The Change!

Sorry guys, been one of the worst season change cough, cold, fever and what not! But that’s bound to happen. These 4 cities in India (Bangalore, Hyderabad, Bombay and Delhi) are so intertwined that I have to be in one city one day and in the other the other day.

But the change is not only in the season (monsoons are here though), it’s in lot other things as well.

I think you might have heard about Google Tablet. In time to come we all would know what Notion Ink might have to do with it! The alpha App and Content stores as up and tested for scalability already. Flash is also up without battery issues.

Coming back to that change, Notion Ink is moving to Bangalore. Also, one thing which will change (which is complained by a lot of the blog readers and friends) is the update frequency. You will see a new website, and developer forum is also coming up soon.

I want to share something with you in the coming posts (how we reached this point and what issues came along, few things which must be learned by all the new entrepreneurs).

Warm regards

43 thoughts on “The Change!

  1. Hey Rohan,

    Great to hear about the new developments. Finally Adam is looking to be more and more real and seems like it wont be too far when we’ll be holding it…Kudos to all the hardwork you guys have put in and also…appreciate that finally the update frequency is going to change for the better….eagerly awaiting to check out the new website and the developer forum…cheers!!!

  2. Hey Rohan,

    Great to hear about the new developments. Finally Adam is looking to be more and more real and hopefully it wont be too long till we’ll be holding it…Kudos to all the hardwork you guys have put in and also…appreciate that finally the update frequency is going to change for the better….eagerly awaiting to check out the new website and the developer forum…cheers!!!

  3. its nice to see more frequent updates , but why are you moving out of hyderabad, being from hyderabad its just a question, what is it that the city cant offer?

  4. This update sounds very promising and Pls take care of your health. I am intrigued by the Google connection? Would have preferred a courier involvement; your work might help them come to market. Everyday my I become more aware as to how a tablet with the promise of the Adam will improve, expand and enhance so many of my daily activities.

  5. When you say “Google Tablet,” do you mean a version of Google Android for tablets with complete access to the Android Market?

    Or are you talking about Google Chrome OS?

  6. Thanks for the update. Bangalore sure would be nice change. I think it will really help the company. By the way, I still have the same question. when are you going to release is in US? I really want to have hands on. Are you releasing any products for testing? I would like to take one and give feedback.


  7. Glad to hear that you will be updating us more frequently and also plan to have a new website. But, when do you plan to tell us about concrete release timelines for each country? Just like how you find reasons and excuses to inform us about delays and issues, I hope you will soon pay attention to some compelling reasons to inform us about exact release dates.

  8. Good to see that flash is working now! Especially without the battery issues!
    I’ve read that flash support was holding you up from the final release, so hopefully I’ll see this product on the market soon!

    The app & content stores are very importent as well.. As an Information Scientist I’ve learned that hardware itself won’t matter without a proper interface and content, glad to see you’ve thought about that as well

    Don’t get me wrong, the hardware on this thing is amazing, the battery and flash support really differentiate you from i.e. the iPad!
    Can’t help being impatient though, I’m ancious to buy this thing!

    A little piece of advice though: don’t just keep us updated with your blog, but keep posting movies or sneak previews out there too.. fans keep googling your product every day, it would be nice to see some more information out there ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. I’m getting really excited here. It sounds like the Adam will either become the Google Tablet or Google is licensing some stuff from Notion Ink, perhaps the swivel camera or the trackpad? While you are in Bangalore you should stop in Target Corporation’s offices there. I would love to be able to pick up an Adam at Target.

  10. Wow – are you going to launch Adam with Chome OS? That will be quite something!! Come on, tell us that is true. But then you talk about the apps store alpha site – if you’re using Chome OS, won’t you use the Google Apps? Hopefully, Google will allow access to the tablet market for those. BTW, pure speculation – is Google your investor????

  11. Rohan,
    Hope you feel better now, didn’t know the common cold is something one could have in India.. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good to know progress is being made. The ‘Good friend’ posts were a nice read and for the most part spot on on how I plan to use the Adam.
    However words like ‘soon’or ‘Google tablet’ make me wonder what”s going on with the products you’re about to unleash onto the Globe.
    Hope you read the comment of hshomran on June 9, 2010 regarding the Good news post and considered the ideas he mentioned.

    Regards en eagerly awaiting the Adam,

    Pascal, The Netherlands

  12. HI Rohan,

    Good luck to you. Have been following you everyday. I work to build ERP and other enterprise sytems and I see an irrrversible phenomenon happening through the tablets with wireless connectivity. We are already looking at building applications which are critical in healthcare and how these gadgets can really bring in a phenomenal value. Would like to get in touch with somebody in your team for a business plan on how the tablets can really bring value to the “Bottom of the Pyramid”

  13. Thats been playing on my mind too. Is ADAM the’to-be-launched’ google tablet??

  14. I think the Notion Ink Adam is an awesome tablet but the release date won’t be until Q1 2011 and that’s ok I can wait. In fact I would prefer to get a bug free tablet rather than seening it recalled like the iPhone 4.

    Great job and I’m a very patient guy.

  15. That is a nice piece of advice. I would say the same. Keep the world outside this blog updated.

    Ipad, watch out!

  16. I also noticed that when you update something “substantial” in this blog, the news comes out in other tech blogs/sites as well. So atleast if you feed this blog with nice juicy info to bite on, the internet would do its job.

  17. I hope you feel better! The competition is bulding, I hope that the ADAM is released soon, or at least pre-orders can start soon. I wish you and your comany much success. Brian

  18. Hi Rohan

    I hope the figure of 100k includes some volumes for the russian market.
    By the way, will Adam support Russian language.

    I am based in Moscow, Russia and look forward to cooperating with you for sale and distribution of Adam in the Russian and CIS markets!

    All the Best,


  19. Whoa hold the phone… Does this mean that Adam is going to be the Google tablet? Is Google behind the reason you had your financing problems taken care of? I’m going to have a heart attack…

  20. Time is really running out for adam :(. The so called android tablets are about to flood the market with HP and WebOS following. They may be worse than Adam but people are tired OF WAITING. Ipad wasnt the best option but people bought it coz it is something really new.

    Im tired of waiting too and once decent android tablet arrives I will buy.

  21. I am willing to take a wild guess… that the google tablet is going to be ADAM

    it is a perfect platform to take on Apple iPad on a global basis….

    personally I will not like it… because the pride of one branded electronic indian product to touch every human on earth is gone…

  22. Hi Rohan,

    It sounds as though some very exciting developments are under way for Notion Ink!

    I have to say that I’m more hopeful than ever that your product will actually make it to market in the United States sometime during 2010!

    I have been following the Adam’s progress on the tech sites since the very beginning — I had already been aware and enamored of the Pixel Qi screen technology from my reading about the OLPC project.

    Like many others, I am interested in a true multi-purpose touch-driven device with both processing power suitable to a fluid user experience, as well as extremely long battery life. I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of LONG battery-life in conjunction with an excellent and fluid interface/system.

    I consider the Pixel Qi screen tech to be integral to the Adam being a truly innovative and distinctive product — so, I am disappointed to hear that you are planning to offer a standard lcd screen option! My fear is that penny-hungry investors have browbeaten you into downgrading your product design, and that ultimately the Adam which finally reaches the U.S. market may be nothing special, which as we say, would be a big Fail!

    I won’t go on to expound further on why I consider the Pixel Qi screen essential to the Adam — anyone who is aware of the PQ screen tech understands it’s benefits vs. those of a standard lcd AND and contrasted with the capabilities and battery life of e-ink.

    One more thing: please get this product out into the U.S. market IN 2010!
    You have had the edge so far in terms of described product quality, components, interface, etc — but you WILL lose that edge if you delay past this year! Read the tech sites and you certainly know what I mean.

    And lastly — price IS important! AND, I DO mean with the inclusion of a Pixel Qi screen!

    Your hint about Google is possibly encouraging — if you can offer us some more solid information about what this means. I’m hoping it means they’re investing in your co!

    Best Regards!


  23. So is Notion Ink Adam becoming the Google tablet? Will it have the Android Market?

    I should state here that without the Market access and as such, without a Kindle App, I will absolutely not buy.

    You could launch with the promise of the Market and Kindle app “coming soon” and I’ll still not buy.

    Either do this tablet right or don’t bother.

    But please – blog with something concrete. All of the blog entries here are full of suggestion and teases without giving anything real.

  24. Interesting, that would be pure AWESOMENESS if the Adam took the eyes of Google and was your big investor. This would also explain your quietness. Google would want to keep it under complete wraps. I doubt this is true, but it’s a nice dream for us for you. I haven’t seen one bad comment about the Adam, it would make sense to me that Google would go there.

    However, this would almost certainly be a sign we won’t see the Adam until just before Christmas, probably a pre-order hype. I was a huge pusher to get it out now, but I’ve already purchased the Viliv S10 Blade now (I have a 10 hour battery too, oh yeah, and Dynamism gave me a second one for free). Maybe I’ll splurge on an Adam for myself at Christmas, but you lost this sale for now. I mean smaller companies like Neofonie and Hanvon have been giving release dates already, and neither is in the US market yet. You won’t be in the market before September for sure. It looks like come September, there is going to be a flood of tablets, but I predict November for Adam. Notion Ink Adam with Google pushing it, WOW. Could be the Chirstmas big item.

    And boy oh boy would I be so happy to see Apple take a much needed punch in the iPad. iPhone 4 psh! What could be more important to a cell phone as reception? Oh yeah, “The software”. Should we recall? “Lets just give everyone a case and call it even, we are Apple, that’s all that matters”. (Glad I have the HTC Incredible) Get that iPad tablet outta here.

    And a final shout out to, couldn’t be happier with that company. They will serve you like a seller should it’s customers. So refreshing to see the quality in their business practices. If possible, bring the Adam to their site. I wouldn’t buy anywhere else given the choice.

  25. Hi Rohan, it was good to hear from you. You have promissed update frequency and new website. But no update and no new webside ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Now July wents to end and no lauch date ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Please don’t let us be in the dark. We all want the ADAM, soon !

    Harvey from Germany

  26. Whats’s the relationship between Notion Ink and RIL?
    The buzz is that RIL took on a major share in your company?
    Care to explaim or no comment?? ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. It’s been 10 days. Anything new happen? I’m extremely interested. I start another term in less than a month.

  28. I am hearing the big Indian company Reliance (likely the portion owned by the younger Ambani brother) might be the investor; its probably not a coincidence that this company also announced its entry into broadband space in India. For those who may not know Reliance or its owners the Ambani brothers or how ‘big’ they are… there were rumours not too long ago the elder brother was camping in NYC to buy out…. Walmart!

    For all those folks still doubtful about the launch of ADAM, believe me, Reliance can give any western biggie a run for its money on all counts… so if anything they will try to release it sooner than later.

    Go ADAM! Go India! Go Android! Go Google! Go Rohan!


  29. Just wondering if you guys are going to beat the iPad Gen 2 to market? Whats the ETA?


  30. Hello,
    Hope everything is going well for you. I came across the Adam some time ago, and still I have been very eagerly waiting for it to come out. I’m holding off from buying the ipad because I do need a reader very much at this moment. So please do hurry up to release the Adam ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for your brave effort and wish you all the best.

  31. Hello,

    where is the change in the update frequency you promised? 2 weeks have passed since the last update of information. This is hardly acceptable after such a post…

    Greetings Alnerion

  32. I have to make this clear: I will buy an Adam as soon as possible.

    That’s why I’m checking your updates EVERYDAY, sometimes TWICE a day if there’s any word about launch date (month at least). I think there are more people like me with that impatience. I thing YOU should be impatient too! Then I am kindly asking, to push you a little bit:

    When you want Adam to be lauched and my money to come to your accounts?

  33. Come on, 2 weeks with no updates?! Where’s the news you promised, Rohan?

    Sincerely, ptf237

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