So where are we?

Extremely sorry to all those who were waiting patiently. Things really got busy here.

Lot’s of good stories to share, but heck NDAs!

Lot’s of ‘extremely exhaustive’ content coming your way! We want to make Adam a universal device which can give you access to a lot of different kind of content, and that is exactly where we are working right now. Have done few collaborations on the content front which will be beneficial for all. Being a student myself, I am personally working to make the lives of all students pretty easy when it comes to getting educational content on the device and that too, at a competitive price.

iPad will be launched today! Waiting eagerly for one like you all. Have ordered for one to understand did we miss anything? Or is there something we should learn or improve upon? They are genius when it comes to streamlined interactions. “One store to rule them all!”. But then a different app for books? May be more for comics, newspapers, magazines? Let’s see.

We are doing some innovation on email front as well. Business people will love it. It will give you an amazing freedom which we never had.

Wish I could share more on the names of the companies we are working with. There will be announcements soon. We will soon be announcing the Application Competition Soon. Developers of already exiting application will have a lot to earn as well.

We are also into lots of University Collaboration as well. Developing technologies with them, for them, for the open communities, and we are open to lot more to work closely with. “They will be the first ones to get early access to the devices as well.”

So, are the stories of product delays true? To be frank, I can’t say about other companies. But we want to go ahead only with Flash availability. As soon as the stable Flash is there, there will be two months of testing and we will hit the stores. Also to remember here is the marketing strategies of our partners aka Telecom Firms. It depends a lot on them when they want to hit the markets. We have seen different strategies for different players. Some want to give you Adam for Thanksgiving, some for summer holidays, some when you start a new year at your schools. So, it depends.

Again, apologies for those who were waiting for some information on the blog. It is due to “your” support that a 24 something like me can do something this big.

Warm Regards and Love!

69 thoughts on “So where are we?

  1. Rohan,

    Thank you for the update. Obviously the iPad is enjoying a media whirlwind here in the U.S. But your passion for the Adam and the work being done at Notion engenders some patience and support. We can wait! And your honesty is very refreshing.

  2. NDA’s yuck, can be a real pain to try to remember what you can and can’t say.

    Good luck with trying to get flash running well , shudder.

    On the University collaboration , is that just for India or would you be interested in collaborating with universities in other parts of the world ?

    Any education type apps yet ?
    Have you guys tried running sugar on it yet ?

    Or anything for the seniors market (55 -60+) ?
    One market segment a lot of people forget about

    Just don’t let the Telecoms firms control how users can do software upgrades and install apps etc , thats why Apple cleaned up with the iphone, they enabled the user.

    Don’t let them delay the launches to long otherwise you’ll be fighting for sales with larger companies possibly Dell ,Asus and possibly even Google.

    Hopefully we can get our hands on one in June still ?

    Good luck (and stay sane)!!!

    p.s Not sure if you are able to answer this ?
    Does tegra2 allow the use of cuda or opencl or just opengl ?

  3. Thanks for your honesty! This was what we wanted, an update – you gave us two! I’m certain that I’m not alone in waiting for your product. I see you’ve bought the iPad which makes me very sad (lol)… Good strategy… Ok, now get back to work

  4. thanks for update.
    As for delays from other companies, I might add some of my observations:
    — a recent confirmation of severe nVidia problems with Tegra2 chip mass production, think of Q3, or Q4 as the earliest date for the first batch production;
    — Pixel Qi screens are not manufactured, Pixel Qi patents were traded to OLPC for a chance for Pixel Qi to stay alive just a little bit longer;
    — Android tablet apps are non-existent, as Google didn’t decide whether to put their base major effort on Chrome OS tablet development;
    — US carriers/media publishers do consider many tablet manufacurers’ offerings, yes. The NI was never mentioned among those though.

  5. Sounds good. But who cares about flash?

    A major use-case is an eReader where I can comment pdfs on screen, save the result and send it via email. Ask *any* university faculty about this. They currently print out everything they have to read/review/edit. I can guarantee you that several people in my institute will buy this thing if it can do this one use-case well.

    As a tech person, the next priorities are ssh, then web, then those fancy apps like google earth/navi systems/newsreader. I understand that other people care some more about flash. But IMO its wrong to wait for this. (If you are really waiting, I presume you have other stuff to fix in the mean time..)

  6. I assume the “rumors about product delays” in the article are exactly referring to the Tegra2 issue. And it appears the problem is not that big for NotionInk. Thats probably the primary purpose of that blog post.

    PixelQi patents were traded not to stay alive but because they have been and want to continue to cooperate with OLPC. And it also appears some tech was designed in the OLPC project that PixelQi is now free to use as well. I have not heard about problems in manufacturing PixelQi screens. To the contrary, PixelQi wrote some months ago that they are doing well despite financial crisis affecting production of other vendors.

    Android apps…I don’t know, I don’t have an Andoid platform running here. But I do know that they basically forked the Linux kernel. So either some company will port the android API to new Linux versions in the future, which can be a huge pain, or Andoid will die very soon. But for consumers its that bad b/c Andoid will continue to run for the platform they bought. You don’t usually care about the OS history and internals of embedded devices.

  7. Notion:

    Thanks for the update! I will wait for this product and not blow my $500 on Apple to be sure. It seems that Adam will be an excellent product and Notion is looking to deliver top notch features and quality.

    Here are my concerns:
    1. Based on what you have shared, Apple will have a 7-9 month lead in the tablet space by the time you launch. (Sorry, the other tablet players just don’t count anymore…)
    2. We know that with Apple, a few months can be like years for competitors entering markets.
    3. Leaders are followed and rarely ever overtaken especially when Apple is doing the leading/finding the niche.
    4. Considering what Apple wont deliver in iPad today, what will they have by the time you are ready to release the Adam?
    5. What consideration has been given to delivering Adam with current flash(if possible) and offering an update later this year?

    I will wait for NI Adam and hopefully these questions are being asked by someone.

    Thanks again for the update.

  8. Glad to see you keep going on the track. I’ve been awaiting the contest, since there are some ideas in my head, some prototypes running the android emulator (emulating the resolution the Adam is working with is a pain in the… buffer) and a designer waiting for the signal to throw me some glossy designs for the app 😀

  9. These “telecom partners” appear to have a lot of influence on the device launch. You probably can’t say due to NDA but it sounds as if this device will be carrier-locked and only sold on contract. That would be such a disappointment.

  10. That would be a nightmare for a budget-minded students like me! I do not need the 3G connection since WIFI is everywhere on campus. You guys at Notion Ink are doing such a good job making a very good product. Please do not ruin it by making it carrier-locked!

    I agree with what lispler said. Please allow me to add one point: if allowed, please consider those specific needs a research community have: the ability to read and put remarks on a paper; the ability to organize our personal collection of papers; (for math related research) even the ability to use latex. There might be other needs that I am not aware of. I wish I could carry Adam when attending conferences instead of a heavy laptop!

    Good Work! and Good Luck!

  11. Hey Rohan,

    M extremelyyy happy to see that you’re going great guns!! Cant wait to grab my ADAM! 🙂

    Have lots of success buddy with your new speciess..!! Nobody deserves it more than you…!


  12. “not that big for NI”??? Do you mean they are ready to flush the whole Tegra 2 platform concept down the toilet and replace it with, say, Ion, Atom, whatever? I don’t think so. Moreover, I would say: no Tegra2 for NI means no Adam, done deal.

    Pixel Qi, 3Qi pateneted technologies are not free to use, never were, and never will now — while OLPC business entity is alive. Please read some basics in US Patent laws. I also never heard of any _fab_ problems in manufacturing Pixel Qi screens, the problem is in completely different dimension: major LCD fabs (all 4 of them) just don’t manufacture them, as they fail to see any sound, workable pre-order. Or payment prospects.

    Yes, I’ve also read about of lack of problems in Pixel Qi as of December 2009, sure. Had some laughs measuring these claims against massive Apple’s pre-orders of LCDs of the same format. Let me remind you that it’s April 2010, and there’s no Pixel Qi as it was in last December anymore. So what PixelQi wrote then and writes now is highly irrelevant to the fact of non-appearance of Pixel Qi screens.

    With Android for tablets, it’s like I said — nobody develops anything for it that is not for the smartphones. Some recent signs and soundings from Google may show us that yes, it will never be, as Google plans Chrome OS as the platform for their tablet prototype. The only road that is open for independent tablet developers is going back to Ubuntu/Linux. Now this requires lots of commitment from nVidia, and it’s exactly here where they experience lots of problems, troubles with their own Tegra2 hardware.

  13. I would really love to try this out on a nice Summer day. Completely untethered, the PixelQi screen happily providing every image clearly, surfing on 3G or Wi-Fi… ah… that’d be perfect.

  14. Oh, and just a suggestion if I may! Please allow the option to disable any skin modifications and go back to stock Android. I know you guys are probably working as hard as possible to customize Android as best you can, but being able to toggle it on and off would be another big feature you can add to those comparison spreadsheets you like so much. Thanks!

  15. Please, do not let the tablets be SIM-locked.
    Work together with carriers as much as you want, but also give us the opportunity to buy it without an expensive Data Plan that not everyone needs.

    Also: is Flash currently a hardware or software problem? In case of software problem: who cares.
    Add support for it after a few months.

    Please make sure that we can also flash our devices easily.

  16. > Do you mean they are ready to flush the whole Tegra 2 platform

    All I say is that 2 days after Slashgear writes about Tegra delaying NotionInk and others, I see NotionInk saying they’re right on track. You seem to believe that this is either pure coincidence or that NI is lying. Well, I’m more optimistic there.

    > Pixel Qi, 3Qi pateneted technologies are not free to use, never were,
    > and never will now — while OLPC business entity is alive. Please read some basics in US Patent laws.

    Please read what I say. And maybe read the PixelQi blog post before that, since I do nothing more than to repeat (with a maybe) what is written there.

    > Had some laughs measuring these claims against massive Apple’s
    > pre-orders of LCDs of the same format.

    What does that have to do with the state of PixelQi mass production? I have a feeling that Apple is a larger company and that it is much easier for them to get displays produced by somebody. On the other hand, you still didn’t provide any hint as to why PixelQi might be behind schedule. It appears they have displays available for developers and NotionInk, to my knowledge the only company ever confirmed to use this Display, did not say anything about delivery problems.

    > The only road that is open for independent tablet developers is going back
    > to Ubuntu/Linux. Now this requires lots of commitment from nVidia, and it’s
    > exactly here where they experience lots of problems, troubles with their own
    > Tegra2 hardware.

    Interesting. But I can’t see why would this be such a big problem? The low-level hardware support for Tegra in Android should not be any different from ordinary Linux kernel drivers, so the problem you describe here is nothing more than porting these drivers to upstream Linux kernel. Since Android is still pretty new, the differences should not be large. Even as a non-Kernel-hacker I could probably do this myself on a single afternoon.

    Also, if this were the actual problem then NotionInk would indeed not be affected unless they decide to drop Android. Which is highly unlikely at this time.

  17. BTW, the slashgear article was appended by a statement from nVidia, saying that these rumors about Tegra2 delay are not true. Duh.

  18. Great to see something new on the blog.

    I was wondering, if You have problems with flash, maybe You shoud consider integration with JavaFx – the flash alternative from Java producers, You can register as their partner and they will definitly be glad to cooperate with tablet producer.

    As for me I could write JavaFx apps for something(ADAM) that I really want to write to 🙂

    Wish You luck!

  19. Hey, there won’t be an unlocked GSM/UMTS version? Will it be sold only with carrier partneships? Please, let us know that… I always assumed there would be a version I could really use in Brazil, if not, there is no sense in waiting for Notion Ink.

  20. Telecom Support::
    Supporting USA Telecom Firms is fine, but please please don’t start customizing the
    product to their wills & fancies. If you intend to customize, then make sure you sell unsubsidised version too which has clean and ‘native’ interface.

    Flash Support::
    Its good to launch with it, but I wouldn’t mind if it comes later on as firmware upgrade, a month or two later.

    Charging Dock::
    One of the features that constantly gets missed is a charging dock similar to cordless phones. It can have metal contacts (like cordless phones) or inductive charging (like toothbrushes).
    One of the key advantage is that it makes charging the device easier. Also the charging dock can act as tablet holder so that the device can act as digital photo frame while it is charging.

    I anticipate this device to stay inside the house most of the time. So it will be a good tool for keeping notes and setting reminders.
    Phase 1 — a simple tool with notes and calendar function.
    Phase 2 — mark to do list for another house member. Device can notify the targeted member whenever the device see’s the person (simple image recognition s/w can help do the this trick).
    This will be a great feature for soccer mom’s.

    Please do not launch the product without skype.
    I have been waiting to buy a product for my parents that is simple enough to use for surfing and video chatting.

    Memory Issues, Firmware updates & Reboots::
    Give a feature to automatically download, install and reboot periodically.

    This device (similar to phone) is not meant to be always on. It also means that I keep too many applications open (multi-tasking…remember), then eventually it will degrade the performance.

    Either give us a feature to connect the device to computer to take explicit backup (like cell phones) or let us map a folder on my windows desktop where I can periodically automatically take backup.

  21. minor correction..

    I mean to say,
    This device (similar to phone) is meant to be always on.

    and not

    This device (similar to phone) is not meant to be always on.

  22. please release the device in beta if most of the hardware is finalized, i’d love to get my hands on this and am absolutely willing to upgrade software at a later date.
    also, please release this in India at a resonable price. Most devices are so much more expensive here, that the value for money of such devices is diluted.

  23. Rohan,

    I think your Adam table is one of few devices coming soon to the market which has a potential to beet iPad in terms of usability. To me, the key is that no one else is using Pixel Qi screen at this time. It could be that necessary “Wow!” factor distinguishing Adam from all other tablets.

    I have just chance to play a bit with my boss’ iPad, and while there are a lot of positive things about it, I found screen far from being perfect – especially for book reading.
    If Notion Inc Adam able to combine versatility and slickness of UI comparable to iPad, advantages of *open* Android platform and – very importantly – a screen as good for book reading as one from Kindle, you’ll be in a good unique position to compete with iPad.

    Sure, mass-media started something which I cannot describe otherwise than hysteria about iPad. So, you cannot “beat” or “kill” it. Still, knowledgeable people wait for your device. I might even finally consider to start reading electronic books 🙂

    Vladimir Kelman

  24. @localudal,
    What did you say about Pixel Qi screens? Could you explain in more details, please?

  25. Thanks for the update Rohan. I am waiting impatiently for the release. As Vkelman mentioned above and you already know, the media buzz about iPad is stroger. But I am optimistic about the use of social media. I see you already use facebook and twitter. Its a wise thing to do.

    When you mentioned about working with universities, I couldnt help but think how cool it’d be if Adam would allow one to take notes using a stylus and the covert it to regular font documents that I can save in word or use as a pdf. That’d be priceless for students and also professionals who need to take notes on the job/meetings etc. Hope you have thought about that.

    I like the backside trackpad thingy. Kudos. Wish you all the best and a sooner launch 🙂

  26. I have a feeling if a “normal” distro can be installed, your use-case question is then answered since you’ll have the choice of any supported PDF reader, even OOo.

    Is there currently a distro that supports this platform?

  27. I too just read about the google tablet… It’d do good for Adam to get as much visibility and hype it can get before launch. Apple and Google are giant brands.

  28. I hope Google will use 4:3 screen but almost for sure they won’t use Pixel Qi – it’s the area where Adam wins with every other tablet so far.

  29. I just recently discovered the world of Android when I purchased my Droid. Then I ran across Adam in an Android blog I was reading…this is amazing! I can’t wait to see the final product…thanks for the update!

  30. Thanks for the update Rohan – I hope we will see the frequency and amount of information increasing as you it gets closer to launch. At the same time, I can understand NDA for those that relate to content or contract model options. I am looking forward excitedly to seeing what you come up with for the UI; as far as the user is concerned, it needs to be invisible as much as possible i.e. it should hide the complexity of Android for any user who doesn’t need to know it’s there (but then if you want to get to it then you can). Have a default ‘simple’ view if necessary with the option to expand what is shown.

    One thing I’d like to mention is that I hope we’ll also see some form of user profile creation and selection on the Notion Ink Adam. Unlike say a mobile phone (be it Android based or something else) which is more of a solo device, a tablet is much more family-centric. I hate to mention the iPad (it’s had enough publicity and hype already!) but this is something I feel Apple seriously dropped the ball on. You need to be able segregate different favourites in the web browser, e-mail and contacts in the e-mail app etc. Perhaps even the ability to filter certain content on a user by user basis as well.

    Plus please do something to make it easy to transfer content over your wireless network rather than it having to be physically tethered. Other than that, I think the Notion Ink Adam looks great. If the price is right I will certainly be buying one.


  31. I can’t wait to hold it in my hands. Please keep us up to date on what’s going on.
    And I know that the flash is going to be fine because Adobe announced that it will be in android phones and tablets in second half of 2010. Don’t keep us waiting more than that please, I would love to have it before I go to college.


  32. Dear Notion Ink,

    Lots of people are waiting for this device. I think, that few will care, if Flash support never arrives. Even less people will care, if Flash support arrives only with an update. This device is so much advanced over the current market and has so much to offer, that the benefit of Flash is almost insignificant.
    If there are some real hardware problems, then wait. I admire your “let’s release when it’s ready” attitude. But if you wait too long, market will be flooded not with iPad copies, but with Notion Ink Adam’s copies. It would be sad to loose such inovative company.
    Please, if the device is ready, test it thoroughly and release it. You don’t have control over Flash cooperation and you never will. Don’t let them bind yourself with a closed medium.
    With many hopes,

    Martin Kudlvasr

  33. I believe in you folks and your product, and am eagerly awaiting its release. If the Adam functions as you describe, it’s going to be more powerful than the iPad and Kindle combined! (Just as soon as Android gets a Kindle app, that is.)

    My humble suggestions:
    1) Don’t rush to get this out, and then follow up with software patches and updates. You’re a new company that very few people have heard of, and you don’t want to stumble out of the gate and give the world a bad impression. Remember how the search engine Cuil was hyped before its release? Remember how badly it performed? Now it’s forgotten. Don’t let this happen to you! I’ll gladly wait for the Adam to be fully functional. I’m not in a rush. That’s why I still don’t have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. I’m looking for the right device, and Adam is the one.
    2) Some US wireless providers cripple the hardware, making good features unavailable. Don’t let your innovative ideas be reigned in by these companies. Selling a WiFi-only version would be one way of allowing the Adam to be free, if all the of the telecoms require crippling.
    3) Make sure it can run Skype! The Adam is perfect for someone on the go, and using Skype makes staying in touched with loved ones back home easy. Skype is what people use, and I don’t think it’s feasible to convince them to change or install multiple video-calling programs on their systems.

    I’ll be among those first to order the Adam when it is released.

    Best wishes to your whole team!

  34. rohan, like some others i appreciate your writing and I’m looking forward to buying an Adam from you. Being a Brit and thus knowing how capable India is, I expect that “…of course its Indian, all the best stuff comes from there” will become increasingly common.

  35. I would like to give one to my mom.. she is bed ridden. If would be good if shee could watch movies, play fm radio, play mp3, read books & browse photos on your device.

    She is not computer literate I would like you to have a system which is simple to operate or customizable to simple operation.

    Remember! Nobody launches a perfect product. Release a.s.a.p and patch it later.
    People with money buy gadgets, not students:). And they buy before going on summer holidays.
    If you wait, people will look somewhere else. I for one, I look for a new netbook, before going on the summer holiday. If you do not release Adam, I’ll have to choose between iPad, ICD Gemini (if it comes on time) or something else. Once I bought a netbook/tablet, I will not buy Adam for sure this year.

  37. Let me put it this way:
    If you put a decent tablet on the market with just a web-cam, usb port(s), and an SD card reader, Apple fans will think twice before buying an iPad. Everybody else will NOT buy an iPad.
    If you wait (couple of months longer) Adam is dead in the water. Google, ICD, and everybody else will throw products better than iPad on the market, and once somebody buys a tablet, it will not look any more for Adam. Also if Viliv drops the prices for S10 to the iPad level, people will buy it. NOW is the moment to launch Adam. iPad is the only serious player in the market, but it has very big minuses, so take advantage of this before someone else does.
    About Flash. If Adam is successful (and if launched now it will), Adobe will fix the problems for free.

  38. I 100% agree with lfilip2001.. you see my needs for a pad is soo simple.. its like a portable vcd player with cam that is for her to chat.. the one who gets there 1st will win..
    And we have come to accept a weak software.. like.. if hardware is good then software can always be upgraded in a month or two… With so many slates/pads/gizmos coming in this scope.. Even nokia, meizu are coming up with something, I feel timing is of most importance..

    You got lucky at the exhibition as your product was similar to apple’s and for once Steve Job got stumped.. the media had Adam to bang on Jobs head & you Adam got worlwide visbility.. I hope you encash that luck… And Jobs comes to your door to buy and you dont sell..

    Bestest of luck

  39. Hi Rohan,

    I dont know how difficult it is but still want to suggest.
    Why not you come up with universal SIM for ADAM’s 3G and people should be able to use “on demand” or prepaid internet so that people really dont need to bind to any company where competition will really prevail and yes people will get benefited. And this will solve larger portion of consumer like student whose always have wifi internet can be used wifi always and if they need then they can buy internet too.

    Hope I didnt suggested an Idiot suggestion.

  40. DON’T skimp on the software. Get it right. Starting with bad software full of bugs and unrefined is a never-ending problem. Take the Blackberry Storm failure as an example. Good hardware, but the software ruined the thing beyond repair. One of the big reasons Apple sells so well is the software is so snappy and responsive (if less useful).

    But on the other hand, if this thing isn’t released or at least with a firm release date announced by September, I’ll be long gone to different options. This thing has awesome features I would pay top price for, but as more and more competitors hit the market the Adam is harder to wait for. The Hanvon BC10C is out in some parts of the world and hitting the states SOON. Then there’s the BA10E, which should be out in the summer. Even the Archos 9 has an upgraded CPU, and the Archos 7 Home Tablet is coming out. ICD has a few nice looking products coming out soon. Some weird WePad product, and then the Google Tablet. We are about to be flooded with options, and 6 months is too much to ask. But hey, at least you’ll beat Dell “Looking Glass.”

    I think if you stick to your unofficial release of June/July as you hinted at back at CES, it will be just fine. Get it done.

  41. Let’s not forget the HP Slate could be out in June, another HUGE name to steal customers. And then the less certain Microsoft Courier. Just too many products to wait for a Thanksgiving or Christmas release. You come out in June, I’ll buy 2. July I’m in for 1, otherwise I’ll be loaded with something else for the whole family.


    Adam has a couple of limitations IMHO, the resolution on the device is too low.

    Another thing is the lack of a stylus.

    I do want to take notes on my adam, and at present that is not possible, however the link is to a solution provider.

    I would like to caution coming to the market unprepared, but a huge delay is only going to allow established players like dell to “get it right” eventually.

    By the time Adam comes to market, irons out its kinks and finally has a decent product, Dell would have come out with its 3rd version of a “tablet”.

    Dell dominated the handheld PC market, they could do the same with the tablet market, if you take too long to come to market.

  43. The latest rumors, however, suggest that both the HP Slate and Microsoft Courier have been canceled. Now you don’t have an excuse for not buying two Adams!

  44. ALL THE TABLETS ARE FALLING OFF! HP Slate terminanted, Microsoft Courier indeed unreal, Hanvon still not out.

    Is the Adam REALLY going to be released, or should I go ahead and buy something else? This is making me wish I bought the Archos 9 and modified it, or even the iPad.

  45. Get the product out without flash and deliver a software update. Hopefully flash doesn’t require any hardware changes.

    Waiting to purchase one soon.

  46. There are lot of people who really don’t care about flash, 1 million ipad’s in the market already with in 25 days of product launch explains it.

    Beat the iron when its hot!!

  47. I believe timing is Critical. For last 3 years, iphone was the only hit. No one till date is able to match the iphone. Apple created it’s own World of devices and brand image.

    Similarly, if Adam wants to create it’s own space, it better be quicker. If you wait for Flash to be ready, there will be 10 more Adams in the market when the product is launched.

  48. So where are you?

    Two post around Xmas 2009, a bunch of post March-April 2010, and then you disappear.

    It’s nice that you are looking up to the likes of Apple for inspiration, but you don’t have Apple’s marketing power. Nobody will notice you if you keep on hiding…

  49. have you guys looked at Google’s new purchase of BumpTop who make a pretty sweet 3D multitouch desktop app?? I think this would be great for the ADAM!!!!! P.S. any updates on the ETA?

  50. Hi Rohan:

    Congrats guys: You should make India Proud: I have been delighted to hear about ADAM and that Hyderabad should be the Proud city to take on IPAD. You must prove that challenging Apple is possible and we have enough brains in the country.
    I have been resisting myself not to buy Ipad but dont make us wait too long!!!
    I am an Attorney @ Hyderabad and have friends in the Dept of IT at Hyderabad.
    I will be too glad if I am of any help to you in this regard.
    By the way, I have a Sony Micro PC UX-280P Limited Edition which taken in GSM Sim.
    Pl call me or mail me.
    -Sri Harkara

  51. suggestions:
    1) stylus
    2) pdf/djvu/chm/xps/other_format reader with annotations support.
    3) hand grip accessory (something like guitar grip for nds or camera hand grip strap)

    ASAP release in EU


  52. @ whatdahec

    Why bother about 1 million, in a potential 1 billion market.

    First impressions are everything, get the product as right as possible.

    Let Apple do the hard work of proving to the rest of the world that the product category is viable and true.

    And once the world is convinced that they need a tablet, release the ipad slayer – aka adam.

  53. Hi Notion Ink team,
    We all are really very excited about the product and way you guys have presented in earlier expos. But having no updates or any concrete information when this is going to be released really doesn’t justify waiting for it and any number of people I speak to would happily settle for what’s available in a market.
    I am not asking you ti rush with your software or other things but atleast post regular updates, decide on a Release date even if it is 2011.

    I know this is the first product for this company but you really need to have a marketing team which handles these things.
    These things are really an accessory rather than a necessity so people would really lose the excitement soon and its hard to convince someone to buy these things because they absolutely need it .

  54. Like so many other, I am getting really discouraged. We are all waiting patiently, but have heard no news at all from Notion Ink. You last post was at the beginning of April which was almost 2 months ago. Has there been any progress made, please give us something to help keep the hope alive. I for one am tired of all the rumors.

  55. Its very sad to see no updates from Notion Ink for the past 2 months. It would be very tough to wait endlessly, hoping to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Come June, Apple could be releasing new version of IPad with better features, along with its new line of IPhones…. which means more erosion in the share of Notion Ink.
    So please throw some updates to keep our hopes on this dream product alive!!

  56. I agree with whatdahec. I had talked a lot of folks into waiting for this device to come out they have now bought the Ipad. There is only so much market out here. If I can get my email and dl books that is 90% of what I want it for. The ability to switch from a LCD type screen to e-ink is an incredible competitive advantage and they should launch now to take advantage of it. MHO

  57. Hi Rohan, any chance of an update on how things are going with the Adam? i’m sure you’re busy but if you could appease the masses with a few words it would be appreciated. Keep up the great work.

  58. So now you have stopped updating you blog.. this is suspicious.. tomorrow is 1st June.. my reminder awoke me.. no visibility on Adam.. wishing it will come on time.. hoping its not a pipe dream..

  59. Can you fit a SIM card? That will change the dynamics all together. Send me a ADAM if you like my idea ;-))

  60. Yes Where Are You?

    Yes even I really want to know – Where are you guys now and where is Adam :(. Once upon a time I had lot of expectations and was eagerly waiting for Adam. Now I am delighted with my iPad. With everybody launching their tablet pc, the excitement about NI Adam in me has faded. Now consumers will have plenty of options to choose from when they want to buy a tablet Pc. Even if you release Adam by Nov 2010, you have lost not only the first movers advantage to Apple, but also significant ground to other competitors who are making their own tablet PC. Had you not delayed so much you could have captured the market in way that could have been sustained over a long period of time. Now you not only have to fight against the features in the tablet PCs provided by other brands but also against the brand loyalty of the people in these trusted brands who would be happy to see a tablet PC coming from their favorite brand.

    I don’t know what is holding you back so much, but as a once upon a time Adam waiter, I would like to speculate.

    1. There might me some patent / copyright issues over one or more of the things that you want to use in Adam.

    2. FOB price quoted by top tier ODMs like Quanta, Invetec and Qualcom might be much higher than your investment can afford.

    3. Since you are a startup, these top ODMs are unwilling to give you the same FOB discounts when they manufacture for brands like Apple, Dell or HP.

    4. You could not meet the minimum volume count of the top tier ODMs with your investments.

    5. You might be trying to workout with second tier ODMs but probably have issues with quality and reliability.

    6. Prolonged delay is shaking your investor’s confidence especially since almost all pc/laptop manufacturers are making their own tablet PC now.

    7. You might have seen several prototypes similar to Adam in Computex 2010; they are already ahead of you in the race now and will be releasing on 18-October.

    8. You are thinking about manufacturing the parts in Taiwan and assembling them to the finished product in India but have only lately realized its complexities.

    9. You are waiting for some pass or clearance from the Indian govt. which will take ages.

    10. You are slowly losing confidence since the idea is no longer unique. I am saying this because your website is out dated; you are still reporting a Feb15-18 event in future tense in your home page.

    Whatever may be the reasons for the delay, I hope you will overcome then all and we shall have an Adam in the market before iPad 2.0.

    All the best!

  61. well said
    this joker had a good idea but is unable to deliver the goods.
    i have been telling everyone how good the adam looks on paper but the waiting is killing off everyones hope.

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