Not serious about it.

    But the really creative people (my friend is into advertising), could really come up with something.

    In someway I am surprised that Rohan has asked us to come up with ideas about the logo. Only He and his fellow colleagues really know about what else they products they may come up with in the future. Our interpretation would be highly influenced by “adam” alone.

    I do hope someone comes up with a neat logo though. Good Luck Folks!!

  74. I have no link to Rohan, but I can answer that question

    Use anything you like, they want something that will inspire them, they are visionaries, so I can not believe they would want to limit your creativity

    come up with your best idea, no matter how out the box. They already have the in the box ideas, that is why they are asking us to help.

    Can you imagine how many people said, you need to have a front and rear camera, that is what the ipad is missing. did he do that, No, he thought outside the box and said what about a swivel camera, that opens up so many other possibilities.

    Rohan is not going to say, here are your constraints

  75. hi David,

    thanks for the info.

    will do my best. was thinking of experimenting a bit. but your msg gave me confidence to do it actually. working on some drafts. thanks again.


  76. Guys, going by the specs then there is no Pixel Qi. 🙂
    Adam has multi-touch all the way, else Rohan would have told us.
    So Rubén, I guess you are wrong(yur wish will come true 🙂 ) … and the website truly needs a brush up of course 🙂

  77. i dont really like #12. it looks a bit like a knowck off of the windows logo wouldn’t you agree.

  78. You are wrong. Rohan actually addressed the issue in an earlier post (as a reply to one of the comments such as yours). So you can rest easy, it has multi-touch. Both screen versions do.

  79. Agree. I posted before about this. My idea was to advertise the Adam with “Take a bite out of the apple. I love Adam”. The logo would show a half eaten apple. Since then, I have changed my mind on this.

  80. I see people commenting bad idea. Let me tell you about this brilliant ad campaign from “Mentos”.
    Polo had the original catch line for the polo mints as “The mint with the hole!!”. Well, everyone who’s ever seen a polo mint will know what a catchy line it is/was.

    Mentos came along and simple use the catch line “All mint no hole!!”. Rest is history. Polo had to overnight pull off and remove their Advertisment signs since people started immediately to associate “The Mint with the hole!!” catchline with “All Mint no hole!!”.

    Such is the impact of advertising campaign!! I guess, its easy to “cheap IMHO” or “Motif”. But difficult to come up with stuff eh!!

    Anyways, Mentos rode on the advertising campaign of Polo, and the outcome was fabulous for them. So, I see no harm in using Apple in someway either. But hey, that’s my opinion/suggestion. You can choose to differ.

  81. If you go to later pages on that link there’s a Pink Ink logo which could actually work as it even uses the “a” from the “adam” as the dot for the “i” in “ink”.

  82. But your example shows a difference. That Polo/Mentos debacle was a campaign, not the logo. An apple would have to be used VERY well. Otherwise you’d be setting Notion Ink as identifying themselves in relation to Apple for as long as they had the logo and not as their own selves. Furthermore that would fit more with Adam and not Notion Ink, the two names (and the mentalities between them) vary quite a bit.

  83. I relate a lightbulb to old technology which is fased out in most countries. That is the exact opposite of what Notion Ink is all about. Besides that it is not a professional logo, rather childish, something you grabbed from the picture gallery of a Microsoft product.

  84. I think this contest is a great idea – there is a lot of untapped graphic design talent out there.

    On the other hand, I absolutely love “lightbulb3” the color border clear bulb without the yellow dot in the middle.

    If the grey on the notion text were slightly less muted or perhaps outlined in black, I think it would be perfect. I can easily see this in magazine ads/flyers/billboards. Whenever I scroll through the list this image is the first thing to catch my eye and hold my attention.

    I’m a photographer, and when assessing images I find it’s best not to analyze them, or measure them against specific metrics, but rather go with your immediate gut reaction to it. Most people will know whether an image (or logo) is compelling in less than a second (even if they don’t know exactly why), so your logo shouldn’t be too cerebral. While I know that a lot of left brain thinking goes into corporate graphic design, don’t forget that the end result has to capitalize on the immediacy of right brain aesthetic judgements.

    Can’t wait to see and vote on the winning designs – good luck!

  85. @Tarwinia
    Agreed – its an ad campaign and not a logo. But hey, once the name is associated with another popular brand, the free ride has been hitched. The idea is to show the Company competing/toying/challenging Apple or another COMPETITOR.

    That’s why I said, not knowing what Notion Ink wants to identify itself as would mean we would base our imagination off of “adam” more than anything else.

    I would really like to see what my friend can come up with. I need to get in touch with her.

  86. From what I saw up there, there is one logo that kept my attention :

    I like it since it’s simple, mainstream, classic and evolutive like the Adam-pad is.
    Simple meaning : Not guileful or deceitful ; sincere.
    Classic meaning : a) Belonging to the highest rank or class ; b) Serving as the established model or standard ; c) Having lasting significance or worth; enduring.
    Mainstream meaning : Representing the prevalent attitudes, values, and practices of a society or group.
    Evolutive meaning : relating to, tending to, or promoting evolution

    That’s what I understand, as a consumer, when I think about the NotionInk Adam. And that’s what the logo should convey when promoting this wonderful piece of technlogy.

    Kline Dubois.

  87. I know people like the droplet, but it makes me think of an oil/gas company logo. Many have flames (shaped like teardrops) or actual droplets of oil on their logos. It was literally the first thing that came to mind when I saw that one, and being from the US, I don’t think that’s an image you want anyone here to associate you with, even on a subconscious level, right now.

  88. Many are attractive, but none are particularly attention-grabbing. I think the problem is that none really visually express the idea of the name ‘Notion Ink’- from idea/notion to paper/ink. They don’t express the inspiration behind your entire enterprise, and look like they could serve as the logo for a random tablet maker trying to latch onto iPad’s success.

    I think this comes closest-

    I think if you tried manipulating the ‘K’ to make it look ‘pixel-like’, it would further express the theme of going from idea to creation. It also expresses the link between a old world ink notebook, to our digital world now.

    I’ll give it a try myself if I can-

  89. I allways liked the logo for the newspaper in Superman and for NI I would also have a revolving earth with Notion Ink revolving in the opposite direction. The colors would be shades of blue on white?, with multi colored stars twinkling iin the background.

  90. I couldn’t decide on my design so I submitted a few. I am really excited to see what others will come up with.

  91. It is U-G-L-Y and refer to ‘Kami”s comments below regarding it’s semblance with Gas companies.

  92. Agreed. Out of the ones shown right now that is my favourite. Really looking forward to seeing what the community comes up with though!

  93. The common symbol for these names is an apple.
    Hmmmmmmmm, is there a company with an apple logo out there?

    Dunno, let me find out…..

    ^_^ Daryl

  94. Slightly off-topic. When you present Adam to media, please wear casuals as usual (like west coast tech companies). Don’t wear formal (no suits, blazers). Represent yourself as a young startup entrepreneur. It represents a casual entrepreneur who is hard at work and inspires younger generation.
    My few cents 🙂

  95. Hey Rohan,

    I’m just wondering, how come this wasn’t done earlier. It’s just just I was thinking we can get the machine right after FCC. But if there is still things like logo trademarking etc left, then it might become December or next year.

    Just speculating, I hope you can release this thing right after FCC.

    Thank you.

  96. also, i dislike the “realizing dreams” bit in some of the logos. it seems unnecessary and it disrupts from what a logo should be: small, simple, and recognizable. It doesn’t need a tagline yet.

  97. Water companies also have such a drop…they are hardly evil and mostly public utilities..

    When you are afraid you see ghost everywhere…:)

  98. I seriously believe that this got to be stalling tactics. Something to keep the visitors occupied. It’s refreshing to see all the inclusiveness but I don’t understand the rationale behind picking a logo _now_.

  99. I completely agree, but it’s not about whether the companies are good or not. It’s about subconscious associations.

  100. Hi Kami,

    I do acknowledge that the droplet logo might be similar to that of a gas company.
    What explanation should one have for the fancy fruit logo at the back of an iPad 🙂 I am sure many fruit vendors would have a similar logo on their advertisement hoardings.
    I just feel it looks more professional to have such a logo with nice typeset fonts instead of having comic sans or 7 colors in a bulb which might infact allure a few teenagers, but being suave instead would make it presentable to a much larger audience.

    Look at any of Apple’s product – you have to agree that they are one of the best available products atleast in terms of design. Each one of their products is sophisticated, sleek, and very well finished so that everyone feels comfortable carrying it. On the other hand, lets look at something like a sansa music player with a glowing blue ring for volume control. The music quality of Sansa isn’t bad at all, but comparing it in looks to iPod is like comparing a plastic ring with a glowing red LED to a gold ring.

    Anyways, everyone gets to pick his/her choice.. it’s a poll.
    No one should get disappointed.. I’m sure you should be able to find a logo skin afterwards.. you can do something similar to what people do to their dell minis to make them look like macbooks 😉


  101. I think, based on Rohan’s comments of writing things down and transforming that into action, I’d have a flat rectangular surface, lightly ruled like paper, appearing as it might be laying on a table and viewed from an angle. On that paper a stylized N i, part on the paper and part taking form and lifting off to a more vertical position. A mirror reflection beneath… Yes? No? Go quietly back to your corner??

  102. I’m really confused. I merely voiced my opinion on that one logo. I don’t know where you got all of that from. I haven’t even mentioned which logos I DO like.

  103. a little late to the party here, but first thought was before even reading the comments — love the idea of flash-of-inspiration incandescant lightbulb, but I too agree that it will soon look dated. With all the turmoil surrounding Gap’s recent logo redesign, I’m glad to see you guys taking a more open source approach to this! Can’t wait to be one of the ones standing in line for an adam!

  104. I like this. A white paper with N in italics and ink pen next to it. the paper should be something like over a ruler. Rohan its something like in the old indian movies kings used to send messages between each other. Hope you got it.

  105. In this Youtube video of Adam tablet try having something of the color pencils in a circle wallpaper, have something of that sort pencils in a circle and at the center a letter N or I in small italic case.
    This depicts various possibilities possible (lots of colors) and keeps simple and have either a ink pen in slant position at the center with one drop out or some splash as in your homepage.

  106. IMHO..Please do not use a bulb or “ink” splash, they are they most cheesiest things anyone can come up with and they don’t really repsent you or your product…

    I would actually ask ur graphic deigners to work on a combination on figures 2 and 3. Use the light blue and pencil shade effect from 3 and try to incorporate in figure 2.
    The blue is figure 2 is too bright…

    Iam neither a graphic designer or painter…so just throwing my two cents in…

    My plan would be something like
    1) Replace black “Ink” in figure 2 with Pencil Shade like effect from figure 3
    2) Replace the (dark) blue graph like structure with light blue from figure 3 and leave the graph like structure
    3) But the true creative genius would be to build the word “Notion” on top of the graph with “Golden Ratio” parameters in it. Since you seem to have the same appreciation I have for golden ratio, I wouldn’t make a logo without getting that in there.

    Good Luck!!

  107. In this Youtube video of Adam tablet( try having something of the color pencils in a circle wallpaper, have something of that sort pencils in a circle and at the center a letter N or I in small italic case.
    This depicts various possibilities possible (lots of colors) and keeps simple and have either a ink pen in slant position at the center with one drop out or some splash as in your homepage.

  108. I don’t get these comments at all. Read about how people reacted to lights when they were displayed at the World Fair. How people marveled at them. And you don’t think it’s a reflection of what the adam means in terms of innovation? Light bulbs banished the night. Made it possible for people to work nights and make it safer to be out at night. I’d say that’s a pretty big thing.

  109. But what’s it stalling? if it’s to keep us occupied, he’s been giving us weekly updates. So we’re already occupied. It could be that they’ve been trying to come up with something and failing. So they thought it would be cool to throw it out to us. Would be good for publicity as well. Personally wouldn’t mind them doing it for advertisements as well. Especially since they are targeting different companies. And what works in one country won’t necessarily work in another. They’ve already got people from different countries reading this blog.

  110. I don’t like the bulbs except the black one with a black circle background and filament saying INK in scripted letters. My problem with bulbs is that it reminds me of an electric company. The logos that just shows the letters N and I or just says INK will not do because as a startup you have to show the entire company name so people can immediately associate the logo with the name, hence creating an easily recognizable brand. That leaves us with the logos that has the NOTION INK name.

    What is great about the Apple name is that a fruit can readily represent it because it is tangible. Notion on the other hand is intangible while the Ink doesn’t really have a shape. However we can use an abstract or representative form for Notion while using the properties of ink when in motion to create the logo.

    As for the name, Concept Ink or Vision Ink sound good too although Notion is a word not used by many. I’ve only found the Notion magazine and Notion music notation software on google. There’s also a song Notion by Kings of Leon.

    Anyway, the droplet does look more like a logo for gasoline or water. I guess if you make it black it would represent ink. I prefer the word ink that looks like it was scribbled with a black fountain pen combined with a more rigid font for the word Notion. There are three of them in the samples. The contrast is quite striking. The one I like the most is the one with a red dot/smidge on the “i” of ink.

    Why the color blue? I think silver or white (hollow/outline) would look better. It will look more formal and it will not conflict so much with whatever the color of the Adam itself. I am assuming that this will be appliqued on the back of the Adam.

  111. HAHA I totally agree, I’m not a graphic artist but submitted my own idea. It may need to be tweaked 🙂 but I hope if it’s used I still get credit.. or half credit.

  112. i want some graphic artist to really take it further.

    what you will also see that it has all the chracters from the name in it.i was thinking of 2 Os one in the middle besides the dot and other surrounding the N.also the plus sign thats formed can be other way with elongated parts in the centre.anybody.

    its 3 dimensional if you notice.

  113. Sorry this is off topic. Has the official release date been announced for ADAM? I’m waiting for it!

  114. I spent about 2.5 hours trying to figure out how to put my ideas into Corel Draw and MS Word and MS Publisher but can’t get it to do what I want. Go figure.
    I scribble my idea down on a notepad and 30 minutes later my wife has a completed logo ready to submit.. does this mean I have to give her the adam if we win? Sure hope not 🙂

    I’d actually be pretty damn tickled if they used it and I didn’t get shit.. but a free adam would really sweeten the deal. lol

  115. Good one! I really want to dive nto this challenge! Just need to find the time 🙂

    However the brief is a bit uncomplete:

    Rohan what are the core values oif NI, the soul of the company?

    Also, It would be intersting to know what you dont like with the older designs (often not so easy to do – but a very useful thing to do!)?

    With this info my chance of doing something you like increases greatly. Without it its more like guessing.

    But with or without it – I hope I can get something done,

    Keep up the good work!

    PS. I promised myself to bring up in every post I make: What about stylus support?

  116. does it have to necessarily be a graphic design? would a scanned picture of a sketch or painting (of the designed logo) be good enough?

  117. @Ronak Rathod
    Didnt mean to offend you when i said ‘cheap’. What i meant was it might give out a cheap impression about the company, trying to piggy back on another one’s success. And dont forget that a mint company is not exactly a high-tech gadget company. A casual funny take on competitor might work in case of a mint or cola company, but probably not in case of a technology company.

    I believe NI and Adam are good enough for a good logo/ad campaign of their own. But ‘adam taking a bite of apple’ could be a parallel ‘informal’ ad campaign in the internet.

    Maybe the graphic designers over here should start working on it.

  118. I dont think there is a need for stalling anyone. It has already been said that the ‘ADAM’ print will be changed to ‘adam’ with new font only during production of next batch. So it seems to me like they are dealing with things on priority basis. And it could be a conscious effort to get the fans involved in the design OR they might be seriously finding it difficult to transform their vision behind the name into a logo. In any case, I dont think they need to stall people by giving them something to do. Its not like they have already crossed/going to cross any declared date of release.

  119. Hi, I love the regular updates but I think what we all want to see is a small snippet of the OS working. I can speak for everyone I think in saying just show us a bit please to keep us salivating. If you this close to launce I think showing us a small bit, a bit like the galaxy Tab teaser, you know, doesn’t give to much away but keeps the people eager,

  120. I totally agree with the “still feel something is still missing”. The problem is that
    the people (especially the programmers:)) thinks that they are naturally born to be Artist/Designer too, but just very few have that talent. Unfortunately, I am not one of the natural born Artist/Designer, but luckily I could recognize that. Also, the other issue is that the Designers are similar to any other particular occupation, as there are just really few of them are really good at it.

  121. The best is last one it’s simple clear & concise.

    Though I would improve it by instead of having a “tear drop” shape for the “o” have a round furry edged spot just like a drop of ink looks on paper.

  122. here’s what i came up with

    This is the first time I’ve designed any logo(just because first Adam is on stake here 🙂 ). Accept it as my honest try to get my hands on Adam.

  123. A thought bubble trickling down into an ink(word) shaped ink splatter!
    The thought bubble signifies the NOTION. The resulting illustration shall be simple enough to be easily recognized.

  124. I tried to go with the ink blot idea, but most of the time it ends up looking [or reminding me] of blood for some reason… Also, the idea of using ink in a strictly visual way in a logo seems the right way for a tattoo parlor or such. I think many of the major electronic / technology company logos you see out there are pure recognition on the font and the name of the company with little other support.

    Microsoft, Dell, Sony, Samsung, Asus, etc.

    You can say “But notion ink wants to stand apart from those companies”, but you also want a logo that will stand the test of time for many years, which those logos have done with their simplicity.

    Now you can say “Well what about Apple? Their logo is not just the name of their company.” But it is. Notion Ink can not be symbolized as easily as an apple can. There’s no one object out there that can symbolize Notion Ink the way an apple can symbolize an apple.

    Logo design is certainly challenging. To encompass all a company stands for in one visually striking and engaging icon is no easy task.

  125. Rohan updated the upper text: there’s no weekend special today, he’s preparing something special for next week. Let’s hope the best!

  126. Snake? The snake did “put the notion” of eating the apple into Eve’s mind, which then put it in Adam’s….

  127. Here’s my first entry that I sent. I guess posting here doesn’t disqualify me, does it?

    The logo has the Notion INK initials as the graphic with the company name written below it.
    The graphic has a bold N with a tittle of the i above it, which effectively blends N into i. Also, the tittle acts as an open lid while N becomes the box – representing openness, and thinking outside the box – exactly what NI stands for.

  128. Hi all,

    The logo i like the most is

    Nice combined and easy to remember.
    Simple ans classy like the NIA i hope 🙂

  129. With the traceball in the middle …to remind you about the notion ink when ever you use the trackball on the back

  130. 😦 no “The weekend special”? 😦 we need some more information, spec, picture, video and UI please!!!!!!

  131. edit: After reading your post once again, properly this time, I realize you’ve already answered my questions under the title “why the name”. Thats what NI is all about.

    Sorry for the lazyness 🙂

    Now lets get to work…


  132. Hey Rohan, could you please feature the best logos in your next post.

    Just to se what us fans have done.

    Have a good weekend.

  133. I know right, we waited upto now so I don’t think they need stalling tactics to keep us here.

    It’s just that this logo stuff is done well before releasing a product. OR maybe they won’t use Notion Ink logo, they just might put the name at the back and adam in front.

    Well Rohan, any more delays and market will be saturated with potential tablets that my wallet will be eyeing. 😀 I am ready to wait up till December.

  134. I agree. Plus, remember that the logo is not for Adam, but for NI.

    If the ad campaign was for Adam…that is a different story. In a couple of posts before
    I refered to an apple, no Apple, in a sentence that read like this: “Take a bite out of the apple”, refering to an actual apple, or to Adam/Eve eatingthe an apple. But more tthan the obvious biblical reference (Notion = begining=Adam) it is also a metaphore of New York City, which sells its self as the Big Apple, the place where there’s a bite for everyone, regardless of the origin of the person. So, while it may sound like a reference to Apple, I know for a fact that people from NYC will understand this in a totally diferrent way. Maybe Apple takes adavantage of circunstances like the one I described to sell their product. An apple is a more universal metaphore than Aple. For that reason, a commercial with a chewed up apple can work for Adam in places like NYC, and specially in the subway, where millions of people read them.
    So, yes, you are correct, in a parallel, and smaller setting, this might work perfectly.

  135. It resembles Nimbus Sports of India. I am looking something like Apple logo (not copyng but as neat and clean as it is) as NI is competing with this mighty.

  136. Sir, please post the new logos. and i have a doubt polling is done by ur staff or the people who participate?

  137. The ’tilde’over the N makes it a Spanish letter. I might appeal to Spanish speaking cummunities around the world. So, as a Spanihs speaking person, nice!

  138. Yes I did that first.
    Just sharing my ideas with the community – in case I don’t get feature in the best ones (and am sure there’ll be hundreds of thousands of entries out of which they’ll pick just 10 and an amateur like me doesn’t stand a chance).

    Is that wrong?

  139. Like all the italics logo towards the bottom – can you imagine how the ink logo would look over black !!

    Also love the very last one ..

  140. I wonder how this would look if instead of a bulb, the circle could just be completed with all the colors intact ..

  141. I think folks needs guidelines .. in terms of where the logos will be used .. some entries pasted above seem fit only for paper .. but not, say, for embossing on a product ..

    A black iPhone has a white apple and vice versa .. so folks needs to design logo variations keeping such requirements in mind ..

  142. Did I do something wrong? So sorry if I did… >.<

    I just wanted to make sure I got it sent to the right person.

  143. I have a few ideas but I don not have a way to put them in a graphic format. I have a business degree and dabbled in marketing a little bit but I am in medical school and dont have the time to render these ideas into graphical representations. Here are my ideas

    1: The name Notion Ink as a mask over a group of people of ethnic origin all over the world- so the people would be showing through the name actually creating the words. and the phrase below it “Made by Customers for Customers”

    2: The name Notion Ink sitting in a box with ripped out sides and the phrase below it “breaking boundaries between corporations and customer”, this sort of supports the out of the box thinking that Notion Ink has brought us.

    3: Several different words coming together that form the name Notion Ink when Arranged, These phrases would come from things people have written about the company on the blog. The words could be “genesis”, ” next generation”, “innovative”, etc. This would actually look better as a graphic on the end of a commercial where the phrases or words come flying together to form the name, not necessarily a logo.

    I also have an actual commercial idea where you could get a well known US cultural comedian like Jack Black or Dane Cook. The narration would be them saying everything Apple corporations have always said that customers dont need like- You dont need flash on your device for the internet, you dont need the capability to multi tasking, you dont need the ability to install different operating systems on your device, whats that? your device doesnt work when you hold it a certain way? well you dont need to hold it that way then!… Then the narrator would transition with Arn’t you sick of corporations telling you what you think you need?
    Continue with- What about the NOTION that you know what you want, the NOTION that you can customize the device any way you like, the NOTION that you can run 3 apps at once and limitless apps in standby The NOTION that a USB/ HDMI ports, and up to 140 hour battery life are standard. Join us in the Next generation of Tablets. Here, Notion is the Ink and you are the creator! The GENESIS of the adam tablet! by NotionINK

    Several of my ideas are centered around what you are doing here on the forums Rohan. No other company has been this open or in direct contact with their customers. This is Notion INK, the heart and soul of the company, and your best sales tactic.


  144. I like your second box ripped on top. Remember the logo is not only for web/marketing but should placed on Adam too. It should small enough giving its uniqueness (so box is good). I think “breaking boundaries” is good enough customers by customers is redundant/we haven’t created it.
    I think your box idea can be placed on the front of the tablet, somewhere on the top middle of the front side and behind.

    Simple logo’s drag attention people would recall it soon.

  145. Yeah. And for me, I am an entrepreneur myself, and the only graphic designing I do is for myself – the website, the product, business cards etc. (self-taught through internet tutorials to avoid hiring a professional and keep the costs low :D)

    But I admire Rohan and his team. Being a start-up and being able to do all this is a tremendous achievement. When it comes to gadget shopping I buy the best brands (sending this from my DELL studio 15 :D) and never thought I would buy something from a start-up. In fact I am honestly brand conscious and everything I buy (even stuff beyond gadgets) is from a trusted brand that has been around for years.

    So let me say something here – I WILL buy an adam, come what may (although I hope it comes out this year). Maybe two. It’s not about being Indian. It’s about the confidence that he and his team have put in potential customers like me.

    PS: I think the comparisons with Apple are just unfair. Apple has become iconic, a cult. But it didn’t happen overnight. Is Steve Jobs a genius? Yes. Is Apple evil? Yes, but look at their market cap, look at their competition. It’s a publicly traded company and morals and principles go down the drain when investors are shouting PROFIT behind you all the time.
    You have to give it to Jobs for being a maverick – graphical UI, touch-screen phones, revival of the tablets. But it’s pure evil on their part when they have a business model that goes – Okay so launch an awesome product iXXX, but drop one or two important features. So that we can shove iXXX 2 up our cult followers’.

    If as an organisation you don’t respect your customers, you don’t have my business. I have never bought an Apple product, nor will I EVER buy one. I leave it to pretentious snobs and ignorant fools or those who like things dumbed down.

  146. My first post and entry.

    I don’t have neither the tools nor the talent of a graphic artist. But I have tried to ink my notion( pun intended 😉 ). Hope you like it. (Its just the idea, not complete artwork)


    Do I still get the credit (and the adam) if it inspires one of your graphic designers? 🙂


    PS: Even if the idea is not good enough to be a logo, I think it could be a nice video to see a bulb exploding and ink spilling out. Camera 3D rotate. The spilled ink becomes something else (like adam). And the tag line could be ‘Scripting your dream, Scripting History’. (ok ok tagline is not my original)…

  147. @Nick,

    Yeah, but you didn’t know. The idea of spelling out addresses avoids the software “bot” that searches webpages and blogs for email addresses and adds them to a database used for spamming crap emails at people. When you put the email address in its normal form its easier for software to recognise, when its spread out its less recognisable. However I suspect that people who design trawling software are on to this by now anyways so don’t beat yourself up about it. But its good to learn something new everyday so consider this todays lesson 🙂

  148. Yeah, I saw that too, VERY COOL!

    (Sent from my PC just like an ordinary person) 😦



  149. @Nick
    Did I do something wrong? So sorry if I did… >.<

    The email address is never entered as-is. This is to avoid spam crawlers from plucking the email address from websites. Instead, as a precaution, the @ and . in an email address is written as words. There are multiple variations of this, such as:

    information at notionink dot com
    information [at] notionink [dot] com
    information {at} notionink {dot} com

    The spam crawlers look for @ and . characters on the website to distinguish between normal text and email address. Avoiding @ and . characters while posting the email address on websites has high probability of fooling the crawler.

  150. Notion Ink logo. I have no graphic abilities. Got idea though.

    I personally like the Yin-Yang symbol. One side is curved teardrop (oil drop, possibly black) and other side is inverse (flame? Possibly white)

    Possible lettering of Notion in one and Ink in other. (White flame on left, black ink on other. Possible light rays on white side, like candle or light bulb?)

    Hope it resonates or will make someone think of better idea.

    I will buy an Adam as soon as humanly possible. Very exciting. Want e-book/comics/magazines/newspaper and Wiki access. Can’t wait. Think it will make got PIM as well.

  151. Notion, daring to dream…

    I can imagine some curved lines intercepting… Like the arcs in Pisces zodiac sign, if move them closer and closer until they cross to become entangled, interpenetrated, connected
    And if those lines could be styled after human head silhouette contour: forehead, nose, chin, neck

    Really, head silhouette is not like an ark, but sometimes it may be made more curved, like here: Rightmost slice of head looks rather close to arcs in Pisces sign

    Like maybe if to flip internal silhouette left-to-right

    And a little gag, shock-logo for creativity+accomplishment: 😛

  152. PS: and while talking of heads and faces i think about mood of “Wish You Wer Here” handshake –

  153. “Adam’s apple” is a part of human neck, isn’t it.

    Though accenting attention on the neck would be ridiculous probably

  154. @Pratik

    “If as an organisation you don’t respect your customers, you don’t have my business. I have never bought an Apple product, nor will I EVER buy one. I leave it to pretentious snobs and ignorant fools or those who like things dumbed down.”

    Completely ignorant and dumb ass comments like above makes me wonder what kind of a business owner you really are. Apple is at the very very top of every customer satisfaction survey, is that not taking care of customers? What kind of a multi-billion dollar company that is answerable to their investors is not perceived to be “evil”? At least Apple didn’t make false assertions like Google that their motto is Not to be evil. Do you really believe that crap from Google? Their business mantra is simple. Never release any half assed products/features into the market. I bet Apple is not loosing any sleep that they ignorant don’t know anything better idiots like you are not buying their products.

    You say that you go for quality and brand name products and yet mention Dell (in all caps) in the same sentence huh? Enuff said.

  155. My entries to the competition and why:

    As Rohan himself has said in his blog, every company will redesign their logo throughout the course of their existence.
    I believe it is imperative as a startup company to have its inital logo simplistic, artistic and brand recognizable in the first instance.
    This will help to acknowledge its brand “name” into the minds of the public. Once the brand reaches a level of global public recognition (which will no doubt occur with a product as amazing as the Adam), then it can move towards the more artistic approach.

    That being said, as Im sure the tablet will be a black or dark grey, you will need a logo that can stand out in both normal and inverted designs. As a startup, the biggest way to get known is visibility of logo/company on product itself. When people see others using it, an obvious and standout name will enable them to know immediately what it is, which gives them the opportunity to look it up and buy it themselves without having to Google a generic term like “tablet” or something which will result in them finding competition devices.

    Therefore, my 2 submissions include both inverted colors, and a composite on the Adam itself.



  156. I explained that above, that Notion Ink is an abstract phrase as oppose to the word Apple. It cannot represent itself in concrete terms and therefore had to rely on symbolism and imagination. To design the logo would require a greater deal of creativity. That is why one has to use the whole company name to represent the logo, just like Sony and Toshiba. Including the company name within the logo associates itself immediately with the logo. Eventually, the logo (or company) becomes an icon that including the company name becomes unnecessary.

    I also thought about a simple ink blot as part of the logo but in black. This would in no way represent blood. I have a number of ideas. One of them is using NOTION as the background, a napkin so to speak, to use a white or silver canvass where the peaks and valleys spell out the word and then the word INK in black written on it with a fountain pen font just like in the samples above.

  157. Why not just N and I where the I is inverted to represent and exclamation point. Simple yet emphatic and to the point!

  158. I like the box idea. I think that maybe it could be a cardboard box shape on it’s side with the words

    ┌ – /Notion
    └ – \Ink

    Kinda like that ^^^

  159. Unfortunately I cannot draw at all. So I have no chance of winning the grand. When Notion Ink would emboss the label onto the product it could be just the box without the words (like the apple on the back of iPhone) but when it was on a box or website it could be the box and the words.

  160. Nice suggestion for an ad. My suggestion for a print ad is Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam. In the painting God’s finger is almost touching Adam. But in this case God is (actually) touching the Adam tablet!

    In this regard, I just got an idea for the logo. Use the symbol for God in the logo since Notion Ink created the Adam tablet. Not necessarily a Christian symbol, there are many symbols depicting God. Take a look at these:

  161. Maybe change the bulb to white. The stencil font is very military. Need something more modern and sans serif. I think the word NOTION should be in color, perhaps to represent the color mode of the Adam while the INK should definitely be black. OTOH, if the Notion is red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet it would look like the gay flag. Maybe using red, green, blue to represent LCD while cyan, magenta, yellow to represent EPD will do the trick. The order should be red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, magenta.


    (the caps are supposed to communicate that I am serious 😐 )

  163. Hi Rohan,

    Eagerly waiting for the Adam.. 🙂 Hoping for better and more updates ??

    Two things,

    Any better photos than the N900 one ??

    U have changed the camera postion, but the main page of notion ink still has the old design.. I think you should update it there too.. 🙂 Not all have the patience to read the blogs and get it.. 🙂

  164. wow!!!:)
    waiting for my Adam.
    working on logo design even though it is Sunday
    Look what have you done Rohan to us 🙂

  165. Hi Rohan,
    I liked these two,
    First Choice. Nothing beats this one. Sophisticated. Looks like a tech companies logo!!
    Go for this one….

    Second one is in sync with adams font. All lower case.

  166. The second concept is very good, it seem to convey focused thought, touch etc. The first one on the other hand looks like a geometry puzzle pieces in disarray. – Good luck.

  167. thanks for taking a look at the idea.really appreciate.

    yeah the 1st is indeed a geometric figure,still work in has the creation theme(merging of the cricles to create the cricle that encompasses NI).its the first concept itself but with precise lines and bit expanded form.

    variations of the base concept asuming it to have black background.

  168. till now i have sent you 14 logos.. hope u understand my concept in each of them.. waiting 4 u to update the blog with the best logos u recieved from everyone

  169. like your composite idea.can you generate one more (if its just a few clicks for you) with the following image right at the center of the top area.

    just a thought.if the logo is going to be placed targetting landscape mode,its going to look totally different in portrait.although the logo is for the brand in general.


  170. @tintuncub as always you can’t ignore one single comment about apple.
    Grow up kid, you need to learn a lot.
    He said said Dell coz he has been using their products and find them satisfactory like you like apples products, its all about personal preference, no need to make any personal attacks on anyone.
    I am in no mood to start a long discussion again, if i was a mod in here you would have already got a handful of warnings for you non respectful behaviour, be grateful that Rohan ignores you and you still get to read this blog.
    If you want that to continue reading than stop these kind of disrespectful comments comments am sure he also has a tolerance level and remember the fact that you can never make anyone on this blog like apple, no matter how much great they are coz in the end its all about personal preference.

  171. I feel that there is no need to put the name “notion ink” in the logo. Many of the good logos which which we recognise a company today are without company’s name in it.

    I feel is good but the logo name should be removed. It will still miss something. I hope, you will put another set of logos (without names) and then we can suggest further

  172. To Rohan or any other person that can answer me,

    There are so many ideas for a logo that it is impossible to realize all them in such a short time…please can you be more specific on the ways the logo will be used?
    will it be used only for the website or are you looking for a logo to be printed on the device aswell??
    Are you planning to produce only tablet?
    Is it better to create a simpler logo or a more complex one? 2d or 3d one?
    Do you prefere a serious modern squared logo or a fluid image?
    the name NOTION INK should be the main body of the logo? should the name be always included?

    i’m looking forward for an answer
    pretty please, with sugar on top…:)


  173. I know a lot of people don’t seem to like the light bulb ideas but I think a combination of the 4th and 5th b&w images would be the ideal. A simple design is easier to recognise than stylised text and also simplifies embossing and or milling of materials.
    You need single glance recognition examples of such are the apple logo(even though I hate to mention it), pepsi’s logo, charging bulls of red bull, the flying window of microsoft.
    None of the aforementioned need you to actually read the logo => no language barriers.

  174. Hey, it would be perfect if adam’s screen is pressure sensitive on which we can hand-write notes with a ‘adam stylus’. Check out the awesome feature of asus eee note. I want that feature on adam tablet!

  175. I like your 2nd one, do you have any ideas for a symbol. I think they should have a symbol and the name. The name is really nice, but I feel they need a symbol to bring people to them without a word in it.

  176. Well… apples are rotten… blackberries dont taste good either. Innovation, we need. Notion, we need.

  177. How about a contest for those of us who aren’t graphic designers? I want a chance to win too! 🙂

  178. Why don’t you go and buy an ipad, you uneducated fool.
    And top trolling around on this blog.

  179. maybe he simply already got his Toshiba-Malata and now keeps justifying those expenses for himself and arguing with hiw own doubts about already made purchase ?

  180. I’ve combined the best elements into a new concept. It is rough (not intended as final quality graphic)…but this conveys nicely the idea.

    This takes the good parts of the logo proposals shown and ties them together in a more cohesive design with motion and emotion…
    Retaining the ink drop element is very important as this is the recognizable aspect of the logo. The script “ink” nicely balances off the rest of the logo and gives “motion” and emotion to the logo. The color part of the logo could be changed over time for various reasons yet won’t lose the key recognition of the brand.
    As mentioned, this is not a final version graphic…

  181. Most successful logos are simple in nature. Simplicity is elegance – period. Look at Apple’s logo – just a logo by itself, no writing. Look at the British postal stamps – just the queen’s head, again no writing to even state the country. A toddler, with no reading ability, should be able to recognize a logo – now that is what you call a successful logo. I am afraid all the logos that you have listed, do not meet that criteria, that is if you want your logo to be instantly recognizable by everyone. I hope, Rohan, this makes sense to you. Designing a logo requires help from professional companies – I would not rely upon your readers to construct one for you, unless they specialize in that area.

  182. The one that shows ‘3’ on a mouseover seems the best.

    Regardless of the choice, pls dont use a bulb (it is so antediluvian in the time of the CFL). Also any variation using (Not!**) seems negative as it emphasizes the word ‘Not’.

    Maybe a simpler swirl with a green concept (like a leaf or the green color) would be good.

  183. I do specialize in that area… 😉

    I do hope that mine gets chosen! 😀

    I would post it but I am afraid of someone stealing the idea.

  184. logo1.png and notionink.jpg are my two favs. The exclamation point ‘i’ is an excellent device when used in this context (and gives you the ability to create branding with simple ASCII text!)

    The gradients and colors of some of the other logos are pretty nice but I think they’d be better off defining individual products or ‘takes’ on the concept of ‘!NK’

    If you want more, hire me! (Love your ‘product’)

  185. @Crystal

    “I leave it to pretentious snobs and ignorant fools or those who like things dumbed down.”

    What part of the above didn’t sound like an attack to you? You mentioned somewhere that you own an iPod (Apple product) so I guess you are ok being called an “ignorant fool” from idiots like Pratik but I choose not to.

    I mentioned multiple times that I don’t have a problem constructively critiquing any product including Apple products with proper facts. But calling all Apple customers as ‘ignorant fools’ is just plain dumb in any dictionary. You are not adding anything with those comments but inviting serious flame.

    I also mentioned that I really appreciate what Rohan and his group are working on and their gutsy vision. But ignorant flame baiting comments only spoil the discussion and just divert everyone’s attention. Actually you should be thankful that the NI folks are allowing nonsensical and provocating comments from people like you. Calling customers of other products – “ignorant fools”? Give me a break.

    We agreed to disagree way up above and yet you drag yourself to my response to someone else completely ignoring the other side. Aren’t you a one dimensional tool? I guess we now know who need to Grow up. Kid!

  186. I agree with you both completely. This is a necessity. I can’t think of any successful company (that markets products of some kind, I.E it isn’t exclusively service-based) that doesn’t do something in line with this.

  187. This “wtf” is a dumbguy as his name indicates. He was waiting for Adam -9months!?!This jerk is only doing some search in google for tablets! He is not going to buy even that 35USD tablet…!

  188. kwel Raul. If you have been waiting this long, you wont mind waiting a bit longer. By now you should have known that Adam is a new product on the block.

  189. I think the third is great but i believe that the logo should have and urban feel to it. Maybe something that looks like spray paint and the idea of ink. Some plain and simple yet distinguished from other logos. This tablet incorporates Adam, Eve and Genesis maybe something related to this can help the logo.

  190. Imagine an Adam Tablet with a headphones from Monster. Like the ones from Dr Dre but customized for Notion Ink. If any one is interested there is a web site
    You can customize specific products. check it out.

  191. Me too, I really want to share it and it looks good because I used to “play around” with photoshop but I am afraid that people with better artistic skill would make my logo look much better and I would loose. My idea is good, simple and clever (In my opinion)

    I would like to post it here to get some feedback because I am really dying to know if I even have a chance!

  192. maybe look for some implementation of the “biblic/epic” context, u just startetd with “adam and genesis..” ..just my 2 cents..


  193. Right now I have 6 different versions of a logo. I´m really happy with the results but I haven´t send them in yet. I´m still waiting for more inspiration and maybe make more logo´s.

    I really, want to have a shot at this so I´m really doing my best because the prize you can win is really great.

    I really hope that Rohan, NI-team and the people on this blog are going to like one of my logo’s. I really want to share, to know what other people think of it, but I´m still keeping it as a secret for now. Untill now I have seen nobody with the same concept as mine, so I would like to keep it that way :P.

    My logo’s are just simple and I think they really can represent NI all in there own way. Now I’m only hoping that Rohan and the NI team also feel the same about that.

    Can’t wait untill friday… 😀

  194. Someone asked for me to come up with a Symbol, so even though i believe for the Notion Inks current market presence it should just be the name, i have come up with something Simple and i believe effective:

    Some inverts and alternatives:

  195. @Wtf

    You cannot call Adam vaporware because as you said you already saw some pictures of Adam from the shop floor.

    Now it can be a really good product (we all are rooting for this to happen) or it might not meet your expectations. But the folks at NI are putting a tremendous amount of effort in bringing Adam to the market.

    If you really want a tablet NOW then you can very well go get something from the market. There are alternatives both in the Android and iOS camps.

  196. Go buy the Samsung Tab but we know you will still buy the Adam when it comes out because you will not be able to stand us gloating that we have the best tablet in the world. Or just buy a netbook and stop lurking in these threads.

  197. Hi Rohan

    While I admire the way you involve us in your world and how openly you talk about the adam project, the logo contest left me a bit speechless.

    A logo is very important and if you’d have a professional do it, it would cost you much (much, much, much) more than a 1000$ and an adam. This feels like a cheap way to (maybe) get a decent logo.

    I’d love to hear your position on this matter.

    Cheers and good luck for your projects (which I like a lot)

  198. Rohan,

    I’ve been following the Adam for the past year now and constantly refreshing this page to see updates. I’m here in Utah (United States) and the time zones for release is usually when everyone is sleeping, but still manage to stay up just to read anything that’s typed up by you. Sure hope you’re reading this 😀 I’m a freelance graphic designer and would like to throw an idea out there for the design, hopefully something can evolve from this and make it perfect for the Adam since it deserves only the best … btw i’m anxiously and impatiently waiting for the Adam (grrrr shake fist in the air lol) but hopefully get some news with your next weekly special. Looking forward to it !!!


  199. Rohan,

    Logos dont “make” the product, it is the otherway round. If your product is

    good it will define the Logo. Apple & computers have nothing common,

    as the story goes apple computers was named after one of the founder’s suggestion,

    who remembered his happy childhood days of picking apples. {The Bite taken off is a

    pun on BYTE}, Yet in absence of any better options it is the largest selling Tablet,

    Your Focus should be on getting the BEST Product to the MARKET ASAP. The logo

    irrespective of what it is, will automatically become a “HIT” if your product gets Lapped

    up by the Masses


  200. Hi Rohan

    Here are my two cents

    I like the last one. Reasons? –
    1. it flows smooth, most of the other icons did not flow this smooth, in fact some of them are downright ugly and jarring (especially the ones with the bulbs).
    2. It is ‘all small caps’ which is good as it gives an impression of a consumer friendly corporation. Even if Adam’s logo is all small caps (changed based on users’/ fans’ feedback

    1. The ink droplet could be made to look more ‘digital’, ‘tech’
    2. The first ‘O’ can be filled with colors (e.g. rainbow colors – this will help connect with users’ dreams).
    3. Similarly the ‘dot’ in ‘I’ can be made more creative

  201. 3rd is definitly the best one!
    I like that GENESIS-Logo very much, so I think a company Logo in that kind would be perfect for Notion Ink.

  202. These are some of my ideas submitted. Both represent the concept of ‘morphing’, with the ‘butterfly’ representing the product of the morphing process (ie. from an egg to a catterpillar to a cocoon to a butterfly)… the butterfly, if apt in this context can become an icon for the company, representing a new, bright, fresh company full of confidence and life…..

  203. refreshing! the all blue or the blue + black (in the examples section) are my picks; pls make sure you email to NI in case you haven’t

  204. I disagree; with due respect to the designers of the 100s of logos (the above is only a random sample Rohan gave us) which Rohan and team reviewed, we cannot assume they did all that for free and NI sure would have paid them and who knows its probably much more than $1000. the amount of money spent or the number of designs reviewed is not the criteria to discover / get the best design NI likes…. its just a case of NI openly saying they couldn’t finalise anything despite their efforts so far and hence trying an alternative.

  205. Firstly, I am not a professional designer – but I have done my best playing around with The GIMP (btw – I hope this will run on my adam).

    When I fist saw the logos you presented I immediately thought that no 12 (logoidea1) was the best …. and from a number of comments in the blog so did a lot of people …. so I used this as my starting point.

    Here is what I submitted yesterday.

    I tried to incorporate your ideas of the notion becoming reality when turned into ink by gradually increasing the colour of the “N”.

    I also thought that by repositioning the Notion Ink name – it left a perfect space beneath the “N” for you to insert product names … I tried to show you both versions.

    What great fun this has been …. and gave me a reason to play around with a tool I had never used before (except for phoro-editing) …. so brought me some innovation.

  206. Just sent my own entry for the contest… I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!!

    Here’s the picture:

  207. This frosty one is nice and… refreshing 🙂
    It also may be thought as light coming from the dark.

    I guess it woud look great on black tablets!
    But alas not so great on whiter tablets.

    Still i think those titles should have a small symbol ciounterpart, for places where full title is not desirable, just lik i told far above (search for text “Chevy”)

  208. i meant HSON5 one.

    Perhaps for lighter colours of the tablet, the same logo can be colour-adjusted to some tropical colours for example. Same shape, different colours to match the colours of choosen Adam.

  209. Very nice, best amongst whatever have been posted so far. I am glad that the logo uses the full name ‘Notion Ink’ instead of NI which reminds me of ‘National Instruments’, a quite successful and well known test and measurement company. Hence I feel that instead of promoting ‘NI’, the logo should promote ‘Notion Ink’.

    As per your design, I think it captures the complete essence of Notion Ink 🙂 and I like the way you use the Bulb and also the brush strokes in ‘ink’. And it looks awesome on the ADAM 🙂

    You have already secured one vote my friend 🙂

  210. e2kep – way toooo large.

    it contradicts style of small “adam” title

    “negative space” is cool in “adam”‘s corner.
    And you laaarge logo in another corner just looks formless

  211. hey friends how do you like my concept. i think it should be very simple. should i develop it further?

  212. Rohan, This is a great product (definitely and ipad killer). When will Adam be available in Singapore? I hope it will be available before i enter college. It will be very useful for my studies… Make India proud… And even if the logo doesn’t look nice, I feel that Adam can selll itself. spent considerably on advertisement in japan, south korea, USA and China… Market it well like apple…

  213. Revolution is wrong word. There should be term of Bible line.
    Genesis begins, Notion begins, Creativity begins may be.

    After all that Eve’s apple, it was an apple of what? Not of revolution.

    The picture of Adam is nice and can start the “corporative” style of NI’s products/services logogs.

  214. Still love the tagline that you came up with though – “Ink Different”. Should I post one with that tagline?

    Overall may not need a tagline, and was thinking once the logo gains recognition, perhaps just the “shield” with the “ni” would suffice? Although the full logo with the words compliment each other nicely.

    Thanks again for the positive posts!

  215. “the World begins.”

    “Humanity of/among Androids” – Adam was the 1st human.

    7 days of Creativity

    The Creation of creativity


  216. “Ink different” not to be main line – and it is not uin correlation with you logo.

    NotionInk does not (at least for now) want direct collision with Apple Inc in ramming attack.

    Grass cannot overthrough the rock – no revolution. Grass can grow around rock – Blue Ocean strategy, as someone wrote few days ago.

    “Ink different” might be short sardonic joking advertising campaing, but not something as foundation and basement of PR. And it need different visuals, some tongue-in-cheek ones.

  217. Makes sense Arioch – you have a very sound marketing mind!

    Many companies change their tagline over time and often it depends on the campaign they are running. For the first run through, the logo can certainly stand on its own.

    Would not want to see a tagline appear on the Adam tablet itself… 🙂

  218. Hi Rohan,

    The response you got is overwhelming . Just wanted to tell you register notion ink with all domain names because considering the popularity you inc has got , there will a lot of people who will be interested ( with cheap, bad motives) in notion ink as domain name.


  219. In my opinion, these all look super dated…which is inevitable every time you crowd-source a logo instead of hiring a respectable firm that does it for a living. I get the allure of a *free logo, but there really is no substitution for people who create corporate identities for a living. Ha…look at Gap.
    BTW- I’m totally working on a design for this right now…

  220. The Adam is going to be also fun and friendly. How about about shortening it to something buzzy like NINK


    It would rolls over tonge very easily .. I have a Nink Adam etc etc

  221. Thanks paulikxp – glad you saw that!

    So many people were saying the drop reminded them of a gas / oil company, so was trying to get *close* to that, but not quite get the negative connotation people felt.

  222. Hey @tintincub! You are Insider! Right. Buddy! I hope all the best for NI but your comments are not good.

    This is last time I am on this board. Sorry. I don’t need an Adam now! Thanks!!!!

  223. Wow, I have to make a minute here. I mean I really like some of your “simple” clean designs. NEVER overdo something unless its a separate portrayal of your logo. I agree you need two versions of your logo. Large and small. It has to stay simple.

    I havent looked at all but LOVE what send2dev and bos have put together. Some people are taking the INK idea to much to heart and it makes for a messy looking logo. I like the idea but how bos and send2dev have come across look very modern and it would be something to notice. Top notch entries. I always try to keep my ideas simple.

    As you can tell on my website I like simple 🙂

  224. Pratic,

    I believe it’s my mistake, didn’t articulate it clearly enough. View this to get a better understanding:

    Agree with you to a certain extent on the similarity to Windows based off of the window panes, however I disagree more and say that there are other elements that separate the two such as the 8 panels (one hidden), angle/bend, fold, i circle, and straight form instead of the curviness on Windows. I think the other reason why you see it as more windows is because of the wide arrange of colors … it was not meant to be like that, they were just color samples to show the i separation.

    Hope that helps David

  225. I have a question. Could you tell me to which e-mail address should be sent to work for the competition

  226. Well I didn’t take it as an attack on me because i know am not an ignorant fool, I look into my products before buying them and do an extensive research about them, not like a lot of people who buy every single product that apple sells without even knowing how to use them.
    One of my friend bought an iphone yesterday even though, he has no idea why or for what reason he bought it, hell he doesn’t even know that apple is famous for their app store. So question comes why did he buy it ?
    Answer is simple – Iphone makes you look cool.
    And same is the case with 80% of the people who buy it, if you are not one of those then don’t bother replying to such comments.
    And last time i checked a lot of people like my posts over here, so you are the one how is in delusion here.
    Also I replied to your post because you replied to this Apple related first, i thought we had agreed not to reply on any post related to Apple

  227. Insider to what? Too bad you don’t want an Adam. Just don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

  228. This is really good. crisp and catchy. I would prefer going with this compared to others. Nothing personal please (others).

  229. Thank you all. Excuse me for my bad english in advance.
    I wanted to keep the looks of the logo simple but strong. Just like Adam and future products of Notion Ink (simple to use but strong and powerfull) I hope i managed to do that. Here’s another image of the logo. Any comments are welcome.


  230. Well I have played around a bit, and I came up with this. They are all similar, with just slight variations on each (overlays on half).

  231. Hey dude awesome job, really like the logo. Even the colour scheme suits well.

    People promote this one to make it noticeable.


  232. Unfortunately you can’t use the butterfly because Qualcomm is already using it for their Mirasol epaper technology.

  233. They both great. The second one is very neat. But, the Adam (the tablet) transgresses Notion Ink. So, it is nice for the Adam, and Rohan wants a logo for NI (I think ).
    I’ve got to get mine out too!

  234. BTW, why is this called Notion?

    Why not Motion. I don’t know what Notion means but Motion would mean a sense dynamism – on the move, progress, etc…

    What’s a notion?

  235. Bas’ logo is really top notch. My wife is a designer in Italy and she agrees about the quality of that logo.

  236. Hi Rohan,

    “Working on something special for the next week and it will take a bit of time :)”

    to me it sounds like ..”let me prepare for the product launch things.. ;)”

    though people are talking here designing logo’s sorry to all for being a little offtopic.. here i want to ask you a very -very important thing about adam’s 3G WWAN module..

    Rohan i think it’s very important for adam to carry a Universal or a ”world traveler” module like (Qualcomm UNDP-1 “Gobi”
    Universal Wireless Data Module)

    or like HP un2400 EV-DO/HSDPA Mobile Broadband Module

    which supports both CDMA and GSM technologies

    So that it’s Europe or US or Asia wherever you are.. just insert a sim and ready to go ..

    be it a AT&T/Cingular or Verizon/Sprint or in India Airtel/Reliance ..any type of service provider adam is ready for all..

    i hope i am not late to bring in this to your notice.?. or may be your brilliant team had already planned this..

    in either case pls do let us know as adam fanboys around the globe is waiting for it…

    Great work by you and your team,

    good luck

  237. I played around a bit with this, and this is what I came up with. They are all similar, with slight variations (half have an overlay).

  238. I think the quill/feather idea needs further work, but I definitely agree that the “i” in ink should be a quill/feather. It just makes sense. For hundreds of year, quill/feathers were used with “ink” to write, so best idea I’ve seen yet.

  239. with such a rain of logos from everyone, i guess Rohan would have stock of them for 2-3 rebrandings in future 🙂


    OTOH i was thinking about titles “Adam” and “Notion Ink” themselves.

    NI title is fresh, unusual and has some engma in it. I like it.
    Adam is hackneyed and has no relation to computers or internet. Sincerely, it seems to me just stupid name for tablet.

    Then i think of Average Joe, that is not interested in computers at all. We here think of Adam and NI daily and none of us can imagine, that waking up tomorrow he would forget those words. But what for majority of people without this idee fixe ?

    I imagine how i’d demonstrate Adam to that Average Joe and tell him proudly “This is…” what ?
    I can say him “This is Notion Ink’s tablet #1. You know, that one, sporting Pixel Qi” or i can say him “This is Adam tablet. You know, like 1st man on Earth”

    Then he would go by and for a week just would no single time remember it. And then he would meet John Dow with his iPad or Toshiba/Malata. Anf he’d come to him and tell “O! week ago someone Arioch showed me similar thing, it was called… hmmm… how did he called it?” – and i’m pretty sure, he’d finally recall “Adam” and never would recall “Notion Ink’s #1”.

    So while generally i like NI title and dislike Adam title, right here, in this situation, while NI is just a little known startup, the value of titles is reversed. Adam is simple to recall and unique NI is next to impossible (if you don’t have interest to NI per se – if you do, you’d remember anything).

    What relation this bla-bla-bla has to logo contest ?

    I looked upon logo by send2dev and i see it as a famiy of logo’s, for Adam, for Eve, for Genesis, for Adam2 and so on and so forth…
    In other words, great thing for a well reknown corporate wide lineup of services/products and need to present them uniformly, under same umbrella.
    And i got a feeling like i saw something similar in idea.

    And so, here it is. send2dev’s work reminded me of famile of Wi-Fi networks logos.
    There are 802.11a standard, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n and combinations of those.
    They all should go under same Wi-Fi umbrella, but still be clearly distinguished.
    They must have simplified version for “5mm x 5mm sized box” and large glossy version for commercials.
    You can see refresh those logos in your mind:
    Glossy variant –
    Simplified variant –

    The black-n-white center makes the common “umbrella” and the colourful sideys make clearly distinguishable sub-brands. Same way, send2dev’s work has common style umbrella with its black center of specific shape and direction for future sub-brands (by changing the stripe’s colour and the text)
    As for me, i think that is very great contribution to probable future Notion Ink – well known, well established with a line-up of correlated products/services.

    But as of now, NI needs more a catchy logo, not so classy but easy to recall in memory.
    Something that Average Joe, who never heard/thought about tablets before, still would not forget after a week.

  240. Bas could you do one with a capital N instead of a lower case letter. Maybe try changing up the droplet look of the dot in the i because it reminds me of the silhouette of a diamond and not so much of a ink drop.

  241. Similar thoughts i have looking at Bas’s work. It is great. Classy and not annoying.
    The classy things are always a bit reserved, they are too noble and polite and can not afford themselves to be interrupting and annoying.

    …but at this point in time, i think, Notion Ink logo *should* be interrupting, should be annoying, should be cathchy even at cost of no more beeing polite and classy.

    Hewlett Packard made themselves a classy logo. But they started as a company, making calculators for refined and reserved scientists and busenessmen. Their logo should share their mood, their idea of comme il faut.

    If Notion Ink been targeted for buisinesses and sci labs, then Bas’s and send2dev’s works been perfectly in line. But Notion Ink is not Research In Motion, nor is it Hewlett Packard yet.

    Their work is classy, unobtrusive and noble. Is this what Notion Ink need now to be easily recognisable ? Isn’t it better be like impolite bazaar seller, shouting loudly to be heard ?

    As i can imagine, Notion Ink is targetting persons, who like to make experiments with something new, like to aim at ideal, and do not mind the risk to get something from start, no one ever heard before.
    You know, personally i do like both Bas’s and send2dev’s works, yet i they make me remember that old IBM tagline –

    Does Notion Ink has a chance, with this logo, got image of well-respected reliable long-founded corporation. Like scientific instruments of then-startup HP.?
    I doubt so.

    Personally i feel that until Adam becomes famous, the logo should better be provoking, than classy; seductive, than soothing; catchy than unobtrusive. The logo should convey “dare me!” rather than “rely on me.”

    Those two logos are great… yet i feel they are running ahead of time. Really, there are snowdrop flowers, but most flowers are to wait until snow is melted, or their harry would make them no good.

    Sorry for such long posts. I am not good at English and those indistinct feelings were hard to express in words.

  242. I really like the 2 logos from Bas and send2dev, but I also think that they do not really represent what NI stands for. I thought that Rohan really wants a logo that really represents the company. I could be wrong.

    Thats why I really took my inspiration out of the part “Why the name?”, because I think that’s the best way to create a logo that really tells the story behind NI.

  243. I want to ask about Genesis and its logo.

    In recent post “Week-End Special Part IV – The Eden!” there was video:

    At 0:30 it shows the dialog, for user to key in his credentials and make the purchase.
    That dialog has it top left corner word “Genesis” with dizzy thin colourful circles aroun it.

    Made me remind of of OS/2 logo, if it was concentrical and made of sarks/fireflies instead of solid lines.


    All in all, it feels like Genesis logo is already finalised and decided upon.
    But then perhaps Adam and Notion Ink logo been made with the same mood, to remind that Genesis colourful circles logo ? Be in similar style ?

  244. All you are here choose the best logo from these, but not every posted theirs logo(s) here.. So you cant know how will look the best 10 of all logos. Many people only sent logos at mail.

  245. It has clean lines, and a good feel to it. The dot makes me think of a ginko leaf, or a fan. I like it.

  246. I actually did incorporate that in two of the 7 logos I submitted. (No link for now you will just have to wait and see)

  247. just one more example.

    Databases, do they interest you ? Firebird SQL server had you heard of ? Probably not, though it made the famous Mozilla FireFox change their name. Still… why should you ever care, right ?

    Recently they made a little advertising campain, just take a short Look at logo, colours, shapes, tagline and think if it ignited some sparkle of interest in You ?

    Now imagine all that changed. No sharp angles and wingtips but soft curves instead. Not yellow and red colours of blazing flames, but reserved silver and black.

    In other word – try to imagine it classy.
    Would it make you a tiniest bit interested ? i think – never.

    Long-time logo should be classy.
    1st time logo is to be like little commercial, it should be like short but catchy burst, daring, obsessive maybe.

    When NI becomes esablished and well-known, time would be for classy icons. But not yet.

    send2dev, i’m looking at your work and looking on what been drawn on the display of adam there. I bet LongBox Digital could made conventional soothing classy UI for their comic store. But they choosed to make it sometimes eye-popping sharp-angled contrast-colours instead. I guess, that is to some extend how they see desired owners of Adam. They try to make it daring more than classy.

    I really do like Your and Bas’s works. I just think of “not yet”

    PS: what is intriguing me most, is Rohan’s silence. I wonder if he’s offline deep within his work, or if he he’s keeping an eye upon us flaming here but chooses not to interfere and not to choose “proper heading” for bazaar here.
    I guess he does have his opinions of every work here, but he just keeps his mouth sealed. And that does intrigue me most :-)))

  248. True like 2+2=4
    So what ?

    We have no other choice than to talk about what we can(are allowed to) see.
    When (and if) other works be published by rohan or their creators, we’d discuss them as well.

  249. Any idea on possible release window. Its driving me nuts at speculation. What are the possibilities of it being out during Thanksgiving or christmas. rohan, I understand that you can’t commit dates as you are answerable to your investors/media coverage. But can you let us know if it would be around that or should we be waiting till Q1 2011.

    Damn I am dreaming of adam all night. This is the first thing I do when I wake up to see for new updates and the last thing I do before going to sleep. Nothing has driven me so crazy so far. I thought of waiting for adam 2 or until I read all the reviews but it looks like I am going to pre-order it 🙂

  250. for me, ni1.jpg and lightbulb3.jpg logos work best for a company.
    for writing it on adam, 7.png or logoidea1.jpg may work perfectly.

  251. Im sorry, but they are awful. This is just to let you know there are people who disliked it a lot.

  252. Well, since I’ve seen logos that far and above beat mine that I sent in, I now have no hope in winning, but I thought I’d see what people thought.

    Since I’m rather busy with school, I didn’t really have time to finalize it, so it’s still fairly rough. I know all of you are rather leaning towards the slick, professional feel of like Apple’s logo or other companies with similar ones, but I personally think that there are too many companies that have fancy chrome logos and that NI is much more original than the majority of them. That’s why I tried for something that wasn’t the modern, simplistic logo, but I don’t think I ended up doing it very well.

    If I actually thought mine was still in the running, I would work on cleaning it up, but seeing some of the ones on here, I know I’m outmatched.

    Good luck to everyone!

  253. not bad. but again – would be better without words “notion ink”. I think just ni is the perfect way.

  254. The concept is clever. However I can’t understand where is N in there. And why do we need the words “notion ink” in such logo.

  255. It’s a really cool concept! I say to just develop it a little further, and make it a little easier to read.

  256. Well don’t feel outmatched, because I personally DO like your concept. I only think it’s not really gooed for use on a product. Maybe if you leave the drops out of the logo and just make it one big splash the logo could fit better on products.

  257. I like your design. I think it could get cleaned up some and it would look good. The main spots around the splat need to get taken away and the ones at the end of “notion” should stay. Also, the N needs to be thought of differently. Maybe the N is not blue but a negative spot in the splat. Thats just one idea for the N. Another could be the N is part of the word “notion” that is coming out of the splat, and not right in the middle and only a different color.

  258. Hey Molly you never know, the guys at NI are going to choose the best and put them up on a poll, and they might like your idea over some more flashy but less representative ones.

    I sent 5 so far, and I am certainly not putting myself up as a designer, I just got inspiration on form and function and meaning and tried to translate that into pictographs like you have.

    At the very worst case scenario, you and I don’t get picked but we had fun contributing, eh?

    And when it comes down to it, all we really want is an adam in our hands as soon as possible. Being given the privilege of having a say in colours and logos is just such a blessing on top of the fact that this wonderful device will finally materialise after 30 years of me watching star trek and wishing.


  259. i just read ALL of these and yanno Rohan i cant believe you spend your time reading them all too!!

  260. Well I worked around with this, and I came up with these concepts. I tried to make them so they would look nice on products. They are all similar, and half of them have a light overlay on them:

  261. Here is my main logo:

    And the small logos:

    I was inspired by some of Rohan’s posted logos, which the main logo reflects. I chose to draw the “Notion” part as though it was part of a penciled blue-print or sketched rough draft. In a similar manner, so are ideas; merely rough drafts of what you wish to accomplish. Next you’ll notice the ink splat. When you begin to make your ideas reality, you will encounter mistakes. That’s when your mettle is tested. Do you throw away everything you’ve worked for, or do you keep moving to completion. How you handle your mistakes will either destroy you, or define you. That’s why I incorporated the ink splat into the ‘i’ of “ink”. I picked a font for the “ink” to help convey the printed word, as a symbol of completion and finality.

    The small logos are intended to be quickly recognizable. I hope you enjoy them!

  262. Well I worked around with this, and I came up with these concepts. I tried to make them so they would look nice on products. They are all similar, and half of them have a light overlay on them.

  263. Thank you all for commenting!

    Will have to wait to see at the end of the week what happens! 🙂

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  264. Hi Rohan,

    Great to see all this news, contests & other stuff…
    Its October & i’m tired on holding my money back for an Ipad…
    Give us some news of FCC approval beginning or dates please….
    You have share so much information… not to take anything away in terms of excitement..

    FCC & Launch dates please… Please 🙂

    Amith !

  265. I agree, I have a feeling that many have been submitting a lot of the ink splat idea. The light bulb and droplet are overused logos. Ink splat looks messy and I think it’s getting literal. The light bulb is too outdated…we need something more ‘fashion forward’ so to speak. Also people will think it’s an electric company. The droplet is used mostly for oil or water companies. The simple use of just the N and I in the logo is the best. It is understated and elegant. However, it still needs to catch attention. It also should look good by itself and with the words Notion Ink. It should not be too difficult and expensive to create. It should look good in large size and still show detail when reduced.

  266. I have now added this to my submissions for the contest. It’s basically the same as my first logo. But I have changed it to just the N and I. In case you are wondering, the Grayish parts of the companies name and Initials is intentional. Please let me know how you feel about these two designs.

  267. To me, it’s all very pure and simple – all of this is obviously stalling. They just don’t have a clue and they just can’t get this right. Face it, this has been dragged on and on for so many quarters now and nothing has gone to plan, ever.

    First, the release was set to be early summer, then pushed back to early autumn and now I doubt if it would be released before the end of the year. Rohan went on record trying to quash speculation of a November release, when some of the blogs reported it back in May/June. What’s happened now? Those blogs were absolutely vindicated. NI’s trying it’s best to salvage whatever little interest there is in this toy, by indulging in these useless titbits every weekend and trying to keep some interest going in this black-hole product.

    Bottom-line is that they have failed to deliver by getting this out on time, multiple times. This is where the strategy should have focussed on in the first place. It’s a case of management ineffectiveness and lack of foresight.

    God help Notion Ink.

    (Sent from Adam)

  268. I think you lack epiphany. Thats a wrong name for you.
    They have been very consistent in most of their statements. Every company always faces challenges and they have to adjust accordingly.

    I think they are right on track.

  269. Hakim,

    You don’t an Epiphany to see something that is so bleeding obvious, unless you’re blind. Oh I do know they’ve been very consistent with their statements. Adam will be released in the Summer. Oh no, some delays and so maybe early in the Autumn. Oh no, it’s the FCC now, so maybe late Autumn. Oh no, now the logo is not right. Oh no, now the colour isn’t right.

    Oh yes, the blind leads the blind on this board. Welcome to this new world. A world full of pumpers. You should all get a new job on stock message boards, pumping shares that are worthless.

    (Sent from Adam)

  270. @epiphany: I do not believe they are consciously stalling but you are right about the fact that they are losing momentum. There are a lot of new tablets arriving and all the innovations which set Notion Ink apart from the almighty iPad and other competitors will be offered by others also. For me the only aspect which still makes me consider the Adam is the Pixel Qi screen but that is not unique anymore either (f.e. the Innoversal Lattice will also have it). If the Adam is delayed until next year the iPad 2 will arrive soon and with the enormous amounts of apps available and the supersmooth UI of the iPad I am not so sure I will still want the Adam. Furthermore, the fact that a company who says it will start mass producing its product next month does not even have a logo is unprofessional and makes you wonder how other things are arranged. I have asked this question several times but got no answer (which makes me suspicious): what about service and support? Anyone spent any time thinking about that at Notion Ink?

  271. Very nice work.

    May I suggest one more concept; use the same feather making it the line in the letter T, then the ink drop making the dot for the ‘i’ in notion.

    OR, even the feather being the ‘i’ in the ink (written below notion), then the feather’s ink drop making the ‘o’ in notion.

    Good Luck

  272. Richard,

    Some good observations from you and I think they’re spot on too. I do agree that they’re not consciously stalling this; it’s just that the management has been inept at thinking this through, planning it properly and then executing on the plan. Elementary stuff indeed, but without strong management skills, it can be a mountain to climb as the poor sods at Notion Ink are finding out.

    They have been steadily eroding their ‘competitive advantages’ (I will give them a benefit and call them that), by giving mixed messages to the market and delaying the product release beyond any reasonable timescale. Flash 10, Pixel QI screen, Tegra 2, etc will probably be a part of most tablets coming out in the next few months and they’d have lost their ‘early mover’ advantage. Your point about finalising logos now when they are ‘planning’ to move into mass production next month, is also completely beyond my understanding. Smacks of another bout of short-sightedness to me.

    Ditto for support. They’d probably be scrambling at the last-minute to get some support infrastructure off the ground and only after they’ve finished designing their magnificient new company logo.

    If it was released early in the summer, this could have been a true ‘ipad Killer’. Not anymore. Apple has sold 4.1 Million ipads in the last quarter and will probably do very well in the coming holiday season, with the absence of a genuine competing product.

    The best case for NI is that they will release this before Christmas and I believe that it will be an underwhelming event. Even Samsung’s Galaxy tab is slated for release in a couple of weeks from now and will probably take more potential buyers with it.

    I’m prepared to write NI off now and I’d be shorting the stock if the company was public

  273. I guess there is an army of volunteers in NI who are reviewing them as they pour in…. and who knows may be an EOD shortlist pulled out to be considered on the d-day for the top 10 / poll

  274. Isn’t in some major languages “ni” is equivalent to the english word NO!

    Remembering the disaster of naming a car “NOVA” (no go in Spanish) and trying to sell that to Spanish speaking countries..

  275. @Richard with due respect to your thoughts… I have to disagree.
    my take is … it boils down to how much info we need from NI … its a classic scenario of project management… the balance between no information and too much information. so who decides how much is too much in this case is tricky…. it defaults to NI itself and then to Rohan as he is the official spokesperson.

    if Rohan only gave us the key milestones and comes back to us with a ‘done’ status after each milestone, may be there wouldn’t be so many of us reading this blog in the first place and commenting so actively – agreeing / disagreeing / debating / deciding / requesting and generally becoming more knowledeable than we were otherwise.

  276. @wathouse interesting thought… but then again Notion Ink is all about breaking the stereotypes and facilitating a new beginning…

    having said that, personally I want the name Notion Ink becoming more popular; whatever logo helps that cause my vote is for that…

  277. yeah, illustrator & photoshop.

    im a designer, could come up with many, but i really think simple and neat is key for start up company to get branded.

  278. These are unfinished obviously, but my skill-set in translating this into a more professional look is limited. Bearing that in mind, feedback?

    The idea was to translate the company name directly into a logo so that when you saw it, you would immediately be reminded of the company (name).

  279. This is my entry.

    I am no graphic artist so this logo is little crude but I think it can become a symbol that can be easily recalled and it had a good underlining meaning. My thinking with this logo is that RGB are the basic colors which in NI case represents innovation, hard work and perseverance. Confluence of these three traits formed Notion Ink and the VIBGYOR represents the myriad notions(ideas) that came out of these traits.

    What do you guys say?

  280. hello Rohan,
    see ,we all r trying to promote the poduct as much as we can .Many people have already told you to atleast modify the specifications in the website.The new probable people who come and see this mightnot like this.for eg the A-GPS .Please do change it.You have not responded for this till now……
    with love,

  281. @Wathouse

    The “NOVA” disaster didn’t happen; that’s an urban myth. “Nova” is a Spanish word; it means the same as the English word (a kind of star). “No va” means “it doesn’t go,” but that’s pronounced differently (with two stresses, one on each syllable; “nova” has a stress only on the first syllable). Spanish speakers don’t confuse the two. I think has more about this.

    On the other hand, Hewlett Packard does market in Spanish-speaking countries as “HP” even though that stands for “Hijo de Puta” (roughly the equivalent of SOB in English).

  282. No, this is wrong. It’s not management incompetence; it’s investor incompetence. Rohan has explained this. If you don’t believe him, well, you need to present some evidence why you’re more knowledgeable about this than he is.

    Everything else you say refers to a future that you imagine: this will happen, that will probably happen, and so on; none of which has anything to do with reality.

  283. No one hate to have discussion about Ipad, as a matter of fact. I like having discussions on forums and blogs about everything be it questioning the existence of god or apple Ipad (these discussions really help you understand how people think and also give you a lot more knowledge on the subject), as long as Apple fanboys don’t come along and type
    “Apple rules” or “ipad is the best” or “This is shit, everybody tries to copy Apple” as long as people are reasonable everybody like a discussion. But from my experience, i would suggest staying away from these type of discussion as they tend start flame wars and in the end people get banned from the forums.
    To maintain the peace and excitement of this blog we should avoid having these things.
    But that’s just my opinion.

  284. Hello Rohan,

    I was wondering if you had taken this feature into account or not. But I thought I should anyway remind you if you have missed it. Thats the charging. Every Device comes with its own charger by default but one that works wonders is its ability to be able to charge through USB as some of the modern mobiles can do. I didnt realize its importance until I bought a Nokia 5800 xpressmusic. A good enough phone for me but lack of this Charging trhough USB feature really dissapoints me and I heard many other people say the same. So please if possible add this feature. One reason it would add value is that People can skip carrying the charger altogether. Next many times you are in a tricky situation that you forgot the charger at home or office but a USB cable is quite easy to carry with the Adam. So anyone who has a PC or laptop can connect to it and charge it and there are also adapters available that u can put in the usb pin into it and directly plug in to Ac power. Hope that helps Thank You and looking forward to your reply if you have actually thought about it.

    Warm regards and with a awaiting heart for the ADAM
    Vikas S

  285. @Crystal

    You and me must be comprehending differently then I guess. I haven’t really read anyone making any assertions regarding the holiness or the godliness of Apple or iPad. In fact I read the exact opposite. I have read for no reason people dissing iPad as ‘Crap’, ‘iTrash’ and Apple customers as ‘ignorant fools’ and Apple as ‘Pure Evil’. It’s really surprising that you completely missed all this.

    Even Rohan talks about Apple and iPad in his posts but he does so constructively and not with the childish flair that you do.

  286. just make sure that what ever you select scales (can be enlarged and shrunk and does not lose fidelity), renders well in color and b/w

    i think sun microsystems logo is a beaut.

  287. @gecko

    I can understand where @epiphany is coming from.

    “It’s not management incompetence; it’s investor incompetence.”

    Well, welcome to the real world. You need to be very careful before using the word ‘investors’ and ‘incompetent’ in the same sentence. People become investors because they have been successful in doing what they do and that is in grasping the markets and identifying opportunities be it individual investors or banks yada yada. People just don’t want to throw their money for nothing. Now the management’s competency is in gaining these investors confidence. Remember that as a start up you are asking an investor to take a high risk in lending you money. As a start up you don’t have any history to vouch for your abilities. Investors coming and leaving is not a big news in the Silicon world. Some don’t like your idea but some the promise and future as you see it.

  288. Do you really wanna go down that road again?
    I don’t, And am not going to reply to any more of your posts.
    Here’s my last reply to you
    People post all type of crap and you can’t argue with every fool in the world, remember that the next time you see a comment where people call apple evil or crap.
    As for me I don’t think I have ever called apple crap but I don’t admire it either and I do agree, that Apple’s business plan is evil.

  289. No am not related to NI at all, just a fan.
    All am saying is that, these kind of discussion leads to flaming and all.
    So unless there is moderation its a bad idea.
    As for apple releasing same specs, that’s not possible notion ink has patented all of its innovations and innovations is what adam is all about.
    Otherwise there are tons of tegra 2 tablets out there.

  290. @Crystal

    Ok, great to get you off of my tail finally. You suggest not to respond to Apple haters but yet you cannot stop yourself from responding to my replies.

    I can bet my bottom dollar that Apple does give a zilch about what you think of them.

  291. Give me a break!!!!
    Your whole argument is predicated on a hypothesis….” If Apple release a similar spec as Adam…..”.
    If you have not noticed…this blog is for people who are rooting for Notion Ink to successfully bring out a good tablet that can provide a choice for people who at this time do NOT have a good choice. This blog is NOT for people who want use some hypothetical scenario and try to reason that we should on this blog somehow……complement a competitor!!!

  292. Stalling? Yeah , right like buying time so that we don’t cry for more updates. Maybe. But I don’t see anything wrong there not as negative as the word stalling. Well if they have other issues, using this to buy time does not make sense at all .. does not add up at all.

    Regarding the logo contest, I think this is quite obvious. They have put their thrust in what they had to : “trying to create their dream maiden product”. In the back of their minds they thought they had a logo or a set of possible logos.

    Now at the eleventh hour they felt after all their effort, they need a fresh logo.Guess NI people are also normal humans (blame them with stupor, carelessness and I would definitely blame them for not having a dedicated department that concerns with logo-making 🙂 lol)

  293. Dear Rohan,
    Please hurry up your work. The more you delay, the more you might hurt in your business. I hope you read all the discussions here. Every single word, everything what you said is all counted. Some are frustrated with delayed from your first interview. Some are happy with your frequent update. Some are still doubt with the time-line that derailed number of times. We are still waiting adam thinking it might be great. Some probably did goodbye this forum. Some getting hurt throwing word each other. Please save us. We want to see real adam.
    Sorry for off topic.

  294. See this!!!!!!!!!

    Reportedly, Google (News – Alert) has notified its partners that the Android 3.0 operating system is on track for completion very soon. The related tablet should be available in PC engineer samples by December. The only problem is, the company will miss the potential of the holiday season.

    Android isn’t the only tablet that will have to sit this season out and allow Apple to continue to dominate. Notebook makers such as Acer (News – Alert), Asustek Computer and Micro-Start International have all said they expect to launch their tablet PCs in January at CES. Samsung is expected to showcase the Galaxy Tab, complete with Android 3.0, and High Tech Computer (HTC) and Motorola are also expected to have a tablet to display.

  295. Guys,
    Enough of apple vs idam! If you like the ipad then go buy it and GTHOOH. If you’re rooting for ADAM, then wait. If you can’t, buy some other tablet and GTHOOH. It’s getting uglier in the G-world because of this ipad vs adam.

  296. Unfortunately, the Square-Circle thing is overcooked. The Fedora Project makes extensive use of it.

  297. Dude, type in English or just simply STFU. You are really annoying. You don’t even know how to write English in a proper way and if you want to discuss about the iPad so badly, you should visit an iPad forum/website.

    Nobody on this blog wants to start another disscussion about the iPad or about the iPad vs. Adam. So just leave it.

    You’re saying that people on this blog are working for NI. Well are you working for Apple -_-“. I don’t believe so.

  298. Impressive !!. Good Job Maz. Do u plan to weave in some story also, like how some of the signs might relate to Notion Ink philosophy. Just wondering if you have something on that


  300. Guys,
    please restrain and let us avoid repulsive language. Just to communicate properly let us use English so that we can understand & share the ideas. I know readers are from different places.

  301. When can we buy this device? I’ve been waiting for almost 3 months to get the right android tablet. Notice I used the word “right” not the “best”. If you can manage to make the “right” android tablet for everyone, your device will succeed in the android tablet market. However, if you’re trying to make the “best” tablet, you’ll probably fail.

  302. Yes really mature, to reply to me in a language I can´t understand. I don´t even want to know what it means because I can´t care less.

    I won´t even take the time anymore to reply to your posts. Have a nice life.

  303. Also want to give it a shot!

    the logo is a combination of drop of ink and and a light bulb (maybe a little old-fashioned, but still everybody knows the connection with “having an idea/notion” – the bulb is very stylistic)

    Your opinion please!

  304. I guess the best way for him to end his blabbers is just to ignore him.
    It annoys me though since, I am excited to read others intelligent discussion and post their logos and all you got are his/her nonsensical, gibberish comments.

  305. See Rohan this is why we need a moderator on this Blog.
    There are just too many trolls around the internet.
    There is no Arguing with Dumb ass like these, he is an Indian guy fighting for Apple(US based) against an Indian company (sounds amusing to me).
    It looks like India is gonna need much more than what it can hope for, to be the best in any field.

  306. @Crystal

    I don’t know if you are doing this knowingly or it is because you are an over exuberant kid. I asked you once before and I am asking you again, can you please cut this whole your country my country non-sense? NI is aiming to market their products globally and not just in one part of the world. You are going to alienate a lot of enthusiasts with your crap. We can argue constructively about product A vs product B or a company A vs company B all day.

  307. You say no slang language and this is the language that you are using!! Do yourself a favour And take that tractor up your Ass.

  308. I like the colored lightbulb but why not upgrade to a CF instead of the old incandescent model? Not an artist so I won’t try and draw it.

  309. @namma-bengaluru…. If you truly want to help NI….please do not bring up topics that are irrevelant to this blog and particularly to this post. This post is to bring the creativity of the people to help NI choose a logo which will best reflect them.

  310. I am just pointing out the non patriotic behaviour of that that guy for his country.
    No need to bring NI into this.
    And if above comments really sound like something being discussed to you then carry on with your discussion, I won’t interrupt I PROMISE!!

  311. I understand that, I didn’t mean to offend anyone though.
    Sorry if my comments portrays anything bad.

  312. Crystal didn’t say any my country vs. your country garbage. He/she was pointing out how an apparent Indian person seems to be zealously supportive of a foreign company and totally against an Indian company, which I find interesting too. But then, I am totally rooting for Notion Ink, anti-Apple, and I’m American, so go figure.

  313. the email that people received –

    Hello There!

    Greetings from Notion Ink!

    You exchanged some emails with us regarding your interest in writing apps for the Adam. You wanted to know about SDKs, the API, the User Interface… but the most common question of all was, “When can I get my hands on some sample hardware?”

    At Notion Ink, we’re humbled by your incredible enthusiasm, and the patience you have shown over the months since CES and MWC. We’re delighted to inform you that your wait is coming to an end – we’re launching the Notion Ink Early Access Program today.

    Underlining our commitment to making the Adam a great platform for developers, the first 200 production quality Adams will go to developers chosen from among you. But 200 is already a small number and the competition to get into this program is really very hot! Till now we have selected a few and they took no time to convince us that they more than deserved to be in there.

    All what you need, is to register on the newly launched Notion Ink Developers Website and fill up the Early Access Program Form. We will be extremely interested in the application you will be designing (if you are a developer) or the kind of test you will be performing, so be 200% sure that you’ll enter all the details properly (few of the people whom we have selected, sent us their current applications or shared their FSD/PRD to explain their plans).

    You can return to the form and modify your application until midnight (IST) Wednesday, 3rd of November 2010.

    On the 10th of November, we’ll let you know if you’ve been selected. If you’re one of the lucky 200, you will just be one short step away from ordering an Adam to be shipped to your address, anywhere in the world!

    Your application may be more favorably considered as you’ve already had some discussions with us – make sure you use the same email address while signing up as you used during your communication.

    [Registration link, in case you missed:

    With Warm Regards

    EAP Team
    Notion Ink Design Labs

  314. I expected some more GPL or Creative Commons options on the agreement you wrote for developers… open is open:)

    Fabrizio IT

  315. Woohoo! Thanks for the notice! I just got my email too. Now, I need to get cranking on that app of mine! :O

  316. Sorry for what I’m about to say (no offensive or stupid meaning here towards the Apple company products that I like and use on a daily basis) but it just hit my mind while reading “leop” above comment :
    “- adam not apple”
    – Adam ate the apple.

    That said, whatever the logo will end up being, I know that I’ve got money saved only for the Adam when it will be out. I like the thinking, the openness and the love behind this wonderful tool. And I know exactly how it is going to improve my life since I read it’s specs while searching for a tablet 8 months ago.

    Kline Dubois.

  317. Damn, you are working 24/7. Its 3:00 AM in the morning. As you started EAP now, any possibilities of adam hitting the shelves by Thanksgiving or before christmas?

  318. @tin2cub

    “People become investors because they have been successful in doing what they do”

    Well, successful investors do. I’ve seen, up close and in person, investors who have lots of money that they then proceed to blow on poor investments. There’s a rather vulgar idea that people who are rich must be smart, but many people got rich through sleezy investments (hedge funds and the like – high-stakes gambling, in other words) or through sheer dumb luck, and very few rich people, even the smart ones, have any sort of knowledge of technical matters that would justify them meddling in, say, the exact design of electronic components. You’d think they’d learn from their mistakes, but lots of investors are prepared to tolerate 10 failures if they have 1 huge success, and are too dim and arrogant to realize that they may have had a hand in causing some of the failures.

    Welcome, as you said, to the real world. Again, I’ve seen all this, many times. I don’t care so much for the real world, myself, incidentally.

  319. Hey Rohan,

    The last time when you sent the pictures, you said you would send more and better pictures. Can we expect these pictures in the upcoming weekend update ?

  320. Hey, they opened up the application for the EAP program

    watch the screen animation as it cycle throught shots of the adam

    pretty nice. Can’t wait for the release. Although they are accepting applications through November 3, and notify a week later, that makes it seem like the release of adam will be close. since they will be providing (for a fee of coarse $500) adam tablets to the developers accepted into the program, which should mean that they will be producing adam tablets by then.

  321. Hey, they opened up the application for the EAP program

    watch the screen animation as it cycle throught shots of the adam

    pretty nice. Can’t wait for the release. Although they are accepting applications through November 3, and notify a week later, that makes it seem like the release of adam will be close. since they will be providing (for a fee of coarse $500) adam tablets to the developers accepted into the program, which should mean that they will be producing adam tablets by then.

  322. just registered on the developers site! i hope i can order my adam as soon as possible 😀 thank you Rohan thank you NI!

  323. Hey Rohan,

    The last time when you sent the pictures, you said you would send more and better pictures. Can we expect these pictures in the upcoming weekend update ?

  324. These are the fonts I like the best so far for the complete company name. the NOTION is like written using a technical pen while the INK is written using an even thicker technical pen or a fountain pen, or a quill.

    It needs a symbol. Maybe the symbol should be show on the back — in the middle of the tablet (like the apple logo in the iPad).

  325. Looks like a sperm…but Adam didn’t come from sperm. Didn’t he come from soil/ash? Maybe that’s hyperbole for God’s sperm.

  326. My second and last entry. Thats like, the limit of my graphic abilities.

    Now send me my Adam!! 🙂

  327. Response to: David said, on October 20, 2010 at 03:42

    Based on what you posted, I get the feeling that ADAM will not be ready for the Thanksgiving holidays here in the US. Possible launch dates for the hardware & the marketplace (with apps from the independent developers) looks to be towards the end of December (possibly Christmas) or beyond. Bummer, as it will have to compete with many other tablets being released at the same time and thus might lose some marketshare. But I have hopes for ADAM as long as the software experience provided betters the competing Android tablets releasing around the same time.

  328. Yeah, just got the developer email. SO COOL!!!

    Things are really hotting up.

    Hey Rohan, was this the “something special for next week”, or is there even more to come?

    Go team NotionInk!

  329. I did these and submitted them this morning, feel free to comment! The first one is a sort of badge concept, while the second two are just different iterations of each other playing with proportion and movement.

  330. Hi Rohan
    Whatever the logo is if products are good delivered where ever those are required and at right time – do not matter . Right now every one is buying the best available product. I believe you are working on production. It is time to make sure that first customer reviews are good, no over heating,touch screen problems, body plastic cover, ruggedness, GPS, wifi signal, applications ,overall system stability and quality of product. Expectations are very high so as the risk. I expect the Adams in my hand in mid of November. I want to read BBC hindi ,Hindustantimes and Navbharat times the way I read using my laptop not as the hindi font appears in one of the leading product. I expect very soon you can deliver us a application which will help me to reach my destination. I have not purchased Garmin because I do not want to spent on 10 different things and carry those, some day I want to take pictures and Video using Adams. I want to have a application if my brother and mother have Adams we can talk with Video without having skype ID. I have numerous such requirements please prepare your self to meet those requirements ( if not all now at least 90%) I will use this while waiting for your next product

  331. for me the most profesional and have a future hype are number 12 and number 17 but the one that got my attention first was number 17. for me this things are more up to getting people attention and number 17 is that.
    there are others nice but not for a logo, so if the company going for customer number 17 is the one.

  332. Did anyone else sign up on the EAP ISV site?

    Not sure what to make of all the legalese regarding Annual Account Fees?

    “You must keep your Market Account in good standing, which includes without limit, paying the Annual Account Fee and any other fees charged by Notion Ink in a timely manner, complying with this agreement, and providing true, complete, accurate and current information in connection with your Market Account.”

    Does this just mean that if you buy apps off of the Genesis site, you have to pay for it etc, or is there more involved here?

    Thanks in advance…

  333. Rohan, just wondering if you’ve began looking at our submitted logos yet? And if we submit one that you like (but needs to be fine tuned), will you still choose that logo and do the fine tuning.
    Just asking because I’ve submitted 2. And because my speciality is IT/SQA, mine were made by using the default programs on my computer.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  334. Rohan, I was wondering if Notion Ink has begun the process of looking at our Logo submissions? And if the logo you ultimately choose, is in need of refinement, will Notion Ink be willing to refine the logo as they see fit? I hope so.
    I only ask, because I’ve submitted two logo’s and my specialty isn’t Graphic Arts (it’s IT/SQA).

    I thank you for your time. And I thank you for this opportunity (Since my Birthday is October 22).

  335. revolting!!..sorry but each one of those logos is stale…and for a company that is building its future on revolutionizing the hand held computing industry ..the logo just represents old ideas….

    am inspired to create something else..

    apurva m

  336. I want I want. I want

    Sorry to tell you but you don’t always get what you want

    You will not have it in your hands by mid November The eap program. Will just be getting them at that time

    Please be realistic

  337. Hahaha for a second I thought you and me had the same idea but when I looked at your logo it was completely different. I to combined the bulb and droplet. great minds think alike i guess.

  338. i hope so but i think the big thing is about developer site and not about the pictures! lets wait and see!

  339. No ofcourse not. The developer site is just something extra that also needs to be done. The big news will come in the weekend as always, so just wait for the weekend. Be patient.


    Of all the ones I’ve seen I still think the one in the main post is the best.

    If you look at all the famous companies like Nike, Apple, Pepsi, Nintendo, Playstation or Sony Ericsson they all have a symbol that’s easily recognized.

    I find the large, grey N to be very boring and flat.

    The lightbulb is over complicated for a logo to me and not as recognized since the lightbulb can be referenced in many things.

    The ink drop in the pic I linked can also be easily mixed but the way it’s drawn and colored it really helps it stand out.

    I didn’t have time to come up with anything but I’ve showed it to a few of my Illustration program’s professors and many of them agree the minimalistic ink drop is the most attractive.

    my 2 cents.

    My 2 cents.

  341. Hey Arioch, in one of your previous comments, you were thinking about why NI named their tablet as ADAM. Me thinks, that it was because the old story goes that it was Adam who ate the apple. In other words, ADAM ate APPLE. Also, it goes without saying that Rohan is heavily inspired by the work that Apple has been doing all the while. Hence, probably, he must have thought of naming the first device as close as possible to the company name.

  342. Hey Rohan,
    I sent in my logo entries yesterday. I guess because of the size (12mb) the email came back as not delivered. I packed them down as a Rar-file so it was only 6mb and sent it again, nothing came back, so it should be fine. But now I’m worried that somehow it might not have worked. Could you send out an automatic answer to all the entries so we can be sure that they arrived? Would be a shame after i spent so much time and effort creating them.


  343. Hey Rohan,
    I sent my logo entries in yesterday. I guess because of the size (12mb) the mail came back as not sent. I packed it down as a Rar-File (6mb) and sent it again, nothing came back, so it should be fine. But now I’m worried that it somehow didn’t go through. Could you sent out an automatic answer to all the logo entries, that they arrived. Would be a shame after all the work and effort I put into them, if the got lost somewhere on the way.


  344. Sorry for the double post, the previous one got buried half way up the page 🙂

    Just posted a few additional ideas for the logo posted before… just different color schemes, and trying to utilize the “shield” of the logo on it’s own, which may come in handy in certain circumstances!

  345. Hey Rohan,
    I sent my logo entries in yesterday. I guess because of the size (12mb) the mail came back as not sent. I packed it down as a Rar-File (6mb) and sent it again, nothing came back, so it should be fine. But now I’m worried that it somehow didn’t go through. Could you sent out an automatic answer to all the logo entries, that they arrived. Would be a shame after all the work and effort I put into them, if the got lost somewhere on the way.


  346. I just want to see if it is the length of my comment that they are sitting for hours awaiting moderation

  347. Do not be sorry for now there will be a lot of opportunities to be sorry later. Please understand winners can respond to “I want” from customer before the words come out of his mouth others need a very good luck. This is reality

  348. I was looking for ideas on the internet regarding what fonts I can use to complement the several logos I will be submitting prior to the deadline. Then I came across MyFonts:

    Pretty cool site. You can enter any word or sentence and it would automatically update to the font you selected (including fonts in the same family) in real time. Now I can’t decide what, there’s too many cool ones…LOL. I like Ebisu, Merloriac, Aggregate, Cobra, and Contax Pro.

  349. tomorrow he should have the new samples so hopefully we will get new pictures – hopefully with the smaller border, a less glossy screen and perhaps some better paint textures so it doesn’t look so plasticky.

  350. Guys,

    What you need is a logo that looks friendly, happy, makes you wanna hug the product when you hold it. I’ve seen this post too late to do something but maybe someone can come up with something that will use an ink drop or splash along with the text. What i have in mind is something between these two images:


    you can even use the bulb (metaphor for an idea / notion) represented by an ink drop more like an exclamation sign.

    just an idea 🙂

  351. Hello everyone!

    I’ve just submitted mine! Have a look?


    Clean line versions:


    Notion to Ink:

    The first 4 are very similar, but i know some people prefer messy version of drawings and other like cleaner versions.

  352. Hello Rohan
    I have sent my designs, But I have not yet received any acknowledgement for my email.
    Is it that you did not set any mechanism for acknowledgement?

    It would have been better if people knew that their design has been received and will be reviewed soon. SO that we are sure that our message did not went into spam or got missed and stands an equal opportunity as being candidate.


  353. Sorry for the double post…

    Dear Rohan, I have just sent my submissions 🙂

    But is there a way we can find out if the email was received? I’m slightly worried I might have missed something here or there.


  354. At first I thought that you meant something like this:

    but after watching video with ferrofluid you posted I can’t imagine your concept 😛

  355. That’s also something I had in mind.

    Use lightbulb3, but turn it upside down, make some adjusments of the falling colors and you have your logo.

  356. From what I’ve seen here, it looks like the ink blot/splat, ink droplet, and bulb are being overplayed for the logo contest. I will have to go a different direction to stand out.

  357. can i have a review unit as every other company actually does it
    i am also from india
    settled in qatar

  358. this is my participation in your logo contest, its not a font I designed every
    letter in it to make a unique brand can stand in the technology market
    it taked 3 continuous days of working to get this result.

    hope you like them


  359. Hi Rohan,

    U and Ur team are doing a commendable job. I am confident that you guys are trying and doing your Best to release ADAM to hit the market this season.
    While some of us on the blog have been openly critical of the delays and lack of infrmation I hope it is only boosting your morale as we continue to support you and your team.

    All the Best!

    Lalit (Moscow)

  360. I updated the logos a little bit that I had made before. A little more stylized, with different fonts. Colors can be added at will as well:

  361. @all here!
    this tablet is an innovation – a revolution! Someone said, you can’t invent the wheel again. Maybe it’s true, but you can give them a new dimension. It’s hard for me to know, how it looks and how it works, to know I want it but I can’t buy it. Maybe you like my design of the NOTION INK LOGO, so I can get this fantasic tablet a little bit earlier 😉

  362. OK, the yin-yang symbol didn’t impress anyone.

    What about a mobius strip in shape of infinity symbol? With or without text.

    Hope this will tickle someones creativity.

  363. Just thought I’d take a moment to share my entry since the contest is essentially over. The design is pretty flexible.

    Good luck guys!

  364. Hey Guys,

    Here are the logo I submitted. Actually, just two logos, the others are variants.


  365. The third one is just the name in a widely available free font. Seems like poor design work imo. It conveys no sense of clean lines and recognizability that surrounds all well known and respected brands.

  366. As people commented, the 12th one is similar to other companies, but it is in the right direction. A simple, yet recognizable shape. Distinct recognition is key in marketing.

  367. My last minute entries. Been swamped at school and work so these are only “sketches” needing to be fleshed out (which I could do or I could leave it up to a pro). Any opinions? (if anyone’s still reading this post…)

  368. Rohan,
    I was thinking it might be kind of cool for the 9 runner-up logos to be the default wallpapers/backgrounds in Adam.

    Thanks & Looking forward to Adam’s release,

  369. I had also thought of just doing an ink well with the label “notion” but it seemed as if it might be too corny for mass appeal.

  370. Rohan,

    Having looked at many of the logo submissions I don’t envy you having to come up with a shortlist of only 10.

    But could you offer as a consolation ‘prize’ to the 9 unlucky entrants the opportunity for priority pre-registration for their adam ?

  371. Coloured stripes, especially 3 RGB stripes, look vastly outdated to me.

    Decades ago it was a hallmark of slow “home computers” that connected to low-resolution coloured TVs, compared to high-res grayscale/greenscale/yellowscale computer monitors of business computers.

    When business computers also got few-coloured monitors (4-of-16 colours as IBM CGA, 16-of-64 colours as IBM EGA, etc) they also start getting those stripes on themselves.

    Even Apple did it back then.

    But not know, today those stripes looks vintage and are not used by major brands.

    Also, it is too loudly used outside computers:

  372. Rohan,

    Having looked at many of the logo submissions I don’t envy you having to come up with a shortlist of only 10.

    But could you offer as a consolation ‘prize’ to the 9 unlucky entrants the opportunity for priority pre-registration for their adam ?

  373. And another version of the ink drop and light bulb…

    Please have a look and maybe give some useful comment!

  374. 2day 22nd… today lasst day to submit…
    rohanji am waiting for the best logos that u have selected

  375. This (notion_ink_v2b) is the best one I have seen in this forum, It has both bulb and nib which reflects translating ideas onto paper, probably you can explain more 🙂

  376. “contest ends on 22nd Oct, poll goes live on the same day”
    more accurately ?

    I have sent 4 logos with more variants, so i hope that they have arrived. Last i sent 4 days ago.

  377. like your don’t know about the blue color and texture of the bulb part, reminds a bit of a water company and the font of notionink should be a bit wider to be better redable, otherwise one of the bests I’ve seen here so far, not too flashy but still with style…


  378. i like the first one with the shadow touch, just the font underneath looks a bit too cheap, maybe something a bit more thick otherwise defnitely one of my favourites I’ve seen so far simple but effective…

    looking at all the ones which got put up it is going to be a tough call for rohan to decide which are the ten best…


  379. Thanks for your reply! Sadly i’ve no time (today) to process your suggestions into a new design! Also didn’t spend to much time on the font, so there are certainly some points of improvement 😉


  380. Rohann,

    When exactly is the deadline? Can you give us a time so we know when our designs have to be turned in?

  381. Hello Everyone….

    It was really nice to see all the enthusiasm for logo creation. Please have a look at my designs submitted yesterday. I would really appreciate your feedback.

    1.First Design

    Can any one guess the theme here?
    This is based on The Golden Ratio and why coz we all know Rohan’s love for the Golden Ratio.

    2. Second Design
    Theme: Simplicity and Elegance.

    Your comments are extremely valuable to me.


  382. I read on here that the best logos are the ones that do not have any letters. I think you did i great job putting the overall essence of Notion Ink together without the use of letters.

    Great Job!

  383. My bet for this time Weekend update (If Any): Poll for the logo design. Afterall today was the last day to submit the optional logos and it was posted that the same day the poll would go live.

    The best of lucks to all the designers out there!

  384. Hi,

    I emailed these to you a couple of days ago along with some others…just thought I should post here as well in case you didn’t receive them!


  385. Yea, Apple used the rainbow apple logo. They updated it in 2000 with a chrome look. Atari incorporated their logo in their name but I don’t think they ever used multi-colors like Apple or Commodore. Atari later omitted the name and now the logo symbol itself is well recognizable as an Atari brand. Apple company didn’t need to put their name on their logo because it’s a fruit with the same name. Atari on the other hand is a call that you make when checking someone in a Go boardgame so it’s an abstract word. A little more difficult for them to associate their logo with the company. Notion Ink logo is more like Atari’s in this respect.

  386. The logo probably should have the name in it so it’s always marketing you. Many of you have mentioned that there are plenty of famous logos that do not the names, but those companies have spent billions of dollars marketing those logos so that they can now use only the image and it conveys a certain message, feeling and thought to the viewer without the distraction of the name.

    However, Apple’s apple logo started with the words apple included (and a rainbow coloring so it was a visually distinct logo). IBM started as International Business Machines, FedEx started as Federal Express, etc. etc. They all started different and evolve to just an image. That’s not the ideal way to start.

    Think about your logo’s purpose (at this stage in the business’ evolution). If someone is on a train using your device and someone sees it, they should be able to know who made it and how to find it on the web. If I see an ipad with an apple icon, I know it’s apple because they’ve spent billions training me and have millions of devices with that image on it. If I see someone holding a device with a lightbulb that says ‘ink’ in the center or just a script ‘ink’ or just a lightbulb or just a big ‘N’. I will never give it another thought and never know what I was even looking at. The logo did not serve its purpose and was useless.

    So, first and foremost it’s name recognition and for that, it needs to include the name.

    Second, it has to resonate what the company is about. The company is not about lightbulbs or energy efficiency or any other commonly associated idea that comes with lightbulbs (is it GE?). Yes, the lightbulb represents an idea, but also many other things and is so cliche that it’s no longer effective.

    Ink represents old technology. Do you want your devices associated with pen and ink?

    Basic shapes are universal, not unique. Don’t use a circle or a square or a letter. There’s nothing that can be associated with you. If I’m ten feet away from someone holding a device and I see a blue circle but can’t read the words, again, it does nothing for me. How many logos are blue circles. Nike has a unique swoosh, apple had a rainbow-colored apple, etc.

    What is so unique about your products that distinguishes it from ipad, samsung, LG, dell, and all the others coming out with tablets. As someone mentioned earlier, what are the core values.

    Another way to think of this is, if you had just a few words (say 10) to describe your product, company, etc. to a stranger, what would you want them to walk away remembering? They should walk away saying, “that Adam is really cool because ….” Because what? Design, ease of use, etc. I bet you would have no problem filling in a couple of words for the ipad (beautiful, easy, stylish, simple, fast, convenient, versatile, expensive :).

    Dell is unique. It’s his simple name DELL in all caps, with the E tilted sideways. Conveys the name, easy to remember and distinguishable.

    So, think of either: simple design that conveys your name and memborable symbol or a more complex design that conveys your values. You have a tricky proposition because the word ink in your name which does not really convey digital technology. So, you have to play toward ink-evolved.

    Some would say that your logo should be more broad-based and no about your single product. But, for now you just have one product line so it’s okay to focus on that. If that doesn’t make it, you’re done. If your business evolves beyond computing devices, then your logo can evolve with you.

    Unfortunately, I have no artistic ability.

    Think how to convey a transition from ink to digital. When I think of a tablet, I think of taking my whole briefcase with stacks of documents in it and dumping it all into one sleek, handheld device. I think of a flood of information at the tip of my fingers, all the time and instantly and anywhere. I think of entertainment. I think of a device I can just hand my kids and let them play games or watch movies. I think lightweight, instant on (i.e. fast).

    I think your logo should convey those thoughts and emotions, because ultimately that’s what you’re selling. You don’t want people to think old fashioned, dated, old technology. You may consider images such as fiber optics, etc. Sleek and clean lines, quickness, simple, fast, beautiful.

    Hope this helps creative juices to flow.

    Good luck.

  387. Regardless of whether you personally like the iPad or not, it’s the major competitor. With the massive amount of apps that exist and the huge user base that’s growing rapidly, any tablet manufacturer has to ask themselves, why will someone buy my tablet instead of an iPad. After all, these things run basically proprietary operating systems. So, the old argument of ‘I just need windows’ is well…out the window. So, a Windows Mobile tablet does not have an inherent advantage over the iPad like a Windows PC had over the Mac.

    So, back to the question, if I were to pay $600 what would be required of the tablet to make me give up the huge app library that I will have with the iPad. The first thing is that you have to put in place all the functionality that iPad is clearly lacking such as Flash. Another major area is the Qi monitor which my understanding is that it combines the benefits of an LCD monitor with the benefits of eInk. If you can have that holy grail combination, that’s a huge plus (a beautiful backlit screen for dark reading, movies, games, etc) and a low contrast, beautiful daytime reading device. HD resolution is nice, but I doubt is really all that critical. At a 10″ size, it’s not that relevant and the iPad screen really does produce a beautiful picture. I don’t know how many people will use their tablets to stream to a TV or something like that. Longer battery life is great, but I haven’t heard too many complaints about the iPad battery life. I’m sure there are other items, but you have to get very creative and you also have to decide, how much are these things worth. How much are each of these features really worth to you relative to the huge install base and app catalog of iPad. Even the Android library will have limitations due to all the different hardware configurations, and will every Android device get every update of Android? With the iPad, you’ll stay updated. In addition, how much of a discount to you require to buy from a less known or unknown company? Would you pay $600 for a pad from an unknown company, unknown quality, unknown service/support, etc because it offers a pad with a couple of nicer features than the iPad but a far smaller app library? Or will you only pay $500? Or is $400 the price that becomes really compelling?

    So, unless you can really wow people with valuable features not found on the iPad, you have to compete on price because there is a huge value to the iPad app library and their ease of use.

    I don’t have any tablet/pad yet. I’m waiting to see how things shake up with the new devices. I hope there are some truly worthy competitors, but it won’t be easy. I know what I’d get with an iPad.

    Good luck Rohan and Notion Ink. I’m sure you’ve thought of these things and incorporated them into your strategic plan. I wish you luck and I’m awaiting the release to see what it offers.

  388. I like it but 2a makes me think of either a water droplet or a flame due to the blue (kind of like Dominic said). 2b doesn’t have that problem as you made it resemble a pen nib, though I don’t like as much as it doesn’t seem as simple or straightforward…

  389. I like them. The fingerprint gives the feeling of individuality and uniqueness. The funky droplet speaks to the creative artistic types with its retro hippy stylings, and the other one is fun and creative while still being “neutral”.

  390. probably too old fashioned, but I could see a logo with a drop of ink or a quilt or something that turns to digitized pixels when it hits the word “notion ink”. Or the “notion” is pixels that slowly transform into fiber so that ink is a fiber optic font of cursive.

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