This small post is just to clarify that we tried to work with NID, Bangalore for User Interface study, but it did not go anywhere even after spending 6 precious months. The effort failed to get anything done. Several reasons can be pointed out here. People involved took UI design for OS too easy, like a website design, insufficient guidance from faculty involved to guide students.

No doubt the students there are excellent, but as I observed at IIT as well, there is a huge gap in training, teaching and guidance. This might be my personal observation or opinion as well.

I was disappointed to read in many newspapers and blogs that NID is the one behind the effort which we are placing in designing the UI and ID, which takes away the credit from the actual people who are behind it. One of the best people we have is Makrand Kulkarni, who has spent nights in his lab designing the ID for us. Hat’s off to the people we are with us. But as I believe, one day everything will pay off.

15 thoughts on “Clarification

  1. As in any product, the UI makes or breaks it. We are eagerly waiting for this product and hopefully the sleepless nights you guys spent will be worth it.
    When marketing please make sure the Multi-tasking fact is highlighted to the hilt. The fact that you can play music while browsing the web , which cannot be done on a certain popular product, will be one of the most attractive features.
    Even I work with consumer electronics and I am really excited to learn that an Indian company has come up with this product. Good job.

  2. I’m not terribly worried. All things considered, the worst case scenario is that you release as the first Android product that doubles well as an E-Reader. Personally I’m interested in a possible Maemo/MeeGo angle (and well aware of a complete lack of support on that angle).

    Never forget that when all is said and done, you have:
    – An awesome e-Reader
    – A versatile Personal Media Player that can arbitrarily become a Set Top Box
    – A backpack/messenger bag music jukebox (via A2DP)
    – A cool web tablet
    – And for my personal 1-2% of enthusiasts, hopefully a “hackable” device. At the moment, the Pandora and the Touchbook seem to be your only competition there, and they’re a generation behind in performance (and screen type).

    And don’t lose sight of accessory options!
    – An IR remote or an RF QWERTY keypad (similar to the Boxee Box’s) so the Adam can double as a set top box, possible sold with an HDMI cable
    – A tough case with a clear Lexan panel for backpack/messenger back storage and watching stuff on the go
    – A2DP Headphones! (Motorola makes a decent pair with the HT820)

    I’m not even saying you need to stock any of that personally, but it might be a good idea to have it available near or at launch (through Amazon or New Egg or even Google Shopping or some such). You’d be surprised what people have in mind for your tablet, don’t simply view it as a magazine viewer, it’s far more versatile than that.

  3. @mukiex:
    As one of these guys who pre-ordered a Pandora 1 1/2 years ago – I can comfort you, that by no meaning the handheld will comepte with Adam. Sure it’s open source too (+ Android will be able to run later on as a OS too), but it is a mobile console for Gaming with keyboard & controller. I will use these input options via bluetooth at Adam etc., but definitly get the smart-pad for work and more media-control πŸ™‚

    @Rohan & Co.:
    Good to hear about your efforts putting in the UI and giving credit the people who deserves them (~ not to mention blaming wrong news). I still got an important question about Adam and since my request/question mail seems missing, I’d like to ask here directly:


    Will I be able to use a pen (e.g. provided by you as an accessory) at the Pixel-Qi touchscreen ? If it will be possible, will there be an handwriting-recognizing software right up from the start (~ so that you are writting something with the stylus and it appears in “machinal” letters in a notepad-program, making a simple “-” would replace a placeholder and then you could continue with the next word / something like Quickscript from Axitron for their ModBook) ?

    My half IT course would be upcoming customers if this will be possible (~ recording a lecture with the cam, while listening to the docent in real time and just writing some quick notes at the Adam with a pen = epic win for refreshing the content afterwards). Moreover programming/drawing/editing images at the device could be much eaiser for many people that way πŸ™‚

    [~ especially after I recently read this article here: ]

  4. If i may take the liberty to answer the question-

    “My half IT course would be upcoming customers if this will be possible (~ recording a lecture with the cam, while listening to the docent in real time and just writing some quick notes at the Adam with a pen = epic win for refreshing the content afterwards). ”

    In the video on this page, Rohan explains the very feature you are talking about, ie. recording a lecture with the swivel camera and writing notes at the same time.

  5. Its nice sure – but I allready watched the video at least 3 times and couldn’t get a satisfying answer 😦

    Perhaps he meant, that you could still make some notes via the software-keyboard or drawing something small with your fingers, while listing at a lecture πŸ™‚

    (~ furthermore, as far as I know Adam don’t contain something to hold a stylus / where you could put the pen while just using your hands)

  6. Hi Rohan Shravan,

    I am a student from NID Bangalore and am glad that you shared with us this information. We at NID Bangalore were unaware as to what was the deal between notionink and NID. Could you give us other additional information ( details ) which will help clear all doubts ( and speculations) about what was NID’s contribution in this project ?

  7. No one can ever teach you UI designing because UI Designing is not a engineering it a art gifted to only few people.

  8. I am so dissapointed that my waiting has been in vain and the Adam will be delaayed . Pls ask your investors why they seem to be handicapping or should I say sabotaging their investment? I will now be looking a the Inoversal Lattice which has been announced for release in September and the tablets using the Mirasol screen.

  9. Hello,

    I want to ask the question that Autarc asked again, because I couldn’t understand your answer.

    Can we use a pen to write notes on say, a PDF? Can that be saved?

    The reason I ask is that I believe Uni students will go nuts about the Adam if they can see their papers on PDF, write nots on the PDF and save it. (Its the reason I haven’t got the ipad yet)

    Kind Regards,

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