The Dawn of Innovation!

What makes the new generation of products fascinating? What differentiates them from the older generation? Why these new products will call for engineers from different backgrounds? And in the end, in which domains these products will fall?

I have closely observed a different kind of integrations evolving in the consumer electronics domain. Take iPad for example. Most of the people involved in its product engineering have experience in Automobile Engineering. Today you talk about extrusion, milling and drilling in the CE products! Right now, its pioneered by Apple of course! iPod was extruded. There is a lot of drilling in the aluminium Mac Air. And you will see milling as the major engineering exercise in iPad. It’s fascinating, isn’t it! There is even internal “Heat Flow” analysis which takes care that your product doesn’t get fried up!

Automobile engineering will extrude consumer electronics to such an extent, that those who have automobile product engineering will soon become the most sought after resources in CE industry. Here you talk about heat flows, CNC milling processes, extrusion, sand blasting, moving components and what not!

One of a very brilliant Automobile Engineering concepts coming in Adam itself is a rubber gasket design to absorb the shock and pressure which will be there on the cover glass protection screen. When I was doing my bachelors, I observed a lot of iPhone screens getting damaged. Being a mechanical engineer myself, it was evident that to absorb shock and pressure, something should be done for the outside edges. Then there was the observation of the front and back glass panes on your cars! And viola! The solution was already there! You will find a smartly designed rubber gasket protecting! the top glass screen.

It is really amazing when you realize what you learn in one field of engineering getting beautifully implemented in the other. I have met a few engineers developing world-class products in the last few months and I have learnt a lot from them. The way an Automobile engineer looks at the CE product manufacturing is completely different. And believe me, they are the ones who know how to design a product which gives you the ‘feel‘!

You will find many (older?) products designed for functionality. NOKIA, I believe will be the pioneer in this category. Designed with best of the features, all necessary functionality and easy to use. Because they have a point here! To give a ‘feel’ you need to take away functionalities (the reason why there is no I/O ports in iPad). How many products were used to made of metals? But that’s the philosophy with which the products were designed earlier.

As more and more products will be made of metals, material and metallurgical engineering will have the most of the fun. Imaging the next generation of product made specifically to give you a 18 degree celsius feel! Imagine the body designed which change colors with external temperature! Wouldn’t it be fun that we can create a “Drum Application” where drummers can practise on the screen of Adam! The time is about to come. It’s nearer than we think. The dawn of innovation is here!

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  1. Don’t forget composites or ceramics! can’t forget about them just yet.
    Technologies like laser sintering can give the feel of metals or glass and the strength and lite weight of ceramics and the look of metals or whatever you want.

    One thing that would be nice would be changing the devices “wall paper” which also changes the colour and texture of the case , the first one to achieve that would have a killer device.

    Possibly something like an electro polymer behind a laser sintered ceramic/glass.

    In some modern devices the glass is the strongest/toughest part

    Imversive apps that draw people in and make them not want to put the device down

    One disruptive technology is 3d printing and the reducing cost

    interesting wired article – In the Next Industrial Revolution, Atoms Are the New Bits

    e.g for a low cost version of Adam or prototypes you could just print the case straight from the cad model in ABS or PLA or HDPE

  2. hiiii

    good to hear from you guys again.I would like to know are you guys open for summer internships.Please let me know cause i would love to do it. Also one advice you guys shouldn’t go into hibernation.To challenge the might of Apple you have to let the information flowing.There are thousands of people in india and around the world who wanna see you succeed and are ready to help in any way possible.

    Once again consider my request of summer internships

    best wishes

  3. Guys, I am very excited and thrilled with the prospects of ADAM. I am one of those holding my breath not to buy the iPad and wait for ADAM. That’s something very hard today, Sunday, just after the official iPad release. Even more for someone like me who lives in NYC.

    However, I am writing to ask you a favor and warn you of something that is going on in the Internet for some few weeks. You probably heard about it, but there is a rumor spreading affirming that the Tegra chip has problems, its development is delayed, and the tablets using it will only be released in the end of September. The ADAM is being specifically mentioned.

    After hearing such rumor for some time without any reaction, some friends of mine decided not to wait anymore. They are buying the iPad. Rumors like this are a turnoff. Besides, they are also bad for credibility – the achilles heel for all startup companies that do not have a reputation yet.

    I just saw some comments saying that the rumors are not true. But it’s been hard for them to reach more people – the momentum is negative for iPad competitors. It would be easier if you guys defined a release date and started your marketing campaign, otherwise the adoption of your system will be a fiasco worse than the google one phone.

    Please, help us help you. I am available to help if you need.

    Many regards and keep being creative,

    C. Mauricio Mirandola
    New York

  4. I got a chance yesterday to get a feel of iPad yesterday. I wanted to discuss my experience and I think there is no better place to discuss than this. I was not as impressed as I was expecting to be. The reason was their metallic feel at the back with curved design forced me to hold it too tight, and after a while I wanted to keep it back on the desk. It was not the weight of the device but the material (Aluminium, I guess), it slowly slips away from my hands. I wish they had been more practical by providing a better grip on the back side. This will also result in many accidental drop damages. Of course I can buy a accessory for it (iPad case) and it will be just fine but why would I want to make my product more bulkier, I already have so much to carry around.

    Also, the typing on iPad is not as fun and hence they created the keyboard to attach to it. Again why do I need an extra accessory to carry around. I wish ADAM has a better way (thumb typing option) or a flip out stand that we have in all desktop keyboards.

    Last, just a heads up on a fact that on iPad, one can’t copy images from the safari and paste it on to his presentation (probably they will include it in next update). And I think pictures a very important part of presentations. While using the office apps I was really missing the right click option as it makes everything so easy to figure out.

    If tablets are suppose to take place of my laptop it better have a nice grip so I can dump my big laptop bag and sleeves, doesn’t need any accessories and can help me do all my office work.
    Thanks for reading.

  5. Thanks for the updates on what has been going on. It has been a crazy couple of days of Ipad fever going on here in California and the rest of the states…however with all the hype and media coverage that has been taking place, it still hasn’t affected my decision to wait for the Adam to come out. I have been eagerly awaiting some sort of confirmation that a June/July launch is going to happen even after the bogus rumor of Nvidia delaying tablets using their chips. I have faith in your product and am anxiously waiting to get my hands on the Adam tablet!!…Keep us all informed in the very near future of when we can expect the finished product, because i’m sure I am not the only one who is hoping that the wait won’t be too long(June PLEASE!)..anyway, keep up the good work and hope to hear and see more of the Adam very very soon!..thanks

  6. Hi
    I’m all excited to see your blog waking up again.. and eager to know when you’re going to launch and what your price range is going to be… You will sell in India right?? πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to ADAM. very much.

    btw, you should set up your to redirect automatically to… I did a google search for notion ink and landed up there, and was wondering “wait a minute, why is Notion Ink website like this”….

  7. Personally speaking, I’m prepared to wait as long as it takes for the ADAM, but hope that we don’t have to wait too long!

  8. I am personally looking forward to your product. I have been researching Android based tablets for the better park of the quarter, and yours seems to be the only one that I am impressed with.

    I have been scanning the web daily to get more and more information on your product, and the quicker it comes to market, the quicker you will have my USD! πŸ™‚

  9. This article is great and has some insightful thinking. I really like the bit about drumming but only if you can give a reinforced fibre or something similar. However, please do take time to check your article for mistakes.

    I have been listening to the same old banter in the media reports since February!
    Please show us some apps you have developed! And I have a question- can we download apps from android marketplace?

  10. I would buy ADAM if it had 4:3 ratio (and only a Pixel Qi version of course) with at least 768 pixels wide. It’s mostly for reading and www, so 16:9 doesn’t make any sense (in portrait mode it’s to narrow, in landscape mode to wide for www).

  11. We need more noise about Adam. Now!!!
    Dont want to see a quality product from India getting drowned due to lack of media attention and noise, especially after such hard work. Looking forward to the launch. Cheers.

  12. Hope you guys ship to Sri Lanka. Can’t wait till I get my hands on a Notion Ink ADAM.

    Keep up the great work and keep updating the blog πŸ™‚

  13. I agree with the rest of these posts that Notion Ink needs to be more visible in the American market. American consumers are (unfortunately sometimes) driven by hype and the “next hot” product even when the product falls short of the competition. Given this and the fact that Notion Ink has the potential to be an industry changing product such as an ipod or laptop, they need to use substantial resources to market their products and generate excitement. A quick google search of the Adam will lead to articles dated back in January/February with dated specifications and past renders. Rohan, create your own buzz on the internet and drive the dialogue of your product.

  14. will adam run gnu/linux? I’m not a big fan of android, a bunch of processing power going to waist because of all the java crap and a 1280 res screen would have been nice 1024 is a bit to low.

  15. There’s really no need for noise at the moment. The Adam doesn’t hit until June at the very earliest and the iPad hysteria still needs to die down.

    Personally, I’m gonna really see it as this year’s “N900 vs iPhone”, where the Ink will probably have a lot more hardware access for alternate OS’s. At least, that’s what I’m gathering from the compatibility list of “Android, Ubuntu, Chrome OS”. If they’re already thinking about an option for all three of those, MeeGo is probably not an impossibility, and for an all-in-one device that’s actually designed to be used in a tablet (Ubuntu’s not really there) and can actually play multiple video formats (MKV, AVI, and Android’s a no-go there), it seems like MeeGo’s gonna be the OS of choice.

    Plus I’m gonna want to tether wirelessly to my Droid for basic web-surfing, which I REALLY know isn’t gonna happen on Android, which doesn’t support Ad-hoc networking.

  16. One most important feature missing in IPOD touch/ IPAD is the ability to lock. It is very strange to not have lock feature, especially as we are exposing very personal details like email accounts and other personal data. Hope atleast ADAM will have a way to lock and unlock using password encryption.

  17. After reading the leak (intentional, as per me) of HP slate specification and price, shows how restless the companies like HP are getting to launch their tablets. This impatience has already caused iPad some trouble with its WiFi connectivity, App stability and high-temperature-triggered sleep mode (If the iPad is in sun for more than 10mins in goes to sleep mode) and more. These problems do have solutions but they are mostly hardware issues so they can’t be fixed permanently. This makes me think that ADAM is still top on the tablet list as they are taking their time in testing (like Flash compatibility), and not rushing to sell us a crappy tablet .

    I would rather keep patience for Adam and leave out some upgrades for Eve.

  18. Hi Rohan,

    I admire you and your company and I’m really looking forward to the Adam.

    My biggest question is why will it be limited to 3G? Why not include something like a Beceem/Motorola BCS500 multi-mode chip in it and allow all the telecoms to subsidize the same unit, or consumers to buy it without the subsidy?

    Only having to make one version would lower production costs and allow consumer mobility and carrier competition. And since you’re probably not going to release it until the end of the year, you might as well make it more future-proof by allowing it to be 4G-ready.

    From Beceem’s website (

    “The BCS500 multi-mode chip supports the latest revisions of the IEEE 802.16 standard, namely 16e and 16m, as well as the 3GPP-LTE standard, based on Release 8 specifications. It is the only device chip to support UE Class 4 capabilities. In addition, it supports both TDD and FDD configurations for LTE and IEEE 802.16m, even enabling real-time band/channel reconfiguration through a unique multi-mode β€œautosense” feature that automatically detects the network type.”

    I really hope the Notion Ink Adam will be ready for the next generation of wireless broadband. Otherwise, I’m afraid I’ll have to wait for Eve.

    Thanks and good luck,

  19. Interesting the joojoo pad got panned in the first review especially its flash performance
    “Even putting aside the fact that Apple’s $499 iPad brings more to the table than just web browsing, the JooJoo is less portable, has a worse (if larger) screen, is unintuitive to use, and ships with half-baked software. ”

    2.5 hour battery life with flash up to five without – no better than a normal laptop

    Engadgets latest update on Adam

    Problem is 4G isn’t going to be available in all countries where as 3G is available.

  20. 3 things
    1. I really like the final look. the Notion Ink crew has done a fantastic job. my hat is off to you. I look forward to rubbing my ADAM in the face of all the iPad users i can find at my local coffee shop.

    2I really think its important to keep the ADAM project as “open” as possible. I noticed in the Specs that you have a SIM Slot.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t carrier lock this thing!
    I plan on buying ADAM in any case but I don’t want to have to wait for someone to unlock it!
    I think an open GSM platform would make sense both in and out of the US. I want to be able to bounce my SIM from my G1 to my ADAM and back again.

    3. Adobe (rude gesture) Flash while a selling point is not the only selling point. I understand wanting to release a completed system and I agree with Prashant don’t rush it and fling more poo onto the market… I would also be careful not fall to far behind the release curve.

  21. just found out the ipod touch has lock with passcode. ignore my comments πŸ™‚

  22. Rohan-

    I have been intrigued with your product from day one and even more so since the launch of the iPad.

    I am curious about your launch strategies for the product in the U.S. I specialize in launch strategies for products and was wondering if Notion Ink had considered something hat I think might be perfect for the Intro.

    If I reached out to you through Linked-In could I have a minute of your time?


  23. Flash certainly is not the ONLY feature that makes Adam impressive. However, do not underestimate the strategic importance of unleashing a truly “Flash friendly” tablet to the market place that is NOT coming from some dinosaur technology name like HP.

    The PC crowd DESPERATELY wants something as cool or even “cooler” than an iPad and the Adam is the closest thing to that right now. the HP slate is wel….just “too HP”. Which is another way of saying, nerdy, dorky and passe before it even hits the shelves.

    However, an Android-based tablet from India spearheaded by a 20-something year old founder is VERY cool. AND if I can truly have the best browsing experience ever with it, inclusive of 100% of YouTube and the 85% of the web, MANY OF US will stroll straight into the nearest Apple Store and start evangelizing about Adam right to the Apple “fan boys'” faces. But Adam has to be damn near 100% perfect before any of us are willing to walk that Apple gauntlet. ANd to be near perfect requires near perfect Flash compatiability.

  24. Rohan, can we have a video of this product? People, like yours truly, are willing to wait but, with no sightings since February, we’ve started to gaze elsewhere. HP Slate, ICD Gemini, iPad (well, not so much!), etc.

  25. NVIDIA said that rumors about Tegra delay are false. That makes me wonder if either Apple or its fans were behind those rumors in a first place…

  26. I 100% agree with this plea!! Subsidies for smart phones are one thing, but not for a tablet.

    I look forward to seeing the prices and time-to-market for the US! πŸ™‚

  27. Rohan,

    Please keep up the information stream. This appears to be the year of the “tablet” and ADAM needs to be represented. David Pogue of the New York Times and Walter Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal.

  28. I think, it’s quite important to have a convenient Copy/Paste functionality. I was so surprised when I realized there is no way to select something in GMail (Gmail app) on my Nexus One and paste it into another place. It is possible with a page displayed by browser, but still limited and inconvenient. Looks like iPad (iPhone too ?) are better in doing that.
    I’m not sure if this is fixable within current Android version, but without a convenient way of copying and pasting, there could be no business / serious use of a device.

  29. Since you are taking the time please do check out the glasses-free 3D screens from Sharp.

    Adding them will give you an advantage that will even surpass the iphone 4.

    I am serious guys. Just try it. If not the first, then maybe with the next. But i would like to see you guys do it first.

  30. I too hope that telecommunication vendors are not the only path to purchase an ADAM.

  31. Well, Adam is just fascinating as a product: it’s great design looks much more level with modern aesthetics than that of the much discussed iPad, and the feature list looks impressive (sim card slot… new smartphone, anyone?). But questions keep bugging consciousness from deep inside:
    1. How will the company handle dead batteries? Surely, everyone realizes that there is nothing really which cannot be disassembled, which leaves only room for wondering β€” to which level exactly is the battery not removable? When we are talking about macBook air, everybody knows to expect a large variety of various hardware part clones produced in China or Korea within a month of the release date. So eventually, changing the non-removable battery in a macBook air would be a simple matter of taking up a screwdriver, and… well, changing it. And batteries do die. I’ve been running my laptop without a battery for over a year now, because the battery just died, does not hold charge enough even to boot up. For me, and for a portable workstation, that is no problem at all, since I do not use my computer outside of heavy graphics work anyway. But a portable gadget like the pad, shouldn’t be just thrown away because the acids lost their potency.
    So eventually: to which extent is the battery integrated, and how will NotionInk handle batteries which have lost their capacity to hold charge?
    2. Are there going to be pre-orders on the Adam? The time is running fast, it seems only yesterday it was announced, and it is the middle of april now. I am sure, thousands of people would be just as anxious as myself to hold this marvel in their hands, let alone finally carry their textbooks in a bag weighing a measly two pounds. (and anyone who has been to an engineering faculty, knows how these textbooks always have colourful schematics and are at least seven hundred pages long).

  32. I understand that as a startup currently your focus will be only on the hardware development. But are you also looking forward to kindle like ebook/newspaper delivery with tie-up with Indian telecom provider?

  33. I know you are working hard to get this device out but what is the progress… In a world as fast past as this you need to follow hype with a product. It’s ok to build hype for 6 months after that people loss interest. Please give us an update on your progress not on your thoughts of the iPad

  34. Hi Rohan,

    I am following your product and waiting for it to release. Though iPad is tempting, I am holding myself to support our very own product. Will Adam support Linux ? I love Ubuntu and would love to have a system that is open source.
    All the very best.. Do keep us posted on tentative product release date.
    I hope to see Adam atleast in hands of college students in India and around the world.

  35. We’re waiting for it Rohan. But get it out soon else supporters are like telugu cinema fans – you get the drift. It’s promising but make sure you get it to market before the iPad establishes itself as the tablet to have out there.

  36. I have observed that most companies are concentrating on hardware and very less on software. we all know that iphone was successful because of its interface and not because of its hardware. I remember seeing Video where Rohan was showing demo and it took 5 attempts to connect to wi-fi, just watching that video was unnerving.I hope you iron out such issues before launching. The distribution and marketing system that you guys adopt will matter a lot. I know one thing for sure if you try to target this tablet to common man its gonna fail bcoz no tablet will be able to compete with windows tablet or laptop in terms of application or processing power. Android was built for light processing systems or say cloud based applications. well it remains to see if ADAM can project it self as the ‘it’ thing that every one wants to own. so Rohan what strategy are you going to adopt.

  37. Adam looks like it is the system I would be willing to drop 500-800 on. But this is only a result of a video I saw on youtube that was recorded 3 or 4 months ago. I keep waiting for the floodgates of information to open up about the ADAM, but they seem to remain closed. I would expect the only marketing venue that is public (that I can see) this website, would be updated every day or two with something – anything to build buzz around the product. Every day that there is no information is a day that a potential buyer will possibly settle for an Ipad or Slate.
    Any information, progress posts, anything to stay connected.

  38. hi!
    I am from slovenia europe and am also wainting for your ADAM.

    I was just wondering about maintenance and availability. Will it be available in EUrope?

    And also a warning:

    don’t wait too long because Germans are making a WePad, that is also looking really great. Don’t miss out on the market just because you want to make the ultimate device. Maybe save some for the necxt one (3D :)) )

  39. Thinking to a magnetic mount for sticking onto a refrigerator, for example.

  40. will you guys make a stylus compatible with this tablet?
    i’ll love to have a stylus for it as it’ll help so much in design and sketching and make this device even more useful
    im sure some other people may love to see an optional stylus for it too!

  41. I really like the “The dawn of innovation is here!” statement. Durability is key to carrying around a mobile device.

    Of all the tablets I have looked at and read about yours is the most innovative. I would love to hear more about it on the web.

    I am looking forward to its release in the USA…I hope you will be selling it here.

    I wish you a lot of success. If I can help, even though I am a ‘nobody’ just say so.

  42. guys you have been able to come up with a awesome product i am sure you can come up with an decent website. Also i don’t see any marketing?

  43. You may not lose out to the iPAD if consumers looking for a better solution are forced to wait and wait and wait. However there are companies coming out with the Pixel Qi screen so I’d get things in gear or you’re gonna be too late.

  44. i got my hands on ipad yesterday. it was ok, but it was limited access to internet.
    most of the website i’ve visited needed flash and ipad didn’t have it. it was disappointing.

    will there be a different color to choose? i prefer this color than the black one.

  45. The majority of Google searches of the Adam still leads to links with dates from Jan. and Feb. I spent my weekend playing with an IPad and I have to admit the experience was much more fulfilling than I had anticipated. There is a large number of consumers out there who get there product reviews via the web and since the web loves the IPad and for the most part condemns the Adam, you are missing out on potential customers. Your product has to much potential to be left unspoken for.

  46. While you are busy at testing and delivering the product, I hope you guys are working out the modalities for customer support post sales. No product would succeed without good post sales customer support. See Google Nexus One failure as an example. A telephone customer support is a must.

  47. After all these years of drilling and milling young minds with technical education of one kind or the other Innovation in every walk of life is inevitable.Once I Pad or Adam like devices becom common as cell Phones even the local un educated vegetable vendor or vegetable grower will innovate the way they provide their services….No Big Deal.

    It is discoveries that the World needs…It is scientific explorers that the world needs..Technicians and Businessmen there will dozen a dime.

  48. Please bring this on. I can’t wait for this any longer even though I could. I really want it in june or july or at least before college starts for me. But I would for sure want it before my first year in college. You have promised a lot and I keep fate in you guys, but please, don’t turn our hopes down on this innovation.

  49. Incredible. I just recently found out about the ADAM and every video, article, or even blog post that I find… just makes me love the product more.

    Being able to take a video of a lecture? Able to draw diagrams, and type on it? A large amount of battery life? It’s almost perfect. Only two things will stop me from buying it.

    1) If the interface and software are terrible (which I am extremely doubtful of!)

    2) If it’s not sold in Canada.

    so, hopefully neither one of those come true. Very excited.

  50. According to your hardware spec and performance, this product has a preeminent design. However, mobile manufactures adopting Android more or less suffer from the version change storm and it seems not many vendors can promise to provide the upgrade service whenever a new version of Android is released.

    How about you?

  51. For the last month, I have been looking forward to any new news of the Adam with great anticipation! As the HP Slate is rumored to have been canceled, the Adam is really the only other tablet I am considering alongside the iPad.

    Just a word of marketing caution, as an average consumer… I will have made my choice by Oct/Nov, in time for the holiday season. Whichever product I choose is likely to be an early present to myself, from myself :-).

    I admire the innovation of your product so much that I am willing to hold off on buying an iPad for another few months while I wait for a price/release date announcement from you… but PLEASE don’t let us be waiting for too long!

  52. Hello Rohan,
    At first, thanks to make us dream with your product, and please please please go as fast as you can to make it available to the market (I know you already do as fast as you can but you know that it will never be fast enough for fans πŸ˜‰ ).
    Secondly, I’m from France, and I wish I could get the ADAM at the same time than in the US or in India. Please don’t forget us in Europe because I already fell in love with this tablet.
    So will the ADAM ship worldwide at the same time? Do you have partnerships with carriers in France too?
    Thanks for asking and please continue your incredible work on the development of the product we’re all waiting for.

  53. Kudos to the team who has come up with a Tablet PC this good.

    I am keenly waiting for its release. I hope that it is going to be soon enough to compete with the market already dominated by Apple products that come nowhere close in comparison to ADAM. In my opinion, should you announce the release date and likely price of the product, you will save a share of the market for yourself. It would also be a peace of mind for people like me eagerly waiting for one. Thanks.

  54. Suggestions:

    (1) It would be a good idea to have a roller next to the cam (preferably with ridges) so that you turn that and the cam turns. Or else it would be a pain to clean the cam every time of the finger prints.

    (2) A keyboard which can flip and fold to the back? The standarad QWERTY laptop key board seems to be less than 10″ (if you shrink the keys a little), so might fit well with the ADAM. You seem to be having so much room in there to pack so many features and supporting hardware, why not this!

    All the best with the release ! Looking forward to it

  55. No pictures, no video, no website, no real new details apart from delay announcements. This is sadly starting to smell vaporware! In the meantime, millions of users are buying an ipad.

    I don’t care about flash support. Just make it as open as possible and the userbase will start modding it and adding value. Give us great hardware and everything else will quickly fall into place.

  56. Have not head anything from you guys in a long time. Are you still out there? Has the Notion Ink been canceled? I guess I need to go buy an iPad? 😦

  57. Definitely waiting breathlessly for more news, maybe with some meat on it this time? No new blog entry for a month makes me nervous…

  58. Hi Rohan,

    I can’t stop thinking about Adam since day one. So, it’s a time for another blog, please.

    I had a suggestion in mind since I find out that Adam is going to come in Fall. It’s about the packaging. What if you make a special suit case for it with foam and special cuts for the accessories and maybe sell it as an accessory or with the tablet so it looks stuning before taking it out of the case. The Adam it self is awesome, can’t wait for it but please ship it to US as soon as you can. I want it for my college and everything.


  59. Hello Rohan,
    I’m in Korea. (maybe… Will I see in Korea??)
    I have been watching your product, Adam.
    I hope to get Adam for long time.
    You’re complete Adam except flash, I saw comment somewhere.
    I don’t need flash. So, I want to get the Adam as soon as fast~~

  60. Hello Rohan,

    I’m one of those who are really impressed by your product and waiting for it’s release. Few questions though,

    1. Apple always neglected the huge Indian market with no Indian language support on their mobile/tablet devices. Is Adam going to do anything to support Indian languages?

    2. Is there a supported stylus that I can use? Is annotations on PDF, books supported?

    3. Can the book reader read books in Indian languages? Is there any effort to bring the digitized Indian literature from say IIT on Adam? Can such be (independently) started?

    4. Is there a reader only device that can be bought for academic purposes?

    Thanks for your attention to what users want, rather than to what you want to sell,

    Best of luck!

  61. Can you give us some words? An update to this blog? Did you’re dog die or something?

    This one post per three months is very discouraging. I’m SERIOUSLY considering buying the Archos 9 and saying screw it. Just tell me I can pre-order the Adam in June and get it in July and I will survive the wait.

    For sure if that Hanvon tablet comes out all the way to the US, and there hasn’t been any official talk of availability on the Adam, I’m gone.

    Honestly, anyone in Europe can pre-order on for the newly named “WeTab” (former WePad, GLAD they changed it) which is not AS good as the Adam, but if it’s out, and there is a HUGE question mark over the Adam, I wouldn’t wait.

  62. Guys,

    you see how excited everyone is and how much we all would like to see the Adam!

    But please, do not keep silent, you have to communicate with us! More than a month without a blog entry will not do! You don’t have to tells us details about the technological aspects of your device, we would gladly read more inspired words on life in general.

    Anything to show us that you are still alive πŸ™‚

  63. hello Rohan
    congratulations first of all on ADAM!

    I am truly looking forward to getting a Tablet PC in the very near future, and would like to go for yours… would you definitely release in June 2010 as reported in the media? quite keen to try it. Personally I think the quicker you release the better for you, before iPad hits the international market… its going to be only very few people who will buy in twos and threes… especially with the marketing power of Apple!
    good luck anyway!

  64. Hi Rohan,

    It would be nice if you can hint an unofficial list of countries where the device would be available. πŸ™‚

  65. Are these guys still out there? Have they gone under? Yes, no news for a month is a bad sign. Too bad. These innovative startups start strong and then fade away… and the we are stuck with iPads.

  66. @Janthonywj


    I am also very excited for this tablet but I think it’s worth to wait for and I don’t recommend Archos 9.

    Even though there were no blogs, on google news I found a recent interview with Rohan and his partners. The mentioned that the release will be in 3rd quarter and by then it will be 100% ready.

    The link is

    Hope it will helps and make your decision wisely πŸ˜‰

    Good Luck

  67. You are right about Archos. I had Archos 5 Android table and sold it. First of all, resistive screen does not worth spending any money. Then, it was buggy. And obviously, no Pixel Qi. As far as I know, 9″ Archos will be even slower than 5 ” one. So, don’t ruin your Android experience, do not buy Archos.

  68. So when is the big day? When can I see the product in stores at Hyderabad? Can I pre-book Adam before the launch?

  69. Where is Adam?
    We’ve been waiting for months now. I actually got weak and bought a dang iPAD. (but thankfully I came to my senses and Returned it!)

    Pls. at least give an update so we don’t think Adam is just Vaporware — like Courier.

  70. Seriously guys, for how long do you think people will remember you if you don’t post some updates? I hate to be the one to say this, but with every day passed, the ADAM starts to seem more and more like vaporware.

    Dawn? More like the YAWN of Innovation.

  71. Hey NI, how about some news, new vids, or something. Really my time is running out here. Put Froyo(Android 2.2) on this thing with flash, unlock the usb and let it out. And one more thing: make it global; i live in E Europe and i want to buy a tablet until summer ends. Plz don`t force me to buy that lame iPad. I really want full browsing, pixel qi and HDMI port

  72. I heard that andriod 2.2 is supported ‘Flash’.
    I realy want to “Adam”.
    Please, see me in Korea as soon as posible~~

  73. hey, guys
    nice work n thought.
    just a little advise; have a designer in your team. the blog, talk and work need a bit of witty n intelligent visual thinking

    all the best

  74. Hey notion ink

    I am one of many that are eagerly awaiting news about your product. It is by far one of the most impressive devices I’ve come across and i think everyone here can agree. It is understandable with the amount of work that goes into creating such a device can make it difficult to keep the world informed but by not doing so you could be losing more business than intended, especially with the ipad’s release. Although waiting to see what you may have missed by studying the ipad is a good strategy, doing so for too long can greatly inhibit your chances of a good following developing from the mainstream crowd. So don’t keep the world in the dark, let us know what’s happening. I cannot wait to see this hit the market and if done soon enough it’ll be a true iPad killer.

    best of luck,

  75. gunderdog said, on May 9, 2010 at 00:56


    you see how excited everyone is and how much we all would like to see the Adam!

    But please, do not keep silent, you have to communicate with us! More than a month without a blog entry will not do! You don’t have to tells us details about the technological aspects of your device, we would gladly read more inspired words on life in general.

    Anything to show us that you are still alive

    I think he has expressed the main feelings that many of us have.
    I am in the US and am desperate to start using Adam, it appears to be the PERFECT
    replacement for both my hp laptop and my Motion Computing LE1600 that I am currently using as an e-reader.
    Being in sunny California I want the gray scale as well as the color, the color to use with surfing, reading at night with no external light and the gray for in the back yard and porch.
    I decided NOT to get the Alex because the Adam is SUPPOSED to arrive SOON, less expensive and BETTER !
    Even ordered one of those Ekon droid toys to get used to the android system while I wait,, but how long that will be is driving many of your loyal future Adam-ites to distraction.
    Please give us just a hint as to when we might be able to order the shiny-shiny pretty-pretty. ( gotta love Lord of the Rings fans… ).


  76. please update your blog
    your company is not doing a very good PR job (it’s a great device, but not enough people have heard of it)
    you have some (albeit small) power to help spread the word

    give us a status update or something else

  77. For whoever has been messing with the tags of the blog posts these past few days, please decide on some tags already and stop changing them so often.

    For those of us that use a change detection & notification service to track this blog, even messing with the tags triggers change notifications messages… i hurry here to see what’s new and all i see is the same old blog posts.
    I then try to see what exactly has been changed using a diff between the old and new page versions. When i see that only the tags of the various posts are affected it’s a bit disappointing… i’m waiting for more news about Adam + Pixel Qi, not just some tags being shuffled around 😦

  78. I know what’s going on here. The guys at NotionInk have their hands full of women now that they are going to be successful and they were sidetracked by the… Guys focus.

  79. This looks like an excellent product and will probably be my first tablet when it comes out.

    One suggestion for a next generation Adam would be a clip-in bluetooth headset. With a little help from a company like Jawbone, it could smoothly flow with the lines. Just one push on it and it pops out.

    Why are we carrying a phone if we can have it all in a tablet?

  80. Its very sad to see no updates from Notion Ink for the past 2 months. It would be very tough to wait endlessly, hoping to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Come June, Apple could be releasing new version of IPad with better features, along with its new line of IPhones…. which means more erosion in the share of Notion Ink.
    So please throw some updates to keep our hopes on this dream product alive!!

  81. I’m going to college and I really want to be able to have the option to get a Notion Ink Adam, but if I can’t be sure it’ll come out at least a little while after I start college (august) then I’m probably going to have to get a laptop or maybe another type of tablet if any meet my needs for college. =\

    I’m also one of the many who want to know that you are alive! Even just a short post of “hi, we’re still working on everything, more detailed updates to come later.” would be better than nothing.

  82. Considering it will be a while before Flash will work flawlessly on mobile devices(it’s not even hardware accelerated yet) and until Nvidia is ready with Tegra 2, will Adam have Android Froyo on it? After all, Flash works only on Froyo, no?

    I think even if it delays you one month, the delay will be worth it (as long as you launch well before Android Gingerbread is announced).

    You will get a lot more buzz and media coverage by being the first good tablet with Froyo on it rather than having a 7-8 months old OS on it. It’s quite a bit of dissapointment when devices are launched with 1-2 versions behind Google’s latest announced one.

  83. I am anxiously waiting and despairing the right tablet. There are so many reports of all the new tablets that will hit the my liked everythiarket for the end of the year. I really, reallly liked everthing I read about the Adam and I know that there will be difficulties bringing it to the market but can you give us an idea as to when that will be. The temptation is very high for me to jump and buy something now but I can wait. If I only knew how much longer I would have to wait it would make it a little more tolerable. Can you pls give us some info.

  84. Wow, just wow! Tomorrow morning (in four hours) the tech blogs are going to explode!

    Glad to hear you’re still on track, wishing success in Taiwan!

  85. Hello!
    Check the first spread or the first two pages… I had come up with a drumming concept for my diploma project in my design course at Srishti, Blr.
    I tried to create a prototype of that using Nokia phones recently – bad latency issues, but hopefully a good device like ADAM can do wonders someday!
    Proud of you guys! πŸ™‚

  86. I am interested in the e-reader functions. Will the Adam have text to speech capacity?

  87. So are you guys going to beat Asus to market and sell some Adams or not ?

    Looking like Asus is looking at a preThanks Giving launch .

    Any updates ? Are you guys still going or ?

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