My Favorite Comment!

This is a comment by Mr. Phillip.

A fascinating history.
I took the time today to read ALL the posts, right back to the first one:

“The Return of Newton

Posted in The Firm by Rohan Shravan on April 26, 2009
Hello there,”

How amazing that back then there was either none or just one response to posts. Now look. There’s upwards of 100 responses, everything from “Wow this is amazing” to “You suck – I’m buying an iPad”. All of this testifies to the actual, real, genuine innovation that is going on. Its getting people talking, its getting them salivating, its getting them all worked up! Adam IS ALONE. So what if people get sucked into iWorld? So what if Dell release the Streak? So what if Google make a tablet. Since its first little squeak there’s only been one device I want- Adam.

As for updates – Sure I wish there were more. But it was impressive to me that we get any responses from Rohan and impressive that we’re had more frequent posts. When you think about it, how the hell does a 25year old who’s making history and spreading himself between multiple companies, projects, locations, and people have time to post ANYTHING AT ALL?

So I still don’t know when Adam is coming out, but here’s my bit…

Rohan I want to thank you for making this dream a reality, and although I don’t have Adam in my hands just yet, I know its going to bring productivity changes in ways I have not even imagined yet. Reading those two “Letter from a friend” posts was at once annoying and enlightening. Annoying because it wasn’t a real update, but enlightening because it open my eyes to other possibilities of device/human interaction.

I’m looking forward to picking up my reading where I left off the previous day, posting comments and uploading assignments, watching movies, laughing at youtube videos, grabbing lectures and lecture notes from my college, group texting and skyping, keeping in touch with the latest news, admiring the past, going anywhere, anytime while being able to do anything, and all this from a light slab of electronic genius in my left hand.

Freakin’ AWESOME!

Cmon Adam.

A Sincere thanks to Mr. Phillip. Words do matter a lot!


60 thoughts on “My Favorite Comment!

  1. I completely agree with Mr. Phillip…..thanks for the wonderful device Rohan….keep up the good work. We are holding on…….!!! Waiting for the Revolution….
    Best of luck…
    Thanks & Regards,
    Rajesh Sethi

  2. Hey Rohan..most of us feel the way atleast i do..n thats why waiting for adam is becoming tougher day by day.
    I hope the next update is for the release dates. Even if they are 2-3 months would be better if u let us know..

  3. Been following Adam for quite a few months. Though I have decided to buy one, was wondering if I could sketch on it or see CAD files… It would be my perfect mate if it had an e-compass too!

  4. Well, just took care of my student loan paperwork yesterday and put in for a few extra hundred dollars. Hopefully I can get the Adam before classes start!


  5. I love you, Rohan Shravan. And I will wait till Adam comes out…I won’t go eying the eves or eve-teasing as the majority of Indians do….. and those haters? those haters can go eat grass at the Yamuna bank. You just go on doin’ what you been doin’ man. I love you.

  6. Hi

    I just wanted to comment that you indeed have been coming through on your promise of more frequent updates, however all so far have been fairly insubstantial. Even your new website is too be frank useless. It offers nothing new except for a few empty promises and regurgitation of what you have already said. It has been months now at the start you seemed like a bright spark of a company but now you have become stale and have let down your fans. I acknowledge that it is immensely difficult to introduce something like this on top of starting a new business. Yet I think you would like us all to come up with extra ideas for you so called convergence device, but will not even do us the common courtesy as properly informing those that wish to help you achieve your goals, we would love to experience your product, innovations and talent. Alas I still see no real progress being made, your product is becoming outdated because you keep delaying and waiting. These excerpts from so called fans show our hope, and yet you slap us in the face again and again by providing no REAL and MEANINGFUL details. I would also just like to say I once though that the posts you took from other fans were your own words but then I realized how bad your grammar and English was and that It couldn’t possibly be you.

  7. To paraphrase Phillip, PLEASE make this dream a reality.

    Many of us have been burnt in the past by products that promised much, but delivered little (openmoko, anyone?) or nothing. Almost the last thing we want is to keep on hoping and then fall either for a bait-and-switch, or for something that didn’t work as advertised. The absolutely last thing is to one day realise that we hoped in vain.

    So all the power to you, get over whatever hurdles you face, and tell us when our wait will end. We are willing, able and paying customers-in-waiting.

  8. Enough …

    I just bough a Kindle DX. It will be ok for reading until netbooks with Pixel-Qi are out in the market. Given that Pixel-Qi devices seem to be taking ages to get into the market, this may take a year. But they will come.

  9. You know, if you said you were under a non-disclosure agreement regarding the release date, people wouldn’t be so angry with you for acting so coy and ignoring their requests.

    As it is, it’s a boggling public relations failure to respond to your customers’ criticism by just selecting the guy who says ‘Great Job!’ and calling him your favourite. All we hear is ‘Be like him, stop asking me questions I don’t like!’

    My favourite comment was the one comparing the Adam to Duke Nukem Forever. I’ll remain skeptical until it hits shelves, if ever. Meanwhile, I’m sure the lattice will get Android, and when it does I’ll buy it instead.

  10. I agree with him 110%, tempting as other tablets may look, the technology and innovations included in Adam make it a better and more complete product worth the wait and money spent on it.
    I just hope the release will be universal (every continent) and not like the Ipad where only the Americans got it and the europeans had to wait the eternity..

  11. Absolutely agree. Looking forward to the Adam. If you can use help testing the new Adam in the USA then please say so. Love to help.

  12. Rohan, you said the rumors about Nov release is not true. But it is already mid of August and there is still no pulse on the price or release date or the final spec or hands on the production version. If you see why Apple is so successful, you will learn that they release the product info well in advance for it to reach the common man. When Jobs introduced IPad, almost everyone was disappointed as it did not meet the expectations. But 3 months lead time was more than enough for ppl to accept the IPad with all its limitations and they sold 2 million IPads in 2 months. All we ask is the latest snaps of Production version of Adam and latest hands on video with price and release date. Even if it is Nov, pls convey that. Look at all the frustrations. it shows none of us following your blogs want Adam to fail.
    Newton learnt abt gravity by seeing Apple falling down to ground. If Newton is alive today, he would have discovered another form of relative gravity by looking at how freely Apple IPad reaching everyone’s hands without any resistance. We want Adam to catch Apple before it reaches to more people 🙂

  13. Nice post indeed Rohan.I can imagine what u mgt have been going through.Hopefully u might have fixed the ‘ delivery date’ of ADAM probably not disclosing due to some unknown 11th hr surprises.

    Anyway wish best of luck and let ADAM be the most innovative product of the decade!!

  14. Rohan,
    I too want an Adam tablet so bad I can almost taste it. I can smell the coppery blood pounding through my veins and taste the ozone in the air, burning up my computer as I search with anticipation for more posts, videos and release dates.

    In my search I came across the Innoversal Lattice tablet which, including the Pixel QI screen, has most of the features promised in the Adam, some (like the 8mb camera) even better…
    I’m sure you’ve heard of it.
    I have been a loyal anticipater and hopeful customer, but I’m afraid I’ll go with the Innoversal Lattice if it comes out soon. Tell your financiers that your followers want results.

  15. Cheers ADAM !!! the crew of Notion Ink has tremendous doting and love from all over the world. I am sure that is their real strength. This is so big and real that, NI does not have to worry itself with “i dont like u for this…” remarks or frenzied shouts of ‘u r so bad at updates’ from Adam-lovers; just leech out the worthy comments, if it is not late.
    Guess the real strength of ADAM will be people like Philip who has set his heart on ADAM after fully knowing there is only one ADAM 🙂

  16. The frequent updates have been nice, but I think we all really want a more solid release date. So far it is just a dream. A very nice dream mind you, but still a dream. I have to say that the promised performance and the three mode screen are much to look forward to. Just don’t make us wait too much longer.

  17. Good points, Bob. There is nothing new here on the website. Only bla-bla-bla on the message board. Be realistic. Be precise if you want to win the your fans.

  18. Does not help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just adds on to the frustration!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Is becomming outdated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Better and cheaper products are being produced!!!!!!!!

    With regret I have to inform you, her lays “ADAM” the one that was to beat the ipad, lies vanquished, without even seeing the day of light. All that existed were a few pieces and tons of disappointed fans.

    Rest In Peace my dear “ADAM” RIP.

  19. I’m really excited about the adam… found it while looking for iPad alternatives, and adam looks MUCH better. Looking foward to hearing a release date and price… in the meantime, unless you want to send me a free one (and, you know, you should feel free to do that), I guess I’ll start saving!

  20. This is starting to get a bit comical. It was better when you did not post anything. We knew there is no news.

    How much would you reasonably pay to be one of the first in North America to own a Notion Ink Adam?

  22. Sometimes just knowing that capable and devoted people are working on a project is more important than an effective PR campaign. Sure, a tablet is worthless without the right balance of features, and Adam’s key demographics will likely be very picky about this. But where Apple will hold your hand and tell you you’re not ready for cut & paste or replaceable batteries or universal ports, I have a feeling Notion will aim to keep things as open, simple, and robust as possible for as cheaply as possible and I don’t need a twitter update every 6 hours to remind me about it.

  23. I cringe and lose a little bit of respect for your company every time you add a post like this to the blog. I’m really not sure why you expect and other people are professing brand loyalty to a company that hasn’t even released their first product yet. I would be extremely happy to see your company release an incredible product in the near future that would make it worthy of brand loyalty and I would be convincing people I know that they should get one. However, that’s the thing…if someone else comes out with a tablet that’s open and operates well, that’s the one I’m going to buy: I’m not waiting around for this tablet, especially when I read the blog and feel like the communications aren’t honest. You said previously that the rumors on November release are untrue then fill the majority of the blog with fluff like this. If you stepped up and said, “sorry the release is going to be November” or “the release date is going to be early 2011”, that something I can actually respect. Blog posts like this are a negative in my view. You’ll still make it big-time if you release something good and soon, but the people (including myself) that have been following NotionInk as soon as they heard about it are only going to be willing to so much hand-waving before they stop paying attention. As for me, if you want my attention back, then tell me something real about Adam instead of some fanboi thoughts.

  24. Well, I don’t get why people still bother these comment section when Slashdot has announced, that they know the official release date of the Adam?

    To me it’s quite obvious, Notion Ink will not post a release date here. I guess they will try to reach for more people than just this blog for this. It’s quite likely, they work together with Slashdot right now and hand them over information for their Behind the Scenes feature.

  25. Also can’t wait for the adam, just hope this year of waiting won’t make this device a year behind the curve.

  26. Hello, I too am going with the lattice innoversal promise I need WINDOWS 7 TABLET, is due for release September and posted several videos ….. anyway thanks for spreading the pixel qi, for those seeking an IPAD, a thousand times better ADAM ^ ^, but I need a Tablet-PC ……. advice ……. talks more about the device Histoire filling =). bye

  27. All I have to say is that I am also waiting patiently to get my hands on Adam and start having some fun with it. If everyone wants to breathe a sigh of relief please go over to slash gear ( they have shed some light on all of the problems that Rohan and the team have dealt with. I for one hope that someone slaps that first moron of an investor for hurting the notion team so badly. I stand up and clap and cheer on the whole cure tat are now sprinting towards their goal. Thanks for making amazing devices come to reality.

  28. Wow, that is some story! If you zoom in on that graph in Slashgear article, the approximate timeline now is “awaiting FCC certification”. And then, fasten your seatbelts! It seems the cat is out of the box, so we’re gonna learn more really soon…

    I have to notice that your first investor was a genuine god-send for your competitors. I mean, that amount of completely nonsensical ideas seems nearly impossible…

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  29. Hi Rohan,
    I’m anxiously waiting for adam’s release date (more than Rajini’s ‘Robo’ release date 🙂 ).
    Actually what you guys are doing is unacceptable. I never worked on any project without giving tentative completion date. For uncountable reasons it may be delayed failed anything can happen; But It’s the least bit of empathy you are showing to the people who spent time following the product, and who is going to pay for them.
    I feel the company’s attitude is very rude. I’m not blackmailing you to get the release date :-). I’m trying to warn you guys that u are hurting people’s sentiments. This is very bad for marketing. You’ll be spreading negative image of the company to the people.
    If you had very much confident on your hardware you could have released it much earlier. Investor issues and everything are mere excuses. I don’t get why you guys are waiting to release million devices together. You could have released it in different phases. If it’s so nice, the product will speak for itself, and everyone will come behind it.
    Whenever I’m doing any project I won’t think about the money, reputation or anything. I only visualize the end person who will be using my application is my most respectable friend, and I want to do anything for him. Till now this attitude made my application to be more pleasing and bug free; consistently. It makes me confident and fearless, and many times I got support from the client (when management is worried) even if it’s getting delayed. Why I’m telling you this is, this is geeks age, whoever has talent and dream can do anything. I’m really proud and happy about you guys. What you are doing is really great thing. But don’t derail from your actual ambitions. Don’t compromise anything on the product, be very aggressive. And don’t go after the investor make the investors come behind you. If you have already released the product, you might have many investors lined up by now, and even you could have gone public.
    Be bold enough to commit! People will respect and stand by you!
    That’s all I can say….
    And if Rohan really can’t commit on date, month or year, come on people… this post or thousand posts after this won’t get you anything. Go back to your work!

  30. According to the picture that is in the Slashgear article,, Notion Ink will first launch in the USA and then India.
    It would be a good idea Rohan to release the date here first, and give all your followers the information before Slashgear comes with there second part of the article.
    When ever and where ever you will release Adam I will be there.
    Best of luck.

  31. Guys, with that Slashgear article out, and presumably the rest of global geekdom directing their attention your way very, very soon, perhaps you want to make that web site a little more presentable? I am referring to fixing the language first of all. And getting rid of Flash would be a plus. Just a suggestion.

    BTW, looking at the amount of work you’ve done: I’m seriously impressed. If Adam delivers on its promise in terms of quality, I’m going to provide such word-of-mouth advertising that you won’t be able to make enough of them. 😉

  32. Hi Rohan,
    The timeline informed us a lot on all the hardships u and your team went through.
    But the timeline depicted that Adam will be released in Us first?? please dont do this to India….please release the product in India along with US…there may be some issues i understand but please dont let Indians feel that they are secondary!!!

    And I could even see the next coming…”Eve”….good keep the innovation ticking… 😉
    Thanks & Regards,
    Rajesh Sethi

  33. It appears the delay is due the the Tegra and since Nvidia could be supporting this company it will be difficult to come out and blame them on the delay.

    The way things are looking with the tegra its quite possible early 2011 we are looking at for Tegra devices, so unless Notionink changes the CPU the delay will continue untill there is clarity on the Tegra chip.

    Being first to market has its advantages but bringing a good product is a even more important, so I say let the Notion ink release when it will release. In the meantime there aren’t exactly many alternatives.

    Ps Thanking and patting folks on the back for a device that is not released is silly and a bit bizarre.

  34. check out Gemini from converged devices or dell mini aka dell streak u can buy it from ebay. it costs around 25 to 30 k INR.
    Its a waste waiting for these guys the will have to go with what their investors say. Its also rumored that some major bug fixes are there which is delaying them.Or they might be waiting for Reliance to get the 3g license.

    I think these guys are not at all professional.They are just doing it as their final year project.

  35. from slash gear article,
    “..In the second part of our Notion Ink coverage, we’ll be talking about what the company has been doing during their extra development time, how the hardware and software has been evolving since the last functional prototype we saw, and hopefully showing you screenshots of the company’s custom UI. We’ll also have some tidbits on Notion Ink’s next-gen models, and best of all, the first public news on release dates.”

    Thoroughly enjoyed !! real dipsticks about what you and your new born company must have gone through( still going)…looking forward to hear ALL from YOU directly.This will help you to calm down rising anger wave among ADAM follower about not releasing enough information.
    Rohan ;we all are best wisher for you and Adam.But few point of caution.
    1.I want ADAM to succeed not because I’m Indian or tech freak(though used many including ‘i’ product) or something similar…THIS IS BECAUSE ITS HIGH TIME THAT SOME BODY SHOULD PRODUCE SOMETHING WHICH LOOKS LIKE ” MADE FOR MASSES” instead of only for PROFIT…SHOWING the extent to which NEW TECHNOLOGY CAN HELP people..helping the needy one…AS I’m working in EDUCATION sector..working with various government ..seeing our primary school condition..which is still pathetic. we have so much in our country but if you made technology BEYOND the REACH of common people it fails!!..Example APPLE in INDIA…So price could be an important point to consider In INDIA.
    2.Next come proper Application (real success key for” i” product ).Why only have developer competition for developing Apps. See not every user(future) of ADAM is going to be ANDROID developer but many of them CAN SUGGEST KIND OF APP they wants.
    which in turns can be used by developer to create NEW or SUGGESTED or MAY BE BETTER APP for ADAM.
    Last but not the LEAST SPEAK up ROHAN …for ONCE CLEAR ALL the DOUBTS floating around.

  36. Rohan,

    Your next blog post should be links to Slashgear’s articles!

    Too bad we couldn’t hear about any of this stuff on the blog first- especially about all the trouble you guys went through, but giving an exclusive to Slashgear is a smart PR move so I’m all for it. After all, if Notion Ink lives up to its promise, we’ll be reading your interviews in Time magazine!

    Glad to see that the launch date will be released soon, hope the run-up to launch is smoother than the the rest of your development process has been!

    Best of luck! -ptf237

  37. The Slashgear article is very interesting and truly reveals what Rohan and the Adam team has been going through. I’m starting to believe that they will actually launch a product. Some points to consider:
    It would have been nice if they had posted a link here to the Slashgear article
    I teach my students that there is a difference between effort and results. The Adam team has been struggling mightily, and for that they have my respect. But the result (read product ) will determine their place in history.
    Lastly, the market has no concept of or respect for their efforts and time is marching on. Other products may come out that will compete strongly with Adam. That is just the curse of competition. Hopefully the promised next Slashgear article will contain a release date. I’m still waiting because I have respect for all the Adam team has gone through…but the market doesn’t.

  38. I’m very anxious for this device to come out but I would rather see it done right than earlier. I get the feeling the people who bought the iPad were going to do so either way so I think worrying to much about that would be a mistake.

  39. This is indeed a very touching article!! This shows how tough is for startups even though they have the best product on their hands. Had Rohan shared this in this blog long back, it would have changed everyones’ opinion on NI and Rohan. Instead of venting anger, we would have supported Rohan and NI more, and we could have put more pressure on investors, by asking our friends to post more supporting comments :-). All the Best Rohan and team!!

  40. i dont think so. we will get the release date here before it goes to Slash gear. atleast at the same time 🙂

  41. I think they will announce a release date when they are far enough along that they can be confident they can meet a date. Otherwise there is no point- who knows what other hurdles might come up before now and product release.

    The best they can do is try to give a general sense of how things are coming along, and very rough release window, which I think they’ve done.

  42. I to think the Adam is a glorious tablet, However, school is opening soon and there for I will have to settle for the Archos 7 as the Adam wont be available until the Christmas season. Unfortunately for the Adam there will be a lot of competition the fact that it is unknown, therefore it wont make it. Which is very sad.

  43. I agree with Ben. Notion Ink as a company is still not really OUT. They are still preparing for their maiden venture. It is a very young team working on what they belive : What do we get? NI may be a company all set to heal some infected parts of the market-place where ‘brand’ companies thrive releasing newer models of the same product many times .. where they reap record profits with premium pricing and their existing brand-loyalty …

    Regarding ideas .. I am sure NI have probably been working diligently with ideas even before we got to know them. Lets not forget they have won 6 awards for best product in CES; also they have been active in the presentation of their prototype and have received accolades from the techie industry. Also they seem to feeling the pulse of the common man in reaching out to their needs/ideas in many ways.

    About being ‘outdated’. Lets be realistic there is STILL nothing in the market that surpasses the capabilities of ADAM. The delay-debacle is something which NI is facing along with Adam-doters around the world. If another product comes along that beats Adam? …. i dont see that happening 🙂

    Regarding Rohan’s English, I must say he is very good with an elevated sense of prose, philosophical in style, maybe even poetic.

  44. Notion Ink must be super confident that no other comparable competitor is on the horizon as the first to market with a device close to the specs of Adam will win. Right now Adam seems to be the only tablet even promising to deliver such a device. So we’re left with waiting……

  45. I think The Notion Ink will be my favorite thing next year. I just wonder what kind of games I can play on it. I saw Unreal Tournament 3 running on it, ( i guess on low performance) but it showed the Nvidia Tegra 2 could manage. I was just wondering what other games the Notion Ink could play. Can someone give me another chip that rivals the tegra 2 so I can see what games can run on the Adam? Also the Adam has a sim card slot, can i really call people with it? Another thing, is there a pen tool included with the Adam? One last thing, can I install Windows 7 OS (HP SLATE) on the ADAM? I hope the price is reasonable like 500 or something. Notion Ink is the next Apple.

  46. I can’t wait for this device to come out. It seems pretty amazing (although I think I would like the resolution to be a bit greater), but otherwise, everything they have packed into it is incredible. I am counting the days.

    I currently own an ipad, and every time I pick it up, all I can thing is “I can’t wait until I’m picking up my Adam” 🙂

  47. Hello Rohan,

    First of all Thanks a million for moving to Bangalore… I pray this turn out to make Mr. Jobs think about Ipad (I am anti Apple), I am waiting for it to release in India hope its the second country to get it. I have already started to save up for it. I hope my birthday in december will see Adam in my hands.

    Thanks to Notion Ink and you for makin Adam Rock!!!!!


  48. I seriously looking forward to the launch of the Adam. I’m a gadget junkie and graphic artist (hobbyist) so when Apple announced the iPad I could hardly wait to get my hands on one to see what it could do. Well, unfortunately for me, they’ve priced it right out of my hands. Besides that, the lack of flash capability on it limits its appeal. (A lot of my work is currently being done in flash.) The more I hear about Adam, the more interested I become. I don’t know how feasible it will be to hope to handle one at a dealer before I decide whether or not to plunk down the dollars, but I certainly would like to try one out.

  49. Hello!

    I was jus thinking how would the ADAM look with a built in Swril projector may be the Adam 2 would have a new wave for the world and an new though that Mr. Jobs developer are no yet thinkiin off.. 😛

    Hope to see the ADAM get through FCC soon for the US and back to Bnagalore.. I am waiting !!!!! 🙂

    All the best.!!!!

  50. This reminds me of an old school yard trick I saw once where someone was dared to pick up a chair to prove how strong they were. They would have them to pick up the chair by the bottom of one of the front legs. Even if it’s a lite chair, it’s still nearly imposable due to the torque on the wrist.

    On another note. I sure hope this is compatible with Toktumi’s upcoming Line2 for Android!

  51. Was hearing about Adam for quite some time & finally I came here today. I’m kind of a gadget freak. I own an I-Pad & kindle but after reading all the discussions/features of Adam, I’m dying to get my hands on it. I dont think nothing on this earth is even close to Adam 🙂 Good luck

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