181 thoughts on “Interesting Article on Slashgear!

  1. That was a great article on SlashGear! Loved the time line. Looks like you are planing a release in the US. Wonderful. I honestly cannot wait to use the Adam. I think it will increase productivity and enjoyment.

  2. “and best of all, the first public news on release dates.”
    Strange that another site will anounce it before you will….

  3. I guess after the failure of JooJoo, it was inevitable that I reserved a bit of skepticism in regards to Notion Ink’s Adam. With all those delays, lack of updates, etc. This article really put everything into perspective and I am glad to have your blog now in my RSS feed. I really do want Android to succeed and to have Adam succeed where many others have ‘failed’ (referring to Chinese and cheap releases of Android tablets) and I am sure, many will not hit the expectations they have set (looking at Samsung and LG’s tablets). Anyway, the behind the scenes are important to put everything into perspective… and truly I will be making my first tablet reserved for Adam. Please do not fail us 🙂 All the best!

  4. And seriously: do you really need moderation on this blog?
    That gives the impression that you’re hiding (or afraid of) something

  5. Little wonder you’re the most search for company. The Adam has got to be one of the best kept secrets ever so the following is quite devoted and spreading!!

  6. that’s it. I have just ordered Lenovo Y560. couldn’t wait any longer.

    will keep following you guys anyways and love to buy one NI-A as well whenever its available.

  7. Well Rohan, u r late in posting that link. we already knew about it many hours ago. Very refreshing to know the ups and downs. And very happy to know that the release date is near.
    Do make the announcement ASAP. Your Adam has fired me up (I am a plastic surgeon with some geekiness) and I am waiting to use it in my patient care. Dont forget to develop apps for healthcare related. After education, this will be the revolution needed with ur device , especially healthcare in India.

  8. I am so glad I read this article. At the end of the day a consumer doesn’t really know all the steps, problems and growing pains a company has to go through. The time line, the issues and the explanation of the progress with a promise of a release date has made me loose my impatience.

    Best Wishes!

  9. Awesone news NI!! I really wish ADAM eats off ( any more competition from) the Apple.

    My prayers are with NI and all young innovators who really have the users in mind and hence advocate TRUTH even in the market-lace.

  10. Hope to see Part 2 by this week 🙂 and it is ok even if the info gets released on slashgear first. But atleast post the link immediately after they post it on their website 🙂 All the best guys!! Let us know if you need any signature campaign. We are even ready to crash the investor mailboxes with flooded emails to get Adam released ASAP 😀

  11. Good grief, stinking investor wanting you to change from an Android tablet to a Windows 7 netbook, like that’s not been overdone? Sheesh!!! That article was a bit of an eye opener concerning what grief you went through getting a VC that actually wanted to do some, you know, WORK and GET RESULTS. The first one sounded like they were way too timid to actually be in that line of business and now they are going to sit on the sidelines and watch the one that got away.

  12. i would love to see some early NI demos reviewed by some of our favorite gadget website like a 1-4 weeks before launch!!!! it’ll save me the hassle of waiting for those reviews after launch date.

    Keep it slick and cool~~

  13. I tipped them about this article, and I also already sent them a message that they misinterpreted the slashgear article.

    Rohan: why don’t you send them an e-mail?
    Only takes you 2 minutes and will get your company and product free positive advertisement.

  14. thought so. i suppose that poster of Engadget is an Apple fanboi?! Trying to scare people.

    I have all the “faith” in you. In fact I am making many of my surgeon colleagues to wait for Adam. (planning to throw all my other devices away!!!!)

  15. Hello Shravan,
    Please do release it ASAP.I do not want to wait any longer.I have one request but.Even if you have planned to release it first in USA,please do not put big difference of days for release in India.Please…Please…Please…Please…Please…Please…Please…Please…Please…Please…Please…Please…Please…Please……..

  16. from engadget.com: “We’ve still been told that the company has been delayed in bringing the Adam to market because of funding issues, though it has now acquired more cash. Apparently, if all goes as planned it will begin manufacturing in November and ship later that month or in December. That lines up with what Shravan told us, but again, we will believe it when we see it.”
    any comments Rohan?

  17. Hi Rohan, Great to see the time-line of how things are progressing. Really cant wait to see some more of the Adam and in particular the UI and some of the apps etc.
    Can you at least tell us what is holding you back from showing the public these things. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  18. I don’t find it strange. Slashgear no doubt gets more hits daily than the NI blog. Good marketing move in my opinion.

  19. Rohan,

    Take a look at the comments on the Engadget article. You’ll see that they are decidedly pro-Adam from the people who took the time to read the Slashgear article. Joanna Stern is having to defend her crappy, conjecture based writing left and right. If I were you, I would contact them and set up an interview so you can get your version of the story out there. I think that they would be willing to write an article about that.


  20. Did anyone notice the “Eve Laun….” at the end of the time-line? 🙂 Maybe that’s the girls version :P. Adam and Eve. They should have an option for bluetooth flirting. lol.

  21. Rohan,

    It looks like there is a smear-campaign going on here. You may want to contact Engadget to clear the air.

    I do love how Adam fans in the comments section are standing firm against all the haters that are trying to call NI vapourware.

    Press on, Rohan! Press on! Deliver Adam to us soon and silence the foul-mouthed naye-sayers!

  22. Common on Rohan,
    you are just entertaining taking someone’s word and put on your website. Why don’t you tell us by yourself what is going on there? We want to hear from you, not second hand information and link to you website.

  23. From Engadget:

    “We will have the device before the year ends. It will be introduced at a major event after which you can order it online. It has to be placed strategically, as this is our maiden effort. Whatever has happened cannot be changed, but with the support we are getting from all, we might just become a part of the history. Also on the pricing, all the 3 devices will be lower than even the basic model of iPad.” – Rohan Shravan

    All 3 Adam’s for less than $499!?! Woo-hoo! Rock on, Rohan! I may just have to order 2!

    Patiently awaiting the announcement & pre-order! Sign me up now!

  24. I can’t wait to have one in my hands. The waiting is killing me! I can’t tell you how impressed I am with a company that is thinking outside of the box. Whatever it is about the business process that makes companies complacent is a real shame. I am happy to see NotionInk giving Apple a run for their money. Competition is good! Microsoft and Apple (and all of the rest–HP, Dell, etc.) are going to get left in the dust if they don’t get to work! Let’s face it, with the big hardware/software companies resources they could have had this product pulled together months ago. Their problem is that their vision is clouded—-Rohan good luck and don’t fall into the same trap. I hope NotionInk will continue to be innovative long after their IPO makes them rich.

  25. Really glad to hear this news. Good luck on a successful launch and save an Adam for me guys 😛

  26. I have been following this tablet silently since March, but I can no longer hold my tongue: Who do I have to torture to find out the actual release date when I can buy one either from the US or where ever I have to go?

    Because Norway is probably not one of the countries it will hit first…

  27. Hi Rohan
    I’m really happy to see something of this story coming out. With a story, you can make sense of things, and then, with understanding, you can say, well I really hope that vision wins out in the end. I’m really pleased to see that you have seem real and serious investors behind you now.

  28. “Converting Adam from a tablet project to a Netbook”
    In this part of the world, many with money having some knowledge on everything think that is everything,
    give health tips to doctor,
    construction tips to civil eng,
    tech tips to you. Glad you came out of that kind of situation.
    I REQUEST you to have a parallel launch in India with US. PLEASE.
    10 of my friends are ready to buy on first day here in vizag.
    TIMELINE is very GOOD
    Hope the ship sails smooth from now on and wind blows to your side.
    PLEASE sravan, launch Adam in India along with US.

  29. Really happy about what Rohan said to Engaget!! Thank you very much!
    I keep on following since February and patiently waiting to buy one, as my current laptop is……5 years old =)))
    I hope it will be available in Italy or in some online shop!!!

    Go Rohan! =)

  30. The iPad has not been released in Scandinavia yet. I for one can’t understand why no tablet maker targets us. Scandinavians have money to burn compared to most of the world. The Adam should primarily hit the markets where iPad is not yet released. Why release in the U.S. where a large part of your potential market already has spent their cash?

  31. I 1st read about NI and the ADAM on slashgear. I was so impressed that I tried to read everything written by anyone and everyone, and eventhough there is no other pad/tablet in the market that isn’t one dimensional, have been, like everyone else, waiting. I have allways found Slash gear to have the most thorough, though out coverage and don’t seem to have that slight twist and manipulation of info that other sites have. Even your commentators are overall a step above the trendy, opinionated views found on those other sites. Don’t lower yourself by contacting anyone else and stay the course. I will order as soon as possible. Best regaards

  32. If the pre-order site opened tomorrow, you would have my money tomorrow! 😀

    May even pre-order two of them!

  33. From Engadget:

    “We will have the device before the year ends. It will be introduced at a major event after which you can order it online.” – Rohan Shravan

    Rohan, does this mean you will deliver world wide from day 1?

  34. Hi Rohan,

    Your timeline easily conveys the travails of launching ground breaking products in India. India has not produced a single such product that shook the world and created such an excitement and following. I don’t think even TATA Nano falls in the category of ADAM. I know that you have lost very precious time in the investor fiasco but be rest assured we fans are with you NI. Me and my friends are waiting here in US to hold this amazing piece of technology and creation called ADAM. You may take some more time but do not release something which will destroy our love, faith and trust on NI.


  35. Rohan,

    As a experienced software engineer, i would like to emphasize the importance of testing the product, particularly boundary testing and stress testing, a faulty product pretty much would kill your start up business, iPhone 4 could survive because of its hype but it has made a considerable dent in Apple’s business. That said, deliver a product that not only has all the features but also a very robust software package. All the best, I will be buying two adams this december. Good luck !.

  36. This isn’t a smear campaign, this is honest reporting from people familiar with seeing startups fail. I want Notion Ink to be successful as much as the next guy, but vapor-ware is the norm not the exception. This is particularly true when coming from startups. Engadget is perfectly correct in being cautious in their reporting.

    When demo units start coming out to the press, release dates are nailed down, prices and pre-orders become available, and above all else units start shipping, then it will be appropriate to get really excited. Before then anything more is over eager.

    Think about what is being claimed here. Notion Ink claims that the Adam will have superior hardware to most tablets on the market today, most notably the iPad. Bigger screen, faster processor, more memory, more capability, etc. They also claim (per Rohan’s most recent statement) that even their top of the line model will retail for less than $500. That’s a fantastic claim, and it requires fantastic proof.

  37. Looks like an October-November release. Would make a great Diwali gift in India and a wonderful Thanksgiving/Christmas gift in the U.S.

    Sounds like a Bollywood release gamble. Makes perfect business sense. Hope the supply chain will be able to keep up if it is a hit.

  38. Honestly, dont bother commenting on that article. People are being pessimistic cuz joojoo left a bitter taste in their mouths. Others are idiots ranting about issues that are irrelevant. (Nothing you say will please these sort of people.)
    Im sure once its released they wont be able to wait to get their hands on the Adam either so let the product speak for itself.
    Good luck Rohan ! :]

  39. I love the last sentence!

    Update 2: Here’s Shravan’s official statement…
    “We will have the device before the year ends. It will be introduced at a major event after which you can order it online. It has to be placed strategically, as this is our maiden effort. Whatever has happened cannot be changed, but with the support we are getting from all, we might just become a part of the history. Also on the pricing, all the 3 devices will be lower than even the basic model of iPad.”


  40. Nay. Just shows they take their work seriously !!

    If it was about ‘hiding’ or ‘afraid of’, then your remark would not have been here

  41. Sorry to hear about the investors. It is ludicrous. Especially, to invest in a company who they thought are not capable of handling the technology. Either they believe you or they don’t.

  42. Tell us the truth… Apple is your “secret investor” right?

    They just trying to get the best platform out there!

  43. I want to suggest you to do like Nissan did for the Leaf, announce the price and allow us to pay a symbolic deposit for example 5 Dollars so we can put our money where our mouth is. And at the same time you have a better idea which markets you have to released it first, and the real demand for the NI. Just my 2cents

  44. Ouch, all the internets are buzzing with “Adam delayed again”. And that Engadget “exclusive”, published almost an entire day after the Slashgear article, and completely ignoring it (until being forced to update), in addition to making claims without any mention of the source… Wow, some journalism. I would really like you to announce the Sept. 30 launch date, which would put it in Q3 and make them shut up ;). I know it’s unrealistic, but technically since you were claiming Q3 for some time now, anything later than that *would* be a delay.

  45. Well stated. I too believe it’s better to wait and a get everything in order, without major problems, than to rush it a put a lemon out there. Just like Pavan implied, get all those basic things correct.

  46. Btw Rohan, is it possible to incorporate some of Microsoft’s tech concept of Courier into Adam? I think since they have left that particular idea it would be extremely good to pick it up and try to salvage whatever is feasible 🙂 Would love to do designing work on Adam and all. 🙂

  47. I just got an apple to eat on my way to work. So…who cares?
    Well, as long as I enjoy it….Lenovo Y560 is probably a good product, but I will stick with Adam. No rush.
    Let’s go Adam!!

  48. Keep up the good work. Really proud of the work that is being done.
    May order2 if my wallet permits……

  49. That wrong news on engadget made me run here. I’m relieved that every thing is okay by Rohan’s response.

  50. Apple is NOT in the business of getting the “best platform out there”. they seem to have a very ‘solid’ business model.

    This ‘model’ is so mean to the apple-users: when they release a product they already have the possible design of the successor model. This way they are almost always make sure the user keeps buying their products and in fact ironically they keep widening their fan base. This is easily attributed to their high class workmanship and sleek design. However their business seems to rooted in monopoly and brand loyalty. It really pains so many people especially because the avid apple-user is the most leeched out. He would have already bought all of the models of a product line he is interested in.

    It is really high time someone breaks this with a sincere innovation

  51. yes Rohan, its good if you keep your word of Q3 release.
    Launch atleast on last day of Q3
    or take orders before the end of Q3

  52. Rohan is it delayed or not? you said: “I would say wrong interpretation” of the article in Engadget.
    Then you are quoted as saying : “We will have the device before the year ends.”
    Before the year ends implies december or at best november which IS a delay!
    Which one is it.
    Some honesty please.

  53. I totally agree with that method.
    You will have an idea of your market (and more money!!!)

  54. Good point, Winter! We are pretty rich compared to most nations. Especially us oil sheiks!

    Gecko, torture is not only allowed in Norway, it’s state sponsored. They call it taxes, but it’s the same thing…

  55. Hi rohan ,

    Read all about the troubles you faced with investor in last few months. I can understand how you felt about those setbacks, those are quite demoralizing, But cheers to your team , that you all keep on rolling the ball.

    I know everyone here including me want to grab ADAM as soon as we can , but then I feel what will hardware alone do , if not backed up with a great software (you can see what is happening to the NOKIA-symbian in smartphones, and latest in tablet THE JOOJOO ). So I feel , it’ll be nice if eveyone (including me 😛 ) should wait till you feel that the product is ready and is as per your expectation on both Software and Hardware front.

    Also as per Engadget post about your comment “Also on the pricing, all the 3 devices will be lower than even the basic model of iPad.”
    This is awesome news for the market like INDIA where everyone think twice before buying new gadget. This will really give everyone a second thought when they’ll plan to buy a tablet and chose other than ADAM.

    Anyways, as I cant resist to say “WAITING FOR THE ADAM RELEASE DATE” and blah blah blah 🙂


  56. There was some mentioning of 31 apps being ready? I see nothing on the genesis part of the website, where should I look?

  57. I stand by my earlier comments: That you owe your customers more direct answers, and that you should be keeping people aware of developments as they occur instead of acting like Steve Jobs and keeping everything secret until the last second.

    All that said, I am sorry to hear about your investor issues, and I’m interested (though not yet convinced) to see that you believe things to be on-track for release. I hope you’re right, and if you beat the other tablets to market you’ll get my vote.

    As before, I urge you to be more open with your potential customers. Remove this unnecessary moderation so that people may actually use your comments to discuss things. Tell us what is actually happening instead of sharing empty musings and nonsense. And if you have decided on a “Major holiday release date”, stop being so damned evasive and just answer everyone’s first question: When?

    If someday I buy an Adam and send an email to customer support, I don’t want a reply from Slashgear. I want a reply from Notion Ink, with answers.

  58. I’m a big fan. And I think you owe it to your fans to stop fooling around and giving us some goodies to taste. The article was almost a waste. It was as vague as it could be. I hope at least the second part isn’t.

    NI should also look at markets who VALUES TECH & dont have iPad.
    First Day launch offers good publicity there too.

  60. I would suggest before having the preorder page up and running, make sure you have tested it well in advance for high volume traffic. We wouldnt want to see AT&T situation for you guys, where the site went down because of everyone trying to order the iphone4.

  61. Hi Rohan

    I am a working Mum from Australia and was surfing the net for an E-Reader and came across “Adam” in a review about 2 months ago. I’m not that technically minded but this seems to be an “all in one” device for everyone. I tell everyone when the Ipad thing comes up in conversation to wait for “Adam”. Really liked this article gives perspective as mentioned by others. Prepared to wait patiently and wish you great success. We Aussies like to see the underdog win.

  62. Hi Rohan,

    I’m also a working mom but in the US and I discovered NI and Adam several months ago. In my quest to find anything BUT an Apple product, I read and read about many other tablets, then found NI and Adam, and my decision was made. I am willing to wait patiently as I believe your success will lie in getting it right the first time. Good luck and much success to you — you have many loyal fans who will be here when your release is ready!

  63. Hum honge Kamiyab.. Hum honge Kamiyab… Hum Honge Kamiyab Ek din….
    I am waiting for Adam even if it launches next year…

    All the best Guys…

  64. The Que ProReader has bit the dust, though they say they’ll still come to market with a ‘mark II’ version. But that means back to the drawing board. Let’s hope that the Adam makes all the way. With your big partners now, I really hope you do! This combination of specs and new tech (daylight screen reader) really is going to be a breakthrough in personal computing; it’s gonna get people away from the ‘computer table in the corner’. It’s like an emancipation of the computer slaves!

  65. Where is Rohan The Tabletarian? 😀

    Is he out conquering Bangalore or smiting impure Apple fanatics with his non-glossy 7 inch pixel-Qi screen?

  66. Hey If it comes at the end of the year no problem 🙂 Im just waiting for adam im collecting my money since i heard about adam:D

    Greetings from germany 🙂

  67. I thought that you might make an announcement at IFA Berlin in early September on the release date. Whenever it arrives I’m sure it will be a great product. Best wishes.

  68. one thing that should make the Adam really succeed is that it will be usable for not techy people, while still having enough to satisfy the technogeeks

  69. I’ve been waiting for a device like the ADAM for years, i don understand why so hurry, better to have it later and usefull (i need it as a convergence device) than to simply have a IPad copy, i don need an IPad, nor a netbook, i need and ADAM, if i need to wait, it’s ok for me.

    As long as i know the ADAM is the only device that makes sense for me, a combination between a ebook reader and a powerfull netbook, so I prefer to wait and have what i want than have a useless device soon


  70. Hurray, I know it! It’ll be the August 15th. The Indepenceday of India! Am I right?
    Maybe the 2. October, Gandhies birthday, is this right, yes? Did I hit the jackpot? Will I get one for free, cause I guessed the release Date right?
    I’m looking forward



  71. hello, rohan.
    I owe you an apolgy for a comment I left in another post. I was the one saying notion ink is in for a downfall… sorry about that. doesn’t look like it now, does it? I guess I was frustrated with the non-informative updates, and kind’a given up on you guys.
    it’s just that sometimes a bit of transparency is good for the public’s moral, you know?
    I think you should give a bit more respect to the people following these blogs, than to tech sites like slashgear. we deserve to know about your development first, or at least -at the same time.
    anyway, hope you’ll forgive, and you can count on at least one buyer in israel, though i’m sure there will be many more.
    and to all of you that comment on this blog – the adam is NOT an ipad, and it could not, in any way, be compared to an ipad. ADAM has not insulted you, don’t insult it.

  72. Cathal, You are right. I agree your words. Notion ink needs openness clarification to convince these readers, web surfers instead of keeping people guessing. Do some sensible things to make sense for the customer.

  73. With such a superb hardware, i think android seems less for the device. You’ve to do very much to software to match the hardware. Otherwise its just like other ordinary devices. I’m using android quite a while in xperia x10 & milestone. Unlike windows battery icon is static & some of drawbacks which i’ll msg later. Hope u add them.

  74. Eve was Adam’s husband. Rohan hinted at a successor to Adam at one point. Maybe it will be in pink? And how about subsequent machines? The next people mentioned in the Bible are Adam and Eve’s offsprint, Cain and Abel, and Cain killed Abel. I don’t know if Notion Ink thought this through.

  75. Dear Rohan,
    I’ve been waiting for a device like this for 3-4 years. I seriously hope you can knock some sense into your investor’s minds.
    1) Hopefully you won’t be forced to compromise on its functionality to appease investors. You and your team are the innovators. Investors don’t have the creative capacity to make decisions about the device itself.
    2) Do not underestimate the North American market for this device. I live in Canada, and I am absolutely sure that if you market it well, it is an iPad killer (though I hate to compare it to iPad, as it is on a whole different level of a device). Please don’t let the investors impose their old-fashioned view of the thanksgiving/Christmas market. Consumers are lazy, so if and when they are overwhelmed with all the products that are coming out in Christmas, it will be difficult for ADAM to set itself apart. Try to begin the buzz earlier.
    3) I hope that you begin the sale simultaneously in different continents. In fact it may be good to begin in North America, that will help make your device known worldwide and help with the subsequent sales.
    4) Please ensure that contentEditable tag works well with the device/keyboard. Specifically, it is necessary for sites such as google docs to work well (I know this is likely out of your hand and dependant on Android 2.2). Apple fails miserable with their browser.

    Overall, I wish you the best of luck and hope you stand your ground and be confident in you and your team’s ability to shape the release of ADAM on your own terms.

    cheers from Canada

  76. The preorder will be following the announcement, which will be a big event, is there any big event nearby?

  77. Cant wait for the part 2 of the slashgear article. I discovered bout adam bot a month back and since then tracking adam updates has become like an obsession for me.

    Hardware wise its just what i wanted. I really hope the custom UI(enigma) Notion Inc will be applying to android will be equally good. Although i have a feeling its gonna be awesome. I have seen the concept sketches for the UI on slashgear and if the final product is even close to that, it would be the biggest selling point of adam.

    I just hope adam gets released before sept ends. This way Rohan will be able to keep his Q3 promise.

  78. Hey Rohan
    lets start poll about kind of accessories people would like to see with ADAM( in SALE Package) !!!
    mine would be ;
    1.Carry bag
    3.GOOD BLUTOOTH HEADSET( O please!!!!! )
    Over to you guys!!!!!

  79. Hey Rohan

    I’ve seen in your profile picture that you’re holding a camera..is that right? let’s make use of that camera and take few pictures of NI-A and post here for all fanboys..what say? I believe that would be enuf for all of us atleast for now.


  80. Hi Rohan,

    sounds like Germany is again the last country to get some nice things.
    It would be very nice to have an option to order the adam from you directly, even if you do not release it in Germany.

    The company i am working for is doing consulting and developing Enterprise and Mobile Applications (JEE, iPhone, iPad, Android). Can´t wait to have your device for my demos and show the thing to our customers.

    Best Regards,

  81. Folks, For all the brickbats and stuff we hurl at NI and Rohan, if you havent done it yet, hover over to his facebook page/wall etc… he is a legend in the making…

    He’s like Sachin Tendulkar in Cricket, Michael Schumacher in Formula One, and as an analogy for ‘raising the bar’ Sergey Bubka in athletics… we dont criticise them we just sit back and watch them perform for us mortals.

    Go Adam!

  82. Manish, I’ve 2 monster kids at home; so one thing I always wanted was to some how clone everything I buy so that the kids dont fight. (sigh the option of buying 2 is too heavy for my pocket)

    So, till Eve debuts (all over again!) I need a smart way to split the Adam into 3 and accommodate 30 fingers 🙂 any ideas anyone? may be I’ll ask Rohan on this one?

    Rohan? (I want that reassuring ho-jayega or atleast a manageable kar-sakte-na ppplllss)

  83. i guess probably it would be on Oct 17 (Vijaya Dasami). This is a very auspicious day for Indians and whatever is started on that day is assumed to give great success!! Symbolically, Vijayadasami is the victory of Good over Evil.

  84. i guess Google is the new partner!! It makes sense in many ways. Also Rohan once mentioned about Google in one of his previous articles 😀

  85. PS: Rohan, thinking of it those 2 phrases may not be bad for the Adam slogans… am guessing something like them may have already been finalised by now for the marketing? am not translating them just in case you have them trademarked 🙂

  86. Great! I love ADAM too.
    I really want to buy ADAM as soon as possible.
    I live in Hong Kong but I didn’t hear ADAM would be launched in HK….
    Can Rohan tell us in which country or region we can buy ADAM??

  87. Rohan I’ve always been excited about Adam
    but I’m just as worried as everyone else
    these investors are totally screwing you over, seriously
    as I do research on laptop everyday for years, I’ve gotta they’ve no idea about the notebook market
    by year’s end, lots slates are coming out
    and even the win7 tablets are now really gonna be competitive, no longer sluggish like before

    and since Adam won’t be able to run windows, if a win7 tablet gets similar specs and battery life, runs just as smoothly as an ipad or android tablet, Adam may have a hard time competing with some others
    I hope that before the product is really out on the market
    even more killer features can be integrated
    such as digitizer, although it’s like impossible to change things at this stage
    well thanks for the effort on everything
    hope you succeed on this

  88. I wonder how this product will be revolutionary if it releases a year or two from now. it just takes one more company to implement pixel qi properly and efficiently to blow the market away.

  89. Hello PK
    maybe its Oct 17th, I’m not a expert of Indian holydays, but August 15th would be a rather symbolic day: the birth of the tablet takes place at the the day celebrating the birth of the Nation India, the Name of the Tablet is Adam, like the first man, (at least in the bible) representing the birth of mankind. And it is Q3 whereas Oct. 17 is Q4 (o.k. Gandhis birthday too).
    Last not least its one single day before http://cooperchen.blogspot.com/2010/07/innoversal-lattice-coming-soon.html .
    If I were Rohan, there would be no better day than Aug 15th. Am I right Rohan?

    Greeting from Germany


  90. The second part of the slash gear article is up. Most interesting to me is the integration of an actual GPS unit as opposed to A-Gps.

  91. I just read the second part of the slashgear article.

    It’s a lot of good news, the price is what I was expecting and even if the launch still look too far from now I’m glad we have a window for the release 🙂

    Of course as usual Europe will be the last place in the world to get the Adam … 😦
    But I will survive.

    Good luck to Notion Ink and I can’t wait to see the UI.

    PS: I feel so much better now, It’s like all the anger and frustation I had just disappeared^^

  92. Ok, Part Two answered some questions. It would have been nice had they been answered about two months ago and by Notion Ink, but at least there are finally answers, even if from a third party website.

    The bullet-points you need to know:
    -They want software patents (eww), and that’s why they won’t demo current prototypes.
    -They are planning to start manufacturing in November, and depending on FCC timelines it’ll either be available by December or for CES 2011.
    -Price for the top-level model with PixelQi and 3G will be about $500.
    -They will launch in US two weeks before India, and will have an online store to service customers abroad.

  93. the info is out see


    “Four versions of Adam will be launched: each will use NVIDIA’s Tegra 2, but there will be Pixel Qi and LCD models and a choice of WiFi-only or WiFi and 3G. The company has confirmed that all will come in under the cost of a basic iPad; our source tells us that the LCD version will cost $399 for the WiFi-only and $449 for the 3G model, while the Pixel Qi version will cost $449 for the WiFi-only and $498 for the 3G model. We’ve also heard that, if Notion Ink can clinch a last minute deal they’re working on, a further $25 could be shaved from each of those figures, plus there will be special discounts for universities and students.”

  94. Wow you guys are creative all the three guess deserve to be awarded for their reasons.
    1) Aug 15 Independence for people who wanted to embrace technology in a wholesome manner, not the manner dictated by profit-seekers

    2) Oct 2: Adam is about being a TRUE technological innovation, symbol of ‘living the truth’

    3)Vijayadasami is also awesome for those guys who are really pissed over Apple: Victory of the Good over Evil

    PK and Christoph you guys rock

  95. Oh no, according to the new article it seems like we have to wait another 6 months to get an Adam. I really hope they are mistaken because that would suck for everyone.

  96. key point from slash gear part two
    release date :
    there’s a November 2010 to January 2011 window in which the tablet could be launched. Although Notion Ink expect to release Adam in the US first, their Indian launch will only be 1-2 weeks later.

    price: source tells us that the LCD version will cost $399 for the WiFi-only and $449 for the 3G model, while the Pixel Qi version will cost $449 for the WiFi-only and $498 for the 3G model. We’ve also heard that, if Notion Ink can clinch a last minute deal they’re working on, a further $25 could be shaved from each of those figures, plus there will be special discounts for universities and students.

  97. “When will the Adam be available? After suffering delays thanks to Tegra 2 issues, Notion Ink hopes it will be submitted to the FCC for certification between November – December. That could mean the chances of owning this spiffy Android tablet before January is very slim indeed.”


    i just saw this from Gizmodo and it says Adam will be delay to even to December for FCC certification!!! that would hint that the actual release wouldnt probably start till end of december at best. is there any truth behind this?

    i would love to get my hands on this around my birthday (November) :D!

  98. On application:
    Adam will come with a content store called Genesis, described to us as “a high end variant on iTunes”. Genesis integrates the Application Store, Content Store, Media Player, Book Indexer and “a lot more”; there’ll be “millions” of ebook titles at rates said to be priced “aggressively”. Meanwhile there will be a lot of preloaded applications, counterparts of many of which (from third-parties) can be found on the iPad. That will include a drawing and sketching tool that’s said to be “beautiful”, Notion Ink’s special next-generation email system which “can be used by an organization to secure, save and transmit data using their own servers” and a unique identification number coded to each Adam which can be used to track it worldwide

  99. on connectivity:
    “..rather than A-GPS, all versions of the slate – irrespective of wireless connectivity – will have true GPS.”
    On Custom UI:
    “While Notion Ink originally expected their custom UI to debut on the second-generation Adam slate, the delay allowed them to complete it in time for the first model. We had hoped to show you screen shots, but the company is still working on securing patents; they can’t publicly reveal them until that process is complete. ‘

  100. hey, rohan.
    just read the article on slashgear. the ADAM is the best tablet up-to-date!
    I’ve no doubt that right after the FCC clearance, you’ve got a lot of international marketing to do, but i’m sure it’s gonna be worth it. with these kind of price tags you guys are going to put on the adam, and those remarkable specs, it’s gonna sell like cup-cakes!!!
    it’s gonna blow the IPAD right out of the game!
    and now, it’s apple’s turn, as THEIR downfall is IMMINENT! 🙂

    best of luck from israel with the FCC, cause all else is pre-written on the wall…

  101. “together with a complete office suite with a custom skin to suit tablet use”. Does this complete office suite include ODF-support?

    And will there be support for SMB so network shares can be used?

  102. So there you have it, it’s official. The earliest it will come out is November, and more than likely it won’t be till January…….

  103. Very disappointed.DECEMBER release very sad. I don’t mind buying at $500. QUALITY can’t be compromised. But thank you for updating early. When the device comes out, hope it still dominates, but thats highly doubtful given the number of devices coming each month, there maybe similar device ready before you roll out ADAM.

  104. like so many others I have been following you since before MWC, so it doesn’t matter when you manage to release, I’ll be waiting. I knew the Ipad would be really good but i couldn’t look at it when i knew you had a pixel qi unit.

    take your time, get it right, we’ll be here

  105. Awesome! I hope you’ll have international shipping options not too late after the US launch.

  106. I would love to get my hands on one for my birthday mid-September. But, more and more that looks like it won’t be happening.

  107. Why did not you post “Interesting Article on Slashgear! – Part2” yet ?? 🙂 it would be better if you clear the cloud. Else there will be rumors here and there. Please update your website with pricing and specs 🙂

  108. Forget Gadget Guru, let me review one 🙂

    I think there needs to be a contest to win a few (dozen) just before official launch. Reward the faithful who have watched the evolution of this product.

    Can’t wait really. I “like” the iPad more than I thought I would, but I know I will love a good android based tablet! Come on Adam!

  109. Will you be selling this device in conjunction with a carrier or can consumers buy this device outright without signing contracts with carriers?

    Will it be available for consumers in Canada to buy?


  110. Great news.

    If you need any developer/tester in France, I would be happy to help you.

    So add France in the countries in which you will ship Adam first.

  111. I guess november is too late for the product launch. Apple might come up with iPad 2 and would have already gained the market share that would be hard to beat.. Nevertheless, Adam would be a BIG Seller too if the specs match the performance and in India as the market is different.

    My question would be, I know the specs shows a lot that iPAD does not do, but does it do things iPAD does and does it better? The answer lies with the developer of this product and the UI Design. Can anyone respond?

  112. According to Mohit Gupta I was to be sent a unit for trial in the US and as of this writting I still have not received it. Please advise, thank you

  113. Dear Rohan,
    I ve been following the NI-A blog for the past 6 months and I ve read every piece of article, every blog there is. I am a Post Grad student of Pathology and I m almost broke buying textbooks. I have virtually all the ebooks in pdf format and I can’t wait for NI-A to be released so I can put all my ebooks there and be done away with my heavy books.
    I ve complete faith in you that this product will be one of it’s kind. Eagerly waiting for the launch.

  114. HA! Hilarious to see people trying to ‘post-date’ themselves into the pre- pre-order family by posting replies on old NI WordPress posts.

    And if you think I’m trying to do the same, I’m the same Mark who was commenting about the Que ProReader above on August 11th. 😉

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