Where did it all start anyway!

Let’s see how far can I go back!

Out of my college, and I wanted a device to browse internet everywhere, anytime. I wanted to read news, stay up to date with all possible RSS feeds. Read random books, manage my finances. Write blogs. Chart out plans. But this is not what I wanted when I was in college. There I wanted to read economics. See how reactions take place. Design machines in 3D. Design a robot which can be controlled, programmed. Take photographs, edit them, share them. Stay in touch with friends. Send them messages. Watch serials.

And in school, I wanted to paint, I wanted to learn how to play music. How to create toys with smaller elements. Sit back on bicycle and tell my mom, I am coming home, cook aloo-gobhi for me! Do homework quickly. Watch all possible serials on Discovery Channel. Junkyard Wars was my fav, along with Extreme Engineering. Follow cricket like mad ox. Collect photos of cars, scientific innovations. Write stories!

But the actual fun, was when I was a kid. I wanted to be an astronaut one day, and the other, a cricketer. Then I will wake up and tell my mom, I will be a scientist, and then suddenly the PM of the nation. I had dreams that I will fly, touch moon and travel faster than light. Kept wondering, how gravity works, and followed butterflies.

And like everyone, now I am none of them.

Life moved faster than I thought. I still remember my dreams of actually landing on Mars! Life is too harsh. It stole my childhood dreams. As a kid I was unaware of destiny. Unaware of work to live concept. Thought, that everyone can be happy, learn whatever they want. And may be this is where I was nurturing this dream.

Doesn’t matter if I am not able to realize my dreams. I can do something for everyone else out there. Do something for a kid to learn music, challenge gravity. Let students see reactions, smile in awe when they look at such wonderful engineering creations of man. Let engineers test their concepts. And let people like me spend time in communication. One device which can help many without telling them it’s helping. One device which quietly slips into their lives and becomes their best friend. Their personal diary. The window to look at their kids out there in some unknown land.

A device, just to realise dreams!

50 thoughts on “Where did it all start anyway!

  1. Just read your last post from yesterday and put a comment at it (see http://bit.ly/9Wer7m ), now the next follows. I really like the way you thinking about this device and it definitely deserves to be supported (~ although I am still at college, I think Adam will serve me very well in lectures and probably will be a good plattform for free time and buisness purposes in future). Customer orientated, knowing whats necessary for a good slate and providing usefull innovations like the rear-trackpad makes the Notion Ink team outstanding in the market 🙂

  2. Rohan,

    Thank you for such an inspiring post. From a technical perspective, the Adam has definitely captured my attention. Now after reading your personal vision of a device which “helps many without telling them it’s helping, which quietly slips into their lives and becomes their best friend, their personal diary, to realize dreams!”, that truly is inspiring, and exactly what I am looking for in a next-generation device.

    Looking forward to someday soon holding an Adam in my hand!

  3. well i’m still in school ( in 12th) , i really cant wait for this device, as a science student i feel this device could really help in the realm of physics , as some thing like a physics engine where you place your blocks and springs and watch how they would move in a certain arrangement, it’ll be very cool to also have a graphing calculator in which you could colour in the area and it’ll integrate it and tell you answer , or tap on a point to get the slope of tangent at that point. Over all i cant wait for this device, thank you for pursuing that idea that came to you and not letting it go.

  4. Rohan, I am very glad to hear you dream of space exploration! I work at NASA and many people there are very interested in your tablet and we wish you the best of luck. I wouldn’t be surprised if a Notion Ink tablet makes it to the space station one day for the astronauts to use on their time off. Don’t give up your dream of going into space, who knows, maybe one day you can buy yourself a ticket to space!

  5. Hey, guys. Any info on when you’ll actually make an official announcement, with release date, price etc?

  6. After reading this post it seems i m the one who has written this post.expect for the fact that i m doing my btech aeronautical(1st year)

  7. Brilliant one !! Your vision is a true reflection of the dreams of an entire generation. And the time is just right, stage is prepared, everyone is waiting for the show to bigin … Convergence is a behaviour now … more than just expectation … I am sure, you are looking into the convergence on the next dimension as well … beyound the device … from an integrated ecosystem.

    Positively looking forward to hold an Adam in my hands in in near future !

  8. Exactly what I want, too! “browse internet everywhere, anytime. I wanted to read news, stay up to date with all possible RSS feeds. Read random books, manage my finances”

    Also, browse through Flickr (my favorite!), shop for music or books, play on Google Earth. This device is the answer!

  9. Will the Adam have TV-Out (NTSC/PAL) capabilities via the headphone port, much like many PMP devices (notably Apple’s) currently do?

    Mind you, I do not IN ANY WAY expect the feature, given that 1. it’s never been announced at 2. the Boxee Box, a Tegra 2 device MADE FOR TV’S and with a MUCH larger form factor (too large, some have argued), doesn’t have regular TV-Out.

    I was just curious because it seems to be one of the Tegra 2’s capabilities and it’d be a really neat addition to an already top-of-the-line tablet. 😉

  10. Rohan you dream has kindled the fire in millions of people
    thank you

    india is proud of you

  11. Congratulations on creating Adam! Your notes are inspirational no doubts and I wish you the best. However, the key to the success of a tablet/slate lies in full gestural support and a lot of useful value adding new applications, else its proposition as a me-too device among the smartphones, netbooks, ebook readers, game consoles and more is a bit unconvincing. You will get a lot of tech excitement and a lot of early adopters but you need more than that to make it useful for everyone out there.

  12. Dear Skyofoctober,

    I am visiting USA in April End with my 15 year old Son , ZUBIN,, who is just as fanatic as Rohan for NASA exploration…

    He will there for 1 week at ANL , Argonne Natonal Lab , Chicago….along with me…

    Any chances , he can come over to NASA for 1 week exploration at any of the destiations in USA…in May 2010?

    He is an excellent 10th Grade student with zeal and Guts in Physics and Mathematics in pariticular with scholastic records in Olympiad (Maths , Science and Cyber)…

    Well, for me , I am into the diamond Machine Manfuacturing business and by Degree I am a University Gold Medalist Electronics Engineer ….You can learn more about me on http://www.utpalmistry.com

    Thanks in advance


  13. Congratulations. Adam looks awesome.
    First indian tech revolution. Waiting for it come come out in india.

    Plus, my thoughts somehow rhyme with yours when you were a child.

    Not to be critical or anything, some useful features you could add to adam would be
    – phone
    – custom upgrading by user
    – cross platform application support
    – camera flash
    – SD card slot
    – USB 3.0

    But then i believe you guys try your level best

    I also wonder what its cost would be?

  14. Hey Rohan, Just mesmerised to see a truly world class product from INDIA, (most of the world class products have Indian mind, but not Indian Brand name).

    I request you to diversify Adam into three different models.

    One – Without a Camera, but all other features of Adam (in some corporates, gadgets with camera are banned. I dont want camera to be a bottle neck for making Adam a new medium of corporate communication) – Better with MS Windows

    Two – A basic Adam, with decent features that most of the users want. Email, Chat, Browsing, Simple Word processing, Spreadsheet application, and Multimedia functions. It will help in long battery life. – Hope Android or Chrome would be the best OS

    Three – Full fledged Adam

    Please let us know when it will come to market !!!!

    Just gone crazy about Adam !!!

    All the best – Stay hungry !! Stay Foolish !!

  15. That is excellent advice!: “Stay hungry !! Stay Foolish !!” One more: Don’t listen to those who tell you “It can’t be done” or “This is how we’ve always done it, why change?” Be ambitious, be audacious!

  16. I have been using tablet PC for teaching for last 7 years. Does ADAM allow for writing with stylus? That would be most helpful for me. I am looking for lighter and better alternative.

  17. Man.. You seem to me like a comic book hero… the flash gordon’s and the batmen who have all gone by…

    I bow to thee sire…. this is truly truly amazing work. Can’t wait to hold an Adam in my hands.

    You know funny thing is… i didn’t know about the Adam till th iPad came out… now that i look at it.. i wonder why the hell did i think the iPad was good….

    Your device sir… is a marvel.. and i wont try and limit you by saying this is great for India or for representing us Indians/Asians in the world… Man! The whole darn world is proud of what you guys have done…

    I’ve always been a supporter of Open Source technology and will always be one…

    Oh and if I dare may add a suggestion… try and contact Pranav Mistry if you can.. he is at MIT…. I’m pretty sure you guys can take the world on an imagination wave for at least a few more decades… You know.. thinking that.. i can already see a poster in my head of you guys…

    Cheers man.. God Bless… and dude.. release it ASAP. my hands need someone to hold… and an Adam is the best i can find right now… perhaps an Eve as a successor eh?

  18. youve made us realise the value of a dream. sometimes dreams are dreams, but youve shown that through adam tablet that a dream can become a reality, the whole india salutes you

  19. Hi! I am just blown away by the quality of your product, namely ADAM! It is just amazing and I am sure when it comes out, it will be a much, much, MUCH better device than the iPad! I am so pleased to see that this wonderful thing comes from my own country (giving us a wonderful example of innovation here in India!!! 🙂 ) and more importantly NotionInk is located in my home town (Hyderabad!!) Double yay!

    Rest assured that when this thing comes out, I will be one of the first to buy it! All the very best and wish you loads of success with this product of yours!

  20. Utpal, unfortunately it’s not so simple to get someone access to any of the NASA centers and so I can’t help you. My suggestion to you and your son is to go visit NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center in Florida ( http://www.kennedyspacecenter.com/ ). It is open to the general public and it includes tours of the space center. I know that when I was your son’s age visiting Kennedy Space Center was a great inspiration to me.

  21. I have would need some of the following programs to work in Adam:

    1.A photo editing tool that can at least re-size photos.
    2.Any idea if Adobe Dreamweaver will work in Adam ? (if anyone know please tell me)
    3.A text editor.

    Having the first and second point i would be able to modify/update my websites even when i’m not at home.

    Adam should resemble more like a computer in terms of flexibility.

  22. First of all, I would like to congratulate the team that is behind the development of ADAM. Second I definitely need to appreciate the person responsible for making this device global and a competitor to iPad. Fighting against Apple in mobile market – you need to have the guts and believe in the product what you have developed. That’s really great.

    Few suggestions:

    Your device is great, but marketing is not well established for ADAM as of now. Your website needs a better look (UI) and a better community needs to be build.

    A common community blog for ADAM, a general app store for android apps(nothing specific to ADAM alone – if you plan that, it might make things difficult in the beginning) and some better visually appealing videos (Video parts for each functionality – like camera, multi tasking, multi touch etc).

    Articles in US news papers and US, Europe based websites (Techcrunch etc) might help a lot.

    Usually sending a free product to some of the top tech websites and ask them to review and post it, is a good idea.

    Major draw back: If I search for ADAM in Google, the result for the one I expected, is not displayed in the first page. Search engine optimization for ADAM has to be done….ASAP. Search for iPad and you will see the result.

    Finally a good product with worst/no advertisement, is good for nothing. Your development is done, now please build a architecture around the product for best marketing, that will hold the ADAM above all, for at-least another 5 years.

  23. It.s fascinating and wonderful to see, no matter where we are physically, the commonality, similarities of our dreams and aspirations. To be able to put together a tool that can enable and facilitate the potential in so many, worldwide is indeed one of the highest achievements. I am trully hopeful and grateful. Warmest regards to all involved.

  24. Hi,

    I am a student at a university in germany and your Tablet is exactly what I need. I have a lot of digital books, but no acceptable way to read them.
    E-Book readers are painfully slow. I need the full speed and a touchscreen to take notes and to write everything down at a lecture.

    Normal notebooks from the US have the big disadvatge that they have a querty keyboard. I am used to a quertz keyboard.
    Could you configure the virtual keyboard so that it can have different layouts? That would be great.

    I hope you bring your tablet fast to the market! And cheap please…

    Thanks for your great work. Keep on.

  25. Fascinating….seeing an Indian company finally getting into the hardware product business.

    We need more guys like you. At least you had the guts to follow your dream, all around I see engineering graduates content with working for some fat financial investment company or doing the bidding for MNC clients. Everyone’s scared of taking the plunge.

  26. Hi Rohan,

    Can’t wait for Adam dude. I would like to be the first buyer/user from Chennai for this device. I am excited as I was when I my dad got my first HCL PC.

  27. I would also like to see some testing on the SSD that will come with Adam. Is it SLC(good performance) or MLC (bad performance) ?

    Most SSD have bad write times. So even if you can access everything fast when you write something to the Disk (like 1x 1080p or 10x 480p movies) or browse the web (cookies etc) it could impact performance.

    Also it is well known that MLC have a big performance problems when doing multitasking.

    On the other hand the not so cheap SLC is way faster.

  28. I’m a filmmaker, I was wondering if I could hook up the adam to my camcorder via hdmi and be able to use it as a field monitor?

  29. Hi Rohan,

    That was a truly interesting read. This is the first time i’m posting on your blog. I like yourself ,had many dreams and ambitions that kept changing ever since i was a kid.. I’ve come from wanting to become superman to a software engineer. We are where we are for a reason…
    That being said.. I’m truly excited about that Adam. I can’t wait for it to get released. Wish you guys all the best.. and hope to see more products coming out of you’ll soon..

  30. Hello Rohan,

    I am really excited about this tablet. I think I’ll buy it whenever it’s available for pre-order.
    I hope you are ready for mass production because those devices are likely to sell like hot cakes.

    Good luck and keep me informed. 🙂

  31. Congratulations!!!

    Good luck on hitting the release dates without going to crazy!!

    Looking forward very impatiently to getting a decent tablet with a pixelq
    screen in my hands. The screens are great , used an olpc and the screens were fantastic for reading on in all conditions.

    One of the best things is watching how kids use technology.
    Put a Adam or olpc or other device in their hands and watch how them use it and in ways you most likely didn’t think of.

  32. Hey Rohan! Congratulations to you and your team on the revolutionary product – Adam. My cousin told me about the product this morning and as soon as he mentioned that Notion Ink is based in Hyd., I got excited and checked the web for more info and was happy to learn the amazing progress you guys made so far. And towards the evening, I came across an article on yahoo which mentioned Adam as iPad 2.0’s competitor, so kudos to you guys on that and wish you the very best! Here is the link:



  33. I was looking forward to evaluating the new iPad in April.
    But will now hold off on any decision until the Adam is released.
    Very nice work!


  34. You should keep this blog/post updated more often… i can imagine you are busy … but i feel there has to be more info coming up.

  35. Hello Rohan Shravan!

    The Notion Ink’s ADAM tablet is truly astonishing. I have never imagined a product of
    this caliber comming from Hyderabad, its totally awesome. Some of the features such
    as a 3 Mega-pixel camera and built in flash give your product a great advantage over
    the Apple Ipad. The design looks perfect, and the trackpad at the back could also
    serve some important functions maybe while going through a picture slideshow–when
    you don’t want to mess with the touch screen.

    Rohan, I just have a few quick questions; why don’t you plan on making a future
    tablet with full fledged OS, i.e. Windows 7? It would be the ultimate tablet on the
    market with such an OS. Also, is the product going to launch in India first or U.S?
    Keep up the good work.

    Waiting anxiously,

    Aditya Challa


    Los Angeles, U.S.

  36. The very first time I saw the Adam concept art and heard the plans I was hooked. I obsessed over the news until the specs came out and my excitement was justified. There’s no question in my mind that the Adam is the best tablet computer, but I did want to offer my 2 cents:

    1. Nurture that Pixel Qi screen. That, and the *monster* battery life that will come as a result is the reason people are so excited about the Adam.

    2. For a first version, I think it just matters that you ship a product, even if it’s not perfect. But immediately after that I think it’s very important to work on the reliability of the second version. By reliability I mean: waterproof, dust proof, good capacitors, good components, etc. I think this is an extremely important aspect of a “forever device” that Apple completely ignores. They market these pretty great devices but build them cheaply. The iPhones and iPods I’ve had last about two or three years before becoming junk. I will buy the first version of the Adam, but what I’m really looking forward to is the second version, and I hope my next tablet purchase after that will be a Notion Ink quantum tablet or something similar 🙂

    I say all this respectfully, and wish you all the best luck in the hard months ahead.

  37. Apple’s iPad is on the corner but there is no news from Notion Ink guys. It looks like a vaporware to me. Notion Ink is losing time to market once the ipad is out. June-July roll out with no apps is too late.

  38. This is great going guys…. It is very heartening to see how far you and your team has come to realize this dream. Take your time and get it right the first time itself, unlike others.

    I am KGP graduate myself (Aero 2002) and it is really heartening to see what this would do for the image of India. Its going to tell the world that India is not just about call centers and cows. Wish you and your team all the luck…

  39. Android phones can tether their net connections via Bluetooth. Will the Adam be capable of accepting this signal, or will I have to use Wifi? USB is also a tether option, but I’d imagine that would be even less likely.

  40. Looks like no freedom of speech. I posted my comment 4 days ago and it is still awaiting moderation. “hackourlives” posted it afterwards and made it through. I am posting my comment again.

    “Apple’s iPad is on the corner but there is no news from Notion Ink guys. It looks like a vaporware to me. Notion Ink is losing time to market once the ipad is out. June-July roll out with no apps is too late.”

  41. February 18th was the last posting by Rohan………..an eternity in blog time.
    Please throw us a few scraps of information.


  42. Quite an inspirational post Rohan! If you need any kind of assistance in USA, please feel free to message me! It will be my pleasure to work for your company! Innovation never fails!!

  43. Guys, I cannot wait for this product. Can anybody provide me a rough estimate of the expected time of arrival. Don’t need exact date, but a 2 month window is fine.

    First I wanted to buy Kindle 2 and then I saw Joo Joo and Plastic logic Que. Plastic Logic Que looks absolutely awesome for an ereader and damn costly as well – 800$ for a 3G ereader. And then the Apple’s Ipad 699$ for 3G model not even multitasking, no flash, no ereading mode(have to look at the damn LCD to read), just 1Ghz processor – hell My Nexus one has 1 Ghz processor, last but not least – Apple’s proprietary BS App store where it controls everything. Everybody talks MS is Evil, after the app store Apple just overtook them. If they really want to make sure that only genuine apps make into device, they could have just used a Recommeneded/Certified by Apple App kind of stuff instead of removing eveything they dont like. I am surprised this does not cover under Anti-trust law.

    Then, I saw this awesome device. Its a goddamn all in one. I am not professional enough to give you guys advice, or rather think this as request. Please make sure that the TOUCH works well. Saw some quirks on the video. These damn Apple fan boys will try to find holes in any device that tries to kick its ass. And I dont want you to give them one.

    Kudos guys…..

  44. I am not the admin here but Windows 7 is not eligible for a tablet. It is good for computers with constant power supply.

    Look at the HP Slate for comparison. Windows 7 just eats up the battery in no time.

  45. Ubuntu is full fledged (at least for me) and it should work on Notion Ink Adam. I don’t know how advanced is ARM version though.

  46. I wonder if any of Notion Ink’s developers will be attending Google I/O 2010, the two-day developer conference taking place May 19-20 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco?

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