Adam meet the Lords!

This is not a kind of post which you all might be expecting, but a few would be happy to read this.

Everything in India starts with some sort of Pooja. In the minds of current generations, its a kind of Go-Go permission from the Lords up stairs. Thats our Go-Go seeking for the new facility.

We recently moved to Bangalore with our team, the facility is up and running and we had this small opening ceremony there.

And thats Adam you see a bananas and a rose on!

Here is one more!

I am in China right now, sitting on the tables of the manufacturers, confirming the quality and timing of the product. We are proof reading the test reports of the HALT tests and a lot more.

Conditions of workers here is good, not like the one even I heard in the reports. May be it depends from manufacturer to manufacturer.

I really need to learn Chinese to communicate better with them. Seriously, if Chinese were to learn English better than Indians, there is no reason they can’t pull off everything, right from BPOs, to IT sector to KPOs.

To give you a small idea, this is what Taiwan and China were handling in 2005, and I think it has only increased!

PC Companies % of Production Outsourced Taiwanese ODM Apple 100 Quanta, Asus, Elite Dell 92-93 Quanta, Compal, Wistron HP 100 Quanta, Compal, Wistron, Inventec, Arima Acer 100 Quanta, Compal, Wistron NEC 100 Arima, FIC, Wistron, Mitac Sony 60 Quanta, Asus, Foxconn Toshiba 70 Quanta, Compal, Inventec

29 thoughts on “Adam meet the Lords!

  1. “…they say everything is on time right now”. But what time is that Rohan?

  2. If you believe your Chinese manufacture is telling you the truth you have a lot to learn. I’m happy to hear something from Notion but still no release date.

  3. Two things that i am not happy about…

    1. No date yet: this will help me hold back before i burn my pocket with an ipad or some pad. I am sure many would be with me on this. you are really stretching us thin here.

    2. China ??? could u not do this in India ? you could control everything if u did it in india. Not sure if it would have had a significant amount on the cost, cause if it was you would be moving to china from hyd.

    Working conditions may have improved but you don’t have control on what goes on after u leave that place.

  4. Hi,

    Does that mean Adam is currently in production in you manufacturers’ factory?

    Please let us now what “timing of the product” they are confirming.

  5. So Halt testing means that you are near mass production?

    Please? Everyone has been waiting quite a long time for this device. We don’t want anything binding, just some statement of when you think it will be released. Because if you wait until the last month of the year, well, I will probably go for another one of the many tablets that will be released in the meantime.

    So please, could we get some real not cryptic information?

  6. Hi Rohan,

    I wish the Lord will help Adam to populate all the world as he did by the past.
    I wish Adam’s brothers and sisters will find hapiness here in Turkey.
    I wish to have in my hand the “so wanted Adam” fruit of your hard worked project.

    Good luck

  7. Hey Rohan,

    Nice Indian touch. Let us know if you would also give the prasadam to early birds.


  8. Dear Rohan,

    Please hire a Chinese speaking employee that can help you communicate with them.
    Preferably someone who was born and lived a very long time in China.
    They can communicate and understand the mentality better.
    Just take a look at the track record with their Chinese manufacturers, it really improved when they got help from a Chinese speaking person!


  9. This post is definitely most welcome and not in the slightest un-expected! Any news is good news afterall!

  10. Happy Ayuda Pooja! Greetings from Greece! The chinese are hard to communicate in English. They may speek sometimes but you cannot understand what they are trying to say 😛

  11. We are closer than before, and that’s a positive. Keep it up Rohan. I stil await for the SDK though.
    Meanwhile, folks, this is what HALT is –
    HALT Testing – Definition
    First developed in the USA during the 1980s, highly accelerated life testing (HALT) takes a practical rather than a predictive approach.
    The method is an extension of accelerated life testing discussed earlier, but the test levels used are not based on operational data. Thermal and mechanical stimuli are applied separately and then together in order to determine the operating and destruct limits of the item under test. This testing methodology is particularly suited to products in the development or prototype stage. When coupled with power cycling and product specific stresses, this test method has been proved to expose design flaws within hours when traditionally this has taken many days or weeks using conventional test methods.
    A key difference between HALT and traditional accelerated life testing is that stress factors, such as high temperatures, are applied directly to the component or sub-assembly under test and not to the system as a whole. This can make a great difference in accelerating failure rates.
    Defect analysis is a key stage in the HALT process and is conducted when the operation and destruct limits (if possible) are known. The operating limit is defined as the point at which the unit remains operational but any further increase in stress causes a recoverable failure. The destruct limit is the level at which the product stops functioning and remains inoperable. At this stage, all major flaws in the design should be exposed. Most may require a simple fix, some may require major modification, yet it may be considered that the design is sufficiently rugged and that no further action is required.
    There is a common misunderstanding by engineers that HALT has a tendency to lead to ‘over engineered’ products. This is not the case. In fact a HALT appraisal allows designers to establish the limitations of their product designs.

  12. Ooooh. I like this post (I am quite spiritual in a sense despite not pertaining to any denomination so I love the whole ritual and ceremony aspects of other cultures, I find it rich in a spiritual sense). I hope the move, the hiring process, and the manufacturing are all going well. I read that you’re expanding your workforce from 30 and are looking to hire around 60. That’s a big move and a good sign. Hope to hear more news soon. Also, I want to reiterate that when you start giving us release dates it’d be great if you could include a list of “coming soon” countries, a time frame for that “soon”, and if possible if it will be subsidized/tied-in to a carrier. The iPad was just released here in Mexico (and don’t worry, the temptation to buy it barely registers with me) and it seems to be available with both gsm carriers (or at least I see both offer data plans for it). OR if you do lock it to a carrier, see if you can make it so that it’s only locally locked (I’ve seen cases where x cell phone is locked against local carriers but when you go abroad it lets you use a different chip and carrier). Well, hope that the move is done now that we can hope for even more frequent updates (though at least 2 weeks while moving offices to another city isn’t too bad). Can’t wait for the Adam, it will make many things so much easier.

  13. Hey Rohan,

    Congratulations on your Pooja! The fact that you are doing HALT tests means that you are near mass production which is wonderful news. For those of you that don’t know what HALT stands for it’s “Highly-Accelerated Life Testing”. The main goal is to break the product and identify the weakest link, so they can go about fixing it.

    I also noticed that the swivel camera has now been moved to the middle of the device, via the pictures you posted.

    The community really appreciates these updates.

    Best Regards,


  14. Mandarin-speaking reader here from Singapore. Do let me know if you need any help.

    can’t wait to curl my grubby fingers on the Adam!

  15. Reading Rohan’s update I recalled a friend’s Facebook update:”God made d planet Earth… everything is made in China”….lol;)

  16. I love the photos! I wish we could see more photos from “Team Adam”. I enjoy hearing all the updates, too – this is all very exciting, to witness a company being born!

  17. I’m with you on this. Have held back on buying the iPad so far, but do not know for how long. Shravan is probably tired of hearing this, but we need a date soon!!

  18. Need any help in China? I am an American Mechanical Professional Engineer located here in China (Near Beijing). I conversational in mandarin and working on a few small research projects here while improving my language.

  19. I’ll pray Lord for success of your incredible device and technology! Best wishes from Russia!

  20. Nice to see that you guys are still in touch with religion. Very encouraging to have role models like you for people like me who belong to younger generation. People see religion and technology as mutually exclusive. I for one see our Vedic religion as all encompassing.

    Waiting eagerly for ADAM!

  21. Dear Rohan,

    Hats off to you guys! Did you do the conceptualization in an IIT incubator? I know my brother and his crowd did a lot of innovative stuff there. He just filed for a patent and he’s barely just out of IIT 🙂 Anyway, I’m very very proud to see this fantastic product forming out of India! There’s a lot of buzz around it.

    I hope you can post some updates for dates and tieups soon – I suspect a few folks are going to keep their Ganeshas immersed in water till then 🙂

    Oh – and did a little birdie just mention “Reliance”?


  22. Dear Rohan,
    First salute to Ganesh & 3 Devis. After a long time I m seeing ur blog. Good to know that ur really hard working on Adam, I contacted to ur official mail Id regarding release date & price but no response. With blog I came to know that release date might be around in November that is very good news because I was about to buy ipad!!! Which countries u r planning to release? Please release soon in India!!!!
    all the best
    Waiting for Adam!!!!

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